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TOEFL Preparation
English Study can help you learning english effectively.Throughthisapp you can:- Look up words with dictionary English English,EnglishVietnamese, English Indonesia- Test your knowledge aboutenglishwith many levels: A,B,C, TOEFL, TOEIC- Readingcomprehension- Lookup irregular verb- Learning grammar- Improveyour listening skillswith Streamline English- Learning your ownwords with Word Study-Support quick translate, just copy a wordand app will translate itfor youHope this app will helpful withyou.
Learn English Phrases | English Translator 14.0.1
Easily learn English phrases and words! Speak Englishwithconfidence! The “Learn English” app has many useful Englishphrasesand words (e.g., “Thank you!”, “How much?” or “A table fortwo,please!”). When you tap a phrase, the app speaks it aloud.There isno guessing as to how to pronounce the words. And if theapp istalking too quickly for you, simply tap the snail icon tohear thewords more slowly. Listen to pronunciation recorded bynativeEnglish speaker and then record and play back your own voicetopractice your English speaking skills! When traveling toforeigncountries, make sure you bring the app with you! Ideally youlistento a phrase and repeat it, but if your accent is terrible,you canplay the voice on the app to local people (e.g., a waiter orstoreclerk). Language barrier while travelling abroad will nolongerexist! FEATURES - Many useful English phrases & words-American & British English pronunciation recorded bynativespeaker - Voice recording & playback - No Internetconnectionrequired - Instant search by keywords - Customizable fontsizeABOUT Bravolol - Web site: -Facebook: -Twitter: -Instagram: -
com.tos.englishgrammarnet 2.0
Here we share one common goal: to learn and to teach perfectEnglishgrammar. This app is not your everyday grammar book. Herewe writewhat we learned ourselves, during extensive studies ofEnglishGrammar. Each of the topics is covered with ample real-lifeexamplesand easy-to-understand definitions. This app will not onlyhelp youwith learning basic grammar but will also help you withconfusingaspects of grammar, which is a pretty unique feature.Most grammarlearning platforms share knowledge on the basics only;while ourproject includes solutions to everyday issues that weface inEnglish grammar, and we enrich our app on a regular basis.If youstill don’t see the exact information you need, you may sendus arequest via our contact section, or wait until we add what youneed.Features: - Night mode reading. - Control on font size. -Easy touse the app. - A great number of examples for each topic. -Practicefor every topic (Online) - Study/Lessons Reminder Wedivided alltopics into three section such as beginner,intermediate andadvanced so that one can easily follow step bystep learning. :::Beginner :::::: - Word - Sentence - Parts ofSpeech - Noun - Pronoun- Adjective - Verb - Adverb - Preposition -Conjunction -Interjection - Articles - Tense - Number :::Intermediate :::::: -Phrases - Clauses - Conditionals - Article -Modifiers - Narration -Prefixes - Suffixes - Modal Auxiliaries -Subject-Verb Agreement -Right Forms of Verbs - Determiners & -Quantifiers ::: Advanced:::::: - Cases - Moods - Do-support -Negation & - DoubleNegative - Inversion - Use of Prepositions- Pronouns before theGerunds & Infinitives - Antecedents ofPronoun - Adjectivefollowed by the Infinitives - Causative Verbs -Verbs followed byGerunds - Verbs followed by Infinitives - Uses ofDirect &Indirect Object - Correct Use of "Sequence of Tense"in Writing -Affirmative & Negative Agreement - Comparatives -DanglingModifiers - Embedded Questions - Parallel Structure -Perfectives -Subjunctive - One VS You To get more topics anddiscussion, pleasevisit We expect a 5rating with a goodreview from you.
Parts of Speech English Grammar 2.0
Part of Speech English Grammar In this app you will geteverythingabout part of speech- ->Parts of Speech ->Noun->Pronoun->Adjective ->Verb ->Adverb->Prepositions->Conjunction ->Interjection GrammarLessons, Grammar Rules,with Explanation google playlink- Speech English Grammar In this app you will get everythingaboutpart of speech- -> Parts of Speech -> Noun ->Pronoun ->Adjective -> Verb -> Adverb -> Prepositions->Conjunction -> Interjection Grammar Lessons, GrammarRules, withExplanation google playlink-
Hindi Grammar (व्याकरण) HV1.8
यह App हिन्दी व्याकरण ज्ञान की प्रवेशिका है। आशा है कि पाठकगणइसकासमुचित लाभ उठा पायेंगे। यदि आप इस App मे कोई त्रुटि देखें तोहमेअवश्य लिखें ताकि भूल सुधार कर सके। This app is a door toHindiGrammar (Vayakaran) and contains many grammar Topics that youcanutilize. In this App we're going to look at Basic Grammar rulesinHindi. We hope you will like it. Hindi Grammar app will alsohelpyou in various Hindi exams. It will be also useful forpeoplesearching for government jobs or for are preparing for anyentranceexams. Topics Covered in this App ★ संज्ञा [Noun] ★सर्वनाम[Pronouns] ★ क्रिया [Verb] ★ काल [Tense] ★ कारक ★विशेषण[Adjective] ★ प्रविशेषण ★ वर्ण, उच्चारण और वर्तनी ★ लिंग,मुहावरेऔर लोकोक्ति ★ वाच्य ★ वचन ★ विराम-चिह्न ★ अव्यय ★ वाक्य ★संधि[Factors] ★ समास [The compound] ★ उपसर्ग और प्रत्यय ★पर्यायवाचीशब्द [Synonyms] ★ अनेक के एक शब्द ★ विलोम शब्द [Antonyms]★ हिंदीभाषा का संक्षिप्त इतिहास ★ निबन्ध – लेखन [Essay Writing] ★अलंकार ★छंद ★ रस ★ शब्द शक्ति ★ गुण ★ काव्य और काव्य भेद SomeFeatures ofThis App ★ Choose text size for better readability ★100% freeapplication ★ Beautiful user friendly UI ★ App can bemoved to SDcard ★ Completely Offline. No Internet connectionneeded, no extrafiles to download! Please take out a minute to Rateand Review ourapp.
com.tos.englishgrammar 2.0
ইংরেজি গ্রামার (English-Bangla) is a language learningapplicationthat provides a complete basic idea of grammaticalelements ofEnglish. The topics of the grammar are thoroughly listedin the appwhere you can easily find your desired topic. Basicallythis appprovides you with a complete grammar book. Reasons tochoose thisapplication: - Gives you a complete grammar knowledge. -Improvesunderstanding of English as a language. - Helpful foradmissiontest, job interviews etc. - Gives you an explanation oftheexamples. - Helpful for Bengali students of any class. For whom:-The Bengali who are eager to learn English and understandthestructures of this language. Features: - Eye-friendlyuserinterface. - A great number of examples for every topic. -Examplesare explained. - Night mood. - Topic searching options. Toget moretopics and discussion, please, give your valuable comments andrecommend any change youneed and don’t forget to give it a 5 star.English Grammar(English-Bangla) is a language learning applicationthat provides acomplete basic idea of ​​grammatical elements ofEnglish. Thetopics of the grammar are thoroughly listed in the appwhere youcan easily find your desired topic. Basically this appprovides youwith a complete grammar book. Reasons to choose thisapplication: - Gives you a complete grammar knowledge.  -Improvesunderstanding of English as a language.  - Helpfulforadmission test, job interviews etc.  - Gives youanexplanation of the examples.  - Helpful for Bengalistudentsof any class. For whom: - The Bengali who are eager tolearnEnglish and understand the structures of this language.Features: -Eye-friendly user interface. - A great number ofexamples for everytopic. - Examples are explained. - Night mood. -Topic searchingoptions. To get more topics and discussion, Please, give your valuable commentsandrecommend any change you need and do not forget to give it a5star.
com.tos.grammarhub 2.0
A-Z ইংরেজি গ্রামার (English Grammar) is an effort for learningandimproving grammar easily. We, the people of Bengali speaker,havebeen taught grammar in our schools and colleges, yet we failtointernalize the grammatical aspects of English properly, due tooursocio-cultural situations. For many, learning grammar is one ofthehardest tasks in their academic career. This app presents youtheeasiest way of learning English Grammar, in unique pattern andwithreal-life examples. Why use this Application: - Gives youacomplete grammar knowledge. - Helpful for admission test,jobinterviews etc. - Gives you an explanation of the examples.-Helpful for Bengali students as well as teachers. Features ofthisApplication: - Eye-friendly user interface. - A greatnumberexplained examples for every topic. - Night view mood.-Serial-by-Serial Topics. ইংরেজি ব্যাকরণ (English Grammar)ইনডেক্সঃ::: Beginner :::: Alphabets Word Sentence Parts of SpeechNounPronoun Adjective Verb, Adverb Preposition ConjunctionInterjectionArticles Tense Number Gender ::: Intermediate ::::Phrases ClausesConditionals Modifiers Narration Voice WH-QuestionsPrefixesSuffixes Modal Auxiliaries Subject-Verb Agreement RightForms ofVerbs Determiners & Quantifiers ::: Advanced ::::CasesModifiers Moods Deduction (Modal) Do-support NegationIntensifiersElliptical Constructions Inversion Use of PrepositionsTo read morevisit our website: If you haveany queryplease contact us:
Tense with Exercise Winter
mostafa kamal
Explanation of Tenses using Affirmative, Negative,Interrogative,Negative Interrogative sentences . This simple tenseapplicationwill help you to practice more than 1500 exercise.English Tensepractice MCQ will help you to enrich your knowledge ontense. Tenseis the important part of English Grammar. With the helpof this appyou can learn tense very easily.
