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Super VPN - Hotspot Shield Free VPN Proxy 1.17.n.180503
Super VPN is a best and unlimited VPN (Virtual PrivateNetwork)proxy for Android devices. Super VPN masks your IP address,encryptyour internet traffic, turns public Wi-Fi into a privatenetworkand helps unblock sites and apps on your phone so that youcanaccess any restricted contect safely and anonymously. InstallSuperVPN Now to:Unblock Websites and AppsYou can unblock any appsorwebsites using Super VPN - Hotspot Shield Free VPN Proxy.Bypassgovernment censorship and geo-restrictions to access suchasFacebook, Twitter, Youtube, Snapchat, Skype, and Whatsapp, etc.orany other blocked websites from anywhere!Super VPN help youunblockWhatsapp, unblock Viber, unblock Facebook,unblockYoutube,...Privacy Protection and Anonymous ConnectionUsinga VPN,your IP and location will be masked and your activities cannolonger be tracked on the Internet. Super VPN service isyourprivacy guard and better than web proxy servers. The mostreliableprivacy guard and safety shield tunnel for onlinebrowsing:- Neverrecord your online behavior and will never uploadyour privacyinformation.- Encrypts your internet traffic, protectyour privacy,and keep you safe from 3rd party tracking for yourinformationsecurity.- Protect data privacy, personal informationsecurity andinternet security.- Protect your data from hackers andsurveillancewhen you’re connected to a public WIFI hotspot shield.-Avoid beingsnooped or monitored by your ISP or governmentcensorships.- Stayprivate, anonymous and incognito online,preventing anyone fromtracking your online activities.- Encryptsdata using OpenVPNprotocols (UDP / TCP).Surf anonymously at FastSpeedSuper VPN isfast! Your connection will be much faster than anyother VPN orproxy providers.Our high speed VPN proxy cloud serversare locatedin India, Australia, Bulgaria, Netherlands, USA, Japan,Singapore,Canada, France, Germany, UK, etc ..You can choose VPNserverseasily with high speed, unlimited bandwidth and unlimitedserverswitches, you can connect from anywhere in the world.- VPNforUnited States, USA VPN is suitable for North American andSouthAmerican users- VPN for Germany, suitable for users in theMiddleEast countries- VPN for India, suitable for users in theMiddleEast countries and South Asian- VPN for Singapore, suitableforAsian users- Support voice call and video call forArabiancountries, such as Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates,Iran,Oman and etc ..Shield WiFi HotspotPublic Wi-Fi hotspots areperfectplaces for hackers and if they happen to get a hold ofyourpersonal information, you could very well be the next victimofidentity theft! Super VPN proxy uses advanced VPN technologytoencrypt your network traffic, enabling you to connect to awebsitevia HTTPS, providing a secured shield to your WiFihotspot.SecureYour DeviceSuper VPN secures your Android device’sconnection whileyou’re connected to public WiFi hotspots orcellular data networks.Your password and your personal data aresecured and you areprotected from hacker attacks.Simplest - Onlycontain a "Connect"buttonOne touch to connect to VPN proxy server.Non username, Nonpassword, Non registration. With Super VPN you areinternet freedomenjoy it.Super VPN free version shows ads andlimited bandwidth.Upgrade to premium to enjoy unlimited and ad-freeVPN!Notice- UseSuper VPN free with 250MB of browsing data everymonth!- Pleasedon't download BitTorrent, any P2P will get accountblocked!ContactusIf you have any questions or suggestions, feelfree to reach uson or visit ourfanpage for more information.
Snail VPN (Free, Fast & Safe)
★★★Hottest Functions:--Hide IP & encrypt private datawithone-click--Broke to the blocked web or any other contents youcan'tvisit in the local--Speed up network when surf theInternationalinternet or visit specific contents★★★100% Free &UnlimitedVPN! 100% Green & Stable VPN! ★★★Snail VPN is the bestfree VPNproxy for android, provide fastest, easiest & moststable VPNservices. With the professional technology of Snail VPN,you caneasily connect to the blocked websites and apps, surf theforeigninternet, encrypt IP address and private data, protectwifisecurity.★★★Highlights & Features:Completely FreeVPNServices- We offer completely free VPN service without payinganyfeesConnect Easily- Non name, Non password, Non registration,onetap to connect VPN proxy serviceFast & StableConnection-Connect successfully with high VPN speed & keepstable all thetimeAccess Blocked Content- Access any contents youcouldn'tbefore, get whatever you wantSwitch To Any RegionalNetworks -Enjoy the Internet service of global area, break throughthe spaceconstraintsEncrypt Private Data- Encrypt IP address andprivatedata, protect your privacy in all directionsWifiConnectionSecurity- Ensure the security of wifi network andhot-spots inpublic networks & risk threats★★★Contactus:E-mail:snailvpndev@gmail.comCommunicate with usonFacebook: forced or tricked to be here by malicious means, pleasereportto us: snailvpnfeedback@gmail.comThere will be ad contentshown incertain scenes in our app. For more details,visit:
Star VPN - Free VPN Proxy App
Star VPN is a free and unlimited VPN (Virtual Private Network)proxyclient for Android devices with no registration needed.StarVPNprovides following futures:ANONYMOUS CONNECTION ANDPRIVACYPROTECTIONYour IP and location will be changed and youractivitiescan no longer be tracked on the Internet. Star VPNservice is yourprivacy guard and better than web proxyservers.UNBLOCK APPS ANDWEBSITESYou can unblock any apps orwebsites using Star VPN. Accesssocial networks such as Facebook,Twitter, Youtube, and Snapchat,etc. or other blocked websites fromanywhere, bypassing thegovernment censorship andGeo-restrictions.SECURE YOUR DEVICEStarVPN secures your Androiddevice’s connection while you’re connectedto public WiFi hotspotsor cellular data networks. It works justlike a free proxy but it’seven more secured. Your password andyour personal data are securedand you are protected from hackerattacks.Contact us:If you have anyquestions or suggestions, feelfree to reach us or visit ourwebsite for more information.
LinkVPN Free VPN Proxy
LinkVPN, a totally FREE, SAFE, FAST and UNLIMITED VPN Proxyunblocksany sites and keeps your activities safe, secure andprivate.We nowsupport iPhone and iPad. Please search "LinkVPN"from Apple'sappstore.TOTALLY FREE✓ Free forever: No credit cardinformationneeded. TRULY UNLIMITED ✓ No speed limitation, nobandwidthlimitation✓ Work with WIFI, 4G, 3G, and all mobiledatacarriers.HIGH-PERFORMANCE ✓ Unblock geographicallyrestrictedwebsites, bypass the government censorship✓ Unblock anywebsitesand apps from school, company, home or anywhere in theworld.✓Access any website in any country. ✓ Unblock yourfavoritewebsites and apps with LinkVPN any time!✓ A fast andreliableprofessionally managed network.FAST SPEED✓ Provide the topserverto ensure the fastest VPN speed, and most stable &securedconnections.✓ Connect you to the nearest server according toyourlocation automatically. As a result, connect you to thefastestserverSAFE GUARANTEED✓ Hide your IP address and geographiclocationso you can browse the web privately & anonymously.Nobody knowswhere you are from.✓ Encrypt your internet traffic,protect YourData from Hackers. ✓ Stay private and anonymousonline,preventing anyone from tracking your online activities.✓Protectyour mobile connection and communications on public/openWiFihotspots.EASY OPERATION✓ Connect VPN by one-click, no rootaccess,no setup or configurations, even no sign up, noregistration, nocredit cards.✓ Unblock the world with just onetouch of the“Connect” button. ✓ Auto to the best locations foryou basedon your current IP.PRIVACY PROTECTION ✓ Protect users asanonymitywith a private browser✓ Hide users’ IP, identity andlocation andnobody can track users’ activities on the Internet. ✓Encryption ofall traffic on users’ device✓ DO NOT track or keep anylogs ofusers and their activities.
Get LinkVPN Now! And if you loveit,don’t forget to spread the love by giving it 5-stars!Note:Pleasedon't download Bit Torrent, any P2P will getaccountblocked!Contact us:
 If you have any questions orsuggestions, feelfree to reach us on email . We’d love to hearfrom you :)
Free VPN by FireVPN
Browse the Internet freely and without restrictions and changeyouraddress to the country of your choice----Do you need a freevirtualinternet fast special! (VPN) that can hide your addressbybypassing a firewall hotspot at work or school, also getsecureaccess?Well here is FireVPN Advantages :- Simple one-clickVPN-List of countries around the world to choose from which we testandupdate every 20 minutes!- No need to login or register- Hostedbyvolunteers from around the world by the VPN Gate Project- Fastfastfast- No configuration or root required!- Free of charge $ Freeofcharge $- Secure and protected access why ?- Use the freeinternetor Wi-Fi hotel in a safe way- Overcoming a restrictivenetwork atwork or school- Netflix access and streaming- Use avirtual privatenetwork (or VPN) to secure your traffic "" "" If theconnection isnot working properly Switch to another country and tryagain "" ""Licenses * VPN Gate Project (*OpenVPNby OpenVPNfor Android project by ArneSchwabe(
VPN 360 - Unlimited Free VPN Proxy
VPN 360 is one of the best and easiest ways to access allyourfavorite online content for free. With super-fast VPN serversandother premium features, VPN 360 is the best choice for you.WithVPN360 you will be able to: * Protect your privacy* Hide your IPandphysical address* Secure your internet activity andWiFiconnectionAccess your favorite websites and appsVPN 360 givesyouaccess to all your favorite websites and apps at anywhere. Youcansurf on Facebook, Youtube, Snapchat, or stream on any social,musicor videos platforms.Anonymous surfingVPN 360 lets you surf thewebanonymously with no worry about being tracked by your ISPoranybody else because your real IP will be hided.Protectyourprivacy and secure your network trafficVPN 360 secures yournetworkconnection while you’re connected to public wifi hotspots orotherpublic locations. It works just like a proxy but it’s moresecured.Your password and your personal data is secured and you arefullyprotected from hacker attacks.Fastest VPNVPN 360 is superfast! Itdetects your location automatically and connects you to thefastestserver.Contact
☆ IMPORTANT ☆Although this app is free to download, to usetheservice WebGuard you need to have an active subscription. Youhavethe opportunity to familiarize themselves with allthefunctionality WebGuard during the trialperiod.DESCRIPTION:WebGuard- the protection of any mobile devicefrom dangerous sites,surveillance, viruses, advertising. Firewalland a real increase ofanonymity in the network, data encryption,and the acceleration ofthe Internet to save money on traffic whileworking with anybrowser, block any banners and video ads.As always- ROOT notrequired!Features:- Block all advertising- Firewall-Increased theanonymity of the Internet by hiding real IP andpossibility tochoose the country of exit to the Internet (currentlyavailable:Germany, France)- Blocks video ads in a popular videoservices-Speeds up the download websites and saves money bycompressingtraffic, ad blocking, rapid domain resolution andothertechnologies- Encrypts data for protection when working inopennetworks (restaurants, conferences, etc.)- Blocks sites thathavedistributed malicious content, viruses (downloading appsfromunknown sources) and fraudulent websites- Informs about thevisitof paid sites- Protects against surveillance (banners,tracking,social networks, etc.) and hides information about theuserExtrafeatures:- NO root permissions required!- The applicationsupportsmore than 500 web browsers- The application monitorsInternettraffic through specially crafted local VPN-channelservice. Thedata is analyzed without the use of third-partyVPN-server, appcontains a built-in local VPN-server.
