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HiPER Scientific Calculator 6.2.2
HiPER Scientific Calculator is a popular calculator withrapidlygrowing downloads and high user ratings. The calculator has15digits of significand and 3 digits of exponent in its freeversionand up to 100 digits of significand and 9 digits of exponentinHiPER Calc Pro. It detects repeating decimals and numbers canbealso entered as fractions or converted to fractions. TheProversion has the "expression" mode in which you canwriteexpressions in a natural way and watch your calculations.Theresult is displayed as a number, simplified expression etc.Thecalculator has several layouts suitable for various screensizes: -"pocket" for small devices - "compact" for smartphones (inportraitand landscape orientation) - "expanded" for tablets Amultilinedisplay can be turned on in tablets to show the completehistory ofcalculations and to provide access the previous results.Users canchoose from several high-quality themes. The calculatorhas manyfunctions, such as: - basic arithmetic operationsincludingpercentage, modulo and negation; - fractions (in Proversion anyexpression including nested fractions can be entered asa numeratorand a denominator); - mixed numbers; - periodic numbersand theirconversion to fractions; - unlimited number of braces; -operatorpriority; - repeated operations; - variables andsymboliccomputation (Pro); - calculation details (Pro); - complexnumbers(Pro); - conversion between rectangular and polarcoordinates(Pro); - advanced number operations such as randomnumbers,combinations, permutations, common greatest divisor, etc.;-trigonometric and hyperbolic functions; - powers,roots,logarithms, etc.; - degrees, minutes and seconds conversion;-fixed point, scientific and engineering display format; - enteranddisplay exponent as SI units prefix; - memory operations with10extended memories; - clipboard operations with variousclipboardformats; - result history; - binary, octal and hexadecimalnumeralsystems; - logical operations; - bitwise shifts androtations; -haptic feedback; - more than 90 physical constants; -conversionamong 200 units; - Reverse Polish notation. Thecalculator has manysettings to manage the full screen mode, decimaland thousandseparators, etc. All features are described with abuilt-in help.If you found the calculator useful, please considerupgrading toHiPER Calc Pro. By buying this, you will supportfurtherdevelopment of the calculator and get these additionalfunctions: -expression mode; - variables and symbolic computation;-calculation details - extended information about a calculationlikeall complex roots, unit circle etc.; - complex numbers; - up to100decimal places and 9 digits of exponent; - significand andexponentprecision settings (separately for portrait and landscapeincompact view and for expanded view); - more themes.
Calculator Plus 1.3.1
Calculator Plus is a free, lightweight, clean and easy tousecalculator. Featuring a variety of functions, packed in withahighly customizable and fashion design. Download thiscalculator,mathematics will no longer be boring. Your work will bemuch betterand more efficient than using traditional calculators.Not onlydoes it help you with everyday calculations, it can alsosolve morecomplex scientific problems, even solving equations.Moresurprisingly, Calculator Plus can give you the answer of anymathquestion by simply taking a photo of it! Calculator Plus willbeyour competent computing assistant, and all this is forFREE!Perfect Support Performance: √Perfectly support Samsung GalaxyS8,S8 edge, S7, S7 edge, HUAWEI P10, LG Nexus 5X etc.√Perfectlysupport Android 7.1, 8.0 Key feature: √Standardcalculator, simplebut perfect √Scientific calculator √Equationsolver … Featuresdetails: - Can easily carry out the four simplemathematicaloperations, with no extra buttons to interfere withyour work -Swipe left on the keyboard to use trigonometric, squareroot, andother scientific computing functions to help you solvedifficultproblems - Can display calculation results in real time onthescreen and track operational processes at all times - Thebuilt-infloating window function allows it to stay at the top ofthescreen, so calculation no longer requires frequentswitchingbetween apps. - Enter the equations and he will tell youtheanswer. Amazing! - Swipe downward on the screen to viewhistory;every calculation of yours will automatically be saved foryou -Using the unique formula-editing function, you can easilymodifyany content of your formula - With a number of options forcopying,so you can easily copy formulas or calculation results tootherapplications - Smart percent sign operation that makesdiscount andtax calculations more convenient and faster
Triangle Calculator 3.2
Solve triangles by entering two sides and one angle, two anglesandone side or three sides to find remaining values as usedintrigonometry.Angles are available in degrees, radians, gradsordegrees with minutes and seconds.The ▲² button showssecondsolution if one exists (ambiguous case).Paid ad-free versionalsoavailable.Found a translation error or want to help with anewtranslation? Please contact us through email.
Quickey Calculator - Free app 2.07
Easy calculator with a percentage keys and memory keys. Features:*Percentage key (%). * Memory keys (M+,M-,Mr) * Tape forcalculationhistory. * Answer key. * Calculator shows work. * RPNcalculator. *Free calculator app for download.
Scientific Calculator free 2.7.4
This is a user friendly scientific calculator for yourmathematicaltasks.This has following features* All BasicMathematicalOperations* Trigonometric operations* Hyperbolicoperations*Logarithmic operations* Complex number operations*MatrixOperations* 10 variables* HEX,DEC,OCT,BIN operations*FractionsSupport* Degree,Minute,Second Calculations* Degrees,Radian,Gradian Support* Solving Linear equations* SolvingPolynomialequations* Plot Graphs* Common unit conversions*PredefinedScientific Constants* Samsung Multi Window SupportYou canhelp usby translating the app. If you like translating, drop a [email protected] might show maximum of two ads inaday. This Calculator is totally free and please reportanyimprovements required in future [email protected] FAQ --Is this Calculator Capableofworking with fractions. Yes. This can be used as afractioncalculator. Use ‘b/c’ button to enter fractions and seehelp formore information.How HEX,BIN.DEC,OCT number entered ?.ChangeCalculator mode to Base with Mode button.Can this be used asaGraph Calculator? Yes. see help for more information.How toseecalculation history? Use up and down arrow keys tobrowsecalculator history.
Algebra scientific calculator fx 991ms plus 100ms 3.6.2-beta-build-24-10-2018-02-release
Office theme The calculator fx 570 es plus is a schoolcalculatorwith a natural fractal display that is especiallyappreciated bystudents undertaking secondary school mathematicalcourses - itoffers 417 integrated mathematical functions that covera largerange of subject matter. It allows you to performfractionscalculations, variations and combinations, calculations ofintegersand derivations, as well as logical operations ormatrixcomputation and many other functions. Supports most of thefeaturesof fx 500, fx 570, fx 82 ms fx 82 es or 991 ms, fx 4500.Features *Natural Display expression show expression same astextbook. *Statistics (List-based STAT data editor, standarddeviation,regression analysis) * Multi-replay * Fractioncalculations *Combination and permutation * 9 variables * Tablefunction *Equation calculations * Integration/differentialcalculations *Matrix calculations * Vector calculations * Complexnumbercalculations * CALC function * SOLVE function * Base-ncalculation* Logarithm log * Logical operations * 40 scientificconstants * 40metric conversions (20 conversion pairs) * RandomInteger
MyScript Calculator
With MyScript© Calculator, performmathematicaloperations naturally using your handwriting.Specially designed for Android devices.Easy, simple and intuitive, just write the mathematicalexpressionon the screen then let MyScript technology perform itsmagicconverting symbols and numbers to digital text and deliveringtheresult in real time.The same experience as writing on paper with the advantages ofadigital device (Scratch-outs, results in real time, …).Solve mathematical equations by hand without actually havingtocrunch the numbers yourselfBENEFITS AND FEATURES- Works on your smartphone (Use your finger or a capacitivestyluswith your android phone (Samsung Galaxy phones, HTC,Motorola, SonyXperia, LG Optimus and others)- Works on your tablet (Take advantage of the S-Pen with yourGalaxyNote, or use any capacitive pen with your Galaxy Tab familyoftablets, HTC flyer, Lenovo Thinkpad, Asus transformerandothers)- Use your handwriting to write any arithmetic formula- Write and calculate mathematical expressions in an intuitiveandnatural way with no keyboard- Scratch-out gestures to easily delete symbols and numbers- Portrait and landscape operation- Redo and undo functions.SUPPORTED OPERATORSBasic operations: +, -, x, ÷, +/‒, 1/xMisc. Operations: %, √, x!, |x|Powers/Exponentials: ℯx, xy , x2Brackets: ( )Trigonometry: cos, sin, tanInverse trigonometry: acos, asin, atanLogarithms: ln , logConstants: π, ℯ, Phi.***Support website:***Note about permissions:We are asking permission to access Internet connection; this istoprovide users the possibility to watch the video tutorial.Future releases:We are taking note of all your remarks and comments, many of youareasking us for equations, you can visit our web demo page, awebequation demo will show to you what we are planning to add inthefuture, visit:Equation web demo: recognition web demos:
Full Scientific Calculator 1.83a
J.J. Software
