Top 27 Apps Similar to Thunes vei 2

NFHS Rules 3.7.2
How well do you know the NFHS rules for high school sports?Usingthe NFHS Rules app you will be able to find out! “NFHSRules”allows official NFHS rule questions to be sent directly toyourmobile device allowing you to challenge your rule knowledgeandkeep you aware of different situations for your chosen sports.Forthe sports that you subscribe to, it not only allows you accesstothe NFHS Rules but you can also gain the valuable knowledgefoundin the Case Books of your sports. “NFHS Rules” app containsall theinformation found in the printed copy, but adds the keyadvantagesof not only portability but the digital format alsoallows quickand easy searches to be performed.
ProCall Mobile 7.2.00 (21060101)
ProCall Mobile is a native smartphone and tablet app withselectedUnified Communications and CTI functions. To use the app,you needa working installation of ProCall Enterprise in which youhave beenactivated as a user. With ProCall Mobile, the native appfor iPad,iPhone and Android, users can easily access selected andprovenunified communications and CTI functions from thebestsellingProCall Enterprise. Important data on business contactsandinformation on the availability of colleagues enablesefficientcommunication at all times, even when on the move.Features such asvideo chat or the integration of softphonefunctions (SIP)significantly upgrade the app. An Overview of theMost ImportantFeatures - Use the office phone on the move - Fastaccess tobusiness contacts and all communication functions - Seethe lastcontacts quickly at a glance - Chat for fast and secureexchange ofmessages - Integration of common CRM, ERP and industrysoftware.Relevant information immediately available for up-to-datecontactdata - Personal communication with audio/video chat -Instantmessaging and presence management, also for externalbusinesspartners through federation - Always be efficientlyorganized witha personal call journal During the first 45 days youcan test thesoftware without restrictions.
Protegus 1.33
EVERY alarm system can be smart! With PROTEGUS you will alwaysknowwhat is happening at your home or office withreal-timenotifications and remote control. PROTEGUS platform offersyou aneasy way to control any existing or new alarm systemfromsmartphone or using WEB. Get control of your alarm system!Savemoney and time, no need to change existing alarm system,onlyupgrade it. Any alarm system + TRIKDIS communicator WithPROTEGUSyou can: • Monitor your security system • Arm or disarm thesystemremotely • Be informed about each event with pushnotifications •Take action if alarm occurs • Control automationdevices remotely(open gates, turn on/off heating and etc.) Pleasefind more ----------------- Some technicaldetails forinstallers: TRIKDIS communicators that work withPROTEGUS app arecompatible with any alarm panel. Communicators aredirectlycompatible with Paradox, DSC, Interlogix (Caddx) andTexecom panelsby connecting to panel's serial or data port. Theywork with anyother alarm panel by connecting to alarm controlpanels landlinecommunicator (TIP RING contacts). We display ContactID events in avisual and user friendly way. With such panels remoteArm/Disarm isdone via keyswitch zone. Here are some videos on howto connect aTRIKDIS communicator to most popular panels: G16 withDSCPowerSeries panel: G16T withDSCPowerSeries Neo panel: G16withParadox panel: (Spectra,Magellan,Digiplex or Esprit) G16 with GE Interlogix (Caddx) NetworXNXpanel: Please find more detailsandinstallation manuals in
MyNCU Mobile
With the MyNCU Mobile Banking app use theQuickBalance feature to quickly scan your balance andtransactionswithout logging in. Use Popmoney to send money to justabout anyonewith a mobile number or email address. Log in usingbiometricsecurity with your eyes and Eyeprint ID ™. Securelytransfer moneybetween your Neighborhood Credit Union accounts,deposit checks,pay bills, view and activate your cash back offers,find one of ourlocal branches, and locate one of over 55,000 ATMsin our Allpointsurcharge-free network. And when your phone languageis set toSpanish, our MyNCU mobile app is in Spanish too. It'sbanking fromthe palm of your hand. Anytime. Anywhere.To learn how we protect your privacy, pleasevisit
RT310i 2.1.6
The RT310i has some great features. • Receive Geo-Locationalertswhen you are a set distance from your home, reminding you tosetholiday mode or asking if you would like to turn your heating onsothat you return to a warm home. • Suitable for Heating orCoolingapplications. • Manual mode, allows you to use thethermostatwithout schedules by just setting the temperature yourequire. •Easy to follow walk through tutorial on how to use theapp.
simPRO Connect
simPRO Connect is the field extension ofsimPROService and Enterprise. Staff in the field retrieve andupdate jobtimes, materials, details, and even take payments onsite in realtime, enabling seamless data communication with theoffice.simPRO Software develops business management cloud solutionsforthe trade services industry.