VPN Free - Betternet Hotspot VPN & Private Browser
Betternet VPN is a free and unlimited VPN (Virtual PrivateNetwork)proxy for Android devices. Betternet VPN masks your IPaddress,encrypt your internet traffic, turns public Wi-Fi into aprivatenetwork and helps unblock sites and apps on your Androidphone sothat you can access any restricted contect safely andanonymously.VPN (Virtual Private Network) works just like Torproxy, also knownas “the Onion Router”, to hide IP address andbypass internetcensorship, to overcome geo-restriction and accessthe desiredcontent. VPN (Virtual Private Network), however, has amuch fasterconnection speed, and better privacy and securityprotection thanTor (the Onion Router). Three main features of a VPN(VirtualPrivate Network):• Incognito Browsing: using a VPN youdon’t evenhave to install any incognito browser. Simply turn onyour VPN andall of your Internet traffic is completely encrypted.Your onlineactivities are completely anonymous.• Wifi Safety:because all youronline traffic is encrypted through a VPN, whateverpublic WiFihotspot you are trying to access, you will be shieldedfrom publicWifi risks and enjoy complete Wifi security. • LocationSpoofer:VPN hides your IP address so that your location is maskedand youare able to bypass geo-restrictions to access any contentanywhere.Install Betternet VPN Now to:► Unblock Websites andAppsYou canunblock any apps or websites using Betternet free &unlimitedVPN. Bypass government censorship and geo-restrictions toaccesssocial networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, andSnapchat,etc. or any other blocked websites from anywhere!►AnonymousConnection and Privacy ProtectionUsing a VPN, your IP andlocationwill be masked and your activities can no longer be trackedon theInternet. Betternet VPN service is your privacy guard andbetterthan web proxy servers. ► Secure Your DeviceBetternet securesyourAndroid device’s connection while you’re connected to publicWiFihotspots or cellular data networks. It works just like a freeTorproxy (the Onion Router) but it’s even more secured. Yourpasswordand your personal data are secured and you are protectedfromhacker attacks.► Surf anonymously at Fast SpeedBetternet isfast!It detects your location automatically and connects you tothenearest and fastest server. As a result, your connection willbemuch faster than any other VPN or proxy providers.► ShieldWiFiHotspotPublic Wi-Fi hotspots are perfect places for hackers andifthey happen to get a hold of your personal information, youcouldvery well be the next victim of identity theft! Betternet VPNproxyuses advanced VPN technology to encrypt your networktraffic,enabling you to connect to a website via HTTPS, providing asecuredshield to your WiFi hotspot.Betternet VPN free version showsads.Upgrade to premium to enjoy unlimited and ad-free VPN! ContactusIfyou have any questions or suggestions, feel free to reach or visit our websitehttps://www.betternet.cofor more information. By the way, don’tforget to follow ourtwitter account @betternet_co andFacebook to stay tuned.
InternetGuard Data Saver Firewall
App and domain can individually be allowed or denied access toyourWi-Fi and/or mobile data.Blocking access to the internet canhelp:*reduce your data usage* save your battery* increase yourprivacy*Take Control Of Your Mobile Apps* Easily Allow/BlockAppConnectivity* Block background app activity* Be Alerted WhenNewApps Access the Internet* Block Adult WebsitesFeatures:• Simpletouse• Android firewall protection with **NO** ROOT REQUIRED!!•Nocalling home• No tracking or analytics• Actively developedandsupported• Android 5.1 and later supported• IPv4/IPv6TCP/UDPsupported• Tethering supported• Multiple device userssupported•Optionally allow when screen on• Optionally block whenroaming•Optionally block system applications* Automatic launch ofdevicestartup* Automatically identifies applications currentlyinstalledon your mobile device* Identifies and Notifies when newlyinstalledapps access the Web* Set Allow/Block, on a per-applicationbasis*Disable background activity for selected apps*Get full datausagevisibility• Material design theme with light and dark theme•Logall outgoing traffic; search and filter access attempts;exportPCAP files to analyze traffic• Allow/block individualaddresses perapplication• New application notifications; configureInternetGuarddirectly from the notification• Display network speedgraph in astatus bar notification• Select from five additionalthemes in bothlight and dark versionThere is no other no-rootfirewall offeringall these features.Why does InternetGuard top thedata usagechart?It’s an illusion. InternetGuard uses your device’sVPNpackage to create a firewall. As every data packet sent orreceivedby your apps passes through the VPN, all the incoming andoutgoingdata traffic gets attributed to InternetGuard.The goodpart,however, is that InternetGuard now comes with its own DataUsagefeature which allows you to check data usage for each app. Toviewthe usage, choose Data Usage from the homescreen.ATTENTIONS:1.This app is based on VPN interface, which isthe only way toimplement the firewall on no-root devices. It worksas the proxybetween the common apps and the servers. The appdoesn't steal yourdata or send even one bit of its own.
SurfEasy Secure Android VPN
Don’t trust your Internet privacy to just anyone! A lot ofcompaniesclaim to offer free VPN services while making outlandishpromisesabout securing your Wi-Fi access. But do you know whathappens toyour personal data once they get their hands onit?SurfEasy’sanonymous VPN offers a secure browsing experiencewith top-notch,no-log Internet security that protects yourpersonal data andencrypts all of your transmissions. Secureyourself across all ofyour Android devices. SurfEasy providesusers with an easy-to-useVPN that can be used on up to fivedevices for the ultimate inInternet security, protecting you athome, at coffee shops, inairports, at school and anywhere else youmight go. We're differentfrom other VPNs. We provide:* Livecustomer support.* Wi-Fi hotspotsecurity.* Encryption of alltraffic on your device* No logging ofyour online activities.* Morethan a dozen countries to choose fromincluding US & UK.*Ad-tracker blocking (premium feature).* Afast and reliableprofessionally managed network. With SurfEasy VPNyou can:* Maskyour IP address and geographic location.* Appear tobe in the US ora dozen other countries. * Browse anonymously andavoid beingtracked.* Access blocked websites from anywhere in theworld.*Bypass firewalls to browse without limits.* Unblock yourfavoritewebsites and apps.Choosing a VPN provider can be one of themostimportant things you ever do online. Protecting yourselfwhileonline can be the difference between enjoying a secureInternetexperience and leaving yourself vulnerable to having yourdatahacked while online. Protect yourself while online by makingtheright choice in getting a VPN. Choose a VPN that’s reliable.Choosea VPN that’s respected. Choose SurfEasy.Our app uses afewpermissions* Identity: Necessary for pushnotifications.*Photos/Media/Files: We store a few files inside yourdevice memorysuch as maps. This is required for smooth operation.*Device ID:Allows us to check for mobile network connectivity.*Wi-Ficonnection information: Used to detect unsecuredWi-Ficonnections.Please see SurfEasy’s PrivacyPolicy and Terms andConditions
Kaspersky Secure Connection – Fast VPN
Kaspersky’s Secure Connection service – featuring fast VPN –allowsyou to connect to the Internet safely and protects yourprivacy, byencrypting all data sent and received through thenetwork.ThePremium version gives you access to the content youlike, withoutgeographic restrictions and with unlimited trafficusage (within upto 5 devices) to protect you on public WiFi andsecure all youractivities on the Internet.200MB of daily securetraffic isincluded and free of charge and 300MB per day (ifapplication isconnected to the My Kaspersky account). KasperskySecure Connection– Fast VPN• Protects you on public WiFi &more• Keeps yourcommunications private• Lets you access more sites& contentvia secure VPNSAFEGUARDS YOUR PRIVACY & YOUR DATA– WHEN YOU'REONLINEWhen you want to get connected to public WiFinetwork &surf the Web, Kaspersky Secure Connectionautomatically offers toconnect you via Virtual Private Network(VPN) technology – soothers can't see what you're doing and you cansafely go online… inprivacy.KEEPS YOUR COMMUNICATIONS AWAY FROMPRYING EYESWhetheryou're online banking, shopping, video streaming,socializing ordating via the fast VPN service, we guard yourprivacy and makesure hackers can't read your communications. Alldata you send& receive is transferred via an encrypted, securechannel – andyour location and IP address aren't revealed.PROTECTSYOU –WHENEVER & WHEREVER – AND WON'T LOG YOUR ACTIVITIESBecauseyourlocation and your IP address aren't revealed through the fastVPNservice, it's easier for you to access websites and contentinother regions – without being traced. Kaspersky SecureConnectionwon't log what you're doing online and won't keep anyrecords ofwhich websites you visit.This app usesAccessibilityservices.Subscription details for Kaspersky SecureConnection –unlimited VPN traffic for 1 user, 5 devices:• Onemonthsubscription is currently available for you – at a price of4.99 USdollars (or its equivalent in your local currency).• Paymentwillbe charged to your iTunes account at confirmation ofyourpurchase.• Your subscription is renewed automatically at theend ofeach subscription period until you cancel it.• You will bechargedfor auto-renewal within 24-hours prior to the end ofyoursubscription period.• You can manage your subscription,includingcancellation, via your iTunes account. You can cancel yournextsubscription period at any time – but you must do so atleast24-hours before the end of your current period.
