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Toy Puzzle Blast: Logic Cubes Pop Blocks 1.0001
Play super collapse puzzle game and blast the cubes! 900 levelsandno lives!Match 3 or more cubes of the same color to clearlevelsand solve the challenging puzzles, enjoy your dashing dishToyPuzzle Blast: Logic Cubes Pop Blocks is a fun and addictingpuzzletoy games available now for FREE on Google Test your skillswithhours of blasted blocks crushing fun! Color Blasting supercollapseTap to play Match 3 or more adjacent cubes of the samecolor tocreate a cube crush. TNT bomb: explode around cubes JellyPop:explode same color cubes to make big toddler toy and rescueyourbirds.Spinner Move: add 5 moves will get chance completedremaintarget on pop games.Gummy Shovel: splash one cube to createpopblast.collapse blast: crush vertical and horizon pop bricksandrush cookie.Box Blast: crunch blocks same color This collapsetoystory games is the best time killer, time waster game foreveryone.The main feature in Toy Collapse:Brilliant, colorfulscreen,wonderful sound effect, challenging and funny gameplay withmanycollapses900 ducky levels and diamond dash modeupdated.Collapselevels to get cube gifts and candies.We’re updatingdiamond dashevery month, with loads of new features coming.Crush 4bricks tocreate rocket and 5 cubes to create TNT bombMany free toyattachedwith your memory: toy box, pet toys, Rubik, balloon,stitch, andmore.Minigames: Spinner game, spin wheelAmazing blockpuzzle gamewill improve your resolve ability. Some target like petrescuewhich make you crazy.Bust the blocks and enjoy thiscolorfuladventureThese awesome boosters will help you crush thecubes andblasting blocks to complete levels.Cube Blast is a fun hitpuzzlegame with hundreds of free levels and unique boosters andgraphics.Join the colorful puzzle adventure and crush allthecubes!Excellent and addicting match 3 breaker blast game! Haveablast blasting all the cubes!
Cube Blast 1.12
Play the new and exciting puzzle game and blast the cubes!Match 2ormore cubes of the same color to clear levels and solvethechallenging puzzles. If you like color puzzle games, thisaddictingmatch 2 board game is your perfect choice! Cube Blast is afun andaddicting puzzle game available now for FREE on Google Playand issimply the #1 game you must have on your Android device. Testyourskills with hours of blocks crushing fun! Color Blasting FunTaptoplay! Match 2 or more adjacent cubes of the same color to createacube crash. Complete the missions set at the beginning ofeachlevel and collect different items to win. You have a limitedamountof moves to clear a level so you better think it through andplanyour path wisely. Reach the Target and Complete theChallengesBlastall the cubes, clear the board and get awesomeboosters andrewards! Tap and blast the blocks, reach the target andachievehigh scores. Play now and enjoy this amazing puzzleadventure.Playing free puzzle games is the best way to pass time!BrainTraining Games Download now for free, solve all the puzzlesandcollect items. Cube Blast is easy to learn and extremely funtoplay anytime and anywhere! Each level presents a newintriguingchallenge and puzzle that you have to solve, so get readytoexperience hours and hours of endless fun. Complete thelevelgoals, hit and crush cubes and win!Game Features andBoosters•Colorful graphics and designs.• Amazing gameplay, tap theblocks toblast. • Hundreds of exciting levels.• Blast all the cubesby usingspecial boosters as hammer, truck, spray can and many more.• Funboosters and bonuses!Make special combinations tounlockpower-ups:Match 5 or 6 cubes to get a rocket.Match 7 or 8cubes toget a bomb.Match 9 cubes to earn a color wheel. Theseawesomeboosters will help you crush the cubes and completelevels.CubeBlast is a fun hit puzzle game with hundreds of freelevels andunique boosters and graphics. Join the colorful puzzleadventureand crush all the cubes!Download now and experience thisaddictingonline game straight on your Android device today, enjoyall theawesome puzzles and make sure to keep an eye out for coolupdatesand new levels! Have a blast blasting all the cubes!
Tap 2 Master 1.2.1
Play the brand-new and super fun Tap 2 game!Can you master allthedifferent challenges and win levels?Try out this awesomepuzzlegame and become the ultimate Tap 2 Master!It’s Easy Just toPick Upand Play, Follow these Instructions:-Click on any 2 ormoreadjacent cubes of the same color to blast. -The more blocksyoupop, the more score you will get! -Complete the challenge setatthe start of each exciting level.-Unlock powerful boosts andbeatthe challenges.-Collect toys and win levels. -Overcomeobstaclesand achieve high scores.-Clear the board and blast all thecubes.Cool Features-Colorful graphics and amazinganimations.-Classic andaddictive puzzle game.Exciting challengesand missions.-Awesomeboosts and power-ups.-Completely free toplay.-Hours of endlesscubes-blasting fun!-Thousands of thrillinglevels.-Uniquecombinations.Fun Boosts- Match 5 or 6 cubes to get arocket.- Match7 or 8 cubes to get a bomb.- Match 9 cubes to earn acolor wheel.-Combine the different boosts to get biggereffects!Download Tap 2Master for FREE to your Android device andexperience hours ofendless fun and entertainment. Test your skillsin this awesomepuzzle game, master the challenges, and completelevels. Tap thebricks to blast them away and complete the missions!Use thepower-ups and boosts at the right time to clear the boardand winawesome prizes. Strat the fun now!
Wood Block Puzzle Blast 1.0001
Wood Block Puzzle Blast is a new match three colors and poptheblocks game with unique and special game play like neverbefore!the mission is to match puzzle blocks that can createboosters andcomplete the block puzzle levels, with 900 LEVELS andNO LIVESSystem like in other match 3 games, play as much as youwant andenjoy this great block blast and pop game like youwontbelieve!your target in the game is to blast the blocks andsolvethe level puzzle, the more blocks you pop the better boostersyouwill get that will help to to solve the puzzle and bring downallthe toy to blast.the game is challenging, it look easy at starttohelp you learn it but afterwards you will have the think hardandconsider your tactics, we promise you that you will have thebesttime playing and as you progress you will enjoy it more andmore,there is nothing better then solving the puzzle blocks andsmashingall the cubes.HOW TO PLAY:just tap on 2 or more nearbycubes fromthe same color and make them blast to the quest pop.tapon 5 ormore and get a rocket pop booster.tap on 7 or more and get aquestpop bomb.tap on 9 or more and get magic rainbow bottle thatchangecubes to different color.tap on 11 or more and get theultimatemagic quest pop orb that will electrify and toy blast allcubesfrom the same color.combine boosts to get super magic effectsthatwill help you solve the pop puzzle in no time.if you get stuckon alevel you will find many free gifts on your journey, asyouprogress you will collect magic chest that will give youcrushingsurprises such as hammer blaster, magic wand stick, rainbowcrushbrush and many many coins if you want to buy them can also spin the lucky gift wheel and win surprisessowhen ever you get stuck remember you can always use thespecialboosts and complete the level by just solving the blockpuzzle.youwill find many special elements in the game:the snowfrozen icecube that prevent you from blasting the toy cube.thecloud maniablock that spread and grow to nearby blocks.the woodencraft boxesthat will pop and crush when you tap near them.the lockchain thatwill contain in jail your toy cube.and many many more!sowhat areyou waiting for? join the party and play the best game ofyourlife, you wont be sorry!
