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Toy Block Collapse 1.3.5
toy block collapseThis game is the best time killer, timewastergame for adult and kids.Simple rules: find and tap on atleast twocubes of the same color to clear the level, or more cubeswillcreate a power clearly. Challenge is smart resolving theseblockswith your best skill because your moves are limited and youcanstuck at level anytime. It also match 3 games kind inanyway.GameFeatures and Boosters• Colorful graphics and designs.•Amazinggameplay, tap the blocks to blast.• Hundreds of excitinglevels.•Blast all the cubes by using special boosters as hammer,truck,spray can and many more.• Fun boosters and bonuses!Don'twaitingfor collapse puzzle to download logic puzzles games whichare thebest choice for all people to enjoy training brain puzzles.
Treasure Blast 1.2
Tap 2 or more block of same color to blast. Blast more blockstocreate special block. Experience the variant stages and effectsofthe special blocks! [Features] - Combination of thrilling Blastandbrain puzzle game - no play limit such as Heart, play as muchasyou can! - can play even without internet! - can play eveninAIRPLANE mode! - game file is as low as 20M, light-weightdownload!- supports tablet screen - supports 14 languagesHomepage:
Neon Block Break Puzzle 1.5.4
Neon Block Puzzle is a old style puzzle game with new neonlightingstyle - in which your aim will be to don't let the blockbuildingto go up you can break it down with a suitable blockplacing. NeonBlock Puzzle is a new hit in Classic Block puzzlegames which isthe king of all puzzle game because it's history isvery old. It’lltake you back to the childhood , Neon Block Puzzleis a full offun, addictive and suitable to everybody. You canCompete yourfriends and family through share your score on GooglePlay GameService. and invite them to beat you. Some core Featuresof NeonBlock Puzzle Game - Simple and Interesting - more then 4differentcolor for blocks design. - Endless Game which never be old- Keephighest score at top - Play / Pause game in run time - Canselectcontroller buttons placement with more 10 differnt styles -NiceGame sounds - Share your score with your friends, family,othersvia Google Play Game Service Permission Note : We aregettingInternet network state, and External Storage Writepermission toshow ads smoothly We are showing one time full screenad when gamelaunch and when Game Over, and show a banner ad duringgame play ontop of screen. If you have any question, suggestion,need helpplease we will be happy to hear you [email protected] for playing Neon Block Puzzle with UsFind us on Facebook Search keywords : ClassicBlock puzzle gameClassic Block puzzle games Puzzle game Blockpuzzle game Blockpuzzle Classic Block Break puzzle game DownloadWood Classic BlockBreak Puzzle :
Wooden Block Free 1.2
a simple but addictive puzzle gameWood Puzzle Block is aaddictivepuzzle block game. It also can train your brain, makes youmoreclever. the gameplay is easy, Drag the different blocks intoplaceto match the puzzle. Once you fill in a vertical orhorizontalline, it will disappear, freeing up space for newpieces.Easy toplay and pleasurable game for all age.Easy to learnand fun tomaster gameplay.Why choose this wood block puzzle?• Freegame andnot need WI-FI• Support leaderboard• Two game mode• Easy toplayand Improve observation
Glow Block Mania 1.4
glow block maniaThis addictive glow block puzzle game willchallengeyou.Glow puzzle is incredibly intuitive and fun for allages andskill levels.Put the colorful blocks into the square areabydragging and fill up all grids. as long as you tap sidewaysorvertically and connected into a line can be eliminated andgotscores. the more glow blocks eliminated you can, the morescoresyou will get. Your score will be based on how quickly youcompletethe puzzle. Compete with others based on yourscore!features:- onceyou start, you'll be hooked and addicted.-stunning blocks, simpleUI, classic puzzle game.- super Easy butneed long-time training inmaster level.- smooth and delicateanimation and very cool effectdesign!- challenge with your circles,defeat yourself isimportant.- play this brain puzzle game for anytime, anywhere,pleasurable no wifi.Up for a challenge ? Show yourfriends howquick you are!
Block Puzzle 1.0
Verry simple. Drag blocks and fill out space to get score.Withsimple graphics and beautifully let's play Block Puzzle
Toy Block Crush 1.5.5
Panda Box
toy block pop crushTap the toy cubes to blast! Based onclassicmatch 3 games, but easier and more fun!You only have to tapon twoor more toy cubes of the same color to have a great blast!The moretoy cubes you blast, the better booster you will create!There willbe hundreds levels of puzzle games for you to discover!Plan yourmoves strategically, take on this smashing fascinatingcubeblasting trip in toy block pop crush ! Are you ready forthechallenges?game featuresover 900 addicting puzzlelevelscollectlovable ducks and hobbyhorses to help with trickylevelsspectacularrewards and extra bonuses unlocked after levelpassed easy and funto play but challenging to fully master numerousboosters along theway to helpeye-catching graphics and cool effects
Blok Puzzle 2.0
This is a very classic game. But once you play, you'llbehooked.Promise me, don't play this game at work.Tap &dropblocks in order to create and destroy full lines on the boardbothvertically and horizontally.Remember, block can be ROTATED. TrytoROTATE BLOCK when it is not fit.Easy to play and suitable forallages - kid or elderly, man or woman, boy or girl.Clear moreblocksand you'll get high scores!You can play it anytime, anywhere.Noneed of wifi or internet. No time limit.Funny music andawesomeeffects.Enjoy and Download Blok Puzzle now for FREE!
