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SMHI Väder 2.1.11
SMHIs app visar väderprognoser för ett stort antal orter, bådeiSverige och utomlands, samt varningar när allvarliga väder-ochvattenhändelser förutses. I appen finns push-notiser förvarningar,zoombara kartor och widgets för snabb överblick. Du kansöka ochspara flera favoritorter men även välja att låta appenfölja dinposition så att du alltid får väderprognosen för platsendär dubefinner dig. Med SMHIs app får du: • Tiodygnsprognoser förorter +I tabellform med vädersymboler + I diagramform • Textprognos+Meteorologens kommentar om vädret • Vädret de senaste 24 timmarna•Zoombara väderkartor som visar: + Observerad nederbörd frånradaroch nederbördsprognos + Detaljerad nederbörd från radarsomuppdateras var femte minut + Detaljerad vindprognos för helaNorden• ”Känns som”-temperatur – temperatur i kombination med vindSMHIär en svensk expertmyndighet med globalt perspektiv ochenlivsviktig uppgift i att förutse förändringar i väder, vattenochklimat. Med vetenskaplig grund och genom kunskap, forskningochtjänster bidrar vi till att öka hela samhällets hållbarhet.Varjedag, dygnet runt, året om. SMHI. Alltid de bästa underlagenfördina beslut. SMHI app shows weather forecasts for a large numberofresorts, both in Sweden and abroad, as well as warnings whensevereweather and water events predicted. The app pushnotifications foralerts, zoomable maps, and widgets for quickoverview. You cansearch and save several favorite places but alsochoose to have theapp to follow your position so that you alwaysget the weatherforecast for the place where you are. With SMHI appyou get: •Tiodygnsprognoser for localities   + Tableshape withweather symbols   + Diagrammed • TextPrediction  + Meteorologen comment about the weather •The weatherthe past 24 hours • zoomable weather maps that show:  +Observed precipitation radar and precipitationForecast  + Additional precipitation from the radar whichisupdated every five minutes   + Detailed wind forecastforthe whole Nordic • "Feels Like" temperature - temperatureincombination with wind SMHI is a Swedish expert authority withaglobal perspective and a vital role in predicting changes intheweather, water and climate. With scientific basis andthroughknowledge, research and services, we contribute toincreasing theentire community sustainability. Every day, aroundthe clock, yearround. SMHI. Always the best evidence for yourdecisions.
New Yr on Android is different from anything else you’ve seeninweather forecasting: Scroll through a beautiful and animated skytosee how the weather changes hourly, and get all theneed-to-knowdetails at the same time. The weather visualizationmakes it a funexperience to check the weather – even when it’sraining! Forecastsare delivered by the Norwegian MeteorologicalInstitute. NEW APPFEATURES: • Weather conditions in a visualized48-hour forecast,with animated clouds, rain, snow and fog + detailsabout wind,temperature and severe weather warnings. • Long termforecast intable – hour by hour the first three days. • Graph withmoredetails on weather, temperature, wind and pressure. •Live90-minute precipitation forecast – our most accurate andupdatedrain forecast (only in Norway). • Weather summary text. •Choosethe look of your widget • Easy navigation between sky view,tableand graph. • Weather from 10 million places around the worldwithoption to save your favorite places. ABOUT US: Yr is aweatherservice jointly produced by NRK and the NorwegianMeteorologicalInstitute. Our primary goals are to secure life andproperty, whiledelivering useful and accurate weather forecasts toour users,preparing them for all kinds of weather. This year wearecelebrating our ten-year anniversary, and with millions ofusersevery day we are proud of being one of the most popularweatherservices in the world.
Weather Forecast 8.9
Weather forecast is excellent, easy app, it updating withtheweather conditions. With one click to enable location andyoureceive the weather condition in your current location.Weatherprovides detailed current weather forecast and weatherobservationfor all world locations, Weather forecast searches foryour addressautomatically, and provides the current temperature inCelsius andFahrenheit, sunrise and sunset times according to citytime zone.Weather forecast also provides current atmosphericpressure,weather condition, visibility distance, relativehumidity,precipitation in different unites, dew point, wind speedanddirection, in addition to ten days future forecast andhourlyweather forecast. Realtime temperature, humidity, pressure,windforce and wind direction are all in this weather app based. Theappgive you a very simple user interface, easy to see all weatherinfoby a touch. FEATURES - Various weather information:temperature,wind, humidity, dew point, precipitation, visibility,pressure,sunrise, sunset - View weather information at multiplelocations -Hourly or daily. we offer 7 days - 10 days info: today’sweather,tomorrow’s weather, … and hourly weather in each hour. -Weathersupports geo-positioning, retrieving the latest weatherconditionsfor your current location - An option to manually addyourlocation. Automatic location detection by network and GPS. -Addand track the weather conditions in multiple locations -Animatedweather conditions - see how the weather comes alive! -Hourly andweekly forecasts - Temperature: switch between CelsiusandFahrenheit - You can allow and disable the notifications -Currentweather condition without needing to add manually -Atmosphericpressure in many different units - Wind speed anddirection indifferent units - 1 day, 10 days future forecast andhourly weatherforecast. - Sunset and Sunrise times. - Sharesweather, locationinformation with friends. - Display weatherforecast or moon phase- Localized to most of the world languages. -Chart graphs forhourly weather forecast and daily weather forecast- Weather widgetand ongoing notification, multiple location onwidget - Option toset lock screen with live weather information -Give right weathereven GPS is not enabled, awesome! - If you areliving in big citylike New York, London you don’t need to enableGPS, the app candetect right location over network and give exactlyinfo suchcities, in this case giving exact info for weather NewYork,weather London. Otherwise if you see the app does not detectrightlocation please enable GPS. - Easy to update your locationwhen youmoving, both network and GPS supported Coming soon: -Weather radarand radar NOAA This is the second generation of ourweather app andit will be kept updating frequently, the old versionwas deprecatedand not be maintained anymore so please download thisversioninstead. Enjoying your live with our weather channels, thankyou!More information, contact us: [email protected]
Weather forecast 38
The weather forecast is a beautiful and free app. Update yourlocalweather with icons come alive for all weatherconditions.Theweather channel is a very useful application foreverybody,designed to be as simple, easy to use. Update localweather whereyou live so quickly and easily. With just a few clicksyou cancheck the weather for today: temperature, precipitation,humidity,UV index...; the weather forecast tomorrow; forecast forthe next 3days; and forecast for the next week.This free appaccuratelyforecasts local weather: sunshine, rain, temperature,humidity, UVindex, etc. for each minute and each specificlocation.Weatherapplications show real climate states in hourly,daily. You cancheck out is seeing what's the weather today!THEWEATHER CHANNELFEATURES- Updated weather forecast information freeaccurate daily,weekly.- Accurate precipitation forecasts for eachlocality andregion around the world, including rainfall, intensity,windpressure, etc.- Weather forecast for today, tomorrow, the next3days, even extended the weather forecast of the next 10 days intheprovinces /cities of countries around the world such asCanada,United States, United Kingdom, Sweden , Denmark, Italy,Germany,France, Portugal, Spain, Finland, Norway, Japan, Korea,China,Vietnam, ...- Weather forecast channel displays theinformation:Temperature, humidity, fog, sunshine, rain, UV index,wind symbol,pressure, sunrise /sunset.- Warning of extreme weatherconditionsin the current locations such as ice, snow, thunder,lightning,hail, etc.- Weather forecast has beautiful widgets,animationssuitable for all phones and great experiences on alltablets andsmartphones from Android- Live weather forecast forfree, itprovides interstate travel weather forecasts, cities,countries inthe world.- Automatically detects your location andretrieves thelatest weather conditions for your current location.-Weathernotifications in status bar can help you better plan yourday andyour travels with weather warnings and alerts updates.- Addandtrack weather forecast for all your favorite citiesanddestinations: Washington, New York, Ottawa, London, Rome,Madrid,Oslo, Paris, Berlin, Tokyo, Singapore, ...- Stay update thelatestweather forecast channel for your phone. You can shareweather appsand invite your friends on Facebook using the weatherchannel.- Theapp and the weather data is available in over 30languages
Weather forecast 43
Weather, Weather channel, Weather forecast app forecastsweatherdaily & hourlyWeather forecast app is a weather channelwhichhas accurate weather information.Weather forecast is veryhelpfulwith everybody. If you know weather information, You canprepareyour plan carefully, you will be sucessful at work and havebetterlife.Please download our Weather forecast app. You will seethatWeather today is updated hourly. Weather forecast app also hasaweather report on weather tomorrow, weather for today, also 10dayweather forecastWeather forecast app is a weather channel letyoumanage weather of many locations. On home screen, users seeweatherof their locations. Then users can go to other screens forlocationmanagement. Users can add London weather, Paris weather,SanFrancisco weather, Houston weatherWeather app detectsweatherforecasts in your current location automatically. There aremanyinformation in weather forcasts which includesatmosphericpressure, weather condition, visibility distance,relativehumidity, precipitation in different unites, dew point,wind speedand direction, in addition to ten days future forecast,also hourlyweather forecast.Realtime temperature, humidity,pressure, windforce and wind direction are all in this weather appbased.Weatherapp has a lot of features:- Free. It is a free Weatherchannel,weather network.- Global. You can see weather in any placesyoulike, ex: London weather, Paris weather, San Franciscoweather,Houston weather- Full report. Displays all information ofweather:location time, temperature, atmospheric pressure,weathercondition, visibility distance, relative humidity,precipitation indifferent unites, dew point, wind speed anddirection- Live weatherforecast for free: this weather and climateapp offers dailyweather, hourly weather forecasts and monthlyweather forecasts.Meanwhile, it also provides interstate travelweather forecasts andforecast weather and wind.- Today, tomorrow, 3days later, 7 dayslater. Weather for today, tomorrow’s weather, …hourly weather ineach hour.- detect your location by network orGPS.- Manage theweather reports in multiple locations- Has weathernotifications.If you don't like you can turn off this feature-Weather forecastis very accurate and reliableThis is second versionof weather andweather forecast app. We will try our my best to makethis dailyweather forecast app better and better.please downloadweatherforecast app and use as a weather channel to getweatherinformation hourly and daily
