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The Revenge of Shinobi Classic 1.2.2
Reap revenge in SEGA’s legendary side-scrolling beat ‘em up,nowavailable on mobile for the very first time. You are JoeMusashi, aninja out for revenge against the evil criminalorganization ‘NeoZeed’. They've killed your master and capturedyour bride, so nowyou must travel the globe to dish out ninjutsujustice to the crimesyndicate. Master ninjutsu techniques andcollect mysticalpower-ups as you fight your way through this retroclassic. TheRevenge of Shinobi joins the SEGA Forever classic gamescollection,a treasure trove of free SEGA console classics broughtto life onmobile for the first time! FEATURES - Eightglobe-trottingdistricts, each with its own unique boss battle -Secret power-upshidden throughout the game - Collect shuriken totake out enemiesfrom afar (psst... the old code still works!) -Master ninjutsutechniques and devastate your foe - Summon fire andthunder to takeout entire waves of adversaries - Four difficultylevels, frombeginner to master ninja. SEGA FOREVER FEATURES - PLAYFREE - SAVEYOUR GAME PROGRESS AT ANYTIME - LEADERBOARDS – competewith theworld for high scores - CONTROLLER SUPPORT - HIDcompatiblecontrollers - OFFLINE PLAY - GAMES RELEASED EVERY MONTH -Downloadthem all! RETRO REVIEWS - "I just didn't want to stopplaying."[94%] - Julian "Jaz" Rignall, Mean Machines #1 (October1990) -"Brill graphics, exceptional sound, and uncomplicatedgameplay makefor excellent ninja-fighting thrills 'n' spills."[93%] - PaulRand, Computer & Video Games #99 (February 1990)-"Distressingly involving and hair-wrenchingly addictive." [92%]-Julian Boardman, Raze #3 (January 1991) TRIVIA - Spider-Manwasonce an officially licensed character in the game - There havebeenmany revisions of the game due to copyright issues -Legendarycomposer Yuzo Koshiro also wrote the music for both GameGearShinobi titles CLASSIC GAME FACTS - Originally released in 1989inJapan and North America, with the European release arriving in1990- Known as The Super Shinobi in Japan - Released in arcadesonSEGA's Mega-Tech platform - - - - - PrivacyPolicy: Terms ofUse: Game apps are ad-supported andnoin-app purchases are required to progress; ad-free playoptionavailable with in-app purchase. This game may include"InterestBased Ads" (please see more information)​and may collect "Precise Location Data"​(please see​for moreinformation)​. © SEGA. All rights reserved. SEGA, theSEGA logo, TheRevenge of Shinobi, SEGA Forever and the SEGAForever logo areregistered trademarks or trademarks of SEGAHoldings Co., Ltd. orits affiliates.
Pixel Ninja Gaiden ~Retro Shinobi Story~ 1.5
Story introduction: Dark Devil comes, bringing endless chaosanddarkness, the evil demon combined with the Dark Ninja Corps,wreakhavoc, kill and looting everywhere, the human world into acrisis.On the verge of death, the mysterious Dragon Ninjaappeared,Use thepower of Sword Kobayashi and Ninjutsu, He willdestroy the DarkNinja Corps and demons. You will control the DragonNinja, UseSword Kobayashi and Ninjutsu, become a demon slayer! Thebest 2Daction games ever on the console gaming platform, todayrevived onthe mobile gaming platform, new stories, new levelschapters, newenemies and Boss challenges, and more actionable gamesfor mobilegaming platforms.How to play:1 Game Type: This game is a2Dplatform action game, control characters move in the levelandfight with enemies and Boss;2 Game Operation: game screenprovidevirtual buttons, front and back button control move, attackbuttonwaving sword to attack the enemy, Ninjutsu button to startninjutsuskill, jump button control ninja jump and wall jump;3Ordinaryenemy battle: Each level has much different styles enemies,eachenemy has its own unique attack and counterattack weaknesses.UseSword Kobayashi and Ninjutsu just One-off attack, enemy willbekilled;4 Boss battle: Boss is very strong and has highattackpower, Dragon Ninja must pay attention to evade Boss attacks,andthen find the right time to counterattack with Sword KobayashiorNinjutsu;5 Ninjutsu props: Dragon Ninja need to consumeNinjutsuendurance, in the game scene, you can touch the Ninjutsuprops toincrease the Ninjutsu endurance;6 Blood props: Fight withenemy,Dragon Ninja will lose blood endurance, in the game scene,youcantouch the Blood props to increase the Bloodendurance;GameFeatures:1 Using realistic style pixel arts, the gamefeel bothretro and real, the game art is a leader in pixel games;2Gameoperation closer to the host 2D platform adventure games, basedonthe reference classic games, mobile games for the platform todothe necessary simplification and optimization, the use ofvirtualkeys can also be completed precise game operation;3Refreshingninja killing sense of killing, Dragon Ninja run and jumpin thescene;4 Difficult Boss battle, Boss blood thick, highattack,extremely challenging;5 Very immersive background music,immersingplayers in the beautiful game scenes and combat experienceamongthem;6 Rich levels of content, provides 12 different levels ofthegame, 3 Boss battle, follow-up weekly to update a new level,everymonth to update a new Boss battle;7 Rich ninjutsu system,currentlyoffering Shuriken skill, the follow-up will be theintroduction ofthe flame array, wind knife, ghost fire, shadowavatar and otherendurance skills;Conclusion: The peak of the 90'saction game inthis rebirth, hurry to download experience! If thisgame can arouseyour love of action games, keep watching the latestcontent of thegame.
Here comes an authentic cartoon art style 2D belt scrollarcadeaction!Can your fingers catch the speed of the ninja?Agreatadventure will start to take back a stolen scroll!Manyobstacles,including evil ninjas, ninja dogs, monsters, demi-humans,zombies,traps, castles, dungeons, will prevent youradventure!Explore abroad world map and push into the castle ofvice!Then, take backthe scroll!▪ Select among four ninjas!- Selectone from ninjas offire, water, thunder, and wind!You can use secretcharacters byachieving records!!Can you find Google Play originalcharacters!?▪Master legendary ninjutsu!- You can master ninjutsu bygettingscrolls. Can you master the legendary last ninjutsu!?▪Getlegendary blade!- It is not only ninjutsu that helpsyou!Getlegendary blades with the power of shinobi!▪ Level system-Allocatepoints obtained by increasing your level to Power, StrengthandNinriki.The higher your level, the stronger the blades youwillhave!▪ Available game mode- You can select a game mode fromEasy,Normal, and Hard.The more difficult the mode you complete,thehigher the score you can achieve...▪ Animation, graphics,andsystem- Smoother animation has been achieved by displaying 3Ddatain 2D.- Numerous effects have been used for ninjutsu, weapons,andmonsters.- You can enjoy unique new combos shot from skill. -Caslecrushers like graphics.Download now to shoot the ninjutsu!
Ninjas Infinity 2.0
Here comes an authentic cartoon art style 2D infinityaction!Canyour fingers catch the infinity arena?Many obstacles,includingevil ninjas, ninja dogs, monsters, demi-humans, zombieswillprevent your adventure!▪ Select among four ninjas!- Select onefromninjas of fire, water, thunder, and wind!You can usesecretcharacters by achieving records!!Can you find Androidoriginalcharacters!?▪ Master legendary ninjutsu!- You can masterninjutsuby getting scrolls. Can you master the legendary lastninjutsu!?▪Get legendary blade!- It is not only ninjutsu that helpsyou!Getlegendary blades with the power of shinobi!▪ Level system-Allocatepoints obtained by increasing your level to Power, StrengthandNinriki.The higher your level, the stronger the blades youwillhave!- You can infinity level up.- You can upgrade the skill.-Youcan infinity combo.▪ Available game mode- You can select agamemode from Easy, Normal, and Hard.The more difficult the modeyoucomplete, the higher the score you can achieve...- Endlessinfinityarena.▪ Animation, graphics, and system- Numerous effectshave beenused for ninjutsu, weapons, and monsters.- You can enjoyunique newcombos shot from skill. Download now to shoot theninjutsu!
Shinobi Crystal - Arena Online 6
Become the strongest ninja in this incredible online ninja game!Areyou able to be the best ninja ever? Features: - Excellentresolution2D graphics - Totally multiplayer game (play withfriendsindividually or in teams) - 2 Game Modes - New characterseveryweek! - 3 maps for you to play Multiplayer game of realfightingbetween players, you can: - Play on several maps -Releasingcharacters and transformations - Releasing new shapes -Releaseskills - Free maps and more! Easy controls! - Jump -Physical combat- Load energy - Special 1, 2 and 3 - Abiliity -Transform andde-transform Be a ninja master and prove to be thebest! Every weeksomething new for you! Enjoy!
Shinobi Wars 0.0.1
NRaven Games
Play with your favorite heroes in Shinobi Wars. Shinobi Wars isnew2D anime ninja battle game.*HOW TO PLAY:- Use horizontalcrossbuttons for movement .- Use UP button for JUMP.- Use DOWNbuttonfor BLOCK.- Use B button for chakra charging.- Use A buttonforattack.*HOW TO USE SPECIAL MOVES:- Go to the "Pause Menu"thenselect "Move List".