Puzzle Games: Remove Red Block 13.0
We are glad to introduce to you the newest block puzzle oftheseason, remove the red block! Very interesting and addictiveblockcraft! Rules of the logic games is to remove all red blocksandkeep save the green. Some of the red blocks can not justdeletethem have to fold, they will stand on platforms that canberemoved. Even in the cube games has blue - neutral blocks, itisnot important to remove you from it or not, they performanauxiliary function.The puzzles is divided into 45 levelsofinterest, some of which will not be easy to go through towin.Passing levels, you get points for which you can buy funny hatsforthe green blocks in the future. The game will be passed whenallthe red blocks fall and one green at the same time not fall, andaslong as the blocks will not stop, the game will beconsideredpassed. Each block has its own animation, angry red,green andfear, as well, they have a voice, screaming when theblocks fall.This animation gives the game a special excitingatmosphere, thegame becomes more interesting and more fun.Downloadthis blockpuzzle mania now, it sure you will like it!Features:•Puzzle blockgames and casual games genre;• Perfectly drawn elementsandcharacters;• 45 exciting levels;• Funny hats for thecharacters;•All cubes it's funny animation;• Blocks screaming inthe fall;•Beautiful graphics and funny music;• Easy operation;• Oneof thebest of time killer games• There are no age restrictions;•Easy andfun to play;• Blocks games is absolutly free;How to play:Itisnecessary to remove blocks and save other.FollowUs:TWITTER:
Knot Fun 1.10.14
Everybody's favourite pastime: Untying knots! All you do isuntieknots. It's Knot Fun!Knot Fun is a very CPU intensive gameandwon’t run well on older devices. I’m continuously workingonoptimizations in this regard, so if the current build doesn’trunwell for you, it’s possible the next update will.
Sudoku Quest 2.5.81
With 1300+ levels and 11 mind-bending variations, Sudoku Questisthe most unique Free Sudoku game for Android out there! Embark onaquest to explore mysterious islands to unite a shatteredkingdom.Defeat the evil sorcerer and fulfill your destiny to becomeaSudoku Champion! Features * More than 10,000 Free Sudokupuzzlesspread over 1000+ levels. A new puzzle every time you retry.*Whether you're a beginner or an expert, you'll love Sudoku Quest.*Fun variations of the classic Sudoku Game like * 4x4, 6x6,8x8,9x9, 10x10, 12x12, Evil Sudoku, Squiggly Sudoku, Killer(Samurai)Overlapping Sudoku etc. * Amazing powerups that help youbecome abetter Sudoku player. * Hint - Solves one random blank oremptycell. * Magic Eye - Helps you concentrate on one number.*MagicHint - Fills one cell in all blocks. * Eight fantasy worldstoconquer. * Helpful tips and tactics to make you a Sudoku expert.*Rating system to help you improve your results. * Only FreeSudokuApp with color mode * Play on all your devices withoutlosingprogress. * Simple interface with intuitive touch controls.*Unlimited undo and delete options. * Smart note taking feature.*Duplicate number indicator. * Challenge yourself tocompleteachievements. * Play and exchange gifts with friends. *Engagingstory, colorful characters and charming music. * Dedicatedcustomersupport. * Optimized for both mobile phones and tablets. Sowhywait Sudoku lovers? Download our Free Sudoku App now! Youwillnever see Sudoku in the same way again! Embark on a journey ofalifetime and start your Sudoku Quest, Play Now!
LINE Pokopang 6.8.0
LINE GAME presents you with a revolutionary new puzzle game -LINEPokoPang! An official game from "LINE" - the freecall/messengerapp. Monsters have invaded the Animals' village! Joinpink bunnyBONI and his family and friends in eliminating the puzzleBlocksand beating the Monsters! [What kind of game is it?] LINEPokoPangis a simple but addictive puzzle game. All you have to dois jointhe Blocks! Upgrade your Attack strength to get higherscores. Youcan also call for Helping Animals and work together withthem! Ifyou're looking for something innovative, simple andaddictive, thenPokoPang is the perfect game for you! Let'sPokoPang! [How to play]Draw lines to join 3 or more adjoiningBlocks of the same color.The Blocks will explode, firing veggies atthe Monsters! Upgradethe Blocks to improve their Attack strength!Call for the adorableAnimals - they can help you tackle theMonsters! Take your very ownHelping Animals with you, and aim for ahigh Best Score!
