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River Crossing IQ Logic Puzzles & Fun Brain Games
In this fun and challenging game, you willfinda complete collection of all known river crossing logicproblems,plus some completely new riddles that you will not findanywhereelse. If you want brain teasers to improve your IQ whileyou havefun, you’ve come to the right place.Chances are that you’ve heard about the ancient rivercrossingriddles, but do you know them all? You may have heard aboutthefarmer who must take a wolf, a goat, and some cabbage acrossariver, or a version featuring a fox, a goose, and a bag ofbeans.Maybe you know the problem of the three missionaries andthreecannibals, or the “jealous husbands” variation.Those are the classic river crossing puzzles. They are popularandwell known, and they are all included in this game, along withmanymore new levels involving chess pieces, a farmer with cowsandspecial levels designed only for geniuses.River crossing problems date back to at least the ninth century,maybe before the chess was invented, with the earliest knownexamplesoccurring in the Latin manuscript Propositiones adAcuendos Juvenes(“Problems to Sharpen the Young”).River crossing puzzles and their many variants represent waysofdressing up relatively straightforward mathematical problems.Theyinvite attempts at a solution that range from trial and errortoextensive mathematical analysis.These puzzles are frequently used in job interviews. They arealsotaught to children in schools along with chess to boost theirIQsand improve their critical thinking, mathematicalproblem-solving,and strategy development.Your goal in every level is to move all of the characters acrosstheriver while observing certain rules and restrictions. Once youhavecompleted a level, you will receive one star for levelcompletion.You can obtain an additional star if you finish thelevel in theminimum number of moves, and another if you finish thelevel in aset time that varies from level to level.Try your best, work as quickly as you can, and keep your numberofmoves low to earn more stars. Your total number of stars willhelpyou access more advanced levels.If you like playing chess and solving logic puzzles, then youareall set for new challenges. But unlike chess, you can playthisgame alone and have a lot of fun.Download the game now and unlock your brain’s abilities!
Sudoku 1.7.1
Train your brain with over 1200 Sudokupuzzles!Very smooth and easy to use :)Have a good time :)
Math Matches: Matchsticks 9.0
Practise your brain!Welcome to the most popular puzzle games of all time! Puzzleswithmatches! The most complex and tricky task, you will find onlyinour game. You need to carefully read the assignments and executethemcorrectly. There are problems with the figures, with theshiftingof matches and construction, with the solution ofequations, andmuch more! The levels are divided by difficulty, youstart with theeasiest and most difficult finish. All levels have asolution, somenot even one. Download and enjoy an exciting newpuzzle in a modernbright design!Features:- The game is accessible to all;- An addictive puzzle game;- The most complex and tricky task;- Problems with the figures, with the shifting of matchesandconstruction, with the solution of equations, and muchmore;- Levels are divided into difficulty;- Contemporary colorful design;- Easy operation;- A free game.How to play:You need to carefully read the assignments and executethemcorrectly.Write us in the comments, as well as in our groups, we arealwaysglad to see you !;)VK - - -
Matchsticks Puzzle: Free Game 11.0
Play the newest puzzle with matches!Hmm, what is it? Matches !? It turns out that the matches cannotonly to kindle fires and gas stoves. It turns out that withthematches you can play is not bad! Various tasks with matchesarewaiting for you! You will need to build the figure of matches,aswell as to solve the equation with their help! It isincrediblyinteresting! This game has a lot of years before there were mobilephones.People used to solve puzzles with matches using thesematches,looking for jobs in books, newspapers and magazines, andthen linedup the levels themselves, and then decide. In this gameyou canonly play at home and enjoy all the tips that have been inthe samejournals. Now the game is released on the phone and you donot haveto lay out the levels! You will only need to solveinterestingproblems and equations. Once you decide to correct theproblem, thegame will be translated by you to the next level! A wonderful game with matches, unusual, colorful designandthe beautiful sounds of the game. You can play anytimeandanywhere. The game is free and accessible to all, the puzzledoesnot require a lot of space on your phone as well as there arenoage restrictions. Marshall figures of matches, as well as tosolvethe equation a lot of fun!Features:• various tasks with the matches;• need to build shapes and solve equations using matches;• a great game;• unusual, colorful design;• beautiful sounds of the game;• fun game for your brain;• Free puzzle;• Hundreds of levels;• does not require a lot of space on your phone;• You can play anywhere.How to play:You will need to build the figure of matches, as well as tosolvethe equation with their help.
