Top 46 Apps Similar to 깨알텃밭 강낭콩

BUSH’S® Bean Dash 1.1.1
As Jay Bush, the protector of BUSH’S® Secret Family Recipe,ourrunning game will have you dashing through the Bush’s familyfarmcollecting beans and ingredients to make all of yourfavoriteBUSH’S® Baked Bean flavors. Bush’s Bean Dash is packedwithpower-ups to help you through our run and jump platform game asyoudo your best to avoid Big Bumbling Bees, Crazy CluckingChickensand Pesky Gophers. This Bush’s Beans video game featuresthreedifferent endless runner zones of Jay & Dukebean-gatheringmadness!Features: • Play Jay and Duke Bush’s VideoGame from theBUSH’S® Beans TV Commercial! • Bush’s Bean Dash.Easy-to-Learn.Difficult-to-Master. Single-Touch Run and Jump play •All New,Exclusive Jay Bush Voice Clips! • Three Different Zones –The Farm,The Barn & The Countryside • Randomized Retro ArcadeGame StyleLevel Designs • Four Different Power-Ups! • Fly with aPig! • Drivewith Duke! • Make Nine Different BUSH’S® Flavors toEarnAchievements! • NO IN-GAME PURCHASES! Bush’s Bean Dashiscompletely free to play!Run and jump, fly and drive yourwaythrough three different zones of the Bush’s farm as Duke(thefamily dog) chimes in with advice and words of encouragementalongthe way. A simple tap will help Jay Bush jump over obstaclesandenemies. A double tap will allow you to super-jump and reachhighergoals. As Jay runs and jumps, gather as many beans as you canandkeep an eye on your bean meter – if it runs out, it’s GAMEOVER.Atthe bottom of the screen, you’ll see the recipe for yourcurrentBUSH’S® Baked Beans flavor. Gather all of the ingredients toearnrecipe achievements! Share your high score and achievementswithyour friends through Facebook! (Game DOES NOT automaticallypost onyour behalf. See your settings for details.)Live the dream!Get thebeans! Maybe you’ll even learn The Bush’s Baked Beans SecretFamilyRecipe along the way...Terms &Conditions
Urban veggie garden 2.5.6
This app is a helpful tool when you decide to plant yourownvegetables on your terrace, balcony or any other place thatyouhave in your house in the city. Plan when you have totransplant,prepare the seeders or harvest your vegetables. Getinspired withthe most related videos or even ask your questions toanother potfarmers as you! Start your Vegetable Container Gardennow!
Garden Answers Plant Identifier 6.4.8
Garden Answers is the revolutionary plant identification appthatinstantly identifies over 20,000 plants and gives you accurateanddetailed information about it. If you've ever wanted to identifyaflower or plant... or find out if a plant in your garden isharmfulto your pets or small children, now you can with my GardenAnswersPlant Identification app. Just snap a picture, tap submitandinstantly you will get the accurate identity of the plantanddetailed information about it by garden and horticultureexperts!Our advanced image recognition technology can instantlyidentifyover 20,000 plants. And if you're concerned about a plantdiseaseor insect infestation, you can use the keyword searchfeaturewithin Garden Answers. It contains answers to over 200,000commonlyasked plant questions. -Simple interface that ispoint-and-clickeasy to use. -Identify almost any plant withinseconds. -Keywordsearchable database to find even more informationabout a plant.-Save your favorite matches under the Favorites tab.Since itslaunch in April of 2013, the Garden Answers app has becomethe #1downloaded gardening mobile app. This release hasmajorimprovements and updates that makes it even easier to use andgivesyou more accurate answers.
1000+ Salad Recipes 2.0
Health Beckon
Nutrition/Healthy Eating is the new buzzword in the worldoffitness! If you are looking for options to lose weight or followahealthy diet, you have arrived at the right place.This amazinganddelightful Salad Recipes App will help you achieve both thegoalsof weight loss and healthy eating at one go. Being theworld’slargest Salad Recipes App, you can be rest assured to findthe bestquick fixes.Our Salad Recipes App offers you 1000 + easy,nutritiveand delicious recipes which are easy to rustle up!Download now toenjoy the benefits.We have further categorized theseinterestingrecipes under 20 categories to make your job easy. Checkout theindividual categories:1. Bean.2. Caesar.3. Carrot.4.Chicken.5.Coleslaw.6. Corn.7. Egg.8. Fruits.9. Greek.10.Green.11.Macaroni.12. Pasta.13. Potato.14. Salmon.15. Seafood.16.Shrimp.17.Taco.18. Tomato.19. Tuna.20. Turkey.Here a quick glimpseof some ofthe best salad recipes:1. French Green Bean Salad.2.Shrimp andBlack Bean Salad with Cilantro, Cumin, and Lime.3. CaesarWrap withTofu Croutons and Broccoli.4. Homemade Caesar SaladDressing.5.Moroccan Carrot and Chickpea Salad.6. Fresh Carrot, Peaand MintSalad.7. Curried Chicken Salad With GreekYogurt.8.Chicken-and-Artichoke Salad.9. Chicken-and-ArtichokeSalad.10.Classic Coleslaw.11. Asian Cabbage