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With pregnancy test application, before having a realpregnancytest, you can get preliminary information about whetheryou arepregnant. Thanks to this application, which is completelyinEnglish, you can get close results to the actual test results;youcan query the pregnancy symptoms. Don’t wait! Download for freenowand meet with a real pregnancy test application! Am IPregnantapplication is based on signs of pregnancy. Thisapplicationquestions the existence of the most common of earlypregnancysymptoms and applies a kind of digital pregnancy test toyou. Forthose, who say “how can I understand whether I ampregnant”, thereis an easy pregnancy test application, that you canapply at home,at work, on the way, in short you can apply it ateverywhere. Aftereach question, your chances of getting pregnantwill bere-evaluated and your total chance of getting pregnant willbepresented on the result page as a prediction. Also, you cangetmore information about mentioned symptoms, in other words, signsofpregnancy, with brief descriptions made after each question.Isthis a pregnancy symptom or not, it is very easy to learn thiswiththis app! To find out whether your pregnancy has started or notandto have a test, you will be able to estimate the results easilyatyour home, without the need of your medical documentsorfingerprints. The only thing that you should do is follow thesignsof pregnancy. Am I pregnant at home pregnancy test, which isone ofthe applications that you can get the most accurate resultsamongdigital pregnancy tests, offers you a fantastic userexperience.This application, which is different from the pregnancytests thatyou know, is completely free! With its stylish design andsuperbuser experience, making pregnancy prediction is so simple.Don’twait! Download this real and English pregnancy testapplication forfree! Note: This app is predicting pregnancyaccording to theanswers you give to the questions. Thisapplication, which has nota diagnostic feature, gives you onlypreliminary information fromthe symptoms of pregnancy. For definiteresults and a accuratediagnosis, you should certainly apply a realpregnancy test, whichis based on urinary tract, which you can getfrom the pharmacy.Then request a pregnancy test with blood test athospital. The Am Ipregnant app is only informative. It has nodiagnostic andtherapeutic value.
Pregnancy or No ? | Test Simulator 1.0.0
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Pregnancy or No ? | Test Simulatorpregnancy announcements, calculator pregnancycalendar,pillowsymptoms weekPregnant ? Get the # 1 Pregnancy Application.Finger pregnancy test joke with unique mark peruser torecognizeonthe off chance that you are pregnant or not.You believe you're pregnant? Quit stressing and findthesolutionwith Pregnancy Test!Pregnant with feminine cycleBluetooth speakerPregnant with a young lady side effectPregnant with twins 1 monthPregnant and virginPregnant ladyPregnant or notPregnant step by stepPregnancy Testing Simulator Scanning is a free youngladyapplicationused to mimic or joke other family young ladiesorcompanions aroundyou in a couple of straightforwardstrides.Joke and joke with your companion. sweetheart. Sweetheartorevenyour significant other.Our Pregnancy + application can likewise be tweakedforfathers,grandparents and other relatives.Make them trust that you are pregnant or other ladyarepregnantsimply take a photo of her tummy or take one inthephotographdisplay. From that point forward, you will see abogusechographyof the child.The course of a pregnancy differs from lady to lady, yetafewindications leave doubtlessly you are pregnant.Pregnancy Reviews Review Scanning Simulator's a jokeorfakeapplication. Try not to workseriously.Containsadvertisements.How can it function? Pregnancy Testing solicits youanarrangementfrom straightforward inquiries, for example, the dateofyour lastmenstrual period or your last report. You shouldsimplytick offany indications you encounter, for example, weaknessormorninginfection. The application depends on this dataandutilizations acalculation to figure your probabilities ofbeingpregnant.All data given by you is totally private.Week after week Pregnancy Week is an extremelyvaluableapplicationfor a pregnant lady.Tap the unique mark peruser to get an irregular outcome.All that you require in one pregnancy application!With Weekly Pregnancy Week, you can without much of astretch:Simulate finger clearingSimulate a pregnancy test.Great as a diversion.Full utilize for nothing out of pocket.Records the recurrence and length of constrictionsA shopping list for childThousands of infant namesA manual for infant sizesNews about the advance of pregnancy consistentlyAnd a great deal more !take after your pregnancy step by stepget data about your infantcompute the present week of pregnancycompute the due (date of pregnancy)track your weighttake after infant kicksmake notes with your pregnancy indications(morningaffliction,changes with your body, therapeuticarrangements)DAILY data on your pregnancyScanners and shading picturesPersonalized guidePersonalized Weight TrackingSchedule of Medical AppointmentsNews about nourishment, exercise and workCounter of strokes of child in the midsectionMany guardians and specialists discover this applicationsimpletoutilize and exceptionally useful.My Pregnancy Today is the wellspring of data fundamentaltofuturemoms. You expect an infant? Get pregnancy follow-upweeksafterweeks, tips and traps, get to recordings,functionalinstruments,agendas. Keep your elbows on the group ofmothers andimminentguardians, discover what your infant needs andreadseveralBabycenter articles. And furthermore devices liketheSelf'Bidou totake after the advancement of your stomach inpicturesand numerousdifferent things.If it's not too much trouble take note of that thisapplicationoughtnot supplant the exhortation of an equippeddoctor. Justyourspecialist can affirm your pregnancycompletely.
Pregnancy Test 1.0
We will be with you in this exciting moment to help you find outifyou are Pregnant. Future Mommy, this application can give youtheanswer to the question and set the beginning of the new stageinyour life. Give it a try, Good luck!
Pregnancy Test Scanner | Simulator 1.0.0
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Pregnant ? Get the #1PregnancyApplication.Finger pregnancy test joke with fingerprint reader to detectifyouare pregnant or not.You think you're pregnant? Stop worrying and get theanswerwithPregnancy Test!Pregnant with menstruationBluetooth speakerPregnant with a girl symptomPregnant with twins 1 monthPregnant and virginPregnant womanPregnant or notPregnant week by weekPregnancy Testing Simulator Scanning is a free girlapplicationusedto simulate or joke other family girls or friendsaround youin afew simple steps.Joke and joke with your friend. boyfriend. Girlfriend orevenyourhusband.Our Pregnancy + application can also be customizedfordads,grandparents and other family members.Make them believe that you are pregnant or other womanarepregnantjust take a picture of her belly or take one in thephotogallery.After that, you will see a false echography ofthebaby.The course of a pregnancy varies from woman to woman,butsomesymptoms leave no doubt that you are pregnant.Pregnancy Reviews Review Scanning Simulator's a joke or fakeapp.Donot work for real. Contains ads.How does it work? Pregnancy Testing asks you a seriesofsimplequestions, such as the date of your last menstrual periodoryourlast report. All you have to do is tick off anysymptomsyouexperience, such as fatigue or morning sickness. The appreliesonall this information and uses an algorithm tocalculateyourprobabilities of being pregnant.All information provided by you is completely confidential.Weekly Pregnancy Week is a very useful application forapregnantwoman.Click the fingerprint reader to get a random result.Everything you need in one pregnancy application!With Weekly Pregnancy Week, you can easily:- Simulate finger sweeping- Simulate a pregnancy test.- Great as a game.- Full use free of charge.- Records the frequency and duration of contractions- A shopping list for baby- Thousands of baby names- A guide to baby sizes- News about the progress of pregnancy every week- And much more !- follow your pregnancy week by week- get information about your baby- calculate the current week of pregnancy- calculate the due date (date of pregnancy)- track your weight- follow baby kicks- make notes with your pregnancy symptoms (morningsickness,changeswith your body, medical appointments)- DAILY info on your pregnancy- Scanners and color images- Personalized guide- Personalized Weight Tracking- Schedule of Medical Appointments- News about nutrition, exercise and work- Counter of strokes of baby in the bellyMany parents and doctors find this application easy to useandveryinformative.My Pregnancy Today is the source of information essentialtofuturemothers. You expect a baby? Get pregnancy follow-upweeksafterweeks, tips and tricks, access videos, practicaltools,checklists.Keep your elbows on the community of momsandprospective parents,find out what your baby needs and readhundredsof Babycenterarticles. And also tools like the Self'Bidouto followtheevolution of your belly in images and many otherthings.Please note that this application should not replace the adviceofacompetent physician. Only your doctor can confirmyourpregnancydefinitively.
Pregnancy Test 1.1
Physical changes may indicate the early stages of pregnancy,thiswhy we created this app to explain the test.Not all womenhavethese early changes, nor does having one or more symptoms donotnecessarily mean you are pregnant. But knowing commonindicationscan help you understand the changes you may experiencein the dawnof a pregnancy.
