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Summary: Rich dad 1.0
Our App is the summary of the book “Rich Dad Poor Dad”Rich DadPoorDad is a 1997 book written by Robert Kiyosaki . It advocatestheimportance of financial literacy (financial education),financialindependence and building wealth through investing inassets, realestate investing, starting and owning businesses, aswell asincreasing one's financial intelligence (financial IQ) toimproveone's business and financial aptitude. The book power mostdesiresaspiration every individual dream of, it is the powerwhichcommands the extreme position in society! You can Find Our AppByUsing the Following Words:Self-awareness Self-managementSocialawareness Relationship management Your performance atworkYourphysical healthYour mental health and Yourrelationships!The Law ofAttractionSet SMART Goals. ...Set Goals inWriting. ...Make anAction Plan. ...Personal developmentPersonalityDevelopment GetAnything You WantLogical ReasoningAptitude &LogicalReasoningInterview Questions with GK Quiz, AptitudeTestDevelopingLife's Most Important Skill –Happiness!AffirmationReminderCoaching PersonalLaws of thesubconscious. The art andsecrets of decision making. Power ofself-control. Strength of selfconfidence. The power of love andtolerance.Seven Secrets to control your feelingand emotions?Secrets and theart of decision making. Secrets ofStrategic Marketing. road tosuccess.The road to excellence timemanagement Human energy and theroad to the summit
As A Man Thinketh 1.1
Tata Lino
A classic self-help book that inspires modern day books of itskindsuch as The Secret by Rhonda Bryne, Think and Grow Rich byNapoleonHill, Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki andmanyothers.Tags:E-bookSelf-helpSelf-improvementJames AllenLawofAttractionQuotes
Rich Dad & P00R Dad - Complete Book 1.1
Rich Dad Poor Dad is a 1997 book written by Robert Kiyosaki .Itadvocates the importance of financial literacy(financialeducation), financial independence and building wealththroughinvesting in assets, real estate investing, starting andowningbusinesses, as well as increasing one's financialintelligence(financial IQ) to improve one's business and financialaptitude.You can Find Our App By Using the FollowingWords:Self-awarenessSelf-management Rich Dad World LiveSummary:Rich dadSocialawareness Relationship management Your performance atworkYourphysical healthYour mental health and Yourrelationships!The Law ofAttractionSet SMART Goals. ...Set Goals inWriting. ...Make anAction Plan. ...Personal developmentPersonalityDevelopment GetAnything You WantLogical ReasoningAptitude &LogicalReasoningInterview Questions with GK Quiz, AptitudeTestDevelopingLife's Most Important Skill –Happiness!AffirmationReminderCoaching PersonalLaws of thesubconscious. The art andsecrets of decision making. Power ofself-control. Strength of selfconfidence. The power of love andtolerance.Seven Secrets to control your feelingand emotions?Secrets and theart of decision making. Secrets ofStrategic Marketing. road tosuccess.Rich Dad Radio ShowMotivational Images Audio MessagesInspiring Quotes Your mentalhealth and Your relationships!The Lawof AttractionSet SMART Goals....Set Goals in Writing. ...Make anAction Plan. ...PersonaldevelopmentPersonality Development GetAnything You WantLogicalReasoningAptitude & LogicalReasoningInterview Questions with GKQuiz, Aptitude TestDevelopingLife's Most Important Skill –Happiness!AffirmationReminderCoaching PersonalLaws of thesubconscious. The art andsecrets of decision making. Power ofself-control. Strength of selfconfidence. The power of love andtolerance.Seven Secrets to control your feelingand emotions?Secrets and theart of decision making. Secrets ofStrategic Marketing. road tosuccess.Rich Dad Radio ShowMotivational Images Audio MessagesInspiring Quotes ''The size ofyour success is measured by thestrength of your desire; the size ofyour dream; and how you handledisappointment along the way.''Pleasereview the book and the app .
Summary: Rich dad 1.4
Have you ever been tired of working? Would you like toachieveeconomic freedom someday? We have the free application thatwillhelp you... Rich Dad, Poor Dad: The summary With this freeapp,you'll find the best tips from the famous book to make moneyandhow to make the money work. If you want to make money beinganentrepreneur, if you want to become a true entrepreneur, ifyouwant to leave your current job as an employee and make themoneywork, do not hesitate. This app will teach you what thepeoplepassing the road to success think, and will give you thebasics tolearn how to invest and make money. You want to know whatthe richteach their childs that the poor and the middle classdon't? Thenkeep in mind to read all the app. It is the first steptowardseconomic freedom. The application includes a summary ofextractsfrom the book, to be present at all times, and study everyday.Features LIST OF EXTRACTS You can see all extracts, withitscorresponding title, ordered accordingly. Where you seeallfinancial lessons you have to learn to achieve yourfinancialfreedom EXTRACT DESCRIPTION Each extract contains itsshortsummary, a brief explanation of why it is important to applytheprinciple. It is necessary that you study, you learn how tostartyour way to be an entrepreneur, and later a trueentrepreneur.SHARE EXTRACT This functionality is about sharing theextract, whomyou feel is necessary, who see that you need in yourFacebook wallor wherever you want. Let your friends also benefitfrom theknowledge that provides the app and they also learn how tomake themoney work. NOTIFICATIONS In the second section you canmanage theappearance of a daily reporting with the heading for theextract.Once you allow notifications, from the day that youenabled, in thenext few days you will see a different extract everyday. Playingin the notification, you can access the app and viewitsdescription. Necessary to remember every day the conceptsoffinancial freedom and educate your mind to the new paradigm.SEARCHEXTRACTS We included also search functionality, both in thetitleand abstract description. Thus, if you remember a concept youwantto reinforce but do not remember the place or extract number,youcan easily find LAST SEEN AND READ EXCERPTS We also includethestate that extracts you have read and what was the last thingyouvisited. Therefore, if you have not finished reading anextract,you can easily locate it. Thank you very much fordownloading RichDad, Poor Dad: The summary. If you liked the app,it would be veryuseful that you qualify it with 5 stars, leaving acomment withwhat more you liked, or what you would like us toimprove. Forbetter communication, you can also send an email withyoursuggestions, questions or anything you
CASHFLOW - The Investing Game
Craft your financial strategy to get out oftheRat Race using real estate, business, the stock market andmasterCASHFLOW – The Investing Game!Based on the original board game by Robert Kiyosaki proclaimedas“Monopoly® on Steroids” by USA Today, hone your financialstrategyand claw your way out of the Rat Race to build yourCASHFLOW Empireand claim dominion over the realm (realm being yourlivingroom)!Begin CASHFLOW in the Rat Race working in a variety ofprofessionswhile you implement your investment strategy to becomethe nextbusiness or real estate mogul. Avoid the pitfalls of baddeals,friends asking for handouts, lawsuits, and getting laid offfromyour job.Fine-tune your investment strategies now. Your ability toimpressthe world with your financial prowess will be comingsoon.Multiplayer functionality will be enabled with thenextupdate.
Self-Help Book Summaries 1.6.2
Book Summaries contains quality summaries ofself-help,self-improvement, business and nonfiction books,providing thereaders with concise and comprehensive texts. It’s aperfect appfor those that love books and want to save time byreading the keypoints without having to go through everything. SelfHelp and SelfImprovement books help you boost your Personal Growth,Mindfulnessand Success. They motivate and inspire you to achievegreat thingsin life. Some books summaries contained in this app: •12 Rules forLife: An Antidote to Chaos • 7 Habits of HighlyEffective People •How to Win Friends and Influence People • RichDad, Poor Dad • The48 Laws of Power • The Obstacle is The Way •Mastery We aim toconstantly update the app with new summaries.