Salad.12. BlueCheeseColeslaw.13. Summer Corn Salad.14. Grilled Corn Salad.15.TarragonEgg Salad.16. Avocado Egg Salad.17. Suvir Saran's Warm EggSalad onCroissants with Country Bacon and Arugula.18. PersimmonPomegranateFruit Salad.19. Red and Green Fruit Salad.20. GreekGrilled ChickenSalad.21. Greek Taboule Salad.22. Green Salad withCreamy GoatCheese Dressing.23. Green Bean Salad with Walnuts,Parmesan andMint.24. Smashed Chickpea & Avocado SaladSandwich.25. GreenBean and Cherry Tomato Salad.26. Red Quinoa andBlack BeanVegetable Salad.27. Spicy Horseradish Macaroni Salad.28.Justin'sMacaroni Salad.29. Classic Macaroni Salad.30. Goat CheeseandAsparagus Macaroni Salad.31. Southwestern Chicken andMacaroniSalad.32. Colorful Pasta Salad.33. Turkey Pasta Salad.34.Lobster,Corn, and Potato Salad.35. Warm Bacon Potato Salad.36.AutumnPotato Salad.37. Salmon Nicoise Salad.38. Thai SalmonSalad.39.Spicy Cannellini Bean Salad with Tuna, Peperoncini, andParsley.40.Tuna Salad.41. Seafood Salad.42. Garbanzo and Tuna Saladwith RedPeppers and Parsley.43. Raoul's Shrimp Salad.44. ShrimpCobbSalad.45. Shrimp and Black Bean Salad with Cilantro, Cumin,andLime.46. Honey Mustard Shrimp Salad.47. Salad Tacos.48.AvocadoSalad-Topped Steak Tacos.49. Marinated Three-BeanSalad.50.Three-bean Salad With Dill Dressing.Get ready to exploremore onthis largest store of salad recipes and say hello to goodhealth.Download and install this amazing app to enjoy 1000+saladsvariations. Time to rustle up easy and delicious sides foryou andyour family!
A mobile app for all gardening products & solutions inIndia.IFFCO Kisan provides wide range of natural plants andsolutionsonline in India. We deliver hundreds of quality nurseryplants,seeds, bulbs, pots across all major cities in India. Selectand buyrange of indoor plants, collection of Annual Flowers,AquaticPlants, Aromatic Plants, cactus, Ferns, Indoor Plants,LandscapePlants, Bamboo and more in India. Find customization ofplants asper your need, shop plants for your work station, for yourlivingroom, for dining room, for terrace, for hanging baskets, forpatios& many more.The ever increasing AIR POLLUTION has nowcrossedall toxic levels. As per National Air Quality Index,Government ofIndia, the Air Quality is at a poisonous stage acrossIndia andincreasing further, day by day. Recent studies state thatchildrenborn in the metro cities will bear 80% probability ofacquiringdiseases like asthma and various lung problems.NASA in2008, hasidentified over 14+ species of plants that absorb thetoxic gaseslike: Xylene, Benzene, CO2 and many more to maintain theairquality near them. Now knowing what to buy & grow is easywithIFFCO Kisan Urban Greens, so be it an indoor plant, outdoorplant,annual Flowers, Aquatic Plants, Aromatic Plants, cactus,Ferns,Indoor Plants, Landscape Plants, or bamboo, we have it allforyou.Complete online DIY gardening solutions for urbangardeners.The app guides people who are interested in gardening& growingorganic, indoor, outdoor plants & vegetables intheir kitchenterrace, patios. Unique megastore plant bazaar forurban gardeners/ urban kisaan. Find recommendations for growingindoor, outdoorplants & vegetables based on the soil condition,temperature,location, water requirement, sowing & bloomingcalendar etc.,with an option to speak to horticulture experts. Ourgardening appalso provides gardening tips, DIY gardening tips, DIYgardeningvideos, growing food from kitchen scraps and ideas forindoorgardening on Great Indian online plant store.In-depthgardeningguide with tips on HOW TO GROW, WHERE &WHEN TO GROWall kindsof indoor & outdoor plants, flowers, horticultureplants on ourGreat Indian online plant store- Resolve yourgardening querieswith horticulture expert on call.- Find onlineplant nursery nearyou on a click- Online organic practices to growyour garden-Indoor, outdoor plant identification, floweridentification madeeasy: Ask expert to identify plant / relatedqueryKey features:MYPLANT NURSERY – Contains a list of onlineplant/flower nurserywhich are geo-tagged, enabling the urban kisaan/ gardener to trackall the online plant, flower nurseries nearbythrough a simpleclick on map.GARDEN OPERATIONS – Guidelines onbasic gardeningpractices for all urban kisaan, the importance andprocedures ofgardening techniques such as plant / garden potting,re-potting,self-pollination, composting, organic garden etc. andimportantly,strong focus on do’s and don’ts such as ill effects ofoverwatering and excessive fertilization etc. Also find basicorganicpractices to prepare soil potting mixtures.ASK EXPERT –Answered byhorticulture expert / plant, flower expert / gardenexpert whoresponds to queries of our users. The users can eitherwrite to usor share a camera image of their query in this section.Image basedplant, flower identification & cure to their relateddiseasealso provided.EXPERT ON CALL YOUR PLANT STORY POST YOURVIDEO