Test Pregnancy Scanner | Simulator 1.2
Pregnant ? Get the #1PregnancyApplication.Finger pregnancy test joke with fingerprint reader to detectifyouare pregnant or not.You think you're pregnant? Stop worrying and get theanswerwithPregnancy Test!Pregnant with menstruationBluetooth speakerPregnant with a girl symptomPregnant with twins 1 monthPregnant and virginPregnant womanPregnant or notPregnant week by weekPregnancy Testing Simulator Scanning is a free girlapplicationusedto simulate or joke other family girls or friendsaround youin afew simple steps.Joke and joke with your friend. boyfriend. Girlfriend orevenyourhusband.Our Pregnancy + application can also be customizedfordads,grandparents and other family members.Make them believe that you are pregnant or other womanarepregnantjust take a picture of her belly or take one in thephotogallery.After that, you will see a false echography ofthebaby.The course of a pregnancy varies from woman to woman,butsomesymptoms leave no doubt that you are pregnant.early pregnancy signsearly pregnancy symptomsearly signs of pregnancyearly symptoms of pregnancyfertility calculatorfertility calendarfirst signs of pregnancyovulationpregnancy calculatorpregnancy calendarpregnancy signspregnancy symptomspregnancy testpregnancy week by weekpregnant womensigns of being pregnantsigns of early pregnancysigns of pregnancysymptoms of pregnancyPregnancy Reviews Review Scanning Simulator's a joke or fakeapp.Donot work for real. Contains ads.How does it work? Pregnancy Testing asks you a seriesofsimplequestions, such as the date of your last menstrual periodoryourlast report. All you have to do is tick off anysymptomsyouexperience, such as fatigue or morning sickness. The appreliesonall this information and uses an algorithm tocalculateyourprobabilities of being pregnant.All information provided by you is completely confidential.Weekly Pregnancy Week is a very useful application forapregnantwoman.Click the fingerprint reader to get a random result.Everything you need in one pregnancy application!With Weekly Pregnancy Week, you can easily:- Simulate finger sweeping- Simulate a pregnancy test.- Great as a game.- Full use free of charge.- Records the frequency and duration of contractions- A shopping list for baby- Thousands of baby names- A guide to baby sizes- News about the progress of pregnancy every week- And much more !- follow your pregnancy week by week- get information about your baby- calculate the current week of pregnancy- calculate the due date (date of pregnancy)- track your weight- follow baby kicks- make notes with your pregnancy symptoms (morningsickness,changeswith your body, medical appointments)- DAILY info on your pregnancy- Scanners and color images- Personalized guide- Personalized Weight Tracking- Schedule of Medical Appointments- News about nutrition, exercise and work- Counter of strokes of baby in the bellyMany parents and doctors find this application easy to useandveryinformative.My Pregnancy Today is the source of information essentialtofuturemothers. You expect a baby? Get pregnancy follow-upweeksafterweeks, tips and tricks, access videos, practicaltools,checklists.Keep your elbows on the community of momsandprospective parents,find out what your baby needs and readhundredsof Babycenterarticles. And also tools like the Self'Bidouto followtheevolution of your belly in images and many otherthings.Please note that this application should not replace the adviceofacompetent physician. Only your doctor can confirmyourpregnancydefinitively.
Free Pregnancy Test - Guide 1.0
Free Pregnancy Test App - Step by step how to Pregnancy Test FREEathome it easy & fast. There are many different places a womancanturn to, in order to receive a free pregnancy test. Some oftheselocations spend lots of money annually by paying foradvertisementsthat state they offer “free” pregnancy tests, whileothers quietlywait for a referral from someone or somewhere thatknows of theirservice. There are two ways to take a pregnancytest. At home via akit purchased in a store or through a clinic orhospital. Theinternet provides “free” pregnancy tests, howeverthey are actually“probability” tests and hold no true accuracypercentage. We’ll talkmore about the internet tests later.Ouronline "free pregnancy test"uses its "computer brain" to throw allthe parts of the equationwhich you provide it (such as the date ofyour last period, thelength of each period, when you think you mayhave conceived, whatkind of pregnancy symptoms you might beexperiencing, and what kindof contraception you were using) toguessimate the likelihood ofwhether you really are pregnant ornot.### Feature - Free PregnancyTest App ###- Easy use- FreePregnancy Test Online at home-Pregnancy Test Infographics- SupportMobile and Tablet
Pregnancy Ultra Sound Prank 1.1
Are you looking for Pregnancy UltraSoundPrank? Trick your friends by this ultrasound scanner app byshowingthem that your phone has ultrasound scanning capability.This is acomplete fun gag free ultrasound app which will shock yourfriendsfor sure, the main thing is that you can trick yourgirlfriend thatshe is pregnant by showing her that your phone cando pregnancytest and you have ultrasound scanner installed in yourphone , doultrasound scanning in quick steps and show her that shegot apregnant ultrasound report!!Don’t show these ultrasound pranks in public you friends mightgetembarrassed. Let the fun begin with this ultrasound pregnancytest.count one more in your ultrasound app list with awesomepregnantscanner. Make an ultrasound with your mobile phone andwatch thebaby of your pregnant girlfriend! There is this app isjust a funapp, because it is technically not possible to ultrasoundwith aSmartphone.To use this just hold it to above their abdomen and movethisultrasound app over it and show them their kidneyultrasound,abdomen ultrasound etc , the main thing is that you cantrick yourgirlfriend that she is pregnant by showing her that yourphone cando pregnancy test and you have ultrasound scannerinstalled in yourphone , do ultrasound scanning in quick steps andshow her that shegot a pregnant ultrasound report !! Make anultrasound with yourmobile phone and watch the baby of yourpregnant girlfriend! Thereis this app is just a fun app, because itis technically notpossible to ultrasound with a Smartphone. Butthis didn’t know yourfriends, so you can trick them with this freeapp.How to use- Start the ultrasound app.- Select image for ultrasound result test or forultrasoundpranks.- Here comes the desired ultrasound scan test result.Disclaimer: This app is for fun and pranks only no Smartphonecando real ultrasound so please use this ultrasound app for funandprank only , no ultrasound scan image is real in this app!!
Calculadora Gravidez 2.0
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Já não se vai atrapalhar mais com suas contas, com nossacalculadoraobterá a porcentagem, dias, semanas, meses e trimestrede suagravidez.Nossa calculadora produz também a tabela semana asemanabaseada no primeiro dia do seu último período. Poderá clicarnasemana e ver mais informações semana a semana,nomeadamente:*Desenvolvimento do bebê;* Tamanho do bebê;* Como sesente a mãe;* Oque deverá fazer nessa semana em específico;* edicas extra!Alémdisso ficará também a saber as seguintes datas:*Data do parto;*Conceção;* Teste de gravidez;* 1º Batimentocardíaco;* Primeirossinais;* Viabilidade.Qualquer dúvida se junte ànossa comunidade em e no Facebookem will not mess up morewiththeir accounts, with our calculator will get the percentage,days,weeks, months and quarter of her pregnancy.Our calculatoralsoproduces table week to week based on the first day of yourlastperiod. You can click in the week and see more information weektheweek of:* Baby development;* Baby Size;* How do you feelthemother;* What should you do this week in particular;* Andextratips!In addition will also know the following dates:* Dateofbirth;* Conception;* Pregnancy test;* 1st heartbeat;* FirstSigns;*Feasibility.Any doubt join our communityhttp://www.gravidez.comand Facebook in
Easy Pregnancy - Get Baby 1.1.8
Want to get pregnant? Want to know the gender of your baby?EasyPregnancy - Get Baby will help the women try to conceive. Itwillpredict which day you maybe have a baby or not. With EasyPregnancy- Get Baby, you can also track your period, ovulation andfertiledays. Easy Pregnancy - Get Baby will help you to predictyourfuture baby gender. Predict which day maybe have a boy orgirl.Features: ★ Predict which day you maybe have a baby or not★Predict the baby gender, a boy or girl ★ Predict the nextperiod,fertile and ovulation date ★ Backup your data if switchingphone ★Track and record your period ★ Export data if needed
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Caring for birth date and pregnancyisveryimportant. To make sure that you pregnant and your babyenososwillbe as healthy as possible with pregnancy dress.Quedarembarazada.. so this application provide all tips and tricksofcare andpregnancy fitness for pregnant women as well asbaby. This use of pregnancy tips contains qlq testpregnancypregnancypregnancy nitty gritty representation on themostcompetent methodto imagine and save you, pregnancysymptoms,practice and eatingroutine to take after during pregnancyand Ofthe doctor'sfacilities check up. This application isdedicated toall pregnantwomen and women who need data on pregnancy.Thefollowing aresubtle elements on how best to use thispregnancydeliverypregnancy pregnancy advice pregnancy andalsopregnancyclothing50 Pregnancy and pregnancy pregnancy advice and pregnantwomanforthe first time moms pregnancy date pregnancytest.andadditionallypregnancy advice for men and pregnancy dressthat havea pregnantspouse and pregnancy clothingA manual for pregnancy origin and symptom, andbecomepregnantpregnancy tips and pregnancy, dealing with your childandbeing aparent and in addition you can. Everything you need toknowaboutpregnancy and education of children. You can find itherePregnancystep by step and pregnancy clothingSimilarly, a healthy diet for pregnancy in this applicationofPregnancy Pregnancy Calendar Pregnancy PregnancyPregnancyCalendar:Pregnancy Consumes Less Calories, PregnancyStages,Pregnancy Adviceand Pregnancy ClothesInfant developmental pathway during pregnancy.AndplannedpregnanciesBest pregnancy application and free pregnancy test.Infant designing a segment of baby and pregnant woman relatestothetopic of pregnant pregnant women's education andpregnancysymptom.He will choose a name for the child, to choose ababystroller,clothes and toys for young men and young ladiesandpregnancycalculation. Here you can read about the advancementofan infant,wellness tyke, nourishment and rest, youthinfections,pregnancycalculating training techniques, how to calm acryingbaby, how tocure the tyke and him Express love.There are many different pregnancy pregnant women possiblepartsandthey are spoken in the segment of family and pregnancysymptom.Someof these points are: precious books for pregnantwomenandcaregivers, wellness, family connections, pets,theappropriationof the young, and others. GettingpregnancypregnancycalculationsTrust yourself to discover the answers to your questionshere!