The Full Scientific Calculator is also available in aProfessionalVersion: within the complete functionality oftoday's high-endcalculators. No feature was left behind duringdevelopment.Featuring an automatically re-sizing, navigable screenwithunlimited digit support.Its unique design allows you tocomfortablywrite complicated equations, while also enabling you tocomposeshort and simple calculations fast. You can have a resultbank of upto 1000 calculations of which you can always go backandedit.Unparalleled in features, its one-screen functionalitymakesit one of the simplest yet powerful calculators you will everhavethe pleasure of operating. Expanded feature listincludes:•Fully-formatted math that includes everything fromfractions toequations• Quadratic, cubic and quartic polynomialequations withcomplex numbers• 2nd, 3rd and 4th degree linearequations• Normaland hyperbolic trigonometry, complete withinversion• Normal andinverse cotangent, secant & co-secantfunctions• Unlimitednumber of digits• Regular, improper and mixedfractions•Sexagesimal/DMS (degrees, minutes, seconds) calculations&conversions• Decimal to/from fraction conversion• Extremelyhighprecision• Result history up to 1000 answers• Integrationanddifferentiation calculus equations• Matrices & vectors, upto3x3 cells with transposition, inversion, power, scalar,diagonal,and arithmetic, with complex numbers• Algebraic equations•Gammafunction• 34 Metric/Imperial conversions• 44 scientificconstants•Boolean algebra, including NOT, OR, AND, and XOR•Conversions andcalculations between base 2 to 16• Custom, naturaland base-10logarithms• Easy 4-directional navigation• Answerdisplay indecimal, proper & improper fractions.• Descriptivestatisticsfunctions, including: mean, median, range, midrange,variance, ginicoefficient, sum of squares, trimean, skewness,kurtosis, meandeviation, standard deviation, relative standarddeviation/variancecoefficient, standard mean error, root meansquare (RMS),interquartile mean, interquartile range. All answersare in"sample" format, not "population".• Multi-threadedcalculations•Scientific and engineering notation• Factorialdecomposition•Permutations & Combinations• Least commonmodifier and greatestcommon factor functions• Modulus/remainderfunction• Multiple angletypes, including degrees, radians andgradians• Factorials, bothinteger and fractional• Ordinary, cubicand custom roots• Randomintegers & decimals• Plus/minus sign•Absolution• Summationfunction• Product summation function• Answermemorization• Naturalconstants• Frac & Int functions•PercentsWant to know more? Youcan consult the brief user manual fordetailed explanations ofevery feaure.Bug reports, suggestions orfeature requests will bereceived at [email protected]
Mobi Calculator free & AD free! 1.4.2 free
Handiness universal calculator with percentage for simpleandcomplicated calculations. Ad Free! Mobi Calculator is thebestAndroid calculator for everyone who appreciate great usabilityandfunctionality. In order to address the upcoming GeneralDataProtection Regulation (GDPR) we have tested all aspects ofourapplication for privacy and security. Mobicalculatordoesn’tprocess customer personal data and collect anypersonalinformation. Please direct any [email protected] Working with the calculatorbringspleasure, since the interface is thought through to trifles.Thisis a simple calculator that will suit both schoolchildren,studentsand in work, and for everyday household calculations. It'sa choiceof millions. Never fails its users! - Ad Free! - does notrequireunnecessary permissions like Internet connection,geo-position,contacts and SMS - well calculates percentages -classical memoryfeature (M+, M-, MR) - multiple string expressions- big buttonsand beautiful themes - multilanguage - customizeblebuttons on mainscreen - realtime calculation - spends very smallmemory space -high accuracy, up to 30 digits - full featuredhistory ofcalculations, comments and sharing of calculations -timecalculation - HEX/BIN/OCT mode, up to 64 bits in PRO-versionIt'snot "All in one" tool. We appending only really essentialfeaturesthat usable during work and everyday householdcalculations. Otherfeatures: - calculation modes: operationpriorities, rounding, etc.- modern Material and battery safe darkthemes - trigonometricalfunctions, sine, cosine, etc. - radians,degrees calculations withDMS displaying mode (degree-minute-second)- logarithmic and otherfunctions - basic features, square/cube/n-throot, power,percentages In the PRO-version only: * Ability to storerecords ofthe history (up to 1000, FREE - 50) * Ability to editexpressionwith up to 7 lines on the screen (FREE - 5) * Additionalthemes(Business, Ice Cream Sandwich) The list will beincreased!ATTENTION! Sometimes we got emails with complaints thatMarketdoesn’t allow to download a purchased application. It isMarket’sproblem. You should wait and/or try to restart your device.Pleasecontact Market support or us if you have any problems withit. Thankstoour translators: Chinese (Simplified) - Nexus SunChinese(Traditional) - Whale Majida French - NEVEU Sylvai German -BreazMarius Hellenic - Kaparos Spiros Hungarian - István KriskóItalian- Claudio Percky Korean - Jo Joon Hee (Gomdolius, - acosh(i) Slovak (partial) - LorántGerencsér ( - Burak Çelik (Synertic) Ukrainian -Vlad Borovik([email protected])
Scientific Calculator Classic 3.6.0
This free scientific calculator offers a number of usefulfeaturesallowing you to carry out advanced calculations. Its simpleandintuitive design makes it a pleasure to use. The calculator hasallthe functions that would be expected of a basicscientificcalculator and a number of more advanced features too,includingcomplex numbers and logic functions. The calculator iscustomizableallowing you to change the colors of the screen,background and allthe individual buttons, allowing you topersonalize its appearance.A fully ad free version of this app isalso available. theScientific Calculator's features include • basicmathematicsoperators addition, subtraction, multiplication,division andpowers. • conversion between decimal and surd answers.• indicesand roots. • logarithms base 2 to 10 and base e(naturallogarithm). • trigonometric and hyperbolic functions andtheirinverses and reciprocals. • complex numbers can be enteredanddisplayed in polar or component form. • all valid functionsworkwith complex numbers, including trigonometric andinversetrigonometric functions. • logic operations and conversionbetweenbases, including choice of two's compliment or unsigned fordecimalanswers. • 26 scientific constants. • unit conversions.•factorials, combinations and permutations. • degrees,minutes,seconds, radians and gradians conversions. • fractionsandpercentages key. • absolute function. • previous 10calculationsstored and re-editable. • last answer key (ANS) andfive separatememories. • random number generators including normal,poisson andbinomial as well as uniform distributions. •probabilitydistribution calculator for normal, poisson, binomial,student-t,F, chi-squared, exponential and geometric distributions.• userdefinable decimal marker (point or comma). • choice ofdivisionsymbol. • automatic, scientific or engineering output. •automaticor manual entry for unary minus. • Choose the precedence(order ofoperations) for implied multiplication: 2÷5π → 2÷(5×π)like a Casiofx calculator. 2÷5π → 2÷5×π like a Texas Ti calculator.• optionalthousands separator. Choose between space or comma /point (dependson decimal marker). • variable precision up to 15significantfigures. • scrollable screen allowing arbitrarily longcalculationsto be entered and edited.
Scientific Calculator 1.08
Scientific Calculator
Scientific Calculator 4.2.8
TechCalc contains 12 computing modes in one application + ahandyreference section. Modes included are: * Basic Mode, *ScientificMode, * 64-bit Programmer Mode (Hex, Oct, Bin and Dec), *Graphing(save copy of graph to sdcard), * Matrices, * ComplexNumbers(cartesian, polar, using Euler's identity), * QuickFormulas, *Quick Converter, * Time Calculator, * Equation Solver, *Calculus(Derivative, Definite Integral, Taylor Series &IndefiniteIntegral) - requires Android version 2.3 or higher *Financial +the Periodic Table of Elements! Features include: *AllTrigonometric operations (radians, degrees or gradients) *Powers& Roots * Logs and Antilogs * Factorial, Modulus &RandomNumbers functions * HCF, LCM, Prime factorization * Pol()&Rec() Functions * Permutations (nPr) and Combinations (nCr)*Statistics * Fractions Mode * A wide range of conversioncategoriesand constants * 20 Memory Registers in each of thecalculationmodes * Detailed calculation history * Extensive Helpand Reference* Highly customizable via the Settings The referencesectionincludes: * Physical Laws * Names in the Metric System*Mathematical Tables * Elementary & Linear Algebra*Trigonometric Identities * Differentiation & IntegrationRules* Statistics Formulas * Vector Mathematics * ASCII,FractionalBits, Roman Numeral & Number Base Converters *pH,Interpolation, Body Mass Index (BMI), Percentage, Proportion&Molecular Weight Calculators * Sigma & Pi Notation *BalancingChemical Equations * Statistics (Grouped Data) *NumericalSequences * Humidity Calculations * Boolean AlgebraCalculator *Empirical Formula Calculator * Characteristics of anRLC Circuit *Feet and Inches Calculator Please email any questionsthat are notanswered in the Help section. This is an ad-supportedapp - upgradeto an ad-free versionvia:
Trigonometry Calculator 1.5
This app is a right-angled triangle trigonometry calculator. • Itisideal for carrying out quick and accurate value calculations.•Ableto calculate either the value of sides, angles, or the area ofaright-angled triangle given valid known values.• Accurate to16decimal places.• Angles can be worked out using degreesorradians.• Simple minimalistic interface to enable ease ofuse.Note:In order to gain the best user experience possible, pleaseensurethe app is fully up to date. Improvements and bug fixesarefrequently implemented.