Ultimate Ninja Blazing 2.11.2
NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: Ultimate Ninja Blazing – Join the battle withyourfavorite NARUTO characters, fighting in Shinobi FormationBattlesacross the story of the renowned anime! Fight hordes ofenemies andcomplete missions using the all-new Shinobi FormationBattle system:a strategic RPG fighting system that unleashesexhilaratingcombination attacks with your allies. Master teamfield skills,discover new ninjutsu and become the next Hokage inthe first-everUltimate Ninja mobile game! NARUTO SHIPPUDEN:Ultimate Ninja BlazingFeatures: Battle Enemies with Your NinjaDream Team! • Control over100 NARUTO heroes, each with their ownunique attacks and tactics •Fight enemies using ninjutsu, powerfulspecial techniques andcombination attacks • Unleash ninjutsuabilities for powerfuloffensive strikes, defensive abilities thatcan stop enemy movement,and more Mission Mode Based On theOriginal Anime Storyline! •Mission Mode allows you to relive theexperience of the NARUTO story• Battle through stories from theoriginal series Ninja Skills andPowerful Attacks! • Fightingskills include close-ranged andcombination attacks for massivedamage • Ninja Field Skills can turnthe tide of battle in yourfavor • Fighting closely with your teamallows for greatopportunity, but also great risk Fight Ninjas fromAround the Worldin Online Multiplayer Games! • Battle against otherninjas inmultiplayer mode • Join together and take on missions withup to 3other ninjas New Games in Monthly Phantom Castle Events! •Competeagainst other ninjas for the most points and aim for the topin aspecial mode that can only be accessed during special events•Battle against a multitude of enemies that await you as youclimbthe Phantom Castle Join the battle with your favoriteNARUTOcharacters! Download NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: Ultimate Ninja Blazingnowand become the next Hokage!SUPPORT: BANDAINAMCOEntertainment Inc. Website: Bydownloading or installingthis app, you agree to the BANDAI NAMCOEntertainment Terms ofService. Terms of Service: Policy: Note: Thisgame containssome items available for in-app purchase that canenhance gameplayand speed up your progress. In-app purchases can bedisabled inyour device settings,see formoredetails. ----------------------------------- ©2002MASASHIKISHIMOTO/2007 SHIPPUDEN All Rights Reserved. © GREE, Inc. ©2016BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. This application isdistributedunder the official rights from the license holder.
Ninja Saga 1.3.96
You can play Ninja Saga on your Android devices!! It's one oftheMOST POPULAR and BEST Ninja-themed RPG with 18 millions offansaround the world.Since its online debut in 2009, this topreviewedsocial RPG on Facebook with its dazzling manga graphicsandsensational gameplay had been enticing the hidden Ninjas inthehearts of over 70 million players worldwide.Maybe you wannableachyour hair like our favorite Hero Ninja, a Samurai, a Pirateorother Anime characters!! Just simply create your own NinjaAvatarand fully customize with a vast selection of Ninjutsus,outfits,gears, weapons, and pets in order to bring peace to theworld!Explore the ninja world and experience the excitingadventures bycompleting your daily missions. Level up, learn theultimate Jutsu,and discover the Bloodline skills to progress andbecome stronger!Someday you will be the number one Ninja!MOREPOWER!!!KEYFEATURES:- Customize your own Ninja Avatar with weapons,outfitsand even Ninjutsus!- Build a unique team with up to 3Ninjas- 5Ninjutsu Elements to choose from- Tons of daily missionsthat keepyou busy for hours!- Achievements- Advanced Skills- 40LevelsContent with exams- Blacksmith & Weapon upgrades-Excitingin-game events- Regular updatesComing soon:- Fusion PetSystem withGacha Machine: September 2017- Hunting House missions& specialrewards: September 2017- Chunin Exams: comingSeptember 2017- Next20 levels: October 2017Future Update:-Bloodline Skills and Jutsus-Clan War and Battle- Multi-playerBattle (PvP)- And MUCHMORE!STORY:The world of the Shinobi is now atthe brink of chaosand destruction after a siege by a mysteriousevil force. At thesedesperate times, a hero must rise to embark ona treacherousjourney to defeat the evil forces and protect theworld fromoblivion. Born from the ashes of the last Great War,young ninjaslook out to this chaotic world with one ambition… tobecome thebest ninja of all ninjas and restore peace and order tothisworld."****LIKE NINJA SAGA (ANDROID)ONFACEBOOK! NINJASAGA(ANDROID) ON TWITTER!****"
Arcade Game Room 14
yu xingyue
That was a classic age, you often went to the video game roomandplayed the hot arcade game, you were so crazy about the gameheros.Do you want to play the childhood game again? Here is theandroidapp! The best arcade game collection! Small size but funny.You canfind a lot of classic arcade game here. Just enjoy it!
Stickman Ninja 1.1.2
- Stickman Ninja is an cool and offline action fightinggame.Thisarcade game stunning 2D graphics, simple side-scrollinginterfaceand easy-to-learn & cool controls.- Stickman ninja haswiderange of skills you can mix for devastating combos. - Fightusing adynamic combat system and unleash devastating wrath attackswhilefreely navigating the battlefield using intuitive controller-Enterinto the arena and fight for the survival. If you loveplayingStickman Ninja games then this is the game which will amazeyouwith the swift handling and amazing features.It is totallyfree.Let's enjoy!- Stickman Ninja was inspired by "Stickman"promises todo the most exciting games in this genre.FEATURES- Easyand Simpleto play- Cool skill design and effect- Smooth, easy,addictive& intuitive gameplay.- Smooth fighting action. -Differentupgrade way.Download it now!
Ninja fight 1.2.0
TOH Games
Ninja fight is an action ninja game. In this game, ninja willfightsagainst lot of monsters, zombies, devilThis ninja game willtake youthrough series of classic levels, various enemies and bossbattleswith amazing experience of side scrolling platform gamesInthis fastpaced ninja game,Your task is to fight against themonsters,zombies, kill the king of monsters, zombies, collectingmore energyball and items to get powerful weapons* Features:- 20+bloody stageswith various type of monster: zombie, beast &more - Upgradeeach character with unique attacks, weapons, specialabilities -Challenge yourself on tough battles against challengingbosses in 3environmental zones - Dress up your characters with 6fantasticcostumes - Enjoy best gaming experience with high qualitygraphics,voyeuristic video effects and realistic sound effects-Both HD/SDare supported- Amazing graphics and sounds.- Classicplatform gamestyle.- Global leader board & achievement-Excellent multipliersystem- 10+ zones: Forest, barrens, depth-With 20+ Levels-Different kind of enemies. Challenging bossfights- True ninjaexperience- Power-ups, utilities and more- Tonsof missions- Fastpace and simple control- Different kinds ofweapons to attack-Hundreds of weapons and Power Up!- Achievementsystem to stimulateyou game.We also keep working to improve thegame and make more kindof ninja game with different experience forplayer.Let's downloadNinja Fight to fight monsters, zombies now!
Ninja Rebirth - Monster Legend 1.0.2
If you like anime, manga or Ninja, then Ninja Rebirth –MonsterLegend is the Best Ninja RPG game right for you! Lots ofwell-knownNinja heroes to recruit and train in Shinobi arena.Collect allComplete all Ninjas and summon Nine tails fox known asKyuubi inNinja reborn. The best latest Ninja game of 2018! Lots ofNinjaheroes have reborn and await you in Shinobi arena,LegendaryMonsters to be collected in tactics, Train the best Ninjaheroesteam and fight against others in Ninja war.Unlimitedfighting!Ninja Rebirth - Monster Legend: the Best NinjaRPG Gameever. Shinobi RebirthFollow the Ninja to return to thevillage ofLeaf, experience the most authentic Ninja world. Bringyou back tothe most memorable classic scenes of Ninja saga. Thefeast of allNinja fans! ☆ Build Most Powerful Ninja Team50+ popularshinobisand Ninja hero to be recruited and trained! You will be themostpowerful Ninja fighter ever and keep training to becomethestrongest Hokage! Come, Recruit and build the legendaryteamunmatched to Rock Lee and Sakura!☆ Survival In ShinobiTacticsThemost challenge Ninja War makes the greatest team, you cansurviveonly if you are ready! Join with your friends now! Be alertofNinja crushes, awaken your Ninja Heroes and Monsters. Act quick,sothat only you will get the mysterious gift. ☆ EpicChallengeHuntmillions of secret treasures after defeat ferociousTailed Beasts.Equip and upgrade all Ninja heroes to be thestrongest!☆ FantasticPvP In Ninja SagaPractice to be the bestboruto in Ninja arena!Train your team and join the most powerfulguild to complete themissions. Collect equipment to upgrade yourheroes into theultimate fighters and beat others in Ninja clash.☆Avenger TeamYouare not alone! All Ninjas will join you as ultimateavengers forfighting in shadow war. Invite your best friends tojoin you in theslash legend. Time counts! Your enemy grows fast!The nanuto sagacalls! The monsters await you!☆ Guild WarSummon yourfellows tojoin the guild led by you! Lead the guild for fightingagainst yourenemies and be the top in guild war!CONTACTS* Follow usonFacebook:* Contact usonFacebook for technical issues and more detailed information
The Mutant Ninja Warrior - Double Damage Fight 1.0
Noob mobis
Do you want join to battle of Mutant Ninja Warrior and fightwithturtles ninja warrior ?Are you crazy fans of mutant ninja orninjarua ?This is game made for you : The Mutant Ninja Warrior -DoubleDamage FightIf you are a fan of ninja rùa games so this gameis foryou, very simple game to play.The Mutant Ninja Warrior -DoubleDamage Fight is an action game that takes place in a darkcity .TheMutant Ninja Warrior - Double Damage Fight is a game forfight froma black tiger to save your life.Break, jump over, fightwithturtles under and dodge obstacles for fight. Enjoy the runthroughthe mysterious city .Mythical platform game in which afantasticurban adventure awaits you. Choose your fighter fromMichelangelo,Leonardo, Raphael and Donatello, in other words, themythical NinjaWarrior Turtles. Use your ninja arts and specialattacks toannihilate your enemies.The Mutant Ninja Warrior - DoubleDamageDark Fight is best ninja shadow fight and ninja combatgame2018.Join to world of alien and mutant ninja now. Get ready tobe aninja shadow turtle, the most powerful ninja you have everseen.Help the Mutant Ninja Rua travel through portals and fightevil inthis action-packed street fighting game.You are the perfectlittleninja shadow turtle in the universal !Features : - Explorethemysterious masks! - Pixel Classic graphics with turtles- 4Specialskill for 4 turtles- Jump and fight against enemy.- Amazingpowerupuse turtle porwer
Ninjutsu training 1.10
Ninjutsu, or art of the ninja is a japanese martial art basedontechniques and tactics. It is complemented with the learningofmany skills useful for espionage. With this app you will learnthismartial art millennial. You will find high quality videos ofthedifferent techniques of the ninjutsu: Taijutsu, bojutsu orKenjutsuamong others. This application is suitable for all levels,even forthose who want to enter in this martial art and becomefutureninjas. This martial art as many others (Karate, kung fu,ect)combines body and spirit to achieve a great balance betweenbodyand mind. It is ideal for improving your physical well-beingandmental. Download this app and become a real Ninja for free.