Rosy Salon Software 1.5.0
Get Rosy - the go-to add-on app to help manage your entire salonandspa. It’s ideal for those who prefer locally installed accesstotheir web-based Rosy account. Whether you’re a single chairboothrenter or a commission salon with twenty+ stylists, RosySalonSoftware will help you manage all of your AppointmentScheduling,Point of Sale, Client Profiles, and much more. Also,with RosyPayintegrated credit card processing, you can acceptpayments on yourmobile device using a swiper. NOT YET A CUSTOMEROF ROSY? Head overto and sign uptoday for a free30-day trial. No credit card to try this industryfavorite on forsize.
LINK Bolloré Logistics 4.2.2
Manage your orders, transport requestandshipments in real-time, from anywhere, at any time. EnhanceyourLINK experience by taking pictures of your freight, enablingtheautomatic GPS localization, and using the integrated certifiedC02calculator, all within the app. BOLLORE LOGISTICS uses the powerofmobility to instantly connect all players in your supplychain.LINK gives you the ability to work on your mobile device inthelanguage of your choice and to get alerts and notifications foramore responsive supply chain experience. Scan a BOLLORELOGISTICSdocument and instantly confirm pick up or delivery andifnecessary, declare any non-conformity and attach photos takenwithyour device.Let’s stay in contact! Locate your nearest BOLLORE LOGISTICSbranch,access our latest news and our expert views on logisticsissuesthrough "LIVE" insights.Whether you are a client or a partner, download LINK and joinourcommunity dedicated to a better supply chain.TRACK AND MANAGE SHIPMENTS* Track any order, transport request or shipment in real-time;enjoyhigh-level visibility with a dynamic timeline; and getnotifieddirectly on your mobile when requested.* Access your shipment details directly by scanning the QR codeonour documents, or use Smart Search and your references suchaspurchase order or Invoice #, AWB/BL, House Bill orBOLLORELOGISTICS Tracking #* Share detailed order, transport request and shipmentinformation(origin, destination, mode of transport, events,packaging details,carrier and other parties involved) by emailConnect with your LINK account to ENJOY ADVANCED FEATURES:* Update status, declare non-conformity and add pictures* Accept delivery and sign the proof of delivery (POD) directlyonyour device’s screen* Use your predefined queries or your own tracking reference tofindand view your shipments* Stay up-to-date with your preferred shipments and getreal-timenotifications on your mobile device* Don’t be limited by your mobile network coverage; manageyourshipment off-line, data is being synchronized as soon as youareback on-linePARTNERS AND CARRIERSLINK facilitates your collaboration with BOLLORE LOGISTICS withnospecial equipment needed! A smartphone will do it.* Manage your tasks and communicate with your BOLLORELOGISTICScounterpart in real-time* Accept (or decline) additional on-the-go tasks* Save time during your delivery run using “click to call”(directcall to shipper or recipient) or “click to address” (GPSguidanceto your destination)* Declare pick up or delivery (Geocoded and timestamped) andhavethe recipient sign directly on your device’s screen* Declare discrepancies and upload pictures* Manage your quality of service with BOLLORE LOGISTICSDon’t have a LINK account yet? It’s quick and easy toregisterusing the built-in mobile form, or register on-line andrequestyour access codes athttps://link.bollore-logistics.comBOLLORE LOGISTICS NEWS, FLASH UPDATES, SOCIAL NETWORKS* Access the latest BOLLORE LOGISTICS news and share viaEmail,Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+* Discover the SAVE PROGRAM, the BOLLORE LOGISTICS’senvironmentalsolution* Enjoy LIVE insightsFIND US* Search our BOLLORE LOGISTICS branches by continent/country* Locate BOLLORE LOGISTICS branches near you andgetdirections* Save BOLLORE LOGISTICS branches’ contact information inyourcontact list
HKC SecureComm
HKC Security Ltd.
