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Electrical Calculations 7.2.3
Electrical Calculations is the best app in the electrical sector,ithas many calculations that can help you in your work. It cannotmiss in your smartphone! Wire size Calculation of voltagedropCalculation of current Calculation of voltage Calculation ofactivepower Calculation of apparent power Calculation of reactivepowerCalculation of power factor Calculation of resistance Maximumwirelength Current carrying capacity of insulated conductorsCurrentcarrying capacity of bare conductors Conduit fill Sizingthecircuit breaker Operating current Reactance Impedance Powerfactorcorrection Power factor correction of transformer MV/LVCapacitorpower at different voltage Earthing system Short circuitcurrentShort-circuit current min (approximate method) Shortcircuitcurrent with transformer substation Conductor resistanceResistorcolor code Inductor color code Resistor colors from valueSMDresistor code Capacitor code Fuses Sum resistors SumcapacitorsResonant frequency Voltage divider Current divider Zenerdiode asvoltage stabiliser Resistance to reduce voltage Resistancefor ledBattery life Primary/Secondary winding of transformerAntennalength CCTV Harddrive/Bandwidth calculator Temperaturesensors(PT/NI/CU, NTC, Thermocouples…) Analog signal values JouleeffectFault current of strings Motor from three-phase tosingle-phaseCapacitor start motor single-phase Motor efficiencyMotor speedMotor slip Maximum torque Motor full-load currentDiagrams of thethree-phase motor (6 leads) Diagrams of thethree-phase motor (9leads) Diagrams of the three-phase motor (12leads) Δ-Y conversionPower conversion AWG/mm² conversion tableSection conversion Lengthconversion Voltage (Amplitude) conversionsin/cos/tan/φ conversionEnergy conversion Temperature conversionPressure conversion Ah -kWh conversion Gauss - Tesla conversion RPM- rad/s - m/sconversion Torque conversion Byte conversion Angleconversion Fusesapplication categories UL/CSA fuse class Trippingcurves Table ofcables reactance Table of resistivity andconductivity Table ofunitary voltage drop IP/IK/NEMA protectionclasses Applianceclasses CCTV resolutions Thermocouple colour codesand data ANSIstandard device numbers Electrical symbols Electricityaround theworld Plug and socket types IEC 60320 connectors Wiringcolor codesSI Prefixes Units of measurement Pipes dimensionsEthernet wiring(RJ-45) Pinout Ethernet with PoE RJ-11,14,25,48Pinout Scart PinoutUSB Pinout HDMI Pinout VGA Pinout DVI PinoutRS-232 Pinout FireWire(IEEE1394) Pinout Molex Pinout Sata PinoutApple Lightning PinoutApple Dock Connector Pinout PS/2 Fiber opticcolor code Pinout ledPinout Raspberry PI Pinout ISO 10487 (Caraudio) Pinout XLR(Audio/DMX) Pinout MIDI Pinout Thunderbolt PinoutSD Card PinoutSim Card Formulary App multilanguage: Arabic,Bulgarian, Catalan,Croatian, Czech, Danish, Deutsch, Dutch,English, French, Greek,Hebrew, Italian, Latvian, Lithuanian,Macedonian, Magyar, Malay,Nepali, Norwegian, Persian, Polish,Portuguese, Romanian, Russian,Serbian (Latin), Simplified Chinese,Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish,Traditional Chinese, Turkish,Ukrainian, Vietnamese. Fulltranslatorslist:'t use the Evaluation System for reporting bugs. Instead,pleasecontact me directly. ******************FAQ:
Electrical Calculator 3.1.3
Electrical Calculator This app is a gift for all Electrical/Electronics Engineering graduates and students. Now you don'tneedto remember all those complex formulas. This app contains alltheElectrical Engineering calculations and conversionsincludingVoltage, Current, Power, Efficiency,Resistor/Capacitor/Inductorcombinations, Resonant Frequency,Reactance, 4-Band, 5-Band and6-Band Resistor Colour Coding,Inductor Colour Coding, Delta/StarImpedance Conversion,Single/Three Phase Real/Reactive/ApparentPower, Peak/RmsConversion, Watts to Horsepower conversion, PowerFactorcalculations, Transformer Calculations, LightingCalculations andmany others. Simply enter the values and get theresults. Amps to kWcalculator Amps to kVA calculator Amps to VAcaluclator Amps tovolts calculator Amps to watts calculatorElectricity billcalculator Energy consumption calculator Energycost calculator eVto volts calculator Joules to watts calculatorJoules to voltscalculator kVA to amps calculator kVA to wattscalculator kVA to kWcalculator kVA to VA calculator kW to ampscalculator kW to voltscalculator kW to kWh calculator kW to VAcalculator kW to kVAcalculator kWh to kW calculator kWh to wattscalculator mAh to Whcalculator Ohm's Law calculator Powercalculator Power factorcalculator VA to amps calculator VA towatts calculator VA to kWcalculator VA to kVA calculator Voltagedivider calculator Voltagedrop calculator Volts to amps calculatorVolts to watts calculatorVolts to kW calculator Volts to joulescalculator Volts to eVcalculator Watts-volts-amps-ohms calculatorWatts to amps calculatorWatts to joules calculator Watts to kWhcalculator Watts to voltscalculator Watts to VA calculator Wattsto kVA calculator Wh to mAhcalculator Wire gauge calculatorelectrical formulas electriciancalculator electricians calculatorelectrical power calculatorelectrical load calculation electricalapps electrical loadcalculator electrical power formula appselectrical electrical powercalculation electrical calculations appelectrical cable calculatorelectrical formulas calculatorelectrical engineering calculatorelectrical calculation formulaelectrical estimating electricalestimating software electrical appall electrical formulaselectricity use calculator electrical wirecalculator electriciancalculator pro calculator for electricianselectrician calculatorselectric calculator online constructioncalculator power calculationformula electrical installationelectrical wiring formula forelectrical power electroniccalculator online electrical calculatorelectrical energycalculation electricians calculator appengineering calculatorelectrical wire size calculator electricalcable size calculatorelectrical engineering formulas electricalcalculations proelectrical wiring diagram electric load calculatorelectricalformulae power use calculator electrical energycalculatorconstruction calculator app calculating electrical loadloadcalculator electrical power formula electricityelectricalcalculation for cable sizes electric calc pro electricalestimatingapps important electrical formulas formula forelectricityelectrical amps calculator calculate electrical powerelectricityconsumption calculator calculation of electrical energycalculationof electrical power online construction calculatorformula forcalculating electrical power household electricitycalculator powerformula in electrical nec load calculationworksheet electric powercalculations This free app is anelectricity calculator, which isable to calculate the mostimportant electrical sizes. You cancalculate the Electrical Power,Electrical Resistance, ElectricalCharge, Electrical Work andElectrical Current. Best tool forschool and college! If you are astudent this app will help you tolearn electrical engineering,electronics, electromagnetism andphysics.
Mobile electrician 4.2
This is a free version that contains advertising. You can buyGooglePlay the full version to support the developer and get ridofadvertising banners. The app includes: Ohm's law for DC Ohm'slawfor AC LC Resonance Y-Δ Transformation Electrical EnergyCurrentDensity Ideal transformer AC circuits Connection ofcapacitorsCapacitive reactance Run a 3 phase motor on a singlephaseCapacitive Voltage Divider Capacitor Charge / EnergyCalculatorConnection of resistors Voltage divider LED ResistorDecode thecolor bands resistors Encode the color bands resistorsWheatstoneBridge Calculator Decode alphanumeric value Encodealphanumericvalue Conductor Resistance Conductor length Conductorsize Voltagedrop Electrical resistivity and conductivity Maximumlength ofconductor Calculate Amps Calculate Power Calculate kVA (3Phase)Calculate Power Factor(3 Phase) Calculate efficiencyCalculate ofthe motor slip Calculate motor torque Individualcompensationthree-phase induction motors Calculate motor power forcentrifugalpump Calculate motor power for piston compressorCalculate motorpower for the fan Three-Phase Motor VoltageUnbalance Three-PhaseMotor Current Unbalance Allowable ampacitiesfor wire(NEC,IEC,CEC,PUE) Wire Size Calculator(NEC,IEC,CEC,PUE)Motorprotection(PUE) Maximum circuit conductorlength(NEC,IEC,CEC,PUE)Maximum circuit ampacity(NEC,IEC,CEC,PUE)Conduit FillCalculator(NEC) Minimum levels of short-circuitcurrentShort-circuit current at the secondary terminals of aMV/LVdistribution transformer Calculate fuse Power of heatingelementHeating Element use Nichrome Leakage current Calculationsizing agenerator for your home IP Code Appliance classes Force ofanElectromagnet Electricity Cost Calculator Calculation ofelectricalloads applying demand factor UPS Battery size calculatorUPSBattery runtime calculator Conversion Wire sizesConversionVA-W-VAr and calculate Reactive Power CompensationConversioncos(φ)-sin(φ)-tg(φ) AWG Conversions Conversion of unitsoftemperature Conversion distance Conversion units ofpressureConversion units of flow Conversion units of volumeConversionvoltage Conversion units of energy Conversion SIprefixesConversion Weight Time Units Conversion Power UnitsConversionCalculate number cables that fits in a pipe Cable ReelCapacityLength of cable on a reel Inductive reactance cableCalculate theweight of the metal in the cable Cable weight byformulas WiringColor Codes Length of a Hanging Cable Power lossesin cableSolitaire domino 15 Puzzle Print ScreenshotsMathematicalcalculator Percentage calculator Online and offlinehandbook Searchin the handbook, help, Wikipedia, Google Save theresult of somecalculation in HTML format, and then view and send.For eachcalculation is given a separate help Viewing informationaboutinput fields Dark and light themes application. If you liketheapplication, please rate it.
