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InnerHour Self-Help & Therapy: Anxiety, Depression 3.22
Make time for self-care with the InnerHour app Depression,anxiety,stress, and a host of other mental health concerns can stopyoufrom leading your best possible life. The InnerHour app is heretohelp! Our psychiatrists and therapists are dedicated to yourmentalhealth. Using their insights from therapy along with thelatestscience in CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy), PositivePsychology,and Mindfulness, they have replicated the real-lifetherapyexperience into a self-help app for you. Our ultimate aim istosupport you to create a happier and healthier life with a rangeoftherapy-based self-help tools and techniques designed foryourmental health needs. Think of the app as your safe spaceforself-care. If you are looking for support to overcomedepression,get anxiety relief, tackle stress, or simply experiencehappiness,the InnerHour app is for you! ▌Six self-help coursesAccesstherapy-based self-help tools for a range of mentalhealthconcerns: • Depression: Make small changes to overcomedepression •Anxiety: Attain calm and balance with strategies foranxiety relief• Sleep: Build a sleep schedule and develop habits tosleep soundly• Stress: Keep a check on your stress levels to feelcalm and incontrol • Anger: Channelise your anger and build learnstrategiesto cool down • Happiness: Develop critical skills toexperiencehappiness in life ▌Personalised 4-week plans The appidentifiesyour unique mental health needs and builds a personalisedself-careplan in your area of concern - be it depression, anxiety,orstress. Your self-help plan is a reflection of what happens inreallife therapy. Over 4 weeks, you will learn and practise skillstobattle depression, get anxiety relief, and lead a happier life.Sowhat does your plan entail? 1. Self-care activities Wehavecondensed decades of therapy experience and mental healthresearchinto short, simple activities - each teaching a strategybased onCBT, Positive Psychology, or Mindfulness. All you need is 5minuteseach day for self-care! 2. Goal setting and tracking Ourgoalsetting and tracking mechanism will help you build healthyhabitsthat will last a lifetime. With this CBT-inspired feature,staymotivated to meet your physical and mental health goals, suchaseating healthy, exercising, forming better relationships,andthinking positively. 3. Mood tracking Our specialised tracker isadigital journal that will track how you are doing each day.Themore you track, the more insights you will get! You can alsomapyour mood to different activities you do throughout the day,inorder to get finer insights. 4. InnerHour Resources We want youtokeep learning and growing on your self-help journey. Ourresourcesinclude informative articles, easy tips, and inspiringquotes tohelp you stay motivated. For instance, you will: •Understand thedifferent causes of depression • Learn about thesymptoms ofanxiety • Know how to tell if it’s time to go to therapyInaddition to the plan, you can also access support from: • Allie-relief chatbot Whenever you feel overwhelmed, you can talktoAllie, our intelligent chatbot. Allie identifies yourspecificmental health difficulty at the moment - be it intenseanxiety oroverwhelming depression - and offers support throughsimpleactivities that can help you feel calm immediately. •Qualifiedtherapists We know that sometimes, you might need a humantouch onyour self-help journey. In such times, you can reach out toanInnerHour expert for counselling, and get professional supportfordepression, anxiety, and even stress. Small changes can make abigdifference over time. Make yourself a priority, starting today!Forany questions, you can reach out to us our website:
Sanvello - Stress & Anxiety Help 8.2.2
The #1 app for stress, anxiety, and depression Symptoms ofstress,anxiety, and depression often arise when least expected.WithSanvello, you’ll always have the right tools a tap away torelievesymptoms and feel better. Formerly Pacifica, Sanvellooffersclinically validated strategies and support to help youfeelhappier over time. HOW IT WORKS: Sanvello is anevidence-basedsolution created by psychologists that usesclinically validatedtechniques such as cognitive behavioral therapy(CBT)—a type ofpsychotherapy that has been shown to be especiallyeffective forstress, anxiety, and depression. Sanvello teaches youCBT throughimmersive journeys that combine videos, audioexercises,activities, mood and health habit tracking, andactivities. Thepowerful techniques you’ll learn are designed towork together tohelp you learn how to feel happier. THE SCIENCEBEHIND SANVELLO:Sanvello is rooted in widely-used andempirically-supportedtreatments for anxiety, depression, andstress. Numerous studiesshow these practices to be effective inaddressing a variety ofpsychological disorders that get in the wayof living a happy life.In a randomized, wait-listed controlledstudy of 500 adults,Sanvello was shown to decrease symptoms ofanxiety and depressionover the course of 30 days. Participants alsoreported increasedself-efficacy and showed sustained improvementafter 30 days—evenafter participants stopped using the app. WHATYOU’LL GET: DailyMood Tracking: Relieving stress, anxiety, ordepression starts withnoting how you feel. Sanvello mood tracking,daily reminders, andhealth tracking tools guide you to monitor youremotions, seepositive and negative influences, and make changesthat can help.Guided Journeys: Designed by psychologists for arange of needs,Sanvello Guided Journeys are step-by-step audiolessons andactivities based on CBT and other proven techniques.Choose yourpath to gain insight and build life skills. Tools: Whenfeelings orlife situations get in the way of your happiness,Sanvello helpsyou change your outlook and get on a better path withtools to calmyour mind and ways to redirect negative thoughts.Assessments: Akey part of CBT is understanding how actions andfeelings arerelated. Based on your mood data, Sanvello progressassessmentsshow you connections between your experiences,activities, andemotions. Community: At the heart of Sanvello is ourvibrantcommunity of users. See what people are posting across awide rangeof topics, from personal strategies to words ofencouragement.SUBSCRIPTION PRICING & TERMS: Sanvello is free todownload anduse. The premium version of Sanvello allows forunlimited use ofall tools and is available through an auto-renewingsubscriptionthrough two options: $8.99 per month $53.99 per yearPricing incountries other than the U.S. may vary, and actualcharges may beconverted to your local currency depending on yourcountry'sresidence. Payment will be charged to your Google Playaccount atconfirmation of purchase. Your subscription willrenewautomatically at the end of each term and your credit cardwill becharged through your Google Play account. You can turnoffauto-renew at any time from your Google Play account settingsbutrefunds will not be provided for the unused portion of the term.Ifa free trial period is offered, it will be forfeited as soonasyour purchase is confirmed. Terms ofService: PrivacyPolicy: or
com.pitashi.audiojoy.empoweredhypnosisanxiety 1.4.8
Listen to audio affirmations, programs, courses, and workshopstohelp you reduce anxiety, get over your fears, reduce stressandstressful situations, overcome your phobias, become moreconfidentin social settings, and relax more. OVERCOME THE FEAR THATCRIPPLESYOU: Do you feel like your fears keep you in a box offamiliarity?Are you tired of letting your anxiety rule your life?With the helpof the expert-facilitated hypnosis courses, meditationtracks, andaffirmations, you can step into your role as thecourageous creatorwithin the parameters of your life. CONQUER YOURPHOBIA OF SOCIALSITUATIONS: Do social situations make you nervous?Do you wish youwere more confident and brave when out in public?Discover yourability to swoon a person of the opposite sex, performin front anaudience, get over your fear of heights, and hold atarantulathrough the power of hypnosis and meditation. BECOURAGEOUS ANDFACE YOUR FEARS: Have you wished that you would liveyour life withmore courage? Are you tired of feeling afraid of newthings? Withthe plethora of audio programs, hypnosis workshops, andguidedmeditations in this app, you can develop the courage togoskydiving, travel alone, and learn to live more fearlessly.FREEAPP: This app is completely free to download, and includeshundredsof free audio programs and workshops. Subscribe now tounlock allavailable content (in-app purchase fees apply). GET ONTRACK:Audiojoy makes it straightforward to stay disciplined on yourpathof personal growth and getting over the fears that hinder youfromliving a fulfilling life with hypnosis workshops, audioprograms,meditations, and affirmations. This app makes it simple toovercomeyour fear of spiders, conquer your phobia of publicspeaking, goskydiving, and learn to take risks through the powersofexpert-guided hypnosis courses, meditation music tracks,andpositive affirmations. FEATURES: This app is packed withamazingfeatures to help you get over your fears, understand yourphobias,and live your life more bravely: + 1000+ audio tracks, 100+hoursof content + Daily featured audio content + Search and exploreallcontent + Add to a favorites list + Listen when offline + Buildaplaylist of the tracks you want to hear + Read along with thetextversion + Sleep and meditation timer + Looping relaxationandmeditation sounds (over 2.4 million combinations) +Dailyinspiration notifications with powerful artwork to keepyoumotivated Audiojoy creates easy-can be the best versionofthemselves they can be. Audiojoy makes it painless topracticethese techniques so that you can manifest what you want andstopgiving attention to what you don’t. Download our apps, launchyourown program, and start learning today! CONTENT INCLUDED: Thisappincludes 100+ hours of positive daily affirmations,professionallyguided meditations, and hypnosis courses. Here aresamples of theaudio content you will discover in this app: + BrainTraining -Improve Memory, Better Focus, Higher IQ, Study Skills,CriticalThinking + Business - Leadership Skills, BeEntrepreneurial, SalesMastery, Enjoying Work, Networking +Confidence - Self Esteem, BeExtroverted, Say No, Public Speaking,Inner Strength + Dreaming -Lucid Dreams, Stop Nightmares orTerrors, Dream Meaning + GuidedMeditations for Mindfulness,Relaxation & Sleep + Health -Better Sleep, No Insomnia, BoostImmune, Get Pregnant, StopHeadaches + Life Success - Motivation,Positive Thinking, SelfDiscipline, Inner Peace + Metaphysical -Psychic Powers,Meditation, Telepathy, See Auras + Relationships -Healthy, Happy,Lasting, Romance, Jealousy, Marriage + Social Skills-Communication, Be Outgoing, Stop Criticizing, Friendship,Empathyand much more...
