Top 9 Games Similar to Roulette Passion

Russian Roulette 1.22
"Russian Roulette" - also known as "Hussar Roulette", one ofthemost extreme game in the humans history. One shot at maybeyou'redead. "Russian Roulette" appeared in the 19th century, butwhoinvented the game is unknown.Standard rules of the game:Theemptydrum revolver charged one cartridge. Rotate the drum so thattheplayers would not know where the charged cartridge.Alternatelyfired from a revolver, if gun shot - player loses. Weare pleasedto introduce our game. We are actively working on it toimprove it,in the plans to launch the new game modes.Help make ourgames moreinteresting and better! Do not hesitate to send yourfeedback andwe will consider all your wishes, because we arecreating a gamefor you! You can contact us at the [email protected]
Lucky Roulette 1.52
Simple roulette application. Start & Stop by touchingcentercircle. Also you can set the number of pies by tappingbackgroundthen roll black wheel. [FEATURES] - This is a easyroulette game. -The spin speed depends on the speed of your fingeron the screen.
Croco? Croco! - Roulette 1.0.3
Let's bet with crocodile roulette with your friends!Ladder gameisbored..So, Please try the crocodile teeth of the game!Betlunch,thrilling by determining the rules of such penaltygame!Please bemore a trivial fun of everyday from crocodileroulette.The rouletteboard game, move in the app!Caution - aloneplay? it may be no fun.
Strat Roulette: Gaming Challenges 1.10.1
Strat Roulette challenges app for Rainbow Six Siege, Fortnite,PUBG,CS:GO and Overwatch.Is winning to easy or do you want to testyourskills to whatever strat faith gives you?Strat Roulette hasavariety of fun and random strategies for you (and your friends)forthe games:- Fortnite: over 100 special challenges + Randomstratsfor weapons, rarity, dropzones, building, traps andmedical.-Rainbow Six Siege: over 140 different strats + 17Minigames!- PUBG:over 35 different special strats + Random stratsfor differentcategories.- CS:GO: over 110 different strats-Overwatch: over 75different strats and load outs. This app includesgeneral stratswhich can be done at any time in the game, whileother stratsdepend on the game-type or even on a team.**Please keepin mindthat this app is developed in English. Other languages areaservice under development!**
Baby Prizes Roulette Toy 1.5.1
The fun is assured! Baby Prizes Roulette Toy is anextremelyentertaining game for children, with three differentroulettetables full of incredible games and fun sounds, just spintheroulette and the fun start. Try your luck and enjoy the giftsofroulette. Celebrate as if it were the happiest day of theyear,your birthday. Try your delicious birthday cake. Hit thepiñata toget the candy. Also have fun and bust all the colorfulballoons andfireworks. Keep turning the roulette to get the bestpart of abirthday party, the gifts. Enjoy the fun toys you can getinsidethe gift box. Play with the fun gift of the colorful piano,playingand composing your melodies, enjoy their lights and colors.You canalso play with the race track, drive the car and overcomeyourmarks on every lap. Another great game is the toy of hittingmoles,crush the tomatoes, discover the gifts, but be careful withthebombs that can burst at any time. Do you like sports? Enjoykickingthe soccer ball, train scoring many goals and have funbeating yourscore. You can also play with the basketball ballbasking andbeating your score. If you want to continue playing withtoys youcan go to your gift shelf, where you can play again as manytimesas you wish.
Decision Roulette
You have to make a decision and don't know what to choose?Sometimesit is better to leave it all to fate! The DecisionRoulette helpsyou to choose among the various options available.You can writefrom 2 to 50 options in up to 20 different roulettesand use themwhenever you want. You can also add images to eachoption. Theimages must be png/jpg and must be stored in yourdevice. Theinformation is only saved on the device, not in thecloud. It isfree, easy to use and you can find it useful to choosewhere to eat,make raffles or create your own challenges: truth ordare, spin thebottle, slime challenge... You set the limits! Justtype youroptions and spin the wheel. Good luck! P.S. If yourlanguage is notalready in the app and you want to help us with thetranslation, wecan try to add it. In this case, please, send us anemail [email protected]
Jackpot Clicker 2.10
This game is combination of: Case Clicker + Case Opener Simulator+Jackpot online + Roulette + Coin Flip. You can open cases,collectskins and exchange them with friends. Find your favoritestickers!You can play jackpot with friends online. Try your luck inmanysimulator games: Jackpot, Roulette, Coin Flip and Crash Game.Greatfor case opening and pack opening fans. Now you canscratchscratchcards and open Drakemoon cases! Such Doge bad catswow. Goand win much CS (such clicks)! This game is MLG! Good luck!
India Bet Official 1.6.1
India Bet
India Bet is a free, fun app where only virtual currencies areused.You can't deposit or withdraw money from India Bet. Allgaming andsporting activities on India Bet are just for fun andare not a formof gambling. At India Bet we want our users to havefun, betting forfree in a safe and legal environment. Players aregiven a virtualcurrency called India Bet Rupees (IBR) and withthis they can earnIndia Bet Stars. India Bet Stars can then betraded for tickets intoour prize draws. We offer a number ofsporting events includingcricket that you can bet on as well asvirtual and instant games. Wealso offer leaderboards with prizesfor those who want to competeagainst other India Bet members forthe top spot. India Bet Offers:- Prize Draws - Leaderboards -Competitions - Betting on sportsincluding cricket, football andhorse racing - Lots of Indian gamessuch as Teen Patti, JhandiMunda and Passa - Traditional games likeBlackjack, Roulette andSlot Machines - Live chat with like mindedpeople
La Ruleta de la Suerte 2.0
Juega a la ruleta de la suerte y acumula tantos puntoscomopuedas.Invita a tus amigos y gana más puntos parajugar.Puedestraspasar puntos a otros usuarios.A ver quien consiguemáspuntos!Play the wheel of fortune and accumulate as many pointsasyou can.Invite your friends and earn more points to play.Youcantransfer points to other users.To see who gets more points!