Cube Crush: Collapse & Blast Game 1.1.0
Cube Crush: Collapse & Blast Puzzle is a unique cubecollapsepuzzle game!Just match and tap on any 2 or more adjacentcubes ofthe same color to collapse and gather the toys. Don't bemindless!It is not easy to crush all the cubes and collect all thetoyswhile your moves are limited! But don’t worry! You can crushandcollapse all the same color cubes by using unique boosters suchasrocket booster, rainbow bombs, rainbow brush and many more!HowtoPlay Cube Crush:● Tap on 2 or more adjacent cubes of the samecolorcreate a successful collapse.● Reach high scores and completetheunique missions to gather toys.● Don't be mindless! In eachlevel,your moves are limited.● Use unique boosters and gifts if youmeetsome hard level and feel mindless to collapse thecubes.UnlockUnique Boosters of Cube Crush:● Collapse 5 or 6adjacent cubes tocollect a transverse rocket booster.● Crush 7 or 8adjacent cubesof the same color to create a pop bomb.● Collapse 9to 12 adjacentsame cubes to create a Rainbow Bomb, to crush allcubes of the samecolor.● Clear 13 adjacent cubes at the same timefor a RainbowBrush.You Will Find Many Unique Elements in CubeCrush:● The frozenice cube that prevent you from blasting thecube.● The cloud blockthat spread and grow to nearby cubes, youneed to crush them.● Thewooden boxes that will crush when you blastcubes near them.● Thelock chain that will jail your cubes.CubeCrush:Collapse&BlastGame is the best puzzle game! Download CubeCrush: Collapse &Blast Puzzle now for free and test your puzzlesolving skills withhours of block blasting fun! Get in touch withCube Crush:●Facebook-●Email- [email protected]
Toy Collapse: Match-3 Box, Crush Cubes Puzzle 1.6.9
Help Laura collect the toys and complete her story. Toy Collapseisa simple yet challenging free block game. You don’t have to payadime to finish the game. Match cubes of the same color andcrashthe boxes to clear a level. There is no time limit. You arejustlimited by the number of moves. Go ahead, crash toonblocks!Although it is not a match 3 game Toy Collapse is similarwiththese match 3 games in a way. This is just another kind ofmatchinggame. All you can do is popping matching cubes to make newonesfall from above. No need to match 3 cubes, it is perfectlypossibleto match 2 cubes from the same color at least. Very easy tolearn.The gameplay is very intuitive. This game is the best timekiller /time waster game for everyone! But be careful when youblast thesecubes, because it is also highly addictive. The mainfeatures inToy Collapse are: - Brilliant, colorful screen,wonderful soundeffects, challenging and funny gameplay - 650levels, finish all ofthem and reach the peak of the game (for now!)- Stunning graphicsand beautiful visual effects - Powerful boosters- Spin wheel minigame: Win boosters and coins by spinning the luckywheel - You willreceive surprise boxes when you reach certainlevels - Connect toFacebook and see your place among your friends -Explore the mapand unlock 13 different worlds Toy Collapse willimprove yourproblem-solving skills. Have fun while sharpening yourbrain. Thispuzzle game will be your next brain teaser. You can playitanywhere you want and pause anytime. You can play it in subway,busor even while walking. Play it at your home, school or officeandjust pause whenever you want. You can make the game ad-free ifyoubuy remove ads. Laura, a sweet toon character, will always bewithyou during the adventure. She’s cute as a panda. Help hercollecther toys and make her happy. She likes the sound it makeswhen shecrushes candy in her mouth. She also adores jelly, soda andallother junk foods that contain sugar like many children at herage.Smash toon blocks and crush toon blocks! Try it it’s reallyfun!
Line Drawing Physic – Drop Logic Puzzle 1.6
Laif Games
A draw me physics game. Draw colorful lines & let the cubedropinto the cup. This casual line puzzler requires excellentprecisionand prediction of the movements of the cute cube. You candraw theline in any direction, however, the ultimate goal is to getthecrazy cube into the basket. Sounds EASY? Believe us it isnot!Especially in the later levels where you need to drawlonglines.💡THE ULTIMATE BRAIN TRAININGDo you enjoy brain games?Want toplay a unique line physic game? If you do, you shoulddefinitelytry Line Drawing Physic Drop game now. This is ultimateline physicgame for everyone! Draw line and make the cube drop intothe cup.It is a very exciting cube drop puzzle brain game thatchallengesyou to draw line accurately because the cube dropsaccording to thelaw of physic. This custom cube puzzle will reallytest yoursenses, creativity, logic andstrategy!▫️ORIGINALLYCHALLENGINGThere are various brain games outthere, but to find atrue challenging game is not easy. We keepinnovating and creatingunique games that will sharpen your brainand let you have fun atthe same time. This time, we come up with aunique line physic gameunlike any others. You’ll see, you’ll lovethe unique challenge.The puzzle drawing gameplay practicallycreates custom physicspuzzles every time you start a new game.✍️HOWGOOD ARE YOU AT LOGICDRAWING? This is the most interesting drawingyou will ever do! Itrequires not only good drawing and precision,but also smart andlogic drawing. The lines need to be smartly usedand put togetherto create precise movement of the cube for bestresults.👆BESTFEATURES OF LINE DRAWING PHYSIC DROP• Simple rule:draw line (andsometimes colorful lines) to guide the movement ofthe cube• Makethe cube drop into the cup• 45 challenging levels ofphysicspuzzles• Falling gameplay• Realistic movement that followthe lawof physics• Unique logic drawing challenge• Ability tounlock nextlevel even before you’ve finished the last level. •Hours ofaddictive and exciting custom puzzle gaming. ⁉️HOW TO PLAYLINEDRAWING PHYSIC DROP GAME?1. Touch and draw to draw colorfullinesto guide the cube to drop into the bowl, bypassing as manystars aspossible.2. The length of the lines and the types of linesyou candraw are different for each level. 3. Each linerepresentsdifferent types of movement:- Red means the cube willmove upward-Green means the cube will bounce on top of it- Blackmeans the cubewill slide down4. Touch Play button to start movingthe cube.5. Ifyou’ve made a mistake, touch the Replay button toreplay thelevel.-------------------------------------So, draw menow! Showthat your mind can think and draw precisely at the sametime.Playour drawing line physic game, have fun, and sharpen yourbrain inthis thrilling brain game challenge!---Do you enjoy playingourline physic game? Show us love and support as muchaspossible.Thank you!
Bricks Blast 1.0001
Bricks Blast is a new cubes blocks pop game with unique andspecialgame play like never before! the mission is to bring downthe toyblocks to blast and complete the levels, with 900 LEVELS andNOLIVES System like in other match 3 games, play as much as youwantand enjoy this great cubes blast and blocks pop game like youwontimagine!if you get stuck on a level you will find many freegiftson your journey, as you progress you will collect magic chestthatwill give you crushing surprises such as hammer blaster, magicwandstick, rainbow crush brush and many many coins if you want tobuythem on your can also spin the lucky gift wheel andwinsurprises so when ever you get stuck remember you can alwaysusethe special boosts and complete the level by just solving you progress you will encounter special cubes topop:thesnow frozen ice block that prevent you from blast toycube.thecloud rescue cube that spread and grow to near byblocks.the woodcraft box that will smash and blast when you popcubes near it.theblock chain cube that will contain in jail yourpet toy block andyou will need to rescue them.and whole lotmore!the goal is toblast the cubes and solve the level blockspuzzle, the more cubesyou pop the better boosters you will get thatwill help to solvethe blocks puzzle and bring down all the toycubes to blast.HOW TOPLAY:just click on 2 or more nearby blocksfrom the same color andmake them blast by the block puzzle pop.tapon 5 or more and get amissile pop booster that will clear a wholerow of toy cubes.tap on7 or more and get a puzzle bomb that smashblocks around it.tap on9 or more and get magic rainbow bottle thatchange blocks todifferent color.tap on 11 or more and get theultimate change colorcube that will electrify and blast all blocksfrom the on a boost to start it!.combine boosts toget supermagic effects that will help you solve the pop puzzle innotime.the unique gameplay is challenging, it will be easy atthebeginning to help you learn to play and after that you will havetothink and be strategic, we promise you that you will have thebesttime playing and as you progress you will enjoy it more andmore,there is nothing better then solving the blocks puzzle andsmashingall the toy what are you waiting for? join theparty andplay the best game of your life, you wont be sorry!
Zumbia Deluxe 1.953
This marble game is a brand new and amazing puzzle game! Yourtargetis to eliminate all the marbles, but don't let the chainreach theend. Survive four secret scenes to get the best marbleshooting andthe mysterious treasure in every adventure! Thismarble games areeasy to play, but truly addictive Complete all thelevels inchallenge mode, and try to get three stars in each level.Now,practice your game skills in zumu puzzle adventure! How toplayZumbia game: 1. Control and shooting to match three or moremarblecolored balls. 2. Tap on the transmitter can swapping thecurrentball and the next ball. 3. Boost your score with power-upsandcombos. Features of Zumbia Deluxe: ★ More than 400 level, Enjoywithmarble shoot ★ Icing Blockers NEW! Fire a ball into the frozenonesto remove the ice. They can be destroyed only after the iceisremoved. ★ Many deluxe booster to discover! Create combos togetamazing power-ups. ★ Many secret level to make the gamemoreaddictive. ★ This marble games is a free, action zumba puzzlegameplay ★ Boss levels: will you manage to destroy the chain ifthepath is invisible? ★ No Wi-Fi connection required, but youcanunlock the full game features when connected to the internet★Arrows, bombs and more interesting props you should learnfromgame. We believe that any bravest fans of marbles legendcansucceed in this game Now you can explore the amazing deluxe gameonyour lovely device. Thanks every game players! Any suggestioniswelcome!