End Anxiety Hypnosis - Stress, Panic Attack Help 2.33
If you’re seeking stress relief or anti anxiety help, you arenotalone. Anxiety and depression affect millions and can makeeverydaylife unbearable. But if you suffer from an anxietydisorder, don’tget frustrated using an anxiety tracker and seeingno improvement.Before giving up, try tapping into the power ofhypnotherapy with aguided anxiety meditation written and read by acertifiedhypnotherapist. This anxiety help app is designed to showyou howto reduce anxiety and to learn anxiety managementtechniques. Whenyour anxiety is reduced, you may also notice animprovement inrelated symptoms like anger management, OCD, PTSD, oreven panicattack relief. You have the power to relieve stress,anxiety anddepression — see if hypnosis is right for you to unlockyour ownability to live your life outside of the shadow ofdepression andanxiety!* ◎ A single audio session of 30 minutes aday that iseffective* in just 1–3 weeks ◎ Hypnosis audio carefullyread by thesoothing voice of a certified hypnotherapist ◎ Peacefulbackgroundmusic and nature sounds to help you relax ◎ HypnoticBooster withbinaural beats to induce your brainwave frequency intoan optimalstate for receiving hypnotic suggestions ◎ Separatevolume controlsfor Voice, Background, and Hypnotic Booster ◎ Awakenat End featurecan be disabled at bedtime for a relaxing, restfulsleep ◎ Repeatsessions or loop while you sleep ◎ Continue listeningto backgroundsounds after the session ends Anxiety Relief Hypnosisis free totry and effective* with the default settings. A one-timein-apppurchase is required only if you wish to change thedefaultsettings. (Each of our free hypnosis apps includes its ownin-apppurchase; in-app purchases cannot be shared among separateapps.)INTERACT WITH US Surf City Apps offers a range of hypnosisapps tohelp you enjoy a healthier, happier, and more abundant life.Tellus how you use our apps to improve CONTACTSUPPORT TERMS &CONDITIONS*DISCLAIMER Resultsnot clinically proven. The content and servicesprovided by thisApplication are for educational purposes only andare not intendedto be a substitute for professional medical advice,diagnosis, ortreatment. Never rely on information on thisApplication in placeof seeking professional medical advice. Consultyour doctor beforeusing this Application if you suffer from a heartcondition, mooddisorder, epilepsy, or a psychiatric or neurologicalcondition. 4.6.6
7 Cups of Tea
Feeling worried, sad, stressed or lonely? Need to talk tosomeone?Download 7 Cups now for FREE anonymous emotional support&counseling from trained active listeners. Easy to use textchat.Real listeners available for you 24/7 & that’s not all: -Chat1-1 with a listener any time - Calm yourself with 300freemindfulness exercises - Get personalized care with ourfreewellness test - Boost your mood with simple activities -Learn& grow from short videos - Feel supported in chat rooms&community forums - Access online message therapy withlicensedtherapists We start you on a “growth path” that willencourage andsupport you as you take daily steps to becomestronger. Thousandsof people use 7 Cups every week. EMOTIONALSUPPORT ON DEMAND:Feeling stressed, anxious, or depressed? Havingrelationshipproblems? Sometimes you need to vent. Finding andscheduling atherapist can be time-consuming and expensive, and youcan’t alwaysopen up to friends, family, or coworkers. Now you canget emotionalsupport anytime, anywhere with 7 Cups. This app givesyou the helpyou need, fast and free, in a way that fits your life.• Connectanytime, anywhere with listeners who care • Speak yourmind withoutany fear of being judged • All listeners trained inactivelistening IN THE MEDIA: Founded by a licensed psychologist, 7Cupshas been featured in LifeHacker (“Technology can help youfindsomeone to chat with about your problems to, or even connectyouwith a professional that can offer lasting, long-termhelp”),Medical Daily (“Talking therapy for people on-the-go”),andTechCrunch (“One of the top 8 startups from Y Combinator’sSummer’13 Demo Day”). 100% CONFIDENTIAL: Remain 100% anonymous. Noonewill ever know who you are—not even your listeners ortherapists.LISTENERS WHO CARE: Our listeners are volunteers. Theyaren’tgetting paid; they’re here because they want to help. Theycare. Wehave over 160,000 trained listeners and licensed therapiststochoose from. Listeners provide support across 189 countries andin140 languages. Each listener has a profile with reviews and alistof categories that they specialize in, ranging from panicattacksand bullying to eating disorders, surviving a breakup, andmore.When you find the listener you want, connect instantly viachat.Try a new listener each time, or pick one listener and developadeeper ongoing relationship. FAST & FREE: The app is freetodownload, and all listeners are 100% free. After you downloadtheapp, you can start a conversation in less than 60 seconds.UPGRADEPRICING & TERMS 7 Cups offers two auto-renewingsubscriptionoptions: $12.99/month $94.99/year Your 7 Cups upgradewillautomatically renew at the end of each term and your creditcardwill be charged through your iTunes account. You can turnoffauto-renew at any time from your iTunes account settingsbutrefunds will not be provided for any unused portion of the term.7Cups also offers a Forever subscription paid for in asinglenon-renewing upfront payment of $399.99 granting unlimitedaccessto 7 Cups Upgrade forever. Read more about our terms andconditionshere: Read more about our terms of service and privacypolicy here: Download 7 Cups andstart feelingbetter today! If you love 7 Cups, please take 20seconds to give usa nice review. It really helps! For otherfeedback, Thank you. For users aged 13+.
Online Therapy, Emotional diary, Mindfulness tools 2.04
Coping with our feelings isn’t always an easy task. That’s whyatifeel your emotional wellbeing is our top priority. Withifeelyou’ll have a complete set of tools you can use daily tomonitoryour mood. We offer a vast array of free exercises toreducestress, control anxiety, different relaxation techniques,abreathing assistant, relevant blog articles andmindfulnessexercises. All the content is created and customised bylicensedpsychologists and mental health experts. How does it work?ifeeloffers you a mood tracker where you can keep track of yourmoodtrends and the internal and external factors which havebeenaffecting you. This will allow you to better understand what itisthat makes you feel a certain way at different times. Ourvirtualassistant, powered by artificial intelligence, will helpyoumonitor and improve your emotional wellbeing. Also, it willhelpyou express yourself and understand which factors aremoreimpactful to the moods and emotions you experience. We usethelatest technologies to recommend you - through ourproprietaryalgorithm - several free tools (exercises, articles,audios, etc.)customised to your moods, which will help you improveyouremotional wellbeing. All the tools are designed bylicensed,clinical psychologists with the aim of supporting youthroughoutthe day-to-day challenges. All the tools are completelyfree andfor you to use at your own convenience. Also, you will haveaccessto a set of metrics and info about yourself so that you cancheckyour progress over time. All the data is completelyconfidentialand only accessible to you: it will help you improveyour emotionalbehaviour and manage the relationship with yourselfand others.What if I need professional help? Psychological supportcan becrucial during many periods of our life. For this reason atifeelwe want you to have access to professional help whenever youmayneed it: it’s a bit like having your licensed psychologist inyourpocket. You’ll be able to talk to your dedicatedpsychologistthrough a chat or videocall - whatever works best foryou - anytimeand anywhere. Online psychology allows connectingeveryone with theprofessional that is best suited for theirindividual needs,increasing the possibility of a successful therapyprocess. Atifeel we think everyone deserves dedicated andcustomisedattention. You can subscribe to our online therapy plansfrom €24.99/week and start your therapy right away. Online therapyoffersmore convenience, higher flexibility and much moreaffordableprices. You won’t need to worry about scheduling asession,commuting or arranging your day around a face-to-facemeeting withyour psychologist. How can ifeel help me? Our onlinepsychologistshave helped improve the emotional wellbeing of manyclients throughthe following therapy processes: - Online therapyaimed atovercoming depression; - Online therapy aimed at learninghow tomanage anxiety (social anxiety, phobias, panic attacks,etc.); -Couples therapy aimed at solving every sort of relationshipissues;- Relaxation techniques aimed at managing and relievingstress; -Effective communication tools to improve your socialskills; -Personal growth and development techniques; - And muchmore... Atifeel we believe therapy should be an ongoing andseamless process.Once you are assigned your dedicated therapist,you will enter anonline therapy “virtual room” created specificallyfor you. Thisroom will be open 24 hours a day and is a completelyprivate andconfidential space, where only you and your personalpsychologistwill be able to communicate. This is the virtual spacewhere youand your dedicated therapist will work together to achieveyourobjectives. All the professionals on our platform arelicensedpsychologists with years of experience in online therapy.Theyundergo a rigorous selection process and receiveperiodicaltraining. They also constantly attend supervision andfollow-upsessions.
What's Up? - Mental Health App 2.3.3
In-app purchases for donations only What's Up? is a fantasticfreeapp utilising some of the best CBT (Cognitive BehaviouralTherapy)and ACT (Acceptance Commitment Therapy) methods to help youcopewith Depression, Anxiety, Anger, Stress and more! With abeautiful,modern design, simple heading and easy-to-follow methods,you canget to what helps you the most in seconds! Top Features • 12commonnegative thinking patterns and simple methods to overcomethem • 10great metaphors to help you cope with negative feelings •Acomprehensive diary to keep your thoughts and feelings togetherin,including the ability to rate feelings on a scale out of 10 •Apositive and negative habit tracker. Set goals to practicethosegood habits while ending the bad ones! • A catastrophe scale.Putyour problems into a better perspective when things are too much•A grounding game containing over 100 fun questions to help keepyougrounded and in the present when stress is taking over • 3simplebreathing techniques for keeping calm and relaxed • Forums!Talkwith people that may be feeling just like you from all aroundtheplanet, without worrying about the like/dislike system • Morethan70 positive quotes, with the ability to add your own and sharethemwith the world! • Protect your personal data with apass-code,including either a number only pass-code or a morecomplex one •Sync your data between your devices (Android or iOS)and back upyour data so you never lose it • Themes, including over20different colors to choose from in customizing the app • Andmanymany more features Want to get in contact? Send me an
Relaxing Anti-Stress Sound 6.0
Stress is the source of the disease. Did youexperiencestress-related illness?(stress anxiety, insomnia,depression andanxiety disorders and other mental disorders)The'RelaxingAnti-Stress Sound' present a supplementary resolution.Anxiety,anger, depression, occur arises, Find your peace of mindandstability mental conditions the natural sounds andvisualimages-----------How to Use-----------First, the sounds ofnature(rain, thunder / lightning, wind, woods, streams, ocean,fire) toadjust the volume of the sound of their favoritecombinationhere.(White noise) Use the buttons at the bottom toselect thedesired visual image focused on the periodoftime.-----------Button tip-----------Rain : energy,fatigue,serenityWave : hypnosis, trauma, concentration,post-traumaticstress(Various phobias)Forest : stress, urge,angerSpace :stability, sleep disorders (insomnia, narcolepsy),distractionFire: vitality, depression, anger, mood swings* The timeaccording tothe person and the sound effects, the effect of thevisual imagecan be changed.* This application is an auxiliarydevice fordiverting the mind and is not a medical device. Do nothave blindfaith in grave condition effects, be sure to consult yourdoctor.
PTSD Coach 3.2
PTSD Coach was designed for Veterans and military Servicememberswhohave, or may have, Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Thisappprovides users with education about PTSD, informationaboutprofessional care, a self-assessment for PTSD, opportunitiestofind support, and tools that can help users manage the stressesofdaily life with PTSD. Tools range from relaxation skillsandpositive self-talk to anger management and other commonself-helpstrategies. Users can customize tools based on theirpreferencesand can integrate their own contacts, photos, and music.This appcan be used by people who are in treatment as well as thosewho arenot.PTSD Coach was created by VA’s National Center for PTSDandDoD’s National Center for Telehealth & Technology.
Get Out of Stress 2.3
Get Out of Stress Modern life is full of deadlines,frustrations,and demands. For many people, stress is so commonplacethat it hasbecome a way of life. You can protect yourself byrecognizing thesigns and symptoms of stress and taking steps toreduce its harmfuleffects. This Application gives you complete ideaabout Stress ,its symptoms and stress management in simple andefficient way. TheApplication Includes ** What is stress **Symptoms of short termstress ** Symptoms of longterm stress ** Waysto avoid stress **Ways to overcome Stress ** Yoga for Stress Usethis App and Kickoff all your stress and enjoy LIFE...!!!
com.dreamstudio.meditationmusic 3.0
With music for mindfulness meditation, people focus more,sleepbetter and stress less. Practicing meditation affects:stress,anxiety, falling asleep, focus, depression, happiness,selfmotivation, creativity, anger, pregnancy and much more.Listeningto the right music for meditation greatly facilitatestheattainment of profound meditation, relaxation andconcentration.Improve mental and physical health. Science provesthat people whopractice meditation are fighting better with stress,depression andfatigue. Reducing anxiety and stress significantlyimprovesrelationships with other people and improves quality oflife. Relaxyour mind and body and improve your meditationtechnique. Now youcan listen to music for meditation anytime andanywhere. Meditationfeatures: ● Self-meditation timer, ● Highquality sound, ● Abilityto work in the background, ● Can play withscreen off and does notdrain battery, ● Auto-play mode, ● Ease ofuse, ● Off-lineoperation, no data connection needed, ● Free accessto all melodies(totally free app).
