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Finger Body Temperature Prank
It's an interesting prank ! Fingerprint Body temperature prankwilltell you the easiest way body temperature, as well as yourheartrate. Application will calculate your bodytemperatureindex.Fingerprint Body temperature prank is really aprankapplication which calculates your body temperatureandsugar.Fingerprint Body temperature is actually a prankapplicationwhich calculates your body temperature and is made forthe peoplewho just want to play pranks on others.Fever checkerprank is forthose who are pranksters. Fever test prank is bestapplication tomake fool your friends.Fever Temperature check willgive accurateresults in prank way so don’t take it too muchserious. The fevertemperature could be check by finger or thumb.Best fever testprank app for android.It's An awesome prank!Fingerprint Bodytemperature prank will provide you the most easiestway of checkingout your body temperature. Fingerprint Bodytemperature prank willcalculates or measure your bodytemperature.Fingerprint Bodytemperature prank provides best andhigh definition imagequalities. Fingerprint Body temperature iscompatible with almostevery android device. Download the bodytemperature checkerapplication and make fun with your friends.Actually this bodytemperature monitor application is a prank. thisapplication showsyou high body temperature, low body temperatureand normal bodytemperature. Reliability is guaranteed ofFingerprint Bodytemperature prank. Fingerprint Body temperatureprank is speciallydesigned in a way that it will definitely workwith all new devicesand android versions too.Fingerprint bodytemperature checker is aawesome prank application for everyone.Thisbody temperaturechecker machine calculate your body temperaturereading. bodytemperature checker prank app is free for use. Justplace yourthumb on thumb scanner area. Body temperature machinecalculate /measure your body temperature cuff on run time and showsyour bodytemperature chart. this application is very different tootherapps. Finger Body temperature prank app is just prank scannertocalculate body temperature.It is the best application forfoolingyour friends. people would think as if it is a realbodytemperature and sugar calculating application.This app isjustprank scanner to calculate your body temperature.You canbodytemperature check with thumb. for getting value of your bp youcanuse use thumb scanner. fingerprint body temperaturecheckerapplication is very easy to use and user friendly.HOW TOUSE:Step1: Select your gender and tap on next,Step 2: Now placeyour fingergently on the fingerprint scanning pad and wait fortheanalysis.Result: Your Fake body temperature will beshownautomatically after calculation.Step 3: You can share theresultwith friends via Share your images via whatsApp, Facebook,Hike,Telegram, Line, Twitter, email and other social networks.FEATURES✔A prank application to collect cheers moment with yourfriends✔ HDgraphics and beautiful use of scanner animation✔ Toomuch userfriendly and easy to use ✔ Measuring body temperature andheartrate measurements for free without internet connection✔ FREEfunfor all✔ Finger Body temperature prank does not requireinternetconnection.✔ Finger Body temperature prank FREE fun forall.✔Finger Body temperature prank is completely free download.✔AlwaysFree fun for allNote : finger print body temperaturecalculator isa prank and fake application and it is not capable tomeasure thebody temperature of a human body, all the reading thatare used inthis app are fake and randomly generated by app.Calculating Bodytemperature bp and sugar is not possible with yourandroid device'sscreen and camera. It is the best application forfooling yourfriends.Enjoy Body temperature Checker prank.
Finger Body Temperature Prank 2017
it's An notable prank! Fingerprint frame temperature willprovideyou the most simplest way of checking out your bodytemperature.Fingerprint body temperature will calculates or degreeyour frametemperature.frame temperature prank is clearly a prankapplicationwhich calculates your frame temperature and'san excitingprank ! Fingerprint body temperature will inform you theeasiestway frame temperatureFingerprint frame temperature is inreality aprank utility which calculates your body temperature andis madefor the those who just want to play pranks onothers.Fingerprintframe temperature provides nice and excessivedefinition imagequalities. Fingerprint frame temperature is wellsuited with nearlyeach android device. Reliability is assured ofFingerprint bodytemperature prank. Fingerprint frame temperatureprank is mainlydesigned in a way that it's going to actually workwith all newdevices and android versions the frametemperaturechecker utility and make fun with your buddies.definitely thisframe temperature reveal software is a prank. thisutility suggestsyou high body temperature, low body temperature andnormal frametemperature. This frame temperature checker systemcalculate yourbody temperature analyzing. frame temperature checkerprank app isloose to be used. simply vicinity your thumb on thumbscannerlocation. frame temperature machine calculate / degree yourframetemperature cuff on run time and shows your frametemperaturechart. this application could be very unique todifferent apps.Finger body temperature app is just prank scanner tocalculate bodytemperature.if you are a prankster you would trulylove thissoftware. it's far the first-rate application for foolingyourfriends. people might think as though it is a actualframetemperature and sugar calculating may bodytemperaturetest with thumb. for buying fee of your bp you can useuse thumbscanner. finger body temperature checker utility could bevery easyto use and person pleasant.Step 1: choose your gender andtap onnext,Step 2: Now location your finger lightly at thefingerprintscanning pad and anticipate the analysis.end result:Your fakeframe temperature will be shown robotically aftercalculation.Stepthree: you could share the result with pals viaproportion yoursnap shots through whatsApp, fb, Hike, Telegram,Line, Twitter, email and different social networks. capabilities Aprank utility tocollect cheers moment together with your buddies HDsnap shots andbeautiful use of scanner animation✔ too much personfriendly andsmooth to apply ✔ Measuring body temperature and heartfeemeasurements for free without internet connection✔ unfastenedfunfor all✔ Finger frame temperature prank does no longerrequireinternet connection.✔ Finger frame temperature prankunfastened funfor all.✔ Finger body temperature prank is completelyunfasteneddownload.✔ always unfastened a laugh for allnote : fingerprintbody temperature calculator is a prank and pretend utility anditisn't succesful to degree the frame temperature of a humanbody,all of the reading which can be used on this app are fauxandrandomly generated via app. Calculating frame temperature andsugarisn't possible together with your android device's displayscreenand digicam. it's miles the quality software for foolingyourfriends.” Fingerprint frame Temperature” is a prankdigitalthermometer for fever that calculate the body temperaturethe usageof fingerprint. If you could be a prankster you shoulddefinitelylike this software. Fingerprint thermometer app for feverishonestly a prank thermometer app for fever real will calculateyourfake body temperature for fever and is specially also designedforthose who simplest need to play pranks on others and want toshowoff the energy in their modern day android device.
Finger Body Temperature Prank
It's An awesome prank! Fingerprint Body temperature will provideyouthe most easiest way of checking out your bodytemperature.Fingerprint Body temperature will calculates or measureyour bodytemperature.Body temperature prank is really a prankapplicationwhich calculates your body temperature and sugar.It'saninteresting prank ! Fingerprint Body temperature will tell youtheeasiest way body temperature, as well as your heartrate.Application will calculate your body temperatureindex.FingerprintBody temperature is actually a prank applicationwhich calculatesyour body temperature and is made for the peoplewho just want toplay pranks on others.Fingerprint Body temperatureprovides bestand high definition image qualities. Fingerprint Bodytemperatureis compatible with almost every android device.Reliability isguaranteed of Fingerprint Body temperature prank.Fingerprint Bodytemperature prank is specially designed in a waythat it willdefinitely work with all new devices and androidversionstoo.Fingerprint body temperature checker is a awesomeprankapplication for everyone.Download the body temperaturecheckerapplication and make fun with your friends. Actually thisbodytemperature monitor application is a prank. this applicationshowsyou high body temperature, low body temperature and normalbodytemperature. This body temperature checker machine calculateyourbody temperature reading. body temperature checker prank appisfree for use. Just place your thumb on thumb scanner area.Bodytemperature machine calculate / measure your body temperaturecuffon run time and shows your body temperature chart. thisapplicationis very different to other apps. Finger Body temperatureapp isjust prank scanner to calculate body temperature.If you areaprankster you would definitely love this application. it isthebest application for fooling your friends. people would think asifit is a real body temperature and sugarcalculatingapplication.This app is just prank scanner to calculateyour bodytemperature.You can body temperature check with thumb. forgettingvalue of your bp you can use use thumb scanner. fingerbodytemperature checker application is very easy to use anduserfriendly.HOW TO USE:Step 1: Select your gender and tap onnext,Step2: Now place your finger gently on the fingerprintscanning pad andwait for the analysis.Result: Your Fake bodytemperature will beshown automatically after calculation.Step 3:You can share theresult with friends via Share your images viawhatsApp, Facebook,Hike, Telegram, Line, Twitter, email and othersocial networks.FEATURES✔ A prank application to collect cheersmoment with yourfriends✔ HD graphics and beautiful use of scanneranimation✔ Toomuch user friendly and easy to use ✔ Measuring bodytemperature andheart rate measurements for free without internetconnection✔ FREEfun for all✔ Finger Body temperature prank does notrequireinternet connection.✔ Finger Body temperature prank FREE funforall.✔ Finger Body temperature prank is completely freedownload.✔Always Free fun for allNote : finger print bodytemperaturecalculator is a prank and fake application and it is notcapable tomeasure the body temperature of a human body, all thereading thatare used in this app are fake and randomly generated byapp.Calculating Body temperature and sugar is not possible withyourandroid device's screen and camera. It is the best applicationforfooling your friends.Enjoy Body temperature Checker prank.
Finger Body Temperature Prank
Fingerprint Body temperature prank will provide you the mosteasiestway of checking out your body temperature. FingerprintBodytemperature will calculates or measure your bodytemperature.Bodytemperature prank is really a prank applicationwhich calculatesyour body temperature and sugar.It's an interestingprank !Fingerprint Body temperature will tell you the easiest waybodytemperature, as well as your heart rate. Application willcalculateyour body temperature index.Fingerprint Body temperatureisactually a prank application which calculates your bodytemperatureand is made for the people who just want to play pranksonothers.Just place your thumb on thumb scanner area.Bodytemperature machine calculate / measure your body temperaturecuffon run time and shows your body temperature chart. thisapplicationis very different to other apps. Finger Body temperatureprank appis just prank scanner to calculate body temperature.It isthe bestapplication for fooling your friends. people would think asif itis a real body temperature and sugar calculatingapplication.Thisapp is just prank scanner to calculate your bodytemperature.Youcan body temperature check with thumb. for gettingvalue of your bpyou can use use thumb scanner. fingerprint bodytemperature checkerapplication is very easy to use and userfriendly.HOW TO USE:Step1: Select your gender and tap on next,Step2: Now place your fingergently on the fingerprint scanning pad andwait for theanalysis.Result: Your Fake body temperature will beshownautomatically after calculation.Step 3: You can share theresultwith friends via Share your images via whatsApp, Facebook,Hike,Telegram, Line, Twitter, email and other social networks.FEATURES✔A prank application to collect cheers moment with yourfriends✔ HDgraphics and beautiful use of scanner animation✔ Toomuch userfriendly and easy to use ✔ Measuring body temperature andheartrate measurements for free without internet connection✔ FREEfunfor all✔ Finger Body temperature prank does not requireinternetconnection.✔ Finger Body temperature prank FREE fun forall.✔Finger Body temperature prank is completely free download.✔AlwaysFree fun for all
Thermometer Body Temp Prank
Thermometer Body Temp Prank is a fun application used tocalculatethe body temperature and fever using Finger Scanner. Prankyourfamily, friends and fellows. Amazing application for kids wholoveto play doctor games and health games.How To Use:1- Clicktheapplication icon to launch the application.2. Wait forapplicationto launch.3- Select Gender.4- Click Next.5- Place yourfinger orthumb on the scanner.6- Hold your finger or thumb on thescannerfor few seconds.7- Results will be displayed after thecompletionof scanning.Disclaimer:This application is forentertainmentpurpose only. It is used to prank friends and spreadsmileseverywhere. Boxing Arena
Clown Games presents the new smash hit io game: Face Punch.ioBoxingArena. Step onto the ring to knock out all champions withyourbrutal punches for real boxing experience in io gameuniverse!BECOMEA CHALLENGER BOXER NOW! Attack with fierce facepunches and combosto knock out others. Can you become the championfighter of theboxing io game arena?EASY IO GAME CONTROLS! Smasheveryone with yourhits and make combos to knockout with only onebutton in the worldof fighting!ULTIMATE FIGHTER SKILLS! Each herohas different specialmove to use in epic combat to knock out otherfighting boxers.POW!BAM! SMASH! KNOCKOUT! Join the marvelousfighting club boxing arena with your champion boxerto use yourbrutal fighter punches and quick reflexes toattackothers!COLLECTIBLES! Achieve objectives to unlock amazingheroeswith skills and skins! Step onto the classical fighting ringwithyour favorite hero to survive the longest, make maximum combosor agreat number of knockouts! The creator of popular io,,,, Boxing Arena now. Play when you are online andofflinewith rest of the world. Please send usanyfeedback: Youtube Channel formoregames: Snake Line Arena
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Body Temperature Prank: Fingerprint Thermometer
Do you think you have a fever and you don't have a thermometer?Thisapp allows you to measure the fever, or at least have aroughindication, by using your Finger, it calculates thebodytemperature and the level of fever by analyzing the numberofheartbeats, because the heart rate is influenced by fever.Itmaynot be 100% reliable because it checks fever only by yourpulserate, it is a prank like other similar app to measure feverandbody temperature, and it can be used at work, at school, ontheroad or in any place where you can measure your bodytemperaturethrough a simple and intuitive graphical interface.AppFeatures:★Stunning fingerprint scanning Panel and scan animation.★SimulateFever, Body Temperature monitor sounds.How to Use:★ Placeand holdyour right thumb on the scanning panel.★ Hold for a fewsecondsuntil the scan is finished.Disclaimer:Body TemperaturePrank:Fingerprint Thermometer is a PRANK app for entertainmentpurposes.In fact it cannot measure your Fever, Body Temperature. Itis foryou to fool your friends or for kids to play doctor games.
Elite Spider Training Free
Be a real spider super strongest hero with knight ultimatefantasypowers & military army soldier commando at the sametime. Inthis apocalypse survival game, you have to be fearlessspiderfighter to accomplish spider robotic battle. You are thestrongestreward hero with strange modern survive powers who hasbeenrescuing his city for a long time from thugs, criminals &mafiagangsters assault. But now it’s time to help the armyrescuemilitary save the world war II from the fearless evil fighterenemyterrorists. Which is only possible by combining your strongestheropowers or knight real survival training in superhero onlinegame.Army military survival strategy game will prepare you forthespider robotic battle against combat terrorists arms in ordertorescue your country. Get ready to join the best militarycityshooting training camp in this free city best superherotraininggame.Enter in the survival strategy training game onlydesigned byfearless army fighters who want to train them to be areal spiderin modern survive. For that you have to learn how tofightfearlessly, combat shooting, epic strike & shoot. Inthisheroic game of spider robotic battle, learn all theessentialtarget tricks of real spider world war II. This program isdesignedby the knight sniper fantasy military shooter to fullytrain youphysically & mentally. Improve your superhero rescuefighting,combat & war skills by attending the best streettraining camp.The training won’t be easy. The training program isdesigned to betough & challenging to train the commandosoldiers for allsorts of situations to compete for crime gangstersor mafia evilheroes. Train yourself to be the best commando soldierspidersuperhero, it’s now time to be the hero of every city ofyourcountry instead of being a hero for just one city. Trainwithvarious different modern weapons & guns. Perfect yoursniperaim & shooting by training regularly to be the bestmilitaryarmy sniper spider shooter, rifle expert man &marksman.Perfect your gun critical shooting in order to help armymilitaryto defeat all the crime-gangster terrorist slots.Train withthelatest modern weapons & guns available to perfect youraiming& gun critical shooting skills because shooting is anessentialpart of a war. Train your body regularly by performingvariousdifferent drills & exercises to become the strongesthero likeall the other elite commando soldiers. Train to be thebestcommando soldier & military army security shooter.Helpmilitary army in the counterterrorism war against terroristslike areal spider reward hero to save your country.
Blob io
This is a mobile multiplayer online action game. You startinggameas a tiny bacteria in a petri dish. You must try to survivebyavoiding from attacks of much bigger bacterias. Simultaneouslyyoueat food and becoming bigger and bigger circle, until youstarthunting on another players-bacteria. The game is veryimmersive andhave very active gameplay with a lot of action. Allyour enemiesare real persons, so you must find out some tactic tobecome thebiggest cell on the gamefield! Every one can became bigin onemoment or lose all his progress, be carefull :). Gamemechanicsimilar to io games which probably you already know. Butit's or!!After every game session you gettingexperiencepoint. With that points you getting lvl up and unlockingsomeadditional features (like bigger starting mass or exclusiveskins).As much action you made during game session, than moreexperienceyou get, so don't fall in mope state, you will paid forall youreffort. Just like in other games .ioWarning! Game is veryaddictingand takes form you a lot of effort to survive in game withso manyaction.So if you die just on the start, be patient, andimproveyour skills :)Available game modes:- FFA- TEAMS-EXPERIMENTAL-InstantMerge- Crazy- SELFFEED- TS2v2- ULRANew gamemodes with moreaction are coming soon! Dots Battle Arena
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Body Temperature Thermometer
Do you think you have a fever and you don't have a thermometer?Thisapp allows you to measure the fever, or at least have aroughindication, by using your Finger, it calculates thebodytemperature and the level of fever by analyzing the numberofheartbeats, because the heart rate is influenced by fever.Itmaynot be 100% reliable because it checks fever only by yourpulserate, it is a prank like other similar app to measure feverandbody temperature, and it can be used at work, at school, ontheroad or in any place where you can measure your bodytemperaturethrough a simple and intuitive graphical interface.AppFeatures:★Stunning fingerprint scanning Panel and scan animation.★SimulateFever, Body Temperature monitor sounds.How to Use:★ Placeand holdyour right thumb on the scanning panel.★ Hold for a fewsecondsuntil the scan is finished.Disclaimer:Body TemperatureThermometeris a PRANK app for entertainment purposes. In fact itcannotmeasure your Fever, Body Temperature. It is for you to foolyourfriends or for kids to play doctor games.
Finger Body Temperature Prank
Fingerprint body temperature thermometer is an amazingapplicationwhich calculate your body temperature by using fingerscanner.Thisapplication provide you the most Easiest way to checkyour bodytemperature Because fingerprint body temperaturethermometer is aprank app which have digital thermometer for yourfever thatcalculate your body temperature by using your fingerprintscannerand gives you best result with digital temperature meter.Thisthermometer for fever app not a prank for real because yourfriendsdidn't know that this is real or Prank. Let's Enjoy withyourfriends and family. This temperature sensor check your bodytemp byusing thumb scanner just put your fingers on thumb scannerthisfinger body temperature checker, check your human bodytemperaturefor fever and give you a result on your mobile screenwith digitalthermometer that look like Real not fake. you can prankyourfriends by using this finger body temperature as a real justscanyour all friends fever temperature and show them prank resultandthey didn't know this is thermometer for fever is prank notreal.Enjoy with your friends and prank them all. Mercurythermometersare not used in modern clinical settings. Electronicthermometerscan record a wide range of temperatures between 94°Fand 105°F,(35°C and 42°C) and can record oral, or rectaltemperatures. Athermometer is a device that measures thetemperature of things.There is usually a bulb at the base of thethermometer with a longglass tube stretching out the top. Thethermometer measurestemperatures in Fahrenheit, Celsius and anotherscale calledKelvin. This application just for fever checker or useas a fakethermometer not real thermometer and this application havenot anyquality to check blood pressure checker or blood sugarcheckeretc... Like: Real blood pressure checker or heartbeatchecker andblood sugar checker. Just use this prank application forcheckingbody temperature we also reminds you this is a fake andsimulatorapplication just for fun and entertainment. How To Use *Selectyour gender and click next button.* Now Place your Fingeronfingerprint scanner and wait for scanning.* After Completeyourfinger scanning this fake thermometer application show you aresultof your fever on digital temperature thermometer. Features *Easyto use and user Friendly.* Realistic Animation and HighqualityGraphics.* This Finger body temperature free for use and noneed ofinternet connection.* Classic thermometer look DisclaimerThisfinger body temperature prank application is asimulatedapplication that provide you fake results. thisapplication usejust for fun or entertainment purpose. Do not takethese resultsseriously.
Popular io game in online and offline modes! Can you conquerthebiggest land?Control your head to close an area, fill theblockswith your color and try to own the biggest territory! Startthegame with a small base and color the cells to grow!In landixio,all players have equal chance to win! Even you have a tinybase,you can run onto the other heads'' dots to kill them. Watchout!Others can steal from your territory! Defend your land and trynotto lose many blocks captured.ONLINE MULTIPLAYER MODEPlay iogameonline against real people around the world. No lag with highspeedinternet.SINGLE PLAYER MODEPlay offline against bots to trainyourskills. Internet connection is not needed insingle-playermode.EASY & SMOOTH CONTROLSJust swipe or usejoystick to changeyour direction.SKINSCustomize your player tobecome the coolest!Play the best io game to split others both inonline & offlinemodes with your custom skin!HIGH SCORE BASEDGAMEPLAYThe moreblocks or kill you own, the higher chance you takeyour spot in theleaderboard.WE VALUE YOUR FEEDBACKLandix io isstill in developmentand we are developing it according to yourfeedback! Your reviewsare important for us! We have deep feelingsfor our players, so welisten you ;) You can like our Facebook andTwitter pages andgetupdates!, or,,,, or Clown Games is the creator ofthosetrending new io games as well ;)
Fever Body Temperature - Prank
Body Temperature Thermometer is a prank based funfilledapplication. It is designed to make you laugh because thiswholeapplication is a prank application. It is meant to have funandexcitement in your life. Just like body temperatureotherparameters are also important to be maintained and lookedafter. Ifyou really want to spend a healthy life you must take careof yourBlood Pressure and Blood Cholesterol. You must take care ofyourblood Glucose/Sugar level if you want to avoid diabetes.Sometimeit’s hard to determine the oxygen level of an individualthen usePulse Rate Oximeter SPO2 to measure it. Woman’s go throughmanyphases when they are going through pregnancy as the use togothrough menstrual cycle. To coupe with this problem usePeriodTracker or Ovulation Tracker. Body temperature is theoveralltemperature of a body we use thermometer and fever checkertomeasure it. ◍◍◍◍◍◍Guidelines to use this Application◍◍◍◍◍◍◎LaunchBody Temperature Thermometer Application◎ Select your GenderandProceed◎ Tap on the screen◎ Wait for Result tobedisplayed◍◍◍◍◍◍Key Features◍◍◍◍◍◍◎ HD graphics ◎ Free foreveryone,no extra charges◎ No Internet Required to use thisapplication◎Realistic Graphics thatcreates◍◍◍◍◍◍Disclaimer◍◍◍◍◍◍Bodytemperature Thermometer is prankapplication and through thisapplication we have no intention todeceive anyone as it is createdonly for fun because thisapplication is made for users to have funwhich means none of theresults obtained are considerable
Millionaire 2K18
Millionaire 2К18 is a game created based on the popular TV quizshow"Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?". In our game the participantcancheck the intellect and erudition.High-quality graphics,animationand sound in order to convey an exciting atmosphere andimmerse youin the game!Features:- three game modes to choosefrom;-high-quality graphics, animation and sound;- the atmosphereissimilar to a TV show;- interesting new questionscreatedspecifically for the game;- ability to spend points earned;-statsand achievements.Follow news and updates!We wish you luck andenjoygame! Zombs Luv Ax
Proud to introduce survival battle of zombs.IO games creator,ClownGames, invites you to join zombs io game arena and becomethestrongest among them!Do you love axes as much as we do?Stopwhatyou are doing now and start playing up the axes,throwthem and beat zombs brains out!Scared to starve?Kill as manyas youcan and loot scattered brains to level up.More levels youhave,more axes you can carry.Have an eye on zombsio fire!Stay intheaction, fill the rage bar and become one of thosedeadlycreatures!Feel the hunger for the axes!Don’t starve for themtosurvive longer in the battle!In zlax io zombs don’t talk muchandlet their axes do the talking for them!When they spit out afewwords, all we hear is zombs.IO games publisher of landix,twix,blobie, jellies, shooters and pikes is incredibly happy topresentZlaxio!FEATURES• No lag. Works on many devices withoutperformanceissues.• Internet connection is not needed.• Easy &smoothcontrol on mobile devices• Keep playing while your music onthebackground.WE VALUE YOUR FEEDBACKAs always, we will listen youanddevelop our game according to your feedback! Your reviewsareimportant for us! Please send usanyfeedback.
Dive in and play online against other players in this awesome.iostyle multiplayer game!Defeat everyone else and be thebiggestpiranha (or shark) in the sea!Survive as long as possible byeatingswimmers and smaller fish. But remember: size isn’teverything Even the smallest piranha can defeat thebiggest sharkwith POWERUPS! Use electricity to zap your enemies.Charge up thelaser cannon, go ‘Pew pew pew’ and defeat everyoneelse!It’s allpossible in this .io real-time multiplayergame!FEATURES:- Massivemultiplayer online fish simulator. Dive in,the water is warm!-Lots of piranha and shark skins to choose from.Even more skinscoming soon!- Crazy powerups like electricity,aquarium and lasercannon. Yes, there are sharks with frickin' laserbeams attached totheir heads!- Two touchscreen optimised controlmethods. Virtualcontrols are included!- Select your closest gameserver. Or let uspick the best one automatically!- Google PlayGames Achievementsincluded. Gotta complete them all! is anonline .iomultiplayer game and requires an internet connection.Wi-Fi ishighly recommended. Please pick the closest server forbestexperience.This game contains ads which can be removed withanIn-App Purchase.Hungry for more? Follow us online for thelatestnews:Facebook: ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ is made byKiemura:http://kiemura.comTermsofService:
Борьба Умов
«Борьба Умов» - это интеллектуальная и увлекательнаясоциальнаяигра-викторина, в которой можно состязаться в знаниях сдрузьями идругими игроками.Новинка лето 2015• Новый дизайн >Обновлённая иулучшенная графика, аватары, топ листы, шрифт,интерфейс ицвета!ОсновноеБолее 25 000 интереснейших текстовых ивизуальныхвопросов, написанных командой «Борьбы Умов» и нашимиигроками. Навыбор имеется множество различных категорий вопросов.•Покоряйвершину топ листа — сравнивай свой уровень знаний сдругимиигроками из списка лидеров.• Присылай собственныеоригинальныевопросы в игру и получай награду. • Привяжи игру ксоциальным сетями приглашай своих друзей сыграть в «Борьбу Умов».•Создайсобственный уникальный аватар.• Новые текстовые ивизуальныевопросы добавляются ежедневно!Посоревнуемсявзнаниях!www.feomedia.comFacebook: Борьба УмовБорьбаУмов"Fighting Minds" - a fascinating intellectual and socialquizgame, in which you can compete in the knowledge with friendsandother players.New Summer 2015• New Design> Updated andimprovedgraphics, avatars, top lists, font, interface, andcolor!MainMorethan 25,000 of interesting text and visual issues,written by ateam of "Fight Minds" and our players. The choice thereare manydifferent categories of questions.• Conquer the top of thetopsheet - Compare your level of knowledge with other players fromtheleaderboard.• Please send your own original questions to thegameand get a reward.• Tie off social networks and invite theirfriendsto play "Combating Minds."• Create your own unique avatar.•Newtext and visual questions are added everyday!Posorevnuemsyaknowledge!www.feomedia.comFacebook: FightingMinds
Fever Body Temperature - Prank
≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡Theimpactof body temperature on a human body is at large. Normalbodytemperature relies on many factor like, age of thisperson,intensity of movement/activity that person been performing.Theaverage body temperature of a body is supposed to be 98.6°Fi.e.37°C. Range for body temperature is 97°F i.e. 36.1°C to 99°Fi.e.37.2°C. Period Tracker or Ovulation Tracker are involvedwhensomeone's going through Menstrual Cycle. Blood CholesterolandBlood Pressure as these parameters can really determine yourswellbeing. Real Blood Sugar level and Real Blood Glucose Level hashugeimportance when we have to calculate diabetes.Oxygen level thatissupposed to maintained and measured through Pulse RateOximeterSPO2. Use this app for fun and entertainmentpurposeonly.≡≡≡≡≡≡Guidelines to use this Application≡≡≡≡≡≡≡ StartBodyTemperature Thermometer Application≡ Pick your Gender andProceed≡Tap on the screen≡ Hold on and let the Result be displayedoverscreen≡≡≡≡≡≡Key Features≡≡≡≡≡≡≡ HD graphics which createsgreatexperience≡ Free for everyone, no extra charges to usethisapplication≡ No Internet Required to use thisapplication≡Realistic Graphics that createsawesomefeeling≡≡≡≡≡≡Disclaimer≡≡≡≡≡≡Body temperature Thermometer isprankapplication and through this application. Use it only for funandentertainment purpose only. All the results in the app are basedonrandomnumbersonly.≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡
Fever Thermometer Check Prank
Body Temperature Thermometer is a prank application.BodyTemperature is the main factor in anyone’s health as it isusedetermine if body is working properly or not. We useinstrumentslike fever checker and thermometer to obtain anindividual’s bodytemperature. In humans, the average temperature is37°C, whichfluctuate by the time of day mostly it varies frommorning toevening. Certain health measures are not easy tocalculate. PulseHeart Rate Oximeter SPO2 is paired with themeasurement of OxygenLevel. Heart Rate and Blood Cholesterol ispaired with Heartissues. Blood Glucose Level and Blood Sugar Levelis paired withdiabetes.Ovulation Tracker and Period Tracker is usedto be pairedwith Menstrual Cycle. High/Low Blood Pressure is notgood in hightemperature. This app is for fun and entertainmentpurposeonly.☛☛☛☛☛☛Disclaimer☚☚☚☚☚☚Body temperature Thermometer isprankapplication it has only one intention i.e. entertainment andituses no real method for measurement of body temperaturebecauseThumb/finger Impression cannot determinebodytemperature.☛☛☛☛☛☛Guidelines to use this Application☚☚☚☚☚☚☛LaunchBody Temperature Thermometer Application☛ Select your GenderandProceed☛ Tap on the screen☛ Wait for Result tobedisplayed☛☛☛☛☛☛Key Features☚☚☚☚☚☚☛ HD graphics ☛ Free foreveryone,no extra charges☛ No Internet Required to use thisapplication☛Realistic Graphics that creates for agar for agar is io game on large land with many strategies.Eatothers and the things on land to make your cell biggerandbigger.Split your cell and catch other fast.Be careful:playersbigger than you will eat you. Try to survive as much as youcan inthis alisio for agar game and have the biggest cell inarena!No Lagand no performance problem. Smooth gameplay with thisalis IOgame.You can play everywhere (no matter online oroffline).Yourreviews are valuable for us in order to improve andupdate alis .iofor agar game.We are eager to reply your reviews anddevelop yourwishes.There are many enemy that tries to eat you ingota.ioarena.Be clever and hide yourself behind the thorn arena.Have Fun!alis io for agar game
Finger Body Fever Thermometer Scanner Prank
Having Body Temperature in our human body is very crucialmoment.Our entire system changes just because of having highbodytemperature. Every part of the body have its own function butifyou caught in High Fever then human processor will startworkingslow and you have to take rest in order to restore yourhealth.ThisFinger Body fever Thermometer Scanner is a Prankapplication thatis a constant reminder for you to check your bodytemperature. Yourbody temperature cannot exceed to 103 degreeotherwise it’s a veryalarming situation.Now a days we have bodytemperature throughDengue. That is spreading through a specialmosquito. We need toclean everything in our house, offices andenvironment. Bodytemperature is the overall temperature of a bodywe use thermometerand fever checker to measure it. Spend ahealthy life byavoiding all these diseases such as, High BloodPressure, Low BloodPressure, Low Sugar Level, High Sugar Level,Heart Rateissues.◍◍Key Features◍◍◍◍ High Definition HDgraphics ◍◍ Freefor everyone◍◍ No extra charges◍◍ No InternetRequired to use thisapplication◍◍Guidelines to use thisApplication◍◍◍◍ Launch BodyFever Temperature ThermometerApplication◍◍ Select your Gender andProceed◍◍ Tap on the screen◍◍Wait for Result to bedisplayed◍◍◍Disclaimer◍◍◍Body temperatureThermometer is prankapplication and through this application wehave no intention tomislead anyone as it is created only for funbecause thisapplication is made for users to have fun which meansnone of theresults obtained are considerable
Social Deal – the best deals
With the Social Deal Android-App you always carry the bestdealswith you for free. Discover fun hotspots for an unbeatableprice inyour area. In the App you can now find free discount, newdailydeals, discount codes and other cheap offers for restaurants,thespa, hotels, massages, amusement parks, the zoo, a day outandmore. Download the free Social Deal Android-App so you won’tevermiss a (local) daily deal again. Whether you are looking forcheaphotels, exciting amusement parks, a relaxing spa or to go outfordinner; with our broad offer in beauty, theme parks, orderingfoodand more, there is something for everyone! How you benefit fromtheSocial Deal Android-App:* All hot deals are within reachFindlocaldeals near you, such as a delicious lunch at that restaurantaroundthe corner, or discover the offer of the day in other citiesin theNetherlands, Belgium and Germany!* The opportunity to easilymake areservation wherever you areWith just one swipe you canbookwonderful hotels in Rotterdam or Maastricht, eat aculinary3*course dinner at a restaurant in Amsterdam, or a enjoy awellnesspackage deal at your favorite spa. * Access to over1000restaurants for a Spontaneous dinnerSee where you can havedinnerfor an interesting price and quickly book the last availabletablefor tonight with discount!* New inspiration every dayDiscoveralldaily deals for your city of choice. With over 70 new offersperday you can experience a fun day out whenever you want! UseSocialDeal just like the other +4.000.000 active members andswipethrough the best deals offered near you!
Surprise Eggs for Kids
A game for children from 1 year of age and older. Huge worldofcartoons is impressive and children and adults with its varietyofmagical stories and countless characters. In this game, youaresure to find a well-known toy and favorite characters. Nowafterall this does not necessarily go to the store, afterdownloadingthe game, you can print out chocolate eggs, finding inthemsurprises and collect their collection of toys from the comfortofhome. In this version, we have compiled a very large collectionoftoys magical world of cartoons, fairytales and not only.Smallusers will be happy to see the favorite princesses, pirates,magicheroes, kind monsters and other popular characters fromcartoons:MoanaFrozenMonster High DescendantsMy little ponyPrincessand theFrogFinding Nemo / Finding DoryAnd many others! Each openchocolateegg will bring the child happiness, joy, good humor and anice toy!:) Games for children and babies on mobile devices andtablets inour time become more of a necessity than fashion. Rulesof the gameare simple. It should be: - Select a chocolate egg witha surprisewith the pleasant character- Remove the wrapper touch ofa finger-"Eat" chocolate finger pressure- Open the capsule-yolktouch of afinger- Get a surprise in the form of toys! He goes intothecollection! Purpose of the game: Collect the entire collectionoftoys, opening the chocolate eggs! The game can take to distractthechild, it is a good help to mum! We hope that this funandeducational game for the youngest will be one of your favorite!:)
Easy Arabic alphabet
Arabic alphabet for beginners.It is difficult to overestimatehowimportant it is for a Muslim to know the Arabicalphabet;therefore, each parent should try to give his childrenknowledge ofthe Arabic alphabet.We have created a game that we hopewill beuseful for children and adults at the very beginning oflearningArabic. It is aimed at teaching the Arabic alphabet. Ormorespecifically, the names of Arabic letters. In the simplest modeofthis game, you can simply click on the letters and listen tohowtheir names are correctly pronounced. Then, when the alphabetismore or less clear, the child will be able to do exercises. Inthe‘find a letter’ mode, the speaker pronounces the name of theletterto be found. Thus one can test his skills.For children, itwill beeasy to learn the Arabic alphabet through play. It is therelaxedatmosphere and interest in the gaming process that allowschildrento learn Arabic letters with pleasure. The simple interfaceand thegame rules will be clear even to small children of preschoolage,and will serve as a good assistance for those who make thefirstattempts in studying Arabic letters. Learning the Arabicalphabetand improving our knowledge in free time is interestingandexciting.Your opinion about this game is very important to us,soplease leave your comments, and we will talk!
Uklon - More Than a Taxi
Uklon - is a reliable car service inUkraine(Kyiv, Odesa, Lviv, Kharkiv, Dnipro, Zaporizzia...) andGeorgia(Tbilisi) . Instant car booking to the airport and inthetown.Advantages:• instant booking, your booking is sent simultaneously toseveralhundred partner taxi services;• loyal fares and 5% discount for registered users;• momentary recalculation of the cost according toyourwishes;• reliable booking in advance;• history of rides and saved addresses allow to create newbookingsin a few clicks;• additional cost option, allows successfully request a ride inanycircumstances: in the traffic hours, morning hours, atnight,during a sudden worsening of weather conditions;• the driver rate review allows to determine the quality oftheupcoming trip before boarding;• quality of our service is provided by technical support-24/7!Additional services• personal driver;• car types (comfort, wagon, minibus);• meeting at the airport with a sign;• english speaking driver;• driver-courier;• electronic receipt for provided services.You can request a ride from any point of the city and theairportwithout calling the operator or waiting for confirmation oftheorder. You just need to fulfill a few fields intheapplication.Online taxi booking service available in in Ukraine(Kyiv,Dnipropetrovsk, Kharkiv, Odesa, Lviv, Sumy, Ivano-FrankivskandZaporizhia) and Georgia (Tbilisi) .You can found application in the search: taxi online, Kievtaxi,taxi kiev, taxi in Lvov, Tbilisi taxi, taxi Tbilisi,Georgiataxi,Tbilisi airport taxi,cab in Tbilisi, airport taxiTbilisi,Tbilisi airport shuttle, transfer Tbilisi airport,Dnepropetrovsktaxi, taxi Kharkov, Odessa taxi, taxiIvano-Frankivsk, Ukrainetaxi, airport taxi, taxi to airport, Taxiin Borispol.
ABC7 Los Angeles
The ABC7 app provides the latest local, weather and nationaltopstories and breaking news customized for you! Get more liveandon-demand video than ever before, including live newscasts,andchoose customized alerts based on yourinterests. Customized“My News” that matters to you- Stayinformed on stories you love bychoosing customized topics.- “MyNews” builds a unique feed justfor you based on interests andlocations you choose.- Stay updatedon the latest through livevideo, real-time updates and easynavigation. Get alerts youwant- Choose customized alerts fortopics and locations you careabout, from entertainment news tosports updates and everything inbetween.- Easily select locationsin “Settings” to get the latestbreaking news, weather and trafficfrom your area inreal-time. Watch live video- Find exclusivevideo clips andlive video streams at the top of the app, includinglive newsbroadcasts.- Switching between live streams is as easy asflippingbetween channels.- Watch live video while you readstories andbrowse the app Stay updated 24/7 on weather andtraffic- Easilychoose your locations to get hourly conditions and7-day forecasts.-Get real-time Doppler maps along with detailedweather informationfrom Accuweather.- Get weather and trafficalerts for severeconditions so you’re always up-to-date before yougo.
Fietsknoop bike your own route 4.3.8
Use the bike nodes system in The Netherlands, Belgium andtheborders of Germany to plan your own bike routes. After youmakeyour route you can save, mail and share it.You can ride yourownroutes by starting GPS navigation combined with speechinstructionsin your own language.On the map you see several pointsof interestsfor a stop. You can click on a POI for moreinformation.Besidesplanning routes you can use labels to group yourroutes and you caninvite friends to share routes among.The appinitially starts inthe Dutch language. Open the main menu andnavigate to "Mijninstellingen". Find "Taal instellingen" and chooseyour ownlanguage. After closing the screen Fietsknoop changesitslanguage.Have fun!
Билеты ПДД 2018 +Экзамен РФ
Новые билеты с изменениями от 10 апреля 2018 года.The appisdesigned for those who are enrolled in a driving school. Andalsofor all drivers who want to learn the new rules of the road,orprepare for the theoretical exam in the traffic police oftheRussian Federation.Appendix contains useful information you needonthe road and in the daily life of every driver:- The actualtableof penalties- Road region codes- Procedures in case ofaccident-Ways to keep right- Vehicle category- Car service and MOT-The useof light signals on the road- Current federal law 196- Thebasicconcepts of motor insurance- Traffic Laws- road signsAllticketsfor the official match tickets 2018 period.The applicationhas adifferent training modes.a random permutation of the questionsandanswers-minimalistichny mode - the screen is cleanedcommandpanelthe acceleration response to questions - turns offpaginganimation3 test modes - standard (20 questions), a new option(5questions for a wrong answer), the marathon - all exam questionsina single pass.System evaluation and extendedstatistics.Theapplication has a handy widget.It will always keepyou informed ofyour current readiness for the exam in the trafficpolice.Withtraffic tickets in your pocket learn faster, efficientlyandconveniently.Free version contains ads. The paid version of theSDAis cheaper books with printed tickets, thus allowing toincreasethe training speed of dozens of times.
Official Traffic Fines
The easiest way to officially retrieve and pay your trafficfinesthrough the road police and public payment informationsystemdatabases.Download the official Traffic Fines app and payyourtraffic fines online with one click.PAY SAFELY. CONFIRMEDBYOFFICIAL SECURITY CERTIFICATES.All payment data are transferredviaan encrypted connection in line with the PCI DSS.It sufficestoenter your car details and driving licence number to find outifyou have any traffic fines. All the fines will be shown onthedisplay straight away. Did you get your traffic ticket by mail?TheTraffic Fines app allows you to pay the fine by ticket number.Allyou have to do is scan the ticket barcode with yoursmartphonecamera.The payments are processed in an instant. Foryourconvenience, you can choose to save your card data. Thatwouldavoid you having to enter your details anew for each paymentyoumake. You can also access the payment history at any time.Yourcard data will be securely protected.GET A FORMALLY STAMPEDRECEIPTACKNOWLEDGED BY THE ROAD POLICE AND PRINT IT OUT FROMYOURDEVICEStop wasting your time. No need to keep fishing for aticketat the place of your residence and stand in lines to paytrafficfines in a bank.Do you fear that the passport controlofficer willfind an unpaid fine? Do you doubt that the road policeactually gotyour payment?Pay your fines via our Official TrafficFines app,which enables you to keep the receipt and print it outfrom yourmobile device. A receipt with an authentic bank stamp anda slipmay help you over at the passport control or a road policeoffice.RETRIEVE INFORMATION ON YOUR FINES FROM OFFICIAL SOURCES.THE APPPROVIDES ONLY RELIABLE AND OFFICIAL DATA.Search and reviewyourfines through an online road police database * Pay with yourbankcard * Enable free pop-ups on new fines * Get your receipt anduseit as a confirmation for the road police * Extend yourinsurancepolicy * Available across Russia * Online access to the2015Factbook on Traffic Fines and Penalties * Verification bydrivinglicence and vehicle certificate * Government services *Formalsettlements with the road police * Print out your receiptfrom thephone * Create payment orders * Search fines by the ticketnumber*We only use formally approved methods to source data frompublicdatabases.Committed a traffic offence and facing a fine? WiththeOfficial Traffic Fines app, you can enable free text, emailorpush-up notifications, and receive info on new fines as soonasyour fines have been recorded in the road police database.Theoption is absolutely free.INSURANCE POLICYWe are here to giveyouan early reminder of your insurance policy expiration date andhelpyou buy a new policy on time. All you have to do is subscribetonotifications and enter the insurance policy expiration date inthededicated section of the Official Traffic Fines app.Please, donothesitate to contact us if you have any questions regardingtheOfficial Traffic Fines app.Holders of Tinkoff Bank cards canpaytheir fines with no fees charged. Minimum flat fee charges applytoother banks' customers.All the payments are processed byTinkoffBank. The fine payment data are fed into the PublicInformationSystem for Regional and Local Payments.Feel free to sendyourcomments or report problems related to the Official TrafficFinesapp to
Radio Arzamas
Radio Arzamas is the official app of the Arzamas.academyproject.Itcontains lectures by the best Russian academics, podcastsaboutculture and various audio pieces by Arzamas team members.
Symbiont is a survival text based quest with elements of horrorandscience fiction in real-time.The story of a neuroscientist whowaslocked in the secret laboratory overcrowded with... thewalkingdead!THE STORYThe last 36 hours of the sole survivor ofamysterious accident in a top-secret lab complex. Abandonedbyeveryone and desperate, wandering among the walking dead, bysomemiracle he manages to contact you and asks for help.You’reshort ontime – the deadly virus is about to break out, threateningtheentire humanity, and you’re now involved in thisdramaticaction.Symbiont 1 is a science fiction text quest, a mix ofhorrorand survival elements. Each decision you make impacts thecourse ofthe story, and the salvation – or destruction – ofhumankind is inyour hands.FEATURES★ Mind-blowing atmosphere, a mixof sci-fi andzombie apocalypse. ★ Gamebook script by a publishedauthor.★ Thereal book volume entails dozens of hours of dramaticgaming. ★ Plotriddles, unexpected discoveries and twists that willastonish you.★The novella's action approximates real-time anddepends on thedecisions you make. ★ Over 700 locations.★ 3 originalfinales. ★40+ unique “deadly” finales.Can you unearth the truth andpreventthe death of the world? Download Symbiont now!
Flowwow flowers. Delivery of flowers and sweets
Flowwow Flowers is an application, that helps local floristsandcustomers to find each other in several minutes, to deliverflowerssafely and quickly to every place and in any time you needin morethan 950 cities all over the world.With Flowwow you canorderflowers in one click and easily pay by card or bycash.Orderingflowers with Flowwow is easy. This is how itworks:Just open theapp and enter the destination addressThe appundentifies yourlocation for quicker orderingYou can ask a questionor follow thestatus of your order via built-in messenger, see thephoto beforedeliveryYou can pay for your order by card or bycashWhen the orderis completed you can rate the work of yourflorist and send areview, that helps us to improve our service. Youalso get the billon your e-mail.Facts about Flowwow:-More than 350thousand happycustomers-more than 190 thousand bouquets in 850cities-averagerating of flower shops is 4.7- More than 6 thousandshops andflorists- Average user chooses and orders flowers in appin 2minutesDo you have any questions? Visit 🌞
Cruce - Game with Cards 2.0
★ Version 2.0 is here! In this version you will have thepossibilityto select the game difficulty, statistics and muchmore! The oldversion 1.0 soon will be removed from the Google PlayStore and theversion 2.0 will became the official version.★ It isa very famouscard game in Transylvania (north-western Romania)named Cruce(Cross). The game is often played in other countries:Germany(country of the province of the game), Hungary, AustriaandSlovenia, but the game has a different name (also named66,sixty-six) and also the rules of the game is different.★ Thecardgame is called "Cruce" and it can be played by 2, 3 or 4players.Within this app, the maximum player number is 2. You canplayagainst the computer. The cards are Hungarian cards and the"Seven"and "Eight" cards are removed, leaving in total of 24 cards.Youcan play against 3 different computer players. Each player hasadifficulty level. The player who reaches first 15 points willwinthe party. In case of equality the game will continue untiloneplayer make more or less points than the other.There are intotal 4different card types: HEART, LEAF, ACORNS and BELLS. Eachcard typehas 6 cards with different values.★ When the game isstarted, thedeck of cards are shuffled and are distributed amongthe players.Each player receives 8 cards and 8 cards remains on thetable. Eachplayer evaluates their cards for the auction. The playerwho's turnmust make a bid between 1 - 4. If he thinks that hiscards doesn'tworth 1 point, then he can bid: "PASS" and will givethe bidpossibility for the opponent player. If the player makes abidbetween 1 - 4, the opponent player can make a greater bid andwillwin the auction. The maximum bid is 4 and the players can't sayagreater number. The player who "wins" (by the highest bid)theauction can place the first card. When the first card is placeditwill define the tromf (master) card type. This card type isthemost powerful within the current game and can take any cardwithother types. In case of the same tromf cards are placed onthetable, then the value of the card is evaluated. The card withthegreatest value will win. When there are no more cards left,eachplayer will calculate their points and will result the end ofthegame. The points are calculated by each player by the sum oftheircollected cards and announcements. Finally the total sum isdividedby 33 to get the number of points. If the player who wontheauction made less points than his bid, then he will losethepoints. Each accumulated point is added to the player'sexistingpoints.★ Before the game begins each player must evaluatetheircards and make a bid at the auction phase. The players canbidbetween 1 - 4 or "PASS". The bid are calculated by multiplyingthebid value with 33. It means that the end of the game the playerwhostarted the game must have this accumulated points, otherwisehewill lose the points (the bid value). The player who winstheauction can start the game, letting him to place the first cardanddefine the Tromf (master).Good luck and don't forget to followuson facebook:☛
Truth or Dare - Everyday
The most popular quiz for a company "Truth or Dare - Everyday"isfinally now in your phone. The new game format allows you toplayfrom 2 to 6 players on one device.-> Normal modeThis setofquestions is the reason why "Truth or Dare" quiz isconfidentlyheld the top position among board games for companiesfor manyyears in a row. A diverse and fascinating base of questionsandcommands on various topics will allow to unite the company ofyoungpeople for a fun joint pastime.-> School modeDo you want toknowyour classmates better? Their secrets will be revealed toyouduring the school mode game. If someone decides to hidetheirsecrets, they will be forced to execute a command immediatlywhichwill certainly boost players' spirits.-> Child modePlayingwithyour children in "Truth or Dare" is not only interesting, butalsouseful. The game will help you to become a best friend foryourchild. It will allow to understand his or her interests andhabitsbetter, and also enhance your family mutual confidence.->Whereand with whom can you play?- Play on vacation! You can play inthe"Truth or Dare" literally everywhere! Go for a walk or onoutdoorrecreation? The game will make all your company laughwherever youare.- Play during break at schoolFree time betweenlessons may bethe funniest with playing "Truth or Dare". Proven -it works!- Playon tripA trip by bus or by train can becomefascinating,interesting and unforgettable, if you play "Truth orDare" withfriends.- A game for a birthday!"Truth or Dare" is one ofthe bestways to have fun at a birthday party. The game will help toturnboring gathering into a cool party!
Little Town™ Fashion Salon
This is an easy-to-play game for boys and girls. You need todomakeover and dress up in these free games. Welcome to ourLittleTown.Recently, a new Fashion Salon opened in the littletown,friends recommended that it is highly rated, and the Wilsonfamilyare going to have a try.Service Introduction of theFashionSalon:1.Luxury bathrobe dressup.2.Facial Beauty SPA: washingface,steam and moisturizing, acne removal, blackheads, laserremoval ofmoles, beauty mask, shave and so on.3.Back massage SPA:wax hairremoval, mud moxibustion hot compress, ultravioletsterilization,hot stone, oil massage.4.Foot bath SPA:Chinesemedicine foot spa,manicure, foot skin removal.5.Hair salon:shampoo, head massage,hair design, hair coloring and so on.Come andhelp the Wilsonfamily eliminate fatigue of the week and experiencethe exquisiteservice of the Fashion Salon by playing the coolgames.Have funwith the kid games and enjoy the best 2017 games. Inaddition tothe baby games there are still some other girl games toplay forfree. Enjoy the top games! About us: We are the top gamedeveloperfounded in 2010.Visit us: http://www.6677g.comLikeus: us: @6677gContactus:wecare@6677g.comIMPORTANT MESSAGE FOR PARENTS: This App is freetoplay but certain in-game items may require payment. Youmayrestrict in-app purchases by disabling them on yourdevice.Bydownloading this App you agree to Our Privacy Policyat consider that thisAppmay include third parties services for limited legallypermissiblepurposes.
"News TUT.BY" - is the ability to read news in a convenient way,discuss events, share them on social networks, watch differentTVchannels and relevant videos. The following live sportsareavailable in the application: soccer, handball and basketball.Youcan read news, look through the photos and videostailoredspecifically for the touch screens of Android-smartphones:you canbrowse the photos one by one, watch the video in fullscreen, in aword, keep abreast of breaking news in a convenientformat for you.In the application, you can configure your personalnews feed:change the order of news columns, leaving only the newssectionsthat you are interested in.If you have witnessed aninterestingevent, you can share it with the TUT.BY audience,sending a messageto the editor via the "Send news" section. You canattach pictures,videos and audio files there. "News TUT.BY" offersa number ofconvenient services that will help you keep abreast ofthe latestnews: - Notifications of the latest news in the statusbar; - Twonews widgets for each specific category. Widgets can beupdatedautomatically (every hour, every 3 or 6 hours) or manually;-Widgets with weather and exchange rates.
Orthodox Calendar 2017 - 2020
Orthodox (romanian) calendar with all the fastings of the year,allsunday gospel references and major holidays.Available for2013-2020included.The calendar also has a search function!Forimprovementsand proposals, please contact
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The most popular free classified ads board in Moldova999.mdpresents a mobile application. Using this application, you’llbeable to access the entire advertisements’ data base publishedonthe website. Hundreds of thousands of people use daily ourservice.That allows them to buy, sell or exchange any products orservices.On you can find everything: from real estate tosmallhousehold appliances.Using the 999 application, you’ll getfullaccess to all the advertisements on the website. You will havethepossibility to place your own advertisements, to react promptlytoother offers and to speak to other users directly via chat.
Card game Durak
This is one of the most common family card games of Russianorigin.The deck that is used consists of 36 cards. The number ofplayerswho can participate in this game varies between 2 and 4.
Which of four elements are you
In each of us, there are four elements responsible for ourbehavior,for our actions. Fire - is responsible for our emotions,Water - forlogical thinking, Air is responsible for intuition, andthe Earthfor concrete thinking and actions.This test will allowyou todetermine how the four elements are in harmony withyou.Answer thequestions honestly, as the result directly dependson youranswers.You may also like:Quiz: Angel or devil?
Open the window: Autumn season
Open The Window is a game in which you have to move your brains.Asmall logical game in which unique and interesting levels! Youhavenot seen this before. One room, 48 levels per logic and mainYourtask is to open the window! If you do not understand anything-take a hint. OTW - waiting for you.Meet at level 48: 3
Become the ruler of the biggest country in the world and lead ittogreat victories! Manage the most important state institutions,theconstructions of the century, defend your state againstenemies,win the wars, occupy new territories and build yourinvincibleEmpire! Will you be a wise and experienced leader or atyrant? Whatwill people remember about you? It depends on youonly!You candownload the truthful historical game “Empire” and playit for freenow. You can also make in-game purchases if you like.The premiumgame version without ads, in-game purchases, with bignumber ofclues and gold is also available in the store.About thegame- Rulemore than five periods in Russia history- Conductcampaigns of thebrightest leaders of Russia and the USSR- Win epicbattles andcombats- Make decisions on more than thousand events inRussianhistory- Become Stalin, Nickolas II, Zhukov, Peter I andevenPutin!In this historical strategy we guaranteeabsoluteauthenticity and objectivity. We recommend the game to allof youwho is eager to know the real and true history ofRussia.SupportteamHey Ruler! Is everything OK? If you have anyquestions orissues:- Visit the game community - Inform us of anyproblem incomments right here. We read all the comments.Join the“Empire”community in the social networkVK: the “Empire” stickersinTelegram: areconstantlyworking on updating and improving the game. The nextupdate isalready being prepared. Next campaign: "Putin Begins".Remain inthe Empire.
Read books online
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