Ultrasurf (beta) - Unlimited Free VPN Proxy
Fast and Free VPN Proxy, No trials, No registrations, No logins,Nobandwidth limitations, No Ads.Unblocks popular apps andwebsites:YouTube, Facebook, Google, Twitter ...Secure yourconnections onpublic WiFi hotspots, hide your IP to browse the webprivately& anonymously.Works with Wifi, 4G, 3G.and all mobiledatacarriers.Support proxies (HTTP and Socks).Very easytouse.Ultrasurf is one of the most popular tools that helpedmillionsof people around the world to bypass the internetcensorshipsecurely and freely. Our users also use Ultrasurf toprotect theirprivacy and security by encryption and hiding theirIPs. More andmore users asked us to release a Android version, andwe providethis beta version for you to test, Please test and sendfeedback tohelp us to improve.Since it is a beta version, there maybe bugsand glitches, please send feedback by email toinfo8@ultrasurf.usto help us fix problem and improve.Please do notgive us badratings. Thank you.
VPN PRO - Free-Unblock-Proxy
⇨ VPN PRO is an app that lets Android users encrypt theirprivatemobile data, unblock geographically restricted content, surffastand anonymously, and avoid being monitored by third parties fortheutmost in speed, security and privacy. Stay anonymous andavoidbeing tracked, even on Wi-Fi networks that aren't secured.Get500MB free data usage every 30 days* to watch videos, stream musicorsurf securelyUpgrade to unlimited to cover all your deviceswithunlimited bandwidth usage and the fastest possible speed.⇨FEATUREAPP✓ No registration: Start using it immediately.✓SurfAnonymously: Your IP address and identity will be hidden. Itworkslike a proxy but gives you much more security. You don't havetoworry about being tracked anymore.✓ Unlock Websites:browseeverything you need: Media, Films, YouTube, Social networkslikeFacebook, Twitter, Instagram, download necessary programs andmanymore without any restrictions at home, work, studies andwhiletraveling.✓ Unlimited access to VoiP, video calls andmessagingservices: Use Viber, Skype, WhatsApp, IMO, FacebookMessangerwithout worrying about privacy.✓ Wi-Fi Security: Hotspotshield onunsecure public wifi, encrypts your connection andprotects yourdata while using public Wi-Fi hotspots all around theworld.✓ Data& Privacy Protection: Military grade of VPNconnectionencryption gives you the new level of online security.VPN PROprovides prevention from hackers robbery ofconfidentialinformation.✓ Easy switching between countries: Choosethe countrywhere you want to surf Internet from.✓ "Unlock App"function: Youcan create shortcuts to open an app and connect toyour preferredlocation right from VPN PRO.✓ FREE or UNLIMITED: Useall featuresfor free and ads, or feel super power of totallyunlimitedbandwidth.✓ No logs kept: Your activity isn't beinglogged.✓ Supereasy to use: Turn VPN on and off connection when youneed.⇨NOTICE*Unused bandwidth cannot be carried over to thenextmonth*Please don't download BitTorrent, any P2P will getaccountblocked!⇨ NEED TO SUPPORTEmail tous:vpnproservice@gmail.comFanapge:
Hotspot Shield Free VPN Proxy & Wi-Fi Security
Disguise your online identity and access blocked apps and siteswithHotspot Shield, while keeping your mobile activitiesanonymous,private and secure!Hotspot Shield VPN Proxy is the mosttrustedsecurity, privacy and access platform with top performanceon speed,stability and security. Hotspot Shield gives you trueonline freedom– bypassing geo-restrictions and accessing world’scontent fromanywhere, with just one tap. ⇨ Why Hotspot Shield ✓Unblockgeo-restricted contents: Encrypt all your traffic and getaccess toglobal media, video, messaging or social apps andnetworks. ✓ Secureall online activities: Hide your IP address,identity, and locationfrom trackers, and enjoy maximum privacy andsecurity. ✓ FREE orUNLIMITED: Use the basic features for free(forever), or simplyupgrade to Elite for unlimited features! ✓Unparalleled VPNPerformance: our proprietary servers ensure thefastest VPN speed,most stable and secured connections. ✓ LargestVPN Coverage: Poweredby AnchorFree, Hotspot Shield offers VPNcoverage from 20 countriesincluding US, UK, JP, IN, AU, CA, CN,and more! ✓ No Logs Kept:Hotspot Shield doesn’t track or keep anylogs of its users and theiractivities. Your security and privacyare guaranteed! ✓ BestCustomer Support: Any questions orsuggestions, simply shoot anemail to guaranteed! ✓ Trusted bymillions: Hotspot Shield FreeVPN Proxy has been installed more than400 million times and hasbeen featured on Forbes, CNET, CNN, andthe New York Times. ✓ NewFeature: Malware Protection: HotspotShield now includes MalwareProtection, helping you wipe outmalicious software for good.Here's how it works: ✓Scan your deviceas well as your apps forpotential malware threats ✓Display theresults in an easy-to-readsummary ✓Remove any malware with a simpletouch of a button ⇨ HowHotspot Shield works Hotspot Shield VPNProxy provides a secure andtrustworthy connection through anencrypted channel between yourdevice and the target website, usingVirtual Private Network (VPN)technology. Hotspot Shield hides yourreal IP address to anonymizeyour device so that your onlineactivities cannot be tracked byanyone, and you will be able to getaccess to restricted websites,even behind the firewalls. HotspotShield VPN Proxy is a freemiumproduct that is built for everyone –whether you are looking for afree version with basic unblocking andprivacy features, or apremium version with add-on services. ■Hotspot Shield VPN FREEversion allows you to unblock and access allUS content from yourfavorite apps or websites. The free versiondoes contain limitedads. ■ Hotspot Shield VPN ELITE version(auto-renewing subscriptionoption) offers truly unlimited accessfrom 20 virtual locationsincluding US, UK, JP, IN, AU, CA, CN, TR,UA and without any adinterruptions. Elite accounts support up tofive devices, whetherit is a smart phone, tablet, laptop or PC. Youcan opt in a 7-dayfree trial of Elite features before you decide tosign on a monthlyor yearly subscription. Follow uson…Google+: | @HotspotShieldSupport: Website: VPN Technology: © 2016AnchorFree, Inc. All RightsReserved
OpenVPN Servers
This app uses the 'OpenVPN for Android' app to connect totheservers (other OpenVPN clients might also work).VPNs will helpyouto unblock content like Facebook, Youtube and Twitter. A VPNalsohelps to protect your data in a public, open WiFi.Nothing isfree!Except when it is.All servers here are hosted by volunteers oftheVPN Gate project of University of Tsukuba, Japan. They are notasreliable as paid VPN services but they are indeed free and alloverthe world. For more visit: app and 'OpenVPN for Android'- Start this app andrefresh thelist of servers- Tap one of the green servers to connect(if itdoesn't work, please try another)- Enjoy yourunblockedinternetOpenVPN Connect Bug: If you get 'PolarSSL X509CertificateError' please use 'OpenVPN for Android'!Please note:This app mightnot work at all behind some firewalls.This app is notaffiliated toOpenVPN Inc. OpenVPN is a registered trademark ofOpenVPN Inc.
Free VPN by Veepn 1.2.1
Get Your Free VPN 100% FREE!More and more users around theglobefeel the need to gain access to websites with limited orrestrictedaccess. Strict policy and censorship appear to be anunbearablebarrier to various resources registered in the offshorezone. Onone hand, such measures are applied to prevent users fromaccessinginappropriate content. On the other hand, it contradictswith humanrights and freedoms. For this reason, we are happy tointroduceadvanced and easy-to-use OpenVPN service that will let youunblockany website you need with only one touch.Veepn app hasalready hitthe headlines due to its intuitive, user-friendlyinterface andprogressive functionality. We provide exceptional VPNservice thatwill let you access any website. Whether you want toplay a mobilecasino or visit adult websites, feel free to use ourfast VPNapplication to overcome any policy or admin barriers.SafeOpenVPNwith no LimitsThis efficient VPN app has already proved tobe anessential helper whenever you need a reliable and fast VPNservice.Among other proven benefits is its simple andintuitiveinterface.In order to start using the app, follow thesesimplesteps:1. Download Veepn app;2. Choose Location;3. PressConnect toaccess Fast VPN.Comparing to other VPN products, thisapplicationfunctions much more efficiently. You do not have to bean IT expertto unblock websites every time you want to read latestnews orwatch a movie blocked by admin. Our free VPN applicationwill showyou a different, better side of the global web. No limitsorobligations. VPN unlimited is your lucky ticket to the worldofdigital information and multimedia.Key Advantages of FreeVPNWecreated one of the best VPN products on Google Play. Youwillhardly find a better VPN solution to get unlimited accesstorestricted websites. Among its key features are:✓ Availabilitywithno limitations – every user can download the product despitehis orher location;✓ Intuitive interface – all you have to do isrun theapplication, press "connect" and enjoy unlimited access toallresources;✓ It’s 100% free – save your money and time.We makethedigital world closer to its potential users by smashing itsborderswith our award-winning Android mobile application. Feel freetoleave comments about your user experience or contact oursupportteam in case you have any questions.