Rio: Match 3 Party 1.12.0
It’s Carnival time in Rio, and Blu isplanningthe most amazing party in all of Brazil! He invited all ofhisfriends, including Jewel, Pedro and Nico. Everybody isexpectingthe fun to start at any minute, but Blu isn’t readyyet!Help Blu get everything he needs to throw an awesome partybysolving puzzles, collecting medals, and unlocking new locationsandparty favors. Play beautiful levels of Match 3 gameplay setacrossstunning Brazilian landscapes. Have fun with all of yourfavoritecharacters from the hit movies or play against yourfriends!***PUZZLE PARADISE***Match, crush and swipe your way through hundreds of levelssetwithin glorious locations, like the Amazon Jungle, Rio CityandCopacabana Beach, with new ones being added all the time!***MEET YOUR NEW FEATHERY FRIENDS***Collect all of your favorite characters from the Riouniverseincluding Jewel, Nigel, Nico and others!***PLAN THE BEST PARTY IN THE WORLD***Progress by earning tickets and unlocking new levels! Upgradeyourmap with balloons, banners, confetti and a DJ Stage!***POWER UP***Unlock super abilities by collecting gold and unleashing thepowerof the birds! Each character has their own uniquespecialabilities, so which one will you choose?***PARTY WITH FRIENDS***Login with Facebook to send and receive gifts to your friends!Seetheir progression on the map and compete in tournaments towinprizes!Rio: Match 3 Party is completely free to play, but hasoptionalin-app purchases to make your gaming experience even moreexciting.Time to get this party started!PrivacyPolicy: of Use: TM & © 2017 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation.AllRights Reserved.
Toys Cubes Blast: Collapse Logic Puzzles Block Pop
Welcome to collapse world and help Emmacollecther lost toys.Simple rules: find and tap on at least two cubes of the samecolorto clear the level, or more cubes will create a powerclearly.Challenge is smart resolving these blocks with your bestskillbecause your moves are limited and you can stuck at levelanytime.It also match 3 games kind in anyway.Collapse the cubes game will create amazing adventure.Usingboosters if you meet some hard level, we have some boosters tohelpyouTNT bomb: explode around cubesJelly Pop: explode same color cubes to make big toddler toysandrescue your birds.Spinner Move: add 5 moves will get chance completed remain targetonpop games.Gummy Shovel: splash one cube to create pop blast.Collapse Blast: crush vertical and horizon pop bricks andrushcookie.Cube Blast: crunch blocks same colorThis collapse toy story games is the best time killer, timewastergame for adult and kids.The main feature in Toy Collapse:Brilliant, colorful screen, wonderful sound effect, challengingandfunny gameplay with many collapses900 ducky levels and will update each 2 weeks.Collapse levels to get cube gifts and candies.Stunning graphic and beautiful effects.Crush 4 bricks to create rocket and 5 cubes to create TNTbombMany free toys attached with your childhood memory: toy box,pettoys, Rubik, balloon, stitch, and more.You can find useful toys for kids and toddler toys, dinosaurtoys,also wooden toysMinigames: Spinner game, spin wheelAmazing block puzzle game will improve your resolve ability.Some target like pet rescue which make you crazy.Excellent and addicting match 3 breaker blast game! Don'twaitingfor collapse puzzle to download logic puzzles games whichare thebest choice for all people to enjoy training brainpuzzles.