Weather 🌞 1.4.0
Weather is a beautiful and clean weather app, designed to beassimple to use as possible. With just one click you can checktheweather for today, the weather for tomorrow and the forecastforthe next 10 days. The current weather for today and theweatherforecast for tomorrow are gorgeously animated. See realisticrain,snow or thunderstorm weather animations, sun rays for cleardays,the moon’s glow and the stars at night, moving clouds andmoreweather animations. They all reflect the weather making itcomealive. The background color of Weather changes to reflecttheweather conditions making you almost feel the weather. Fromlightblue for clear days to darker grays for cloudy days you’llknowhow’s the weather like with just one glance. The Weather appisusing WetterOnline as a weather data provider, some of themostadvanced weather forecasting provider available, whichgiveshyper-accurate data wherever you find yourself. WEATHERFEATURES ●Current weather conditions and temperatures for today.Beautifulhourly graph for the next hours today and tonight. ● How’stheweather tomorrow? Easily check the weather forecast fortomorrow,including hourly. ● Extended 10 day weather forecastoutlook. ●Swipe down to view detailed weather conditions: humidity,dewpoint, UV index, visibility, chance of rain, animatedwind,pressure and sunrise/sunset. ● Animated weather conditionsfortoday and tomorrow. ● Live background color reflectsweatherconditions. ● Automatically detects your location andretrieves thelatest weather conditions for your current location. ●Add andtrack weather conditions for all your favorite citiesanddestinations ● Celsius and Fahrenheit weather units ● The appandthe weather data is available in over 40 languages. ● Sharetheweather app and invite your friends on Facebook to use theweatherapp. We are committed to building the best weather app andwouldlove to hear your feedback. Let us know your thoughtshere:[email protected] Facebook:
Hitta alla Sveriges telefonnummer,personer,företag och adresser i samma app.Sveriges bästa sök!"Årets vinnare fortsätter att ständigt utvecklas och har detsenasteåret visat att det här är en sajt som inte nöjer sig." -InternetWorldMed över 3 miljoner användare per vecka är Sverigesmestanvända tjänst för sökningar av svensk information.NYA FUNKTIONER* Utökad bolagsinformation och gratis årsredovisningar* Nytt kartläge: Livsstilskartan, se vad dina grannar tjänarochröstar på* Nytt kartläge: Tomtgränser och fastigheter* Friluftskarta* Intressepunkter* Restider: Nu kan du trycka på en hållplats/station för attsenästa och kommande avgångFLER FUNKTIONER* Vem ringer?Se vem som ringer dig innan du svara.* Vem bor där?Sök på en adress för att se vilka personer eller företag somfinnspå den platsen.* I din närhetUndrar du vilken biograf, gatukök eller bilverkstad som finnsnäradig? Sök bland alla företag och personer i närheten av dinGPSposition.* Hitta platserAlla Sveriges orter, samhällen, sevärdheter, vägar, postnummermedmera på samma ställe.* Spara dina favoriterAlltid rätt nummer och adress även om dina vännerellerfavoritföretag flyttar eller byter nummer.* Sök telefonnummerKopiera ett nummer och öppna appen så ser du direkt vemsnumretär.* Snabbt!Låt vår supersnabba sökmotor göra jobbet åt dig.För mer information om vilka behörigheter vi kräver ochvarförse: all Swedishphonenumbers, individuals, companies and addresses in thesameapp.Sweden's best search!"This year's winners continue to constantly evolve and the pastyearhas shown that this is a site that are not satisfied." -InternetWorldWith over 3 million users per week are Sweden's mostusedservice for searches of Swedish information.NEW FEATURES* Enhanced company information and free annual reports* New map mode: Lifestyle Map, see what your neighbors earn andvoteon* New map mode: Land Borders and real estate* Folios* Points of Interest* Travel times: You can now press a stop / station to see thenextand the next departureADDITIONAL FEATURES* Who is calling?See who's calling you before you answer.* Who lives there?Search an address to see which people or companies that are onthesite.* In your vicinityWondering what movie theater, snack bar or in a garage that iscloseto you? Search in all businesses and people around yourGPSposition.* Find placesAll of Sweden's towns, villages, landmarks, roads, postalcodes,etc. in the same place.* Save your favoritesAlways the right number and address, even if your friendsorfavorite businesses move or change your number.* Phone Number SearchCopy the code and open the app, so you can immediately seewhosenumber is.* Quickly!Let our super-fast search engine do the work for you.For more information about the permissions we require andwhysee:
Weather 1.4.0
The weather is beautiful and animated! See realistic rain, snoworthunderstorm weather animations, sun rays for clear days,themoon’s glow and the stars at night, shooting stars, movingcloudsand many more weather animations. Prepare for your daywithaccurate current conditions, chance of precipitation, hourlyanddaily forecasts. Features: - Animated current weatherconditions. -Hourly forecast graph for the next 48 hours. - 10-daysweatherforecast. - Chance of precipitation for hourly and dailyforecasts.- Scroll down for details: wind, pressure,sunrise/sunset, UV,humidity and dew point. - Severe weather alerts.- Track weatherconditions for all your favorite cities anddestinations. We arecommitted to building the best weather app andwould love to hearyour feedback. Let us know your thoughts here:[email protected]:
SVT Nyheter
SVT Nyheter är det enkla sättet hålla sig uppdaterad medSverigesstörsta nyhetsredaktion. I den uppdaterade native-appen fårdutydligare överblick och snabbare koll på läget. För det somhänderdär du bor, i Sverige och i världen. Här hittar du helaSVT:snyhetsbevakning med granskningar, fördjupning och analyser.Alltgivetvis utan reklam. Har du synpunkter, ris eller ros? Vivillgärna ha dina åsikter! Mejla gärna [email protected]är kan du läsa om hur SVT behandlarpersonuppgifter: Newsis the easy way to keep up to date with the largestnewsroom. Inthe updated native app, you get clearer overview andfaster trackof state. For what is happening where you live inSweden and in theworld. Here you will find throughout SVT's newscoverage of audits,depression and analyzes. All of course withoutadvertising. If youhave comments, criticism or praise? We welcomeyour opinions!Please email to [email protected] Here you canread abouthow SVT processing of personaldata:
Blocket - Köp & sälj begagnat 6.8.2
Blocket i mobilen ger dig möjlighet att köpa och säljabegagnadesaker snabbare och söka smartare efter fynd. På Blocketmöts 5miljoner användare varje vecka. Här köps och säljsalltifrånmöbelklassiker och bilar till elektronik och märkeskläderi helalandet. Få pushnotiser på saker du bevakar eller när någonsvararpå din annons och lägg enkelt in annonser direkt genom appen.Medappen har du med dig Blocket i mobilen överallt, var du änär.Ladda ner appen idag för att köpa och sälja begagnat, secondhandeller nytt. FYNDA KVALITETSSAKER:- Ta med dig Blocketöverallt.Inspireras när du vill. Där du är.- Sök efter bra saker ilän,kommuner eller stadsdelar.- Svara direkt i appen när duhittarnågot du gillar. - Tryck hjärta när du hittar något du gillarföratt spara annonsen eller skapa en bevakning på sökningen. SÄLJDINABRA SAKER: - Ta en bild och lägg enkelt in en annons direktiappen. - Betala din annons direkt från appen- Börja lägginannonsen i appen, ta till exempel en bild och börjaskrivannonstexten i mobilen och gör sedan klart annonsen på datorn.-Möjlighet att dölja din annons under en period, till exempel omduska resa bort över helgen.LOGGA IN OCH FÅ MER:- Tryck hjärtaföratt skapa en bevakning på de saker och varumärken som duletarefter och få pushnotiser när nya annonser som matchar dinbevakningdyker upp.- Spara annonser du gillar genom att trycka påhjärtat såhittar du snabbt tillbaka till dem.- I privatannonsersamlas allameddelanden från köpare och säljare på ett och sammaställe.- Fåpushnotiser så fort någon svarar på din annons eller pådittmeddelande. - Följ hur det går för de annonser du har påBlocketjust nu.Hör av dig till oss om du undrar över något. Vi blirgladaför all feedback om hur Blocket kan bli bättre.Kontaktakundservice via . Lyckatill meddina fynd och försäljningar! Hälsningar BlocketBlock Mobileallowsyou to buy and sell used things faster and smarter searchforbargains. On the block meet 5 million users every week. Herearebought and sold from classic furniture and cars to electronicsanddesigner clothes in the whole country. Get push notificationsaboutthings you watch or you when someone responds to your ad,andeasily incorporate ads directly through the app. With the app,youhave with you block your phone everywhere, wherever youare.Download the app today to buy and sell second-hand, second-handornew.BARGAIN-HUNT quality things:- Bring the block everywhere.Beinspired as you want. There you are.- Search for the good thingsincounties, municipalities or districts.- Respond directly in theappwhen you find something you like.- Press heart when youfindsomething you like to save the ad or create a watch onthesearch.SELL YOUR GOOD THINGS:- Take a picture, andeasilyincorporate an ad directly in the app.- Pay your ad directlyfromthe app- Start insert advertisement in the app, take forexample apicture and start to write your ad text in the cell phoneand thenclear the ad on your computer.- Ability to hide your adover aperiod of time, for example if you are going away fortheweekend.SIGN IN AND GET MORE:- Push the heart to create a watchonthings and brands that you are looking for and get push alertswhennew listings that match your watch shows up.- Save ads you likebypressing on the heart so you quickly return to them.- Inprivateads gather all messages from buyers and sellers in oneplace.- Getpush notifications as soon as someone responds to yourad or yourmessage.