Empowering Mind 1.7
Empower your mind with positive quote, books, articlesandmotivation video. Stay motivated throughout the journey tosuccessis a key element in every successful people. In this appsinclude:Book Summary FREE Summary Book of Think and Grow Rich ByNapoleonHill. A Personal Development book and Self-Improvementbook. Agreat book and life time must read book for all people.FREESummary Book Rich Dad Poor Dad! By The Best Selling Author:RobertT. Kiyosaki FREE Summary of the Book Principles By Ray DalioFREESummary of the Book Secret of Millionaire Mind FREE Summary oftheBook Think and Grow rich Complete set of Secrets of theMillionaireMindset Blueprint Transformation Cards. This dailyaffirmation cardwill transform your money blue print. SophisticatedInvestor portalwhereby you will learn the way to become millionaireor financiallyfree. (Tools and resources included) ShareMotivational Quotes thatyou would share to empower your friend!Download it now!
Law of Attraction Audiobooks Napoleon Hill & More
The Law of Attraction Master Class App contains self-helpclassicsfocused on personal development and The Law of Attraction.Thesebooks contain life changing valuable concepts that manymodernauthors draw from in current self-help works. Features: *Downloadone or more Personal Development / Law of AttractionAudobooks forfree* Real Audiobook Player (remembers lastlocation)Book Titles: *Acres of Diamonds - Russell Conwell * As aMan Thinketh - JamesAllen* Foundation Stones - James Allen* TheGame of Life - FlorenceShinn* The Law of Attraction - WillamAtkinson* The Science ofGetting Rich - Wallace Wattles* TheVictorious Attitude - OrisonMarden* Think and Grow Rich - NapoleonHill Audio Book Authors:*James Allen* Russell Conwell* FlorenceShinn* Napoleon Hill* OrisonMarden* Willam Atkinson* New Thought*Wallace Wattles...moreMost ofthe authors were influenced by NewThought Movement. The NewThought movement is a philosophicalmovement which developed in theUnited States in the 19th century,following the teachings ofPhineas Quimby. In 1877, the term 'law ofattraction' appeared inprint for the first time in a book writtenby Helena Blavatsky. Thestart of the concept of The Law ofAttraction started with the NewThought Movement.The law ofattraction is the attractive, magneticpower of the Universe thatdraws similar energies together. Itmanifests through the power ofcreation, everywhere and in manyways. When listening to New Thoughtbooks what rings true areauthors such as Napoleon Hill and modernday preachers like JoelOsteen. You will see many themes in NewThought that Joel Osteenechos the thoughts in his sermons. NewThought does come fromChristian Roots and is why many preacherssuch as Joel Osteen,Catherine Ponder (of The Dynamic Laws ofProsperity) speak to thesetopics.When you listen to CatherinePonder speak you will hear heruse word for word in many cases thewords of Florence Scovel Shinnand her book The Game of Life.The20th century saw a surge ininterest in the subject with many bookssuch as The Secret, byRhonda Byrne, Think and Grow Rich by NapoleonHill and You Can HealYour Life by Louise Hay, Rich Dad Poor Dad byRobert Kiyosaki, andbooks by Esther Hick.The roots of The Law ofAttraction goes backto the New Thought movement in the late 1800's.The Audio Books onthe Law of Attraction App are from the authorsthat first publishedthe concept of The Law of Attraction. The Lawof Attractionbasically says that “like attracts like.” We live in avibrationaluniverse where everything, including our thoughts, arevibrations.Whatever we are giving our attention to or thinkingabout—whetheror not it is something we wish to have in ourexperience—is drawnto us. If your current life experience is not asyou desire, thenyou have been creating by default which is whatmost people do. Youcan, however, easily begin to consciously anddeliberately create anew reality for yourself—starting from whereyou are right now.Thelaw of attraction manifests through yourthoughts. Your thoughtsare powerful, use your words wisely and takeadvantage of the Lawof Attraction by learning how to use your mindin a focused manner.The Law of Attraction says you attract intoyour life whatever youthink about. The "LAW" helps with LifeSuccess, Money Mastery,Weight Loss, Personal Growth, Confidence,Social Skills,Creativity, Business, Professions, Sports, PhobiaElimination,Addictions, Relationships.Download, Listen to thesebooks, andapply the Master Class teachings of the core thinkersregarding theLaw of Attraction. Rhonda Byrne published in 2006 thefilm TheSecret wherein she emphasized not only the fact of thinkingaboutwhat each person wants to obtain, but also to infuse thethoughtwith the maximum possible amount of emotion associated withthatwish.
HabitCoach - Actions, Principles, and Summaries
Taulab OÜ
Use HabitCoach to practice the behaviors recommended inpopular,influential books, such as Principles: Life and Work by RayDalio,How to Win Friends and Influence People and more.HabitCoachcontains more than 1,000 actions and principles takendirectly fromthe best self-help books! We know the power of action.Action isthe only thing that can lead to real change. Readingself-helpbooks is a waste of time unless you apply the actions theycontain.HabitCoach has summaries of the best self-help books, witha CLEARlist of actions you can take to apply the principles fromthebooks. You can read all the book summaries for free. Yes, forfree.This is because summaries do not lead to change unless youtakeaction. Three actions from each book are also available forfree,so you can start using HabitCoach at no cost. What else?Discoverwhat people do daily to be healthy, wealthy, and happy.What arethe most life-changing books? What are the specific habitsthatlead to success? We figured it out. And this app will help youtolearn and apply these life-changing habits. We have gatheredthekey insights from each book. These insights are not justsummaries;they are habit ideas that you can easily apply to yourlife. --Improve yourself -- Implement the best habits in your life,andachieve your goals. Practice habits from a variety ofbooksincluding: * Principles: Life and Work by Ray Dalio * AtomicHabitsby James Clear * 12 Rules of Life by Jordan Peterson * The 7Habitsof Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey * No Excuses!byBrian Tracy * The 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss * TheMiracleMorning by Hal Elrod * The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg* TheCode of the Extraordinary Mind by Vishen Lakhiani * The SubtleArtof Not Giving a.... by Mark Manson * How Not to Die byMichaelGreger * The Book of Joy by Dalai Lama XIV and Desmond Tutu* Startwith Why by Simon Sinek * Deep Work by Cal Newport * Thinkand GrowRich by Napoleon Hill * How to Win Friends and InfluencePeople byDale Carnegie * Awaken The Giant Within by Tony Robbins *GettingThings Done by David Allen * Thinking, Fast and Slow byDanielKahneman * Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg * Influence by RobertB.Cialdini * Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki These booksandmany more are available on HabitCoach.