🚜 Food Truck: Match 3 Game Free 1.2.0
Play the story as a super chef travellingtheworld in My Food Truck. Crush candies, pastries in this match3game fever. Connect same food items in this match 3 mania.Travel across 15 dream destinations like United States,Italy,France, United Kingdom, India, Japan, New Zealand,Vietnam,Singapore, Brazil, China, Egypt, Dubai, Germany, andAustralia toplay this free online match 3 game. Keep matchingdelicious itemsto win over fans from all around the world!One of the free truck games to fulfill your inner chef'sdream.MyFood Truck – Match 3 Game brings to you an exciting journeyacrossexotic locations around the world. Journey across 15countries, mixand match delicious dishes and compete to make it thebest in theworld. Solve match 3 puzzles along the way and gain fanstoincrease your popularity in each country! Cookdelicioushamburgers, hotdogs, pastries and Sushi while you explorevariousmain attractions in this exciting match 3 adventure.Run your very own fast food restaurant and make your customershappywith this serving game.Cooking in the Kitchen is a game fromTopGirl games and one of the cooking games.Master restaurantmanagementfor endless cooking fun in one of the most addictinggames around.Play the ultimate food quiz game and discover foodsfrom all overthe world.Get ready for food-making fun with BurgerShop. CookChinese food for the Chinese New Year! Cooking, Food,Making, FoodMaker. Cooking & Design your own Food Truck- allwith a funstory! Own a My Restaurant, My Food Cafe Story ☕☕My Food Truck Features:*ADDICTIVE MATCH 3 GAME that combines your dream of world travelandcooking tasty dishes*TRAVEL THE WORLD and match delicious dishes to makescrumptiouscombos spread across 375 levels.*CHEF YOURSELF! Click a Selfie to become a chef yourself orchoosefrom various avatars*GAIN POPULARITY by sharing your fan count on social mediaplatformslike facebook, instagram, pinterest and googleplus.*OWN THEMED FOOD TRUCKS as you progress and travel tomorecountries*BECOME FAMOUS by collecting smilies from happy customerstoincrease your fan base in each country*KNOW FUN FACTS about landmarks across 15 countries asyoutravel.*PERFECT casual game to play while you wait*VISUALLY APPEALING graphics and yummy gameplay*FUN for the whole family!We come to the street and seek for brand new and interestingthingsaround everywhere, as well as delicious street foods!Download My Food Truck Cafe Recipes & Stories and tellyourcooking story today!
Collapsticks 1.3.0
The most addictive matchstick game ever!* 6 different game scenes with 120 game levels altogether!Collapsticks takes matchstick games to a whole new level withthehelp of gravity. It looks deceivingly simple, but once youstartplaying, you'll soon find it hard to put down. Easy to learnbutchallenging enough to keep your brain busy for hours!Here's how you play:Make matchsticks collapse and fall off the screen. Get pointsforfallen matches. Sounds easy!Drag a match to the matchbox and see how the structurecollapses.Try to figure out how you can make as many matches fallall the waydown as possible. Look out for pencils, bugs, bulletsand otherobstacles."Collapsticks is a neat and tidy puzzler that could easilyhavespiraled in to chaos (like so many other physicsmanipulatingpuzzlers), but instead it offers a range of thoughtprovokingchallenges."
Sweet Road – Cookie Rescue
"Help! I need rescue!"- George the Gingerbread ManHey, you there!Are you ready to rescue Gingerbread George in theSWEETESTway possible? Get your sweet tooth ready, bring ataste for newchallenge, and prepare for the exciting arsenal ofsweet dessert:lollipop, candies, chocolate, gummy jelly, nameit!Come rescue gingerbread cookies in Sweet Road, thedeliciouslyexciting and tasty puzzle match game!SWEET ROAD GAME FEATURES:● Tasty puzzle match game filled with CANDY&DESSERT- Swap and match sweet candies to solve the puzzle game!● New exciting and challenging LEVELS- Enjoy new tasty levels in the game each week!● Variety of different puzzle MODES- Rescue gingerbread cookies in various exciting tastygamemodes!● Variety of tasty & sweet ITEMS- Create powerful Special Candies by matching 4 or moresweetcandies! Use different items to help your tasty adventure inSweetRoad!● Supports airplane mode / OFFLINE PLAY- No need to worry about wifi or data, so you can focus onthecookie rescue anywhere, anytime!● Beautiful GRAPHICS- High quality graphics so you can enjoy high quality lollipopandcookies while playing the tasty puzzle game!● George the Gingerbread Cookie who needs RESCUE!- The best looking gingerbread cookie of all time needs yourhelp!Come to his rescue, and perhaps you will get a new tastylollipopas a token of appreciation? ( Gingerbread George is afamouslollipop maker! )● Oh, and did we mention DESSERT?- The world famous lollipop made by Gingerbread George is farfromthe only tasty dessert in Sweet Road! Jump in and enjoythedelectable world filled with candy and the best sweet dessertinexistence! But we do hope you like Gingerbread George's lollipop!(...and candy, chocolate, jelly, cookie, and last but notleast,gingerbread! )TASTY ADDITIONAL INFO:• " Sweet Road - Cookie Rescue " is a free to play puzzle matchgamewith in-app purchases available• " Sweet Road - Cookie Rescue " may contain ads for anothernewexciting gameSWEET LINKS:• Like us on Facebook to see new updates and free tastyrewards:• Visit our Help Center for some sweetassistance:
Move the Matches 1.1.2
Move the Match is a classic game where youmustsolve matchstick puzzles by moving, adding or removing matchestofind the right results!Puzzle type includes completing squares, triangles or solvingmathequations.This game will really train your brain and is suitable forallages.--== Features ==--- 12 episodes with over 3600 levels in total.- Minimalist design.- Relaxing background music.- Ask friends for help when you are stuck.- Useful hints when no one else can help.--== Instructions ==--- To remove a matchstick : Tap on it.- To add a matchstick: Tap on an empty place holder.- To move a matchstick: Tap on a match stick to remove it firstthentap on an empty place holder to add it.We will be adding new episodes every month. Stay tunedforupdates.Licensed to SolarSpark Productions and Playreap Studios inotherstores.
