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This tiny app provides the quick links for 1. Worldwide Patentlawfirms directory; 2. Worldwide patent blogs from differentregionslike USA, Europe, BRIC, Latin America, Africa, andAsia-pacificincluding India; 3. Journals in the area ofIntellectual PropertyLaw especially patents;4. Weekly or monthlyofficial gazettes orregisters published by different patent officesacross the world;5.Patent classification systems;6. Patent searchwebsites availablefrom patent offices across the world;7. Updatedfull text patentacts of different countries as published by thepatent offices orWIPO;8. Worldwide full time LLM/Masters/ Graduatecourses in IP;9.Links for Supplementary Protection Certificatesacross differentEuropean countries.
Gold Jewelry Designs 1.0
Back in 1641, patent laws originated to protect saltmanufacturersin the Massachusetts Bay colony in the United States.TheConstitution of the United States was ratified in 1789, and thatiswhen Congress first had the right to enforce federal patent lawsinthe United States. The Federal Patent Law was notactuallyintroduced by the United States Congress until thefollowing year,in 1790. Jewelry design patent laws began to beenforced.Actually,fine gold jewelry designers now had the option tochoose betweentwo different types of patents. By 1850, competitionwithin thejewelry industry had become steep enough thatmanufacturers anddesigners of fine gold jewelry startedinvestigating how they couldget patents on their designs. Patentsfor designs protect the ideabehind the design and how it's donewhile the utility patents guardhow the product works or beingused.In the United States, there aremore utility patents thandesign patents. There is also adifference in the length of timebetween the design and the utilitypatent as the former will onlylast upto 7 years with the averageof 3 1/2 while utility patentcould work for 17 years. In somecases, manufacturers opt not toacquire a patent on a certainproduct.One of the reasons why finegold jewelry makers didn't usepatent system is that there are somedesigns which are only goodfor a single season or event. The amountfor patents started at $60up. This expense is not cost productivefor some companies if thepatent is going to run out in just sevenyears, depending on theitem they are wanting to patent. They candodge this expensewithout being noticed.Utility patents onmechanisms might last morethan twenty years and is valuable inprotecting the manufacturerfor time frame. This, however, will nottell when the jewelry wasmade. There is a smaller time frame withinwhich a piece of jewelrycan be estimated to have been made, sinceits design patent isshorter than a utility patent. Even though thepatent expires, thecompany may still use the design so you may havesome inaccuracythere.Copyright laws were reformed in 1947 to giveway for jewelrymakers to give copyright to their designs. Sincethis wasintroduced, the need for patents decreases. Trifari Companysuedthe Charel Jewelry company in 1955 over rights on finegoldjewelry. Trifari Company claimed that Charel Jewelry hadstolensome of their designs for costume jewelry, specificallythe"bolero" designs. As compared to patents copyrights is said tobemore proficient and valuable since it could gain fasterapprovallast longer and cost less. There is a small copyrightsymbol youcan find beside the company's name to show that they haveacopyright on the fine gold jewelry.Even when a fine goldjewelrydesign patent has been eliminated on a piece of fine goldjewelry,the copyright symbol now gives us interesting insights asto theage and identification of a specimen of fine gold jewelry.
Pettson's Inventions 3 1.1
Filimundus AB
In the third game about Pettson’s Inventions you get toexplorePettson and Findus farm while completing even more of theiramazinginventions.Enjoy 36 brand new inventions divided into 6differentareas, each with it’s own unique theme. Construct a ferriswheel inthe woodshed, create an egg-painting machine in thehenhouse orbuild a wake-up invention by combining an apple, a dogand somepaint! Look for the missing bike parts and see if you cancompletethe final mission, to fix Pettson’s bike!Drag and drop theitemsonto the unfinished invention and put them in the rightplace.Press play and see what happens! Follow Pettson’sinstructions andhelp him to finish all inventions.The simpleinterface combinedwith challenging tasks makes this game appealingfor both kids andparents who are interested in learning more aboutphysics andcreativity. Pettson’s Inventions 3 is a pedagogic appthatpractices logic and stimulates creativity for preschoolers.-36brand new amazing inventions- 6 fantastic areas- Voices inEnglish,German and Swedish- Original artwork from the creator ofPettson,Sven Nordqvist- Kid friendly interface- No in-app purchase-No ads-Choose to play with or without fake objects to adjustthedifficulty levelCheck out Pettson’s Inventions 1 & 2 formoreamazing inventions to complete.* Please note: This game isnotplayable on Nvidia Tegra 2 based devices (some tablets andphonesreleased around 2011) *
Scientists Inventions & Quotes 1.0
Manjunathan G
This application includes a list of some of the mostpopularscientists and their most remarkable inventions anddiscoveries.All of them had a huge impact on the world we live intoday, withscientists, engineers, researchers having giveneverything theyhave to make our lives easier.This app describesvarious Inventionsand Discoveries and Quotes from great Scientists,It containshistory of each Scientists and also best quotes sayingfrom greatscientists whose great words inspired many human beings,Enoughinformation is provided in app itself in offline till if youwantto read more wikipedia link is provided for each scientists youcanfollow the link, The first page displays all scientists namesandimages, required name can click and read their inventions.
Inventions and Inventors 1.3
Nithra Apps
Inventions & Inventors – Inventions & Inventors app wasacomplete free app and it used in offline mode without theinternetavailability. Inventors & Invention app will give youall aboutlatest and old discoveries and technologies. TheInventions &Inventors app has everything simplified for quickand easy learningand reading it in different font sizes. TheInventors &Inventions app has covering around 150+ of inventorsand inventionsdetails under different categories. The requiredInventors andInventions can added it to your favorite list.TheInventions &Inventors app has the features to attend on quiz bylearning theInventions & Inventors.Use our Free Inventions& InventorsOffline App and learn and earn knowledge ondifferent Inventions ofInventors.
Black Inventors MatchGame LITE 13.1.0
Uplift, Inc.
*August 25, 2019 Android Release 13.1.0 Release Date: August25,2019 Fixes: ---Fixed crash caused when Top Score buttonpressed.Top Score button now working. Top Score screen nowaccessible.*August 20, 2019 Android Release 11.1.0 Release Date:August 20,2019 Announcement: ---Check NEW 'Myles & Ayesha'website toorder our new Jigsaw Puzzle. Improvements: ---Increasedsize of URLto 'Myles & Ayesha' website on the About Screen.Fixes:---Fixed links to 'Myles & Ayesha' website to viewmoreinformation about inventions from within app's Inventions List.---Fixed the "Man-in-the-Middle" vulnerability. *June 20,2015Illustrations of three (3) new inventions have been drawn andaddedto the FULL version. Get the FULL version now and check themout!The FULL version can be found here- by Uplift, a 501c3 nonprofit organization, theMyles &Ayesha Black Inventors Match Game is the first app inthe AndroidMarket that specifically targets kids (of all ages) inteaching aportion of Black History. It celebrates Black inventorsandproblem-solvers and is the first app in the Myles &Ayeshagame-based and learning series. The Myles & AyeshaBlackInventors Match Game challenges your MEMORY skills as you playthematch game component. Game pieces are beautifullyillustratedimages of each invention featured in the game. This LITEversionhas thirteen (13) inventions but will not receive contentupdates.The FULL version has been released and will receiveupdatesregularly. There are 3 levels of match-game play: easy,medium, andhard, and the names of the top 3 scorers are recorded.The Myles& Ayesha Black Inventors Match Game also providesplayers withdetailed information about each invention (inventor,patent #, dateof patent) with an option to read more to aid inlearning moreabout each invention. Myles & Ayesha and all logosaretrademarks of Uplift, Inc. To make a tax deductible donation totheMyles & Ayesha project overall, please visit- Thanks!