Resistance Calculator 1.0.1
LP Ellis
Quickly calculate the resistance, inductance or capacitanceofelectronic components.Supported Features: * ResistanceCalculator:- 3 Band - 4 Band (2 digits, multiplier, tolerance) - 5Band (3digits, multiplier, tolerance) - 6 Band (3 digits,multiplier,tolerance, temperature rating) * Inductance Calculator -4 Band - 5Band * SMD (Surface Mount) Resistance Calculator - Normalcodes(number plus multiplier) - EIA-96 codes * CapacitanceCalculator -4 Band - 5 Band - 6 Band 'postage stamp' * Capacitanceprintedcalculator - Electrolytic Capacitors - Ceramic/ Mica/PolyesterCapacitorsIf you have any suggestions for new features orspot abug please contact me, I'd love to hear from you.
Electronics Engineering Calculators 3.0.4-free
This app helps students and enthusiasts to buildelectroniccircuits. Containing the most frequently used functionsin thisfield and many other resources it's a great reference bookforstudents and engineers. Check the full list of tools below...ManyThanks! Enjoy! Calculators: # Ohm's Law - Direct Current-Alternating Current # Resistors: - Colour Code - By Value -SMDResistors - Series & Parallel - Voltage Divider -CurrentDivider - Standard Values - SMD Marking Code # Inductors: -ColourCode - Standard Values - Series & Parallel - Reactance(Xl) -Resonance # Capacitors: - Standard Values - Series &Parallel -Reactance (Xc) - Resonance - Marking Code # RLCImpedance: - Series/ Parallel : RL, RC, LC, RLC # VoltageRegulator: - 78xx & 79xx- LM317 & LM337 - Pinout #Operational Amplifier - Inverting -Non Inverting - SummingInverting - Differential # IC-555 - Astable- Monostable - Frequency- Pinout # Delta-Star Conversion # Battery- Average Life Time -Capacity # Converters - Number Converter(Dec, Bin, Hex, Oct) -Temperature Converter (Celsius, Kelvin,Fahrenheit) - ScientificNotation Converter - AWG & SWG -Voltage Converter (Peak, PeakTo Peak, Rms) - Current Converter(Peak, Peak To Peak, Rms) - PowerConverter (Db To Watts) - Degrees- Radians - Hp - Kw - Bit - Byte #Wavelength - Frequency - Length# PCB Trace Resistance # StepperMotor # Antenna Power Density #Led Resistor Value # Transformers #Zener Diode - Voltage Divider -Selector - Models # AWG -Characteristics - Conversion - VoltageDrop - Table Wire Size -Table Amperage # Karnaugh Map # Filters -Passive : High Pass &Low Pass Full list of Pinouts: RaspberryPi / Arduino / RJ-45 /RJ-11/14/25 / Fiber / USB 1.X/2.0 / USB 3.X/ PDMI / Serial RS232 /Parallel Port / Firewire / ATX / EIDE / ATA/ SATA / Ps-2At / CarObd-Ii / Car Audio Iso / Car Trailer /Display Port / HDMI / DVI /Vesa / Scart / S-Video / VGA / Audio /RCA / Audio Din / Midi / XLR/ SD Card / SIM Card / LM7xxx / LM3xx/ IC555 / 7 Seg Display / LCDScreen / LED / Transistors Lists: #Resistivity (Materials) #Circuit Symbols # Radiowave Frequency #Abbreviations # Db Values #Ascii Table # Logic Gates # FusesCategories # AWG Wire Size # AWGAmperage # SWG Wire Size # ScreenResolutions # IEC 60320 #Resistors Standard Values # CapacitorsMarking Code # InternationalSystem Of Units Theory: # Basic TheoryAnd Formulas Guides: # BlockDiagrams # Circuit Diagrams #Electricity # Series And Parallel #Voltage And Current # Meters #Multimeter # Oscilloscope # AC / DC #Analog And Digital # PowerSupply
Age Calculator 2.8
The application is a free and light-weight, fast and easy to useappto calculate your chronological age and find total years,months,days, weeks, hours, minutes and seconds between two dates,Itprovides helpful information about date and time guide for morethan1000 years, and also it will give you expert knowledge andpoint youin the right direction to plan future.The applicationprovides avery simple user interface that easily calculate yourage andbirthday, and also you can add as many family and friendsbirthdaysand important days as you needed, which is useful forkeep trackingand also it is useful to find date difference betweentwo dates likewedding anniversary, work anniversaries, events,etc...Key Featuresof this Application► This app supports multipledate formats andalso supports 24 hours and 12 hours time formats►We supportsearlier than 1900 but Google calendar doesn't, if youwant earlierthan 1900 type year manually after choosing date.►Share yourcalculation results with family and friends► Calculateyour accurateage and also find upcoming 10 weekdays of yourbirthday► This is agreat tool for anyone who is interested in datecalculations.► Showshow many months and days to go for your nextbirthday.► Performeveryday date arithmetic operations likeaddition/subtraction.► Findno of working and non-working days►Add/subtract days/months/yearsfrom a date.► This applicationdisplays the current time zone of thedevice.► To check a givenyear is leap year or not.Don't keep thisapp a secret! We grow withyour support, keep sharing :)Please don'tleave negative feedback!Instead, please contact us @[email protected] and we'll do ourbest to solve your issues andappreciate all the support that hasmade this application moresuccessful! Thank you!