Move Matches Puzzle 1.5
Emad Zaki
Move Matches puzzle is a board puzzlegame.Thatyou have to fix the equation with moving match stick totherightplace. Equations may have more than one solution.You can play with your family. This game helps toimprovemathematicsskills. Your kids will love this game alot. Playpuzzlewith matches.You never see the matches enjoyable likethisgameMove Matches Puzzle 2017 is a classic gameSolve the puzzles by moving, adding and removing objectsuntilyoufind the correct answer.Functions:1- 100 puzzles and constantly being updated.2. Drag and drop.3. Help system.4. Ask your friends on facebook and twitter support.5 Rate and sharing.6- unique sound effects.We challenge you to show off your logical skills and solvethemathequations in our new Puzzle Game With Sticks. It'sagreatentertaining app, and it's FREE, now on Google Play.The game play is really simple. Just grab the correct stickandmoveit to the place where it matches, so you can solve thepuzzleandunlock the next level and the many other cool features.Moveandposition the sticks so that the answer of themathematicalproblemis correct. If you can't solve it, we simplifiedthe game alittleby adding some hints for 10 coins, so that solvingthesemath matchpuzzles will be easy and you can go through all themanylevelswe've designed for you , after fix the equation you willget2 coinsrewardThe app is also highly educational, as you need to dobothmathcalculations and thinking logical, as you cannot finishthepuzzlesif you don't do a little bit of both.The puzzle game has some nice features:100 Unique Levels containing the four math operations. Soyouwillfind thereAddition puzzlesSubtractionMultiplicationDivisionEasy hint system.matchesClean original graphicsWe hope you will enjoy the game!If you are having troubles with the game, or if you just wanttosendus feedback, please don't hesitateto contact us at
Puzzle: Matches Puzzle Game 10.0
Play new challenging puzzle gamewithmatches!And here is the new puzzle game with matches! A lot ofexcitinglevels and new jobs are waiting for you! Targets withfigures, youneed to move the match to get the square, put twomatches to get 2triangles, add 3 matches to correct inequalitiesand many otherexciting job! Game is divided into three levels ofdifficulty, comefrom the lightest to the heaviest, Pimp your brainin a super newand exciting game! You need to move, delete or add match to the figuresandequations, to perform tasks in order to pass the level. A gameforthose who like to think and solve puzzles. Stylish design, a lotofquality levels, intricate tasks are waiting for you! Downloadthegame now!Features:• tasks with figures;• Three levels of difficulty;• You can move, delete or add match to the figuresandequations;• stylish design;• a lot of quality levels;• intricate tasks;• a free game;• A new puzzle.How to play:You need to move, delete or add match to the figures andequations,to perform tasks in order to pass the level.For any questions and suggestions please contact us in thecommentsand our groups !;))
Puzzle Online is a classic gamewithmatches- Solve puzzles by moving 1 match until you find therightsolution.- Face other players in Arena for more excitement.- Chat with other players and add friends.Features:-- Register game account or Login by Facebook.- Arena.- Chat.- Top players.- Friends system.- 2 Matchstick style.- Over 500 easy levels.- Over 13000 hard levels.- Drag & drop.- Help system & coins.- Rate & share.- Sound effects & Music.- Beautiful interface.How to play:click the button " i " on the top right of the screen to findmoreinfo.Multilanguage:English, Arabic, Turkish (other languages coming soon)Matches Puzzle, Matchstick Puzzles, Move the Matches,Chat
Matchstick Math Puzzle
Solve puzzling math equations by movingonlyone matchstick! Works as a great brain teasing puzzle game forallages, and can be used to help kids learn arithmetic (additionandsubtraction) in a fun way!Matchstick Math Features:- 60 great equations to solve- Play with your children- Equations are skippable if you get stuck- A choice of 2 backgrounds- Brain-busting fun for all ages!If you are looking for more puzzle games, try our great word game:2Minute Boggle Words and our new app Memory Bank!
