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Skydiving Whale Adventure 1.0
lucy alloinn
We are not affiliated in any way toskywhaleand paw patrol. This application complies with USCopyrightlawguidelines of "fair use". If you feel there is adirectcopyrightor trademark violation that doesn't follow withinthe"fair use"guidelines, please contact us directly.This Game have no relation with sky whale and thebubbleguppiescartoon or games, we are not the makers of thecartoons andwedon't claim any relation them."Skydiving Whale Adventure" is a adventure game In thisgameYoumust Help Whale to avoid obstacles, overcome dangers Justtapthescreen in the right time to jump and avoidobstacles,whilecollecting donuts as you can to score the highestbetweenyourfriends.Run on three different worlds and several types ofscenariosandcollect as many donuts as you can.As a side-scrolling adventure that you swing through100challenginglevels of running and jumping.How to play Skydiving Whale Adventure?+ To play simply touch the screen and the whale jumps.+ Collect donuts to score high, do not fall offthewhaleground.+ Run to the end of map to pass the level.Features:+ 100 different Levels+ The more donuts you collect, the longer you bouncethroughthesky!+ Clean and colorful graphics+ Smooth user interface+ Music and sound effects+ Play for all ages+ Great Sounds and Graphics.+ Game is free, no purchase required.+ Suitable for kids and children+ Phone and Tablet supportSkydiving Whale Adventure is an amazing game!This is a fun game for everyone who loves sky whale. Tryitandenjoy!
whale hill racing climb 1.0
welcome to the world of whale hillracingclimb.whale is a racing game where sky whale has to run andjump across the platform,collect coins and avoid ask how to play the whale hill racing climb.The game is very simple just tap the screen to let jumpandrunand Collect Coins as many as you can.Game Features :**** High-quality graphics.**** mobile games, phone games and tablets !**** 105+ Challenging Levels Survival**** Different Game Modes**** Free kids , girls and boys games**** Lightweight Game**** High Speed character!download my whale hill racing climb .Last but not least, a big THANK YOU goes out to everyonewhohasplayed my games !
Impossible Whale Escape 1.0
Jump and run with Super sky whaleJungleEscapein this platformer through 80 exciting levels.Collect all the Coins to get more points and buy additionalitemsinthe store.Try to find all the blocks of hidden bonuses and items tomakeascore as well as you can.Take power donuts and Power Candies to become strongeranddefeatall the monsters.Features:• High resolution graphics Beautiful• Awesome gameplay• Easy and intuitive controls• Hidden bonus blocks• destroyable block• Hidden bonus levels with a lot of cakes• Additional collection• 4th in the world with 80 well designed levels• More than 20 enemies and obstacles• 8 boss fights• Store the item• style of classic sky wale world games Platform.DISCLAIMER:This application complies with US Copyright law guidelinesof"fairuse". If you feel there is a direct copyrightortrademarkviolation that doesn't follow within the "fairuse"guidelines,please contact us directly. This Game have norelationwith skywhale or anything related to this cartoon, we arenot themakers ofthe cartoon and we don't claim any relation withthem.
sky and whale 1.0
this game has 27 level and 3 herosofadventureand also 5 worldsthe first world is open but the other are locked ,you must win the 27 level for unlocked your worldsto slug it out now and play the exciting gameyou must touch the hero for fly " your hero can fly justbytouchinghim " .you can also run as max speed you want , play in the darkwaternowit's very easy and also freeHAS this game 27level3and heroes of adventure and aussi 5 worldsthe first world is open goal l'autre are locked,you must win the 27 level for your unlocked worldsto slug it out now and play the exciting gameyou must touch the hero for fly "your hero can fly justbytouchinghim".you can aussi run as max speed you want, play in the darkwaternowit's very easy and free également
happy whale swim sky 1.0
welcome to the world of happy whale swim sky .whale swim is a running game where sky whale has to runandjump across the platform,collect coins and avoid ask how to play the whale swim sky.The game is very simple just tap the screen to let jumpandrunand Collect Coins as many as you can.Game Features :**** High-quality graphics.**** mobile games, phone games and tablets !**** 105+ Challenging Levels Survival**** Different Game Modes**** Free kids , girls and boys games**** Lightweight Game**** High Speed character!download my happy whale swim sky .Last but not least, a big THANK YOU goes out to everyonewhohasplayed my games !