Cute Calculator which can also calculate discount 1.1.18
You will want to use every day . Because there is acharmcalculator. "Easy discount calculation function " is alsoequippedwith. So , you can use this calculator at the time ofshopping.recommended for such a person♪•◦•◦•◦•◦•◦ ■I want to usethe cutecalculator ! ■I love cute things ■I love cats ♡ ■I likethecalculator only basic functions ■I am not good at a discountofcalculation (・ω・`) •◦•◦•◦•◦•◦•◦•◦•◦•◦•◦•◦•◦
Age Calculator 4.0.6
It's sometimes very handy to find actual age and days betweentwodates.This is a very easy age calculator to calculate youractualage and find days between two dates.Now, It's hassle free tofindyour age, how many days you are living and remaining daysuntilyour next birthday.Features:- Calculate your perfect age inyears,months and days.- You can find out how many Month and days togofor your next birthday.- Share your age with your friends,familyetc.- Multiple date format.Please keep your app updated tothelatest version. In case of any problems please email [email protected]
Date Calculator 1.3.2
Noel Chew
This calculator allows users to calculate duration between twodates(including time) easily. The duration is then broken downintoyears, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds. Userscanalso calculate a date with reference from another date withaduration. Just key in a date and a duration, then select "plus"or"minus" to get the result. Other that that, users can calculatetheresult of working days plus a particular start day. Userscanchoose to exclude certain day of week in this calculation.Finally,user can also check out a particular date (including time)withreference to the year, quarter, month, week, day, hour andminute!Features: - calculates duration between two dates (caninclude timeoptionally) - calculates a date by adding/subtracting adurationto/from a date (with time optionally) - calculates workingday +start day (option to exclude certain day in the week) -calculatesthe following information from a selected date: - week ofyear,week of quarter, week of month; - day of year, day of quarter;-hour of year, hour of quarter, hour of month, hour of week;-minute of year, minute of quarter, minute of month, minute ofweek,minute of day; - second of year, second of quarter, secondofmonth, second of week, second of day, etc - simple,intuitivedesign - smooth user experience - supports 12-hour and24-hour timeformats Download your comprehensive Date Calculatorwith Timefeatures today! Please drop me an email for any feedbackandsuggestion. [Other Names] Day Calculator, Work Day Calculator,WorkSchedule, Day Counter, Time Calculator By downloadingandinstalling the app, you agree to our terms ofuse:
Multi Calculator 1.6.7
Multi Calculator is the best application of mathematicalandfinancial calculation that contains several useful calculatorsandconverters. Try these powerful computing capabilities andintuitiveand elegant application designed. You can use MultiCalculator onAndroid Wear. List of calculators are included: ✓StandardCalculator • Keeps the function of a pocket calculator andaddsparentheses and some math operators. • Remembers thelastcalculation condition and checks the calculation historyrecordsany time you want. • Use the calculator on your home screen✓Currency Converter • Provides real-time currency exchange rates•Once the currency exchange rates are updated, you can usethecurrency converter in the offline. ✓ Interest Calculator •Providesvarious options for calculating interest: Installmentsavings,Regular savings, Simple Interest, Compound Interest, etc.•Enhanced compound interest calculations. Monthly,Quarterly,Half-Yearly and Yearly are available. • If you wonder howto gather100 million dollar in 5 years, try the future valuefunction. ✓Anniversary Calculator • Keep track of youranniversaries - with aphoto! • View as D-Day or Day count • Addphoto widgets on yourhome screen ✓ Discount Calculator • CalculateDiscount price /Discount % • Calculate with Additional discount ✓Loan Calculator •Supports Level payment / Fixed principal payment /Balloon payment• Set interest only period • Calculate any type ofloan such asMortgage, Auto loan. ✓ Unit Converter • SupportsLength, Area,Weight, Volume, Temperature, Time, Speed, Pressure,Force, Work,Angle, Data and Fuel ✓ Health Calculator • Use HealthCalculatorfor your healthy body • Calculate BMI(Body Mass Index),BFP(BodyFat Percentage) and Ideal Weight in one screen • Easy toswitchbetween metric and imperial systems ✓ Tip Calculator •Calculatetip and split the bill • Separate your bill from Sales Taxandcalculate tip ✓ VAT Calculator • Calculate VAT easy and fast ✓Fueleconomy Calculator • You can calculate Fuel economy,Distance,Expected fuel amount & cost ✓ Shopping Calculator •Make ashopping list and calculate them right away while you areshopping.✓ Size Converter • Helps you to convert clothing / shoe /pants /shirt / bra / hat / ring sizes for most countries • Don'tforgetyour size with memos ✓ Time Calculator • Helps you tocalculatetime in Year / Week / Day / Hour / Minute / Second. (2hours 5minutes + 79 minutes = ?) Purchasing the premium version,you getan ad-free and support us to make better apps. • If youencounterany problem with this App or incorrect wording, pleasecontact usvia: -[email protected]
Simple Calculator 2.1.0
It is a useful simple calculator when you want to alittlecalculation .You can change the look by selecting a theme ,you cancustomize the theme yourself.[ function ]- Theme switching .Youcan choose freely from the preset themes- Customize Theme . Youcanfreely change the color information on their own . It isalsopossible to customize load the preset themes- Delimiter displayON/ OFF- Memory functions ON / OFF- Calculator font ON /OFF-Function plus (SW / FN / % / 00) ON / OFF- CalculationresulthistoryOpen the settings. Screen swipe from the left to theright[Key Description ]- CP Copy the calculation results totheclipboard- PS Enter a number in the clipboard . Becausethenon-numeric characters are ignored , only the pastepossiblenumber- AC Clear the calculation history- BK Cancel oneinput- SWSwap the numbers in the calculation formula- FN Registerandcalculate the calculation formula[ Usage FN Key]Registrationmethod: [FN or Numeric] [Expression] [FN or Numbers][=]Usage:[Numeric] [FN]Example (consumption tax calculation): [FN][+] [7][%] [=]
Calculator - IOS Calculator 1.0.7
IOS Calculator \ iPhone Calculator\ Apple Calculator issimpledesign style. In the IOS7 before, it use of Quasi-Physicaldesign ,its prototype is ET66 Calculator of Braun Company in 1987,designedby the legendary artist Dieter Rams, very classic.Thiscalculatoris free & ad-free. There are many other excellentcalculator inAndroid. Google calculator is also very perfect. Thepurpose ofdeveloping this calculator is only to enable users toexperiencethe products of different system platforms. Or for theoriginal IOSsystem users to provide transitional products.
Age Calculator: Family Age, Birthday & Anniversary 1.1.0
It's sometimes very handy to find actual age and days betweentwodates.This is a very easy age calculator to calculate youractualage and find days between two dates.Now, It's hassle free tofindyour age, how many days you are living and remaining daysuntilyour next birthday.No need to remember your family members,friendsbirthday & calculate their age individual. Here you caneasilycalculate all of them age.Features:- Calculate your perfectage inyears, months and days.- You can find out how many Month anddaysto go for your next birthday.- List of Birthday, Anniversaryandages of family members- Import Birthday, Anniversary andotherevent data from Contact List - Alarm notification forbirthday'sand Anniversary reminder- Member List sorted by name,month &day or Date- Backup and restore the data- Invite friendsto use theappsPlease keep your app updated to the latest version.In case ofany problems or suggestions, please email [email protected]
Total Calculator 14.0
★ Convenient and smart calculator with built-in function thatcanuse various calculator in one app and prevent user's mistakeasmuch as possible ★ History, memory storage function, Undo,Redofunction ★ Supports 7 different calculator themes ★Calculatorbutton sound and font change function - Integratedcalculatorconfiguration - 1) Simple Calculator 1) GeneralCalculator 2)Engineering Calculator 3) Statistical calculator 4)PrecisionCalculator 5) Date Calculator 6) Unit conversion 7)PercentCalculator 8) Interest calculator (deposit / savings / loan)★ Freeversion will show ads.
CALCU™ Stylish Calculator Free 3.7.4
Express your style with the calculator made just for you. Chooseacolorful, stylish theme to brighten your day while youcalculatewith ease. CALCU™ is a breeze to use for everydaycalculations,with all the scientific capability you need for workand schooljust a swipe away. And for your most demanding needs,CALCU™ allowsyou to add or remove the functions and constants youneed to makethe perfect calculator designed by you, for you. TheDroid Lawyerrates CALCU™ 4.5 out of 5, calling it “a greatreplacement forAndroid’s stock calculator”... and we couldn’t agreemore! CALCU™offers all the regular and scientific calculatorfunctions in asimple, stylish and easy-to-use app. Download theperfectcalculator for free today! Features ★ Try our new Materialtheme! ★Beautiful and intuitive interface with gesture basedcontrol andnavigation ★ See instant results of your calculations asyou enterthem ★ Swipe up on the keypad to reveal scientific keypad★ Swipedown on the display to see calculation history ★ SupportforSamsung Multi Window ★ Show memory keys option ★ Swipe up onthescientific keypad to customize it ★ Create user-definedconstants ★Choose between simple and full keypad layout ★ Choosefrom a rangeof stylish themes
Age Calculator 3.0
Age Calculator : Know How old are you?Find your age inyears,minutes and hours.Next Birthday Calculator: How many days areleftfor next birthday, upcoming friend's birthdays.This handytoolanswers “How Old Am I?”.Just input your date of birth (DOB)andfind your age.You can save your friends and relativesbirthdayswith this tool.You will be notified on your friend's orany of yourdear one's birthday.
Calculator - free calculator, multi calculator app v8.