Pregnancy week by week. Pregnancy Calendar. 5.05
Welcome future mother, in our free application "Pregnancy"forweeks! In the application you will find everything you want toknowabout the world of motherhood, including planning or preparingforpregnancy, easy and comfortable birth, breastfeeding, caring foranewborn and bringing up a healthy, intelligent and happy child.Ouraim is to provide maximum useful information for future andcurrentparents. Visit the "Pregnancy" section of the application ifyouare looking for any information related to pregnancy anditsaspects, from the first signs of pregnancy before dealingwithtoxemia. You may be interested in articles on materialsforpregnant women, such as choosing suitable clothes forpregnantwomen or preparing for a successful and painless birth.Sometimeseverything can go wrong, and sometimes a woman does notknow whatis happening to her. Articles on pregnancy health concerncases ofstillbirth, miscarriage, phantom pregnancy, infertility.Thisinformation will allow you to cope with the difficultiesandprevent them. If you do not plan to become a mother in thenearfuture, the articles on birth control can be useful to you whenyoulearn more about contraception of women and men, theeffectivenessand side effects of different methods of birthcontrol. There isalso a pregnancy calendar that will help tocalculate thedevelopment of pregnancy and child by week, to findout whatchanges are taking place in the woman's body. In thearticles onpregnancy milestones you will find information onthecharacteristics of each trimester and month of pregnancy, whattodo during each of them, what examinations are taking, what toeatand what foods to avoid, how to cope with stress orpostpartumdepression, you will learn what hormonal changes occurwith thebody of a pregnant woman, in which cases a cesarean sectionismade, and other things. If you are already a happy mother ofanewborn baby, pay attention to the breastfeeding section.Itincludes questions related to the period of care: proper diet,foodand avoid, lactation, breastfeeding in public places, mythsandtips on breastfeeding. The children's section deals with thetopicof raising children. This will help to choose a name forthenewborn, choose a baby stroller, clothes and toys for boysandgirls. Here you can read about the development of thenewborn,about children's health, nutrition and sleep, childhooddiseases,methods of teaching, how to calm a crying child, how totake careof a child and express love for him or her. There are manyotheraspects of parenting, and they are discussed in the"Family"section. Some of these topics are useful books for pregnantwomenand parents, fitness, family relationships, pets, adoptionofchildren and others. I hope you find the answers to yourquestionshere! Guidance on conception, pregnancy, child care andparent.Everything you want to know about pregnancy and childbirth -youcan know here! Pregnancy week by week. In addition, inourapplication: diet for pregnant women, pregnancy stages,pregnancytips. Infant for the growth of an infant during pregnancy.Futuremoms, we wish you a quiet pregnancy and easy birth for you!
Sprout Pregnancy 1.18
Congratulations on your pregnancy and welcome to Sprout - oneofTime Magazine’s Top 50 Apps of the Year. Trusted and recommendedbyexpecting families all over the world, Sprout Pregnancy guidesyouthrough every day of your pregnancy. It helps keep youorganizedand educated about the many exciting changes anddevelopmentshappening in your body and for your growing baby.Sprout Pregnancyfeatures everything you’d want from your favoritePregnancy app: ✔DAILY and weekly information about you and yourdeveloping baby ✔Personalized Pregnancy Timeline ✔ Tools (WeightTracker, KickCounter and Contraction Timer) ✔ Checklists ✔ … andmuch more –everything you need to track your pregnancy. ABOUTSPROUT AtSprout, we believe that great parents deserve great apps!That'swhy we take extra care in creating our apps ‒ marryingrobusttools, functionality and content with clean, attractivedesign. Ouraward-winning apps do the hard work, so you can focus onthe mostimportant job of all: being great parents.
Pregnancy Test Scanner Prank 2
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Do you really want to know whether youarepregnant or not? Finger Pregnancy test Prank is a wonderful waytoScan or Detect pregnant report.HOW TO USE:Step 1: place your finger gently on the fingerprint scanning padandwait for 2-3 sec for analysis.Result: Result of pregnancy will be shown automaticallyaftercalculation. it is fake resultStep 3: You can share the result with friends on social media.Disclaimer : Pregnancy test Scanner is a prank app and isonlyfor joke and entertainment purposes to play with friends andfamilyand there is no relation of reality result. Made toentertainpeople.
Boy or Girl Pregnancy Test 7.6
Want to know if your going to have a boy oragirl?Just answer a few questions, click the "Get Result" button andyouwill know your baby's gender in seconds.If you are pregnant or plan to get pregnant then this is the appforyou.This is better than a chinese gender predictor tool or agendercalendar.A chinese gender predictor or gender calendar won't give youtheresults like this app will.This app is for entertainment purposes only.
Gravidez Passo a Passo 4.0
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Com esta aplicação Gravidez Passo a Passo voce seja única,confiraPasso a Passo da Gravidez Por Dentro, ‎um passo a passoresumido dodesenvolvimento do bebê ainda na barriga da mamãe.Muitainformaçãosobre o desenvolvimento do bebé durante as 40 semanas degestação econselhos diários de saúde e bem-estar para agrávida.Detalhes:Gravidez 00 - 04 Semanas.Gravidez 04 - 08Semanas.Gravidez08 - 12 Semanas.Gravidez 12 - 16 Semanas.Gravidez16 - 20Semanas.Gravidez 20 - 24 Semanas.Gravidez 24 - 32Semanas.Gravidez32 - 40 Semanas.Novo: Opções a ter em conta numtreino para oprimeiro trimestre de gravidezNovo: Extração de leitematerno:dicas úteis para o dia-a-diaNovo: Estrias na Gravidez: comoselivrar deste problema?Novo: 7 Peças essenciais delingeriemodeladora pós-gravidezNovo: Coisas que os futuros paisdevem sabersobre a gravidezNovo: IMC da grávida: importância dagestão depesoNovo: Subsídio de maternidade: regras para 2018Novo:Aimportância do ácido fólico na gravidezNovo: Primeiros SintomasdeGravidezNovo: Dicas Eficientes para Identificar Gravidez deAltoRiscoObservar um filho a crescer, em corpo e em conhecimento, éumadas maiores maravilhas a que os pais podem assistir.Vocêestápreste a embarcar na mais fantástica e emocionante aventura dasuavida! Tudo sobre a gravidez e a saúde da mulher você encontranaaplicação. Acesse agora mesmo e fique por dentro.Withthisapplication you step by step Pregnancy is unique, check stepbystep Pregnancy inside, a brief step by step baby developmentisstill in the mother stomach.Much information about thebaby'sdevelopment during the 40 weeks of gestation and daily healthandwellness advice for pregnant.Details:Pregnancy00-04weeks.Pregnancy 04-08 weeks.Pregnancy 08-12 weeks.Pregnancy12-16weeks.Pregnancy 16-20 weeks.Pregnancy 20-24 weeks.Pregnancy24-32weeks.Pregnancy 32-40 weeks.New: Options to consider intrainingfor the first trimester of pregnancyNew: breast milkExtraction:Useful tips for day-to-dayNew: Stretch Marks inPregnancy: how toget rid of this problem?New: 7 essential parts ofpost-pregnancymodeling lingerieNew: Things that prospective parentsshould knowabout pregnancyNew: Pregnant BMI: importance ofweightmanagementNew: Maternity allowance: Rules for 2018New:Theimportance of folic acid in pregnancyNew: First SymptomsofPregnancyNew: Effective Tips to Identify HighRiskPregnancyWatching a child grow in body and knowledge, it is oneofthe greatest wonders that parents can attend.You are abouttoembark on the most amazing and exciting adventure of yourlife!Allabout pregnancy and health of women you find in theapplication. Gonow and get inside.
Am I Pregnant? 2.1
Test whether you are pregnant using unique technology basedoninteractive quiz using navel photos and fingerprint scan.Thepregnancy test was never so fun and entertaining todo.NOTE:application is purely fun and educational project withoutanywarranties. Provided information must not be taken serious byanymeans. If in doubt, please always consider taking professionaltestor visit a doctor.
إختبار الحمل المنزلي 1.0.4
نساء كثيرات يسألن عن إختبار الحمل المنزلي وكيفية إجرائه، وماهوالوقتالمناسب لإجراء هذا التحليل؟ هذا التحليل يبين ماإذا كان بوللالمرأةبه نسبة من هرمون الحمل أم لا. تطبيق إختبار و تحليل الحملالمنزلييعرفك على كيفية عمل اختبار الحمل المنزلي بالخطوات و كيفيةقراءةالتحليل ، كما يجيب على كل الٱسئلة لتي تدور في دهن المرأةالحامل : ◄اختبارات الحمل المنزلية وكيفية إجراء التحليل. ◄ أعراضالحمل , اثارالحمل الضارة وكيفية تجنبها. ◄ كيف اعرف انى حامل - 10طرق منزليةسهلة. ◄ ضغط الدم عند الحامل. ◄ أفكار مغلوطة عن الحمل. ◄سكر الحملخطر يهدد الام والجنين. ◄ أسئلة مهمة للمرأة الحامل. ◄أوضاع حميمةمناسبة لفترة الحمل. ◄ أطعمة ممنوعة أثناء الحمل. ◄الرياضة والحمل. ◄آلام الظهر أثناء الحمل. ◄ النوم أثناء الحمل. ◄ترغبين في الحملبـ«توءم»، اتبعي هذه النصائح. ◄ ترغبين في الحملبفتاة , اتبعي هذهالنصائح. أتمنى أن يفيدكم هذا التطبيق. Many womenAsaln for a homepregnancy test and how to conduct, and what is theright time toconduct this analysis? This analysis shows whetherPaul was theproportion of women with pregnancy hormone or not. Theapplicationof a home pregnancy test and knows how to work on ahome pregnancytest steps and how to read the analysis analysis,and answer allAlٱsilh T-spin in fat pregnant women: ◄ homepregnancy and how toconduct the analysis tests. ◄ pregnancysymptoms, adverse effects ofpregnancy and how to avoid them. ◄ Howdo I know I was pregnant - 10Easy Ways household. ◄ blood pressurein pregnancy. ◄ false ideasabout pregnancy. ◄ gestational diabetesthreat to the mother andfetus. ◄ important questions for pregnantwomen. ◄ suitable forpregnancy intimate situations. ◄ forbiddenfoods during pregnancy. ◄sports and pregnancy. ◄ back pain duringpregnancy. ◄ sleep duringpregnancy. ◄ want in pregnancy b «twins»,Follow these tips. ◄ wantin pregnancy girl, Follow these tips. Iwish to advise you thatapplication.