Kardia - Deep Breathing Relaxation
Labna Sounds
Do you feel stressed, anxious or unfocused? Do you havetroublefalling asleep? A simple deep breathing exercise can helpyou in afew minutes. Let Kardia guide your breath with sounds andthesmooth movement of the sphere. Feel your body and mind relax,andyour heart rate vary in harmony with your breath. This powerfulandsimple exercise is accessible to everyone, including kids. Hereiswhat users say: "Very good app. Really! And I've tested severalofthem. Congratulations!" François "Very useful to practicecardiaccoherence wherever you are. Very simple to use." Magali"Super appthat helps me everyday Olivier Uses - Stress relief -Calm downanxiety attacks - Cardiac coherence - Sleep aid: fightinsomnia byfocusing on deep breathing - Relaxation - Meditationsessions andsophrology exercises - Concentration improvementFeatures -Breathing rate between 1 and 15 cycles/min, adapted to awide rangeof breathing exercices, including cardiac coherence anddeepbreathing - Inhalation/exhalation ratio setting - Targetmode:automatically slow down or speed up the breathing rate duringthesession, to help you calm down, fall asleep, or get ready to go-Advanced mode: set inhalation and exhalation durations with0.1sprecision - Exercise duration between 1 minute and 1 hour. -Usablewithout looking at the screen thanks to guiding soundsandvibrations - No ads During ten days, try those exclusivefeaturesfor free: - Large choice of high quality relaxing sounds -Endsession sound - Colors setting - Visual breathing cues -Customizedvibrations Unlock all those features with a single in-apppurchase.HRV, paced breathing and cardiac coherence With Kardia,you canpractice heart rate variability (HRV) training throughpacedbreathing. By breathing at a specific rate, around 5.5cycles/min,your HRV increases and becomes regular. This state isknown ascardiac coherence, or cardio-respiratory coherence.Scientificstudies have demonstrated that it has beneficial effectson stressand anxiety level, blood pressure, depression and sleep.The bestbreathing rate is different for everyone. With Kardia, youcan setvery precisely the exercise frequency, so you will just needa fewtries to find out the value that gives you the best results. 9.7
Stress Relief Adult Color Book uses the healing power of art inaresearch driven therapeutic science to reduce stress bycoloring.Research shows that coloring has various therapeuticbenefits. Thisadult coloring book app has a wide variety ofamazing, intricatelydetailed images. As you color an image, youwould feel your stressand anxiety gradually fading away. Your braincalms down and youbecome more mindful. App Features: 1. This stressrelief coloringapp has beautiful galleries of: FANCIFUL FASHIONHAPPY EASTERALPHABETS (A - F) ALPHABETS (G - L) ALPHABETS (M - R)ALPHABETS (S- Z) MAGIC GARDENS HEALTHY FRUITS MESSAGES II YOGAFLORALS &PAISLEYS WONDERS OF THE WORLD SPRING FASHIONVALENTINE'S DAYAFRICAN CULTURE COSMOS DESERT KOREAN CULTURE FASHIONANIMALSJAPANESE CULTURE WOMEN DREAMLAND HENNA ZODIAC SIGNS FANTASYFACESDRAGONFLIES BUTTERFLIES DEEP SEA VALENTINE’S DAY GALLERYCHRISTMASWINTER FASHION HAPPY NEW YEAR ELEPHANTS ANCIENT EGYPT OWLSMESSAGESFLOWERS GEOMETRY MANDALAS PATTERNS BIRDS 2. It has a richcolorpalette of lots of colors, with each color having a numberofshades. 3. Zoom and scroll the images smoothly with yourfingerswhile coloring. 4. Use the “Undo” feature to undo yourpreviouscoloring actions, if needed. 5. After coloring an image,you cansave your artwork within the app and also download it intheGallery of your device. Even if you don't save an imageaftercoloring, the app will save it automatically. So, there's noriskof losing your work. 6. You can share your art on differentsocialmedia platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,Pinterest,Whatsapp and more. 7. Get inspired by looking at theartworks ofthe “Inspiration” section. 8. The app has a “Help”sectionexplaining the use of different operation keys foryourconvenience. This research tested app offers thefollowingtherapeutic benefits: It has the potential to lower downanxiety,create focus, and increase mindfulness. Similar tomeditation, thisanti stress coloring app allows you to switch offyour brain fromother thoughts and focus on the moment, therebyhelping to removefree-floating anxiety. Since coloring involves theuse of bothcreativity and logic, the analytical side as well as thecreativeside of your brain are activated when coloring. Stressrelief gamesand coloring games like this app, spark yourcreativity. Coloringmakes adults more creative in their job,analytical thinkingactivities, and various realms of work and play.This colourtherapy game trains the mind to concentrate better,relax andreset. Research shows that coloring can help adults attainacademicand career success, and encourage them to deliverinnovative workperformance. Colouring is also a great way toexercise your finemotor skills. Filling colors in the images of theapp removes yourfocus from negative habits and issues, and lets youfocus in aproductive and safe way. In case you face any issuesregarding theapp, please visit “prescription” ofcoloring for adults originated from the greatpsychologist CarlJung, who considered coloring to be highlyeffective and helpful forhuman mind. Ben Michaelis, a clinicalpsychologist, says thatcoloring is a peaceful activity, whichcreates relaxing effects onthe amygdala – the brain's fear center.Filling colors in coloringbooks for adults lets your mind receivethe rest it requires. StressRelief Adult Color Book can provideyou the relaxation and peace youhave always longed for. Experiencecalmness, tranquility, andenhance your emotional and mentalwell-being by making coloring apart of your day-to-day life.Download the app for free now!
Breath Ball: The Stress Relief Breathing Exercise. 5.2.0
Fun Driven
Your job is bothering you? Stress is stealing your sleep? You'renotfeeling well anymore? Finally those days are over. Abreathingexercise based on the latest scientific research willprovide you avariety of benefits: ⭐️ Relief stress, anger, sadnessand worries.⭐️ Keep calm and restore your peace of mind. ⭐️Increase yourawareness. ⭐️ Improve your concentration and abilityto memorize.⭐️ Help you fall asleep faster and wake up betterrecovered. Justtry it for yourself. If you need to quickly ridyourself of stress,anger or frustration, feel free to downloadBreath Ball now. Howdoes it work? Take yourself five minutes oftime. Sit or lay downcomfortably and breath in the rhythm of theball: Inhale deeplyinto your belly, while the ball expands. Holdyour breath while theball keeps its size. And exhale completelywhile the ball shrinks.After three to five minutes, you'll notice adeep relaxation andinner calm. A state of focused mindfulness. Oneimportant note:Before you begin, please take a moment to configureBreath Ball toyour liking. It is the only breathing app you canfully adjust towhatever feels right for you. Especially colors playan importantrole in how we perceive things and how they make usfeel. To getthe best results, please choose colors that feel rightfor you.Then try it for a few days. You'll notice a big difference.Basedon scientific evidence Breath Ball was developed for thepatientsof the neurological therapy center Gmundnerberg, Thebreathingexercise is widely used for cardiac coherence andbio-feedbacktraining. Both of which already helped thousands ofpatients tocope with life's most difficult situations. It worksespeciallywell for people who don't like the somber voices ofguidedmeditations. You should try it, even if other relaxationtechniqueshave failed. Nine out of ten physicians and therapistsrecommendBreath Ball to their patients. Download Breath Ball forfree nowand see for yourself.
Stress Reduction-Audio-Full 1.3.3
Want to better learn how to relax and find some stressrelief?Stress Reduction-Audio contains three guided relaxationtechniquesto guide you through the process of becoming more fullyrelaxed. Besure to try Stress Reduction-Audio-Free first, to see ifthetechniques help you to become more relaxed. Some people alsofindthese techniques helpful for getting to sleep atnight.Additionally, the app includes a number of peaceful naturesoundsthat may be used to help fall asleep. This full version letsyouplay these sounds for up to 8 full hours.The Full versiondownloadsthe full audio files to your device rather than streamingthem froma remote server each time you run the app, and does notcontainads.Two relaxation techniques are included along with apeacefuland relaxing background music.1. Relax and Breathe - Walksyouthrough relaxing all the muscles in your body combined with adeepbreathing exercise. (8 minutes)2. Relax and Visualize -Thistechnique is a mildly self-hypnotic procedure thatincludesrelaxing your muscles, mind, and visualizing a peacefulscene. Thisis often a favorite. (15 minutes)3. Contrast Technique -Thistechnique has you tense your muscles first and then relaxthem.Some people find this technique works when some of theothertechniques do not. (15 minutes)Note: These techniques arenotintended to treat any emotional or physical condition. Rather,thisapp is intended for people who want to learn one of manytechniquesfor coping with the stress of everyday living. Ifrecommended by apsychotherapist, it may be used as a part of alarger treatmentprogram.
com.azuyo.happybeing 5.1
Enhance your WELL-BEING with our: SELF-ASSESSMENTS to discoveryourwarning signs and what is working great, INSTANT STRESS RELIEFtomanage at the time of need and bounce back quickly usingmind-spaBUILD RESILIENCE to face with confidence and achieve goalswith our10 minutes a day mind-workouts EVERYTHING ABOUT HAPPY BEINGISPERSONALISED. YOUR PERSONAL PROGRAMME IS BASED ON WHAT YOURLIFECURRENTLY LOOKS LIKE. Featured among global TOP 10 Apps! - onAppstore. "Happy Being is an outstanding free self-improvement appforAndroid that is easily personalised to fit your needs and goals.Werate it a perfect 5 STAR" – Choose fromoneof the following which best suites you and get content tailoredtoyour needs: STUDENT: Guided mindfulness tracks andactivitiesdesigned to help overcome academic anxiety, and stay calmandfocused. There are also various mind-body techniques toboostconcentration, memory, performance and overcome blockers tohelpyou perform your best. JOB SEEKER: Tracks and activities proventohelp overcome past disappointments and improve self-esteem.Helpsyou discover your strengths, focus on them and over comeblockers.Instead of being a source of stress, the job search istransformedinto a period of positivity and growth. WORKINGPROFESSIONAL:Prolonged stress impacts health, relationships andoverallproductivity. Techniques and activities designed to reducestress,improve productivity and create a rewarding, successful worklife.HEALTHCARE STAFF: Meditation tracks and activities to help youstaycalm in the face of stress, and enhance well-being andefficiency.HOMEMAKER: Meditation tracks and activities designed tode-stressand enhance self-esteem. A variety of techniques are usedto createa life of fulfilment and wellness. SENIOR CITIZEN:Meditationtracks and activities that help achieve better sleep andenhancememory. Techniques to overcome loneliness and boostself-esteem arealso included. None of these profiles describe you?Choose othersand you’re good to go. If your current condition canbe describedas any of the following, HappyBeing furtherpersonalises contentfor you: • Hoping to conceive / Pregnant •Caregiver • Seeking helpon anxiety, depression or other mentalhealth conditions If you’recurrently dealing with a mental healthcondition, such asdepression or an anxiety disorder, Happy Beingcan be a usefulresource, in addition to professional help. Ifyou’re a mentalhealth professional, you can use Happy Being tooffer your clientsaccess to a wide variety of techniques and toolsderived fromPositive Psychology, Mindfulness and CognitiveBehavioural therapy(CBT). This, in addition to personalisedsuggestions based onher/his feedback. Features: My coach:Personalised workouts thatinclude mindful meditations,visualisations and affirmations toachieve growth mindset,psychological well-being and resilience.Relax and relieve: When youfeel jittery or low, use among the 50+relaxation techniquesinvolving body and mind to learn to relax andrelieve instantly. Tryvarious techniques to discover whichtechnique works best for you.Goals: This science based goaltemplate helps you discover yourpriorities, set goals that matterto you and the tracker will guideyou in taking the most importantaction with singular focus. Enhancewell-being and happiness:Activities to notice and appreciate everylittle good thing in yourlife to enhance happiness, boostpositivity and well-being. Some ofour popular content: * Happinessjournal for employees * Happinessjournal for students * Guidedmeditation to relax and relieve fromstress and anxiety * Calm downwhen angry or upset * Experiencecalm during a business day * Guidedmeditation to fall asleep andimprove quality of sleep Here's to ahappier you. Install and trynow.
Quick Stress Relief 1.0
This is a FREE plugin of Daily Yoga and does not open on itsown.Please install the main app 'Daily Yoga' before usingthisplugin:Storelink: the body. Stretches your stiff muscles.- Relievesbraintension. Activates your inner energy.- Releases stress. Easesyouranxiety & depression.Tips: - After practicing, having ahotbath and an oil massage would be much more favorable.-Beforesleep, playing a piece of light music guarantees you a tightsleep.Office workers, heads up. Sedentary lifestyle slowlyendangers ourhealth in a dreadful but indistinct way. Feelexhausted after work?Too stressful to sleep? Losing your appetite?Don\'t worry. Let themagic power of yoga heal you.This stressrelief sequence is greatfor a tired body and a busy mind. Itstretches your whole body,calms your nervous system and shift youranxiety into positiveenergies. Let go of your worries andinhibitions. Open your heart.Enjoy!
