Top 24 Games Similar to Pikachu 2016

Picachu Classic 1
TitMit Studio
The best version of onet animal 2003Picachu 2003 is available on mobile now. One of best gamein2003Feature:- Classic graphics- Many classic levels- User Ranking- Hint Function- Invite Friends To Get More HintsHow to play Picachu classic- Connect 2 matching animals- Each of the game started with a fixed time, you have to removeallthe animals on the screen before time outHope you enjoy this Picachu game
Running Pikachu 1.2
Creddy Inc.
Pikachu runs with acceleration andcollectspokeballs! Red arrows can slow down the speed. Enjoy!
Best Pikachu Run 1.3
Probably one of the most addictivecasualgamesdeveloped so far BEST PIKACHU RUN.This game app recommended for kids, boys, girls, men, womenandeverymember of your family.Pikachu is going on a new super adventure game on rails rushandheneeds your help !Now play your favorite best Pikachu Run gamealongwithPikachu.Pikachu has to save herself by avoiding allobstacles.Witches,Ninja, Fantomes and mummies will try to hurtyou.Jungleenvironment is also not all friendly and is filledwithhugestones, bad bees and deadly snakes.Enjoy playing the adventure with Pikachu !How To Play:1.Just tap the screen and Pikachu jump on subway.2.Collect Thunders as many as you can.3.Run to the end of the Game to pass the level.**Game FEATURE**- Do not fall off the subway ground.- Endless Runner with great graphics and fun animations.- Play for all ages- High-quality graphics.- Lightweight Game- Avoid Bad-guys, Jungle animals and Obstacles.- mobile games, phone games and tablets !- There are many obstacles and height object.- This game for everyone who loves Pikachu.******* BE THE FIRST TO END THE GAME CHALLENGE !!Your friends are playing it - can you beat their high scores?!
Pikachu Pilot 1.1
this game is taken from a famousanimationwhichis titled pokemon with its pikachu who is in hisplane to beattackedsuddenly by white clothing team so it is a mustforpikachu to avoidthat attack. Enjoy!
Tuiles Piano Pokémon Edition 3.0
Piano Games
this new game piano tiles is an exclusivegamewith several options like the ability to play online, and newtilesdesign with pokémon characters.piano 3 poké Edition contains over 3,000 musical notes, to giveyouthe best sounds in the game + sound effect of piano tuiles 3, game rules are slightly modified, because itusesthe possibilter to play online with other users.then in this version of tiles piano, you can tap the white** What is new in tile piano 3 ?- add more than 3,000 musical note not exists in Don't Tap TheWhiteTile and others sound effect of pokemon.- new graphical interface ( click on the black tiles and whitetilesare more flexible ).- you can play online with friends and all piano tiles users.- in the online mode, the application'll choose a tuiles colorforyou, either black or white tile.then the rule (Do not Tap The ... 2) is not correct in thisversionof piano tuiles.** How to Play ?- Tap on the pokémon tiles as fast as you can- Don't let any poké tile left untapped.NB: when you play online with your friends, make sure youareconnecting to the internet.How many poké tiles can you tap in 10 seconds.who is the fastest? you or your friends?play online piano tiles 3 and share with us your score.
Piano tiles-don't tap pikachu 1.5
piano tiles is an exclusive gamewithtilesdesign with poké characters like pika chu ...piano 2 poké Edition contains over 1,500 musical notes, togiveyouthe best sounds in the game sound effect + of Pikachu.** What is new in do not tap pika chu?- Add more than 1,500 musical notes not exists in Do notTapTheWhite Tile.- New graphical interface (the black and white tilesarechangingwith tiles with Poké character).- You can play online with friends and all users piano tiles.- In the online mode, the tiles application'll choose acolorforyou, (something the color of your favorite poke).Then The rule (Do not Tap The ... 2) is not proper in thisreleaseofpiano tiles.** How to Play?- Tap on the pika chu tiles as fast as you can- Do not let poké Any tile left untapped.NB: when you play online with your friends, make souryouareconnecting to the internet.How many poké tiles can you tap in 15 seconds.who is the fastest? you or your friends?play online piano tiles pika edition and share withusyourscore.
Geometry Pokémon Jump Rush 3.1.1
Geometry lite Pokémon Edition is a newandexclusive game full of adventure with pikachu character.this funny game contains several levels , your mission in thisgameto pass all levels with a high score, you can unlock othergeometrydash face character and other ...jump and run through dash Meltdown world with trump and passthelevel with a high score without touching danger dash game.features:* you can play online with friends in a geometry pokemongocharacter race .* you can unlock other geometry lite colors.* customize the world of game by a meltdown world.* you can earn more gold coins by share the game withfriends.* you can unlock new pokémon characters.and other feature I leave you a chance to discover to play Geometry Poké meltdown:this game is easy to play, because it uses only one touch gameplay, your square pikachu geometry will move automatically, and tojumpclick one touch on screen.after some levels of another feature will be available as adoublejump, and slither under the obstacles ...and more.this action lite game is full of adventure and action, takethechance to help the geometry to achieve their goal.if you like this dash of color game, be sure to leave anicecomment.