- Follow the progress of the ads you have on theblockright now.Please contact us if you have any questions. We arehappyfor any feedback on how the bloc can get better. ContactCustomerService via luckwith yourfinds and sales!message block - Guide till TV och Streaming är ett måste för alla TV, play och streaming-tittare. Över2miljoner svenskar använder varje vecka. Tablå Få koll påvadsom går på TV, vi har över 200 kanaler. Vill man haspecifikakanaler i sin tablå som inte dyker upp i grundutbudet gårman tillMin sida, där kan man under Kanalval ställa in de kanalerman villska synas i tablån. Play & Streaming I play-ochstreamingguiden kan du hitta inspiration och få en översiktövervad som är nytt, populärast och högst betygsatt på dina play-ochstreamingtjänster. Utforska Sök på ett program, serie ellerfilmoavsett om det går på TV, play eller streaming. Min SidaFörutomatt ställa in kanalval och playtjänster kan du kontaktavårkundtjänst och ge grymma tips på hur vi kan bli bättre eller omdubehöver hjälp med att använda appen. Dessutom kan man gå tillvårblogg, där skriver vår redaktion om det senaste på TV, playochstreaming. Logga in Man kan registrera sig på Då kanmanspara sina kanalval och få tillgång till sin egen tablåoavsettvilken plattform man använder på. Som inloggad kan manocksåsätta återkommande påminnelser på serier man vill bli påmindomvarje gång det kommer ett nytt avsnitt. Påminnelser När du läseromett specifikt program kan du sätta en påminnelse så att dublirpåmind när programmet startar. Om man vill kan man läggatillpåminnelser i sin privata kalender. Favoriter Genom att tryckapåhjärtat inne på ett program kan du hålla koll när programmet gårpåTV och Streaming samt sätta återkommande påminnelser. Hoppasdutycker appen är lika grym som alla andra miljoner användare. Viserfram emot att välkomna dig som användare! Vi tar gärnaemotönskemål om förbättringar av appen på[email protected]: Tv.nuis a must for anytelevision, play and streaming viewers. Over 2million Swedes each week. tableau Get track of what's onTV, we have over 200channels. If you want specific channels in itsschedule that doesnot show up in the basic offer you go to mysite, where you can setthe Channel Select the channels you want toappear in the table.Play & Streaming The play and thestreaming guide, you can findinspiration and get an overview ofwhat is new, most popular andhighest rated of your play andstreaming services. Explore Search ona program, series or movie,whether it's on TV, or play streaming.My page In addition tosetting channel selection and play services,you can contact ourcustomer service and give awesome tips on how wecan get better, orif you need help using the app. Furthermore, youcan go to ourblog, which writes our editorial of the latest TV,play andstreaming. Sign in You can register on You can thensavetheir channel selection and gain access to their own schedulenomatter what platform you use on. When logged in, you canalsoset recurring reminders in the series you want to be remindedofevery time there is a new section. reminders When you read aboutaspecific program, you can set a reminder so you will beremindedwhen the program starts. If you want you can add remindersin hispersonal calendar. favorites By pressing on the heart insideof aprogram, you can keep track of when the program goes on TVandstreaming, and set recurring reminders. Hope you enjoy the appisas cruel as all the other millions of users. We look forwardtowelcoming you as users! We welcome requests forimprovementsto the app on [email protected] PrivacyPolicy:
ForecaWeather 3.1.7
Foreca Ltd.
ForecaWeather provides current conditions, 10 day weatherforecastsand weather animations for any location world-wide. Youcan choosefrom over 140.000 hand picked locations or you canretrieveforecasts for your current location using your phone's GPS.
bergfex/Weather App - Forcast Radar Rain & Webcams
bergfex GmbH
Bergfex Weather App: All Bergfex - Weather forecasts in one appInthis Weather App you get all weather forecasts from theBergfexwebsite for the Alps region (Austria, Germany, Switzerland,Italyand Slovenia), including Mountain weather forecasts. ExclusiveforAustria: 3729 geo located and detailed weather forecasts foralltowns and a large number of mountain weather forecasts.WIDGETINSTALLATION: to be able to add the widget to the homescreen, theapp must be installed on the intern memory and NOT onthe SD-Card.You can move the app to the internal memory byfollowing thesesteps: Settings -> Apps -> Bergfex Weather-> Move tointernal memory What you get in the bergfex WeatherApp: - Favoriteoverview - 9 day forecasts (incl. detailed dailyforecasts) -Temperatures (min./max.) - Rain-/Rainfallradar -Lightning Map -Wind - Precipitation (incl. rain quantity andpossibility) - Sunhours - Precipitation forecast maps - Webcams Theexact forecastsare produced in cooperation with the ZAMG(Zentralanstalt fürMeteorologie und Geodynamik). You get access tothe followingextended contents by upgrading the app with an in-apppurchase(2,99 €): - No ads - Weather radar images for rain/cloudsandtemperature in 15 minute updates (INCA forecast from ZAMG) - 14daywebcam archive with timelapse function - Detailedprecipitationmaps - Short hand forecasts (for all Locations inAustria) -Weather stations for Austria - Regional weather forAustria
Weather Neon 4.0.1
Colorful and customizable weather appWeather Info Features•3Different Weather Providers • Weather Underground • DarkSkyWeather• World Weather Online Weather• 5 or 10 day weatherforecasts• Hourby hour weather forecasts• Multiple locations forweather• WorldClock with widgets.Graphic Features (AllCustomizable)• 70+different weather app widgets! • 30+ differentweathernotifications • 10+ different weather notification icons •2QuickSettings Tile weather with 16 different selections•Beautifulmain screens •Thermometer , pressure andhumiditywidgets&notifications widgets for Galaxy S4 and Note3
UAV Forecast for DJI Quadcopter & UAV Drone Pilots
When will it be good to fly yourquadcopter?See the weather forecast, GPS satellites, solar activity(Kp),No-Fly Zones and flight restrictions, all in one convenienttool.Perfect for DJI Spark, Mavic, Phantom, Inspire, 3DR Solo,ParrotBebop drones and many other Unmanned Aerial VehiclesandSystems.
Skidspå 2.5.2
På webbsajten Skidspå finns information om mer än 3800skidspåri Sverige. Varje säsong lämnas runt 20.000färskaspårstatusrapporter från skidåkare och spårdragare runt omilandet.Förutom att lämna egna spårstatusrapporter med denna appsåkan du söka anläggningar utifrån din egen geografiskaposition.Läsa information om anläggningarna, hitta dem på kartan,seaktuella spårstatusrapporter mm. Vem som helst kanrapporteraspårstatus genom att användarapporteringsknappen.Skidspårsappen ärgjord av DXApps på uppdrag avSkidspå För buggrapportering,synpunkter och frågor:[email protected]
Freemeteo 2.0.7 is a website about the weather. Weprovidecomprehensive weather forecasts for all regions of ourplanet -both land and sea – tailored to the individual needs ofpeople whorequire daily updates.More than 10 million geographiclocations areinvestigated and detailed weather forecasts areproduced, updatedtwice daily.Moreover, weather reports from allonline stations ofthe world are presented in real time, in order toprovide accurateinformation on local weather conditions.— Moderndesign andbeautiful icons— Smart location search— Automatedlocation service—Customized weather updates— Choice of manylanguages— Currentweather conditions— Weekly weather forecasts—Detailed hourlyforecasts— This application runs on 4.4+— Theapplication is usinglocation services to automatically locate yourcurrent position.The application runs even if your locationservices are disabled.You can disable location services from theapplication’s settingsor your system’s settings.— If you choose touse the application’swidget, then you cannot store this applicationon your SD card.This is according to the standards of the Androidsystem. If youcannot find the Freemeteo widget on the list ofavailable widgets(settings – applications manager), please check ifthe applicationis stored on your SD card. If so, please move theapplication backto your phone from your SD card and restart theapplication. — Allinformation collected by the application isanonymous. Freemeteowill keep this information secure and will notshare them with anythird parties according to our privacy andcookies policyavailableon:
Weather & Animated Widgets 11.4
View only the weather information that you care, usinganapplication with a simple and clean design.Animated Widgetsareawesome, they will get a lot of “wows” from your friends.Theclean, simple and beautiful widgets shows you the currentweatherfor cities worldwide and the current time. The widgets usethelatest android tools to animate the weathericons.Features:-Digital Clock- Current weather conditions- Inwidget animatedweather icons- Weather data received from globalMeteorologicalbroadcast services and more than 40 000 weatherstations- Celsius /Fahrenheit weather units- Automaticallydetection of location-Manual setting of the widget location- Manualor automatic weatherupdate- Re-sizable widgets- Transparentbackground- Universal appmade for tablets and phones! No need topurchase again- Hot spotsfor alarm clock, weather refresh andwidget configuration- buildonly for ICS (built on sdk 17)- multipleweather providers OWM andYR.NO (is the joint online weather servicefrom the NorwegianMeteorological Institute and the NorwegianBroadcastingCorporation)Permissions:-android.permission.ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION-android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE-android.permission.INTERNETThese are required for gettingyourlocal weather using networking & WIFI location to set the alarmwhenyou press on the clock. - forinapp paymentsFor suggestions or bugs please contact usat:[email protected] you want to translate the applicationtoyour language please contact us at: [email protected]
FMI Weather
Can we catch some sun an hour from now? Will it rain in Romenextweek? Is it slippery in Salo? The FinnishMeteorologicalInstitute's weather service gives up to 10 dayforecasts for over17,000 locations in Finland and for thousands ofdestinationsabroad. If your phone tracking is enabled, the servicewillautomatically show the weather data and warnings for yourlocationin Finland. You can save your favourite location in theservice.Will it rain an hour from now? You can easily check theservice forthe probability of rain and the rainfall forecast. Nowyour weatherobservations can be easily reported to us using theWeather app.Features of the WEATHER service: -weather forecasts forover 17,000localities in Finland and major destinations abroad,-10-dayforecasts, -an hour-by-hour weather forecast for the next 48hours,-warnings in Finland updated 7 times a day, -warningsforindividual localities in Finland and abroad, -weatherobservationsin Finland, -probability of rain, -rainfall, -winddirection andspeed, -times for sunrise and sunset, -'Feels like'temperature,-no advertisements.