Flower Garden 1.7.4
Enjoy the serenity of nature wherever you are, and never belatesending flowers again! Whether you have green thumbs or justenjoythe tranquil sights and sounds of the garden, Flower Gardengivesyou a soothing, creative experience to be enjoyed over timeandshared with your friends and loved ones.Plant different typesofseeds, water them, and watch them bloom in front of your eyes.Someflowers will bloom right away, while others will take a fewminutesof care a day for over a week. Visit your garden pot by potto giveyour seeds and blossoms the attention they need, even touchtheflowers and move them around to find the best blooms. Keepahealthy, vibrant garden right on your phone or tablet!Best ofall,the flowers you grow in Flower Garden can be shared! Cut yourmostbeautiful flowers to make a bouquet and send it to your lovedones.Flower Garden’s virtual bouquets are delivered with apersonalizedcard and a note letting them know you took the time togrow theflowers just for them, making it all the morespecial.Flower Gardenis enriching and interactive while giving yousomething beautifulto share with the most special people in yourlife.Features:- Avirtual garden complete with the serene sights andsounds of theoutdoors- Over 50 types of seeds to unlock.- Createmixed bouquetsof your best blossoms to share with loved ones- Full3D flowers andbouquets that react to the touch- Unique flowers withrealisticgrowth behaviors- A forgiving garden where flowers willwilt butnot die while waiting to be tended- Email bouquetswithpersonalized cards and custom backgrounds for theperfectcomposition
WithSea 2.0.23
Now, It's easier on a ship or on an aircraft! SNS App with thesea!Withsea! Withsea is a SNS that can be easily used withoutanycommunication burden on a ship or an airplane that isdisconnectedfrom smart communication ( 3G and LTE, etc ) as well ason land.Withsea uses minimum communication data, so you can useabout 1,000chats with just 1 MB, so you can use it on a ship oraircraft usingsatellite communication. Ship or airplane usingsatellitecommunication, without additional equipment or investment,simplyby setting the communication open, can be used WithseaWithseaprovides various communication functions such as 1: 1 chatroom,group chat room, 1: multi message & 1: multi chat,friendlocation notification, and provides various multimediasharingfunctions such as photo and voice. (However, sharing ofmultimediawith ship or aircraft may be limited depending onsatellitecommunication) Now, send the longing for family or friendsofdistant sea, with Withsea. [Main Features] ◆ Easycommunicationbetween land to land, ship(aircraft) toship(aircraft), land toship(aircraft), in ship(aircraft) ◆ By usingminimum communicationdata, about 1,000 chats is available with just1 MB ◆ It can beused without any burden on a ship or an airplanewith largesatellite communication burden. ◆ 1: 1 chat room, groupchat roomsupport ◆ 1: Multi message & 1: Multi chat functionsupport ◆Identify contact's connection mode(location) ********** ■In a shipor airplane using satellite communication, withoutadditionalequipment or investment in facilities, Withsea can beused only bysetting a simple communication open to satellitecommunicationequipment. ■ If there are many users on board such aspassengerships or cruise ships, installing Withsea set-top box,which isprovided separately, can maximize communication savings■Downloading or updating apps may be restricted on shipsoraircraft, so please download Withsea app via 3G / 4G orWificonnection on land. ■ For more information, please visitourwebsite (
Cottage Garden 26
COTTAGE GARDEN - a colorful sea of flowers, framed by walls,paths,and hedges. As ambitious gardeners, you face the challengeoffilling the beds in every corner of your garden withplants,inspired by the limitations of space to create evernewcompositions. You will use a variety of plants — as wellasflowerpots and garden cloches — to design gardens that bloomwithdiversity. Be kind to the helpful cats! Goal of the Game -InCottage Garden, you compete in the art of gardening. PlanttwoFlowerbeds with different flowers. Score each Flowerbed whenthereare no more free spaces visible on it, then exchange it for anew,unplanted one. You receive points for all visible Flower PotsandGarden Cloches on the completed Flowerbed, and you may alsoreceiveFlower Pots and Cats that will help you with your gardening.Theplayer with the most points at the end of the game is thewinner.Features • True digital conversion of Uwe Rosenbergs famousboardgame • 2-4 players locally, online or even cross-platform •Familyfriendly - non violent theme • Worldwide ranked multiplayerandcasual play with your friends • fast real time gamesorasynchronous games with 24 hour time limit per turn •Easyinteractive tutorial to learn the game from scratch • Analyzeyourbest games or learn tricks from the best with Playback •3different computer opponents • uses the newest rules of theboardgame
