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StrongLifts 5x5 Workout Gym Log & Personal Trainer
The simplest, most effective workout to get stronger, buildmuscleand burn fat fast. Three exercises, three times a week, 45minutesper workout. Thousands of people worldwide have usedtheStrongLifts 5x5 workout app to get stronger, build muscle andburnfat. All without training more than three times aweek.TheStrongLifts 5x5 workout app is like having a personalstrength andmuscle building coach in your pocket. The app guidesyou throughevery StrongLifts 5x5 workout. It shows you whichexercise to doeach workout, with how much weight, how long to restbetween setsand a lot more. This takes the guess work out of yourtraining soyou can focus on lifting!FREE FEATURES✔ FREE DOWNLOAD✔Simple, easyand intuitive design✔ Integrates the StrongLifts 5x5workout✔Records weights, sets and reps - no more pen and paper!✔Know whichexercise to do and how much to lift each workout✔Auto-alternateworkout A/B, switch manually anytime from the menu✔Auto-add weighteach workout, set increments/microload insettings✔Auto-deload/repeat the weight if you missed reps or hit aplateau✔Timer suggests how long to rest between sets based on lastset✔Graphs to view your progresson all the lifts and forbody-weight✔Calendar for weekly and monthly overviews of yourworkouts✔ Notesfor tracking assistance exercises or how workoutwent✔ Kg/lb – setthis on first use, switch anytime in settings✔ Barsetting: set theweight of your barbell in settings✔ Auto-backupworkouts to cloud,sync to any device✔ Videos of workout andexercises✔ Log fromAndroid Wear!✔ Ad-free!Get Even Better Resultswith The StrongLiftsPower Pack!Unlock the StrongLifts Power Pack togain access to evenmore features. These will save you even more"brain" work in thegym, help you break through plateaus and allowyou to addassistance exercises to emphasize certain muscles. Hereare all thefeatures the Power Pack unlocks...✔ Warmup sets, repsand weightscalculator for all exercises✔ Assistance work - unlockassistanceexercises to target body-parts like arms, abs, calves✔CustomAssistance - create your own custom assistance exercise, withyoursets and reps✔ Plate calculator - list breakdown of plates toaddwith easy graph displays✔ 3x5/3x3/1x3 - break plateaus byswitchingto 3x5/3x3/1x3 once 5x5 stops working✔ Locked screenentry: quicklyenter sets from notification without unlocking yourphone✔ GoogleFit: automatically sync your workouts and body-weightwith GoogleFit✔ Export your workouts to csv and view them withexcel foradvanced analysisNote: purchasing the Power Pack alsosupports theteam behind this app, and keeps the app free of ads. Ifyou findthe app helpful, purchase the Power Pack to supportus.AboutStrongLifts 5x5StrongLifts 5x5 is the simplest, mosteffectiveworkout to get stronger, build muscle and burn fat. 3 fullbodycompound exercises exercises, 3x/week, 45 mins per workout.Thefirst workout A you Squat, Bench and Barbell Row. After takingoneday rest, you do the second workout B – Squat, Overhead PressandDeadlift. Start light to focus on form and build confidenceunderthe bar, then add weight each workout.The StrongLifts 5x5 appdoesall the thinking for you so you can focus on lifting. You canfindmore info about the StrongLifts 5x5 workout on theStrongLifts.comwebsite at to sendcrash reports so we improve app- Photos/media/filesto backup yourworkouts- Vibrator for rest timer alarm between sets- In-apppurchases to unlock extra featuresSupportIf you experienceissueswith the StrongLifts 5x5 workout app or have suggestions toimproveit, we'd love to hear from you! Just contact us from the appbygoing to menu - help. This way we have your phoneinfo.LikeStrongLifts 5x5?If you like this StrongLifts 5x5 app, rateit5-stars and give it a +1 so more people find it. -Mehdi
BodBot Personal Trainer: Workout & Fitness Coach
BodBot is a true digital personal trainer, creatingworkoutstailored to your goals, resources, physical abilities,desireddifficulty and much more. Each workout is tailored down tothelevel of the individual exercises, and the plans adapt over timeasyou complete or miss sessions.Just as a good personal trainerwillpersonalize your workout plan, we create an individual programforyou and adapt it as you progress. Limited range of motion intheshoulders? We can work to correct that. Weaker in the back thaninthe chest? We can address that. Hamstrings too tight? Wanttodevelop the biceps or the glutes? Can only workout in a fewwindowsduring the week? BodBot can handle it all, and your workoutswillreflect all of these needs. We're committed to providing youwiththe best possible training plan and the very best workouts.Morethan this, if you miss a workout, or if you decide to go hikingona whim, we can integrate this new information and updateyourtraining plan accordingly. The plan lives and breathes with youandfor you.So what distinguishes a modern, science-based,intimatelypersonalized training system? What does BodBot do - andwhy doesthis matter?■ Personalization matters. If you broke yourleg thismorning, you probably shouldn’t be attempting heavy squatsatnight. Similarly, if your sleep has cratered for the past week,orif you suddenly come down with a fever, the previous trajectoryofyour fitness - along with last week’s view of this week’sbesttraining plan - becomes obsolete. You need a recommendationthatreflects your new circumstances. ■ While changes are rarelythisdramatic, a missed workout, an unexpected hike, a bout ofinsomniaor any of life’s other curveballs should not derail youfrom yourtraining plan or your goals. BodBot can and will handlethesechanges.■ People naturally progress at different speeds.Ratherthan breaking yourself on the yoke of a program that’s eithertooslow or too fast - too inefficient or wildly risky - it ispossibleto respond to your rate of progress and adapt the trainingtoreflect your own unique work capacity. BodBot will work with youtoset the best pace and rate of progression. By contrast, mostappstoday either use absolutely no system of progression, orstaticfixed percentage increments. ■ Everyone has a differenthistory:variations in posture, strength, cardiovascular fitness,range ofmotion, joint stability, joint mobility and much more.Thesevariations matter. Rather than overloading a weak andunstablejoint or hammering an already shortened and tight muscle,BodBotwill work with you to improve performance and increaseefficiency -through targeted fitness tests and objectiveassessments. This isnot the hand-waving personalization of otherfitness apps. This ismodern, high quality physiology andkinesiology realized inintelligent training recommendations.■Accessibility matters - ifyou’re working out at home you shouldstill be able to get ahigh-quality, targeted workout - not anarbitrary infinite loop ofburpees, wall-squats and crunches.BodBot’s database of broad anddeep exercise profiles, together withthe sophisticated algorithmsthat run over the top of them,seamlessly handle changes inlocation and equipment. Similarly,schedules can run tight and canchange - if your default Monday,Wednesday, Friday pattern isinterrupted, or you suddenly have lesstime available thanexpected, BodBot will immediately adjust yourtraining plan. ■Specificity matters - beating about the knees witha tire iron willcertainly provoke soreness and perhaps even work upa sweat - butit will not generate favorable improvements inperformance(assuming self-assault does not become the new fad) orbodycomposition and certainly not wellness. It’s the type ofstimulus,not the magnitude of pain, that dictates results - BodBotwill useeach and every drop of sweat to help you achieve theresults youwant.
JEFIT Workout Tracker, Weight Lifting, Gym Planner
★ Google Play Editor's Choice ★ Men’s Fitness - Best FitnessandHealth Apps ★ USA Today - New year, new youOver 8 millionpeopleuse JEFIT to track their workouts and transform theirbodies.Theonly exercise tracker with detailed workout programs, HDvideoexercise instructions and tools to log and track yourworkouts. Onyour Android device or on your desktop, use JEFIT totrack yourtraining at home or at the gym and throw away yournotebook.JEFIT,the number one workout tracking planner app,provides free fitnessprogram database to help you stay fit, makeprogress and get themost out of your gym or home fitness sessions.From beginnerprograms like 5x5, 531, stronglifts, 3 or 4 daysplits, startingstrength to advanced bodybuilding, weightlifting,powerlifting orkettlebell routines to programs using bodyweight,limited space orspecialized equipment, JEFIT is the only workoutapp you need.Whois this app for?If you’ve logged your workouts in ajournal,planner or just love training at the gym on your ownschedule,JEFIT will help you reach your strength, weight and fatloss, andtraining goals from beginners to advanced lifters. We’vemade theapp to motivate you by rewarding you for consistency,pushingyourself to new personal records and committing tochallenges withthe community. Top Features● Web or App - Track withthe app andedit routines on our web app.● Track Workouts - Set yourexercises,track weights and reps and we’ll show you the results ofyourtraining● Exercise Instruction Database - Over 1300+demonstrationsand variations with HD video from experts● IntuitiveTools - RestTimer, Supersets, Interval Timers, Body MeasurementsLog, Notes,Schedule Planner, Notes● Training Programs - Customizedworkoutprograms made for 3, 4 or 5 day splits, fat loss,stronglifts, 5x5,starting strength, bodybuilding, 531,weightlifting, powerlifting,GZCLP, Greyskull, or build your own●Stay Motivated - Join ourmonthly fitness challenge with cash prizesand get support fromother gym goers in the community. Also add yourgym buddies tocompare routines and lifts so you can reach your goalof improvingstrength, getting lean, toned or just staying active●Set Goals -Want to lose weight, get lean, get stronger orexerciseconsistently? You can build that in JEFIT’s custom journal●AddFriends - Find new fitness buddies in our community. Whetherit’ssomeone to spot you at the gym or to comparebodybuildingtips.Programs for any fitness level with fullinstruction database✔Beginner Programs - Stronglifts, 5x5, StartingStrength, 3 daysplits✔ Advanced Programs - Powerlifting,bodybuilding, 531, GZCLP,Greyskull✔ Target Programs - Abs, Arms,Glutes, Fat and WeightLoss, Toning✔ Personal Training - Getroutines built by yourpersonal trainer✔ Sports Training - Baseball,Space✔ EquipmentFocused - Squat Racks, Barbells, Kettlebells,Dumbbells✔ Bodyweightor Minimal Equipment - Bands, Mats, MachineOnly, Core Focused✔Kettlebells, Cardio, Circuit Training, SpaceLimited Routines* Orbuild your own custom workout routines orschedulesSpecial toolsand features✔ Access from Desktop and Web✔Rest Timer - Set customtimes to remind when to lift✔ Supersets andcircuit trainingroutines supported✔ Interval Timer, Set Notes and 1Rep MaxCalculator✔ Body Measurements and Weekly Planner forScheduling✔Social Feed and Community Contest✔ Store Workouts in theCloud andshare with your personal trainer1,300 exercises supportedwith fullHD videos in our database✔ Barbell, Dumbbell, Machines,Cable,Band✔ Cardio, Elliptical, Rowing, Bike, Swimming✔ StaticMovements,Planks, Stretching, Abs✔ Bodyweight, Kettlebell, Core✔Createcustom exercisesBenchmarking, analysis andinstructions✔Personalized charts for lifting volume✔ Benchmarkagainst otherusers or gym buddy✔ Weekly summaries of progress✔PersonalizedRecord PR tracking
HASfit Home Workout Routines & Fitness Plans
Join your new personal trainers, Coach Kozak and Claudia,throughmotivational full-length home workout routines and fitnessplans.You sweat. They sweat.• Named “Top 10 Fitness Channel” byYouTubefor 4 years straight• 99% approval rating on over 100millioncompleted workoutsFeatured on Women’s Health, Men’sHealth,Runner’s World, Yahoo, AOL, Mashable, TechCrunch, HuffingtonPost,MSN, Product Hunt, Computer World, CNET, and more100’s ofFollowAlong Workouts in High Definition Video• Workout routines forallfitness levels (limited mobility, beginner,intermediate,advanced)• Search to find your perfect workout from 3– 60 minutes•Modifications to help you customize the workout foryour specificneeds• Save your favorite routines for easy accesslater• Exercisewith dumbbells or no equipment• Cast your workoutsto your TV usingyour Chromecast deviceDiscover new workouts addedeach week • FatBurning• HIIT & Tabata• Muscle Building• Cardio•StrengthTraining• Low Impact• Kickboxing and MMA• Kettlebell•Flexibilityand YogaGet faster results by following one of ourproven CompleteWorkout Plans and Programs• Foundation (Beginner):Start yourfitness journey with this completely free beginnerworkout program.The 30 day calendar updates each month with newworkouts so younever get bored! Coach Kozak’s routines will get youin the bestshape of your life using workouts that can be doneanywhere,anytime.• Motive (Intermediate-Advanced): The 30 dayscheduleupdates with new workout routines every month so you nevergetbored! HASfit’s Motive mixes it up with HIIT, cardio,weighttraining, calisthenics, martial arts, power yoga, and more tohelpyou avoid plateaus and achieve optimum results.• MuscleBuilding:If you’re looking for an easy to follow home bodybuildingcalendar,then here it is. Resistance training is the best way togainstrength and reshape your physique by building muscle andburningunwanted body fat at the same time.• 30 Day Ab Challenge:Did youknow it takes more than just crunches to achieve thecovetedsix-pack? This 30 day ab workout challenge is designed toblasteach of your abdominal muscle groups to reveal flatter andmoredefined abs.• And more!Testimonials: “My results just oneyearlater and I have gotten 138 pounds off! (so far! just a littlemoreto go) Woo Hoo! Thank you both so much Coach Kozak and MissClaudiafor these amazing workout videos! I was afraid I would notbearound much longer and thankfully I decided to try to gethealthyand save my life!,” Jennifer“I started the HASfit workoutprogramsof months ago and have to say this is as good as anyclasses andpersonal trainer sessions at the gym! Who says you needto go tothe gym to build muscle? Its so great to be able to workout athome and be challenged, pushed and motivated by theseworkouts andexercise plans. The variety of the workouts in in eachplan isbrilliant as means you don't get bored or plateau doing thesameworkout plans all the time. These are the best home workouts Ihaveever done. I recommend them to anyone, whatever your fitnesslevelthey seem to have all basis covered!,” Greg C.“Hello, myhusbandand I were happily married for 1 year and 4 months, and asthey sayyou gain "happy weight" from being 154lbs when I gotmarried I wentto 181lbs. My husband went from 180lbs to 216lbs. Weweren't happywith our bodies and had no confidence. We wanted achange and weneeded it IMMEDIATELY! So what did we do? We foundHASfit! Yourworkouts have been phenomenal! We are very happy andconfident, welove our bodies and we feel great! I now weight 157,and my husbandnow weights 183. Thank you for providing thesefitness plans forpeople who want a change, a new healthylifestyle!” Yajairah andAlex“Love these home workout routines! Beenconsistently workingout with the HASfit personal trainers and havereceived someawesome results after having 2 kids!,” Robin M