Pregnancy Test By Dr.Tech 1.0
Hybrid Tools
Pregnancy Test App by Dr. Tech can be used to test yourpregnancy.Pregnancy App used a series of questions to detectsymptoms fromwhich Pregnancy Test can calculate the result whetheryou arepregnant of not.Pregnancy Test is free to download inandroidmarket. It is available in English language. If you needPregnancyTest in other languages please drop us a review.If youhave anyproblem regarding Pregnancy Test please ask us in reviewssectionwe will reply you as soon as possible.Pregnancy App isoptimized inlandscape for your smart phone and tablets.Please notethatPregnancy Test gives you a suggestion by calculation the resultofa series of questions. If you need to confirm you have to seeadoctor or midwife. Pregnancy Test is very helpful inmeantime.Youcan share Pregnancy Test results to social websites andsend tofriends.
Pré-Natal Digital 21.0
Esse aplicativo tem o objetivo de informar a futura mamãe tudosobresua gravidez como o desenvolvimento do bebê e da mãe, tiposdeexames realizados no pré natal, direitos da gestante, vacinas,tiposde parto, humanização, violência obstétrica, fotos reais,plano departo, doula, entre outros. É o app mais completo sobregestação comassuntos que nenhum outro tem. Feito por profissionaisde saúde. Oque contém no app: - Direitos da gestante: Os direitosreservadospara as gestantes - Crescimento do bebê: Todas assemanas degestação explicando o que acontece com o bebê-Desenvolvimento damãe: Como o corpo da mãe se modifica com agravidez- Exames: Osexames mais comuns realizados no pré-natal-Vacinas: As vacinas queprecisam ser tomadas- Doenças: Os sintomase doenças mais comuns nagravidez, com um alerta do Zika Vírus-Parto prematuro: Sinais eriscos de parto prematuro para que amamãe saiba identificar-Alimentação: Alimentação adequada e ostipos de vitaminasnecessários para uma gravidez saudável-Exercícios: Os exercíciosmais indicados na gravidez- Sexo nagravidez: dúvidas sobre asexualidade nessa fase e as melhoresposições- Moda e beleza: Dicasde moda e beleza- Enxoval do bebê:Para ajudar as mamães sobre o quecomprar para o enxoval do bebê-Plano de parto: Dicas do quesolicitar que façam no seu parto sejaele normal ou cesárea- Doula:ensinando o que é, seu trabalho ebenefícios no parto- Preparaçãopara o parto: Ensinando massagem noperíneo, identificar osprimeiros sinais de trabalho de parto esuas fases- Alívio da dor noparto: Métodos paliativos para ajudara amenizar a dor do parto-Posições para o parto: Ensinando váriasoutras posições que não sóaquela que conhecemos deitada na cama-Tipos de parto: Variações doparto vaginal além da cesárea-Violência obstétrica: Informaçõespara que a gestante saiba o que ée se previna desse tipo de ato-Mala da maternidade: Dicas do quelevar para maternidade tanto parao bebê quanto para a mamãe-Humanização: Para que a gestante entendacomo humanizar o seu partonormal ou cesárea e descobrir se seumédico é cesarista- Mitos everdades: Muitas crendices nós levamosconosco desde o tempo denossos avós e agora você vai ver se éverdade ou mito. Fora osmitos da gravidez sobre a necessidade departo cesárea- Dicas:Dicas gerais, curiosidades- Fotos reais: Fotosreais de parto-Livros: Livros mais indicados para você se empoderarsobre partonormal- YouTube: Alguns vídeos do YouTube- Mural dagestante: Nessemural vocês poderão se comunicar entre si e trocarideiasEnfim umaplicativo completo diferente de tudo que você jáviu.Thisapplication aims to inform the expectant mother all aboutherpregnancy and the development of the baby and the mother, typesofexaminations in prenatal, pregnant woman's rights,vaccines,delivery types, humanization, obstetric violence, actualphotos,plan childbirth, doula, among others. It is the mostcomplete appabout pregnancy with issues that no one else has. Madeby healthprofessionals.What's in the app:- Pregnant women's rights:Thecopyright for pregnant women- Baby Growth: Every week ofgestationexplaining what happens to the baby- Mother Development:As themother's body changes with pregnancy- Investigations: Themostcommon tests performed prenatally- Vaccines: Vaccines need tobetaken- Diseases: The most common symptoms and diseasesinpregnancy, with a warning of Zika virus- Premature birth Signsandpreterm birth risk that mom know how to identify- Food:Adequatefood and the types of vitamins needed for a healthypregnancy-Exercises: The exercises most suitable in pregnancy- Sexinpregnancy: questions about sexuality at this stage and thebestpositions- Fashion and Beauty: fashion and beauty tips-BabyLayette: To help moms on what to buy for the baby layette-BirthPlan: Tips than ask them to do in your birth be it normalorcaesarian- Doula: teaching is that their work and benefitsinchildbirth- Preparation for childbirth: Teaching massagetheperineum, identify early labor signs and phases- Pain reliefinlabor: palliative methods to help ease the pain ofchildbirth-Positions for delivery: Teaching several other positionsthat notonly that we know lying in bed- Delivery types: vaginaldeliveryvariations beyond cesarean- Obstetric Violence: Informationfor thepregnant woman know what it is and prevent this type ofact-Maternity Bag: Tips of what to take for maternity both for thebabyand for mom- Humanization: For the mother understands howtohumanize your normal delivery or cesarean section and find outifyour doctor is Caesarist- Myths and Facts: Many beliefs wecarrywith us from the time of our grandparents and now you willseewhether it is true or myth. Outside the myths of pregnancy ontheneed for cesarean section- Tips: General tips, trivia- RealPhotos:actual delivery Photos- Books: most suitable books for youtoempower about normal delivery- YouTube: Some YouTube videos-Wallof pregnant women: this wall you can communicate with eachotherand exchange ideasFinally a complete application unlikeanythingyou've ever seen.
Pregnancy time is the most important time which we should giveextracare and safety. Better care to the body will give a goodandperfect health to child. Sometimes we are not able to givemuchcare. Pregnancy care is a completely free app which helpspregnantwomen's to know about their pregnancy progress and otherchangesthat occur in the body. App Features 1. Detailedpregnancytrimester calendar 1.1 General pregnancy calendar 1.2Personalizedpregnancy calendar 2. Pregnancy weight gain calculator3.Conception Calculator 4. Ovulation calculator 5. Duedatecalculator(Considering last day of first menstrual period)6.Pregnancy workouts This free app will be the best companionforpregnancy women. Pregnancy care includes pregnancy calendar,weightgain calculator, conception calculator, due date calculatoretc.The calendar integrated in the app helps women's to know aboutthebaby's growth, current baby's information, baby's health ,whatfood want to eat and what not to eat, tablets which helpsbaby'sgrowth etc. We have a wide information on each week. Theweight ofpregnant women should be different in each week. Everyoneis notaware about the weight gained in each week. So weightgaincalculator help pregnant women to know about the respectiveweightwhich should be gained. Due date calculator helps to knowabout thedelivery date. There are personalized and generalcalendar.Personified calendar helps to acquire the personalinformation andgeneral calendar helps to know about the generalinformation. Howmany days you're already pregnant, the currentapproximate size andweight of your baby and a few other importantbits of informationsuch as the date of the first prenatal visit,your body's weight,baby's weight etc . Pregnancy Guide is one ofthe best freepregnancy week by week guide. If you are a first timepregnant thenthis app will be your best personal trainer. This appguides youthrough pregnancy day-by-day and week-by-week. Based onyour duedate, you'll receive personalized information. Download thebestpregnancy care : week by week app today !! A baby is a god'sgiftand we should give a proper care from the initial stage itself.