Scientific Calculator 995 1.2.8
C20 Studio
Scientific Calculator 995 (sc-995) has general calculatorfunction.And it has 76 kinds of functions,binary/octal/hexadecimalcalculation, complete mathematicalcalculation. [Math Functions] -Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide -Correct Order of Operations (M,D, A, S) - Constant Feature -Parenthesis - Change Sign (+/-) -X^2/Square Root - X^3/Cube Root -Exponents (^key)/Powers of 10 -xth Root - Pi - Percent Calculations[Fractions] - Fraction<> Decimal, Decimal <> Fraction -Improper Fraction<> Mixed Number - Simplification[Trigonometry] - Sin, Cos,Tan & Inverse - Hyperbolic Functions- Converts between DEG,RAD, GRAD [Statistics] - Mean, Sum, #Elements - Standard Deviation- Log, Ln, Inverse Log, Exponential -nPr, cPr, x! - Random NumberGenerator [Additional Math Functions] -DMS <> DD Conversions- Number Bases - Dec, Hex, Oct, Binary -Polar <> RectangularConversions - Boolean Logic Operations[User's Guide] - Includeuser's guide [Note] This software includesthe work that isdistributed in the Apache License 2.0. - MathJax--
Natural Scientific Calculator
Loved by millions of users, Android's highest ratedscientificcalculator. Rove to navigate. Forget buttons NaturalScientificCalculator utilizes Rove to allow to you edit whereveryou need to.Unlike other calculators which make you mash buttons tomove acursor, our app allows you to simply swipe on the keyboard togetto where you need. You can also pinch to zoom and get anoverviewof complex equations. Write as you would on paper Otherapps makeyou enter equations on a single line like something fromthe 1970s.Our Natural Input solves this problem by allowing you toenterequations as you'd write them on paper, using fractions,roots,exponents and more. It's called a "natural display" and is acommonfeature on scientific calculators and we've finally broughtit overto Android! History and Favourites Instead of having to typeoutlong equations over and over, simply favourite them andretrievethem with a single tap. Guaranteed to speed up yourworkflowenormously. Tackle problems together Two minds are betterthan one.Send your equations to friends, classmates or co-workersto refineyour approach to a difficult question. Elegant andpurposefulMaterial Design A calculator app doesn't have to be blandandboring. Let the subtle animations and vibrant colors guideyouthrough the hardest of problems. If you've purchasedtheProductivity Pack, select from a variety of beautifulthemesincluding our battery-saving "Starless Night" theme.Fractions,exponents and surds Confused when your equation lookslike this?50∗1/(0.05/12−0.08/12)[1−((1+0.08/12)/(1+0.05/12))^3]. Weare too,so we've made structures like fractions display naturallyas itdoes on paper. Updates For the last 8 months our team hasworkedday and night to implement new features and updates - we'renotgoing to stop anytime soon. Support us by leaving us arating,review or by purchasing the Productivity Pack. Fullyfeaturedscientific functionality • Radians and Degrees support •Decimal tofraction conversion • Mixed and improper fractions •Permutationsand combinations • Precision to 2,048 decimalplaces(non-trigonometric/roots) • Programmable roots, logarithms•Programmable constants • Trigonometric functions - sine,cosine,tangent • And many more we can't list because we'd beflagged forspamming this description! We need your help Join ourbeta testingcommunity to get access to the latest cutting edgefeatures andprovide feedback. If you can help us translate, pleaseget in touchwith us! You'll be featured in our app for lending ahelpinghand.
Calculator First + - pro - Multi Calculate 1.0006
Calculator First is a Simple, Beautiful FREE calculator appthatprovides basic and scientific calculations with moreEasy-To-Usefeatures in HD.Calculator First consists of the Standard&Scientific calculator, with extensive & easyfunctionalityoptions. Basic calculator Free. The interface designof CalculatorFirst is Elegant and Concise. Almost all commonly usedcomputingfunctions are covered. Calculator First meets thecomputing needsof most users. Also, we have BMI Calculator tocalculate your bestweight, to monitor BMI, and Calculate Body MassIndex. NOW StartChecking your BMI. Not only can we do calculatingstuff, you canalso check out the Weather and News from the app.Calculator Firstis Fast, Accurate and Beautiful. It's everythingyou need right inthe palm of your hand! This is a simple calculatorthat will suitall group of people, including students, in work andfor allsituations.Features:• Basic Calculation Buttons -elementaryarithmetic is easily used in the first page.• BMICalculator -Swipe left on the screen to use it and get feedbackabout yourhealthy weight.• Date Calculator – Input Today’s Date andthe Dateof Birth and you’ll get your age and your NextBirthday.•Mathematical / Scientific Buttons - Swipe left on thekeyboard touse them.• History View - Swipe downward on the screento viewhistory record. Save, Copy & Forward• Backspace Button -Shortpress to delete a number, long press to delete the wholeline.•Floating Window - Float above other applications forswiftcalculation.• Weather and Power situation – we provide RichInfoincluding Weather, CPU temp, News, etc.• NEW!  Fullsupportfor your Samsung Galaxy device.We are most delighted to haveyourfeedback to improve our products. Come and download it now,forFREE!
Scientific Calculator Free 1.0
Faqih Studio
This free scientific calculator we provide to you for free. Anddonot hesitate to use our calculator to solve math difficultiesyouface. With this tool you can have quick access to amathematicalfunction that you want. In scientific calculators havea variety offeatures such as: History with this feature you can seethe historyof previous results,* Features memory* Result History*Unitconversion* Percentage* Traditional Algebraic or RPNoperation*Physical constants table* Scientific, engineering andfixed-pointdisplay modes* Binary, octal, and hexadecimal (can beenabled inSettings)* Trig functions in degrees, radians orgraduate*Configurable digit grouping and decimal pointand manyothers inthis Full scientific calculator
Scientific Calculator Free 6.7.0
“An essential tool for students” – informED Turn your phone intothebest scientific calculator you’ve used with this essentialapp.Basic, advanced, and graphing modes let you use just what youneed,when you need it. It’s fast, easy to use, and looks like therealthing. Best of all, you’ll never lose your scientificcalculatorwhen you need it – Scientific Calculator Free goes whereyou go.Features: * Full color graphs * Works in landscape andportrait *Trig, log, exponents * Fraction calculations * Complexnumbers *Linear and polynomial equations * Basic statisticalfunctions *Binary, decimal, hexadecimal operations * Bitwiseoperations * Notmade of plastic! This is an ad supported version -our ad-freeversion is also available.
Classic Calculator 1.51
This application has been designed and engineered for easyoperationat any level. The natural display and enhanced featuresmakes itversatile and the perfect choice for high school andcollegestudents alike.* Multi-skin* Copy clipboard* Percentages*Memories*Trig functions in degrees, radians or grads* Fixed-pointdisplaymodes* Configurable digit grouping and decimal point*Degrees,minutes and seconds.* Adjustable size digit
Scientific Calculator 2017 11.0
With the Scientific Calculator 2017 , calculate simple andadvancedmathematical functions in an ergonomicapplication.Characteristics:- A clear and easy-to-read displayformat.- An intuitive andattractive design that facilitateseveryday calculations.- You canuse the backspace key to correct asimple error.Basic operations:+, -, x, ÷, +/-, 1 / xVariousoperations:%, √, x !, | x |Powers /exponential factors: ℯx, xy,x2Parentheses : ( )Trigonometry: cos,sin, tanReverse Trigonometry:acos, asin, atanLogarithms: ln,logConstants: π, ℯ, Phi
Calculator Memory & Percent 1.1.16b
New version from here! with additionofnew functions.This calculator is simple and nicely calculatorappdesigned for Android devices for free.Designed foreverydaycalculation, arithmetic operations, calculatepercentage.Downloadand try this useful app!UI DesignSimple andintuitive interface foreasy to use.Beautiful display, large button,nicely elegantthemes.CalculationBasic arithmetic operations.+,-,×,÷Useful memoryis available.Calculate percentage for tax,statistical, mathematichomeworkpercentage calculation example: 200+ 8% = 216 200 - 8% =184 200 × 8% = 16 200 ÷ 8% = 2500AlsoFeaturedUsefully backspacebutton to delete the last digit bydigit.Calculation history issaving. Make single tap the result linefor copy to clipboard.Thatis so useful.Calculating taxes, doinghomework, and for youreveryday.You can calculate basic calculation,percentage soeasily.Download and try this useful app!
Shake Calc - Calculator 2.5
Ralf Schroth
A fully featured scientific calculator with a neat twist.Itcalculates when you shake your phone. For youreverydaycalculations it features an easy to use basic view withdirectaccess to all the most used functions. For complexcalculations youcan switch to an advanced view with a simple swipeof your thumb.Both views offer large buttons for easy usage onsmall and largedevices.Features:- Entering entire expressions-Calculation historywith support for copying old results tocalculator memory orclipboard- Full support for Percentages (50 +10% = 55!)-Calculation memory support- Trigonometric and hyperbolicfunctionsin radians, degrees and grads- Predefined list of mostusedphysical, chemical and mathematical constants- Possibilitytodefine custom constants for often used values- Advancedresultformatting with digit grouping etc. (customizable)-Supportsdevices with large screens like Galaxy Tab or Xoom withoptimizedlayout and large keys- Supports different Themes (Classic,elegant& colorful)Hints:- To access advanced memory functions(M-, MC)and hyperbolic functions use the “2nd” key- A short touchof the“C” key deletes the last digit/function, a long press clearstheentire expression
Real Scientific Calculator 1.2
Real Scientific Calculator is best scientific calculator onplaystore. The Scientific calculator offer variety ofmathematicalfunction.The calculator has 100 digits of significantand 9 digitsof exponent . It detects repeating decimals and numbersin it canbe also entered as fractions or converted to fractions.Youcanwrite expressions in a natural way and watch yourcalculations.When possible, an expression is simplified and theresult isdisplayed as an expression using fractions, square rootsand ?constant.The multiline display can be turned on in tablets toshowthe complete history of calculations and to provide accesstheprevious results.The users can choose from severalhigh-qualitythemes.The calculator has several functions, such as:-basicarithmetic operations including percentage, modulo andnegation;-fractions (in the Pro version any expression includingnestedfractions can be entered as a numerator and a denominator);-mixednumbers;- periodic numbers and their conversion tofractions;-unlimited number of braces;- operator priority;-repeatedoperations;- complex numbers (Pro version);- conversionbetweenrectangular and polar coordinates (Pro version);- advancednumberoperations such as random numbers, combinations,permutations,common greatest divisor, etc.;- trigonometric andhyperbolicfunctions;- powers, roots, logarithms, etc.;- degrees,minutes andseconds conversion;- fixed point, scientific andengineeringdisplay format;- display exponent as SI units prefix;-memoryoperations with 10 extended memories;- clipboard operationswithvarious clipboard formats;- result history;- binary, octalandhexadecimal numeral systems;- logical operations;- bitwiseshiftsand rotations;- haptic feedback;- more than 90 physicalconstants;and- conversion among 200 units.The Scientific calculatorhas manysettings to manage the full screen mode, decimal andthousandseparators, etc.
Calculator - free calculator, multi calculator app v8.