Baby Panda Magical Seeds
For more videos, subscribe to BabyBus onYouTube!►► your children plant a seed andsee theexcitement on their faces when the plants bear fruit. Theseedswill find their new homes where they will grow strong! See howwellthe seeds grow under your children’s special care! Fun gameforyour children during Christmas!Fun Features:- Learn theplantgrowth cycle and how seeds travel in nature;- Plant sixdifferentseeds and the four ways they spread;- Many differentgameplay for afun and interactive experience!Plants are aninseparable part ofour lives. They provide us with food and supplyus with the oxygenwe breathe. Take a step toward nature by learningthe plant growthcycle starting from the planting a seed. Let’s seehow thesemagical seeds turn into different plants andtrees!—————BabyBusoffers games, videos and a wide variety of othereducationalcontent for 200 million fans aged 0-6 around the world!It hasproduced more than 150 children's eduational games, 700children'ssongs. and animations of various themes spanning thearts, health,and science. It is dedicated to cultivatingcreativity, imaginationand curiosity in children, helping themexplore the world on theirown. —————Contact Information Email:ser@babybus.comWebsite:
Vegetable, Fruit, & Herb Garden Planning Guides 6.3.4
From Seed to Spoon Makes Growing Food Simple! 💰 Save $$$ &EatHealthier by Growing Your Own Fruits, Herbs, and Vegetables 🌱We'llGuide You Through Growing 100+ Foods! ⚕️ Filter Plants ListBasedon Their Associated Health Benefits 🛒 View Varieties &PurchaseSeeds / Transplants from Burpee, One of the Most TrustedNames inSeeds 📅 Customized Planting Date Reminders Based on YourGPSLocation to Ensure You're Planting at the Right Time 🐛Identify& Eliminate Garden Pests w/o Toxic Chemicals 📹 WeeklyVideosand Blog Posts Straight From Our Urban Oklahoma Food Farm 📗AvoidPests & Diseases with Proven Companion Planting Strategies🦋Encourage and Attract Beneficial Insects 📱 A Library ofGrowingInformation Right In Your Pocket! About Us We're Dale andCarrieSpoonemore, the creators of “From Seed to Spoon.” We decidedinspring of 2015 that we wanted to try growing food for our familyof6. We started with a typical Oklahoma Bermuda grass lawn, andoverthe course of two years, we converted it into an urbanbackyardfood farm. We spent nearly all of our free time over thecourse ofthose two years reading books, attending classes, andwatchingYouTube videos to learn all we could about gardening andgrowingfood, and now our FREE mobile app combines everything we'velearnedinto one easy to use app! We remember how lost andoverwhelmed wefelt when we first started, and now we want to sharewhat we’velearned in hopes of helping others grow food forthemselves aswell! Growing your own food doesn't have to bedifficult and we'rehere to help you grow food efficiently,economically, andsustainably!
The Bean Seed
Welcome to magic world of Russian folk tales! Loved bykiddiesfamous tale 'The Rooster and the Bean Seed' is availableonAndroid! Now you can read it together or left your child alone-he/she will find what to do. Nice graphic, interactivecharactersreacted to touches by by motions and sounds, professionalvoicing.This is great gift for your kiddy. Press quotes: “Theapplicationsmells of antiquity in spite of such modern way to readit. Russianfolk tales is exact thing children should be educatedwith.”AppleInsider “Famous tale, read by children aloud and on toroles,not only allow to improve skills of expressive reading, buthaseducational functions.” Planet iPhone “Hope your child willbesatisfied with the tale.” 4PDA Customer reviews: “Goodapplication,however, too expensive. Bought because of first, hopenext will becheaper.” ASC7-Uni “Great! Everything is excellent,carry on!”Eugin “Give more tales!!!” vi_ra “Excellent! Waiting forred hatand three piglets.” Anna “Everything is cool, everythingisgreat!!! Give more tales.” Pavel “Child is happy :)”Anonymous“Cool! Daughter listened without tearing away. Picturesare super.We liked this. Thank you!” Neo Bee “Having couple of tenssuch andyou can travel far away calmly with a child :)” nimus “Myson likedit very much. Attaboys!” Candid82 “Nice job, and a greatstory”Klepa80
10000+ Tasty Easy Healthy Salad Recipes FREE 1.1