Virtuagym Fitness Tracker - Home & Gym
Get in the best shape of your life with Virtuagym Fitness. Workoutalongside our 3D-animated personal trainer, who will showyouexactly how to do each exercise. Virtuagym has acontinuouslygrowing exercise database, currently with over 4000exercises andmany pre-made workouts which you can do at home or inthegym.FEATURES* Full workouts for home & gym* Createcustomworkout routines* Clear 3D-animated exercise videos*Writtenexercise instructions* Workout reminders (only if you wantthem, ofcourse!)* Earn rewards for exercising* Progress tracking:trackover 100 values!* Personal trainer Brad Fit :)* GoogleFitConnection* Connects with NEO Health wearablesWHAT MAKESVIRTUAGYMSPECIAL- Our fitness app has a huge exercise database with4000+exercises (and we’re adding more every week!)- All exerciseshave a3D-animated instruction video, so you’ll know exactly howtoperform an exercise, or how to use machines at the gym.- Youcantrack your progress over time. There are 30+ values you cantrack,like weight, waist size, BMI, body fat, number of pushups,armsize, chest size, VO2max and many more.- There are more than100workouts in our fitness app which you can do right away: athome,in the gym or even at your office. There is a variety ofworkoutsfor men and women and in a range of difficulties, whetheryou’re abeginner or at an advanced level.- It’s fully integratedwithVirtuagym Food: our calorie, carb and fat counter. Downloadbothapps to get in shape faster than ever. There’s no otherappoffering such a complete solution for fitness &nutritiontracking on one single platform!- Users can connect NEOHealthwearable devices in order to track and analyze progress.Currentconnected devices are an activity tracker and a bodycompositionmonitor.FOR A VARIETY OF GOALSWhether you want to loseweight,build muscle or stay in shape: we have a workout for you.Toachieve the best results, keeping track of both exerciseandnutrition is important. Select a goal (weight loss, musclebuildingor staying in shape) and all you have to do is stick toyour planto see results!OUR APPS- Virtuagym Fitness: our fitnesstrackerwith workouts for home & gym- Virtuagym Food: ourcaloriecounter for nutrition trackingThere’s a seamlessintegrationbetween our fitness app and nutrition app. With bothapps, you’llhave all tools at your disposal to reach your fitnessgoals. Youcan also connect your Fitbit via and getaccess tomore workouts, our online community and muchmore.CUSTOMERSERVICEDo you miss an exercise? Found a bug?Recommendations forthe next version? Let us know! Feedback isalways greatlyappreciated, because it helps us to create theworld’s best fitnessapp. If you find a bug, please email us 1 star doesn’t help us to solve it.LIKE VIRTUAGYMFITNESS?Please rate us 5 stars, so we can keepimproving it :)We’re continuously working on new features and wecontinuously addnew 3D-animated exercises. If you have anysuggestions, let usknow. If you want to stay updated, get usefulfitness tips or ifyou need motivation: follow us on Facebook andTwitter!
Home Workout - No Equipment & Meal Planner
★Have your personal trainer AT HOME★Home Workouts will helpyouscientifically get in shape. No expensive equipment orcoachneeded, just use your body weight and take a few minutes aday, andyou'll have a better body in no time! It has workouts foryour abs,legs, arms and butt as well as full body workouts. Allworkouts aredesigned by experts and suitable for both men andwomen. With voiceguidance (TTS), detailed descriptions, animationsand professionalvideo guidance, you can make sure you use the rightform duringevery exercise. Warm-up and stretching routines are alsoavailablefor scientific exercise. You can design your own workoutto buildmuscles or lose fat efficiently, and it’s easier for you tokeepexercising every day. The calendar will log your workoutprogress,so you will stay motivated. Also, you can see your weighttrend onthe weight chart.10 WORKOUT ROUTINES ARE AVAILABLE✓ ClassicFullBody in 7 Minutes✓ Toned Abs in 5 Minutes✓ Slender legs in7Minutes✓ Sexy arms in 7 Minutes✓ Tighten butt in 7 Minutes✓UpperBody✓ Lower Body✓ Full Body✓ Strength Body I✓ StrengthBodyIIWORKOUT DESIGN BASED ON✓The training balances differentmusclegroups✓Workouts of varying difficulties✓Workouts for menandwomenFEATURES✓ Warm-up and stretching routines areavailable✓Record training progress automatically✓ The chart tracksyourweight trend✓ Customize your workout reminder✓ Detailed videoandanimation guide✓ Share with your friends on socialmediaHOMEWORKOUT DESIGNED FOR EVERYONEThis most effective homeworkout formen, also home workout for women, anybody can find theirworkoutplan to build muscles or lose weight.HOME WORKOUT NOEQUIPMENTYoucan use this home workout app anywhere, because all ofthese homeworkout no equipment needed.WORKOUT AT HOMETake a fewminutes a dayto keep fitness and shape your body with our workoutat home. Noequipment needed, just use your bodyweight to workout athome.
30 Day Plank Challenge Free
Take up this 30 day plank challenge this month and tone up andboostyour core muscles to the max.The plank challenge is our mostpopular30 day fitness challenge and has been taken by over1000,000 peopleover the world, so why not give it ago foryourself.The 30 day plankchallenge only has 1 exercise which youhave to do each day, and thetime spent doing the exercise slowlyincreases day by day to helpyou build up your core body musclestrength gradually, ensuring youare able to complete the final dayof the challenge easily.You onlyhave to do the amount of timeshown on the 30 day plank challengechart once per day, however ifyou are feeling brave then you canrepeat each days challenge asmany times as you like – howeverremember by day 30 it will be veryhard to do multiple times.The appis suitable for both men andwomen of any ages. Just install thisapp and follow the routinedaily.Mainfeature:--------------------------- Easy to follow- Noenquipmentneeded, workout anytime and anywhere- Smart calendartrack youractivity- Reminds you when to workoutTry our other 30day challengeapps too:- 30 Day Abs Trainer- 30 Day Push-UpsTrainer- 30 DaySquats Trainer- 30 Day Weight loss Trainer- 30 DayYoga Trainer- 30Day Bikini Body- 30 Day Wall Sit Challenge- 30 DayPlank Challenge-30 Day Tricep Dips Challenge- 30 Day LungeChallenge- More appscomingsoon!!
Kettlebell Workouts is a video coaching app, which gives youfullworkout sessions with kettlebell. Increase muscularstrength,balance and cardio condition as well. Features• over 45kettlebellexercises• 5 unique workout programs• voice coach• clearHD videodemonstrations• works offlineCustom WorkoutsCreate yourownworkouts from our exercise library.Adaptable difficultyWeadjustyour training level up or down based on your feedback.Bestronger,leaner, healthier with Fitify – your very ownpersonaltrainer.Check other Fitify apps with different fitnesstools (suchas TRX, Kettlebell, Swiss Ball or Foam Roller).
AutoPush Ups - Workout at home
AutoPush Ups is a unique application which counts pushupsautomatically just using a smartphone. Push ups counter willbevery useful for people who have no time or opportunity toattendgym paying more attention for home workout instead of it. Asyouknow, push ups for women are as important as push ups formenbecause this exercise can help to pump up chest, triceps,anddeltoid. Legs, spin, intercostal muscles, abs are alsoinvolvedwhile performing this exercise. AutoPush Ups makes asmartphoneinto irreplaceable push ups counter. You don’t even moreneed tocount push ups while performing this exercise, instead ofthat youcan fully concentrate on your breath using this personaltrainer.Application has a new system which can help user to achievethebest results while performing. Thanks to a special trainingprogramyou can increase the push ups quantity from day to day. Itwill bevery useful for those people who want to get from hometrainings asmuch usefulness as possible.Push ups for beginners isalso a veryimportant thing. Application will help them to learn howto performthe exercise correctly. Even if they want to train athome insteadof visiting fitness or just to pump up chest, tricepsor shoulders,it will help to achieve this goal. How does it work?To start usingthis fitness program for home training user shouldjust put asmartphone on the floor at chest level and startperforming. Thanksto the light sensor in a smartphone thisapplication will fix pushups and sound a signal. This app will makestatistics includingseveral parameters such as push ups velocity,set per exercise, andso on. It will also make user rating whichwill motivate to performbetter or to compete with friends. Inaddition to this, applicationmay be used as a kcal counter, showinghow much kcal user have lostperforming an exercise. Application’spros:- Push ups counter-Sounding a signal after each push up-Making a graphic report onresults of performing an exercise perday- Training history- Kcalcounter- Time and velocity counter-Making user ratings- Makingsports activity report- Special trainingprogram for betterperforming
Strong: Exercise Gym Log, 5x5
Strong is a workout and exercise tracker for StartingStrength,Stronglifts, 5X5, 531 and is adaptable to any otherworkout routineof your choosing! Our exercise library haseverything from squats,deadlifts, benchpress to kettle bells,cardio and your favourite abworkouts. You can also create your ownexercises, from barbell,dumbell, olympic and cardio to assistedbodyweight for an all inone fitness tracking and logexperience.Whether you're a beginner,experienced powerlifter orregular gym goer, Strong provideseverything you need to record andtrack your workouts and exercisesas effortlessly and as quickly aspossible. Unlike other workouttracking and exercise log apps,Strong doesn't bog you down withpictures and videos you don't need,and provide unnecessaryfunctions you'd never use.Strong has greatfeatures, including:💪 BeMore Efficient - With our intuitiveinterface you'll spend lesstime on your phone and more timelifting. Features like the Timerlets you know when to start yournext set. The Plate Calculatorhelps you out when the weights gethigh, and the Warm-up Calculatorgenerates warm-up sets for you injust a few taps. Strong alsotells you your previous lifts and givesyou guidance on what tolift based on your last trip to the gym.💪See Progress and StayMotivated - Strong stores all your personalrecords and previousworkouts for easy access to see progression asyou get closer toyour fitness and health goals.💪 Security andConvenience - All yourworkout data is backed up in the cloud. Whenyou switch devices youdon't have to worry about re-entering yourlifts into the app -ever.💪 Over 200 Exercises - Our library ofexercises and movementsincludes everything you can think of. Nopiece of equipment is leftfrom the list!Strong is the simplest andmost intuitive gym log onthe app store. Download it to achieve yourfitness goals and builda path to a healthierlife.Twitter:
Fitness - Gym and Home Workout,my Exercise Journal
The Fitness - it's a workout app/tracker and yourpersonaltrainer/pal for the gym, crossfit, at home and other formsofworkouts. Fitness will help you to perform exercisescorrectlywithout sustaining any injuries or imbalanced musclestimulations.You can create your own workout plans, or use thepre-developedplans already installed on the app.Our reports andworkout historywill show you which exercises or workouts are moreeffective, aswell as help you to make the best workout plans. Youcan eitherstick to a routine or combine plans, depending on yourfitnessgoal. This app also provides a performance and progresstrackingsystem. This app contains pre-installed workout plans basedon:-Gender: Male, Female -Level: Beginners, Intermediate andAdvanced-Workout goal: Weight loss, Toned legs, Perfect butt,Muscularbiceps and triceps, Mass gain, Athletic body, Six pack abs,Massivechest, Wide shoulders and many more.All exercises andworkouts werecreated by professionals, whose qualificationsinclude: masters ofsport of the international class inbodybuilding, fitness orpowerlifting, and each of them have morethan 10 years of coachingexperience.This app offers support forsupersets, power andinterval workouts:Power workouts – for thegym.Interval workouts –for at home workouts and crossfit.In thepower workouts, allweights and repetitions will be recorded duringthe performance ofevery exercise. We have created a specialinterface for quick dataentry, which includes hotkeys that arebased on the generalstatistics of athletes as well as your ownwithin the application.In the interval workouts, the appconsistently shows and voices theexercise that you need to perform.All exercises are usually 30seconds long, including a 10 secondbreak, and then the next roundbegins and so on. But the intervalsfor the exercises can also becustomised to fit yourpreferences.Workout process.Only threeclicks are needed to recordthe exercises, so that you’re notdistracted from the workoutitself. During the exercise, the appshows you the entire history ofthis exercise and you will havequick access to the descriptions andanimations of theexercises.ExercisesThis app containseasy-to-understand anddetailed descriptions, as well as animationsthat show you how theworkouts should be performed properly. It alsoshows the mistakesone should avoid while completing a set. You canalso create yourown exercises and workout programs. You can alsoattach pictureseither from the Internet, your device or from yourown photos tocustomize the exercises inside of theapp.Photodiary.You can takepictures and analyze the changes in yourbody moreclearly.MeasurementsYou can enter dimensional data aboutyourselfand check the dynamics and progress in the reports.Stayingfitleads to better health.This app serves as a substitute forapersonal trainer, as it tells you the exact workout you need todoin order to meet your fitness goal with vivid descriptions.Itallows you to maintain a personal journal for every calendarmonthand track your progress. From bodybuilding and weight lifting,tomild cardio and toning down, Fitness covers it all.