Pregnancy Calculator 1.2
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Are you Pregnant ?????Am I Pregnant ????Is there any Good news:)!!!!!!!App lets you know whether you are pregnant ornot.Features-*If pregnancy test is positive you can know yourdelivery date too.*Learn how your body changes week byweek.Expected date ofdeliveryDelivery date calculatorpregnancydelivery date
Pregnancy Test Checker Prank
Pregnancy Test Checker prank surprising application that tellsyouthe sum you are pregnant, using your finger on yoursmartphone.Youhave the unique opportunity to trap your allies forthem to showthe rate of pregnancy.scan your finger and getpregnancy results .a fun way to deal with give chuckles to friendsand family. Put afinger on the screen and appreciate! Magnificentto play aroundwith your sidekicks! This exceptional imprintPregnancy test willsimply figure your fake pregnancy results. Thispregnancy testscanner application is made in such a route, to thepoint thatpeople would be unverifiable whether it's a trapapplication orcertified. This application will give you the goingwithinformation: • whether you are pregnant or not, • in case youarepregnant then to what extent pregnant, • whether you will behavinga child or a young woman, twin child, twin young women orboth.Value this fun application, spread happiness and havefascinatingminutes with your friends and family. Keep everyonebright. How toUSE: - Place your finger gently in the novel fingerimpressionsifting pad and sit tight for examination. - Your Fakepregnancyresults would be showed up after tally. Note: Thisapplication isprank, expected for delight purposes just, and is notgot ready forrestorativ
Pregnancy Test Scanner Prank
Pregnancy Test Fun application is for entertainment purposesonly.Consult a doctor in case of real pregnancy.Pregnancy Test FunAppis a prank application that lets you enjoy a number ofrandominformation about pregnancy. If you like having fun withyourfriends and family then you would definitely like thisapplication.This fingerprint Pregnancy test Fun application isdesigned justfor fun and will only calculate your fake pregnancyresults. Thispregnancy test scanner application is developed insuch a mannerthat certain people who are not really aware ofandroid phonescapabilities would be unsure whether it’s a prankapplication orreal. This app will give you information aboutwhether you arepregnant or not, if you are pregnant then how manymonths pregnant,whether you will be having a boy or a girl, twinboy, twin girls orboth. Enjoy this fun app, spread joy and havefunny moments withyour friends and family. Keep everyone happy.HOWTO USE:* Placeyour finger gently in the fingerprint scanning padand wait foranalysis.* Your Fake pregnancy results would be shownaftercalculation.Disclaimer: Pregnancy Test Fun Prank applicationis forentertainment purposes only. It does give you informationaboutyour pregnancy. Such information is not possible with yourandroiddevice's screens. The displayed results are just randompregnancyrelated information. It is the best application for havingfun withyour friends and family.
Pregnancy Test Scanner Prank
"Pregnancy Test Scanner Prank" is very interesting app and usedforfun and joy. Pregnancy Test Scanner Prank scans thefingerprintdetects your "pregnant status".How to Scan ,test andcheck BloodPressure:* Click on Start button and select the Gender*Place theThumb or scan your finger on scanning pad,* After fewsecondsPregnancy Test.Features:* pregnancy test* FingerscanPregnancyTest* Finger pregnancy test* Thumb Scanner* PregnancyTest* FingerScannerNote: This application is prank and just forFun.
Pregnancy Test 1.0.4
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This application for pregnancysymptomswillhelps you learn how to develop your baby duringpregnancy.thestatus of the future pregnant women is also disclosedthat itwillhappen and what you should pay attention. Informationissuedbypregnancy week by week. Support of multiple pregnancycalculatortocalculate the provisional date of delivery and more.Therearebuilt-in calendar of signs of pregnancy to save notes andeventsinthe system of pregnancy calculator.Welcome to Pregnancy week by week apps! Here you willfindeverythingyou want to know about the world of pregnant womenandpregnancytest, including planning or preparing forpregnancysymptoms, easyand comfortable birth, breast feeding, careof thenewborn beby andearly signs of pregnancy, and raising ahealthy,clever and happyovulation.Our intention is to give maximum useful informationandpregnancytips for future and current parents and pregnancy tipsformenalso. Visit Pregnancy symptoms section of the app, ifyouarelooking for any information related to pregnancy calculatoranditsaspects and my pregnancy week by week tips pregnancyexercise,fromfirst signs of pregnancy to how to cope with toxemiaandovulationtest. You may be interested in articles devotedtopregnancycalendar such as choosing suitable maternityclothes,orpreparation for successful and painless birth toyoupregnantwomen.Sometimes things can go wrong, and sometimes a pregnantwomandoesnot know what is going on with her in her tummy and alsosignesofpregnancy. Articles on pregnancy calculator healthaddressthecases of stillbirth, miscarriage, phantompregnancy,infertility.This information will allow you to copewithdifficulties and toprevent them.this application of pregnancy test contains detaileddescriptiononhow to conceive and save you baby and pregnancystages, Symptomsofpregnancy, home checkup, exercise and diet to befollowedduringpregnancy stages and hospital check up. Thisapplicationisdedicated to all the pregnant women and ladies whoneedinformationon signes of pregnancy. Below is details on how tousethispregnancy calendar application9 weeks pregnant and 28 week pregnant of early signs ofpregnancyforfirst time pregnant women.and also pregnancy tips formen whohave apregnant women.Best free pregnancy app. A guide to conception,withpregnancystages,taking care of your baby and being a parent aswell as youcan.Anything you want to know on pregnancy week by weekandparenting forpregnant women. you can find it here PregnancyWeekby week.Also, in this symptoms of pregnancy application:pregnancydiet,pregnancy stages, pregnancy test and anything youneed..Baby growth tracker during pregnancy and ovulation test.Welcome to Pregnancy week by week apps! Here you willfindeverythingyou want to know about the world of pregnantwomen,includingplanning or preparing for ovulation test, easyandcomfortable birth,breast feeding, care of the ovulation,andraising a healthy, cleverand happy child pregnancy week by weekmyearl pregnancysymptoms..
Pregnancy Test & Calendar 6.0
In Nancy you do math tests to know if you are pregnant or not.Thismethod has helped more than 200 thousand users who areaccessingour network every day. How about doing your test now? TheApp usesclever algorithms that calculate all recorded situationsthatultimately give you the result where you can, or can notbepregnant. The Best Application for Pregnancy Testing is hereatNancy /o/ ⏱ Calendar Mega menstrual board easy to use! 😍 NoLogin,register or anything Here we make it easy! 📝 Dozens ofquestions toask questions 🍸 Function drink water with notificationfor moms andtempting or not 👙 Weight control using MeuPesoHj 💡Calculator withprediction of baby's birth, period in which youbecame pregnant,gestational age among others. 👸 Group with morethan 2000 activegirls per day 😄 Feed with tips for you mom,tempting and for thosewho do not want to get pregnant. 🔓 PasswordSecurity Default ifdesired We know how important this moment inyour life is so wewant to create an incredible tool! Pregnant ornot, tempting will Ibe pregnant? Download the App and find out now!
Tes Dan Usia Kehamilanmu 1.0
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tes mengecek seorang perempuanhamilatautidak.usia kandungan ibu hamilberapa usia kandungan bayi yang ada didalam janin darisegikesehatannutrisi dan giziaplikasi untuk cek kehamilan dan usia kandungan ibu hamiltest checks awomanispregnant or not.pregnancy pregnant womenhow old the baby is in the womb the fetus in termsofnutritionhealth and nutritionapplication to check the pregnancy and gestational ageofpregnantwomen
Menstruation Fertility Pro Lte 3.0.9
This app keep track of your menstrual cycles and topredictmenstruation periods. !! THE MOST SIMPLE APP FORWOMAN!!------------------------------------------------------------------------Userfriendly and only useful information! No complicated tablesorgraphs!------------------------------------------------------------------------Willshow you the days of the month that your fertility is highest,andso the days when fertilization is more likely. We will alsoindicatethe days for pregnancy tests of blood and urine. You canalso knowthe date of sexual intercourse to most likely get thedesired sex ofthe child. ! The data provided should not be usedascontraceptives!------------------------------------------------------------------------Modifiabledata: - The first day of menstruation - Duration ofcycle (about 28days) - Duration of menstruation (about 5 days) -Add a note to eachdate of calendar. - Check the most importantdays of the calendar. -Password Information provided: -Predictions for 6 months in thefuture - Last 3 months saving -Days of ovulation - Days ofmenstruation - Fertile days -Recommended periods of intercourse tofavor the sex of child -Indication of the current day in themonthly cycle - Indication ofleft days before the next menstrualperiod - Proposal of a newautomatic first day of menstruation atthe end of the monthly cycle- At each new month automaticrecalculation for the next 6 months -Interactive color calendar -Send the calendar via e-mail - Autodiagnosis - Support mail - MultiLanguage (English, Italian,French, Portuguese, Spanish, German andRussian) options: -Password - Data protection switch - SelectableBackground imagesUpdates and new features in continuous release,even at the requestof users. This is the FREE versione of the PROEdition.CBG_Solutions. 11.3