PAW Patrol Pups to the Rescue 1.4
Go on a rescue road trip with all your favorite pups in the newapp:PAW Patrol Pups to the Rescue.Brand-New Location Added: TheJungle!Along with 5 new PAW Patrol rescues!With the new PawPatrollervehicle, the pups can now save the day in places waybeyondAdventure Bay! Your child will keep an eye out for rescuealerts,then go on rescue missions to the Bay, the Ice Fields, andYumi’sFarm! There are different rescues for each of the seven pupswith avariety of fun mechanics, including swipe, tap, tilt, anddrawingcircles. Rescues feature new tools and vehicles for eachpup! Theapp also includes an awards screen with over 30 awards,tutorialsfor each game, a parents screen and curriculum guide.GameDescription• Children go on rescues with all their favoritepups!•13 different interactive rescues.• 4 locations: The Farm,the Bay,the Ice Fields and the Jungle.• Each rescue is a 2 partgame thatfeatures the tools/skills of the Pups, and gives playersthe chanceto experience the tools and gadgets for themselves. •Map screen totrack your progress and select your next rescue.•Rewards screenwith mission specific reward badges for each rescue,plus metaawards for completing all the rescues (30 awards intotal)!• In-gametutorials.• Parents screen and curriculumguide.PAW Patrol: Pups tothe Rescue collects personal user data aswell as non-personal userdata (including aggregated data). Userdata collection is inaccordance with applicable law, such asCOPPA. User data may beused, for example, to respond to userrequests; enable users to takeadvantage of certain features andservices; personalize content andadvertising; and manage andimprove Nickelodeon's services. For moreinformation regardingNickelodeon’s use of personal user data,please visit theNickelodeon Group Privacy Policy below. Our PrivacyPolicy is inaddition to any terms, conditions or policies agreed tobetween youand Google, Inc., and Nickelodeon and its affiliatedentities arenot responsible for Google's collection or use of yourpersonaluser data and information. Additionally, this App may use“localnotifications.” Local notifications are sent directly fromthe Appto your device (you don’t need to be connected to theInternet) andmay be used to notify you of new content or eventswithin your App,among other reasons. Use of this app is subject tothe NickelodeonEnd User License Agreement.PAW Patrol: Pups to theRescue offersin-app purchases and charges real money for additionalin-appcontent. You may lock out the ability to purchase in-appcontent byadjusting your device’s settings.For users residing inthe EU, PAWPatrol: Pups to the Rescue may include the use ofpersistentidentifiers for game management purposes and installationof thisapp constitutes your permission to such usage ofpersistentidentifiers for all users on your device.End UserLicenseAgreement: Policy for NickJr.: End User LicenseAgreementfor this app includes arbitration for disputes – seeFAQs:
Paw Skater Patrol Adventure 1.0
Help Paw Puppy Patrol skaterAdventuretocollect more coins while avoiding objects.We are not affiliated in any way to sky whale and pawpatrol.Thisapplication complies with US Copyright law guidelinesof "fairuse".If you feel there is a direct copyright ortrademarkviolation thatdoesn't follow within the "fair use"guidelines,please contact usdirectly.Enjoy the incredible world with Paw Puppy PatrolAdventureskaterby jumping over the obstacle and collect as much aspossibleofcoins to reach the highest score.This Game have no relation with sky whale and thebubbleguppiescartoon or games, we are not the makers of thecartoons andwedon't claim any relation them.FEATURES:★★★★★ 105+ Challenging Levels Survival★★★★★ Different Game Modes★★★★★ Lightweight Game★★★★★ Simply Game★★★★★ lovely game for Kids a allDISCLAIMER:We are not affiliated in any way to Paw PuppyPatrolAdventuretrademark owner. This application complies withUSCopyright lawguidelines of "fair use". If you feel there isadirect copyrightor trademark violation that doesn't followwithinthe "fair use"guidelines, please contact us directly.This Game have no relation with Paw PuppyPatrolAdventurecartoon, we are not the makers of the cartoon and wedon'tclaimany relation with them.And we are not affiliated or linked with in any way at alltothepaw patrol trademark owner. This game applicationcompliesfullywith US Copyright law guidelines of the "fair use". IncaseIf youfeel there is a direct copyrights or trademarksviolationthat doesnot fall within the "fair use" guidelines then inthatcase pleasecontact us directly.This Game have no relation with paw patrol cartoon, we arenotthemakers of the cartoon and we don't claim any relationwiththem.