English Dictionary - Offline 9.02
+ Full English Dictionary - Offline +Features:- More than172000words.- More than 180,000 senses and 49,000 samplesentences.-Includes the "Hang On, man" Game- Include a flash cardsystem tofacilitate learning new words and several articles aboutEnglishgrammar.- You can create your own flashcards and wordlists.-Includes quality sounds for phrases and words.- Full listofregular and irregular verbs- Fast, as it works offline; internetisused only for a few features.- Includes bookmarks andhistory.Ifyou want to learn English you can download theapplication"". The application includes 3000 audiobooks, thisEnglish dictionary and grammar lessons.+ Learn Englishwith thelessons of English grammar included in the dictionary:-Verb Tense-Verb tense - Simple Present- Verb tense - Simple Past-Verb tense -Simple Future- Verb tense - Present Continuous- Verbtense - PastContinuous- Verb tense - Future Continuous- Verb tense- PresentPerfect- Verb tense - Past Perfect- Verb tense - FuturePerfect-Verb tense - Present Perfect Continuous- Verb tense - PastPerfectContinuous- Verb tense - Future Perfect Continuous-Irregularverbs- Conditionals - Zero conditional- Conditionals -Firstconditional- Conditionals - Second conditional- Conditionals-Third conditional- Conditionals - Mixed conditional- Conjunctions-Coordinating conjunctions- Conjunctions - Correlativeconjunctions-Conjunctions - Subordinating conjunctions- ComparativeandSuperlative Adjectives- Singular and Plural Nouns- Count NounsandUncountable Nouns- Possessive Nouns- Pronouns- ActionVerbs-Adjectives- Adverbs- Active / Passive Verb Forms- Mood forGrammar-Auxiliary Verbs Be, Do, Have- Auxiliary Verbs Will/WouldandShall/Should- Auxiliary Verbs Can/Could andMay/Might/Must-Prepositions On, At, and In- Prepositions Of, To,and For-Prepositions With, Over, and By- Indefinite and DefiniteArticles-Interjections- Capitalization+ Other good dictionariesthat you candownload:- Dictionary -Merriam-Webster- EnglishDictionary - Offline- LEO dictionary-Oxford Dictionary- CollinsEnglish Dictionary+ Keywords:* EnglishDictionary * DiccionariAnglès * Fjalor Anglisht * Engleski rječnik* anglický slovník *Engels woordenboek * angla Vortaro * inglisesõnaraamat * InglesDiksyunaryo * Englanti Sanakirja * DictionnaireAnglais *dicionario de inglés * Englisch Wörterbuch * inglisesõnaraamat *Ingles Diksyunaryo * Englanti Sanakirja * DictionnaireAnglais *Englisch Wörterbuch * angle Diksyonè * Angol Szótár *DizionarioInglese * Kamus Inggris * anglicus Dictionary * angļuvārdnīca *anglų kalbos žodynas * Bahasa Inggeris Kamus * Dicionáriode Inglês* engleză Dicționar * словарь английского языка * Anglickýslovník* angleški slovar * Diccionario Inglés * kamusi yaKiingereza-Improve your vocabulary by learning new words- Improveyourvocabulary by learning new words- Improve your vocabularybylearning new words - Free English Dictionary - Offline -FreeEnglish Dictionary - Offline- Free English Dictionary - Offline-Learn English Grammar - Learn English Grammar- LearnEnglishGrammar - Flashcard System- Flashcard System- FlashcardSystem-Irregular Verbs - Irregular Verbs- Irregular Verbs- HangmanGame-Hangman Game- Hangman Game - KET Examination- KET Examination-KETExamination- PET Examination- PET Examination- PET Examination
Oxford Grammar and Punctuation 11.0.504
Both comprehensive and easy to use, the Oxford A-Z of GrammarandPunctuation is an essential tool for writing at home, intheoffice, and at school.  • Over 250 grammar and punctuationrulesclearly explained  • Uses examples of real English toclarifygrammatical points taken from the Oxford English Corpus  •Thesupplementary section gives an overview of grammatical termsandthe structure of English sentences  • Contains speciallongerentries on a wide range of subjects  • Includes termsspecified inthe school of National Strategies, making it suitablefor homeworkas well as general use Giving examples of real-worldusage, theOxford A-Z of Grammar and Punctuation providesinformation aboutgrammar and punctuation that people need on aday-to-day basis.Arranged alphabetically, this dictionary containsentries forstandard grammatical terms as well as dealing withrelatedquestions of usage. Readers of all levels will find thisguideessential. In addition to explaining basic terms such as'splitinfinitive', 'participle', and 'adverb', entries alsodiscusswhether to use 'may' or 'might', 'that' or 'which', and'it's' or'its'. The Oxford A-Z of Grammar and Punctuation gives thereaderquick and easy access to the answers to these, and manyother,questions of grammar completed with clear andcoherentexplanations, and illustrations across a broad range oftopics.NEW! Translate words in any other Android app with the TaptoTranslate feature, and do it in style with any of the fourcolorfulnew themes. Also includes advanced search and languagetools thathave become the staple of quality language apps fromMobiSystems,Inc. SEARCH TOOLS - effortlessly find words thanks to aclear,functional, and easy-to-use interface. Intelligentsearchintegrates several tools to match or suggest what you arelookingfor:  • Search autocomplete helps find words quickly bydisplayingpredictions as you type  • Keyword lookup allows you tosearchwithin compound words and phrases  • An automatic ‘Fuzzyfilter’ tocorrect word spelling, as well as ‘Wild card’ ('*' or'?') toreplace a letter or entire parts of a word  • Camera searchlooksup words in the camera viewfinder and displays results  • UseourVoice search when you don't know how an entry is spelled.  •Shareword definitions via installed apps on your device •Swipe-to-delete functionality in the Recent and Favoritesmenus.LEARNING TOOLS - engaging features that help you furtherenhanceyour vocabulary.  • ‘Favorites’ feature to create customfolderswith lists of words from the extensive library  • ‘Recent’list toeasily review looked-up words  • ‘Word of the day’ sectiontoexpand your vocabulary daily  • Home screen widget providesrandomwords at a glance  • Split screen support for Android 7allowingyou to use dictionary together with other apps ***This is afullyfunctional 30-day trial version*** Get MORE by purchasing thefullversion:  • Permanently unlock the complete features list •Offline mode - look up words without an internet connection •Premium Support – Get expedited support for any app-relatedissues • Ad-free 2.0.4
The complete conjugation of 14000 German verbs. Offline andfree.Please rate and review the app if you like it! Features: ◉Workswithout an internet connection. ◉ You can create your ownfavoriteslist. ◉ You can customize which tenses will be shown. ◉Translatedto English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Russian,Turkish, Arabic,Persian, Romanian, Italian and Greek. ◉ Designedfor both Phone andTablet. ◉ Support portrait and landscape view. ◉You can listen thepronunciation. ◉ Search in all tenses. (Forexample: You will findthe verb "sein" looking for "bin".) ◉ Samplesentences of a lot ofverbs. Full conjugation for all verb tenses:INFINITIV, PARTIZIP I,PARTIZIP II INDIKATIV: - Präsens - Perfekt -Präteritum -Plusquamperfekt - Futur I - Futur II KONJUNKTIV: -Konjunktiv I -Konjunktiv II - Perfekt - Plusquamperfekt - Futur I -Futur IIIMPERATIV: - Präsens 1.0.11
A concise german grammar with the most important rules, caseschartsand grammatical structures. It is easy to use, withauthenticexamples and visually appealing tables. Offline and free.Pleaserate and review the app if you like it! ◉ Ability to addyour ownnotes. ◉ Exercises and test questions. ◉ Translated togerman,english, spanish and turkish. ◉ Works without aninternetconnection. ◉ Find words with intelligent search. ARTICLE-Definite article - Indefinite article - Negative Article NOUN-Characteristics - Masculine gender - Femenine gender -Neutergender - Plural ADJECTIVE - Strong Inflexion - Weakinflection -Mixed inflection - Comparison PRONOUNS - Interrogativepronouns -Personal pronouns - Reflexive pronouns - Possesivepronouns -Demostrative pronouns - Relative pronouns - IndefinitepronounsPREPOSITIONS - Accusative prepositions - Dativeprepositions -Genitive prepositions - Two way prepositions -Preposition +article VERBS - Auxiliary verbs - Modal verbs -Separable /inseparable - Present perfect - Konjunktiv II -Imperative - Verbsand prepositions - Reflexive verbs - Verbs A1/A2NUMERALS -Cardinal numbers - Ordinal numbers - Date - Time -CalculationsSENTENCES - Word order - Negation - Main clauses -Subordinateclauses - Questions - Future - Passive
Quiz your English 1.8.0
Quiz Your English is a fun new way to practise, improve, andtestyour English by competing against learners from all aroundtheworld. Learn English grammar with friends, discover newEnglishwords, and test yourself in a truly global environment.Gohead-to-head with your language skills by challenging otherplayersand friends to English games. Invite friends to play viaFacebook,or search for an opponent by name. Face off againstinternationalrivals in real time and battle it out in English quizcompetitionsto see who can score the best – take on a fun generalEnglishvocabulary exercise or English grammar test and smashyouropponents! Covering a broad range of topics, experienceonlinelanguage learning like never before! The most enjoyable(andnail-biting!) way to take on English vocabulary exercises,QuizYour English is the brand new way to enjoy learning yourfavouritelanguage. Whether you need help on your vocabulary forwork,education, travelling, or leisure, our app has it covered –theperfect choice for students preparing for the CambridgeEnglishexams. Players can check their stats to see where they wentwrongin their English grammar test or vocabulary games, andget(friendly!) revenge with a quick rematch. Earn points to moveupthe leaderboards and gain coins that can be traded forin-gamepower ups. See where you stand both globally and nationally,andpit your wits against learners across the world. In-apppurchasesunlock new content for players, helping them to reachtheir nextlevel of learning English grammar. Players can buildtheir profilesand look back over their history of completed Englishgames to seehow much they’ve improved. Using official content fromCambridgeEnglish – the producers of the IELTS test – you canpractise foryour Cambridge Certificate exams right on your phone.Whetherstudying for a FCE exam or preparing for your PET exam,enjoyeffective, fun, competitive online language learning with ourapp.Aimed at intermediate B2 English level students, andlearnersneeding B1 English test practice, our English quiz willhelp youfind fellow learners and make your skills grow! Quiz YourEnglishis one of the most enjoyable ways to build your vocabularyofEnglish words, and learn English grammar, all while makingfriendswith other genuine language learners around the world.Locallanguage versions are available for Mexico, Brazil, and Spain.
Learning English: BBC News
Learn English through simple English Conversations from BBCNews,BBC Learning English Program: 6 Minute English, English AtWork,The English We Speak...Each lesson comes with audio,transcript andvocabulary, which help you to improve your EnglishGrammar, EnglishSpeaking and expand your English Vocabulary★ 6Minute EnglishOurlong-running series of topical discussion and newvocabulary,brought to you by your favourite BBC Learning Englishpresenters.★The English We Speak is your chance to catch up on thevery latestEnglish words and phrases. In under 3 minutes, we helpyou stayahead of the pack by giving you 'must have' phrases thatyou canuse in your everyday conversation. Amaze your friends,impress yourteachers and delight your parents with these fantasticwords andphrases.★ DramaYou can also listen to our versions ofGulliver'sTravels, by Jonathan Swift, The Importance of BeingEarnest byOscar Wilde, Jamaica Inn by Daphne du Maurier, AChristmas Carol byCharles Dickens and Alice in Wonderland by LewisCarroll. We willadd The Race and Frankenstein soon.★ NewsReportImprove yourlistening skills with News Report - our Englishlanguage teachingseries that uses authentic audio news stories fromthe BBC.★LingoHackGet up-to-date with the latest news andunderstand it toowith Lingohack. Listen to and watch authentic BBCWorld newsbulletins and learn key words and phrases that help youmake senseof the news.★ English at WorkThis is a new animatedseries thatfocuses on English communication in the office. With agreat castof characters and a friendly narrator to help you, thisseries willget you ready for your next job.★ English atUniversityThis is anew animated series that brings you the Englishwords and phrasesyou need to help you through your first year ofstudy abroad....★Idioms and Phrases in English very easily andeffectively. We havemore than 3500 essential English Idioms andPhrasal Verbs collectedand refined from many documents andresources. ★ 1000 Most CommonPhrases: All phrases which use in anapplication is very common ina real life.★ 1500 Most Common Wordsfrom basic to advance.★ 700common and useful expressions or phraseswhich you can use toimprove and strengthen your English skills.Moreover, you can boostyour English vocabulary by learning newwords in various topicssuch as airport, bank, colors, shops etc.These phrases orexpressions can be used not only in your dailyconversation butalso in academic writing. All phrases andexpressions in this appare based on Britain English.This is one ofthe best applicationsfor ESL learners to improve English Listening.If you are lookingforward to improving your TOELF, IELTS, TOEICscore, then you musthave this application on your phone.Currentlyavailable forFeatures English:★ 6 Minute English.★ 6 MinuteVocabulary(Lower-Intermediate)★ 6 Minute Grammar(Lower-Intermediate)★ 6Minute Vocabulary (Intermediate)★ 6 MinuteGrammar (Intermediate)★The English We Speak.★ Words in the News.★LingoHack★ English atWork★ Express English.★ Drama.★ News Report★Talking Business★English At University★ News Review★ ShakespeareSpeaks★ EnglishPronunciation★ Tim's Pronunciation Workshop.★ TheGrammarGameshow.More:★ Most Common Words.★ Most Common Phrases★EnglishIdioms & Phrases.★ English Idioms by Categories.★EnglishUseful Expressions.★ Irregular verbs.★ American Slang.★PhrasalVerbs★ SAT, GRE, GMAT words.★ Grammar in Use.★ EnglishTense.★Grammar Rules, Grammar in Use.★ 3000 Common words.App’sFeatures:★Lesson with Audio & Transcripts★ Search & Recentlesson.★Bookmark manager.★ Download manager.★ Background Audio.★Day NightMode.★ Speed Control.★ Bluetooth Control.★ Two listenmode: Onlineor Offline.Let's improve all of your English skills:EnglishListening, English Vocabulary, English Grammar and EnglishSpeakingright now.
