Top 49 Games Similar to Scrabble Résolveur

Word Breaker 7.1.3
Word Breaker, the go-to word game helper since 2011! Aside fromitsability to build words, Word Breaker is also a learningandoptimization tool. Learn to strategize using the BoardSolver,discover how to get multiple crosswords in a single play,andalways have an idea of what tiles have yet to be played. Youcanalso use it to solve everyday problems, puzzles, and anagrams.WordBreaker has even been used in the classroom to teach English-something we think is just amazing! TOP FEATURES: - NEW: 3themesincluding a brand new dark and light theme. Love the oldlook? Westill include the classic wood grain in the Classic theme.-Lightning fast! - Screenshot importing reads your gameboarddirectly into Board Solver! Easily check what words youmissedusing this powerful feature. - Even better! The classicsolver modecan work with anything! Try it with word jumbles,crosswords,hangman, and more. - Our original and stillground-breaking GhostMode allows you to peek at the gameunderneath! - Local dictionary!You never have to be online to useWord Breaker. Download yourfavorite dictionaries and take them onthe road! Also, likeeverything else, dictionaries are free! - Trackwhat’s left in thebag! Our exclusive “Remaining Tiles” screen helpsyou predict whatletters you’ll get next! - Supports wildcards andblank tiles! Evenbetter, you can easily tell Word Breaker whatlocation and patternsto look for. - Highly customizable, includingfilters for wordlength! - Available is SEVEN languages, includingEnglish,Nederlands, Français, Deutsch, Italiano, Español, andPortuguês! ★How to take a screenshot: - Press and hold “VolumeDown” and“Power” for one full second. - On certain phones, thiscombinationis “Home” and “Power.” ★ Having trouble with ScreenshotImporting?1) Completely zoom out before taking a screenshot. Thisway, thewhole board is visible and Word Breaker can properly scaneverytile. 2) Make sure all of your playable tiles are on the tilerack,not on the game board. This ensures the results you get arevalid.3) Make sure nothing is obscuring the game. Facebook ChatHeads,app trays, and notification pop-ups can all interfere withWordBreaker.
Words Cheat 1.3.2
Win every single time, FREE Cheat for all word and word boardtypeof games, use this app to gain an advantage over your friends.Thisapp is the best for generating high scoring words for you toplayand see the spelling of the word you have chosen without havingtogo back and forth between your game and words cheat. It overlaysontop of your board game so that you can see and interact at thesametime.Click on a produced word to overlay it on top of yourgame.INSTRUCTIONS:To use, all you need to do is:-enter the lettersyoureceive from Words with Friends into the 1st text box(YourLetters).-enter any words or letters you find already on theboardthat you would like to build your word off, into the 2nd textbox.You can specify your search mode by using the W, S, A buttonsatthe top of Words Cheat.W - Full word search. for example:Yourletters: JASDFTY If your opponent has just played "WIN" Thismodewill produce: WINDY. so that you can add DY from your letterstoWIN already on the board.S - Single Letters mode. Eachindividualword in board letters section will be used to produce aword. Forexample: Your Letters: SADF Board Letters: ABC This willproduce -(B)ADS, (C)ADS, (A)AS. Using each board letterseparately.W -Advanced board letters. This allows a gap to beprocessed. if youhave two words on the board side by side with agap in between,this mode is for you. For Example: Your letters:ASDFGH On theBoard: OPEN N EITHER Here you can enter into boardletters as: P?Ito find words that will span this gap. This willproduce A (P) H(I) D S -you can specify the placement of theseboard letters inrelation to your word with the radio buttons'start' 'end' and'any'. check the screen shots for examples.-thenjust hit GO! Itwill provide you with a list of available words youcan make, withthe letters you have provided. To see your gameunderneath wordsCheat please try these steps:-open wordscheat, hitmenu thensettings.-make sure "Words Cheat notification" isticked.-open orswitch to Words With friends.-select a board to play(make sure youare in a game where you can actually place tilesdown.)-onceloaded, drag down your notifications bar andselectwordscheat.-this should overlay it ! -Overlay feature, do nothaveto leave game.-Does not rely on an internetconnection.-Fullyfunctional, no restrictions, no forced paidcontent.-Make sure youcheck out the search settings beforeusing-Long press a word toaccess dictionary-optional transparencysee game board throughapp!-Multiple search settings (check settingsscreen)-To use blanktiles just substitute with a question mark '?'--------FOR SAMSUNGDEVICES------------Some devices have been knownto automaticallyhide WordsCheat's notifications.To re-enablenotifications, checkout this video forademo: you haveanyquestions, complaints or suggestions please drop an PLEASE NOTE ---------Samsung S8, S8+,A9and Note8 users are experiencing issues with a blackoverlay.Theproblem is due to Samsung latest patch that was releasedin March30.Our latest update should fix this. Please confirm.
Classic Words Solo
Lulo Apps
Classic Words Solo is the number one word game to play againstyoursmartphone or tablet (solitaire mode). Enrich yourvocabularythanks to the built-in word definitions! 6 difficultylevels andmany languages are supported: English, Spanish, French,Italian,German, Dutch and Polish. Tired of stumbling acrosscheaters orwaiting hours for your opponent's next move onmultiplayer wordgames? Try out Classic Words Solo for instant fun,no matter if youare a beginner in crossword games or a tournamentplayer! Choosethe skill level of the computer (from beginner toexpert), pick aword list (English word lists include TWL andSOWPODS officiallexicons), and use your strategy skills andvocabulary to try anddefeat the Droid. Classic Words gameplay isclassical to crosswordsboard games: create and place words on theboard and boost yourscore by placing letters on the high scoringDouble Letter, DoubleWord, Triple Letter and Triple Word squares.Use all 7 letters fromyour rack to play a Bingo and get a 50 pointsbonus. This game is agreat time killer for all fans of board gamesand strategy games.It is also an educational game that will allowkids (and adults) toimprove their spelling and vocabulary. Thanksto the fastreactivity and variable skill of the computer andquality wordlists, Classic Words is used by many enthusiasts toplay quicktraining matches and learn new words from the computer'smoves.Unlike with multiplayer board games where some dishonestplayersuse anagram solvers, there is no cheating possible whenplayingsolitaire... Letters and blanks are always picked randomly,and thecomputer's artificial intelligence does not have moreinformationthan you do. Only your tactics and creativity can makethedifference... Will you play strategically enough to outwitthecomputer and its extensive vocabulary? ☆ Features ☆ • 6 levelsofdifficulty • Display the definition of words by swiping them•Supports offline play • Quit and resume game whenever you want•Shake to shuffle • Languages and dictionaries supported: -English- SOWPODS 2015 (Official English tournament list) - TWL2014(Official list) - German (with support of Umlauts, and Ezset tobereplaced by two 'S') - French (Official list used in tournaments)-Italian - Spanish - Dutch - Polish • Distribution of lettersandpoints is adapted to the language
SCRABBLE Word Checker
An easy to use SCRABBLE word checker with offline support andfulldefinitions. Features: - Official SCRABBLE wordlists:   • Tournament Word List (178,691 words) -UnitedStates & Canada    • Collins Word List(270,163words) - International - Comprehensive definitions providedby TheAmerican Heritage Dictionary, Wiktionary, CenturyDictionary,Collins Dictionary and more. - Works offline.
Wordmeister 😍 Offline Solo Words Friends Game 🏆 1.1.090
MJS Labs
Wordmeister 😍 is a classic words game. Play on your smartphoneortablet, against a computer. If you're tired of waitingforopponents on multiplayer words with friends games, try thisofflinesolo word game. It's fast, easy and you'll actually learnnew wordsdaily. 👍 Keep your brain sharp and well trained! 🧠Scramble andunscramble your words before playing. Connect the wordsand createpowerful word links to score combo points. If you're afan ofbananagrams and jumble words, this game will be familiar toyou. Ifyou're a crossword puzzle fan, then you'll feel at home withthisstyle of gameplay. Wordmeister is one of the best word boardgamesin the market. Classics will love this. We currently support-English Word Dictionary 🇬🇧 (Collins) - German Word Dictionary 🇩🇪-French Word Dictionary 🇫🇷 Our English dictionary supportsover10,000 English words, using the Collins Scrabble Dictionary.Thisis compatible with world tournament standards. Use power upssuchas Double Letter, Double Word, Triple Letter and TripleWordsquares. Fans of wordfeud and lulo will feel at home. Use thisgameas practice, and learn new words from the computer's moves.It's agreat educational tool for kids and adults to improveyourvocabulary. Personalize your games with your own avatars andnames.😀 👸🏼👵🏻👴🏻 ☆ New Features ☆ • Earn coins to unlock coolcharactersand beautiful themes 🆕 🔥 • Jump straight to the game, nononsensepromotions or ads • English, German and French dictionaries🆕 🔥 •Do you need American english words? We have that too. • Quitandresume whenever you want • Zoom in to place tiles easier 🆕 🔥•Ability to shuffle tiles • Ability to skip turn without waitingforopponent 💯 • Easy drag drop tile system 💯 • Interactive tutorial•Combine words and get your word streak! Practice your wordskills,scramble the words real well and have fun! Get your wordchums andcookies game on! NOTES: 1) Our app is updated on a weeklybasis.Stay tuned for new updates! Unscramble the tiles and startyourwordscape journey. 2) Feedback is always appreciated. Pleasesubmityour feedback via the Feedback button. We take allfeedbackseriously and use it to improve the game, on a weeklybasis.
