Top 49 Games Similar to Punch One hero

Mimpi Dreams 6.1
Over 2.5M happy players world-wide. Mimpi is a lazy doggywhobecomes the “Superdog” in his dreams. Help him to save hisfriendsby manipulating the environment of 6 original illustratedworlds inthis charming mix of adventure, puzzle, and platformer.First fiveepisodes of Mimpi Dreams are free to play. New episodesare premiumcontent. Features ● Scientifically accuratesuper-realisticsimulator of dog dreams :) ● Casual gameplaycombining platformer,puzzles, and adventure ● 7 different worlds toexplore. Five ofthem are free to play, other two are premium. ●Sequel to the awardwinning original - yes, there is Mimpi 1 AboutMimpi Mimpi pees oneverything to mark his dream territory like dogsare supposed to.In his dreams, he becomes the dog hero, who rescuesand saveswhoever is in need of rescuing or saving! Be it a lostpirate ship,a lab rat who wants to be free or a princess held by adragon -Mimpi hero is here to save the day. Of course, Mimpi cannot do itwithout his sidekick and that is YOU! Mimpi and you arethe makersof his dreams. Help Mimpi be the hero by manipulating hisdreams -move obstacles to allow Mimpi to get through levels, solvepuzzlesand help Mimpi communicate with the creatures in his dreams.FollowUs Become a fan of Mimpi on Facebook and get the latestupdates: Reviews: TouchArcade4/5:Mimpi Dreams, the sequel, is a cute, somewhatshortpuzzle-platformer with inspired art design and excellentcontrols.Pocket Gamer 8/10: "I play the whole thing with a smile onmy face.It's a joyous experience..." Harry Slater AppAdvice 4.5/5:MimpiDreams is a charming puzzle platformer for everyone. AppSpy:MimpiDreams is full of neat ideas, gorgeous graphics and charactersthatyou'll adore.
BoBoiBoy: Galactic Heroes RPG 1.0.14
BoBoiBoy Galactic Heroes is a casual action RPG mobile gameforbased on the most popular 3D animated TV Series in SoutheastAsia -BoBoiBoy Galaxy.Fight with the grown up teen gang of BoBoiBoyandhis friends to collect power sphera's spread in the entiregalaxyand beat villains and monsters on your way as many manyhuntershave been trying to relocate and capture the power spheresfortheir own gains. To stop the power spheres from falling intothewrong hands, this RPG lets you play as young superhero BoBoiBoyandyou first need to reunite your friends to form powerful teamstosearch and collect the power spheres from across thedangerousUniverse. The Galaxy is your playground!Are you heroenough to helpBoBoiBoy and his friends to save the entiregalaxy?Play it now: Theofficial BoBoiBoy RPG action super hero gamefor brandnew TV SeriesBoBoiBoy Galaxy![Features]★ Casual action RPGmobile game★ 3DCharacters in a 3D world by Unity Engine 5★ 5planets to play onplus 1 final Boss planet★ 80 stages in 4different areas to defeatmultiple villains★ Numerous Battle Modes:- Turn-based Battle -Active Time Battle (ATB) - Quick Time Event(QTE) special attacks★Autosave every end of the battle★ Dailyquests and Daily rewardsavailable★ Train & evolve Monsters tomake your teamundefeatable★ Collect 10 special Hero Characters withleaderabilities★ Fight ini PVP with others around the world
Redbros 3.1
‘Best Game of 2016 Google Play Indie Games Festival'The bestmobilegame you've been waiting for is finally out! ‘Red Bros' isanaction puzzle adventure game that you play using gestures. Nomoreauto-play games that leaves you bored - command your troopdirectlywith your own fingers! They will be more than willing tofollowyour orders. Get into the Tower, rescue the heroes caught byyourenemies, and defeat the Skeleton King with them!Control thetroopsusing gestureJust draw any shape with your finger. Your troopwillget into any formation you draw. Come up with your ownformationand tactics! You can control more than 20 heroes with asingleswipe! Use two fingers to split and send your troops todifferentplaces. The victory is (literally) at yourfingertip!Traps? Lurethem into the trap!Traps are usually justplain annoying... Buthere, things are different. You can use trapsto your ownadvantage. Avoid the traps and get your enemies get inthem insteadof you! Well done. That's what I’m talking about!Avariety ofpuzzles!The Skeleton King has set up a variety of puzzlesin hisTower to stop the heroes. But it's going to be a piece ofcake foryou, am I right? I’m sure it's nothing for... OOPS! Hurry,thetraps will set off if you spend too muchtime!AmazingSpells!Meteors! Arrows! Bombs and Teleportation! Get avariety ofSpells and kill your enemies - all at once! Drag and dropyourSpells to wherever you want, and they’ll be activated! Yup,justlike that! Get 10 monsters at once using Meteor! Very Good!Wait,where are you transporting to!?There are so many heroes tochoosefrom!There are a total of 47 heroes in Red Bros! Withdifferentabilities and weapons, they’ll follow your orders. Meetstrong,unique heroes and make your best troop! You’ll definitelyfindheroes that suit your style.100 Stages? No, there's more,more,MORE!We’ve prepared more than 100 stages for yourentertainment.Complete Missions on your way, and make your troopsstronger. We’llbe adding new stages every month, so don't worry andkeep playingthis game for a long time. We promise we’ll do our bestto keep youentertained as long asyouwant.-----------------------------Website: completely FREE to play, with some in-app-purchaseoptionsavailable within the app.Terms ofUse:* Ifthe gamedoes not start, please restart your phone and run it.
Super Hero Bike Highway Stunts 1.1
Cipher Coders
Welcome to the ultimate super hero bike highway stuntsexperience!Superheroes stunt bike racing is a must have game forall motorbike riders! Ride and race in free style kill the trafficspeedwith your super-fast speed like a true bike rider. Superherobikestunts are the most wide-ranging stunt based and HardStimulatingbike racing game. Never-ending superhero bike ridergives you mostinspiring game-play of super bike riding on hightraffic withultimate heroes’ bike stunts. Super Hero Highway BikeRiders drivesports bikes and make different dangerous stunts in theattractivecity. Crazy heroes Bike Stunts is amazing, thrilling andexcitinggame for all bike riders. You can enjoy your bike ride,zigzag yourbike in traffic sides in the vice city. Crazy Stunt Bikeis a fastrambled bike racing game. In which, you being brave,passing carsclosely, and making tricky stunts with your motorbikeby increasingspeed for getting scores. GAMEPLAY:Super hero bikehighway stuntsis entertaining game with thrilling gameplay whereyou play assuperheroes like ninja hero, super hero, monster heroand spiderhero to ride motor bike in high traffic area. Performdifferentdangerous stunts on city road and win the race. Enjoy therealadoring SBK motorbike racing game for amazing superheroesstuntsdrivers to explore the 3D racing world while enjoying thewonderfulenvironment of highway dirt bike race. Now you can use aturbonitro boost to become a speed bike racer or use a ramp toperformhigh jumps over the fast trains. Super heroes performincredibletricks and ride bike fast. Thrilling missions arewaiting.SUPERHERO BIKE HIGHWAY STUNTS FEATURES:• Play assuperheroes bike riderlike ninja hero, monster hero and many more•Choose your favoritesuperhero and super motorbike• Tap the rampbutton to generate aramp and make different incredible stunts.•Delightful and excitingmissions with pleasant environment •Realistic sound effects andsmooth controlsThis super hero bikehighway stunts simulator isgoing to keep you Moto Rider racing forhours. Ride your bike inthe endless highway traffic roadsovertaking the traffic and trynot to crash. Go faster and get morescores to buy new sports bikesand superheroes to beat the missionsin level mode. Be careful withyour direction though, crashing intoluxury cars will hurt anddecrease your health!