Application "Boy or girl?" is useful for plan pregnancyanddefinition gender of your future baby using a few approaches.✓Make a personal order to the stork! Using the app "Boy orGirl:predict the baby's gender" you can more exactly predict thegenderof your unborn child. There are a lot of methods of planningthegender of your unborn child: "Chinese Gender Predictor","Bloodrenewal", "Japanese method", "By parents' blood types",etc.Everybody knows that storks deliver babies… But not everyoneknowsthat storks check with this app to know exactly who you’rewaitingfor! “I am pregnant! What’s next?” - There always is timewhenevery woman asks herself this question. You’ve eventuallypassedthrough the planning of your baby’s birth, and now you’repregnantat last. But there is still remains the main question:“Who?” Boyor girl? Adorable daughter or smart son? Chinese genderpredictoralong with another methods of this app will help you topredict thegender of your unborn baby before it would be possiblebyultrasound investigation. So it’s not a challenge for the storktodeliver you a long-awaited baby girl or a baby boy. Whatapproachesdoes this application consist? 1. Blood renewal. It isbelievedthat the blood of a man is refreshed during every fourthyear ofhis life, and a woman’s on every third. At the time ofconception,the person whose blood is younger (dad or mum)determines the sexof a baby. 2. By parents' blood types. Peoplehave little markerthings called antigens on the surface of theirred blood cells. Thetwo most important ones are ABO system antigensand the Rh system.The combination of parents' blood types definesthe possibility ofbirth children with different gender. 3. ChineseGender Predictor.This approach uses information about age of futuremother and whenshe got pregnant. Legend says the chart is more than700 years oldand was discovered in a royal tomb. 4. The Maya Chart.The ancientMaya deified numbers and treated numerology as a veryimportantthing. They calculated an auspicious day for weddings andotherimportant ceremonies with the help of numbers. The sex ofthefuture child was calculated on the basis of the mother's ageandthe current year. If both numbers are even or odd - a girl willbeborn, if not - it will be a boy. 5. The Japanese method.Thismethod goes back to the ancient emperors of Japan, who wereeagerto have a male heir for the continuation of the family.Theforecast is made on the basis of two tables. One of themindicatesthe number at the intersection of the birth months of thefuturebaby's parents. Another table determines the greatestprobabilityfor the birth of child of the required sex according tothis numberand the month of fertilization. [Suggestions and wishes]Youropinion is important for us. You can write at
Test Pregnancy Scanner 2.0
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Test Pregnancy Scanner theworldwideNo.1Pregnancy App.Want to see beautiful, interactive images for everyweekofpregnancyJoin more than 12 million users who alreadyusethisPregnancy tracker App to follow their pregnancy weekbyweek.Our Pregnancy+ App can also be personalized fordads,grandparentsand other family members.Everything you need in one Pregnancy App!early pregnancy signsearly pregnancy symptomsearly signs of pregnancyearly symptoms of pregnancyfertility calculatorfertility calendarfirst signs of pregnancyovulationpregnancy calculatorpregnancy calendarpregnancy signspregnancy symptomspregnancy testpregnancy week by weekpregnant womensigns of being pregnantsigns of early pregnancysigns of pregnancysymptoms of pregnancyHealth & Parenting supports you at every stage ofbeingaparent.Pregnancy Week By Week is a very helpful app forapregnantwoman.Test Pregnancy ScannerColor and Scan imagesPersonal DiaryPregnancy Weight logDoc Visits logDiet, exercise and labor infoKick CounterContraction TimerBaby Shopping list1000s of Baby namesBaby Size VisualizerPregnancy week by week infoWith Pregnancy Week By Week you can easily:track your pregnancy week by weekget information about your babycalculate current week of pregnancycalculate due date (pregnancy date)track your weighttrack baby kicksmake notes with your pregnancy symptoms ( morningsickness,changeswith your body, doctor appointment )From the brand chosen by over 400 millionexpectingparents,BabyCenter's pregnancy tracker and babydevelopmentcalendar appfor expecting moms will guide you throughyourpregnancy – week byweek and day by day – with pregnancy tipsandfetal developmentvideos timed for your exact stageofpregnancy.To get started, simply enter your baby's due date (you canuseourpregnancy due date calculator to find it). All healthcontentisbased on information from experts and reviewed by membersofourMedical Advisory Board, so you can feel confident andpreparedforthe changes to your baby and body.Pregnancy Calendar is an indispensable tool for theexpectantmother!Get detailed information on the development ofyour baby ateach weekof pregnancy. Hundreds of thousands of womenchoose thisapplication.Join us!With Pregnancy Calendar you can easily:Track your pragnancy week by weekGet baby size information and development updates weeklyGet information on changes in your bodyManage weight and belly growth gain goals withclinicalguidelinesfor your BMITrack contractions and send results to medicTrack baby kicksGet more information about pregnancy by weeksFrom the world's most trusted pregnancy brand, "What toExpectWhenYou're Expecting", this app guides you throughpregnancyday-by-dayand week-by-week. Based on your due date,you'llreceivepersonalized information and the latest parentingnews, andjoin atight-knit community of other parents and moms-to-belikeyou.You’ll be empowered with the best tools and support tohelpyouprepare and feel in control every step of the way –helpingyouachieve a happy, healthy pregnancy.Ovia Pregnancy’s high-tech, personalized approach totrackingyourpregnancy and baby’s development goes beyondtraditionalapps.Receive daily feedback on your progress as youtrack yourweight,sleep, moods & symptoms in an easy-to-usecalendar. Oviausesdata science and your daily information todeliverpersonalizedplans, milestones, and feedback on yoursymptoms.Essential ToolsData log pageCommunityDue date calculatorDue date countdownTrimester progress barCalendar: pregnancy tracker in calendar formatSymptoms lookup: Is this normal?Medication safety lookup: Is this safe to take?Food safety lookup: Is this safe to eatHealth Assessment: unlock more tips & tools.
Fertility, Ovulation App & Pregnancy Tracker 3.2
ElaWoman is the world’s most accurate ovulation tracker&fertility app. Being the most trusted ovulation calculator&fertility calendar, Ela keeps track of your overallfertilityhealth. ElaWoman has helped more than 61,200+ womenconceivenaturally and is your most handy personal ovulationpredictor.ElaWoman helps women learn all about their ovulation,fertility& understand their menstruation cycle for eithertrying to getpregnant or avoid pregnancy. ElaWoman has been rankedas the bestWomen Ovulation App for ovulation tracking since itslaunch whiledriving thousands of communication threads on theplatform & isalready the largest community for couples, makingit as the perfectovulation calendar. Ela helps knowing all aboutyour ovulationcycle & fertile period through advanced cyclecharting usingBBT, BMI, Fertility Score & fertility trackingover your dailyhealth vitals, thus making it as an all roundovulation tracker.What makes ElaWoman a perfect ovulationcalculator & fertilitycalendar is its ability to enable you torecord your sex status,discharge, cervical position, fertilitytracking history, pms toprovide deep insights. ElaWoman makes sureyou stay updated bydata-driven reminders to record, analyse andmonitor your ovulationby capturing several health parameters.ElaWoman period ovulationtracker helps you to sync with wearabledevices including FitBitand Google Fit. OVULATION CALCULATOR APP& FERTILITY TRACKER +Most advanced ovulation calendar &fertility app with aninbuilt ‘my ovulation calculator’ withovulation charts backed bypatented data algorithm + Accuratefertility and ovulation trackerbased on machine learning datatechniques which gets smarter day byday to predict & track yourovulation + ElaWoman ovulation apppresents beautiful charts of yourmenstrual cycle, ovulationcalendar & fertility data + Inviteand Sync your health datawith your partner and track your ovulation& fertility calendar+ ElaWoman is more than just the ovulationcalculator - Ela is yourfertility friend ---> Download the mostaccurate OvulationPredictor & Fertility App now! BEST DAYSPREDICTION + Find thebest days & fertile period to planpregnancy with the mostaccurate ovulation predictor app + Automatednotification makessure ovulation tracking & fertility trackingis seamless +Five-day and monthly fertility calendar views to knowfertilewindow & ovulation day with display of % chances toconceiveeach day + Review past period and ovulation calendar datesfor bestovulation tracking + Your Daily health meter helps youtrack over15 health parameters, including cervical mucus, BasalBodyTemperature - BBT, cervical position, BMI, age, sleep,stress,weight among others ---> Download Ela Ovulation Tracker&Fertility Calendar App to know your best five days!ELAWOMANCOMMUNITY + With ElaWoman community of 600,000+ users,share anddiscuss your experiences with like-minded fertility users&couples globally + Right from getting tips on 'Trying toGetpregnant’, Fertility Tracking, using a Period OvulationTracker;Ela community gears you with the most important tool toconnect,share and learn from real life experiences + Get supportfrom thelargest ElaWoman Community, unmatched by any otherovulationtracker or fertility App ---> Download OvulationPredictor &Fertility Tracker ElaWoman App to get instantaccess! ELAWOMANCONSULT + Get Personal Fertility Consultation fromexperiencedfertility specialists right at just a tap from thecomfort of yourhome + Claim your personalised Diet Plan from bestclinicaldietitians & get help on Trying to Get Pregnant faster--->Download ElaWoman Ovulation App & Fertility Tracker&unlock many features! Web - - Twitter - @ela_womanFor queries,buzz ElaWoman Ovulation App at care@elawoman.comThanks, TeamElaWoman
Eisprungrechner von 2.1.4
Behalte deinen Zyklus im Auge! Diese App errechnet dirdeinenpersönlichen Eisprung, die fruchtbaren Tage und deinezukünftigenPerioden. Du kannst auf täglicher Basis EintragungenundKorrekturen vornehmen und deinen Zyklus anpassen.InformativeArtikel der ELTERN online Redaktion helfen dir mehr überdichselbst zu erfahren und geben zudem hilfreiche Tipps zurelevantenThemen. Perfekt für Frauen, die schwanger werden oderauch nurihren Zyklus verfolgen wollen! Zu den Kernfunktionengehören: -drehbarer Zyklus-Kreis für den perfekten Überblick -Self-Tracking(Sex, Blutungen, ...) auf täglicher Basis -Kalender-Ansicht fürFolge-Monate - Hilfreiche -und vieles mehr! VielSpaß mit dem Zyklus-Kalender von ELTERN! ----Beachte bitte, dassder weibliche Zyklus natürlichen Schwankungenunterliegt. DieZyklus-Phasen (fruchtbare Tage, Periode usw.) lassensich nichtimmer verlässlich im Voraus berechnen. Deshalb istdieZykluskalender-App von ELTERN wie jede andere Zyklus-bzw.Menstruations-App keine 100% sichere Verhütungsmethode. Keepyourcycle in the eye! This app you calculated your personalovulation,fertile days and your future periods. You can makeentries andcorrections and adjust your cycle on a daily basis.InformativeArticles PARENTS online editors will help you learn moreaboutyourself to learn and also give useful advice on relevantissues.Perfect for women who are pregnant or just want to tracktheircycle! The core functions include: - Rotating cycle Circle fortheperfect overview - Self-Tracking (sex, bleeding, ...) on adailybasis - Calendar view for subsequent months - HelpfulEltern.deProducts - and much more! Enjoy the cycle by calendarPARENTS! ----Note that the female cycle is subject to naturalfluctuations. Thecycle-phase (fertile days, period, etc.) can notalways be reliablycalculated in advance. Therefore, the cyclecalendar app of PARENTSlike any other cycle or menstrual app is not100% safe method ofcontraception.