Weather 142
FAVORITE FEATURES •  Is almost like you look out of the window -Theapplication changes based on the time of the day, currentlocationand weather condition to show you the current weather.• Stunninganimations - The current weather is presented usingstunningrealistic animations, for weather conditions likerain,thunderstorm, snowing, cloudy and others. Even if the weatherisbad, the animations are beautiful :).•  Accurate weatherForecasts- Get hourly and daily forecasts for any place. We use theworld'sbest weather data providers, to get the most accurateweatherforecasts. For the forecasts we use realistic icons to allowyou tosee weather conditions easily.•  Current Weather Conditions-Current weather conditions from your local weather stationincludetemperature, wind speed and direction, humidity, dewpoint,visibility,UV index. Plus a written summary for todayweather.• Tomorrow's weather forecasts - Get almost the same amountofweather information for tomorrow like for today, like minimumandmaximum temperature, wind speed and direction, humidity, dewpoint.Plus a written summary for today weather.•  Clean design -You geta lot of weather information, but it will be very easy tofind whatyou want.
Ordmästare 1.0.46
Enkelt & beroendeframkallande ordspelOrdmästare är en nyochrolig version av de klassiska ordspelen. Du drar heltenkeltbokstäver för att skapa olika ord. Det är lätt att spela ochroligtatt mästra. Med detta ordspel kommer du upptäcka hurfantastisktroligt och beroendeframkallande det är att söka ord.Merän 2 000nivåerVårt ordspel börjar med enkla och vardagliga ord,ochinnehåller tusentals olika nivåer som du kan spela på. Månganyanivåer kommer att uppdateras i framtiden.Utmanande att hittaallaordÄr det inte tillräckligt för dig att hitta ord på enklanivåer?Utmana dig själv att hitta alla extra svåra ord, för attfåbonusar. Om du fastnar på vissa ord kan du använda ”Blanda”eller"Tips" för att komma vidare. Du kommer bli överraskad överhursvårt det kan vara att hitta även lätta ord.BästahjärngympanOrdspel är bäst för hjärnansgympaochstavningsförbättringar. Vårt ordspel är ett av de mestspännandeanagram- & ordsökningsspel som utmanarordsökningsfärdigheter ialla åldrar.FUNKTIONER- Dra bokstäverna föratt skapa ord- Hittaextra ord för att samla mynt- 2000+ nivåer somdu kan spela- GRATISatt få dagliga bonusmynt- Tryck på "Blanda"-knappen för att ändrabokstavsordningen- Tryck på "Tips" -knappenför att få ledtrådar-Passar både barn och vuxna som vill tränaordsökningsförmåga- Dubehöver inte internettåtkomst så du kan hakul medordsökningsspelet när som helst- Enkelt att spela och svårtattmästra- Helt GRATIS för alla spelareOm du gillar korsordellerordsökningsspel borde du definitivt prova det här ordspelet.Det ärlättare att lära sig än korsord, och [email protected]eshdesk.comEasy & addictiveword game Ordmästare is a new and fun versionof the classicordspelen. You simply drag the letters to createdifferent words. Itis easy to play and fun to master. With thisword game, you willdiscover how much fun and addictive it is tosearch words. More than2000 levels Our word game begins withsimple and everyday words, andincludes thousands of differentlevels that you can play on. Manynew levels will be updated in thefuture. Challenging to find allthe words Is it not enough for youto find words on the easy levels?Challenge yourself to find allthe extra difficult words, to get thebonuses. If you get stuck oncertain words, you can use the "Mix" or"Tip" to proceed. You willbe surprised at how difficult it can beto find even easy words.Best brain super Word games are best forbrain fitness classes andspelling improvement. Our word games areone of the most excitinganagram- & word search game thatchallenges the word searchskills at any age. FUNCTIONS - Drag theletters to create words-Find additional words to collect coins-2000+ levels that you canplay- FREE to receive daily bonus coins-Press the "Shuffle" buttonto change the letter order- Press the"Hint" button to get clues-Suitable for both children and adultswho want to train word searchcapability- You do notinternettåtkomst so you can have fun withword search game anytime-Easy to play and hard to master-completely free for all playersIfyou like crosswords or wordsearch games, you should definitely trythis word game. It iseasier to learn than crossword puzzles, andmore addictive. [email protected]
Vem är mest allmänbildad? Besegra dina vännar och klättrapåQuizkampens topplista!Quizkampen är ett smart, färgsprakandeochunderhållande socialt quizspel, där du kan utmana vänner ochandraspelare på frågesport - och skaffa ny kunskap påvägen!*Nyheter försommaren 2015*• NY design > Uppdatering avgrafik, avatarer,topplista, typografi, gränssnitt och färger!• Över2000 nyabildfrågor!*Höjdpunkter*• 42,000+ text- och bildfrågorförfattadeav Quizkampens team samt av våra trogna quizzare. Väljmellan enmängd olika kategorier.• Klättra på topplistan - jämfördinakunskaper med andra quizzare i Sverige.• Bidra med dina egnafrågoroch bli belönad.• Anslut dina sociala mediekonton och bjud indinavänner till spel.• Designa din egen unika avatar.• Quizkampenbliraldrig föråldrat. Nya text- och bildfrågor tillkommerdagligen!Låtquizzandet börja!www.feomedia.comFacebook:QuizkampenTwitter:@quizkampenWho is the most educated? Defeat yourvännar and climbQuiz struggle Charts!Quiz struggle is a smart,colorful andentertaining social quiz game where you can challengefriends andother players in the quiz - and acquire new knowledge onthe way!*New for summer 2015 *• NEW Design> Update of graphics,avatars,charts, typography, interfaces and colors!• Over 2,000 newimageissues!* Highlights *• 42,000+ text and image issues authoredbyQuiz Kamppi team as well as our loyal quizzare. Choose fromavariety of categories.• Climb the leaderboard - Compare yourskillswith other quizzare in Sweden.• Contribute your own questionsandget rewarded.• Connect your social media accounts and inviteyourfriends to the game.• Design your own unique avatar.• QuizThebattle will never be obsolete. New text and image issues tocomedaily!Let quizzandet begin!www.feomedia.comFacebook:QuizFightTwitter:quizkampen
Windguru Lite 2.0.8
The official "Lite" app to access wind and weather! If you do not know anything about Windguruandyou are looking for classic weather app with animatedweatherpictograms, this is NOT FOR YOU! :-)This app works similiarto thefull website at but only offers the mostimportantfeatures: forecasts, live stations, maps.Development ofthis Liteapp will go on, now it's just a subset of the web versionbut soonit should bring some "old good" features of the oldapp( an alternative for those who wish something between thefullsite and the old-school appThe app now supports addingfavouritesfor quick access even for anonymous users.You can useyour windgurulogin to access favourites associated with yourexisting account andto view PRO forecasts (if you are a PROsubscriber)Please note thatthe original Windguru website is madeas a Progressive web app,which means it can work just like an appon your Android device andoffers full functionality. It'srecommended to use it like that.More info at This Windguru Liteversion is onlya simple alternative available from Google Play.Incase you preferthe old app, find "Windguru Old" on GooglePlay: of the old APK files manually fromhere:
Weather Belgium XL PRO
Exovoid Sàrl
This is simply the best weather app for your region... and therestof the world. - Gorgeous and realistic animations ofweatherconditions - See at a glance the next weather conditionchange -Updated continuously - Accurate hourly forecasts for thenext 10days - Fast, beautiful and simple to use - Detailedforecasts onrain, ice, snow, fog, wind, storm, dew point, UV index,humidity,pressure - Highest and lowest historical values -Satellite andradar map animations - Optimized for both phones andtablets - LiveWallpaper - Weather in notification area andtemperature in statusbar - Great widget for your home screen Andit’s all free. Try itnow !--Privacy Policy & Terms of use : Wedo not collect anypersonal information. In order to use our apps,please accept ourprivacy policy and review conditions forthird-parties such asadvertising partners.
my.t weather 1.0.10
Get updated and real-time information on major incidents,calamitiesand weather information in weather allowsrelevantauthorities to send news and other vital information withregards toweather, major incident and calamities to users of my.tweather App.Mauritius Telecom shall not be held responsible forthe accuracy andvalidity of contents appearing on the my.t weatherapp.Note: my.tweather app is free for browsing on the my.t mobilenetwork. Howeverexternal contents like push notifications, mapsviews, andexternal contents will incur charges as peryour normal data plan.Mobile Internet charges may apply for usingthe app on other mobileoperators.