Aware: Meditation & Mindfulness 2.0.49
With the life-changing skills of meditation & mindfulness,trainyour mind and body for a healthier, happier life. Meditationhasbeen proven to help relieve stress & anxiety, sleepbetter,focus more easily, have a calm mind, be patient andincreaseself-esteem & happiness. Aware makes meditation simplerandgradually teaches you skills to significantly improve yourqualityof life. All you have to do is download our free app and sitback,relax and breathe. It has been rated as the best meditationapp forbeginners by How our app works: TheAwareapp teaches you the basics of mindfulness & meditationwith the21-day Foundation Course, of which, the first 7 days arefor free.Once you complete the Foundation Course, the world ofAware unlocksvarious meditation courses on stress, anxiety, sleep,focus,happiness, depression, focus, creativity and many more. Eachcourseis accompanied with short sessions called Energizers craftedtocalm you at the stressful times of the day. Once you completeacourse, Aware provides you daily guides to help you practicetheexercises learned in the respective course. - Guidedmeditationsessions in Aware are crafted by experts with decadesofexperience. - Aware helps you meditate for different topicslikestress, focus and happiness. - Calm yourself quickly frompanicattacks with our Breathing tool designed to teach youbreathingexercises. - Add mindfulness to your day with our Singlesessionson day-to-day activities and situations like Waking Up,Sleeping,Walking and more. - We provide 24*7*365 personal supportandassistance to help you meditate effectively. What courses weoffer:Courses: 21-day curated programs to help you developspecificskills. We offer courses on- - Stress - Anxiety - Sleep-Depression - Happiness - Relationship - Patience - Focus-Creativity - Anger - Self-Esteem - Motivation - Acceptance-Pregnancy - Pain Management - Change - Kindness - Recovery-Competition - Concentration and more. Singles: One-offmeditationsessions designed to bring mindfulness in your dailyactivities. Wehave singles on: - Waking Up - Sleeping - Travelling- Panic Attack- Quit Smoking - Waiting - Cooking - Walking -Emotions - Focus -Fear - Work Break - Pain - Sports - PrenatalMeditation - Interview- Exam and more. We also have Masterclasseswhich are courses &singles that are created by reputedmeditation teachers from acrossthe globe and cover the followingtopics: - Calm mind - Relievestress - Improve relationships - Buildresilience - Increasepatience - Enhance focus - Sleep better -Improve ProductivitySubscription Pricing: Aware offers twoauto-renewing subscriptionoptions: $3.99 per month $29.99 per year*These prices are forUnited States customers. Pricing in othercountries may vary andactual charges may be converted to your localcurrency depending onthe country of residence. Your Awaresubscription willautomatically renew at the end of each term andyour credit cardwill be charged through your Google Play account.You can cancelyour subscription anytime from your Google Playaccount but refundswill not be provided for any unused portion ofthe term. Aware alsooffers a Lifetime subscription which is paidfor by a one-offupfront payment of $74.99 with unlimited access toAware forlifetime. Read more about our privacy policy here-
Relax: Stress & Anxiety Relief 4.9
** Voted Top Mind & Body App of 2014 by leadingdoctors**Effective and rapid stress relief in 5 minutes. De-stresswithour guided breathing and meditation exercises that usecalmingmusic to promote relaxation. It’s an ideal stress managementtool,being simple and intuitive.Finding time to relax can beverydifficult for most people. Our app can be easily integratedintoyour daily life. Relax by Saagara enhances the way you feelandleaves you with more energy, stamina, and focus. The more youuseit, the better and more effective theresults.UNIQUEFEATURESPracticing slow breathing is not as easy asit seems. Relaxguides you with the following features:- It doescounting for youso that you can focus on awareness and technique.-Music cues thatuse distinct tones for each phase of breathing.- Astructuredcourse that gradually reduces your breathing rate as youprogressthrough the sessions.- Guided meditation features an 8 to12 minutesession that focuses on different parts of the body.-Beautifulgraphics - Quick start featureHEALTH BENEFITSPracticingdeepbreathing for only 5 minutes a day can reduce stressandstress-related illnesses. Practicing deep breathing hasthefollowing benefits:1) Has an almost immediate relaxingeffect.2)Improves focus and reduces anxiety.3) Lowers bloodpressure andheart rate naturally.4) Improves stamina and fitness byoptimizingthe usage of your lung capacity.5) Works as a sleep aidfor peopleaffected with Insomnia.6) Helps in pain management.7)Helps inmanaging Headaches and Migraines.Visit our website formoreinformation: http://saagara.comMake sure you check our ourlearningcenter for tips on yoga, diet, and beingmindful: byLeadingDoctors
Depression CBT Self-Help Guide 1.8.4
Excel At Life
LEARN TO CONTROL THE STRESS THAT CONTRIBUTESTODEPRESSIONCONTAINS***Screening test with graph to monitorseverityof depressed mood***Articles about clinical depressionandcognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT)***50 suggestions from CBTwith atracking feature to help focus positively andmotivate***DepressionAssistance Audio to help understand clinicaldepression***CognitiveThought Diary to learn to challenge stressfulthinking and providepositive feedback***Emotion Training Audio tolearn to accesscalming moods or emotions***Relaxation Audios tolearn deeprelaxation***Password protectionavailable***Customization ofgraphicsNOTE: All audios can bedownloaded from ExcelAtLife.comThenatural management of depressioninvolves understanding depressionand the factors that contribute tothe symptoms. Learning to managestress in your life and engage inself-care behaviors can improveyour symptoms and your mood.This appcontains a depression severitytest, audios, articles, a cognitivediary, and a motivationalpoints system that help you learn how todo this.Reason forpermissions:1) READ PHONE STATE ANDIDENTITY--necessary whenlistening to audios to pause playback whenphone call is received(Excel At Life never accesses identity)2)MODIFY DELETE SD CARDCONTENTS--necessary to allow saving data to SDcard3) FULL INTERNETACCESS AND VIEW NETWORK STATE--necessary todetermine if internetaccess is available when linking to articlesand audios
Relax Lite: Stress Relief 4.9.1-lite
** Voted Top Mind & Body App of 2014 by LeadingDoctors**Effective and rapid stress relief in 5 minutes. De-stresswithour guided breathing and meditation exercises that usecalmingmusic to promote relaxation. It’s an ideal stress managementtool,being simple and intuitive.Finding time to relax can beverydifficult for most people. Our app can be easily integratedintoyour daily life. ""Relax"" by ""Saagara"" enhances the way youfeeland leaves you with more energy, stamina, and focus. The moreyouuse it, the better and more effective the results.UNIQUEFEATURES-Music cues that use distinct tones for each phase ofbreathing.- Astructured course that gradually reduces yourbreathing rate as youprogress through the sessions.- GuidedMeditation features an 8minute session that focuses on differentparts of the body.-Beautiful graphics - Quick start feature- In-apppurchase opens upeven more features including Intermediate andAdvanced BreathingSessions, and a 12 minute Guided MeditationSession.HEALTHBENEFITSPracticing deep breathing for only 5 minutesa day canreduce stress and stress-related illnesses. Practicingdeepbreathing has the following benefits:1) Has an almostimmediaterelaxing effect.2) Improves focus and reduces anxiety.3)Lowersblood pressure and heart rate naturally.4) Improves staminaandfitness by optimizing the usage of your lung capacity.5) Worksas asleep aid for people affected with Insomnia.6) Helps inpainmanagement.7) Helps in managing Headaches and Migraines.WHOWOULDFIND THIS APP USEFULA) People interested in Meditation: Theguidedbreathing exercises are not only a great form of breathmeditation,but also extremely useful in regulating your breathingduring othermediation techniques. The guided meditation is based onYoga Nidra.Yoga Nidra is a systematic multistage set of relaxationtechniquesdesigned to induce deep meditative state. Yoga Nidratechniqueshave been extensively studied and are used to treat PTSD,anxiety,depression and insomnia.B) If you have Panic Attacks:Ourguidedbreathing when used with the quick start function is anextremelyrapid and effective technique to help you manage yourpanic attackand it can used anywhere. When used with headphones youcandiscretely handle your panic attack almost in any setting fromtheoffice, coffee shop, in the park, on a bus, or while flying inaPlane.C) If you suffer from Insomnia:The guided breathingtechniqueis very effective in dealing with insomnia. Alway use thesamemusic style to guide the breathing when using the app forinsomnia.the more you use the app the more effective it will be. Aguide tohow to use this app for insomnia can befoundat: have a stressful lifestyle or job:Both the guide breathingandguided meditation will quickly help re-center andrelaxyou.**Available in English, French, and ChineseLanguages**ClassicMode is available in the Settings for the classicbreathingexercise view. Visit our website for moreinformation:http://saagara.comMake sure you check our our learningcenter fortips on yoga, diet, and beingmindful: byLeadingDoctors
PTSD Coach Australia 1.10
PTSD Coach Australia is an app that helps people understandandmanage the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD.TheApp is based on the latest scientific understandings of PTSD,andwas modified from the U.S. Department of Veterans' AffairsPTSDCoach app. PTSD Coach Australia has been designed for usebyAustralian veterans and serving Defence Force personnel. PTSDCoachAustralia contains: · Up to date information about PTSDandtreatments for PTSD · A range of symptom management toolsandtechniques. · A PTSD assessment – allowing users to measuretheseverity of their symptoms over time, plot the results, andemailthem to a health professional. · A scheduler that allowspeople tomanage all their health appointments and activities. ·Informationabout where to find treatments and supports for PTSD inAustralia–in the Defence health system, within the Department ofVeterans’Affairs and in the community. Importantly: PTSD CoachAustralia isnot designed as a stand-alone treatment – ideally, itis a tool touse as part of your treatment. Health professionals candownloadclinical notes on this app from
Learn Psychology 1.1
ap developers
Learn Psychology app provides you useful concept &informationabout Psychology. Psychology Today is subject foreducation to manypeople. Psychology is a social subject. BasicallyPsychology is thestudy of behavior and mind of all aspects ofconscious andunconscious experience as well as thought. Our app ofPsychologyshows various useful concept. While studying Psychology,there areimportant concept to study like psychiatry,psychoanalysis,Psychologist, memory & so on. In addition wehave includedtopic like Stress Management to support the study ofPsychology.Appendix of Learn Psychology app :- Introduction topsychology-Scope Of Psychology- Basic Psychological Processes-Fields OfPsychology- Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation-OperantConditioning- Classical Conditioning- ObservationalLearning-Loneliness- Psychologist- What is Personality.-LeadershipDefinition- The Big Five Personality Traits- TheoriesofMotivation- Procedural Memory- Norms- Creativity-Motivation-Values Definition- Attitude- Attribution- Self Concept-Perception-Teamwork- Groupthink- Gratitude Definition- SelfActualization-Short and Long term Memory- Social PsychologyDefinition- CognitivePsychology- Psychiatry Introduction-Psychological Disorders-Psychiatry Treatments- Psychologist- StressManagement- What IsStress- Common Signs and Symptoms of Stress-Stress ManagementTips- Stress Relief- Fight Stress with HealthyHabits- Ways to Dealwith Stress- How Does Stress Affect YouIf youlike our app of LearnPsychology, kindly give us positive feedback& rating.
com.vida.healthcoach 2.2.62
Vida Health
Get the accountability, support, and tools you need to buildhealthyhabits. Whether you want to lose weight, work on yournutrition,manage a health condition, cope with stress, orsomething else,Vida’s health programs and coaches can help youachieve betterhealth. PERSONALIZED FOR YOU Choose a health coachand tailor yourprogram to your unique goals and preferences. WithVida, you get aconcrete plan that matches your goals and fits yourlife. ONGOINGSUPPORT AND GUIDANCE With Vida’s mobile app, betterhealth is in thepalm of your hand. Check in, set goals, formhabits, and stay intouch with your coach through messaging, phoneconsults, and videoconsults. EVIDENCE-BACKED PROGRAMS Vida’spersonalized programsinclude nutrition, weight loss, stressmanagement, diabetesprevention, diabetes management, hypertension,sleep, and more. Eachday, we guide you on important things to knowand do to help yourhabits take shape. PROVEN RESULTS Vida hasproven results helpingpeople achieve head-to-toe health. Asexamples, clients seeking tolose weight have lost an average of 7%of their body weight, and 75%of those looking to manage theirhypertension have reduced theircondition by one stage. A TRUSTEDPARTNER Vida is trusted byenterprises including Fortune 500employers, national payers, andlarge providers. Our clientsrealize transformation and results withVida by their side.