Pregnancy Test Checker Prank 1.01
Pregnancy Test Checker astounding application that lets you knowtheamount you are pregnant, utilizing your finger onyoursmartphone.You have the one of a kind chance to trickyourcompanions for them to demonstrate the rate of pregnancy.scanyourfinger and get pregnancy results . a fun approach to impartgigglesto loved ones. Put a finger on the screen and appreciate!Awesometo play around with your companions! This unique markPregnancytest will just figure your fake pregnancy results. Thispregnancytest scanner application is created in such a way, to thepointthat individuals would be uncertain whether it's atrickapplication or genuine. This application will give youtheaccompanying data: • whether you are pregnant or not, • on theoffchance that you are pregnant then how long pregnant, • whetheryouwill be having a kid or a young lady, twin kid, twin youngladiesor both. Appreciate this fun application, spread euphoria andhaveinteresting minutes with your loved ones. Keep everybodycheerful.Step by step instructions to USE: - Place your fingerdelicately inthe unique finger impression filtering cushion and sittight forexamination. - Your Fake pregnancy results would beappeared aftercount. Note: This application is sham, intended foramusementpurposes just, and is not planned for restorativ
Kehamilan dan Masa Subur 2.4
Aplikasi kalkulator Kehamilan dan Masa Subur ini ditujukanuntukwanita yang ingin mengetahui perkiraan masa subur, kapanterjadinyapembuahan/awal kehamilan, perkiraan usia kehamilan /perkiraan usiajanin, kapan trimester pertama, trimester kedua, danHari PerkiraanLahir (HPL).Jangan lupa kasih rate & review nyaya :)Pregnancycalculator application and Fertile Future is aimed atwomen whowant to know the approximate fertile period, whenfertilization /early pregnancy, gestational age estimates /approximate age of thefetus, when the first trimester, secondtrimester, and EstimatedBirth Day (HPL).Do not forget to rate &review his love ya :)
Blood Sugar Test Prank
Blood Sugar Test Prank is very amazing application to measurebloodsugar. Blood sugar Blood Sugar Test Prank measure mg/dl andmmol/Land pregnancy test.How to Measure:Please place thumb onscanningpad and wait for few seconds and blood sugar in mg/dl ormmol/l byusing finger print and thumb scanner.This application isprank andjust for fun.
Test de Embarazo 8.0
Única e innovadora aplicacion de test de embarazo online.¡Respondea 12 sencillas preguntas y comprueba si estásembarazada!Si estásbuscando un embarazo en esta aplicaciónencontrarás cuestionarios ytest de embarazo online con los quepodrás descubrir todos lossecretos y síntomas del embarazoDescubresi estas embarazada, alinicio del embarazo se pueden sentir muchoscambios y muchos deellos están en este test, descubre si puedesestarlo o noLaaplicación más sencilla y rápida para confirmar.Basta con hacerclic sobre él para que tu entrada esté disponibleonline. Este testes solo orientativo Si crees que puedes estarembarazada tendrásque esperar varias semanas para que el medicopueda confirmar tuestado recurriendo a pruebas mas fiables que lossíntomas.Uniqueand innovative application of online pregnancy test.Answer 12simple questions and see if you're pregnant!If you arelooking fora pregnancy in this application you will find quizzesand onlinepregnancy test with which you can discover all thesecrets andsymptoms of pregnancyFind out if you are pregnant, earlypregnancymay feel many changes and many of them are in this test,discoverif you are pregnant or notThe easiest and fastest way toconfirmapplication. Just click on it to get your input isavailableonline.This test is only for reference If you think youmay bepregnant have to wait several weeks so the doctor can confirmtheirstatus using symptoms more reliable than evidence.
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Fruchtbare Tage 1.0
Havsund GmbH
Mit dem Fruchtbarkeitskalender Fertile Days von håvsund kannstdudeine fruchtbaren Tage berechnen lassen und dich daranerinnernlassen sobald es soweit ist.Um schwanger zu werden,solltest du dasDatum deines Eisprungs kennen. Denn die Eizelle istdanacheigentlich nur 24 Stunden befruchtbar. Da die Spermienimweiblichen Körper jedoch ein paar Tage überleben können, liegendieChancen für eine Schwangerschaft bei etwa einer Woche. Bis zu2Tage vor und 2 Tage nach dem Eisprung gelten als dieoptimaleZeitspanne, um schwanger zu werden. Viel Spaß dabei!AlleFunktionenin dieser App sind kostenlos und ohne kostenpflichtigesUpgradeverfügbar.With the fertility calendar Fertile Days ofhåvsund youcan calculate your fertile days and can remind you whenit'stime.To get pregnant, you should know the date of yourovulation.Because the egg is then actually only 24 hours pregnable.However,since the sperm in the female body can survive a few days,thechances of pregnancy in about a week lying. Up to 2 days beforeand2 days after ovulation as the optimal time span apply tobecomepregnant. Have lots of fun with it!All features in this apparefree and available without a paid upgrade.
Pregnancy - 9 Months Pregnant 2.0.2
Pregnancy is best time to welcome new coming baby. PregnancyAppsupports expecting parent throughout their pregnancy andpostpartumperiod.Simply enter your due date and Pregnancy will turnyourphone into an expert guide for each day of yourpregnancy.OurPregnancy App can also be personalized for all yourfamily membersespecially for pregnant woman.Everything you need totrack yourpregnant status, find useful pregnant information, andstartcounting down the remaining time of new baby.You can learnaboutall pregnancy symptoms, nutrition, labor & delivery andmorewith this pregnancy guide.KEY FEATURES- Count downwidget(Pregnancy Widget)- Pregnancy week by week info - Babysizecompared fruits, height and weight information week by week-Dailyreminder, task information- Diet, exercise and labor info - Doanddon't information- Weekly to-do item in pregnancy period-Pregnancychecklist included: hospital bag, item need to buy(shoppingitems), self added items(to-do check list)- Remind abouttests andscreenings in trimesters period- Detailed descriptionabout eachtests and screenings (ultrasound, Urine test, tripletest...)-Detailed headline information about your baby, your bodyweek byweek- Alert reminderThis App (Pregnancy) is not used toreplace theadvice of a trained medical doctor, it is justinformation channelabout everything of pregnant period. It providesto you on ageneral information basis only.It is my experiency whenwe had adaughter, all information was collected from internet bymyself forpreparing in our pregnant period. It's very useful andnicememory.Pregnancy is free and everything is if you have any concern.