The calculator with a wealth of functions for Android allows youtohandle all the calculations easily. It has wonderfulintegratedunit/currency converters with clear display. Updatedautomatically,and manual update is available so as to get thelatest currencies.It’s a perfect calculator for Android and it’stotally ads-free andfree! You can deal with simple and advancedmathematical functionsin your everyday life with this calculator bysimple clicks and youwill get the instant result when you inputvalue. You will find allthe functions you need quickly in the cleanand beautifullydesigned interface. This effective calculator easesyour life whenyou need to calculate anything – school homework,courseassignments, sales volume forecast, or discount amountwhenshopping, etc. This powerful calculator provides aninstantcurrency converter for the latest updates on currencyexchangerate. It also provides calculations to convert common unitsofmeasurement and you can get unit conversions as you type. Evenwhenyou quit the Calculator, all the calculations will be recordedandcan be used when you come back. >>>Functions wecurrentlysupported<<< General Calculator Supportaddition,subtraction, multiplication and division fourfundamentalarithmetic operations for basic calculation. ScientificCalculatorYou will see advanced math functions/operations such as:✔Mathfunctions: RAD DEG ABS ✔Powers/Exponentials: ℯ^x,x^y,x^(-1),10^(x), x^2 ✔Trigonometry functions: cos(x), sin(x),tan(x)✔Arcus functions: arccos(x), arcsin(x), arctan(x)✔Logarithms: ln,log ✔Miscellaneous Operations: %, √, x! ✔Constants:π, ℯ ✔Memorykeys: MR, MC, MS, M+, M- ✔Other keys: ANS, RND Tap the“Functioncurve” icon in the upper right corner to display thescientificcalculator. >>>Features supported that youcan’tmiss<<< Currency Converter The calculator has accesstoalmost 150 world currencies, including dollar, euro, yen,yuan,etc. You can refresh it whenever you want and calculatelivecurrency exchange rates. To use the currency converter, taptheicon in the upper left corner and choose the “Currency” icon.Toadd/delete a currency, tap the “+” in the upper right corner ortapthe “+ Add currencies” button at the bottom. All the currenciesaresorted alphabetically and you can find them easily. To managethecurrencies added, long tap on one currency to re-arrange itsorder.Unit Converter List of over 70 unit converters wecurrentlysupported: • Length converter • Area converter • Massconverter •Volume converter • Temperature converter • Fuelconverter • Cookingconverter To use the unit converter, tap theicon in the upper leftcorner and choose the “Unit” icon.Calculation History AvailableAll the calculations that has everbeen used are recorded for yourfurther use. You can go back to allthe calculation history andcontinue or re-start any finishedcalculation. Tap the “Circleclock” icon in the upper right cornerto get all the calculationhistory. You can continue the finishedcalculation by tapping thecalculation result in the history. Toclose the calculation historypanel, tap anywhere in the calculatorlayout. To clear thecalculation history, tap the “Delete” icon inthe upper rightcorner of the calculation history panel. EditableContent You canmove the cursor to edit your input, or copy &paste what youtype. Smart Gestures You can swipe right (or left) onthe layout togo to different page. Customize Your Calculator To goto theSetting page, tap the icon in the upper left corner andchoose the“Setting” icon. Come to use the calculator right now andshareabout your suggestions! Facebookpage: We are asking permission to access yourbasicinformation due to EU's GDPR. We won’t collect or useyourinformation or data without your permission.
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★ Convenient and smart calculator with built-in function thatcanuse various calculator in one app and prevent user's mistakeasmuch as possible ★ History, memory storage function, Undo,Redofunction ★ Supports 7 different calculator themes ★Calculatorbutton sound and font change function - Integratedcalculatorconfiguration - 1) Simple Calculator 1) GeneralCalculator 2)Engineering Calculator 3) Statistical calculator 4)PrecisionCalculator 5) Date Calculator 6) Unit conversion 7)PercentCalculator 8) Interest calculator (deposit / savings / loan)★ Freeversion will show ads.
We are Angel NX. We make CITIZEN CALCULATOR gives you functionsthatyou can see in CITIZEN CALCULATOR and GST CALCULATOR for IndiaNewGST Tax Rate Calculations by Just One Click. CITIZEN CALCULATORbyANGELNX is best Mobile App all over the world and More Than8MILLION DOWNLOAD. CITIZEN CALCULATOR App Key Features :- *CITIZENCALCULATOR * GST CALCULATOR OR TAX CALCULATOR * LOANCALCULATOR *UNIT CONVERTER * CURRENCY CALCULATOR * COMPASS * AGECALCULATORCITIZEN CALCULATOR CITIZEN CALCULATOR is one of the bestcalculatorwith many features same as CITIZEN CALCULATOR for yourregular use.Calculate like Citizen Calculator and many othercalculators. Youcan use Citizen Calculator as a Business andfinancial calculatoralso has features with GT, GT, M+, M-, MR, MU(Mark Up) which areused to get profit ratio when you want to givediscounts on yourproducts. gives your some options of scientificcalculator. GSTCALCULATOR OR TAX CALCULATOR GST CALCULATOR givesall functionalityof GST and TAX Calculation for All country withjust one SingleClick. Get results calculated as you type. We GiveTwo Button ADDGST and SUBSTRACT GST. * ADD GST or TAX :- Calculateany Number ofGST or TAX like +3%, +5%, +12%, +18%, +28%,+1, +2 ,+15, +0.1,+12.3, + 40.8, Etc. * SUBSTRACT GST or TAX :- Calculateany Numberof GST or TAX like -3%, -5%, -12%, -18%, -28%, -6, -11 ,-22, -0.9,-17.6, - 33.3, Etc. LOAN CALCULATOR Citizen Calculatoralso hasfeature of Loan Calculator by which you can calculate LoanEMI,Loan amount, Loan interest rate, Loan period, LoanInstallmentAmount and Calculate EMI on monthly and Yearly basis..WHERE TOUSE: * Personal Loans * Home Loan * Mortgage Loan *Business Loan *CC or Overdraft Loan * Auto Loan * BusinessOverdraft UNITCONVERTER Citizen Calculator is also with feature ofUnitConverter. Unit Converter Features with Many Units :- 1. Area:-Square Kilometer, Hectare, Square Meter, square Mile, Acre,Squareyard, Square Foot, Square Inch. 2. Length :- Kilometer,Meter,Centimeter, Millimeter, mile, Yard, Foot, inch, NauticalMile. 3.Temperature :- Celsius, Fahrenheit, Kelvin. 4. Volume :-Cubicmeter, Liter, Milliliter, Cubic Foot, Cubic Inch, Imperialgal,Imperial pint, US gal, Quart, Pint, Cup, Oz, US tbsp, tsp.5.Mass/weight :- Metric Ton, Kilograms, Gram, Milligram, Mcg,LongTon, Short Ton, Stone, Pounds, Ounce, Tons. 6. Speed :-Miles/hour,Feet/Sec, Meters/Sec, Km/hour , Knot. 7. FuelConsumption :- MPG(US), MPG (imp.), km/liter , liter/100km, etc. 8.Digital Storage:- Bit, Byte, Kilobit, Kilobyte, Megabit, Megabyte,Gigabit,Gigabyte, Terabit, Terabyte, Petabit, Petabyte. 9. Time:-Nanosecond, Microsecond, Millisecond, Second, Minute, Hour,Day,Week, Month, Year, Month, Year, Decade, Century. CURRENCYCONVERTERCurrency Converter is best for live exchange rate. We put+ Sign,Select more than one country so you can show more thanonecountry’s exchange rate at a time. All Country CurrencyincludedEuropean Countries, Asian Countries, American Countries ,AfricanCountries, Middle East, like USA, Canada, India, Australia,Uk ,China, Japan , Pakistan, France , Germany, Spain, SouthAfrica,Brazil, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and many more. DIGITALCOMPASSDigital compass is with Longitude and Latitude and itsSimple touse. Use it like a real compass. Professional designwithincredibly smooth movements with True North. AGE CALCULATORAgeCalculator is one more best Feature of Citizen Calculator AppWhereyou can calculate your Age in Year, Month, Weeks, days,Hours,Minutes and Second. Also you can show your Next Birthday byDaysfor many years. SETTING By Help of setting Button you can setyourrequirement Like Sound and Vibration. You can ON/OFF Sound andalsoON/OFF Vibration. Any suggestion from user is welcomed. If youlikeour Mobile APP Please give your best rating to CitizenCalculatorand share it with your friends and Groups. Thanks.