HumorCast - Authentic Weather 4.4.4
Lyker Labs
You check the weather, why not laugh as well?Start your day offonthe right foot with HumorCast: the original funny weatherapp.Baked-in are 1000s of phrases ready to complement theawfulweather. We also use a state-of-the-art weather engineincludingNOAA and wrapped it up in an easy-to-use interface. Oh,did wemention 100s of beautiful backgrounds taken byworld-classphotographers and paired precisely to each weathercondition? Andbest of all, we make it easy-as-pie to share so youand yourfriends can LOL together.Highlighted features:[+]Hyperlocal andaccurate weather forecasting[+] No ADS![+]Profanity-o-meter (Off,13+, 17+)[+] Weather sayings in differentaccents, pitches, rate[+]Multiple weather locations[+] Weatheralerts[+] Current/hour/7-dayweather conditions[+] Hyperlocal raingraph (down to the minutepredictions!)[+] Sharing features[+]US/metric units[+] Camerabackground[+] and so much more...
meteoblue AG
meteoblue shows high precision weather forecasts combined withabeautiful, simple and easy to use design. Weather forecasts canberequested for any place on Earth easily and comfortably.•Weatherforecasts for any point on land or sea.• Location searchwith morethan 6 million locations: search for location name, postalcode orcoordinates or let the app find your current position withthe GPSmodule.• 3 different widgets that can be added right to yourhomescreen.• 7 days forecast: daily overview and detailedinformationfor every single day with hourly or 3 hour values.Besides standardparameters like temperature, precipitation and windinformation,unique features like predictability and rainSPOT give abetteroverview.• Meteogram 5 days: temperature curve withpictograms,cloud layers in different altitudes and wind forecast.•14 days:trend forecast for minimum and maximum temperature as wellasprecipitation and precipitation probability.• Satellitemap:observed cloud cover for North America, Central America,Europe,Africa and India, with lightning updates for selectedareas.• Radarmap: precipitation radar for Germany, Switzerland,Romania, USA andSouth America. Others will be added.• where2go:find the sunniestweather around your selected place.• Personalizedsettings: you canchoose between various temperature and wind speedunits.• Offlinemode: the app will save the weather data for eachplace until youare online again.
Adapted from a professional weather broadcast tool used byTVpresenters around the world, and created by MeteoGroup,Europe’sleading private weather company; MeteoEarth truly bringstheweather to life using high-end gaming technology andextraordinarygraphics. Discover our extraordinary planet’s weathertoday! •Explore Earth using simple finger commands to zoom in, out,andaround a 3D globe • Pause, rewind and move forward in timefor24-hour weather forecast • Save an unlimited number offavouritelocations anywhere in the world • Choose and combinemultipleweather layers to display cloud cover, precipitation,wind,pressure, etc. • Track hurricanes and typhoons with thestormtracker • Access thousands of live weather webcams coveringpopulardestinations around the world • Switch to climate view andcheckthe weather in a holiday destination at any time of the year•Connectivity to your TV via MiraCast/Chromecast – MeteoEarthandthe big screen are made for each other! We also offer apremiumservice! Choose the MeteoEarth Premium option for extended5-dayweather forecast and the option of checking wind conditions atanyaltitude right up to the Jetstream. One subscription coversPremiumservices on MeteoEarth, AlertsPro and WeatherPro. Thepremiumsubscription also gives users a better viewing experiencebyremoving all ads. We included ads in the free version to offerourusers many of our Premium features for free, such as use ofthestorm tracker, multiple layer combination and more.Additionallythis helps us to ensure that our developers can keepupdating andimproving MeteoEarth, and that our supportteam([email protected]) can continue to assist you withanyissues. For more details please visit,followMeteoEarth at or visit our helpcenter
Weather for Sweden
ID Mobile SA
Find quickly and easily every day the weather forecast forSwedensupervised 24/24 by MeteoNews and updated in real time! -Weatherforecast for the morning / afternoon / evening - Rainfallradar-Value of forecast reliability - Probability of sunshineandprecipitations- Perceived temperature - Average, mimimumandmaximum temparature- Wind force, wind direction, gust force -Limitof snowfall - Limit zero degrees - Fog - HumidityandpressureExposure for 10 days in landscape mode. Contentdeliveredby MeteoNews
MSW Surf Forecast 4.0.4
The Magicseaweed mobile app provides long-range surf forecastsforthousands of spots around the globe. Our forecasts include theMSWstar rating; surf height; swell height; period and direction;windspeed and direction and air and water temperatures. With theMSWapp you'll have access to: - More than 150 surf cams worldwide.-Panoramic, multi-view surf cams. - Swell, wind, period andpressurecharts. - Live buoy and wind data. - Real-time surf reportsfromour network of trusted reporters. - MSW editorial features andthelatest surf news. - Your favorite spots, accessible acrossanydevice. - Our local surf-spot and beach business directory. -Thebest surf-specific photo gallery, uploaded by you, in theworld.And for the ultimate Magicseaweed experience, upgrade to and receive: - Unlimited advert-free access toourglobal surf cam network. - 16-day extended spot forecasts. -16-dayextended charts. - 16-day extended tides. - Access to decadesofhistorical forecast data. - No adverts. Ever. The easiest waytofind exactly what the surf is doing at locations around you.Makingit easier than ever to decide where to surf.
Mausam - Indian Weather 5.2
Mausam is an app that gives weather condition report for yourareaand brings different types of weather information via manyweathermaps of India."A picture is worth a thousand words". Acomplexweather data can be conveyed easily with an image map. Byobservingthe Cloud formations around your City, you can easilypredictwhether the day is going to be Hot or Rainy/Cloudy.It isvery wellequipped with data caching capabilities and will neverdownloadduplicate data from the server. The downloaded weather mapswillstored locally and can accessed offline.This applicationfetchesthe weather maps directly from Official Indian Governmentwebpagefor "satellite Images & Products".URL: map data will get refreshed on theserverfor every 30 mins.You can find mapsbelow:North-WestsectorNorth-East sectorSouth-WestsectorSouth-EastsectorRAINFALL-Half-HourlyRAINFALL-DailyRAINFALL-WeeklyRAINFALL-MonthlyRAINFALL-Season (lightning map) 1.7.3
Jakub Furman
Application with live thunderstorm maps fromservice
Ordtjusaren 1.0.46
Ordtjusaren är ett av de mest beroendeframkallandeordletarspelen,med superb grafik och design som medger godinteraktion. Det är detbästa sättet att fördriva tid, lätt attspela och hjälper dig attträna hjärnan samt att lära dig fler nyaord. Ta en paus frånarbetet vederkvicka hjärnan i Ordtjusaren! Dukommer att älska det!Ordspel som spelas på ett nytt sättDra enkeltsamman bokstäver föratt bilda ord, lätt att begripa och kul attspela. Du kan blandabokstäverna för att ändra ordningen på dem.Hittar du fler ord fårdu fler mynt som du kan använda på senarenivåer, för att fåledtrådar när du har fastnat. Över 2000 nivåerför dig attspelaFler än 2000 nivåer för dig att spela, som är lättai börjanoch sedan successivt blir svårare. Det kommer att varautmanandeför dig men tillräckligt intressant för att du skafortsätta spela.Vi kommer att uppdatera nivåerna då och då för attdu ska fåöverraskningar med jämna mellanrum. Väldesignadegränssnitt ochvacker grafik Våra gränssnitt är intuitiva och lättaatt begripa.Vi erbjuder dig många block av bokstäver och bakgrunderatt väljamellan, så att du aldrig får tråkigt. Vi kommer attuppdatera demefterhand så att du alltid har något att se fram emot.Bästa sättetatt koppla av och träna hjärnan Ordtjusaren kan hjälpadig attträna sinnet och förbättra minnesförmågan när du måste göradittbästa för att hitta många ord med givna bokstäver. Ibland ärsvaretuppenbart, men du kan bara inte hitta ordet, och då är speletsomallra mest intressant. Spelet erbjuder:• Superb grafikochväldesignade gränssnitt.• Ordspel som spelas på ett nyttsätt:koppla bara samman bokstäverna för att bilda ord.• Över 2000nivåerför dig att spela, med ökande svårighetsgrad.• Över 10 vackratemanatt välja mellan.• Daglig utmaning med chans till extra bonusochmer kul.• Hitta så många ord du kan och få mer bonus i formavextra ord.• Tryck på "Blanda" -knappen för attändrabokstavsordningen• Tryck på "Tips" -knappen för att fåledtrådar•Du kan spela det varsomhelst och när du vill, även utanatt anslutatill nätverket.• Helt gratis för alla spelare.• Perfektäven förbarn för att förbättra deras stavning. KontaktTa gärnakontakt medoss, all feedback till [email protected]älkomnas.Tack för ditt stöd och din kärlek till Ordtjusaren.Ordtjusaren isone of the most addictive ordletarspelen, with superbgraphics anddesign that allows good interaction. It is the best wayto pass thetime, easy to play and help you train the brain and tolearn morenew words. Take a break from work to refresh the braininOrdtjusaren ! You're going to love it!  Word Games played onanew way Draw simple letters to form words, easy to understandandfun to play. You can mix the letters to rearrange them. Domorewords, you get more coins that you can use in later levels togethints when you are stuck.  More than 2000 levels for youtoplay More than 2000 levels for you to play, that are easy inthebeginning and then gradually becomes more difficult. It willbechallenging for you but interesting enough for you tocontinueplaying. We will update the levels now and then you'llgetsurprises at regular intervals.  Well-designed interfaceandbeautiful graphics Our interface is intuitive and easytounderstand. We offer you many blocks of characters andbackgroundsto choose from, so you never get bored. We will updatethem later,so you always have something to look forward to. Best way torelax and train the brain Ordtjusaren can help you trainthe mindand improve memory capacity when you have to do your bestto findmany words with the given letters. Sometimes the answer isobvious,but you just can not find the word, and then the game ismostinteresting.   The game offers :• Superb graphicsandwell-designed interface.• Word games are played in a differentway:just plug together letters to form words.• More than 2000levelsfor you to play with increasing difficulty.• Over 10beautifulthemes to choose from.• Daily Challenge with a chance ofadditionalbonus and more fun.• Find as many words as you can andget morebonuses in the form of extra words.• Press the "Shuffle"button tochange the letter order• Press the "Hint" button to getclues• Youcan play it anywhere and anytime, even without connectingto thenetwork.• Completely free for all players.• Also ideal forchildrento improve their spelling.   Contact Pleasecontact usany feedback at [email protected] Thankyou for your support and your love forOrdtjusaren .