VOI 1.1.4
VOI is another Brain bending game from the Maker ofHOCUS;"". -Totally new perspective to tangramgames!Forget yourmathematical knowledge! VOI came to prove that "1+ 1 = 0"!Believethat black plus black is equal to white and startto train yourbrain!HOW TO PLAY?-Drag and drop the black shapes,create newshapes.**88 CREATIVE LEVELS! **11 LANGUAGESSUPPORT!**WIFI IS NOT APROBLEM!**UNDER 50 MB!**STUNNING ART ANDGRAPHICS!**RELAXINGMUSIC!FEATURES-No time limit, no movement limit!Just drag anddrop!-Challenge in Online leaderboard! Unlocktheachievements.-Train your brain with elegant way. Leaveyourselfpure minimalism!*VOI is nominated for Indie Prize(BestMobile Game)in 2017!Need help? Write us: [email protected] ourweb page out:
Picross Mon 3.4
Improve the current problematic nonogram points; nonogram gamewitha range of new features. firstly; By changing the puzzle; wehaveremoved the parts that we had to make in order to continueEnhancedclose-up drag zoom (30x30); Reverse zoom function added.Touch;Pen; The pad supports three types of operating modes; and;Offers arange of options for you. If you delete the game andrestart afteror; if you are playing on a new device then you canfind thecontents saved on your Google cloud. There are; also anumber offeatures available. Find other new and existing Picross! [specialfeatures ] - Hundreds of puzzles available. - Cool designcolourdots. ( puzzle logic corrected ) - Ability to store yourchanges onGoogle Cloud. - The puzzle game saves automatically atthe end ofthe operation. - Multiple difficulty levels (10x10;15x15; 20x20;30x30); - By completing normal and history mode youcan accessBigMap mode. - Various operation modes (touch, Pad, Pen)-Two-finger zoom function; Zoom out; move around; New undofunction- The more puzzles you solve, the more interesting thestorybecomes
2248 1.24
2248 is a super casual puzzle number connection game forAndroid!Once started,It is difficult to end! The game is easy toplay. ◉Slide the number up, down, left, right, diagonal in any oftheeight directions. ◉ Search and connect two same numbers as astart.◉ The next connect number can be the same or can bemultiplied by2. ◉ The result is a multiple of 2 for all connectednumbers sum. ◉The score is the sum of all connected numbers. ◉ Thegame ends whenthere is no connectable number. 2248 is Suit for allage andcompletely FREE to play! contact us:Website: E-mail: [email protected]:
Twenty 1.4.2
Watch out for imitations! This is the original Twenty createdbyStephen French.Twenty is a colorful arcade/puzzle game thatstartsat 5, looks easy until 10, gets fiendish at 15 and challengesyouto get to 20. Anyone can learn it, but you'll have toconcentrateto make it all the way.Think you've got it mastered? Tryone of thevariations like Bubbles, Drop, Flip-Flop. Try Zen mode torelax, orPanic mode for a real challenge.Take on a friend withTwentyTwo, acrazy two-player race to see who can get to Twentyfirst. Stealtiles from your opponent but be careful to guard yourown.Can youget to Twenty?
Sudoku SG-2.1.34
Pink Pointer
Sudoku (originally called Number Place) is alogic-based,combinatorial number-placement puzzle. The objective isto fill a9x9 grid with digits so that each column, each row, andeach of thenine 3x3 sub-grids that compose the grid contains all ofthe digitsfrom 1 to 9. FEATURES: - four different difficulties -hundreds ofpuzzles for each difficulty - auto-save your progressfor eachpuzzle - unlimited undo/redo - auto-fill drafts - hintsystem forbeginners - color input system for experts - cleaninterface andsmooth controls - google play games achievements -phones andtablets support HELPFUL FEATURES (optional): - selectionmodes:select first or number first - pencil modes: automatic ormanual -keyboard configuration: three rows, two rows, one row -directionhighlight: vertical and horizontal highlight - numberfinder:highlight all occurrences of a number - number counter: showacounter for each number - rule violations: game rulewarningshighlight - keyboard highlight: shown if number count iscorrect orincorrect - multiple color input (advanced): usedifferent colorsto place numbers - automatic error detection: showerrorsautomatically - permanent auto-fill: continuously fill allthedrafts - bigger numbers: large font for better visualization
Pet Paradise: Bubble Pop Match 1.07.12
Kizi Games