Weight Loss, Running & Fitness Coach - Fitso
⭐Lose weight, build muscle or train for marathon with bestonlinefitness coach & dietitian on Fitso.⭐Enjoy all features inoneapp Best Indian Calorie Counter, Accurate GPS RunningTracker,Steps Counter, Free Running plan, and Free Workout Planwith videosfor Yoga, Bodyweight and Weight Training. Whether yourgoal isweight loss, weight gain, build muscle, run a race or getfit,Fitso can help.App features and benefits ★ Access to bestIndiancalorie counter with database of 100,000+ food itemsandnutritional guidance to help you eat better. 80% usersstartfeeling change by continuously using the calorie counterandfollowing the nutritional suggestion. ★ Track any activity withGPSRunning Tracker and Google Fit integration effortlessly.Getreal-time stats for your runs, walks, and rides with audiocues.★Get running plan for 5k, 10k, half-marathon & marathon.Easy tofollow running plans with daily reminders and audio coach tostayon track with your goal. ★ Workout at home, gym or whiletravellingwith free workout plans consisting of 3000+ workoutvideos,covering all your muscle groups and adapted to all fitnesslevels.Personalized workout plans comes with detailed explanationandprovides step-by-step guidance as your online fitnesscoachWhyFitso ☆ It's PersonalizedWhether your goal is Weight Loss,WeightGain, Build Muscle, get fit or running, Fitso offerscustomiseddiet and workout plan to help you achieve your fitnessgoal. ☆ It'sComprehensiveStart tracking and making changes usingIndian caloriecounter, GPS Running tracking, steps tracking,workout videos,daily motivation, challenges, water log, mealsuggestion etc. tolive sustainable, happy, healthy lifestyle.☆ It'sFreeThere arelots of free plans for which you have to pay in otherapps - freeworkout plans for men and women; free running plans for5k, 10k,half marathon & full marathon; free nutritionalguidance etc.☆It's Easy to UseRather than going for extreme,unsustainablesolution we believe in lifestyle change. Your can hirepersonalonline fitness coach, nutritionist or running coach fromFitso toreach your goal 4X faster.*Fitso Personal Running andWeight LossCoach - (Only in India)Hire personal online fitnesscoach,dietitian and running coach to get a customised workout, dietandrunning plan. You will get customised workout plan with athomeworkouts for men and women, customised diet plan with Indianfood,unlimited chat, and weekly consultation call. The diet planisfully customised & created by best dietitians in India.Yourweight loss coach will make sure that diet plan is customisedasper your lifestyle and provide shopping list of healthy snacks.Getinstant reply from your dietitian for any diet related queryusingthe in app chat option.The workouts plan consist of anexhaustiverange of exercises, presented in video form withdetailedexplanation. Enjoy the at home workouts and gym workoutvideos tograb your weight loss, weight gain or build muscle goal.Get dailytips and motivation from your online fitness coach to stayontrack.Adding to the top of your best running app, you getapersonalised running plan from the best running coaches. Getweeklycustomization of the running plan as per your performance,dailymotivation, pro-running tips by running coach, and workoutvideosfor warm-up and cool down exercises.PERMISSION REQUIRED -LOCATION:To Live Track your running, walking and cycling - ReadSMS: To makepayments via our payment gateway using OTP - Read/WriteStorage:Allow for sharing images and files in chat
Workout Tracker & Gym Trainer - Fitness Log Book
Hercules Workout Tracker & Gym Trainer is the best workoutapp.It’s your personal fitness trainer, it will manageyourbodybuilding, fitness and crossfit workouts for you, yourtimersand your training log in an intuitive and modern way. It’stheperfect bodybuilding app for men and women.Join the 100 000+usersto reach your goals and ease your workout routines and followyourprogress:• Integrated timer : the timer starts automatically attheend of a set• Take notes during your workout• 100+predefinedfitness & bodybuilding exercises classified by musclegroups:abs, forearms, biceps, back, shoulders, buttocks,hamstrings,lumbars, calves, chest, quadriceps, trapezius, triceps.•8beginners workout routines ready to go with the 7 minutesworkout,full body workout, no equipment needed!• Create your ownworkoutsand exercises, sort them in customizable groups• Generateworkoutsthrough the workout generator (paid service)• Set yourgoals : foreach set customize rest time, loads and number ofrepetitions• Youuse some specific bodybuilding / crossfit / fitnessmachine? Take apicture from your phone and associate it to anyexercise!• You madea mistake during your routine? Edit yourperformance rightafter!During your workout / wod, Hercules willmanage everythingfor you:• Display the current exercise to do, withthe number ofrepetitions and loads goals, the rest times areautomaticallymanaged through the integrated timer• See your lastperformance onthe set you are doing to beat it!• Display theexercise completedescription to do it well• The next machine to useis unavailable?Change your next exercise on the fly!• During therest time, enteryour performance, it will be added to your log, abeep willindicate the start of the next set• At the workout end,yourprogression relative to the last session is displayed, you candrawyour progression curves to motivate yourselfAs yourpersonaltrainer, Hercules will stay with you during your wholefitnesstraining, at home or at the gym. No matter if your goal isto loseweight, belly fat, gain muscles or just stay in shape,you’ll beable to follow your progress easily on this workouttracker.You canuse it to do some predefined workouts like the 8minutes absworkout or any other workout you find on the web. Ifyou’re a man,you will be able to gain muscle quickly and followyour progressthrough the user profile and measurements tracker. Youcan trainyour arms, abs, biceps, chest and any other muscle of yourchoice!Generate workouts accordingly to your needs, it’s quickandsimple.If you’re a woman, you’ll be able to gain some musclestooand lose fat quickly. Hercules will let you measure yourhips,waist, thighs, buttocks and any other body part you want. Youwillfollow your progress every day through curves to keepyourmotivation and never quit! Indeed Hercules can be used aweighttracker to lose fat quickly in just 2 weeks!Don't hesitate tosendme your wod and workouts if you want me to add them in thebestworkout app!TRIAL PERIOD OF 7 DAYS: Hercules is free during atrialperiod of 7 days. At the end you must unlock theapplicationthrough an in-app purchase to be able to continue to useit. Thanksfor your support.Official facebookpage:
BodySpace - Social Fitness App
We change lives! BodySpace is a revolutionary socialfitnessplatform. It’s the best personal trainer combined with theworld’slargest online fitness community. It’s a complete systemofinnovative workout tools, cutting-edge trackers, fresh content,andsocial features designed to help you become your best self.Thebest fitness app, BodySpace is the bridge between dream anddo.It’s your ongoing transformation station. Pick a trainingprogramthat is perfect for you: • Choose from one of dozens ofBodySpaceprograms built by PhD's, Professional Trainers andAthletes such asJim Stoppani, Kris Gethin, Jamie Eason, AshleyConrad, Lee Labradaand many more. • Choose from one of ourthousands of top ratedCommunity built programs. • Choose theprogram that is perfect foryou based on your goal, experiencelevel, gender, age, duration ornumber of workouts per week. • Applythe training program to yourBodyCalendar and get a daily to-do listwith reminders. Not readyfor a full training program? Noproblem...start by simply findingthe perfect workout: • Choose fromthousands of workouts created byBodySpace and our Community. •Locate your workout by goal,experience level, gender, age,duration, cardio and musclestargeted. Explore the thousands ofexercises in BodySpace: • Findthe perfect exercise based onexercise type, muscle group andequipment. • Watch the instructionalvideo or read through thestep-by-step instructions. • Sort theexercises by our Communityratings. Fitness Tracker: • Track all thedetails of your workoutswith exercise tips, videos, previous stats,rest-timers and more. •Watch as your workout stats (weight liftedand cardio times) hitmillions of pounds and hundreds of hours.Ready to add supplementsto your transformation? •'s massive selectionof top brands directly fromBodySpace. Looking for others to helpyou meet your health andfitness goals?• Ability to manage yourBodySpace friends &followers. • BodySpace news feeds from yourfriends & followers.
SmartFit - Gym Personal Trainer, Strength training
SmartFit creates effective weight training programs basedonprinciples used in powerlifting and weight lifting and it ismorecomplicated than methods 5x5, Madcow, Smolov programs areusing.But we’ve tried to make very simple interface, so just setyourtraining goal and experience in the gym, enter workingweights(ordetermine it in the training process) and getreally-working gymworkout routines. It is not a fitness log or afitness tracker, soyou don’t need to enter a lot of data during thetraining workout,just point out the level of difficulty - you caneven do it afterthe training! All parameters you must enter inother apps – set,reps, weights – it will have already determined bypersonal trainerSmartFit for your maximum progress! You only needto do specifiedgym workout plan and see your progress in the mirroror if yourgoal is strength training – just track your powerincreasing inpowerlifting exercises: bench press, deadlift andsquat. Ourpersonal trainer app makes well-balanced weight trainingprogramsare including all muscle groups with no ineffective splitsso thatyou will do chest, legs workout or shoulders, back workoutin onetraining. Biceps, triceps workout, for example, in musclebuildingprogram for male is on separate day. In every training daywe havespecified special section for hitch where you can find absworkoutfor all users and wrist, calf and shrugs workout for male.Formaximum progress in your weight training goals you should keeptothe appropriate diet plan. SmartFit is a fully qualifiedfitnesstrainer for men and women in the following directions: -Fitness -Bodybuilding - Powerlifting - Stretching - Glute trainingsforwomen Next programs are available for the users: - Musclebuildingprogram - Weightloss program - Strength training programTheappwill help girls to reach the goals as: pump up the butt, abs,loseweight, etc. Taking into account individual characteristics,thefitness gym workouts will be with the workload, whichwilleffectively help to reach the result. At the end of aneachworkout, you will be offered the stretching exercises andabsworkout. The training programs for men contain the workloadlevel,which allows effectively pump up the biceps, chest, etc. andloseweight or gain muscles. Strength training workouts are notlimitedto the 5x5, Smolov or Madcow programs. Bench press, deadliftandbarbell squats are trained in the mode, which will contributethesuccessful performance at the powerlifting competition.Rightdecision for those, who want to lose weight, gain muscleorincrease the strength!Personal trainer SmartFit will saveyourmoney on a personal trainer.