Pop Cubes - Toy Match 3 & Blast 1.6.4
Once you pop, you can't stop! The most popular classic PopStargamein Pop Puzzle Quest style! Simple Magic Pop gives addictive andfunpop game experience! ★ Features of Puzzle Quest: ✓ New Blockstyle- 5 Styles of blocks. ✓ Save & Load your poker gamesscenario.✓ Poker graphics design, 5 pop color. ✓ One minute blockpuzzle popgames to collect chips. ✓ Pop star to score. ✓ 1010!board blockpuzzle. ★ How to Play Puzzle Quest: ✓ Just tap two ormore blocksof the same color pop star on 1010! board. ✓ There is notimelimit, but each stage has target points to proceed to nextstage. ✓Magic-poker can help you to change the color of a blockduringplaying. ★ Tips on Scoring Pop games: ✓ The more blocks youpop,the more score you will get in Puzzle Quest. ✓ Try to popallblocks on 10x10 puzzle game, you will get a lot of bonus. ★TimeMode of Puzzle Quest: ✓ Play block puzzle and collect chipson10x10 puzzle game. ✓ Redeem coins with chips. ✓ Winweeklytournament pop games prizes, the first 20 get prizes. ✓ PlaywithFacebook pop star friends. ✓ board 1010! puzzle game. Join300+million pop star players in this board 1010! block puzzle popgame!Please let us know if you have any question about this blockpuzzlegame: [email protected]
Fruit Cubes Puzzle 1.2.5
Panda Box
fruit cubes puzzleFruit Cubes Puzzle is an exciting gameaboutexploding colorful blocks and making crazy matches in a wildworldof amazing characters!- Perfect gaming experience.- Easyandcompletely free game.- Very friendly to ladies.- Play gameanytimeanywhere even there is no internet.- 1300+ levels.- Juicyandcolorful game world.
Bubble Shooter 44.0
🔥Classic Candy Bubble Shooter is a free game.🔥 It's a ancientpuzzleand Match-Three game. As a classic game, Candy Bubbleshooter ispopular at all over the world. No matter women, child,elderly,housewives, handsome man, pretty girls love Candy BubbleShooter.Candy Bubble Shooter is a very funny and happy game. Playit withyour family. We add 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 Let show it for you. 1.a superpet feed system. You can feed your own bird and dress upit. 2. 500+funny and challenging game levels, Do you want tochallenge yourbrain? 3. More than 50 kinds of sweet candy bubbles.4. Fluentshooting experience. 5. Captivating arcade inspiredmusic. 6. Match3 meets bubble burst. 7. More strategy and morehappy. What we bringto you? 1. Bring relax and happy to you. 2.Help you kill yourboring time. 3. Help you train your brain andfinger. 4. Are youalone? We will be with you. Unlike word searchgame, Candy Bubbleshooter is suitable for all countries and alllanguage. Candy BubbleShooter is one of the best matching andpuzzle game! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟If your family have elderly, you wantthem to keep away frommahjong, card and other casino game or theywant find something tokill time. If your wife, childs or girlfriend always bother you. Ifyour husband or boy friends alwayslive you alone. You can try todownload bubble shooter. All youproblem will go away.
Block Puzzle Legend Mania 1.0001
Block Puzzle Legend Mania is a new match three colors and poptheblocks game with unique and special game play like neverbefore!the mission is to match puzzle blocks that can createboosters andcomplete the block puzzle levels, with 900 LEVELS andNO LIVESSystem like in other match 3 games, play as much as youwant andenjoy this great block blast and pop game like youwontbelieve!your target in the game is to blast the blocks andsolvethe level puzzle, the more blocks you pop the better boostersyouwill get that will help to to solve the puzzle and bring downallthe toy to blast.the game is challenging, it look easy at starttohelp you learn it but afterwards you will have the think hardandconsider your tactics, we promise you that you will have thebesttime playing and as you progress you will enjoy it more andmore,there is nothing better then solving the puzzle blocks andsmashingall the cubes.HOW TO PLAY:just tap on 2 or more nearbycubes fromthe same color and make them blast to the quest pop.tapon 5 ormore and get a rocket pop booster.tap on 7 or more and get aquestpop bomb.tap on 9 or more and get magic rainbow bottle thatchangecubes to different color.tap on 11 or more and get theultimatemagic quest pop orb that will electrify and toy blast allcubesfrom the same color.combine boosts to get super magic effectsthatwill help you solve the pop puzzle in no time.if you get stuckon alevel you will find many free gifts on your journey, asyouprogress you will collect magic chest that will give youcrushingsurprises such as hammer blaster, magic wand stick, rainbowcrushbrush and many many coins if you want to buy them can also spin the lucky gift wheel and win surprisessowhen ever you get stuck remember you can always use thespecialboosts and complete the level by just solving the blockpuzzle.youwill find many special elements in the game:the snowfrozen icecube that prevent you from blasting the toy cube.thecloud maniablock that spread and grow to nearby blocks.the woodencraft boxesthat will pop and crush when you tap near them.the lockchain thatwill contain in jail your toy cube.and many many more!sowhat areyou waiting for? join the party and play the best game ofyourlife, you wont be sorry!
Bubble Shooter Puzzle 4.4
Play and enjoy the classic Bubble Shooter ™ Puzzle game in asuperfun puzzle version!Pop bubbles in thousands of awesome levelsinthis addicting free puzzle game. Enjoy the most excitingpuzzlegame designed to keep your brain sharp and active! Play nowanddiscover plenty of fun challenges and amazing boosts that makethisbubble game one of a kind! Join the fun and start shootingBUBBLEStoday!Play everywhere, anywhere and as much as you want-nointernet connection is required. Share the balloon popping funwithyour family and friends and see who can reach the highestscore.There is no life or time limit, so you can play as much asyoulike!Smash all the balloons to clear the board and win coins!Fanofonline arcade games? Looking for a fun way to exercise yourbrain?Try out this relaxing bubble game, enjoy all the freepuzzles,create powerful combos and WIN BIG!Bubble Shooter PuzzleFeatures:-Classic and addicting game mode.- Plenty of fun puzzlesandchallenges.- Thousands of awesome levels.- Free bubble swap!Justtap on your bubble to change its color.- Powerful boost to helpyoublast the balls and solve puzzles.- Free to play and fun gamethatwill keep you entertained for hours!💣🔥 Boost your ExperiencewithAwesome Power-ups!Charge up with amazing boosts and power-upsthatwill help you blast through the levels and pop your wayaroundtricky challenges.* Drop 10 balloons in a single shot to geta bombthat will take out the surrounding bubbles.* Pop 7 balls in arowto get a fireball that will cut through a pass.BubbleShooterPuzzle is completely free and perfect for all ages to playandenjoy. Download now from the play store and join the funpuzzleadventure!How to Play:* Tap on the screen to drag the laseraim andlift it to blast bubbles.* Match 3 colorful balls to smashthecombo and win coins.* Challenge yourself with thousands ofexcitinglevels.* Plan your path moves and try to clear a level withfewermoves to get a higher score.* Hit and explode all the bubblesandwin free gifts!* Reach high scores and try to get three starsonevery level.* Unlock powerful boosters that will help you cleartheobstacles on your way.* Clear all the colored balls from theboardto move on to the next awesome puzzle level!* Complete themissionsto discover new exciting challenges.* Tap to change thecolor ofyour bubble, bubble swap is completely free.* Play onlineoroffline- no wifi connection is needed.Put your logic andstrategyskills to the test! Improve your matching skills and enjoya smoothgameplay. Train your brain and your fingers and beat allthechallenges. Solve all the puzzles and brain teasers and blastyourway to a smashing victory!Download to play your new favoritegameBubble Shooter ™ Puzzle game only if you LOVE fun andexcitingchallenges.POP BUBBLES AND SOLVE PUZZLES!It’s a classicbubblepopping experience you don’t want to miss!Warning:This gameissuper entertaining and extremely addictive!All rights ofBubbleShooter™ are owned by Ilyon Dynamics Ltd.