Relic Match 3: Mystery Society 4.23
The MYSTERY SOCIETY needs your help again to discover who stolethetreasure of jewels and artifacts in this exciting freematch-3quest game! From the makers of Hidden Object Blackstone andMysterySociety games: Tamalaki presents yet another amazinglyadventurousgame to play online! Enjoy detective adventures, solvepuzzles andrecover artefacts in this Relic Match 3 game. Join anexquisitedetective crew! You start your adventure as a rookie andclimbthrough the ranks to become a top detective! Match-3 ormoreobjects to investigate the crime scene and find the hiddenjewels,complete collections, solve quests, level up and build yourowndetective office. EXPLORE THE MYSTERIOUS WORLD OF THESECRETSOCIETY Enjoy a rich storyline, thrilling quests andcaptivatingcharacters. Investigate new, exciting locations anddiscoverseveral different game modes. Break crates, pop bubbles,bust locksand unlock more! FIND STOLEN JEWELS Play through severalexcitinglevels, match dozens of objects, use special boosterstoinvestigate the crime scenes, and recover the lost treasures!Find,trade, and collect items to earn amazing rewards. SOLVEPUZZLESWITH YOUR FRIENDS You can compete for the highest score andsendbonuses and boosters to your friends! Can you become thegreatestdetective and put an end to the heists? Play Relic Match-3and findout! Features: • NO INTERNET CONNECTION REQUIRED to play!•BEAUTIFUL, HIGH-RESOLUTION GRAPHICS look great on your phoneortablet! • COMPETE for the highest score among your friendsonGoogle Play! • HOURS of entertainment and gameplay! • CONNECTtoFacebook to send bonuses and energy to your friends! VISITUS: WATCHUS: LIKEUS: FOLLOWUS: [email protected]
Transport Empire: Steam Tycoon 2.2.12
Game Insight
✓ The 2014 Annual Awards Winner for Best SimulationGame(✓ An eye-catching adventure set in theVictorianera (✓ It’s a re-imagining of the classicTycoon-stylegames (✓ If you enjoy casual, city buildinggames, thatfocus on economics more than battles, download TransportEmpire andsee if you can become a rail tycoon( is a captivating economicstrategy game inspired by theVictorian Era and a little bit ofsteampunk. Dispatch trains,steamboats and airships, build roads andmines and develop citiesto enjoy absolute monopoly of the country'stransportation sector.Earn the respect and love of the locals whileavoiding the sinistermachinations of enemies and rivals. Put youreconomic skills to useand become the powerful business tycoon!Keyfeatures:✔ This gameworks in offline mode without Internet – playit on the plane, insubway or on the road. Enjoy!✔ Beautifulintricate graphics – aneconomic strategy game like you’ve neverseen before✔ Three typesof vehicles: trains, steamboats andairships✔ The opportunity todevelop transportation as well as tonsof unique cities✔ Amazingcharacters with compelling life stories✔Fascinating storyline -contend with competitors, cast light onconspiracies, hunttreasure, find ghosts, embark on expeditions todistant lands andso much more!PrivacyPolicy: ofService: newtitles fromGameInsight: http://game-insight.comJoin our communityon Facebook: our community on YouTubechannel: the latest news onTwitter: us onInstagram:
Animepapers - Anime Wallpapers! 1.1.1
Callampa Apps
Animepapers is your source of Anime Wallpapers speciallydesignedfor Anime Lovers. Easy to use, just find your favoriteAnime andset your Wallpaper! Enjoy hundreds of Anime Wallpapers HDlike:•Boruto •Bleach •Boku no hero Academia •One-Punch Man •SwordArtOnline •Full metal Alchemist •Hunter X Hunter •Fairy Tail•DeathNote •Fate/Zero •Code Geass •One Piece •Steins;Gate •DragonBallSuper •Tokyo Ghoul •Nanatsu no Taizai and a lots of moreAnime!Updates when new Anime Backgrounds come out :) Your favoriteAnimeis not listed ? No problem! Just send us a request and wewillupload it as soon as possible, we love to hear our users.AnimeWallpaper Request Link: Features:•WeeklyUpdates new Animes Wallpapers every week! •Share on allSocialNetworks your favorite Anime Wallpaper! •Save AnimeBackgrounds toyour device. •Avaible Ultra HD and 4K Wallpapers.•PushNotifications when new Anime Wallpapers come out ! •AnimeWallpaperRequest Link ♥ •and much more !
Hero Jump 1.1
Elite Games
The best real 3d jump racing game! Very simple game rule - Justtapscreen to make hero jump, jump, jump! Highlighted features: #Jumpto kill monsters and avoid obstacles.# Kill the same 3 monstersina row to power up.# Abundant hero characters for your choice:Hero,Ninja, Storm, Wolf ...# Pet helps you gain high scoreBindingfacebook will bring you even more fun! Compete with yourfriends toshow who is the best hero jumper!
Monster Hero Battle in City 2.1
Join the city battle as a monster hero which is a real legendhero.Your city has been invaded by bad guys, mafias and badgangsters.Battle is on against the mafia and gangster as monsterherofuturistic powers skills. This Monster Hero fights and catchthebad guys, drug dealers and criminals. These Evil kind ofvillainshas been attacked the city and fully invaded. Play as acity heroin most futuristic and dynamic gameplay. This big hunkhero willchase these criminals by drive a car and also will takethem to thepolice station but before your monster hero will beatthem upbecause this is monster hero and city battle is just on. Youasmonster hero fights against these mutant villains in thisfinalbattle. Its time to protect your city against these supervillainswith Monster Hero Battle in the City.This is future fightagainstthe bad super villains, use your futuristic powers asmonster hero.Save and protect your city, Crush and smash bad guy'scars andeverything which come in your sight and become a MonsterHero inCity Battle. Final mutant combat has just begun in newmonster herogame with loads of future fights. You as monster heroprotect thecity and save the people because every one is dependingon you.This is strange monster mutant superhero legend withsupernaturalpowers of destruction. Drug dealers and mafias areselling drugsindependently and destroying the city quickly. Drivecar and smashand destruct them with your ultimate mutant powers.smash theirvehicles and destroy them immediately. You are Hunk herolegend hasalways served this metropolis city in the dark nightswith itsmutant powers. Be the real time hero in this final battle!FEATURESOF MONSTER HERO BATTLE IN CITY: - Drive the car in big cityinsearch of mafia and gangsters to smash them.- Monster hero incitybattle game with stunning graphics.- Futuristic destructivepowersfor thrill gameplay. - Action packed battle &destructionmissions. Play monster hero with final battle with badguys andride your iron bat ride and drive big car to chase down theenemy.You are alone and legendary warrior against the mutant powersascity hero. Stop forcefully enemy attacks and also stop crimesincity. Play Monster Hero in final city battle game and become aheroof the town.
Bridge Another World: Alice in Shadowland 1.0.0
Play the trial for FREE! Pay once & complete theadventure!Alicewas out for a nice evening jog, when suddenly astranger pushes heroff a bridge into the river below. Grabbing foranything withinreach, she catches a piece of a mirror thatmagically transports herto another world. What used to beWonderland is now a darkreflection of itself called Shadowland,and the people of the landare crying out for a hero to save them!•FREE WONDERLAND FROM THEGRIP OF AN EVIL TYRANT!The Red Princessrules with an iron fist, butprophecy speaks of one who will cometo the rescue. Are you thefabled Alice of legend?• CAN YOU FINDYOUR SHADOW BEFORE IT’S TOOLATE?Track down your missing piecethrough a fantasy land ofcolorful hidden object scenes. • RECOVERWHAT WAS LOST WITH YOURTRUSTY COMPASSUse this handy device to helpsolve magical puzzlesand spectacular mini-games.• THWART AN EVILPLOT IN THE EXCITINGBONUS CHAPTERJourney into the past and enjoyadditional Collector’sEdition exclusives including collectiblePlaying Cards, morphingobjects, and more!• Find thousands ofhidden objects, plus solvetons of mini games and puzzles!• Unlockthis incredible Collector'sEdition to gain access to all of theamazing bonuses and additionalgameplay!*** Discover more from BigFish Games*** Sign up for ournewsletter and never miss a newrelease or promotion again: outour entire game library withour Big Fish Games app absolutely FREEhere: Big Fish Games, a leadingdeveloper,producer, and publisher of puzzle, adventure, casual,card &casino games!VISIT US:
Dinosaurs Run Escape 1.1.8
Do you like dinosaur games? Rushing through the dino safariinfestedjungle on safari, you will collect coins that willunlocksuper-human abilities, massive bonuses, and super-coolcharacters.Do you like dinosaur games? This high espirit run actionendlessfun game will have you on the edge of your seat. See howmany coinsyou can collect and just how far you can make it as yourun throughthis Jurassic jungle. This creative 3D mobile game isfun and fullof adventure.Cool effects, blazing extreme runningspeeds, andplenty of power-ups make Dino Safari Rush the endlessrunner tobeat.Safari Rush Features:• Fun 3d game endless runner•Amazingpower-ups and bonuses• Casual gaming with classic Jurassicjungles•Unlock cool and colorful safari running characters• 3Drunningoff-road dinosaur action adventure• A creative mobilegamingexperienceSafari Rush will have you going full-on safari,Jurassicstyle.