Advanced calculator fx 991 es plus & 991 ms plus 3.6.2-beta-build-24-10-2018-01-release
Business theme Advanced Scientific Calculator features overhundredfunctions and provides its user with everything they needfor mostmathematical calculations. The calculator's functionsincludecomplex number calculations, matrix and vectorcalculations,statistics, and 40 metric conversions. Its standoutfeature is its2-line natural textbook display that displaysfractions, formulas,square roots and other expressions as theywould in textbook. It isextremely versatile, and can be used incourses ranging from basicpre-algebra to calculus, and also hasapplications in physics,engineering, biology and statistics. All inone calculator, workingoffline, fast and powerful. A scientificcalculator supports mostof the features of fx 500, fx500, 570vnplus, 82ms & 82 ms,82es & 82 es, fx 4500, 991es plus,991ms. Descriptions * TheNatural Display shows mathematicalexpressions like roots andfractions, square root, derivative,integral, matrix, ... as theyappear in your textbook, and thisincreases comprehension becauseresults are easier to understand. *Equation solver * 20 pairs ofvalues for metric conversion *Calculation with complex numbers *Calc key (temporary formulamemory) * 40 physical constants *Matrix/vector calculation *Numerical integral & differential(derivative) calculus * RandomIntegers * New equation Mode *Function table * Solve system ofequations (two, three, fourunknown variable) * Basic arithmeticoperations, powers, roots,logarithms calculator, trigonometric andhyperbolic functions *Support conversion between rectangular andpolar coordinates (POLand REC functions) * Periodic numbers andconversion to fractions *Generate random numbers, combinations,permutations, GCD, LCM *Mixed fraction, Fraction, decimal, repeatdecimal, polarcoordinates result * Statistic calculation,regression calculation,normal distribution
Free engineering calculator fx 991es plus & fx 92 3.6.2-beta-build-24-10-2018-01-release
Modern theme A scientific calculator supports most of thefeaturesof 500 ms 500 es 570 ms 570 es 991 es 991 ms and 82 ms& 82 es.Calculator's most advanced scientific calculator todate, has beendesigned and engineered for easy operation at anylevel. TheNatural Display and enhanced features like displayingroot forms ofequations, finding derivatives, product notationtemplates, andadvanced inequality functionality, makes the fxcalculator plusextremely versatile and the perfect choice for highschool andcollege students alike. This is all in one calculator,support fullmathematics function (more than 100 functions) andworking offline.All General Mathematics courses - Pre-Algebra -Algebra -Statistics - Pre-Calculus - Trignonmetry - Chemistry -Physics -Engineering Functionality - Natural textbook displayshowsexpressions and results exactly as they appear in the textbook-Over 280 functions, including fractions, statistics, complexnumbercalculations, base arithmetic, derivative, integral,linearregression, standard deviation, computer science,andpolar-rectangular conversions - List-Based STAT Data Editor -TableFunction - Matrix and Vector Calculations - 40 MetricConversions -Multi-replay function allows you to backtrackstep-by-step throughcalculations, where you can edit expressionsand recalculateanswers
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[Key features]Perform simple or complex calculations.Rotatethedevice to landscape orientation to display thescientificcalculator. If Auto-rotate is disabled, tap rotationbutton todisplay the scientific calculator.To see the calculationhistory,tap HISTORY. To close the calculation history panel, tapKEYPAD.Toclear the history, tap HISTORY → CLEARHISTORY.[Additionalfeatures]To use the unit conversion tool, tapUnit Converterbutton. You can convert various values, such as area,length,ortemperature, into other units.* Unit converter feature issupportedfrom Galaxy S8.
Panecal Scientific Calculator 6.7.2
Editing and recalculating formulas Panecal scientific calculatorcandisplay and correct mathematical formulas. You can use it tocheckformulas, which enables you to prevent input mistakes.Panecal hasfunctions such as editing and recalculating formulasentered in thepast. You can calculate quickly by using formulas inthe past.   Acursor is displayed on the screen, and you can tapthe screen orpush arrow keys to quickly move to the location youwant to edit.Panecal allow you to swipe to scroll throughformulas, as well ascopying and pasting using long tapping, whichmakes it a strong andflexible application with an intuitive userinterface.   Features -Arithmetic operations, inversetrigonometric functions, logarithmicfunctions, power functions,power root functions, factorials,absolutevalues,degrees-miniutes-seconds and percent calculations -FloatPt(floating decimal mode), Fix (fixed decimal mode), Sci(indexmode), and Eng (index is in multiples of 3) for displayingvalues -Degrees, radians, and grads for angle units - BIN, OCT,DEC, HEXand n-base number calcutation and conversion (8bits,16bits,32bits) - Degrees-miniutes-seconds conversion - Calculationswithparentheses - M+ / M- memory and 6 types (A-F) of variablememory -Constant table - Units conversion - Decimal point characterandgrouping separator settings - Easy editing by using acursoroperation - Scroll up/down of formula lines - Cut and copyandpaste text - Expressions history and answers history table-Grouping separator and decimal point settings - Vibrationsettings- Portrate and Horizontal screen settngs - Font sizesettingsoperations Four arithmetic operations: 1 + 2 - 3 × 4 ÷ 5 =0.6  Root: √( 2 × 2 ) = 2   Trigonometric functions: sin(30) =0.5asin(0.5) = 30 (Depends on DRG settings)   Parentheses: ( 1 + 2) ×( 3 + 4 ) = 21 ( 1 + 2 ) ( 3 + 4 ) ( 5 + 6 ) = 231  Percentages:500 + 20% = 600 500 - 20% = 400 500 × 20% = 100 100 ÷500% = 20  Degree, Minute, Second 30°30 = 30.5 1°30+2°45 = 4°15 =4.25(conversion by tapping [°’”] key)   BIN, OCT, DEC, HEX andn-basenumber conversion 1111(BIN) → 0F(HEX)keyoperation:[CLR][BIN]1111[HEX]   Grouping separator anddecimalpoint 123,456,789.1 + 0.02 = 123,456,789.12 123.456.789,1 +0,02 =123.456.789,12 (Depends on settings) Disclaimer Please noteinadvance that Appsys is not responsible for any damage orlostprofits caused by the use of this software, or any claimsfromthird parties.
RealCalc Scientific Calculator 2.3.1
RealCalc Scientific Calculator is Android's most popularscientificcalculator. It has over 20 million downloads and morethan 100,0005* reviews.RealCalc is designed to look and operateexactly like areal hand-held calculator. It has all the standardscientificfunctions plus history, memories, unit conversions andconstants.You can choose from a number of display styles andformats. It alsosupports binary, octal and hexadecimal calculationsand has anoptional RPN mode. RealCalc is easy to use, but has fullhelpincluded in the app.If you like RealCalc, the pro versionRealCalcPlus has lots of extra features includingfractions,degrees/minutes/seconds, customizable conversions andconstants,landscape mode, a home-screen widget, a 12-digit displayandgreater internal precision. Purchasing RealCalc Plus will alsohelpto support further development. Just search for RealCalc Plusorfollow the upgrade link in the app.RealCalc ScientificCalculatorincludes the following features:* Traditional algebraicor RPNoperation* Unit conversions* Physical constants table*Percentages*Result history* 10 memories* Binary, octal, andhexadecimal (can beenabled in Settings)* Trig functions in degrees,radians or grads*Scientific, engineering and fixed-point displaymodes* 7-segment,dot-matrix or standard font display* Configurabledigit groupingand decimal point* External keyboard support* Fullbuilt-inhelpRealCalc Plus contains all these features, plus:*Fractioncalculations and conversion to/fromdecimal*Degrees/minutes/seconds calculations and conversion*Landscapemode* Homescreen widget (now with RPN support)* 12-digitdisplay*Extended internal precision (32-digit)* User-customizableunitconversions and constants* New RPN styles (buffered-entry,XYZTrolling stack)* Samsung multi-window support with drag &drop.
School scientific calculator fx 500 es plus 500 ms 3.6.2-beta-build-24-10-2018-02-release
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This is all in one calculator, full mathematics function,workingoffline. A scientific calculator supports most of thefeatures offx 500, fx500, JX570ms, 570vnplus, 991es plus, 991ms,fx570esplus,fx-82 or TI-30XB, fx 4500, 82ms, 82es, fx-82AU PLUS II,100AU, fx4500pa, 991ex, fx 260. ★ Natural display ★ Natural Inputallowingyou to enter equations as you'd write them on paper,usingfractions, roots, exponents and more. It's called a"naturaldisplay" and is a common feature on scientific calculatorslike thefx 570 991 es plus!. ★ Scroll feature ★ Swipe on thekeyboard tomove the cursor up and down, left and right. Touch toeditexpression. ★ Calculate functionality, advanced calculatorfeature★ • Solve equation (Shift solve) • CALC function (withmemoryfunction, 8 variable) • Derivative function • Integratefunction •Base N calculation (Calculator binary, decimal,hexadecimal, octal)• Table generator: generate table base onexpression. • Solvesystem equation (two and three unknown variable)• Solve cubic,quadratic, in-equation • Calculate with fractionresult (fractioncalculator) • Calculate with big numbers • Complexnumber • Matrixcalculator with full feature of algebra calculator •Percent %calculator • logarithms calculator (log base n) ★ Angleunit ★Radian, Degree, Gradian ★ Output type ★ • Fraction (1/2) •Mixedfraction (4/3 = 1 3/4) • Decimal (1.23123) • Repeatdecimal(1.23232323 = 1.(23)) • Degrees/Minutes/Second • Polarcoordinate(Pol, Rec function) ★ Decimal Notation ★ Normal,Engineering,Engineering (SI), Science, Fixed ★ More feature ★ •Automaticcalculate: see result as you typing (turn off in setting)•Vibrate, vibrate strength • Play sound when click sound button•Decimal formatter • Calculation history • Show variable value •Twolayout: full keyboard and compact keyboard • Change font family•Change theme • Change font size • Copy, paste expression(longclick to copy) This is calculator for free, but you canupgrade topremium version for access all features. For moresupport, visitthis link ★NaturalScientific Calculator for Android ★
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Simple and easy to use for your day-to-day calculations, withallthe scientific resources you need for work and school just atouchaway. And for your most demanding needs, adding or removingthefunctions and constants you need to make it the perfectcalculator- made for you by you. With this complete scientificcalculator youcan perform all the operations you need quickly andeasily, whetherfor your studies, work or calculations that have todo. Thisscientific calculator has several facilities like saveoperationsperformed, has statistical operations, trigonometry,algebra andother utilities that you can do all your math. It is aneasy andintuitive to use application!