Word Master 4.6
Word Master is an innovative version of the traditional“Crosswords"board puzzle. Not needing internet connection, usingunique fastartificial intelligence resources and with highlycustomizableoptions, Word Master is used by Scrabble enthusiastsfor quickoffline training and induce the players to improve theirskills andreasoning in the game. Create words with the 7 letterson your rackand place them on the 15 by 15 tile board. Boost yourscore byplacing letters on the special Double Letter, Double Word,TripleLetter and Triple Word tiles. Languages supported: • English•French (Français) • Portuguese (Português) • German (Deutsch)•Spanish (Español) • Italian (Italiano) • Dutch(Nederlands)•Norwegian(Norsk) • Romanian(Romana) • Catalan(Català) PLAYAGAINSTTHE COMPUTER Choose the level and the duration of the game.No morewaiting long hours for your opponent to play! Both computerandplayer tiles are randomly selected, simulating in the bestwaypossible a game against a real opponent. PASS N' PLAY Playofflineagainst friends! In the bus, airport, train or whateverplace youare. CHALLENGE MODE Find out if you are a true Scrabblechampion.In this mode, you score more points in each turn as youcome closerto the best possible word. Try to beat your high scores!IMPROVEYOUR PERFORMANCE WITH THE MASTER After each turn, you willbe ableto see which words you could have played. Learn how to usethebonus squares on the board and the standards for the formationofwords. ENRICH YOUR VOCABULARY WITH WORD DEFINITIONS Swipeyourfinger across any word on the board and get itsdictionarydefinition. (Internet required) MORE FEATURES: • Do notwaste yourtime searching whether the word you chose exists! As youplace theword on the board, the game will display whether the wordis or notvalid and its score. • Get tips for valid words beingcreated inyour rack as you are arranging your letters (You canenable ordisable this feature at any time). • Save your game andresumelater. • Keep track of your records and stats (e.g. bestfinalscore, best word ever played, total bingos and more). • Choosefromvarious board layouts, including random. • Block the droidfromusing very rare words. • Bad draw helper (avoid receiving arackwith no consonants or no vowels). • Two dictionaries inEnglishavailable: SOWPODS and TWL • Other languages anddictionaries used:French: Officiel du Scrabble, ODS6 PortugueseSpanish: DRAE(Including characters "CH", "LL", "RR" and "Ñ" German(Includingcharacters "Ä", "Ö" and "Ü") Italian: Zingarelli
Word Wars - Word Game 1.268
World's #1 multi-player scrabble word game! PLAY thesimpleword-building game you are guaranteed to fall in love with.Settlethe word feud and take a crack at beating your friends in themostaddictive and fun scrabble game online. The board games stylemakesplaying very intuitive not only for bookworms but for everyonewholoves playing scrabble with friends You can play whenever youwantand against whomever you want: It is anasynchronous,cross-platform, multi-player game. You can playagainst yourfriends or against random opponents. And there areunlimitedsimultaneous games! Make tactical WORDPLAYS in thiswarfare ofvocabulary! Spread your word prowess! Combine the lettersin yourrack with the ones on the board, and use the bonus squaresto getmore points. You can double and even triple the value oftheletters you use or the words you make! Play against playersofsimilar level. Use in-game chat to communicate with friends.Boggleyour friends with new words everyday. Play Scrabble inipad,tablets and iphones, and android phones for free! All thewordsincluded in the scrabble dictionary to make sure that no-onecheatswhen you play scrabble with your friends Download Wordwarsnow,join thousands of Wordwarriors on the battlefield and seewhyeveryone is hooked! Write back to us with any issuesorsuggestions, we are all ears!
Dropwords 6.3
Dropwords is word-finding puzzle that combines some elementsofScrabble and Boggle. Valid words boost your score and thedwindlingtimer; used letters disappear and new ones drop fromabove."Dropwords is a potent mixture of Scrabble, Boggle andBejeweled! -Editor's Pick from" The game includes sixgame modes:Normal, Hard, Lightning, Blocker, Relax and Untimed.Whether youjust want to relax, or are looking for somethingchallenging,there's a game mode that will suit you. The game offersthreedictionaries: 1. Scrabble: contains all the 2-to-8-letterwordsfrom the SOWPODS list of Scrabble competition words. Thisamountsto 114575 words, including both US and UK spellings. Becausethisis a Scrabble dictionary, proper nouns like "June" or "Rome"arenot included. Plurals are included. 2. Webster's: based ontheWebster's New International Dictionary, 2nd Edition, thiscontains87416 2-to-8-letter words. Includes some proper nouns, butnotplurals or Scrabble-specific words (such as my ownfavourite,"QI"!). I have added certain words that seemed to bemissing inerror: BOX, HAS, KID, NEAR. 3. Both! The combination oftheScrabble and Webster's dictionaries, comprising 153136 words.Thisis the dictionary used by default. You can switch dictionaryviathe game's Options dialog. Includes optional accesstoPapayaMobile's social network, global leaderboards,andachievements! Have fun! * Note to Samsung Galaxy S2 owners:thereis a known fault with this dual-core phone where soundplayback cancause crashes and/or freezes. Please ensure the game's"Mute sound"option is ticked (in the Options dialog, accessiblefrom thehighscores screen). * Coming soon: 1. Make the SaveGame/AbandonCurrent Game sequence slicker by allowing the player tojust press"Back" to auto-save and drop back to the highscoresscreen. 2. Getthe game to auto-save when it gets backgrounded (bythe playerswitching tasks/taking a call). 3. "Bomb Drop" game mode.Pleasefeel free to e-mail me with any bug reports, requests,orquestions!
Word Chef: Word Games, Free Games 2.9
Sun Games
Word Chef is a FREE Games and new type of the classic wordsearch,word finder scrabble puzzle game. In this word game, yourjob is tofind the correct spelling to make a great platter. Orenjoy thegames with your kids.See how many word can you spell atthe coldplatter. You can play offline in anytime. Enjoy game forany time,anywhere and a short time.The aim of the game is to findall hiddenwords.With this game you can easily improve yourvocabulary,concentration and spelling skills.Are you ready to finddeliciouswords candy at your candy jar?Embrace your brain power todiscoverwords.HOW TO PLAY• Words can be vertical, horizontal,diagonal andeven backwards.• Simply swipe your finger over a wordto selectit.• If you've found a valid word it will remainhighlighted andmarked on the words list as found.FEATURES❀ Discoverhidden wordsfrom mixed letters.❀ Find derived words from main wordsand developyour brain & vocabulary skills.❀ Visually pleasingto playcheese in various kinds! ❁ Feel achievement withIncreasedpoint by making more cheese!❁ It is wonderful and greatfor kids tolearn how to spell.❁ Daily rubies rewards (comingsoon!)❂ Free 10rubies payments, at the first game❂ Great exercisefor the brain❂Support both Phones and Tablets.❃ FREEUpdate!FacebookPage:
Wordix: Fill it ins puzzles,Criss-Cross word game 6.7
Alba Games
Our Fill in crosswords (or Criss-Cross fill it ins) is a Greattimekiller while being mentally stimulating ,and a greatchallengingword game, according the most of the comments find onthe AppStore. (⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ) Addicting, easy and paperless Fillit inscrosswords puzzles (Fill it ins or Word fit puzzles), to keepyouentertained for hours! 💥 Offline Word fill ins Games, nointernedor WiFi needed!!💥 💥 Easy games to be played by kids andadults💥 💥Great game to train memory and learn new words💥 💥 A funtimekilling puzzle game to relax 💥 💥The Fill in puzzles (orKrissKross) are a variation of the common crossword puzzles inwhichwords, rather than clues, are given. To solve the fill inpuzzle,you need to fill the grid with all the listed words. 💥Thisfreeword puzzles application, offers two different types of fill itincrosswords are available: 🚀 Standard Fill in crossword puzzles🚀"Diagram-less" puzzle game, much harder to solve Inthe"Diagram-less fill in puzzles", the black boxes are not present.Tosolve to puzzle, also them should be added into the fill itincrossword grid. The main feature of this word gamesapplicationsare: 🚀 Fillin puzzle solutions always present 🚀 With aspecialbutton. it is possible to check the correctness of puzzlesanswers(only for diagram-less ones). 🚀 It is possible to "show aword" tohelp with hard puzzles 🚀 The word games can be solvedoff-line andno registration is required. 🚀 Leader-board with bestscoresavailable For much more word puzzle games, like wordsearches,english Crosswords, fillin number puzzles, but also CrossFigurespuzzles, please check the app store. Have Fun and enjoyfillins
Neogrammes 1.31
Nabil W. Akl
Néogrammes est une application de recherche d'anagrammes baséesurl'ODS6 de 2012. C'est aussi une application d'aideauxmots-croisés.Elle utilise les mots de 2 a 9 ou 10 lettresdel'officiel du Scrabble version 2012 selon le modèle du téléphoneoude la tablette.Sa fonction première permet de trouver touslesanagrammes d'une série de lettres pouvant contenir aussides"jokers".Les jokers sont définis par un "?" équivalent dans lejeude Scrabble au BLANC.Vous pouvez aussi filtrer la recherchedesanagrammes en utilisant un masque.La première région de saisiedetexte sert a taper les lettres de l'anagramme, la seconde sertataper le masque de filtrage.Par ex:Saisie des lettres : TESTW?(Icile «?» représente un joker)Saisie du masque: S?T* (Le «?»replaceune lettre quelconque et l'«*» représente une série delettresquelconques).Le masque «S?T*» équivaut a filtrer les motsgénérésde la façon suivante:La première lettre doit être un S, «?»laseconde peut être n'importe quelle lettre, la troisième un T,et«*» autant de lettres quelconques possible.Après avoir appuyésur«Anagrammes» une liste de 4 colonnes s'affichera.Lapremièrecolonne représente les mots correspondant a votrerecherche, laseconde la taille des mots en lettres, la troisièmeleur valeur auScrabble et la quatrième les jokers utilisés ayantremplacé les«?». Une fois la liste des mots affichée, vous pouvezcliquer sur«Taille» pour trier les mots par leur taille ou sur«Val.» pour lestrier par leur valeur au Scrabble.La secondefonction permet decompléter les grilles des mots-croisés.Il suffitde taper dans larégion de saisie du texte les lettres que vous avezdéjà etremplacer les blancs par des «?», puis appuyer sur«mots-croisés»pour afficher la liste des mots possible.Attention!Cetteapplication n'affiche pas les noms propres!!!. Cetteapplication aété testée uniquement sur SE Xperia Arc et SE XperiaX10, néanmoinselle devrait fonctionner sur la plupart destéléphones et tablettesAndroïd.Soyez indulgents dans voscommentaires … c'est ma premièreapplication Androïd.Desmises-à-jour devront suivre prochainementpour améliorer lesperformances et les fonctionnalités.Néogrammesis a searchapplication based on anagrams ODS6 2012. It is also ahelperapplication to crosswords.It uses words from 2 to 9 or 10letters ofthe official Scrabble version 2012 on the model of yourphone ortablet.Its primary function will find all the anagrams ofa seriesof letters that can also contain "wildcards".Wildcards aredefinedby a "?" equivalent in the game of Scrabble in WHITE.Youcan alsorefine your search anagrams using a mask.The first area isa textinput type the letters of the anagram, the second is a typeoffilter mask.Eg:Entering letters TESTW? (Here the "?" Representsawildcard)Input mask: S? T * (The "?" Replace any letter and"*"represents any series of letters).Mask "S? * T" is equivalenttofilter words generated as follows:The first letter must be an S"?"The second can be any letter, the third T, and "*" any manylettersas possible.After pressing "Anagrams" a list of 4 columnswill bedisplayed.The first column represents the wordscorresponding toyour search, the second word size in letters, thethird value andfourth Scrabble wildcards used replaced with"?".Once the list ofwords displayed, you can click on "Size" tosort words by theirsize or "Val." To sort by value Scrabble.Thesecond function isused to complete the crossword grid.Just type inthe text inputarea the letters you already have and replace theblanks with "?",Then press "crossword" to display the list ofpossiblewords.Attention! This application does notdisplaynames!. This application has been tested only on SE andSEXperia Arc Xperia X10, however it should work on mostAndroidphones and tablets.Be indulgent in your comments ... this ismyfirst Android Application.Of up-to-day will soon follow toimproveperformance and functionality.