Millionaire Minds 2.3
Millionaire Minds is an application with content that will openyourmind to new opportunities, to understand everything related totheworld of finance and how the richest people in the world think.Itcontains a careful selection of audiobooks on personalgrowth,personal finances and business opportunities, works by suchgreatauthors as Robert Kiyosaki, Napoleon Hill, Og Mandino,StephenCovey, Donald Trump, and others. It also contains the bestcontentof inspirational and motivational images, phrases andquotes. Youhave access to the best audio books of motivation,personalfinances, audios about money management, investments,control ofemotions, conferences and more. And finally we deliverthe bestaudios of motivation, so spectacular stories ofcharactersrecognized worldwide that have changed the world withtheirphilosophy of life. All content has been selected for peoplewhowant to achieve success and like to educate themselves everydayand take action, who are willing to leave their comfort zone andgofor more. If you are one of these people, then this applicationisfor you ... Download Now!
Wolfram Group
Remember the Star Trek computer? It's finallyhappening--withWolfram|Alpha. Building on 25 years of developmentled by StephenWolfram, Wolfram|Alpha has rapidly become the world'sdefinitivesource for instant expert knowledge and computation.Acrossthousands of domains--with more continuallyadded--Wolfram|Alphauses its vast collection of algorithms and datato compute answersand generate reports for you. Parts ofWolfram|Alpha are used inthe Apple Siri Assistant; this app givesyou access to the fullpower of the Wolfram|Alpha computationalknowledge engine. Domainscovered by Wolfram|Alpha include:MATHEMATICS Elementary MathNumbers Plotting Algebra MatricesCalculus Geometry TrigonometryDiscrete Math Number Theory AppliedMath Logic FunctionsDefinitions STATISTICS & DATA ANALYSISDescriptive StatisticsRegression Statistical DistributionsProbability PHYSICS MechanicsElectricity & Magnetism OpticsThermodynamics RelativityNuclear Physics Quantum Physics ParticlePhysics StatisticalPhysics Astrophysics Physical ConstantsCHEMISTRY ElementsCompounds Ions Quantities Solutions ReactionsChemicalThermodynamics Protecting Groups MATERIALS AlloysMineralsCrystallography Plastics Woods Bulk Materials ENGINEERINGAcousticsAeronautics Electric Circuits Fluid Mechanics SteamTablesPsychrometrics Refrigeration Structures ASTRONOMY StarChartsAstronomical Events Planets Moons Minor Planets CometsSpaceWeather Stars Pulsars Galaxies Star Clusters NebulaeAstrophysicsEARTH SCIENCE Geology Geochronology Geodesy EarthquakesTide DataAtmosphere Climate LIFE SCIENCES Animals & PlantsDinosaurs DNASequence Lookup SNPs Proteins Human, Mouse & FruitFly GenomesMetabolic Pathways COMPUTATIONAL SCIENCES CellularAutomataSubstitution Systems Turing Machines ComputationalComplexityAlgebraic Codes Fractals Mathematica Image ProcessingUNITS &MEASURES Conversions Comparisons Dimensional AnalysisIndustrialMeasures Batteries Bulk Materials Paint DATES & TIMESDateComputations Time Zones Calendars Holidays Geological TimeWEATHERCurrent & Historical Weather Forecasts Wind ChillHurricanesClouds Climate PLACES & GEOGRAPHY Maps ProjectionsGeodesyNavigation Distances Geomagnetism Geocoding CountriesCitiesElevation Data Oceans Lakes Rivers Islands Mountains PEOPLE&HISTORY People Genealogy Names Occupations PoliticalLeadersHistorical Events, Periods & Countries HistoricalNumerals& Money CULTURE & MEDIA Books Periodicals MoviesVideoGames Fictional Characters Mythology Television Networks&Programs Awards MUSIC Musical Notes Intervals Chords ScalesAudioWaveforms Instruments Songs WORDS & LINGUISTICS WordPropertiesDictionary Lookup Word Puzzles Anagrams LanguagesDocument LengthMorse Code Soundex Number Names SPORTS & GAMESFootballBaseball Olympics Stadiums Lotteries Card Games COLORSColor Names& Systems Color Addition Temperatures WavelengthsMONEY &FINANCE Stock Data Indices Mutual Funds FuturesMortgages PresentValue Currency Conversion Tips Bonds DerivativesValuation WagesSales Tax SOCIOECONOMIC DATA Demographics CountriesUS States USCounties Cities Economics Agriculture Energy SalariesUnemploymentCost of Living Health Care Housing Social StatisticsCrime MilitaryReligion HEALTH & MEDICINE Body MeasurementsGrowth ChartsExercise Diseases Mortality Data Medical Test DataTeeth VisionDrug Data Hospitals FOOD & NUTRITION Foods DietaryReferencesEDUCATION International Education Universities SchoolDistrictsPublic Schools Standardized Tests ORGANIZATIONS CompaniesHospitalsFoundations International Organizations TRANSPORTATIONAirportsAirlines Aircraft Flight Data Road Transport GasolinePricesBridges Tunnels Tides TECHNOLOGICAL WORLD CommunicationsSatellitesSpace Probes Photography Barcodes WEB & COMPUTERSYSTEMSWebsite Data IP Lookup Notable Computers Data TransferPortNumbering String Processing Hashing Unicode Lookup
MHW Companion 3.0.0
This unofficial guide app for Monster Hunter World assistsyourjourney and features detailed statistics for: - Weapons *WeaponTree * Weapon Stats (Attack, Element, Sharpness,CraftingMaterials, etc.) - Monsters * Loot * Hit Table * KinsectColor -Items * Crafting Table * How to get them - Quests *TargetMonster(s) * Optional Monster(s) * Rewards - Skills - Armors-Decorations - Charms - Set-Builder - Set-Searcher - Motion Values-Specialized tools - Kinsect crafting - Arena (detailed questinfo)- Endemic Life Unlock the app to get access to theapp-widesearchbar and get the information you need even faster!Unlockingthe app gives you also the option to change the app theme.Plannedfeatures for the upcoming releases: - Palico Gear - Canteen-Additional guides Disclaimer: Hunter Companion World Edition isathird party app. The developer of this software is notaffiliatedwith Capcom Co. Ltd. in any way. However, the creationandmaintenance of this app is permitted until withdrawal fromCapcom.