The calculator with a wealth of functions for Android allows youtohandle all the calculations easily. It has wonderfulintegratedunit/currency converters with clear display. Updatedautomatically,and manual update is available so as to get thelatest currencies.It’s a perfect calculator for Android and it’stotally ads-free andfree! You can deal with simple and advancedmathematical functionsin your everyday life with this calculator bysimple clicks and youwill get the instant result when you inputvalue. You will find allthe functions you need quickly in the cleanand beautifullydesigned interface. This effective calculator easesyour life whenyou need to calculate anything – school homework,courseassignments, sales volume forecast, or discount amountwhenshopping, etc. This powerful calculator provides aninstantcurrency converter for the latest updates on currencyexchangerate. It also provides calculations to convert common unitsofmeasurement and you can get unit conversions as you type. Evenwhenyou quit the Calculator, all the calculations will be recordedandcan be used when you come back. >>>Functions wecurrentlysupported<<< General Calculator Supportaddition,subtraction, multiplication and division fourfundamentalarithmetic operations for basic calculation. ScientificCalculatorYou will see advanced math functions/operations such as:✔Mathfunctions: RAD DEG ABS ✔Powers/Exponentials: ℯ^x,x^y,x^(-1),10^(x), x^2 ✔Trigonometry functions: cos(x), sin(x),tan(x)✔Arcus functions: arccos(x), arcsin(x), arctan(x)✔Logarithms: ln,log ✔Miscellaneous Operations: %, √, x! ✔Constants:π, ℯ ✔Memorykeys: MR, MC, MS, M+, M- ✔Other keys: ANS, RND Tap the“Functioncurve” icon in the upper right corner to display thescientificcalculator. >>>Features supported that youcan’tmiss<<< Currency Converter The calculator has accesstoalmost 150 world currencies, including dollar, euro, yen,yuan,etc. You can refresh it whenever you want and calculatelivecurrency exchange rates. To use the currency converter, taptheicon in the upper left corner and choose the “Currency” icon.Toadd/delete a currency, tap the “+” in the upper right corner ortapthe “+ Add currencies” button at the bottom. All the currenciesaresorted alphabetically and you can find them easily. To managethecurrencies added, long tap on one currency to re-arrange itsorder.Unit Converter List of over 70 unit converters wecurrentlysupported: • Length converter • Area converter • Massconverter •Volume converter • Temperature converter • Fuelconverter • Cookingconverter To use the unit converter, tap theicon in the upper leftcorner and choose the “Unit” icon.Calculation History AvailableAll the calculations that has everbeen used are recorded for yourfurther use. You can go back to allthe calculation history andcontinue or re-start any finishedcalculation. Tap the “Circleclock” icon in the upper right cornerto get all the calculationhistory. You can continue the finishedcalculation by tapping thecalculation result in the history. Toclose the calculation historypanel, tap anywhere in the calculatorlayout. To clear thecalculation history, tap the “Delete” icon inthe upper rightcorner of the calculation history panel. EditableContent You canmove the cursor to edit your input, or copy &paste what youtype. Smart Gestures You can swipe right (or left) onthe layout togo to different page. Customize Your Calculator To goto theSetting page, tap the icon in the upper left corner andchoose the“Setting” icon. Come to use the calculator right now andshareabout your suggestions! Facebookpage: We are asking permission to access yourbasicinformation due to EU's GDPR. We won’t collect or useyourinformation or data without your permission.
Triangle Calculator 2.1
This calculator is designed to give the two unknown factors inaright triangle, assuming two factors are known. Again, thisrighttriangle calculator works when you fill in 2 fields in thetriangleangles, or the triangle sides. Angle C and angle 3 cannotbeentered. The Right-angled Triangles Calculator You must enteratleast two values to do the calculation
GST Calculator- Tax included & excluded calculator 2.3
GST Calculator- Tax included & excluded calculatorGSTCalculator is now on your keyboard Easily calculate GST, VAT,CTfor any amount! Totally free!! GST Calculator is designedtocalculate the inclusive of sales tax, exclusive of sales taxandthe tax value for a given amount while allowing you to specifythetax percentage you want to use. This allows you to customisethevalues for any country or situation. Now you can calculateLoanEMI, SIP And GST calculation tool that helps user toquicklycalculate EMI, Load Amount, Interest Rate, Load Period, SIP,GSTand view payment schedule. Use this app to calculate yourEMI(Equated Monthly Instalment), plan your loan repayment ineffectiveway. HSN- Harmonized System of Nomenclature, whichisinternationally accepted product coding system used tomaintainuniformity in classification of goods under the GST regime.GSTCalculator Features: - Set a custom tax rate - Allowchangingbetween Inclusive and Exclusive with the touch of a button- Allentered values and selections are saved for quick access nexttimeyou open the app - Results calculated as you type - Workswithlarge numbers - Share the calculation by Email, Twitter,Facebook,Instagram, WhatsApp and any other social media. OTHERFEATURES: ●Finance Calculator is the special kind of calculatorthatcalculates your Loan EMI. ● This app allow you tocalculatefollowing values by inputting all the other values: - EMI- LoanAmount - Interest Rate - Period (In Months and Years) ●SIPCalculation and Planing. ● GST Calculator- Tax included&excluded calculator. ● GST Calculator for all country with GSTTaxRates. Add or reduce GST from amount. ● Representation ofpaymentsplit up in the table form. ● Graphical representation ofcompletetenure of Loan. ● Calculate EMI on monthly basis. ●Generatestatistics chart instantly. ● Statistics shows PrincipalAmount,Interest rate and remaining balance per month. USAGES: ●GSTCalculator ● GST HSN Code & Tax Rate Finder ● LoanCalculator ●EMI Calculator ● Standard EMI Calculator ● EMIStatistics ● FinanceCalculator & Statistics ● SIP Calculator ●Compare Loans ● SaveLoan profile and get notification beforeinstallment time. bc gstrate, gst bc, gst tax calculator, gstcalculator, gst rates,calculate gst, gst amount, gst rebate, gstcalculation worksheet,gst calculation formula, gst paymentcalculator, australia gstrate, india gst rate, gst calculator app,gst calculator online,sales tax calculator, gstplus, gst refund,ontario sales taxcalculator #IndiaGSTCalculator #IndiaGST #HSN Code#GST HSN Code& Tax Rate Finder #Loan EMI Calculator #SIPCalculator #FinanceCalculator
Calculator App Free - Tax, Profit, Percentage 1.3.6
This app is a fully working emulator of casio calculatormodelDM-1200BM/ MS-120BM. The calculator includes tax andbusinessfunctions which is very useful for professionals and smallbusinessowners. Calculator features:- * 12 digits * Tax calculation*Percentage (%) * Cost/ selling price/ gross margin calculations*Memory operations * Grand total (GT) * Square root * +/-(Signchange) * Arithmetic constant calculation SIMPLE, EASY TO USEandRELIABLE Download this calculator app for free. Upgrade topremiumversion for ad-free experience. See the help screenforinstructions on how to use the special keys. Disclaimer:Thiscalculator app is not associated, affiliated, endorsed,orsponsored by with Casio Computer Co., Ltd.
Citizen Calculator - Check and Correct 1.7.3
This app is a fully working emulator of citizen calculatormodelCT-555N/ CT-555W. The check and correct feature is usefulforverifying long calculations without reentering the values andisideal for general and business purposes. CitizenCalculatorFeatures:- * Basic math operations (addition,subtraction,multiplication, division) * Check and correct * Autoreplay *Percent calculation * Tax calculation * Memory calculation* Pricemark-up & mark-down calculation * Constants calculation*Number formatting (Decimal and digit-grouping) as per devicelocale* Grand total (GT) You can use this calculator to work withverylarge numbers. Numbers having more than 12 digits are showninscientific notation. Leave a review if you like this simpleandeasy to use calculator app.
Learn electricity (All About It) 30
Learn Electricity, Automation, Pneumatics,Refrigeration,MechanicsTHE BEST APP OF THE CENTURY TO LEARNELECTRICITYDevelopyourself as a professional, you will learntheoretical andpractical fundamentals.Perform AWG conversions frommm - mm2TAKEEXAM - TEST TO MEASURE YOUR ELECTRICALKNOWLEDGEMaintenance ofIndustrialBoilersPneumaticsAutomatismRefrigerationCalculators tomake yourwork easier:- Convert kW to kVA- Convert kW to kWh-Convert kW to A-Drop Voltage (General Cable and other brands)-Cable Type and CableNumber- SolarGis (Solar Calculation)-Calculation Solar Consumption-And much moreTHEMES TO BE DEVELOPEDIN THE APP:- Automation-Electrical Contactors- Color code-Calculation of Loads- CableGauge- Intelligent Systems- Ohm's law-Apparent power kVA- HorusSmart Homes- History- What is Materia?-PDF Solar Panels- PDFElectrical Circuits- PDF Analysis ofCircuits- Technical manual-Interpretation of plans- Electriccharges- Electrostatics- CoulombAct- Kirchhoff Laws- ConductiveMaterials- Insulating Materials-Ways of Generation- Power Source-Solar energy- Wind power-Hydroelectric- Electrical Risks- Signage-Fire extinguishers-Electromagnetism- Grounding- ExothermicWelding- Symbology-Alternating current- Continuous Current-Electrical circuit- CircuitSeries- Parallel circuit- SingleSwitch- Double Switch- Three WayFour Way- Definition of Intensityand Voltage- Capacitors-Capacitors and Capacitance- Generator-Multimeter- Ammeter-Photocell- Motion sensorSmart- Protection-Ballast- Motorconnection- Engine Configuration- Electric motors-Installedpotency- Servomotor- BTicino- Installations, Channels andManeuverand ProtectionSOLAR ENERGY FUNDAMENTALS- Types ofPhotovoltaic SolarEnergy Systems- Solar Photocells- How does asolar panel work- HowMuch Does Solar Energy Cost?- Differencebetween Solar Panel andSolar Cell- Light! No batteries, no fuel orsunlight- What You Needto Know About Solar Energy- Battery Life-Energy saving, solar powerfunctions- Solar Water HeatersAUTOMOTIVEMECHANIC- IntroductionMechanics- Engine operation- Distributionsystem- Lubricationsystem- Refrigeration system- Power System-Ignition system-Ignition timing- Diecel Motors- AlternatorrepairElectricity is aphysical phenomenon and is related to theattraction between twoparticles."The force of attraction betweenelectrons andprotons"Subscribe to the channel [email protected]
Citizen Calculator 1.0
Features:-* Best calculator interface* It has all theoperatorsrequired in day to day calculations* Small in size* Easyto use
We are Angel NX and we are solving business problem by MakingofInnovative Applications (App) for Regular Usage andBusinessPurpose. Now We Launch GST Calculator for India’s New TaxrateSystem by Just One Click. GST CALCULATOR Applications (App)givesyou all functionality of CITIZEN CALCULATOR withadditionalfunctionality including GST buttons of +3%, +5%, +12%,+18%, +28%and -3%, -5%, -12%, -18%, -28% with just one Single ClickforIndia. You can easily Calculate GST Tax Rate for your tax byusingjust single click Button by GST Calc. GST CALCULATORCalculateCGST, SGST and IGST, Include GST, Exclude GST with SingleClick forIndian gst tax calculation System as per government ofIndia. GSTCitizen Calculator one of the best calculator with manyfeaturessame as Citizen Calculator. Calculate like CitizenCalculator andmany other calculators. GST Calculator India holdsmany featuresfor simple calculation like (+) Addition, (-)Subtraction, (*)Multiplication, (/) Divide and (%) Percentage. Youcan use GSTcalculator as a financial calculator also has featuresto calculateGrand Total of any value with GT. Additional GSTCalculatorfeatures like GT, M+, M-, MR, MU (Mark Up) which are usedto getprofit ratio when you want to give discounts on yourproducts. GSTCalculator India gives your some options of scientificcalculatoralso. GST Calculator App Key Features:- * GST rateCalculator *Calculate Include GST * Calculate Exclude GST *Calculate CGST,SGST and IGST * All formula and Calculations likeCitizenCalculator and Many Other Calculator. * Citizen Calculator’sBestfeature buttons like CORRECT, CHECK MU, M+, M-, GT, MRC etc.. *Youcan turn ON/OFF vibration and Volume from settings Menu. * Itsfreefor all Android Devices. GST Calculator APP is very usefulforFinancial Calculator, Business Calculator, Office Calculator,TaxCalculator, GST Calculator, Shop Calculator, MSME Calculator,MUCalculator, Tax plus Calculator, Student Calculator, Etc…Anysuggestions from user are welcomed. If you like ourapplicationplease Rate our App GST calculator and Share with youGroup.