Match & Pop bubble puzzles in this fun Bubble Shooter!Restoreand decorate a cute island for your dogs and cats in PetParadise,an award-winning bubble pop adventure! Experience a funandaddictive bubble puzzle game where you pop and burst bubblestodecorate and restore the Paradise Islands for your cute pets!Popbubbles, finish puzzle challenges, and collect pet friends! Areyoua bubble genius? Collect friendly unique cat and dog pets whohelpbubble burst through hundreds of puzzle pop levels! The funneverstops! Features: ● IT’S A BUBBLE SHOOTING MASTERPIECE- Matchandpop colorful bubbles through hundreds of fun and challenginglevelsthat increase in difficulty. See if you can beat them all! ●ADOPTPAWESOME PETS - Unlock and collect cute and furry cat &dogfriends! Make sure to feed and play with them daily forhelpfulbonuses! ● RESTORE AND DECORATE ISLANDS - Clear the shrubsandbuild up the beautiful Paradise Islands for your pets to enjoyandcall home! ● BUBBLE BLASTING BOOSTERS - Charge up specialpowersand unlock powerful boosters with your pets to clearchallenginglevels! ● FACEBOOK CONNECT - Use it to share specialmoments withyour friends, ask for lives and save your progress! ●AN EASY GAMEOF STRATEGY - Free and easy to play, but challenginglevels tomaster! —————————————————————————————————————————————————PleaseNote that while Pet Paradise is free to download and play italsoallows you to purr-chase virtual items with real money insidethegame. You can disable in-app purchases in your devices settings.InPet Paradise, an internet connection may be required in ordertoaccess certain features. Pet Paradise may also containadvertising.Facebook - Terms Support [email protected]
Nonogram Magic 1.6
Evil monsters appear in a peaceful village!A girl living inthevillage starts a journey to lock monsters. Solve puzzles andlockthe hidden monsters here and there into the marbles![specialfeatures ]- Hundreds of puzzles available.- Cool designcolourdots. ( puzzle logic corrected )- Ability to store yourchanges onGoogle Cloud.- The puzzle game saves automatically at theend ofthe operation.- Multiple difficulty levels (10x10; 15x15;20x20)-Various operation modes
Pipe Lines : Hexa 2.5.0
The KING of BRAIN TEASERS, PIPE LINES returns with Hexa! Doyouenjoy puzzle games? Are you enchanted by rainbow colors? Here’stheperfect game for you, PIPE LINES : HEXA! HOW TO PLAY • Connecttheholes with same-colored pipes! • Fill the all the honeycombcells!• Be careful! The pipes can be cut off by other pipes! • Tryto get3 stars on all levels! FEATURES • Daily Puzzle for FREE •DailyRanking - Compare your record with others! • Hundreds oflevels! •Totally Awesome Rotate Mode! • Beautiful Game Art! •Musical SoundEffects! • Daily Reward for you! • FREE updates! •Support for bothPhones and Tablets NOTES • "Pipe Lines : Hexa"contains ads likebanner, interstitial, video and house ads. • "PipeLines : Hexa" isfree to play, but you can purchase In-app itemslike AD FREE andhints. E-MAIL • [email protected] HOMEPAGE• on FACEBOOK • [Required Permissions] - None [Optional Permissions]-Photo / Media / File: required storage access permission tosavegame data [Permission setting and withdrawal method] -Android6.0+: Device Settings> Application Management> SelectApp>Revoke Access - Under Android 6.0: Can revoke access bydeletingapplication Let's CONNECT!
Pixel Up : Fill the Block 2.0.1
Pixel Bisrto
Touch the screen to make the block jump. Fill the blank area intheblock with pixels of the same shape. As you go up, thepixelsbecome more and more complex. Don't give up! Game Features: -Easyto play - Endless gameplay mode - 300 Stages gameplay mode -12leaderboards - Challenge your friends with the best high score
Find the Differences 500 levels 1.0.9
Enjoy amazing pictures while you find the differences betweenthem.Improve your observation skills and train your brain playingFindthe Differences 500 levels! This free puzzle game won’t letyoustop playing! Are you ready for the challenge? • 500 levels tofindthe differences! • ZOOM for the pictures! • No time limit! •Alllevels unlocked • Endless hints to help you out • HD picturesforphones and tablets Find the Differences 500 levels is a freepuzzlegame known as “Find differences”, “Spot the difference” or“Findthe differences” where you look for differences betweentwopictures. If you enjoy playing games like Hidden Objectsthispuzzle game is perfect for you!
Outfolded 1.1.0
3 Sprockets
Outfolded is a minimalist, endless puzzle game where youunfoldshapes to reach your goal.Relax, zone out and experiment inanever-ending series of levels, or take on the challengingdailypuzzles to earn hints and pit yourself against thebest.Competewith your friends to get as far as possible, or sharesolutions onsocial media to lend a helping hand.If you love puzzlegames,Outfolded is for you. If you dislike puzzle games, Outfoldedisdefinitely for you!By the creators of PAC-MAN 256 and theawardwinning Cubemen series, Outfolded is a puzzle experience likenoother.
Raspberry Jam
Get ready for an explosion of taste, exciting challenges, andanincredible trip to a world of raspberry jelly! Practicesolvingpuzzles and see if you can beat your friends. You'll evenget helpfrom adorable characters and a bunch of delicious boosters.Newlevels are released every week, so you'll never be bored!