Sengoku Ninja Assassin 3D 11.0
Chi Chi Games
Shinobidu: Ninja Assassin Stealth Combat 3D Open WorldgameCrimeControl Warring States Period japanese Hitman defendingitsterritory from humans. Sneak up on enemy warrior samurai andkillthem wit your strong hits. In this Android game you have tocontrola Hitman Ninja , who is infuriated by the fact that therehumansentered his territory. Penetrate the military camp, City, andotherplaces where samurai settled to destroy them all. Be careful,thesamurai are well-armed. So you need to use a variety ofshelters,guide your hero along rooftops, etc. Attack enemiesfrombehind.Ninja Assassin 3D - violent action "Ninja AssassinGrandgodfather stealth crime street assassination simulator"gameinfiltrate humiliateBrutal assassination sneak jungle,contractkiller a ninja thief give a fatal blow from behind theenemy!Watchyour footsteps in the jungle, never positive conflictwarring withthe enemy,st uncertaintysamurai Sniper firepowerverypowerful!Gorgeous bloody action violence assassinations,randomassassinations launched actionExciting treasure hunt mode,collectthe key to save the orangutan companion360-degree 3D visualeffectsoperation, free to manipulate perspective worse AnimalGorilla AutoEnemies will try to kill you. Being a skillful swordkiller youhave to use your sword and slash your enemies into piecesand takeyour revenge. There are five different stages pass thesestages tosave her. They are unaware about your hidden skills usethem andsave your princess and go back to your dream world and livehappilyever after.Run up wall, slash evil ninjas with warriorsamuraisword. Humiliate demon bosses with your master Kung fuskills. Playas period Japanese hitman infiltrate enemy territory,startslashing enemies with your samurai sword. Kill them all withfetalstrong below of your sword blade.San Andreas Crime City :GangsterStory is one of the best action games in 2015!In this gameyou aregangster - hero, who doesn't afraid anything. In your citymafiaruling the streets. Savage, aggressive criminals areeverywhere.They shooting, kill people, rob banks and stores. Thereis acriminal chaos in the city.It's time to show everyone who’sboss byshooting rivals and ruling the streets. You are notpoliceman. Youare a gangster, who don't need for glory - you have agreed forrevenge. You have a big gun and must to kill as much aspossiblebandits with guns, knifes and other weapons.Are you readyto rescuea people from horrible life among blood, shots, banditsandkillers? You as a player are given a full sized city where youcango nuts, but don’t go on a rampage because then the cops willbeupon you. The action in this crime simulator 3D gamerevolvesaround shooting and killing your enemies.10breathtakingassassination war missions against armedsoldierRealistic stealthand combat movements between ninja shinobifightsAmazing swimming,jump, weapon strike animationsSmoothonscreen touch buttons forshadow fighting gameHD graphics withbeautiful forest locationstoexploreFacebook:
Ninja and Turtle Shadow Pirate 1.1
Suchu Media
Wow wow ! Best game about Ninja must have !Wellcome to Worldofshadow ninja fight Pirate !Are you crazy fans of Ninja andTurltes,and crazy fans of classic game from 1990 ?Do you want jointobattle of ninja Shadow - fight with shadow character ?This isgamemade for you : Turtles ninja shadow fight Pirate"Ninja andTurtleShadow Pirate" is best Ninja Combat and action game 2016.Getreadyto be a turtle ninja (Ninja Rua) , the most powerful ninja youhaveever seen.Join to world of alien and mutant ninjaHelp theMutantNinja travel through portals and fight evil in thisaction-packedstreet fighting gameTravel with him through thecountry collectingall the treasures along the way.=> Use yourskills to guide theNinja Turtle and help him complete each stageand win him allachievements.Great warrior turtles you have beencalled upon todefend your village, so you must race back to save itfrom certaindestruction.You're in for some action and adventureduring yourninja combat.Ninja Turtle Shadow Pirate Features:- NiceShadowcharacter graphics with 4 turtles- Special 4 skill turtlesandpower of turtles ninja- Ninja run, jump & fight againstenemy.-Amazing power-up boosts, use turtle powerFree download andRate 5star if you like game !Feedback about game please send emailforme.
Power Rider Ninja Steel 1.9.0
Grooz Inc
Power Rider Ninja Steel - Fighting Battle is a free fightinggamefor android, feel all the adrenaline in this power ninja steelgamefor the survival of legendary fighters to the gloryFight withsuperninja steel enjoy street fighting, mma fighting, kungfu,boxing,muay thai and other wrestling disciplines in a deadly fightfor thepower of the universe in this epic hero battle, fightinmultiplayer mode through a local server, and enjoy thePowerRiderNinja Steel - Fighting Battle.Features:- Unbelievable 3Dgraphics.Real fights!- Collect more than 30 super ninja steel tofight inthe best 3D fights. Conquer the villains!- Fast fightingmode Idealfor short fights!- Discover the history mode and fightforsurvival.- Fight in multiplayer mode (With local server, notonlinemultiplayer)- Fight from any device with your saved game-Intraining mode we will find power-ups to train your powerninjasteel in the fight and make it stronger.- Collect the cardsofsuper ninja steel, acquire new wrestling skills, you set thepace,the fights take place in incredible HD scenarios.The darkleaguewhere chaos and injustice dominate, you must fight withvillainswho want to steal your powers, you must fight for thesurvival ofthe power ninja steel species, show your fightingskills, combatthe most epic battle of power ninja steelfights.SignificantThecontent of the game is Power Rider Ninja Steel- Fighting Battle,Grooz Inc say than the characters from theuniverse of Grooz Incand have nothing to do with super ninja steelor other brands.Youalready know! If you like power ninja steelgames and wrestling,this is your free fighting game, choose sidesand use your powersto win, be the best in history mode, compete andshare with yourfriends. Who will win? the most epic hero battleshere,Power RiderNinja Steel - Fighting Battle.
Shinobi Ninja War 1.2
Dev life
Shinobi Ninja War is one of the best 2D anime ninja battle game.Letplay this game with your favourite shinobi ninja from Konoha,defeatall other ninja from chunin exam, and become new hokage!Features: -Easy to play, very addictive.- Fantastic battle: 1 vs1, 1 vs 3, 3vs 3 ... - Story mode with many strong bosses- A lotof charactersbase on famous ninja: Sasuke , Itachi , Kakashi ...-Special jutsu:rasengan , sharingan , susanoo, chidori .... withbeautiful effect.-Feature in future: multi player, you can duelonline with yourfriends.For any contribution, please feel free tocontact us viaemail: [email protected] fun playing!!!