Portal Quest 3.1
Enter the world of Portal Quest, the next generation of RPGmobilegames! Gather and lead your team of battle-ready Heroes toprotectagainst a corrupt force! The Hollow is poised to take overtheWorld as you know it. It’s up to your team to wage throughbattlesto hold the Hollow back. Your enemies will only get toughersoassembling the best team of battle-ready Heroes isessential.Summon your team to take down the enemy while upgradingthem to thefinest Heroes Portal Quest has seen. It’s the only waywe will beable to hold the Hollow back and defeat them for good!Features •Battle Through the Campaign - Earn gear, experience, andshards toupgrade your heroes by taking down the enemy in 5v5battles. •Gather the Best Heroes - Collect and upgrade 55+ uniqueheroes tobuild out a full team. • Choose Your Heroes Wisely - EachHero hasits strengths. Use them against the right enemies andyou’ll end upon top. • Compete in Guild Wars - Join your Guildmatesand take onother Guilds in epic battles to defend your Keep! • TonsofChallenging Modes - Whether it’s collecting unique gear fromadungeon or putting your team up against your friends, thereisalways a battle to wage. Facebook -
3D Neon Hero Assassin Theme 1.1.8
no.1 3D Theme
3d Hero Assassin makes your phone vivid!Welcome to 3d HeroAssassin3D theme! 3d Hero Assassin 3D theme provides you withpersonalizedwallpapers, characteristic lock screen and exquisiteicon packs! Itincludes dozens of uniform icons and wallpapers, withwhich you caneasily stylize your device. All artistic app iconswill present adistinctively fashionable phone for you for free. Getthis 3d HeroAssassin theme with 3d Hero Assassin screen wallpaper!Install this3d Hero Assassin theme right away and enjoy your new 3dHeroAssassin live wallpaper!3d Hero Assassin theme consists ofneonbackgrounds, 3d Hero Assassin app icons, neon trendy wallpapersandblue digital effects. This 3d Hero Assassin launcher (iconpacks)theme is specially designed for neon people who love bluetheme.3dHero Assassin is launched especially for launcher users.Long presswill activate the unique interactive live effects of each3D theme.You will be amazed by the endless surprises.✪ Cool 3DDynamicEffects✈:Make your phone cool and awesome!Features ☂:✿ 3dHeroAssassin lock screen theme with neon vivid shine HDlivewallpapers✿ Animated neon vivid shine to decorate your screen✿3dHero Assassin HD live wallpaper with 3d Hero Assassinthemebringing out unique neon style✿ 3d Hero Assassin lock screentoprotect your privacy easily ✿ blue vivid skin with blue vividicondesigns for 56 popular apps✿ 3d dynamic launcher home to makeyourandroid phone of a special neon fashion✿ Supporting DIYHDwallpapers in vivid theme center and blue neon vivid theme ✪ThemeCenter✿:3,000+ themes here covering various categories, liketech,blue glitter, nature, cute ones, cartoon, flowers, love,vivid,cool style, shine, simple themes, sports, special for girlsandmany more. You can find all the themes you love in the themecenterwhile enjoying the great launcher experience!✪ About 3dHeroAssassin Theme:Wanna enter the world of 3d Hero Assassin? Hurryupand download the 3d Hero Assassin launcher theme!3d HeroAssassintheme is a 3D button skin pack with cool 3D effects. 3dHeroAssassin also has plenty of beautiful neon wallpapers for youtoset as your phone's background.★ After downloading ourlauncher,you can use our free themes and HD wallpaper center withlots ofexquisite themes and wallpapers that are truly delightful.May itbe cool, pink or girlish. Whatever theme you want, you willfind itin our theme center.★ 3d Hero Assassin theme is made forlauncherto customize your mobile phone with 3d Hero Assassin livewallpaperand vivid screen lock . You deserve a special neon vividshinelauncher with this blue theme. Just visit the app center tosearchwhatever you need in this 3d dynamic launcher!To use thistheme,please:1. Download and install the theme;2. Install thelauncher;3.Start the launcher, go to "My Themes", tap it to applyon yourphone.Please don’t forget to rate us and post comments.Thanks!
Motor Hero! 2.0
Hold to accelerate to conquer the daring platforms.Then holdinmidair to flip the motorcycle to get stars.Performsucceedingstunts to earn more stars and unlock more bikes!Are youready totake the risk?
Puzzle Games: Remove Red Block 13.0
We are glad to introduce to you the newest block puzzle oftheseason, remove the red block! Very interesting and addictiveblockcraft! Rules of the logic games is to remove all red blocksandkeep save the green. Some of the red blocks can not justdeletethem have to fold, they will stand on platforms that canberemoved. Even in the cube games has blue - neutral blocks, itisnot important to remove you from it or not, they performanauxiliary function.The puzzles is divided into 45 levelsofinterest, some of which will not be easy to go through towin.Passing levels, you get points for which you can buy funny hatsforthe green blocks in the future. The game will be passed whenallthe red blocks fall and one green at the same time not fall, andaslong as the blocks will not stop, the game will beconsideredpassed. Each block has its own animation, angry red,green andfear, as well, they have a voice, screaming when theblocks fall.This animation gives the game a special excitingatmosphere, thegame becomes more interesting and more fun.Downloadthis blockpuzzle mania now, it sure you will like it!Features:•Puzzle blockgames and casual games genre;• Perfectly drawn elementsandcharacters;• 45 exciting levels;• Funny hats for thecharacters;•All cubes it's funny animation;• Blocks screaming inthe fall;•Beautiful graphics and funny music;• Easy operation;• Oneof thebest of time killer games• There are no age restrictions;•Easy andfun to play;• Blocks games is absolutly free;How to play:Itisnecessary to remove blocks and save other.FollowUs:TWITTER:
Egypt Quest Blast 1.4.5
egypt quest blastDifferent from puzzle games, you only have totapon two or more toy cubes of the same color to have a greatblast!The more toy cubes you blast, the better booster you willcreate!Pop cubes within limited moves! There will be hundredslevels ofpuzzle games for you to discover! How to play Egypt questblastgames:♥ Color blast: Pop cubes in the same color to blast♥Collectblasted color cubes or toys to reach the level goals♥Createdifferent powerful boosters to pop cubes easily♥ Blastdifferentocean obstacles in dIfferent puzzle games
Celsius Heroes 2.1.1
Are you in for an intuitive game with a real story, heroes,astoryline and humor?Set off on an adventure with your heroesandraise yourselves against the forces which are ravaging thecountyof Acilion. Quests, dialogs, spells and decisive choices arethecomponents of this adventure with an enthralling storylineandintuitive gameplay.FEATURES• A roleplaying game with anenthrallingstory which is far from formulaic.• Recruit, train andimprove yourheroes: weapons, artefacts, spells, skills,levelling...• Make themspeak with other characters: your choiceswill greatly influencethe story.• Each hero has his ownpersonality: the composition ofyour team will also impact thestoryline.• Explore huge 3Ddungeons, inextricable forests, hauntedmines, forgotten templesand a lot of other places: each of themcorresponds to a quest.•Travel in a vast world from the big map andsee where your friendsare playing (if you have friends - if youhaven't, we can't helpyou)• Use puzzle games to control your heroesand cast spells incombat.• Play with your friends: lend heroes toeach other duringbattles, offer coins of gold and action points andhelp themunlocking exclusive quests (friends are not provided withthe app)•Play for free: in-app purchases are possible but*never*mandatory.• A large dose of humor!An internet connectionisrequired to play this game.AN IMPORTANT NOTE: downloadingandinstalling Celsius Heroes is free but some in-game items canbepurchased with real money. If you do not wish to use thisfeature,please disable the in-app purchases in yourdevicesettings.ASSISTANCEAre you experiencing an issue or do youwant toreport something about the game? Pleasevisit or contact us in-gamebyselecting Help > Feedback & Support.WIKIAYou can alsovisitCelsius Heroes' Wikiahere: newfriends and keep yourself up-to-date about Celsius Heroes'latestnews here:Facebook:
Slime Evolution 3.3
Raise cute little slime and take care of a slime farm of yourown![‘How to enjoy 'Slime Evolution'!] 1. Create a new slime –combinethe same slime and a new slime appears. 2. Set an element oftheslime – slime can have water / fire / or grass elements.Eachelement has different characteristics, so choose wisely! 3. goonan advanture with your Slime. – You can get a slime andjeweryduring the advanture. 4. Check your field guide book – Youcancheck the name of slimes with funny explanation and theirability.5. Make a special Slime – Try to make a special slime byfinding anew way other than existing evolution method. For anyquestions,email [email protected]
Candy Bugs Paradise 2.1.4
Switch and match the collectable candies in thisfantasticadventure. Join forces with the Gorden’s friends to stopgreedy thethief bugs from stealing the precious candies collected.Switch andmatch three or more delicious candies to drive Thiefworms away forgood! A microworld adventure filled with mixedcandies and bugsmadness! Scrummy! Download the FREE game now andremember, ensuringyour Candy Bugs Paradise. A message from Gorden.Candy BugsParadise is a very sweet candy game. The most interestingmatch 3casual game in the google play! Bring this popular hottestcoolgame that's full of candy fun to your phone now! How to play:-Just match three or more same identical candies to score points.-Match the candy until the board transparency,the candy starwillappear. - Let the candy star down to last line in the screentopass the level. - Eliminate the more candy quickly can getextrascores. Bug's Candy Bugs Paradise: ★ Over 110 luscious levelsocomplete and marvelous magic sweets to collect. ★ Gather allkindsof candies to win the level before you run out of moves. ★Easy andfun to play, but a challenge to fully master. ★Rechargeableboosters, extra moves and special power-ups to helpwith thosechallenging levels.
Midnight Castle: Hidden Object 1.14.27
Beyond the gates of a mysterious castle lies a story richwithpuzzles, thrilling secrets, and a hidden object maze foryourtablet! Use each hidden object you find on the castle groundstocraft exquisite relics, secret potions, and poisons! Craft asmanyas you can and be rewarded each time! From the beautifulroyalty tomenacing dragons and trolls, experience a secret world ofwonder,discover each unique hidden object, and solve every puzzle!Startplaying Midnight Castle on your tablet today! • Play for freeonyour tablet and other devices! Solve puzzles! • Stunningvisuals,hidden objects, and spooky characters! • Craft incredibleitems tohelp you on your quests! • Enjoy the fantasy & secretswithyour friends! • Beautiful game play, especially on Googletablets!By downloading this game you are agreeing to our privacypolicy:; and ourterms ofuse: Sign upnow forour newsletter and never miss a new release or great dealagain: *** Discover more from BigFishGames*** Search for “Big Fish Games” in Google Play, or lookforthese specific titles! • Big Fish Casino • Fairway Solitaire•Fairway Solitaire Blast Visit Big Fish Games, a leadingdeveloper,producer, and publisher of puzzle, adventure, casual,card &and casino games for tablet and other mobile devices.VISIT WATCH TALK Big Fish terms ofuse:
Father and Son 1.0.701
Father and Son is an adventure that takes off from theNationalArchaeological Museum in Naples, a cultural institutionhousingsome of humanity’s greatest artefacts and treasures.Whatbegins asthe story of a son who never knew his father becomes auniversaland ageless tale, with the present and the past making upthesetting for Michael’s travels. Seek for yourself the beautiesofNaples, experience the last hours of life in Pompeii beforeMountVesuvius erupted in 79 AD, and explore the ordinary day-to-daylifein Ancient Egypt. The past is what makes our presentreal.Completion time: 50-60 minutes. Some sections of Father andSon areunlocked by checking in at the Archaeological Museum ofNaples,publisher of the game. The Father and Son soundtrack isavailablefor download on the official site.