Mobiwol: NoRoot Firewall
Look no further for your Android firewall. Mobiwol NoRootFirewallcan be used to save battery, reduce data usage so you staywithinyour data plan, and secure your privacy by limiting thenetworkaccess permissions required by apps.With Mobiwol No RootFirewallyou can -* Take Control Of Your Mobile Apps* EasilyAllow/Block AppConnectivity* Block background app activity* BeAlerted When NewApps Access the InternetSecure your phone ortablet, with reliableAndroid firewall protection - No ROOT accessrequired!Regaincontrol of your mobile device and what is beingaccessed and sharedwith the world.Features ListAndroid firewallprotection with **NO**ROOT REQUIRED!!Automatic launch on devicestart upAutomaticallyidentifies applications currently installed onyour mobiledeviceIdentifies and Notifies when newly installed appsaccess theWebSet Allow/Block, on a per-application basisDisablebackgroundactivity for selected appsGet full data usagevisibilityInstallMobiwol No Root Firewall for Simplified AndroidSecurityIMPORTANT:In the last update, a NEW NOTIFICATION ICON wasadded forSTABILITY. We are working on finding a way to retain thestabilitywithout the icon, but please be aware that THIS IS NOTANISSUE.***FAQS***Why does Mobiwol No Root Firewall show as ifusinga VPN connection?This is superficial. We've usedtechnologyavailable to us from within the VPN packaging moduleoffered byAndroid to be able to gain visibility to yourapplications' networkactivities and apply firewall rules withouthaving to ask for rootpermissions like other Android Firewall apps.However, no actualVPN connection is being made, no data is beingsent externally byour application, and we do not tamper with thesecurity of yourpersonal data, so you can continue using your appswith peace ofmind, and confidence that you will not end up with ahigher thanusual data bill at the end of themonth.----------------------WhyCan't I accept the VPN Prompt?Youwill need to select the checkboxfirst and then the button becomesenabled. If you are havingproblems selecting the checkbox, it islikely that you have anotherapp that creates an overlay on theactive screen that is preventingyou from selecting thecheckbox.These two threads explain theproblem further and give someexamples of apps thatdothis- go to top the data usage chart?It’s an illusion. Mobiwolusesyour device’s VPN package to create a firewall. As everydatapacket sent or received by your apps passes through the VPN,allthe incoming and outgoing data traffic gets attributedtoMobiwol.The good part, however, is that Mobiwol now comes withitsown Data Usage feature which allows you to check data usageforeach app. To view the usage, choose Data Usage from thehomescreen.Have a question not answered here? for more answers to top questionsaboutMobiwol - the original root-free Androidfirewall.***VOLUNTEERSNEEDED TO TRANSLATE MOBIWOL***Thanks toeveryone who has alreadycontributed to our translation project!We'll soon be releasing anupdate with localization for Russian,Spanish, Portuguese, Italian,German, Turkish, Hungarian andSwedish.Want to help us expand thatlist? We still need volunteersto QA completed translations andhelp us complete the remaininglanguages. Help us make Mobiwol thebest Android Firewall by helpingus make it available in yourlanguage. Join our translation projecton CrowdIn-
Invite More for LINE-Game
Invite more (more invite) unknown friend to play game line.
VPN Melon - Unlimited Free & Fast Security Proxy
VPN Melon, the best free high-speed WiFi VPN with unlimitedproxyconnection time.Offers you the freedom to access yourfavoritecontent, websites, apps, videos from anywhere and encryptsyourinternet activities to protect you from hackers.Why use aVPN?1. Toview websites restricted in your region2. For a moresecureinternet environment: When connected to a VPN, your IPAddress willbe hidden when you surf the internet, so no one cantrack yourbrowsing activities. 3. If you are on a business trip orstudyingabroad, a VPN is your great tool to use.Features★UnblockGeo-Restricted Content► Bypass regional restrictions,schoolfirewalls and government networks. ► Full access to yourfavoritewebsites, such as: Line, WeChat, Instagram, Snapchat,Twitter,Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube etc ...► Unblock VoIP networksandvideo call, such as: Skype, Viber, WhatsCall, Imo etc ...►Bypassthe school firewall, free VPN proxy school wifi.★PrivacyProtection► Secures your privacy when connected to publicWi-Fihotspots► Encrypts data using Open VPN protocols(UDP/TCP)►Hideyour IP. Nobody will know where are you from.★ Simple &FREE& Unlimited►Minimalist Design.►Withoutanyregistration.►One-touch to connect to VPN proxy server.►Nocreditcard required, no payment, we promise foreverfree.►Unlimitedbandwidth, unlimited time, please enjoy.★ SuperiorConnectivity& High-speed Proxy ServerIndependent research anddevelopmentof a new network proxy agreement, more efficient andsecure.Effectively avoid the school firewall interference.VPN Melonproxyserver has covered more than 10 different regions of theworld, thenumber of more than 300 proxy servers.Our high speed VPNproxycloud servers are located in India, Australia,Bulgaria,Netherlands, USA, Japan, Singapore, Canada, France,Germany, UK,etc ..★ Support: Try it now.Don't forget to give us5-Star (★ ★ ★ ★★) rating, if you like us.Don't forget to share itwith yourfriends, if you would like to help us.If you have anyfeedback orsuggestions, please send an email
VPN Monster - free unlimited & security VPN proxy 1.2.7
VPN Monster-free unlimited & security VPN proxy,100% freeVPN!It helps you access blocked apps and sites with Wi-Fi andcellulardata networks, while keeping your mobile activitiesanonymous,online private activities and secure! Totally unlimitedbandwidth!Super fast and high VPN speed! The best unlimited freeVPN clientsfor android. Download VPN Monster-free unlimited &security VPNproxy for your Phone to protect your online privacy,access yourfavorite websites, and browse securely on Wi-Fihotspots.Works withWi-Fi, 4G, 3G, and all mobile data carriers.It’s free and Notraffic or bandwidth limit.Install VPN Monster-freeunlimited &security VPN proxy for the following features:►UNBLOCK WEBSITESAND APPS* Bypass geo-restrictions, internet filtersand censorshipwhile you’re at work or school.* Bypass and Unblockwebsites orsocial media sites with free VPN proxy server. * Bypassthefirewalls as school VPN proxy and access to blocked appsorwebsites.Enjoy multiple proxy server to bypass blocked websiteandapps as if you were in another country from now with VPNMonster!►ANONYMOUS CONNECTION AND PRIVACY PROTECTIONVPNMonster-freeunlimited & security VPN proxy will protect yourpassword andyour personal data or online private information fromhackerattacks when you’re connected to a public Wi-Fi Hotspot, soyou canenjoy maximum privacy and security.* Protect your networktrafficand internet under public Wi-Fi hotspot browse anonymouslyandsecurely without being tracked. * Protect data privacy,personalinformation security and internet security while VPNMonster-freeunlimited & security VPN proxy is on.* Encryptsdata usingOpenVPN protocols (UDP / TCP).►Secure all onlineactivities*Protect your mobile security, so your connection privacyandpersonal information will be protected from hackers,identitytheft, and other malicious activities when we detect apublic Wi-Finetwork.* Enjoy private browsing.VPN Monster-freeunlimited &security VPN proxy is the most trusted security,privacy and accessplatform with top performance on speed, stabilityand security tounblock sites, unblock any apps or websites, accesssocialnetworks, watch videos and movies, protect Wi-Fi hotspotsecurityand protect privacy. Contact usIf you have any questionsorsuggestions, feel free to reach us onmonsterappfeedback@gmail.comor follow ourFacebook: policyreason, thisservice is not available in Mainland of China. Weapologize for anyinconvenience caused.
VPN Proxy Master - free unblock & security VPN 1.1.4
VPN Proxy Master, 100% free, totally unlimited VPN, secured andeasyto use. It is a super fast and the best unlimited free VPNproxy foryou. It is the best unlimited VPN to unblock and bypassblockedapps, secure your device, protect your onlineactivities.Noregistration needed, totally unlimited bandwidth!Super fastest andhigh VPN speed! Unblock the world with just onebutton!Install VPNProxy Master for the following features:Unblocked Websites andApps🎖Access any website - Connect to anywebsite or app on theinternet with a VPN proxy.Super FastSpeed🎖Unlimited speed - Nothrottling, Ever.🎖Unlimited bandwidth -No bandwidth restrictionsor download caps.🎖Unlimited serverswitching - Switch betweenlocations at no additional charge.Unlikeother VPN providers, VPNProxy Master never limit you. Connect toany VPN Proxy Masterserver, anytime, without restrictions ordownload caps. Easilyswitch between server locations at noadditional charge. We have100,000+ IP addresses for 2000+ serversin our server clusters, soconnections are always available.Secureall onlineactivities🎖Military-grade encryption - Secure yourInternet trafficwith cutting-edge encryption technologies.🎖DoubleVPN - Encryptyour Internet traffic twice to create an extra layerof onlineprivacy.🎖No logs kept - VPN Proxy Master doesn’t track orkeep anylogs of its users and their activities. Your security andprivacyare guaranteed!Privacy Protection🎖Protect IP address - SendyourInternet traffic through a VPN Proxy Master server to changeyourreal IP address🎖Protect connection - VPN Proxy Masterwillautomatically protect you every time you are connecting to anewWiFi or Internet connection. You will never be vulnerable,again,in a hotel, airport, restaurant, or any other new,publicspace.Improve Your Streaming Experience🎖Streaming -Forgetbuffering, bandwidth throttling and enjoy securestreamingexperience.🎖SmartPlay - Get secure access to yourfavoritestreaming sites with SmartPlay technology.🎖Lightning speed- WithVPN Proxy Master you can increase streaming performance andachievefaster streaming speeds. Our users achieved 10x fasterspeeds onstreaming by using VPN Proxy Master.Easy to use🎖EasiestVPN ever -Download, install and start protecting your Internettraffic withjust one button.🎖Customer support - Experiencing anytroubles withVPN Proxy Master? Contact our customer service.Followuson:🎖Facebook -🎖Havequestions or needhelp?Reach us on EndUser Terms:Bydownloading and using this product, you acknowledgeand agree to theend user license agreement and Privacy Statementat, this service can not be used in China. We apologizefor anyinconvenience caused.