mental health 1.7
mental health Do you want to free yourself from stressanddepression? Do you feel that at times you lose your calmandanxiety do not allow you to see things clearly? Then this appisperfect for you. Find tips tips and tools to face life andseethings differently. Forget the symptoms of anxiety andstress,anxiety disorder and all kinds of psychiatric illness. Whatismental health? Currently, the World Health Organizationdefinesmental health as: "A state of well-being in which theindividual isaware of his own abilities, can cope with the normalstresses oflife, can work productively and fruitfully, and iscapable of Makea contribution to your community. " Love, Work andPlay And, how doyou get to that state of well-being? For SigmundFreud's well-knowndefinition of mental health as the ability tolove, to work, and toplay, remains absolutely valid. The ability tolove refers to thepossibility of establishing authentic andintimate relationshipswith other people where you can give andreceive affection withoutexcessive fear. The capacity to workrefers to the possibility offeeling generative, of feeling thatwhat one does makes sense, ofhaving a certain pride in the tasksthat one performs. The abilityto play refers to the possibility ofenjoying the symbolicactivity, to the level that is, and to be ableto enjoy with othersin that type of activities. Mental healthincludes our emotional,psychic, and social well-being. It affectsthe way we think, feel,and act when we deal with life. It alsohelps determine how wehandle stress, relate to others, and makedecisions. Mental healthis important in all stages of life, fromchildhood and adolescenceto adulthood. Mental illnesses are seriousconditions that canaffect your thinking, your mood and yourbehavior. There are manycauses of mental illness. Your genes andyour family history mayplay a role, as well as your lifeexperiences like stress or ahistory of abuse. Other causes may bebiological. Mental disordersare common, but treatments areavailable. Mental health is, ingeneral terms, the state of balancebetween a person and theirsocio-cultural environment thatguarantees their labor,intellectual and relationship participationto achieve a well-beingand quality of life. The term "mentalhealth" is commonly used in amanner similar to "health or fitness",defining mental health asfollows: "mental health encompasses a widerange of activitiesdirectly or indirectly related to the healthcomponent. Mentalwell-being included in WHO's definition of health:"a state ofcomplete physical, mental and social well-being and notjust theabsence of disease or illness" Mental health is an appwhere youwill find .... -Distintas ways to face the symptoms of thestressand the symptoms of depression - Practical tips to improveyourlife from the inside out. - how to deal with mental disorderssuchas bipolar disorder, anxiety disorder. -the best treatmentofanxiety. - Relaxation and meditation tools to control moods atanytime. -tips to beat stress anxiety and depression. -a seriesofsteps focused on your personal improvement. -more material thatwewill upload and the opportunity to contribute ideas fortheimprovement of our content. Change your mind, forget thestressesof depression and anxiety with mental health. Download thisapp forFREE right now! What are you waiting? Renew tea and relax inadifferent way. Click on download NOW and begin the adventureoffinding yourself!
No More Tension 1.5
Stress is an inseparable part of human existence. It affectsallindividuals rich and poor, literate and illiterate, both menandwomen and young and the old alike across the developedanddeveloping nations. Stress is perceived today as one of theveryimportant factor affecting physical and mental health. Peopledueto their hectic lifestyle do not realize being effected byStressand considered it as a part of their daily lifestyleThestressmanagement application not only provides you informationaboutstress but also helps you to know your stress levels and howtoreduce them. The functions of this application are:• TheMobileApplication provides information about stress, whichincludescontent with respect to Details about Stress, itsCauses,Indicators and Stress Management techniques. Also, theapplicationhas a stress meter that calculates the stress level ofanindividual and provides solution, as per their stress level.•KnowStress, provides information with respect to ‘what isstress?’•Stress!!! But Why?, provides details about causes ofstress. Theuser will get to know different reasons that lead tostress.• AreYou Stressed?, provides information with respect todifferentindicators that suggest that a person is stressed. Now adays dueto busy and hectic schedule a person doesn’t realizewhether theyare stressed or not, they think that some indicatorsare normal andcontinue to ignore them, this results in increasestress level. Byknowing the indicators the user can work towardsreducing theirstress level.• The user are also provided withdifferent types ofstress management techniques, through which theuser will be ableto reduce stress in their life. The techniquesinclude: o Preventstress: This section provides informationregarding the lifestylechanges one should adopt in order to avoidstress o Yoga &Meditation: This section provides informationabout various Yogapositions which can help them to reduce stress,wherein it providesinformation about the Yoga position and stepsfor how to performthem. It also provide details about meditationand how to performthe same. o Walking: This section provides theinformationregarding benefits of walking o AYUSH: This sectionprovidesinformation about how AYUSH can be useful for reducingstress oContemporary Science: This section provides informationregardingstrategies to be followed by an individual with respecttopsychology, psychiatry and other behavioral sciences, etc.oBalance of stress in life: This section providesinformationregarding the relationship between stress andperformance of anindividual. o FLIGHT or FIGHT: This sectionprovides informationabout reaction of an individual during stressand how they react. oDon’ts: This section provides informationabout the unhealthyhabits one should avoid when they are stressed.•Stress Meter,calculates stress level of an individual, based on aquestionnaire,and based on their score would advise them the stepsthey shouldincorporate in their life in order to avoid stress. •Theapplication also has a music option from which a user canselectdifferent type of music as per their mood.
Stress,Sound sleep,Mental Doctor,EMDR,Eye move, 1.0.11
"Introduce yourself to the Mental Doctor Mental Health AppContentService that is excellent in processing your mindDetailExplanation : You run into many problems in your daily liferightnow and feel hurt when competing with others so are yousufferingfrom psychological problems such as stresses anddepression? Themental doctor app, the first customized andrecommended mentalhealth control app service that allows users toselect and listento the customized content according to theirpsychological stateand at the same time, plays the horizontalocular movementimplemented in the device, leading to maximizingeach function ofthe brain and helping the biological clock tofunction normally.  The ocular movement exercise in MentalDoctor, which movesthe eyeballs to the left and right, has acquiredpatents in 5countries, including Korea and overseas and proven toincrease thequality of sleep, psychological well-being and positivementality,and at the same time, enhances mental health throughchangingbrainwaves by using Mental Doctor (stress down,concentration up).  We are living in the era beyond wellbeingand healing andwhere “mental health” is important. How about givingsome comfortto your mind and some rest to your mental health, anytime,anywhere with Mental Doctor app?"
Yoga for Relief of Anxiety, Stress and Depression 3.11
The app includes antistress yoga poses and asanas that will helpyouget rid of stress, depression, fear and anxiety. This appimproveyour mood, health, relax you. There are enough stressfactors aroundeach of us, from a crush in the subway todifficulties in learning,work, family. Modern man needs immunityto the daily problems andinspiration to solve them. One of themost effective ways to handlestress and depression is yoga. Comingfrom the East, the practicehas covered almost all the countries ofthe world. Yoga classes wereacknowledged to be effective at the UNlevel. Yoga is loved by starssuch as Madonna, Sting, Keanu Reeves,David Duchovny, CharlizeTheron. Do you think that everythingeffective is expensive? Not atall: trainings, including meditationposes and exercises stretchingmuscles today can be performed forfree. All that you spend - is afew minutes to install the mobileapplication "Yoga for Relief ofAnxiety, Stress and Depression".The application contains: 1.Clearly demonstrated yoga asanas thatcan be easily performed afterthe instructor 2. Known trainersadvices on how to do the exercises3. Information block withexplanation, how the yoga against stressand anxiety works 4. Lightmusic accompaniment for a betterrelaxation 5. Step-by-steptrainings, leading from simple things(deep breathing, smoothmuscle stretching) to complex ones ( "Lotus"and other well-knownyoga poses) App "Yoga for Relief of Anxiety,Stress and Depression"is yoga for beginners following postures: 1.Shavasana. 2. ArdhaChakrasana. 3. Apanasana. 4. Pavan Muktasana(left). 5. PavanMuktasana (right). 6. Supta Padangusthasana(right). 7. SuptaPadangusthasana (left). 8. Supta Matsiendrasana(right). 9. SuptaMatsyendrasana (left). 10. Supta Matsyendrasana.11. Halasana. 12.Karnapidasana. 13. Matsiasana. 14. Supta BaddhaKonasana. Trainingwill give you not only the flexibility ofmuscles. You will havethe ability to quickly restore energybalance. Antistress yoga forrelaxation will gently remove theirritation and fatigue of a hardday. Reminding you, "Yoga forRelief of Anxiety, Stress andDepression" app is absolutely free.Internal refresh, calmness,cheerfulness, flexibility and with zerocost. The app is fullyuniversal, so it can be used by all those whoare often exposed tostress: students, athletes, young parents. Yogais also helpful torepresentatives of professions subject tooverstrain: officeworkers, businessmen, managers. All you need is15-20 minutes aday, calm atmosphere, small rubber or textile matand comfortableclothes. No tedious trips to the gym - you train atconvenient timeand in a convenient location at home, in a hotel, innature or inthe office during a break. Very soon you will find anappropriatebalance of loads and meditation for yourself.Practicinganti-stress yoga for relaxation, you will notice that youhavebecome much less subjected to daily stress, act calmlyandefficiently. Proved: Yoga against anxiety is one of themosteffective means of fighting stress factors of the 21stcentury.Traditional options for mental relaxation are going to thecinema,restaurant, etc., provide only a short-time effect. Whileyoga is awhole philosophy of environmentally friendly, wise andjoyful life.That is why the whole world is talking about theeffectiveness ofyoga against stress. In addition, this facility isavailable toeveryone, as is the case with our free mobile app. Wehavecarefully collected everything that yoga against anxiety hastooffer, and presented in the most convenient form.
Fight Depression Naturally 9.8.1
This app is designed to help with Depression treatmentandcontrolling stress by advising mood enhancing foods, teachingtheimportance of writing wellness journals and how to getadequatesleep during depressive episodes. ♥ 20 Super foods thatremovesdepressing thoughts and anxiety A beautiful description ofthefoods items that can enhance your mood and releasefeel-goodchemicals which will make you happy in no time. Thescientificexplanations of how each food will elevate your mood arealsoincluded in a simple way. ♥ 8 Techniques to help withyourDepression treatment Learn the simple tricks of gettingadequatesleep to writing a wellness checklist and journal, whichwillbrighten up your day and prevent the occurrence ofdepressiveepisodes. Each techniques are explained in detail with astep bystep action plan. ♥ Essential book of Inspirational SongsThe rightinspiring lyrics can give you a kick in the backside andprovides aquick 'pick me up' to motivate you to accomplish yourgoals. ♥Over100 hours of Relaxing Nature Sounds and MeditationSongs withVideos to fight depression ♥10 hours of Binaural beats tohelp youconcentrate easily Upgrade to PRO Version to unlocktheseadditional contents ♥ Yoga techniques that can help inyourdepression treatment ♥ How to Use Breath Watching Meditationforanxiety relief ♥ The Big Book of Inspiring Stories ♥MotivationalMovie Archive for controlling Stress ♥ The Vault ofInspirationalQuotes ♥ Poems That Inspire All the contents used inthis app arenon copyrighted or under CCO license. Informationprovided in thisapp are updated with the current research articlespublished instandard Journals of Psychiatry, to the best of ourknowledge.Please read the medical disclaimer in the Info section ofthe appbefore you start using it. This application uses GoogleAnalyticsto anonymously track usage data within the application.
MoodMission - Cope with Stress, Moods & Anxiety 1.4.7
MoodMission helps you learn new and better ways of copingwithstress, low mood, depression, and anxiety. Tell MoodMissionhowyou’re feeling and it will give you a tailored list of 5Missionsthat can help you feel better and improve your wellbeing.Missionsare mental health strategies that are quick, easilyachievable, andbacked up by scientific evidence, including: ★Mindfulnessmeditations ★ Relaxation ★ Exercise and fitnessactivities ★Affirmations and coping statements ★ Behavioralactivation ★ Yoga ★Gratitude And heaps of other proven moodboosting activities. It'sa simple as doing a Mission and boostingyour mood. MoodMission isbased in cognitive behavioral therapy(CBT), which is anevidence-based psychological therapy for anxietyand depression.Anyone can use MoodMission, whether you just want alift in yourday or need a bit more help recovering from anxiety ordepression.Completing Missions earns you rewards in the app,motivating you totake steps towards becoming healthier, happier,and more confident.Plus a Mission log helps you track your progressover time.MoodMission learns which types of Missions work best foryou, sothe more you use MoodMission the better it gets at tailoringyourMission suggestions. MoodMission is not a replacementforprofessional help. If you are experiencing anxiety, depression,orany mental health issue, talk to your GP or contact apsychologistfor support.