Connect Animals - Classic 1.0
Connect Animals – Classic gameforAndroidphones will give you the most amazing experience whetheryouarefrom anywhere.Version picachu Connect Animal Classic you will have sometimereturnto childhood and it is the best connect game for relaxallkidsagesThis is one of best for killing free time, training youreyesandbrainDownload and enjoys! Relax everywhereGUIDE :How to play Onet Animals ?- Remove 2 animal with the same kind which can be connectedwithin3linesGAME FEATURE- Classic game play- Game free- So easy to play and relax.- It's very addictive and challenge.- Play with all android version.
Onet New Fruits 1.02
Onet Klasik
Onet Fruit is a Onet classic -Connect-2puzzle, the game you have played on PC long timeago.Now it's available on AndroidThis is one of best for killing free time, training your eyesandbrain.How to play Onet Fruits ?- Remove 2 onet fruit with the same kind which can beconnectedwithin 3 lines.Features:- Classic game play- Nice graphic HD.If you like connect / matching game, then your will love toplayfruit connect onet games.Download Free game now and enjoy!Have fun of playing Onet New Fruits.
Onit Pikachu 1.1
Onit Game Co
Link 2 similar images to wingamePikachu:+ 100 levels.+ Beautiful images.+ A lot effects in game.
Classic Onet Pikachu 2015 1.0.1
Conafox games
Onet Connect Emotion is a classic Onet-Connect-2 puzzle / Picachu PC gameHow to play Onet Connect Emotion ?- Remove 2 animal with the same kind which can be connected within3lines.Features:- Classic game play- Cute graphic.Have fun of playing Onet Connect Emotion! Connect emotion withyourfriends!
Piano tiles-do tap pikachu 1.2.2
piano tiles is an exclusive game withtilesdesign with poké characters like pika chu ...piano 2 poké Edition contains best songs and over 1,000musicalnotes, to give you the best sounds in the pikachu game +soundeffect of pikachu. Surprise for you cover on Linkin Park -Numb,Pirates of caribian cover and Game of Throne OST cover.- new graphical interface ( the black and white tilesarechanging on tiles with Poké character ).- New interface and new song lists make it easier tochoosesongs.- in the online mode, the application'll choose a tiles colorforyou, (chose the color of your favorite poke ).then the rule is not correct in this version of piano tuiles.- you can share your progress with friends** How to Play ?- Tap on the pika chu Ttiles while listening to music. Avoidthewhite ones! Hurry now! Enjoy classical and pop music- Don't let any poké tile left untapped.who is the fastest? you or your friends?play online piano tiles pika edition and share with usyourscore.
Pick Animals 2.2
In this game, you have to find the sameanimalsand pick a pair of them to remove them out of the board andgetcoins. The rule to pick a pair is similar to Pikachugame.Don't forget to login your Google account to see other playersonthe top!You can get pro version with no ads, more animals,betterperformance here: thanks for donating me, encouraging me to make moreexcitinggames!