hp 35s Scientific Calculator fx 570 es plus free 3.6.2-beta-build-24-10-2018-02-release
Tavern Theme The calculator retains the natural display, whichmeansthat you can enter equations and expressions exactly aswritten.Fractions, radicals, expressions with π, and calculusfunctiontemplates are all there. Exact answers can includefractions, squareroots, and coefficients of π. Supports most ofthe features of fx 82500 570 991 4500 es ms, fx 580 vnx/ fx 580vn. All of the otherfeatures: * Integrals of f(x) * NumericDerivatives * Sums of afunction * Base modes Decimal, Octal,Binary, Hexadecimal * Numericsolver, of equations and roots ofexpressions * CALC button allowsfor calculating expressionsrepeated amount of times. * Statisticsincluding 1-variable, linearregression (a+bx), quadratic regression(a+bx+cx^2), cubicregression (a+bx+cx^2+dx^3), 2 types ofexponential (a + b * e^xand a x^b), power (b a^x), logarithmic (a +b ln x), and inverse (a+ b/x). * Equations - 2x2 and 3x3simultaneous equations,quadratic, and cubic equation * Matrices:functions includetranspose, inverse, and determinant * Vectors *Multi LineStatements with the colon (:) * Complex Number Mode * Thenumber ofavailable memories have increased from 7 to 9. (A, B, C,D, X, Y,M, and now E, F). Previously E and F were available onlyfor theHexadecimal mode. * You now have the ability to calculateusingrepeated numbers. For example, you can type the decimal formof 1/3using 0.3 with the bar above the three. I believe that thisisfirst line of calculators that has this ability. * Newnumberfunctions are: GCD, LCM, Integer Part, Fractional Part,RandomIntegers, Integer Division (÷R) that gives quotient andremainder,and Prime Factorization (up to three digit factors). Tofactor anumber, enter it, press [ = ], then [SHIFT], [ º ' '' ]. *Productsof function f(x) * In Table Mode you can include twofunctions f(x)and g(x). * The rref and ref functions are added tothe Matrix Mode(but not eigenvalues). * The fx-115 es plus has acurve design, andboasts a faster processor. * Inequality Solver ofquadratic andcubic equations * Verification mode, used for compareexpressions(i.e. Does π/4 < π/2? Does 1 = 9/9 = e^0?) *Distribution mode:Normal Distribution (CDF, PDF, and Inverse(Yes!)), BinomialDistribution (CDF, PDF), and Poisson Distribution(CDF, PDF). *Support most of feature of hp 10s+ ScientificCalculator, hp 12CPlatinum Financial Calculator, hp 35s ScientificCalculator, hp17bII+ Financial Calculator, hp 300s+ ScientificCalculator, hp 12CFinancial Programmable Calculator
All-in-one Calculator Free 4.2.4
All-in-one Calculator is a free calculator app for androidfeaturingover 70+ calculators and unit converters categorizedunder finance,health, women, construction, lifestyle and everydaymath. Simple yetpowerful, the following features are built intothis all-in-onecalculator:- STANDARD CALCULATOR • Includes percentkey, negativesign, brackets and history viewer. • Advanced modeincludes memorykeys and functions for trigonometry, roots,exponents and logarithmfound in scientific calculators. UNITCONVERTER • Supportstemperature, length, weight, area, volume andmany more measurementunits. • Currency converter. FINANCIALCALCULATOR • Interestcalculators using simple and compoundinterest • Loan repayment andamortization schedule. • Savingscalculator with financial goalplanner FRACTIONS/ PERCENTAGECALCULATOR • Calculators for 3-waypercentage, percentage change,percentage difference, discountpricing, profit margin, tax, tip& split bill. • Add, subtract,multiply, divide fractionsHEALTH • BMI, BMR, body fat percentageand calorie calculators tohelp you keep track of your body weight.WOMEN • Pregnancycalculators for baby due date, conception date& current week(gestational age). • Ovulation calculator •Menstrual cyclecalculator that can serve as period tracker. •Chinese baby genderpredictor CONSTRUCTION CALCULATOR • Calculatorsto estimate cement,sand, gravel quantities for concrete blocks,wall plastering &brick works. • Area and volume calculator forcommon geometricshapes. • Irregular land area calculator • Solveheight anddistance problems using right-triangle calculator.LIFESTYLE • Ageand date calculator • Fuel economy, trip fuel cost,energyconsumption and many more. This is a free, ad-supported app.If youdon't like the ads, consider upgrading to the paid version.
Natural mathematics display calculator fx 991 ms 3.6.2-beta-build-24-10-2018-02-release
This calculator support full math functions, such asderivative,integral, equation solving This calculator supports somefeaturesof calculator fx 4500, fx 260, fx 500, JX570ms, fx-82auplus II,fx-82 or 991ms, 570vnplus, 82ms, 82es, fx570esplus, 570es,82 eu,TI-30XB, 991ex, fx500, fx 4500pa, 991es plus, 100AU, sharpel738,fx 580 vnx/ fx 580 vn The Natural Display showsmathematicalexpressions like roots and fractions as they appear inyourtextbook, and this increases comprehension because resultsareeasier to understand Memory * Repeat function * Variable memory:9* Number of storable programs: Calc / Solv button Basicmathematics* Functions * Scientific constants * Unit conversions *Fractioncalculations * Angle dimensions DEG/RAD/GRAD * Conversionsbetween>DEG/>RAD/>GRAD * Coordinate conversion Pol*Trigonometric functions sin/cos/tan/sin-1/cos-1/tan-1 *Hyperbolicfunctions sinh/cosh/tanh/sinh-1/cosh-1/tanh-1 * Exponent,log, In,10x, ex * Mathematical functions * Calculations based onn(hexadecimal/decimal/binary/octal) * Logicaloperators(AND/OR/etc.) * Calculations in the sexagesimal system *Percentagecalculations * Remainder function * Technical notationENG/ENG *Calculation of complex numbers * Random number generator *Randomintegers * Calculation of the minimum or maximum of aquadraticfunction * GCD/LCM function * Base-N calculations * Valuetable *Recurring decimal fractions Differential and integralcalculus *Numerical integral calculus * Numerical differentialcalculus
CalcKit: All-in-One Calculator Free 2.3.7
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Meet CalcKit, the most powerful All-in-One Calculator PackforAndroid. Featuring over 150 unique calculators and unitconverters,packed in with a highly customizable scientificcalculator and evenallowing you to build your own calculators andconverters, CalcKitis the All-in-One Calculator you've beendreaming about. Inaddition to everyday use, CalcKit is suitable fora large varietyof professions. If you're a scholar, student,teacher, builder,handyman or engineer and you need an All-in-OneCalculator App foryour device, give CalcKit a try. CalcKit Features✓ Over 150Calculators and Unit converters ✓ Highly customizableScientific& RPN Calculator ✓ Floating Calculator Widget ✓ FullyeditableCalculator history ✓ Light & Dark Calculator Themes ✓Currencyconverter with 160 currencies, available offline ✓ Supportsmathexpressions as input ✓ Instant results ✓ Unique CustomToolsCreator with up to 25 variables ✓ Integrated Search ✓IntegratedNotepad ✓ Add Shortcuts to your Home Screen for quickaccessLanguages: English, German, Russian, French, Italian, Czech,Greek,Spanish, Catalan, Romanian, Portuguese, Hungarian,Serbian,Turkish, Chinese, Persian List of calculators andconvertersGeometry 2D Triangle, Right Triangle, Square,Rectangle,Parallelogram, Rhombus, Trapezoid, Isosceles Trapezoid,Hexagon,Polygon, Ellipse, Circle, Segment and Sector of CircleGeometry 3DCube, Cuboid, Prism, Tetrahedron, Octahedron, Pyramid,PyramidalFrustum, Cone, Conical Frustum, Cylinder, Torus, Sphere,SphericalCap, Sector, Segment and Wedge Equations • Linear,Quadratic andCubic Equations • 2x2 and 3x3 Systems AnalyticalGeometry •Distance between 2 points • Area of Triangle • Equationof Circleand Sphere Algebra • Prime Number Check • ProportionCalculator •Decimal to Fraction • Fraction Simplifier • PrimeFactorization •GCF / LCM Matrix Calculator • Determinant, Inverse,Transpose • A ×B, A + B, A - B Electronics • Resistor and InductorColor Codes •LED Resistor Calculator • Series / Parallel Components• Ohms Law •Power Triangle • Y - Δ Transformation • Voltage Divider• VoltageRegulator • Operational Amplifier • NE555 Timer • Filters•Reactance • Wire Resistivity • Transformer Ratio • BatteryLifeCalculator • Analog - Digital Converter • FrequencyCalculatorFinance • Currency Converter • VAT / Tax Calculator •TipCalculator Common Converters • Numbers • Roman Numerals •Prefixes• Angle • Area • Cooking • Data Storage • Fuel Consumption• Mass /Weight • Length / Distance • Temperature • Time • Speed •Pressure• Power • Volume • Force • Energy / Work ElectricityConverters •Charge • Current • Conductance • Conductivity • FieldStrength •Potential • Resistance • Resistivity • Capacitance •Inductance •Charge Density • Current Density Engineering Converters•Acceleration • Angular Acceleration and Velocity • Airflow•Density • Moment of Inertia • Specific Volume • TorqueFluidsConverters • Concentration (Molar / Solution) • Flow • Flow(Mass /Molar) • Mass Flux Density • Permeability • Surface Tension•Viscosity (Dynamic / Kinematic) Heat Converters • FuelEfficiency(Mass / Volume) • Heat Density, Flux Density, TransferCoefficient• Specific Heat Capacity • Temperature Interval •ThermalConductivity, Expansion and Resistance Light Converters•Illumination • Luminance • Luminous Intensity MagnetismConverters• Field Strength • Flux and Flux Density • MagnetomotiveForceRadiation Converters • Radiation • Absorbed Dose • Activity•Exposure Other Converters • Frequency • Image Resolution • Pace•Pixel Density • Sound • Typography • Volume (Dry / Lumber)