Depression Anxiety Stress Test 1.7
Use the DASS 2142 to assess your DASS valueanytimeanywhere!!!DASS(phychology) - Depression, Anxiety, andStressScalesDASS was developed by researchers at the University ofNewSouth Wales (Australia).The Depression scale assessesdysphoria,hopelessness, devaluation of life, self-deprecation, lackofinterest/involvement, anhedonia, and inertia. The Anxietyscaleassesses autonomic arousal, skeletal muscle effects,situationalanxiety, and subjective experience of anxious affect.The Stressscale is sensitive to levels of chronic non-specificarousal. Itassesses difficult relaxing, nervous arousal, and beingeasilyupset/agitated, irritable/over-reactive and impatient.DASS2142 isa self report application designed to measure the threerelatednegative emotional states of depression, anxiety andtension/stressbased upon your answers.This app contains two testversionsdepending upon the number of questions (21 and 42).This appwillshow your results in the form of 2 bar charts for youreasierunderstanding. First chart shows your overall DASS value inasingle bar and the second chart shows the value fordepression,anxiety and tension/stress in three different bars.
Wellness Hub: Counselling & Therapy for Depression 1.7
Wellness Hub
Issues at workplace? Bogged down by Stress? RelationshipIssues?Marital Woes? Adolescent or Parenting Issues? It's Time2TALKanddrive away the worries. Psychological Counselling Servicesthroughvideo and text with our qualified psychologists /psychiatrists /counselors / therapists / psychotherapists,Mindfulness Meditation,Mindfulness for Children, Habit Tracker,Wellness Manager, DailyMotivational Quotes, Repository on StudyHabits, Study Skills, TestAnxiety and Underachievement for Parents,Stress and AnxietyAssessment and everything key for a HappierLiving... We are anentity in the mental wellness space workingtowards our vision ofplaying a vital role for your happier living.Here’s a list of ourproducts: myMENTOR - Online Video Counsellingand Online TextCounselling: Introducing our Anytime, AnywhereAffordable andSecure Therapy. Our experienced and empathetictherapists are justa click away. Buy video credits, book anappointment with an expertof your choice and relax. Login to ourapp at the time of yourappointment and start interacting withyourpsychologist/psychiatrist through our state of art videochatinterface. Would you prefer a text chat over a video chat?Ourunlimited messaging therapy helps you interact with yourtherapistat your own leisure and pace. All you need is a mobile -whether itis day or night, whether you are at your office, home oranywhereelse. All the therapists you find on Wellness Hub arequalified andexperienced in their field. We take extra care toensure that theyare empathetic, non-judgmental and play the role ofa guidingmentor. The interaction is completely private and secure.You canchoose to remain anonymous to the therapist. Startinteracting withthe therapist to get advice and mentorship that’llhelp you bringabout the positive change in your life. Ourcounselors shallrespond at their earliest possible convenience. Youmay post yourmessages at any time and expect them to interact withyou at leasttwice a day. myABODE: myABODE is our effort tocultivatemindfulness in your daily lives through meditation seriescoupledwith an aesthetic presentation. Mindfulness is the practiceofpurposely focusing your attention on the presentmoment—andaccepting it without judgment. We provide mindfulnesscoupled withan aesthetic presentation for the following activities:Mindfulness- An Introduction Mindful Meditation: Basics MindfulBreathingManaging Thoughts Controlling Anxiety - ProgressiveMuscleRelaxation Technique Regulating Emotions ImprovingConcentrationInspiring Oneself Sleep Sleep Routine SleeplessnessMindful SleepCalm Breathing Deep Breathing Anger Managing AngerBeingAffirmative Managing Disappointment Gratitude The JourneyTheReturn Journey Visualization Techniques LotusVisualizationVisualizing a Quiet Place myBOOST-UP: Mindfulness forChildrencoupled with a treasury of information for parents to gaina betterhandle on Study Habits, Study Skills, Test AnxietyandUnderachievement. The mindfulness for young-adults includesdeepbreathing, calm breathing, mindful breathing and differentkinds ofvisualizations. High IQ, but a report card full of C’s?HighlyIndustrious, but goes blank in an exam-hall? Finding itdifficultto get accepted among friends? Dive into our treasuryofscientifically developed techniques catering to a child’sacademicand extra-curricular developmental needs. The activitysegment is arich source of mindfulness techniques for childrencomprising ofactivities for visualization and stress and anxietymanagementASSESSMENTS: It is not uncommon that a person isn’t surewhether heis being affected by stress. Our Depression, Anxiety andStressScale Assessment is here to assist you. It’s a simpleprocedure toassess the degree of severity of the core symptoms ofDepression,Anxiety and Stress.
TruReach - Anxiety, Stress & Depression. 0.9.5
As seen in Inc. (, NewScientist(, ProductHunt(, andmore!Want to feel more like yourself?Learn skills that help youdeal with anxiety, stress, and feelingdown.TruReach is mentalwellness on-the go. We've broken downcognitive behavioral therapy(CBT) into quick, 5-minute lessons andpacked them into theTruReach app.What can you expect when you useTruReach?Well,TruReach includes 18 CBT lessons that cover thefollowing topics,all of which are important in the treatment ofanxiety anddepression:Lessons 1 and 2 - Introduction to the app andeducationconcerning depression and anxiety.Lesson 3 -IdentifyingemotionsLesson 4 - Identifying thoughtsLesson 5 -Identifying"thinking traps"Lesson 6- Developing "alternativethoughts"Lesson 7- Re-rating emotionLesson 8-10 - GoalsettingLesson 11 -"Behavioral tasks"Lesson 12 - "Thoughttests"Lessons 13-17 -Identifying and changing "schemas"Lesson 18 -ConclusionBefore youget started, remember that the information andcontent of TruReachare for informational purposes only and are inthe nature of aself-help book or magazine article.If you feel thatyou wouldbenefit from seeing a health professional, please contactalicensed health professional in your area.Nothing inTruReachshould be considered to be - or used as a substitute for -healthadvice or treatment.
Mindfit - stop negative thinking 1.4.2
It’s easy to get stuck in negative thoughts and feelingsaboutyourself when you go trough a tough time like stress, lackofenergy, anxiety or feeling depressed. Mindfit helps you changeyourthought pattern and reduce negative thoughts by being moreaware ofthe positive things happening in your life right now. Usingprovenmethods and techniques, you will be guided to a better life–whether it’s about coping with stress, anxiety, depressionortraining yourself to improve your self esteem and senseofachievement. Mindfit helps users to be aware of theirproblemareas, and gain insight into what prevents them fromchanging theirsituation, in part by becoming aware of how you reactwhen facing achallenge. We know from experience that changeinvolves both upsand downs, and Mindfit offers different tools andtechniques thatcan be helpful when challenges arise. These aretechniques that arefound in the psychologist’s toolbox – everythingfrom breathingexercises to finding a symbol or power animal thatcan help you inthe face of your challenge. Mindfit is designed sothat itsimulates some of the issues and techniques a therapistwould usein his or her first meeting with an individual seekinghelp. Thetool is inspired by well-recognized treatments such ascognitivetherapy, positive psychology and EMDR, but also by themore generalcommunication and therapy techniques used inpsychology. KEEP TRACKOF YOUR PROGRESS It is important to preparefor how you want changeto happen, and when you want it to happen.Change is not just aboutsetting goals for yourself, but also aboutwhat you can do to keepmotivated to continue. During the process ofchange habits, it isoften easy to forget all the little things youhave actuallyachieved on the way towards your big goal. Researchshows thatbeing grateful is good for your health, promoteswell-being,increases happiness and reduces depression. This is oneof manyreasons why we have developed Mindfit. We recommend that yourecordthe positive events in your life and your feelings of masteryalongthe way - to reduce stress, anxiety, depression andnegativethoughts to keep your mind happy. OUR CUSTOMERS LIKES USbecause wehelps them to achieve a better everyday life. Mindfit issuitablefor all kinds of people who, in certain situations, or incertainperiods of life are: • Feeling stressed • Need motivationand lackenergy • People with mild mental distress, such asdepression,anxiety, stress and low self-esteem Mindfit serves likea therapist/ mini-psychologist in your pocket! THE PROGRAM isdivided intothree areas: 1) YOUR INFO Here you identify situations,feelingsand thoughts so that you become more aware of how you reactwhenfacing a challenge. How you choose to see yourself, and yourbeliefthat you can learn to cope, will affect the way you reacttosituations. 2) KEEP TRACK OF EXPERIENCES, THOUGHT RECORDINGANDJOURNALING Shifting your focus to situations that you havemasteredwill help you address your challenges and helps you toreducenegative thoughts to a greater sense of mastery andpositivethoughts about yourself. 3) SELF-HELP TECHNIQUES ANDSETTING GOALSHere we have collected various techniques(mindfulness, breathing /relaxation exercises and attentiontraining) you can use when youare in a challenging situation. *****Mindfit is a self-help appthat focuses on mental health training,and the app is intended asa way to help you to help yourself! Whilethe app is a self-helptool, it isn’t a substitute for treatment bya psychologist. Thetool is meant to be a guide and a motivator, sothat you can moreeasily follow through on the changes that you havedecided to make.PRIVACY Mindfit does not collect personalinformation about you asa user of this app. All the informationthat you record is storedonly on your mobile phone. Read more
Hand Spinner (Anti-stress) 1.31
Avar Apps
Hand Spinner - one of the best tools for stress, start to turn itindifferent directions and watch this fun process. If you havenotbought a spinner, then this simulator will replace it, sincethereare many different turntables free of charge and you can twistthemas much as you want. Twist, gain maximum speed, set recordsandhave fun!
Stress Baal 1.0.6
Stress BaalFact: You are stressed out.  Scientific studieshaveprobably shown that the best way to alleviate stress is totake itout on someone else. And while insulting loved ones anddestroyingfriendships is technically free, we're offering a nearlyfree (NOWALSO FREE) alternative. Stress Baal is a minor devil. Youget tobeat him up with your finger, and yes, he totally deservesit. Baalis hand animated like your favorite cartoon sponge orrabbit.Thousands upon thousands of drawings form the game. Notjust a CGdoll, the ever-scheming Baal has a personality. Granted,it's aloathsome one, but a personality nonetheless. Leave him idleand thelittle savage will probably save you the trouble and roughhimselfup... Often with fire. More reasons to play Baal:- Likehumanendeavor, Stress Baal is pointless. No score, noachievements, nogoals. Goals are what got you so stressed in thefirst place. - Thispledge: We will never try to charge foradditional content. No inapp purchases ever. - We didn't do aKickstarter.- In a Google Playfirst, this game descriptioncontains no pandering exclamationpoints.This game is recommendedfor newer Android devices.