CrossCraze FREE - classic word game 3.41
ORT Software
CrossCraze is a fun, modern twist on the classic word game,designedfor players who prefer the solo challenge of an offlinecomputeropponent. Plus, now you can play in English, French,Italian,German, Spanish, Dutch, Swedish, Danish or Norwegian. ◆ 28BOARDLAYOUTS Board sizes range from the standard 15x15 squares upto21x21. ◆ 12 BOARD STYLES Change the board's appearance to suityourtaste. You can even customize the screen colours. ◆ 2 GAMEMODESChoose from "Classic" mode, where new letters must link toexistingwords (e.g. change "rabble" to "scrabble"), and "TileStacking"mode, where new tiles can also be dropped over old ones(e.g."scrabble" becomes "scramble"). ◆ 10 SKILL LEVELS Frustratedby thecheating found in online word games, with so many playersusingpuzzle solvers and in-app purchases for an unfair advantage?Tiredof waiting for your friends to make their move? CrossCraze'ssingleplayer "solitaire" mode lets you choose a computer opponentto matchyour own skill level. The super-smart AI never takes morethan amoment to think, never abandons a game before the end, andneversends you inappropriate messages. How refreshing! ◆ 9LANGUAGESCrossCraze's tournament-standard vocabularies coveralmost 5 millionwords. View English and French dictionarydefinitions with a swipeof your finger. ◆ PLAY IT YOUR WAY Want toplay names, or otherwords that aren't usually allowed? The"flexible vocabulary" optionlets you override the default wordlist. You can even challenge thecomputer's moves. ◆ STREAMLINEDGAMEPLAY CrossCraze is a pleasure toplay, with quick, accuratetile placement. See your words validatedand scored instantly asyou build them. ◆ LOST FOR WORDS? Don'tscrabble in the dark.CrossCraze's unique hint system will find youthe best word. Allowyourself as many or as few hints per game asyou like. CrossCrazecan spell out the full word, or just show youwhere to look. ◆ SORTOR SCRAMBLE Automatic rack sorting lets youorder your lettersalphabetically, or split them into vowels andconsonants.Alternatively, scramble your rack with a simpledouble-tap. ◆PREPARE FOR TOTAL WORD DOMINATION CrossCraze is agreat educationaltool for both children and adults. Boggle yourbrain, master yourspelling, expand your vocabulary, or evenpractice a foreignlanguage. Plus, it's an excellent training aidfor fans ofanagrams, crossword puzzles and other classic wordbuilding boardgames. So impress your chums and begin your journeyfrom amateurchamp to tournament word master today. ◆ FREE vs PROCrossCrazeFREE provides the core features of the game. It is paidfor byminimal, non-intrusive advertising, so you can playwithoutdistractions. There are no expensive in-app purchases, andnoprivacy-invading permissions. Upgrade to CrossCraze PRO forthefull range of features, 100% ad-free.
Word Farm - Anagram Word Scramble 1.8.1
Wixot Limited
Escape to the world of farming with Word Farm! Harvest freshwordcrops while improving your vocabulary, intelligence andspellingskills. Word Farm is an addictive anagram game where youneed toshuffle and arrange letters to form as many words aspossible outof a pile of jumbled letters gathered from common wordsor words wehave regularly used in daily life. Swipe the letters,find out thehidden words and collect bonus coins! Word crops needyour help tocome to life! Unlike crossword, word search or otherword guessgames; Word Farm is an utterly new word game that willchallengeyour imagination and skills. A free casual game without atimelimit that you can take anywhere and anytime! HOW TO PLAY •Lettersare placed randomly on the board. Form the words in anydirection.• Simply swipe your finger over a word to select it. • Ifyou havefound a valid word it will remain highlighted and marked ontheword list as found. FEATURES • Simple yet excitinglychallengingpuzzles for all ages. • Discover hidden words inside 900uniquepuzzles! • Available in English and Turkish; more will beavailablesoon… • Great exercise to train the brain. • Free coinsaftercompleting each level. • Free coins to win in wheel offortune. •More friends, more free coins! • Free coins for everydaylogin! Ifyou like crossword puzzles or popular word games likeScrabble,Words with Friends, and Word Cookies, you'll be addictedto WordFarm! CONTACT US VIA • Are you ready? Starttotrain your brain now! Happy Gaming ...
Word Search 6.1.3996
Teewee Games
Word Search is ranked as top 1 in New Free Games amongseveralcountries now! Word Search is a Classical crossword gameforAndroid! The game is easy to play, slide the letter up, down,left,right, diagonal in any of the eight directions. Search andfind allhidden words in the grid. Increase your vocabulary andexerciseyour brain! Features: ✔ 30+ Categories of puzzles ✔ 3 modesto killyour spare time: Topic, Story, and Relax mode ✔ Createuniquepuzzle play with friends ✔ Multiple colorful themes ✔ Dailywordchallenge ✔ Automatically saved ✔ Available in 14 languages✔Powerful brain teasers for all ages ✔ Infinite playwithautomatically generated grids WordSearch is completely FREEtoplay! Support - Welcome to provide us new words-list inanylanguage, we will put them in the game.
Words With Friends Classic 13.610
Check out the all-new location-based leaderboard and find out ifyouare the best Words With Friends player in your area! We useyourgeolocation to put you on the leaderboard so you can compareyourscores to other players around you, challenge them to a game,andchat with them. Keep in touch with your friends by playingWordsWith Friends Free, the #1 mobile game! PLAY the simpleword-buildinggame you know and love CONNECT with your friendsthrough in-gamechat INVITE new friends to play instantly throughFacebook &Twitter, or with random opponent matchmaking ACCESSyour gamesacross all your devices_________________________________________PRAISE FOR WORDS •"Delightfully addictive." – GeekSugar • "Socialgaming at itsfinest." – Fox News • "The premise of ‘Words‘ issimple: you fireit up and are playing a Scrabble-like word gameagainst one of yourfriends in seconds." – TechCrunch • "One of themost requested appsthat people have waited to see come to Android."- Androinica_________________________________________ Already a fanof thegame? Like us on Facebook: us on Twitter: Use of thisapplication requires aFacebook or Games With Friends account andis governed by the ZyngaTerms of Service. Collection and use ofpersonal data are subject toZynga's Privacy Policy. Both policiesare available in theApplication License Agreement below as well asat Networking Service terms may also apply.