Thai Fast Dictionary 2.9.0
From the most popular iOS's English-Thai dictionary, now ThaiFastDictionary (Thai Fast Dict) is ready for Android. -Fastapplication startup - Fast word lookup - History and Favoritemode- Long list words scrollable table - Text to speech forbothEnglish and Thai word - Hangpig mini game This product iscreatedby the adaptation of LEXiTRON developed byNECTEC(
Quran English 2.6.50
Andi Unpam
As-salāmu'alaykum. Digital Quran / Koran with Englishtranslation,which has a word by word translation in English andaudio mp3murattal full Quran 114 Surah or 30 Juz withoutlimitation. CurrentFeatures : - User friendly design, slide thescreen to move Surahor Juz. - Reading Quran / Koran with modeportrait or landscape. -Available light and dark themes. - ColoredTajweed. - Surah Index(Surah list). - Juz Index (Juz list). -Reading with Uthmani orIndoPak script style. - Readingtransliteration with English text.- English translation (translatorby Saheeh International andTafsir Al-Jalalayn). - Word by wordenglish translation based onQuran. - Audio mp3 murattal 30 Juz(Reciter options by Sheikh HaniAr Rifai, Sheikh Mishary Rashid,Sheikh Fares Abbad, Sheikh MahmudKhalil Al Husary, Sheikh Maher AlMuaiqly, Sheikh Saad Al-Ghamdi,Sheikh Muhammad Jebril and SheikhAbdul Rahman Al-Sudais). - AudioControl (play, pause, stop, nextverse, previous verse, repeat). -Audio Manager (download and deleteaudio murattal with multi selectwith single click). - Copy theverses. - Share the verses. -Bookmark verses. - Mark verses to lastread. - Backup-restorebookmark and marked last read to the Cloud. -Search the word fromtranslation. - Prayer Times and Imsak, alsosupport athan (adzan)alarm. - Qibla direction from your location. -Hijri calendar. -Prayer Times widget on home-screen. - All featuresupports offline(Quran offline). * And next features that are indevelopment. Thisapp has several ads, but the placement is not in aposition whilereading the Quran, although there are ads but all ofits featuresare Free without restrictions, which the revenue fromads to helpthe development of this application, such as: • Feemonthly rentalof 3 (three) servers for the needs of thisapplication. • Feeconsumption of programmers and designers indeveloping features andbug fixes that exist in this application.But if you do not wantany ads appear, you can make a donation fromthis app. Yourdonation will automatically go to Google system, andGoogle willsend user donated money each month to our Bank account,and themoney we receive from Google entirely (100%) will be donatedtoorphans and dhuafa (less able) in 3 (three) places, namely:•Yayasan Griya Kafil Yatim, Gunung Sindur, Kab. Bogor -Indonesia,web • Jln. Cabe III Dalam andaround,Pondok Cabe Ilir, Pamulang, Tangerang Selatan - Indonesia. •Jln.Talas II and around, Pondok Cabe Ilir, Pamulang, TangerangSelatan- Indonesia. * Special thanks to Dr. Shehnaz Shaikh &Ms.Kausar Khatri ( for compiled "Word ByWordTranslation".
com.deeniyat.quraan15liner 2.0
Surah Al-Alaq (96:1) -اقْرَأْ بِاسْمِ رَبِّكَ الَّذِي خَلَق“Recitein the name of your Lord who created” Quraan Majeed (96:1)This isan app by idare Deeniyat, which enables reciting quranwherever youare.It is an easy-to-use, attractive app that has beendevelopedunder careful supervision of the Deeniyat organization. Wehavetried to provide a clear and easily readable Arabic font. TheUserGuide and prompt messages guide the user at every step for easyandeffective use of the app. Recitation can be performed usingtheJuz/Para index or the Surah index. Surahs can be bookmarkedwithinthe index enabling quick access from the favorite list.Similarly,pages from the Quraan can also be bookmarked facilitatingpromptaccess later on from the bookmarks list. Moreover, users cansimplyresume reading from where they left off or directly go toaspecific page by entering the page number. Users can selectamongdifferent reading modes such as the Gallery Effect or PageEffect.The Gallery Effect allows the reader to turn pages byswiping onthe screen. This mode accompanies zoom in/out feature.The PageEffect provides the reader with real page flipping effects.Addingbookmarks and changing reading modes are also accessiblethroughthe Menu/Volume keys. Finally, the app also provides optionstoshare it with friends, family and colleagues so they toocanbenefit from this app. One can access the Deeniyatorganizationwebsite and other apps developed by Deeniyatorganization. Let thisapp help you in elevating your position inDeen and Duniya throughthe accomplishment of one of our duties asMuslims i.e. recitingthe Quraan daily. We highly appreciate yourconstructive feedbackespecially concerning app improvements.Remember us especially inyour Dua!
Blue Letter Bible 1.20.22 build 1722
Dig deep into God’s Word with over 15 available Bibles,textcommentaries, Hebrew / Greek lexicon, interlinear,dictionaries,word searches, and more. Personalize your study withhighlighting,tagging favorite verses, and parallel Bible views.Much more tocome SUPPORT? First things first. Check out our Appsupport pages @ If you haveany questionsor issues with the Blue Letter Bible app, contact usimmediately @, or our public Google Group@ You can also email We want the app to work for you.Joinour millions of annual website users who choose to dig deeperintoGod’s Word with Blue Letter Bible! POWERFUL BIBLE STUDY TOOLS•Study the Hebrew & Greek with our original language lexicon•Perform word study searches using the many availabledictionariesand encyclopedias • Use the Treasury of ScriptureKnowledge for anin-depth study • Over 8,000 text commentaries byover 40 differentauthors PERSONALIZED BIBLE STUDY • Powerful notetaking featurelets take notes while organizing them into notebooks• Tag yourfavorite verses and collect them into custom folders •Highlightverses in unlimited customized colors • Show / hidefootnote andverse markers • Show / hide words of Christ in red •Adjustablefont size and line height for easier reading • Side byside,parallel Bibles Please take a minute to rate the Blue LetterBibleapp!
Spread Signs 2.0.3
World’s largest sign language dictionary with over 200 000signs!Learn American, Czech, British, Estonian, French, German,Austrian,Italian, Japanese, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish,Portuguese,Brazilian, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, andTurkish signlanguage.
eBird by Cornell Lab 1.9.6
eBird Mobile makes it easy to record the birds you see in thefield,and seamlessly link these observations with eBird--a globalonlinedatabase of bird records used by hundreds of thousands ofbirdersaround the world. This free resource makes it easy to keeptrack ofwhat you see, while making your data openly available forscientificresearch, education, and conservation. eBird Mobile isthe only appthat passes information directly from the Androiddevice to youreBird account on the web. Features - Track your birdsightings fromanywhere in the world. - View your Life, Year, andMonth lists forany region or nearby location. - Full globaltaxonomy based on TheClements Checklist of Birds of the World. -Common names availablein 41 languages and regional versions (e.g.,Portuguese names inBrazil or in Portugal). - Checklists customizedfor your locationand time of year, showing most likely speciesbased on eBird data. -Real-time feedback on whether a sighting israre in the area. -Quick entry tools to make note-taking fasterthan ever before. - GPSenabled location plotting and trackingoptions. - Map tools thatshow you hundreds of thousands of eBirdHotspots. - Full offlinefunctionality, enabling use in places withlimited or no Internetconnection. - Entire app translated toBulgarian, Czech, Danish,German, Spanish, Finnish, French, Hebrew,Croatian, Khmer,Norwegian, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Russian,Serbian, Swedish,Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Chinese (Simplified),and Chinese(Traditional).