The HKC App, will allow end users to remotely control theirsecuritysystem. The App offers easy set & unset commands,pushnotification (with audible annunciation), fully functionalkeypad,log interrogation and, depending on your system controlpanel,output switching. Note: In order to use this App you musthave aHKC alarm system that is setup with an account with theHKCSecureComm cloud service.
Hyke 1.17.0
Hyke is an innovative digital distribution platform built forthebusiness landscape of tomorrow. Offering a wide selectionofleading brands and products from multiple suppliers foryourbusiness needs. Order anytime, anywhere with real-time updatesofprices, bundles and exclusive offers & promotionsenablingcomparison, choice, and guaranteed delivery. · Find theproductsyou need with advanced search, dynamic filters, and easynavigation· Express delivery! In as fast as an hour · Convenientchoice ofpayment options: use cash on delivery, credit and buy now& paylater · Track your orders, manage your credit, payments,invoicesand more · Earn loyalty points for your purchases that canberedeemed as a direct transfer to your bank account · Getnotifiedabout sales and promotions through in-app alerts
Zigma 1.7.3
Zigma connects various devices in the home through IoTtechnology,providing home appliance control, lighting control,telephoneremote control, indoor and outdoor remote control, burglaralarm,environmental monitoring, HVAC control, infrared forwardingandprogrammable timing control. Functions and means. Comparedwithordinary homes, Zigma not only has traditionalresidentialfunctions, but also has building, networkcommunication,information appliances, equipment automation,providing a fullrange of information interaction functions, andeven saving moneyfor various energy costs.
County Federal Mobile Banking 19.2.0
The County Federal Mobile Banking App lets you securelymanageyouraccounts virtually anytime, anywhere. Check youraccountactivityand balances, pay bills, transfer funds, set upalertnotifications– and much more. • Fast Balances: Quickly reviewkeyaccountinformation – without having to login every time •MobileCheckDeposit: Quickly and easily deposit checks by justtaking aphoto •Account Information: View statements, check balancesandrecentactivity • Transfer Funds and Pay Bills: Set up onetimeorrecurring transfers or bill payments • Card Manager:Turnoff/onyour County Federal debit or credit cards • Open anAccount:Open anew account or apply for an auto or mortgage loanright fromtheapp • Fingerprint Login: Enable for a fast and safeway to logintoyour account • ATM Finder: Find the nearest CountyFederal orCO-OPsurcharge-free ATMs
Frontpoint 4.15.8
For Frontpoint customers, staying connected to your home hasneverbeen easier. Frontpoint’s app keeps you in touch and incontrol ofyour Frontpoint system from anywhere using yoursmartphone ortablet. Monitoring your home from anywhere is as easyas sendingand receiving messages. You’ll get the simplicity andsecurity thatFrontpoint is known for, at your fingertips and on thego. Note:This app requires a Frontpoint system and service plan.Featureavailability varies based on system, equipment, and serviceplan.Visit for more information. Withourmobile app, you can: • Easily arm and disarm your systemfromanywhere • Receive real-time email, text or push notificationsforevents that you select • View live or recorded video •Controllights, locks and thermostats • And much more!
Washington, D.C. Travel Guide 1.0.14
100% Free travel guide. More than 14 languagessupported.Tripplanner with best activities and top rating toursoffered foryouto book instantly. Daily itineraries. Day walkingtours.CitySightseeing. Hop-On Hop-Off tours and many more. Streetandpublictransportation maps. Subway, Metro, Trains. Startplanningyourprefect trip to Washington, D.C.. Top attractionsincluding:✓United States Capitol ✓ Capitol Hill ✓ White House✓LincolnMemorial ✓ Washington Monument ✓ National Air andSpaceMuseum ✓National Gallery of Art ✓ National Museum ofAmericanHistory ✓National Museum of Natural History ✓ National Mall✓NationalZoological Park ✓ Jefferson Memorial ✓ Newseum✓WashingtonNational Cathedral ✓ International Spy MuseumWashington,D.C.Travel Guide is the perfect companion to your trip.Discoverittoday for free.