Boo! 2.1
Bart Bonte
'Boo!' is a spooky puzzle game for you! To solve the puzzlesyouhave to dip the pumpkin in different paints and wear attributestomask certain parts of the pumpkin. The puzzles starts easy butitgets more difficult! 21 Halloween themed levels, based onmypremium app 'Factory Balls'. Happy Halloween and have fun,BartBonte
Brain Teaser - Memory Limit 0.93
Memory Limit is an addictive free brain teaser you can enjoywithyour friends, get ready to take the the challenge and find outifyou have a GENIUS brain or not!Memory Limit is a whole new IQgamewhich will help you to train your brain and raise your IQ wiithaseries of tricky tasks and absurd rules- the goal of thismemorygame is not to be tricked and to memorize all the rules.Areyousmart enough to beat your friends and get the highest IQ? Takethechallenge if you think you’re a GENIUS!Each of the brain teasersisunique and pushes your creative thinking and memory tothelimit....Features:•70 difficulty levels for truepuzzleenthusiasts!•Find Out if You’re a Genius - An IQ test thatincludesmemory, logic and most absurd teasers!•Friends Leaderboards–compare your IQ with your friends!•Fun for All Ages - bestmemorygame for family & friends’ gatherings!•Tap, Shake or Singtoyour Phone! - be careful game will try to trick you all thetime!•You can solve puzzle in multiple sessions: all your progresswillbe saved.Train your mind and memory! If you like cool mathgames orpuzzles you will definitely love this brain teaser. Brainexplosionis guaranteed!If you have any suggestions, feel free tocontactus.New levels coming soon. Best Memory game!
Block Balls 1.6.3051
MetaFun Games
The unique mix between brick breaker and glow shooter games inBlockBalls.Use your brain to destroy all the cube bricks puzzles.Hold toaim, tap to change the balls direction, release your fingertoshoot, and break all bricks. Get more balls and try hard toscore asheight as you can!Features:• Bright glow graphics• Smoothand nicegameplay• One finger control• Realistic ball physics•Elegantlydesign• No Internet limitBring you to new wonderfulgamingexperience in Block Balls. Let's download and play it forFREE!
Lemmings Revisited 1.1.0
Last Next
Lemmings Revisited is a thinking / puzzle game: The goal is toguidesmall creatures completely stupid to bring them to the exitwithoutlosing them.You have a range of tools to assign them funfeatureslike digging in walls, climbing, parachuting, etc.Leadyour fineteam with a master hand to unlock a lot of levelscompletely crazyand fun.With a simple interface, original andhumorous, you willnecessarily have a good time.Each level has beencarefully drawn byhand for the happiness of the eyes. Are youready to take in handthe sad fate of these helpless littlecreatures?
Paperama 1.5.7
Enter a beautiful Origami world and bring it to life!**Introducinganew and unique puzzle adventure**- Fold the paper sheets tocreateorigami figures- work as accurate as possible to fit theform- Don'tuse too many folds!-> Enjoy how a wonderful origamiworld comesto lifeFeatures:- Amazing 3D folding effect- LovelySoundtrack -More than 70 puzzles - Smart Hint System- GameServices Support
2048 Plus 3.0
Aleaf Games
In 2048 Plus Puzzle you can play different board sizesincludingsmallest 3x3 and biggest 8x8 board sizes. Swipe 4directions (Left,Right, Up, Down) to move tiles and merge numbers.Try to reach the2048 tile by joining the numbers. Start with 2 thenreach4->16->64->512->1024->2048. You can continue toplayafter reaching the number 2048. - Night and Day mode -Differentboard options: Tiny (3x3), classic (4x4), big (5x5),bigger (6x6)and huge (8x8) - Leaderboard for each board size - Highscore foreach board size - Use any part of the screen for swipe -Classicand modern design - Relaxing game sound - Removing Adsoption -Share with friends and family
Open 100 Doors - Puzzle
You like interesting logic tasks, rather than template puzzles,thenyou're in the right place. Open 100 Doors - a free collectionof newamazing and fun puzzles that will boost your mood! Composemusic,find objects, dress this penguin, finally! ⛄ Who knows whatisbehind the next door? Continuation of the famous series ofpuzzles -100 Doors Seasons, more than 10 Million downloads inGoogle Play.All the same difficult and exciting brainteaser, butin a cozyatmosphere and bright colors of the holiday. This gamewas createdin the best style of genres: «Escape» and «100 Doors»,it puzzle forkids and adults! Think for yourself and play withfriends to solvepuzzles and open all 100 Doors. Escape the room!Like challenge! Itis more challenging than it looks! GAMEFEATURES: - Puzzle Games -Thought-provoking fun - Find items -Find hidden objects - New YearPuzzles - set the mood forChristmas! - Tips to beginners for getescape - Every new room hasamazing and fun game graphics - Use allfeatures of your device -shake, rotate it! - Ability to skipdifficult rooms - ChallengingPuzzles for kids and for adults, forfamily - Family games - Thegame is absolutely Free. Yes, it's alllevels! - Offline games -Without Internet and without WiFi Bonbeart- we make interestinggames!_____________________________________________ Couldn't solvethepuzzle? - GET HINT FOR ESCAPE! • •VKontakte: • • Are you ready to Open100Doors? Solve all the Puzzles! 🎉
Hidden Secrets Free 1.27
The answer to each puzzle is a simple phrase in English, justinsertit to advance to the next puzzle. This phrase usually"makessense".Research can be essential to solve some puzzles, feelfreeto look up information and use third-party software. Good luckinyour challenge.This is the free version of HiddenSecrets,sometimes ads will be displayed. Buy the paid version toremove theads and support the developer.