Poster Maker, Flyer Designer, Ads Page Designer 3.3
Want to create promotional posters, advertisement,offerannouncements, cover photos for your shop, restaurant, officeorsocial sites? If yes then this is the app for you.Createpromotional posters, advertisement, offer announcements,coverphotos on the go with amazing backgrounds, texture, effects,fonts,sticker and get the attention you want. Poster Maker is aneasy touse app, just select the background you like in the ratio asperyour need and add your text with poster design fonts, addwonderfulstickers (specially picked for poster making), add yourpicturesfrom gallery and create perfect poster every time.Features: >Huge collection of backgrounds > Choose color asbackground >Select your own picture from gallery as background> Add yourtext with poster design fonts > Add wonderfulstickers(specially picked for poster making) > Add your picturesfromgallery > Save on SD Card > Share on social mediaMakeamazing poster with Poster Maker. Try Now!!
Poster Maker, Flyer Designer, Ads Page Designer HD 2
“The Best way to design professional, productive postersorCreatives from this app”Portray your artistic imaginationorcreativity through this application and create eyecatchingposters,ads,banner commercial ,full page commercial or adsornative commercial designsWant to create promotionalposters,advertisement, offer announcements, cover photos for yourshop,restaurant, office or social sites? If yes then this is theapp foryou.Create promotional posters, advertisement, offerannouncements,cover photos on the go with amazing backgrounds,texture, effects,fonts, sticker and get the attention youwant.Poster Maker is aneasy to use app, just select the backgroundyou like in the ratioas per your need and add your text with posterdesign fonts, addwonderful stickers (specially picked for postermaking), add yourpictures from gallery and create perfect postereverytime.Features: > Huge collection of backgrounds> Choosecoloras background> Select your own picture from galleryasbackground> Add your text with poster design fonts>Addwonderful stickers (specially picked for poster making)>Addyour pictures from gallery> Save on SD Card> Share onsocialmediaMake amazing poster with Poster Maker. Try Now!!
Pettson's Inventions
Filimundus AB
Help Pettson and Findus build their inventions! In this trickygameyou should help building these clever inventions. You needtofigure out which ones of the objects should be included andwhereto put them in the machinery. Drag and drop the objects totheirright spot and watch the invention start. For everyinventionfinished there will be a reward of a cogwheel. When youhavefinished all the inventions a special invention will beunlockedwhere you will help Findus fly out to space! Pettson’sInventionsis a pedagogic app that practices logic and stimulatescreativityfor preschoolers.Please note that the inventions fromthis game isa part of the inventions in the collection Pettson’sInventionsDeluxe!- All-in-all there are 27 inventions, some easier,some abit harder! - Choose to play with or without fake objects toadjustthe difficulty level - Choose whether Pettson and Findusshouldspeak English, Swedish or German
Invention GK in Hindi 2.1
sanju rajput
Read Invention Gk to increase knowledge when the Items are findoutby scientist Feature • This application contain 105 chapterandEach have more than 8 invention list so we added all theinventionin Hindi. • Read all invention and increase your generalknowledgein invention and discovery of things • Just read onechapter indaily free time and you will get invention Gk knowledgeevery day •With date and details are there for invention so readthat in HindiLanguage. • Like when the zero is find out by aryabhatbefore thathow people use the number. • How the india is find outby sea wayso read all this invention in Hindi • Kab kya khoj Huaacontain allinvention in Hindi • This app is hindi language so everyindian canread it and share it with other. • Read the invention andif youlike that invention than share it with other family memberorfriends. • Increase you GK capabilities if you are student itwillhelp in exams and interview. • All the invention GK is in Hindisoeasily understand by people so read and increase generalknowledge.Notes : • If you find any problem with intellectualpropertyviolation or DMCA rules break than please mail
Black History Inventors 2.3
Our Black History Inventors app for Android includes manyamazingmen and women. Some of these folks exhibited enough creativegeniusto receive U.S. patents. First introduced in 2011, BlackHistoryInventors has been completely updated for 2018 from theground upbased on user feedback. You can listen to inventorhistorical factsthrough your speaker or headphones spoken by a realperson (not acomputerized voice).
Best Bet Calculator 0.0.5
lional apps
Move forward in the world of sports betting.Calculate yourpotentialwinnings or loss for Singles, Doubles, Trebles,Accumulators, Lucky15 / 31 / 63, Trixies, Patents, Heinz, RoundRobins, Goliaths andmore.This bet Calculator is very well designedand keeps thingssimple and clear.The calculator supports a widevariety of optionsand supports all major bet types.Whatever wayyou like to bet365days a year, we have you covered.Download nowand discover thebenefits of a well designed and user friendly betcalculator.Using acalculator increases your chances of success andthis calculator isthe best of its kind.