Relic Match 3: Mystery Society 4.30
The MYSTERY SOCIETY needs your help again to discover who stolethetreasure of jewels and artifacts in this exciting freematch-3quest game! From the makers of Hidden Object Blackstone andMysterySociety games: Tamalaki presents yet another amazinglyadventurousgame to play online! Enjoy detective adventures, solvepuzzles andrecover artefacts in this Relic Match 3 game. Join anexquisitedetective crew! You start your adventure as a rookie andclimbthrough the ranks to become a top detective! Match-3 ormoreobjects to investigate the crime scene and find the hiddenjewels,complete collections, solve quests, level up and build yourowndetective office. EXPLORE THE MYSTERIOUS WORLD OF THESECRETSOCIETY Enjoy a rich storyline, thrilling quests andcaptivatingcharacters. Investigate new, exciting locations anddiscoverseveral different game modes. Break crates, pop bubbles,bust locksand unlock more! FIND STOLEN JEWELS Play through severalexcitinglevels, match dozens of objects, use special boosterstoinvestigate the crime scenes, and recover the lost treasures!Find,trade, and collect items to earn amazing rewards. SOLVEPUZZLESWITH YOUR FRIENDS You can compete for the highest score andsendbonuses and boosters to your friends! Can you become thegreatestdetective and put an end to the heists? Play Relic Match-3and findout! Features: • NO INTERNET CONNECTION REQUIRED to play!•BEAUTIFUL, HIGH-RESOLUTION GRAPHICS look great on your phoneortablet! • COMPETE for the highest score among your friendsonGoogle Play! • HOURS of entertainment and gameplay! • CONNECTtoFacebook to send bonuses and energy to your friends! VISITUS: WATCHUS: LIKEUS: FOLLOWUS: [email protected]
Toys Cubes Blast: Collapse Logic Puzzles Block Pop 1.0001
Welcome to collapse world and help Emma collect her losttoys.Simplerules: find and tap on at least two cubes of the samecolor to clearthe level, or more cubes will create a powerclearly. Challenge issmart resolving these blocks with your bestskill because your movesare limited and you can stuck at levelanytime. It also match 3games kind in anyway.Collapse the cubesgame will create amazingadventure. Using boosters if you meet somehard level, we have someboosters to help you TNT bomb: explodearound cubes Jelly Pop:explode same color cubes to make bigtoddler toys and rescue yourbirds.Spinner Move: add 5 moves willget chance completed remaintarget on pop games.Gummy Shovel:splash one cube to create popblast.Collapse Blast: crush verticaland horizon pop bricks and rushcookie.Cube Blast: crunch blockssame color This collapse toy storygames is the best time killer,time waster game for adult andkids.The main feature in ToyCollapse:Brilliant, colorful screen,wonderful sound effect,challenging and funny gameplay with manycollapses900 ducky levelsand will update each 2 weeks.Collapselevels to get cube gifts andcandies.Stunning graphic and beautifuleffects.Crush 4 bricks tocreate rocket and 5 cubes to create TNTbombMany free toys attachedwith your childhood memory: toy box, pettoys, Rubik, balloon,stitch, and more.You can find useful toys forkids and toddlertoys, dinosaur toys, also wooden toys Minigames:Spinner game, spinwheelAmazing block puzzle game will improve yourresolve ability.Some target like pet rescue which make youcrazy.Excellent andaddicting match 3 breaker blast game! Don'twaiting for collapsepuzzle to download logic puzzles games whichare the best choicefor all people to enjoy training brain puzzles.
Puzzle Games: Onet PaoPao 17.0
Find identical pictures in new puzzle games for adults and kids!Weare pleased to announce yet another cool puzzle game fromourdevelopers! At this time, the wonderful world of treasuresPaoPao.Bright and colorful game!Simple rules of the game to findthe samepictures. Please choose one item, then the second is thesame. Butit is necessary to observe the condition of "three lines",objectsare connected by straight lines strictly verticallyorhorizontally. It is necessary that the distance was laid amaximumof three lines. Simply put you need to connect the nextitems.Collect gold coins, goblets and precious stones!Lots ofinterestinglevels and nice music. A game for the whole family!Great fit for alittle rest and relaxation from the daily bustle.Download andcollect items right now, it's very exciting!Features:🎴Puzzle inonet picachu and onet classic games genre;🎴 The simplerules of thegame;🎴 Gold coins, goblets and precious stones;🎴 A lotofinteresting levels;🎴 Beautiful music and cool graphics;Howtoplay:Find and collect the same items.FollowUs:VK:
Toy Crush 1.0002
Toy Crush is a new Tap and pop the Cubes game with uniqueandspecial game play like never before! the mission is to bringdownthe toy blast and complete the levels, with 900 LEVELS and NOLIVESSystem like in other match 3 games, play as much as you wantandenjoy this great block blast and pop game like you wontbelieve!your target in the game is to blast the blocks and solvethe levelpuzzle, the more blocks you pop the better boosters youwill getthat will help to to solve the puzzle and bring down allthe toy toblast. the game is challenging, it look easy at start tohelp youlearn it but afterwards you will have the think hard andconsideryour tactics, we promise you that you will have the besttimeplaying and as you progress you will enjoy it more and more,thereis nothing better then solving the puzzle blocks and smashingallthe cubes. HOW TO PLAY: just tap on 2 or more nearby cubes fromthesame color and make them blast to the quest pop. tap on 5 ormoreand get a rocket pop booster. tap on 7 or more and get a questpopbomb. tap on 9 or more and get magic rainbow bottle thatchangecubes to different color. tap on 11 or more and get theultimatemagic quest pop orb that will electrify and toy blast allcubesfrom the same color. combine boosts to get super magic effectsthatwill help you solve the pop puzzle in no time. if you get stuckona level you will find many free gifts on your journey, asyouprogress you will collect magic chest that will give youcrushingsurprises such as hammer blaster, magic wand stick, rainbowcrushbrush and many many coins if you want to buy them on can also spin the lucky gift wheel and win surprises sowhenever you get stuck remember you can always use the specialboostsand complete the level by just solving the block puzzle. youwillfind many special elements in the game: the snow frozen icecubethat prevent you from blasting the toy cube. the cloud maniablockthat spread and grow to nearby blocks. the wooden craft boxesthatwill pop and crush when you tap near them. the lock chain thatwillcontain in jail your toy cube. and many many more! so what areyouwaiting for? join the party and play the best game of yourlife,you wont be sorry!
Best Fiends - Free Puzzle Game 6.6.1
Join over 80,000,000 people who are already playing thistop-ratedFREE puzzle adventure! Enter the world of Minutia andcollect cutecharacters, level them up and defeat the Slugs! Withmore than3,000 levels, enjoy hours and hours of fiendish fun!STORY: Thelittle creatures of Minutia lived in peace and harmonyuntil themeteor smashed into Mount Boom, bringing with it a strangeforcethat transformed the Slugs who lived there into an army ofgreedy,greenery-gobbling pests. Now, the Slugs are taking over theworld,munching a path through Minutia and sliming up everythingtheytouch! But a brave band of heroes is fighting back! Left alonewhenthe Slugs conquered most of Minutia, these unlikely championsareon an epic quest to solve the mystery of Mount Boom and beatbackthe Slug advance. To get to Mount Boom, they’ll need to become…theBEST FIENDS! FEATURES: * FIENDISH PUZZLES Casual puzzlegameplaythat is easy to play, hard to master. * COLLECT & LEVELUPBuild a team of Best Fiends and discover their special powers!*THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS Line matching puzzle game withRPGcharacter development! * DAILY EVENTS Play and win somethingnewevery time you open the game! * COMPETE AGAINST YOURFACEBOOKFRIENDS Win massive rewards! * IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCEDazzlinggraphics and finger-tapping music! * WATCH ANIMATIONSDiscoverawesome Best Fiends videos! * STAY TUNED More levels,characters,gameplay and some surprises coming soon! PLEASE NOTE!Best Fiendsis completely free to download and play but some gameitems may bepurchased for real money. To disable this, turn off thein-apppurchases in your device’s settings. Privacypolicy: Terms ofService: Like BestFiends onFacebook Follow BestFiends onTwitter Watch BestFiends on Follow Best Fiends onInstagram Follow Best Fiends onPinterest Follow Best Fiends onSnapchat YOU!
Bubble Shooter Game Free 2.0.6
This is the most classic and addictive bubble shoot andbubblematch-three game on Google Play. This free version is theonly onethat contains Puzzle Mode, Arcade Mode and Play vs CPU.With 700+puzzle levels you will never get bored with this game. Howto play:Make combinations of 3 or more bubbles to make them burst.Clearall the bubbles to level up. Features: 1. Puzzle Mode - 350+funlevels of saga puzzles 2. Arcade Mode - The bubbles will godowngradually so you need to shoot quickly to avoid death 3. VsCPUMode - You can take the challenge with the CPU, test youtelenthere. It's a great way to spend free time on the airport, busortrain and etc.. You can continue your game to make sure thatyoudon’t lose any progress. So just sit back, relax andalongsidethose colorful bubbles. ------------------ Disclaimer:This app isbased on frozen bubble and licensed under the GNUGeneral PublicLicense. frozen bubblecode: GNU GeneralPublicLicense:
Tasty Treats Blast - A Match 3 Puzzle Games 17.0
Enter the sweetest adventure and travel through magical landsofcandy-like treats.Match, splash and crush two or more blocks ofthesame color to clear the level with your furry best friends!Makethe most delicious combinations and get through challenginglevelsfull of fun! Smash fruits together and match the raresttreats tofeed your animal friends. Remember, they don’t all eat thesame!Jam, jelly,popcorn, cupcakes and more treats are on the menuforyou to discover in this land of tasty, tastytreats!*******************************************************************************************TheSWEETEST WAY to Play: PLAY WITH FRIENDS -Show off yourgamingprogress on the leaderboard to your friends! Beat yourfriends’score on every level and keep track of it! WONDERFULBOOSTS! -BLASTthrough Gummies with ease with powerful combos andspecial pieces!THE BEST LEVELS -HUNDREDS of levels to beat and NEWLEVELS addedevery week! Sync between devices and play anywhere,anytime! Over500 levels packed with fruits, candy, gummies, jam andmore treatsfor you and your furry friends! Start your deliciousadventurenow!********************************************************************************************FollowTasty Treats on Facebook for more bonus! Enjoy thesweetness! Questions?Suggestions? Getin touch: [email protected] Please note thatTasty Treats is acompletely FREE match 3 puzzle game. It’s free todownload and play,but there are game items available for purchasewith real money.