Home Workout - No Equipment
Home Workouts provides daily workout routines for all yourmainmuscle groups. In just a few minutes a day, you can buildmusclesand keep fitness at home without having to go to the gym.Noequipment or coach needed, all exercises can be performed withjustyour body weight.The app has workouts for your abs, chest,legs,arms and butt as well as full body workouts. All the workoutsaredesigned by experts. None of them need equipment, so there'snoneed to go to the gym. Even though it just takes a few minutesaday, it can effectively tone your muscles and help you get sixpackabs at home.The warm-up and stretching routines are designedtomake sure you exercise in a scientific way. With animationsandvideo guidance for each exercise, you can make sure you usetheright form during each exercise.Stick with our home workouts,andyou will notice a change in your body in just a fewshortweeks.Features*Warm-up and stretching routines*Recordstrainingprogress automatically*The chart tracks yourweighttrends*Customize your workout reminders*Detailed videoandanimation guides*Lose weight with a personal trainer*Sharewithyour friends on social mediaBodybuilding AppLooking forabodybuilding app? No satisfied bodybuilding app? Try ourbuildmuscle app! This build muscle app has effective musclebuildingworkout, and all muscle building workout is designedbyexpert.Strength Training AppIt's not only just a build muscleapp,but also a strength training app. If you are still lookingformuscle building workout, muscle building apps or strengthtrainingapp, this muscle building apps is the best one you can findamongthe muscle building apps.Home Workouts for MenWant effectivehomeworkouts for men? We provide different home workouts for mentoworkout at home. The home workout for men is proven to help yougetsix pack abs in a short time. You'll find the home workout formenthat most suitable for you. Try our home workout formennow!Multiple ExercisesPush ups, squats, sit ups, plank,crunch,wall sit, jumping jacks, punch, triceps dips, lunges...
MaxiClimber® Fitness App
- MaxiClimber® Fitness App helps you Max out your strength,cardioand endurance with the 21 Day Maxichallenge intervalprogramfeaturing fitness expert coach Mark Harari.- 21 Day completeMealPlan with 80+recipes.- Track your progress: calories burnedandworkout time for each day and month.- Easy sign in(e-mail,Facebook or Twitter accounts).- Connect with friends andfamily bysharing your daily training results.- Get a nudge in therightdirection with notifications.- Finish the 21 Day Maxichallengetounlock 4 customized trainings.- Customer service and User Manualinthe palm of your hand.- English and Spanish languages-Maxiclimbyour way to strong, sexy legs, firm glutes, rock hard absand tonedbiceps and triceps. MaxiClimber® workouts can burn twiceas manycalories than a treadmill and as much as an extra 45%afterburnthrough intense muscle toning.MaxiClimb your way tofitness!
HIIT & Cardio Workout
Cardio, HIIT & Aerobic Workouts by Fitify provides you withfreeworkouts & exercises to boost heart rate and burn fat.WithFitify, you can burn calories wherever you are, no equipmentisneeded. Cardio, HIIT & Aerobic Workouts by Fitify provides5unique workouts• High Intensity – High Intensity IntervalTraininga.k.a. HIIT• Light Cardio – Classic cardio you do to burnfatduring a workout for longer time period - typically >30minutes• Plyometric Jumps – Set of dynamic jumps to boostexplosivepower and effectively burn calories• Joint Friendly – LowImpactCardio for older people or people recovering fromaninjuryFeatures• over 90 bodyweight exercises• 4 uniqueworkoutprograms• no equipment needed• voice coach• clear HDvideodemonstrations• designed for men and women, young or old•worksofflineCustom WorkoutsBuild your own workout with customworkouts.Choose exercises, duration, rest intervals and challengeyourselfwith your own training. With Fitify you have one customworkout forfree.Adaptable difficultyWe adjust your training levelup or downbased on your feedback.Fitify AppsBe stronger, leaner,healthierwith Fitify – your very own personal trainer.Check outother Fitifyapps with fitness tools (such as TRX, Kettlebell, SwissBall, FoamRoller, Bosu or Resistance band).
8fit Workouts & Meal Planner
8fit is your mobile personal trainer. Enjoy quick workoutroutinescombined with a simple healthy meal planner tailored foryou.Whether your goal is to lose weight, get fit or gain weight,joinmillions of 8fitters who are getting results and livingasustainable, happy, healthy lifestyle.• What’s in it foryou?8fitis not a diet. It’s not an exercise program. It’s alifestylechange. Get fit, keep the fat off and stay toned. Watchyourconfidence skyrocket! Let us help you become the best versionofyourself. Skip the gym and realize your potentialWork outanywhere,anytime: at home, in the park, or at a hotel. Noequipmentrequired: use your own bodyweight to build musclestrength,increase endurance, improve cardiovascular fitness andlose weightwithout catabolizing hard earned muscles. The HIITworkout(high-intensity interval training) is one of our users’favoritesbecause it is fast and more effective than traditionalcardioworkouts. 8fit’s workouts only take 5-20 minutes. From supermomsto business travelers, burn more calories and get results evenon abusy schedule!Nutrition is 80% of your fitness goal equation.8fitis not another fad diet plan or a calorie counter, but alifestylecoach to help you create daily habits by teaching youpropernutrition and giving you strategic at-home exercises. 8fitprovidesguidance with your meal planning and along your fitnessjourney,not just following a calorie tracker or generic gymworkouts. • Howdoes it work?8fit deliver results through tailored,easy to followmeal plans and workouts created by expert trainers.We teach youhow to gain or lose weight with healthy diets andworkoutroutines.Most workout apps or weight loss apps give youa‘one-size-fits-all’ plan and sends you off to navigate byyourself.8fit is a personalized step-by-step guide accommodatingeveryone,from beginners to advanced fitness enthusiasts,providing:- Fitnessassessment to place you in your initial level-Workout plans tochallenge you and make you progress- Customizedhealthy meals anddiet plans- Foods to eat and foods to avoid-Healthy recipes andshopping list8fit improves your nutrition andprovides you with thehealthy eating tools you need to reach yourhealth and weight goalsby:- Organizing your week with a healthymeal plan app, accompaniedby a grocery list- Providing you withover 400 healthy recipescustomized to your personal tastes orallergies- Eliminating thehassle of keeping track of your dailycalorie count- Accommodatingdietary preferences: paleo, vegetarian,vegan, pescatarian, ketodiet, low carb… 8fit helps you makeexercise a part of your dailyroutine:- Over 350 exercises with avariety of levels to progressthrough- Time-efficient HIIT workoutsincluding a tabata timer andcountdown cues- A strength test and afitness tracker to measureyour progress- Daily motivation, fitnesstrainer tips and activitytracking- Pedometer / step counter syncedto Google Fit- Sweat withchallenging exercises- Intensity of 8fit’sHIIT and Tabata Workoutsare inspired by Crossfit & P90x- Go atyour own pace andimprove your fitness at home.8fit is free foreveryone. To unlockexclusive workouts and complete meal plans,subscribe to the Proversion. You can turn off the auto-renewal atany time. When youcancel, access to the Pro features will expire atthe end of thecurrent payment period. Support:help@8fit.comPrivacy: talk, welisten! Consistent updates ensure a5-star experience & resultsyou will be happy with.Fitness forthe rest of us 💪🍳It's time tostep out of your comfort zone andseize the day: start littlehabits for a big change. You too cantone your body, boost yourconfidence and become the best version ofyou. ✌️
100 Pushups workout
Do you want to be able to do 100 pushups? Sounds impossible butitcan be done. YOU can do it!The workout course of 100 push-upsBeStronger is your personal fitness coach for push ups. If youstarttraining on this program you can push-ups 100 times in a rowin6-10 weeks. It's not so difficult as it can seems. It willbenecessary just to do the appropriate workouts.★The workoutsaresplit on 11 programs depending on your sport training. Justchoosethe right program for you. We recommend to use it in complexwiththe program from Be Stronger cycle. Combining all programs fromthecycle (50 pull-ups, 300 sit ups, 300 squats) you will get astrongand healthy body in record time.Do not be lazy, exercise andbehealthy!The application 100 push-ups includes nextfunctionality(features):✔ 11 workout programs✔ fast statistics(your currentaverage level of push-ups, current program, status andmedals)✔backup and restore data to remote server ✔ the reminderfeaturehelps you don't miss a workout✔ a function of cloudstoragestatistics for easy storage and transfer of personalstatistics✔warm-up before workouts✔ a possibility to change aprogram in anunsuccessful training session✔ the history of yourpush-ups Programrules: before start workout pass the test. The aimof the test isto determine maximum number of push-ups that you cando in a row.Then based on the test result chose the program andstart workout.Press the button after each approach to show thetimer for rest(you can rest in a recommended time or change itaccording to yourfeelings). Follow the mode of rest and propernutrition. Example:in the test you did 43 push-ups. Choose from thelist 41-45 timesprogram. Do not forget to have 2 days rest aftertest forrecovering. If you have suggestions or desires for ourapplicationswrite to us using the email address which you can findin thecontacts. There is an advertising in the application, you canturnit off using in app purchases.
Abs workout 7 minutes
The 7 Minutes Abs Workout is coming!Just 7 minutes, to get sexy, flat and firm muscles.Just 7 minutes, to achieve the perfect V-shape body.Just 7 minutes, to get a six pack either at home ortheoffice.The 7 minutes abs workout for women or men, based on thetrainingprinciple of “Higher intensity and lower frequency”, is asure-fireway to get sexy, flat and firm abdominal muscles.There are 14 exercises included in the workout: Jumpingsquats,Reverse crunch, Straight-arm plank, Russian twist, Birddog,Burpees, Long arm crunch, One leg bridge, One leg push up,Plank,Cross arm crunch, Mountain climber, Bridge, Bicycle crunch.Theseexercises can fully train your abdominal and backmuscles.After only a short time of abs workout for women or men, youwillsee an obvious and great difference on yourself: healthier,sexier,younger and more energetic.There is also a video tutorial for you to modify and correctyourmotions. By taking the 7 minutes abs workout for women or men ,youcan get a six-pack, flat and firm muscles. The perfect V-shapebodyis no longer a dream.Features:Support Google Fit;Voice guide you when you need to start 7 minute workoutorrest;Adjust the circuit time according to your situation;Adjust the rest time;Keep the screen on when you workout;Beautiful character and UI design;Workout log shows your complete workout time;Ability to pause the workout, and skip to previous ornextexercise;Notification for daily abs workout for women or men ;Permissions description:Storage:For saving data to SD card or on your phone;Network communication:Support save data to Google fit;Phone call:You can get important phone call even during the exercise;System tools:This permission is for starting up notification even rebootthephone;Hardware controls:For notification vibration;
Pro Gym Workout (Gym Workouts & Fitness)
Pro Gym Workout is your bodybuilding and Workouts trainer. Useourworkout videos to Workout anytime anywhere. No personaltrainerrequired. Our workout programs contain detailed informationofSets, Reps, Load, Speed and Rest to help you reach yourfitnessgoal. Workout at home or at the gym using our goal orientedworkoutroutines and training programWORKOUTS: 120+ Exercises and9workouts● Abs workout● Biceps workout● Triceps workout●Forearmsworkout● Chest workout● Legs workout● Shoulder workout●Backworkout● Calves workout● Cardio workoutWORKOUT PROGRAM: 16Workoutroutines inbuilt● Beginner bodybuilding● Advancedbodybuilding● Fatloss (12 weeks fat loss)● Fat loss & musclegain (6 weeks fatloss)● belly Fat destroyer● Quick Belly fat loss●Arms workoutprogram● Attractive Abs program● Massive chest workout●Beginnerfitness● Pro fitness● Beginner powerlifter● Propowerlifter●Advance powerlifter● Mass gainer (gain weight in 3months)● Absgain (workouts for abs in 6 weeks)FEATURES: ● Nointernetconnection required.● Workout videos by professionalbodybuilderthat show you the right technique and movements withdetaileddescription.● BMI calculator, Protein calculator,Caloriescalcutator, Fat calculator● Like to add exercises tofavourites●Create your own custom workout routines by adding yourfavoriteexercises● Day wise listed workouts program and exercises●Searchworkouts easily using search feature● Receive newtrainingexercises added in the app● Workout tracker: timer inworkout planswith accurate set, reps, load, speed and rest●Receivenotifications about: Workout supplements, Workoutexercises,Bodybuilding diet, Bodybuilding news, fitness news,health tips,Gym fitness exercises and more.NOTE: You can choose toremove adspermanently from the app by purchasing ads free pack.NOTE: You canpurchase the Premium version within the app to unlockeverything inthe app. Feel free to send us feedback for suggestionandimprovements, we will reply as soon as possible.If you installtheapp you agree to our terms andconditions viaemail for help andsupport.Website:www.progymworkout.comThank you.