Weather 2 weeks 5.9
Weather 2 weeks is a great FREE weather app with thefollowingfeatures:- hourly forecast for the next 24 hours,- dailyforecastfor the next 14 days.The simplest weather app! Thankstogeolocation, you know immediately the weather for yourcurrentlocation. To get a forecast for any other locationworldwide, youjust have to ask: this app includes a powerful voicerecognitionfeature! In USA, 'Weather 2 weeks' gives the weather formostcities: from New York to Los Angeles, Chicago, HoustonorPhiladelphia. Weather 2 weeks is also one of the mostcompleteweather apps! All data (temperature, humidity, cloudcover,visibility, wind speed and direction, sunrise andsunsettimes,...and even the altitude!) is displayed in a very clearandconcise way.Optionally, you will also have the possibility toget:-the hourly weather up to 14 days,- the possibility to createandbrowse your favorite locations.This app uses weather dataissuedfrom one of the best weather models worldwide. Should you gofor atrip anywhere in United States (Phoenix, San Antonio, SanDiego,Dallas...), you will get today's weather and hourly localweatherup to 14 days! For your holidays, just ask for a weatherforecast,anywhere, from San Francisco to Washington, Boston or LasVegas !'Weather 2 weeks' can be used in all the US statesfrom California, Texas or NY to Florida ...Any rain or snowinCanada? Just ask this app the weather in Toronto, Montréal,Calgaryor Ottawa! Need a reliable weather app in Australia inSydney,Melbourne or Brisbane ? 'Weather 14 days' is the weather appyouneed!Do not hesitate! Download now this fast and simple weatherapp! It is FREE!!Weather app optimized for all phones and TABLETS.
Weather forecast app 1.2.9
☀️ weather forecast app will forecast thunderstorm, rainy,snowfall✨With one click to enable GPS location and you receive theweathercondition in your current location.Weather providesdetailedcurrent weather forecast and weather observation for allworldlocations, Weather forecast searches for youraddressautomatically, and provides the current temperature inCelsius andFahrenheit, sunrise and sunset times according to citytimezone.Weather forecast also provides current atmosphericpressure,weather condition, visibility distance, relativehumidity,precipitation in different unites, dew point, wind speedanddirection, in addition to ten days future forecast andhourlyweather forecast.Realtime temperature, humidity, pressure,windforce and wind direction are all in this weather forecastappbased.This accurate weather forecast app allows to find outadetailed forecast wherever you are, for any time of the day orforthe next 7 days just by tapping on the icons:$ Wind speedanddirection$ Pressure and precipitation information $Sunrise/sunsettime$ Weather Radar & Rain mapsand other usefulweather dataaccompanied by live animations and graphics.weatherforecast apphas a lot of features:$ Free. It is a free weatherforecast app,weather network.$ It's VERY FAST and ACCURATE$ ModernUI design andeasy to use$ Global. You can see weather in any placesyou like,ex: London weather, Paris weather, San Francisco weather,Houstonweather$ Various weather information: temperature, wind,humidity,dew point, precipitation, visibility, pressure, sunrise,sunset$View weather information at multiple locations$ Hourly ordaily. weoffer 7 days $ 10 days info: today’s weather, tomorrow’sweather, …and hourly weather in each hour.$ Weather supportsgeo-positioning,retrieving the latest weather conditions for yourcurrent location$weather forecast app support almost languages overthe world.$ Anoption to manually add your location. Automaticlocation detectionby network and GPS.$ Add and track the weatherconditions inmultiple locations$ Animated weather conditions $ seehow theweather comes alive!$ Hourly and weekly forecasts$Temperature:switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit$ You can allowand disablethe notifications$ Current weather condition withoutneeding to addmanually$ Atmospheric pressure in many differentunits$ Wind speedand direction in different units$ 1 day, 10 daysfuture forecastand hourly weather forecast.$ Sunset and Sunrisetimes.$ Sharesweather, location information with friends.$ Displayweatherforecast or moon phase$ Localized to most of the worldlanguages.$Chart graphs for hourly weather forecast and dailyweatherforecast$ Weather widget and ongoing notification,multiplelocation on widget$ Option to set lock screen with liveweatherinformation$ Give right weather even GPS is not enabled,awesome!$If you are living in big city like New York, London youdon’t needto enable GPS, the app can detect right location overnetwork andgive exactly info such cities, in this case giving exactinfo forweather New York, weather London. Otherwise if you see theapp doesnot detect right location please enable GPS.$ Easy toupdate yourlocation when you moving, both network and GPSsupportedEnjoy theperfect and accurate weather forecast!Please sendany question toemail: [email protected], we will support24/7 for yourdemand.
Weather forecast
☀️Weather! The best weather forecasts, weather app✨Rely ontheaccurate weather forecast and adjust your schedule to theweathercoming in. You won’t even have to look out the window as theappwill make you feel like you are already outside!With one clicktoenable GPS location and you receive the weather condition inyourcurrent location.Weather provides detailed current weatherforecastand weather observation for all world locations, Weatherforecastsearches for your address automatically, and provides thecurrenttemperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit, sunrise and sunsettimesaccording to city time zone.Weather forecast also providescurrentatmospheric pressure, weather condition, visibilitydistance,relative humidity, precipitation in different unites, dewpoint,wind speed and direction, in addition to ten days futureforecastand hourly weather forecast.Realtime temperature,humidity,pressure, wind force and wind direction are all in thisweather appbased.This accurate weather app allows to find out adetailedforecast wherever you are, for any time of the day or forthe next7 days just by tapping on the icons:- Current and “Feelslike”temperature- Wind speed and direction- Pressure andprecipitationinformation - Sunrise/sunset time- Weather Radar &Rain mapsandother useful weather data accompanied by liveanimations andgraphics.Weather app has a lot of features:- Free. Itis a freeWeather channel, weather network.- It's VERY FAST andACCURATE-Global. You can see weather in any places you like, ex:Londonweather, Paris weather, San Francisco weather, Houstonweather-Various weather information: temperature, wind, humidity,dewpoint, precipitation, visibility, pressure, sunrise, sunset-Viewweather information at multiple locations- Hourly or daily.weoffer 7 days - 10 days info: today’s weather, tomorrow’s weather,…and hourly weather in each hour.- Weather supportsgeo-positioning,retrieving the latest weather conditions for yourcurrent location-Weather app support almost languages over theworld.- An option tomanually add your location. Automatic locationdetection by networkand GPS.- Add and track the weather conditionsin multiplelocations- Animated weather conditions - see how theweather comesalive!- Hourly and weekly forecasts- Temperature:switch betweenCelsius and Fahrenheit- You can allow and disablethenotifications- Current weather condition without needing toaddmanually- Atmospheric pressure in many different units- Windspeedand direction in different units- 1 day, 10 days futureforecastand hourly weather forecast.- Sunset and Sunrise times.-Sharesweather, location information with friends.- Displayweatherforecast or moon phase- Localized to most of the worldlanguages.-Chart graphs for hourly weather forecast and dailyweatherforecast- Weather widget and ongoing notification,multiplelocation on widget- Option to set lock screen with liveweatherinformation- Give right weather even GPS is not enabled,awesome!-If you are living in big city like New York, London youdon’t needto enable GPS, the app can detect right location overnetwork andgive exactly info such cities, in this case giving exactinfo forweather New York, weather London. Otherwise if you see theapp doesnot detect right location please enable GPS.- Easy toupdate yourlocation when you moving, both network and GPSsupportedEnjoy theperfect and accurate weather forecast!Please sendany question toemail: weather.droidteam[email protected], we will support24/7 for yourdemand.