ArchaeocetiVR 1.3
This game requires a Mobile Virtual Reality headset in ordertoplay. Controller is highly recommended, but you may stillexplorewithout it (*features will be disabled other thanmovement*).Please mind the temperature of your device.Archaeoceti:TheMysterious Sky Whale is a Virtual Reality game in which yourgoalis to reach the Sky whale, Archaeoceti. In order to do so, youmustfind a way to where he's residing. It won't be that simple,youmust solve puzzles, battle creatures, and gather the thingsyouneed to reach him. Are you ready to immerse yourself in theworldfull of nature and floating islands of Archaeoceti tomeethim?skybox was downloaded from unity assets storeFantasySkyboxFREE - G.E.TeamDev
Whale Boat Hunter 1.3
Foji Games
Foji Games presents one of themostaddictivewhales hunting game for Android users. Enjoy largeandhuge sizehumpback whales hunting on sea water. Humpbackwhalesinhabit inall of the world’s oceans. Whales are very large insizeand with amassive tail on the back side. There tail looksamazingwhen whaledive in ocean water. Whales have black color ontop sideand whitecolor at bottom. Story of this game is that youare as afishermanand you are sailing in a brown wooden boat on theseawater. It isseason to hunt whales. You are on the sea water,whereyou findwhales and now mission is to shoot and hit allwhalesbefore theyattack on you. Whales have a very big size andthey arewatchingyou. Hunt all whales in the level within shorttime. So,you canplay the next level. Each next level is morechallengingandinteresting one. Your target is to kill all whaleswithoutwastinga single moment. This is a war whales vs you.Download andinstallfree Whale Boat Hunter today to become a bestkiller ofwhales.Features:- Humpback Whales, Boats, Sea water, Lush greenmountains,Whiteclouds and blue sky- Whale hunting in a 3D Environment- 8 Levels of this game- Full of Adventure and Action- Excellent graphics and natural sound effects- Free to play- Smart and Smooth Sniper guns- Two Sniper rifles with red and grey color- Easy GUI and controls- First person shootingHow to Play:- Touch on the left part of the device screen tolookanywhereleft, right, up or down- Aim on the target- Tap on Fire button for shooting- For whales at far distance, use telescope for zooming- Tap on weapon button to replace rifle- On left side of the screen there are informationaboutplayerhealth, score, best score, game level, dead whales andtotalwhalesin the level.
LEGO® Ninjago: Shadow of Ronin
There is a new threat in Ninjago, and hegoesby the name of Ronin. With help from his army of darksamurai,Ronin steals the Ninjas’ memories using an ancient weaponcalledthe Obsidian Glaive.In LEGO® Ninjago™: Shadow of Ronin™, it is up to players to helptheNinjas regain their memories and reclaim their powers beforeRonincompletes his plan and releases an even greater evil onNinjago.Players will battle through iconic locales from the TVseries,including the Ice Temple, the Toxic Bogs, and a mysteriousnewisland, as well as visit the mountain village of Spinjago,where theNinjas are currently training with Grand Sensei Darethand SenseiWu.GAME FEATURES:-Explore Ninjago: Battle through iconic locales from theLEGONinjago: Masters of Spinjitsu TV series, including the IceTemple,the Toxic Bogs and Chen’s Island.-The Obsidian Weapons: Uncover the secret behind these ancientyetpowerful tools.-Classic Villains: Defend Ninjago from well-known enemies,includingthe Serpentine, Nindroids and more.-Cool Vehicles: Drive, fly, stomp and slide your way throughlevelswith an exciting array of bikes, jets, mechs andevendragons!-Spinjitzu Power: Unleash an elemental tornado to smash yourwaythrough enemies and solve puzzles.-Improved Controls: Switch between “Virtual D-pad” and“Casual”controls with improved touch screen controls for an evenbetterbrick bashing fun!
Lincoln Loud Adventure 1.3
Lincoln Loud Adventure is an addictivegamefullof challenge and difficulties. Thanks to itsunlimitedchallenges andauto-save you can finish the levels of theloudhouse at your ownpace.This game is very addictive and challenging you can'tstopplayingit.Hop and jump like a bunny to win the hopping game.Features:☆ Compatible with all tablets and smartphones☆ Unlimited fun & levels auto-save☆ Addictive & nice graphicsShare and rate 5/5 if you like the game.
Super Gumball Z 1.0
Hey, you … yes you gumball, there is somebadboys that are raising a ruckus in your amazing world, so youhaveto make them learn the lesson like a karate master.This is an amazing game where you have to go undercover, dodgeballsand chop the enemies.Super gumball Z are a game that you can give it to your kids andyoucan play it too. The most important thing is to do is to helpourhero gumball to collect money and find the gold he lost.In a world full of adventure, you should make sure, you run andjumpcorrectly, and don’t run on spikes nor hit obstacles and don’tstopor the enemies will get you.Use your smooth, easy moves to guide our cat gumball throughhisadventure.Super gumball Z have cardboard system that allow you to redeemyourgift cards into super powers that help you dodge balls, spylike akarate master to save your girlfriend penny.Collect special bonus shots, extra lives and time bonuses tohelpyou set the best high score.Like Darwin said : It is not the strongest of the speciesthatsurvive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsivetochange. So, change in your amazing world and go undercover.Download Super gumball Z and star enjoying yourcosmicadventure.