0-100 Pushups Trainer
◎ Join the millions completing the Zen Challenge Series!◎ 0 to100Pushups in 8 weeks using a proven program!◎ Featured onGlamourMagazine, Yahoo!’s Appolicious, Popsugar Fitness, Apple’s“What’sHot”, Apple’s “New & Noteworthy”, and doctor recommendedonhealthTap!"Could barely do 20 pushups, but this programchallengedme and got me to my goal! Easy straightforward program.Just pressstart and the voice coach guided me through!"Are youready for the100 Pushups Challenge? Train your body and build up tocompleting100 pushups with same people that brought you theOFFICIAL #1 5KTraining app C25K® (Couch to 5K).Using a provenprogram, the 100Pushups Challenge builds up your upper bodystrength, having youperform specific reps of pushups with a periodof rest in between.Just simply follow and perform the instructednumber of reps, andafter 8 weeks, you will be able to do 100pushups straight!Manyfitness experts and personal trainers willtell you that push-upsare among the best exercises EVER. Somebenefits of pushupsinclude:◎ Push-ups are a compound exercise:pushups work out anumber of different muscles simultaneously,including abs, lowerback muscles, as well as quadriceps! And ofcourse, your tricepsand chest! This means that pushups are actuallya full bodyworkout.◎ Pushups boost your cardiovascular health:pushups help tocirculate blood through the entire body, are greatfor your heartand cardiovascular health.≈ It's easy andstraightforward to start≈1. Just open the app and start!2. Listento the voice cues!≈Features ≈◎ Achieve badges and awards forfinishing a workout!◎Intuitive user friendly interface◎ IntegratedwithFacebook/Twitter/Instagram communities, so share your progressandachievements!★ Love this app? We have a complete suite ofhealthand fitness apps that covers all your fitness needs.C25K(Couch to5K) Trainer: Trainer- Minute Workout - Trainer -★Join the community forhelp, tips, and advice!★ The Forums are a great place toask all your fitnessquestions!★Read our blog for greathealthtips! app? Please email us at,or visitus at Zen Labs is a proudsupporter of theNational Breast Cancer Coalition. We arepassionate about finding acure for breast cancer and proudlydonate to their“Never doubtthat a small group ofthoughtful committed citizens can change theworld. Indeed, it isthe only thing that ever has.”~ MargaretMeadLegal DisclaimerThisapp and any information given by it or byZen Labs LLC are foreducational purposes only. They are notintended nor implied to be asubstitute for professional medicaladvice. You should alwaysconsult your healthcare provider beforebeginning any fitnessprogram.
Gym Fitness & Workout : Personal trainer
The only app you need for your workouts and physicalevolutionGymFitness & Workout is a personal trainer which willprovide youwith a series of tools and information that will helpyou achieveall your goals.Train wherever in gym, street or home.GymFitness& Workout has a great variety of sections● ExerciseguideMorethan 300 exercises with which you can perform very variedroutinesin the gym, in home or street. Each exercise has itsrespectiveexplanation, illustrative images and an explanatoryvideo, so thatyou can execute correctly each exercise.●WorkoutsSmartfitDifferent routines that will help you plan yourweeklywork, you will find routines of 3, 4, 5 or 6 days a weektakinginto account whether you are beginner, intermediate oradvanced,including 3, 4 and 5 day routines designed especiallyforwomen.Including weekly routines of loss of body fat withtheirrespective diet for each day.● Challenges SmartfitTry toachieveeach of the proposed challenges with exercises such as:•Push-Ups •Push-Ups • Squats • Crunch • Dips • Hindu Push Ups • LegRaises • VSitUps • Incline Chin Ups● Nutrition SmartfitDiets 1800,2000,2400, 2800, 3000, 3500 and 4000 caloriesDifferent types offoodswith their respective calories, proteins, carbohydrates andfats,based on 100 grams, so that you can elaborate yourdiet.Ketogenicdiet.You can find all the necessary information aboutsportssupplements like:• Proteins• Creatine• L-Carnitine• CLA•Bcaa•Natural Anabolics• Thermogenics● PROFILE Gym Fitness &Workout•Your progress and workout logWith this section you canfollow allyour advances through data such as: Body mass index, bodyfatpercentage, chest circumference, waist circumference,circumferenceof the back and many more data you can keep to controlall yourprogress .• TimerGym Fitness & Workout has a timerwhich youcan use to measure your training time or exercisetime.•IntervalsGym Fitness & Workout has a timer that you canuse toperform intervals in any of your exercises.Gym Fitness&Workout is:Home Workouts, Gym Fitness Trainer, StreetWorkouts.GymFitness & Workout ProGET THE PRO VERSION WITHOUTADVERTISINGAND WITH MUCH MORE CONTENT.
Runtastic Squats Workout
Life has its ups and downs - we call them SQUATS! Target yourglutesand thighs with the best squat workout ever - at home! Wantstrong,toned legs and thighs and a firm butt? Get the freeRuntastic SquatsWorkout app for men and for women and get readyfor squatschallenges - no equipment needed! Turn your smartphoneinto aPERSONAL SQUATS TRAINER who accompanies you, step by step,duringyour daily squat exercise. Challenging? Yes. Too difficult?Not atall! Squats not only challenge your legs, thighs and glutes,theyalso train your core. Let Runtastic help you show off thatstrong,sexy butt you’ve always wanted!APP FEATURES &BENEFITS:* Countscompleted squat repetitions using accelerometerduring your squatworkout* Access to Level 1 of the scientificallydeveloped squattracker app training plan* Voice Coach for constantfeedback fromyour squat tracker* Beat your best and set personalsquat counterrecords* Upload squat exercise activities* Shareyour squats challenges success on Google+,Facebook, Twitter or viaemail* Integrate Runtastic activities toyour MyFitnessPal account*Collect motivating badges for yourperformance* Automatic countdowntimer for your rest betweenexercise setsEFFECTIVE SQUATCOUNTERHaving a squat app with a squattracker is great for stronglegs! Yup, you don’t have to count yourrepetitions during yoursquat workout - the Runtastic SquatsWorkout app is here to assist.The app counts all your squats,gives you a real challenge andprovides you with interesting stats.Check out an overview of yourfitness activities to see yourprogress towards toned legs. Plus,beat your own records and setnew personal bests - you’ll besurprised of how fast yourperformance improves and how strongyou’ll get!UNIQUE SQUAT APPYoursquats are automatically recognizedusing the accelerometer of yoursmartphone/tablet. These squatworkouts are the best way to getstronger legs even by doing yoursquats at home. And for all yourunners out there, squats are agreat challenge to strengthen yourlegs, glutes and thighs!There’smore: You can upload your fitnessdata to, if youwant. There, you can access all yourstats anytime, as well asmonitor your progress towards strongerlegs thanks to your personaltraining log. Remember, you can alsoshare your achievements withyour friends! Hey, maybe they’ll evenwant to have a squat challengeto see who has stronger legs.Properform: When training your legsand glutes with squats, make sureyour back is always straight, coreactivated and knees do not gobeyond your toes. Use the RuntasticSquats Workout app to up yourmotivation and reach your goal…evenwhile doing squat exercise athome! We’re convinced you’ll get theresoon and be proud of yourachievement. Now, get going!RuntasticSquats: Your start into afitter life with toned and strong legs.Let’s do some squatschallenges!Runtastic is all about health &fitness apps! Checkout more of our apps to help you reach yourfitness goals at
Plank Timer
Plank is a very popular workout to get fit at home on it's own,buthave you tried doing plank combos? This Plank Timer is thebesthome workout you can find. You don't have much time, but youstillwant to look fit? In only five minute plank a day you will beableto improve strength of your core muscles! This plank workouttimeris awesome if you don't want to bother memorizing the order ofthesteps in exercises, and you want to see how much time is leftintotal or till the end of current position. You can also shareyourresults with your friends, and challenge them to join you ontheway to healthy and fit life with plank workout exercise!
Workout Trainer: fitness coach
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Work out anywhere, anytime with Workout Trainer - atyourfingertips! Whether you like working out at home or liftingweightsat the gym, we’ve got you covered with thousands of freeworkoutsand custom training programs led by expert coaches.Ourcertifiedtrainers guide you through every exercise with timedstep-by-stepaudio, photo, and video instruction. It’s just likehaving apersonal trainer in your pocket!With adjustable difficultylevels,Workout Trainer is suitable for every stage of yourfitnessjourney. Whether you are a newcomer learning how toperformrecommended exercises or an experienced athlete trainingtomaintain fitness or break through plateaus, Workout Trainerhashelped millions of users sustain a healthy, activelifestyleon-the-go.NEW: Advanced Heart Rate FeedbackLooking forways tooptimize your athletic performance in 2018? Now you canconnectyour Smartwatch and Bluetooth LE Heart Rate Monitor for evenbetterresults with Workout Trainer. Start by getting instant heartratefeedback during your workouts. Afterwards, check out yourheartrate graph for every exercise and see what heart rate zoneyou’vebeen exercising in the most. Compare & Analyze yourperformanceso you can effectively hit your new year’sresolutions!Optionallyget access to over 100 multi-week trainingprograms, weeklyPRO-only workouts, PRO-only forums, and advancedheart rateanalysis with our PRO+ membership experience. Simplysubscribein-app for $6.99/month or $59.99/year.Need that extrapush? Hireone of our dedicated coaches for 1:1 Online PersonalTraining. Getcustom training programs tailored to your needs, stayaccountable,and reach your goals faster with the help of a realonline trainer.Stay motivated for free with a 20 million membercommunity. Allyour training and social activity is synchronizedwith website.What are you waiting for? DownloadWorkoutTrainer and start crushing your fitnessgoalstoday!----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Areyoua fitness professional? Sign up today to get free access toourinnovative trainer tools and coaching solutions. Grow yourbrandand online training business and reach millions of fitnessmindedmembers.
ManFIT - Muscle Building with No Fitness Equipment
ManFIT is a FREE fitness app for men workout at home. It requiresnofitness equipment yet provides a wide range of courses forweightloss and bodybuilding.Key Features - ManFIT▶Simple buteffectiveworkout routines at home;▶Various courses to choose from:quickworkout in minutes or workout challenge in 28 days;▶Reliablefitnesstracker with detailed health report;▶Professional trainingguidancewith vivid animation and voice guide;▶Encouraging badgesystem toshow off your effort and achievements to yourfriends;▶Customizedreminder to enable flexible trainingschedule;How to Effectively UseManFIT▶Step One: Open the app andfill out your weightinformation;▶Step Two: Choose the program thatsuits your need;▶StepThree: Stick to your training program. In themeantime, you canshare your workout results with your friends onsocial media to showoff your efforts and workout achievements.Joinus NOW! Home workoutevery day to lose fat and get in shape. Dailyworkout to ensuredeltoid and firm muscles! Workout RoutinesTailored to MEN -ManFIT⚡️Fat Burning Programs to LOSE WEIGHT▶FullBodyBurn your bodyfat, activate body vitality,enhance yourcardiopulmonary functionand physical fitness.⚡️Muscle BuildingPrograms to SHAPE BODY inevery part▶Abs WorkoutBuild firmabdominal muscles and strongwaist.▶Chest WorkoutChest shapingprogram to build iron-likechest.▶Arms & ShouldersWorkoutStrengthen your upper limb andoptimize the shoulder and armlines. Deltoid is not far away!▶BackWorkoutTighten the muscles ofyour back and straighten your body upwith bare-handed workoutprograms! ▶Legs & Glutes WorkoutEnhancethe strength of yourlower limbs, strengthen your muscles andstretch the lines of yourbuttock and legs. ⚡️Power TrainingPrograms for Experienced WorkoutEnthusiasts to STRENGTHENBODY▶Endurance TrainingImprove yourmuscle endurance to enable thebody to work longer underfatigue.▶Explosive Force TrainingHeavyload training program toenhance maximum strength and explosiveforce.▶Vertical JumpTrainingStrengthen your buttocks, your thighand your legs toenhance leaping ability.There will be ad contentshown in certainscenes in our app. For more details,visit
Ab Training - Workout your Abdominals in 30 days
Challenge your Ab, Core & Back muscles in a few minutes.Achievesix-pack look of your abdominal muscles and strengthen yourback toavoid back pain and stiffness.Abs, Core & Back WorkoutsbyFitify provides 3 unique workouts• Insane Six Pack – Get sexy,flatand firm abdominal muscles. Achieve perfect six-pack either athomeor office. • Complex Core – Core muscles are responsible foryourbody stability and good posture as well. Don’t let them stayweakand push yourself hard with Fitify Complex Core.• Strong Back–Strengthen your back too for better posture and stop backpainforever. Provides exercises for lower and upper part of yourback.Features• over 80 bodyweight exercises• 3 unique workoutprograms•no equipment needed• voice coach• clear HD videodemonstrations•designed for men and women, young or old• worksoffline• buildstrong abs and six pack• strengthen your core•prevent or stop yourback painCustom WorkoutsBuild your own workoutwith customworkouts. Choose exercises, duration, rest intervals andchallengeyourself with your own training. With Fitify you have onecustomworkout for free.Adaptable DifficultyWe adjust your traininglevelup or down based on your feedback.30 Day Challenges30daychallenges increases exercise intensity step by step, so youcaneasily stick daily workouts. Don't need to go to gym, justyourbodyweight and take a few minutes a day. 30 day challengeworkoutwill help you gain a sixpack effectively.Fitify AppsBestronger,leaner, healthier with Fitify – your very ownpersonaltrainer.Check out other Fitify apps with fitness tools(such asTRX, Kettlebell, Swiss Ball, Foam Roller, Bosu orResistance band).