Spinner Smash - Fidget Match 3 1.0
Smash the spinner toys and win levels in this fun relaxingmatch-3puzzle game.The spinner craze meets match-3 in thisaddictingpuzzle adventure!PLAY for FREE NOW!Discover the ultimatematch-3mania in hundreds of amazing and challenging levels, enjoy asmoothand classic gameplay and have a blast collecting all thetoys. HOWTO PLAY*Match and collect the hand fidgetspinners.*Achieve topscores and try to get 3 stars on everylevel.*Beat the challengesand obstacles on the way.*Clear thelevels and win.*Unlock powerfulboosts and use them to crushspinners!*Play today and experiencethe most addicting puzzle game.SPINNER SMASH FEATURES:*Hundreds ofexciting levels packed withawesome challenges.*Cool bonuses,boosts and surprises!*Fun itemsand effects.*Suitable for allages.*Free to play!Play this cool fungame straight on your Androiddevice today and join the fun! Thepopular Hand Fidget Spinner, nowin an all-new match-3 puzzlegame.Get it now and enjoy this awesomefree game!
Juicy Puzzle 1.2.2
Juicy Puzzle is a yummy fruit puzzle game with thousands ofcolorfullevels, fun boosts, and bonuses - all for FREE! Improveyourmatching skills and enjoy the smooth gameplay in thisrelaxingpuzzle game. The yummy adventure starts now! Swipe andcrush tastyfruit and make exotic fruit matches.Challenge friendsand familyand see who can reach the highest score and get threestars onevery level, it’s fun and entertaining for both kids andadults.Journey through colorful settings, swapping and matchingfruit,complete all the different missions and beat challenges.Swipe andcollect strawberries, bananas, berries, oranges,raspberries, andblueberries. Join the fruit blast mania and let thefun begin! 🍌🍓Sweet Features:* Thousands of juicy levels to enjoy. *Exploreexciting new fruity flavors! * Delightful graphics anddesigns. *Swap and blast the fruit to win points and unlock morefun levels.*Discover FREE REWARDS and cool power-ups. * Loads ofaddictivepuzzles. * Easy and fun match 3 game for the whole familytoenjoy!🍌🍓 How to Play* Swipe and match 3 or more yummy fruittoremove them from the board. * Complete the challenge set atthestart of the level. * Achieve level target within limited moves.*Solve all the awesome match 3 puzzles and win levels. * Matchandcrash your way to sweet victory! * Discover thousands ofjuicylevels filled with sweet fruit, juice boxes and deliciousshakes.Ready to start matching? Download Juicy Puzzle board gamefor FREE,train your brain and your fingers and beat all thechallenges. Playthis amazing game online or offline and let the funbegin!
Pharaoh Cube Quest 1.2.5
Panda Box
pharaoh cube questPharaoh cube quest is the best puzzle blastgameon the play store!Join the fun now and match 2 or moreadjacentcubes to complete missions and clear levels. Download forFREE toyour android device and experience hours of endless to play- click on any 2 adjacent cubes ofthesame color to blast.- play through hundreds of colorfullevels.-overcome obstacles and achieve high scores.- clear thechallenges.-complete the mission each new level presents.- makepowerful combosto unlock boosters that will help you blast thecubes.- plan yourmoves and clear the board.- play with friends andfamily forfree!boosters:- match 5 or 6 cubes to get a rocket.-match 7 or 8cubes to get a bomb.- match 9 cubes to earn a colorwheel- combineboosts to get bigger effects that so you can solvethe puzzle in notime.
Cube Crush Tap 2 1.0.0
Join us on a adventure in the brand new Cube Crush Tap 2puzzlegame! Tap 2 or more bricks and complete the challenges ofeachlevel. Enjoy hours of fun, and tap the bricks in order toblastthem away and complete the missions. The more cubes you pop atonemove, the better the chance you’ll unlock a cool booster thatwillhelp you defeat the obstacles. Use the cool power ups andboosts atthe right time to clear the board and win awesome prizes!Enjoy asmooth addictive gameplay, beautiful designs and fun logicpuzzles.Test your color matching skills in this awesome puzzlegame, masterthe challenges and complete levels.HOW TO PLAY- Clickon any 2adjacent bricks of the same color to blast.- Play throughhundredsof fun levels.- Overcome obstacles and achieve highscores.- Clearthe challenging levels and advance along the map.-Complete themission each new level presents. - Plan your moves andclear theboard! COOL BOOSTS - Match 5 or 6 cubes to get a rocket.-Match 7or 8 cubes to get a bomb.- Match 9 cubes to earn a colorwheel-Combine boosts to get bigger effects that so you can solvethepuzzle in no time!Download the awesome Cube Crush Tap 2 blastgamefor free and join the exciting fun! Get this awesome game todayforfree, crush the cartoon bricks and win!
Block Blaster 1.2.2
Join us on an adventure in the brand new Block Blaster puzzlegame!Tap 2 or more bricks and complete the challenges of eachlevel. Tryout this awesome puzzle game and become the ultimate Tap2 Master!Block Blaster is Completely free to play! Get it now andexperiencethousands of thrilling levels and hours of endlesscubes-blastingfun!It’s Easy Just to Pick Up and Play, FollowtheseInstructions:Click on any 2 or more adjacent cubes of thesamecolor to blast. The more blocks you pop, the higher score youwillget! Complete the challenge set at the start of eachexcitinglevel. Unlock powerful boosts and beat the challenges.Clear theboard and blast all the cubes. Make sure to Use these FunBoosts:-Match 5 or 6 cubes to get a rocket.- Match 7 or 8 cubes toget abomb.- Match 9 cubes to earn a color wheel.- Combine thedifferentboosts to get bigger effects!Enjoy hours of fun, tap thebricks toblast them away and complete the missions. The more cubesyou popat one move, the better the chance you’ll unlock a coolboosterthat will help you defeat the obstacles. Test your skills inthisawesome puzzle game, master the challenges, and completelevels.Get this awesome game today for free, crush the bricks andwin!
Berry Swap 1.2.1
Play and enjoy Berry Swap- the most exciting fruit matching gameonGoogle Play!Join us for a lovely day at the vineyard and fillthebaskets with plenty of delicious fruit. Your goal is to cleartheboard from all the items, win points and complete all thedifferentand exciting missions. Grab this awesome puzzle game fromthe playstore and explore 1000+ colorful levels filled with funpuzzles,visual effects, unique items, and boosts. So you betterplan yourevery move to collect the fresh fruit and win! ** Hoursofentertainment! ** Get ready to explore new exciting flavorsandmissions. Train your brain with thousands of intriguing puzzlesandchallenges, and test your color matching skills as you mixandmatch fresh fruit! Make special combos to unlock amazingbooststhat will reward you with high scores and tons of yummytreats. Getthe most addictive fruit matching game and journeythrough 1000+wonderful puzzle levels. You can play online oroffline- nointernet connection is required! ** Go For the BigMatches! **-Match 4 fruit to get a striped item of the same colorand create aline blast. - Match 5 fruit in an L or T form to get aspecial bombthat will explode all items around it.- Match 5 juicyfruit in arow to get a colorful rainbow bomb.** Play Now **• Moveand link 3fruit in a line to burst and clear the board. • Discoveramazinglevels filled with colors and puzzles.• New and excitingchallengesare just around the corner! • Complete levels and winhigh scores.• Win rewards & beat levels.• Unlock awesomeboosters and clearobstacles. Think you can master all thechallenges and get threestars on every fun level?Give it a try!Enjoy the game and don’tforget to rate us!
Mahjong City Tours: An Epic Journey and Quest 23.4.1
231 Play
Discover the most relaxing mix of classic mahjong and newpuzzlesand enjoy over 1700 fun layouts in a fantastic journeyaround theglobe! If you love puzzle, strategy, memory, and braintrainingchallenges, you’ll love Majong! The innovative new versionofMahjong Solitaire. Explore the world's best cities as youtacklechallenging riddles. Power-ups and obstacles provide anunexpectedtwist to every level. And don’t forget to collect yourrewards.Highlights: ▶ Enjoy 1700+ fun levels in a fantastic journeyaroundthe globe. ▶ Go on a treasure quest and find over 250raresouvenirs. ▶ Stunning graphics and original mahjong gameplay.▶Claim your rewards in the weekly tournaments and quests. ▶Collectbeautiful tile sets for endless tile matching adventures.Morehighlights: ▶ New goals, power-ups, and obstacles give Mahjonggawhole new twist. ▶ Play with others and enjoy your Mahjongjourneytogether. ▶ Great fit if you love solitaire, tripeaks,jigsawpuzzles, mayong, word search and other ‘smart games’. ▶Playoffline on your flights and trips. ▶ Playing with others doesnotrequire Facebook Login. ▶ Mahjong free with regular gameupdates. ▶Caring player support and best community. Can you beatlevel alllevels? Play and relax!