Easy VPN - Free VPN proxy master, super VPN shield
★ Easy VPN's unique features (our strengths) ★ ★ Very Fast,willconnect to the fastest VPN proxy server, show latency (pingtime)and VPN Usage rate. that help you to select fittest VPNserver. ★Multi VPN Mode, switch easily to IPsec(IKEv2) Mode,OpenVPN TCPMode, Openvpn UDP Mode, Shadowsocks Mode, Unblock anywebsitewherever you are.Easy VPN is 100% VPN unblock master.★supportspecified app agents - you can enable proxy services forapps youspecify, if your device system is higher than Android5.0Easy VPN -WiFi hotspot security shield and unlimited free VPNclient forandroidEasy VPN is the best free unlimited vpn proxyclients forandroid. It can to unblock sites, bypass blocked apps,WiFi hotspotsecure and protect privacy.Brings a high speed andencrypted VPNconnection to improve your mobile better net to accessinternet,and WiFi security under WiFi hotspot. Enjoy multiple proxyserverand multiple VPN Mode to bypass blocked website and apps asif youwere in another country. faster, safer and more smooth,isdefinitely the best free VPN client for android and proxy servertooptimize personal information security and privateinternetaccess.You should download the best super vpn for androidnow! ★With Easy VPN ( Free super VPN & hotspot VPN shield ),youcan:√ Easiest - One tap to connect to VPN proxy server- reallyOneTap VPN, connect within 5 second- Easy to Use, just press abuttonand connect a betternet√ Most Stable & Fastest - withturbohigh VPN speed- 100+ free cloud proxy server to provide betternetVPN service.100% top speed vpn server.- You can choose VPNserverseasily with high speed, unlimited bandwidth and unlimitedserverswitches, you can connect from anywhere in the world- vpnforUnited States, American VPN(USA VPN) is suitable for NorthAmericanand South American users- vpn for Germany, suitable forusers inthe Middle East countries- vpn for India, suitable forusers in theMiddle East countries and South Asian- vpn forSingapore, suitablefor Asian users- vpn for Russia, suitable forUkraine and Russia,support VK for Ukraine- vpn for Japan, JapanVPN, suitable forAsian users, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam- vpnfor UnintedKindom, UK VPN, suitable for users in the Middle Eastcountries-Support voice call and video call for Arabian countries,such asSaudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Iran, Oman and soon√Unblock & Access your favorite sites wherever you are-Bypassthe firewalls as school free VPN proxy for school wifi andschoolcomputer. - Bypass geo-restrictions, internet filtersandcensorship - Unblock websites with free VPN proxy server. Itcanalso unblock video not available in your country.- Unblocksocialnetworks websites or apps, such as: Line, QQ, WeChat,Instagram,Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp etc ...- UnblockVoIPnetworks and video call, such as: Skype, Viber, WhatsCall, Imoetc...- Unblock video websites and download, such as YouTube,Netflix√Incognito browsing anonymously - The most reliable privacyguardand safety shield tunnel for online browsing- never recordyouronline behavior and will never upload your privacyinformation-passed the "DNS Leak" test, can effectively prevent DNSleaks, toprovide you with fake IP, hide the real IP- Encrypts yourinternettraffic, protect your privacy, and keep you safe from 3rdpartytracking for your information security- Protect dataprivacy,personal information security and internet security.-Protect yourdata from hackers and surveillance when you’reconnected to apublic WIFI hotspot shield.- Avoid being snooped ormonitored byyour ISP or government censorships - Encrypts datausingIPsec(IKEv2), OpenVPN protocols (UDP / TCP), Shadowsocks.We donotprovide BitTorrent and any P2P (pier to pier) serviceForpolicyreason, this service can not be used in China. We apologizefor anyinconvenience caused.
Free VPN proxy by Snap VPN
100% free! Unlimited usage! High vpn speed! Free VPN proxy bySnapVPN-Snap connect as lightning to free your world.Fast -Connectsuccessfully just a snap.Easy - Auto vpn connection. NonUSERNAME,Non PASSWORD, Non REGISTER!Stable - Have lots of free vpnserver toprovide better vpn service. Free VPN proxy by SnapVPN-Bypass thefirewalls as school proxy while you are at school oratwork.Unblock sites with free proxy server.Protect yournetworktraffic under WiFi hotspot Browse anonymously and securelywithoutbeing tracked. Enjoy private browsing.Auto to the bestlocationsfor you based on your current IP.Works with WiFi, LTE, 3G,and allmobile data carriers.Encrypts data using Open VPN protocols(UDP /TCP).###Please don't download BitTorrent and any P2P.Otherwise,you will be blocked!Contact us:If you have any questionsorsuggestions, feel free to reach us on snapappfeedback@gmail.comorfollow ourFacebook: and/or using this product, you acknowledge andagree tothe end user license agreement and Privacy Statementat, this service is not available in Mainland of China.Weapologize for any inconvenience caused.
Secure VPN - Free VPN Proxy, Best & Fast Shield
Unable to access some websites or apps? Worried aboutunprotectedWi-Fi hotspot shield? Want to be anonymous and hide myip fromhackers? Secure VPN – is the best vpn android apps foryou!SecureVPN - Web Proxy & Cloud VPN| Open the tor browsersafely | Thebest hotspot VPN android client Secure VPN lets youchange yourvirtual location. Unblock any content and access yourfavoritewebsites and apps from anywhere - completely free.SecureVPN - freeVPN unlimited & security VPN proxy! It helps youaccess blockedapps and sites with Wi-Fi hotspot, while keeping yourmobileactivities anonymous, online private activities and secure!Totallyunlimited bandwidth! Super fast and high VPN speed! Thebestunlimited free VPN clients for android. Download VPNunlimited& security VPN proxy for your Phone to protect youronlineprivacy, access your favorite websites, and browse securelyonWi-Fi hotspots.Works with Wi-Fi, 4G, 3G, and all mobiledatacarriers. It’s free and No traffic or bandwidth limit.★ WithSecureVPN ( Super fast VPN Free ), you can:√ Easy - One tap toconnect toVPN proxy server- really One Tap VPN, connect within 5second, holafor you- Easy to Use, just press a button and connect abetternet√100% VPN Unblock Master & Access your favorite siteswhereveryou are- Bypass the firewalls as school free VPN proxy forschoolwifi. - Bypass geo-restrictions, internet filters andcensorship.-Unblock websites with free VPN proxy server. It canalso unblockvideo not available in your country.- Unblock socialnetworkswebsites or apps, such as: Line, QQ, WeChat, Instagram,Snapchat,Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp etc ...- Unblock VoIP networksandvideo call, such as: Skype, Viber, WhatsCall, Imo etc ...-Unblockvideo websites, such as YouTube√ Most Stable & Fastest -withturbo high VPN speed, faster than rabbit - 100+ free cloudproxyserver to provide better net VPN service, is really wifiboosterfor playing games.- You can choose VPN servers easily withhighspeed, unlimited bandwidth and unlimited server switches, youcanconnect from anywhere in the world- vpn for United States,AmericanVPN ( USA VPN )- vpn for Germany- vpn for India- vpn forSingapore( SG VPN )- vpn for Japan ( JP VPN )- vpn for Russia- vpnforUninted Kindom, UK VPN- Support voice call and video callforArabian countries, such as Saudi Arabia(SA), the UnitedArabEmirates(UAE), Iran, Oman and so on√ Incognito browsinganonymously- hide ip like tor onion - The most reliable privacyguard andsafety shield tunnel for online browsing- no logs andnever uploadprivacy information- passed the "DNS Leak" test, caneffectivelyprevent DNS leaks, to provide you with fake IP, hide myIP-Encrypts your internet traffic, protect your privacy, and keepyousafe from 3rd party tracking for your information security-Protectyour data from hackers when you’re connected to a publicWIFIhotspot shield.- Encrypts data using IPsec(IKEv2),OpenVPNprotocols (UDP / TCP), Shadowsocks.√ Secure all onlineactivities -Protect your mobile security, so your connectionprivacy andpersonal information will be protected from hackers,identitytheft, and other malicious activities when we detect apublic Wi-Finetwork.- Enjoy private browsing.√ VIP high speedservers - A rangeof VIP VPN servers are available on purchase atcheapest prices.Lower price but super faster speed. Secure VPN isthe most trustedsecurity, privacy and access platform with topperformance onspeed, stability and security to unblock sites,unblock any apps orwebsites, access social networks, watch videosand movies, protectWi-Fi hotspot security and protect privacy. Wedo not provideBitTorrent and any P2P (pier to pier) servicePornsites and adultcontent(including Porno Torrent and Sex sites) arenot allowed, youwill be blocked!
Free VPN - Safe and private browsing on a hotspot
The internet is a scary place. Every bit of data you send isbeingscraped, sniffed, and siphoned for personal information. FreeVPNis your simple, secure solution to our ever-eroding onlinesafety.- Safer public wifi- Browse privately- Top server speed&reliability- Secures your wifi, whether open or encrypted-Workswith WiFi, LTE, 3G, and all mobile data carriers Free VPN iswhatit says: 100% free protection, now and forever. No sign-inorregistration required, just fast and secure browsing 24/7whereveryou are.