Sundar Gutka Sahib Audio 1.4
'Gutka Sahib Path' app let you read and listen to 'GutkaSahibAudio' on your mobile. You can read 'Gutka Sahib Path' inHindi orPunjabi and can read meaning of path while reading orlistening to'Gutka Sahib Audio'. Purpose of this app is to let busyand mobileyoung generation reconnect with Sikhism and Gurubani byreadingpath on mobile. We hope that you will find this app usefuland andwill use it daily. Gutka Sahib is a collaboration ofdifferentbanis: • Japji Sahib • Jaap Sahib • Tav-Prasad Savaiye •ChaupaiSahib • Anand Sahib • Rehras Sahib • Kirtan Sohila • Ardas•Sukhmani Sahib • Dukhbhanjani Sahib Gutka Sahib Path app -keyfeatures: - # Select language of your preference:- 'Gutka SahibinHindi', 'Gutka Sahib in Punjabi' (Gurmukhi) # Listen to'GutkaSahib Audio': - - Seek bar to control audio - move back andforward- Pause button will stop audio and let you play path fromwhere youleft - Stop button will stop path completely. If you playagain,path will start from current page # Select from 5 themes -Sepia,Classic, White, Black, Silver # Select text sizes of yourchoice #'Read meaning' of each page using Translate option # Rateandprovide your feedback using Feedback option # Read in portraitorlandscape mode # All controls are 'in English' # 'Gutka SahibAudiowith Lyrics' # Nitnem Audio along with Sukhmani Sahib,DukhBhanjani Sahib and Ardas Ads: - # Please note that this app isadsupported # We show ad in non-intrusive manner so as to nottodisturb you during path Like and share on social media: - #OurGooglePage: # Formoreinfo: -
Al Quran and Translation 1.0.9
Assalamualaikum wr wbAl quran Al Kareem for android users intheworld with offline content (do not need to download arabictextfirst), just install and all content already ontheapplication.Have rich features :- Quran arabic content do notneedto download- Quran Translation and Transliteration- ColoredTajweedto help you to read quran correctly- Search for translation-Audioreciter Mp3 without limitation, you can download the audiofirst-Save last read phrase- Bookmarks- Copy and ShareQuranphrasesInsyaAllah can be useful for muslim intheworldWRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGEThis permission is required bysavingfile function. When you download audio files, the audio fileswillbe saved on your storage, so you do not need to download itagainnext time.ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION & RECORD_AUDIO(Optional)Thispermission is required by our partner Zapr. Zaprrequires thispermission to analyze television media viewingpatterns. Thispermission is optional. For detail, pleasevisit
Bible Hub 1.0
Official Bible Hub app with quick access to the Bible Hubsearch,online Bibles, commentaries, devotions, topics, andinterlinear.You will need an internet connection to use this app.
Sukhmani Sahib - With Audio 1.7.3
Sikh Studio
Sukhmani Sahib is the name given to the set of hymns divided into24sections which appear in the Sri Guru Granth Sahib, on ang 262.Eachsection, which is called an Ashtpadi(asht means 8), consistsof 8hymns per Ashtpadi. The word Sukhmani literally meansTreasure(Mani) of Peace (Sukh). This App has following features.SukhmaniSahib Path in Gurmukhi Audio with clear sound. Audio can beplayedin background mode. Direct navigation to any Ashtpadi(section)Change Font Size (Small, Normal, Large, Huge) Chage FontStyle(Slim or Thick) Night Mode (ON or OFF)
com.golap.hefzquran 6.0.50
The application makes easy to find out suras from the 15 lineshefzquran sharif. The application includes sura index, para index,gotopage, bookmarks features. Features available currently: 1.Paranumber and page number 2. Light on during recitation 3.Autorestore to previous session 4. Moving from one page to anotherbyvolume key 5. Bookmarks facilities 6. Goto page numbers directly7.Para index 8. Sura index 9. Good page resolution
com.WahegurooNetwork.SundarGutka 5.4.5
Khalsa Sundar Gutka contains the daily and extended SikhPrayersalso known as nitnem. The Sikh scriptures are known asGurbani andwere written by the ten Sikh Gurus. We have tried toinclude manybanis and features to serve the most sangat aspossible. Pleaserespectfully cover your head and remove your shoeswhen using thisapp. Currently included Banis: * Gurmantar * JapJiSahib * ShabadHazare * Jaap Sahib * Shabad Hazare Patshahi 10 *Svaiye * Svaiye(Deenan) * Akaal Ustat Chaupai * Chaupai Sahib (3differentlengths) * Anand Sahib * Basant ki Var * Lavaa * AthChandiChariter * Chandi di Var * Shastar Naam Mala * Asa di Var(Withsaloks) * Rehras (3 different lengths) * Ramkali ki Var*Aarti-Aarta (3 different lengths) * Jaitsri ki Var * SohilaSahib(3 different lengths, including rakhiya de shabad) * Ardas*Bhagauti Astotr * Baarehmaha * Akal Ustat * Salok M:9 *SukhmaniSahib * Sukhmana Sahib * Bavan Akhree * Sidh Gosht *Dhakhni Oankar* Dukh Bhanjani Sahib * Kuchji * Suchji * Gunvanti *BaarehmahaSvaiye * Salok Damale Da (Bani only) * Bhagauti Astotr(PanthParkash/Buddha Dal) * Funhe M:5 * Chaubole * 22 Vars * BhagatBani* Bhatt Svaiye * Raag Mala * Much more... Features: * SelectBanilength (effects Aarti, Rehras, Chaupai and Kirtan Sohila)*Larivaar option * Romanized option * English Translations*Rearrange indexes * Autoscroll * Vishraams * RemindersandNotifications to do bani * Font size and type * BackgroundColors *Manglacharan Positions * Bookmarks * Stay awake in appoption *Works on tablets and phones * More... We welcome any andallsuggestions, corrections and comments! We are here to do yourseva.This Sundar Gutka was originally modeled after the BuddhaDalSundar Gutka, but now includes much more. Banis are the sameasTaksal Sundar Gutka if bani length setting is set to medium(exceptAarti where it is in short mode). Please like us on facebookorfollow us on twitter forupdates! is provided by BaniDB(, the same sourcebehind SikhiToTheMax andother apps. --Daasre
com.softcraft.nltbible 1.5
Holy Bible in NLT- Offline We are proud and happy to release thetheNLT Bible Offline android app for free. No internet connectionisrequired to use this app.This app contains both "Old Testament"and"New Testament" in NLT language. There are several features intheapp that is helpful to the users to read & manage thereadingcontent like bookmark, continue from last read page etc.,Thefollowing are the main features of the app: * Search * Bookmark*Highlight bookmarked contents * Notes * Night mode to studyatnights * Quiz in English * Forum to discuss / share thoughtswithother users * View Nearby Churches We sincerely hope that thisappwill rejoice you. App requires two permissions, namely 1.YourLocation (For Ads)& 2. Network Communication (For Ads)Pleasefeel free to mail us your feedback. We are glad toaccommodate toyour suggestions in the App.
HOLY QURAN (Read Free) 1.5.4
Recite easily as actual printed Quran page by page. PagesareScanned, so there are no spelling mistakes or other errors.Don'tbother yourself by scrolling up and down. Full Page will beshownon the screen. This Holy Quran application has been createdwithbeautiful design and of course very easy to use. All sajdahayaatare highlighted with light yellow color and starting of eachparais prominent by first line with light green colorbackground.Screen will not turn off while you are reading. Featuresof thisHoly Quran App.. **************************************** ♥Swipefrom left to right to go Next page, ♥ 30 Para/ Siparah/ Juzpart bypart, ♥ 114 Surah part by part, ♥ You can Resume pages whereyouread last, ♥ Need to know for recite, ♥ Answer of somebasicquestions ♥ And also Beautiful Design. Most of theapplicationsrequires 400mb-500mb external data download afterinstallation, butthis 'Holy Quran' app doesn’t need any externaldata download afterinstallation. This Holy Quran Application only38mb, You justInstall and recite like an actual page of Holy Quran.I hope allMuslim brothers and sisters will be happy to use thisHOLY QURANapp and of course, it will be beneficial for you. ●❆●Pleaseremember us in your Prayers.