FitNotes - Gym Workout Log
FitNotes is a workout tracker with a focus on simplicity andcleandesign. Ad Free!Workout Log- View and navigate daily workoutlogsquickly by swiping between them- Navigate to a specific dayusingthe inbuilt calendar- Add an exercise to the workout log andrecordsets of weight and reps or distance and time- Swipe acrosswhenrecording sets to view your workout history with theexercise-Attach comments/notes to sets- Rest timer with sound andvibrationoptions- Re-order exercises you've added to a workout log(longpress an exercise card to initiate 'edit mode' and then pressanddrag the blue drag icon at the top right of thecard)ExerciseDatabase- Includes a default selection of categories(Chest, Back,Legs, etc)- Each category contains a small defaultlist ofexercises- Create custom categories to better suit yourtrainingprogram - e.g. Olympic Lifts, Plyometrics, Ab Training,etc- Addnew exercises quickly using 'Save and New' feature- Twoexercisetypes: Resistance and Cardio - Resistance - record traininginweight and reps - Cardio - record training in distanceandtimeRoutines- Create a routine to provide quick access to yourmostcommonly used exercises- Assign exercises to a particulardaywithin the routine- Name a day whatever you want (Monday,ChestDay, Workout A, etc)- Select a single exercise from a daywithinthe routine to add it to the training log or hit 'Log All' toaddan empty set for each exercise which can then be filled inlater-Create as many routines as you want and switch between themusingdropdown list- Remembers which routine you selectedlastCalendar-Dates on which you have recorded training logs arehighlighted- Tapa day in the calendar to display a popup listingthe exercisesperformed on that day- Navigate to a specific day'straining log byselecting it in the calendar and hitting 'Go!'-Filter which daysare highlighted in the calendar- e.g. Highlightdays where I didbench press and lifted more than 80kg for at least5 reps Highlightdays where I ran outdoors and travelled more than 3miles in lessthan 20 minutesrBackup/Restore- Backup your data todevice storageor an online cloud service (DropBox or Google Drive -please ensureyou have the corresponding apps installed on yourdevice if youwould like to backup to one of these services)Export-Export yourtraining logs in CSV format so they can be analyzed inyourspreadsheet application of choicePermissions- Modify or deletethecontents of your USB storage: Required in order to be abletobackup/export data to your device storage or sd card-Controlvibration: Used if you have selected the 'Vibrate' optionfor therest timer- Prevent device from sleeping: Required in ordertoensure the rest timer continues to count down when the screenisoffIf you have any feedback then please
BTFIT - Personal Trainer Online, Fitness and Yoga
Do you want 2018 to be your fitnessyear?Looking for a Personal Trainer online? What about doing someyogaor fitness exercises at home?Start working out with BTFIT and get 40% discount in the firstmonthof the monthly plan, 20% discount in the first semester ofthesemestral plan, or 20% discount in the first year of theanualplan.Offer valid until january 14thBTFIT is your partner in the daily workout routines. Become whoyoualways wanted to be by working out from anywhere you are.Onlinepersonal trainers available to personalize your workout.Accomplishthe fitness body faster than you think it could bepossible.Download the BTFIT app and access yoga exercises,scheduled fitnessclasses, Abs classes, cardio dance, bootcamp andmore! Also, youcan track your performance through the fitnesstrackeravailable.Workout RoutinesAll you need is 15 minutes per day to get the fitness bodyyoualways dreamt of. Exercising at home is easy with BTFIT’sonlinepersonal trainers. Personalized exercises to build muscle,loseweight or improve your resistance.Don’t waste time by doing exercises without tracking. Withthefitness tracker, you can follow-up on how many calories youareburning in each exercise and your overall performance.Tone your bodyUsing the BTFIT app, you’ll be able to workout online or evenwhenyou are offline. Do you want to workout at the gym? At thepark?Exercise at home? Whether you are in your daily busy routineor onvacations, it’s easy to keep the pace on yourworkoutroutines.Online personal trainers and fitness tracker on the app.Astate-of-art technology to make your fitness plan easier tofollow.Group fitness classes to motivate you at any time.Yoga ClassesStrengthen your body and mind practicing yoga. Improve yourphysicalresistance, flexibility and breathing skills. Accomplishthebody-mind equilibrium you were looking for.15-minutes Workout RoutinesReach your goals by working out in your free time! A fitnessplanthat fits into your schedule. Get the fitness body you wantforfree or by spending much less than you think it couldbepossible.Group ClassesWe know that working out can be much easier when you haveotherpeople pushing you through.Including workouts in your routine is a lot easier with theGroupClasses. We add new classes every day starting from 15minutes, soyou can work out when and wherever you want. Getstarted!Abs exercisesConquer the six-pack and build the muscles of your dreams. Absandstrengthening exercises to guide you through your journeyofaccomplishing a fitness body.BootcampYou can’t go anywhere without pushing yourself to your limits.Inthe bootcamp classes, you have access to 20-minuteshigh-caloriesburning exercises!Challenge your limits! Workout at any time using theBTFITapp.Cardio DanceWhen you dance, you improve your physical resistance whilemovingyour body.Lose weight having fun and doing dance classes with your group.Youcan exercise at home or wherever you want to.Online Personal TrainerThe BTFIT Fitness app allows you to have access to anonlinepersonal trainer. Get custom workouts to accomplish thefitnessbody you want within your body specificities, your weight,and yourgoals. Home workout routines selected just for you!What are you waiting for? Download BTFIT and sign up forBTFITPremium now. Reaching your fitness goals depends only onyou.Workout at home with the help of the online personaltrainer,access fitness classes, practice yoga and keep track ofyourperformance using the fitness tracker.
Abs Workout
Basic crunches can’t flatten your belly. Abs are one of thehardestbody parts to train. To tone your abs, you need professionalandscientific core muscle workouts. We prepare a systematic30-dayworkout plan for your daily exercises. These exercises willhelpyou burn calories, tone your stomach and trim your waistline.After30 days, you will notice a change in the shape of your abs.You'llget a sexier body, and build self-confidence.With animationsandvideo guides, you can make sure you use the proper form foreachexercise and achieve optima results. No equipment is needed, soyoucan easily start your workouts at home or anywhere at anytime.KeyFeatures- Different workouts every day- Graduallyincreasesexercise intensity- Track weight loss progress in graphs-Trackburned calories- Coach tips in every exercise help you getbetterresults- No equipment needed, workout with your bodyweight-Animations and video guides- Suitable for everyone, bothbeginnersand prosWorkout at HomeTake a few minutes a day to get aflattenbelly with our workout at home. No equipment needed, justuse yourbodyweight to workout at home.Female Fitness AppKeep fitand losebelly fat with workout for women. This female fitness apphasprofessional lose belly fat workout and workout for women.Allthese lose belly fat workout and workout for women can bedoneanywhere at anytime. Belly Fat BurningThis female fitness apphasbelly fat burning workouts, female workout, exercise forwomen,core workout. These belly fat burning workouts, femaleworkout,exercise for women and core workout proved to help buildabdominalmuscles. Sweat with our female workout, core workout andexercisefor women!
Runtastic Results Home Workouts & Personal Trainer
Transform your body in 12 weeksusingonly home fitness bodyweight training (noequipment!).Results is your ultimate bodyweight workout& strengthtraining app to lose weight, build muscle, burnfat &boost endurance. Your customized 12-week bodyweighttrainingplan is based on your fitness level .There are180+ homeexercises in the work out app so you’re daily workout isalwaysfresh, fun & effective!Ready for a sweaty bodyweight home workout without equipmentwithone of the best home fitness apps out there? BONUS: This workoutapp is available in 15 languages & includes a Health&Nutrition Guide. You can choose between 3-5 workouts perweek(ideal for weight loss and building sleek & sexy muscletone!).And, we’ll keep track of all your workouts, times &notes - thebest home exercises for sure!YOUR PERFECT HOME WORKOUT ROUTINE FOR WEIGHT LOSSLooking for a quick & effective home workout withoutanyequipment? Lack motivation to reach your health &fitnessgoals? The Results app tackles both excuses headon!Plus, How-to HD videos demonstrate proper exercise formtoensure you perform your home exercises correctly. Thisbodyweightfitness workout tracker is for everyone! With so manyexercises,you’ll never get bored doing a home workout.APP FEATURES & BENEFITS:* Your customized plan: 12-week personalizedbodyweighttraining plan. Each bodyweight workout is createdbased on yourpersonal fitness level to get you the bestresults. You’ll loveyour daily workout - there’s no comparison toother workoutapps.* Support & motivation: Our community is full ofmillionsof people all over the world, just like you, whowant to stayactive & in shape. We have tons of support toshare! We’reall doing our home workout and getting in shapetogether using thiswork out app.* Progress Pics: Take Progress Pics right in your app.Keepthem private or share them with your friends. You could bethemotivation somebody else needs to lose weight & changetheirlife.* Chromecast: Hello, home workout! Follow yourbodyweightworkout routines (from one of the top fitness apps!)right fromyour TV.* Health & Nutrition Guide: Healthy nutrition youcanstick to forever - no fad diets here! The perfectcompanionfor your home fitness plan!* 180+ HD exercise videos: How to properly &safelycomplete all the bodyweight home exercises in your trainingplan.We want you to train safe!* Work out with your tablet: Yup, we’ve covered yourtablettoo!* Standalone Workouts: More BONUS workouts you candowhenever & wherever!** Premium Members have full access to all the features &theTraining Plan in the Runtastic Results app. Of course, somethingsare free, including numerous Standalone Workouts such asAlpha,Charlie, Oscar & Whiskey (get a mix of free beginnerworkouts& advanced workouts!).Download the exercise app for free now! You could beournext success story! Get ready for more energy,moreconfidence, more muscle, more weight loss and plenty offreshworkout routines and home exercises with the RuntasticResultsapp. If you think HIIT workouts & interval trainingare fun- you’re going to LOVE Runtastic Results exercise app.It’s thebest home workout without equipment out there. Shareyourtotal-body transformation via Facebook, Google+&Twitter.Check out more of our health & fitness apps to help youreachyour goalsat
Runtastic Butt Trainer Workout
Get the free Runtastic Butt Trainer, Exercises & QuickWorkoutsapp and start defining your backside! Follow the lead oftheRuntastic avatar in high-quality, HD butt exercise videostocomplete intense butt and leg workouts at home (oranywhere!).Bikini butt alert: best exercises for butt right here inyour app!Get the ultimate butt toning and fat burning workouts.Fitness isnot one size fits all & your fat burning workoutsshouldn’t beeither. It’s time to sculpt your sexy bikini butt!ABUTT WORKOUT INYOUR POCKET. ANYTIME. ANYWHERE.No time to hit thegym for yourbooty workout? Do you prefer to do your daily workoutat home?Unsure how to complete new butt exercises in a safe,effectivemanner? Kick your butt workouts into high gear with theRuntasticButt Trainer app! Lifelike avatar, Angie, guides you in50+ HD buttexercise videos to help you get the most out of yourbutt workout.Get ready for these killer leg and butt workouts toget that bikinibutt tone and improve your overall fitness! DownloadRuntastic ButtTrainer today. These are the best exercises for butttoning outthere! Your booty workout will never be the same.APPFEATURES &BENEFITS:* Virtual Trainer with great HDinstructional buttexercise videos to get your butt tone!*Expert-developed trainingplan with fat-burning butt workouts youcan do at home. These buttexercises require absolutely no fitnessequipment* Track your bootyworkout and your overall progress usingdetailed graphs* 10 unique “Tip of the Day”messages for dailyinspiration* Voice Coach to guide you througheach butt exercise:Get your butt tone in English, German, French,Spanish, Italian,Portuguese, Japanese* Compatible with your tablet:Butt toningworkouts anywhere...because who doesn’t love a killerbuttworkout?* Upload workouts to your MyFitnessPal account: Keeptrackof your daily calorie intake in addition to these fatburningworkouts for the best resultsBENEFITS OF FULL VERSION:* 50+HDinstructional butt exercise videos. These are the bestbodyweightexercises for butt toning and lifting – get the booty ofyourdreams* Three levels of expertly-developed training plans*Filterleg and butt exercises for your personal fitness level*Predefinedbutt and leg workouts, including: The 7-Minute Workout,Junk in theTrunk and more* My Workouts: Create customized butt andlegworkouts tailored to your target areas (like the hips!),weightloss goals & daily schedule* 50+ unique “Tip of theDay”messages for daily inspirationWhether you’re a nutrition&fitness junkie that loves to exercise, a busy stay-at-home momor abusiness traveler who is always on the go – the RuntasticButtTrainer app is perfect for you! Lose weight, ditch the muffintop,develop that bikini booty & get your butt tone by followingourinstructional videos & easy-to-use plans -anytime,anywhere.Remember: Don’t keep your hard work &personalprogress to yourself! Share your completed sessions, “MyWorkouts”custom results and “Tip of the Day” favorites on yourfavoritesocial media platforms. You can also upload your favoritefitnesspics to to monitor your exercise progress andshareresults. Get ready to transform your body and sculpt asexybackside with this incredible training plan full of exercisesforthe butt of your dreams.