Motor Control Circuits 1.2.9
Peirazo Apps
Motor starting methods is a mobile application dedicatedtoindividuals in the field of electrical technologies to helpthemunderstand the various methods use for starting inductionmotors.To use this application, a basic knowledge electricaltechnology isrecommended. This application is structured in tothree separatetabs (All circuits, single phase symbols, three phasesymbols) TheAll circuit tab which contains a list detail view ofvariousstarting circuits with explanatory for each method. Theother twotabs contains a list of single phase and three phasesymbol of alldevices in both EU and US/CAN standards used in theapplicationrespectively.
Scientific Calculator Free 1.0
Faqih Studio
This free scientific calculator we provide to you for free. Anddonot hesitate to use our calculator to solve math difficultiesyouface. With this tool you can have quick access to amathematicalfunction that you want. In scientific calculators havea variety offeatures such as: History with this feature you can seethe historyof previous results,* Features memory* Result History*Unitconversion* Percentage* Traditional Algebraic or RPNoperation*Physical constants table* Scientific, engineering andfixed-pointdisplay modes* Binary, octal, and hexadecimal (can beenabled inSettings)* Trig functions in degrees, radians orgraduate*Configurable digit grouping and decimal pointand manyothers inthis Full scientific calculator
Calculator 2.0.6
RealMax LK
This is a general purpose calculator which provides a greatuserexperience. Get your calculations easy with this app.ThisCalculator has following features. * Fraction Calculations.Usethis as a Fraction Calculator. * Tax and discount calculations.Usethis as a Tax and Discount Calculator. * Almost allmathematicaloperations which is used for daily calculations. Usethis as aPocket Calculator. * Samsung multi window support *CalculationHistory. * Long expressions with parenthesis andfractions. If youneed any improvement or found any bug in thecalculator, Pleasereport to [email protected] You can get themenu by touchingMathBird calc symbol on the calculator.
Age Calculator 13.0
Age Calculator or anniversary calculator is high in accuracyofcalculating Age in years, Age in months, Age in days, Age inhours,Age in minutes, Age in seconds between two date differenceandremaining days until next birthday or anniversary.Now, It'shasslefree to find your age and remaining days until your nextbirthdayor anniversary. How old are you in years, or months, orweeks, ordays, or minutes, or seconds? In Age Calculator appeasilycalculate age from date of birth or calculate anniversaryfrom yourmarriage day. you can calculate two dates difference fromthis AgeCalculator.Calculate the age based on the Date of Birth andanotherdate (default is the current date). Features of age andanniversarycalculator: - Calculate your actual age/anniversary inyears,age/anniversary in months and age/anniversary in days bygiving youdate of birth or Anniversary - Calculate date differencein years,months, weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds by datecalculator- Easily find out how many Month and days remaining foryour nextbirthday or anniversary. - Upcoming 10 birthdays oranniversarywith days name - Easily share your actual age to other.- Savebirthday or anniversary and schedule automatic wishes etc.Free AgeCalculator is very easy to use and beautiful Design. usingthishandy Age Calculator you can calculate the age of yourbaby,family, and everyone.
Time Calculator 1.05
TimeCalc is a calculator to operate on time andnumbers.Thecalculator supports parentheses and the operatorpriority.You cancopy/paste results from the calculator to otherandroidapplications. You can see the history of all operations donewiththe calculator during the current session.You can add,subtract,divide times between them. 2h 20m 3s - 1h 20m = 1h 00m 03s30 min /10 min = 3You can do operations on numbers like on aregularcalculator. 2.5 + 3 * 5 = 17.5You can do operations betweentimesand numbers. 2 * 25 min = 50 min 1 hr / 2 = 30 minYou canentertime as integer with the format xx Hr xx Min xx Sec, or asfloatingnumbers. 8h 25m 13s 8:25:13 3.5 hrThe calculator supports12h(AM/PM) or 24h time format. 8:00:00 PM 20:00:00You canconverttimes to another unit. 2 hr 10 min 3 sec = 2.168 hr = 130.05min =7803 secYou can do 'modulo day' to convert a time to a daytime.6:00:00 PM + 14 hr = 32 hr 32 hr Modulo 24h = 8:00:00AMThecalculator supports parentheses and the operatorpriority(multiplication and division have higher priority thanaddition andsubtraction). (2 + 3) * (20 - 2 * 10) = 5 * 1 = 5
Duel Calculator Cyrus 1.5.0
Cyrus is a Life Point Calculator app for Yu-Gi-Oh!.Thank youfor100,000 Download!Thank you for your reviews and comments!Thenextversion up will be a big update.The Next Cyrus is going toenhancethe customization.(Player Name, Sound Effect, Custom Theme,DisplayOrientation, etc.)However, it will take a very long timebecause weplan reviewing the design and re-creating from thebeginning.Pleasewait a little while more.Feature:- Large Life PointDisplay- SwipeCalculation for Payment of Half Lifepoint etc.- Dice-Coin- DuelLog (can switch valid/invalid )- Log Archives- SoundEffects- etc.
Triangle Calculator 3.2
Solve triangles by entering two sides and one angle, two anglesandone side or three sides to find remaining values as usedintrigonometry.Angles are available in degrees, radians, gradsordegrees with minutes and seconds.The ▲² button showssecondsolution if one exists (ambiguous case).Paid ad-free versionalsoavailable.Found a translation error or want to help with anewtranslation? Please contact us through email.