Eagle VPN-Free·unblock·proxy
100 % Free VPN proxyOne tap to connect No sign-uporregistrationsHigh speed VPN - We provide the fastest serverforyouEagle VPN The best unlimited free VPN clients forandroid.EagleVPN- The best free & unlimited vpn tunnel forandroid tounblock sites, watch online video, bypass blocked apps,secure WiFihotspots and browse privately & anonymously.EagleVPN-Free VPNproxy!* Install Flash VPN for the following features:→Unlimatedtime, Unlimated data, Unlimated brandwidth→ Simple, easyto use,one tap connect to VPN→ No registration or login required→No Logis saved from any users→ Encrypts you internet traffic→Protectyour security and privacy→ High speed→ Use high security SSLVPNtunnel mode→ Provide global VPN servers network(USA, UK,Japan,Singapore, Germany, etc)→ Top SSL VPN router(VPN gateway)forandroid→ High-speed anonymous VPN Service from PrivateInternetAccessFastest - Connect successfully as a hare with highVPNspeed.Easiest - One tap to connect to VPN proxy server.####Pleasedon't download BitTorrent, any P2P will get accountblocked!###
Touch VPN -Free Unlimited VPN Proxy & WiFi Privacy
Unable to access some websites or apps? Worried aboutunprotectedWi-Fi hotspots? Want to be anonymous and protectedfromsurveillance and hackers? Touch VPN – is the best solutionforyou!Public Wi-Fi is not safe. Anything you send or receive onyourmobile devices on public WiFi can be intercepted, which makesyourpersonal information such as your passwords, pictures, app dataandother private information vulnerable to hackers. TouchVPNautomatically turns public WiFi into safe and secure privateWiFi.Your mobile security, privacy and personal information willbeprotected from hackers, identity theft, and othermaliciousactivities when we detect a public WiFi network. Touch VPNispowered by one of the most trusted privacy, security andaccessprovider - Hotspot Shield.Highlights of Touch VPN:✓ Free:100%free. No credit card information needed. No trialsoffered.✓Unlimited: Truly unlimited. No session, speed orbandwidthlimitations. ✓ Simple: Unblock the world with just onetouch of the“Connect” button. ✓ Secured: Our strong SSL encryptionwill makeyou fully anonymous and secured.✓ Support: If you have anyfeedbackor suggestions, please send an!-------------------------------------------■Whatis a VPNVPN stands for Virtual Private Network. Whenconnecting to aVPN server through Touch VPN for example - it setsup a secured andencrypted connection to the server in anothercountry. Because ofthe encryption process the data cannot befiltered or blocked. Ifyou live in Sweden for example, whenconnect to a VPN server in US,your traffic would look like comingfrom the United States, insteadof Sweden. ■ Why using a VPNWith aVPN, you are not only able tounblock geo-restricted or censoredservices, such as Facebook,Pandora and Youtube; your onlineprivacy and security will begreatly bolstered as you’ll be surfingthe web completelyanonymously.■ VPN vs. ProxyVPN and Proxy canboth conceal useridentity through re-routing your internet trafficand change yourIP. A Proxy server is however, completely browserbased, whether youare using Chrome, Safari, or Firefox; and mightnot be compatiblewith certain web pages that use non-browsertechnology. Unlike aProxy, a VPN service encrypts all yourtraffic, and will work withall internet based services. Insummary, VPN will provide you withmore online freedom, privacy andsecurity.■ Why Touch VPNTouch VPNis 100% free, unlimited, securedand super easy to use. You canconnect to any of the servers below(Sweden, United Kingdom,Denmark, France, United States,Netherlands, and Canada) to enjoyunlimited online privacy andfreedom. With Touch VPN you can ⇨Access any website in anycountry. Bypass geo-restrictions tounblock any website whereveryou are! Get access to sites that areblocked or censored bygovernment, school or workplace. Evadefirewalls to unblockFacebook, watch YouTube, and circumvent VOIPlimitations. ⇨ ProtectYour Data from Hackers. When you’re connectedto a public Wi-FiHotspot, your name, passwords, and personalinformation can beeasily compromised. Touch VPN encrypts your dataand provides youwith banking-level security for the bestprotection.⇨ Touch VPN isa one-click VPN Proxy Service. Touch VPNcontains only one button.The button connects you to one of manyanonymous servers at speedsfaster than a web proxy. When you arenot running our app we helpyou save your devices battery. And, weare a completely unlimitedand free VPN!⇨ Surf the Web Anonymously.Avoid being snooped byyour ISP and prevent websites from adtracking and targeting. TouchVPN changes your IP address, so youronline identity is anonymousand your internet activity isinaccessible to prying eyes andbusinesses.0x33FF1B42
FREEDOME VPN Unlimited anonymous Wifi Security
Try for FREE!F-Secure FREEDOME is the VPN app trusted by expertsandjournalists around the world, brought you by a company witha30-year reputation of respect for users’ privacy. FREEDOME VPNisfast and has unlimited bandwidth. Try it for free!Make yourWifiuse and surfing private with this easy, no ads VPN withthefollowing features:ANONYMOUS VPN: Like an anonymous proxybutfaster, FREEDOME VPN hides your tracks online with noadsWIFISECURITY VPN: Connect to any hotspot anonymously with aVPN.Encrypt your personal traffic and keep it private withVPNUNBLOCKCONTENT: Connect anonymously with VPN to other countriesso you’renot restricted to geoblocks of countries where you areEASYVPN:FREEDOME has been designed to be really easy to use so thatanyonecan use it as a personal proxy or as a no ads VPN.Havingunlimitedbandwidth on your easy VPN while surfing securely on Wifiandmobile connections means all your data stays private and you donothave to worry about bandwidth limits when connecting tounsafehotspots.Unlike an anonymous Wifi proxy or another type ofhotspotshield, an easy VPN like FREEDOME gives you fast and easyencryptedaccess to the internet. It is your personal VPN tool withno ads.Unlike other VPN’s such as Hotspot Shield, Express VPN orNordVPN,FREEDOME is developed by a publicly listed company. Being apubliccompany gives us pressure to make our personal VPN also themostsecure VPN.REASONS TO GET FREEDOME VPN• FREEDOME hasunlimitedbandwidth• FREEDOME is an easy VPN to use• Surf privatelyon anyWIFI hotspot• More reliable than a ProxyIn a world wherecompanieshave seemingly unlimited access to your personal data, apersonalVPN is the only way to surf privately on your phone,computer andin any WIFI network. A private VPN like FREEDOME isyour must-havetool to surf anonymously with unlimited bandwidthVPNLooking foreasy VPN access to blocked content that is easierthan a proxy, hasno ads and unlimited bandwidth? FREEDOME VPN givesyou all this.
Just Proxy VPN
Note: this app will not work with some of the Android 4.4(KitKat)versions.The most cost effective secure vpn solution foronly US$1.99 a year (except UAE). One click configuration. Nosignup. Nosocial login. No ads. No unnecessary permissionsrequirements. Noneed to root your phone.Backed by SSL tunneltechnology, Just Proxyencrypts all your inbound and outboundtraffic, which is importantto your privacy when using an insecurenetwork like public WIFI.Just Proxy VPN is ideal for people tobypass internet censorship insome countries or internet filters inuniversities and companies.Note: bit torrent and downloading musicand movies illegally arenot permitted.
Pumpkin VPN
Pumpkin VPN is one of the best vpn that you can use inthePhilippines.
Hi VPN - Super Fast VPN Proxy, Secure Hotspot VPN
The TOP secure & unlimited VPN Client for Android,unblockingsensitive websites and bypass apps, watching onlinevideos,protecting WiFi hotspots and browsing Internet privately&anonymously.The most user-friendly VPN serviceNo username,Nopassword, No registration, No data limitation.Hi VPN (Fast&Secure VPN Proxy) brings a high speed and encrypted VPNconnectionto your smartphone or tablet.Unblock your favoritewebsites andapps with the best worldwide free VPN proxy whenever,wherever.Browse anonymously and privately without being tracked.Hide yourIP address and enjoy the best ever private browsingexperience.Works all with WiFi, LTE, 3G, 4G and all other mobiledatacarriers. Multi quality VPN servers: United States ( USA ),France,Germany, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Canada, Singapore,Japan andIndia.Hi VPN’s selling points: Fast and Unlimited -Unlimited highspeed bandwidth whenever, wherever.Easy and Simple -Connect to VPNproxy server with just one tap. Stable and Free -Reliable serversto provide quality VPN service. Hi VPN defenderFree Key Benefits ⚡UNLOCKING WEBSITES AND APPS Connect to yourFavorite websites andapps, such as VK, Yandex, Facebook, Twitter,Instagram and YouTube.Enjoy your unlocked and unlimited Internetwhenever you want to. ⚡SECURE WIFI & MOBILE DATA CONNECTIONProtect Internetconnection and encrypt personal information so youcan safely surfthe web whether you are at home, work or in public.⚡ PROTECT YOURIDENTITY Anonymize your connection and prevent thirdparties fromtracking your identity and location from United States,Germany,Netherlands, United Kingdom and Canada. ⚡ GUARD YOURPRIVACY Lockdown your online security to block third parties fromspying onyour web traffic, hotspot VPN private Internet access. ⚡SPEEDMONITOR Monitor VPN speed in real time. Network usage isprovidedwith detailed information about connection speed and more.⚡ FAKEGPS Mock Locations by utilising fake GPS. Trick your phoneintothinking that it is somewhere else. Next time your InstagramorFacebook check in places can London, New York or simply anywhereinthe world. ⚡ VIP HIGH SPEED SERVERS A range of VIP VPN serversareavailable on purchase at cheapest prices. Lower price butsuperfaster speed. Contact Hi VPNIf you have any questionsorsuggestions, feel free to reach usonsupporthisecteam@gmail.comWe’d love to hear from you :)Note: Duetothe policy, Hi VPN is not available in China.
4G NET VPN allows you to unblock websites that are blocked to youbyyour ISP or goverment through tunnelling via differentprotocolslike SSL, TCP, HTTP.Connection through 4G NET VPN allowsyou tochange your Ip and Hide your real location while keepingyourconnection secure.Best working On Dubai DU &EtisalatNetworksContact for
Lantern: Better than a VPN
Are your favorite apps blocked? Download Lantern to easilyaccessYoutube, Facebook, WhatsApp and MORE! Lantern is an app thatallowsyou to bypass firewalls to use your favorite apps and accessyourfavorite websites while you're at school or work. EASY - No setup,no registration, no signup, no settings, just click and go! Allyoudo is install it and push the ON button! FAST - Don’t waitforeverfor your apps to load or for the website to pop up in thebrowser.Connect with Lantern and get there fast! FREE - 500 MB offree highspeed data each month. Continue to browse at a lower speedevenafter you surpass your monthly cap! Everyone deserves access totheInternet, download Lantern and get it now! USE ANYWHERE -Lanternis great for browsing and streaming at school, work, orhome! SMALLDOWNLOAD - Lantern doesn’t take up space on your phone,and at only8 MB it takes no time to download. Download it, and getto whereyou need to go!SECURE - Lantern encrypts all your trafficso thatno one can peek in and see where you are going. Surf theInternetin peace! FRIENDLY - We love hearing from our users,wheneverthere’s an issue or a suggestion. Get intouch:support@getlantern.orgLANTERN PRO - Avoid all types ofblocking,get Lantern PRO and get the best blocking resistanceavailable withthe highest speed and unlimited data! Buy the one ortwo year planand get unlimited access anytime!For more information,check outthe FAQs:
Super VPN - Best Free Proxy
SuperVPN - Forever FREE VPN■ Features:- Unlimited time,Unlimiteddata, Unlimited Bandwidth- No credit cards required-Noregistration or login required- No Log is saved from anyusers-Simple, easy to use, one tap connect to VPN- Selectlocations-Protect your security and privacy- Provide global VPNserversnetwork(USA, UK, Japan, Singapore,Germany,Australia,France,Netherlands,Canada, India, etc)■ What canI dowith a VPN?- Provide privacy by hiding your internet activityfromyour ISP- Protect you against hackers or online trackers whenusinga open WiFi hotspot- Break out of a restrictive network atwork orschool- Access full Netflix and streaming content fromoutside theUSA- Change your IP address- Unblock or Bypass allblocked websitesNote: Please don't use download, any P2P will getaccount blocked!