Electrical engineering Books 7.0.0
Helpful Books
Electrical engineering is a field of engineering thatgenerallydeals with the study and application of electricity,electronics,and electromagnetism. This field first became anidentifiableoccupation in the later half of the 19th centuryaftercommercialization of the electric telegraph, the telephone,andelectric power distribution and use. Subsequently, broadcastingandrecording media made electronics part of daily life. Theinventionof the transistor, and later the integrated circuit,brought downthe cost of electronics to the point they can be usedin almost anyhousehold object. this application contains relatedattachmentsabout electrical engineering clearly and easilyunderstood. SupportLanguage: - العربية - Deutsch - English -Español - فارْسِى -français - italiano - 日本語 - Nederlands - polski
Indian Bare Acts (Law Books) 43
This App Works Without Internet With 540 Books on Indian BareActswith Many Search Features.Browse By Law BooksSearch BySectionNo/NameSearch ByChapterNo/Name-------------------------------------Banking Laws(21Books)Corporate Laws (35 Books)Criminal and Motor Accident Laws(27Books)Consumer Laws (5 Books)Direct Tax Laws (7 Books)Education/Science and Technology Laws (20 Books)Environment Laws(9Books)Family Laws (21 Books)Foreign Exchange Laws (4Books)IndirectTax Laws (13 Books)Intellectual Property Laws (8Books)IT Laws (1Book)Legal and Professional Laws (19 Books)MediaLaws (4Books)Medical and Health Laws (4 Books)Miscellaneous Laws(180Books)NRI Related Laws (3 Books)Political and Election Laws(9Books)Property Laws (34 Books)Public Related Laws (11Books)PunjabState Laws (32 Books)Railways Laws (10 Books)Serviceand LabourLaws (47 Books)Stamp Laws (2 Books)Repealed Laws (2Books)DefenceLaws (5 Books)Air Traffic Laws (2 Books)Human RightsLaws (4Books)States Laws (1 Law Book)Indian LawBooks540=================** EXCEL File Available at Rs.1000**=================It also has the Most Wanted Bare Actslike:IPC -Indian Penal CodeCPC - Civil Procedure CodeIEA - IndianEvidenceActCRPC - Code of Criminal ProcedureService TaxlawConstitution OfIndiaMVA - Motor Vehicle ActIEA - Indian EvidenceActRTI - Right ToInformation ActNIA - Negotiable Instrument ActICA- Indian ContractActJJA - Juvenile Justice ActUnlawful Activities(Prev)ActPrevention of Corruption ActTPA - The Prisioners ActPOA-Probation of Offenders ActFAA - Fatal Accidents ActPreventionofTerrorism ActSmuggle & Foriegn ExchangeManupulationActJhabvala Bare Acts
com.vd.worldgeneralknowledge 17.0.9
World General knowledge - World GK quiz app contains theMCQ’s(Multiple choice questions) which will helps students&professionals to prepare for competitive exams, refreshingtheconcepts & boosts confidence. Current Affairs invariouscategories also supported now like world , technology ,science andmany more categories with regularly updates . Over 15000GKQuestions and quiz added in various categories added and manymorecoming with future updates . This app is useful forInterview,Competitive exams like SNAP and other MBA exams, Entranceexams,Bank PO,UPSC , IAS and other Public Service CommissionExams.Topics Covered in Gk quiz GK Topics Basic GK ComputerGeneralScience Marketing Cost Accounting Database MiscellaneousFinancialAccounting Books And Author Technology Communication MediaAncientWorld Social Science Politics Sports CommunicationSociologyInventions C Language Biology Psychology PhysicsFamousPersonalities Organisations Operating System Economy FamousPlacesHistory And Culture Artificial Intelligence History HonoursAndAwards Business Management Computer Networks SoftwareEngineeringCountries Capitals And Currencies Science and TechnologyDays AndYears Economics Constitution Geography Topics GeographyCurrencyCapitals General Geography Physical Geography AtlasContinentsHuman Geography Universe Epithets World Agencies EarthEarthStructure Seaports Parliaments Names Rivers WaterfallsAirportsVolcanoes Latitude Longitude Earthquake World FirstHydrosphereAtmosphere Disturbances Oceans And Seas LongitudesDeserts TectonicPlate Maps Biosphere Lithosphere Rocks EconomicActivities IslandsMass Wasting Airlines Settlement Famous PlacesTemperatureDistribution -English Topics Antonyms One WordSubstitutionSpotting Errors Selecting Words Preposition SynonymsSentenceCorrection Idioms-and Phrases Ordering of SentencesAdjectivesPronouns Verbs Adverbs Articles Spellings Ordering ofWords NounsVoice Verbal Analogies Change of Speech EssentialPartComprehension -Logical Reasoning Aptitude ReasoningAnalogiesCoding Decoding Number Series Blood Relations and manymore coming. This app supports 25 Languages and Translation EnglishSpanishFrench Hindi Arabic Bengali Chinese Afrikaans Dutch FilipinoFrenchGerman Greek Indonesian Irish Italian Japanese KoreanPersianPortuguese Russian Swahili Swedish Tamil Turkish Help youimproveyour GK skills . Application will help you in your careerplan andhelps in preparation of other government exams. Here youwill beable to know some of the important things happened andimprove yourGK . Complete mix of topics from india and across theworld . Appis being constantly updated with new set of GK questionson widerange of topics We’ll try to add more questions &categories inour next updates. Features -Theme Based UI (dark andlight) Sharefeature -Regular Updates -Complete support -Clear andConciseReport a bug feature Write us at gamesnapps4u@gmail.comforsuggestions and feedback for improvements. You can request usforany other translation/ language required. We would try toreleaseit in upcoming versions . Follow us on twitter @gamesnapps4u
Idle World 3.13.2
Collect your elements, start from nano and create wholeuniverse.Use the power of black holes and watch how your worldexpands. IdleWorld - one of best free idle games, downloaded over 1milliontimes! Based on idle gameplay, Idle World is relaxingincrementalclicker creation game with good amount of science. Startfrom nanoelement, through strain and atom, develop microbe, life,organismup to whole stars and galaxies. Then use power of the blackhole torebuild your world even stronger. ★ develop youruniverse,discovering each element (100+) ★ get precious knowledgefromeducational descriptions ★ discover facts about reallifescientists! ★ use powerfull black hole to increase youroverallproduction ★ enjoy your progress even when you are away -cool idlegaming ★ over 250 bonuses! ★ no internet connectionrequired, fullyoffline gameplay ★ evolve your atoms tycoon to getyou world evenbigger ★ 10+ languages in game! Translations areconstantlyimproving thanks to great Idle World community! Sciencehas neverbeen more fun - enjoy it while playing one of best idletap gamesSo can you build the galaxy? If you have any problems, youwant toshare some innovative idea or you just simply want to say"goodjob!", feel free to write us! aviadorapps@gmail.comRegards,InMobile group!
Inventioneers 4.0.0
Filimundus AB
** FROM THE CREATORS OF PETTSON'S INVENTIONS DELUXE ***** WinnerofParents' Choice Gold Award ******* Nominated for the BestNordicChildren's Award 2015 at the Nordic Game Awards ****BECREATIVE!Inthis game you can create your own crazy, fun inventions!With thehelp of the Inventioneers, our tiny helpers withuniquecharacteristics, you can invent fun, creative and often quiteweirdinventions. A lot of inventions are included in the game, themoreyou solve the more parts you receive for your owninventions!LEARNABOUT PHYSICS!Inventioneers is an outstanding toolfor learningabout realtime physics and the science behind differentfeatureslike air, fire, magnetism and jumping bunnies. What you cando withthe tool is virtually endless. SHARE WITH FRIENDS!Invitefriends toshare their crazy inventions and you can share yours too!If youare a teacher you can set up the whole classroom as a userandshare with other classes!ONE TIME FEE TO BUY THE FULLVERSIONTomake it easier for families to try the game before buying,we haveimplemented a one time fee to buy the full game. There arenorecurring in app purchases or consumables. It is important forusto protect the integrity of the children. Features in thefreeversion: • First three chapters with 45 inventions• The firstthreeInventioneers - "Windy", "Bunny" and "Blaze"• Create! - Afullyworking tool to create your own inventions• 40+ differentobjectsto use in the inventions • Share up to 4 inventions withyourfriends!The full version (purchase: one time fee):• 8 chapterswitha total of 120 inventions!• 40+ new objects• 10 characters thatyoucan help • All 8 Inventioneers with unique features -"Windy","Blaze", "Sporty", "Zappy", "Bunny", "Magneta", "Freezy"and"Maggie"
com.brightsolid.trivialist 1.4.0
1905 Games
TriviAlist! is a new offline trivia quiz game about the biggest,thebest, the most famous and the most infamous. Playing our quizissuper fun, requires no wifi and will keep you hooked for days.It’sa game all about the ‘A - list’ of life. Can you SORT, MATCHandSELECT all the lists we throw at you? In this new type ofgeneralknowledge trivia game, rather than choosing one correctanswer fromfour options (boring!), you instead manage a list ofitems based ona question we ask. All you need to do is SORT,SELECT or MATCH eachlist: SORT items by year, weight, length,value, distance, mass,speed and many other ways. For example,‘Sort these cities bypopulation’, ‘Sort these football teams bytheir net worth’, or‘Sort these kids’ TV shows by when they werefirst broadcast’ MATCHitems together – for example, ‘Match thesinger to their album’,‘Match the country to the flag color’,‘Match the quote to themovie’, or ‘Match the animal to theirfavorite food’. SELECT 5 itemsfrom a list of 10 things – forexample, ‘Select the 5 actors whoappeared in the Harry Pottermovies’, ‘Select the 5 objects that aresmaller than the Moon’,‘Select the 5 events that occurred beforethe US Civil War’ or‘Select the 5 celebrities who married more than5 times’TriviAlist! will test your knowledge like no other game.Get testedon a wide variety of subjects: - Movies (all genres,movie actors,directors, studios, history of film). - Music(singers, bands,singles, albums) - TV (shows and TV actors) - TheArts (visual andperformance arts) - History (military history,political history,royal history, US history, ancient history, etc.)- Science(astronomy, physics, chemistry, biology, geology, etc.). -Sport(Soccer, Golf, American Football, Baseball, Olympics,Tennis,Cycling, etc.) - Celebrities - Cooking - Nature -Geography(countries, cities, natural world, etc.) - Video Games -Business(economies, companies, products) TriviAlist! is free toplay!TriviAlist! does not require a connection to play! You canplayoffline / with no wifi connection! (you need to connect only onthefirst play, then you are able to play offline). TriviAlist!issuitable for all ages to play, adults and kids alike!TriviAlist!has over 1000 lists to keep you engaged for weeks, witha varietyof questions and answers to test your generalknowledge!TriviAlist! will top you up every day so there’s alwaysnew liststo play. If you like TriviAlist! then we’ve alsoreleased‘TriviAlist! 2’ and ‘TriviAlist! Showbiz’ for more triviapackedlists. Check them out today! It’s totally free to play,howeversome game features can also be purchased for real money. Ifyoudon't want this optional feature, please disable in-apppurchasesin your device's settings. If you have any problems orwould liketo make any suggestions, you can reach or find us on Facebookat
Logo Maker: Design & Create 2.2.3
Shopify Inc.