KiWuWeb die Kinderwunsch App
KiWuWeb Mobile App für AndroidInfo: Bei Wünschen, Fragen oder Problemen schickt mirbitteeine E-Mail an Bitte lese diefolgendenErläuterungen genau durch, sie enthalten wichtigeInformationen zurNutzung.Die KiWuWeb APP enthält eine Auswahl von Anwendungen rund umdenKinderwunsch, Schwangerschaft und die Geburt. Du kannst mitHilfedieser App:-Neu Ab sofort kann man sich über ein Google-Kontosofortohne Registration bei uns einlogen. Hierzu muss lediglichderBenutzername (OHNE und das PasswortdesGoogle-Konto in unser Login Formular eingetragen werden.Natürlichsteht auch die normale Registration weiterhin zurVerfügung.- Basaltemperaturkurven (Natürliche Familien Planung, kurzNFP)erstellen und auswerten lassen: UnsereTemperaturkurven-Softwareberechnet dir automatisch deinen Eisprung,"Nichtmenstruationstag"und den Tag, an dem du einenSchwangerschaftstest machen kannst unddu hast außerdem dieMöglichkeit, mit der Basal-Temperaturkurvedeinen persönlichenZykluskalender zu führen. Zusätzlich kannst dudeineBasal-Temperaturkurve in unserer Community kostenlosauswertenlassen.- Zyklus-Widget: Dein Fruchtbarkeitskalender im Internet: DasWidgetzeigt dir deinen aktuellen Zyklustag, deinenvoraussichtlichenEisprung (Ovulation) und deinen "Nichtmenstag"an. Durchunterschiedliche Symbole wird angezeigt, wann z. B. deinefruchtbarePhase ist, wann deine chance auf ein Mädchen / Jungen amhöchstensind oder ab wann du einen Schwangerschaftstest wagenkannst. Deinalter Periodenkalender ist ab jetzt arbeitslos. DiesesWidget istjedoch nicht zur Empfängnisverhütung geeignet!- Schwangerschafts-Widget: Dieses Widget zeigt dir an, wie langeduschon schwanger bist, die Restdauer der Schwangerschaft sowiedeineaktuelle Schwangerschaftswoche. Durch betätigen desI-Buttonskannst du weitere Informationen zu deinerSchwangerschaftswochebzw. dem Entwicklungsstand deines Babysabrufen.- Eisprung-Kalender zur Berechnung deiner fruchtbaren Tage.- Entbindungs-Rechner zur Berechnung des Geburts-Termins.- Schwangerschaftswochen-RechnerZusätzlich hast du mit dieser APP die Möglichkeit unser Forummobilzu nutzen. Dort findest du Themen und vieleinteressanteInformationen zur Temperaturmethode, Kinderwunsch,Schwangerschaft,Geburt, Erziehung und vieles mehr.Um unnötigen Traffic zu vermeiden, wurden in der KiWuWeb-Appbewussteinige Funktionen stark eingeschränkt, diese stehen dirnatürlichüber deinen PC unter kostenlos zurVerfügung.Unser Zyklustagebuch kann nur über einen PC geführtwerden.Für die Nutzung der Basaltemperaturkurven ist einekostenloseRegistrierung und Aktivität in unsererKinderwunsch-Communityerwünscht. Alle anderen Funktionen sind ohneRegistrierungnutzbar.Warum muss man sich registrieren? Das hat folgenden Grund:1. Die Daten, die du bei den Basal-Temperaturkurven eingibst,werdennicht auf deinem Smartphone, sondern in einer Datenbank aufunseremServer gespeichert. Dies hat den Vorteil, dass du deineKurven aufdeinem Smartphone und an deinem PC bearbeiten kannst (z.B. zumDrucken deiner Kurve), ohne das du erst Daten hin-undhertransferieren musst.2. damit du unser Forum nutzen kannst, eine gewisse Beteiligungisthierbei erwünscht.Bitte beachte, dass diese App eine Internetverbindung nutzt,durchdie weitere Kosten entstehen können!Wenn dir diese App gefällt, würden wir uns über positiveBewertungenfreuen.Diese Kinderwunsch APP dient nur zu Informationszwecken undkanneinen Arztbesuch nicht ersetzen!Falls du einen Fehler findest oder Verbesserungsvorschlägehast,würden wir uns über eine kurze E-Mail freuen, bevor übereilteinenegative Bewertung gegeben wird. Wir sind immer bemüht, dieseAppzu verbessern und für weitere Anregungen dankbar.Unsere Webseite und unser Forum findest Du unterhttp://www.kleinersonnenschein.dehttp://www.kinderwunschweb.dehttp://www.kiwuweb.deKiWuWeb Mobile AppforAndroidinfo: wishes, questions, or problems, please send me an Please read the following notes carefully,theycontain important information about usage.The KiWuWeb app contains a selection of applications aroundthedesire for children, pregnancy and birth. You can with the helpofthis app:- New From now on you can the LOG IN a Google accountinstantlywithout registration with us. For this purpose, only theusername ( ) must and password of the Google Accountareentered into our login form. Of course, the normal registrationisstill available.- Basaltemperaturkurven (Natural Family Planning, short NFP)createand can be evaluated: Our temperature curves softwareyouautomatically calculate your ovulation, "Nichtmenstruationstag"andthe day on which you can take a pregnancy test and you'll alsohavethe option of using the basal temperature curve to guideyourpersonal calendar cycle. In addition, you can be free toevaluateyour basal temperature curve in our community.- Cycle widget: Your fertility calendar on the Web: The widgetshowsyou your current cycle day, your expected ovulation(ovulation) andyour "Nichtmenstag" to. Different symbols willappear when, forexample, your fertile phase is when your chance ishighest on a girl/ boy or at what point do you dare a pregnancytest. Your oldcalendar period is now unemployed. This widget isnot suitable forcontraception!- Pregnancy Widget: This widget shows you how long have youbeenpregnant, the remainder of the pregnancy as well as yourcurrentweek of pregnancy. By pressing the I button you can getmoreinformation about your pregnancy or your baby the weekofdevelopment.- Ovulation calendar to calculate your fertile days.- Maternity calculator to calculate the birth date.- Pregnancy Weeks CalculatorIn addition, you have the possibility to use our forum mobilewiththis app. There you will find many interesting topicsandinformation on the temperature method, fertility, pregnancy,birth,parenting and more.To avoid unnecessary traffic, have been in the KiWuWeb App awareofsome features severely limited, this of course you are on yourPCunder free of charge. Our cycle diary canbeperformed via a PC.To use the Basaltemperaturkurven a free registration and activityisdesired in our fertility community. All other functions can beusedwithout registration.Why do I need to register? The reason is as follows:1 The data that you enter in the basal temperature curves arenotsaved on your smartphone, but in a database on our server. Thishasthe advantage that you can edit your curves on your smartphoneandon your PC (eg for printing your curve), without which youonlyhave to back and hertransferieren data.2 so that you can use our forum, a certain involvement hereisdesirable.Note that this app uses an internet connection, can causefurthercosts!If you like this app, we would appreciate positive feedback.These children wish APP is for informational purposes only andcannot replace a doctor's visit!If you find a bug or have suggestions for improvement, wewouldappreciate a quick e-mail, hastily before negative feedbackisgiven. We are always striving to improve this app and gratefulforfurther suggestions.Our website and our forum you will find underhttp://www.kleinersonnenschein.dehttp://www.kinderwunschweb.de
One Minute Ultrasound 1.01
Brought to you by The Ultrasound Podcast- Efficient1-MinuteDemonstrations- Full Lectures- Instant Access to anincredibleamount of content- Videos demonstrate all aspects of thescanincluding:1. Hand Position2. Descriptions3. Normalimages4.Pathologic imagesAll shown simultaneously on thescreen.Immediately pull up a demonstration of whateverultrasoundprocedure you're about to perform. Perfect for thecrashing patientwhen you need a quick reminder of how to performanultrasound.Ideal for ultrasound learners or educators. This appcanbe used to demonstrate at the bedside or just prior to enteringaroom when you're teaching someone ultrasound or when you'retryingto learn yourself and you don't have someone with you to showyou.Matt and Mike from The Ultrasound Podcast will show you asmanytimes as you like how to perform the various bedsideultrasoundprocedures.- EFAST- Gallbladder- DVT- Aorta- Soft Tissue-WallMotion Abnormalities- Cardiac Output- Diastology- EPSS-SterileProcedure- Intrauterine Pregnancy- IVC- Kidneys- Ocular-PassiveLeg Raise- Shoulder Dislocation- Small Bowel Obstruction-ShoulderDislocation- Transvaginal- MORE
Teste de Gravidez Pro 1.0
Este aplicativo trabalha com um conteúdo rápido e intuitivo ondeépossível saber se está grávida ou não, com técnicas epesquisasrealizadas e possibilidades de acordo com as suasinformações erespostas! Estamos trabalhando para a publicação deversões commais utilidades no aplicativo! Totalmente sem anúncios!Esteaplicativo possui 5 funções:- Teste de gravidez;- Descobrirsexo dobebê;- Peso no final da gravidez;- Dicas para engravidar;-Dicaspara não engravidar.Mas não se esqueça, isto é apenasumaaproximação muito grande, para obter uma resposta concreta,énecessário a consulta com um especialista. Foramrealizadasdiversas pesquisas para auxiliar as usuárias a tirarem adúvidareferente a gravidez, e com perguntas fáceis e rápidas,serápossível descobrir se o teste deu positivo ou negativo.O mesmovalepara a descoberta do sexo, com algumas perguntas pontuais,épossível obter a grande possibilidade da criança ser meninooumenina.O peso da gravidez está relacionado com o peso e a alturadamulher no período pré-gravidez.E as dicas essenciais everdadeirastanto para as mulheres que querem engravidar, quantopara as quenão querem.O mais completo que tem, e ainda em buscadeupgrades!Aprovado por 90% das usuárias teste!Portanto, todasasrespostas e resultados são obtidos através de grandespesquisas,nada é aleatório aqui!Experimente ;)This applicationworks with afast and intuitive content where you can know if youare pregnantor not, with technical and research conducted andpossibilitiesaccording to their information and answers! We areworking topublish versions with more utilities in the application!Totallywithout ads! This application has 5 functions:- Pregnancytest;-Discover sex of the baby;- Weight in late pregnancy;- Tips togetpregnant;- Tips to not get pregnant.But do not forget, this isjusta very great approach to get a concrete answer, consultationwith aspecialist is needed.Several surveys were conducted to assistusersto take the questions regarding pregnancy, and with easy andquickquestions, you can find out if the test was positiveornegative.The same goes for the discovery of sex with somespecificquestions, you can get a great possibility of the childbeing a boyor girl.The pregnancy weight is related to the weightand height ofwomen in the pre-pregnancy period.And the essentialand true tipsfor both women who want to conceive, and for thosethat do not.Themost complete which have, and still searching forupgrades!Approvedby 90% of the test users!Therefore, all theanswers and results areachieved through extensive research, nothingis random here!Tryit;)