WhatsVPN - Unlimited Free VPN
What is VPN?A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, is a securetunnelbetween two or more devices. VPNs are used to protect privatewebtraffic from snooping, interference, and censorship.★ Simple&FREE & UnlimitedMinimalist Design.Withoutanyregistration.One-touch to connect to VPN proxy server.Nocreditcard required, no payment, we promise foreverfree.Unlimitedbandwidth, unlimited time, please enjoy.★ Anonymous&SecurityNo Log!WhatsVPN successfully passed the "DNS Leak"test,can effectively prevent DNS leaks, to provide you with fakeIP,hide the real IP.WhatsVPN never upload your privacyinformation!Alltraffic (UDP / TCP) is encrypted when VPN Lighterisrunning.WhatsVPN can protect your network traffic under theWiFihotspot anonymous browsing, without tracking.Anonymousbrowsing,truly privacy protection.★ SuperiorConnectivityIndependentresearch and development of a new networkproxy agreement, moreefficient and secure. Effectively avoid theschool firewallinterference.WhatsVPN proxy server has covered morethan 10different regions of the world, the number of more than 300proxyservers.Our high speed VPN proxy cloud servers are locatedinIndia, Australia, Bulgaria, Netherlands, USA, Japan,Singapore,Canada, France, Germany, UK, etc ..1. Unblock socialnetworkswebsites or apps, such as: Line, WeChat, Instagram,Snapchat,Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp etc ...2. Unblock VoIPnetworks andvideo call, such as: Skype, Viber, WhatsCall, Imo etc...3. Bypassthe school firewall, free VPN proxy school wifi.★Support: Try itnow.Don't forget to give us 5-Star (★ ★ ★ ★ ★)rating, if you likeus.Don't forget to share it with your friends,if you would like tohelp us.If you have any feedback orsuggestions, please send anemail to:
Permanent free VPN.Unlimited networktraffic.Unlimitedbandwidth.Unlimited use of time.Inf VPN supportsIPV6 networkaccess.Install Inf VPN for the following features:UnblockedWebsites and AppsYou can unblock any apps or websitesusing InfVPN. Bypass government censorship and geo-restrictions toaccesssocial networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, andSnapchat,etc. or any other blocked websites from anywhere!PrivacyProtectionUsing a VPN, your IP and location will be changedandyour activities can no longer be tracked on the Internet. InfVPNservice is your privacy guard and better than web proxyservers.Super Fast SpeedInf VPN is fast! It detects yourlocationautomatically and connects you to the nearest and fastestserver.As a result, your connection will be much faster than anyother VPNor proxy providers.Inf-VPN proxy server has covered morethan 10different regions of the world, the number of more than 300proxyservers.Our high speed VPN proxy cloud servers are locatedinIndia, Australia, Bulgaria, Netherlands, USA, Japan,Singapore,Canada, France, Germany, UK, etc .. WiFi HotspotShieldPublic Wi-Fihotspots are perfect places for hackers and ifthey happen to get ahold of your personal information, you couldvery well be the nextvictim of identity theft! Inf VPN proxy usesadvanced VPNtechnology to encrypt your network traffic, enablingyou to connectto a website via HTTPS, providing a secured shield toyour WiFihotspot.★SupportTry it now.Don't forget to give us 5-Star(★ ★ ★ ★★) rating, if you like us.Don't forget to share it withyourfriends, if you would like to help us.If you have any feedbackorsuggestions, please send an email to:
(VPN USA TURBO VPN) We are structured, built and optimizedforAndroid. We offer Wi-Fi security, online privacy, and accesstoblocked content & apps via proxy. Activate Master VPNMasterwith 1 simple click! Because of our great servers, the speedisamazing. You can watch high-quality media and not worrythatsomething will lag. Fast and completely secure, that isourmotto!...FEATURES?----------------✓. One-click fast VPN setup,noregistration needed.✓. Lifetime Usage.✓. Unlimited speed,unlimitedbandwidth.✓. No root access needed✓. Very strong 256 bitAESencryption to protect user’s online privacy. ✓. World's fastestVPNaccess servers in multiple regions.✓. Unblock allgeographicallyrestricted websites & apps.✓. No reg! ZeroTension!>✓Unlimited data free Lifetime......
FREE VPN - Unseen Online
Completely free and unlimited VPN service – no tricks!- Changeyourcountry with one click- Access blocked sites- Encryptedsecurebrowsing- Hide your real IP address- Anonymous websurfingNoregistrationsNo logins and passwordsNo limitations.Nosetup orconfigurations100% Free ForeverWith many worldwidelocations in allregions to choose from you will remain anonymousand protectedwhile browsing the internet.Please share with us yourfeedback andsuggestions
Hotspot VPN - Super Free VPN Unlimited Proxy 2.0.2
Hotspot VPN ( Free Unlimited VPN Proxy ) - The best vpn forandroid,100% free VPN app, 100% unlimited VPNWhat do you expectfrom a greatVPN app?# Unlimited Bandwidth to use# Endless list ofcountries toconnect to worldwide!# Simple one click to connect#Super fast speedvpn# Unblock any apps and sites in any country#VPN for privacy ,WIFI Security# IP vanish/ IP Fake # Hotspot VPN#Unblock VPN forVOIP(Based on openvpn, support all voice call andvideo call)#Unblock APP and site for school ★ FREE- 100% unlimitedfree VPNproxy! - No credit card information needed. No trialsoffered. MultiVPN servers- vpn for United States, USA- vpn forGermany, DE- vpnfor India, IN- vpn for Singapore, SG- vpn forCanada, CA- vpn forRussia, RU- vpn for Japan, JP- vpn for UnitedKindom, UK- vpn forNederland, NL ★ Unlimited- Truly unlimited, Nosession,speed andbandwidth unlimitation, Torrents and file sharingare allowed. ★Unblock - Unblock websites with free VPN proxyserver. - Bypass thefirewalls as school proxy while you are atschool or at work.- VPNcan also unblock video not available inyour country.- Unblockblocked websites such as: Netflix, YouTube,Instagram, Snapchat,Twitter, Facebook, Viber, Skype, WhatsApp,Wechat etc…★ Security- NOLOGS! That means, that you're absolutelyanonymous and protectedwhile using our app.- All of your traffic(UDP / TCP) is encryptedwhile FREE VPN is on.Based on Openvpn.-FREE VPN protect yourprivacy, keep you safe from 3rd partytracking.- FREE VPN protectyour network traffic under WiFi hotspotbrowse anonymously andsecurely without being tracked. ★ Stable andSpeed VPN- Top SpeedVPN & Stable Connection- Perfect supportfor Saudi Arabia (SA)and the United Arab Emirates (UAE)★ Fast VPN-100+ free cloud proxyserver to provide better net service.100% topspeed vpn server.★Simple - Easy to Use, Just Press a button andconnect abetternet-------------------------------------------■ Whyusing aVPNWith a VPN, you are not only able to unblockgeo-restricted orcensored services, such as Facebook, Pandora andYoutube; youronline privacy and security will be greatly bolsteredas you’ll besurfing the web completely anonymously.■ Why HotspotVPNHotspot VPNis 100% free, unlimited, secured and super easy touse. You canconnect to any of the servers below (Sweden, UnitedKingdom,Denmark, United States, Netherlands, and Canada) to enjoyunlimitedonline privacy and freedom. With Hotspot VPN you can ⇨Access anywebsite in any country. Bypass geo-restrictions tounblock anywebsite wherever you are! Get access to sites that areblocked orcensored by government, school or workplace. Evadefirewalls tounblock Facebook, watch YouTube, and circumvent VOIPlimitations. ⇨Protect Your Data from Hackers. When you’reconnected to a publicWi-Fi Hotspot, your name, passwords, andpersonal information can beeasily compromised. Hotspot VPNencrypts your data and provides youwith banking-level security forthe best protection.⇨ Hotspot VPN isa one-click VPN Proxy Service.Hotspot VPN contains only one button.The button connects you toone of many anonymous servers at speedsfaster than a web proxy.When you are not running our app we helpyou save your devicesbattery. And, we are a completely unlimitedand free VPN!⇨ Surf theWeb Anonymously. Avoid being snooped by yourISP and preventwebsites from ad tracking and targeting. Hotspot VPNchanges yourIP address, so your online identity is anonymous andyour internetactivity is inaccessible to prying eyes andbusinesses.Please don'tdownload BitTorrent and any P2P. Otherwise,you will beblocked!Porn sites and adult content(including PornoTorrent andSex sites) are not allowed, you will be blocked!
VPN Cloud
Open blocked sites & hide your IP! Bypass firewalls andblockedhotspots! Get fake IP in 1 Click! The Best VPN for Android!TorrentFriendly! Surf the web anonymously for 100% Free!Mainfeatures ofVPN Cloud1. Totally Free & Unlimited!2. One ClickAccess!3. Noregistration required!4. 20+ Locations Worldwide!5.Fast andSecure!6. Torrents are allowed!No more hma and cyberghosts!Get usnow - the best VPN client is here!
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Proxy Browser, unblock websites fast and free.This application isaweb proxy browser that unblock sites online with its autoproxyability.Features of Proxy Browser- Unblocks all blockedwebsites-Hides your IP address from internet traffic through ouranonymousproxy servers- Unblock website such as Facebook, Google,YouTube,Twitter, Wikipedia at work, school, while traveling ...-Browserweb proxy supports play videos- No need to configure orsetup proxyserver- Unblock Sites, for incognito browsing, very fastandsecure, totally free vpn proxy browser.