Egypt puzzle game 2.2
Features that must be known:1.Different the other game's pathbringyou different experience.2.Map carefully designed to make thegamemore enjoyable.3.Stunning effects and HD graphics.4.Classicmobilegame experience.5.Easy to learn, but difficult tobecomemaster.6.Many secret maps to make the game moreaddictive.7.Playfor all those ages. No Violence, crude picturesinside game(Suitable regarding kids and children).8.All free.How toplaymarble royal games:1. Touch the screen where you want toshoot2.Match 3 or more same marble lines color to eliminate them3.Shootcolored marbles in group of 3 or more to match them4. Puttogetheras many bonus points as possible.5. Swap the shooting ballwillmake it more easier.This game is seriously fun, superaddictive,you will like it.Thanks every game players! Anysuggestion iswelcome!
GAMEE - Play games with your friends 1.26.4
◆ Fast paced 👾 arcade, fun action, racing and sportchallenges,puzzle, logic games and many more! Ready? Awesome! 👍 ◆Catchy,quick and fun casual games. Just click & play! 🎮 ◆Collectionof free arcade games to keep you entertained 🎉 ◆ Playanytime youhave a minute 🎯 ◆ Battle your friends 💪 or anyone inyour city 🏆 ◆Best games of 2018 🔥 ◆ Play to become Master of GAMEE👑 Enjoy newgames all the time, join many adventures and meet ourcharacters!Become a ninja, race with fast cars, play like abasketball star,spin our fidget spinner, play with brick andblocks, catch and cutfruit and enjoy challenging other players.Bored on the subway? Ourgames can be played offline! No tricks, allfree and fair.#PlayAllDay Already a fan of GAMEE? Like us 👍 onFacebook or followus ❤️ on Twitter for the latest
Angry Birds Space HD 2.2.14
The #1 mobile game of all time blasts off into space!Playover300interstellar levels across 10 planets – includingourveryownSolar System! Whether it’s the icy orbs of ColdCuts,thevolcanicexplosiveness of Red Planet, Utopia – aplanetmadeentirely ofjunk food, or even our own Solar System,eachepisodeoffersintergalactic fun at every turn! Andthelow-gravityenvironment ofspace results in spectaculargameplayranging fromslow-motionpuzzles to lightspeed destruction.Withbrand new birds,specialabilities, and a whole galaxy toexplore,the sky is nolonger thelimit! ----- “Intergalacticphenomenon worthevery penny”–AppCraver “Takes the fundamentalphysics-basedflinging oftheoriginal and turns it on its head...It'ssatisfying,yetcompletely familiar, and is heaps ofpig-smashingfun.” –Gamespot“Anyone burnt out on vanilla birdflinging willenjoy thegame'sout-of-this-world adventure.” -- IGN----- - Over300interstellarlevels! - New playable characters! -Uniquespecialabilities foreach bird! - Zero-gravity spaceadventures! -Trickshots usingplanets’ gravity! - Hidden bonuslevels! -Beautifullydetailedbackgrounds! - Daily Missions! -----Join theglobalphenomenon asit goes galactic! Become a fan of AngryBirdsonFacebook: FollowusonTwitter:http://twitter.angrybirds.comTermsofUse: application mayrequireinternetconnectivity and subsequent datatransfer chargesmayapply.Important Message for Parents This gamemay include: -Directlinksto social networking websites that areintended foranaudienceover the age of 13. - Direct links to theinternet thatcantakeplayers away from the game with the potentialto browseanywebpage. - Advertising of Rovio products and alsoproductsfromselectpartners. - The option to make in-app purchases.Thebillpayershould always be consulted beforehand.
Catboy City Run Super Maxks 1.0
NZM Games
New amazing super kid heroes temple mask running game:catboyadventure is a free running game come for you from the NZMpjGames2018.Join P catboy and all J characters in their dashadventurerace to rush and jump past enemies.pije adventure templecity runis a fun mâsk game in the world of pyjama heros. our herocatboy ison a mission to save humanity.catboy are back for a newadventure,choose pjbetween various heroes including Catboy masks.Each ofthem has a special power to help you.The new levels are soamazing: take advantage of the power of the moonlight to escapetraps,obstacles and defeat your enemies.Face your ultimate enemy,in thispjall new running game Adventure masks Temple City StarlightRunSprint.1. Just use the catboy's weapon and defeatenemies.2.Collect gold as many as you can,do not fall off theholes.3. Reachto the end pass the level.Super Adventure masksTemple City Run:moon heroes is a free pjrunning game come for youfrom the nz gamecompany.Join catboy and all pije character in theirdash adventurecity race to rush and jump past enemies.Players canenjoy pj câtboyRun through the travel temple city and sprintadventure to collectas many moonlight power as you can.This isreally funny thatchildren are joining to play free time.★★★★★ GameHighlights★★★★★:★ Great design and stunning 2D graphics.★ Maks 4temple worldand 20 levels with boss to defeat★ This free game is aplatform forall ages.★ easy to play pj but difficult to master.★Fantasticsounds of masks. You can feel the surrounding nature ofyoursmartphone.★ Get's High Score for New Character of pi je.
Moto Spider Traffic Hero: Motor Bike Racing Games 2.1
Love playing spider traffic hero games? Lead the world oftrafficbike games in this outstanding amalgamation of hero gameswithmotorbike games. Drive your spider traffic hero bikethroughtraffic as a charismatic fearless traffic rider in thisvertex ofmoto stunt traffic driving games. Pursue your zest withcharisma,be the strange moto hero you always wanted to be and chaseenemythroughout the city streets to finish them in thisamazingintroduction to super spider games. Search terroristsamongcontemporaries who are on the urge to destroy beautifulhistoricbuildings of this prestigious city, these gangsters arelootinglocal banks and common man of this great city need help fromyourspider rider in this finest of super spider bike hero games.Becautious of enemy firing, maintain enough distance to keepyourspider traffic hero out of danger. Avail the chance of becominganultimate stunt man driver through, you will have a fullyloadedautomatic machine gun with you at all times, shoot enemies inthismaverick presentation of motorcycle spider shooting games.Drivingthrough heavy traffic at high speed can result in collisionso youneed to show full control with adroitness of your state ofthe artbike traffic racer. Speed is what you need to achieve inthisparamount of bike games, furnish bike racing skills tododgetraffic as a professional motorcycle traffic rider on agiganticboulevard. Floor the throttle, keep your mind alert andperformextreme bike stunts to dodge enemy fire as these gangstersareprofessional shooters, there is no respite. Chase enemywithagility as an irate expert traffic racer in this marveloustrafficbike game which is the best choice for the fans of trafficfeverdriving games. So grab this finest of motorcycle stuntracingtraffic games and enjoy unlimited amazing acts of stunts ofanunseen hi-tech motorbike unlike typical bike superherogames.***Gameplay Features***  Numerous levels for fanatics ofnimblemotorcycle racing games and super spider games.  Awesome3Denvironment specially designed to be in sync with the themeofmaverick moto racing games.  Impressive and intuitive onscreencontrols for overdose of spider rider bike games and racinghighwaygames to play with friends in.  Playable on multipledevices. Absolutely amazing sound track for fans of bike raceinggames andsuper moto games. Folks! Our remarkable innovation ofsuper spiderboulevard racing in this vertex motorbike gamespresents a uniqueconcept to relish super spider bike gamerefreshingly presentedinside motorcycle game. Download this free“MOTO SPIDER TRAFFICHERO: MOTO BIKE RACING”, become a champion andenjoy every bit ofthis ploy, moto traffic racer. This is your oneand only chance toliving your dream as a moto racing rider. Becomea super spiderrescue hero and be the savior of the city fromoutside threat whileyou rush through traffic on your racermotorbike and shoot theenemy cars with special ballistic missiles.Destroy enemy vehiclesand make the city proud with your insane bikedriving and machinegun firing skills in this xtreme of moto stuntdriving games andsuper hero bike racing games.