Wordfeud Free
Play against 30 million opponents! Wordfeud isamultiplayer puzzle game where you can challenge friends andrandomopponents and play in up to 30 separate gamessimultaneously!Create and place words on the 15 by 15 tile boardand earn pointsfor creativity and placing letters on the highscoring DoubleLetter, Double Word, Triple Letter and Triple Wordtiles. Searchfor friends to play against or allow Wordfeud to matchyou up withan opponent. Even chat with them - smack talk or praise- it's yourchoice! Tired of the same standard board each game?Choose theoption to randomize the board and change up where the DL,TL, DW,TW tiles are placed - giving the classic game a newtwist!Features: - Choose to play with friends or be matched upagainstrandom opponents - Play in 30 simultaneous games! - Randomboardoption to mix up the DL, DW, TL, TW tiles - Pushnotificationsinforming you of opponent's latest move - UsesEnglish, German,Spanish, Portuguese, French, Dutch, Norwegian,Swedish, Danish andFinnish dictionaries - Chat with your opponentsFor moreinformation on Wordfeud, visit us at andfollow onTwitter @wordfeud. Also check out the Facebook fan pageat
Tamil Word Search Game (English included) 2.2
Word search game is completely free, created to help kids,studentsand adults to learn English & Tamil words in a fun way.It isalso a brain game and addictive to play. How is our gameunique? ★All English and Tamil words are handpicked by our team. ★Unlimitedrandomly generated word puzzles. ★ For Tamil - 100categories with2500+ unique words are available. ★ For English -200 categorieswith 4500+ unique words are available. ★ Simple andfast interface.★ No hints or cheats will be given, as we would liketo keep theword search game challenging. How to play the Game?Swipe yourfinger horizontally, vertically, diagonally in forward orbackwarddirection to find out the hidden words from the grid. Ifyou lovedthis game, share it with your friends. Contact us for any feedback.
Verificateur Mots SCRABBLE 15.1.3
Vérificateur mots Scrabble est facile à utiliser même en modehorsligne et avec les définitions complètes. Caractéristiques:  -L'officiel du Scrabble 7 (2016)   - Définitions desmots  - Fonctionne en mode hors connexion Lesdéfinitionscomplètes des mots, avec étymologie, seront bientôtdisponiblesavec wiktionnaire. Auditor Scrabble words is easy to useeven inoffline mode with full definitions. Features: - TheOfficialScrabble 7 (2016) - Definitions of words - Works offlineCompletedefinitions of words, with etymology, will soon beavailable withwiktionary.
Wali Timer 17.5
All in Tool desgined for Scrabblers which contains (as thenamessuggests) a scrabble timer, word checker and word search.KeyFeatures Timer: Shows elspased time per move Shows movecountspause/reset button Allows you set time as desired. has theoptionto challenge a move The clock automatically pauses duringachallenge keeps a history of time duration per move You cansetnames on the clock as well(optional) Word Checker: Allows youtocheck multiple words Supports two widely used dictionaries TWLandCSW15 Word Search: The Word Search options currently supportsthefollowing searches: Anagram Search Length Starts With EndsWithContains Bingo Stem 2 Letters 3 Letters Q without U NoVowelsGraphics Designed by: Bilal Zafar Email*Requires Android 4.0 or above*
Word Chums 2.7.0
Word Chums is the highest rated word puzzle game, voted 4.8 starsbyAndroid users. Play free with friends or solo against thecomputer!◆ For lovers of anagrams, word builder games or crosswordpuzzles,Word Chums takes it to another level with fun graphics andsounds, abuilt-in dictionary, team mode, 3-4 player mode, andmore. ◆ WordChums is a new word game that’s easy to pick up andplay, butchallenging to master. It’s fun for the whole family orwith friends– you’ll love it, we promise! Try it once and you justmay findyourself doing a daily crossword puzzle game with severalof yourfriends! ◆ INTRODUCING THE CHUMS Oozing with personality,they bringthe game to life. Have fun earning gear to outfit yourChum andexpressing your style. They’re guaranteed to make youchuckle. ◆NAGARAM-ANAGRAM WORD TEASER Put your vocabulary to thetest in thisword making game by rearranging a word scramble into areal wordthat you can play. The better your word’s dictionaryscore, the moreXP you earn. XP helps you level up and unlock moregear for yourchums! ◆ INCREDIBLY STREAMLINED GAMEPLAY Word Chumsis a pleasure toplay. See words validate instantly as you placeletters and see thescoring badge automatically indicate wordstrength. ◆ FAMILIAR WORDBUILDING GAMEPLAY, CROSS WORD STYLE WordChums stays true to theclassic word builder gameplay thatvocabulary game lovers enjoy andcross word lovers can’t get enoughof. ◆ EARN TOP CHUM STATUS Earnexperience points with each wordplayed and level up to become Kingor Queen of the Chums. Show offyour “wordly” prowess by climbingyour way to the top of the weeklycrossword game leaderboards. ◆ ATRULY SOCIAL WORD PUZZLE GAME Seehow all your friends are doingfrom the friends list on the mainscreen. Experience a new level ofcollaborative word puzzle gamefun by grabbing a teammate for acouples word game online. Inviteanyone you like, whether they’refriends, family, adults or kids.Word Chums is the best word gameapp that’s easy to learn,challenging to master and fun for all! ◆SAY GOODBYE TO GETTINGSTUMPED If you suddenly feel like you’replaying a word scramblegame and need some help figuring out a wordyou can use, justactivate Word search hints. In a pinch, Wordsearch hints can pointyou to the location of a better word and helpyou unscramble yourvocabulary memory. ◆ A NEW WORD GAME TO SATISFYTHE SERIOUS GAMERFor all the daily crossword puzzle gamers, WordChums offersachievements, best word challenges, leveling, playerstats,crossword game leaderboards and much more. It’s a deepgamingexperience for everyone that gamers can master. ◆ LEARN ALITTLEWord Chums is the best word game online, great for adults andkidsalike! As a vocabulary game, Word Chums is great for wordmakergame lovers looking to get their text twist on and flextheiranagram game muscles, while also helping beginners to expandtheirvocabulary via the built-in dictionary – just tap any word toseeits definition. Experiment with new letter combinationsandinstantly discover new words to succeed. ——————————————————————◆SPECIAL FEATURES • 2-4 player games • Play versus friends,randomopponents, and computer Chumbots • Customizable Chumcharacters •Scrabble based dictionary – Know valid words before youpress play• Automatically see the strength of your word • Weeklycross wordgame leaderboard competitions • Find the best word andbeat thehint challenges • Drop a Bomb and take your turn with a newset ofletters —————————————————————— ◆ ABOUT PeopleFun Word Chumsis aword builder game, and comes to you from the makers of AgeofEmpires, one of the best-selling and most award-winning gamesofall time. Give it a try!
HelpScrabble (With OSD7 and CSW19) 2.0.51
New Feature: - Word validator accessible by the checkiconHelpScrabble, the essential application for all your wordgames!With HelpScrabble find the words that will make youwin.HelpScrabble works offline. HelpScrabble allows you to find allthewords you can possibly compose from a letter list. You can add"?"char to use Joker feature. Features of HelpScrabble: - Findwordsin the French dictionary (OSD7) - Find words in theEnglishdictionary (ODS7, CSW19) - Sort words by alphabetical order- Sortwords by number of points (English and French ScrabbleGame)You canuse HelpScrabble for all your word games (ScrabbleGame,longestword, etc.) Want to see a new feature included inHelpScrabble ?Just send us your idea to Becomeone of our betatester to evaluate the latest features, performanceand design.
Scrabble Checker 3.2
Scrabble Checker is a simple and accurate word checker (wordjudge)for word games. Features -------- • Fast word checking • Easytouse • Allow multiple words in single check • Word length up to15letters • No internet require (use local dictionary files) •Worddefinition lookup • Share words from other apps • Can installin SDCard • Supported dictionaries: - TWL/OWL (Thailand, USA,Canada) -SOWPODS/CSW (UK and Other country) - ENABLE (Words WithFriends) -YAWL (Wordsmiths) - OSPD (Official Scrabble PlayerDictionary) Ifyou like my app, please support me by purchasingAd-Free version.
Scrabble Expert 4.1
Enhance your word skill by building your own word lists, andwinyour games. Scrabble Expert is an anagram tool for word gameslikeScrabble or other word games. If you are a tournament playeroranyone who loves word games, you will love ScrabbleExpert.Features -------- - Quick search - Support multiple searchmodes *Anagram * Pattern * Word Builder * Starting with * Endingwith *Containing * 2 letters words * 3 letters words * Q without U*Contain Letters * Bingo Formula * Vowel-Heavy words *No-Vowelwords - No internet require (offline search) - Worddefinitionlookup - Display a hundred words in single page, lessscroll. -Pinch zoom - Wildcard search (blank tile) - Can install inSD Card- Supported dictionaries: - Tournament Word List (USA,Canada) -School Word List (USA, Canada) - SOWPODS/CSW (UK and Othercountry)- ENABLE (Words With Friends) - YAWL (Wordsmiths) Proversion(available via In-app purchase) ----------- - Search word upto 15letters - Unlimited wildcard search - No adsfacebook: like this app, please rate and comment. Your feedbackandsuggestions are welcome.