Word Finder - Word Connect Games 1.3.6
Magic Arts
Do you love word connect & word link game? Do you enjoyplayingword search & word puzzle games for FREE ? ★★★ JOIN USNOW!PLAY the most ADDICTIVE cross word game for FREE ★★★ WordFinder-Word Connect is the top-rated most popular word connect,crossword and word link puzzles game. This word puzzle games areplayedby millions of word connect & cross word lovers. 1000+wordlink and cross word games are ADDICTIVE and FUN! Enjoy thisamazingcross word & words connect games, Word Finder -WordConnectGames. You will LOVE it! As a cross word, word link, wordsearchand word connect game, Word Finder - Word Connect Games,isabsolutely the best time killer and cross word gameswithincredibly addictive word connect, word link and wordsearchfeatures! Word Finder: Word Connect Game Main Features: ➤Easy toplay: Word link and word search difficulty will increasealong withlevels. ➤ 1000+ levels: Word Connect spelling games andbrain gamesis exciting and challenging ➤ Share word link: Enjoy ourwordconnect & word search games with friends and family! ➤FREEword link games: Exciting daily word search & word boundgamechallenge! ➤ Play word games offline: Play word connect &wordlink anytime & anywhere. ➤ Saved word levels: Same levelWordconnect games can be played again! ➤ Beautiful UIdesign:thoughtful word letters & word search design in WordFinder -Word Connect. ➤ Unlimited FREE word finder hints: Endlessfreehints in Word Finder - Word Connect Game! ➤ Special wordgames:Many special word link and cross word for bonus and earnmorecoins! Perfect word game for word link & cross word lover!WordFinder - Word Connect is the most popular word search, wordlinkand cross word game among all brain games. JOIN our WordFinder,cross word & word connect game, become a word finder andwordconnect game pro! There are many word search & word linkbraingames out there, but our word connect & cross word braingamesare simple and fun. Since word games in Word Finder -WordConnectGame covers different levels, our cross word, word searchand wordconnect game is suitable for everyone. Word Finder, wordconnect& word link game is easy-to-play word link & crosswordgames. Just simply swipe the word letters and combine themintodifferent word link! The word connect game process isextremelysatisfying. You can get rewards in word link once you makecorrectword connect, word search or word link! How to play WordFinder -Word Connect Games: • In Word Finder, you can link wordsvertical,horizontal, diagonal and even backward. Word link is soeasy now! •Simply swipe your finger over letters to form hiddenword link& word bound • If it’s correct, the cross word willshow up onthe top. If not, you can redo the word search • Fill inevery blockwith cross word, you can earn coins when you accomplishthe wordlink & cross word level • Get hints in difficult wordconnectgames! Finish all the cross word & word connect easily!WordFinder - Word Connect Games is a new way to play word bound,wordlink and word connect game. Enjoy playing our Wordgrams:wordsearch & word link game. Word connect and cross word are agoodword game for both adult and kids, share word search, word linkandword connect games to your close one! Words puzzle gamewillsurprise you! As kid, they can enjoy word games and practicewordspelling skill. As adult, word connect & word link game isfunand relax. Word link and word connect games help yourliteracy;cross word & word link brain games improve yourmemory; Wordlink games release your inner self and kill your boringtime. Wordconnect & word link game contains good balance ofboth fun anddifficulty. Link word and spelling word is so easy nowwith WordFinder - Word Connect Game! ENJOY Word finder – WordConnect gamefor FREE! Have a great time playing our most loved wordgames -Word Finder – Word Connect Game!
Mile Tamás
Starcle is a unique puzzle game never seen before. It seems tobeeasy on the first glance but be warned, it's one of thehardestpuzzle games of all times. No jokes. Are you up to thechallenge?Feature overview: » Metallic machine style design, musicandeffects to set a real hardcore mood » 240 levels to keep youinthis mood for a long-long time... » Smart handling made simple–play with one finger or touch continuously with more »Languageindependent – no need for text, just play Let us knowyourthoughts!
Dash 1.2.1
Dash - is a minimalistic puzzle game with an unusual design andverydifficult exciting levels, so not everyone can manage tofinishthem.
TENS! 1.8.1
Kwalee Ltd
TENS! is an addictive and fun combination of Sudoku-stylenumberpuzzle and the block-dropping games you know and love. Dragdiceonto the board, total 10 in any row or column, score pointsforyour TENS! and play to your heart's content! Play endless modetorack-up your high-score, or take on TENS! Adventure to growyourskills over a huge range of dynamic puzzles! Now globallylaunchedwith a huge supply of collectible dice skins, hundreds ofAdventurelevels and social rankings! TENS! Features: • Inventivenew take onthe puzzle genre - addictive, satisfying gameplay! •Take on TENS!Adventure to play clever, unique puzzles and progressthrough thelevels! • See how your endless score ranks against yourfriendswith social leaderboards! • Extra features such as diceskins andthe super-tricky expert mode! • Add dice skins to yourcollectionby completing challenges!