Abs Workout 1.0.3
Only the plan that suits you the best can give you firm andsexyabs. We have prepared workouts suitable for anyone - women,men,beginners, pros, etc. These plans effectively burn your bellyfatand help you get 6-pack abs.No need for equipment or going tothegym. You can easily work out at home or anywhere, spending just7minutes everyday. In a short time, you are going to getbeachabs!Different Levels🚶Beginner - for those who just startedabsworkout🏃Advanced - for those who want to challengethemselvesAllexercises are designed by experts, 100% free!NoEquipment NeededTheexercises are based on your own bodyweight, withno equipmentneeded. No matter where you are and when it is, you canstart yourworkout easily.Coach Tips and Demo VideosYour personalcoach willgive you advice and tips while you are doing theexercises. Followcoach tips and the detailed demo videos to do eachexercisecorrectly and achieve optimal results.Calorie TrackerYoucan checkyour burned calories after finishing your workout. Keeptrack ofyour calorie consumption to get better abs workoutresults.WorkoutTipsWe provide many tips about Nutrition, PostureCorrection,Exercise Clothes and so on. View different tips everyday to avoidinjuries & get sexy abs quickly.Start thisconvenient andeffective abs workout plan to get beach abs!Workoutat HomeTake afew minutes a day to get a flatten belly with ourworkout at home.No equipment needed, just use your bodyweight toworkout athome.Belly Fat BurningThis app has belly fat burningworkouts, coreworkout. These belly fat burning workouts, coreworkout proved tohelp build abdominal muscles. Sweat with our coreworkout!HomeWorkout No EquipmentYou can use this home workout appanywhere,because all of these home workout no equipment needed.
Bodyweight Workout
Build an ideal body with bodyweight workouts.StrengthWorkouts(Challenges):• 50 pull-ups• 50 hanging leg raises• 100dips• 100burpees• 150 push-ups• 150 bench dips • 200 sit-ups• 150lying legraises• 250 squats• plank for 500 seconds• 1000 jumpingropes+ Youcan create your custom exerciseEach workout routine isdesigned fortraining 3 times a week during 1 year.CircuitTrainings:• UpperBody• Abs Workout• Lower Body• Street Workout+ Youcan createindividual circuit trainingLose some weight, buildmuscles, achieveoutstanding results or just be fit.Train at home,on the street orgo to the gym. Make the phone your personalfitnesstrainer.Features:• automatic choice of the trainingprogramaccording to your level• flexible workout schedule•reminders won'tallow you miss the workout• detailed statistics ofyourachievements• сalories counter• interface is simpleandeasy-to-understand• adjust the internal timer to have arestbetween sets and exercises• input your results manually• syncwithGoogle Fit• backup your data to Google Drive• choose yourcolortheme • optimized for blind and visually impaired people thatuseTalkbackIt's time to train!Follow us onFacebook:→
Plank workouts - take a 30 day challenge
Plank workout – is a very simple and effective exercises, whichhavebeen long known in the sports world.⭐ In this app we havecollectedthe most effective plank exercise variations for allskill levels.The program allows to work all muscle groups,especially the absmuscles. Each planks exercise has video, audioand textinstructions, and a virtual instructor will be with youallthroughout your planks workout. The app contains three levelsofprograms - plank for beginners, 30-day plank challenge,moreover,you can choose the difficulty of the plank training, orcreate yourown.Application features:✓ 25 different planks exerciseof differentlevels of complexity for all muscle groups;✓ Eachplank exercisecontains detailed instructions and videos of theimplementation;✓ 3training programs - have a great and differentworkout every day,you can also create your own plank workouts, setthe level ofdifficulty and length. Go in for sports with yourpersonal planktrainer;✓ We've created a special motivation systemthat will keeptrack of your results in planks challenge andmotivate to achievemore and more;✓ A special notifications system– now you will neverforget to do plank workout.👍 Such type ofsport activity has a veryhigh effectiveness and just in 5 minuteplank workout a day each onecan build their body and strengthenall muscle groups. Get plankexperience – try to do the firstworkout and you will surely see theresults. By the way, doingworkouts with our plank challenge app youare creating an excellentstable habit to regularly do sportactivities.🏅 Good luck!
Total Fitness - Gym & Workouts
Total Fitness is a fitness guide for this sport´s fans.TotalFitness offers you a big amount of info that will help you toreachyour goals. Total Fitness has many exercises and workoutsfortraining at your gym or at homeTotal Fitness has thefollowingsections:Gym Exercises GuideMore than 100 differentexercises to doat the gym with explanation of the exercise, infoabout involvedmuscles, images and an explanation videoGym &HomeWorkoutsDifferent workouts that will help you to scheduleyourweekly work, as hard as you want or you can. You can train atthegym or at homeGuided WorkoutsDifferent guided workouts thatwillallow you to practice fitness at home with thisapp´shelpChallengesTry to beat yourself and reach some of the goalsthatTotal Fitness proposes you, try to reach your best trainingwiththese workouts.My ProgressTotal Fitness helps you tomonitorizeyour improvements with this section. Here, you will beable tocontrol your BMI (body mass index), Fat %, andyourstrength.Workout BuilderCreate your ownworkouts!NutritionTotalFitness will help you support your work inthe gym with nutritionadvice so that you know what, when and how toeat to achieve yourgoals.UtilitiesTotal Fitness offers you the wayto calculate yourIMC, Fat %, and your Strength.This app is free, weonly ask you foryour positive rating so that more people knows theapp and we cankeep improving itWe hope you like it!!
Home Workout for Men - Bodybuilding
NO EQUIPMENT NEEDED, BUILD MUSCLES AND TONE YOUR BODY ATHOME!Wantto build muscles, get toned and stay fit? Try aerobicroutinesprovided by Home Workout for Men - Bodybuilding App to toneandstrengthen your body, and get six pack abs at home withoutneedingany equipment.The app provides daily workout routines fordifferentmuscle groups. Workouts for each body part are designedinto 21levels. You can customize your workout routines undereachlevel.The Home Workout for Men - Bodybuilding App focuses on5major muscle groups. eg:* Arms workouts* Chest workouts*Absworkouts* Legs workouts* Shoulders & back workoutsEachexercisecomes with animations and video guidance as well asdetailedinstructions to help you perform in the right form and getamazingresults. eg:* CRUNCHES* JUMPING JACKS* PUSH-UPS* PLANK*LUNGES*SQUATS* SIT-UPS...All the exercises are designed by expertstoensure they're scientifically-proven to be effective. No need togoto the gym, and no need for a coach. Home Workout for Men-Bodybuilding App is your personal trainer to help you buildmusclesand lose weight at home. Very suitable for those who desireasculpted chest, strong arms and six pack abs but rarely go tothegym.Exercise intensity increases step by step. Yourpersonaltrainer suggests you exercise at least 3 days a week for abetterresult. You can set weekly goals for self-encouragement inthecourse of bodybuilding.With the most effective bodybuildinghomeworkout app, spending just a few minutes a day, you canbuildmuscles, get lean and get toned without equipment at home.Tonedarms, sculpted chest, six pack abs, all these are no longer adreamas long as you stick with our bodybuilding home workouts andmakeexercise a habit.Features*21 levels of workoutsforbodybuilding*Circuit training for improving musclestrength*Buildmuscles, lose weight and get toned*Customize yourworkoutreminders*Customize your workout routines*Records trainingprogressautomatically*Tracks your weight trends withcharts*Animation andvideo guides, detailed instructionsWorkout atHomeTake a fewminutes a day to build muscles with our workout athome. Noequipment needed, just use your bodyweight to workout athome.HomeWorkout No EquipmentYou can use this home workout appanywhere,because all of these home workout no equipmentneeded.BodybuildingAppLooking for a bodybuilding app? No satisfiedbodybuilding app?Try our build muscle app! This build muscle apphas effectivemuscle building workout, and all muscle buildingworkout isdesigned by expert.Strength Training AppIt's not onlyjust a buildmuscle app, but also a strength training app. If youare stilllooking for muscle building workout, muscle building appsorstrength training app, this muscle building apps is the bestoneyou can find among the muscle building apps.Home WorkoutsforMenWant effective home workouts for men? We provide differenthomeworkouts for men to workout at home. The home workout for menisproven to help you get six pack abs in a short time. You'llfindthe home workout for men that most suitable for you. Try ourhomeworkout for men now!
Runtastic Sit-Ups Abs Workout
Want to strengthen your abs and get that sexy 6 pack? Eager togetstarted with your ab workouts or a sit up challenge? Downloadthefree Runtastic Sit-Ups Abs Workout app and turn yourabdominalsinto a real eye catcher with the most well-know abexercise. YourPERSONAL SIT UPS TRAINER, aka your smartphone, helpsyou stay ontop of your sit ups workout - draw motivation from ourapp toensure you reach your goal. Sit-ups are among the mostpopularabdominal strength exercises when it comes to a flat bellyand 6pack abs for a reason. They’re a highly effective exercise andwillhelp you take a big leap towards your 6 pack. Seize themoment,make the most of your motivation and kick-off your journeytoperfect abs! Are you up for a 30 day sit upchallenge?FEATURES& BENEFITS:* Counts sit up repetitions usingaccelerometerduring your sit ups workout* Access to Level 1 sit upsworkout ofthe scientifically developed training plan to fullytarget yourabdominals* Voice Coach for constant feedback* Beat yourbest andset personal records* Upload ab exercises and workoutactivities* Share your sit up challenge success onGoogle+,Facebook, Twitter or via email* Integrate your ab workoutto yourMyFitnessPal account* Collect motivating badges from yoursit upcounter* Automatic countdown timer for your rest betweenexercisesetsTOP MOTIVATIONA sit up counter letting you know howmany repsyou just knocked out can totally boost your motivation.Evenbetter: You get a great overview on your ab workouts, allowingyouto monitor your abdominal progress step by step. You got athingfor a sit up challenge? Increase your ambition with theRuntasticSit-Ups Abs Workout app and try to beat your personalbests timeand again. Then, check out your sit up counter recordsand drawmotivation for your next abs workout session. C’mon,challengeyourself and set those abdominals on fire!UNIQUEYour situps areautomatically recognized using the accelerometer ofyoursmartphone/tablet. No need to keep count during your abworkouts or30 day sit up challenge.Convenient: You can upload yourab workoutto, if you want. There you can access allyour abexercises and stats anytime, as well as monitor your successthanksto your personal training log. Remember, you can also shareyourachievements with your friends!Strong, defined abdominalmuscleswon’t just boost your self-esteem, they also stabilize yourentirebody. Rely on Runtastic Situps for quick and efficientstrengthtraining for your midsection. What are you waiting for?Start your30 day sit up challenge and go get those abs!RuntasticSitups: Allyou need for a flat belly!Runtastic is all about health&fitness apps! Check out more of our apps to help you reachyourfitness goalsat
Muscle and Motion Strength Training
Muscle&Motion is a cross-platform muscle strength exercisingappwith 1 Million users. See why millions of fitnessprofessionals& enthusiasts love our 4000+ high-quality videos,600+ muscle& strength improving exercises & 70+ stretchesthat arebeautifully analyzed in 3D animations. GAIN STRENGTH – GETA GREATSOURCE OF EXERCISES & STRETCHES“Muscle&Motion –StrengthTraining” is a professional and interactive advancedanatomy andexercise app containing over four-thousand 3Dhigh-quality videos,tips and theory in the topics of muscle,movement, and fitness thatare guaranteed to help you become a proin your field. PERFECT 3DANIMATIONS WITH MUSCLE ANATOMYEachexercise is animated with asee-through human body animation so youcan understand eachexercise easily. See why we have millions offitness enthusiasts& professional athletes and trainers usingour app to findmuscle strength exercises & understand themuscleanatomy.MUSCLE&MOTION – STRENGTH TRAINING IS USED BYCLOSE TO AMILLION USERS WORLDWIDE, INCLUDING:☑️ Personal FitnessTrainers& Fitness Coaches☑️ Pilates, Dance & YogaInstructors,Teachers☑️ Bodybuilders, Weight Lifters &Athletes☑️Chiropractors and Physical, Occupational and MassageTherapists☑️Kinesiology & Anatomy Students and University &CollegeProfessors☑️ Fitness Lovers & TraineesSTRENGTHTRAININGANALYSIS VIDEOS: ANATOMY, METHODS & TECHNIQUES: ☑️Showtrainees which muscles are stimulated during exerciseandillustrate perfect form and technique.☑️ Learn crucial nuancesforevery exercise through our unique library of educationalvideos☑️Includes videos on strength training anatomy, weighttraining,weightlifting, powerlifting and bodybuilding OVER 600MUSCLETRAINING & STRENGTH EXERCISES ANALYZED, INCLUDING: ☑️Benchpress, leg press, shoulder press☑️ Dead-lift, clean, snatch,powerclean☑️ Lunges☑️ Curls: preacher curl, leg curl,bicep-curl☑️Squats, chair squat, full squat, front squat☑️Pull-ups, push-ups,pull downs☑️ Extensions: Leg extension, backextension, tricepsextension,☑️ Chest-fly, shoulder fly☑️Lateral-raise, leg-raise☑️Crunch, sit-ups, core trainingexercises☑️ Upright row, bent overrow☑️ Hip abductor☑️ Seated calfraise, standing calf raise☑️ Andmuch more!STRENGTH TRAINING COMMONMISTAKES: Clearly, show clientshow common mistakes in training mayaffect them.CONTENT INCLUDED:☑️ Dos & don’ts videos intraining☑️ Injury Prevention☑️ Causesof common limitationsCORETRAINING: ☑️ Learn the theory and secretsbehind Core Training.☑️Watch special videos containing more thanone hour offootage!Stretching Exercise Analysis Videos:70STRETCHES ANALYZED,INCLUDING: ☑️ Trunk Stretches☑️ Hip Stretches☑️Leg Stretches☑️Upper Body Stretches☑️ NeckStretchesMUSCULOSKELETAL ANATOMY &KINESIOLOGY VIDEOS: Masterthe minute distinctions of muscularmovement, watching how theyfunction as a group over each joint.Strengthen your understandingof muscular anatomy in motion.MUSCLESTRENGTH EXERCISES & GAINSTRENGHT CONTENT INCLUDED: ☑️ Anatomyof the human body muscularsystem (including essential anatomy)☑️Specific analysis andfunctions of all muscles and muscle groups ☑️Animations, pictures,and diagrams that teach you how muscles moveand work ☑️ 3D anatomyof the human skeletal system including boneand jointanalysisAFFORDABLE SUBSCRIPTIONOur subscription is apay-once &use anywhere model. Use across your smartphones,desktop computer,tablets.You can log-in to the Free Trial whichallows you to watch15% of the Videos.After Purchasing a 1-yearsubscription, you willget 100% full access to all the Videos.Feelfree to send usfeedback for suggestions and improvements.With anyquestion, we arehere for you at info@muscleandmotion.comWishing youa fruitful andexciting learning experienceThank you!