Erudite: Russian words 2.5.5
Ask yourself: Are you a erudite ? If you consider yourself aerudite- this game is for you! Download and start game to rememberall thewords that you know , because it's pretty hard.*** WARNING!All thewords in Russian! ****** For the next week will be activelytestingthe beta version of the new version with a new game mode ,and onOctober 12 it will be posted ! Thanks for waiting! **** Wordgame -is a logic game , which aims - to make words using only thelettersof a random word that has chosen phone.* Words that can beentered -nouns , adjectives and verbs . You will be able to learnthe meaningof each word. Also, for each word you get points forthat later youcan get a clue. Аor each tour you get 100 points ,raising the leveland ability to hit the leader board!* The game issimilar in genrewith games " Anagrams ", " The words of the word "and " Hangman " ,she is sure to take its place of honor in yourphone.Our advantagesare:- Unlimited number of words- The game canexplain the meaning ofeach word- Online mode- With each new updateexcept the words , addnew features and enhance the usability ofthe game, each word iscarefully checked- Updates are releasedevery week- We are alwaysavailable and willing to help you and tohear your opinion on ourwebsite VKontakte , the link is just belowreviews- The game usesonly play money- Paid version of the game islaid out for thosepeople who want to support the development ofthe game . As a bonus,we cleaned out advertisingIn the game youcan:- Complete 14 seasons( 168 words )- Play in an online mode(unlimited words)- Become thebest of the best and get on the honorroll!- Customize the look ofthe game- Learn new words = )We wishyou a pleasant game!
Word Scramble 1.18
Berni Mobile
Are you ready for WORD SCRAMBLE ?A fun and addictive word gamemixof word jumble puzzles and crossword clues.Discover all thewordshidden in the pyramid !On the same principle as crosswordpuzzles,this word jumble game asks you to find a set of wordsplaced in apyramid of letters. Create words chains, consideringthat each newword will be formed only using letters from theprevious one.- 3difficulty levels : Easy, Medium and Hard .-Available in severallanguages : English , German , Spanish , French, Indonesian ,Italian , Dutch and Portuguese Are you ready toSCRAMBLE?Free wordjumble games for adults and kids, free wordscramble games forandroid, word jumble, word scramble, crosswordpyramid.
French ScrabbleXpert 3.3
Enhance your word skill by building your own word lists, andwinyour games. Scrabble Expert is an anagram tool for word gameslikeScrabble. If you are a tournament player or anyone who loveswordgames, you will love Scrabble Expert. Features -------- -Quicksearch - Support multiple search modes * Anagram * Pattern *WordBuilder * Starting with * Ending with * Containing * 2letterswords * 3 letters words * Q without U * Contain Letters *BingoFormula * Vowel-Heavy words * No-Vowel words - No internetrequire(offline search) - Display a hundred words in single page,lessscroll. - Pinch zoom - Unilimited wildcard search (blank tile)-Can install in SD Card - Supported dictionaries: * ODS5 * ODS6*ODS7 Pro version (available via In-app purchase) ------------Search word up to 15 letters - No adsfacebook: like this app, please rate or comments. Your suggestionsandfeedback are welcome.
Chess Clock for Scrabble 2.2
Settings and features: - Starting times - Maximal overtimes-Penalties - Dark/light theme - Haptic feedback - Disablingbackbutton while running Click anywhere on your half of the screentoswitch turns. Free and no ads.
MiniWorld - Word Chef 1.3.0
Word Chef is a new type of the classic word search, scrabblewordfinder puzzle game. In this game, you are the chef, your dutyis tofind the right formulas to make great disks. There are manytypesof disks such as: ice cream, cake, seafood, salad, nationaldisk,drinks. So challenge yourself and become the master chef ever.Howto play: - Swipe to connect letters and build a valid word. -Fillout all the letter boxes with words.When you get stuck atadifficult level:- Use "Shuffle" function to shuffle letters,thenperhaps you find it easier to recognize the valid word.- Use"Hint"function to open a letter in letter box.- Take screenshot andaskyour friends. You can also share the game with your friendsthenyou and them can play this fantastic game together.We takepride insaying that Word Chef Search Puzzles is the best wordsearch gamefor Android. The themes are what makes this appinteresting,instead of auto generated word search levels. You canspendcountless hours finding words! It's perfect with your dailycup ofcoffee.Game feature:• 540 well-made levels.• Beautiful HDgraphics•Beautiful Background• Sweet animations• Many challenginglevels•Easy & fun to play, challenging to master
Word Scramble Game,addictive word games free 7.1
Alba Games
🎯 A very challenging an mind blowing game! A smart way to learnnewwords! A very addictive word games. ..those are some ofyourfeedback about our Word Scramble games The Scrambled Words gameisa very addictive word game and a smart way to spend your time,andlearn while having a lot of fun. It is inspired by thefamous"Scrabble" word game. You just need to unscramble letters tomakewords 💈 The scrabble puzzle games is a Vocabulary game suitableforkids and adults. The puzzles rules you need to know to solvetheScramble words game are very simple: 🎯 create words fromletters🎯The two letters words are not considered in the puzzlegames.🎯Every letter has an assigned value (it depends on thechosenlanguage), the points are very similar to the ones used innormalscrabble game. 🎯When all the words have been found, an extrabonusis earned. 🎯Extra Bonus points are assigned when the 25%,50%and75% of all the possible words have been found. All the funpuzzlegames provided by the Scramble Master application are dividedinfour groups: - EASY => five letters language word games -NORMAL=> six letters word games - HARD => seven letters wordgames- EXPERT => eight letters language word games The Scramblewordssupports puzzle games in different languages: - EnglishLanguagefind english words games - Italian Language word games -GermanLanguage find the words games - French Language word puzzlesgames- Russian Language word games - Spanish Language word puzzlesgames- Dutch Language word games - Portuguese Language wordgamesChallenge your friends to see who is the best! Can you findthemost words within given time? Have fun and let us know if youlikeit.
CrossCraze PRO 3.34
ORT Software
CrossCraze is a fun, modern twist on the classic crosswordpuzzleboard game, designed for players who prefer the challenge ofanoffline computer opponent. Featuring stunning HD graphicsandunparalleled gameplay options, CrossCraze will take your wordplayto another level. Choose from two game modes: 'Classic', wherenewletters must connect to existing ones (e.g. change RABBLEtoSCRABBLE); and 'Tile Stacking', where new tiles can also bedroppedover old ones (e.g. change the verb SCRABBLE to SCRAMBLE).Official'PRO' version features: ★ Ad-free experience. ★ Play soloorpass-and-play with a friend offline. ★ 12 original board styles.★28 board layouts, from 15x15 squares up to 21x21. ★ 10 skilllevelsto challenge adults and children. ★ 9 languages with over 4millionwords. ★ English and French dictionary definitions. ★Flexiblevocabulary - add or disallow words. ★ Instant scorepreview. ★ 3hint modes. ★ 3 tile allocation methods. ★ Optionalpenalties forinvalid words. ★ Automatic rack sorting. ★ Namedplayers. ★Detailed game and player statistics. ★ 'Tile Stacking'mode (placenew tiles over old). ★ Timer mode. ★ Portrait andlandscape modes.★ Optimized for phones and tablets. ★ No intrusivepermissions. ★No expensive in-app purchases. FAIR PLAY Are youfrustrated by thecheating found in online word games, with so manyplayers usingpuzzle solvers and in-app purchases for an unfairadvantage? Tiredof hanging around for your friends to make theirmove? CrossCraze'ssingle player 'solo' mode lets you choose acomputer opponent tomatch your own skill level. It never takes morethan a moment tothink, never abandons a game before the end, andnever sends youinappropriate messages. How refreshing! THINK FASTWant morepressure? Set yourself a timer. Make your move before theclockcounts down or face the penalty! PLAY IT YOUR WAY Want toplaynames, or other words that aren't usually allowed?CrossCraze's'Flexible' vocabulary option lets you override thedefault wordlist. LOST FOR WORDS? Don't scrabble in the dark.CrossCraze'sunique 'hint' system will find you the best word. Allowyourself asmany or as few hints per game as you like. CrossCrazecan spell outthe full word, or just show you where to look. NO MOREIMPOSSIBLERACKS Choose from three tile allocation methods: 'Random'for potluck; 'Balanced' for a more predictable draw; or 'Helpful'tomaintain an even spread of letters across your rack. SORTORSCRAMBLE CrossCraze's automatic rack sorting lets you orderyourletters alphabetically, or split them into vowels andconsonants.Alternatively, scramble your rack with a simpledouble-tap. ENRICHYOUR VOCABULARY Swipe your finger across any wordon the board forits dictionary definition (internet required). 9LANGUAGES Play inEnglish (US or International), French (Français),German (Deutsch),Spanish (Español), Italian (Italiano), Dutch(Nederlands), Danish(Dansk), Norwegian (Norsk) or Swedish (Svenska- base words only orunrestricted). CLASSIC WORD-BUILDING GAMEPLAYCrossCraze is a greateducational tool for all ages. Boggle yourbrain, improve yourspelling, expand your vocabulary, or evenpractice a foreignlanguage. Plus, it's an excellent trainingacademy for fans ofanagrams, crosswords and other word-buildinggames. Begin your trekfrom amateur champ to tournament word mastertoday.
Words Offline and Online 0.8.5
AK Games
Familiar from childhood board game in the words Words OfflineAndOnline Put words as in a crossword puzzle, count points. PlayWordswith friends or alone, online, offline, and via Bluetooth,ratinggames. An updated dictionary, achievements and records. Theratingsystem is similar to Elo in chess. To be able to play Wordsvia theInternet, you need to create your profile in the "Profiles"menu.        If you alreadyhavea profile, then you need to login.        After creatingaprofile or authorization, the game will "remember" you, andyouwill not need to enter your details on subsequent launches ofthegame.         Ifnecessary,you can change thepassword.        Theprofile nameand password must consist of no less than 5, but nomore than 15Latin characters or numbers and must not containspaces.        Informationaboutyour current profile can be obtained by clicking on the"MyProfile"button.        TheNegotiated menuserves to enable you to play with your friends overthe Internet.        One ofthe playersmust create a game by specifying a secret word, whichmust consistof no less than 5, but no more than 10 characters ofthe Latinalphabet or numbers and must not containspaces.        Anotherplayerjoins the game by clicking on the "Play" button and enteringasecret word that the first player will tellhim.        The type ofgame(Words classic or Egghead rules ) will depend on the settingsofthe player who created the game.