Age Calculator - Date Difference Calculator 1.2
This is a very easy age calculator to calculate your actual ageandfind days between two dates.Age Calculator oranniversarycalculator is high in accuracy of calculating Age inyears, Age inmonths, Age in days, Age in hours, Age in minutes, Agein secondsbetween two date difference and remaining days until nextbirthdayor anniversary. Now, It's hassle free to find your ageandremaining days until your next birthday or anniversary.This isasimple yet powerful app for performing calendar datearithmeticincluding age calculation and more.Age in seconds betweentwo datedifference and remaining days until next birthday oranniversary.Now, It's hassle free to find your age and remainingdays untilyour next birthday or anniversary.This is the perfect appforcalculating everyone's age in most accurate way. Thisagecalculator app is useful to individual, insurance agents,banksales agents to get age calculated while filling up theenrolmentform. This app also facilitates sharing of your age withyourfriends and family.Age Calculator provides you best andeasycalculation of you age and remaining days of your nextcomingbirthday.In age calculator app easily calculate age from dateofbirth or calculate anniversary from your marriage day. youcancalculate two dates difference from this age Calculator.Calculatethe age based on the Date of Birth and another date(default is thecurrent date).Set a date in the future to show theaboveinformation as a countdown to that date.Age Calculator onlygiveyour birthday detail and it gives you all the details of youragefinder with Years, Months, Days.How old are you in years,ormonths, or weeks, or days, or minutes, orseconds?Features:-Calculate how many days and minute are left foryour nextbirthday.- Our Age calculator App Help you to findday,month, yearsbetween two date.- This calculator gives out age inyears, months,weeks, days.- This is an age calculator app based onthe date ofbirth and the date to be calculated at. - Know yourage.Calculate your age in years, months, days. Just know how manydayshave been passed since your time of birth. This isasimple yet powerful app for performing everyday datearithmeticincluding age calculation and more.Age Calculator appeasilycalculate age from date of birth or calculate anniversaryfrom yourmarriage day. you can calculate two dates difference fromthis AgeCalculator. Calculate the age based on the Date of Birthandanother date.Thank You!!!
Interest Calculator
Interest Calculator is simple application that allow userstocalculate:1. Simple Interest2. Compound Interest 3.MonthlyInterest 4. Load EMI Calculation5. Difference between twodates.Itallows to calculate interest in just few easy steps.Android3.0 orlater version: The user can give time in years or canselectsdates.Below Android 3.0: The user can give time in years.
Simple fuel calculator 1.4
Easy and fast application to calculate the combustion of fuelandtravel costs. Calculate in a simple way how much fuel you needtoovercome the specified route. Calculate the averagefuelconsumption and the cost of travel 100 kilometers. Allcalculatedin real time and presented in the simplest way possible.I knowthat it's easy to calculate combustion and fuel costs even inthememory ... but now you have that simple app... :)
Electrical Calculations 2.1.6
This app is a gift for all Electrical / ElectronicsEngineeringgraduates and students. Now you don't need to rememberall thosecomplex formulas. This app contains all the ElectricalEngineeringcalculations and conversions including Voltage, Current,Power,Efficiency, Resistor/Capacitor/Inductor combinations,ResonantFrequency, Reactance, 4-Band, 5-Band and 6-Band ResistorColourCoding, Inductor Colour Coding, Delta/Star ImpedanceConversion,Single/Three Phase Active/Reactive/Apparent Power,Peak/RmsConversion, Watts to Horsepower conversion, PowerFactorcalculations, Transformer Calculations, LightingCalculations,Cable Calculations and many others. Simply enter thevalues and getthe results. Formulas used in these calculations arealsodisplayed. Features / Calculations: ---> 4 band, 5 band and6band resistor colour coding. ---> Inductor colourcoding.---> Resistance colour coding from given value. --->Seriesand parallel combinations of resistance, inductanceandcapacitance. ---> Ohm's law calculations (current,voltage,resistance and power). ---> Joule's law calculations.--->Single phase power calculations (active power, reactivepower,apparent power, voltage, current, power factor). ---> 3phasepower calculations (active power, reactive power, apparentpower,voltage, current, power factor). ---> DC powercalculation.---> Line to phase voltage/current conversion andvice versa.---> Delta to star impedance conversion and viceversa. --->Capacitive/inductive reactance calculation. --->Resonantfrequency calculation. ---> Resistivity calculation.--->Peak to RMS voltage/current conversion and vice versa.--->Efficiency calculation. ---> Transformer calculations(turnsratio, primary/secondary voltage, primary/secondarycurrent,primary/secondary turns). ---> CT and PT calculations.--->horsepower to watts conversion and vice versa. --->LightingCalculations (Lumens - Lux, Lumens - Watts, Lux - Watts,Lumens -Candela, Lux - Candela, Lux - Foot-Candle). --> CableSizeCalculator. Your feedback has helped us a lot in improving thisappand we further request you to give your valuable feedback sothatwe keep on improving. Thanks. Hassaan [email protected]
We are Angel NX. We make CITIZEN CALCULATOR gives you functionsthatyou can see in CITIZEN CALCULATOR and GST CALCULATOR for IndiaNewGST Tax Rate Calculations by Just One Click. CITIZEN CALCULATORbyANGELNX is best Mobile App all over the world and More Than8MILLION DOWNLOAD. CITIZEN CALCULATOR App Key Features :- *CITIZENCALCULATOR * GST CALCULATOR OR TAX CALCULATOR * LOANCALCULATOR *UNIT CONVERTER * CURRENCY CALCULATOR * COMPASS * AGECALCULATORCITIZEN CALCULATOR CITIZEN CALCULATOR is one of the bestcalculatorwith many features same as CITIZEN CALCULATOR for yourregular use.Calculate like Citizen Calculator and many othercalculators. Youcan use Citizen Calculator as a Business andfinancial calculatoralso has features with GT, GT, M+, M-, MR, MU(Mark Up) which areused to get profit ratio when you want to givediscounts on yourproducts. gives your some options of scientificcalculator. GSTCALCULATOR OR TAX CALCULATOR GST CALCULATOR givesall functionalityof GST and TAX Calculation for All country withjust one SingleClick. Get results calculated as you type. We GiveTwo Button ADDGST and SUBSTRACT GST. * ADD GST or TAX :- Calculateany Number ofGST or TAX like +3%, +5%, +12%, +18%, +28%,+1, +2 ,+15, +0.1,+12.3, + 40.8, Etc. * SUBSTRACT GST or TAX :- Calculateany Numberof GST or TAX like -3%, -5%, -12%, -18%, -28%, -6, -11 ,-22, -0.9,-17.6, - 33.3, Etc. LOAN CALCULATOR Citizen Calculatoralso hasfeature of Loan Calculator by which you can calculate LoanEMI,Loan amount, Loan interest rate, Loan period, LoanInstallmentAmount and Calculate EMI on monthly and Yearly basis..WHERE TOUSE: * Personal Loans * Home Loan * Mortgage Loan *Business Loan *CC or Overdraft Loan * Auto Loan * BusinessOverdraft UNITCONVERTER Citizen Calculator is also with feature ofUnitConverter. Unit Converter Features with Many Units :- 1. Area:-Square Kilometer, Hectare, Square Meter, square Mile, Acre,Squareyard, Square Foot, Square Inch. 2. Length :- Kilometer,Meter,Centimeter, Millimeter, mile, Yard, Foot, inch, NauticalMile. 3.Temperature :- Celsius, Fahrenheit, Kelvin. 4. Volume :-Cubicmeter, Liter, Milliliter, Cubic Foot, Cubic Inch, Imperialgal,Imperial pint, US gal, Quart, Pint, Cup, Oz, US tbsp, tsp.5.Mass/weight :- Metric Ton, Kilograms, Gram, Milligram, Mcg,LongTon, Short Ton, Stone, Pounds, Ounce, Tons. 6. Speed :-Miles/hour,Feet/Sec, Meters/Sec, Km/hour , Knot. 7. FuelConsumption :- MPG(US), MPG (imp.), km/liter , liter/100km, etc. 8.Digital Storage:- Bit, Byte, Kilobit, Kilobyte, Megabit, Megabyte,Gigabit,Gigabyte, Terabit, Terabyte, Petabit, Petabyte. 9. Time:-Nanosecond, Microsecond, Millisecond, Second, Minute, Hour,Day,Week, Month, Year, Month, Year, Decade, Century. CURRENCYCONVERTERCurrency Converter is best for live exchange rate. We put+ Sign,Select more than one country so you can show more thanonecountry’s exchange rate at a time. All Country CurrencyincludedEuropean Countries, Asian Countries, American Countries ,AfricanCountries, Middle East, like USA, Canada, India, Australia,Uk ,China, Japan , Pakistan, France , Germany, Spain, SouthAfrica,Brazil, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and many more. DIGITALCOMPASSDigital compass is with Longitude and Latitude and itsSimple touse. Use it like a real compass. Professional designwithincredibly smooth movements with True North. AGE CALCULATORAgeCalculator is one more best Feature of Citizen Calculator AppWhereyou can calculate your Age in Year, Month, Weeks, days,Hours,Minutes and Second. Also you can show your Next Birthday byDaysfor many years. SETTING By Help of setting Button you can setyourrequirement Like Sound and Vibration. You can ON/OFF Sound andalsoON/OFF Vibration. Any suggestion from user is welcomed. If youlikeour Mobile APP Please give your best rating to CitizenCalculatorand share it with your friends and Groups. Thanks.