Free stories, quotes, background. Read & Write TTT 2.5.3
Terribly Tiny Tales is now also available in Hindi withHindiStories (हिंदी कहानियाँ ), Poems (कविता), Thoughts (विचार),ShortStories (लघु कहानी), Letter (पत्र), Diary (डायरी) andReviews(समीक्षा). With over 2 lakh free stories and 50k writers(andcounting), the internet’s most loved storytelling platformbringsyou the Terribly Tiny Tales (TTT) app. 1. Download andsharestories on beautiful templates Now download and share storiesfromthe TTT app to Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook onbeautifulbackgrounds given by us. Pick your favorite from tons ofimages ina range of categories. 

You can also upload an image fromyour owngallery. Not just that, you can also change the font type,colour,size and text position. Go, get creative. 2. Read and writechatstories India’s first chat fiction app that allows you to writeandread engaging chat stories in our format [ Bubble ]. Tap torevealchats that’ll keep you hooked for hours. Create a chat storywithdifferent characters. Don't just stop at writing. You canalsochoose a theme & export your chat story as (square) videos.Orread from a collection of chat stories by different writers.It’salmost as if you’re reading someone’s WhatsApp or Facebookchats.Search for 'bubble' in our search section or simply browsethe'Chat stories' feed. 3. Different feeds for storiesQuotes,one-liners, captions, 140s- all in one place. Don’t likelongstories? Read short on the new TINY feed. Like readinglongercontent? Find the best poems, stories, musings, open lettersandmore on our UNTINY feed. If chat stories are your thing, there’sadedicated feed just for them. Tap and start reading. You’llbehooked in minutes. Read from a selection of handpickedstoriesacross formats in genres like love, friendship, sciencefiction,comedy, heartbreak, fantasy, fan fiction, mystery,romance,thriller, crime, family, pop culture and a lot more. 4.Read andwrite really short stories on the go Over 2 lakh storiesfor free.Now read, write and share not only your terribly tinytales andchat stories, but also your quotes, short stories, tales,openletters, musings, poetry, rants, thoughts, jokes, haikus,diaryentries, chapters of your book, riddles, reviews, listiclesand alot more. Whether you’re traveling, have a new idea, lookingforinspiration or are just simply bored, you can use the TTTappanytime, anywhere. 5. Comment, bookmark and share Comment onthestories that move you. Bookmark the tales that stay. And shareyourfavorites with the world. 6. Search Tap on tags to searchforstories and writers of your choice. Filter by genres andsub-genresto find the story you’re looking for. And read the mostrecentlywritten tales in your Search results. The trending sectionshowsyou what’s being talked about the most. Read what's trending.Thenwrite on it. 7. Build your following and reach all yourfollowersEvery story you write reaches all your followers in theirfeed.Write regularly and grow your reader base. Stand a chance tobediscovered, get featured & become a Recommended writer.8.Prompts and Challenges Whether you’re having the dreadedwriter’sblock, feeling stuck in the middle of writing, or justlooking fornew ideas. There’s a whole range of diverse writingprompts, wordsand situations to get you started. Or write on any ofthe writingchallenges we have every week. 9. Save drafts to publishlaterLosing your internet in the middle of a piece, or yourphonecrashing just before you’re about to end is heartbreaking. TheTTTapp saves your (bubbles and tales) drafts as you type, evenwhenyou’re not connected to the internet. 10. Write on #liveeventsHave something to say that you can’t tweet due to itscharacterrestraint? Rant, write and share on topics you feel areofimportance (in more than 240 characters). We’re reading. Gowriteand get discovered on the best social writing mobile app.
15 line Hafizi Quran 6.1
15 line quran used by huffaz of south asia like in pakistanindiaand bangladesh and other arab coutries is used for hifz ,thisapphave zoom in feature and all the juz in single app download itandread it and memorize your quran. 15 Quran application givesyoueasiest way to read Holy Quran.In this Application I haveincluded15 lines per page Holy Quran that is Commonly used byhuffaz(hafiz) for hifz e Quran.
Sacred Music is the official hymns and music app of The ChurchofJesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It serves as both adigitalhymnal and music player, with sheet music and audio fromthehymnbook, Children’s Songbook, youth theme, and othercollections.
Marathi Vishwakosh 1.3
Maharashtra Rajya Marathi Vishwakosh Nirmiti Mandal has created20volumes of ‘Marathi Vishwakosh which are now available onmobilephone. Around 100 subjects with its various details,descriptionsand findings have been included in this App. There are20 volumeswith 312 lists & 18,163 articles which can be easilyreferredby the readers. It is useful for students, teachers,professors& everyone who is interested in studying Marathilanguage. Itis a great tool which is easy to use for references& studies.
Bible Verses 4.0
Hope Factory
Bible Verses by Topic ❤More people are reading Bible Versesaroundthe world! Thank you!❤ Bible Verses is the ultimate Bibleverse appon Android. Grow your faith by reading Bible verses on thego.Inspire your mind by reading Bible verses to give you strengthandmotivation everyday. Bible Verses App Features: >Userfriendlyinterface. >Fresh Bible Verses updated each day.>Search forBible Verses on specific topics >Get alerts whennew BibleVerses are available. >Star your favourite Bible Versesto readlater >Share Bible Verses with your friends and family.>SaveBible Verses to read later. *Use the Explore feature on theBibleVerses app to add more Bible Verses and content from theweb.i.efeeds,podcast,forums and so much more. ★Read Bible versesoneveryday for spiritual nourishment★ ★New Bible Verses areaddeddaily for continuous encouragement!★ #Thank you for thewonderfulreviews! on "Bible Verses" a 5 star ratings make us smile:)
AsmaSlides: AsmaulHusna Audio
Sayap Putih
Immerse yourself in the spirit of Iman and basque in the euphoriaoflove and wisdom, for he -The Almighty- has the most beautifulofnames. To love is to know; Therefore, get to know your creatormoreand more and you shall attain his love and mercy. ʾasmāʾu-llāhil-ḥusnā (Arabic: أسماء الله الحسنى‎‎) "(Most)Beautiful NamesofAllah" Are Ninety Nine names and characteristics (excludingtheholy name Allah) of Allah Subhanahu Wataala. “And (all) theMostBeautiful Names belong to Allâh, so call on Him by them, andleavethe company of those who believe or deny (or utter impiousspeechagainst) His Names. They will be requited for what they usedtodo.” (Surat Al-A’raf 7:180) “Allâh! Lâ ilâhla illa Huwa (nonehasthe right to be worshipped but He)! To Him belong the BestNames.”(Surat Taha 20:8) “He is Allâh, the Creator, the Inventor ofallthings, the Bestower of forms. To Him belong the Best Names .Allthat is in the heavens and the earth glorify Him. And He istheAll-Mighty, the All-Wise.” (Surat Al-Hashr 59:24) NarratedAbuHuraira: Prophet Muhammad SAW said, “Allah has ninety-ninenames,i.e. one-hundred minus one, and whoever knows them will gotoParadise.” (Sahih Al-Bukhari 50:894) Abu Huraira reportedProphetMuhammad SAW as saying: Verily, there are ninety-nine namesforAllah, i.e. hundred excepting one. He who enumerates them wouldgetinto Paradise. And Hammam has made this addition on theauthorityof Abu Huraira who reported it from Prophet Muhammad SAWthat hesaid: “He is Odd (one) and loves odd number.” (SahihMuslim35:6476) Why Use AsmaSlides: • The Most Beautiful of Names:To loveis to know; Truly understand the Meaning, Description andBenefitsof reciting each of Allah's glorious names. • NasheedsongsSlideshow: Memorize all the names in a beautifullychoreographedslideshow with your favourite choice from a selectionof qualityNasheed songs • Multiple Nasheed Songs: Ever expanding,highquality, top rated selection of Nasheed songs • DalilEvidence:Study the Dalil behind every Glorious name • MultipleLanguagesSupported: English, Bahasa Malaysia and Bahasa Indonesia(New) •Bookmarking: Bookmark names to save your progress and forquickfuture reference of your favouritenames.---------------------------------------------------------We'realways excited to hear from you! If you have anyfeedback,questions, or concerns, please email us or follow us onGoogle+: orFacebook:
Haripath 1.6
Haripath is a collection of twenty-eight Abhangas revealed tothethirteenth-century Marathi sant, Shree Dnyaneshwar Maharaj. Itisrecited by Varkaris each day. Along with SantDnyadeshwar'sharipath included textual haripathas of sant ShreeNamdev Maharaj,sant Shree Eknath Maharaj, sant Shree TukaramMaharaj, and santShree Nivruttinath Maharaj. Features * Lyrics inEnglish * Addaudio Haripath of your choice * Alarm ।। Jay Jay RamKrushna Hari।। Tags: Marathi Haripath, pasaydaan
Hindi Quran 1.6
Dua Infotech
Hindi Quran App Will provide you - Hindi Translation of eachword-Full surah / Ayat translation in Hindi- Bookmark particularpageyou like most- App will resume from where you left previously-ShowAll bookmarked pages- Slider to go at particular page- SharePDF/Current page by mail- Share PDF / Current page at socialsites-Easy UI design to use Hindi Quran
com.madcatworld.qurantestbed 1.5.1
Smart Quran is the first Quran mobile application that isapprovedby the Al-Quran Printing Control and Licensing Board,Ministry ofHome Affairs Malaysia under the Printing of the QuranicText Act1986 (Act 326). This product was developed in partnershipwithMalaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC),Ministryof Home Affairs Malaysia (MOHA) and Department ofIslamicDevelopment Malaysia (JAKIM). The Smart Quran application isFREEfor all to use. Smart Quran consists of mushaf Madinah V2withMalay and English translations. It has audio of thefollowingreciters: ● Syeikh Abdullah Ibn Ali Basfar ● Syeikh Ali alHuzaifi● Syeikh Ibrahim al Akhdar ● Syeikh Muhammad Ayyub IbnMuhammadYusuf. Audio can be downloaded page by page based on yourfavoritereciter.
A must-have app for library users! Easily borrow physicalitemsusing your mobile device, receive reminders, manage receiptsanddiscover new digital content all within the cloudLibraryapp!Extremely intuitive, all it takes is a library card to loginandget started! Designed for an enjoyable experience, userscanbenefit from many new features, depending on theirlibrary’ssubscription. - Easily accessible library card, whichconvenientlydisplays when you’re near the library - Switch accountswith easeand manage multiple library cards from one mobile device -Downloadand enjoy free eBooks and Audiobooks - Keep track of yourphysicaland digital library activity in one place - Receivehelpfulreceipts, due-date reminders and packable checklists -Visible pushnotifications alert when hold items are available -View upcominglibrary events and programs - Checkout print items atyour libraryusing your mobile device - Fun and loveablecustomizations includeThemes, Avatars and Nicknames For librariesthat have asubscription to offer eBooks and Audiobooks: - Customizeyourhomepage bookshelves to display your preferred genres -Simpleinterface makes browsing and saving titles a breeze -Filtercontent by format, availability and language to displayexactlywhat you are looking for - Mark titles as favorites or readto helpwith literary conversations with friends - Sync digitalcontentacross multiple devices to easily pick up where you left off- Viewcurrent books, full reading history, items on hold and savedtitlesin one place - Sort titles by name or author to easily findwhatyou’re looking for - Receive reading recommendations orviewadditional titles by author or series - Select font size,marginsand background colors to create your preferred readingexperience -Search eBooks for a particular phrase to get back tothat one spotyou wanted to reference - Bookmark pages and add notesif needed -Return titles early when you’re finished and makeavailable forother readers Elevate your library experience todaywith thecloudLibrary app!
Telugu Bible 1.0
Bible India
Telugu Bible is Free, Offline, Ad Free and Super Fast app. toreadbible in Telugu.Share verses with others via applicationslikeFacebook, Gmail, Whatsapp etc.Below are some its features1)It'sfree and always will be.2) Does not need internet connection3)Doesnot display any advertisements4) Very fast to launch anddisplaythe bible5) Very clean interface to select a verse6) Shareverseswith others via applications like Facebook, Gmail, Whatsappetc7)Supports all versions of Android 2.1 and up.
Andhra Kristhava Keerthanalu 3.0
Andhra Kristhava Keerthanalu Complete Songs Online, in this appyoucan listen songs and learn through script and teach to yourkids,
네이버 - NAVER
You will find neat, search-centered screen with organizedcontents,fun and trendy shopping, and our new feature 'Green Dot'whichhelps you find the information you want at all times. DownloadtheNew Naver app now to have brand new experiences in advance. ※Whenupdating, previous Naver screen will be provided by default.Select'New Naver' from the Naver app settings to check out thechanges inadvance. 'New Naver' will be serviced as a default fornewinstalls. 1) Search-centered home Home screen became lighterandneater, prioritizing on search window to help focuswhilesearching. You can also easily access to other web pagesbyentering the URL in the search window. 2) News, Contents,andTrending Keywords on the right and Shopping on the left. Swipeyourhome screen to the left and right. On the right side of thehomescreen, you can easily view interesting topics just for youbyadding 30 different subject editions/zones beside news. Ontheleft, you will find trendy shopping items that are updateddaily,and find your shopping status at a glance. We will keepworking onoffering new experimental contents for the left side ofthe homescreen. Stay tuned for more updates! 3) Check out TrendingKeywordsin the Search Chart Check out more details on TrendingKeywords,located on the right side of the Home. You can finddifferentinterests by age group and trending keywords up to 24hours ago. 4)'Green Dot,' a one stop button for various Search andServiceShortcuts Try search by image, voice, music, or even nearbystoresby touching the 'Green Dot', green button located at thebottom ofthe home screen. Opening your favorite services orcontents is alsoeasier by using 'Green Dot'. ※ NOTE Please installAndroid OS 4.4or above for a pleasant experience while using NAVERapp. Whenencountering any problems while using, please send inquiryon NaverApp's 'Setting – Customer Center.'
The Amplified Bible 1.0.1
Added functionality:- audio feature- reading plans- dailyverses-improved performance.The Amplified Bible (AMP) is anEnglishtranslation of the Bible produced jointly by TheZondervanCorporation and The Lockman Foundation. The first editionwaspublished in 1965. It is largely a revision of theAmericanStandard Version of 1901, with reference made to varioustexts inthe original languages. It is designed to "amplify" thetext byusing a system of punctuation and other typographicalfeatures tobring out all shades of meaning present in the originaltexts.
org.rbc.odb 3.2.4
The Our Daily Bread devotional is read by millions of peoplearoundthe world and encourages people to spend time with God everyday.Join the Our Daily Bread community in growing closer toChrist.Daily readings are available in many languages, includingEnglish,Afrikaans, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Dutch,French,German, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Khmer,Malay,Myanmar, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Sinhala, Tamil, Thai,Ukrainianand Vietnamese. With the Our Daily Bread app, it’s easyto: *Download a month of daily readings at a time for offlineaccess. *Listen as you read with the built-in audio player. * Set adailyreminder to help you stay in God’s Word. * Share dailyreadingswith your friends by email and social media. * Bookmarkyourfavorite daily readings and capture your thoughts in yourprivatejournal. * Discuss daily readings with other Our DailyBreadreaders in the public comments.