6 Minute English - Practice Listening Everyday 2.5.0
Learn English through simple English Conversations from BBCLearningEnglish Program: 6 Minute English, English At Work, TheEnglish WeSpeak... Each lesson comes with audio, transcript andvocabularylist, which help you to improve your English Grammar,EnglishSpeaking and expand your English Vocabulary Learn Englishthroughsimple English Conversations from BBC Learning EnglishProgram: 6Minute English, English At Work, The English We Speak...Each lessoncomes with audio, transcript and vocabulary list, whichhelp you toimprove your English Grammar, English Speaking andexpand yourEnglish Vocabulary The English We Speak is your chanceto catch upon the very latest English words and phrases. In under3 minutes, wehelp you stay ahead of the pack by giving you 'musthave' phrasesthat you can use in your everyday conversation. Amazeyour friends,impress your teachers and delight your parents withthese fantasticwords and phrases. 6 Minute English Ourlong-running series oftopical discussion and new vocabulary,brought to you by yourfavourite BBC Learning English presenters.Drama You can also listento our versions of Gulliver's Travels, byJonathan Swift, TheImportance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde,Jamaica Inn by Daphne duMaurier, A Christmas Carol by CharlesDickens and Alice inWonderland by Lewis Carroll. We will add TheRace and Frankensteinsoon. News Report Improve your listeningskills with News Report -our English language teaching series thatuses authentic audio newsstories from the BBC. LingoHack Getup-to-date with the latest newsand understand it too withLingohack. Listen to and watch authenticBBC World news bulletinsand learn key words and phrases that helpyou make sense of thenews. App’s Features: + Listen & Readlesson with Audio &Transcripts ( Auto Scroll Transcript ) +Search lesson. + Recentlesson. + Words Bookmark. + Download audiofile. + Background AudioMode. + Two listen mode: Online or Offline.+ Easy to use, easy tounderstand, easy to practice! + Improvequickly listening skills,gain more useful and practical EnglishCurrently available forFeatures English: ● The English We Speak. ●Words in the News. ● 6Minute English. ● 6 Minute Vocabulary(Lower-Intermediate) ● 6Minute Grammar (Lower-Intermediate) ● 6Minute Vocabulary(Intermediate) ● 6 Minute Grammar (Intermediate) ●LingoHack ●English at Work ● Drama. ● News Report ● ShakespeareSpeaker ●English At University
English Conversation Practice 1.3.4
Do you need to practice your English more? Do you want topracticehaving conversations? Do you have a hard time findingsomeone topractice English with? Then this app is perfect for you.We providehundreds of lessons designed to give you great Englishconversationpractice. In order to improve your Englishconversation, you needto improve your listening, understanding, andspeaking. With thegreat features we added, you will definitelyimprove your Englishconversation skills. We have over 200 Englishconversation lessons,which includes the following: - Listeningexercises to improve yourlistening - Quizzes to help you understand- Conversation practicefeature to improve your speaking -Conversation recording tool totrack your progress This is the bestapp to practice your Englishconversation. Try for yourself andstart improving today!
Learn English Sentence Master 1.6
Learn English and grammar free by ordering the words to formcorrectsentences and sayings. Sentence Master is a fun andeducational gamefor kids and English language students of all ageswho want to learnEnglish and improve their language skills in amore entertainingway. How do you play? It’s easy. The gameconsists of putting thescrambled words from each level in order toform a correct sentenceand learn English in a fun way. (Beginner,skilled, professional,expert, sayings.) If you make a mistake andclick the English wordin the incorrect order, there is a timepenalty. Once you havecompleted the sentence you will receive ascore based on how fastyou were and your total number of errors.You can share yourknowledge with other players worldwide thanks toonline multiplayermode or with your friends on Google Playservices. Are you anEnglish student who wants to improve yourskills? Sentence Masterwill help you learn English and organizethe words in your sentencescorrectly. Are you an English expertwho wants to show off yourskills? Prove it in Competition mode onGoogle Play services.Sentence Master is the first game of its kinddesigned and developedcompletely by educators to help studentseliminate the most commonmistake among English language learners,correct word order. Withfour levels from beginner to expert,Sentence Master is a challengefor everyone from the Beginner tothe most seasoned English languagecommunicators. The Proverbs andSayings level is a great way tolearn and remember popular Englishidioms and expressions. These arethe levels: Beginner: Ideal forchildren. This level contains theeasiest sentences with the fewestwords to unscramble. Skilled: Thisis where things start to getharder. This level is great for adultswho are beginning theirEnglish language learning adventure.Professional: Great for userswith a solid base in English who wantto keep their skills up todate. Expert: Only for those with themost proficient Englishskills. Are you one of them? Proverbs andSayings: Every languagehas its idioms and expressions. Learning therefrains of thelanguage of Shakespeare has never been so fun. Doyou have what ittakes to become the next Sentence Master? Try yourluck in singleplayer mode or against friends and other playersworldwide. LearnEnglish with a smile on your face.
Learn English - Preposition Master 1.4
Learn English grammar and prepositions free by puttingtheprepositions in place to make correct Englishsentences.Preposition Master is a fun and educational game for kidsandEnglish language students of all ages who want to learn andimprovetheir English language skills in a more entertaining way.How doyou play? It’s easy. The game consists of putting theprepositionsfrom each level in the correct place to form a correctsentence.(Beginner, competent, professional, expert, sayings.) Ifyou make amistake and click the incorrect preposition, there is atimepenalty. Once you have completed the sentence you will receiveascore based on how fast you were and your total number oferrors.You can share your knowledge with other players worldwidethanks toonline multiplayer mode or with your friends. Are you anEnglishexpert who wants to show off your skills? Are you anEnglishstudent who wants to improve your skills? Preposition Masterwillhelp you use prepositions in sentences correctly.PrepositionMaster is the first game of its kind designed anddevelopedcompletely by educators to help students improve one ofthe biggestproblems language learners all face, correct use ofprepositions.With four levels from beginner to expert, PrepositionMaster is achallenge for everyone from the Beginner to the mostseasonedEnglish language communicators. The Proverbs and Sayingslevel is agreat way to learn and remember popular English idiomsandexpressions. These are the levels: Beginner: Ideal forchildren.This level contains the easiest sentences with thefewestprepositions to work with. Competent: This is where thingsstart toget harder. This level is great for learners who are a bitfartheralong in their English language learning adventure.Professional:Great for users with a solid base in English who wantto keep theirskills up to date. Expert: Only for those with themost proficientEnglish skills. Are you one of them? Do you havewhat it takes tobecome the next Preposition Master? Try your luckin single playermode or against friends and other playersworldwide. Learn Englishwith a smile on your face.
English Irregular Verbs 1.13
WHO SHOULD USE? If the issue is learning English irregularverbs,everyone may use the app. Beginners or experts. WHERE SHOULDISTART? There are 3 Levels to take exam or study. If you areabeginner you should start from LEVEL 1. STUDY WITH FLASHCARDSYoumay study all irregular words or just your weak verbswithflashcards. LEARN PRONUNCIATIONS OF THE VERBS You may listen tothepronunciations of the irregular verbs and learn all v1, v2 andv3forms and also the alternatives of the verbs. TAKE EXAMS Wewillask you verbs repeatedly and check if you would learn thesimplepast (v2) and past participle (v3) forms of irregular verbs.YOURLEARNING PROGRESS You have 3 progresses: Level 1 (MOST 50)Level 2(PLUS 50) Level 3 (PRO). Make all 100%. YOU MAY RESET ALLYou havethe chance for deleting your all data and start all fromthebeginning.
Learn Spanish. Speak Spanish 7.5.0
ATi Studios
Learn Spanish with free lessons daily. Let Mondly teach youtheSpanish language quickly and effectively. In just minutesyou’llstart memorizing core Spanish words, form sentences, learn tospeakSpanish phrases and take part in conversations. Fun Spanishlessonsimprove your vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation like nootherlanguage learning method. Beginner or advanced learner,traveler orbusiness professional with a tight schedule? The appworks greatand dynamically adjusts to your needs. Explore languageexercisesfor reading, listening, writing and speaking enhanced withadictionary, verb conjugator and state-of-the-art speechrecognitiontechnology - you’ll feel like having your own Spanishlanguagetutor in your pocket. Download the language learning pilltoday andenjoy the benefits of learning a new language for life.The secretpath to language learning Remember the Spanish languageclasses inschool? You started with hundreds of basic words andexpressions,continued with tons of Spanish grammar lessons and atthe end of afull semester’s language course you could barelytranslate asentence or say “Hello!” to a foreigner. That’s thetraditional wayto learn a language. Mondly has a differentapproach, that’sopposite to the average language course. This ishow the future oflanguage courses looks like The App gets youstarted with a basicconversation between two people. You quicklystart memorizing corewords, use them to build sentences andphrases, and at the end of a45-minutes module you are able toreconstruct that conversationwith your own voice. It’s an effectiveway to learn Spanishphrases. State-of-the-art Natural SpeechRecognition and SpacedRepetition Algorithms make the app effectivefor learninglanguages. Here are the key features that make Mondly agreat tutorfor you: Crystal-clear audio and professional voiceactors. Learnthe right Spanish pronunciation from conversationsbetween nativespeakers. State-of-the-art Speech Recognition. Mondlyknows exactlyhow to listen to your Spanish words and phrases. Youwill only geta positive feedback if you speak Spanish clearly andcorrectly.This will improve your pronunciation. Useful phrases forrealsituations. Memorizing hundreds of isolated words is not theway togo when it comes to learning Spanish. Mondly teaches youSpanishvocabulary by offering you core words and phrases. The appbreaksthe learning process down into short lessons and puts themintothemed packs. Learn conversational Spanish. Conversation isthemain reason to take this free course. It will help you build acoreSpanish vocabulary with widely-used nouns and verbs, andspeakSpanish clearly. Verb conjugations. If you want to learnmoreduring this course, just tap the Spanish verbs and get thefullconjugation on the screen, including the translation. It’sfasterand better than a dictionary. Advanced Statistics. The Appusesintelligent reporting, so you can always follow yourprogress.Build your vocabulary step by step and become betterdaily. TheLeaderboard. See how your friends are doing and competewith peoplefrom all over the world to become the best learner inthe Mondlycommunity family. Take the Weekly Quiz to become evenbetter.Adaptive Learning. Learning Spanish is different from persontoperson. So we taught the app to learn from your way oflearning.After little time spent together, Mondly will understandwhat suitsyou best and it will become your own guide and customizedteacher.Kids will love it as well. Before you know it, at the endof theseSpanish lessons, you will master the most useful 5000 wordsandphrases and you will be on the fast lane to learning anewlanguage.