Hatchful - Enjoy hundreds of professionally designed logos forfree!The logo maker app that fits in your pocket - introducingHatchfulby Shopify! Quickly and easily design stunning, originallogos fromscratch with the logo maker from Hatchful. Our logomaker isdesigned for the entrepreneur on the go! With our logodesign app -you can build your brand in seconds! No graphic designexperience?No problem! Hatchful is the logo maker that works foryou. Ourpowerful logo design tool comes jam-packed with all thecolor &text editing tools a business owner needs to create& edit aunique logo for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedinor Instagramprofiles. A logo design app that’s quick andeasy-to-use - Hatchfullets you create original logos for use inweb content, marketingemails, social media posts, flyers &more! With our fully-loadedset of graphic design editing tools -there’s no limit to what youcan create! Logo Creator from Hatchfulcomes equipped with tons offree templates. Choose colors, styles,icons, fonts & brandingelements to create your own customgraphic design. Amaze potentialcustomers with a stunning &professional business logo! Use ourlogo creator app to createoriginal, professional elements in just afew clicks & generatecustom designs in less than 5 minutes -without having to hire adesigner or arts expert. How it works:Select the industry for yourbrand to have Hatchful create your ownpersonal templates.Hatchful’s logo generator works for any industry- Arts &Photo, Toys & Games, Technology, & more! Startcustomizingand editing your logo! Use Hatchful’s text editing andgraphicdesign tools, change fonts & select unique colorscombinationsfor your business That’s it! After editing - downloadyour logo!Create in seconds with Hatchful Logo Maker & LogoCreator app!Start developing your professional brand for free!Terms ofService: PrivacyPolicy:
Madhya Pradesh Shram Sewa App 3.4
Office of Labour Commissioner is hoisting its innovative mobileapp“Madhya Pradesh Shram Sewa App” on Google play store topromoteoutreach of its services being catered through MP Shram SewaPortal( Google play store being the mostpopulardomain for trustworthy android applications, users of the MPShramSewa Portal (employees, employers, entrepreneurs, factoryownersetc.) can directly benefitted with instant access to theservicesand handy information on his finger tip.
Notch Phone X 1.2.5
Introducing Notch Phone X, a simulation of Phone X's notch foranyAndroid device. Notch Phone X, is new application for yourAndroidphone same to the Phone X, turn your phone into an Phone Xeasily.The applicatiom is simple app have settings which allow youadd anotch easy same with Phone X. Everyone wants to experience allthenovelties on themselves and Smartphone upgrader 2017applicationwill give you the opportunity. This Smartphoneapplication willmake Your screen with looks like Phone X. Try a newinterestingformat for your Android device by Notch Phone X. ThisNotch Phone Xapplication will give you the opportunity to feel thenew flagshipdevices. You don't need pay $999 for this. Download"Notch Phone X"app and enjoy your phone in completely new screen.Download theapplication to experience a new innovation, a new stylein yourmobiles. Thank you very much!
♥Cute Fluffy Story♥ 1.1.6
Best cute game! Easy and simple game! Fluffy! Easilylog-in!★Perfect for free! Daily Rewards ★Sea trips with cutefluffyI'm nowhappily swimming in the sea ♬With only one hand youcan do all theactions simply touching the screen!With a variety ofdistinctiveand cute fluffy buddies!There is also an attractivegolden cloverthat gives you a surprise!Complete the adventurepicture book Itwill give a lot of rewards for you!Check out thevariety of buddiesto increase scores! Try all of them.Completequests and get anamazing daily reward! Collect experience pointsfor each levelUP!There is no separate login procedure (automaticaccountcreation).When you guest sign-in delete the game, youraccount isalso deleted.However, social sign-in will protectyouraccount.Hurry up and splash in the sea in thiswonderfuladventure!★Facebook★LanguageSupportKorean, English, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese
Genius Killer 1.3.73
Then this game is for you! Download free constructor warmachinesGenius Killer. Develop their imagination and creativethinking.Engineer and creating cool devices. Design models oftanks,aircrafts, helicopters, and robots. Share your creativitywithother players. To go a test drive and vote for thecoolestinvention. Destroy the world and destroy aggressors thatwouldaccumulate gold on new weapons and skins. And do not missthechance to catch the golden chicken!
Quiz Patente AM & B 1.10
Quiz Patente AM & B teoria è l'app per i quiz della patenteedel patentino consigliata dalle autoscuole. Con Quiz PatenteAM& B potrai esercitarti su ministeriali aggiornati con lenuovedomande per la patente AM & B, effettuare i quiz dellascuolaguida divisi per argomento e ripassare glierrorifrequenti.Graficamente semplice da usare e gratis.Nonvedretefastidioso con la notifica sul dispositivo.Lavorando benesulvostro telefono cellulare e tablet.Scaricala ora e preparal'esamedivertendoti, la patente ti aspetta!Driving Quiz AM & Btheoryis the app for the quiz of the license and the licenserecommendedby driving schools.With Quiz license AM & B you canpractice onministerial updated with new questions for the drivinglicense AM& B, make the quiz of the driving school divided bytopic andreviewing the most frequent errors.Graphically simple touse andfree.You will not see annoying with the notification onthedevice.Working well on your phone and tablet.Download it nowandprepare the exam fun, the license awaits!