All Maths Formulas 1.15
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Here is maths formulas pack for all android users. Now no needtomake paper notes to remember mathematics formulas just havethisapp put all the formulas on your favorite phones. you'llfindformulas very simply explained in app with necessary figureswillhelp you to understand very easily. includes 1. Algebra -Factoringformulas - Product formulas - Roots formula - Powersformula -Logarithmic formula - Useful equations - Complex number -Binomialtheorem 2. Geometry - Cone - Cylinder - Isosceles Triangle- Square- Sphere - Rectangle - Rhombus - Parallelogram - Trapezoid3.Analytical Geometry - 2-D coordinate system - Circle - Hyperbola-Ellipse - Parabola 4. Derivation - Limits formula - Propertiesofderivative - General derivative formula - Trigonometric functions-Inverse Trigonometric functions - Hyperbolic functions -InverseHyperbolic functions 5. Integration - Properties ofIntegration -Integration of rational functions - Integration ofTrigonometricfunctions - Integration of Hyperbolic functions -Integration ofExponential and log functions 6. Trigonometry -Basics ofTrigonometry - General Trigonometry formula - Sine, Cosinerule -Table of Angle - Angle transformation - Half/Double/Multipleangleformula - Sum of functions - Product of functions - Powersoffunctions - Euler's formula - Allied angles table - Negativeangleidentities 7. Laplace transform - Properties of Laplacetransform -Functions of Laplace transform 8. Fourier - Fourierseries -Fourier transform operations - Table of Fourier transform9. Series- Arithmetic series - Geometric series - Finite series -Binomialseries - Power series expansions 10. Numerical methods -Lagrange,newton's Interpolation - Newton's forward/backwarddifference -Numerical integration - Roots of equation 11. Vectorcalculus -vector identities 12. Probability - Basics of probability-Expectation - Variance - Distributions - Permutations-Combinations 13. Beta Gamma - Beta functions - Gamma functions-Beta-gamma relation 14. Z - Transform - Properties of z-transform- Some common pairs
HiEdu Scientific Calculator : Fx-570vn Plus 3.9.2
HiEdu Team
HiEdu Scientific Calculator : Fx-570vn Plus : A simple yetpowerfulcalculator that includes standard, scientific, andprogrammermodes, as well as a unit converter, Math, Physics andChemistryFormulas, graph and solve the equations . It's the perfecttool toadd up a bill, convert measurements in a recipe or otherprojectand It is a very useful tool for education help completecomplexmath, algebra, or geometry problems. KEY FEATURES ScientificCalc •It is a scientific calculator supports most of the featuresof realcalculators such as Casio fx570ms, fx570esplus, 570vnplus... •Natural Display makes it possible to input and displayfractionsand certain functions (log, x2, x3, x^, ), ", x−1, 10^, e^, d/dx,Σ, Abs ...) just as they are written in your textbook. •Undo whenyou miss a mistake. • Save history, Select a calculationin listhistory and edit it. • Create favorite calculations thatmakecalculations faster. Standard Calc • This is a perfect toolfordaily calculations. With memory functions similar to asmallhandheld calculator • Save history, Select a calculation inlisthistory and edit it. Mathematics formulas • This app has 1000+mathformula and more to come. • Now no need to make paper notestoremember mathematics formulas just have this app put alltheformulas on your favourite phones. • you'll find formulasverysimply explained in app with necessary figures will help youtounderstand very easily. Physics formulas • The application isaphysical handbook. Contains most physical formulas for users quickly refer to any Physics formulasfortheir study and work.This app displays most popular as wellasadvanced formulas in seven categories: + Mechanics + Electricity+Thermal physics + Periodic motion + Optics + Atomic physics+Constants Chemical reactions • Allows to discoverchemicalreactions and to solve the chemical equations with one andseveralunknown variables. Programmers • Can convert numbersbetweendifferent number bases (2/8/10/16). • Display shows numbersinbinary, hexadecimal, octal and decimal. • Input can be inbinary,hexadecimal, octal or decimal. Graphing calc • Easilygraphfunctions, solve equations, find special points of functions.Solvethe equations • Linear equation for degree one,quadraticequationfor degree two,cubic equation for degree three, System oflinearequations. Converter • Available unit conversions include:+Currency (US dollar, CDN dollar, pound, peso, etc) +Temperature(celsius, fahrenheit, kelvin, etc) + Length (kilometer,miles,meter, yard, feet, etc) + Mass/Weight (kilogram, pound,ounce, ton,stone, etc) + Speed (km/h, mph, knot, etc) + Area(squarekilometer, square mile, hectare, acre, etc) + CookingVolume(teaspoon, tablespoon, cup, pint, quart, ounce, etc) +Pressure(kilopascal, bar, PSI, etc) + Power (watt, kilowatt,horsepower,etc) + Energy (joule, calorie, BTU, etc) + Time (year,month, day,hour, second, etc) + Fuel Consumption (miles per gallon,liters per100km, etc) + Digital Storage (bit, byte, megabytes,gigabytes,etc) DISPLAY + The layout of the buttons in the this appisscientifically rigorous, which makes enteringmathematicaloperations as simple and convenient as possible. +Numeric buttonsand functions in the our application are beautifullydesigned,clear, resistant to glare, blurry and eyestrain. + Thereare manybeautiful themes with different styles.
Grapher - Equation Plotter & Solver 1.4.2c
Grapher is a fast and effective equation plotter, capable ofdrawingany function, solving equations and calculatingexpressions.Especially if you're a student, teacher or engineer,this app ismade with you in mind! A wide range of predefinedfunctions isavailable, including trigonometric & hyperbolicfunctions,differentiation and more. Anything you type will beprocessed anddisplayed instantly by a powerful math engine, inboth 2D and 3Dmodes. Furthermore, functions can reference eachother by theirname. Grapher is continuously under development,with more featuresyet to come. Any feedback and bug-reports aregreatly appreciated.This free version is ad-supported; pleaseconsider buying GrapherPro to remove all ads and enjoy extrafeatures! Curve types •Function (e.g. parabola, sine) • Polar(e.g. rose, spiral) •Parametric (e.g. ellipse, Lissajous) •Implicit equation (e.g. conicsections) • Implicit inequality • 3DFunction (e.g. paraboloid) • 3DParametric curve (e.g. helix) • 3DParametric surface (e.g. sphere,hyperboloid) More features •Equation solver (numerical) • Findroots, extrema and intersectionswith other functions • Functionscan reference each other • Custommath keyboard • Auto-detect inputtype • User variable support fornumbers and functions • Adjustableparameter range (for polar &parametric curves) • Input history• Plot up to 24 graphs at once •Differentiation (numerical) • Tracegraph • Capture screenshotsNote: Mathematical functions should betyped by their names, forexample sqrt(x) means √x. Hold a key tosee all function namesstarting with that letter. If something isunclear, be sure tocheck out the 'Help' page as all details aresummarized there.
MathAlly Graphing Calculator + 2.8.1
MathAlly Graphing Calculator + has all the features of thefreeversion plus:-View Step-by-Step how the answer was calculatedbyclicking on the result (see screen shot).-Parametric andPolarcoordinate graphing.-New All Cartesian graph mode which cangraphany equation even if it can't solve for x or y.-Createcustomkeyboards.-Create custom keys as expressions orfunctions.-Savegraph setups and screenshots.-Create workspaces toorganize andpermanently save calculations.-Additional matrixoperations:reduced row echelon form, LU and QR decomposition,eigenvalues, andeigenvectors-Graph up to 6 equations (free limitsyou to 3).-NoAds-Since there are no ads, no internet permission isrequired.Q.How do I view the Step-by-Step screen for a problem?A.First enterthe problem into the calculator and hit enter to see theresult.Then click on the result. Make sure you are clicking on theresultand not its input, as clicking on its input will paste theinputinto the current entry field. Also, Step-by-Step must beenabled inthe settings when the result is calculated. By defaultStep-by-Stepis enabled.If you are not completely satisfied withyour purchaseand you email me at [email protected] within 14days of yourpurchase, I will give you a refund. Please include yourordernumber in the email. (Google play only gives you 15 minutestoautomatically get a refund, I think this is too short). Youcanonly request a refund once.If you find any bugs or havequestions,please email me.Explanation of permissions:Storage -Needed for appto be able to read/write to external storage. Thisallows users totransfer custom keyboards between devices.