Спички и головоломки 1.0
Blutbad Games
В этой классической игре вамнадорешатьголоволомки со спичкамиДвигайте, добавляйте или удаляйте спички до тех пор поканенайдетерешение.Подсказку можно получить по кнопке "Решение" в меню.Надеемся, вам понравится решать эта головоломка.Удачи!In this classicgameyouhave to solve puzzles with matchesMove, add or remove a match until you find a solution.Hint can be obtained on the "Solution" in the menu.We hope you enjoy solving this puzzle.Good luck!
Match Puzzle 1.1
Enjoy a new flavor of puzzle game!Clickmatching items to remove them from the game board, before thetimeelapses. Tickle and tease your brain with this simple,addictiveand fun match puzzle game. Get reward of gold coins afterfinishinga game level and use them to purchase essential gameresources fromthe virtual game store. No irritating ad; no in-apppurchases. It’scompletely free! Though, this puzzle game is craftedto suit kidsthe most but it can be enjoyed by puzzle lovers of allages.How to Play:- Click an item in the game board to remove it. If the clickeditemhas matching items in the vertical and horizontal direction,theyare removed too; the same goes on for all the matchingitems.- Remove all the items from the game board within thementionedtime. The game would be over after the time elapses.- For each removed item, you score some point. When youremovemultiple items, you score some bonus too. So, you should playinsuch a way that you can remove maximum items at one go.- Also, you score bonus on the time remained after finishingthegame; the quicker youfinish the game, the more bonus you score. So, you should playinsuch a way that you have maximum time remaining.Features:- The game is mainly targeted at kids; the look-and-feel,images,music, game sound effects and handwriting like font aredesigned tosuit kids. This puzzle game helps kids to increase theirproblemsolving ability and encourages to think rationally.- Each game level has a goal to achieve. Details about the goalisshown to the player before the game level is played.- After the player has finished the game level, the score alongwithits analysis is displayed in the success or failurescreen.- The scoring mechanism is designed in such a way that itencouragesthe player to play intelligently to maximize thescore.- A stop watch is implemented for the time count down.- There is a limit on removing single item in some game levels,tochallenge the player.- In some game levels, an item can be converted to another itemofplayer’s choice, to increase matches.- After completing each game level, the player is rewarded withsomegold coins. More coins are rewarded when the player completesthegame level successfully than the time when the player failstocomplete the game level.- In some game levels, the player can buy time, single itemremovalability and item conversion from the virtual game store,using theearned coins.- Also the game has settings, help, tip, alert pop-ups to provideanexciting gaming experience.
Free Sudoku 1.0.17
A good time passer. And in the sametime,youcan train your brain. This is a very lite version. Lessthan 2M.Fast to install and start a new game.Features:● 3 difficulty levels● Auto-fill,and also you can shut this feature● Check errors● Clear notes● Auto-saveWe hope you enjoy Sudoku and please contact our five star supportifyou have any questions :-)Email:
dames 3d 3.2.0
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Mahjong 1.17.3118
Mahjong Classic Solitaire is a freemahjongmatching game - the best choice of Mahjong on Android! It’sFREEand EASY to play! Can you solve every Mahjong puzzle?====LEARN MORE ABOUT MAHJONG CLASSIC SOLITAIRE====▶ Mahjong solitaire become one of the most popular free boardgameall over the world. This free board mahjong matching game isalsoknown as Mah-Jong, Majong and Top Mahjong.▶ The innovative new version of Mahjong Classic Solitairewithsimple rules and addictive gameplay: Match pairs ofidenticalmahjong tiles (connect the same mahjong block), clear allthemahjongs,Win! Make a blast in mahjong classic solitaire!▶ Mahjong classic solitary game has no time limit. Just takeyourtime and enjoy your mahjong journey and blast it all!Challengeawaits you in this magical mahjong solitaire game.======MAHJONG CLASSIC SOLITAIRE GAME FEATURES======🀄️ Over 800 Mahjong free boards🀄️ Supports Achievements and Leaderboards🀄️ Incredible hints🀄️ Unlimited Undo🀄️ 4+ backgrounds🀄️ Traditional, unique tile sets🀄️ Stunning graphics and unique mahjong gameplay.🀄️ Available to play on mobile and tablet devices=========== A GIFT FOR PUZZLE GAMES LOVER ===========If you love puzzle, strategy, memory, and brain trainingchallengesgames like crossword, chess, majong, word search,solitaire andpatience, you’ll love Mah-jong! Challenge your brainby strategyand logic with this amazing brain puzzle game! Developyour mindand patience and strategy skills!Download the best free Mahjong matching game in Androidmarketnow!