With BookBeat on your Android device, you can enjoyunlimitedlistening to great audiobooks where ever and whenever youhavetime. We have audiobooks for all tastes – from new releases totheclassics, there is something for everyone. With aBookBeatsubscription, you can listen to as many books and you’dlike. Youcan even download audiobooks and listen offline to enjoy agreatstory when you don’t have mobile data or wi-fi. Thousandsofaudiobooks are waiting for you! Try BookBeat for two weeks,free!How to get started: 1. Create an account on 2. Download the BookBeat app and log in3. Startunlimited listening to thousands of audiobooks right onyour mobileAfter your free trial, your subscription willautomaticallycontinue and cost £12.90/month. BookBeat has nocommitments, youcan cancel your account whenever you’d like. MoreAbout BookBeat: •Enjoy unlimited listening • Sign up and getstarted in just a fewsteps • Be inspired by BookBeat’s tips andlists • Stream ordownload audiobooks to listen offline • Use thesleep timerfunction before bed • Choose your own playback speed •Share yourbook tips with your friends via social media We lovefeedback fromour customers! If you have new ideas, opinions orproblems you’dlike to share, reach out via e-mail atfeedback@bookbeat.comBookBeat - Audiobooks Straight on Your Mobile
Telugu Calendar Panchangam 2018 1.1.1
Telugu Panchangam Calendar is an informative app for peopleofAndhrapradesh and Telangana and Telugu speaking people acrosstheworld.Wherever you go! This application is a great tool to helpyouget the most out of your day, and plan your days forsuccess.Telugupanchangam 2018Telugu Calendar 2018Telugu panchangamcalendar 2018is Day wise CalendarApplication supports followingfeatures :1)Masam, Paksham, Sunrise, Sunset, Moonrise, Moonset,Sunsign andMoonsign.2) Panchangam (Thidi,Varam, Nakshathram, Yogam,Karanam)3)Good Time (Amritakalam, Abhijit Muhurtham, AnandadiYoga)4) BadTime (Rahukalam, Yamagandam, Varjyam, Gulik kalam, DurMuhuratam)5)Horoscope (Daily, Week, Month, Year)6) Muhurtham(Marriage,Property, Housing, New Purchase )7) Festivals (ParticularMonth)*Users can select any date and get information for thatparticulardate.* Users can select any month and year by clickingleft andright arrow buttons
odia calendar 2019 1.6
Odia Calendar 2019 Will gives the clear details of 2019 year bydayto day with the festival and holidays list details in a clearcutmanner with Odia script. Mentioned all detailsaboutFestivals,Public Holidays,Holidays and important days. Day toDayinformation about Panchangam like. odia calendar 2019 odiacalendar2018 Thithi Nakshatram Pournami Amavasya DurmuhurthamsVarjyamRahukalam YamagandaKalam ----- Simply its user friendly andeasy touse.
Imperial Russian Coins 3.0
Allows to specify the number of coins you have in yourcollectionand the grading of coins. Allows to view your collectionin tablemode and export it to Excel! You can leave notes andcomments tocoins. Has the ability to make backup copy of yourcollection,which can be transferred to another device. Theapplicationcontains prices of coins. Rare coins have yellowbackground, raritycoins have red background. Now your collection isalways at hand!
Al'Quran Bahasa Indonesia 4.3b
Al'Quran Bahasa Indonesia - Read the Quran in Bahasa Indonesia-(NEW) Color tajweed to help the reading and reciting of theHolyQuran! (only first 2 surah available in Free Version) -Resumereading from the last verse you have read with a singleclick! -Prayer reminders: suscribe to notifications of your localprayertimes. Auto-setup available. - Settings section to easilyconfigurethe app. - Swipe from left to right to go to the previoussurah orfrom right to left to go to the next surah. - New designwithActionBar! - Copy ayat to clipboard. - Resume surah audioplaybackfrom any ayat. - Browse suras, Ajiza' and ayat. - Searchbyclicking on search icon. You can search in the whole Quran, inaJuz or in any sura. - A long click over a verse will add ittobookmarks, share it on social media or messaging apps, orattachnotes to it. - Listen to the arab recitation (by AbdullahBasfar)inside each surah. - Audio Manager to easily download anddeletethe recitations. - Note section: read all your notes atonce.Limitations of the free version * (NEW) Color Tajweed justfirsttwo surah. * The search function displays the first 50results. *You can add up to 5 favorites. * Non-intrusive ads. *Downloadsurah audio one by one Special features of the professionalversion(Al'Quran Bahasa Indonesia PRO) * (NEW) Color Tajweed in all114surah. * For a comfortable reading, choose between threedifferentcontrast modes: default, green or black & white. *Read Quranin portrait or landscape modes. * The search returns allmatches. *Unlimited favorites. * No ads. * Improved speed. *Download allrecitations with a single click.
Stations Of Cross Catholic 1.0.3
Joseph V P
Include all the relevant prayers of 14 stations ofcross.Keyfeatures include: * Good quality images to meditate*Custom textsize and font size* Includes the prayers with slidingtabs
Kurishinte Vazhi 5.0
Way of cross in Malayalam with old and new versions
com.momentuminfotech.amritkirtan 1.7
All for free, no annoying advertisements! Works for PhonesandTablets Amrit Kirtan is a collection of shabads (verses) whicharetraditionally sung by Raggis in the Sikh congregations from: -SriGuru Granth Sahib Ji - Sri Dasam Granth Ji - Bhai Gurdas ji’sKabit- Vaaran by Bhai Gurdas Ji - Bhai Nand Lal Ji Kabit AmritKirtanPothi is used by Raagis to perform Kirtan and can be used byanySikh devotee/ enthusiast to learn & understand Gurbani anditselaboration in the compositions of Bhai Gurdas and Bhai NandLalji. The application allows you to search any shabad byjustentering initials of the shabad with space and allows inputsusingEnglish translation and transliteration. It allows you tosearch byAmrit Kirtan page number, by shabad or simply browse 113chaptersand pages from 65 - 1017 pages. This digital version alsoincludecomplete Sri Guru Granth Sahib Sahib, Sri Dasam GranthSahib, BhaiGurdas Ji, Bhai Nand Lal ji bani. App also allows you tobookmarkyour favorite shabads by tapping the star icon or email asPDF toanyone you want. Guru Arjun Dev Ji emphasized the importanceofKirtan in one's life in the following words: " Har keertansune,Har keertan gaave. Tis jan dookh, nikat na aave." This is thefirstversion for Android. Please use the feedback form to sendyourfeedback/experience so that we can make it better. Frequentupdateswill be provided for Shabad database and other features. AsadiVaar is now separately available. All Shabads from Sri GuruGranthSahib Sahib, Sri Dasam Granth Sahib, Bhai Gurdas Ji, BhaiNand Lalji now included. Many more features are in development. Wewill beuploading Video user guide for the App soon on