Learn Hebrew. Speak Hebrew 7.5.0
ATi Studios
Learn Hebrew with 5 minutes of practice daily. Mondly is thequickfix that will teach you core Hebrew words and Hebrew phrasesforconversation, just like a phrasebook. If you want to learnbeyondthe basics, there are also Hebrew grammar lessons available.It’seven great for kids! With Mondly you can learn Hebrew sentencesandexpressions FREE with daily Hebrew language lessons online.Thisapp is the effective way for beginners to studyverbs,pronunciation and how to speak like a native with dailypractice.The secret path to language learning Remember the Hebrewlanguageclasses in school? You started with hundreds of basic wordsandexpressions, continued with tons of Hebrew grammar lessons andatthe end of a full semester’s language course you couldbarelytranslate a sentence or say “Hello!” to a local. Does itsoundfamiliar? That’s the traditional way to learn a language. Butit’snot the fastest and not the most efficient way. Mondly hasadifferent approach, that’s opposite to the average languagecourse.This is how the future of language courses looks like TheApp getsyou started with a basic conversation between two people.Youquickly start memorizing core words, use them to buildsentencesand phrases, and at the end of a 45-minutes module you areable toreconstruct that conversation with your own voice. It’saneffective way to learn Hebrew phrases. State-of-the-artNaturalSpeech Recognition and Spaced Repetition Algorithms make theappeffective for learning languages. Here are the key featuresthatmake Mondly a great tutor for you: - Crystal-clear audioandprofessional voice actors. Learn the right Hebrewpronunciationfrom conversations between native speakers. -State-of-the-artSpeech Recognition. Mondly knows exactly how tolisten to yourHebrew words and phrases. You will only get apositive feedback ifyou speak Hebrew clearly and correctly. Thiswill improve yourpronunciation. - Useful phrases for realsituations. Memorizinghundreds of words is not the way to go whenit comes to learningHebrew. Mondly teaches you Hebrew vocabulary byoffering you corewords and phrases. The app breaks the learningprocess down intobite-size chunks and puts them into themed packsof lessons. -Learn conversational Hebrew. Unless you plan onreading sciencebooks, conversation is the main reason to take thisfree course. Itwill help you build a core Hebrew vocabulary withwidely-used nounsand verbs and speak Hebrew clearly. - Verbconjugations.Conversations are fun, but the foundation of a foreignlanguage isgrammar. If you want to learn more during this course,just tap theHebrew verbs and get the full conjugation on thescreen, includingthe translation. It’s faster and better than adictionary. -Statistics that make sense. The App uses intelligentreporting, soyou can always follow your progress. Build yourvocabulary step bystep and become better daily. - The Leaderboard.We made learningeasy and fun, so why not throw in some more gameelements, such asscore? See how your friends are doing and competewith people fromall over the world to become the best learner inthe Mondly family.Take the Weekly Quiz to become even better. -Adaptive Learning. Wewanted to craft Mondly in such a way that itwill suit everylearner’s needs, even complete beginners. Along theway we noticedthat learning Hebrew is different from person toperson. So wetaught the app to learn from your way of learning.After littletime spent together, Mondly will understand what suitsyou best andit will become your own guide and customized teacher.Before youknow it, at the end of these Hebrew lessons, you willmaster themost useful 5000 words and phrases and you will be on thefast laneto learning a new language. Kids will love it as well.
Learn German vocabulary - one word each day 2.0.0
Improve your German step by step: You will learn a new Germanwordor expression every day. Additionally, you can listen to thewordsand to the examples — recorded by German native speakers. HOWCANTHIS APP HELP YOU? It’s your perfect choice, if... ★ youalreadyknow a bit of German and want to extend your vocabularycomfortablyand continuously ★ you want to improve your Germanpronunciation ★German grammar is not completely new to you — already haveattended a German language course ★ you don't wantto spend money:our German learning app is free of charge KEYFEATURES: ✓ Learn anew German word or typical German expressioneach day ✓ Anexplanation in easy German helps you to understand themeaning ofthe word ✓ With the integrated audio function, you canlisten tothe correct pronunciation of the German words andsentences ✓ Theapp informs you about the word class (noun, verb,adjective) of thenew vocable ✓ An example sentence illustrates howthe German wordis used in context MORE FEATURES: ✓ You cannot onlyaccess thecurrent word of the day but also the word archive of thelast 30days ✓ If you activate push notifications, the app willinform youas soon as a new German word is available The best: Allthesefeatures are completely free of charge. WHO BUILT THE APP'WORT DESTAGES'? 'Wort des Tages' is published by Spotlight Verlagand theeditors of the German language learning magazine 'Deutschperfekt'.The Spotlight Verlag is well known for: ★ High qualitystandards:All products are made by journalists and experts in thefield ofeducation ★ Expertise: We have been designing media forlanguagelearners since 1981 ★ A perfect blend of fun and learningFind moreinformation about the Spotlight Verlag on LEARN EVEN MORE GERMAN: Foreverybody keenon learning more German, we offer more products fromthe ‘Deutschperfekt’ product line: ★ MAGAZINE: The monthly magazine’Deutschperfekt’ invites you to learn more about the German cultureandlanguage. You can learn about current topics, readinterestingstories and get a bunch of useful tips for everyday lifeinGermany, Austria and Switzerland. Every article comes withaglossary that explains difficult words and phrases in easyGerman.You can practice what you have learned with word andgrammarexercises. The magazine is available as a printed version,e-paperand within our ‘Deutsch perfekt’ app. ★ PLUS: If you want totrainyour german skills even more, our PLUS magazine is perfect foryou.Available as printed Version and e-paper. ★ AUDIO-TRAINER:Theaudio trainer is perfect for you if you want to improve yourGermanlistening comprehension and pronunciation skills. It isavailableas audio CD, download or within the “Deutsch perfekt” app.You canfind more information about our WANT TO TRY IT? Get yourvoucherfor a free issue of the magazine and ANYQUESTIONSOR FEEDBACK? contact us:
ABA English - Learn English
ABA English
Do you want to learn English? Do you need to pass the FirstorAdvanced certificate or the TOEFL test? Learning English withfilmsand private tutors is easy with the ABA English app. LearnEnglishToday! Download the app and learn English with the mostcompleteEnglish course available: private online tutor, 6 learninglevelsand 144 units that cover everything you need in order tolearn thelanguage: speaking/conversation, writing, studying,vocabulary,reading, grammar and much more to enable you to masterthelanguage. HOW TO LEARN ENGLISH WITH ABA ENGLISH Discovercontentdesigned so that you enjoy the learning process. Ifsomething isinteresting and exciting, you'll see the results. ✔️ABAFILMS Starteach unit with a short film. Let yourself be carriedaway by themain characters in everyday situations. Withoutrealizing it,you'll learn expressions and new vocabulary. ✔️ NATIVETEACHERSWe'll assign you an online teacher. He or she will guideyou fromday one so you get the most out of the course. ✔️ 144GRAMMAR VIDEOCLASSES After watching the film and practicing withexercises, youcan study the grammar with the video classes preparedby the ABAEnglish teachers. In the end, you will understandeverything. ✔️ABA MOMENTS Quick and fun exercises to learn a littleEnglish eachday. They will help you to create a study routine. ✔️LIVE ENGLISHEach week we'll publish new content so that you canaccess newvocabulary, expressions, recipes, interesting facts,stories ...any excuse to practice. ✔️ 6 LEVELS🎓 You can start fromthebeginning or take a level test. (1) Beginners, (2)LowerIntermediate, (3) Intermediate, (4) Upper Intermediate,(5)Advanced and (6) Business. ✔️ TEST YOURSELF Finish each unitwith ashort test (assessment) and check what you have learned.✔️OFFICIAL CERTIFICATE When you complete a level, you'll getanofficial ABA English certificate. Don't forget to share itonLinkedIn! ✔️ Choose the device you wish to study with Youcanaccess the course from your mobile, tablet and/or computer.✔️OFFLINE MODE Practice without internet connection. An easyandunique way to learn English: Language experts atleadinguniversities worldwide agree that our app is a marvelofm-learning. Based on the principles of the natural method,whichinvolves learning via complete immersion in the language, wehavecreated a system for learning English that simulates thesamelearning process that you experience when traveling abroad tostudyand learn English: listen > understand > speak >write.Use your device to listen, speak, read and write in English,justlike in real life: Gradually incorporate new vocabularyandexpressions. NOTE: For the ABA English Free and Premiumstudents,the app allows you to keep the progress you have alreadymade ifyou log in using the same account that you use for the ABAEnglishCampus. With the free option (ABA Free), 144 video classesprovideyou with all the necessary English grammar, explained bytheAcademy’s teachers. You also have the first complete unit ofeachlevel free, so you can try out the ABA Englishlearningmethodology. With the paid option (ABA Premium), you canaccess allthe contents of the complete course, get certificates foreachlevel and receive support from an English teacher who youcancontact through the ABA English Campus with any queries thatyoumight have. * All subscriptions are automatically renewed.ABAEnglish is an online English academy with more than 40 yearsofexperience that allows you to learn English using itsprovenlearning methodology.https://www.abaenglish.com the app and learnthrough our courses!
com.dragonlab.bbclearningenglish 3.9.0
It's a free tool for English learners from BBC Learning EnglishwithEnglish lessons will help you to improve English skills asEnglishlistening, speaking English, English conversation,Englishvocabulary, English grammar, English Dictionary,EnglishPractice,and exercises English. PROGRAMS INCLUDED: The English WeSpeak,Words in the News, 6 Minute English,Drama,Pronunciation,NewsReport, LingoHack, 6 Minute Vocabulary,6 Minute GrammarLearningEnglish for BBC can help you learn English online daily andcanexam preparation the English international certification suchasTOEIC, TOEFL, IELTS Currently available for Features English: ★TheEnglish We Speak. ★ Words in the News. ★ 6 Minute English. ★6Minute Vocabulary (Lower-Intermediate) ★ 6 MinuteGrammar(Lower-Intermediate) ★ 6 Minute Vocabulary (Intermediate) ★6Minute Grammar (Intermediate) ★ LingoHack ★ English at Work★Express English. ★ Drama. ★ News Report ★ Talking Business★English At University'. App’s Features: ★ Listen & Readlessonwith Audio & Auto Scroll Transcripts ★ Search lesson. ★Recentlesson. ★ Bookmark manager. ★ Download audio file. ★BackgroundAudio Mode. ★ Two listen mode: Online or Offline. ★ AddonEnglishDictionary. ★ Words Bookmark: Learn Vocabulary and NewWords. Let'simprove all of your English skills: English Listening,EnglishVocabulary, English Grammar and English Speaking right now.
English Grammar Test 3.0.6
Grammar English app is developed to improve your Englishgrammaraccuracy. Work through the practice tests will help inexpandingyour knowledge and challenge your mature in common grammarrules.There are two sections in this app: grammar section (studyguide)and practice test section. Main features: * Grammar sectionhas 22grammar rules from basic to advanced with the fullexplanation ofusage, notice and also tips & tricks aboutEnglish grammar. *Practice test section contains over 5000 testquestions dividedinto different related topics. * Flashcards styledesign, a veryeasy to use and friendly GUI. * Bookmark managerallow keepingtrack of your progress so that you can go back tospecific contentlater. * Translation tools and the text-to-speechin-app featurewill help in enhancing your pronunciation andvocabularies learningskills. * The lock screen in-app feature makesthe app always ontop whenever your phone awakes. * Check just howmuch progress youmake with the particular statistics after eachtest. * +10000Practice Test with Reading test, Sentence test,Incorrect Wordtest, Synonyms test. * Listening feature with +2000listeningsamples. Topic’s content: * Time * Question Tags *Question Words *Comparison * Gerunds and Infinitives * Some or Any* Much or Many *For or Since * Too or Enough * So or Such * Few orLittle * Alreadyor Yet  * Present Simple * Present Continuous* Presentperfect * Present Perfect Continuous * Past Simple *PastContinuous * Past Perfect * Past Perfect Continuous * FutureSimple* Future Continuous * Future Perfect * Future PerfectContinuous *Articles: A/An/The * Prepositions Of Place: In At On *PrepositionsOf Time: In At On * Personal Pronouns - Subject *Personal Pronouns- Object * Personal Pronouns - Subject or Object *PossessiveAdjectives * Possessive Pronouns * Reflexive PronounsThis app canalso be used as helpful learning material for the TOEFLtest, IELTStest, TOEIC test, GRE test, GMAT test, SAT test as well.