Relay by Republic 1.30.3-1
Talk, track and protect. The Relay app keeps you connected toallyour Relay devices. GPS See real-time location and locationhistoryfrom the Relay smartphone app. GEOFENCING Set up safe zoneson thesmartphone app and get notified when your Relay enters andleaves.SOS Receive emergency alerts on your phone immediatelyimmediatelywhen they are sent from one of your devices.PUSH-TO-TALK Push toinstantly talk with your Relay. TALK ANYWHERETalk across thestreet or across the country. MISS A MESSAGE? Missedmessages arestored and available for playback on the Relay deviceandsmartphone app. MULTIPLE USERS Account owners can add friendsandfamily members to their account to communicate with theirRelaydevice. PLUS.... Access other great features like: do notdisturbmode, summon mode, and message transcription.
Aruba Health App 2.0.3
While traveling you want to be well-informed, that's whyAruba'sDepartment of Public Health (DVG) has created the officialArubaHealth App. Use the app to show proof of negative Covid-19testupon arrival, to get your Covid-19 tests and to check outlocationsthat meet the requirements of the Health and Happinesscode
Neato Robotics 1.10.1
Robot vacuuming just got easier. Pair theNeatoapp with any of Neato’s Botvac Connected Series Wi-Fi enabledrobotsand manage your home vacuuming from anywhere, anytime.• Start, pause, or stop the robot from the palm of your handwhetheryou are home or not.• Get notifications about the status of your robot.• Set up a regular schedule for daily vacuuming of an entirelevelof your home.• Spot clean feature for cleaning a specific area.• Have more than one Neato Connected robot? No problem.Managemultiple robots from your Neato account.• Multiple devices? Also no problem. Run the Neato app onmultipledevices in a household. Just download the Neato app tootherdevices and sign in to your Neato account.• Got an Android Wear? See your robots, start/stop cleaning, andgetnotifications on your robot status.• Context sensitive help for instant access to information tokeepyour robot at peak performance.Additional features are available for specific models ofBotvacConnected robots.Botvac Connected only:- Cleaning Summary with Coverage Map showing where your Neatorobotcleaned (with Robot Software 2.2.0 upgrade)- Eco/Turbo cleaning modes- Manual Drive to directly control your robot via theNeatoappBotvac Connected and Botvac D5 Connected:- Cleaning History chart- Spot Cleaning advanced settings: large spot and double passBotvac D5 Connected only:- Find Me feature to locate your robotBotvac D5 Connected and Botvac D3 Connected:- Extra Care navigationTap an app instead of pushing a vacuum.™ Neato.NOTE:Please make sure you have the following to use NeatoBotvacConnected with the Neato app:• Wi-Fi with 2.4 GHZ band and WPA or WPA2 encryption support• The Neato app will not work with prior Neato robots that arenotWi-Fi enabled (Neato XV Series, Botvac Series, or D Seriesrobots.)Only compatible with Neato Botvac Connected, Neato BotvacD3Connected, and Neato Botvac D5 Connected.About Neato RoboticsNeato Robotics creates home robots that make your life easierbytaking care of chores like vacuuming.Our smart, powerful robots use sophisticated laser mappingandnavigation to scan your room, choose the best, methodical path,andautomatically vacuum dirt, dust, debris, and pet hair to leaveyourfloors neat and clean. 1.9.2
Ridango AS is the only mobile application which allows user to buybustickets in various Estonian cities and long distance buses.With ourmobile app you can: * Pay with credit card. * Buypublictransportation tickets in Tallinn. Buy a QR-ticket that canbe usedwith your smartphone! * Buy bus tickets in Tartu. * Buytickets forlong distance buses (ie. Tallinn - Pärnu). * Buy bustickets toyour travelcard or to your e-mail. Ticket fee will beadded to yourmonthly phone bill. * Timetables - search for busdepartures. * Addyour favorite stop or route to favorites for quickaccess. * Seeoverview of your active tickets and travel cards. Incase ofquestions or feedback do not hesitate to contact Mobile application is developed by AS
eFamilyCloud 1.1.8
Dear customer Thank you very much for choosing our intelligentlightcontrol app – eFamilyCloud. The Smart lighting handled withthe mostsophisticated production and adopted with our years ofdevelopmentexperiences. The lighting system has no flash frequencybrightnessadjustment, 16 million color switching, timer andmultiple color andprofile option. All the functions above can becontrolled by thisApp in your Smartphone, no matter where you are.Our product willmake your life more easier and comfortable. Pleaseknow you willneed to use android.permission. when you phone numberreceive amessage verification code after register . In order tomake the bestexperience with our product and services, please doread this Appmanual carefully.