Don't tap for pikachu 1.4
lyric audio
piano tiles is a game with tilesdesignwithpika chu .- Tap on the pika chu Ttiles while listening to music.Avoidthewhite ones! Hurry now! Enjoy classical and pop music- Don't let any tile left untapped. play online pianotileseditionand share with us your score.features:- Great Graphics- Easy to play- Many levels- Game funny
Egg Shoot Bubble 2016 2.2
❤ Egg Shoot or Bubble Shooter gameisjungleversion of bubble shoot game, is the most classic andnewbubblepop shooter games 2016. It play easier than goldminerorpikachu.This free version is the only one thatcontainsPuzzleMode, Arcade Mode.With 1000+ puzzle levels you willnever getboredwith this game, Let's get a adventure with petdinosaur eggsbubbleshooter to complete your journey around injungle.❤ Egg Shooter is the most popular apps mobile. It's isfunnyandsuitable for all kids, baby even adults. This is themostclassicand amazing shooting bubble buster game.❤ Eggs Shoot game played by over 5 MILLION people allaroundtheworld. This is the best eggs shooter with cool graphic,and thisisthe Egg Shoot bubble 2016 games for kids andbubblegamesfree❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖How to Play❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❤ Players use hand modifier guns launch to rotate andtouchthescreen to shoot the eggs to the eggs of the same colorontheside.❤ The main mission is destroy all the ball, dinosaureggsbubbleball. To finish the game, player canapplydifferentstrategies.❤Tap on space screen to shoot ball mania,rescue eggs bytapandtap.❤To group 3 or more bubbles to make them bust,Shot the eggsandmatch3 or more same egg color to pop, crush and dropandvictory.❤ Clear the current puzzle level to unlock the nextbubbleblastlevel,and try to get 3 stars on each level.Tips: Breaking the bubbles continuously can getpointsasbonus!You will love the fun bubble shoot famous in worlds andburstorcrush eggs bubble lines match 3 in this puzzle game withyourhand,your creativity and excitement to shoot/poke bubble willhelpyouto finish all lines bubble puzzle more faster andeasier.❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖Features❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❤ Puzzle Mode - 650 + fun levels of saga puzzles❤ Arcade Mode - The bubbles will go down gradually so youneedtoshoot quickly to avoid death❤ Multiple addictive levels (above 350 puzzle levels)andmore.❤ How to play simple but no less challenging.❤ Animated, Dinosaur egg break sound effects.Bubble Shooters games free has 1000+ levels to play, andmorefree,fun and addictive levels will be added to this bubbleshooterfreedownload game! You can continue your game to make surethatyoudon’t lose any progress. So just sit back, relaxandalongsidethose colorful bubbles.WE WOULD LOVE TO GET YOUR FEEDBACK!❤ Your reviews/ratings are very important to us, and they’llhelpusbring you free updates with more great features andexcitingnewgames!❤ Please, send your feedback
Onet Kawait : Picachu Classic 1.3
This Onet Kawait : Picachu Classic game isoneof new innovative Onet Kawait game comes.this onet link game is very funny.with the funny animals and beautiful graphics.try to connect the animals by three match 2 gamegreat onet deluxe gameit's a free gamecool and cute animalsOnet Kawait : Picachu Classic game features:- full 10 level classic: normal, pull left, pull right, pulltop,pull bottom, ...- funny animals system- free animal games- very simple game rule- it's like a minerva- like a legend of animal gameIf you love connect / matching game then you love to playOnetLink Deluxe gameDownload this Picachu Free game now and enjoy.
Onet Classic: Reborn
This is a simple game genre easy to playforall ages, with the familiar image, the legendary uncle animalshavespecial powers and is curved trainer, popular games almost allagesand especially we bring comfortable feeling when playing,pleasetry to pay via animal cute matching game genre familiartwoidentical cards.Spend plenty of time to play games and relax.
Onet New Animals 1.0
KeyGames Free
Onet New AnimalsOnet Animal connect is the best game for relax all kids agessosmart and reaction like version Picachu pc or link linkanimals,tan tan, paopao.Your mission is find a pair of identical cards those can beconnectthe lines.after that couple will remove and you get a score oet games freesointelligent.when you clear all cards -> you win and time is over ->youwill loose so the faster you are onet kawai it, the higherscoreyou have.*** GAME ADVANTAGE ***✔ Game free and forever.✔ So easy to play and relax.✔ It's very addictive and challenge.✔ Graphics nice and suitable for version android 2.3 above.✔ 15 levels and 12 directions to move items.HOW TO PLAY ?* You need connect matching cards and clear the level beforetimeruns out.* The main objective of this game is to remove all cards byconnecttwo matching cards that connected with up to 3straightlines.If you like connect / matching game, then your will love toplayonet classic free fruit.Download free games onet and enjoys!
Onet Hewan Lucu 1.0.9
Cat Mobi
Onet Hewan Lucu adalah sederhanajenisteka-teki atau pencocokan permainanAnda harus menghapus semua kartu dengan menghubungkan dua kartuyangcocok dengan tidak lebih dari 3 garis-garis lurus.Jika Anda seperti menghubungkan atau pencocokan permainan, Andaakansuka bermain Onet Hewan Lucu.Permainan ini gratis untuk semua orang.Funny Animal Onet isasimple kind of puzzle or matching gameYou must remove all the cards by connecting two cards thatmatchwith no more than 3 straight lines.If you like connecting or matching games, you will love playingOnetAnimals Funny.The game is free for everyone.
Pikachu i choose you ! 1.0
Pikachu i choose you ! is anendlesscoolAndroid game and very addictive game. tap right and taplefttojump. levels are generated randomly , try to survive andstayinthe air as long as possible by avoiding pocket ball.How To Play Pikachu i choose you !- Tap the screen right to Jump right and left to Jump left- Every 3 seconds you must touch heart on the game will boostupgofast- Try to avoid getting hit by pocket ball.With the leaderboard feature now you can share yourscoreandcompete with all the other players around the world.Enjoy the endless fun and the Wonderful PokemonPixelCharacterdesign and don’t forget to share your top score tobeatyourfriends on facebook and twiiter