English tenses practice 1.1806.3
All you need to know about 12 English tenses is here –Englishtenses practice app.One of the things every second languageleanerneeds in some moment is grammar explanations and examples.Englishtenses practice helps you to learn 12 tenses of Englishlanguagesin a very easy, proper and effective way. This app canhelp you tounderstand and use structure and contexts properly. Youcan improveand increase your knowledge of 12 English Tenses.All theEnglishTenses topics in English tenses practice covered in depthand in amost simple way. You will get information about:☆ SimplePresentTense☆ Simple Past Tense☆ Simple Future Tense☆ PresentContinuousTense☆ Past Continuous Tense☆ Future Continuous Tense☆Presentperfect tense ☆ Past perfect tense☆ Future perfect tense☆PresentPerfect Continuous Tense☆ Past Perfect Continuous Tense☆FuturePerfect Continuous TenseFeature:100% Free app EnglishTensesLotsand lots of questions to practiceMore than 1000 questionsabout 12English tensesClear descriptions, many exercises andexample aboutEnglish tensesOnline and offline mode areavailablePractice test:Multiple Choice and Arranging sentencesYoucan analyse your testresults also and check which are correct andwhich are wrongAll ofyou need to learn 12 English tenses for manytypes of example likeTOEFL, IELTS, TOEIC, GRE, GMAT is here:English tense practice app
Learn English with Johnny Grammar's Word Challenge
What’s the difference between “in time” and “on time”? What doyoucall a person who cuts a man’s hair? What do you call ananimaldoctor? Beat the clock and answer as many spelling,vocabulary andgrammar questions as you can in this 60-second quiz!JohnnyGrammar’s Word Challenge is a quiz for English learners totestcommon vocabulary, spelling and grammar that appear ineverydayEnglish. Main features: - 3 difficulty levels – Easy,Medium, Hard- 3 categories – Words, Grammar, Spelling - 10 topicsthat includeFood & Restaurants, Travel, Idioms and Hobbies. -Earn badgesas you progress and share your score with others ontheleaderboard! - Compete with others on a global leaderboard-Feedback is given for the wrong answers so that you knowwhythey’re wrong. Find even more exciting language activitiesat PERSONAL DATAANDPRIVACY Your privacy is very important to us. We track how theappis used, such as which games are played but we only usethisinformation to improve the app. We may occasionally send youamessage about services from your local British Council centre.Wedetect your location based on your GPS position. Continued useofGPS running in the background can decrease battery life. Learnmoreabout the British Council's privacy policyhere: WITH THE BRITISH COUNCIL Learn English in ourclassroomswith the world’s English experts. We’ve been teachingEnglish formore than 75 years and have helped more than 100million people in100 different countries improve their Englishskills and build theirconfidence. to find out moreinformation. ABOUTTHE BRITISH COUNCIL’S ENGLISH LEARNING APPS TheBritish Councilcreates top English learning apps for learners ofall ages. You candownload our apps to practise grammar, vocabularyand listening.Visit our website to see all
Spoken English in Tamil (Free Version) 2.0
Easy and effective 50 days classes which will transfer to anEnglishexpert. This app includes all that you need to know tospeak, writeand understand English language completely. Classesfeature grammar,frequently used phrases, when and where to usesmall letters,capital letters, form sentences and many more... Italso includesalarm reminders and progress chart. Contents 1.Alphabets 2. Vowelsand Consonants 3. Part of Speech 4. Kind ofNoun & Uses 5.Common & Proper Noun 6. Countable &Uncountable Noun 7.Abstract Noun 8. Pronoun 9. Verb 10. Adjective11. Adverb 12.Preposition 13. Conjuction 14. Interjuction 15.Auxiliary Verb 16.Tenses 17. Simple Present Tense 18. PresentContinuous Tense 19.Present Perfect Tense 20. Present PerfectContinuous Tense 21.Simple Past Tense 22. Past Continuous Tense23. Past Perfect Tense24. Past Perfect Continuous Tense 25. SimpleFuture Tense 26. FutureContinuous Tense 27. Future Perfect Tense28. Future PerfectContinuous Tense 29. Active Voice & PassiveVoice 30. Direct& Indirect Speech 31. Regular Verbs 32.Irregular Verbs 33.Auxiliary Verb BE 34. Auxiliary Verb HAVE 35.Auxiliary Verb DO 36.Modal Verb - CAN, COULD & MAY 37. ModalVerb - MIGHT, SHALL& SHOULD 38. Modal Verb - WILL, WOULD, MUST& OUGHT 39.Semi-Modal Verb - DARE, NEED & USED TO 40.Singular & Plural41. Advanced Spoken English Practices (2500Sentences in 10 classeswith Tamil meaning)
Learn English Grammar Rules - Grammar check 1.7
Learn English Grammar Rules -Best Grammar Test with Englishgrammarexercises and lesson Are you confident about your grammar?Do youwant to check your grammar or want to know what exactlygrammarthat you need to learn again? Learn English Grammar Rules isasuitable app for you. This app will let you know what grammarsyoushould to learn again by after providing a full test. Thistestwill cover all necessary English Grammar Rule that not onlyused inregular communication but also used in an international testlikeIELTS, TOEFL, and TOIEC. Besides the full test, the appalsoprovides grammar lessons prepared by the expert team fromfamousuniversities like Cambridge to help you review yourknowledge.After learn grammar lessons, the app will provide Englishgrammarexercises to ensure that all knowledge has beenremembered.Moreover, if you don’t like to take the full test, youalso canchoose some lessons that you forgot and take the test withthem.Learn English Grammar Rules have study history to help youfollowyour study progress. It also saves all the grammar tests thatyouhave finished so you can review the test again whenever you wantorredo the test after learn grammar lessons again. Main feature:FullTest - English grammar check: before you start to use the app.Youshould take a full test. The app will give a grammar testthatcovers all English grammar rules. This English test is anEnglishgrammar check that tells you all the grammar rules that youneed tolearn again. Grammar Lesson: The app will give 25 grammarlessonsprepared by grammar English experts that contain 91grammarEnglish. These lessons are suitable for everyone to learnEnglishgrammar in use. Grammar quiz: after learned the lesson. Theappwill provide English grammar exercises for the lesson to checkifyou understand the lesson or not. This grammar quiz also tellsyouwhat grammar rule that needs to review again. Test component:Ifyou want to take a grammar test within some lesson rather thanafull test. The app will allow you to choose the lesson and createagrammar quiz with these lessons. Study history: You can checkyourcurrent study progress and know what lesson needs to learn Withaneffort to become the best grammar English app. This app is notonlya grammar exercise or English grammar check app but also isagrammar book to learn grammar
Hindi Grammar 1.6
Hindi grammar is a unique app, and probably the only one appofHindi grammar in which the important questions for the exambasedon the critical points have been compiled extremely convenientandeasy manner. This application help you in various governmentexams.It will be also useful for job seekers who are looking togetrecruited by government firms or any government jobs or foranyentrance exams. This application will help you to learn forsomeexams like UPSC, CSAT,MPPSC, PSC,SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, IBPS PO,IBPSCLERK, POLICE and numerous other government andPSU,Entranceexams.. In Hindi Grammar Language app include most ofHindi Grammartopic, Learn Hindi Grammar (Sampurna Hindi Grammar)app covers thefollowing Noun (संज्ञा) Pronouns (सर्वनाम) Verb(क्रिया) Adjectives(विशेषण) Factors (संधि विच्छेद) The compound(समास) Adverb (क्रियाविशेषण) छंद अलंकार Synonyms (पर्यायवाची)Antonyms (विलोम शब्द)Essay हिन्दी व्याकरण का इतिहास हिन्दी भाषाव्याकरण वर्ण विचार शब्दविचार संज्ञा और उसके भेद (Noun) सर्वनाम(Pronouns) विशेषण(Adjectives) क्रिया (Verb) क्रिया विशेषण (Adverb)संबंध बोधकसमुच्चय बोधक विस्मयादि बोधक वचन लिंग (Gender) कारक उपसर्ग(Prefix)प्रत्यय (suffix) संधि (Factors) समास (The compound) काल(Tense)विलोम (Antonyms) अनेक शब्दों के लिए एक शब्द मुहावरे और उनकाप्रयोगपर्यायवाची ( Synonyms) लोकोक्ति (Proverbs) रस (काव्य शास्त्र)छंदके अंग अलंकार Punctuation विराम चिह्न Decking अलंकार LetterWritingपत्र लेखन Essay Writing निबंध लेखन Sentence – वाक्य - वाक्यरचनाParts of Speech शब्द-भेद Language Info भाषा, भाषा के प्रकारGrammarव्याकरण, ध्वनि और लिपि को वर्ण, वर्णमाला Alphabet Etymologyशब्दSyntax वाक्य विचार Noun संज्ञा Adjective विशेषण DegreeofComparison विशेषण की अवस्थायें या तुलना अव्यय(Indeclinable)Prefixes उपसर्ग Seam संधि Case कारक Suffix प्रत्ययIdioms मुहावराFigure of speech अलंकार Compound समास Number वचनAntonyms विलोमअनेकार्थी शब्द एकार्थक शब्द Hindi Numbers हिन्दीसंख्याएँ One WordSubstitution अनेक शब्दों के लिए एक शब्दEssay-writing निबन्ध-लेखनLetter-writing पत्र-लेखन - Formal Letterऔपचारिक-पत्र - InformalLetter अनौपचारिक-पत्र Paragraph Writingअनुच्छेद-लेखन Story-Writingकहानी-लेखन Dialogue Letter संवाद-लेखनTelegram तार लेखन DiaryWriting दैनंदिनी-लेखन Noting टिप्पण लेखनPunctuation Mark विराम चिह- अल्प विराम (Comma)( , ) - अर्द्ध विराम(Semi colon) ( ; ) - पूर्णविराम(Full-Stop) ( । ) - उप विराम (Colon)[ : ] - विस्मयादिबोधकचिह्न (Sign of Interjection)( ! ) - प्रश्नवाचकचिह्न (Questionmark) ( ? ) - कोष्ठक (Bracket) ( () ) - योजक चिह्न(Hyphen) ( - ) -अवतरण चिह्न या उद्धरणचिह्न (Inverted Comma) ( ''...'' ) - लाघवचिह्न (Abbreviation sign) ( o ) - आदेश चिह्न (Sign offollowing) (:- ) - रेखांकन चिह्न (Underline) (_) - लोप चिह्न (MarkofOmission)(...) Proverbs लोकोक्तियाँ Amplification पल्लवनSankshepanसंक्षेपण Metres छन्द Sentiments रस Day and Mnoths दिन औरमहीने Stemधातु Phrase पदबंध Clause उपवाक्य Report प्रतिवेदन Voiceवाच्यSummary सारांश Substance भावार्थ Explanation व्याख्याOfficialDrafting कार्यालयीय आलेखन Synonyms Words पर्यायवाचीशब्दSentence-Correction वाक्य-शुद्धि Reading Comprehensionपाठ-बोधनWord-Power शब्द-शक्ति शब्द शक्ति के प्रकार (1) अभिधा(Literal SenseOf a Word) (2) लक्षणा (Figurative Sense Of a Word)Oral Expressionमौखिक अभिव्यक्ति General Knowledge Of Hindi हिंदी कासामान्यज्ञानHindi Gk Indian General Knowledge भारतीय सामान्य ज्ञानAll Topic InEnglish Grammar. -- Hindi Laungage. -- The CompitetiveExameImportant Point. --This application helps you to learnEnglisheasily. Download also Over other popular App English GrammarInHindi Hindi Sahitya All God Collection Hindi All Gods MantrainHindi Mahabharat In Hindi Chanakya Niti in Hindi ComputerAwarenessComputer shortcut keys Hindi Dohe Hindi KahaniyaKapalbhati inhindi Motivational quotes in Hindi Pranayam in hindiYoga hindiyogasana in hindi
Learn Spoken English, Hindi, Tamil, Kannada Free 4.2.24