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Förteckning över större svenska dagstidningar,tidskrifter,nyhetssidor på nätet. Du kan hitta nyheter frånAffärsvärlden,Aftonbladet, Alingsås Tidning, Allehanda,Arbetarbladet,Barometern, Blekinge Läns Tidning, Borås Tidning,Computer Sweden,CNET, Dagen, Dagens Industri, Dagens Media, DagensNyheter,Dalademokraten, Di, Dt, E24, Eskilstuna-Kuriren,Expressen,Folkbladet, Fotbollskanalen, Gefle Dagblads, Google NewsSweden,Göteborgs-Posten, Härryda-Posten, Helsingborgs Dagblad, IDG,Jnytt,Klart, Kristianstadsbladet, Lerums Tidning, cLocal, Metro,Mobil,Nerikes Allehanda, NewsNow Sweden, Norran, NorrköpingsTidningar,Norrländska, Nya Wermlands-Tidningen, Nyheter24,Östersunds-Posten,Östgöta Correspondenten, Partille Tidning, PiteåTidningen, SMHI,Sport Bible, Sundsvalls Tidning, Svenska Dagbladet,SvenskaFans,SVT, Sydsvenska Dagbladet, Sweclockers, Topix Sweden,TrelleborgsAllehanda, Upsala Nya Tidning,Västerbottens-Kuriren,Västerviks-Tidningen, VLT...* Tidningen listakan uppdateras pånätet* Favoriter* Sortera efter "A-Z", "Användare"och "VanligaLäs"* Anpassa ordningen på tidningarna genom attanvända upp ochned eller dra och släpp.* Visa mobil eller stationärversion avtidningen* Lägg till / ta bort tidningar, tidskrifter*Delanyheterna* Automatisk cache bort* Öppna med standard webbläsare - Svensk TV-tablå 6.1.11 ger dig 7 dagars tablå för 200 tv-kanaler i Sverige,snyggt,snabbt och enkelt. Följ program, skapa din personligatv-kalenderoch missa aldrig något sevärt igen.• Följ dinafavoritprogram såskapar appen automatiskt en personlig tablå åtdig • Sparapåminnelser för program du inte vill missa • Se 7dagars tvtablå för200 kanaler i Sverige • Få rikligt medinformation om varje program,inklusive bild, skådespelare,IMDb-betyg, Rotten Tomatoes ochTwitterflöden • Sortera ut de bästafilmerna och programmen förkvällen och slipp fler då gives you 7-dayschedule for the 200 TVchannels in Sweden, neat, fast andeasy.Follow programs, createpersonal TV calendar and never missanything worth seeing again.•Follow your favorite program createsapp automatically apersonalized schedule for you• Add reminders forprograms you donot want to miss• See the 7 day tvtablå for 200channels in Sweden•Get plenty of information about each program,including picture,actor, IMDb rating, Rotten Tomatoes and TwitterFeeds• Sort out thebest films and programs in the evening and avoidmore bad TVexperience
MyObservatory (我的天文台)
The “MyObservatory” is one of the mostpopularweather app providing location-specific weather service inHongKong. If permission is granted to determine user’slocation,temperature, relative humidity, rainfall, wind directionand speed,as well as weather photograph collected from nearbyweatherstations will be displayed. “My Location Settings” isintroducedsince version 4.0.0. In the “My Location Settings”, userscan optfor using the automatic location service provided bythesmartphone, or designating “My Location” on the mapthemselves.This location will be displayed on the main page and in“My WeatherReport”. The meteorological data displayed on the samepage isprovided by meteorological stations nearby, and is notnecessarilyfrom a station in the same region. In casemeteorological data isnot available from nearby stations, data fromother meteorologicalstations at headquarter of the Observatory,King’s Park, and StarFerry will be used instead. Meanwhile, “HongKong Observatory” willbe used as “My Location”.Please note that:1. Although the “MyObservatory” is a free app, user will bechargedby their mobile network service provider on the use ofdataservice. These charges can become very expensive on roaming.Pleaseensure that the option of “Data Roaming” have been disabledin thesettings of your mobile devices. Meanwhile, the app requiresuser’sauthorization on: “full network access”, “viewnetworkconnections”, “view Wi-Fi connections” to download weatherdataover the Internet.2. The estimated location provided by the mobile device maybedeviated from your actual location. Meanwhile, owing tothedissimilarity in altitude and topography between user’slocationand weather station, weather information displayed may bedifferentfrom the actual conditions.3. Use of location-based rain forecast notification willincreasethe battery usage and data download.4. To allow user to get hold to important weather informationsuchas weather warning, Special Weather Tips, location-basedrainforecast, etc., the “MyObservatory” would automaticallynotifyusers the above information according to user’s settings.Thisfeature requires user’s authorization on “run atstartup”.
Avia Weather - METAR & TAF 2.6.2
The reliable and straightforward Aviation Weather app for Pilotsandaerospace enthusiasts. The METAR-Reader decodes and presentsthecurrent METARs of more than 9500 Airports around the globe.Neithermore nor less. A simple Color Coding allows a fastclassification byVFR or IFR Conditions - as an option even by NATOColor State.Additionally the current TAF weather forecasts areretrieved anddisplayed clearly in a decoded form. Runway crosswindcomponents areautomatically calculated based on the current METAR.A Widget whichcan be configured to display either decoded METAR orraw METAR / TAFis also available. New weather stations can befound worldwide byICAO or IATA-Codes, airport name or city. Theycan be organized inuser defined groups - e. g. for your mostcommon routes or alternateairports. Additionally an auto-managedgroup always presents nearbyweather stations.
Tide Charts - Free 2.12
7th Gear
Finally a beautiful and simple way to view tides on yourmobiledevice! In addition to worldwide tidal estimates, you can seethelunar data, weather forecast, and current radar making yournextoutdoor adventure as easy to plan as possible. By default,theapplication will pick the closest station to you, but pickingadifferent station is as easy as viewing a map of yourcurrentlocation. You can also setup and quickly switch between manystoredfavorite stations if you need to. No internet accesswhileoutdoors? No problem. This app has been designed to give youtidaland lunar predictions without internet access! The first timeyoulaunch this application may take up to 3 minutes to start whileitgenerates textures. Tides Charts- Tide Charts, Weather, RadarNearMe
Rain Radar 8.0.9
With just one tap Rain Radar will show you when rain isapproachingto your location. Radar images are newest possible andthereforemore reliable than a traditional forecast. In a world fullof apps,Rain Radar was precisely designed to save your battery,data usageand processing power. Currently supported countries: -Australia(Google Maps) - Austria - Belarus - Belgium (Google Maps)- Canada(Google Maps) - Croatia - Czech Republic (Google Maps) -Denmark(Google Maps) - Europe - Finland (Google Maps) - France(GoogleMaps) - Germany (Google Maps) - Greece - Hungary - India -Ireland- Israel - Italy - Japan - Lebanon - Lithuania (Google Maps)-Netherlands - New Zealand - Norway (Google Maps) - Poland(GoogleMaps) - Portugal - Romania (Google Maps) - Russia - Serbia-Slovakia (Google Maps) - Slovenia (Google Maps) - SouthAfrica(Google Maps) - Spain (Google Maps) - Sweden (Google Maps)-Switzerland (Google Maps) - Thailand - Turkey - Ukraine -UnitedKingdom (Google Maps) - USA (Google Maps) I can add morecountrieson request - drop me an email ;)
Irak Weather 9.0.103
Mobile Soft
Irak Weather -Arabic- app provides accurate weather forecasts(wind,humidity, tides, solunar activity, ephemeris, alerts) citiesinIrakfor seven coming days. It also provides access toreal-timeweather at any time of the day. Its simple, intuitive andergonomicinterface provides easy access to weather data. If youlike the apprate it and make the people around you know about it!
Radioapan – banankalas! 1.3.3
"Radioapans banankalas" är en app för barn från SverigesRadio.Detär dags att fixa banankalas i Sagoskogen. Häng med!Radioapan ärBarnradions blåa maskot och en riktigt apig kompis. Hanbor i enträdkoja i Sagoskogen och älskar radio och ljud. Radioapansamlarljud i burkar, spelar banjo och sjunger sånger tillsammansmedkompisarna Tassa och Emmot.I Radioapans banankalas kan du:*Bakatårta och dekorera den som du vill. * Mata Radioapan ochhanskompisar - men vad gillar de egentligen?* Blåsa upp ballongermedBlåsfisken.* Måla vimplar med Emmot och dekorera kalaset.*Tändalampor i en labyrint med Eldflugan.* Laga Radioapans radio såattdet blir musik på kalaset.* Ge ljudpaket till Radioapanochkompisarna.* Leka kurragömma med Tassa och hitta skogensdjur.Dukan också följa med till Radioapans lyssningshörna och hörahemligtbra sagor och sånger från Barnradion."Radioapans banankalas"äranpassad för de yngsta barnen med stora tryckytor och mycketljudoch animationer. Även den som inte kan läsa kan leka och ha kulmedRadioapan. Appen passar också bra att använda tillsammans.Appenärframtagen i samarbete med barn och noga testad så att den skavarabåde rolig och lätt att använda. Fokus ligger på lek och attallabarn ska kunna lösa de olika momenten i sin egen takt.Denhärligtfärgglada grafiken känner du igen från Radioapans webbplatshosSveriges Radio. Där kan du också höra fler program frånBarnradionoch leka och spela mer medRadioapan("Radioapans banankalas" ärgratis ochdet finns inga köp inne i appen.Hemligt välkommen påbanankalas medRadioapan!Om Sveriges Radio:Sveriges Radio är ettföretag iallmänhetens tjänst – ett public serviceföretag. SverigesRadio ärden reklamfria och oberoende radion med uppgift attgörakvalitativt innehåll av alla slag för helaSverigesbefolkning.---Observera---Appar som är spelliknande kräveroftatelefoner och surfplattor med snabb processor och ordentligtmedminne. Det gäller även för "Radioapans banankalas". Det här ärvadvi rekommenderar för att appen ska fungera bra: - Telefonellersurfplatta med Android 2.3 och uppåt. - Telefon ellersurfplattamed snabb processor och ordentligt med minne. Appenfungerar påfler fabrikat och modeller än exemplen ovan. Men om duhar entelefon med långsammare processor eller lite minne blir ocksåappenlångsammare."Radio Monkey banana party" is an app for kidsfromSwedish Radio.It's time to fix banana party in FairytaleForest.Join!Radio Monkey's Child Radio blue mascot and a reallyapigfriend. He lives in a tree house in Fairytale Forest andlovesradio and audio. Radio Monkey collects sounds in jars,playingbanjo and singing songs with their friends and TassaEmmot.In RadioMonkey banana party, you can:* Bake the cake anddecorate it as youlike.* Radio Feed The Monkey and his friends -but what do theyreally mean?* Blow up balloons with pufferfish.*Paint pennantswith Emmot and decorate the party.* Light bulbs in amaze withFirefly.* Bake Radio Monkey radio so it will be music attheparty.* Provide audio packages to Radio Monkey andfriends.*Playing hide and seek with Tassa and find the animals oftheforest.You can also go to the Monkey Radio listening area andhearthe secret good stories and songs from theChildren'sBroadcasting."Radio Monkey banana party" is adapted fortheyoungest children in large print surfaces and very soundandanimations. Even those who can not read can play and have funwithRadio monkey. The app is also suitable to use together.The appwasdeveloped in collaboration with children and carefully testedsothat it will be both fun and easy to use. The focus is on theplayand that all children should be able to solve the variousstages attheir own pace.The wonderfully colorful graphics, you'llrecognizefrom the radio Monkey website of Swedish Radio. You canalso hearmore programs from Children radio and play and play morewith RadioMonkey ("Radio Monkey bananaparty" isfree and there is no purchase inside the app.Undercoverwelcomeparty at the track with Radio Monkey!If SverigesRadio:SverigesRadio is a company in the public service - apublicservice.Sveriges Radio, the commercial-free and independentradiowith the task of making quality content of all kinds for theentireSwedish population.--- Note ---Apps that are similar gamesoftenrequire phones and tablets with a fast processor and plentyofmemory. It also applies to the "Radio Monkey banana party." Thisiswhat we recommend for the app to work well:- Phone or tabletwithAndroid 2.3 and above.- Phone or tablet with a fast processorandplenty of memory.The app works on more brands and models thantheexamples above. But if you have a phone with a slower processororsome memory also becomes app slower.