Mahjong World Adventure - The Treasure Trails 1.0.20
Ready for the most epic treasure hunt ever?! Go on anadventurearound the world and explore the famous treasure trails –anexciting route full of rare artifacts – as you play over 80levelsof mahjong. With more levels added every week, the fun neverstops!Hunt for treasures hidden throughout the worlds, unlockamazing HDartwork and meet lots of interesting characters as youplay mahjongand travel the world on the treasure trails! ★ Fun,Relaxing &Casual Mahjong Our mahjong games are perfect forplayers of allskill levels! Each puzzle is fun, relaxing and alwayssolvable – noneed to worry about making a wrong move and creatingan impossiblesituation. Just sit back, relax and enjoy the game.Remember, ifyou need a hand, just tap on the hint button! ★ Hunt& CraftRare Treasures On your treasure hunt around the world,you’ll havethe chance to collect crafting tiles as you playmahjong. Collectall the crafting tiles for an item and you’llunlock that piece ofrare treasure! Keep the treasure or sell it forthousands andthousands of gold coins! When you complete a mahjongsolitairepuzzle, you have the chance to open between 1 and 3mysterytreasure chest, giving you the chance to find even more coolstuffto keep orsell!---------------------------------------------------------------------MAHJONGTREASURE TRAILS -HIGHLIGHTS---------------------------------------------------------------------⦁Classic mahjong solitaire rules with a knights & dragonstwist ⦁Easy to understand gameplay suitable for all ages ⦁ Helpfulhintsare always available when you need them ⦁ Match tiles on anepicjourney with over 80 levels ⦁ More maps, features & levelsaddedevery month! ⦁ Normal and expert modes for the skilledmahjongsolitaire player ⦁ Bonus levels with various ways to play ⦁CollectTreasure Trails artwork, save & use as a HD background⦁Complete dark dungeon levels in each map to earn HUGE rewards ⦁Freedaily rewards & coins for active players ⦁ Each level usesitsown uniquely themed tile sets ⦁ Replay each level as many timesasyou like to earn more coins ⦁ Earn coins to unlock moreexcitingmahjong boards ⦁ Play offline – no wifineeded!--------------------------------------------------------------------YOURTREASURE HUNTADVENTURE…--------------------------------------------------------------------Land1 – Ancient Mystery Exploring old ruins, you find anancienttreasure map. Still in tact, it’s written in a strangelanguage youdon’t understand. Land 2 – Eastern Adventure Adventureto landsfar, far away and locate the mysterious man who is rumouredtounderstand the language of the treasure map. Land 3 – Treasuresofthe World With a translation of the map, you embark onyourtreasure trails adventure around the world, finding amazingitemsand meeting fun people along the way! Land 4 – Paradise IslandXmarks the spot, right? Can you find the chest of goldburiedbeneath Paradise Island? More Lands Coming Soon… We’reconstantlyadding exciting new maps each month, so keep checkingback for moremahjong fun! START YOUR TREASURE HUNT TODAY– DOWNLOADMAHJONG WORLDADVENTURE!
Harvest Mania - Match 3 Puzzle 1.0.4
Switch and match three or more adorable Crops to make a remove!Alot of fresh fruits and vegetables in the harvest seasonarewaiting for you!. Pass all the levels with strategic matchingandyou will become the Super Farmer!Harvest Mania is completelyfreeto play but some in-game items such as extra moves or liveswillrequire payment.Join the millions who adore the magic ofMatch-3Puzzle. Aim for greatness!Features:● Gather all kinds ofcrop,fruit in the farm or collect soils to win the level before yourunout of moves.● Easy and fun to play, but a challenge tofullymaster.● Take on your friends to compete for the best scoreand seewho can switch their way to the fattest onions ever!●Rechargeableboosters, extra moves and special power-ups to helpwith thosechallenging levels.Harvest Mania How to Play● Switch andmatch 3 ormore super adorable crop/fruit to reach the target.●Unlockpower-ups, collect, run your farm for the preparation oftoughlevels.● Less moves you pass a level, higher score you'll get.Canyou score high enough to earn 3 stars on every level?Follow ustoget news and updatesonfacebook:
Spider Simulator: Amazing City 1.038
Spider simulator is action, casual adventure game, where you playasa crazy, angry, frenzy and stupid spider in city. Your aim istocause destruction, mess, wreck, demolish, ram, smasheverythinginteractive and also annoy citizens. In your mission yougainpoints and experience, the faster you get them the more bonusyourecieve. Town environment contains a lot of obstacles suchasexplosive cars, pixel fence, barrels, block lawns,streetlights,street hydrants, cube dustbins and many other. Thisgame is goodfor relaxing purposes and releasing the stress. -Stunning 3Dmountain park ( hill ) graphics - Hours of fun gameplaywith thisgreat scary simulator - 8 real Spiders to pick -tarantula, arachnoetc - 6 levels, more to come - Multiplayer bossrampage included -There is no blood, gore, horror
Chronology - Time changes... 1.92
Chronology is a puzzle platform adventure starring The InventorandThe Snail. Try "Part I" with 3 chapters for FREE. ◆ "BestCasualGame of the Year" & "Best Mobile Game of the Year" @GameConnection Paris 2014 ◆ "When Braid and LIMBO had a prettybaby"(★★★★- Chronology, you manipulate the pastand thefuture, in order to fix the present. Play as the OldInventor andhis sidekick The Snail, and take advantage of theirspecialabilities - travel back and forth in time, stop time,manipulateobjects and solve puzzles.◆ Time changes everything -Solve puzzlesby travelling back and forth in - or freezing - time.◆Characterswith heart and soul - Switch between two lovablecharacters withdifferent abilities and combine their strengths.◆ Amind-bendingstory line. As the story unfolds, learn how the maincharacter hasalready played a central role in shaping the future ofhis world.◆A magical, colorful, vibrant and living universe thatmixeselements from different times and cultures.◆ Amazinglyanimatedcharacters, machines and creatures, inspired by HayaoMiyazaki(Howls Moving Castle, My Neighbor Totoro).◆ Fully voiceacted inEnglishFollow our social accounts to receive the latestnews andupdates regarding the magical adventure through timeandspace:▶Facebook:▶Twitter:
Spider Hero Stunt Bike Race: Moto Impossible Game 1.2
Enjoy the best super hero games in this finest of off roadbikedriving games where you will be acting as a lead super motoherowhile you dodge your rivals in this zest of boulevard bikeracinggames! Witness exhaling racing fever with you super spiderbikeheroes in our innovative introduction to superhuman herobikegames! Be a real man and lead the race on your steel bike withyourmaverick off roading skills and pass the finish line in thefirstplace to be a real spider motostar racer in this grand ofoffroadmotorbike new superhero games. Our unflawed introductiontoincredible spiders motorcycle racing games overdose ofsupermotorcycle challenge real stunt racing, it is the mostaddictiveinclusion specially designed for freak of motorcycle superherogames; do polish your bike skills in this outstanding extremebikedriving simulator. Climb on your incredible spiders superheromotorbike and race it as a pro highway boulevard racer in thisvertex ofbike racing games 2017. Relish on our top free motorbikeracingmania that offers you innovation of sports bikes in thisimpossibletrack extreme stunt game. We have given you the libertyto choosefrom your favorite moto hero traffic riders and enter thecircuiton your futuristic super motorbike in acts of maverickmotorbikegames. Challenge your heroic contemporaries to ride onthese crazysludgy asphalt bike hill stunt tracks in this zest oftraffic herostunt bike games. Perform high jumps and crazy aerialtricks in thestunt zone of incredible spider superhuman whereobstacles havebeen intentionally deployed. Test your extreme motorbike drivinggames skills in this greatest of extreme bike racinggames. Dodgeyour opponents as a pro traffic racer and enjoy cityhighwaydriving on new 3D built tracks, do not collide! Thismotorcyclesimulator lets you have a pure pleasure of real racingexperience.Perform professional crazy moto extreme stunts and boostyour bikedrifting expertise. Explore the thrill of realistic stuntbikeracing while driving and feeling the thrill of realmotorcyclesimulator. Use ramps to jump and cross your opponents toearn extrapoints. Prove yourself as the best bike stunt gamessuperhuman toshow some crazy stunts during the race to beat yourrivals.***GAMEPLAY FEATURES***• Multiple levels for the loversofmotorcycle simulator games and incredible spider fearlessmotostarssuperhero games.• Awesome 3D environment speciallydesigned to bein sync with the theme of motorcycle stunt games playwith friends.• Multiple types of super hero bikes to enrich yourexperience ofracing games 3D.• Impressive and intuitive on screencontrols forfans of online superhero games.• Playable on multipledevices.Guys, this super moto extreme stunt fearless boulevardracing isthe vertex of incredible spiders motorbike racing games in2018.Take initiative, pursue your gigantic dreams with adroitnessanddeal charismatic ploy like a lead hero. Download free “SpiderHeroStunt Bike Race: Moto Impossible Game” and enjoy the amazinggameploy!
The Room Three 1.03
Fireproof Games
“Probably the Best Mobile Game of 2015” -“With itsrichatmosphere and clever puzzles, The Room Three is engrossingandhard to put down.” - Game Informer“A triumph. We fullyrecommendimmersing yourself in this atmospheric mystery”“Muchbigger and longer than the previous titles, more of afull-blownadventure game” - Touch Arcade“A brilliant, uniquelytactileexperience packed with incredible puzzles. Just go and buyit.”-PocketGamer___________________________________________________________________________________Theeagerlyawaited sequel to the BAFTA award winning 'The Room' and'The RoomTwo' is finally here.Welcome to The Room Three, aphysical puzzlegame within a beautifully tactile world.Lured to aremote island,you must draw upon all your puzzle-solving abilityto navigate aseries of trials devised by a mysterious figure knownonly as “TheCraftsman”.PICK-UP-AND-PLAY DESIGNEasy to begin yethard to putdown, enjoy a unique mix of intriguing puzzles with asimple userinterface.INTUITIVE TOUCH CONTROLSA tactile experienceso naturalyou can almost feel the surface of eachobject.EXPANDEDLOCATIONSLose yourself in a variety of stunning newenvironments,each spanning multiple areas.INTRICATE OBJECTSRotate,zoom andexamine dozens of artifacts to discover theirhiddensecrets.ATMOSPHERIC AUDIOA haunting soundtrack coupled withdynamicsound effects create an unforgettablesoundscape.MAGNIFIEDWORLDSUse the new eyepiece ability to explorethe world inminiatureALTERNATE ENDINGSReturn to a persistentenvironment andchange your fateENHANCED HINT SYSTEMRe-read hints toget the fullpictureCLOUD SAVING SUPPORTEDShare your progressbetween multipledevices, and unlock the all-new achievements. MULTILANGUAGESUPPORTAvailable in English, French, Italian, German,Spanish,Brazilian Portuguese, Turkish and Russian.Fireproof Gamesis anindependent studio from Guildford, United Kingdom.Find outmore atfireproofgames.comFollow us @Fireproof_GamesFind us onFacebook
One Punch Man Amino 1.9.22282
Amino Apps
One Punch Man fans unite! Join the fastest growing One PunchMancommunity for fans of the manga series. Discuss your theories,meetother fans, share fan art, and even roleplay. - CHAT with otherOnePunch Man fans and meet new people - DISCOVER newOne PunchMantrivia and art - GET the latest One Punch Man news and updatesonupcoming chapters, episodes, and series - SHARE your ownoriginalart and creations - LEARN from and CONTRIBUTE to our OnePunch Mancatalog - an encyclopedia of all things One Punch Man
Sender Unknown: The Woods - Text Adventure 2.11
Sender Unknown is a text adventure game in the thrillergenrewritten by professional writer. Your choices can alter thestoryand change the lives of the characters.Morgan and friendsdidn't doanything wrong, but find themselves in harrowing danger.Help themsurvive the traps and make difficult choices. Their lifeis in yourhands now. The dialogue and story are written byprofessionalwriter Lisa Brunette. Morgan's friends and insulinsupply aremissing, and it seems the madman who took them wants toplay gamesthrough the radio. He has a thing for riddles andtraps—humantraps, that is. The ability to receive images means youcan see thetraps for yourself—and help Morgan survive achillingnightmare!Features: - Choose from 3 options at everydecision!-Shape the story and build stats in 5 categories. Successor failuredepends on your stats!- Open beautifully rendered imagesof crucialscenes and visual puzzles!- Engage with the story as itunfoldsthrough real-time notifications!- Internet connection notrequiredfor playing. Daily Magic Productions teamed up withaward-winningnovelist and game writer Lisa Brunette to bring youthisinteractive tale where the choices you make can changeeverything.Multiple paths through the game give you wildlydifferentresults—from romance to exciting twists and reveals to wholives ordies. At every game ending, you have the option to reset toyourlast defining choice, to the start of the last chapter, or backtothe very beginning. Stats add up as you play, and theycandetermine whether a choice you make succeeds, or fails. Canyoubeat a madman at his own game—without sacrificing anyone? Willyouhelp Unknown Sender uncover the mystery that still hauntsthesedark woods?PLEASE NOTE! After completing the first chapter,youwill be offered to unlock all the content with remarkablestorywritten by a story designer with 10 years of experience.PraiseforDaily Magic: “The best kind of ghost story, filled withlove,money, betrayal, and murder.” - Review of Dark Dimensions:City ofFog, Gamezebo “The visuals in Dark Dimensions: Homecomingaresimply outstanding…” - All About CasualGame “Captivating storythatreally draws you in.” - Review of Sable Maze: NorwichCaves,GamezeboAbout Lisa Brunette:Lisa Brunette writes books andgames.All three books in her bestselling Dreamslippers Series havewonindieBRAG medallions, and the second book was also named afinalistfor the Nancy Pearl Book Award and nominated for a RONEAward.Brunette’s game-writing credits include hundreds of titles,playedby worldwide audiences in the millions, for Big Fish andotherpublishers.Follow SenderUnknown:Facebook:
Ragnarok Classic MMORPG 6.5.0
Enjoying Ragnarok with thousands of players from all aroundtheworld! New server Kasa is just opened! US server is justmerged!Plus new Asia server is added for more excitingadventure!■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ ■Description ■Play Ragnarok anywhere you go! The legendary MMORPG ison yourMobile device, and now is known as Ragnarok Online: Path ofHeroes!Ragnarok Online has led MMORPG charge through the PC gamingworldfor over 10 years, and now it’s ready write a new history fortheMobile MMO world. Join the adventure as you play with thousandsofother players in real time to complete quests, missions, andbattleagainst each other in the PVP Arenas. Enjoy continuouseventsthroughout the Year! Pet and mercenaries may be with youduringyour journey. ■ Features ■ * Free-to-Play Anime style MMORPG*Touch interface and simplified UI for the best Mobile game play*Fast Action Adventure Gameplay at your fingertips! * Easy LoginandTutorial for a quick jump into the action * Auto Party Systemhelpsco-op play and interaction between players * PvP system forplayersto test their skills against each other * Quests based onthe newValkyrie Uprising story line expanded upon in the Path ofHeroesupdate. * Dynamic World Maps and Character Classes * New mapsandadvance classes added through updates * Diverse abilitiesandskills for each job classes * Continuously Growing WorldtoExplore! * New Mercenary System * New Battle arenas forHeroes,Mercenaries and Guilds * Ranking Systems to show who isreally thebest
Bubble Pirates :Bubble Shooter 2.6.5
Are you tired of plain and mindless bubble games? Well it's timetoget excited with Bubble Pirates - the best bubble games outthere!Best free mobile games download for Android. Great games forkidsand games with friends.Bubble Pirates is a free bubble gamethat isbursting with its own unique and exciting twists and has abelloand captivating storyline. Have three times the fun inchallengebubble game mode, where you can do bubble dash bossbattles withbubble shooter, bubble rush against time, and see howmany bubblelevels you can complete!In bubble adventure mode,together, we canhelp Pirate Alice progress through the bubble gamelevels withbubble shooter, defeat the bad buccaneers and save allof thebubble island sea creatures of the exotic Caribbeandreamworld.Features:• Amazing bubble game settings, awesomegraphics anddeluxe sound.• Bubble shooter campaign is easy tofollow and willtake you on a twisting adventures full of bubblegame excitements•New bubble game features such as bubble troubleboss fights and amoving screen• Two bubble game modes: story bubblejewels andbubble level challenge• Bubble Pirates has 500+ poplevels that arewell designed and will test all of your bubbleshooter skills. •There are extra amazing epic power ups that canhelp you on yourbubble game journey to defeat the evil bubble witchpirates. •Unlock unique bubble game abilities to help you ripthrough thelevels.• Easy to bubble run learn but hard to master thebubbleshooter skill• Shovel coins, trophy and gems in silo alongyourbobble adventure• Kid family friendly for witch bubble.Webelievesin the qualities of our new bubble games. Please feelwelcomed toleave a review for our free bubble games download freeformobile.This bubble shooter game includes in-app purchases. Ifyoudo not wish to purchase anything please setup passwordprotectionfor purchases in the settings of your google play storeapp.Thankyou everyone for playing Bubble Pirates, one of the bestbubblegame from AE Mobile gives you the best bubble shooterexperienceand bubble pop adventure.Bubble games that don't needwifi and playoffline without internet.
Fruit Mania - Match Puzzle
Fruit Mania - Match Puzzle is a match-3 puzzle game withdifferentplay modes! Swap and group 3 or more same fruits tocollect them.Use powerful props to help you pass levels easier!Fruits ManiaFeature: - More than 200 hundreds levels to crush -Fresh and juicyfruits to splash - Powerful boosters are preparedfor you - Perfectmatch and amazing combinations - Eliminate morefruits to make amagical fruits - Exciting experience and fluentanimations - Playwith friends and enjoy yourself Splash the fruitsin Fruit Mania!Download in Google play store and start yourwonderful journey now!
Buried Town – Free Zombie Survival Apocalypse Game 1.4.3
locojoy game
Buried Town is a free zombie survival apocalypse game. One ofthemost attracting text games and story games ever. One ofthedreadful horror zombie games ever. One of the most intensesurvivalgames ever. Buried Town is a unique hybrid of zombiesurvival gamesand text adventure games. It hits 10 milliondownloads worldwide,and it’s FREE! Player has to face unknownsituation and survivetill the very last day on battleground. Juststart your text storygames adventure trail now! Start one of youtext games or storygames here now!Your last day travel andadventure ended in asouthern town. But the real trouble andadventure has just started.When you floated on an isolated island,you found you’re the onlysurvivor on this island and the wholeworld around you is thewalking dead zombies and unkilled enemies.This war of walking deadzombies has just started. Moderncivilization has been destroyed.You need to face starvation,plague, infection, disease, and fightthe war against endlesswalking dead zombies. How long can yousurvive in this very last dayof living earth life?START A DAY ANDDON’T DIE! You are trying tosurvive in this zombie survivalapocalypse world. Start your zombietext games adventure. Whiletrying to get rid of hunger, horror,fear, plague, infection,disease, you also need to face endlesswalking dead zombiesapproaching towards your shelter. Don’t getstarved, use yousurvival crafting skill to build a shelter anddefend your shelter.At the beginning, you’ll get a radio whichoffers you a bridge toconnect to the outside world. Are you thelast human being onearth? No clue yet. PRACTICE YOUR SURVIVALCRAFTAND BE A ZOMBIEHUNTERTry to search and collect materials andresources. Use themto craft shelters and repair fences. Practiceyou survival craftskills. This crafting skill can be useful whenyou face thoseendless walking dead zombies. This war of zombies andyou is mucheasier if you keep crafting your shelter. Improve yourstrategy andcreate more deadly weapons against walking deadzombies. Learn morecrafting skills and be a zombie hunter!A DOG ANDYOUIn you shelter,a dog will keep you alarmed of those dreadful andendless walkingdead zombies. Keep vigilant and don’t let zombieshurting your dog.Maybe the dog is the only living being around youand makes youfeel not alone. Just survive with your dog in thispost apocalypticbattleground. TEXT GAMES STORYLINE WITH APOCAPLYSEADVENTUREAunique apocalypse zombie survival game based on simpletext-basedstoryline. Simple text story games feature and graphicexpressiongives you an unforgotten experience. Put on yourheadphone to enjoybetter survival apocalypse games experience. Letyour terror andobsession out. Survive on a territory that belongsto your deepinner heart.MAKE THE BEST USE OF THOSE NPCS ANDSURVIVEYou’re alonein this post apocalyptic world. But NPCs may popup to offer yousome opportunities. Trade with them and balance yourbelongings.You may call it “this business of mine”.CONNECT WITHOTHERSURVIVORS Use an old school radio to connect to the outsideworld.Talk to other players around the world. Use your text gamesorstory games experience to live. You’ll not feel sodesperatelyalone in this zombie survival world. Just to let youknow, BuriedTown developer team only contains three game fans. TheydevelopedBuried Town to pay tribute to those fascinating survivalgameswhich made our survival games history more colorfulandentertaining.DISCLAIMERBuried Town is just a zombie survivalgamefor entertaining. Please do not take any part of this game asyourreal wilderness survival guide. We want to make Buried Town oneofthe most attractive zombie apocalypse horror survival gamesjustfor you.Please like ourFacebookpage
Adventure Town 0.10.2
BRAND NEW adventure and city-building game, already with over1MILLION players! 5/5 – Lots of fun!!5/5 – This is anawesomegame!5/5 – Love, love, love this game! Adventure Town is acharmingnew game with an fun mix of city-building with lightcombatelements. Rebuild your town and attract new Heroes to fightforyour cause. Send Heroes to defeat monsters and explore dungeonsinsurrounding lands. Quests will guide, amuse and reward you.Starton this fantastic journey to restore greatness to your worldandbanish the forces of darkness! FEATURES:• FREE TO PLAY!•Buildshops, houses and decorations to create your own uniquetown!•Attract and strengthen Heroes to defeat menacing monsters!•FightLord Darkness and his mega-evil Bosses in epic encounters!•Questsand a bounty board provide continuous challenges andrewards!•Compare progress against friends with full achievementsandleaderboards! Internet connection NOT required to play!
Hidden Object Farm Games - Mystery Village Escape 2.5
Reveal all the village secrets and test your hidden objectsearchingskills! Welcome to an abandoned farm and try to find outhow thepeople and the farm animals disappeared. Play Hidden ObjectFarmGames - Mystery Village Escape and be one of the most famousfarmheroes in the world. The best of the latest farm games foradults isthis addictive object finding farm game free download.Find theobjects from the hidden orchard farm and reveal themystery thatconfuses everybody. Hidden Object Farm Games - MysteryVillageEscape: 🔍 New farm games 2018 free localized into 15languages! 🍅More than 1000 hidden objects to find in this wonderworld! 🔍Multiple levels with mystery places full of magic hiddenobjects! 🍏Farm games free to play without internet connection orwifi! 🔍Fantastic 3D game design that will leave you speechless! 🍇Find thehidden object from the card below & click on it! 🔍Click on themagnifying glass button to use the hint for help! 🍒For mobilephones only! - Zoom in the picture to find the objects!🔍 Move thepicture when it is zoomed to find the hidden object! 🍆Zoom out atany moment you like to see the mystery farm again! 🐴Additionalfeatures of mystery hidden object game: 🐮 Picture searchfor findinghidden farm objects quickly and easily! 🔍 Silhouettehidden object –a challenging level for finding items! 🐷 Wordscramble game level –a hard level to find hidden figures! 🔍Flashlight or a night modelevel – use the light to seek for items!🐶 Match Pairs – a memorygame with colorful cards to pair! 🔍 Findthe Difference – a minigame placed among the hidden objects! 🐱Time limit game - bonuslevel to train your brain andconcentration! 🔍 Tile puzzle game –put the puzzle pieces togetherto make a picture! Why did thisbeautiful farm village becomeabandoned and no one takes care of it?So many forgotten farmsecrets are hidden here. This farm land waitsto be blessed by anew owner, someone that will take care of thegardens, orchards andall the farm animals. So become a policedetective and find outwhat caused a farm escape, and where all thevillagers and theirdomestic animals are. Hidden Object Farm Games -Mystery VillageEscape is a super cool crime scene investigationgame that willmake you entertained for hours and help you challengeyour objectsearching skills. Cool farming games with hidden objectsfor free!Take a look at the secret garden! It is magnificent andfull ofdifferent fruits and vegetables. It hides many mysteriescausethere are a lot of objects that don't belong there. Seek andfindhidden objects in pictures and have fun all day. Take the listofthe hidden figures you need and find out what happened. Aretheytaken by the aliens, by the vampires or they were enchantedwiththe black magic? You will find out when you pass all the levelsofthe Hidden Object Farm Games - Mystery Village Escapefreedownload. These farm houses look like they are a part of aghosttown. Enjoy this big farm adventure and feel the frenzy whileyouare trying to solve the mystery case of this policeinvestigationgame. Fabulous search and find games and new farm game2018 withmultiple levels! Start the farm quest now! Prepare fortheexpedition – download Hidden Object Farm Games - MysteryVillageEscape. This mystery hidden object crime scene cleanup gamehidesmany secrets inside. There are a lot of mini games that willhelpyou improve your concentration and kill your boredom. Findthedifference game and will challenge your searching skills andboostyour focus. Memory game with cards is a perfect brain teaser.Butmost of all this is the best language learning game free onthemarket. This object searching game is translated into 15mostpopular world languages. Start playing this mystery hiddenobjectadventure game and farm rescue saga in your own language, orchangethe language and practice the vocabulary. Train your brainand havefun!
Supercow Free 1.0.9
Nevosoft Inc
A super-dynamic free casual arcade game runner! Find out therunadventures of Super cow! The evil professor duriarti hasescapedfrom the prison and captured the farm in Sunny valley! Nowhe iscreating an army of full clones from innocent animals! Only afitsupercow can stop him! Features: - Fascinating plot that’s asureblockbuster! - 50 levels of an exciting game-play balanced tothelast detail - A unique virtual world - Every character isanimatedin 3D- Intuitive and well-thought gameplay - Overflowingwith humor- A game that’s great for the whole family! Supercowdoesn’t givemilk, she just rocks! Hurry up to save the world fromthe madgenius' puzzle!
Zumbie Deluxe 1.952
This game is a brand new and amazing puzzle game! Your target istoeliminate all the marbles, but don't let the chain reach theend.Survive four secret scenes to get the best marble shooting andthemysterious treasure in every adventure! This marble games areeasyto play, but truly addictive Complete all the levels inchallengemode, and try to get three stars in each level. Now,practice yourgame skills in zumu puzzle adventure! How to playZumbie game: 1.Control and shooting to match three or more marblecolored balls.2. Tap on the transmitter can swapping the currentball and thenext ball. 3. Boost your score with power-ups andcombos. Featuresof Zumbie Deluxe: ★ More than 400 level, Enjoy withmarble shoot ★Icing Blockers NEW! Fire a ball into the frozen onesto remove theice. They can be destroyed only after the ice isremoved. ★ Manydeluxe booster to discover! Create combos to getamazing power-ups.★ Many secret level to make the game moreaddictive. ★ This marblegames is a free, action zumu puzzle gameplay ★ Boss levels: willyou manage to destroy the chain if the pathis invisible? ★ NoWi-Fi connection required, but you can unlock thefull gamefeatures when connected to the internet ★ Arrows, bombsand moreinteresting props you should learn from game. We believethat anybravest fans of marbles legend can succeed in this game Nowyou canexplore the amazing deluxe game on your lovely device.Thanks everygame players! Any suggestion is welcome!