How hard is it to speak in English? How to learn Telugu orSpokenTamil easily? Here is a Spoken English course app which helpsyouto learn English as well as Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam,Kannada,Punjabi, Oriya, Bengali, Gujarati & Marathi. Multibashiaims atmaking one learn grammar, improve English speakingskills.Multibhashi’s free English learning app helps you to speakEnglishin 30 days by providing a structured English speakingcourse. Wehave introduced an Intelligent Bot ‘Fifi’ who guides youthroughoutthe learning process. Fifi will always be at your call.You canlearn with Fifi by answering her questions and seeking tips&help through chat. We also present to you a voice based chatbot-Rhythm. If you want to practice and learn through speaking ,Rhythmis the answer. Rhythm helps you to learn English throughvoice. Forany learner, the best way to learn is through speakingpractise andRhythm helps you do that effectively. ✪ Learn Englishonline bygrasping difficult English words, important English wordsetc ✪Find the best English speaking tips, practice English &learnEnglish online through expert trainers who know how tospeakEnglish fluently. You'll talk English like a pro in no time.✪‘Learn Spoken Hindi, Learn Kannada, Learn Tamil, LearnTelugu,Learn Malayalam’ options are also available within thislanguagelearning app.. ✪ Learn English grammar, practice Englishspeakingoften to start speaking fluent English ✪ Enjoy aninteractiveEnglish speaking course to learn Spoken English offlineLanguagelearning is a must. Hence, speaking English alone is nottheanswer. Learning languages other than English, regionallanguageslike Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Oriya,Punjabi,Gujarati, Marathi and Bengali is also important. Our freeEnglishlearning app ensures that you learn difficult English wordsas ithelps you learn English online better. Once you improveEnglishspeaking & start speaking English fluently, do not stopwithit. Continue to practice English until you learn Englishgrammar,English vocabulary etc & know enough English forjobinterviews. The learning app has options wherein one cantranslatefrom English to Hindi & vice-versa. It does it bytranslatingletters in Hindi to English & English to Hindi. Thesame isapplicable for other languages like Kannada, Tamil &Telugu.Things to do: ✓ Try practising Spoken Hindi or SpokenEnglish onMulti bhashi’s free app ✓ Enjoy learning English grammarthroughfun games instead of boring English grammar books ✓ Targetat least50 new important English or Hindi words in a week ✓ Makeuse of theother language learning options like Learn Hindi, LearnPunjabi,Learn Tamil & Learn Telugu ✓ Concentrate more ondifficultEnglish words to improve English vocabulary ✓ Learngrammar untilyou attain perfection as learning English grammarproperly willgive you a foundation in speaking fluent EnglishAdvanced Englishlearning app content is available. Advanced contentoptions arepresent to learn Hindi as well. These lessons are apt tolearnProfessional English communication & to learn Hindi in 30days.The app also helps one to learn English from Hindi. Not toforgetthe new option to learn Tamil in 30 days! Multi bhashi helpsyou toimprove spoken English, English vocabulary & learnEnglishgrammar. Make use of this language learning app to learnTelugu aswell. Use the English dictionary occasionally for betterEnglishconversation practice. Don’t forget to learn Spoken Tamiland usethe app to learn Telugu. You can speak English daily offline&in a few months of practice with this free Spoken Englishlearningapp, you will soon start to speak fluent English. Rememberthe moreyou speak in English, the more you improve English skills!And onceagain, don’t forget to use this learning app to learnKannada or tolearn Tamil. Start learning English, Hindi, Tamil,Kannada,Malayalam, Gujarati, Punjabi, Oriya, Bengali & Marathi!
English Grammar Book 1.2.2
An English grammar book created by is nowavailablefor free in this app. This English grammar app covers 138populargrammar points using simple explanations, many examples, andfunquizzes. Whether you are an English language learner, or anativeEnglish speaker, this English grammar app will help you withthestructure of English. By improving your English grammar,yourwriting and speaking will both improve. There are two ways tostudyusing this app: 1) You can study all the grammar lessons bylevel.We ordered them from easy to difficult so learning is step bystep.2) We also have all the lessons grouped together by types suchasNouns, Verbs, Articles, Adverbs, Verb Tenses, etc. There arealsogreat features that make studying grammar with this app fun:-Points are awarded for each level - Different color medalsaregiven depending on your score - You can bookmark any lesson -Inapp purchase to remove ads available The entire app iscompletelyfree and everything is unlocked. Go ahead and installthis free appand start learning now!
Learn English Sentence Master Pro 1.5
MasterKey Games
Learn English and grammar by ordering the words to formcorrectsentences and sayings. Sentence Master is a fun andeducationalgame for kids and English language students of all ageswho want tolearn and improve their language skills in a moreentertaining way.How do you play? It’s easy. The game consists ofputting thescrambled words from each level in order to form acorrectsentence. (Beginner, skilled, professional, expert,sayings.) Ifyou make a mistake and click the English Word in theincorrectorder, there is a time penalty. Once you have completedthesentence you will receive a score based on how fast you wereandyour total number of errors. You can share your knowledgewithother players worldwide thanks to online multiplayer mode orwithyour friends. Are you an English student who wants to improveyourskills? Sentence Master will help you organize the words inyoursentences correctly. Are you an English expert who wants toshowoff your skills? Prove it in Competition mode. Sentence Masteristhe first game of its kind designed and developed completelybyeducators to help students eliminate the most common mistakeamongEnglish language learners, correct word order. With fourlevelsfrom beginner to expert, Sentence Master is a challengeforeveryone from the Beginner to the most seasoned Englishlanguagecommunicators. The Proverbs and Sayings level is a greatway tolearn and remember popular English idioms and expressions.Theseare the levels: Beginner: Ideal for children. This levelcontainsthe easiest sentences with the fewest words to unscramble.Skilled:This is where things start to get harder. This level isgreat foradults who are beginning their English language learningadventure.Professional: Great for users with a solid base inEnglish who wantto keep their skills up to date. Expert: Only forthose with themost proficient English skills. Are you one of them?Proverbs andSayings: Every language has its idioms and expressions.Learningthe refrains of the language of Shakespeare has never beenso fun.Do you have what it takes to become the next SentenceMaster? Tryyour luck in single player mode or against friends andotherplayers worldwide. Learn English with a smile on your face.
Grammaire Française 2.0
Ce application est conçu comme un outil indispensable pour tousceuxqui apprennent le français comme une langue étrangère. Sansavoirappris les règles et les structures de grammaire dufrançaisexplicitement, il est impossible de parler et d'écrire encettelangue correctement. cette application contient lesprincipalesrègles de grammaire du français en schéma ainsi quelesprésentations virtuelles (en flash et pdf) sur plusieurs sujetsdegrammaire suivies de divers exercices avec autocorrection.Thisapplication is designed as an essential tool for anyonelearningFrench as a foreign language. Without learning grammarrules andstructures of the French explicitly, it is impossible tospeak andwrite the language correctly. This application containsthe mainrules of French grammar schema as well as virtualpresentations(Flash and pdf) on several topics of grammar followedby variousexercises with self-correction.
Hindi Grammar 21.HIN.1
Hindi Grammar or Hindi Vyakaran app is most rated app ofHindigrammar in which the important Hindi Grammar Notes andHindiVyakaran questions and answers for the exam based on thecriticalpoints have been compiled extremely convenient and easymanner.Hindi Grammar application help you in various governmentexams likeHindi Teacher 2nd Grade Exam, RPSC Lecturer (Hindi) Exam,CTET,Police Sub Inspector (SI) recruitment etc. Using this app onecanlearn Hindi Grammar easily. There are various Hindi VyakarnQuizzesand selected Hindi Grammar Notes to understand the concept.We sendNotification with Hindi Grammar content in this appregularly.Topics: 1. पर्यायवाची शब्द (Synonyms) 2. विलोम शब्द(Antonyms) 3.अनेकार्थक शब्द (Solitary word) 4. समानोच्चारित शब्द(युग्म-शब्द)(Combination) 5. वाक्य/वाक्यांश के लिए एक शब्द (Oneword) 6. स्वरऔर व्यंजन के प्रकार (Vowels and consonants) 7. तत्सम,तद्भव शब्द 8.संज्ञा (Noun) 9. सर्वनाम (Pronoun) 10. विशेषण(Adjectives) 11.क्रिया (Verb) 12. अव्यय के भेद 13. समास 14. सन्धि15. उपसर्ग वप्रत्यय (prefix and suffix) 16. लिंग (Gender) 17. वचन(Number) 18.कारक 19. कहावतें एवं मुहावरें (लोकोक्तियाँ) 20. वाक्यमें शब्दों काक्रम व वाक्य भेद 21. वर्तनी की शुद्धता 22. वाक्यशुद्धि 23. एकार्थकशब्द (समानार्थक शब्द) 24. राष्ट्रभाषा : राजभाषा,खड़ी बोली वदेवनागरी लिपि का सामान्य ज्ञान 25. छंद अलंकार Features :❄ HindiGrammar Notes ❄ Hindi Grammar quizzes ❄ Comprehensive AndValuableContent ❄ Internet connectivity is not required at all touse thisapp. ❄ You can share any question and your score of quizwith yourfriend. ❄ Attractive User Interface ❄ Completely Free Youmay findall educational apps at google play store by searchingGktalk_ImranFor any information or app related questions, contactme on :
English Grammar Test
Language learning requires a lot of books and differentonlineresources to be used during the curriculum. This isatime-consuming and uncomfortable way to learn English. Ourlanguageapp is the best way to study English and to practiceEnglish.Stunning minimalist design and clear user interface make iteasy totest your grammar skills. This English Grammar Test app isperfectfor Intermediate and Upper-Intermediate levels. The test isdividedinto two levels. Each one contains 30 tests with 20exercises. Wehave managed to put 20 English grammar units (for eachlevel) ineach test in a way that each question is a part of acertain unit.When you complete your English test you see whichaspects ofEnglish grammar you are good at and which of them requiremorepractice. When you make a mistake the app explains you whyyouranswer was not correct. Here we offer you an absolutelyuniquefeature — simple explanations for each question that helpyouunderstand why we should use certain answer instead of theother.English learning is nothing without feedback. Use our app togetinformation about your good and bad sides. Take a grammar testonceor twice a week during your curriculum and analyze yourresults.Focus not on mistakes but on the explanations given. Withtheprogress page provided in the app you can see your total scoreandresult of each english test. There are three scales from badtoperfect which indicate your percentage. If your total scoreiscolored green then you are ready for a new level. Anotheruniquefeature that you will not find in other apps is the Englishchat.Download the app and join the chat where you can speak Englishwiththousands of learners around the world. Moreover, our appprovidesFREE daily classes, exercises and lessons via popularsocial mediachannels. Learn English free, find new friends — thisis the bestEnglish practice you can find at the store! Download oneapp to getmuch more: practice, analysis, communication,interestinginformation. Features: - 60 tests and 1200 englishexercises - 20English grammar units in every test - simpleexplanations - totalscore and progress analytics - English chat -clear user interface- beautiful design - daily English lessons andexercises Syllabuscovered in english test: - Word Order - Articles- Present Tenses -Past Tenses - Future Tense - Passive Voice -Modal Verbs - PhrasalVerbs - Irregular Verbs - Pronouns -Adjectives - Adverbs -Relative Clauses - Noun plus Preposition -Prepositions - Adjectiveplus Preposition - Nouns - Some, any, a lotof, many, much etc. -Conditionals - Reported Speech - Gerund -Infinitives - ConfusingWords - Linking Words - Expressinghypothetical meaning - WordFormation
English Grammar Test 3.6.0
English Grammar Test features: - NO internet connectionrequiredafter install; - 2000 English grammar exercises; - 2000Englishwords; - Dictionary of 28000 words and their definitions; -160+English lessons; - 20 tests - every one containing aquestioncategory; - Medal achievements; - Wrong Answer list aftereachtest; - Evolution Table; English Grammar Test is a greatfreeeducation app which can help you expand your English vocabularyandlearn English. For example we do not write gramer,grammer,grammarly, gramar or grammer but grammar. Learn Englishthrough ourlessons: - present simple; - present simple; - presentcontinuous;- present perfect; - past simple; - past continuous; -pastperfect; - future; - adjectives; - adverbs; - prepositions;-phrasal verbs; - modal Verbs - irregular Verbs - gender; -reportedspeech; - use of some and any; - use of shall and should;-contractions; - use of usual and usually; - elder versus older;-few versus little; - make versus do; - reported Speech - gerund-infinitives - articles; - gerund; - idioms; - nouns; Get intouchwith us anytime, anywhere and for any reason :-) - Good luck!LABsterzz Team
English Vocabulary in Urdu 1.7
9Master Apps