Picross Fairytale - Nonograms 7.36
Have you ever dreamt about being in a fairytale and feeling likeoneof the characters?! Open your eyes, now it’s possible withPicrossFairytale: Red Riding Hood secret! Embark on a new quest tohelpLittle Red Ridinghood and the Lumber jack solve the mysteryofgirl's parents' disappearance, go through hunger games and undoanevil curse of Luna. Visit 5 different worlds on your journeytosouth pole. Picros as well as Cross Stitch and pixel arthelppractice concentration, and also have a great time!PicrosFairytale: Little Red Riding Hood secret is an exciting gameofskill for people who love different types of brain teasersandfairy tales. When one of our Japanese crosswords iscompletedhorizontal and vertical lines will be lit by bright colorsand putson quite a show. Dive in to the magical world offairytalecharacters, rising their stories and see them from a wholenewperspective. You need just to click on “PLAY” and crossfingers.Crossy move the nonogramme in a battle for saving thegirl'sparents release the slave and unravel the griddler of RedRidingHood. Top-notch, premium graphics and 200 unbroken anddiverselevels of varying difficulty. Each level undergoes arigidproofreading. Take a stroll down memory lane with 5x5,10x10through 30x30 nonogramas with a delightful musical score. Ifyouare two, twenty or 45 and you are already tired of the bustleandwanted to go out of this world and needed a relaxer it's timetoonline therapy and to play calm games for anxiety. You expectbigbeautiful logic puzzles, switch games and griddlers.Japanesepuzzles is kind of anxiety games, cross latters and stitchgame –cross it. Japanese puzzle like a blendoku and color bynumberprovide you a logic puzzle and jcross to brain degradation.It'ssuch a brainwell for you, mind blown, such a national lotteryforyour brain. If you also enjoy a cross latter, lotto and mathlogicpuzzles it's a game for you. Euromollions of people lovethecrossword clue. They as a lottery results to play withexcitementin this game. In what number games do you play? Find ahidden colorboxes, twist color by number, color dot, color crossthe door,cloud numbers and achieve color zen. If you are caught byshadylogic problems in the real world simply play dot puzzle,piscart,sandbox, No.Draw, finger arts sudoku, squarespace,nonograms,crossme uvm. This is a magic and radiant game! You canpronouncespells such as aa plus, mileage plus, grid cat, types ofqueue andbinary - puzzle game Picross Fairytale: Red Riding Hoodsecret'llappear. Explore different worlds to find out: who are theGreyAvengers? Where did Little Red Ridinghood’s family disappearto?What a distress happened to the three little pigs: Bart, OleyandLucy? Why is there an yellow alarm in the lock? Where didthemermaid tears? Where the sardines hid? And who’s lurking behindallthis? Who will win and arrange a spanking in the finally?Fingerscrossed and start playing! Hurry up! The sun is at itszenith, andyour intricate adventure begins. - Endearing japanesegraphiccrosswords for monster sudoku! - Dots puzzle that come alivewithlight once they’re solved! - 5 different worlds and200unforgettable levels! - great practice for your logicalandabstract thought processes. - incredible characters andtheirstories! - simple interface, color dots and stone,excitinggameplay! - unique treasures and quaint achievements! -mini-gamesand dialogues that’ll keep you wanting more! - over 15rewards andtrophies for extra quests in a black box! - stunningillustrationsand wonderful music! - more than 30 hours of excitinggameplay! -the best way to have fun and expand your brain!
Enjoy 3D fun with CUBIC MAZES!Shift across faces and aim forthegoal!Cubic maze faces shift as you walk the stairs!Move ontosidesto discover new passages!With your stereognostic sense, joinCOZMO-a puzzle-loving peculiar alien- in a blitz through starofmazes![Game Features]- Simple game steps / rules foreveryone-Enchanting visuals with relaxing ambience- Over 40exciting stages(and more in future updates!)- Shows hints when youare lost- Adremoval with an upgrade
Sudoku 3.24
Have fun and exercise your mind at the same time with Sudoku!Enjoyclassic Sudoku with useful new features. With helpful toolsand 4difficulty levels, this is sure to become your favorite newpasstime. Sudoku Features: - Four difficulties (easy, medium, hard,andexpert) - Notes - Hint - Highlight incorrect values andduplicates- Automatically reveal potential notes - PlayerStatistics -Leaderboard and Achievements The objective is simple,fill the 9×9grid with digits so that each column, row, and the nine3×3sub-grids contain every digit from 1 to 9. Sudoku is also knownas数独. Download this Sudoku app and play today for mindchallengingfun! Download for free. Exercise your mind and have funat the sametime! High-Quality Puzzles.
Find 5 differences! 1.3
Find five differences between two pics! Hundreds of levels foryouto solve. Simple, fun and addictive gameplay. Play for free nowandspot the hidden objects!