littleBits Star Wars™: Droid Inventor 2.0.4
Create your own Droid™ and bring it to life! UsinglittleBitselectronic blocks and instructions in the free DroidInventor app,you’ll create, customize and code your Droid from theground-up.Everything comes in the littleBits Droid Inventor Kit boxto createyour first Droid. As its creator, you’ll teach your Droidnewtricks and take it on 22+ missions. Along the way, you’lllevel-upyour inventor expertise and reconfigure your Droid to giveit newpowers, teach it new skills through code, or design any Droidyoucan dream up. Your Droid will become a trusty sidekick as youtakeit on in-app missions and decorate and customize it withhouseholditems and the included stickers so it can reflect youruniquepersonality. And your Droid’s! App Features Include:STEP-BY-STEPINSTRUCTIONS This app is 100% required in order tobuild your firstDroid, then move on to creating new, innovativeDroids. TIPS &TRICKS The best part of being a littleBits DroidInventor is takingon challenges and using your brain. Getting stuckand seeking helpis part of the process. That’s why we have tips& tricks atevery turn, in case you need a little wisdom.MISSIONS & CODEACTIVITIES Now with coding! The app comes fullyloaded with 22+missions and activities, including 6+ newblock-based codingmission for you to tackle with your new Droidsidekick. Create,customize, and learn how to control your Droidwith code by givingit new powers. Then reconfigure it and guide itthrough an obstaclecourse. CUSTOM DROID IDEAS Once you’ve learnedthe basics, it’stime to level-up and do some serious inventing. Getideas for howto reconfigure your Droid and make it your trustysidekick. Is it aDelivery Droid? An Intruder Alerter? Up to you!20+ AUTHENTICSOUNDS Tap on an icon to help your Droid expressitself andcommunicate to you. Your Droid can giggle and evenscream! Plus, itspeaks straight from the control hub within itsDroid shell, notfrom your phone. DROID CONTROLS You can reconfigureyour Droid toperform tons of tricks. Try guiding your Droid withForce Mode,drive it with a joystick or sliders, or let it go for asolo spinin Self Navigation Mode. It’s all accessible with therightarrangement of Bits & Droid parts, and the app controls.Getyour own Droid Inventor Kit today at andstartcreating the next generation of Droids. --- littleBits isaplatform of easy-to-use electronic blocks for you tocreateinventions large and small. These innovative blocks snaptogetherwith tiny magnets, allowing anyone to create, invent, andprototypewith electronics independent of age, gender andtechnicalbackground – no soldering, wiring, or programmingrequired.
Nikola Tesla 3.9
Everything about greatest genius, scientist and inventorNikolaTesla: (it's necessary online presence in order to see thefullcontent ...) -Biography -Inventions -Wardenclyffe Tower -Deathray-Poetic life -Theory -Gallery -Video -Links -Quotes -NikolaTeslaMuseum -Facebook page about Tesla -Nikola Tesla MemorialSociety ofNew York -Books The main purpose of this application isto learnyou and give you basic information about life and time ofgreatestinventor and scientist of all time Nikola Teslathroughoutbiographical and scientific data. Nikola Tesla is geniuswho litthe world and through the work in Colorado Springs and LongIslandwith Experiments with Alternate Currents of High Potentialandvoltage, he give to world light and modern technology. Hisbasicfield of researching was electricity but through this field helefttraces in many others, he was multidisciplinary scientist. Inhisown laboratory in New York, he became interested inhigherfrequencies, constructing special dynamos, and developing thehighfrequency oscillator which bears his name, the "Tesla Coil".Thecurrents produced by this device could be used to transmitenergyusing only one wire, or without wires at all. He firstdiscoveredthe electron, particle accelerator that scientists usetoday, heinvented the transistor, logic gates (1898), componentsunderlyingtoday's computers... etc Nikola Tesla was an inventor andengineer,always practical, and not a mathematical theoretician.Some of hisideas have not been generally accepted by academics, andso he hasnot been given the recognition he truly deserves. “Let thefuturetell the truth, and evaluate each one according to his workandaccomplishments. The present is theirs; the future, for whichIhave really worked, is mine.”
Latest shirt mens wear designs 2.0
In today's sophisticated era, for designer shirts and shirts,itwill require inspiration, motivation, demanding models thatmustfollow the competition of the world market to target sales.Thisapplication is useful for anyone: both consumers / users, aswellas clothing design though.Category of application: best designandbest quality, designer shirts images, latest shirt designimages,shirt design for man 2017, formal shirt design for man
Mahjong Empires 2.0.02
Apps Gempro
The original and imposing architecture is made up of thousandsofcubes which opens the new legend of eliminating game. Amagnificentand unique architecture stands upright in the vastexpanse, theplayer can crush the architecture by parts, and it’spassed whenall tiles are eliminated on the board. Innovativemahjong 3D solidpairing game which is not only test your eyesightand mental;meanwhile it can train your spatial reasoning andlogical thinkingability. With Plant & Mysterious symbol, it isfun and help youto kill the time. It also can help you to spend thespare timewhenever. As for the puzzle game, this must be one of thenecessarycollection games. Game Features # Innovation & varietylevel. #Rotate multi-angle. # Hints. # Featured architecturalcraft,unprecedented. # Area locked, partition eliminated.
com.quikthinking.blackhistoryinventorsquiz 1.8
Black History Inventors Quiz Free Deluxe maximizes your fun.You’llenjoy two great Black History games plus a fact-filledinteractiveinventor’s directory. Several hundred quiz questions tieit alltogether. Tap on an image in the inventor’s directory to hearanaudio highlight. Meet the challenge of The Black HistoryInventorsCrush game to score as many points as possible in 60seconds. Youcan choose two different music tracks. Want to silencethe music?No problem. Turn it off. Turn off game sound effects too.Gameimages are actual inventions by our noteworthy men and women.TheBlack History Inventors Match is the second game we featuregivingyou 120 seconds to solve the always changing inventionspuzzle. Formore about all of the inventors, the African Americaninventorsdirectory offers pictures, biographies, and audiohighlights aboutevery invention. Even though there are severalhundredmultiple-choice quiz questions, you can guess the answers,orbrowse through the inventors directory to discover all oftheanswers. Have an ingenious concept for something new? Sketchyourcreation in the drawing pages to prototype your big idea!BlackHistory Inventors Quiz Free is a unique app.