Salads are a part of healthy lifestyle. Health and fitness arethenew terms that are booming these days. People are becoming moreandmore health conscious. So if you want to lose weight and ifarelooking for a proper diet recipes and variation of saladrecipesthen you are at the right place. We have a variety ofhealthy saladrecipes like: - Fruit salad - Chicken salad - Caesarsalad - Highcalcium salad - High protein salad - Green salad -Vegetable salad- Meat salad - Bean salad - Cheese salad - Egg salad- Tomato salad- Bread salad - Spinach Salad - Pasta salad - Seafoodsalad - Herbsalad - Spice salad - Fish salad - Cauliflower salad -ChickenFajita Salad - Chicken and Asparagus Salad - Healthy ChickenSaladPockets - Healthy Cucumber, Tomato, and Avocado Salad -PomegranateWild Rice Salad - Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato, and AvocadoSalad - BuzzFeed Steak and Avocado Salad - Roasted Veggie SaladWith TastyAvocado Dressing - Healthy Mediterranean Salad Also hereare someof the best salad recipes in this app: 1. French Green BeanSalad.2. Shrimp and Black Bean Salad with Cilantro, Cumin, andLime. 3.Caesar Wrap with Tofu Croutons and Broccoli. 4. HomemadeCaesarSalad Dressing. 5. Moroccan Carrot and Chickpea Salad. 6.FreshCarrot, Pea and Mint Salad. 7. Curried Chicken Salad WithGreekYogurt. 8. Chicken-and-Artichoke Salad. 9.Chicken-and-ArtichokeSalad. 10. Classic Coleslaw. 11. Asian CabbageSalad. 12. BlueCheese Coleslaw. 13. Summer Corn Salad. 14. GrilledCorn Salad. 15.Tarragon Egg Salad. 16. Avocado Egg Salad. 17. SuvirSaran's WarmEgg Salad on Croissants with Country Bacon and Arugula.18.Persimmon Pomegranate Fruit Salad. 19. Red and Green FruitSalad.20. Greek Grilled Chicken Salad. 21. Greek Taboule Salad. 22.GreenSalad with Creamy Goat Cheese Dressing. 23. Green Bean SaladwithWalnuts, Parmesan and Mint. 24. Smashed Chickpea &AvocadoSalad Sandwich. 25. Green Bean and Cherry Tomato Salad. 26.RedQuinoa and Black Bean Vegetable Salad. 27. SpicyHorseradishMacaroni Salad. 28. Justin's Macaroni Salad. 29. ClassicMacaroniSalad. 30. Goat Cheese and Asparagus Macaroni Salad.31.Southwestern Chicken and Macaroni Salad. 32. Colorful PastaSalad.33. Turkey Pasta Salad. 34. Lobster, Corn, and Potato Salad.35.Warm Bacon Potato Salad. 36. Autumn Potato Salad. 37.SalmonNicoise Salad. 38. Thai Salmon Salad. 39. Spicy CannelliniBeanSalad with Tuna, Peperoncini, and Parsley. 40. Tuna Salad.41.Seafood Salad. 42. Garbanzo and Tuna Salad with Red PeppersandParsley. 43. Raoul's Shrimp Salad. 44. Shrimp Cobb Salad.45.Shrimp and Black Bean Salad with Cilantro, Cumin, and Lime.46.Honey Mustard Shrimp Salad. 47. Salad Tacos. 48.AvocadoSalad-Topped Steak Tacos. 49. Marinated Three-Bean Salad.50.Three-bean Salad With Dill Dressing. All the salad recipescomewith clear pictures from where you can take inspiration forsaladdressing and salad decoration. You can prepare any withinminuteswith our quick and easy to follow step by step recipes. Youcaneasily learn how to make salad. There is also a specialcollectionof summer salad recipes, winter salad recipes, chickensaladrecipes free. All salad recipes are easy to make recipes andtastyrecipes. This veg salad recipes and nonveg salad recipes areforfree. Spinach is most commonly used ingredient in salads tomakehealthy salad recipes. We also have quinoa recipes whicharehealthy salads. You search different salad recipes byingredientsand title. You can save it offline and can access foodrecipeswithout internet connection. Also you can share these saladrecipesvery easily with your friends and family. Vegan Saladrecipes forvegetarians. Vegan recipes are very healthy recipes toeat.
Seed Shooter - Joy of Growing Trees & Plants 🌴🌱 1.3
Seed Shooter is an Amazingly designed fun shooting gamewithpositive gameplay of growing trees and plants. You will bethrilledto grow the variety of plants (like flowering plants,desertplants, gardening plants, indoor plants and trees) bysimplyshooting the seed into the same colored pot. 🍀 GROW THE TREES&SHOOT THE BUGSShoot a seed to grow a plant and shoot the bugs🐞🐞🐞to save the trees. At its core Seed Shooter is a fun shooter.Аshooting and aiming game that lets you enjoy a positive gameplayofgrowing trees and plants. This casual fun shooter plant gameiscreated to raise awareness about the climate changes,globalwarming and environmental pollution that are taking over theworld.Also this is an attempt to create an interest to grow thetrees tofight against the global warming and environmentalpollution! 🚗 🚕 🚙🚌 🚚 With fresh, unique and challenging levels,where you can playgreen, Seed Shooter is the first one of itskind!🌳 COOL FACTS ABOUTTREES & PLANTS & NATURESeed Shooteris the first funshooter game with thousands of “did you knowfacts”, such as: factsabout trees, facts about plants and otheramazing facts aboutnature. Trees and plants are the biggest sourceof oxygen and foodon our planet Earth. 🍏 🍌 🍇 🍍🌽 🍎 If you want toplay green and starthaving fun while growing trees and plants, SeedShooter is the gamefor you! Learn about trees and plants every dayand share new coolfacts with your friends!🏂 OTHER FUN GAME MODESNotonly that youwill enjoy growing plants, like flowering plants,desert plants,gardening plants, indoor plants and trees, also youwill have theopportunity to play many other interesting game modes.Play greenand also be addicted with Wheel Jump, Color Wheel and OddTile Outgames. Play as a beginner or choose a harder mode tochallengeyourself to the fullest. Download the game of plants &treesnow and start playing a fun mix of the best casual shooterandlearning game. 