Anxiety Cure 🌿 Stress Relief, Relax and Sleep 1.2.0
The Anxiety Cure app delivers daily contents to helpunderstand,prevent, manage, and cure anxiety, stress, anddepression. Alsoincludes tools, such as rain sounds, braintraining, sleep timecalculator, and breathing exercise to help yourelax and sleepwell.In today’s fast-paced, rapidly-changing world,feelingstressed and overwhelmed has quickly become a big part ofoureveryday lives – and being able to identify and cope withanxiety,stress, and depression is fast becoming an essential lifeskill.Canyou imagine a life without anxiety? What can you do tosimplifyyour life, reduce your harmful stress and protectyourhealth?Features★ Anxiety relief, sleep better,relaxation,happiness (updated regularly)★ Motivational videos★Inspirationalquotes★ Tools for relaxation, breathing exercise,sleep better:rain sound, calming sound, white noise, sleepcalculator, braintest, etc.★ Free and fun games to help improveyour mood, trainyour mental agility and kill some time.
wingwave 1.11.8
You want to reduce stress, inspire success, increase yourgeneralsense of well-being? Wingwave self-coaching enables youtostrengthen your inner balance, your mental potential andyourgeneral performance. Functions: • Use wingwave music foridealinner balance • Use ‚Magic Words‘ to convert stress intopositivetarget energy • Learn about different wingwave exercisesforvarious self-coaching topics Wingwave In addition to itsbalancing,positive melodies wingwave especially takes effect viaitsleft-right beat, which auditively ‚touches‘ the two halves ofthebrain alternately via the headphones thus ensuring idealpulsationof all areas of the brain. Your App provides this effectandaccompanies you in your individual self-coaching. If you wishtointensify the effect, your local wingwave coach will support youintopics such as test fitness, improving performance,confidentappearance, positive motivation, conflict stabilityandcommunication fitness: Severalstudiesconducted by universities show: three to five hourswingwavecoaching can cause lasting positive effects for suchtopics. Allinformation on methods is available atwww.wingwave.com Words are the mightiest drugs used by man! (RudyardKipling,author of ‚Jungle Book‘). Make use of the positive powerof wordsfor your wingwave self-coaching! Magic Words combined withwingwavemusic provide support for a presentation, an upcomingtalk, everydaylife such as clearing the desk, improving sportsperformances – andin many other issues. The wingwave App is aproject of theBesser-Siegmund Institute, Hamburg Besser-SiegmundInstitut GmbHMönckebergstraße 11 D-20095 Hamburg Germany Phone: +49 (40) 3252849 - 0 Email: Managing Director with powerofrepresenatation: Lola Ananda Siegmund The psychologistCoraBesser-Siegmund and Harry Siegmund have been developingtailor-madeshort-term concepts for the objectives of your coachingandtraining clients from the fields of business, sport and healthatthe heart of Hamburg for over twenty years. More than15specialized books have been published on the work of theinstitutein which the reader can learn about ‚brain-compliant‘andpractice-oriented information on the linking of systemicpsychologywith neuro-biological know-how. The institute has beencooperatingwith various universities for many Years to monitor andtest theapproaches applied. • The BESSER-SIEGMUND-INSTITUT iscertifiedpursuant to DIN EN ISO 9001 for the scope: Execution andconceptualplanning of Training and Further Training • CoraBesser-Siegmundand Harry Siegmund are founders of the wingwavemethods which areavailable worldwide. Both have been awarded as‚Coaches of TopQuality‘ by the Volkswagen Group More and visit the Cora-Blog
Erase Stress & Fear With PSTEC
PSTEC has been featured on TV. PSTEC is used around the world.PSTECis used by professional therapists. Everyone has emotionalproblemssometimes and this easy to use system can be used for ANYnegativeemotion. It's job is to turn those emotions down or evenremovethem. Use this for therapy, self help and self empowerment.Amultitude of uses. PSTEC is a system designed to treat all ofthefollowing and much more: Fears, Stress, Phobias, PTSD,Anxiety,Resentment, Anger, Jealousy, Compulsions, Depression,Confidence,etc. This is a 100% free app and contains no annoyingadverts. Keepthe PSTEC therapy system in your pocket with this freeapp. AppOverview: A video introduction, Full PSTEC self helpsystem,Complete instructions, Access to much more free materialincludinghelpful tutorials and interviews with real users of thePSTEC selfhelp systems. Compatible with: Devices running Android2.2.3 andabove. Just download this FREE app and get started.
Mindfulness: Guided Meditation for Stress, Anxiety 2.0
This app contains the best guided mindfulness meditationaudiocurated for maximum relaxation, fight stress, anxiety,panicattack, procrastination and gives you clarity and peace ofmind.This can be used for everyone from beginners to those whopracticemindfulness regularly.Mindfulness Guide app includes:- 5minutesBreathing meditation for beginners-12 minutes intermediatebreath,sound and body scan meditation- 19 minutes CompleteMeditation foradvanced users- 9 minutes and 20 minutes versions ofLoving andKindness Meditation- 7 Minutes meditation for workingwithdifficulties-3 minutes short body scan and body andsoundmeditation guide- 27 minutes guided sitting practicemeditation- 13minutes body scan for sleep for sleep-deprivedusersThisMindfulness Guide app sessions are all free to use. Nomonthlysubscription. No in-app purchasing. No none sense andminimalistdesign.Additional bonus sessions are music background forsleep.Andthere's more! 3 high quality spa music for relaxationandreflection.Sample Transcript is written below:BreathingMeditation(5:31)Find a relaxed, comfortable positionSeated on achair or onthe floor, on a cushionKeep your back upright, but nottootightHands resting wherever they're comfortableTongue on theroofof your mouth or wherever it's comfortable.And you can noticeyourbodyFrom the insideNoticing the shape of your body, theweight,touchAnd let yourself relaxAnd become curious about yourbodySeatedhereThe sensations of your bodyThe touchThe connectionwith thefloorThe chairRelax any areas of tightness ortensionJustbreatheSoftenAnd now begin to tune into your breathInyourbodyFeeling the natural flow of breathDon't need to do anythingtoyour breathNot long not short just naturalAnd notice where youfeelyour breath in your bodyIt might be in your abdomenIt may beinyour chest or throatOr in your nostrilsSee if you can feelthesensations of breathOne breath at a timeWhen one breath ends,thenext breath beginsNow as you do this you might notice thatyourmind might start to wanderYou might start thinking aboutotherthingsIf this happens this is not a problemIt's verynaturalJustnotice that your mind has wanderedYou can say "thinking"or"wandering" in your head softlyAnd then gently redirectyourattention right back to the breathingSo we'll stay with thisforsome time in silenceJust a short timeNoticing our breathFromtimeto time getting lost in thought and returning to our breathSeeifyou can be really kind to yourself in the processAnd once againyoucan notice your body, your whole body, seated hereLetyourselfrelax even more deeplyAnd then offer yourself someappreciationFordoing this practice todayWhatever that means toyouFinding a senseof ease and well being for yourself and thisday[bell rings]
Calm Down Now: Panic & Anxiety 1.2
✩STOP ANXIETY & PANIC ATTACKS NOW✩ ☼5-Star Rated App ForStressRelief & Sleep Aid☽Do you suffer from anxiety or panicattacks?Issues sleeping from jet lag or insomnia? Having troublemanagingstress from work and life? Have a baby that wakes upfrequently atnight? Calm Down Now™ is the leading app for relieffrom theseeveryday problems. Listen to guided relaxation audios,learnempowering techniques in the animated handbook (includingtappingeft) or custom mix a variety of your favorite relaxingsounds.Combining the top methods for instant relaxation andovercominganxiety, this app empowers you every time! Created bynotedpsychotherapist June Tomaso Wood, LCSW to accompany herforthcomingbook Calm Down Now™. Her experience in using thesetechniques hasproven effective in reducing stress and anxiety inher life and inall the lives she has touched as a psychotherapistfor the last 30years. This is the definitive app for findinginstant comfortduring difficult times._____________________________ With CalmDown Now™ You Can: - RELAXFAST with the best methods available -SLEEP DEEPER usingcustomizable relaxing sounds - MEDITATE EASIERusing customizabletimer for sounds - EMPOWER YOURSELF usinganimated handbook with toptechniques - FIND THERAPISTS nearby whocan help_____________________________ FEATURES √ 4 Guidedrelaxation audios,including Stop Panic Now & 2-Min Mediation √3 Animatedempowering techniques, including the popular Tapping inTranquility(eft) & Positive Affirmations. √ 24 High qualityrelaxingsounds, including Ocean Waves & Rainy Day √ Mix yourfavoriterelaxing sounds together to create your personalsoundscape! √ Playsounds in the background while using other apps!√ Custom Timer.Choose how long you want to listen to relaxingsounds!✩ RelaxingSounds ✩♫Ocean Waves ♫Night Time ♫Monks ♫CatPurring ♫Flute ♫Clock♫TV Static ♫Rainy Day ♫Sound Bed ♫Zen Bell♫Wind Chimes ♫Music Box♫Light Rain ♫Crystal Bowl ♫Peepers ♫SunnyDay ♫Melody ♫Thunderstorm♫River ♫Fireplace ♫Sitar ♫Electric Fan♫Windy Day ♫Zen MusicJoin thegrowing community who ♥LOVE♥ the CalmDown Now™ app!
YourDOST - Emotional Wellness 8.0.1
The professionally trained counselors and experts at YourDOSTwillhelp you cope with difficult times - financial, stress,trauma,relationships, work pressure, depression, self-image andmany more- and also support you in your quest for selfimprovement.OurExperts (Your DOST) can help you develop: •  Healthypersonalrelationships •  A productive and satisfying work-lifebalance •  Amore focused approach towards achieving your goals •  Amoreconfident self •  The ability to deal with pressures of allkindsand from many sources - personal, societal, peer. The YourDOSTapphelps you seek that support:1. A live CHAT or an emailconversationwith an expert of your choice.2. Connect with people insimilarsituations on our discussion forums.3. Explore and learnfrom thewide collection of stories, graphics and video.
Are you stressed out, not feeling likeyourselfor worried about a family member? iChill can help byteaching youthe Community Resiliency Model, a set of self-helpskills. You willlearn simple info about how stress affects themind and body.iChill has been helpful to children, teens and adults, includingourtroops, veterans and their families. You can also opt intoresearchon how iChill is helping you.