Bubble Shooter 56.0
Classic puzzle game Bubble Shooting is coming now. LovelyBubbleShooter is a classic bubble match 3 game. Pop, tap and tiltyourway through over 500 addictive bubble puzzles with excitementandpacked with adventure! Features: 1. More than 300 funandchallenging levels to challenge your brain 2. More than 30coloringbubbles 3. Easy to learn, challenging to master! 4.Fantasticgraphics, fluent shooting experience You can download itfor yourkids or girlfriends or old parents. Raise your finger,simple taptap the screen,feel the funny we bring to you. Note: Thisis a allfree game. You can play it without wifi. It's a realoffline game.
Cute Pop: Panda Bubble Shooter - Addictive Game 7.9
Now you will be prepared to receive the best bubble shooteronlinegame in the world. With Panda bubble shooter ball, you canplaywith your friends, play online games any time with all thefriendsin the world and your friends. Join Panda bubble shooter towelcomenew mode: PVP Multiplayer, the world's first panda onlinebubbleshooter game. Cute Pop: Panda Bubble Shooter - AddictiveGame: AGreat Puzzle Game By Fun Game For Free on Google Play! Helpthedaddy Panda to rescue the babies Panda from the evil foxes -TheWitch Evil with so many Magic, and Power. Your quest isshootbubble to matching them,and be like a dynamite,blast bubbleswillbeat him to save babies Panda. You must pass thousandchallenginglevels. During journey , Power-ups and boosters willhelp you beatboss easier. You can Match three bubbles to ball themin thismagical shooting adventure. Panda Bubble Shooting is puzzlegamecompletely free to play however some optional in-game itemswillrequire payment or watch video received coinsfree.*********************FEATURES***************************: -Easilyearn coin, watch the video to get 20 coins each time. - Dailygift20 coins receive - 1500+ challenges - Easily controldirectionshoot bubbles - Shop with a lot of Power-ups and boosters- Amazinggraphics,map not in city, cute panda jam ! - Play inwonderfulscene, the most beautiful wonder. - Smooth bubble games -Shareyour high score when online with Facebook Friend . - Reach topofthe world with world ranking system. - Play game anywhereandanytime ! Don't care you have wifi or not because gamedoesn'trequire you always online. You can play it on the street,cookie,in the plane, in the subway, in the car or bus on the road,even ina temple, a school. OK ? Just simply is offline game ! -Game aremade for everybody , all age , boy or girl, children oradult , menor women, under or over 18 age. And now don't wait, thisis reallya special bubble am game, Download Panda Bubble Shooter:Fun GameFor Free - One of the best shoot egg, shoot ball game forfree,Play to fulfill your mania!***********************************NOTE*************************************Wealways update more level in game weekly. Please mind toupdate.************************************CONTACTUS****************************************We always try to perfectour product for our user. We want moreideas from you. Pleasecontact us : Visit our Offical site at:http://www.onegame.mobiFollow us on Facebook at: Policy : Top Action Game: Top AdventureGame: Top ArcadeGame: Top PuzzleGame: Top StrategyGame: Top RacingGame: Top SportGame: Top RPGGame: Email contact:[email protected]:
Witch Crush Puzzle 1.2
witch crush puzzle free diamond match 3 puzzle game swap to match3or more similar shiny jewels in a row. At each level youhavespecific list of goals that need to be completed. Tap diamondstomake them crush and unleash amazing power up! As yourjourneythrough the levels advances, you will see all sorts ofdifferentenvironments pass in this magical world full of mystery. -freematch 3 puzzle game - enormous amount of unique levels -beautifulempire with colorful surrounding - match 3 or more jewelsin thejewel world - Cclassic matching puzzle game with a twist
Crazy Candy Bomb - Sweet match 3 game 4.2.3
THE GORGEOUS MATCHING 3 PUZZLE GAME WITH MAGIC BOOSTERSANDSWEETESET CANDIES! ♥ Start the happy and mystery journeywithvarious candies in sweet wonderland! ♥ Play the most relaxingandsplended match-3 puzzle game, along with coloful candiesandlollipop, no time limit, free and powerful boosters and CUTETOYSmagic will help you to enjoy and feel relaxed! Smart move orclevercombination will be rewarded! Apply your talent to solve allthepuzzles to get 3 star for prize! Candy Bomb Booster Feature🍭-Lollipop: Sweet lollipop help you to smash the any candy youwantto crush. 🍭- Bust rocket: Help you to crush a vertical columnofsweet candy. 🍭- Magic wand: Magic wand allows you to re-arrangethecandy interface. 🍭- Magic gloves: This glove from the handsofmagician, you can let you exchange any two candy. 🍭-Spacecraft:This ultimate skill can help you collect all the samecandies atonce. Candy Bomb Gameplay 😊- Move and match 3 candies ofthe sametype to burst and win points, 4 and more crushes genaratesapowerful booster!. 😊- Get four or more of the same candytogetherand make a magic bomb. 😊- Special Levels need crushnumerouscandies, use booster to activate the magic bottles. 😊- Tryto reachhigh scores and get 3 stars on every level, get specialprize!Notes: * WIFI FREE! TIME FREE! * Hundreds of excitingpuzzlelevels, more on the way * Facebook sync, you can loginyourFacebook account and play with your friends!Privacy Contact with usEmail:[email protected]
Jewel Crush™ - Jewels & Gems Match 3 Legend 3.0.0
Jewel Crush, match 3 puzzle with addictive and excitingadventure,classic jewels match legend. Match and quest jewels infun gameplayto complete the mission goals. It has a beautiful andcutegamestyle, ideal for girls to play with their families and toplayin anytime and anywhere! Be the jewel stars and unlock thecastlesin this legend game. Designed for the beautiful girls. Easytocontrol, fun to play, beautiful graphics! Just swap &matchwith your finger! How to play: - You have a specific list ofgoalsin each level. - Match 3 or more identical gem-jewels in aline tocrush them. - Match 4 in a row or column to createspecialdirection jewels. - Match 5 in T or L to create specialjewelsbomb. - Match 5 in a line to create special color jewels. -Youmust have the sharpest mind. Learn to use special jewels. - Ifyouhave any difficulties passing a level you can use helpful props.-Combine special jewels to make huge chain reaction to help youpassthe level. Special highlights: * Direction Jewels: it willcandestroy all jewels in a line. * Jewels Bomb: it will candestroyall jewels around it. * Color jewels: it can destroy alljewelswith the same color of selected gem. * Super value gift:Diamondand props power-ups help you pass level * Less moves, MoreStars,Higher scores! Crush all jewels! * Pass the levels and try togetall stars in each level. * Try your best to make supercombinationswith super match! Colorful crushing effects and welldesignedpuzzles for you to play in anytime and anywhere! Features:★Designed for the beautiful girls ★ Easy and free fun toplay,challenging to master. ★ 1500+ well-designed puzzle levels. ★Dailyfree bonus in the games. ★ Helpful magical bossters to winjewelsstars. ★ Games you can play offline. ★ No WIFI? No Problem!★Classic jewels match 3 game. Let's go Matching 3 Jewelsandcrushing never stop! ********** Welcome to join ourFacebookHomepage : In this bigfamily,we can discuss products and optimize products together.
Jewel Cube Blast:Crazy Pirate 1.1.1
jewel cube blast:crazy piratethe block game you have to dropandcollapse colorful blocks while enjoying the addictive gameplay!Blast your way through thousands of amazing levels in thisamazingpuzzle game.Match 2 or more cubes of the same color tosolvepuzzles and clear levels. With limited moves, yourpuzzle-solvingskills will definitely be challenged.Match, tap, andblast throughtons of diamond puzzles.Unleash wild power-ups to freeall the cutecharacters.Easy to play, but tough to master!
Hexa Block Puzzle 1.0.101
Combine shapes into hexagons to complete targets.Hexa BlockPuzzleis easy to play but with challenges.Features🎵 More than1000levels.🎵 Free hints and tools.🎵 Complete Daily challengegetrewards.🎵 Challenge mode lets get higher scores.🎵 Recordyourscores to Leaderboard.🎵 Neon style, great UI design.🎵 Optimizedforandroid and google play games.How to PlayDrag andmoveshapes.Combine shapes into hexagon with same color.Getenoughhexagons to complete the level.