7 Minute Workout
Have you ever thought it possible to work out your entire bodyinjust 7 minutes, burn maximum calories and achieve yourdesiredresults? The science behind “7 Minute” not only says it'spossible,but that it's one of the best ways you can work outever!"More"doesn't always mean "Better." Even eating excess healthyfood canbe harmful to your body, and the same goes for excessexercise.Putting too much stress on your body for too long byworking outfor hours on end can be harmful for anyone from theaverage personto the professional athlete. Just "7 Minutes" one ormore times aday can be the turning point for anyone who wants toachievemaximum results and optimize their well being- and theirtimecommitment!Are you ready to burn maximum calories in minimaltime?All it takes is 7 Minutes!= 7 MINUTE FEATURES =ExerciseVideos•Follow along with detailed fitness videos as you exercise•Keeptrack of your sets - videos will let you know how long untiltheend of your workout• Video player works in both landscapeandportrait modeVideo Tutorials• View from our extensive collectionofvideo tutorials to make sure you are performing everyexercisesafely and correctly.• Easily play and pause your workoutvideotutorials to perfect your form!Workout Details• Whether youareworking out your upper body, lower body, abs or arms- learnaboutevery aspect of your workouts including a visualization ofallmuscle groups exercised.* Choose how you want to work out-whetheryou are beginning by reading a tutorial or are a seasonedworkoutpro and want to follow along with a video loop. It's all uptoyou!Fitness Tips• 7 Minutes is a revolutionary way to thinkabouthow we exercise. Learn insightful fitness tips from ourexperts tohelp you live a healthy lifestyle.Weight Tracker• Trackyour weightloss progress each day to monitor your results in theapp.• Easy touse charts let you visually see your progress and staymotivated!7Minute has everything you need to get started, staymotivated andkeep coming back to put in those 7 Minutes each day.Change the wayyou think about your daily exercise routine - all ittakes is 7Minutes!Brought to you by Passion4Profession - thelargest fitnessvideo provider on YouTube with over 600 millionvideo views.7Minute has everything you need to get started, staymotivated andkeep coming back to put in those 7 Minutes each day.Change the wayyou think about your daily exercise routine - all ittakes is 7Minutes!
Women Workout: Home Gym & Cardio
Women workout training club is the optimal weight loss &homegym fitness app for women & soccer moms! 180 high qualityvideoexercises to get you in cardio shape and on the way to agreatbikini body with great workouts for women & especiallybusyhousewives.The Women workout trainer targets all theimportantmuscle groups of the body and by doing so, providing afluentbalanced cardio workout training routine to make feel andlook muchbetter, lose weight, burn calories and sculpt thosemuscles usinglunges and more.It's your home gym!We focus on theparts that areimportant for women, soccer moms & housewife:-Great weightloss fitness videos!- Gain sexy legs & feel the fatburn withour video workouts!- A fantastic women's fitness app alsoformoms.- Cardio workouts especially for a home gym aerobictrainingclub.Features:- Over 180 of the best exercises for womenprovidedin your a home gym.- High quality fitness videodemonstrations.-Flexible workout: Set the time, goal & loseweight!- Skipunsuitable fitness exercises duringtraining.-Resistance,Flexibility & aerobic cardio exercisescombined inone great app especially for weight loss.- Fantastic forstay athome moms & housewife.Bonus features:- In-workout voicetrainercommentary.- Workout reminders.- Workout trainerstatisticsfeedback.- Creative customization: Change the backgroundtoextraordinary scenery & colors.You don't have to perform a7minutes workout. Choose between 5 - 60 minutes and go! What areyouwaiting for? Get fit, maximize calorie burn & lose weight!Ourfat burning cardio exercises will work.Feel free to combineWomenWorkout with your daily diet menu or soccer moms nutritionplan.Doyou want the best fitness training for women or ahousewife?Exercises to combine with a flat belly diet? There youhave it, goahead, get your bikini fitness exercise routine here!This app willmaximize your fat burn combined with a great diet.Lose weight, getthin & lean, can be combined with nikeproducts.This fitnessapps works on your torso, butt / glutes, hips,quadriceps &hamstrings (using squats), shapes your thighs &buttocks,sculpt your legs and abs, tone your chest and arms.Startyourweight loss & love handles. Whether you are a housewife ornot,a great workout trainer in your own home gym!
Home workout & Personal Trainer
Get your personal trainer At Home.For FreeEasyFit Home Workoutswillhelp you get in shape using scientific exercise methods. Nocoach orexpensive equipment needed. Become your own personaltrainer, justuse your body weight and few minutes a day, andyou'll have a betterbody in very short time!It has workouts foryour abs, legs, arms andbutt as well as full body workouts, 7minutes workout, officeexercise and stretching/flexibilityexercises.All workouts aredesigned by expert personal trainers andare suitable for both menand women. With voice guidance (TTS),detailed descriptions andbeautiful animations.You can buildmuscles or lose fat efficiently.Just a small workout every day andyou will get in shape and loseweight easily.See your progress logand use the badges to staymotivated.You can see your weight trendon the weight chart andwatch how fast you lose weightManyRoutines✓ Classic Full Body in 7Minutes✓ Toned Abs.✓ Slenderlegs.✓ Sexy arms.✓ Tighten butt.✓ UpperBody✓ Lower Body✓ FullBody✓ Office Workout✓ Stretching routinesTopFeatures✓The trainingbalances different muscle groups.✓Workouts ofvaryingdifficulties.✓Workouts for men and women.✓ Stretchingroutines areavailable.✓ Record training progress automatically.✓The charttracks your weight trend with animated statistics.✓Customize yourworkout reminder.✓ Share success with your friends onsocialmedia.Top SupportWith one click only, you can email meanyquestions or suggestions you have and as you know from myotherapps, I take very personal care of users and help them at anytimeand very quickly.Support Email: **MyOther Apps❤ Calorie Counter -EasyFit❤❤Pedometer- StepCounter❤❤EasyQuitstopsmoking❤
50 Pullups workout Be Stronger
Course of pull-ups is a program with which you can rapidlydevelopyour strenght and physique. This is your own home trainerforpullups.The app includes next functionality:- 11workoutsprogramme- fast statistics (your current average level ofpush-ups,current program, status and medals)- history of trainings-backupand restore data to remote server - the reminder featurehelps youdon't miss a workout- a function of cloud storagestatistics foreasy storage and transfer of personal statistics-warm-up beforeworkouts- a possibility to change a programme in anunsuccessfultraining sessionRules of the program: before starttraining youshould run the test. The purpose of the test is todetermine themaximum number of cruciani (body lifting) at a timeyou can do. Nowbasis on the test result, select the programme andstart training.Press the button after each set to trigger the timerfor rest (havea rest recommended time or change in accordance withtheirfeelings). Observe the mode of rest and propernutrition.Example:you can do 10 pull-ups. Choose from the list ofprogramme 9 to 11times. Remember to rest 2 days after the test torestore.Thiscourse is designed for a maximum of 50 pull-ups. Ofcourse you mustwork a lot, but this is not fiction, but a very realindicator.With our app organization your workouts will becomemucheasier.Most people pulled less than 10 times, and almost no onecanpull more than 15 times. Thanks to our training you will be abletoincrease this result. Our program is designed so everyonecanachieve level 30 pull-UPS. A and 50.Just follow instructions andina week you will feel the result.There is advertising In the app.Todisable ads please buy the IN-APP purchases.
Push Ups Workout
Push Ups Workout! Train with your Device! Your personal trainerforfree.The best Push up Workout app is coming with its uniquedesignand powerful function.This is a real personal fitnesstrainer. Thisis a cool body builder. Pushups Workout not only helpscounting thenumber of push-ups workout you do, but also calculatesthe calorieyou lose during every excise and makes the training planbased onyour daily training and body status.In training mode,Pushups appwill make a reasonable training plan based on your ageand bodystatus. The plan will be divided in to six levels with eachlevelcontaining several groups of push ups. Training plan for nextgroupor level will be based on your current training result. Ineach newlevel the app will re-evaluate your body status to makesure theplan is customized. You can not only count the push upsusingproximity sensor but also enter the training data manually.Checkout how this pushups app helps you build up your body throughdoingpushup workout. It will not disappoint you.Features:*Proximitysensor Counting* Enter training data manually* GraphsandStatistics* Training mode* Freestyle ModePush Ups PROVersion:
Fitness & Bodybuilding
Fitness & Bodybuilding - This app will allow you toachievegreat results, within a short period of time. This Appallows youto create your own program that will fit your needs. Inaddition,Fitness & Bodybuilding is an extensive database ofexercisesfor every muscle, with a detailed description and videofor eachexercise. Furthermore, our App provides workout plansforbodybuilding, powerlifting and fitness. Why pay forexpensiveinstructors when you can do it yourself?By choosingFitness &Bodybuilding app for your workouts you get:-Exerciseswith videosupport for every workout;-A list of the most effectiveworkoutsfor every muscle group;-Text instruction with pictures foreachexercise;-Exercise database with new exercises added aftereachupdate;-Ability to save and track data about your weight andthenumber of repetitions for each performed exercise;-Exercisescomewith illustrations of the trained muscles;-Interactive graphsforyour workouts progress by performance, weightandrepetitions;-Ability to save the history ofperformedexercises;-Built-in timer;-Built-in calendar thatautomaticallymarks your workout days;-Ability to create customizedworkout plansand add photos;-Ability to choose measurement units(kilograms orpounds).