🌱 SEED SHOOTER FEATURES✔️ Uniquely designed100+levels for green lovers✔️ Shoot the seeds to grow the trees&plants✔️ Thousands of "did you know" facts about plants,trees,forests, nature & world✔️ Option of sharing the factswithfriends✔️ Eye pleasing graphics & UI ✔️ Simple &addictiveshooting gameplay✔️ Other fun shooter game modes✔️ Somanyachievements & leaderboards✔️ Great for both adults andkidsthat want to learn about trees and plants 🌴🌱🌿- - - - - - - - -- -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -🌷 🌹 🌻 We are deeply connectedtotrees and plants, so why not play with them too?Play greenbygrowing trees and plants; get Seed Shooter for FREE now!Donotforget to give us your feedback. If you have any amazingfactsabout nature, flora and fauna, please let us know. We willgladlyinclude them in the fun shooter plant learning game.Thanksfordownloading the trees game Seed Shooter. Happy playing and allthebest! 🌼 🌸 🌺“The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago.Thesecond best time is now”Like us onFacebook:
Jelly Beans Keyboard
T-Me Themes
Our creative designers got extra creative when it comes toourlatest theme: Jelly Beans Keyboard! DOWNLOAD Jelly BeansKeyboardNOW and be ready to upgrade your display with themulticolouredjelly bean madness and candy coloured background thatwill make youwant to use your smartphone even more often! ★★★ Ournew JellyBeans Keyboard will change the background of your keyboardwith itsunique design and amazing color. With keyboard themes forAndroidyou can personalize the smartphone keyboard. Try one designand seehow new keyboard themes can transform your phone! You cansee howthis theme looks in the HD screenshots we added. This is oneof thekeyboard themes for Android that is compatible with mostsmartphoneversions, it will look amazing on your Android device.★★★✧ Giveyour standard keyboard a new look ! This keyboard theme willchangethe look and shape of the keyboard buttons, so now it iseasier towrite.✧ ✧ Get this keyboard theme and start using itinstantly!Installation is easy and the steps to activate thekeyboard arevery easy! ✧★★★ How to install and use ★★★ • Make sureyou have GOKeyboard - Emoji, Wallpaper or Redraw Keyboard Emoji& Themesinstalled on your Android phone or tablet. • Downloadour JellyBeans Keyboard • Open the application and select "Set asActiveTheme" • Enjoy your new free keyboard theme! • Don’t forgetto rateand review! We love reading your feedback! ★ Notice ★ If youdo nothave GO Keyboard - Emoji, Wallpaper or Redraw Keyboard Emoji&Themes installed yet, not to worry, you will be redirected toadownload page where you can download the compatible keyboard! ✧Doyou want more themes for keyboard? ✧ Visit our developer pageanddownload more free keyboard themes! ✧✧ Sending text messagesjustbecame even more fun!✧ ◆ Get even more themes on ourdeveloperpage, or contact us if you have any theme requests! We’realwayslooking to publish amazing new free keyboard themes forAndroid!Stay connected with us on social media and you will findout whenwe publish new themes for keyboard. This theme uses a freefontwhich can be found at elementsfrom
Sr Bean & Teddy Super Car Adventure 1
Have a wonderful adventure time with bean and mr teddy.Helpanimals,collect coins and beat the enimies.Use m. bean's superpower toescape.The super car of bean can crash into the obstaclesandnothing can stop you.Also call for teddy help when needed andhewill be with you.Start the adventure now with bean and mr teddy.
com.cs.biodyapp 4.3.0
Moon & Garden makes the best of your organic garden byusingbiodynamic. Based on moon influence, this app will tell youwhat todo. You are an organic addict, whether you are a very goodgardeneror amateur, Moon & Garden is for you. You will be ableto seewhat is best to do following the day. Lunar gardeningcalendarstands as a result from the collection of so-calledmillenniumexperiences related to biodynamic. Plants are stronglynaturallydependant on lunar phases (full moon, new moon...):thereforegardening activities such as sowing, repotting,transplanting,harvesting, ... would likely profit from lunarcalendars, alsoconsidering on the crop nature (either the root,leaf, flower, orfruit of the plant)… This app shows you the currentphase of theMoon and also the current zodiac sign. Have a look toweatherforecast to garden in good condition. With Moon &Garden, youcan also take notes, check lunar phases and takepictures of yourorganic garden and share them. Schedule yourgardening tasks usingthe reminder feature. The app will remind yourdaily tasks. Moon& Garden will help you manage your organicgarden. Moon &Garden is gonna be your best gardening friend.