Learn English Vocabulary is an Android app that teachestofacilitate those who want English Vocabulary learning in Urduandwho consider themselves weak in this regard. It covers all thecorefeatures that can prove to be helpful for the beginners. Themainsection contains: • Vocabulary: To learn English Vocabulary inUrduthis section contains explanation to the English Vocabularywiththe help of examples. • Tenses: It further entails types anduse oftenses like past, present, and future to clear theunderstanding ofusers. Memorize & Learn a Foreign Language& New Vocabularyto improve your English speaking skills,English Writing Otherfeatures: Tenses Courses Grammar LecturesVocabulary LearningGrammar Learning English Dictionary englishvocab for bankingenglish vocabulary for ibps po clerk exams englishvocabulary forcompetitive exams english vocabulary for upsc englishvocabularyfor ssc cgl / chsl english vocabulary for sbi po englishvocabularyfor cat english vocabulary for gre english vocabulary forieltsenglish vocabulary for ias english vocabulary for beginnersenglishvocabulary for adults english vocabulary for esl englishvocabularyfor afcat english vocabulary for aptitude test englishvocabularyfor advanced level english vocabulary for daily useenglishvocabulary for entrance exams english vocabulary for essaywritingenglish vocabulary for english speaking english vocabularyfor gmatenglish vocabulary for grade 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12englishvocabulary for hr professionals english vocabulary forhistoryenglish vocabulary for hotel english vocabulary for jobinterviewsenglish vocabulary for kid english vocabulary for lawenglishvocabulary for learners english vocabulary for mobilephonesenglish vocabulary for mba english vocabulary for mcatenglishvocabulary for newspaper english vocabulary for officialuseenglish vocabulary for placements english vocabulary forpoliceexam english vocabulary for speaking english vocabulary fortoeflenglish vocabulary for travel english vocabulary for writingIf youhave no time to learn the basics of English Vocabulary inUrdu thengrab your cell and download this app which is a simpleguide tolearn English Voabulary with examples in Urdu. This appgives youfree access to GRE, SAT, and TOEFL vocabulary quizzesImproveEnglish : Word Games This English Vocabulary App is aVocabularyBuilder for English Learner. Easy Vocabulary Builder:This wordlistis handpicked by experts. Definitions and examplesentences forevery word in the wordlist with handy flashcards wouldhelp youimprove vocabulary. Intermediate Vocabulary Builder: Buildyourvocabulary with this wordlist comprising 200+ words. A musttoimprove vocabulary. Definitions, synonyms/antonyms, memory tipsandinfographics would help to improve english. A good command onthesewords would also help you achieve good score in entrance examslikeCAT / GRE / GMAT / IELTS / TOEFL. Advanced VocabularyBuilder:Entrance exams require high command on vocabulary toachieve a goodscore. Definitions, example sentences,synonyms/antonyms andinfographics would help improve yourvocabulary and help achieve agood score. Helpful for exams likeCAT, MAT, XAT, NMAT, SNAP, GMAT,GRE, SAT, SSC, CGL, Bank PO, CET,GATE, IAS, IBPS, IELTS, IES,TOEFL, UPSC, JKSSB, PTE, DU JAT, Toeic,NIFT, JBPS, CFE.
German Complete Grammar 06.01.2020
“German Complete Grammar" is an application with more than10.000multiple- choice exercises with explaination in detail - Foralllearning levels in German. +Level A1: with more than1.000multiple- choice exercises. +Level A2: with more than1.000multiple- choice exercises. +Level B1 : with more than1.500multiple- choice exercises. +Level B2 : with more than70classified grammar exercises + 2.500 multiple- choiceexercises.+level C1: with nearly 50 grammar exercises + nearly1.500multiple- choice exercises +More than 3.000 test for Verbs,Nouns,Sentences or popular grammar structures
5555 English Grammar Tests 12.0
If you want to improve your English grammar greatly,thisapplication is for you. Doing these tests with explanations,youcan improve your grammar from Beginner to Advanced - free. Youwillnot see only tests. You will also see explanations for eachtest.It will help you to understand your weak points and improveyourknowledge greatly. It's for all levels - Beginner,Elementary,Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate,Advanced. Youwill learn English grammar step by step (from simpletopics to moredifficult ones). There are 5555 English tests onEnglish grammar(555 different English topics – it covers allgrammar). It’s a fullEnglish grammar course (the most completeversion with all Englishgrammar aspects you need to know). Thereare 10 tests in each topicwith explanations and 15 in the lasttopic. You will be doing testsand studying at the same time (withthe help of the explanations).It’s a very intensive and effectiveEnglish grammar practice. It’sperfect for self-study. For morepractice, you can do these testsas many times as you need (thetasks will be in a new order againand again). There are also bigtests (mixed tests) on differentsubjects which help you to memorizeand practice everything moreeffectively to get the maximum result.The structure of theapplication is the following: Beginner -Pre-Intermediate PresentSimple 1-16 Past Simple 17-38 Future Simple39-42 PresentContinuous 43-57 Basic Structures 1 58-73 Modal Verbs74-91 PassiveVoice 92-107 Conditionals 108-120 Basic Structures 2121-143 ShortAnswers 144-163 Basic Structures 3 164-187 Adverbs andAdjectives188-206 Numbers and Prepositions 207-221 Tag Questions222-245Infinitive, Verb+ing 246-266 Articles 267-281 Phrasal VerbsandIndirect Questions 283-295 Basic Structures 4 296-309Intermediate- Advanced English Tenses and Passive Voice 310-362Passive Voiceand Tenses Revision 363-384 Conditionals and ModalVerbs 385-398Prepositions 399-420 Reported Speech 421-451 QuestionsandAdjectives 452-468 Word Formation 469-498 Phrasal Verbs499-518More Advanced Structures 519-555
Basic English Grammar 1.0
✪ This helpful app will help to improve your Englishgrammarquickly!✪ This application includes:✓ 237 grammar lessonswithshort and simple explanations which are easy to remember.✓ 481testlessons with the short tests you can test your knowledge ofEnglishGrammar and vocabulary.✪ Main features:✓ To know the meaningof anywords, you just click on it. Immediately, the app willtranslate itinto your native language.✓ Add new words to yourvocabulary.✓Support more than 100 languages.✓ Simple and easy touse.
German Grammar in Use 2.1
Useful German Grammar application in Google Play!!! Itfreeapplication and useful for German learners!!!German Grammar inUseis a helpful educational app for everybody. This referencebookexplains German grammar in a comprehensible way and is veryusefulfor learners of German as a foreign language.Easy to improveyourGerman grammar knowledge with more than 60 GermanGrammarLessons."German Grammar In Use" is AWESOME for StudyingGermanGrammar."German Grammar In Use" is for basic and advancedlearnerson Android!"German Grammar In Use" IS COMPLETELY OPTIMIZEDfor yourandroid phone.☆☆☆ German Grammar Contents ☆☆☆1. Tenses-Zeitformen- Overview of the Tenses - Überblick über dieZeitformen-Present Tense - Präsens Zeitform- Present Perfect - -Simple Past -Präteritum- Past Perfect - Plusquamperfekt- Future -Zukunft-Future Perfect - Zukunft perfekt- Irregular Verbs -UnregelmäßigeVerben2. Verbs - Verben- sein/haben - Participles -Partizipien-Modal verbs - Modale Verben- Reflexive Verbs -Reflexive Verben-Separable Verbs - Trennbare Verben- Passive -Passiv- Imperative -Imperativ- Subjunctive I - Konjunktiv I-Subjunctive II -Konjunktiv II3. Nouns and Articles - Nomen undArtikel- Gender -Geschlecht- Articles - Artikel - Plurals -Plurale- Declension -Deklination- Declension of the Nominative -Deklination desNominativs- Declension of the Accusative -Deklination desAkkusativs- Declension of the Dative - Deklinationdes Dativs-Declension of the Genitive - Deklination des Genitivs4.Pronouns -Pronomen- Personal Pronouns - Persönliche Pronomen-PossessivePronouns - Possessive Pronomen- Reflexive Pronouns-Reflexivpronomina- Relative Pronouns -Relativpronomen-Interrogative Pronouns - Interrogativpronomen-DemonstrativePronouns - Demonstrativpronomen- Indefinite Pronouns-Indefinitpronomen- Declension - Deklination- NominativeDeclension- Nominative Deklination- Accusative Declension -AkkusativeDeklination- Dative Declension - Dative Declension-GenitiveDeclension - Genitive Declension5. Adjectives - Adjektive-Types -Typen- Formation - Bildung- Declension - Deklination-ComparativeForms - Komparativformen6. Declension - Deklination-Nominative -Nominativ- Accusative - Akkusativ- Dative - Dativ-Genitive -Genitiv- Genitive/Dative/Accusative - Genitiv / Dativ /Akkusativ7.Adverbs - Adverbien- Types - Typen- Location andComparative - Lageund Vergleichende8. Prepositions- Types - Typen-Cases - Fälle9.Sentence Structure - Satzstruktur- Main Clauses -Hauptklauseln-Negation - Negation- Questions - Fragen- DependentClauses -Abhängige Klauseln- Sentence with Conjunctions - SatzmitKonjunktionen- Indirect Questions - Indirekte Fragen-InfinitiveClauses - Infinitivklauseln- Participle Clauses -Partizipialsätze-Relative Clauses - Relativ Sätze- ConditionalClauses -Bedingungssätze- Indirect Speech - Indirekte RedeHave agreat day... and enjoy learning German grammar anytime,anywhere!Team -German Grammar In Use Application - supported byLife HackStudioTAG: study german, german grammar, grammar, simplegermangrammar, learn german, simple grammar, german lessions,german forbeginner, Deutsche Grammatik, Grammatikkentnisse, Deutschlernen
com.wobblemonkey.speedygram 2.2.5
Link sentences, smash words and learn English grammar withourunique and exciting learning method! Play games with lessonsthatexpand your vocabulary and improve your listening andspeakingskills. This English grammar trainer and vocabularybuildercontains over 200 simple lessons, grammar exercises andpracticegames that are suitable for ESL beginners, basic levelstudents andintermediate level learners (A1, A2 and B1). It alsoincludes asimple color-coded grammar book, listening exercises andchallengegames, which will test your English knowledge. Learn andexpandyour British or American English vocabulary and improveyourpronunciation. It will teach you the syntax skills you needforconversation, in your ESL classes or for IELTS and TOEICtestpreparation. Use the clear and simplified book for quicktips.Learn by yourself and practice the sentence patterns andvocabularythat you need to get speaking. This learning method isfast, funand effective! Beginner, basic and elementary languagelevel (A1and A2) includes: * Present simple tense - the verb "tobe" andother verbs * Past simple tense - regular verbs andirregular verbconjugation * Articles, pronouns and possessives *Singular andplural forms * Positive and negative phrases * Questionforms andshort answers * Demonstrative pronouns * Determinersandconjunctions * Present continuous/progressive tense *Basicadjectives and adverbs * Comparatives and superlatives *Future *Imperative * Present perfect tense - regular verbs andirregularverb conjugation * Basic time words and phrases and theuse ofdifferent tenses * And more Intermediate language level(B1)includes: * Prepositions * Past continuous tense * Action verbsvsstate verbs * Conditional Tenses * The passive voice *RelativeClauses * Prefixes and suffixes * And much more Otherfeatures: *The app includes an irregular verb conjugation trainer.* A wholesection is devoted to suffixes (which is very useful forTOEIC andIELTS test preparation) to train and help you recognisenoun, verband adjective forms. * The grammar reference bookincludes a listof irregular verbs and has very simple color-codedgrammarexplanations and real world examples of that grammar in use.* Foreach learning level (A1 & A2 and B1) there are challengegameswhich test your language skills for the whole level. * Eachchapterhas listening practice (also helpful for TOEIC and IELTStestpreparation). * Choose whether you want to learn AmericanorBritish English vocabulary and pronunciation. * Play a varietyofinteractive games which are designed to program your brainquicklyand keep you motivated. * The trainer gives you tips whenyou makemistakes. the learning method fixes mistakes instantly. *This appis suitable for ESL beginners (A1), basic level students(A2) andintermediate English learners (B1). It is suitable foradults andkids. * Use it in class, school, at home, on "English asa SecondLanguage" (ESL) conversation courses, or as a supplementfor TOEICand IELTS preparation courses. * Learn the words andvocabularythat glue sentences together and are essential forspeaking andconversation. * Practice with unlimited examplequestions that showthe use of grammar structures in real worldconversations. * Thelessons are split into small bite-sized lessonsfor quick dailypractice sessions. Keep going if you wish! * Thecourse has beencarefully designed by experienced British Englishteachers. Improveyour speaking skills! We advise that you listencarefully and speakthe words as you play. It will help you expandand remembervocabulary and improve the skills you need forconversation. Ourmission is to make learning English grammar funfor everyone.Download now and learn fast with the most exciting ESLlearningmethod & vocabulary builder ever!