Wolfram Group
Remember the Star Trek computer? It's finallyhappening--withWolfram|Alpha. Building on 25 years of developmentled by StephenWolfram, Wolfram|Alpha has rapidly become the world'sdefinitivesource for instant expert knowledge and computation.Acrossthousands of domains--with more continuallyadded--Wolfram|Alphauses its vast collection of algorithms and datato compute answersand generate reports for you. Parts ofWolfram|Alpha are used inthe Apple Siri Assistant; this app givesyou access to the fullpower of the Wolfram|Alpha computationalknowledge engine. Domainscovered by Wolfram|Alpha include:MATHEMATICS Elementary MathNumbers Plotting Algebra MatricesCalculus Geometry TrigonometryDiscrete Math Number Theory AppliedMath Logic FunctionsDefinitions STATISTICS & DATA ANALYSISDescriptive StatisticsRegression Statistical DistributionsProbability PHYSICS MechanicsElectricity & Magnetism OpticsThermodynamics RelativityNuclear Physics Quantum Physics ParticlePhysics StatisticalPhysics Astrophysics Physical ConstantsCHEMISTRY ElementsCompounds Ions Quantities Solutions ReactionsChemicalThermodynamics Protecting Groups MATERIALS AlloysMineralsCrystallography Plastics Woods Bulk Materials ENGINEERINGAcousticsAeronautics Electric Circuits Fluid Mechanics SteamTablesPsychrometrics Refrigeration Structures ASTRONOMY StarChartsAstronomical Events Planets Moons Minor Planets CometsSpaceWeather Stars Pulsars Galaxies Star Clusters NebulaeAstrophysicsEARTH SCIENCE Geology Geochronology Geodesy EarthquakesTide DataAtmosphere Climate LIFE SCIENCES Animals & PlantsDinosaurs DNASequence Lookup SNPs Proteins Human, Mouse & FruitFly GenomesMetabolic Pathways COMPUTATIONAL SCIENCES CellularAutomataSubstitution Systems Turing Machines ComputationalComplexityAlgebraic Codes Fractals Mathematica Image ProcessingUNITS &MEASURES Conversions Comparisons Dimensional AnalysisIndustrialMeasures Batteries Bulk Materials Paint DATES & TIMESDateComputations Time Zones Calendars Holidays Geological TimeWEATHERCurrent & Historical Weather Forecasts Wind ChillHurricanesClouds Climate PLACES & GEOGRAPHY Maps ProjectionsGeodesyNavigation Distances Geomagnetism Geocoding CountriesCitiesElevation Data Oceans Lakes Rivers Islands Mountains PEOPLE&HISTORY People Genealogy Names Occupations PoliticalLeadersHistorical Events, Periods & Countries HistoricalNumerals& Money CULTURE & MEDIA Books Periodicals MoviesVideoGames Fictional Characters Mythology Television Networks&Programs Awards MUSIC Musical Notes Intervals Chords ScalesAudioWaveforms Instruments Songs WORDS & LINGUISTICS WordPropertiesDictionary Lookup Word Puzzles Anagrams LanguagesDocument LengthMorse Code Soundex Number Names SPORTS & GAMESFootballBaseball Olympics Stadiums Lotteries Card Games COLORSColor Names& Systems Color Addition Temperatures WavelengthsMONEY &FINANCE Stock Data Indices Mutual Funds FuturesMortgages PresentValue Currency Conversion Tips Bonds DerivativesValuation WagesSales Tax SOCIOECONOMIC DATA Demographics CountriesUS States USCounties Cities Economics Agriculture Energy SalariesUnemploymentCost of Living Health Care Housing Social StatisticsCrime MilitaryReligion HEALTH & MEDICINE Body MeasurementsGrowth ChartsExercise Diseases Mortality Data Medical Test DataTeeth VisionDrug Data Hospitals FOOD & NUTRITION Foods DietaryReferencesEDUCATION International Education Universities SchoolDistrictsPublic Schools Standardized Tests ORGANIZATIONS CompaniesHospitalsFoundations International Organizations TRANSPORTATIONAirportsAirlines Aircraft Flight Data Road Transport GasolinePricesBridges Tunnels Tides TECHNOLOGICAL WORLD CommunicationsSatellitesSpace Probes Photography Barcodes WEB & COMPUTERSYSTEMSWebsite Data IP Lookup Notable Computers Data TransferPortNumbering String Processing Hashing Unicode Lookup
Idle World Atom 1.0.0
Begin with the smallest elements and start building youruniverse!Idle World is free game from Idle World games family. Itis basedon idle games mechanics and cllicker gameplay. With passingtimeyou collect Dark Matter that can be transformed into resourceslikeenergy, life, tech and cosmic. Use them to build yourownWorld!Game elements:★ tap to create powerful resources,★developyour universe, discovering whole 10 categories,★ unlockevery partof your new World – through microorganisms, humans,animals,inventions, constructions, until stars and wholegalactics,★ getprecious knowledge from educational descriptions -over 100photos,★ use incredible power of black hole, it willmultiplie yourincome. All this so that you can create an even morepowerfuluniverse,★ don't worry about your progress! Your galacticexpandseven if you're not in the game,★ get all 250+ bonuses,★reset,click, build and become Idle World master!★ remeber,internetconnection is not necessary, to have fun!In Idle Worlddozens ofelements are waiting for you, and their number stillgrows! Observehow your universum is getting stronger and compleateevolutionprocess. Discover smallest particles and create stars!Ifyou haveany problems, you want to share some innovative idea or youjustsimply want to say "good job!", feel free towriteus!aviadorapps@gmail.comRegards, InMobile group!
Logo Maker - Logo Creator, Generator & Designer 3.0
Looking for logo designing or the brand identity? Logo Maker isafully loaded Logo Designer App to create Professional, UniqueandImpressive logos on your phone. Logo Maker is fast and easy touseapp with tons of Arts, Colors, Background & Textures.LogoDesigner App comes with all professional photo editing toolstocreate a professional LOGO. All you need beside is an Idea tobuildyour very own logo. Logo Maker includes a huge collectionofcategorized Art(Stickers), Graphic Elements, Shapes,Backgrounds& Textures to create an original logo in no time.Logo Makeralso provides professional photo editing and text editingtoolslike: Flip, Rotate, 3D Rotate, Resize, Curve, Font , Color,Hue andlots more that you'll need to create beautiful originallogos. LogoMaker is also useful to create promotional posters,advertisement,offer announcements, cover photos, brochure, newsletter &other branding material for your shop, restaurant,office or socialsites. Logos are the face of your business. Notonly do they makeyour company beer koozies look sharp, but theyalso attract theright customers by letting people instantaneouslyunderstand whoyou are and what you stand for. In other words,they’re reallyimportant to building your business’ brandreputation. When you’reready to create a logo for your business,this app gonna help you alot to create your very own original andimpressive logo. Features:Unique-Typographic-Artistic-Symbolic LogoDesigns > Tons ofCategorized Arts > Huge collecction ofGraphic Elements >Multiple Backgrounds, Textures & Colors> Professional Photoediting & Text editing Tools Generatemore than just a LOGOwith Logo Maker. Try Now!!
MHW Companion 3.3.0
This unofficial guide app for Monster Hunter World assistsyourjourney and features detailed statistics for: - Weapons *WeaponTree * Weapon Stats (Attack, Element, Sharpness,CraftingMaterials, etc.) - Monsters * Loot * Hit Table * KinsectColor -Items * Crafting Table * How to get them - Quests *TargetMonster(s) * Optional Monster(s) * Rewards - Skills - Armors-Decorations - Charms - Set-Builder - Set-Searcher - Motion Values-Specialized tools - Kinsect crafting - Arena (detailed questinfo)- Endemic Life Unlock the app to get access to theapp-widesearchbar and get the information you need even faster!Unlockingthe app gives you also the option to change the app theme.Plannedfeatures for the upcoming releases: - Palico Gear - Canteen-Additional guides Disclaimer: Hunter Companion World Edition isathird party app. The developer of this software is notaffiliatedwith Capcom Co. Ltd. in any way. However, the creationandmaintenance of this app is permitted until withdrawal fromCapcom.