Mood Triggers: Anxiety Depression Insomnia Tracker 1.23
Whether you're having trouble with anxiety or depression,stressedout, want to log your mood, or can't figure out why you'reanxiousor depressed, mood triggers can help! It’s the completemoodtracker app that can be of tremendous help for yourpsychologicalhealth. Mood Triggers will help you identify thingsthat cantrigger your worry, nervous, panic, anxious,doldrums,irritability, overanxiety, anxietude, consternation, anddepressedmoods for FREE. You won’t find a more complete &helpful mooddiary app! MOOD TRIGGERS FEATURES:✅ Diary of youranxiety anddepression in your daily life✅ Record health behaviorsincludingyour heart rate, number of steps, and sleep duration ✅This moodlog app can be used to help improve your awareness of yourmoodover timeFIGURE OUT WHY YOU ARE ANXIOUS OR DEPRESSEDMoodTriggerscan also figure out why you are anxious or depressed basedon datain your daily life. Mood Triggers will use your own data andrunstatistical analyses on them to tell you what's associatedwithyour anxiety and depression, including, but not limited to,yourheart rate, avoidance, arousal, helplessness,hopelessness,negative and positive events, fatigue, and theweather. SELF-HELPAPPThis mood tracking app can be used forself-help or with atherapist or psychologist to help give him/hermore informationabout how you experience anxiety, depression, andrelated healthbehaviors in your daily life and help the therapistto learn whattriggers your anxiety and depressed moods. Using MoodTriggers, wehope that you will become more optimistic and lesspessimistic, andincrease your sense of self-efficacy,self-empowerment andself-esteem.CAN HELP PATIENTS WITH CLINICALANXIETY &DEPRESSIONThis daily mood calendar app can be used forthose withclinical anxiety and depression (like generalized anxietydisorder,panic disorder, social anxiety disorder, specific phobia,PTSD,OCD, major depression, and dysthymia), mental illness,personalitydisorder, crippling depression, or those withsub-clinical anxietyand depression. HELPS WITH SYMPTOMS TOOThismood tracker app canhelp with symptoms of depressive disorders(like major depressivedisorder and dysthymia) and anxiety disorders(like social anxietydisorder, generalized anxiety disorder, OCD,PTSD, panic disorder,and specific phobia). This mood calendar appwill log symptoms thatare crucial to major depressive disorder suchas anhedonia, feelingsad, sleep, hopelessness, fatigue, lethargy,and low energy. Youcan then see what's driving the major depressivedisorder.Similarly, this mood chart app can be very helpful forthose withsocial anxiety disorder or panic disorder to identifywhat'sdriving their social anxiety symptoms or panic symptoms.MONITORMOOD CHANGESThis mood journal app can also help those whoseethemselves as moody or temperamental to see what's drivingtheirmood changes. Alternatively, this app can also help those whowantto remain emotionally numb see what's driving their desireforavoidance. NOTEThis mood app is used by researchers at PennStateUniversity to better understand anxiety and depression. Thisapphas been approved by Penn State's IRB and your dataisconfidential. This mood tracker app will prompt you tocompleteinformation once per hour until you decide to stop.Explanation ofPermissions: 1. Camera & Photos: Used detectheart rate2. Calls& SMS: Used to see if lack of social contacttriggers mood(only timestamps stored, no content is accessed)3.Location: Usedfor weather & to find location triggers of mood4. Recordaudio: See if sound levels are triggering mood (no audioisrecorded)
Decathlon Coach - Sports Tracking & Training 2.0.5
The new Decathlon Coach application is available and meets allyourneeds and sporting goals! It will undoubtedly become yourfavoritefree sports coach thanks to: - Free sessions to measureyour sportssessions such as running, fitness or walking - Coachingprograms inseveral sessions and sessions à la carte to achieve yourgoals -Follow up all the data of your sessions - Advice fromprofessionalson the tips and tricks of athletes Free orpersonalized sessions,anywhere, anytime Among the various freesessions you will find awide range of activities sports such asrunning, fitness, hiking,biking, trail running and many more. Allyou have to do is make achoice and get started! Whatever the sport,the application,equipped with a GPS, will measure your speed, yourdistancetraveled, your elevation, your course, your calories burned... Ifyou rather want to set up your session yourself, it isalsopossible ! Choose a warm-up and the creation of your ownsplitsessions in foot races (alternation of intense and moderateeffort)is done in a few minutes. Then you only have to programtheduration of each action and rest phase as well as therepetitionsthat will constitute your personalized run. Before yoursportssession, set the values ​​you want to follow on your screenor inyour headset with voice feedback, to be guided during yoursportsactivity. A la carte sessions or coaching programs with ourbestcoaches Receive the advice of a free sports trainer duringasession thanks to the à la carte sessions, whether you wanttostart or resume your jogging or sports walking. If you wanttomaintain and strengthen your body, there are fitness exercisesorbodyweight workouts. Discover the pilates to relax and preventpainthrough stretching. You can also go with the free sportsprogramsfor several weeks if you want to lose weight, maintain yourbody,improve your speed, strength or endurance. So, discover alltheavailable training to progress in your favorite sports! Ifyoustart running, you will learn in a few weeks to find yourrhythmand improve your performance. If you are a regular runner andyouwant to train for running a 10km, half marathon or marathon,orimprove your VMA or cardio, programs are available. Startandprogress pilates with carpet exercises to promotesheathing,strengthening, relaxation and stretching. You canotherwise takecare of your back, tone your body and activate yourdeep muscles.Follow-up of your sessions and comparison of your bestperformancesFind your last pilates session, Nordic walking,running, mountainbiking and other sporting activities to keep aneye on your bestperformances. Then take a closer look -analyze the most relevant GPS tracksections, - discover yourprogress from month to month and from yearto year with ourtracking graphs Tips from recognized professionalsYou can benefitfrom tips and tricks to help you practice your sportevery day. Forexample, you will have tips on sports equipment atadopt, connectedproducts, how to prepare a trail but also advice onhydration andnutrition according to your caloric profile withparticularBalanced meal proposals for the whole week. If you alsowant toavoid aches and cramps, professionals have the answer youneed.
Youper - Emotional Health 7.00.005
Youper, Inc
Great people always have an assistant by their side. Thousandsofpeople are using Youper as their Emotional Health Assistant.You’lllove it too! 😊 Youper empowers you to monitor and improveyouremotional health through quick conversations based ontherapytechniques and mindfulness. Created by a team ofdoctors,scientists, and engineers led by Dr. Jose Hamilton, Youperutilizesartificial intelligence (AI) to personalize varioustechniques tofit your needs. It incorporates techniques fromCognitiveBehavioral Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and CommitmentTherapy (ACT),Mindfulness, and Meditation. Over time, your dailyconversationswith Youper will help you develop a new understandingaboutyourself, improve your well-being, and help you buildbetterrelationships. KEY FEATURES * Quick conversations that canchangeyour day * Mindfulness personalized to your moments *Effortlessjournal * Beautiful mood tracker * Emotional insights onanxiety,depression, stress, panic, bpd, and more * Shareablereports *Personality test * Integration with Google Fit makesself-help andself-care easy Read more here: Terms andconditions: Privacypolicy: Supportcenter:
Panic Relief- stop anxiety now 1.5.4
The best tools to deal with panic, stress and anxiety! This appcangive you instant support wherever you are - it is silent andhelpsyou stay in control. Use your favorite animations for a fewminuteswhen you feel anxiety starts to build up inside you. PanicReliefis made by a danish psychiatrist and specialist incognitivetherapy, Marianne B. Geoffroy. 4 short cartoons withanimationsshow you how to cope with the unpleasant sensations inyour bodywhile staying mentally calm and in control. Are you aprofessional,a doctor or psychologist? The app can be used as asupplement topsychotherapy and/or medical treatment for panic,anxiety andstress disorders. Typical situations where panic attacksmay start:- in supermarkets, in crowds - in public transports, inairplanes -on highways, crossing bridges, in heights - before examsor jobinterviews - in other situations where you might feel stucke.g. atthe dentist, at formal gatherings and meetings, inrestaurants etc.CHEST: helps you discover what your normalbreathing pattern atrest looks like and helps you avoid too deepand frequent breathingduring panic, also called hyperventilation.Hyperventilation causesdizziness and makes anxiety and panic evenworse.SQUARE: is awellknown CBT method often called ‘breathing insquares’. This toolgives you both visual and mental focus when youuse it duringanxiety and panic. It will make you stay in mentalcontrol whilethe body calms down. ARM: shows you a quick and easytechnique forrelaxation which will make a panic attack feel lessintense. BODY:is a visualization exercise which is usefull when youhave read thetext 'What is a Panicattack' and read about our fight-flightreflex. Follow this animation and let the turmoil inside youbecometransformed into a more pleasant sensation. MORE: Read‘More’:'What is a Panicattack', read about why some of us are proneforanxiety attacks and about why they are a normal reactionthathappens in the body. Also read why panic attacks may come andgo inperiods and find answers to other frequently
Stop Panic & Anxiety Self-Help 4.1.2
Excel At Life
LEARN TO CONTROL PANIC AND GET RELIEF FROM ANXIETYSelf-HelpforPanic DisorderThe info in this app assumes that the userissuffering from panic attacks due to Panic Disorder. It may notbeapplicable to other forms of anxiety. It focuses on the fearofhaving a panic attack and the fear of the sensations when havingapanic.CONTAINS***Articles about panic/anxietyandcognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT)***Anxiety Cognitive Diarytolearn to challenge fearful thinking***Emotion Training Audiotolearn to access calming states***Relaxation Audios to learndeeprelaxation***Panic Assistance Audio to coach throughpanicattacks***Password protection availableNOTE: All audios canbedownloaded from ExcelAtLife.comUse Panic Assistance audio tocoachyou when you experience a panic attack and to help you learntotolerate and control the anxiety symptoms. Also, can be usedtoassist with exposure therapy for Agoraphobia.The PanicAssistanceaudio is not a relaxation or hypnosis audio. It is meantto be firmso as to get your attention while having a panic attack.Relaxationor hypnosis audios are not very useful during a panic.They may beuseful to prevent panic, but this audio is focused onreminding youthat panic won't harm you and that you can toleratethe unpleasantsensations of panic.Emotion Training audio can beused asrelaxation or you can use it to learn how to access emotionssuchas calmness or strength when you need to. The audio trainsthebrain to pair the emotions with certain colors and once youhavelearned the process, you can elicit the emotions you desirebyimagining the paired color flowing through you.Links to to help you understand thecognitive-behavioraltherapy (CBT) approach for anxiety and PanicDisorder. The generalidea of CBT is to repeat rational statementsthat challenge theirrational fears until the rational beliefsbecome stronger thanthe fears. Since it is difficult for a personto do this whilehaving a panic attack, the panic assistance audioin this app helpsyou to do this. This self-help method can providethe coaching manypeople need to cope with panic. However, somepeople may needtherapeutic help in addition to this.Use therelaxation audio toimprove your anxiety management skills. Learn toreduce stress andto relax your body using Qi Gong and additionalrelaxation audiosby Excel At Life.Also, look for "The Worry Box"app for audio tocreate imagery to reduce worry and relatedanxiety.Reason forpermissions:1) READ PHONE STATE ANDIDENTITY--necessary whenlistening to audios to pause playback whenphone call is received(Excel At Life never accesses identity)2)MODIFY DELETE SD CARDCONTENTS--necessary to allow saving data to SDcard3) FULL INTERNETACCESS AND VIEW NETWORK STATE--necessary todetermine if internetaccess is available when linking to articlesand audios
My Diet Coach - Weight Loss Motivation & Tracker
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√ Keep your motivation alive with inspiring tips, photos,andvirtual rewards √ The best weight tracker & calorie counter-Easily journal your diet plan with our user-friendly diet diary√Easy, Fun, Motivating - Way more than just a caloriecalculator& weight tracker √ Learn to lose weight fast and getintofitness by making small lifestyle changes √ Free water tracker***So, how will MY DIET COACH HELP YOU TO LOSE WEIGHT? *** MyDietCoach will help you find your inner motivation, keep you ontrack,make healthy lifestyle changes, resist food cravings,avoidexercise laziness and other weight loss difficulties: • Setyourgoal (We'll help you to achieve it) • Track your progress(New!Visual weight tracker – see your lost weight ‘drop off’ …) •Getreminders of what's important (Your goal, motivationalphotos,fitness class) • Take up small, healthy lifestyle challenges−you'll never forget to drink water again! • Boost your weightlossmotivation with our inspiring tips and quotes • Stay on trackwithour user-friendly calorie counter • Be rewarded for yoursuccess –lots of fun and super motivating (for women!) • It's FREE!MOREDETAILS: In order to lose weight, you just have to consumefewercalories than you burn. Sounds easy, doesn't it? So, howcomeslosing weight didn’t become any easier? Well … While otherappsoffer just a calorie counter, My Diet Coach offers a full setoflifestyle changing and motivation tools: 1. Customized reminders–boost your motivation, improve your health and plan your diet:•Drink water • Always be prepared with healthy snacks • It’stimefor your exercise class • And much more … 2. Visual weighttracker– Your LOST weight counter − visually see and track how muchyou'velost so far! 3. Daily challenges program which will help youto: •Improve your fitness and nutrition • Lose body fat andincreasecalorie burn • Drink more water √ Get ‘Healthy Lifestyle’pointsfor your achievements √ Steps counter 5. Helpful tips andtricksfor common weight loss setbacks: • Tips for food cravings •Tipsfor exercise laziness • How to get your motivation back • Muchmore… 6. Get ‘Healthy lifestyle’ points for doing the right thingandimproving nutrition: √ Redeem your points for virtual fashionitemsto dress your avatar (for women only) 7. Lose even more weightwiththe Pro UPGRADE. By upgrading, you’ll get: • Food cravingspanicbutton and tips • Weight, water, and measurements charts(syncswith the tracker) • Diet diary, which includes meals andexercisejournal, calorie burned counter, and barcode scanner forfoods •Water consumption tracker • BMI calculator √ Get more pointsandfashion items for your avatar > Record and view your weightlossprogress—with the Pro weight chart! Detailed Description: 8.DietPlanner and diary: > Personalize your diet plan − defineyourown meals, exercises > One diary for exercises, meals, andotherevents ... > Set reminders that will remind you to planandjournal > Calories calculator for hundreds of types ofexerciseand thousands of foods > Barcode scanner for US foods> Trackcarbs, fats, and protein > Just check off recurringmeals andexercises in the journal diary > Record your weightlossprogress and body measurements (Pro) > Addotherweight-loss-related tasks like finding healthy recipes,drinkwater, preparing healthy grocery lists, measuring your weight,andmore ... > BMI calculator and BMR calculator >Caloriecounter − view calories consumed and burned against yourdailycalorie goals > Track your water consumption in yourjournal(Pro) > Weight and body measurements Tracker > Viewyourweight loss chart and graphs (Pro) > Use your weight chartas amotivational aid – set a reminder that shows your weight chart