Pet Puzzle: Match 3 Games & Matching Puzzle 1.1
Join this puzzle adventure in the match 3 games to findtheantiquity in the jungle. Let's go with the archaeologisttodiscover the mystery of the wood and rescue the lovely petsthatare kidnaped by monsters, compete and share the fun in thejourneyto your friends, show your best strategic moves to gethigherscore.How to play Pet Puzzle: Match 3 Games & MatchingPuzzle🐶🐱 Swap or swipe 3 pets in a line to blast them.🐱 Match 4Pets in asquare to make a pet frenzy.🐱 Match 5 Pets to create acolorfulpet.🐱 Connect 2 special pets to create a super specialblast.🐱Collect fruits by moving them to the last row.🐱 This petgames is amatch 3 games free with bonuses. You can get 5 more moveeach levelby watching an ad.Pet Puzzle: Match 3 Games &Matching Puzzle 🐶Features: 🐱 Beautiful graphics and effects🐱 Thisis the best match3 puzzle games for free, play online, offline& no internetconnection is required! 🐱 Easy and fun to play,but challenging tomaster: focus on your strategic matching andconnecting!🐱 PetPuzzle is a type of match 3 games free withunlimited lives toplay.🐱 Stay tuned: more levels and cutecharacters surprises are onthe way!🐱 You can chat with otherplayers on game. That's great,right?Pets Puzzle information:🐱 PetPuzzle is a free match 3 puzzlegame with in-app purchasesavailable🐱 This pets legend is aaddictive way, match 3 puzzlegame.🐱 Pet adventure is a pet popmatching games for adults.🐱 Over200 well designed levels and morewill come.Play Pet Puzzle: Match 3Games & Matching Puzzle 🐶today. It's free!
Fruit Bump
Free, fun and challenging fruity match 3 puzzle game from makersofJewel Mash and Jungle Mash! In Fruit Bump you must swipe andpopfruit to achieve challenging yet fun match 3 puzzlegameobjectives. The game develops on the solid action mechanicsofpopular jewel crushing games, but adds a few twists to keepyouplaying. GAME FEATURES - Over 640 match-3 puzzle levels andmoreaction to come - Level map that tracks your progress - Match3fruits or more items - Rich graphics - Combo matching -Specialitems - Fruit cascades - Time trials - Replay all unlockedlevelsfor a better score - Match 3 hints - Dropping fruit - Puzzletiles- Play on tablets and phones - Varied game objectives -High-scoresharing via social network - More content is on the way:newthemes, level designs and chapters! - Optimized for Intelx86mobile devices
Onet Online 1.39
HOW TO PLAY: - How simple it is !!! Find all pair of the sameimagesso that the line adding two images is no more than 3 lines.FEATURE:- The nice and user-friendly interface. - Lovely imagesand effects.- Exciting sounds. - Much levels. - Support onlineleaderboard. -Support offline leaderboard. - Save Game when exit.- Play Onlinewith your friends.
Sweet Candy Forest 8.40.0000
You will act as a candy chef! Aslo we called candy artisans.Afterhundreds of mysterious puzzle levels, candies are thencarefullywell crafted. You will feel a little tickling sense ofmagic andamazement.You would swap delecious and addictive candyelements,such as traditional jellybeans, chocolates color balls andtreasuretrove of tasty treats! Enjoy these sweet treats with manyenticingflavors of the classic candy you crave. Have Fun! Easy GetStartedGame Play • Swipe to match 3 or more candies. • Collectthecandies, break the obstacle and complete the levels! • Wiselyusethe colorful and powerful boosters, pass the devil levels! •Enjoystory-line and various task! • Try to get 3 star stageclear!FEATURES • 3 MATCH CANDY PUZZLE - Colorful and deliciouscandies. •TONS OF CREATIVE LEVELS - Over 240 creative levels, fullof fun andamazing challenges! • STUNNING GRAPHICS - splendedanimations andcheerful backgound music • NO TIME LIMIT - Play withyour wisdomand get the best score • WIFI FREE - Any time andanywhere with nocelluler data requirements • Dailyly and weeklyGame Events -frequently get more gifts and play with friends!
Candy Heroes 1.1.6
Make combinations of at least 3 candy items in this awesomematch-3game. Crush your way through hundreds of addicting levelsfilledwith sweet treats, awesome puzzles and tons of funchallenges.Blast the candy and win levels!- Swap and match 3candies to createa line crush.- Unlock special bonuses and solvethe match-3puzzles.- Reach high scores using fewer moves.- Completethemissions and beat obstacles. - Explore hundreds of puzzlematchinglevels.Play and enjoy an addictive gameplay! - Candy Heroesis funand easy to play.- Advance along the levels and collectcandy.-Create crunchy explosions by making special combinations. -Youhave a limited amount of moves to clear a level so you betterusethem wisely. - There is no time limit so you can play at yourownpace anytime and anywhere. - No Wi-Fi connection isrequiredJointhe exciting match quest, collect delicious treats andexplore newlevels. Play this thrilling puzzle game for free andenjoy loads ofdelicious levels filled with different challenges andsurprises.Don’t keep the fun only to yourself! Share this coolmatch-3 gamewith family and friends and see who can reach thehighest score!
Jewels Track - Match 3 Puzzle 5.0.3939
Try to blast as many jewels as you can to get greatexplosion.Compete and share the fun with your family and friends,show yourbest strategic moves to get higher score. Key Ingredients✦ 336 newand sparkling jewel levels in different map scenes: QuartzCanyon,Amethyst Oasis, Jewels Mill, Sapphire Citadel, Gems Isle✦Challenging but fun obstacles: mud, ice cube, crystal, stone,etc.✦ Swap to match 3 or more jewels of the same ✦ Match 4 or moregemsto get special bonus ✦ Use powerful props to enjoy explosivefun ✦Reach various targets to level up ✦ Addictive and everlastingmatch3 gameplay Get ready for an epic puzzle matching adventurewithJewels Track!
Bubble Premium 1.0
Play the premium version of the most addictive bubble pop gameforFREE, match 3 colors and clear levels. Don’t miss out thisfunrelaxing game! Train your brain with this puzzle as you blastballsonline or offline - anytime! Bubble Premium is the best FREEappavailable on Google Play. Compete against friends and familyandsee who can reach the highest score and get 3 stars on everylevel.Earn coins while you play and use them to get cool boosters.Useyour logic and puzzle solving skills to complete the funmissionsand clear the board.Tap on the screen to drag the laser aimandlift it to take a shot. It’s important to form a strategyaccordingto the different bubbles layout in each level. Advancealonghundreds of fun puzzle levels as this addicting game gets evenmorechallenging. You can start any level over and not have to waitforlives, as they are unlimited! It is simply THE BEST bubbleshooterout there!Enjoy these awesome features: ★ 100 + Excitinglevels!★New elements and great prizes.★ Brand new effects andsounds. ★Clear obstacles and beat the challenges. ★ Pop 7 bubblesin a rowto unlock the fireball.★ Drop 10+ bubbles at once to get abomb.★Play anytime and anywhere, no WiFi connection is required!Come andjoin the fun!Hurry up and join the balloon crushing mania,thisincredible shooter is simple and easy to learn, perfect forbothadults and kids to enjoy!
Fruits Garden - Scape Match 3 Game 1.4.7
Lyoo Match
Welcome to Fruits Garden - Scape Match 3 Game!At fruit garden,youneed to harvest colorful fruits by scape match 3 sameflower.Match3 flower buds of the same colors to make beautifulblossom, andcollect the flowerbeds or fruits before you run out ofmoves!Beatcolorful match-3 levels to renovate and decorate rooms inthemansion.Swap 3 or more flower fruits to make the world bloomintospectacular colors. Connect more color bomb to set off agloriouschain-reaction and watch your score grow!Trip a colorfulgarden inthis match 3 game:- There are blueberries, grapes andbananas inthe garden.- There are juices in the barrels, and you getthe fruitjuice in your way.- Adventure in the sweety garden for youis righthere.- Come on in—adventures await you from the moment youwalk inthe door!- Gather every flower and make your way throughgorgeousgarden levels in this colorful adventure game!Build yourdreamgarden for free:* FREE GAME to play: of course, it is freetodownload and start the adventure right now.* OFFLINE game:ofcourse, it runs offline, so you can play anywhere at any time,NOneed Wifi or 4G. The game features:● Exciting match-3 levels:tonsof fun, featuring unique boosters and explosivecombinations!●Boost funny with power-ups● Addictive gameplay: swapand match,restore and decorate the garden, and be part of abreath-takingadventure all at once!● Enjoy 1000+ designed puzzles●Dozens ofin-game characters you can make friends with● Fun gamewith simple,casual gameplay that’s easy to learn but challenging tomaster● Anin-game social networkyou can use to keep tabs oneverything● Buildyour own fruits garden● A super addicting gameyoucan even playoffline!Wait for what?Get it for FREE and start youradventure withnew challenges NOW!