Thai Fast Dictionary 2.9.0
From the most popular iOS's English-Thai dictionary, now ThaiFastDictionary (Thai Fast Dict) is ready for Android. -Fastapplication startup - Fast word lookup - History and Favoritemode- Long list words scrollable table - Text to speech forbothEnglish and Thai word - Hangpig mini game This product iscreatedby the adaptation of LEXiTRON developed byNECTEC(
Quran English 2.6.60
Andi Unpam
As-salāmu'alaykum. Digital Quran / Koran with Englishtranslation,which has a word by word translation in English andaudio mp3murattal full Quran 114 Surah or 30 Juz withoutlimitation. CurrentFeatures : - User friendly design, slide thescreen to move Surahor Juz. - Reading Quran / Koran with modeportrait or landscape. -Available light and dark themes. - ColoredTajweed. - Surah Index(Surah list). - Juz Index (Juz list). -Reading with Uthmani orIndoPak script style. - Readingtransliteration with English text.- English translation (translatorby Saheeh International andTafsir Al-Jalalayn). - Word by wordenglish translation based onQuran. - Audio mp3 murattal 30 Juz(Reciter options by Sheikh HaniAr Rifai, Sheikh Mishary Rashid,Sheikh Fares Abbad, Sheikh MahmudKhalil Al Husary, Sheikh Maher AlMuaiqly, Sheikh Saad Al-Ghamdi,Sheikh Muhammad Jebril and SheikhAbdul Rahman Al-Sudais). - AudioControl (play, pause, stop, nextverse, previous verse, repeat). -Audio Manager (download and deleteaudio murattal with multi selectwith single click). - Copy theverses. - Share the verses. -Bookmark verses. - Mark verses to lastread. - Backup-restorebookmark and marked last read to the Cloud. -Search the word fromtranslation. - Prayer Times and Imsak, alsosupport athan (adzan)alarm. - Qibla direction from your location. -Hijri calendar. -Prayer Times widget on home-screen. - All featuresupports offline(Quran offline). * And next features that are indevelopment. Thisapp has several ads, but the placement is not in aposition whilereading the Quran, although there are ads but all ofits featuresare Free without restrictions, which the revenue fromads to helpthe development of this application, such as: • Feemonthly rentalof 3 (three) servers for the needs of thisapplication. • Feeconsumption of programmers and designers indeveloping features andbug fixes that exist in this application.But if you do not wantany ads appear, you can make a donation fromthis app. Yourdonation will automatically go to Google system, andGoogle willsend user donated money each month to our Bank account,and themoney we receive from Google entirely (100%) will be donatedtoorphans and dhuafa (less able) in 3 (three) places, namely:•Yayasan Griya Kafil Yatim, Gunung Sindur, Kab. Bogor -Indonesia,FB • Jln. Cabe III Dalam andaround,Pondok Cabe Ilir, Pamulang, Tangerang Selatan - Indonesia. •Jln.Talas II and around, Pondok Cabe Ilir, Pamulang, TangerangSelatan- Indonesia. * Special thanks to Dr. Shehnaz Shaikh &Ms.Kausar Khatri ( for compiled "Word ByWordTranslation".
Quraan-E-Karim (15 Lines) 2.3
Surah Al-Alaq (96:1) -اقْرَأْ بِاسْمِ رَبِّكَ الَّذِي خَلَق“Recitein the name of your Lord who created” Quraan Majeed (96:1)This isan app by idare Deeniyat, which enables reciting quranwherever youare.It is an easy-to-use, attractive app that has beendevelopedunder careful supervision of the Deeniyat organization. Wehavetried to provide a clear and easily readable Arabic font. TheUserGuide and prompt messages guide the user at every step for easyandeffective use of the app. Recitation can be performed usingtheJuz/Para index or the Surah index. Surahs can be bookmarkedwithinthe index enabling quick access from the favorite list.Similarly,pages from the Quraan can also be bookmarked facilitatingpromptaccess later on from the bookmarks list. Moreover, users cansimplyresume reading from where they left off or directly go toaspecific page by entering the page number. Users can selectamongdifferent reading modes such as the Gallery Effect or PageEffect.The Gallery Effect allows the reader to turn pages byswiping onthe screen. This mode accompanies zoom in/out feature.The PageEffect provides the reader with real page flipping effects.Addingbookmarks and changing reading modes are also accessiblethroughthe Menu/Volume keys. Finally, the app also provides optionstoshare it with friends, family and colleagues so they toocanbenefit from this app. One can access the Deeniyatorganizationwebsite and other apps developed by Deeniyatorganization. Let thisapp help you in elevating your position inDeen and Duniya throughthe accomplishment of one of our duties asMuslims i.e. recitingthe Quraan daily. We highly appreciate yourconstructive feedbackespecially concerning app improvements.Remember us especially inyour Dua!
Blue Letter Bible 1.40.05 build 1825
Dig deep into God’s Word with over 15 available Bibles,textcommentaries, Hebrew / Greek lexicon, interlinear,dictionaries,word searches, and more. Personalize your study withhighlighting,tagging favorite verses, and parallel Bible views.Much more tocome SUPPORT? First things first. Check out our Appsupport pages @ If you haveany questionsor issues with the Blue Letter Bible app, contact usimmediately @, or our public Google Group@ You can also email We want the app to work for you.Joinour millions of annual website users who choose to dig deeperintoGod’s Word with Blue Letter Bible! POWERFUL BIBLE STUDY TOOLS•Study the Hebrew & Greek with our original language lexicon•Perform word study searches using the many availabledictionariesand encyclopedias • Use the Treasury of ScriptureKnowledge for anin-depth study • Over 8,000 text commentaries byover 40 differentauthors PERSONALIZED BIBLE STUDY • Powerful notetaking featurelets take notes while organizing them into notebooks• Tag yourfavorite verses and collect them into custom folders •Highlightverses in unlimited customized colors • Show / hidefootnote andverse markers • Show / hide words of Christ in red •Adjustablefont size and line height for easier reading • Side byside,parallel Bibles Please take a minute to rate the Blue LetterBibleapp!
Spread Signs 2.0.3
World’s largest sign language dictionary with over 200 000signs!Learn American, Czech, British, Estonian, French, German,Austrian,Italian, Japanese, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish,Portuguese,Brazilian, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, andTurkish signlanguage.
eBird by Cornell Lab 2.0.9
eBird Mobile makes it easy to record the birds you see in thefield,and seamlessly link these observations with eBird--a globalonlinedatabase of bird records used by hundreds of thousands ofbirdersaround the world. This free resource makes it easy to keeptrack ofwhat you see, while making your data openly available forscientificresearch, education, and conservation. eBird Mobile isthe only appthat passes information directly from the Androiddevice to youreBird account on the web. Features - Track your birdsightings fromanywhere in the world. - View your Life, Year, andMonth lists forany region or nearby location. - Full globaltaxonomy based on TheClements Checklist of Birds of the World. -Common names availablein 41 languages and regional versions (e.g.,Portuguese names inBrazil or in Portugal). - Checklists customizedfor your locationand time of year, showing most likely speciesbased on eBird data. -Real-time feedback on whether a sighting israre in the area. -Quick entry tools to make note-taking fasterthan ever before. - GPSenabled location plotting and trackingoptions. - Map tools thatshow you hundreds of thousands of eBirdHotspots. - Full offlinefunctionality, enabling use in places withlimited or no Internetconnection. - Entire app translated toBulgarian, Czech, Danish,German, Spanish, Finnish, French, Hebrew,Croatian, Khmer,Norwegian, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Russian,Serbian, Swedish,Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Chinese (Simplified),and Chinese(Traditional).