Calculator Volt/Amp/Watt/Ohm 1.6
Simple App For Calculate Power Value (Voltage , Watt , Ampere ,Ohm)Just Putat least Tow Values and The app show Other missingValues.No Ads
Generic Calculator 1.2.2
Generic Calculator is a very simple, easy to usecalculatorapplication. It is based on a real calculator in designandoperation. The aim of this application is to provide adailyexperience in using calculators. This Application isabsolutelyFREE with NO advertisement and NO other permission instealing yourpersonal information.Generic Calculator offers:- MostEasy andSimple calculator interface- Basic arithmetic, Square rootandPercentage calculation- Graphic interface and operation logicsameas big brand calculator- 10 digits screen- one memorystorage(m+)-percentage key logicPlease help to rate thisapplication if youlike it.Please comment if you rate this lowmarks. I canFix/Enhance base on your comments.CheersMerowoo
PEC Conductor Size Calc FREE 1.0.7
PEC Conductor Size Calc FREEBased on PhilippineElectricalCode.CALCULATE: - Standard Wire Size (upto 10 SETS of 3 -# 500 mm2) * - Standard Fuse and Breaker Size upto 6000 Amps.* -ConduitSizes (PVC, RMC, LFMC, LFNC, IMC, FMC, ENT, EMT) - StandardServiceand Equipment Grounding Wire Size. - Standard WireMaximumAllowable Ampacity. - Thermal and Overload Protection forMotorLoads. - Full Load Current (or Input Max. Current onNameplate) -POWER FACTOR CORRECTION. - Calculate kVAR &Capacitor Size. -AC and DC VOLTAGE DROP CALCULATOR. - Based on Wireand Conduitused. - Based on Different WorkingTemperature.APPLICABLE TO: -----AC SYSTEM ----- - Household Range& Cooking Appliance -Electric Motor - Main Service Line - POWERFACTOR Correction - AirCon(Compressor Motor) - Room Air Conditioner- Arc Welding -Resistance Welding - DC Motor-Rectifier (Half &Full Wave) -Fixed Space-Heating Equipment - Kitchen Equipment &ClothesDryer - Induction & Dielectric Heating Equipment -BranchCircuit (Continuous & Non-Continuous Loads) - GeneratorLine -Wound-Rotor - Inverter Output - X-Ray Diagnostic &TherapyEquipment ------ DC SYSTEM ------ - DC Motor - DC MainService Line- Solar Photovoltaic Output - Solar Photovoltaic Source- DC-to-DCConverter Output - Branch Circuit (Continuous &Non-ContinuousLoads) VIEW : - Minimum Wire-Bending Space atTerminal. - ConductorApplications and insulations. - Motor Control& Useful Diagrams( PDF FILE READER required! ) - Direct-On-LineMotor ControlDiagram - Single Phase Forward-Reverse Motor ControlDiagram.* -Three Phase Forward-Reverse Motor Control Diagram.* -Three PhaseWye-Start, Delta-Run Motor Control Diagram.* - ThreePhaseAuto-Transformer Motor Control Diagram.* - 20kW WaterHeaterControl Diagram.* - Water Pump Motor Control Diagram.* -25kWCooking Range Connection Diagram.* - Electrical ComponentsandFunction. - Symbols (IEC and ANSI) - Symbols (JIS) -FluorescentLamp Connection Diagram - Two Lamps Controlled byTwo-Gang Switch.- Three Lamps Controlled by Three-Gang Switch. -Three -GangConvenience Outlet - Lamp Controlled in TwoDifferentLocations.(3-Way) - Lamp Controlled in ThreeDifferentLocations.(4-Way) - Lamp Controlled in Four DifferentLocations.(2x 4-Way)* Available on FULL version---- FREE on GOOGLEPLAY.----*** Any queries, complain and request you can [email protected] ----note : This android applicationisnot registered to any private or government agencies. Thisandroidapplication serve as guide only. User must still check andconfirmthe results under Philippine electrical code.
Geometric Calculator Calculates plane and solid figures:Triangle,square, rectangle, parallelogram, rhombus, trapezoid,rectangle,polygon, circle, circle, ellipse. Sphere, cube, box,cylinder,cone, truncated cone, prism, pyramid, truncated pyramid,theoctahedron. For each shape type there are solution formulasandsolutions itself based on an input data! Planimetrics~~~~~~~~~Triangle - Parties - Angles - Area - Perimeter Square -Parties -Diagonal - Area - Perimeter Rectangle - Diagonal - Area -PerimeterParallelogram - Diagonals - Area - Perimeter Rhombus -Diagonals -Area - Perimeter Trapezium - Area - PerimeterQuadrilateral - Area- Perimeter Polygon - Angles - Area Circle -Area - The length ofthe arc - Size of the sector - The length ofthe arc segment - Thearea of the segment Annulus - Area - Size ofthe sector Ellipse -Area - Perimeter Solid geometry ~~~~~~~~~~~Sphere - Area - VolumeCube - Area - Volume Parallelepiped - Area -Volume Cylinder - Area- Volume - The area of the lateral surfaceCone - Area - Volume -The area of the lateral surface Frustum of aright cone - Area -Volume - The area of the lateral surface Prism -Area - VolumePyramid - Area - Volume - The area of the lateralsurface Frustumof a right pyramid - Volume Octahedron - Area -Volume
EMI Calculator 1.6
iApp Inc.
Loan Calculator / EMI Calculator / Mortgage CalculatorThis Smartandhandy app is used to calculate EMI(Equated monthly Installment) ofcar ,home and other Loan entities/ Mortgage Calculator.KeyFeatures-- Home Loan Eligibility section for estimating loaneligibility.-Create Different Loan Profile using app and view themat any time.-Calculate EMI with statistics (Montly / Yearly Mode).- Share EMIdetails with clients using SMS/EMAIL.- Easy to AccessandInnovative.- Good Usability.- App Available for FREE to use.Itsbeenrecommended to set Automatic updates on .
ClevCalc - Calculator 2.16.6
Cleveni Inc.
This calculator allows you to easily handle all thecalculationsnecessary for everyday life with a single application.A calculatorapp with a clean interface and practical functions!List ofcalculators currently supported: 1. General Calculator •Supportsthe four fundamental arithmetic operations, square,formula'sparenthesis, and simple scientific operations such astrigonometricand logarithmic functions. • Quick and easy. •Possible to modifythe formula during the input. • Historyavailable. 2. UnitConverter • Supports length, weight, width,volume, time,temperature, pressure, speed, fuel efficiency, and theamount ofdata. • Supports all unit conversions commonly used ineverydaylife. 3. Currency Converter • Supports 117 currencies inthe world,including dollar, euro, yen, yuan, etc. • Automaticallycalculatesusing the real time exchange rate. 4. Discount Calculator• Get adiscount price by entering the original price and thediscountrate. 5. World Time Converter • Transforms the time of 400or morecities around the world. • Daylight savings time will alsobereflected in this calculation. 6. GPA Calculator • Youcancorrectly calculate your GPA! 7. Ovulation Calculator •Calculatesthe time of ovulation and fertility using the menstrualcycle! •You can also create notes by date. 8. Date Calculator • Afeaturethat calculates the specific date or anniversary to beremembered!9. Unit Price Calculator • Enter the price and thequantity and youwill get the unit price. • You can compare unitprices of variousgoods. 10. Health Calculator • You can measure thebody mass index(BMI) and the basal metabolic rate (BMR). 11. FuelEfficiencyCalculator • Enter the amount of fuel used to get thefuelefficiency. 12. Automobile Fuel Cost Calculator • You cancalculatethe fuel costs required for driving a car or traveling. •Enter adistance and a fuel efficiency to get a fuel cost. 13.HexadecimalConverter • Converts between decimal and hexadecimalwith ease andconvenience. 14. Sales Tax Calculator • Get a totalprice byentering the original price and the tax rate. 15. LoanCalculator •You can calculate the total interest and total paymentsby enteringthe loan principal and interest rate. 16. SavingsCalculator • Ifyou enter deposit amount, interest rate and timeperiod, theinterest after tax and final savings balance will becalculated.17. Tip Calculator • The tip amount to be added willbeautomatically calculated if you enter the billing amount andtippercent. • There is a function not to calculate tips on tax. •Youmay calculate the amount per person by dividing final amount bythenumber of people. [ Disclaimer ] Cleveni Inc. makes no warrantyasto the accuracy or reliability or suitability of anycalculationresults or information provided through the ClevCalcapp. CleveniInc. is not also responsible for any damages, direct orindirect,which may occur by the calculation results or informationprovidedthrough the ClevCalc app.