Saiyan Mod for Minecraft 1.0
Hope Corp.
Install Dragon Ball Craft mod for Minecraft PE on yourAndroiddevice to play Minecraft with your favourite DragonBallheroes.It's very simple thanks to this app.Goku, Vegeta,Crilin,Piccolo, Gohan, Goten, Trunks and all other heroes arewaiting foryou!!Remember that you need BlockLauncher and officialMinecraftPocket Edition to apply this mod.We are working hard toadd newmods everyday. So let download and stay tuned.If you needany mod,don't hesitate to drop a request in review section.Thankyou foryour support !!!ATTENTION:This application does use theinternet toload new data, so please be aware of data usage!This isanunofficial application for Minecraft Pocket Edition.Thisapplication is not affiliated in any way with Mojang AB.TheMinecraft Name, the Minecraft Brand and the Minecraft Assetsareall property of Mojang AB or their respectful owner. Allrightsreserved. In accordancewith
DINOTRUX 20170328121808
Fox & Sheep
Get ready for an adventure with theDinotruxfrom DreamWorks Animation’s award-winning original TVseries!Dinotrux: Trux It Up! is all about teamwork and cooperation.Plus...there is so much to do!FEATURES• Join the cast from the hit TV show that’s half dinosaur andhalfconstruction vehicle to rebuild their community.• Team up with your favorite characters: Ty Rux, Revvit,Skya,Dozer, and Garby.• Explore the vibrant and animated Dinotrux world with easy tapandtouch controls.• Crush it, smash it, move it, lift it – help the Dinotrux builduptheir awesome Dinotrux landmark.• Gets your bits busy with fun mini-games and learn how torepairand solve problems with the Reptools.• Lead the Dinotrux to success as you build, collect, andshareresources in interactive gameplay!• Don’t let the resident super villain, D-Structs, destroyyourwork!Learn how to collaborate with the Dinotrux to rebuild a biggerandbetter world where everyone can play.There’s no job too big for the Dinotrux! Download now and TruxItUp!Like all other Fox & Sheep apps, Dinotrux: Trux It Up! isFREEOF ADS. This app is full of fun combining auser-friendlyinterface, amazing graphics and interactiveanimations.Dinotrux © 2016 DreamWorks Animation LLC. All RightsReserved.
Paw Puppy Police Patrol Car 1.1
Help Paw Puppy Police Patrol Car tocollectmorestar while avoiding objects.FEATURES:★★★★★ 105+ Challenging Levels Survival★★★★★ Different Game Modes★★★★★ Lightweight GameDISCLAIMER:We are not affiliated in any way to Paw Patrol trademarkowner.Thisapplication complies with US Copyright law guidelines of"fairuse".If you feel there is a direct copyright ortrademarkviolation thatdoesn't follow within the "fair use"guidelines,please contact usdirectly.This Game have no relation with paw patrol and peppa pigcartoon,weare not the makers of the cartoon and we don't claimanyrelationwith them.
Umbro 1.1.2
Have you ever dreamt of flying?How about time-traveling?If youhaveenjoyed Inception,or love Magritte or time-travel,Umbro is aworldyou will never want to come out of. Umbro is simpleone-tapgame, but for those finding the movement controltoodifficult, here are some tips to get youflying.

◆Tips◆1.Power-controlTry not to tap the screen for toolong or elseyou (the flyer) will soar to theskyuncontrollably. 2.Different aircrafts Each aircrafthas aunique trajectory.There is a way to avoid each of them, sodon’tgive up.⁃Nazi combat plane: They will come to you inparabolicpath ⁃Kamikaze: It does suicidebombing. ⁃Stealthaircraft: 21c combat plane (three flightscome sequentially)⁃NorthKorean Missile: They are really fast. Becareful.⁃Whale: Imaginarywhale flying in the sky⁃Hot air balloon:Homage to ReneMagritte

◆Umbro’s charming point◆1. You cantime-travel inthe world of Umbro. Aircrafts and buildings willchange as youmake progress and leap throughdifferentcenturies. 2. Experiencing sunset andsunrise 3.Changing weatherIt will rain and snow randomly, butyou don’t needany umbrella. It may be difficult at first, butlet's not bediscouraged.Humanity has beaten a 2000cpu-poweredAlpha-go. So let's fly together.You will feel likebeing inadream.Enjoy!---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

ToReaders,Umbrois a game made by eight game enthusiasts in a span ofonemonth. It is a collaborative effort between Capsulr andteam‘Billionaire’, namelyProject Capsulr X Billioanaire. Ifyouhave any questions/feedback, feel free to contact us : [email protected]