VPN Robot -Free Unlimited VPN Proxy &WiFi Security
100% free VPN! Totally unlimited bandwidth! Super fast and highVPNspeed! The best unlimited free VPN clients for android. SuperfastVPN to unblock sites, watch videos and movies, protect WiFihotspotsecurity and protect privacy.Thousands of servers beingprovidedfor you to make sure super fast speed.Lots of differentlocationsworldwide to unblock your favorite sites.With VPN Robot -FreeUnlimited VPN Proxy & WiFi Security, you can:FreeandUnlimited✨No credit cards required, no payment, we promiseforeverfree✨No registration or login required✨Unlimitedbandwidth,unlimited time, please enjoyUnblock & Access Apps✨ThestrongestVPN hammer to bypass filters, censorships andsurveillance✨Bypassgeo-restrictions, internet filters andcensorship while you’re atwork or school at super high speed✨Bypassfirewalls to unblocksocial media sites and video streamingservices.✨Turn VPN Robot onto watch your favorite shows, get fullaccess to sports broadcastsand unblock any restricted websites.Yep, it’s easy as thatPrivacy& Security✨The most reliableprivacy guard and safety shieldtunnel for online browsing✨Neverrecord your online behavior andwill never upload your privacyinformation✨Encrypts your internettraffic, protect your privacy,and keep you safe from 3rd partytracking for your informationsecurity✨Protect data privacy,personal information security andinternet security✨Protect yourdata from hackers and surveillancewhen you’re connected to apublic WIFI hotspot shield✨Avoid beingsnooped or monitored by yourISP or governmentcensorships ✨Stay private, anonymous andincognito online,preventing anyone from tracking your onlineactivities✨Encrypts datausing OpenVPN protocols (UDP /TCP)Superfast servers everywhere✨VPNRobot network of 2410worldwide server locations in 61 differentcountries. We coverevery continent except Antarctica✨Have thefastest VPN experiencewithout compromising your InternetsecurityOur high speed VPN proxycloud servers are located in India,Australia, Bulgaria,Netherlands, USA, Japan, Singapore, Canada,France, Germany, UK,etc .. You can choose VPN servers easily withhigh speed, unlimitedbandwidth and unlimited server switches, youcan connect fromanywhere in the world -VPN for United States, USAVPN is suitablefor North American and South American users-VPN forGermany,suitable for users in the Middle East countries-VPN forIndia,suitable for users in the Middle East countries and SouthAsian-VPNfor Singapore, suitable for Asian users-VPN for Russia, RUVPN,suitable for Ukraine and Russia, support VK for Ukraine-VPNforJapan, JP VPN, suitable for Asian users, Philippines,Indonesia,Vietnam-VPN for Uninted Kindom, UK VPN, suitable forusers in theMiddle East countries-Support voice call and video callfor Arabiancountries, such as Saudi Arabia, the United ArabEmirates, Iran,Oman and so onWatch Streaming from Anywhere✨Accessthe content youwant from any country on earth. Bypass onlinecensorship and accessforeign websites like a local✨ You can nowwatch your favorite TVseries, sports shows or listen to the musicthat you love,regardless of local restrictions. Simply select thestreamingchannel you wish to access or even add your own to thelistSupport:✨VPN Robot works with WiFi, LTE, 3G, and all mobiledatacarriers. Free download this light APK now✨By downloadingand/orusing this product, you acknowledge and agree to the enduserlicense agreement and PrivacyStatementat✨Forpolicyreason, this service is not available in Mainland of China.Weapologize for any inconvenience caused
Free VPN Unlimited Proxy - Proxy Master
Proxy Master - Free VPN Unlimited Proxy For Android100% freeProxy!Totally unlimited bandwidth! Super fast and high VPN speed!Thebest unlimited free Proxy clients for android. Proxy Master -FreeProxy VPN, super fast VPN to proxy sites, watch videos andmovies,protect WiFi security and protect privacy. What do youexpect froma great Proxy Proxy app?# Unlimited Bandwidth to use#Endless listof countries to connect to worldwide!# Simple one clickto connect#Super fast speed proxy# Proxy any apps and sites in anycountry# IPvanish/ IP Fake # Hotspot VPN# proxy VPN for VOIPProxyMaster -Free Proxy VPN Highlight:★ Fastest - Super Fast Proxy-Thousands ofservers being provided for you to make sure super fastspeed.- Lotsof different locations worldwide to proxy your favoritesites. ★Simple - only contain a “Connect” button - One touch toconnect toVPN proxy server and connect a better net. - Nonusername, Nonpassword, Non registration. - No credit card needed. ★FREE &Unlimited - 100% unlimited free VPN proxy! - No creditcardinformation needed. No trials offered.- Truly unlimited,Nosession,speed and bandwidth unlimitation ★ Proxy - Visit anysitesand APP - Bypass geo-restrictions, internet filters andcensorshipwhile you’re at work or school.- Proxy websites or socialmediasites with free VPN proxy server. - Bypass the firewalls asschoolVPN proxy.- Proxy blocked websites such as: Netflix VPN,YouTubeVPN, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, Viber,Skype,WhatsApp, Wechat etc…★ Security - Protect Privacy andSecurity- NOLOGS! That means, that you're absolutely anonymous andprotectedwhile using our app.- Protect your network traffic underpublicWiFi hotspot browse anonymously and securely without beingtracked.- Protect data privacy, personal information security andinternetsecurity while VPN Robot is on.- Enjoy private browsing.-Encryptsdata using OpenVPN protocols (UDP / TCP).★ Stable - MostStable -Never lose connection- Top Speed VPN & StableConnection-Global networks, free vpn for USA, India, Japan,Singapore, Canada,France, Germany, UK, etc..- Perfect support forSaudi Arabia andthe United Arab Emirates ★ Multi VPN serversy- vpnfor UnitedStates- vpn for Germany- vpn for India- vpn forSingapore- vpn forCanada- vpn for Russia- vpn for JapanWe are thebest VPN apps onthe market!Just try us and see for yourself!ContactProxy Master -Free Proxy VPN If you have any questions orsuggestions, feel freeto reach us on
Speed VPN: Hotspot & Unlimited 1.4.21
Speed VPN: Hotspot & Unlimited Proxy for Androiddevices.•Unblock any websites and applications ex, facebook,youtube,whatsapp, skype. • VPN hotspot : Hide ip address, youronlineactivities completely private, anonymous and secured.• Stayprivateand anonymous online, disallow websites and otherthird-partiesfrom tracking your online activities.• Protectyourself fromhackers on public WiFi connections.VPN Proxy forAndroid TopFeatures:• VPN unlimited: Total Free, No signup, Nopayment.•Unlimited: Truly unlimited. No speed, bandwidth orspeedlimitations.• Easy: One click connection interface, no mindblowingsetup.• Security: Our military - level SSL encryption willmake youfully anonymous and secured.• Performance: Our VPN servershasgigabit network to ensure fastest super speed, stable andwithinsecured connection data centers.
Dark VPN - (Proxy/VPN)
PLEASE READ DESCRIPTION BEFORE YOU DOWNLOADDarkVPN is aprofessionaltool to set custom HTTP header. It's used to connectyour Proxy withcustom header to help you access blocked websitesbehind firewallwith SSL tunneling support & proxy server usingbuild-in AndroidVPN. It will help you surf the internet privatelyand securely.Thistools is for professional users onlyAccess anywebsite and serviceon the Internet and secure your identity.Secure your Android devicefrom hackers and online threats whenusing a public WiFi and hideyour IP address behind one of ours tobecome invisible on the worldwide web.Manual: yourconnection using Proxy/VPN.- Modify outgoing requests.-No rootneede- Specify alternate proxy servers to send a requestthrough-Provide alternate headers and ability to strip headersfromincoming http responses- Payload Generator- Support Android4.0+-Battery saver, etc.Tunnel Types- TCP/UDPHow to use:>>Openpayload generator and press generate (no need to adjustsettings)and select one of our server to connect- Crashing orhavingproblem? Email us to get itresolvedGuide: outDDEVSPHILIPPINES Website or gotoourFanpage may alsofollowus on twitter.
Best VPN
Free & totally unlimited vpn for Android. Bypassesfirewalls,unblock sites, hides your IP address on public WiFihotspots!Secure your data, easy in use, one click connection!BestVPNfeatures:1. Amazing speed2. 20+ locations worldwide3. No logs!4.Nobandwidth limit!5. Absolutely free!6. Torrent friendly7. Workswith3G/4GPersonal benefits:*No registration required*Browse thewebanonymously*Private data protection*Bypass blockedwebsites/apps,location restrictions and censorship internetfilters*P2P trafficis allowed!*Simple countries switchingprocedureMake your Internetbetter!
ProtonVPN - Free VPN made by ProtonMail
ProtonVPN is a free VPN service that does the following:-protectsyour privacy by hiding your IP address- lets you browse thewebsecurely (even on public WiFi)- lets you visitblocked/censoredwebsitesProtonVPN is developed by the same team ofscientists whomet at CERN and created ProtonMail, the world'slargest encryptedemail service. We created ProtonVPN to givejournalists, activists,and everyday citizens unrestricted andsecure access to theInternet.Why ProtonVPN?✔ FREEProtonVPN isthe ONLY free VPNservice that has no privacy invading ads, nomalware, no bandwidthlimits, and does not secretly sell user data.The free service issupported by optional paid plans that come withmore servers andmore features.✔ SWISS PRIVACYKeep yourbrowsing historyprivate. As a Swiss VPN provider, we do not loguser activity orshare data with third parties. Our proxy serversenable anonymousbrowsing, protected by Swiss privacylaws.✔ INTERNET WITHOUTRESTRICTIONSProtonVPN unblocks websitesand unlocks content. Visitany site, stream any content, anddownload using any peer-to-peer(P2P) services (paid plans only).Use the Internet withoutcensorship.✔ NETWORK SECURITYOursecure VPN sends yourinternet traffic through an encrypted VPNtunnel (using the IKEv2protocol), so your passwords andconfidential data stay safe, evenover public WiFi or compromisednetworks.✔ TRUSTEDUnlike otherVPN services, we provide fulltransparency so you know who isrunning the service. Whether it ischallenging governments,educating the public, or trainingjournalists, we are well knownfor fighting for privacy online andcontributing to the open sourcecommunity.ProtonVPNFeatures✔ FAST GLOBAL NETWORKProtonVPN hashundreds of serverslocated all around the world, accessible via asingle click. Allservers are on high speed 1 Gbit or 10 Gbitconnections. Free userscan use servers in threecountries.✔ SECURE CORE VPNRegular VPNservices can becompromised if their servers are under surveillance.ProtonVPNprevents this by first passing user traffic through ourSecure Corenetwork in privacy friendly countries like Switzerlandand Iceland.Thus, even a compromised VPN endpoint server will notreveal yourtrue IP address. Secure Core is available for ProtonVPNPlus &ProtonVPN Visionary users.✔ PERFECT FORWARDSECRECYForsecurity, ProtonVPN uses ciphers with Perfect ForwardSecrecy,meaning that your encrypted traffic cannot be capturedanddecrypted later, even if an encryption key gets compromised inthefuture.✔ NO LOGSProtonVPN is a no logs VPN service. We donottrack or record your internet activity, and therefore,cannotdisclose this information to third parties.✔ TORVPNProtonVPNPlus & ProtonVPN Visionary include Tor support.With a singleclick, you can route all your traffic through the Tornetwork andaccess Onion sites.What the world is saying aboutProtonVPN" It’sworth noting here that ProtonVPN’s free servicedoesn’timplement data limitations or other caps, as someprovidersdo" -- VentureBeat" ProtonVPN looks to have an admirablegoal ofbringing an open, private internet to all. " -- CNET" Theservice,developed by MIT and CERN, promises to route all trafficthroughprivacy-friendly countries ... a great option for those whoarelooking for a secure VPN option, developed by reputablepeople."--LifeHackerReady to secure your mobile Internet? GetProtonVPN forfree and stay protected with the best Android VPN.