Mandrake Boys 1.7.2
◆ A game that cures even the most exhausted of souls! - 99% ofthecharacters are boys - Boys, youngsters, and guys, hot,cute,handsome, and attractive - Become the gardener of a magicalgardento meet all these boys! ◆ Nothing much is expected of you.It's aneasy game! - There is no place for headache-inducingstrategies andstress-inducing withering crops in Mandrake Boys. -Simply sign inonce in a while and tap the flowerpots! - Cute andlovely Mandrakeswill bring you great joy. ◆ Collect stories andillustrations ofMandrakes! - Every Mandrakes has his own beautifulstory. - Collectthe exquisite illustrations of cute boys for everygroup. - Rareillustrations can only be viewed by collecting rareMandrakes! ◆This is how you can enjoy Mandrake Boys! - Playinbetween othergames. - Play while watching TV. - Play during studybreaks. - Playin bed before going to sleep. - Mandrake Boys issimple and easy toplay while doing other things. <>
Sky Garden - Khu Vuon Tren May
1st place People's Choice Award (IMGA SEA 2016) – Sky Garden7Million + Downloaded Once upon a time, there is a mystery gardenupin the sky. All fairy tale’s characters are all here andworkingwith each other to make it a beautiful place – Sky Garden.Will youjoin with them? What attracts more than 7 Million activegardenersbe HERE every day? >>> Time for exploring theFIRST timeEVER Sky Garden (KVTM) <<< [Gardening] ★ 15types offlowers and plants with ★ Gorgeous pots collection withdifferentbonus effects ★ One of a kind in-game events ★ Beautifulgraphics ★Peaceful background music ★ Over 7 MILLION gardenersworldwide!What else we can do in Sky Garden (KVTM)? [Fishing] ★ One–touchcontrol! ★ Epic struggles but just hang in there ★ Biggerfish,bigger prizes. High risk, high return. Challengeaccepted![Exploring] ★ EXPAND your Cloud, FIND more bug machines,GROW yourgarden ★ Be an adventurer by finding all hidden treasureswith Mr.Shrew ★ Be one with your Familia in the Castle MORE &MORE.What ya waiting for? Dive in and enjoy. 🌻Join us atFacebook: ===========================================🌷Thegame requires access to the following Permissions-WRITE/READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE is required to save and loadin-gameuser's data PLEASE NOTE! the game is free to download andinstall.However, some game items can also be purchased for realmoney
Dahlia 1.0
Dahlia is a genus of bushy, tuberous, herbaceous perennialplantsnative to Mexico. A member of theAsteraceae (orCompositae),dicotyledonous plants, related species include thesunflower,daisy, chrysanthemum, and zinnia. There are 42 species ofdahlia,with hybrids commonly grown as garden plants. Flower formsarevariable, with one head per stem; these can be as small as 5 cm(2in) diameter or up to 30 cm (1 ft) ("dinner plate"). Thisgreatvariety results from dahlias being octoploids—that is, theyhaveeight sets of homologous chromosomes, whereas most plants haveonlytwo. In addition, dahlias also containmanytransposons—geneticpieces that move from place to place upon anallele—whichcontributes to their manifesting such greatdiversity.The stems areleafy, ranging in height from as low as 30cm (12 in) to more than1.8–2.4 m (6–8 ft). The majority of speciesdo not produce scentedflowers or cultivars. Like most plants thatdo not attractpollinating insects through scent, they are brightlycolored,displaying most hues, with the exception of blue.The dahliawasdeclared the national flower of Mexico in 1963. The tubersweregrown as a food crop by the Aztecs, but this use largely diedoutafter the Spanish Conquest. Attempts to introduce the tubers asafood crop in Europe were unsuccessful.Dahlias are annualbloomingplants, with mostly tuberous roots. While some haveherbaceousstems, others have stems which lignify in the absence ofsecondarytissue and resprout following winter dormancy, allowingfurtherseasons of growth. As a member of theAsteraceae the flowerhead isactually a composite (hence the older name Compositae) withbothcentral disc florets and surrounding ray florets. Each floretis aflower in its own right, but is often incorrectly described asapetal, particularly by horticulturists. The modern nameAsteraceaerefers to the appearance of a star with surroundingrays.In thelanguage of flowers, Dahlias represent dignity andinstability, aswell as meaning my gratitude exceeds your care.Beautiful " DahliaFlower Wallpaper" HD Cover your phone with trueGirly cuteness withthis adorable collection of free MobileBackgrounds for Girls.Amazing Colorful Spring Flowers Background.Free Download thisexcellent collection of Cute “Dahlia FlowerPictures” Speciallydesigned.A flower, sometimes known as a bloom orblossom, is thereproductive structure found in plants that arefloral. Thebiological function of a flower is to effectreproduction, usuallyby providing a mechanism for the union ofsperm with eggs. Flowersmay facilitate outcrossing or allowselfing. Some flower producediaspores without fertilization(parthenocarpy). Summer Flowerscontain sporangia and are the sitewhere gametophytes develop. ManyNature have evolved to beattractive to animals, so as to causethem to be vectors for thetransfer of pollen. After fertilization,the ovary of the flowerdevelops into fruit containing seeds.Get itfree…for DahliawallpapersFeatures of Dahlia wallpaper application-Amazingwallpaper for your device- This beautiful, enjoyablebackground iswaiting for you- Free live wallpaper- Full supportfor landscapemode.- Compatible with 99% of mobile phones anddevices.- Optimizedbattery usage!- Fully supports horizontalorientation- Add tofavoritesHave fun and have a good experiencewith Dahliawallpaper.Support for all Android Mobile Devices.Getfree NOW!!!!
com.tanishka.gardenphotoframes 1.1
Garden Photo Frames: Features - Select your photo from thegalleryor Capture a picture with phone camera. - Collection ofstyles anddifferent frames for any image. - Select your favoriteframe fromGarden Photo Frames 2019. - Save your designs on storagedevice. -Share your creations with your family & friends viasocialnetworks. .