Ninja Samurai Assassin Hero II 1.2
This epic fun game contains 20 levels. In this violent 3Dactiongame you play as angry ninja samurai. Aim to collect allstars andclimb where is the target showing on your compas to finishamission. Mortal warriors will try to crush you with theirstrongtiger armor and hammer. Every enemy has different abilities.Youwill have to chop, kick, punch, slash through them like a killerorjust climb away to disappear. Your hero has through learningofkung fu, martial arts, fighting skills, climbing from yourevilsensei. You are armed with lethal sword blade ( katana ) andbow.Feel sense of archery and strike at the right moment. Developthisskill as a player and shoot a magic arrow through more than2enemies at once. Finish all levels, defeat all your enemiesandbecome a legend. Climb to top of the towers in a castles andjumpdown to water or hay mound to finish your fightcreedassassination. You can also pick stealth approach and useyourinfiltration, sneak, spy skills. Swim,climb and discoversecretentrances to a castles. Use underground tunnels,climb on abridgeand try to be invisible as a real ninja warrior of shadow.Collectmagic arrows to make your mission easier to eliminateanything inyour way. Unaware from your mercenary enemies you canfinish thelevel like a japanese rising shadow hunter without ofneed to gearup and crime combat. - Realistic stealth and combatmovements -bloody action - wonderful background music - realisticHD graphicsLast Update: With new update is coming new controllsystem withtouch pad on the screen. Especially now aiming by bow,where youcan choose if you want to shoot fast or you can aim onlongerdistance where you can zoom on your target by holding firebuttonand hit it. Example go on a roof and shoot down your enemiesfromany angle or edge of environment. Bow is much more usefullweaponas before and more powerfull. With this feature the gameoffer moreposibilities and better gameplay in your mission. It wasadded afew more details like spiking arrows on your targets orobstaclesand new sound efects and voices. Also removed a few bugsandimproved navigation of items for their usage. By installingthisapp you agree to the following privacypolicy:
Yurei Ninja Classic 1.31
Fish Crackers
CHECK OUT THE NEW VERSION OF YUREI NINJA CELEBRATING CHINESENEWYEAR IN STYLEAT, back from the dead, seeking revenge against…The Enemy:Asamurai warlord with the blackest of hearts who turnedagainstyou!Trained in the art of hiding and surprise attacks, avoidtraps,strike down enemies and destroy deadly bosses, all trying tostopyour quest.FEATURES- Intense hybrid running/fightingaction-Stunning environments- Various challenging enemies- Collectdeadlyweapons- Selectable roster of characters- Epicbossesbattles
Ninja Wolfman-Street Fighter 1.7
Ninja Wolfman: Street Fighter is a free horizontal fightingactionarcade game!Because of faith, you are a latent ninja duringtheday, and in the night you will transform into a werewolf andit’stime to show your terrible fangs.No matter being a man or aWolf,your duty is to defend the city! Just keep fighting and defeatallinvaders. Bloodlust is not your intention, be a ninja with swordora fierce werewolf. The choice depends on you.The enemy ispowerful,for the ultimate victory, you must be awake.Ninja skillscan keepyou moving forward, but the transformed werewolf is thecity'spatron saint.The sharp claw is your weapon. Heavy armor canmakethe enemy fear. Your high attack speed will not let anyoneflee.Youare a cruel and bloodthirsty butcher for invadingcreatures.But forthis city, Ninja Werewolf is a loyal warrior, aking of arcadebattles.Try your best to survive to the last. Thelegend has itthat werewolves will become bloodsucking zombies aftertheydie.Game features:Gorgeous action special effectsDozens of HD3DscenesIntuitive click and slide operationUnique combosystemVariousfierce bosses
Shinobi Ninja Fighting Battle 1.1
Do you like Anime Shinobi Ninja? Do you like fighting enemiesfromthe Village of the Sound, the Sand Village and the Akatsukigroupto protect Konoha Galore and become the new Hokage?Thenyou'rewelcome on the best Ninja fighting game in the Store: ShinobiNinjaFighting Battle.Features:- easy to play, very addictive-manycharacters based on the greatest Ninjas among the Ninja worldlikeSasuke Uchiha, Itachi , Kakashi, Madara and many more!-numerousJutsu from the world of Shinobi: Rasengan, Sharingan,Rinnegan,Chidori, susanoo ...- more than 100+ unique waves ofenemies- 2dgraphics with amazing effects- Transform to Jinchuurikiwithulimate power of Tailed Beast and beat all enemies.-consecutivegameplay! Gather coins to unlock stronger Ninjas!How toPlay:- TapLeft / Right to attack. Time your attacks, you can't hitenemiesfrom too far away- Use Kunais and your Jutsus to kill theenemiesand gain moneyEasy controls and very addictive gameplay!Let's playand share the best scores with everyone! Who will be thebestNinja?If you like this Game, please give us a good reviewandcomment your ideas on how to improve this game even further!Forany contribution, please feel free to contact us viaemail:[email protected] sure to like our fan page to alwaysreceivethe latest updates and more information/tips aboutthegameplay:!!!
Ninja Tobu 1.8.0
In Ninja Tobu, speed and accuracy are key, as you guide yourninjathrough platforms, enemies, and spikes! Tap and drag fromanywhereon the screen to power your ninja jump, then let go toshootthrough the air. Aim for any surface not covered in spikesandyou'll stick to it like glue; ready to go again. Master thedoublejump, slow motion and slamming into enemies for extra points.Playthe Challenges mode where you have to navigate manydifferentlevels that feature coins and chest rewards. Collect coinstounlock new ninjas with different abilities, effectsandaccessories. If you are good enough, you'll unlock anachievement,or even make it on to the leader board!
Turtle Ninja Shadow 1.2
Turtle Ninja Shadow is a action game, run and shootplatformgame.Turtle is a brave, agile, resourceful ninja.Would youlike tojoin him to start the new exciting adventure?Be careful!There aremany angry warriors. They want to stop you in each world.★How toPlay ★- Jump and run through the super levels anddodge/attack allenemies.- The enemies include: Huge Ant, Crab,Tortoise, Monster,Penguin, Snake, Penguin, Spider,Evil flower,Pterosaur, BreathingDragon and the Boss...- Pick up specifiedstuff,silver coin to getnew ability or buff.(double jumpability,ascend to super ninja,Slide/Dash, upgrade weapon, powershield,awarding HP,assistance viacalling a Bulejay )- Collect goldcoin to get high score- Enablethe Powerful attack skill viaachieving full Angry Point- Jump morehigher via the spring andmoving platform- Please mind the Spikes,the twister and the hugesaw.★ Feature ★+ Nice graphics with 4 typeninja and turtles+Special skill and power of turtles ninja+ Ninjarun, jump &fight against enemy.+ Amazing power-up boosts, useturtle power
Stickman Ghost: Ninja Warrior 1.15
Stickman Ghost is a perfect combination of role-playing game,hackand slash action games and stickman game. Stickman Ghostcontains avariety of weaponry such as swords, bows and axes tobecome archer,bowman. With the skills and equipment, the stickmanwill betransported to the world of attractive stickman. You willhave tobecome a stickman ninja warrior to fight with evil sticksand epicshadow bosses.Do you have enough motivation, courage andpassion tojoin the battle? On a bloody moon night in the medievalkingdom,the whole world of stickman is invaded by evil. Stickmanghost -hero in the blood of dragons and fire with the power of agod, heis determined to go through the land, defeating the demonstickmanto rescue people in the medieval kingdom. Stickman angerhasreached the highest level. The journey to find peace for alltheland and to rescue the world began. Fight for justice anddestroythe evil stick to avoid the extinction of the Sstick ninjaworldwith the league of stickman! The best of stickman gameStickmanGhost is a famous stickman game from the Unimob series thathasmillions of players around the globe.Try to feel thestrongeststickman ninja, immersed in all the new skills withStickmangraphics style. You will not want to miss a moment in thisgame.Deep into the battle with league of stickman If you want tohackand slash or be become archer, bowman, let equip epic weaponofstickman in shop. Slash and fight or you die. Each shadowfightbattle is different from the beginning to the end but with thehelpof angels and pets, if you use many skills and weapon, theninjawill be stronger and win faster. Try not to get the monstershit.Upgrade, equip and stronger With the variety of characters,level,attack, defense and blood are very important in fighting theenemy.Anger stickman can use their powers, abilities and specialweaponsto destroy enemies quickly like archer, bowman... Somemonsters areextremely dangerous and you may need a more powerfulweapon.Upgrade your attack power, armor, blood and enjoy thevictory ineach battle. Features of Stickman Ghost: Ninja Warrior•Realisticwobble, ragdoll physics make funny action in fightingbattles.•There are two modes of stickman fighting for you:Experience 60challenging levels with a wide variety of stickman andmonstertypes.And the mode does not end so that the stick man canshowtheir skills and strength before the other ten thousand stickman.•10 different types of weapons and power to equip, chooseyoursword, bow, axe and a lot of weapons to become a stickmangladiatoror stickman archer or simply a stickman kungfu, eachweapon willhave each level.• You can slash, shoot, jump, fight anddeep intothe shadow fight.• Amazing gameplay with a combination ofactiongame and role-playing to make the best stickman ninja game.•Easycontrol with one-touch chop shots.• Medieval warfare stylecombinedwith the legendary stick man ninja character that immersesyou inthis game.• Global rankings help you prove yourself to bethestrongest stick ninja sat with other players. Are you a fanofstickman game? Do you like action rpg game, download StickmanGhostnow and play with millions of other players around theworldexplore the fascinating and engaging stick man world. Are youreadyto become stickman warrior right now? Experience and tell uswhatyou think about RPG Game: Stickman Ghost and interact withmillionsof other players. Keep in touch with us if you like rpgStickmanGhost: Ninja Warrior and do not forget comments to us aboutthisstickman fighting game. We would love to hear fromyou!OfficialFacebook Page:
The Shadow Ninja Warriors Shadow Ninja Battle
The Shadow Ninja Warriors is an exciting action game!Theshadowninja warrior has to beat all the monsters that areconstantlyattacking him. Usingbuttons on the right to slash themonsters.Using buttons on the left to run. You’llexperienceintensesensation with tons of diversified attacks,levitation, multipleskills.Are you ready to explore thisadventurous world, and enjoythis beautiful and lifelike combatscene. To release your fightinginstincts and save this turbulenttime!All the gods of the worldhas turned into shadows ,no one cansave world from darkness ,canyou ? True test of ninja is taken onlyin darkness and shadows!Devastate your enemies without mercy as areal Shadow ninja!Attack from shadows, fight against mightyopponents and enjoy theatmosphere of the oriental action game TheShadow NinjaWarriors.Use different fighting styles, earn points torise up yourfighting skills or buy new strikes and punches toensure yourvictory on the battlefield.New characters, fightingmoves,techniques and multiplayer feature will be coming soon innewupdate of this gameThe ultimate fight to experience themostthrilling stimulus!Game features:- HD shadow worldscreen-Impressive graphics and sounds- Visual experience- Theuniqueskills of the shadow warrior- With more than 100 fightingmoves in9 different types of levels and backgrounds with a greatcardcollection makes the game even more interesting for you.-Freecombination fighting Combo- With each level upgrade, yourfightwill become even more interesting.- An awesome combinationofwarriors, fighters, action, adventure and victory.- Supergorgeousvisual effect- Simple, fun and easy to play game for allage grouppeople.- The sense of heroes to save the world- Ability toupgradeheroes***Download it now***
Shake Ninja 1.0.9
Face a challenging adventure and take on the identity of aninjaknown as "Sword Shaker"! Cut your enemies to pieceswithdevastating techniques, but watch out! The samurai arerelentless,dominate the forces of fire and ice and are willing touse alltheir resources to prevent you from reaching Daimyo, alandlord! Doyou have what it takes to overcome the fury of yourenemies andreclaim the legendary Kusanagi sword from the hands ofone offeudal Japan's most powerful men? Game Features: - Shakeyourdevice to reveal your secret powers and overcome challenges!-Dynamic and challenging levels making you feel like a ninja!-Stylish and retro pixel art graphics! - Choose the bestcontroltype to suit your style of play!