Chess Clock 3.1.1
★★★ Best rated chess clock! ★★★Very classy, neat and intuitivegameclock to enjoy chess, checkers, scrabble, backgammon...★★★ Noadsand no permissions! ★★★Features three nice themes:★ Digitallight★Digital dark (may drain less battery)★ AnalogFullscreen(immersivemode) on KitKat devicesAvailable Modes:★ Classic (Suddendeath)★Fischer★ Bronstein★ Simple delayGet the full upgrade andenjoythese three new modes:★ Hourglass ★ Time-per-move★FIDEOtherFeatures if upgraded:★ Moves counter ★ Delay countdownforBronstein and Simple Delay modesFeel free to rate this chessclockand give feedback.If you like this app, buy the pro version orgetupgraded and get more features!keywords: chess - clock - clocks-game - board - timer - timers - chessclock
Word Cafe - A Crossword Puzzle 1.6.7
From the makers of Bubble Mania, Harvest Mania and Blockpuzzlewood, comes the newest Play Infinity word game. Join themillionswho adore the magic of crossword puzzle Now! If you likewordsearch or crossword game, the newest word finding game "WordCafe"must be your best choice! Once you played this puzzle game,youwon’t be able to put it down! This game is perfect for fans ofwordgames like Boggle, Scrabble or crossword. With this game youcaneasily improve your vocabulary, concentration and spellingskills,enhance word search skills and get fun from connect words!How ToPlay: ★ Swipe your finger to connect letters into words, fillallblocks to win the level. ★ Find extra words to win coins! ★ Trytoget hints if you got stuck. ★ Starts easy but becomesmorechallenging! Key features: ★ Train your brain with hundredsoflevels with uniquely challenge. ★ Addictive pace &rewardingprogression. ★ Great exercise for the brain. ★ Playanywhere,needn't network. Grab a cup of coffee, get some cookiesand enjoyyour brain storm! Play it for FREE and share the fun toyour family& friends in Word Cafe! Like us onFACEBOOK: Requires acceptanceof PlayInfinity's Privacy & Cookie Policy. Containsadvertisements forPlay Infinity Games and its partners.
Jumbline 2 - word game puzzle
Meet Jumbline 2, the most addictive word game on Google Playmarket,now available for free! Scramble and twist your brain tomake wordsfrom jumbled lines of letters. Simply rearrange thescrambledletters into words and underline them with your finger toscorepoints. Find and underline the largest word and you advanceto thenext level.Play in relaxing untimed mode or put your skillsupagainst the clock in timed rounds.Jumbline 2 includes twoadditionalgames: Cloud Pop and Star Tower. In Cloud Pop your goalis to pop asmany clouds as possible by spelling words out of thelettersfloating in each cloud. In Star Tower your task is to buildthetallest tower you can, before it sinks into the ground, bymakingand staking words out of an infinitely jumbled line ofletters. Thelarger the word, the slower your tower sinks, soscramble and twistyour brain to think big!Jumbline 2 supportsphones, tablets, touchscreens and physical keyboards; itbeautifully adjusts to fit anydevice size and screen orientationthrown into the mix.Jumbline 2 isideal for fans of Scrabble, WordsWith Friends, TextTwist, TextTwistTurbo, and Text Twist 2. Playwith friends and family cooperativelyor fly solo!What fans say:"Way better than TextTwist" - AKM73 "Soaddicted! I play until mybattery dies..." - JJ "Our family lovesword/anagram games and thisone is tops!" - Mr. Bill "Better thanText Twist and it's free!!! Ihad this on my old iPhone and I'm soglad that it is for Android."-Cortni "I have nine apps in my "WordGames" folder, and the othershave been gathering virtual dust sinceI installed Jumbline 2." -Tcaswelch ★ HILIGHTS ★ ★ Over 20,000five, six, and seven letterpuzzles ★ Brainium's trademark underlineinput ★ Physical keyboardand tap input support ★ Timed and untimedmodes of play ★ Learn newwords with built-in dictionary ★ Threegames in one app★ Fun andchallenging achievements ★ Landscape andportrait orientationsupport★ Gorgeous animated themes ★ Tablet andphone supportContactour five star support with
Word Domination 1.0.69
Word Domination is a fast paced, addictive real-time word game.Nomore waiting for your opponent to make a move! Live matchesallowyou to see the tiles being played while you plan your nextmove.Word Domination also delivers a twist, adding an extra layerofstrategy with over 45 collectable boosters to give you an edgeoveryour opponent. In addition to the fast-paced live game mode,we’vemade it even easier to play with friends! You’ll no longerhave towait for friends to be online to start a match with Friendlygames.Begin simultaneous games with multiple friends and respond inyourown time. With up to 72hrs between moves, you’ll stillplaylive-matches and master tournaments while you wait. As ifthat’snot enough, Word Domination keeps delivering even more!Sharpenyour skills, and earn rewards with our regular themed solomodes.Challenge our mascot Tiler and his army of bots inone-on-onematches that are sure to challenge and even surprise you.WordDomination … it’s not your average word game! FEATURES: *EXCITINGMATCHES: A casual crossword game with a twist! It’s easy toplay,but delivers a challenge. * BOOSTED GAMEPLAY: Collect over45boosters with special features that give you an edge. * THE BESTOFTHE BEST: Real-Time games with players from around theworld,Casual classic games with friends, and the alwayschallengingSolo-Modes against bots! * SEASONAL TOURNAMENTS &EVENTS :Challenge yourself with something new every time you openthe game!LIKE Word Domination onFacebook JOIN ourOfficialPlayers Community FOLLOW WordDominationon Twitter
Word Solver 1.7
Aspectica Ltd
Word Solver is a fast dictionary search app for help with allwordbased games. Scrabble, WordSmith, Words With Friends, WordGame,DroidWords, Literati, WordWise, Crosswords, Word Mix&WordFeudFeatures:- Built-in popular dictionaries (SOWPODS,TWL,ENABLE)- Dictionaries installed on your phone - no networkaccessrequired- Toggle background transparency (see the gameunderneath)-A choice of dictionary definitions to use- Enter up to15 letters,unlimited board letters and 2 blanks- Sort the resultsby length orscore in order to find the best playable word- Runs instatus barfor quick access within games- Three seperate tabs forAnagrams,Scrabble and Crosswords- Records last word search-Highlightsboard, rack and blank letter for easy identification- Twoletterword reference list available from options menu.- In-appemailsupport lets you ask questions and report problemsPaidversionfeatures:- Up to 15 letter word length- Unlimited searchresults-No advertising
Classic Words Plus
Lulo Apps
Classic Words is the number one word game to play againstyoursmartphone or tablet (solitaire mode). ★ Classic WordsPlusexclusive features ★ • Pass-and-Play mode for 2 players •Ad-freeexperience • Preview your score before validating a moveEnrichyour vocabulary thanks to the built-in word definitions!6difficulty levels and many languages are supported:English,Spanish, French, Italian, German, Dutch and Polish. Tiredofstumbling across cheaters or waiting hours for your opponent'snextmove on multiplayer word games? Try out Classic Words Soloforinstant fun, no matter if you are a beginner in crossword gamesora tournament player! Choose the skill level of the computer(frombeginner to expert), pick a word list (English word listsincludeTWL and SOWPODS official lexicons), and use your strategyskillsand vocabulary to try and defeat the Droid. Classic Wordsgameplayis classical to crosswords board games: create and placewords onthe board and boost your score by placing letters on thehighscoring Double Letter, Double Word, Triple Letter and TripleWordsquares. Use all 7 letters from your rack to play a Bingo andget a50 points bonus. This game is a great time killer for all fansofboard games and strategy games. It is also an educational gamethatwill allow kids (and adults) to improve their spellingandvocabulary. Thanks to the fast reactivity and variable skill ofthecomputer and quality word lists, Classic Words is used bymanyenthusiasts to play quick training matches and learn new wordsfromthe computer's moves. Unlike with multiplayer board gameswheresome dishonest players use anagram solvers, there is nocheatingpossible when playing solitaire... Letters and blanks arealwayspicked randomly, and the computer's artificial intelligencedoesnot have more information than you do. Only your tacticsandcreativity can make the difference... Will you playstrategicallyenough to outwit the computer and its extensivevocabulary? ☆Features ☆ • 6 levels of difficulty • Display thedefinition ofwords by swiping them • Supports offline play • Quitand resumegame whenever you want • Shake to shuffle • Languagesanddictionaries supported: - English - SOWPODS 2015 (OfficialEnglishtournament list) - TWL 2014 (Official list) - German (withsupportof Umlauts, and Ezset to be replaced by two 'S') - French(Officiallist used in tournaments) - Italian - Spanish - Dutch -Polish •Distribution of letters and points is adapted to thelanguage
Magmic Inc
THINK FAST! Name a fruit that starts with the letter "B". Whataboutan animal that starts with the letter "R"? The more creativeyouranswers, the more points you score! Challenge a randomopponent orplay with your friends and family. With theScattergories app, theparty never has to end! FEATURES: • CLASSICGAMEPLAY: Type youranswers that fit the categories fast before thetimer runs out! •MULTIPLAYER AND DUELS: Challenge your friends orrandomly chosenopponents in group or head to head challenges! •PLAY WITH FRIENDS:Share unique codes to challenge your friends,family, and preferredopponents - for FREE! • POWER-UPS &PROPS: Tons of excitingpower-ups & prizes to increase yourfun! • GOALS ANDLEADERBOARD: keep track of your achievements andsee who gets thefarthest! • AUTO-CORRECT: A tiny typo shouldn'tcost you the win.Get credit for your answers even if you're not aperfect speller! •DISPUTES: Robbed of a win because we rejectedyour word? Let us knowand we'll make it right! This Scattergoriesgame is the one and onlyofficial mobile release of the originaltop-selling word game fromHasbro. If you like board games, dicegames, word puzzles, Scrabbleand other social games, you will fallin love with Scattergoriesmobile! Play the fun, fast-pacedcategory game everyone can enjoy -FREE to play! We appreciate yourfeedback! Please follow us onsocial media, or give us a shout atscattergories@magmic.comTwitter: SCATTERGORIES is atrademark ofHasbro and is used with permission. ©2018 Hasbro. AllRightsReserved.
com.appynation.wbcw 2.41
Solve thousands of clues in the biggest and best crosswordpuzzleever! Now you can enjoy a new crossword challenge every daywiththis giant collection of 100s of original puzzles. There areover10,000 unique clues to solve as well as dozens of queststocomplete and trophies to collect! Choose from SEVEN game modes:■WORLD'S BIGGEST Crossword Explore a giant grid of over350crossword puzzles. The classic puzzle enjoyed by millionsofplayers worldwide. ■ WORLD'S TALLEST Crossword A new collectionof100 extra-large puzzles - bigger grids, longer words,tougherclues! How high can you build the tower? ■ DAILY DIAMONDCrosswordEarn extra rewards with a snack-sized bonus puzzle eachday. ■CODEWORDS Puzzle Decipher the code to complete the crosswordgrid.Each square is marked with a number corresponding with oneletterof the English alphabet. Look for patterns and use yourpowers ofdeduction to complete the grid! ■ WORD GRID Puzzle Slidethe tilesfrom the edge of the grid into the blank squares to spelloutwords. Unlike a normal crossword, there are no clues soinsteadyou'll have to use logic to choose between the availablelettersfor each square. ■ QUOTE FALLS Puzzle Place the letter tilesfromeach column into the correct squares on the grid to spell outafamous quotation! ■ BRITISH CRYPTICS Crossword Theultimatechallenge - cryptic crosswords use their own obscure rulesto hidethe answer in the clue, using anagrams, double meanings, anda hostof other subtle tricks. If you're completely stumped on aclue, youcan swap it out for an easier, non-cryptic version.Complete allthe challenges to earn the title of CrosswordSuperstar! SUPPORTPlease select the [HELP] option from the PauseMenu (the gear iconat the top-right of the game screen) if yourequire assistance. Ifyou require further assistance or are unableto access the in-gamehelp, you can contact us via World'sBiggest Crossword is free to play,but contains optional paid itemsto unlock content more quickly. Youcan disable in-app purchasefunctionality in your device's settingsif you do not want to usethis feature.
Snap Assist 3.3.6
Snap Assist is the most powerful tool to improve your play atthemost popular multiplayer crossword games! Learn to strategizeusingthe powerful board solver and discover how you can makemultiplecrosswords in a single play. Expand your vocabulary usingthe builtin dictionary and impress your opponents. Snap Assist hasall ofthe features you need in an easy to use app! TOP FEATURES:-Lightning fast! - Screenshot importing reads your gameboarddirectly into the app! Easily check what words you missedusingthis powerful feature. - Local word list! You never have tobeonline to use Snap Assist - American and British wordlistsavailable.
This is the free version of Word Shaker. A word searching gamewitha twist: words don't have to be in a straight line. Your goalis toearn the most points by finding words in a grid. Each letterhas aparticular point value, and you earn bonuses by forminglongerwords. If you enjoy word games like Scrabble and Boggleyou'll loveWord Shaker. If you get stuck, just shake your device toscramblethe letters! Online leaderboards, compete with friends andpeoplearound the world. ★ Grid sizes from 4x4 to 8x8 ★ 1, 3, 5, 10,15and 30 minutes timed games ★ Relaxing untimed games★Text-to-Speech option, speaks the words you find ★ Review thewordsyou missed and learn! ★ Shake to shuffle your letters ★Fastunlimited board generator, no waiting ★ Easy & smoothwordcircling ★ Options to turn on/off sounds, vibrate and voice★Daily, Weekly, Monthly and All Time Online leaderboards ★Bestwords leaderboard ★ Support for phones andtablets(portrait/landscape) Suggestions and other feedback welcome!
WordMix - a living crossword puzzle
WordMix is a fun and addictive word dice game. If you likecrosswordpuzzles and anagrams, this is just the game for you! Tossthe diceand arrange the jumbled letters to form valid words,bothhorizontally and vertically. Try to use as many tiles aspossiblebefore the time runs out. You get points for the lettersused onlyin correct words, for all unused letters you get minuspoints.Challenge yourself, and see what words you can find in eachgame.Rules: Form words horizontally and vertically just likeincrossword puzzles! Simply move letters around by tapping onthem.If you long tap on a group of letters you can move wholegroup. Tapon the joker to select the letter you want it to standfor. InWordMix Pro you are further allowed to swap some of yourlettersonce per game. Points: Except for the jokers, each letterhas acertain value. If a letter is part of two words it countstwice.Points for unused letters are subtracted at the end. For aword tocount it must contain only green letters, so it must notcross withan incorrect word. By default all correct words have tobeconnected to count, but there is an option to allow separategroupsof words. Available dictionaries: Czech, Dutch, English,French,German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Polish,Portuguese,Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Maths (e.g."5*2+4=7*2"). Youcan easily add new words to any of thedictionaries, even duringthe game by long tapping on the word. Youcan also disable thedictionary completely. In the word list you canfind all the wordsyou ever played. The local highscore list helpsyou keep track ofyour achievements. You can also upload and compareyour scores withother players in the online ranking list.Language-specificoptions: Some languages support specific options,like accents andother diacritics. If enabled, words must be spelledwith thecorrect accents to be valid. Letters that allow accents aremarkedwith "...". Tap on the letter to select the needed accent.WordMixPro: WordMix is free of advertisement! Please upgrade toWordMixPro to support the developers. Here is what you get extra:•  3Dgraphics, sounds and animations •  swap letters during thegame • show word suggestions during game Have fun discovering justhowmuch of a word wiz you are!
PowerVocab Word Game 1.0.2
Play PowerVocab(TM) which is free and one of the most popularwordgames to build a strong vocabulary. This mobile word game isalso ahandy dictionary of challenging words. If you lovevocabularybuilder, word scramblers, crosswords, spelling bee, wordsearch,hangman, or other word games, you'll love this amazingly fungame.While having fun, you will master 350 challenging words usingouradaptive learning software to build a lasting vocabularyusingflashcards. Report your scores on Facebook or play wordwithfriends online or with other players. PowerVocab isspecificallyhelpful for students who are looking to substantiallyenhance theirvocabulary into top tier. This app lets you build alifelongcritical skill. The key app features are Learn words,Challengequiz, and Search words which is like a handy dictionary.The wordscontain detailed definitions, multiple example sentences,andphonetic pronunciation of words. Audible pronunciation isalsoavailable if your cellphone is running on Android 1.6 or above.Thedictionary like list is available for searching worddefinitionsand sample sentences. You will learn words displayedlike aflashcard that allows words to be remembered visually. Inaddition,our proprietary software smartly uses word repetition andchallengetests to improve deep retention of the words in yourmemory to helpyou build a lasting vocabulary. If you are updatingfrom anexisting version, please know that there is a possibilitythat amajor upgrade that includes new words can result in reset ofyourlearned words statistics, and loss of your progress. Minorupgradessuch as with bug fixes or changes in background or graphicsshouldnot normally result in loss of progress or statistics ifinstalledcorrectly.
Crossword Puzzle Free 2.7.108-gp
This educational game will test your vocabulary, acceptthischallenge and discover an easy and fun way to learn new wordsandgeneral knowledge. ☆☆☆☆☆ Features ☆☆☆☆☆ - Free game! -Dailycrossword, 6 new puzzles every day (3 daily puzzles and 3bonuspuzzles) - 400 free crossword in English (americancrosswords), nointernet connection needed - 100 free crossword inSpanish - 40free crossword in Portuguese - There are 5 types offonts, choosethe one that suits you. - 4 different color schemes -Fast downloadand small size - Easy of use - Compatible with SDMemory CardInstallation This is the perfect game for everyone, frombeginnersto expert players. ☆☆☆☆☆ Got stuck?! Relax, we got you☆☆☆☆☆ -Reveal letter button - Reveal word button - Reveal solutionbutton- Check progress button (it is a real time feature,highlightingthe correct letters in green, while you play)
Anagrams free 1.1.4
Tired that grandpa wins to scrabble?Want to check the existence ofaword?Want to find a 9 letters word using a joker (or 2 if youratethis app from the settings screen)?Besides the ability to seetheaccented spelling in French and to check the definition of eachwordin the proposed list of your search results on Wiktionarysite, youcan now listen to the pronunciation of words.Downloadthis freeapplication to find the words that match your prints onmost wordgames.This application is free, a banner will appear fromtime totime (but in moderation).Thank you for sharing your ideasandfeedback to improve this app and make it fit better toyourexpectations.
Word Search Game : Word Search 2020 Free 11.8
Do you love playing word search? Here is the right app for you-Nithra word Search. We are proud to present thiseducationalentertainment tool. This Word search games app is acompletely freeapp which keeps you engaged for an hours with hecticentertainment.This app is not only designed to focus onentertainment and joynessbut also it helps to enrich your EnglishVocabulary and recollectGeneral Knowledge with levels. This Wordsearch Game puzzle freecan be played by all without any agedifference with levels. ‘Wordsearch puzzle game’ app is mainlydeveloped not only to identifythe given words but also to learn newwords through this our freeword search puzzle. ‘Word search gameApp or search word app haswell designed friendly user interface. Itis a free word searchgames where players can find and play thisWord puzzle game bychoosing different categories. Free wordsearches classic puzzlegames have the option to play and guess withword with help ofhints, which helps to find the words based on thegiven letters.This letter puzzle game allows you to play byscrolling the lettersup, down, left, right, diagonal in all eightdirections. You needto find the word or all hidden words given inthe grid. Thisincrease your vocabulary and will be a good exerciseto your brain!This word find games even challenges the real wordexpert! You willhave fun shaping your mind and improving yourspelling andvocabulary skills through our Multi-player Word SearchOptionprovided in this wordsearch for kids app. Your brain willthank youfor the workout on playing this free word search game! HowTo Playthis sopa de letras? Swipe over the letter board to find theword.You can swipe horizontally, vertically, diagonally, forwardorbackward direction, i.e., one can swipe in all 8 directions.Swipeover the full word to get highlighted. The finded wordsarehighlighted in different colours. Have difficulty played upwiththe word? You can use a hint to help work it out. To get hintfor aparticular word, Click on that particular word in the list atthetop. Faster you find the word, higher will be the score. Findthewords rapidly to get a tremendous score. Find all the words inthelist in a level to go up a level. You can switch over betweenanyof 3 main categories: General, categories and Challenge How toPlayMultiplayer game? You can also play Multiplayer game bychallengingyour opponent in this word search maker app. Initially200 coinswill be provided for both challengers. Winner will beawarded withcoins for finding words and also get reward of 200coins from therunner. Features of this word search puzzles game: 1.Completelyfree word search game app 2. Word puzzles game help youto learnnew words daily 3. More than 5000 words to play on to sharpyourbrain using the word puzzle game 4. This word search builderhas(30+ categories) to have great word search play 5. Numerouslevels(350+ levels) under each category to check and improve yourEnglishknowledge 6. Search the words step by step, say 5*5,6*6,7*7…………12*12 (Numerical letters refer the word length) 7. Thiswordsearch puzzle game provides multiple colorful themes selection.8.Daily word challenge available in this puzzle word games. 9.ThisFind words game is a powerful brain teaser for all ages. 10.Replaycategories to beat your own high-score! 11. Letters gridadjustsautomatically to your device in this Find the words fromgird 12.You can search the Words with MULTIPLAYER GAME Option! –Anadvanced level of Word Search Game 13. You can challengeyouropponent with 200 coins and find words faster to be the winner!14.This word hunt game has multiple color theme selection OurWordSearch will surely challenge your brain’s rapid glimpse overtheletter board, especially our challenge Category. Word searchorfind words game is perfect for both words connect and searchwordgames fans.
Kitty Scramble: Word Finding Game 1.113.0
Help cute kitty to find hidden words - discover them on theboardwith letters. Use hints, search the words on the board andswipethrough them to open! Invite your friends and play together.✜Addicting and fun gameplay ✜ So many exciting and challengingwordpuzzles! ✜ Connect to Facebook to share your progress andreceivebonuses! ✜ Log in often to receive prizes and beat thepuzzles ✜Easy and fun to play, but challenging to master Becomeword expertwhile enjoying Kitty Scramble! Play Kitty Scramble NOW!
com.beno.Words 1.92
Beno Bro
המשחק שבץ נא בעברית הגיע סוף סוף לאנדרואיד!המשחק הישראלי הממכרביותרעכשיו בעברית לכל אוהבי משחקי המחשבה, מעשיר את הידע ומלמד אתהילדיםוהכל בעברית!!ייתכן וחסרות מילים מסוימות ולכן יש את כפתורהערעור אנאהשתשמו בו אך זכרו כי ישנם רק מילים בעברית וללא שמות שלאנשים.זהומשחק מעולה לאוהבי תשבצים חידות, שאלות ,טריוויה, ארץ עירועוד...המשחק מתאים גם לילדים ותורם ליכולת הלמידה שלהם.ישנה טבלתתוצאותפרטית וכללית, הטבלה הכללית היא בחסות Swarm.המשחק הוא עבורשחקן יחידוכרגע לא מתוכננת גירסת רבת משתתפים.משחק זה כולל פרסומותלמי שמעונייןישנה גרסה ללא פירסומות בעלות חד פעמית של3.99 ש"ח.אםאהבתם את המשחקאנא נקדו אותו עם 5 כוכבים במרקט ואם לא אהבתם אנאשלחו לנו מייל אובקשה לשיפור שנוכל לספק את דרישותיכם.פירוטהרשאות שמירתתוצאות על גבי המכשיר.2.Networkcommunication - שימוש באינטרנט למעןעדכון המילים, שליחת הצעותלשיפור ושירות Swarm3.Phone calls- הרשאהשמגיעה משירות Swarm -Allows Swarm to prevent fraud and create asecure environment ,nopersonally identifiable information isused.******המשחק יכול לעזורלכם במשחקים אחרים כמו טריוויה או ארץעיר.מהלך המשחק: יש לבחור משךמשחק בו מעוניינים לשחק - חצי דקה, דקה,שתי דקות או ללא הגבלתזמן.לכל משחק יוגרלו 9 אותיות שמהם עליכם להרכיבמילה. יתקבלו רקמילים בעברית ובכתיב מלא ללא שמות. בכדי להרכיב אתהמילים יש ללחוץ עלהאותיות בסדר המבוקש. לאחר הרכבת מילה יש ללחוץ עלכפתור "בדוק". אםהמילה נכונה תקבלו ניקוד בהתאם לערכם של האותויותשבהן השתמשתם,אםהמילה אינה נכונה עליכם ללחוץ על כפתור "נקה" בכדילנקות את הלוח.מטרתהמשחק היא לזכות בכמה שיותר נקודות, ולכן עדיףלהשתמש באותיות בעליניקוד גבוה. יש לזכור כי בסוף מילה ניתן להשתשמשרק באותיות סופיות אםקיימות.Best Game in Israel, This is Scrabble inHebrewמשחקישראלי...משחק מהנה!!!
Languinis: Word Game 4.6.0
Tilting Point
⭐ #1 free word search game in 100 countries! Over 1000 addictiveandchallenging word games with a Match 3 twist! An unmatchedchallengefor any crosswords or Scrabble fanatic! ⭐ Can you solvethe moststimulating, complex word games in history? Put your brainto workand join the Languinis on a whimsical word buildingadventure! 🏝️STORY Thousands of years ago, the Phoenix Godsummoned the Languinisto name everything in the world. However, asthey created word afterword, the game grew exhausting and theychose to rest. The PhoenixGod was furious and locked up theLanguinis! Master Speller, can youuse your vocabulary to free theLanguinis from their cells? As youexplore island after island ofword puzzles, you will be challengedand tested on your vocabulary,and your ability to spell, match& clear new puzzles. With over1,000 levels to play, enjoycountless hours of word search fun asyou save the Languinis! 💎FEATURES ★ ENDLESS word making hours ofALL AGES, non-stop, craniumbusting, brain training fun! Languinisis great for kids, and theword games are perfect for adults too! ★Challenge yourself withintense spelling, word games, &crosswords and level up fromeasy, medium, and hard to difficult! Agreat match for any wordsearch and Scrabble addict! ★ Adorablecharacters in crystal-clear3D graphics. No other puzzle or wordgames are in full 3D! ★ Shareyour accomplishments with Facebookfriends! ★ Daily Rewards for wordsearching with the Languinisgives you MASSIVE bonuses! ★ Play yourmatch 3 games across allyour devices with cloud saving! Saving theLanguinis has never beenmore seamless or relaxing! ★ OFFLINE &(almost) NO ADS -- Playwithout WiFi! And the Languinis hate ads asmuch as you -- so thereare only a few ads in the game! 🎮 GAMEPLAY ★Treasure Hunt Event:Multiple times per month, we release a treasurehunt event thatgives you MASSIVE rewards for completing levels.Finding the end ofthe treasure hunt map is harder than it looks! ★Weekly LetterChallenge - a new letter is chosen every week. If youcan find andcollect 10 of those letters, you win! ★ Letter RushSpecial Event -Can you spell more words than the rest of the world?Make wordsfrom letters and get placed in a Letter League! Solve themost wordgames and climb the ranks! Be warned - these letter gamesare themost competitive in the stores! 🕹️ HOW TO PLAY - Match gemstodiscover new letters and spell words from the CollinsScrabbleDictionary - Collect letters on the game board &conquer eachlevels word games! - Make words from letters and solveevery gameas quickly as you can! - Complete tricky level objectivesthatcould require you to spell words with specific letters, scorepointtotals, or clear specific color gems - You can play inEnglish,Spanish, German, French, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, orRussianWHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? The ultimate word games arewaiting foryou on the islands! DOWNLOAD NOW! THE LANGUINIS NEEDYOU!FREE-TO-PLAY Please Note: Languinis is a free to play gamethatincludes optional in-app purchases such as extra moves orboosts.You can turn off the payment feature by disabling in-apppurchasesin your device’s settings. Are you already a fan ofLanguinis? Questionsor feedback? Terms ofUse: