Top 49 Games Similar to SavingSoldiers

Sultan Of Tower Defense TD Strategy 1.3.33
Sultan Of Towers is a free tower defense game. Or in short TD.Builda defensive line with a powerful tower and defend yourlands.Protectyour lands using quick thinking and an arsenal ofawesome TDweapons. Time of battle is back. Your lands has beensurrounded bytanks. Take your heart, choose a good strategy andyou may changethe war. You have one choice: defend, defend,defend. Are you ready?We invite you to play one of the beststrategy game in the mobilegames industry. How to choose a goodstrategy? 1 - Define theProblem. 2 - Think Logically. 3 - Analyze.4 - Attack and Kill'Emall :) *****How to play***** **Objective**Protect road(s) fromenemy attacks. When an enemy is defeated, youwill earn money andexperience points. Spend your money to upgradetowers or build moretowers. Tower type and position is is theessential strategy of thegame. Spend experience points to usesuper powers or permanent towerupgrades. **Towers** Build towersto stop enemies. Every tower hasdifferent effect. For example"Machine Gun" has little effect ontanks but very effective onother enemies. Check in game help screenfor more information.**Tower Building** You have two options a)Drag&Drop : Tap andhold any tower on bottom menu and move toavailable area. b)Tap&Build : Tab on any available area, selecttower andconfirm. **Tower Upgrade** Every tower has 3 upgradelevel. Upgradeeffects towers attack, effect radius and reloadtimes.To upgrade,tap on desired tower and click upgrade icon.**Tower Settings** Tapon desired tower and click settings icon.Select one of followingoptions: First Contact : First contactedenemy will be main target.(default for all towers) Last Contact :Last contacted enemy willbe main target. Fastest : Fastest enemy inattack radius will bemain target. Slowest : Slowest enemy in attackradius will be maintarget. Strongest : Strongest enemy in attackradius will be maintarget. Weakest : Weakest enemy in attack radiuswill be maintarget. **Main Target** Tap on enemy or clicktargetbutton(strongest enemy will be selected) to select enemy.Selectedenemy will be main target for all towers. You can selectpreviousor next enemy from bottom menu. **Super Powers** Everysuper poweruses experience points and needs time to re-use. Slow :(blue cloudicon) Slows down all enemies for a limited time. Acid :(greencloud icon) Acid damage for a limited time. Air Strike :(multiplerocket icon) Kills all visible enemies
Robot Firefighter Truck Rescue City War 1.1.1
Your city is under attack by enemy robots, now what should youdo!!You need to fight the enemy fighting futuristic robot and saveyourcity in city games! You are the ultimate rescue fireighterrobotwho has to fight and defeat the enemy robots and gainvictory!!!Fight the enemy robots as firefighter robot indestructionfirefighter games. The enemy are flying robots whichplan to raidthe city and destroy it, you need to stop that fromhappening. Sofrom being an ordinary firefighter rescue truck,transform into theawesome firefighting robot and show enemy robotswho’s boss!!! Thefirefighter rescue superhero robot has variety ofthings to dowhich includes fighting of enemy robots, and superherofirefightingfire extinguisher missions to rescue buildings on fireand anyonewho is trapped in them! Help the firemen burn out thefire withfire extinguisher in this thrilling fire fightergames!!Get engagedwith all the futuristic robot technology in orderto fight withenemy robots and provide quick safety services to thecity andpeople and firemen and complete missions in flying robotsfirefighter games!!!In this firefighter robot game the enemy robotsaremaking a lot of destruction and you need to stop them since youarethe superhero firefighter robot and the safety of the city isinyour hands. As soon as you’re done with the stopping ofenemyrobots destruction the city rescue firemen team will need yourhelpto convert back to fireman and help them extinguish fire. Withalot of amazing features and controls help your firefightercompleteall your firefighter missions by flying in the air andfightingenemy robots. You can fire on them with fire beams, kick,and punchthem in the air and cause their destruction with yourfirefighterskills.With the firemen, you will have firefighter firetruckcontrols which will have the fire extinguisher control buttontohelp rid of all the fire and then there will be controls tomakeany other different fireman missions becomespossible!!***Featuresof Robot firefighter truck rescue city war***•Multiple thrillingwar and rescue firefighter levels. (10 levelsimulation)• Multiplefirefighter truck robots. (5 firefightingrobot choice)• Cityenvironment simulation. • Enemy simulator andsuperhero rescuefirefighter simulator. • HD graphics.• Thrillingsounds.• Firemensimulator.Download this amazing fightingfirefighter truck rescueand robot war game now to witness all theawesome fighting featuresand game play!!
👽Ben Hero Kid - Aliens Fight Arena 1.0
Fualdev World
Do you know favaourist alien on ben ?This is humansaurandheartblast , xlr , ben stinkyfly.This game made about xlrThebestgame of alien wars, you are fans hard alien ben humansaur powerofthe ten protector ?!lets play use transforming fire alien forthefirst time, and defeat all players with your fightingtechniquesandu unleash your hiding power.This is game very easy toplay andfun, you must defeal all enemies on endless multiplearenaworlds.Transfrom with the new omnitrix to alien humansaur ingalaxyor another can beat final stage from buying somepotionand power. "Humungousaur Power Fight Alien Ben Rescue" isanfighting game in an awesome environment!the enemy is not benalienbut it is from alien galaxy, there are ultimate monsteralien,robot, golem, bat, and fly enemy. user your weapon and powertodefeat all level using humansaur transform omnitrix alienbententransform.lets help humansaur power alien and be comestrongeralien in planet - Feature in Ben Alien Kid HumansaurTransform*Easy to play* Super addicting game for Kid* watch classictennysben alien platformer for children, adults and kids toys*Amazinggameplay* classic retro running up to speed adventuredashgamesENJOY ! PLEASE RATE US 5 STARS!
THA:Assault 1.0
You must destroy enemy tanks. You must improve your tank, thatwoulddestroy even more enemies. If your tank can not withstand theenemytanks, try to buy a more powerful tank. Use artillery andaviation.You have to pass 3 campaigns. Each campaign consists of30 levels.The game uses real physical 3D engine. Each track androller workedindividually. If you want to know more, try toplay!Try it Now!KeyFeatures:● 42 tanks● 3 campaigns● Realisticphysics● Aviation●Upgrades
Warship Strike 3D 1.3
Experience most intense Naval Warship Battle with the furiousfleetsof Enemy heading towards your Naval Defense Lines. Don’t letthearmored warships of the enemy to maintain SeaDomination.Navigatethrough the Pacific Ocean on your modernwarship, Sneak up on therivalry naval forces, attack the NavyBattleships as a highlytrained Naval Captain. Strike them with theguided missiles and openrapid fire. Destroy Fighter Helicopters ofopponent forces withbombardments from your battleship. Win thethreatening SeaBattleship Combat by eliminating enemy navyships.Make a strongresistance, protect your warship from thehelicopter strikes andattacks of rival warships with your combatskills. Fight for thepride of your country, Protect your navalbase from enemy fleets andexperience an intense combat experiencethat keeps you indulge withits amazing militaryscenarios.Features:Intense ShootingMissions!High Quality 3DGraphics!Realistic Sound Effects!NavalAttacks and AirStrikes!Optimized Controls for 3D Sailing!
Zombies Crusade 1.1
Zombie Crusade is a gamer into many new game modes, moreattractivethan those of other famous players. Players no longerhave to shootthe items on the map to place the gun again, but playharderlevels, players may only place guns on the default locationon themap. With this new game modes in the game Zombie Crusade,playersmust have a more rational thinking, sharper tactics to buildthebest system for their defense.Zombie Crusade has thefollowingfeatures: Play in offline mode without intenet or 3G.Sharp picturegraphics, spectacular effects attract players.Background music,lively sound. There are many tasks in the currentplaying level12.Also equipped with guns, mercenaries, players alsohave the helpof a free zombie game Crusade as: book looks pricklydraining theblood of the enemy, casting a net slow travel speed ofan enemygroup, sparks draining the blood of a group of enemysoldiers ...
Naval Fury: Warship 3D 1.3
The large armored battleships of the enemy are on the missiontomaintain command on the Sea. They have invaded the sea andbreachedthe Naval Defense lines. The Sea is full of heavymonstrouswarships loaded with destructive weapons. The air strikesof therival copters are distracting you from the destruction oftheMilitary ships. The Enemy wants to achieve naval dominanceinbattle of the oceans.Leave the harbor, navigate through thesea,Plan and direct course of your warship, follow the enormousEnemyBattleships using radar, target them using the bestmilitarystrategy and open fire until the ships explode.Protect yourshipfrom the wrath, violence and counter strikes of themilitarycopters and Battleships.Establish your dominance inbattleshipClashes. Destroy the hostile ships and defend yourNavalBase!Features:Realistic Naval Fury Simulation!Stunning 3Dgraphicsand Sound Effects!Air Strikes and Naval Bombardments!EasyShipControl System!
Crazy Castle 1.2
Bugs Bunny has to collect all carrots in the Crazy Castletocomplete a level. He did not have the ability to jump;therefore,only by taking different routes could Bugs avoid enemiesin theCrazy Castle. Some of the levels had boxing gloves,invincibilitypotions, safes, crates, flower pots, or ten-poundweights thatcould be used against the enemies in the game. Playersscore 100points for every carrot with the last one in each floorgiving theplayer an extra life, 100 points for every enemy defeatedusinginvincibility bottles, 500 points per enemy using boxing gloveand1000 points per enemy that gets hit with heavy objects. Youwillget a password when you complete a level, and you can usethepassword to start at a certain level in this game.Have Fun!
Tank ON 2 - Jeep Hunter 1.22.19
Tank ON 2 - is a 3D sequel to popular defender game with tanksandguns! Protect your base from the waves of enemies! Controltheturret which moves in front of your base, and can firewithdifferent weapons of your choosing. The turret is protected byaforce field, so it can 'catch' the enemy shells, preventingthedamage to the base. Use special weapons and buildings: • Minigun•Rocket launcher • Tesla-gun • Orbital Ion Cannon • EnergyReactorand others! For every enemy destroyed you get silver coins,andgold coins for the completing of missions, and protectingyourbase. Spend the coins between missions to upgrade weapons andbase!Earn rewards for various achievements!
Cops VS Robbers Prison Escape H1.3a
Aeria Canada
IMPORTANT: Some users are experiencing issues restoringin-apppurchases. We are working on fixing the problem. If youencounterany troubles with in-apps, please contact [email protected] so that we can help you solve yourproblem.Thank you! Explore the terror of an unlawful city wheresurvival isthe only option among the deadly enemies. This game letsyou entera match of survival death where you can experience anexplosivethird person shooter. You need to face powerful and lethalenemyprisoners that have escape from jail. You have to stop themfromdestroying the city! The different missions of the game arehighlyentertaining and several exciting features enhance theexcitement.There are various weapons to pick up including grenades,you canenter the different vehicles to escape or defend yourself,get ajetpack and even destroy the buildings around the city! Enjoyafast-paced shooter action and defeat enemy gangs that will comeforyou. New Features: Full update to Third person gameplayFlyingjetpack Tanks, taxis, planes, a lot of vehicles and newweaponsMultiple missions Store with new elements Achievementsandpower-ups Mini-bosses Destructible environment,destructibleeverything! explosions! more explosions! even moreexplosions!
Flying Jet Fighter Robots War 1.1.3
Want to know how it feels like to be a flying fighting robot?Wantto go on a robot scifi futuristic robot adventure? Thendownloadthis robot game right away for a thrilling flying jetexperience!!Become for a day aconverter convertible robot and playwithmultiple robots and try out different attacks to sabotage theenemyrobot in robot jet games. With this game you will able toconvertfrom robot into flying jet monster. This real robot, robotwar gamewill leave you speechless with adventure and excitement byflyingin the environment and have robotic futuristic jet gamesadventure.Get addicted to the awesome features, gameplay andgraphics in thisfuturistic scifi adventure robot jet games! You cannow destroyenemy robots who try to pick war with you. The gameplayis verysimple, bring the futuristic robot to the war fieldenvironment andwhenever you want to, convert from robot into flyingjet and makewar futuristic with robot enemy. Make your machine intoan advancedfight monster to engage in a fascinating robot jetfight. All youhave to do is select your favourite robot and jet, asuitableenvironment and level, and begin the war hunt for flyingjetrobots. Once you’re upfront on road or in the air with therobotenemy begin the fight. Before that roam the environmentbyconverting.You can convert into robot man and flying jet andfiremissiles at the enemy, you can also fire simple bullet missles.Youcan also jump and hit and fire however you like either as arobotor as flying jet! Find the target and your task location withthemap in the robot jet games and reach destination to win!! Makesureyou don’t lose your health bar because of enemy robots becausegamewill be over.Use joystick to move around for bot gamesadventure inthis exciting simulation game!! Defeat enemy by flyingand completeeach level of jet games to get coins so you can buymore excitingflying jets!Once you’ve defeated the enemy you can goon the nextlevel and destroy more enemies and keep unlocking newand greatexciting robot stuff! How to play air robot jet:• Startgame •Select level of air robot jet game from 10 levels • Chooseorselect one out of 4 robots • Start to play• Use the onscreenjoystick to move around in robot form• Joystick moves upfromswiping down in jet mode• Reach your target through the givenmap •Fight enemies along the way and reach ending point • Killenemyrobots with the given on screen controls • Controlsinclude;>jump> fire> transform • Fire button has twooptions;>simple bullet fire> missile fire • Convert to becomerobot jetand fight enemies in the sky• Collect coins in inventoryto buy newjets Features of air robot jet:• 10 total levels• 4different kindsof robot jets • On screen joystick and controls• HDgraphics • 3Dsimulation • Multiple camera angles • Realistic soundeffects •Multiple on screen controls • Different fire options •Conversionfrom robot to jet option• Multiple enemy robots • Map onscreen •Health bar on screen • Collect coins from store inventory •Buyjets from coins • Time calculated game but not time basedFindenemy and be victorious by performing stunts! And defeatingenemyrobot!
Tower Defense Heroes 2 1.1
Cube Software
The long-awaited sequel will transfer you to the future! Theenemiesstill not want to pay you for transit by the road! Usetowers toeliminate your enemies. The new refreshed graphics andadditionalmechanics allow you to spend your time well at play thegame.Thenext features are waiting for you:* 20 different gamelevels. *12 types of different enemies.* Fully redesignedsound and 3Dgraphics.* 4 types of different towers with variousweapons andinteraction with enemy. Each turret can be improveddepending on theexperience.* The skills’ branch of 16 skills withability ofpowerleveling for each skill a number of times.* Thetowers’powerleveling for the level increasing.* System ofachievements.*The powerleveling and 20 levels for the gamer. Yougain theexperience by each killed enemy. Each level gives you +3points forthe skills’ branch.The defense of towers is performed inaccordancewith standard canons of the tower defense genre’s game(towersdefence).The Tower Defense Heroes is a free game!
Tanks:Hard Armor 2 1.0
You must destroy enemy tanks. You must improve your tank, thatwoulddestroy even more enemies. If your tank can not withstand theenemytanks, try to buy a more powerful tank. You have to pass3campaigns. Each company consists of 45 levels. The game usesrealphysical 3D engine. Each track and roller worked individually.Ifyou want to know more, try to play!Try it Now!Key Features:●63tanks● 3 campaigns● Realistic physics● Different modes● Upgrades
I am Archer 1.0.12
You only have one bow at the start of the game. All equipmentsareearn by playing. You need to set up your teams and fightagainstyour enemy in the endless way to death.★ You can enhanceyour mainarcher, only he can get the start advantages.★ Beat youenemy todeath, you can receive enemy. You can use this energy tosummonyour own team.★ One your enemy team suppress you, it isdifficultto win the battle, would you like to try?★ Your have 17differenttroops the choose.★ Destroy the enemy's home sculpture towin.★ Youcan get diamonds in endless mode, the probability is about1%.★ Donot use all your energy in endless mode, because once yourteamhave entered the Enemy's Magic Gate, they will betray youandbecome to the White Army.When you are unable to clear thestage,consider changing your team category. This game is suitableforhigh intelligent crowd, come and play this bow and archerygame.Have Fun!
I Am Wizard 1.0.10
As a Wizard, you not only need to control the magic, but alsoneedto control the entire battle! All you need to do is releasetheproper magic at the right time! ★ 15 kinds of magic waiting foryouto unlock ★ 17 troops arms match ★ Compared to "I Am Archer",wesimplified the operation,The game will automatically send troops★level of the protagonist is particularly important ★Oncesuppressed by the enemy, you need to release your powerfulmagic tosave the defeat ★ defeat the enemy's belief sculpture towin ★ Youcan get diamonds in endless mode, drop probability ofabout 1% ★You can not make your best in Endless Mode, because onceyour unithas entered the White House's Magic Gate, they will betraytheWhite Army. Remember! When you are unable to customs clearance,youneed to consider changing your branches. This is ahighlyintelligent crowd to play the game, come on!
Knights Age: Heroes of Wars 1.1.4
Knights Age: Heroes of Wars will bring you to differenthistoricaleras of humanity: from the savage stone age to theunbelievablefuturistic environments. This game goes beyond thanjustannihilating the enemy and its military bases. Your mainmission isto become the leader of your army to defend yourterritory whileattacking the enemy.You will have to fight throughthe feature agefrom the Stone Age then evolve to Ancient Egypt,Ancient Roman,Present and the Future. For each age you will have abase to trainsevent types of soldier. You also have two types ofturret to buildto protect your base too. Especially, each age hasone specialskill to attack the enemy.FEATURE:- War across theAges!- 4difficulty modes and Generals+ Addictive gameplay.+ 8unique agewith different types of soldier, turret and skill.+Beautifulgraphics for battle game with a friendly user interface.+Dynamicsounds and musics.SUPPORTShould you have any problems, weare hereto help: Email: [email protected] of yourinquiries willbe addressed within 24 hours.
Empire Defense: Free Strategy Defender Games 1.0
It good for defender game. If you likeempiregames(pikeman/archery/knight), and you like defence games,and it'sreally simple to do that you have to continue to play, thenenjoyit. The Beautiful Life of the country you're being attacked byablack empire, standing up to fight for the defender. The empiresofmagic elements to defense your tower. Create the legend forthekingdom. You will join into the world of monsters, funny heroesanda lot of magic skill. The elements you choose determine theheroesthat you can build. Countless combinations offer morestrategies todiscover. Tap to create magic to kill monsters enemy,collectcoins, recruit mercenaries, invest your goods in ability andupdateyour skill. With 4 elements : fire, poison, wind, ice, youmustcombine them and use as required for each type of enemy. -Firemagic : Special skill magic : Fire --> X2,3,4 damage. -Poison :Get percent healthy enemy follow time. - Wind : Tsunamiwhirlwind--> Stun Enemy. - Ice : Slow and increase armor for allheroes.Features: ★ Graphics with chibi cute is only in the HeroesandEnemy monster Defense. ★ The characters is extremely rich andeachskill has different skills for players to enjoyable. ★ Witheachgame level, you must kill each style enemy, and yourstrategy,Defense or attack enemies ★ Difficulty level increasesover eachlevel, collect many energy and skills to upgrade. ★ 6differentmaps to mix up your tactics. ★ 50 different enemy typestochallenge your defenses Fantasy clicker with endless gameplay!Tapand tap as fast as you can to create magic spell ! This isyourchance to become the fastest clicker. A great battles,beautifulgraphics with simple game play that you can see. But itisextremely exciting that you can not stop playing. Age ofEmpiresdefense: King of magic - Your Empire, Your Legend! Tellyourfriends about your accomplishments :). Note: thể loại gamephòngthủ, thủ thành, xây trụ mua lính xây nhà nâng cấp kĩ năng võlâmtruyền kỳ. Game phong thu, xay tru, thu thanh, game chien thuat.
Navy Base - Naval warfare 1.0.23
Lead your fleet in a turn-based logical naval warfareChooseyourstrategy: You can win by capturing enemy base or destroyingenemy'sfleet.Play 36 unique levels: starting from very simple toreallychallenging.Control 5 unique battleships: patrol ships,mines,minesweepers, cruisers, aircraft carriers.Complete withfriends ina global rating.NavyBase is a combination of strategic,logical andboard game. Your goal is to capture enemy base. Followus on theFacebook:★ tuned!InVERSION 2 we are planning to release:★ Multiplayer support -playwith your friends and colleagues via bluetooth or Internet ★Newship types: submarine, aircraft carrier, rocket ship,lighthouse★More levels, including logical and strategical ones★BoundlessmapsCheck out the new version of NavyBase- FOLLOWING WIND! Space Shooter
Apis Games
Cosmo IO is a massive outer-space battle for domination! Competeinthe galaxy shooter for a place in the top!How To Play- Foreachdestroyed enemy ship your fleet grows with space 1 ship.-Eachspace io ship fires a bullet, the more ships in your fleetthebigger the fire power.- However, with each added space one shiptoyour fleet, your flying squad becomes more slower.- When inperiland can't throw an enemy off your back, you can detach someshipsfrom your fleet and sprint away. Features* Split & Dash:youcan split ships from your fleet and dash to get away fromaninconvenient spacewar io enemy.* Auto-Fire Feat: manage thespaceshooting yourself or fire away as soon as the bulletsreload.*Left/Right Controllers: no matter your preference inshooters iocontrollers we have you covered.* Fixed/Flexible: wewent evenfurther to provide you with full flexibility in how youcontrolyour galaxy space shooter.A good strategy in cosmo io is totry toattack your enemies from behind when they are not expectingit.This makes it tough for them to respond quick enough to defeatyou.Generally, who shoots first tends to win in an even battle.Usethat to your advantage!You have at your disposal countlesstacticsto control a galaxy attack fleet of destruction that willhelp youstay alive and annihilate enemy fleets. Be smart, bold butcarefuland become the No. 1 space arena Commander in!
Modern Gunship Strike 3D 1.05
Toy Games
Do you want to become a helicopter pilot and engage incombatmissions across the world.Modern Gunship Strike 3D: Its abouttostop the enemy carrier ship attack on our sea troops bygunshipwar. Fast paced naval battles with authentic warships fromtheWorld War II era. Take the battle to the Sea!!Hi Commodore!Enemycarrier ship is approaching nearer to our naval ships, we havetodefend and destroy the enemy at any cost. Let's defend yourselfbyattacking with Modern Gunship Strike 3D.Game Features:-Amazinggunner's battlefield environment.- Excellent sound effects.-Veryeasy UI and controls.- Just swipe with one side and shoottheenemies.- Enemy AI, so be careful
Stickman Archers Online 1.0.7
Stickman Archer Online is a hardcore 2d time killer!You needtodefeat as many enemy stickman as you can by your bow beforetheykill you. The enemy stickmen is killed by two hits in the torsoorone headshot. Aiming and shooting in enemy stickman. Drag anddropyour finger for targeting and firing.FEATURES:- SingleMode-Multiplayer Mode- Online Mode- Bow Items- Arrow Items- CloakItems-Amazing stuns.- Realistic ragdoll physics.- Severalcampaigns.-Exclusive soundtrack.- Hardcore gameplay for maturegamers.- Addmore booster.- Get gold every day and Bonus video. Whatare youwaiting for? Download Stickman Archers Online now and don'tforgetrating game to help us.
Metal Contra Classic 1.3
Metal Classic Contra Free - Contra shooter is the best gameaboutshot and contra game This Game is a combat fighting game aboutawanted commando metal shooter and the soldiers enemy will useanyweapon to hunt him down! Metal Classic Contra - Contra Shooterissimple game and best game about shot and running game.- Youalonecan break down the enemy army? Come with metal squad andgetcontrol of your commando, to win the battle in the game!Thelurking danger, the heavy machine...- Each screen is achallenginggame that requires you to really ingenious and plucky.Held a gun,heavy machine to fight the hostile forces, you have tokill enemiesand complete the mission of the hero shooter metalsoldier. 💡 Gamewith pixel graphic - real retro graphic andattractive in gameplay💡 Game play smooth, rich sound...💡 Lots ofenemies to fight(trooper, soliders, army, tank, plane, boss ...)💡Game play retroand amazing.💡 Simple controls which can be enjoyedby everyone.💡Best shooting game💡 Compatible with all androiddevicesThis game isnot the official gameDownload This game now andenjoy whit thisamazing Metal Classic Contra - Contra Shotter Freeadventure !Thanks
Talking Triceratops 1.45
Talking Triceratops Neil repeats everything you say with afunnyvoice. Enjoy hours of fun and laughter with Talking Neil. Heisespecially fun for children of all ages. Play with Triceratops:-Talk to Neil and he will repeat everything you say with afunnyvoice. - Recording a video of John and share to friends. -Jigsawpuzzle in there. - How such a large. - Long-distancerunningchampion?. - Look at my big mouth. - Ah!. -Waking up? - Pokehishead,wing or belly. Simulated with Triceratops: - Completevariousdinosaur missions. - Fight with other dinosaurs. - Findfood, toavoid powerful enemy attacks. - Hunting other dinosaurs.This is afree app,if you like it, Share to your friends please
Skyblock Island Survival Games 1.40
Aeria Canada
Skyblock Islands is the unique multiplayer hit you don’t wanttomiss! Combining strategy, RPG and FPS into an action packedarenashooter where you must choose your cards wisely and shootfirst!Annihilate your opponents in one-on-one brawls where goodstrategyand quick reflexes are key to survival! BRING YOUR CARDS TOBATTLEBring powerful heroes or explosive spells locked away inuniquetrading cards for you to collect! Shape your deck before thebattleand see your strategy blow your enemy away! Find the cardsthat fityour play-style and put them to the test in one-on-oneskirmishesin tight and deadly arenas! REAL-TIME MULTIPLAYER FIRSTPERSONSHOOTER Make your strategy, then shoot your way throughdozens ofhigh-octane maps as you destroy the opposition! Chooseyour Hero,upgrade your troops, then bring them to the arenas whereyou willdodge, shoot, and destroy! Features: Multiplayer Chooseyour heroPlace your troops and win against your opponents Upgradeyour cardsIn app purchases for spell and unit upgrades A lot ofincredibleweapons and skins!
Hovercraft 1.3
A destructive battle on a planet in futuristic era has begunwiththe most deadly enemy forces. The combined futuristic forcesofyour enemies are on the mission to hold their control andconquerthis planet.They have teamed up and combined to fightagainst theirmutual enemy which is you. You have the control of aperfectfighting machine THE HOVERCRAFT that is loaded with cannonsandrocket pods. This hovering vehicle has the best destructivepowerand will give a very tough time to the united forces offuturisticenemies. Don’t let the brutal enemy establish theirdomination.Finish them fast!You will encounter walking roboticsoldiers, hoverships, missile turrets, and giant metallic robots inthisaction-packed game! Fight hard against each enemy, open uprapidfire and turn them into dust! Beware of the counter attacks.Movethrough the planet, aim precisely before destroying yourtarget.Protect yourself from the laser beams, firing, attacks andstrikesof the brutal rivals. Survival is necessary!Win the battleagainstthe strong metallic forces and become the bestFuturisticHovercraft Warrior..!!Features:• Stunning FuturisticEnvironment!•Amazing 3D Graphics and Sound Effects!• Variety ofFuturisticEnemies!• Easy and Smooth Controls!• ChallengingMissions!
Adommo Ekattor 1.2
B2M Games
Mission: When the locals are being oppressed and tortured byaforeign army. You are to defend your people and your countrybymastering in the guerilla war tactics to take out the enemies.Thetarget is to gun down as many soldiers as possible and killtheirgenerals level by level. Once you start the journey you donotintend to stop until you liberate your country.Gameplay: Getyourhands on guns and let loose when waves of enemies are crashingdownyour way, keep on firing in order to get through to the nextlevel.Enemy watchtowers will be there which will be hard to surpassbutthankfully you have grenades to blow them up. You can use hitandrun tactics with the enemy, if needed you can also crouchandattack. Auto healing is activated but its slow healing. Whenyourhealth is low because of injuries give it some time and donotengage with the enemies so that you can completely heal andthenstart attacking again.Plot: When a small nation is threatenedby alarge enemy force to give up their lands and become theirslaves,no one agrees to this and a heinous genocide takes place onthepeople and the land. When a group of young individuals decidetorespond to the enemy’s attack even if they have to give uptheirlives for the sake of the freedom of their country. Afterwardsmostof them got captured by the enemy. Only one was not capturedandnow it is his duty to rescue his fellow companions and toliberatehis country.
Air Defense Command
The Alliance is the most powerful military force in the worldTheyhave declared war on us We cannot win... ... but we mustfight!Engage in a desperate struggle to defend your tiny countryagainstoverwhelming odds. Shoot down enemy bombers and exact aheavy priceon the enemy's air force.
Clicker Tower RPG 2 1.2
Just click on the enemy! More and more it becomes stronger!It isahandy role-playing game.While climbing the tower that exists intheworld map, while looking for a treasure box, while the level upandmoney collected to defeat the enemy, while defeat the boss,whilelooking for the other tower, we will proceed.Combat methods oftheenemy, only to tap the enemy.In handy sense of feeling thecombinedclicker system and hack & slash system, anyone caneasilyplay.Items to retrieve from the treasure box has an effectjusthave, you can examine the effect from the ITEM menu.How ToPlay-Enter in by tapping the tower that exists in the world map.-Sincethere is a treasure chest to the floor in the tower, let'sopen Ifyou find a treasure chest.- Level up while defeat by tappingtheenemy, we will proceed as win strong enemies upstairs.- Floorofthe enemy will be resurrected in the REFRESH button.- You can buyavariety of parameters in the money in the shop.- Mysterysolvingelement to look for treasure box is just a little.- Whendeathitems and status will be returned to the world map as it is.-Bythe way, the author likes dot picture.About parameters[HP]Itisphysical fitness. 0 happens when the game is over.[STR]Anattackforce. It increases the damage to the increase Whentheenemy.[DEF]It is a defense force. It reduces the damage fromtheincrease When the enemy.[SPEED]It is agility. You can attackfasterthan the enemy and increase.[LUCK]It is luck. It makes iteasier tocritical hit and more.[LEVEL]Is the level. It goes up whenthevarious parameters will increase little by little.[GOLD]Itismoney. You can various parameters up in the SHOP.[EXP]Itisexperience. Decremented and defeat the enemy, and level up whenitcomes to 0.For main items[ENERGY CRYSTAL]HP will recover withthepassage of time[ENERGY BOTTLE]HP will be restored at the timeoflevel up[GLOBE]It will be able to attack in the tap andleave[GOLDMAGNET]Increases to obtain it GOLD[EXP MAGNET]Experiencevalue thatcan be acquired will increase[MEMO]It is a memo thatbecomes theadventure of tips. Previous adventurer who visited inthis worldseems to be a note left behind.[PENDANT]It is necessaryin order todefeat the flame of the same color[CRYSTAL]I'd like tofit in aplace that fits the shape.[KEY]On the first floor of eachtowerthere is a door, is required to open its doors.Because you canplayeven a little time, enjoy slowly, Please Kill Pochipochi enemytokill time.By the way, there is ending.
Creeds 1.0
Harsh Gautam
You will be entering in the Creed's World .Who is saviour ofplanetsand for his friends from the enemy attack. You need to savetheplanets and you friends. Save as many friends and planets formenemyattack.Game Description:1. Coil's World: In this world youneed tosave your friend from entering into void by encirclingthem. Savethem as soon as possible your friends will be goneforever intovoid.2. Planetary Defense: In this world you are thesaviour of theworld form the enemy attack. Hold your fire and whenthe enemies arevisible attack before they destroy your planet.Hopeyou will enjoythis game.
Mage Knight Enemy Token Stacks 1.0
Drew Webber
This tool, meant to be used to improve and enhance the experienceofMage Knight The Board Game, creates and randomizes enemytokenstacks and ruins consisting of those from all currentexpansions.The intent is for it to eliminate the hassle of havingto shufflelarge stacks of tokens as well as improve the integrityof the game- i.e. discrepancies in token sizes and color would giveplayersprior knowledge of the expansion from which theenemycomes.Features include:Base Game, Lost Legion, and Shades ofTezlatokensauto-saving after each new token revealedreveal historybackto three previously revealed tokens
Enemy Rush 1.12
Update: Unlock the new character "Fidget Babe" which throwsFidgetSpinner as her weapon.RPG meets bubble shooter genre. Fighthordesof enemys in this action packed game. Lead your herotovictory!Earn trophies and reach the top of global highscores!Thegame supports Google play services!Collect gold coins toupgradeyour hero and reach higher levels.Play now for free!Everysinglehero class has it's unique special attack to decimate theenemyswarms.Utilize the extras that appear on the playfield asanadvantage in battle.FEATURES+ Fool proof game mechanics likeinclassic Brick Breaker or Bubble Shooter games+ Physics Engine+EarnTrophäen!+ Collect Gold + Upgrade your heroes+ Endless gamemode+Play for free!+ Suitable for a quick game in bus or train+Idealfor all kinds of players, no matter if children, adults, boysorgirlsHave fun!
Mage Gauntlet
Mage Gauntlet is a classic-styleaction-RPG,designed from the ground up for mobile. It's inspiredprimarily by90's action RPGs for the Super Nintendo, such as Legendof Zelda:LTTP and Secret of Mana. We wanted to make a fast-pacedRPG thatdoesn't waste your time with fetch quests.Fight and explore your way through a humorous storylineabouteccentric wizards, powerful artifacts, and dangerous monsters.Finditems to customize your character's strengths and weaknesses.Enjoysmooth, responsive controls and fast, satisfying combat. Whenyoubeat the game, unlock a remixed Master Mode with overwhelmingenemynumbers and new secrets to uncover.MAGE FACTS- 84 levels (half normal, half in Master Mode)- 86 achievements- 110 hats (important)- Variety of loot that adapt your character todifferenttactics- 19 pets that follow you around and give different bonuses- Quick leveling and stat system lets you customizecharacterfurther- Dash and Charge moves let you slip through enemyspellattacks*********More updates planned! Follow us on Twitter @rocketcatgames tosendus suggestions!
Call of Nations : World War 1.0.3
Global strategy online war game is here for you. A whole newworldis waiting for you to discover and conquer.Compete andcooperate.Enemy and Ally. Wage war to the enemy and assist yourAlly usingyour strategy.************ GAME FEATURES ************ NEWCOMBATINSTANCE- Participate in solo and multiplayer battle forabundantExperience, Gems, Devices and items! VARIOUS TROOP UNITS-Buildyour mighty army with Tank, Howitzer, Aircraft, Launcher, Mechandetc to crash your enemy.UNLOCK POWERFUL HI-TECH ANDBUILDINGS-Upgrade buildings, research technology to strengthen yourNation!WARSHIP COMBAT SUPPORT- Strength your Destroyer to callpowerfulartillery and missile support in the battle.- Upgradedevices onthe Aircraft Carrier to enhance your power.MIGHTYALLIANCE TOPARTICIPATE IN- Join or create a strategic Alliance toprotect eachother and devastate enemy bases.ALLY AND FRIEND SYSTEM-Havestrategy for foreign affairs to make friends andally.VARIOUSEVENTS TO PARTICIPATE- Various events for players tocompete andcooperate.WORLDWIDE PLAYERS- Play & chat online withmillionsof other players world widely. REAL TRADE SYSTEM- Tradestrategicresources in a real-timeonlinemarketplace.***************************************Commander, yourpeople and ally are waiting for your lead andassistance. The enemyshall be crashed and the world shall beconquerred.CONTACT US:Having any problems?Any suggestions?You canreach us [email protected]: A network connection isrequired to play
Steel Hunter 1.0.1
Play as a tanks hunter and destroy all your enemies! In the gameare7 types of regular enemy tanks and 6 types of bosses. You canalsoupgrade your Tank! There is a shop where you can upgrade yourtankwith money earned in the game. Collect all achievements andcompetewith other players. You have 12 achievements to collect,collectthem all! With the integration of Google services, you cancompareyour results with your friends and compete with otherplayers in theglobal rankings. And it's all absolutely FREE!GameFeatures:★ 13enemy types★ 40 maps★ 12 achievements ★ 2leaderboards★ 5 types ofupgrades to buy in the store!★ 5 types ofbonuses to gain whileplaying★ Completely free!
Go Ballistic 1.1
It is said that no one has ever destroyed more than 700enemiesduring an attack. Will you be the first one? An alien enemyhasjust launched a massive attack on Earth targeting major citiesandlandmarks around the world. You are the commander ofEarthsballistic missile defensive units.Your mission is to goballisticdestroying the black and white enemy using state of theartballistic missiles.To destroy the black enemy, tap theblackbutton. To destroy the white enemy, tap the whitebutton.WARNING:The enemy grows bigger every time you shoot it withthe wrongcoloured missile. You'll need to shoot it with the correctcolouredmissile to reduce it to original size for it to bedestroyed.Duringan attack, the enemy will increase inspeed.IMPORTANT: If all hopeis lost, you can tap the missilelauncher to fire the 'ultimate'ballistic missile. This destroys allvisible enemies in one go.This can only be done once per attack souse sparingly.As a sign ofskill, depending on the number of enemiesdestroyed, you'll be ableto select different missile launchers.Goballistic and victory canbe yours.FEATURES:◉ Fast and furiousgameplay (enemies speed up)◉13 different enemy types to destroy (ifgood enough)◉ Multiplebackgrounds / themes◉ In-game achievements◉Game Centreleaderboard◉ Blow away your friends high scores(literally!)◉Pumping energetic soundtrack◉ Awesome missile andexplosion sounds◉Unlock missile launchers as a sign of skill andrank◉ Single in apppurchase to unlock every missile launcher andremove ads.◉ Free toplay
Anime Video Wallpaper of Hatsune Miku Party Time 1.0
Features:- You favorite anime and manga characters on yourscreen.-Supports phones and tablets - You can select desired areaanddisable scrolling in settings- Totally freePlease view ourotheranime live wallpapersNOTE:All rights goes to their originalowners.All credits goes to the original artists.If you have anyquestionsor requests please contact [email protected] is based on the "Piapro"Character licenseIt depictsthe character "Hatsune Miku" of CryptonFuture MediaCorporation."Hatsune Miku" is a copyrighted work ofCrypton FutureMedia Corporation.(C)Crypton Future Media,
Limita 2.3
Hybrid and runners.Absorbs smaller particles tobecomelarger. Give energy to larger particles to become smaller.You needto constantly interact with other particles, in order tosurvive.But be careful, if you become too big you are going toexplode, andif you will become too small, then disappear.Enemy ofthe particleswill become larger over time. To reduce the numberdestroy thesmallest and largest particles.Features:- Simplecontrol: one tapto increase and decrease speed- Collect bonusparticles, whichappear in the destruction of enemies; a certainnumber of them willbring about a powerful enemy sweep particles
Tanks:Hard Armor 1.0
You're going to kill enemy tanks. You must improve your tank tokillas many enemies. If your tank can not destroy enemy tanks, trytobuy a more powerful tank. You must pass two campaigns. Eachcampaignhas 15 levels. You can improve the components of the tank3 timeseach. The game uses a real 3D physics. Rollers and tracksarecalculated each separately. If you want to know more,try!KeyFeatures● 14 tanks● 2 campaign● 30 levels● tank upgrades●systempenetrations and ricochets
Flames 1.2
Coded Apps
FLAMES: The Love Guessing App. F-Friend L-LoveA-AffectionM-Marriage E-Enemy S-SiblingThe ultimate Relationshippredictor .If you want to predict the type of relationship you andyour crushwill have.If you want to predict how your relationshipwillend.Here we are with “FLAMES”, the perfect relationguessingApp.Gone are the days where we must scribble on the paperand keepcounting.Just type your names and the app will do therest.“flamesflames flames flames flames flames flames flamesflames”
DraftPro for Dota 2 1.31
DraftPro uses statistics from Dotabuff to suggest the best andworstheroes to pick against an enemy lineup in Dota 2. Select upto fiveheroes from the enemy team, then press Start to view theresults,sorted by the advantage or disadvantage the hero hasagainst theenemy lineup.Features:- Ad free!- Quickly add enemyheroes toanalyze using the search button in the selection screen.-Filter theresults by hero role so that you can easily find a herothat fitsyour team's lineup.- Add your Steam profile to customizethe resultswith your most played heroes!- The hero advantagestatistics areupdated daily with the latest data from Dotabuff.-The statisticsare stored locally after the first use of the app,so you can findhero counters without being connected to theInternet!App icondesigned by Jordan Scott.Legal Disclaimer:Thisapp is not created,sponsored or endorsed by Valve Corporation orDotabuff. This app isnot an official app or connected to thegame's developer orpublisher. All of the in-game imagery,references, characters, namesare copyright and/or registeredtrademarks of Valve Corporation andusage for this app falls withinfair use guidelines.
MOKMOK is a high speed, time atack shooter.You have only180seconds. Dodge enemy bullets, and destroy enemies!Addedin-gamemanual. Please read it!* Instant Manual (There are in-gamemanual)-An object drawn in this icon is player ship. A number atright topis score, and left top is remain time.- Using left square(virtualstick) to move. You can also move by tilting your device(Indefaultsettings, this feature is off).- When an enemy is in thecenterlock-on reticle (looks like green parentheses), the enemywill belocked.- When you lock enemies, touch "SHOOT" button tolaunchmissiles.- Lock more enemies(max 6 at the same time), getmorescore.- Pink objects are enemy bullets. When player ship is hitbythis, you lost 30 seconds.- You earn extra 20 seconds 50,000andevery 100,000 points.- Slow motion is available duringholding"SLOW" button, but cosumes much more time.* Known Issues- Insomedevices, such as HTC Desire and Xperia, multi touch does notworkscorrectly, because of a hardware problem. Please releasevirtualstick when tap missile/slo-mo button, or use tilt move.*NOTES-This game is tested on old Snapdragon 1GHz device. I don'tknowthis run well on any other (lower) spec devices.- Please sendbugreports and feedback to [email protected]
Clicker Tower RPG 1.1
Go up the tower while defeating the enemy in the tap, it isarole-playing game of simple rules.Looking for the treasure boxoneach floor, sometimes boss characters and fight, sometimes withorlooking for a key to open the door, we will climb all 60 floorsofthe tower.Only combat methods of the enemy is to taptheenemy.Clicker? Hack and Slash?So simple, it can be easy foranyoneto play.- Normally, performs a level up while defeating theenemyin the tap, we will proceed as win strong enemies on theupperfloor.- One level up can be within one second! Steadilybecomestronger!- Quickly level up it is possible to revive theenemy ofthe floor in order to carry out the "REFRESH" buttoninstalling!-Sometimes just a little mystery solving element forFind thetreasure box.- If you died, items and status such is as itis. Itwill return to the first floor.- Graphics are retro. IsMSXflavor.About parameters[HP]It is physical fitness. 0 happenswhenthe game is over.[STR]An attack force. It increases the damagetothe increase When the enemy.[DEF]It is a defense force. Itreducesthe damage from the increase When the enemy.[SPEED]It isagility.You can attack faster than the enemy and increase.[LUCK]Itis luck.It makes it easier to critical hit and more.[LEVEL]Is thelevel. Itgoes up when the various parameters will increase littlebylittle.[GOLD]It is money. You can various parameters up intheSHOP.[EXP]It is experience. Decremented and defeat the enemy,andlevel up when it comes to 0.For main items[KEY]It is necessarytoopen the door of the same color[ENERGY CRYSTAL]HP will recoverwiththe passage of time[GLOBE]It will be able to attack in the tapandleave[ENERGY BOTTLE]HP will be restored at the time oflevelup[GOLD MAGNET]Increases to obtain it GOLD[EXPMAGNET]Experiencevalue that can be acquired willincrease[PENDANT]It is necessary inorder to defeat the flame of thesame color[SHIELD]It is necessaryin order to prevent the same colorof the dragon of theattack[FRAGMENTS OF CROSS]?[?]?
Tanks Clash 3D 1.6
Dive into Action and Fun filled 3D Tank Clash Game foryoursmartphones. Destroy your enemy to register maximum GameVictory.The More Games you win, more points you will have. ToptheLeaderBoard with your Maximum Gained Points and unlockcoolAchievements. Get into Tank's Battle ActionNow!██████]▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▃|---------------------------⟾▂▄▅█████████▅▄▃▂I███████████████████].◥⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙◤...GameFeatures:⊙Cool Toon Graphics⊙ Super Easy Controls⊙ Realistic EnemyAI⊙ DeadlyEnemies : Tripods⊙ Cool Boosts for Player : Sound Bomband AirStrike⊙ Acehievements⊙ LeaderBoard⊙ Fast Paced ActionOrientedGamePlay⊙ Support for HD devices and tablets*Tips - - Getthe ShieldBonus Around you before the Enemy can get it to saveyourself fromEnemy shells for some time.- Don't Get in Touch WithEnemy Tank, Youwill be destroyed otherwise.- Use Sound Bombs toDestroy EnemyTripods.- Use Air Strike Attacks to destroy EnemyPowerGridsGame iscompletely FREE with no consumables, time, orupgrades to purchase.
Top Town Hall 6 Trophy BaseMap 1.0
World again in a fever with a game Clash of Clans, orpopularlyknown COC, especially in Indonesia, almost everyone playstheiradvanced Android COC in both adults and children. Make sureyouhave the appropriate strategy in building various types ofTrophyBase Layout Town Hall Level best of 1-11.just set the layoutor thelayout of the village / town you be the strongest defensebase.Here is the design of the COC that has been optimallydesigned:1.Farming is a strategic base that you focus on to get ashield in 12hours when the enemy attacked, For the Town Hallinstalled outsidethe walls and all Resource or Loot inside thewalls so the enemymust first destroy the Town Hall so that thedestruction of thebase in the attack had been able smaller.Therefore, it is morethan likely to get a lot Shield.2. Trophy, LHAis the opposite typeof base Farming, where players put up defensesTown Hall inside theboundary wall and resource outside, he does notcare resourcenyataken enemy. The focus only village defense. Byprotecting it likethat, the enemy will have difficulty gettingTrophy.3. Hybrid is acombination of both types of Farming with theTrophy.
Tank Ace Reloaded Lite 1.0.9
Tank Ace Reloaded Lite is the next generation tank warfare gamefromthe makers of Tank Ace 1944. In the game you command a WorldWar IItank charging to occupy the enemy capitol. Allied and SovietTankAces advance on Berlin; German Aces advance on London andMoscow. Atleast that's what the orders from HQ say. But since youfaceoverwhelming odds and are forced to scavenge supplies as yougo, youmight just find yourself retreating instead. The goal ofeach roundof play is to clear the enemy from a map sector anddrive them offthe far bank of a river so that your side can crossand advance.Skills you will need to accomplish this are a workingtriggerfinger, the ability to navigate west or east, and drivingabilitysufficient to crash into other vehicles. A status panelshows thenumber of enemies left, rounds remaining, fuel, and armorstrength.The last three can be replenished by ramming (notshooting) an enemytruck. If you run out of fuel or armor, or forsome reason driveyour tank into the water, in addition to anuntimely death you willbe forced to retreat one sector. If youwipe out the enemies youwill advance one sector, retaining anyexcess supplies you havescavenged. The game ends when you take theenemy capitol, or theyoverrun yours. Either way the brass willwant to have a talk withyou. Features: - Play one of three aces:Allied, German, or Soviet.- Three tanks: Sherman, Tiger, or T34,each with movable turret andcannon. - Three difficulty settings. -Enemy trucks carrying rounds,fuel, and armor. - Save / Resumegame. This free "Lite" version ofthe game contains advertising.Please buy the full version for adfree play and more supplies.
Shield Me 1.0
Enemy missiles and satellites are approaching fast and you mustsaveyour fleet.Swipe to create shields and destroy the enemies.Makesure you don’t kill your green ally!How long will you keep thefleetalive?Difficult but addicting!Simple Controls!
Battleship: Front Line 1.3.6
Sink enemy ships before they sink yours!This classic turn basedgamecomes to life as you race against the enemy to be the firsttodestroy the entire fleet! Our intuitive AI technology means thatnotwo games are ever alike. Find out why sinking warships hasneverbeen so much fun!Game Features: # Classic turn based gamestructure# Interactive industry leading graphics # Smart and easyto useuser interface # Proprietary AI technology makes forchallenginggames # Designed for both phones and tabletsBecome a fanonFacebook and get the latest news on Battleship:FrontLine: usonTwitter: hope that youenjoysinking ships and destroying the enemy! By downloading andusingthis app, you are agreeing to our Terms of Use Policy whichcan befound on our website.InkPad Studios#livetogame
Fan Anime Live Wallpaper of Hatsune Miku 1.0
Features:- You favorite anime and manga characters on yourscreen.-Supports phones and tablets - You can select desired areaanddisable scrolling in settings- Totally freePlease view ourotheranime live wallpapersNOTE:All rights goes to their originalowners.All credits goes to the original artists.If you have anyquestionsor requests please contact [email protected] is based on the "Piapro"Character licenseIt depictsthe character "Hatsune Miku" of CryptonFuture MediaCorporation."Hatsune Miku" is a copyrighted work ofCrypton FutureMedia Corporation.(C)Crypton Future Media,
Tank Battle 2.1.0
Tank Battle is an exciting and challenging shooting game. Inthisgame, you control your tank to destroy all the enemy tanks.Theenemy tanks in each battle are very rough, they are equippedwithstrong weapon like laser bullets. Your mission is to live aslongas possible and shoot the enemy to complete the battles. Themapsare designed to make the game challenging and strategic.Aftercompleting a mission, you will be reward many coins to bystrongerbullets, nuclear bombs, etc. Some special features of thegame: +50 different levels. More will be updated. + 25 differentmaps withbeautiful graphics. More will be updated. + 4 kinds oflaser bulletwith different effect and strength. + Extra weapon:nuclear bomb todestroy all the current enemy tanks. + Can usevirtual coin in gameto buy bullets, weapons, extra life, etc. Andmore other featureswill be added soon. Just give it a try and helpfun in your freetime!