Multi Calculator 2.9.12
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Multi Calculator, top 5 most recommended tools app for Android.Aperfect calculating tool specially built for you. MultiCalculatoris not only very suitable for daily simple calculations,but alsocontains many useful functions with fashionable design.Such asscientific calculator for solving complex problems, BMIcalculatorfor detecting physical condition, and so on. Downloadthiscalculator, mathematics will no longer be boring. Your workwill bemuch better and more efficient than using traditionalcalculators.It will be your competent computing assistant, and allthis is forFREE! Perfect Support Performance: √Perfectly supportSamsungGalaxy S8, S8 edge, S7, S7 edge, HUAWEI P10, LG Nexus 5Xetc.√Perfectly support Android 7.1 Key feature: √Standardcalculator,simple but perfect √Scientific calculator √BMIcalculator …Features details: - Can easily carry out the foursimplemathematical operations, with no extra buttons to interferewithyour work - Swipe left on the keyboard to use trigonometric,squareroot, and other scientific computing functions to help yousolvedifficult problems - The newly added BMI calculator helpsyouunderstand and focus on your health - Can displaycalculationresults in real time on the screen and track operationalprocessesat all times - The built-in floating window functionallows it tostay at the top of the screen, so calculation no longerrequiresfrequent switching between apps. - Swipe downward on thescreen toview history; every calculation of yours willautomatically besaved for you - Using the unique formula-editingfunction, you caneasily modify any content of your formula - With anumber ofoptions for copying, so you can easily copy formulas orcalculationresults to other applications - When you switch tootherapplications during the calculation process, it will stillsave theoperation process for you - Smart percent sign operationthat makesdiscount and tax calculations more convenient and faster
Calculator N+ (Open source) - Math Solver 3.4.1
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The Calculator provides the following features: ALGEBRA 1.Computerscience 2. Solving the equation: 3. Solve systemequations4.Graphing 5. Cartesian geometry sand(Viet NamEducation)6. UnitConversions8. Simplify expressions 9. Polynomialfactorization. 10.Binomial expansion Newton 11. Matrix: evalutematrix step by stepANALYTICS 1. Derivative 2. Antiderivative 3.Definite integrals 4.Find the limit of the sequence, functionTRIGONOMETRIC1,Trigonometric expand: sin(2x) -> 2sin(x)cos(x)2.Trigonometricreduce: 2sin(x)cos(x) -> sin(2x)3. Trigonometric toexponent:sinh(x) -> (e^x-e^(-x))/2DETERMINATION OF STATISTICS1.Combination 2. Permutation SOME OTHER FEATURES 1. Prime factors2.Modulo 3. Catalan number4. Fibonacci numberThe Calculator doesnotshow the steps to solve the equations, system ofequations,derivative... but only for the final result.Entersin(30°) tocalculate sine Degree modeThe computer can work in twomodes:-Decimal mode: 0.12312312323- Mode fractions: for resultswitharbitrary precision, for example 9^99999Fanpageapplicationsupport: the application please send mail:[email protected] ingithub
All Math formula 1.5.6
Here is maths formulas pack for all android users. This apphas1000+ math formula and more to come. Now no need to makepapernotes to remember mathematics formulas just have this app putallthe formulas on your favourite phones. you'll find formulasverysimply explained in app with necessary figures will help youtounderstand very easily. *****Formulas covered in thisapp*****Algebra - Factoring formulas - Product formulas - Rootsformula -Powers formula - Logarithmic formula - Useful equations -Complexnumber - Binomial theorem Geometry - Cone - Cylinder -IsoscelesTriangle - Square - Sphere - Rectangle - Rhombus -Parallelogram -Trapezoid Analytical Geometry - 2-D coordinatesystem - Circle -Hyperbola - Ellipse - Parabola Derivation - Limitsformula -Properties of derivative - General derivative formula-Trigonometric functions - Inverse Trigonometric functions-Hyperbolic functions - Inverse Hyperbolic functions Integration-Properties of Integration - Integration of rational functions-Integration of Trigonometric functions - Integration ofHyperbolicfunctions - Integration of Exponential and logfunctionsTrigonometry - Basics of Trigonometry - GeneralTrigonometryformula - Sine, Cosine rule - Table of Angle - Angletransformation- Half/Double/Multiple angle formula - Sum offunctions - Productof functions - Powers of functions - Euler'sformula - Alliedangles table - Negative angle identities Laplacetransform -Properties of Laplace transform - Functions of LaplacetransformFourier - Fourier series - Fourier transform operations -Table ofFourier transform Series - Arithmetic series - Geometricseries -Finite series - Binomial series - Power series expansionsNumericalmethods - Lagrange, newton's Interpolation -Newton'sforward/backward difference - Numerical integration - Rootsofequation Vector calculus - vector identities Probability -Basicsof probability - Expectation - Variance - Distributions-Permutations - Combinations Beta Gamma - Beta functions -Gammafunctions - Beta-gamma relation Z - Transform - Properties ofz-transform - Some common pairs We're planning to add allthepossible maths formulas in the app day by day. Goal of app istocover all the maths formulas in the app. so please stay tunedwithus. for regular updates join us
Super Scientific Calculator 2.2
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Super Scientific calculator is the best free scientific calcwithdifferent modes, including: - Natural mathematicalexpressionscalculation 32 digit with excellent precision -Polynomialincluding some algebraic calculation like quadraticequations,evaluation of a polynomial expression and theirarithmeticoperations, next release will get differentiation ofexpression aswell. - Rational mode which includes simplification ofrational(fractional expressions) so you can simplify a fraction todecimal,and compare two fractions along with their arithmeticoperations. -Matrix mode. This includes matrix arithmetic, inverseof matrix,and adjutant of matrix, determinant of matrix, QRdecomposition andTranspose. Display is quite natural along withlook and feel of thelayout please see screenshots and video.Salient features include:1. Writing and evaluation of wholeexpressions. 2. Use of brackets.3. LCM (Least Common Multiple), GCD(greatest common divisor). 4.Binary, Octa and Hexa modes withdifferent bitwise operators ofoctal, binary and hexadecimalnumbers, convert base numbers todecimal and vice versa. 5. factorsof a natural number. 6.Trigonometric functions, inversetrigonometry function. 7.Radian/Degree mode. 8. Memory functionsalong with history for upto last 100 calculations. 9. nCr, nPrcalculation. 10. Polar toRectangular and Rectangular to Polarconversion 11. Powers, rootsand logarithms including naturallogarithms as well. 12. Resulthistory for natural expressionsincluding Navigations. 13. List ofdifferent physical constants. 14.Conversion of fractions intodecimal numbers. 15. Comparison betweentwo fractions (Rationalnumbers). 16. Arithmetic of two polynomialexpressions 17.Quadratic equation solver 18. Evaluation of anypolynomialexpression by substituting the value of unknown x. Andmany more.If you feel Super scientific calculator as a great appdeveloped byNTSoft Apps, please rate this app and do provide somesuggestionsfor future improvement, suggestions and bugs report tofix them assoon as possible.
Fraction Calculator Plus Free
Fraction Calculator Plus is the best and easiest way to dealwitheveryday fraction problems. Whether you're checkinghomework,preparing recipes, working on craft projects or evenconstructionprojects, Fraction is a fantastic tool: - Checking yourkids' mathhomework takes only seconds - Adjusting recipe quantitiesfor alarger guest list is a breeze - Working on a craft or homeprojectis made more reliable and accurate An attractive andeffectivetool, Fraction looks gorgeous on both phones and tablets.-Calculations appear in crisp, clear, elegant type that you canreadat a glance and from a distance - Innovative triple keypaddisplaylets you type extra fast! (entering “3 3/4 takes only 3taps!) -Every fraction result is automatically reduced to itssimplest formto make your job easy - Every result is also shown indecimal tomake conversion a breeze It couldn't be easier to add,subtract,multiply, and divide fractions! Let Fraction CalculatorPlus turnyour phone or tablet into an everyday assistant. This isanad-supported version. Our ad-free version is alsoavailable.Fraction Calculator Plus (C) 2017 Digitalchemy, LLC
Calculator ++ 2.2.7
Are you looking for an efficient and easy-to-use calculator?Doyouwant to solve both simple and complex problems?Try Calculator++,amultipurpose calculator app with slick and intuitiveuserinterface!★ Save your time! • Access additional features fromthemain screen of the app using gestures. For example, to use«%»slide button «/» up • You don't need to press «=» anymore -resultis calculated automatically • Copy/paste with a single buttonpress• App supports both portrait and landscape screenorientations★Personalize! • C++ has two layouts: standard andengineer. Chooseone which suits you best either from the initialwizard or from theapplication settings • Set theme you like • Addhome screen widget★Do calculations without switching between theapps!Calculator++ canwork in a separate window floating over otherapplications on yourphone★ Calculate percentages, square roots,powers, trigonometricfunctions!Calculator has a big variety ofbuilt-in functions andsupports adding new user-defined functions★Plot 2D and 3Dgraphs!Several functions can be plottedsimultaneously★ Usepowerful mathematical capabilities of the app: •Do calculationswith variables and constants • Use built-infunctions or add yourown • Integrate and differentiate • Docalculations with fractionsand simplify expressions • Docalculations with complex numbersTheapp supports devices withAndroid version 2.2 and higher and isopen source. The app containsadverts which are shown on thesecondary screens. To remove themplease purchase a special optionfrom the applicationsettings.Calculator++ onFacebook: onVkontakte:
Math Formula for 11th 12th 1.3
Please RATE & SHARE this App as it is free :-)Math FormulaThisApp consolidated all Math Formula required ForIntermediateStudent.Extremely Useful for the students preparing forJEE main ,JEE Advance , BITSAT , MHTCET , EAMCET , KCET , UPTU(UPSEE), WBJEE, VITEEE and IIT and all other Engineering EntranceExam .This appis also useful for those also who are preparing forAir force andNDA (national defense academy) exam.Simple Interface :easilynavigate to any topic.Mathematical Formulas and identityequationsarranged in most useful way.Please email usat"[email protected]" to add any new formulas orsuggestionsor topics. The App covers topics -- Set Theory--Relation andFunction-- Sequence and Series-- Complex Number --De-MoviersTheorem-- Quadratic equation-- Theory of Equations--Statistics--Permutation and Combination-- Binomial Theorem--Exponential andlogarithmic series-- Determinants-- Matrices--Probability--Trigonometry Ratios-- Trigonometric Equations--Solutions ofTriangle-- Inverse Trigonometric function-- Functionand Graphs--Limit and Continuity-- Differential Calculus--Application ofDerivative-- Integration-- Definite Integration--Application ofIntegration-- Differential Equations-- Co-ordinategeometry--Straight Line and Pair of Straight of Line-- Circle--Ellipse--Hyperbola-- 3 dimensional geometry-- Straight line inspace-- Theplane-- Vector-- Vector product-- Triple Product ofVectors--LogarithmMath Formulas - a must have app for yoursmartphones andtablets.The app is continuously updated with latestdetails andadded with new topics frequently.
CALCU™ Stylish Calculator Free 3.7.4
Express your style with the calculator made just for you. Chooseacolorful, stylish theme to brighten your day while youcalculatewith ease. CALCU™ is a breeze to use for everydaycalculations,with all the scientific capability you need for workand schooljust a swipe away. And for your most demanding needs,CALCU™ allowsyou to add or remove the functions and constants youneed to makethe perfect calculator designed by you, for you. TheDroid Lawyerrates CALCU™ 4.5 out of 5, calling it “a greatreplacement forAndroid’s stock calculator”... and we couldn’t agreemore! CALCU™offers all the regular and scientific calculatorfunctions in asimple, stylish and easy-to-use app. Download theperfectcalculator for free today! Features ★ Try our new Materialtheme! ★Beautiful and intuitive interface with gesture basedcontrol andnavigation ★ See instant results of your calculations asyou enterthem ★ Swipe up on the keypad to reveal scientific keypad★ Swipedown on the display to see calculation history ★ SupportforSamsung Multi Window ★ Show memory keys option ★ Swipe up onthescientific keypad to customize it ★ Create user-definedconstants ★Choose between simple and full keypad layout ★ Choosefrom a rangeof stylish themes