Sudoku 1.1.18
Minimalistic, Small, Offline, Addictive puzzle. SudokubyHumbleLogicGamesSudoku (originally called Number Place) isalogic-based, combinatorial number-placement puzzle.With ourSudokuapp, you’ll have access to the world’s most friendly andcompletemobile Sudoku learning system.FEATURES:• 5 differentdifficultiesselected has a unique solution > Picnic, Easy,Medium, Hard,Expert(Insane)• Intelligent Hint system that you canlearn skillsfrom• Unlimited undo/redo• Phones and tablets support•Online oroffline • Small APK size• Automatic Save and Resume•CompletelyFREENOTES• This app contains banner, interstitialads.E-MAIL•[email protected]
Find the Difference 200 lvls 1.0.1
Krypton Games
Find 10 differences between two HD pictures with no timelimit.Findthe Difference is a FREE Puzzle game.200 levels.No timelimitHDpictures.1 hints at the end of each level.Zoompictures.Horizontaland vertical position of the screen.At eachlevel try to findhidden magnifying glass to increase the number ofhints.You mayskip any level.Enjoy Find the Difference puzzle game!
Maze Amazing 1.0.1
Find the only way out in tons of mazes! Classic maze puzzle gametopast time! FEATURES • Offline play with no wifi • OPTIMIZEDforANDROID & GOOGLE PLAY GAMES - Designed for tablets&phones. - Support both ARM & x86 DEVICES. NOTES • Thisapprequires following permissions. - Modify or delete the contentsofyour SD card & Read the contents of your SD card - Fullnetworkaccess Google Play billing service - receive data frominternet -view network connections - view Wi-Fi connections. -Prevent tabletfrom sleeping E-MAIL • [email protected] Like uson FACEBOOK • Maze aMazing!
Vistalgy Cubes 6.0.5
More than 30 different twisty puzzles types: 🔥 Classic CubeandPyramid 🔥 Square-1, Square-2, Square-3, and Square-4. 🔥MirrorCube, Ghost Cube 🔥 Mirror Dodecahedron, Ghost DodecahedronTocontrol puzzle: touch-and-drag on puzzle. To rotate:touch-and-dragoutside the puzzle. To zoom in/out: 2-fingers scale.
Merge Hexa Puzzle 2.1.2
Bug Box Games
Come with us and play Merge Hexa Puzzle a version PuzzleSimple,Fun, Easy to play and super smooth. Just play when you havefreetime !!! How to play - Drop bumber into cells. - Merge them tomakehigh number - Get Bomb with merge number 7 - And enjoy it tomakebest score
Sudoku World 1.3.8
The objective of this game is to fill a 9×9 grid with digits sothateach column, each row, and each of the nine 3×3 subgridsthatcompose the grid contains all of the digits from 1 to 9.[GameFeatures] - 4 types of difficulty, a total of 8000 stages -Checkout your skills in Challenge Mode!(random issue, TimeAttack,maximum difficulty, without a hint) - Provides ahighlightingfeature for user convenience. - Provides a playing datasave andload. - Supports Achievements and Leaderboards. - Supportstabletdevices. - Supports Multiplayer.Homepage: YouTube:
Pharaoh Match 3 1.1
Panda Box
pharaoh match 3Pharaoh adventure journey is waiting foryouPharaohMatch 3 is a match 3 puzzle game in the ancient Egyptjewel world,and is one of the best and most popular egypt games. Anadventurewith jewels and gems!- mysterious Egypt world, hundredsofwell-designed free levels!- multiple goals, move mode, timemode,collect mode.- easy and fun to start but a challenge tofullymaster.- stunning graphics with a highly polishedinterface.-mysterious ancient Egyptian music, let you fullyappreciate themystery of ancient Egyptian.
Our Last Journey 1.1.3
Amateral Inc.
An elderly woman who lost her beloved husband pursues him andgetslost in between this world and the next.- 45 handcraftedlevelswith a variety of obstacles and gimmicks- Dreamlike,minimalist 3Dgraphics- Tactile puzzles with intuitive controls thatanyone canenjoy- Movielike soundscape that adds to the game'simmersion (Werecommend using headphones for the best experience)**Our LastJourney is a recent 3D game which requires a device withrecentprocessing capabilities.
Super Rummy 2.1.4
Come on! Who doesn't get bored anytime? On the way ,at work,atschool or at home ...Relaxing ,using life,not wasting time...Ifyouseek for these ,the enjoyable world of tiles Mini Rummi isexactlyfor you.Super Rummy is a puzzle game that cater to everyonefor allages ,have rich entertainment ,can be understand easily andyou canalso spend enjoyable times while playing this game.SuperRummy is atotally free game.•You can compare your total score andyour bestscore with your friends connecting by Facebook, GameCenter ,Playstore •At the end of game you can share your scoreboard with yourfriends at any platform you want.If you think thatorganizing andclassifying is my job, this rich entertaining game iswaiting foryou.