com.nagaraju.spokenenglish 1.3
To learn English using Telugu, this app is very useful. This appsomany topics both Telugu and English. The Topics list are PartsofSpeech, Nouns, Pronoun, Verb, Adverb, Adjective,Conjunction,Preposition, Interjections, Tenses, Articles, DegreesofComparision, Simple CompoundComplex Sentences HelpingVerbs,Sentence(Positive, Native, etc) formation, Important wordswithmeanings and conversations, etc... keywords: English inTelugu,Telugu English dictionary, Spoken English 45 days inTelugu,English to Telugu translator app, Learn EnglishthroughTelugu,English to Telugu dictionary,English to Telugukeyboard, GKin Telugu,DSC study material in Telugu,CurrentAffairs,GovtJobs,Police jobs,APPSC,Group 1,Group 2,Group 3,VRO,VRA,PanchayatSecretary,Bank jobs,TSPSC Study Material,IBPS,RRB, GK inTelugu2017,GK Quiz,GK Game.
English Speaking App – EMILLY
Learn English with EMILLY – your companion for free,simple,effective and confident English Speaking. English is thecommonlanguage of the world. For personal and professionalsuccess,proficiency in this language is definitely desirable.Whether yournative tongue is Hindi, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu,Kannada, Malayalam,Oriya, Bengali, Gujarati, Marwari, Bhojpuri oranything else –fluency in English helps a person jump over thelanguage barrierand exchange thoughts and ideas with confidence. Doyou feelchallenged or threatened by the English Language? Worrynot! EMILLYis completely free for download. It helps you conversewithconfidence. We have a range of online classes and courseswhichwill make your process of learning the language very simple.Andagain, all these great classes and modules come to youabsolutelyfree! English Speaking App - EMILLY provides you with theright mixof content and personal attention, which is often missingin caseof institutes promising to make you confident speakers in amatterof days. What is even better is that the app can be used byyou atyour convenience – anytime, anywhere! We not only teach youhow tospeak English, but we also help you understand how toimproveEnglish and build vocabulary. Why EMILLY? We’ll tell you!EMILLY(Extramarks Interactive Language Learning for You) is aSpokenEnglish app especially developed and designed for Hindispeakingusers who aspire to become confident English speakers.EMILLY’sinteractive learning modules are carefully planned toimprovelistening, speaking, reading and writing skills. The modulesaremade up of rich multimedia content that engages the userandincreases retention level. The lessons are based on reallifesituations and daily English conversations like GreetingsandIntroduction, Profession, Family, Hobbies & Interests,Food& Clothing, Directions, etc. EMILLY can be accessedvia‘Guided’ and ‘Self-Learning mode’. The English SpeakingCourses,Classes, and English Practice Sessions provided by the Appcan becustomized. The programme begins with a Proficiency Testthatdetermines your existing knowledge of English language. Basisyourstarting point, you are suggested a level to begin yourEnglishSpeaking journey with EMILLY. There are several features ofthe appwhich are sure to benefit you. Have a look – Appealingvisuals andengaging content. 1000+ Pictionary Cards – to enablememorization.Pronunciation tools – so you can improve and perfectyour diction.English Vocabulary exercise – because you need to knowmany wordsto communicate effectively. Virtual Conversation Tool –becauseEnglish is best learnt when practiced. Synchronization –forseamlessly integrated learning across platforms.Bite-SizedActivities – for ease and enhanced retention. ActivityBasedLearning – because we learn best by doing. Bookmarks – toselectimportant words, phrases, sentences and expressions.DetailedAnalysis Section – so you can track, monitor and evaluateyourprogress. Tips and Tricks – highlighted in lessons to emphasizeonthe significant parts. Now say, ‘Hello English’ with style,becauseEMILLY is here to be your partner in becoming aconfidentspeaker.You don’t need to be confused with noun, verb,adverb,adjective, pronoun, conjunctions, articles, sentences,clauses,phrases, or any other feature of the language. Rules ofEnglishgrammar and sentence formation were never this simple. Allthis,and more, are available in our English Learning App.EnglishSpeaking App – EMILLY has benefitted many users over thepast yearsand now is your turn to learn. Download it now, and starttalking!
English Grammar Test 2.2.2
English grammar is a basic skill that every English learnershouldlearn carefully. This app gives you over 5000 English grammartestpractice questions . Clear explanations for each answers.Theexplanations help you to refresh your knowledge about yourtestedtopic
English Grammar Master 4.0.8
English Grammar Master is completely offline englishgrammarreference book to learn and master english Grammar ,covering awide range of grammar topics . Topics Included 1.Adjectives 2.Adverbs 3. Articles 4. Capitalisation 5. Conditionals6.Conjunctions 7. Degree of Comparison 8 . Determiners 9.Direct& Indirect Speech 10. Distributives 11. Few , a fewdifferences12. Gerunds 13. Going to 14. Had Better 15. Homonyms 16.Idioms 17.Independent & Dependent Clauses 18. Irregular Verbs19. Modals20. Must , have to differences 21. Nouns & Pronouns22. Partsof Speech 23. Passive Voice 24. Phrases 25. Prepositions26.Punctuation 27. Tenses 28. Usage of Do-Make 29. Usage of Will-Going to 30. Verbs Now No internet Required for learning grammar.Its time to learn about master english grammar along with usageonthe go , offline now. Features - Wide Range of topics -CompleteTopics Coverage - Regular Updates - Complete support Thisapp willhelp you in your career plan and helps in preparation ofenglish aswell as competitive exams and curriculum exams . Write for suggestions and feedbackforimprovements. Follow us on twitter @gamesnapps4u
English Proficiency Test 12.01.2020
“English Proficiency Test” is an application with more than10.000multiple- choice exercises- For all learning levels inEnglish.+Level A: with more than 1.500 multiple- choice exercises.+LevelB: with more than 1.500 multiple- choice exercises. +Level C: withmore than 1.500 multiple- choice exercises. +TOEFL : withmore than1.000 multiple- choice exercises. +TOEIC : with more than1.000multiple- choice exercises. +More than 7.000 test for Verbs,Nouns,Sentences or popular grammar structures in English. If youhave anyproblem or any doubt, please feel free contact with We will support as soon as possible. Thanks,DevTeams.
Pashto Language Learning in Urdu - Learn Pashto 1.3
9Master Apps
Information of Pashto language Learning App:Pashto is aEuropeanlanguage spoken in North West Pakistan and in Afghanistan.It isalso called Pakhto, Pukhto, Pashtu, or Pushtu in Afghanistanit isalso called as Afghani Language. People who speak Pashto areknownas Pashtun people or in English (Pathan people). It is amember ofthe Eastern Iranian languages group spoken in AfghanistanandPakistan as well as by the Pashtun diaspora around theworld.LearnPashto language in Urdu is an Android app that teachestofacilitate those who want Basic Pashto learning with Urdu inthisPashto Dictionary app and who consider themselves weak inthisregard. It covers all the core features that can prove tobehelpful for the beginners.Features of Pashto language in Urduforbeginners:-Learn Pashto language in Urdu-Learn Pashto fordailylife-Learn Pashto for beginners-Easy Pashto dictionary appforall-English to Pashto dictionary-Pathan vs sardarjokes-learnPashto shayari for all-Easy Pashto dictionary forbeginners-bestPashto SMS collection-Learn Pashto language-PashtoShayari onphotos-Pashto dictionary for Urdu speakers-Songs inPashtoInPakistan, Pashto is spoken by about 15 % of Pakistan. It isthemain language of the province of KPK, FATA andnorthwesternBaluchistan while it is also spoken in Mianwali andAttockdistricts of the Punjab province. Pashtuns have migrated tomanyother cities like Karachi & Lahore where Pushto is alsospokenand understood.Easy Pashto dictionary app for learners inUrdulanguage and aware the wide use of learning Pashtolanguage.LearnPashto is an educational app which has the motive togive people anawareness of Pashto language. The essence of this appis tofacilitate those android users who want to learn Pashtofrombasics. This app serves as a guide for those who want toenrichtheir vocabulary and beautify their spoken ascent as well.This appalso includes learn Pashto with sounds, learn Pashtowithpictures.Other distinct features:-Easy Pashto language-Pashtostorybooks-New funny pathan jokes-Top 10 Pashto songs-Pashtokeyboardtyping-Urdu to Pashto learning-Pashto Shayari funnySMS-funnypathan SMS-Translate Urdu to Pashto-Write text withPashtokeyboardThis app helps in speaking Pashto, writing Pashto,learnPashto, listening skills and reading skills for Pashtolearners.Easy Pashto dictionary app for finding meaning of wordsfrom Pashtoto Urdu dictionary.Best app for learning of Pashtolanguage in Urdufor beginners.Completely free application fornon-Pashto speaker tolearn Pashto in easy wayEasy to Learn App forthe people who wantto learn Pashto in days. Pashto Urdu Bol Chaal,Pashto Bol Chal.Helpful for user with Easy Pashto dictionaryapplicationIf you haveno time to learn the basics of learn Pashto,then grab your celland download this app which is a simple guide tolearn Pashtoalphabets with examples in Urdu.What else can be betterthan havingan easy and user-friendly App, which will aid users tolearn Pashtoand all the aspects of Pashto language app in shorttime. Downloadthis App; learn Pashto and rate – Shukria!