Lensun Customizpro 2 7.0
Lensun CustomizPro Machine Advantages: * Customize screenprotectorup to 4000+ model mobile phones. New templates will beupdated inthe database anytime if needed, also you can propose anydevicewith flat screen or curved screen. * Premium qualitySelf-restoreExplosion-proof full screen protector. * Live cuttingin front ofcustomers * Easy to log in Lensun designed APP bysmartphone, scanAnti-counterfeiting code and find the template.
Purdue Federal Digital Banking 2.0.3
Maintain control of your finances with ease and securitythroughthePurdue Federal Credit Union Mobile Banking App.1 Manageyourcreditunion accounts and finances: • Access accountbalancesandtransaction activity for checking, savings, credit card,autoloan,home loan and other member accounts • Transfer fundsbetweenPurdueFederal Credit Union accounts • Open a new checkingandsavingsaccount, or apply for a new loan • Schedule and editbillpayments2• Instantly deposit checks with your mobile device3•Easily viewdocuments for all accounts Stay secure: • Notify usoflost orstolen debit and credit cards to prevent account fraud•Updateuser profile, contact information, username and password•Sign inusing fingerprint or facial recognition insteadofenteringusername and password • Set travel notificationsforeligible debitand credit cards • Program text alerts forvariousaccountinformation4 My Member Perks and Cash Rewards: •Staycurrent on MyMember Perks status and perk points • Instantlyredeemrewardspoints through Purdue Federal Cash Rewards Contact us:•Send andreceive direct messages to and from Purdue FederalCreditUnion •Quickly locate a Purdue Federal Credit Union branch orATM,as wellas one of our 5,600+ nationwide shared branchesand30,000+nationwide shared ATMs5 Purdue Federal Credit Uniongreatlyvaluesyour membership and is proud to serve as yourtrustedfinancialpartner for life. 1 - Member must be enrolled inPurdueFederalOnline Banking. Some features are available foreligiblemembersand accounts only. 2 - Member must be currentlyenrolled inPay aBill to use the bill pay features. 3 - Mobilecheckdepositssubject to verification and may not be availableforimmediatewithdrawal. 4 - There is no charge from PurdueFederal,but messageand data rates may apply. Such charges includethosefrom yourcommunications service provider. 5 - Claim based onCO-OPATMNetwork website comparisons as of Oct. 1, 2018. Numberofsharedbranches and ATM locations subject to change. Seein-appDigitalBanking Services Agreement for full details.
MyTeleMed 4.11
TeleMed, Inc.
The MyTeleMed Android app allows doctors to securely managetheirimportant medical messages with HIPAA Compliance by protectinganyPersonal Health Information (PHI). How does it work? Patientscallyour dedicated number that reaches TeleMed answering servicewhichis available 24/7/365. Doctors are notified by receivingmessagesin the app. Doctors can also contact customer servicedirectlythrough the app via phone and e-mail. Doctors that usetheMyTeleMed app receive push notifications that notify them of anewpatient message. The doctor can click on the notification andopenthe patient messages within the MyTeleMed app. The messagewillcontain the severity of the message, message details, and callbackinformation. Doctor’s comments and callbacks on messages areloggedwith the time and duration of the call and even provide anoptionto record the call. For an extra layer of messagedeliveryassurance, TeleMed creates a customized escalationprocedure thatrepeats messages or calls you within timelines youset. If youcannot be reached, the call is escalated to others peryourinstructions. You can manage your escalation procedures throughourwebsite or by contacting a TeleMed service representative byphone.In addition to unquestionable HIPAA compliance some oftheMyTeleMed app’s benefits include: • Messages reside on a webbasedserver, accessed by your phone by distinct user name andpasswordprotection. Text messages reside on your phone - Mobiletheft is aleading cause of HIPAA breaches. • Complete DocumentationFromMessage Origination To Call Back. • Custom escalation basedonmessage read or call back events. • Make and save comments onthemessages. • Customize your new message alert modes, includesbadgenotification of new, unread messages. • Your Office NumberShows OnThe Caller ID when making the call back. Don't worry abouthidingyour mobile number again. • Access Customer Service 24/7 withasimple link from within the app. Get Your Medical PracticeorHospital Started With the MyTeleMed App Today!