Pakistan Weather 1.10
Taqi Hasan
The app has been designed with colours of Pakistan flag andisalmost consistent in all screens.The app gets the latestreal-timeweather data for all Pakistan cities. Background imagechangesduring day, sunset and night. It also features forecastingof next7 days as well.Users can select Pakistan cities to getweatherreport so that they can plan in advance for holidaytrip.DataSource:
Golf i Sverige 1.2
Golf i Sverige är din vägvisare till alla golfklubbar iSverige.Klubbarna sorteras efter avstånd till platsen där dubefinner dig,men kan sorteras utifrån en annan ort - exempelvisinför en resa –och/eller efter andra kriterier som du väljer iappen. För varjegolfklubb i Sverige visas adressuppgifter,koordinater (sommöjliggör vägbeskrivning från din plats), aktuelllokalväderprognos, antal hål, banans/banornas par, greenfee, antalslagenligt slopen, m.m.. Du kan i appen betygsätta banor du spelatpåoch se vad andra tycker om banorna. Appen innehållerävensammanfattade golfregler, en beskrivning av golfens spelformerocholika golftermer. Med hjälp av en regelquiz kan du testa dinaegnaregelkunskaper. I appen kan du också boka golftider ochregistrerahandicapgrundande ronder utan att lämna appen. Där finnsockså enmöjlighet, för den som så vill, att föra och följastatistik förgolfronder du spelar. Funktioner ★ Sök golfklubbar iSverige ★Filtrera golfklubbar med faciliteter, golfdistrikt, betyg,m.m. ★Spela regelquiz ★ Läs viktiga sammanfattningar av regler ★Spelaoch för statistik ★ Tidsbokning i appen ★Kontaktuppgifter,baninformation, priser, slopekalkylator, scorekortm.m. ★Vägbeskrivning till alla golfklubbar i Sverige Spelar dugolfkommer du att ha nytta av Golf i Sverige! Besök oss gärna påwebben Golf in Sweden is your guide toallgolf clubs in Sweden. Clubs are sorted by the distance to theplacewhere you are, but can be sorted from a different location -forexample, before a trip - and / or by other criteria you chooseinthe app. For every golf club in Sweden displayedaddressinformation, coordinates (allowing for directions fromyourlocation), current local weather forecast, number of holes,path /paths couples, green fees, the number of strokes as slop,etc. Youcan be in the app rate the courses you've played and seewhatothers think of courses. the app also contains summarized therulesof golf, a description of the golf game shapes and differentgolfterms. Using a rule quiz you can test your own knowledge rule.Inthe app, you can also book golf tee times and recordhandicapqualifying rounds without leaving the app. There is alsoapossibility, if you so wish, to conduct and monitor statisticsforgolf rounds you play. Features ★ Search golf clubs in Sweden |★Filter golf clubs with facilities, golf district, Rating etc.★Play rule quiz ★ Learn important summaries of the rules ★Recordand statistics ★ Appointments app ★ Contact information,courseinformation, rates, slopekalkylator, scorecards, etc. ★directionsto all golf clubs in Sweden Do you play golf you willhave theadvantage of Golf in Sweden! Please visit us on theweb
Bibblix - Hitta en bra bok!
Läs hundratals böcker, få tusentals tips!Vill du ha boktips från någon som inte är dinförälderellerlärare? Är du 6-12 år? Bibblix är appen för dig! Denpassaralltfrån nybörjarläsaren till bokslukaren. Många av boktipseniappenär utvalda speciellt till dig som just börjatläsa,oavsettålder.GRATIS ATT ANVÄNDADet är gratis att använda Bibblix och att läsa böcker iappen.Somny användare kan du låna och läsa upp till tre böckerdirekt iappen,utan att registrera dig. Sedan behöver du ha ettlånekort pånågot avbiblioteken i Stockholm, Malmö ellerKatrineholm för attkunnafortsätta låna böcker i appen.BARNBIBLIOTEKARIER TIPSARBoktipsen i Bibblix kommer från barnbibliotekarier ochdeflestaav böckerna går att låna på biblioteket. I appen finnsocksåmångaså kallade e-böcker som du kan läsa direkt i Bibblixellerladdaner och läsa i en separat läsapp.HUR APPEN FUNGERARNär du startar appen hittar du populära böcker. Närduväljerolika kategorier får du tips på sådant som du gillarattläsa. Tillexempel spännande böcker, roliga böcker, böckersomhandlar omhästar eller om kärlek. Du kan också ställa in så attdufårboktips som passar för en viss ålder.För att läsa mer om en bok klickar du på omslaget. Då kanduläsavad boken handlar om, se hur tjock den är, om det finnsbilderochhur stor texten är. Du kan läsa boken direkt eller laddanerden.Här finns också tips på lättare eller svårare böcker,nästabok iserien eller liknande böcker. Det ska vara lätt att hittaenbok sompassar!Read hundreds ofbooks,getthousands of tips!Looking for book recommendations from someone who isnotyourparent or teacher? If you are 6-12 years? Bibblix is ​​theappforyou! It suits everyone from the beginner readertobokslukaren.Many of boktipsen app is selected especially foryouwho juststarted to read, regardless of age.Free to useIt is free to use Bibblix and reading books in the app. Asanewuser you can borrow and read up to three books directly intheapp,without registering. Then you need to have a library cardatany ofthe libraries in Stockholm, Malmö or Katrineholm tocontinuetoborrow books from the app.Children's librarians TIPSBoktipsen in Bibblix comes from the children's librariansandmostof the books can be borrowed at the library. The app alsohasmanyso-called e-books that you can read directly in Bibblixordownloadand read in a separate läsapp.HOW THE APP WORKSWhen you start the app you will find popular books.Whenyouselect different categories, you get tips on things youliketoread. For example, exciting books, fun books, booksabouthorsesand about love. You can also set up so that yougetbookrecommendations are appropriate for a certain age.To read more about the book, click on the cover. Then youcanreadwhat the book is about, see how thick it is, if thereareimages andhow big the text is. You can read it directlyordownload it. Thereare also tips on easier or harder books,thenext book in the series,or similar books. It should be easytofind a book that fits!
Yahoo Weather
The forecast is beautiful.Prepare for your day with the most accurate hourly, 5-day,and10-day forecasts. Stunning Flickr photos match your location,timeof day, and current conditions.Favorite features- Get all the details: wind, pressure, and chanceofprecipitation.- See animated sunrise, sunset, wind, and pressure modules.- Browse interactive maps: radar, satellite, heat, and snow.- Track all your favorite cities and destinations!Helpful tips- Scroll down for detailed weather information.- Tap the plus sign to add up to 20 cities.- Swipe left-to-right to move between locations.- Submit your photos to Yahoo Weather by joining #projectweatheronFlickr.Tell us what you thinkWe are committed to building the best mobile experiences andwouldlove to hear your feedback.Let us know your thoughtshere:[email protected] recept 3.5
Kokaihop AB
Sveriges mest uppskattade receptsamling med över 30.000 receptfrånmatsajten helt gratis i din mobil.*“Måste-app”,Aftonbladet* “Kokaihop är bästa recept-appen”,Göteborgs-posten*“Helt underbar app! Här finns recept för en hellivstid”, KMBFM*“Kanonbra vid spisen och ännu bättre i affären”,Marineron* “Denhar allt och lite till!“, PhotonmoonNya recepttillkommer helatiden och hämtas automatiskt. Kort sagt, en ständigtlevande kokboksom aldrig blir inaktuell. Alla recept, betyg, bilderochkommentarer är skapade av över 800.000 hemmakockar på du att laga mat är detta forumet för dig, attvara medlem ärsjälvklart helt gratis.Spara dina favoriter i egnasamlingar, skapaoch skicka inköpslistor, dela recept på Facebook,SMS eller viae-post. Som medlem kan du även kommentera, betygsätta,ladda uppbilder till recept och mycket mer.* Spara recept i egnasamlingar*Nya/förändrade recept hämtas automatiskt* Kökslägevidreceptvisning, släcker inte skärmen* Sökfunktion, sortera påbetygeller aktivitet* Smarta tips på liknande recept* Kommentarerochmedlemsbilder* Publicera egna receptbilder till*Delarecept (Facebook, Twitter, email, sms)* Automatisk inköpslistafrånrecept* Inköpslistor synkroniserade med*Samlingarsynkroniserade med* Välj att få dagens mestpopulärarecept skickat som notis* Skicka inköpslista* BytantalportionerVid eventuella problem kontakta oss viae-post:[email protected] - det är tyvärr inte möjligt för oss attsvaravia kommentarer här.