Voice Calculator: Speak Talk Calculator 1.10
Voice Calculator: Speak Talk Calculator Now you just have tospeakand Voice Calculator will automatically calculate what yousay.Latest calculator where you don't have to press any keystocalculate. You just have to speak and Voice Calculatorwillautomatically calculate what you say. Ever wanted to tellacalculator to do a calculation with just your voice? or wantedtolisten to the calculation to make sure you have entered thecorrectcalculation? Speak n Talk Calculator can do that foryou!  Youcan perform simple as well as complicated calculationby justspeaking. Just keep in mind that you have to speak all theequationat one time and not splitting the equation.  You cancarry outlong calculations too.  Instantly enter numbersandmathematical expressions using an ergonomic on-screen keyboardandvoice input (currently supports English, Chinese, Croatian,French,German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese,Russian,Spanish, Turkish and Vietnamese). Just press the mic buttonandspeak the expression (for example, 75 plus 12 times 5 = 75 + 12× 5= 135): it will appear on screen and the result will becalculatedimmediately! Make two or more calculationssimultaneously. To dothis, you can switch editing screens with ahorizontal swipe alongthe top edge. You can give names to screensby tapping the screennumber. Ever wanted to tell a calculator to doa calculation withjust your voice? or wanted to listen to thecalculation to makesure you have entered the correct calculation?Speak n TalkCalculator can do that for you!  Usage: To do 1+1say: oneplus one To do 1-1 say: one minus one To do 1x1 say: onetimes oneTo do 1/1 say: one divided by one You can perform simpleas well ascomplicated calculation by just speaking. Just keep inmind thatyou have to speak all the equation at one time and notsplittingthe equation.  You can carry out long calculationstoo. It'svery easy to use and very quick to calculate. You canperformfaster calculation then typing or pressing keys. Calculator(voice)in addition to achieving common calculator functions, butalso hasa unique voice sound technology that helps speed up thecalculationtime required, allowing you to concentrate on thepresentation ofthe proof, without having to worry about pressingthe wrongnumber.  It's very easy to use and very quicktocalculate.  You can perform faster calculation then typingorpressing keys. IF you like our app then don’t forget to rateit.Thank you & Enjoy.
EMI Calculator 8.2
This smart and handy app is one stop solution to yourfinancialcalculation . You can easily calculate , track and gettheinformation related to your financial investment . Key Features:Calculate 1. You can calculate EMI for home loan, car loanandother loan entities / Mortgage Calculator . 2. EMIcalculatorssection consist of basic / PRO / Advance EMI Calculatoralong withstatistics . You can easily compare the two loans . 3.The bankingcalculation section consists of interest calculator onfinancialinstrument like Fixed Deposit / FD calculator, RecurringDeposit /RD calculator,Public provident fund / PPF calculator&Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) / Mutual Funds calculator. 4.Youcan also calculate the taxes on the amount using the VAT /GSTCalculator . Track 1. Create a loan profile for your home loan,car loan , educational loan etc and track them all together .2.Get useful stats about the completion of individual /cumulativeloan . You will get notified about your due EMI onpayment date .3. The variable interest rate , loan prepayment ,fees and chargesare also available with loan profile and can bemodified at anytime . Info & Share 1. The useful informationrelated to thefinancial instrument is also available which includesitsAdvantages , Disadvantages , Eligibility , Tax DeductionandNomination . 2. Share the results & statistics offinancialcalculations with others using email /sms /messaging .Other 1.Home Loan Eligibility section for estimating loaneligibility. 2.Easy to Access and Innovative. 3. Flexible UI andGood Usability.4. App Available for FREE to use. 5. ForAdvertisement / Query /Suggestions contact us [email protected]#####################################################Its beenrecommended to set Automatic updates on.####################################################
Electrical Amps 2 Watts Free 3.1
Free Amps to Watts calculator, a Free electrical calculatortoconvert the electrical power of Amps into Watts.> InputAmpsvalue> Input Volts value> Press calculateInput yourAmpsvalue, input your Watts value and press calculate and yourresultwill be displayed, quick, easy and simple!A very useful appwhichcan be used by any one. A free Electrical app for Androidphonesand tablets.Remember to check out our full suite ofelectrical appssuch as Cable Calc, Max Zs Values, Ohms Law, PFCCalculator, WattsAmps Volts Calculator, Adiabatic Equation,Electrical Tools &Reference, Earthing &Bonding...
Calculator Vault 1.2.6
Calculator Vault is a private file manager can be the perfect waytoprotect your privacy, hide your private photos, videos, notesorcontacts. On the surface this is a standard calculator, enterthepassword on the calculator then press '√' to access yourprivatefiles, safe and convenient.File Manager:- Import photos andvideosfrom album.- You can easily share pictures, videos via thirdpartyApp such as e-mail, WeChat, Evernote, Dropbox,etc.PrivateContact:- Unlimited add contacts.- Add a note to acontact.- Speed​​dial, send SMS, send e-mail.Private Browser:-Full-featuredbrowser.- Easy to add, manage your bookmarks.Privatenotes:-Unlimited add notes.More:- Standard calculator.- Whentheapplication is switched to the background, automaticallydisplaysthe calculator screen.- Fake password.Note:Your data isstored at"/sdcard/.me.lam.calculatorvault", you can manually backit up atany time.
Calculator Free 2.1
Tom Hogenkamp
This free calculator can be styled to your own favoritecalculator.The background image can be uploaded by the user. Alsothe textcolor can be determined by the user, so the text is alwaysgoodreadable for each image. There are also nice styletheme'sincluded.The calculation is made very clear. The full sum isbeingdisplayed above the input display, so you know exactly whatyouhave been calculated. The basic operators are included. Alsomemoryoptions are included for making more complexcalculations.Properties of this Calculator:- User can stylebackground andbuttons;- Theme's included;- Basic calculations andmemoryoptions;- Scientific notation;- By touching the buttons, thedeviceis vibrating so you know the button is pressed;- Wrong inputof thesum is being corrected automatically;- The full sum isbeingdisplayed, zo you know exaclty what you have beencalculated;-Answer is colored differently, so it is clear that thenumberdisplayed is the answer;- Completely free!
Electrical Calculations 4.0.0
Features :1- public conversions - Weight,length,power,voltage,-electrical charge,numbers, - frequency and others conversions.2-lighting calculations. - Watt-lumen conversions. -Lux-Lumenconversions. - Watt-Lux conversions. - Candela-Luxconversions. -Candela-Lumen conversions. - Lux-FootCandelaconversions. - Colortemperature. - Types of lamps. - Lampsproperties. - Ballast typesand connections - Types of Ceiling. -Lamp color coding. - Efficacyof lamps. - Switches diagrams. - Roomindex calculator. -Utilisation factor calculator. - CIBSE lightingLUX levelrecommendation.3-Power Calculations: - Average powerdemand ofbuildings. - power consumption table. - power factorcalculator. -Watt-VA calculator. - Amp-KWatt-KVA calculator. -Kwatt to ampcalculator. - Types of electrical loads. - Line-phasecurrentconversion. - DC efficiency calculator. 4-Power cables : -AWG/mm2conversions - Voltage drop calculator. - cable sizecalculator. -Temperature correction factor - Ground temperaturefactor - Soilcorrection factor - Thermal resistance correctionfactor - Cabledepth correction factor. - Cable distance correctionfactor. -Cable grouping correction factor. - Cable construction. -Voltagedrop for low voltage cables - PVC vs XLPE cables. -Selecting apower cable. - KA short circuit current -Copperconductor-PVCinsulated - KA short circuit current -Copperconductor-XLPEinsulated - KA short circuit current -Aluminiumconductor-PVCinsulated - KA short circuit current -Aluminiumconductor-PVCinsulated5-Transformers: - Introduction. -Construction. - Coolingtypes. - Liquid vs dry transformers -Technical specifications. -Transformers calculations.6-CCTV : -Surveillance. -Purpose-considerations,securing. - CCTVstrengths,limitations ansoperation. - system diagram. - DVR -Monitoring,Resolution andchips types. - CCTV lenses - LUX -Attachments. - CCTV lensescalculatorsMore features are waiting foryou to explore .Feel freeto contact us ,to ask us and to provide uswith features you needand how do you like it look like .
CIDT Banco de Condensadores 11.0
Bando de Condensadores Z, es una App desarrollada con "AppInventor2" para realizar los siguientes cálculos:-Calculo de FactordePotencia:determinación del factor de potencia-CalculodePenalization por Bajo Factor de Potencia:computo adicional porbajofactor de potencia a la cual aplica por debajo deFP<0.9-Calculode Banco de Condensadores:Se determina según suPotencia Activa oPotencia Aparente, el dimensionamiento del Bancode Condensadoresnecesario para corregir el FP>0.9-Desarrolladocon App Inventor2Bando Capacitor Z is an App developed with "AppInventor 2" toperform the following calculations:Calculation ofPowerFactor:determining power factorCalculation of penalization byLowPower Factor:Additional calculation by low power factorwhichapplies under FP <0.9Calculation of Capacitor Bank:Itisdetermined by Active Power and Apparent Power, sizingcapacitorbank needed to correct the PF> 0.9-developed With AppInventor 2