Ultimate Kungfu Rivals Street Ninja Fighters 2018 1.1
Ultimate Kungfu Rivals Street Ninja Fighters 2018Get ready forthereal thrilling adventure of ninja samurai fighting war. This istheheroic battle war of ninja warriors with kingdom enemies.Stepinwar of clans as shadow ninja kung fu fighter master 2018 inrealtime multiplayer game 2018 and kill every new tricks assassinwhichmeets! Hurry up clock is tick ticking and your time to revealdarksecrets & to take revenge of blade from all assassins ofninjaold version has been started. In old version somesuperheroes,incredible monsters, bad guys and thugs attack on yoururban cityand armies of demon samurai was busy in operationagainstterrorists. Your companion ninja dragon attacked on all badevilssaiyan to stop them but unfortunately some of them succeededtoescape from urban city. The crime department informs theirpresencein Japanese city so get ready to fight with all youropponents inmultiplayer shadow ninja kung fu saga fight 2k18 andbecome thegreatest warrior of land. Sharp your ninja hero fightingstyles& skills like taekwondo, muay, Thai, kung Fu , boxing andallother ninja assassin fight skills for war of clans inJapanese.Showyour surprise attacks with sneaky tricks against yourultimaterivals like bad ninja sage guys & mafia agents incastle. Thisis the heroic battle war of ninja warriors with kingdomenemies.Its time to be real super hero to save the world stars fromcitygangsters & criminals. Use your super kung fu ninjafighterkungfu combat powers in dangerous & deadly questagainstterrorist, gangster and shadow mafia robbers in shadow ninjaragesuperhero kung fu warrior city battle game 2018.Fight for yourlifeand survive like fearless fighter in the ring leaving youropponentno chance to stay alive! Earn points for each ninjakillingassassin, fight against powerful rivals and up level yourninjaboxing punch skills to the top level. Survive at the seriesofdangerous king of fearless fighter against dangerous opponentskingmutant ninja villian, achieve the top and kill the DemonSamurai inultimate action fighting game multiplayer. Become thestrongestfighter on the earth playing 3D action game! Exploredifferentlocations fighting for your life and survive on the ringleavingyour opponent no chance to stay alive in shadow ninja ragekung fustreet fight 2018.This game is an arena where deadly battlesareconducted between popular Japanese ninja and opponentcharacters.In order to win and survive this endless adventure youwill have tofight to the last drop of your blood. Show you warriorninja skillsto become a winner in unequal battles of kung fufighting. You willhave to fight with the enemies trying to destroyyou. Counter astrike! Once you skip a beat, you are dead. YourShadow Hero cancarry an attack by different body parts and usevarious types ofweapons, be ready because you will get heroicfights in the game ofreal fighting in ring 2018.This is war ofclans go in the world ofJapanese ninja slayer and kill all of yourenemies. This is the warof death or life no chance to go backwithout killing clans ofmonster heroes. Beat your all the enemieswith experience and proveyourself a superhero in the game. Kung Fuwrestling mania game isthe game of skills and energy with powerfulmind sharpness. Hereare different levels in the game with differentheroes likesuperhero, bat hero, light hero, spider hero, cowboy andhulkheroes.Ultimate Kungfu Rivals Street Ninja Fighters 2018Features:•Realistic kung fighting• Fighting skills like punch onmouth, comboattack and action jump• Win or Die kung Fu gameplaymode•Attractive and realistic boxing of games 2018 • Stunningfightinggame addictive environment
Ninja Madness 1.0
Jump, climb, roll over, throw shurikens, battle big samuraibosses.Be a ninja!Begin your ninja training today to unlocksupernaturalabilities. Nerves of steel, cat-like reflexes,split-secondreactions, unstoppable concentration, that is theancient art ofninjutsu.Mastering the true way of the ninja isextremelychallenging. Madness awaits for those who stray from thetrue pathof the ninja. Avoid it at all costs!70 levels ofninjamadness!Pumped up ninja music!Shurikens, ninjas and traps!Easyatfirst. Ninja-hard soon enough!Extra tough ninja bossfights!Showyour dedication and become the legend among ninjas. Letthem tellstories about your excellence and your enemies shiver whenyourname is whispered in the shadows. Ninja Madness awaits!
Ninja Kid vs Zombies - Special 1.0.7
Ninja Kid vs Zombies now comes with wonderful boosted tastyUpdatein this new Special Edition. The performance of the game ishighlyboosted with more richer and vibrant graphics.Samurai andNinjaGirl Characters are all unlocked and selectable.Daily CoinsRewardsso you can get your Shurikens and Ninja Magic withoutworryingabout collecting coins.Just play this phenomenal game andcompletethe 36 challenging levels with yourfavoriteCharacters.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------80sStyleRetro Platformer game with a ninja warrior kid andhisfriends.Welcome to the super world of zombies and monstersofHalloween Land. Zombies have found a way from another dimensionandrunning around everywhere. They have their monster friends butsohave Zombie Assassin Ninja Kid. Runner Kung Fu Master NinjaGirland Angry Sword Master Hungry Samurai.So Run, Slash, cut, useyourNinja Stars ( Shuriken ) and Shinobi Magic to destroy thelivingdead demons which has become out of control.The Ninja WarriorKidshave no match when they use their special Shinobi magic**(Shinobiwas another name used for Ninjas in Feudal Japan) NinjaKid: -->Ninja Spirit Fury Light MagicKung Fu Master Ninja Girl:-->Firewall Tsunami MagicSword Master Hungry Samurai: -->LightningBolt MagicGAME FEATURES-Total of 3 different worlds with12challenging leves. Total level count is 36.-Worlds inside thegameare; Zombie world, Ice World and Egypt World.-The furtherlevelsget more challenging and addictive.-The game is a combinationofretro platformer game and hack and slash style game withextrafeatures.-You can use Ninja star (shuriken) and Ninja Magicasextra power to defeat enemies more easily.-2 extraunlockablecharacters with different Ninja Magic Powers. So makesure to checkall of them.-3 different 80s style retro backgroundmusic each for3 different worlds.-Colorful and Simple leveldesign.-Differenttypes of enemies zombies, Stone man, Yeti and manymind blowingpuzzles and full of traps.-Make sure to keep yoursanity duringgame play.How to Play:Simple Platform action. Jump onZombies tokill them or alternatively you can hack and slash themwith yoursword. Just touch the swordbutton on screen.You can alsothrow yourninja stars to kill the enemies. Some enemies need morethan onehit to be destroyed.If you are in trouble touch theLightningbutton and use your ninja magic to destroy everythingonscreen.When you slash and chop the boxes they will give fruitssomake sure to collect them for extra score.That's it! Enjoythischallenging and wonderful world of retro platformer game withmanyaddictive levels.Followuson
Ultimate Ninja Warrior Turtle Sword Fight Game 1.1
Dolphin Games
Play as action Ultimate Ninja Warrior Turtle Sword Fight Game ofUSAcrime city with your mutant ninja shadow boxing turtle andswordfighting skills. As shadow fighter flying can ninja champshow yourmutant ninja tactics in teenage mutant ninja game tofight badpeople and deadly criminals. Swing your teen fight ninjasword toprotect the people of simulation town and eliminate theterrorists& incredible monsters with the edge of your swordblade. Apartfrom that, steal motorbikes and cars from the streetsof yourfuturistic city, and be a flying ninja moto rider as yourace acrossthe Vegas city. So if you see a car flying mutant &you like,just steal it by defeating the deadly criminals. Embarkon a flyingepic ninja warrior adventure and get yourself ready forthis grandauto open-world action ninja shadow warrior game whereyou play asturtle warrior who has been trained as teen fight ninjaby revengeblade & alligator mma to protect the people andfight againstmafia heroes to end their criminal reign. Some ninjaswing fight forvengeance and some fight for their survival, thecorda ninja shadowwarrior turtle fights against the gangsta slotsto keep his cityclean. Superhero warrior adventure slots are hereto end thevendetta crime, this teenage mutant hardcore ninjashadow turtle isnot going to wait for the police, he gotsupernatural powers so heis gonna give justice himself. Become aninja turtle warrior andfight bravely like a real hero ninjaturtle flying warrior tocontrol bad guys, thugs and crime scene inthe city. The army isbusy in a war with terrorist and you have toplay the role ofsuperhero ninja warrior to rescue the city. FlyingUltimate NinjaWarrior Turtle Sword Fight Game game is not the onlybattle againstcriminals but also rescue mission to help injuredpeople homecomingfrom tours with your superhero flying skills. Flyhigh in the sky asreal ninja turtle hero and fight bravely withthe city gangsters andcriminals to become a real ninja fighteragainst the criminal mafiain the grand city. Ultimate NinjaWarrior Turtle Sword Fight Gamehas many rescue and survivalmissions and as a brave ninja heroturtle warrior, you must be ableto save people and injured citizenswith superpower rescue may be a security alert,criminal attack and a combat betweenpolice officers and gangsterswhere your help would be needed. Bethe Super ninja turtle in actionsimulator and help the policeofficers in the fight against theterrorist's squad & citycriminals.Start your survival mission2017 and rescue the citizensfrom Fps terrorist attack to win therescue ninja battle. The livesof people of the grand city areprecious. Ambulance or policefirefighters won’t be able to reach intime so you need to take theresponsibility of grand city rescue.Reach the crime scene withyour jumping power and hold injuredcitizens in ninja smart arms.Fly high and take them to the hospitalsafely for treatment. Theemergency situation is on the go, peopleare injured and need realninja rescue help. Hold hopeless people inyour arms and transportthem to the hospital for treatment. Jumpfrom one building toanother, rescue civilians and fight againstcriminals with yourninja superpowers to win the grand city ninjarescue battle. As aninja superhero futuristic hero, you have thepower to crush thewhole universe of all ninja turtle games. Thisfly hero city escapetown simulator action-packed game is full ofadventures and fastracing car chases so drive-thru ninja and smashthe cars ofterrorists of grand real auto vegas city. Gangsters areactive, thecrime rate is high, city people are in danger andcriminalactivities are at its peak.