Blast Challenge 1.1.8
Join the fun and solve intriguing puzzles in this brand-newBlastChallenge Tap 2 game! If you love exciting brain teasers, youaredefinitely going to enjoy this free and amazing game! Play thebestmatching game available and master the challenges by matching 2ormore adjacent cubes of the same color to crush and cleartheboard.** Incredible Blast Challenge Features!- Colorfulgraphicsand amazing effects. - Use boosters and blast the cubesaway.-Hundreds of exciting levels.- The less moves you use to passalevel, the higher score you'll get.** Special and CoolBoosts!-Match 5 or 6 cubes to get a rocket.- Match 7 or 8 cubes toget abomb.- Match 9 cubes to earn a color wheel- Combine booststocreate a big blast that will help you solve the puzzles innotime.Blast Challenge is a free and addictive Tap 2 gamewithhundreds of exciting levels and thrilling boosters! Match thecubesand clear the boards to win amazing rewards. Downloadthisincredible game today and join the block crushing fun!
Cookie Crush Match 3 1.9.5
Time for some candy fun! Play Cookie Crush today and join thesweetjourney anytime and anywhere you want! We have developedthisaddictive matching game for all of you fans of puzzle games whoarelooking for a great way to pass the time. Get the best match 3gamefor FREE and train your brain with thousands of challenginglevelsand brain teasers. Test your color matching skills as you mixandmatch all the sweet cakes and clear levels. Get ready to fallinlove with this sugary adventure! Cookie Crush is a fun match 3gamewhere you can swipe and match tasty candy in thousands ofdeliciouslevels. Take on this exciting adventure, blastmouthwateringdesserts, cookies, and lollipops and discover yummycandy combosand awesome rewards. Looking for a fun and relaxingmatching game?Download the sweetest puzzle game for free and jointhe excitingquest in the land of candies, cookies, cupcakes, andlollipops.Discover new flavors and colors in this addictivematching game!Play online or offline and explore plenty of sugaryworlds filledwith new and cool features and fun surprises. If funonline match 3games tickle your fancy, get ready to experiencehours of candymatching fun! Start crushing the candy today anddiscover sweetlevels and challenges. Join Alex in the incrediblejourney acrossthe sugar land and help her smash candies andcomplete thedifferent missions. Crush and burst all the sweetcandies and winawesome gifts and rewards! SWEET FEATURES * TRAINyour brain withplenty of fun PUZZLES and brain teasers. * Beautifulgraphics andeffects. * Discover yummy candy COMBOS. * Don’t missout the DAILYBONUS - spin the wheel and win great rewards! * CRUSHand popdelicious cookies and jellies. * Enjoy thousands of colorfulLEVELSfilled with jelly treats, chocolate and, jams. * This awesomegameis simple and easy to learn, perfect for both adults and kidstoenjoy! * Enjoy the game with your family and play onlineoroffline- no wifi is needed! * Sweet supply of power-upsandboosters that will help you pass blast through the challengesandreach the level target. * Clear a level with fewer moves to getahigher score. * Free to play and filled with adventure! Get itnow!JOIN THE ADVENTURE! Travel across the cookie wonderland,explorewondrous places and discover thousands of fun levels filledwithsweet desserts, great puzzles, and bonuses. Match andcrushdelicious cookies- it’s easy and fun! Train your brain andtestyour skills as you collect candy drops and clear levels.WINawesome boosts and use them to create great explosions! HOW TOPLAY* Swap and match 3 candies of the same type to smash andwinpoints. * Work your way through increasingly challengingpuzzles. *Boost your experience with awesome power-ups. * Checkback each dayto claim your daily bonus! * Train your brain with thebest onlinematching game. * Combine any 2 boosters to generategreat effectsand beat the level. * Play and explore thousands ofpuzzle levelsfilled with sugar and jam treats. YUMMY CANDY COMBOS!Match 4candies to get a striped treat of the same color and createa lineblast. Match 5 sweets in an L or T shape to get a bomb thatwillexplode all items around it. Match 5 delicious candies in a rowtoget a special colorful rainbow bomb. Get Cookie Crush todayandjoin the SWEET JOURNEY! Play online or offline, nointernetconnection is required. You can restart any level withouthaving towait for lives, as they are unlimited. We would love toget yourfeedback! Let us know what we can add to make your gameplayevenmore enjoyable and earn your 5-star review. Follow us fornews,updates and fun surprises! Visit our Facebookpage:
Puzzle Bubble Shooter Classic 1.3
Among bubble shooter genre, it is the most amazing andaddictivegames. Get ready for a new adventure bubble shooter 2017bydownloading this latest free game.Scary evil monster kidnappedcutekittens. Be the hero to defeat the monsters. Rescue the kittensandbring them back safely to the mother cat.The kittens are inneedyou !!!-----------------------------Why you should choosePuzzleBubble Shooter Classic★ 300+ unique and interesting levels★Superimpressive graphic and cute games★ Funny sounds and music★SpecialBooster, Combo, or Items will help you easily overcomethechallenges and bubble pop★ Discovering 4 addictive game modes★Runs well on all Android devices★ Simple classic games like abpopand easy to play, but challengingtomaster!-----------------------------How to Play PuzzleBubbleShooter Classic★ Drag or tap and hold the finger to move theaimingdirection★ Release the finger to bubble shooter★ Match 3balls ofthe same color or more to bubble pop★ Create amazing combos&boosters: rainbow, lava, fairy, fire, super aim to overcomethechallenge easier★ Finish many challenging tasks to rescuethekittens: clear the top, save animal, free the ghost, defeatthemogana…-----------------------------It is the offline classicgamesand can be played without requiring internet.Puzzle BubbleShooterClassic is completely free to play but some optional in-gameitemswill require payment.This bubble pop kids game is suitable forallages, and can be play everytime, everywhere.We also welcomethereviews and feedback from players all around the world to helpusto improve the game quality.Download the game and have funplayingPuzzle Bubble Shooter Classic now !!! You will never regretit!
Superstar Chef - Match 3 Games 103.5
Timuz Games
Superstar Chef takes you to a match 3 games world full ofcookingdelicacies. Join us in solving over 250 mouthwatering levelsofmatch 3 collecting orders, delivering pizzas, clearing platesandcollecting special hats. With a fresh Express Mode, start amatch 3mania games battle to increase your rank, collect therewards andbecome the best Superstar Chef! Make matches of 3 ormore dishes ofthe same type to collect them. Create special foodsby matching 4or 5 items. Traverse through various kitchens to keepexploring thetasty world of match 3 cooking mania puzzles!GameFeatures: * 250gourmet levels with 10+ crazy new uniquefunctionalities.* Earncooking mania stars to show off yoursuccess!* Top the SuperstarChef match3 Leaderboards!* Level up andupgrade player profile toplay tougher levels!* Create fantasticcombos to reach the targetin the least number of moves possible!
Bubble Bird Rescue 2.9.3107
Bubble Shooter is an interesting and addictive bubble shootinggame.Match 3 bubbles of the same color to pop and rescue ALLbirdies tolevel up! ★ Shoot bubbles carefully and choosestrategically, pop 3or more same bubbles ★ Earn 3 stars on eachlevel by using fewestbubbles to pop and pulling out more combos ★Rescue adorablekittens! ★ Pop bubbles as quick as you can in 125challenging puzzlelevels ★ 5 different maps: Meadow, Mountain,Desert, Ice Field,Stone Forest ★ Colorful Bubble, Aiming Line,Flaming Bubble, Shieldand some more awesome props ★ Boost your funby opening sprees andcollecting props ★ Small game size - lessthan 10M ★ Fun for allages Shoot bubbles to compete in yourfriends circle now and see whothe best birdie rescuer in BubbleShooter is!
Harvest Mania - Match 3 Puzzle 1.0.4
Switch and match three or more adorable Crops to make a remove!Alot of fresh fruits and vegetables in the harvest seasonarewaiting for you!. Pass all the levels with strategic matchingandyou will become the Super Farmer!Harvest Mania is completelyfreeto play but some in-game items such as extra moves or liveswillrequire payment.Join the millions who adore the magic ofMatch-3Puzzle. Aim for greatness!Features:● Gather all kinds ofcrop,fruit in the farm or collect soils to win the level before yourunout of moves.● Easy and fun to play, but a challenge tofullymaster.● Take on your friends to compete for the best scoreand seewho can switch their way to the fattest onions ever!●Rechargeableboosters, extra moves and special power-ups to helpwith thosechallenging levels.Harvest Mania How to Play● Switch andmatch 3 ormore super adorable crop/fruit to reach the target.●Unlockpower-ups, collect, run your farm for the preparation oftoughlevels.● Less moves you pass a level, higher score you'll get.Canyou score high enough to earn 3 stars on every level?Follow ustoget news and updatesonfacebook: