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Tarot Officiel FFT Lite 1.4 SA
Jouez au Tarot à 4 sur l'applicationofficiellede la Fédération Française de Tarot !Entrez dans l’univers rétro-chic de Tarot Officiel F.F.T.Cetteapplication est avant tout une simulation de Tarot pourlespassionnés de ce jeu de cartes. Elle offre deuxniveauxd’adversaires pour découvrir le jeu ou bien se perfectionneravecles conventions F.F.T.Les graphismes vous plongeront dans l’ambiance d’une salledejeu, les animations et effets sonores vous rappelleront vosplusbelles parties.L’application Tarot Officiel F.F.T a été réalisée enpartenariatavec la Fédération Française de Tarot. Affrontez Julie,Patrick etSophie, nos joueurs dotés d’une intelligence artificiellequi vouspermettront de jouer au Tarot n’importe où, n’importequand.DEVENEZ UNE LEGENDE DU TAROT

Enchaînez les victoires pour faire grimper votre score leplushaut possible.Lorsque vous gagnez une partie, vous cumulez des points quisontajoutés à votre compteur. LES REGLES 

Les règles du tarot utilisées dans notre application sontlesrègles officielles, en conformité avec celles de laFédérationFrançaise de Tarot. Ce sont les règles en vigueur pour letarot à4.Ces règles sont disponibles directement dans l’applicationetvous permettront d’apprendre ou bien de vous perfectionner afindebattre tous vos amis.Pour jouer à Tarot Officiel F.F.T, vous n'avez pas besoindeconnexion internet, notre application est directementembarquéedans votre Smartphone. 

Cette application a été réalisée par, site spécialiséenjeux de cartes sur internet, la Fédération Française de TarotetSwaggyEntertainement.

Bon divertissement et d’agréables parties !Play Tarot 4 ontheofficial app of the French Federation of Tarot!Enter the world of retro-chic Tarot Official FFT Thisapplicationis primarily a simulation of Tarot enthusiasts for thiscard game.It offers two levels of opponents to see the game or toperfect withFFT conventionsThe graphics will immerse you in the mood for a gameroom,animations and sound effects will remind you of yourbestparties.The Official Tarot FFT implementation was carried outinpartnership with the French Federation of Tarot. FaceJulie,Patrick and Sophie, our players with artificial intelligencethatwill allow you to play the Tarot anywhere, anytime.BECOME A LEGEND OF THE TAROTLink up victories to drive up your score as highaspossible.When you win a game, you earn points that are added toyourcounter.RULESThe rules of tarot used in our application are the officialrulesin line with those of the French Federation of Tarot. Theseare therules for the tarot to 4.These rules are available directly in the application andwillallow you to learn or improve your skills in order to beatyourfriends.To play Tarot Official FFT, you do not need internetconnection,our application is directly embedded in your smartphone.This application was created by site specializes incardgames on the internet, the French Federation of TarotandSwaggyEntertainement.Good entertainment and enjoyable parts!
Andy Tarot Lite
Xavier Gignac
FREE tarot Game.By touching the cards or with the pad, play against up to 4 botsonyour cell or friends. All tarots rules are respectedMultiplayer on the Internet.Multiplayer over bluetooth or wifi to play on local networkgamesnow availables in BETA VersionAndy Tarot is on Facebook, come on to share around this app. tarot is a card game that can be plaid from 3 to 5 players.Thecard are randomly dealt but you need strategy to win.Andy Tarot lite is made as for beginners as for advancedplayersthanks to its 3 levels of difficulty. The most tarot modesaresupported from 3 to 5 players with king call.The local multiplayers mode over Bluetooth and Wifi allows youtoplay even if you don't have any network. AI-driven player canalsojoin the game with their three levels of intelligence.
Whist 22 Free
Try the Whist 22 game ! You play it agains 3 AI opponents withTarottrump cards Suspense and fun are often here in a Whist 22game !Share your score with your friends on Google Play Gamesleaderboards! ###### PLAYING MODE : - Player score their bet -Players lost 1point per false bet - Round number - Surviving######FONCTIONNALITES : + 3 AI difficulty level allowing beginnersandadvanced players to have fun + Statistics + Fold history view+Challenge score (computed with your performance on eachgame)###### RULES : Each player has same card number. A roundstartswith 5 cards. In the first round, you say a numbercorresponding tothe number of trick you think being able to winLast player to talkis not free : He will not be able a bet allowingevery players towin. Example : With 5 cards in the hands, if thefourth otherplayers said a cumulated number of 4, he will not beallowed to say1. In the playing phase, you will try to win thenumber of tricksyou previously bet. Rules are easy to understand :You can play thecard you want and a card is as strong as its number(21 > 20>19 > … > 1) The excuse is the only specialcard, you canindicate its power when you play it (0 or 22) When allcards areplayed, scores are computed. After this, we restart with 4cards.At the 1 card round, players show the card to opponents andcan’tsee it. When the 1 card round is ended, the dealer change tothenext player. ###### NOTE : Free game with ads
TarotDroid ++ 4.0
TarotDroid allows you to count easilyandpractically the scores and points of your Tarot games.This is the full version of TarotDroid. It allows you :- to store an unlimited amount of games- to export each game to an Excel spreadsheetWhen playing cards, we do not necessarily have a sheet, apencil,a calculator or just enough room for these items. However,we allhave our Android device with us: it's hence possible tocount andkeep track of our games, wherever you are: a pub, abar...TarotDroid is your Tarot buddy :)TarotDroid can compute the scores for 3, 4 and 5playersstyles.It also allows you to store the games you've played onyourdeviceTarotDroid finally offers several nice andunconventionnalfeatures:- Set points and coefficients used in the calculations- Display game set as a table, with several display options- Display statistics about the games and the players- Compute points for Belgian style games (unofficial)- Include a "dead" player (unofficial)- Transfer game sets by bluetoothIf you identify a bug, or want a new feature, please let meknowby sending me an email to Also, ifyouwish to help me improve it, you are very welcome :)A Facebook page is availbale, if you like TarotDroid, telltheworld so :)
Belote Andr Free
★★★★★ Belote game for Android!!(Jass/Bulgarian belote variant) ★★★★★You can play different kinds of BELOTE :☆ Regular belote☆ Coinched belote☆ Counter☆ Bridged belote☆ Stephanoise Belote✓ Many rules configurations are available !✓ You can parameter AI players to follow the way you playIn this game, you can play against three AI. You play South.You can resume a party if you must pause it because of a callforexample...You can also play coinche or contree with orwithoutannouncementsYou can play Coinche with or without All Trumps/No trumpTo give any advice on translation : send a mailtoarnaud.andrillon+android@gmail.comThanks to Tof, Fabien, Anne, Arsene, Franck, Olivier, Benoït,Romainfor the report on AI problems
French Belote - Free 2.10.11
Eryod Soft
*** PLAY FRENCH BELOTE ON YOURANDROIDSMARTPHONE OR TABLET ! ***Play the popular French Belote card game, againstopponentssimulated by an high-level artificial intelligence.All official rules and many variants are handled :- Play with or without declarations.- Play with No Trumps and All Trumps.*** HD GRAPHICS ***Easy to use, the game is very fast and responsive, withcardanimation for a more realistic gameplay, and hd graphics.*** AN HIGH-LEVEL ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE ***Your opponents and teammates are simulated by anhigh-levelartificial intelligence, that knows the common strategiesused infrench belote card game. Therefore the game is veryrealistic,close to game with real players, and the challenge ishigh.*** A CUSTOMIZABLE APPLICATION ***- Many options to customize the rules.- Change the player's name.- Change the speed of the game.- Play automatically.- Direction on play.- Visual theme.- And many more...*** AN APPLICATION THAT WILL MAKE YOU BECOME BETTER ***A section with statistics is included in the application,allowingyou to monitor the evolution of our performances.For beginners, rules of French Belote are also included intotheapplication.Finally, you can at the end of the round see all the tricks,andreplay the round if you want, to train and trynewstrategies.For any question regarding the application:support.belote@eryodsoft.comHave fun playing Belote !
Hearts - Free 2.5.11
Eryod Soft
*** PLAY HEARTS ON YOUR ANDROID SMARTPHONEORTABLET ! ***Play the famous game of Hearts against opponents simulatedbyadvanced artificial intelligence.*** HD GRAPHICS ***Easy to learn, very fluid and rapid gameplay, includesanimationsfor realistic atmosphere, with attractive design.*** A FULL GAME EXPERIENCE ***- Opponents are endowed with advanced AI, and they won't be easytobeat !- Option to play with the Jack of Diamonds variation.- Personalize the application: change player names, number ofpointsper game, several available versions.- Statistics for games played.- Game rules included in the application.- Back-up of hand in play in case of application shut-down.Find out the Rummy card game from the same editor !Have a great game !
TopScore - Compteur de points 1.0.1
Plusieurs compteurs de points en une seule application : - Tarot-Belote / Coinche / Contrée - Uno - Magic the Gathering - Scrabble-Un compteur général (BlindTest et autres) Vous aurez lapossibilitéde configurer les compteurs pour qu'ils s'adaptent àvotre façon decompter. A vous de jouer!!!
The African Bet Game 1.18
The African Bet Game, also called Whist 22,isafunny little card game, very simple but very interesting, tryitandyou won't regret!What are the rules? It's very simple : you have to betonthenumber of tricks you will take. If you don't take as manytricksasyou have bet, or if you take more tricks than you havebet,youtake points. The winner is the player with fewestpoints.Andthat's it!Full english translation is now available.This game had to be on the android market. It is myfavoritecardgame, and nobody had done it before, so I did.A game can last from 5 to 99 points, 4 difficultylevelsareavailable.This application works on all android versions, anditworksbetter with WVGA screens (480*800) or higher.
Belote Gratuit 3.1
Facile IT
Belote GratuitLa Belote, tu adores ça ?! Grâce à Belote Gratuit jouen’importeoù et sans limite !Comparé à ses concurrents, Belote Gratuit à l’avantagededisposer d’une intelligence robot bien plus performante.Contrairement aux autres applications de Belote,l’IntelligenceArtificielle de Belote Gratuit se rapproche du stylede jeu humain.Elle sait prendre des risques calculés, tester denouvellestechniques, et s’adapter à ton style de jeu pourt’impressionnertoujours plus.Plus tu joues à Belote Gratuit, plus tu t’améliores etteschances de battre l’ordinateur augmentent, mais n’oublies pasqu’ilen est de même pour l’application de Belote Gratuit…Fini les parties monotones et sans rebondissements,BeloteGratuit va devenir ton application préférée !Joue enfin à un autre jeu de carte en solitaire contrel'ordinateur,Belote Gratuit est là pour ça. Tarot gratuit estaussi disponiblesur Android. Essaye-le !Pour jouer, télécharge Belote Gratuit Android, puis enfonctiondu temps que tu as, choisis une partie en 300, 500 ou 1200points.Et c’est parti !Un dernier conseil : Quand tu joues, n’oublie pasd'annoncerbelote et rebelote…Belote Gratuit, un jeu programmé par et pour des amoureux delabelote !Free BeloteBelote, you love it! With Belote Free play anywhereandunlimited!Compared to its competitors, Belote Free to the advantageofhaving a more powerful intelligence robot.Unlike other applications Belote, Artificial IntelligenceBeloteFree approximates the human playing style. She knows how totakecalculated risks, try new techniques and adapt to yourplayingstyle to impress you more and more.The more you play at Free Belote more you improve andyourchances of beating the computer up, but do not forget that itisthe same for the purpose of Belote Free ...No more monotonous parties and without twists, Belote Freewillbecome your favorite application!Finally plays another solo card game against the computer,BeloteFree is here for. Free Tarot is also available on Android.Tryit!To play Belote Free download Android, then by the time youhave,choose a part 300, 500 or 1200 points. And here we go!One last tip: When you play, do not forget to announce Beloteandrebelote ...Free Belote, a game programmed by and for lovers ofcardgames!