Samurai Defender with Ninja 1.4.5
# 1 million downloads achieved!! #[Game Introduction]A simpleactiondefense game set in the Warring States period ofJapan.Defend yourcastle from approaching enemies!☆ Download"Samurai Defender" forfree ☆Some paid content is available, butyou can play this game forfree until the very end!☆ Basic Actions☆Tap on an enemy soldier toaim at them. Your bowmen will take careof the rest.Enemies willmove towards your castle gate, so take aimand stop them fromgetting too close!☆ Collect Gold and Copper, andacquire Stratagems☆Use the coins you acquire to learn newStratagems!Use theStratagems you've learned to defeat hordes ofenemies!☆ PlayerTraining ☆Level up your soldiers and Stratagems,and repel waveafter wave of enemy invasions![Story]Long, long agoin a far awayland stood an impregnable castle.That castle was thekey to unifyingthe people of the land.Warlords near and far soughtto take it forthemselves.Today, the castle will come under attackagain.Can youdefend the castle!?[Goal]You must lead your forces inthe defense ofthecastle.------------------------------------------------------------[Price]App:free*Some items canbepurchased.------------------------------------------------------------[HelpandInquiries][Listofrecommended devices/To customers who can't get the gametostart]* Support ondevicesnot listed in the link cannot be guaranteed. We thank youinadvance for your understanding.* Individual replies will notbemade regarding plans for recommended devices.* Initialstartupdownload may take several minutes depending onsignalstrength.Please wait until loading is finished and don't turnoffthe app.* To enjoy Samurai Defender comfortably, it isrecommendedto play in a wi-fi environment.
Speedy Ninja 1.2.20
NetEase Games
Speedy Ninja flips the endless runner on its head! Useyourdexterity and skill to overcome deadly obstacles anddestroymenacing monsters on the run, in the air – even upside downas onlya master Ninja can! Build your experience to unlock awesomenewcharacters, dragon mounts, and powerful weapons as you chasethehigh score on the leaderboard.** Includescrowd-surfing,cake-throwing, EDM artist Steve Aoki as an unlockableNinja!KEYFEATURES* Play Free! The best Ninja action endless runneronmobile! (In-app purchases available)* Dive under the rope todefygravity and avoid treacherous obstacles* Unleashscreen-clearingweapons to destroy waves of enemies* Ride mythicaldragons highinto the sky to build your special abilities* Upgradeyour Ninja,then rank up by topping the daily leaderboards* Completedailychallenges to unlock progressively greater rewards*Unlockcharacter skins to increase your power beyond max levels*Build upa friends list, then summon your allies to extend yourrunKEEP INTOUCHFacebook:
Color Skill - Fast Action Game 1.8
Game InfoTech
Are you quick with choosing colors? Switch Color on time andtestyour tapping skill !!! Play Color Skill fast pace action gamethatis 5 different games in one!Do you like colors? Do you likeaction?Do you like games that keep you on high alert with yourfingerspoised on the screen ready to go? Then what are you waitingfor?Theconcept of Color Skill game is simple: Switch the colors oftheball with the things around it. Sounds simple enough right?Thenwhy not give it a try. The game features five different modes;it’sbasically like its five different games in one. Do you havewhat ittakes to beat them all? The 5 Modes are:Switch: Switch thecolor ofthe emoji to the circle in order to pass through it.Pendulum: Tapon the color when the pointer points at the same colorasitself.Complex: Switch the same color as the ball to keep it intheair.Tumble: The ball will bounce on a trampoline. Make surethecolor of the ball is the same as the trampoline otherwise itwon’tbounce.Balance: Move the paddle around and hit the ball withthepart of the paddle that matches the ball’s color.Challengeyourfriends in the leaderboards. Who is the most vigilant? Who hasthebest hand to eye coordination? Who can score the highest? Canyoubeat your friends and collect all the achievements? Play nowandfind out.
Stick man Legends: Action RPG Games 2.3.40
Stick man Legend: Shadow Hunter 5 is the mix of actionRPG,Classical Fighting, Hack and Slash games, which will bring youtothe most awesome adventures of stick man games genre onmobile.Equip your shadow characters with countless lethal weaponsandlegendary armor sets from the Dungeon of Darkness. Crushyourenemies, humiliate evil bosses, and be the one to free theworldfrom Darkness with this amazing free role playing stick mangame.Do you have what it takes to kick, punch, jump, hack and slashyourway to victory? Try this awesome rpg stick man games now forfree!How To Play Stickman Legends: Shadow Hunter 5 This action RPGgameis easy to play but hard to master. Use your thumbs to movethestickman ninja hero and make them jump, punch, kick, hackandslash, and perform epic stunning skills by tapping on thebuttons.All that you have to do is training your stickman heroleague withancient martial arts and killing all the Shadow Monstersand theirminions in the most epic battles ever. Explore thedungeon, collectcrazy weapons, and plunge into crazy combats now!Hot FeaturesStickman Legends: Shadow Hunter 5 - Classical Hack andSlash gamewith campaign mode, fight darkness stage by stage. -Hugecollection of maps: 6+ different level themes with hundredsofchallenging maps. - Offline mode: true story mode does notrequireyour connection. You can enjoy all our amazing featuresoffline. -Stick man based ninja hero concept. Play your true simpleart inthe best action RPG adventure games on mobile. - Premiumgraphic& sound effects: you will never know you are playing onthemobile environment. - Dozen of stickman hero league classestochoose from: Lion-Hearted Swordsman, Bounty Hunter, DungeonKeeper,Legendary Ninja Warrior, Mighty Dungeon Guardian, EliteArcherHunter, Powerful Mage, and the Dark Hunter. - 500+ lethalhunterweapons and rare armor set to customize for your RPGcharacters.Make your hero unique and become the best fighter inmankindhistory. - Skills: a huge amount of special skills tolearn,different from 20+ branches. Choose your way wisely! -Globalranking: become the greatest fighter of all time with ourreal-timeLeader Board. Do you have what it takes to stand on top oftheworld? New Updates of Stickman Legends: Shadow Hunter 5 -ArenaMode: show off your fighting skills in the most popularstickmangame, compete with other players around the world and winvaluabletreasures in this free role playing game. - New heroes andmapsevery update: More popular stickman ninja hero unlocked!Joinforces with others to fight the Giant Shadow Bosses! Chooseyourown stickman squad now and start fighting! The prize is thereforthe taken. Only the mightiest fighter can save the worldfromDarkness and take all the glory! Join us now with the bestactionrpg games on mobile, build your strongest army of heroicfightersand win the epic battles Feel free to contact us and shareyourthought: - Email: [email protected] -Fanpage: -Twitter: -Instagram: Enjoy!
Kung Fu Superhero Ninja fighting tiger karate game 1.0
Shaheen Games
Kung Fu superhero ninja fighting tiger game is ready for you.Whyyou wait for anymore? Paly extreme fighter superhero ninjainaction karate tournament. Start Remarkable fighting betweenyourdifferent superhero best characters like Superman VSSpiderman,Batman VS Hulk, Maria VS Vanguard, Atienza VS Mutantninja andDreyar syndrome VS superwomen characters in this superherofightinggames. This game has perfect incredible combat self-defenseforopponent competitor in ninja assassin karate arena. If youwantplay realistic Kung Fu karate fighting which fight in martialarts!Then use Hit Combo punch to prove that you are the bestdeadlyfighter in wing chun kung fu karate fightingEnjoy big worldAsiansuperhero’s fighting games on your mobile device. In this gameplaykarate fighting championships between Chinese and Japanesemartialarts superhero comics characters which use differentfightingstyles including Muay Thai, Taekwondo and Kung Fu. Userfriendlycontroller use to controlling the hero fighter insuperherofighting games. Superhero ninja incredible fighting attackperformto defend their team by opponent remarkable fighting styleswhichwant to defeat you. Over 16 comic characters from theavailable toplay. Enjoy extreme earth warrior superhero fightinggames..SELECTFAVOURITE SUPERHERO COMIC CHARACTERSummon to favoritecharacterfrom your collection team. power speed and accuracy inSpiderman,super women, Maria and mutant ninja which are incredibleunbeatablefighter. The legendary fighting tiger punch has beendesigned to beplayed with easily controller. You become grandmasterof kung fufighting with immortal powerful rescue strength. Yourselectionyour winner.ARCADE VS KNOCKOUT COUNTER Kung Fu superheroninjafighting tiger karate game perform arcade and knockout round.Userunique karate style and show flying kicking, super kick andusemartials arts styles. These style show realisticfightingenjoyment. Three round for fighting, Last round are winninground.Show your bravely and power to destroy opponent in ninjaassassindeadly battle. Arcade vs knockout counter fighting roundwith otakuvs arissa, superhero vs canfual,spiderman vs meodea.Kungfufighting action well known in this game. Liberal smashadventureattack is very important to winning champion world battle.Fulfilyour imagination to be a king of kung fu fighter.EASYCONTROLL:Inthis game our team introduce new controller easy to playjoystickcotrols. Press specific kick button just swipe and tap onthescreen and perform karate kick, left, right, forward, backwardandflying kick with straight flying punch. Feature of KungFuSuperhero Ninja Fighting Tiger• User magical superpower.•Realisticfighting character.• Awesome 3D graphics.• Assemblefavorite superteam.• Multiple power ranger.• Real life fightingenvironment.• Usemultiple kung fu fighting styles• Karate deathbattlefield.• Ninjaassassin action.• Multiple character.• Superpower uniqueexperience.Enhance rank in kung fu ninja fighting arenaand enjoyextreme fighter warrior games which is free available.Downloadthis amazing fighting game and feel real fighting action
Ninjutsu Free 2.0
This application features few techniques of each aspect ofNinjutsu.It includes strikes, throws, chokes, falls, stances,defenses andweapons. Techniques are introduced by Yossi Sheriff,5th DanBujinkan, Headmaster of the Akban academy. You can testthefunctionality and special features of all iBudokan NinjutsuAppswith the iBudokan Ninjutsu – FREE app.
Ninja Toy Warrior - Legendary Ninja Fight 1.6
Tomuno Games
Are you big fans of Ninja toy character ?Do you known legendaboutNinja warrior ? "Ninja Toy Warrior - Legendary Ninja Fight" isaplatform type of ninja fight game in the dark shadowworlds.Helpthe red ninja toy to jump over the obstacles and enemy.Fight tillthe end to earn highest score.Fight against many enemies, stealyour powers to be able to transform into aliens.Grab thepower-upsalong the journey and keep looking for it.This ninja gamedon'tlike ninja rua, ninja shadow and turtles ninja. This game baseintoy ninja.In "Ninja Toy Warrior - Legendary Ninja Fight Go" game,it is up to players to help the Ninjas regain their memoriesandreclaim their powers before completes his plan and releases anevengreater evil. Players will battle through iconic locales fromtheT.V including the Ice Temple, the Toxic Bogs, and a mysteriousnewisland, as well as visit the mountain village of spinjago,wherethe Ninjas are currently training with grand Sensei DarethandSensei Wu. With "Ninja Toy Warrior - Legendary Ninja Fight Go"youwill play as real toy characters. Toss grenades to blow upbrickbridges, and shoot lasers through snowy obstacles!Use theNinja'stechno blades to fight into enemy vehicles and use them asyourown. Jump, Run and Gun enemies to dodge attacks, and move backandforth to escape from falling objects. Forward running is theonlyway to keep your life. It is an application created forthispurpose. Your job is to break this curse and bring back good tothele ninja toy world. Stop an evil curse from overtaking theworld.Charge your omni to be able to become a powerful alien!Thespiritthat embedded inside the ninja could not stop him runningover andover again !!!Features Ninja toy : + Explore the mysteriousmasks!+ Classic graphics + 2D graphics HD+ Jump and fight againstenemy.+Amazing power up use toy power
Ninja Revenge 1.2.2
Play as an enrage ninja killing every assassin to revenge thedeadof his wife. When they dare to drive a ninja angry, there willonlybe blood! FEATURES - True ninja experience - Power-ups,utilitiesand more - Tons of missions - Global leaderboard &achievement- Excellent multiplier system - Fast pace and simplecontrol - BothHD/SD are supported KNOWN ISSUES: FC on low devicessuch as:Samsung Galaxy Y, Samsung Galaxy Y Duos, Samsung GalaxyAce,Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos, Samsung Galaxy Mini, SamsungGalaxyPocket. We support SD graphic now but if the problemstillpersists, please try following solutions: - Shut downothersrunning applications - Reboot the phone. - Switch offsound/musicin the game If none of above solutions works, then weare sorry butyour phone just does not have enough memory/ram toplay this game
King of war-Fantasy Journey 1.1.8
Comparable to the PC action game heavy combat flu, includingmovesskills, spells, skills, gain skills and passive skills up todozensof skills skill tree, the other contains the legend, epic,darkgold, etc. up to thousands of pieces of the best equipment,skillfull of BOSS war, plenty of copy, a huge and wonderful storyof theworld !* Cross-action game, gorgeous screen take you into theworldof Monkey King.* Good sense of combat moves and allows youtoexperience the gorgeous refreshing sense of combat.* A richvarietyof game systems, which immerse you playGame wonderful videolink: tutorialspleasesubscribe to us YouTube account: SunStar
RotatingBrave 5
  《Rotating Brave》is a pixel-art platform action game, wieldyourblades, proceed to the depths of the ruins, using spin attackandvarious skills to destroy ruin's guards, upgrade your abilityandexplore the story. The most important feature of this game isyouneed to rotate your phone when the level change.Feature:-Thesmoothaction and refreshing slash.-6 different skills areavailable.-11oblations to grant you peculiar ability.-Randomlygeneratedlevels.-The experience of rotating the phone withplaying.MusicBy:藍舟, こおろぎ, スエノブ, 稿屋 隆Sound By:FreeSound,PocketSound,Dan"Pepper"Loeb
Ninja Escape 3.6
This is an action game where you become a special ninja withspecialabilities, because special is way cooler than normal... Soyou are aninja and you need to climb up the NEVER ending obstaclesand runfrom NEVER stopping lava, and catch the NEVER ending birdsthat giveyou special power and which NEVER shuts up about how badyou are atthis game. Sounds like this game NEVER ends and that'strue becauseit's an endless runner!!! WOW!!! It looks like there'snot enoughendless runners on google play, right??? Yeh there isquite a lot,but there are not many in which you be a ninja whichruns from lavain some kind of volcano and catches birds that givehim superpowers. I think that there are not a lot of this kind ofgames.Doall this AMAZING stuff:* Climb up the obstacles in somekind ofvolcano and compete with other ninjas to prove that you arethe mostNINJA of all of them. Show what you are capable of!!!*Achieve 10amazing achievements!!!!* Get as much of those annoyingbirds as youcan until you die yourself!!!* Become the ultimateninja in the"Best NINJA's" leaderboards or compete with yourfriends!!!* Shoutat your device when you die incidentally!!!*Press the amazingRESTART button again and again andagain!!!Download this game nowand save the universe!!!!!!
Revenge Of Stickman Warriors 1.7.2
Revenge Of Stickman Warriors is a very addictive action game.Avending machine fooled shadow stick man. It was the beginningofthe revenge war. The shadow stickman should hit and destroythevending machine to be the strongest machine destroyer in theworldand win this epic war. As a stick man fighting action game.Thereare hundreds of attacks. You can collect money and pointswhileattacking. And use these money to upgrade stats, unlock new weapons and magics to be the most brave warrior.Revenge OfStickman Warriors is easy to play. Unlike other click andpointgame. There is a very complex upgrading system. You shouldbecareful to choose skills. The right combination will help yougotmore epic combats and win more money. There are 4 kind of skillsinthis shadow games - Normal Attack: fighting with vendingmachineand destroy it. cost time, gain MP. - Special Attack: Morehurtthan normal attack. cost time and MP. - Bonuses Skill:Increaseyour strength, chance to gain money or critical rate -SpecialSkill: cost special effect. such as place bomb. summon aninja orgiants. Features: - Incredible attack animations. - Shadowstylecartoon graphics. - hundreds of upgrades. - A stick manrevengegame. - click and point game
Extreme Ninja Fighting 1.0.0
Ultimate 2016
------------ Extreme Ninja Fighting -----------Fightagainstdifferent opponents in a jumpy world platformerusingpunches,kicks,throwing knifes ,dashes and execute specialmoves ofeach character . Enjoy the game which takes up only 6mb ofyourstorage !![ Watch gameplay video at given youtube link to knowmore]The game is in alpha stages and is subject to changes.Gameplayinstructions :- Up button for jump- Side arrows forleft/rightmovement- X for normal attack- Y for knife throw- B forsuperdashSpecial Attacks :- R + X [Special Attack 1]- R + Y[SpecialAttack 2]- L + X [Special Attack 3]- L + Y [Special Attack4][Gameonly uses one interstitial ad at the start ]
Turtle Hero: Urban Ninja 6.0.0
Cartoon legend returns! Your favorite mutant ninja is coming backtoprotect a city and fight with crime! A new ninja adventure gamefullof special tasks and super missions is waiting.You will haveanopportunity to test yourself as a martial art fighter andguardianof order. Just follow instructions and complete allmissions step bystep to defeat your enemy on the final battle.Welcome to the sequelof teenage mutant story with powerful heroesand super contests!Joina team of super champions and protect thisUniverse!Differentlocations full of thrilled quests andmissions.Look for a clue tostart a new mission. Choose a characterand decide how your battleis going to last. Become an ultimatechampion of this specialcontest.If you want to start a newsuperhero story, just chooseanother character. Fight againstcrime, deal with terrorists andrescue hostages.
Ninja Dash - Shinobi Warrior: Run, Jump & Slash 1.3.1
Genera Games
Your ninja training is over and it's time to become theshinobiwarrior striker you're meant to be! Take your katana, grabsomeshurikens and step into the Ninja Dash world! Jump, slash andrunin a new fast paced game. Enjoy a real arcade fightexperience:chop and slice all demons. Upgrade your samurai warriorand craftweapons. Follow the ninja path and recover the stolenMaster Sushi!Ganbatte! FEATURES of the best ninja game: - AddictiveHACK n SLASHACTION in an new Japanese arcade running game! - RPGelements: getresources and CRAFT your own Samurai WEAPONS! -Different NINJAWARRIORS to choose & LEVEL UP! - TWO FINGERScontrol: Tap toJump, dodge, slash, smash or chop the Devil ninjas!- NONSTOPACTION: Challenge mode, Boss Battles... - Chain COMBOStogether,RUN & KILL all the Monster, get a Super Soup &becomeGIANT! - TRAIN your shinobi striker in the Sensei's Dojo andbe aUNSTOPPABLE ninja arashi! - Play offline or online, as youprefer!Download now Ninja Dash - Shinobi Warrior for FREE. Be thehelmethero that will stop the Devil Shogun and end the Samurai War!NinjaDash is a real ninja runner game, an addictive truearcadeexperience. Master your assassin skills and be the ninjaarashithat will defeat the devil ninja army! Start now thisadventure:take your katana, slice and slash demons, perform ninjajumps anddodge their shurikens attacks. Run and revenge yourSensei! A NewJapanese classic with jump & run gameplay hascome. An easycontrol system that brings you an addictive Hack andSlash gameexperience: Two finger tap control, easy at first, buthard tomaster! A challenge appropriate for a samurai warrior. Jump,runand dodge the enemies attacks or chop and slay them withyourblazing ninja katana. Your ability is the main weapon here!Performamazing parkour trick, defeat the ninja demons and recoverthemaster sushi! In this ninja game perform double jumps, dodgetheenemy attack and fall over their heads! Move like a shadowandfight the monsters as a legendary japanese warrior andninjaassassin. Escape from dangerous situations using ninjaskills,super speed & ninja jump. Break through the enemy castleanddefeat the region boss! Overcome the Shogun horde and beattheshinobi war! The path to become the ultimate warrior ninja isnotonly running, smashing enemies and jumping over therooftops.During this samurai war you will face differentschallenges: -NINJA REVENGE: Chop all the devil ninja shadows, claimyour rewardand gain experience for level up your heroes! - STEAMBOMB:Transform yourself into a flying ninja chicken and escapethebattle jumping and dashing through the japanese sky! -NINJASHOWDOWN: Try to survive the horde of demons, this is a nonstoprush! An infinite battle in an endless ninja runner mode whereyourkatana will be your friend! - EPIC BOSS BATTLE: Fight andcompleteall the missions and start de samurai siege against theShoguncastle! Run fast like a ninja chicken! Shurikens ready! Seemsthatyou've mastered the Ninja warrior skills so, you needanappropriate sword! Collect some materials and craft alegendarykatana sword, or visit the store and buy special gear foryour nextfight, to finally get your ninja revenge! Leave the dojo,loot thevillages, gain rewards and get resources for crafting newweaponsand assassin armours. Any shinobi striker who want to becomeasamurai master must wear the best outfit! Be a helmet hero! Gettheultimate blazing sword or epic sais and level up them toincreasetheir damage power. Collect the region relics and gathertheultimate ninja gears. Customize and upgrade your ninja shadowwithhelmets, armours, bracelets and other japanese shinobi items!Facethe fighting challenge that all warrior ninja must completetobecome a ninja assassin! Start playing NOW this realninjachallenge and beat 'em up to get your revenge! VISITUS:
Ninja Samurai Assassin Hero IV Medieval Thief 1.1.2
This epic fun game contains 13 levels. In this violent 3Dactiongame you play as angry ninja samurai. You have been hiredtocomplete task from ex general of a empire to save the land.Yourmain mission is to go after murder of the real king of akingdom.By your journey you will deal with his army. To get him itis notgoing to be easy. There are awaiting for you many traps,obstaclesand enemies on the way. Aim to collect all stars and climbwhere isthe target showing on your compas to finish a mission.Mortalwarriors will try to crush you with their strong tiger armorandhammer. Every enemy has different abilities. You will have tochop,kick, punch, slash through them like a hero or just climb awaytodisappear. Don't get hit if you know how to move in shadows. Bemanand stand against traitor and his army who murdered your king.Useiron and gold swords, axes, hammers or bone bow to clear yourway.You can buy them in the shop for gold you can find behindsecretenters. With super equipment your hero can reachalmostimmortality. Sneak and wait for good opportunity to hit inrightmoment. Your hero has through learning of kung fu, martialarts,fighting skills, climbing from your evil sensei. You are armedwithlethal sword blade ( katana ) and bow. Feel sense of archeryandstrike at the right moment. Develop this skill as a playerandshoot a magic arrow through more than 2 enemies at once. Finishalllevels, defeat all your enemies and become a legend. Climb totopof the towers in a castles and jump down to water or hay moundtofinish your fight with ease. You can also pick stealth approachanduse your infiltration, sneak, spy skills. Swim,climb anddiscoversecret entrances to a castles. Use undergroundtunnels,climb on abridge and try to be invisible as a real ninjawarrior of shadow.Collect magic arrows to make your mission easierto eliminateanything in your way. Unaware from your mercenaryenemies you canfinish the level like a japanese rising shadowhunter without ofneed to gear up and crime combat. - Realisticstealth and combatmovements - bloody action - wonderful backgroundmusic - realisticHD graphics By installing this app you agree tothe followingprivacypolicy:
NINJA ISSEN - New Slash Game 1.1.1
This game is not an endless game. You can see the ending soon ifyouare enjoying this game.This game is the perfect choice for youifyou are looking for some ninja game.Get it right away and becomeaninja master in this exciting action game!This game has uniquegameplay you never seen before and this game shows retro-basedbeautifulgraphics, exciting music and simple controls. Focus onmovingfolding screens. When you see all the folding screens onsame line,just swipe your finger.You will experience new pleasuresto defeatmultiple enemies at once.■■■ FEATURES ■■■- Retro stylegraphics- Newstyle ninja action.- various mode & stages-Unlock New ninja-'ISSEN' means slash in Japanese.- Globalleaderboard &achievement ■■■ How to play ■■■When the gamestarts, the foldingscreens move.Swipe the screen when enemiesstand in a row!■IssenWhen you defeat all enemies at once, wecalled it 'Issen'. Atthat time, Ninja shows special action.■AttackWhen you FAIL toattack, you will get damage.■ Super IssenIfyou make 'Issen' for 3consecutive times, 'SUPER ISSEN' button willbe displayed.When youpress the 'SUPER ISSEN' button, special Issenaction willdisplay.Each ninja has a different 'SUPER ISSEN'action. You canunlock new ninjas and you can see all the SUPERISSEN.■ StagesThereare 3 chapters and each chapter have 20 stages.(Total 60 stages)Endof the each chapters, you can see specialenemy.■ InfiniteChallengeChallenge high score in infinite mode tobecome the bestninja.■ Ninja CharacteristicEach of the elevenninjas has their ownunique Characteristic and abilities.Unlock allthe ninjas and find aninja which fits your taste.■■■ Notice ■■■-Some of the proceedswill be returned to society throughdonations.- In-game data issaved at local only and not stored onthe server.- When you deleteThis game, all the save data willdelete together.- Purchaseditems(NoAds, Kunoichi) is restored evenif the game is deleted.■■■Permission Information ■■■- If you areusing Android 6.0 or later,you will be prompted to allowpermission to save the game.- This isonly used to store your gamedata.- Read/write access to externalstorage space is required forgame installation and execution.
Stickman Legend - Ninja Warriors: Kingdom War 1.0
Stickman Warriors Legends is #1 action game: It combinesstickmanfighting games, RPG, stickman games and stickman shootinggames.Epic heroes including Warriors, Ninja, Knight, Shooter,Archerfight in a war to defend the kingdom & clash other clansin themost epic battle royale ever. Stick Fight Legend offersmultiplearms such as swords, bows and axes to become stickmanarcher,bowman. Play stickman unblocked in kingdom wars, one ofthebiggest, most fun, challenging and addicting stick figuregames,wars games.. You are game of thrones games fan or loveplayingaction rpg offline games? Stickman War game has the offlinehack nslash RPG shooting game on mobile, you can play this gameanywhereanytime… You will have to build your stickman army troopsand fightas tough as a ninja warrior to defeat evil sticks winkingdomhearts people. Do you have the required motivation, courageandpassion to join the battle?Stickman rpg offline game has auniquemedieval kingdom wars story, league of stickmen free whereyou willbecome unblocked stickman shadow hero with multiple weaponssuch asgun and sword to clash all clans, win the stick war, rescuethekingdom and become the #1 stick ninja. > Best stickmanfightinggames unblockedStickman anger will reach the highest leveland hisfury will be full! The journey to find peace for all thekingdomland and rescue the world began. Fight for justice anddestroy theevil stick enemies to avoid the extinction of Sstickninja worldwith the league of stickman help! Each Stickman escapehas his ownfighting feature and uses different weapons like stickwar, stickgun and special Heroes like Ninja or shadow fight, andhow to eachstickman games stealing the diamond.> Stickman armywar getsharder! Anger stickman can use their powers, abilities andspecialweapons to destroy enemies quickly like stickman assassin,stickmankiller or bowman... Some monsters are extremely dangerousandharder to defeat than others… you may need a more powerfulweapon.Build your own troops of stickman army and add up as manyarchersand sword warriors as you like! Upgrade your attack power,armor,blood and enjoy the victory in each battle.> FeaturesofStickman rpg unblocked 66: • Lot of weapons and power toequip,choose your sword, gun, Sniper rifle, shotgun, pistol, bow,axe anda lot of weapons to become a stickman gladiator or stickmanarcheror simply a stickman kungfu.• Hack and Slash, Slay, shoot,jump,fight and deep into the shadow fight.• The pet system isdiversewith soul stick, helicopters stick and robot stick.•Combinedgameplay with action game and role-playing to make thebeststickman ninja game.• Easy control with one-touch chopshots.•Medieval warfare style combined with the legendary stick manninjawarrior.Download Stickman Legend – Ninja Warriors: Kingdom Wargamefor free and be the best stickman warrior in the history ofleagueof all stickman. Keep in touch with us if you like henrystickman 2rpg!