Al Quran and Translation 1.0.9
Assalamualaikum wr wbAl quran Al Kareem for android users intheworld with offline content (do not need to download arabictextfirst), just install and all content already ontheapplication.Have rich features :- Quran arabic content do notneedto download- Quran Translation and Transliteration- ColoredTajweedto help you to read quran correctly- Search for translation-Audioreciter Mp3 without limitation, you can download the audiofirst-Save last read phrase- Bookmarks- Copy and ShareQuranphrasesInsyaAllah can be useful for muslim intheworldWRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGEThis permission is required bysavingfile function. When you download audio files, the audio fileswillbe saved on your storage, so you do not need to download itagainnext time.ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION & RECORD_AUDIO(Optional)Thispermission is required by our partner Zapr. Zaprrequires thispermission to analyze television media viewingpatterns. Thispermission is optional. For detail, pleasevisit
Bible Hub 1.0
Official Bible Hub app with quick access to the Bible Hubsearch,online Bibles, commentaries, devotions, topics, andinterlinear.You will need an internet connection to use this app.
Sukhmani Sahib - With Audio 1.7.3
Sikh Studio
Sukhmani Sahib is the name given to the set of hymns divided into24sections which appear in the Sri Guru Granth Sahib, on ang 262.Eachsection, which is called an Ashtpadi(asht means 8), consistsof 8hymns per Ashtpadi. The word Sukhmani literally meansTreasure(Mani) of Peace (Sukh). This App has following features.SukhmaniSahib Path in Gurmukhi Audio with clear sound. Audio can beplayedin background mode. Direct navigation to any Ashtpadi(section)Change Font Size (Small, Normal, Large, Huge) Chage FontStyle(Slim or Thick) Night Mode (ON or OFF)
15 Lines Hefz/ Hafezi Quran 6.0.53
The application makes easy to find out suras from the 15 lineshefzquran sharif. The application includes sura index, para index,gotopage, bookmarks features. Features available currently: 1.Paranumber and page number 2. Light on during recitation 3.Autorestore to previous session 4. Moving from one page to anotherbyvolume key 5. Bookmarks facilities 6. Goto page numbers directly7.Para index 8. Sura index 9. Good page resolution
com.WahegurooNetwork.SundarGutka 5.4.5
Khalsa Sundar Gutka contains the daily and extended SikhPrayersalso known as nitnem. The Sikh scriptures are known asGurbani andwere written by the ten Sikh Gurus. We have tried toinclude manybanis and features to serve the most sangat aspossible. Pleaserespectfully cover your head and remove your shoeswhen using thisapp. Currently included Banis: * Gurmantar * JapJiSahib * ShabadHazare * Jaap Sahib * Shabad Hazare Patshahi 10 *Svaiye * Svaiye(Deenan) * Akaal Ustat Chaupai * Chaupai Sahib (3differentlengths) * Anand Sahib * Basant ki Var * Lavaa * AthChandiChariter * Chandi di Var * Shastar Naam Mala * Asa di Var(Withsaloks) * Rehras (3 different lengths) * Ramkali ki Var*Aarti-Aarta (3 different lengths) * Jaitsri ki Var * SohilaSahib(3 different lengths, including rakhiya de shabad) * Ardas*Bhagauti Astotr * Baarehmaha * Akal Ustat * Salok M:9 *SukhmaniSahib * Sukhmana Sahib * Bavan Akhree * Sidh Gosht *Dhakhni Oankar* Dukh Bhanjani Sahib * Kuchji * Suchji * Gunvanti *BaarehmahaSvaiye * Salok Damale Da (Bani only) * Bhagauti Astotr(PanthParkash/Buddha Dal) * Funhe M:5 * Chaubole * 22 Vars * BhagatBani* Bhatt Svaiye * Raag Mala * Much more... Features: * SelectBanilength (effects Aarti, Rehras, Chaupai and Kirtan Sohila)*Larivaar option * Romanized option * English Translations*Rearrange indexes * Autoscroll * Vishraams * RemindersandNotifications to do bani * Font size and type * BackgroundColors *Manglacharan Positions * Bookmarks * Stay awake in appoption *Works on tablets and phones * More... We welcome any andallsuggestions, corrections and comments! We are here to do yourseva.This Sundar Gutka was originally modeled after the BuddhaDalSundar Gutka, but now includes much more. Banis are the sameasTaksal Sundar Gutka if bani length setting is set to medium(exceptAarti where it is in short mode). Please like us on facebookorfollow us on twitter forupdates! is provided by BaniDB(, the same sourcebehind SikhiToTheMax andother apps. --Daasre
NLT Bible Offline 1.7
Holy Bible in NLT- Offline We are proud and happy to release thetheNLT Bible Offline android app for free. No internet connectionisrequired to use this app.This app contains both "Old Testament"and"New Testament" in NLT language. There are several features intheapp that is helpful to the users to read & manage thereadingcontent like bookmark, continue from last read page etc.,Thefollowing are the main features of the app: * Search * Bookmark*Highlight bookmarked contents * Notes * Night mode to studyatnights * Quiz in English * Forum to discuss / share thoughtswithother users * View Nearby Churches We sincerely hope that thisappwill rejoice you. App requires two permissions, namely 1.YourLocation (For Ads)& 2. Network Communication (For Ads)Pleasefeel free to mail us your feedback. We are glad toaccommodate toyour suggestions in the App.
15 line Hafizi Quran 6.1
15 line quran used by huffaz of south asia like in pakistanindiaand bangladesh and other arab coutries is used for hifz ,thisapphave zoom in feature and all the juz in single app download itandread it and memorize your quran. 15 Quran application givesyoueasiest way to read Holy Quran.In this Application I haveincluded15 lines per page Holy Quran that is Commonly used byhuffaz(hafiz) for hifz e Quran.
Sacred Music
Sacred Music is the official hymns and music app of The ChurchofJesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It serves as both adigitalhymnal and music player, with sheet music and audio fromthehymnbook, Children’s Songbook, youth theme, and othercollections.
Marathi Vishwakosh 1.3
Maharashtra Rajya Marathi Vishwakosh Nirmiti Mandal has created20volumes of ‘Marathi Vishwakosh which are now available onmobilephone. Around 100 subjects with its various details,descriptionsand findings have been included in this App. There are20 volumeswith 312 lists & 18,163 articles which can be easilyreferredby the readers. It is useful for students, teachers,professors& everyone who is interested in studying Marathilanguage. Itis a great tool which is easy to use for references& studies.
Haripath - Marathi-English lyrics 1.6.01
Haripath is a collection of twenty-eight Abhangas revealed tothethirteenth-century Marathi sant, Shree Dnyaneshwar Maharaj. Itisrecited by Varkaris each day. Along with SantDnyadeshwar'sharipath included textual haripathas of sant ShreeNamdev Maharaj,sant Shree Eknath Maharaj, sant Shree TukaramMaharaj, and santShree Nivruttinath Maharaj. Features * Lyrics inEnglish * Addaudio Haripath of your choice * Alarm ।। Jay Jay RamKrushna Hari।। Tags: Marathi Haripath, pasaydaan