Logical Puzzles «Crack Me!» - 🏆 Lateral Thinking
Ally team
This tricky test is based on anextraordinaryidea that connects the solution of the riddles withthe way you useyour smartphone every day.The goal of the puzzle game – to press "Finish". However, forthisyou have to use your imagination to solve conundrums. Here,youneed to muster all your mental dexterity to solve riddles&brainteasers.This addicting game is a combination of different typesofproblems:-Tricky tasks for hardware and physical capabilities ofthedeviceFor example, in one of the levels you need to guess to usethevolume keys to fill the scale and pass the hard blackbox.- Riddles with answers, logic and mind games to test your geniusandIQ.Rebus puzzles the answer to which is not any word, but someactionyou have to realize.- Logical puzzles outside the challenging game with levelsonlineand levels that don’t need wifi.The cognitive problems will be a kind of logical tasks with atrick,where the solution is not in the level itself, but somewhereinanother place of the application, or even outside of it. Atsomepoint the brainly player will have to search in the settings ofthesmartphone or use the search engine to solve tasks. As anexample:you need to figure out what is required of the player, findandswitch some settings in the smartphone.- logic problems: Math and trivia gamesSuch maths puzzles will check the verbal counting and themaththinking of the creative player in an unusual form. You'll havetoapply math tricks.In the beginning, nine interesting riddles & brainteasersareavailable to the user and after opening of every fifth task,ninemore unique mind-breakers are opened, and so on.In each hard puzzling brainbox there are two assistants - it'sanopportunity to look at the hint and ask for help a friend.Hintscan be used without restrictions.After each decision, the user receives points depending onthenumber of attempts and whether he used the hints or not. Iftheerudite has guessed the mind bending puzzle from the firsttime,then he gets ten points, for each error the possible prizeisreduced by one point, but not less than six. If the user usesthehint, he will not be able to get more than five points, andeachincorrect answer will reduce the number of points to one.In addition, this trivial quiz "Crack Me!” contains theleaderboards& achievements (the number of solved logicquestions, the numberof points, etc.). With the help of globalleaderboards you cancompare your results with other smartplayers.These logic brain games for free will not only test yourdeduction,heuristic & non-standard thinking, you'll also learnnewfunctions & scenarios of using the device - voicecontrol,working with the hardware settings, the search engines,texts,translators, file managers.Level 41.The answer is 459045Crack Me! - Who will be smartest: You or Smartphone?«Crack Me!»© AllyTeam.
Flower Power Match
Enjoy a relaxing day outdoors, take a walkinour magical forest and match the flowers!Flower Power Match will challenge your skills in hundreds ofawesomepuzzles and quests.Ready to start swapping and matching some beautiful flowers?Get it now for free and join the exciting and colorfulmatch-3adventure!HOW TO PLAY- Swap and match 3 or more similar items.- Complete the challenge that is set at the start ofthelevel.- Match flowers and win!- Beat all the challenges and win hard levels.- Boost your experience with awesome power-ups.- Clear the board and earn points in this awesomematch-3game.- Remember: less moves you pass a level, higher scoreyou'llget.GO FOR THE BIG MATCHES!- Match 4 flowers to get a horizontal or vertical item of thiskindthat will create a line blast.- Connect 5 flower buds in an L or T form to get a powerfulboostthat will explode all the items around it.- Match 5 beautiful flowers in a line to get a special colorfulbombthat can explode all the figures with the same color.- Combine 2 boosters for even greater explosions!- Play now and experience a never ending match-3 fun!SOLVE FUN PUZZLES!Challenge yourself with hundreds of thrilling levels as youadvancethrough the game.Each level presents a new mission that you’ll have to complete.Tryto use fewer moves to clear a level, so you can get the chancetoearn 3 stars.Master all the different challenges to level up andwinpoints.Swap and match the forest items and collect flowers inthisaddictive and fun match-3 board game. Try it out for FREE andplayon your Android phone today.There is no life limit, so you can play as much as you want!Time to match these flowers!