🏍 BikeDekho - New Bikes & Scooters Price & Offers 4.4
Looking to buy a new bike or a scooter / scooty? BikeDekhoAndroidapp is the most useful and easy way to find out the mostsuitabletwo-wheeler for yourself. The app provides you with anexhaustiveset of features to help you narrow down to the bestbike/scooter inyour price range. You can get information about allthe availablemotorcycle models in India along with bike ex-showroomas well ason-road prices. It provides information about bikesincluding theirvariants with price list, overview, specifications,features,pictures, review and road test. Key Features: SEARCH:Quickest wayto navigate to the Motorcycles or Scooter you arelooking for. Theapp has one of the most exhaustive cataloguesavailable anywhere inIndia, including best sellers: Honda Activa,Shine, Dio, Unicorn;Hero - Splendor, Maestro; TVS - Jupiter,Apache; Bajaj - Pulsar,Avenger; Piaggio - Vespa; Yamaha - FZ,YZFR15; Royal Enfield -Classic 350, Thunderbird among others BIKES:Comparemotorcycles/scooters from 30+ top brand manufacturersincludingSuzuki, Mahindra, Royal Enfield and the exhaustive rangeof premiumbrand - Harley Davidson. You can sort the bikes onpopularity,price, apply filters on type - SCOOTERS : Find themostcomprehensible range of scooters available in India. Underthissection, you can read their reviews, compare specifications,checkon road price, read road tests and check for alternativesCOMPAREBIKES : This feature lets you compare different bikes andscooters.Compare their price, specs and their key features usingthisfeature. REVIEWS : Read through an exhaustive set of Bikesuserreviews from genuine users and road tests done via our ownexperts.ON ROAD PRICE: Get access to on-road price for allmotorcycles,scooter across over 100+ cities including - Mumbai,Delhi, Pune,Chennai, Bangalore, Gurgaon, Kolkata, Ahmedabad,Jaipur.SPECIFICATIONS: Find details specs for all the bikes andscooters,including the key decision makers - mileage, capacity,gearbox,self-start, horsepower and top speed. NEWS: Includes - newbikelaunches, upgrades or updates in the two-wheelers, pricechangesand all other updates of the industry. FIND DEALERS: Searchfor thenearby motorcycle and scooty /scooter dealers of variousbrands inan easier way using this functionality. Select the brandand city,and get information about all the dealers in your region.TWOWHEELER FINANCE Book Bike Online, Used Bikes - Coming Soon
Brick Puzzle Classic - Block Puzzle Game 1.1.7
Easy to pick up, but difficult to master. Experience thenewhigh-speed block puzzle game! This is BrickPuzzle,reimagined.Rediscover the world-famous Brick Puzzle game youknowand love, with all-new features and ways to play on yourmobiledevice.FEATURES:* Nice graphics design* Smooth anddelicateanimation* Supports swipe and touch game controls* Easy tolearnand fun to master gameplay* Enjoy game for any time, anywhereand ashort time.* Designed for tablets & phones.How to play:*Moveand rotate the blocks when they are falling down, andattempting tofit them together.* Complete fill one horizontal linewith coloredsquares, the filled line disappear and all the squaresabove willmove down.* If you unable to fill lines complete, theBlocks willstack up.* The game ends when a new blocks no more fieldto drop onthe playing field.Game Play Skills:- I-blocks are usefulforcompeting four lines at once.- O, S, Z, T-blocks for fillinglargegaps.- L, J-blocks for filling medium-sized holes.Show offyourskills in the new designed Brick Puzzle. Challenge yourselfandother players when you go head-to-head with the competition.Don’tmiss out this best mobile games of all time – free to downloadthisBlock Puzzle game!
Billiard Shoot Balls 1.1.4
Welcome to Pool Billiards Shoot. The Finest classic BubbleShooterGame!Fun and addictive bubble shoot game!Clear all thebubbles onthe screen to level up.How to play:1.Tap where you wanttheball.2.To group 3 or more bubbles to make themburst.Features:-100+ Levels- Arcade Mode,clear all the descendingbubbles.- PuzzleMode,use the limited bubbles to clear all thebubbles on thescreen.- Countdown mode, you can switch bubbles thatyou shoot withdifferent colors.- Different and challenging levels.
Fruits Garden - Scape Match 3 Game 1.4.7
Lyoo Match
Welcome to Fruits Garden - Scape Match 3 Game!At fruit garden,youneed to harvest colorful fruits by scape match 3 sameflower.Match3 flower buds of the same colors to make beautifulblossom, andcollect the flowerbeds or fruits before you run out ofmoves!Beatcolorful match-3 levels to renovate and decorate rooms inthemansion.Swap 3 or more flower fruits to make the world bloomintospectacular colors. Connect more color bomb to set off agloriouschain-reaction and watch your score grow!Trip a colorfulgarden inthis match 3 game:- There are blueberries, grapes andbananas inthe garden.- There are juices in the barrels, and you getthe fruitjuice in your way.- Adventure in the sweety garden for youis righthere.- Come on in—adventures await you from the moment youwalk inthe door!- Gather every flower and make your way throughgorgeousgarden levels in this colorful adventure game!Build yourdreamgarden for free:* FREE GAME to play: of course, it is freetodownload and start the adventure right now.* OFFLINE game:ofcourse, it runs offline, so you can play anywhere at any time,NOneed Wifi or 4G. The game features:● Exciting match-3 levels:tonsof fun, featuring unique boosters and explosivecombinations!●Boost funny with power-ups● Addictive gameplay: swapand match,restore and decorate the garden, and be part of abreath-takingadventure all at once!● Enjoy 1000+ designed puzzles●Dozens ofin-game characters you can make friends with● Fun gamewith simple,casual gameplay that’s easy to learn but challenging tomaster● Anin-game social networkyou can use to keep tabs oneverything● Buildyour own fruits garden● A super addicting gameyoucan even playoffline!Wait for what?Get it for FREE and start youradventure withnew challenges NOW!
Bubble Shooter Raccoon
Bubble Shooter Raccoon is a classic free bubble game. Thelovelybubble shooter puzzle game! How to play: * Tap where you wanttoshoot the bubble. * To group 3 or more bubbles to make themburst.* Use the limited bubbles to rescue all the pet on thescreen.Tips: Breaking the bubbles continuously can get points asbonus.Features: * Enchanting graphics, beautiful world and vividbubbles.* 500 different and magical levels, and more added later. *Easy toplay, challenging to master. * Special boosters &bubbles tohelp you pass tricky levels. Bubble Shooter Raccoon iscompletelyfree, and we also provide some in-game items whichrequire paymentto let you play more easy. Blow up bubble anaddictive game and itis a great way to kill time!
The Blacklist: Conspiracy 1.1.2c
When your greatest ally is one of the FBI’s most wanted, trustcanbe the hardest thing to find…Join the Concierge of Crime --RaymondReddington -- and the Post Office Task Force as they huntdownfugitive thieves, assassins, and all manner of wanted criminalsinGameloft’s official hidden object game of the hit NBC drama.Becomepart of the intrigue as you lead the investigation ofcrimes,interrogate suspects, analyze clues and interact with yourfavoritecharacters from the series.**GAME FEATURES**● TWISTS, TURNS&TRAITORS: As a new member of the FBI, you’ll be drawn into theplotof multiple investigations, each with its own unique fugitivetocatch, challenges, and surprises.● FIND EVERY CLUE: Inspectdozensof enigmatic crime scenes, some inspired by locations fromtheshow, as you hunt for evidence in hidden object scenes.●FORENSICINSPECTION: Analyze important clues in a variety of quickand funmini-games. You might be surprised what the evidence tellsyou.●INTERROGATE & UNCOVER: Detect lies and point outcontradictionsas you interrogate suspects and witnesses. But thebiggest questionis: Are you ready to hear the truth?● MAKE YOURCHOICE: And livewith it! Throughout your FBI investigations, you’llface severalmoral decisions that will have a meaningful impact onthecharacters and story. ● SEE WHO’S FASTEST: Compare your scoreaftereach hidden object hunt with friends and inspect theirprogress onthe case map.For fans of Gameloft, hidden object games,fugitivestories, and anyone who likes to analyze evidence and catchthemost wantedcriminalsever!_____________________________________________Visitourofficial site at http://www.gameloft.comFollow us on Twitterat or like us on Facebookat to get more info about allourupcoming titles.Check out our videos and game trailerson our blogat for the inside scooponeverythingGameloft._____________________________________________Thisappallows you to purchase virtual items within the app and maycontainthird-party advertisements that may redirect you to athird-partysite.Terms of Use: LicenseAgreement:
Video Game Tycoon - Idle Clicker & Tap Inc Game 2.8.3
Video Game Tycoon is an idle clicker business strategy gamewhereyou are in charge of running a game studio company thatdevelopsmobile games. Your end goal is to expand your business asmuch asyou can to come out to the top as the leader of the mobilegamingmarket inc. You start and run as an independent video gamedevworking on mobile video games and then slowly and smartlyprogressthrough hiring more people and making more video gamesmanagingoperations. This is a perfect game for everyone who areinterestedin game dev business and who wants to make games orsomeone whowants to run and become a video game dev tycoon in gamedevelopmentand create the best game dev story simulation inc. Youcan createyour own video games, how cool is that? Its better thanbecoming atuber and run the empire. You can run your own Video Gameempirebetter than the tuber business. FEATURES ★ Run your owngamecompany ★ Make awesome games ★ Automate your tap tap workflowtoincrease your idle income ★ Icon customization, create,select,edit, modify your game icons and design the best game iconfor yourgames ★ You can re-arrange and move everything fromemployees tooffice tables and all kinds of props that you unlock inthe game,very easy to customize your own office the way you wouldwant! ★Get idle cash, even when you are offline and also while onthe game★ Profit from a smart game or two to boost your economy andthusyour video game dev company story ★ Hire employees to increaseyourmoney per click ★ Every employee has a special clickertycooneffect ★SUPER CASUAL CLICKER / TAP / IDLE GAME PLAY Justkeeptapping the screen. The perfect video game dev tycoon story!★Manage up to 39 employees to unlock, name them, customize themandhire them! ★ Make over 35 different games, customize them,namethem and launch them! ★TAP & BUILD - Build your gamecompany,Hire employees, make money, upgrade your idle studio! Tap!Tap!Tapped! ★ Cool and Funny messages from employees eitherthinking ortalking ★First hand clicker simulation for becoming anidle VideoGame Dev Company ★UPGRADE & GROW - Plan your cashinvestmentsand level up your studio with multiple storey upgrades ★Unlockcool items / accessories as you level up followed by in-gamecashbonuses ★Prestige Option to make the game making simulationmoreinteresting ★Realistic game business simulator make some coolcashWe're always listening to all feedback we receive! We want tomakeVideo Game Tycoon the absolute best Idle Clicker Tycoonandidle/incremental game and your feedback helps us reach thatgoal.We read *everything* you send us, so please let us know whatyou'dlike to see!