Garden Photo Frames - Garden Photo Editor 2 5.0
The Garden Photo Frame is making of your image numerousnaturalgarden.Enhance your dearest photographs and adapt themgenerally inmost beautiful flowers photography frames. Yourphotographs canlook really amazing. Download Blossoms Photo Framesfree of chargeand discover great assortment of new, totally amazing& mostpopular picture casings with beautiful plants elements.Becreative, edit photographs and make great souvenirs.Create yourownbeautiful and lovely Garden photography frames and talk about ittoall your family members or arranged it as yourdevicewallpaper.with garden photography album maker software youcanbeautify your photographs with garden image backdrop alonghdwallpapers and picture casings.CELEBRATED Garden Photosconvertedinto Garden Frames to enhance your photographs withability toinclude Text and Sketch on Photos in Styles.These GardenMultiPhoto Frame are ideal that you can frame your recollectionsandmake sure they are unforgettable. Employing this applicationyoumay make photographs more beautiful by designing themwithfantastic free Garden Photo Frame , masking condition, wordingandstickers.Garden Frames for Photos includes famous garden fromallaround the globe. We caused Famous Photographers to set-upthesewonderful Character Photo Frames for you.A Naturalpictureenhancing experience with Garden Photo Frame. This requestgivesphotographs a natural Garden and Natural look. This softwarehasPhoto Frames with Garden backdrop. You will like it if you areaNature fan.FEATURES:- Simple to use.- 25+ Garden Frames canbefound.- Take Photo from Camera .- Search your existingpictures.-Crop and slice any part of your image.- Add caption foryourPhotos.- Share your masterpieces social networks.
Water Garden Live Wallpaper 1.64
A marvelous 3D live wallpaper that instantly reshapes yourmobilescreen into an incredibly beautiful, ultra-realistic waterpondfull of spiritual koi fish! Use finger gestures to createstunning,velvet smooth water ripples and water waves that areunbelievablytrue! Watch adorable koi fish happily exploring yourpond! Feed ortease these naughty koi fish with your fingers to makethemhappier! Choose among a rich set of fantastic naturalscenes,almost every pixel has been polished deliberately just foryouramusement! A store full of magic items and advanced featuresmakesit possible to personalize your water garden almost in anywayyou'd like. 3 REASONS WHY WATER GARDEN IS SIMPLY THE BEST APPINITS CATEGORY. ✔ Top-class water ripple effects at nearly no costofextra power loss. Behind this is a blazing fast c++ enginedesignedpurely for water simulation, built from scratch! ✔ Koi fishbodiesare made of true 3D models, that's the only way to buildexpressivekoi animations and subtle koi motions. ✔ High-definitiongraphicsmaintain high visual quality on both small displays likephones andlarge displays like TVs. No other water-related orkoi-relatedproducts achieve all above three like we do, that's whatmakesWater Garden the best App in its category!
Garden Live Wallpaper 1.0
Download 'Garden Live Wallpaper free of charges and decorateyourphone with the most beautiful gardens from all over theworld!TOUSE: Home->Press Menu->Wallpapers-> GardenLiveWallpaperGarden Live Wallpaper has been tested and looks greatonlatest devices such as Samsung Galaxy S6, S7, Samsung GalaxyNote5, Nexus 7, Sony Xperia Z
Garden Photo Editor 1.5
The Park View
Bring beautiful and attractive natural to your photo in fewstep.This app has more than 40 beautiful natural landscape for you.Allbackground with colourful flowers and green plants. Cut outyourphoto and insert to attractive natural backgrounds, very easyandbeautiful. Garden Photo Editor featured: - Cut out yourphotoeasily. - Insert your cut out photo to beautifulnaturalbackgrounds correctly. - Add sticker to your creator. - Addtext toyour creator. - Custom your background with photo fromyourgallery. - HD Free Garden Photo Frames
com.appbasic.gardenphotoframes 1.0.8
App Basic
For all the Nature lovers around the world, there is a GardenPhotoFrames application that will symbolize your love andaffectiontowards nature. If you love Nature, then definitely youwill GardenPhoto Frames as well. Show your affection to your lovedone byadding garden background to their favorite images. Feelyourself inthe surroundings of natures beauty with this GardenPhoto Framesapplication. Beautify all the fantastic moments in yourlife andmake you never forget them. FEATURES: • Easy to use. • 25+GardenFrames are available. • Capture Photo from Camera . • Browseyourexisting pictures. • Crop and cut any part of your photo. •Addcaption for your Photos. • Share your creations social networks.
Garden Photo Frame 15.0
Abela Simone
Create special moments of your life by embedding your imagesinawesome Garden based themes. Choose picture from gallery or takeapicture using camera. Apply the best Garden frames which aresolive. Apply multiple effects like sketch, oil and more.GardenPhoto Frame Pro will make your photos and selfies so specialthatyou will like to share them with all the people on socialnetworks.# Features : * Simply select the Garden photo framesfromcollection of frames. * Different Garden Frames. * UserFriendlyinterface. * Zoom in , Zoom out photo. * Rotate your photobytouching. * Save and share Photo. * Download and enjoy.
Garden Yards Blossom 1.4
garden yards blossomYou can play blossom garden endlessacasualmatch-3 game about family, making friends and explodingfruitbowls. What are you waiting for? Go on a gardening adventureandrestore your beautiful gardenHundreds of addictive match-3levels:swap, match and crush all the fruit you want!garden yardsblossomfeatures:❤ journey through almost 500 enchanting levels.Updatescome out all the time!❤ This is a completely free game, nolifelimited. You can play blossom garden endless.❤ Enjoythesebeautiful flowers. You can get fun and knowledge.❤Rechargeableboosters, extra moves and special power-ups to helpwith thosechallenging levels!
Garden Photo Frames Editor 2018 1.4
Onex Softech
Garden Photo Frames Editor 2018 is nice app that lets youcustomizeyour photos. Choose a photo from your gallery or take itwith thecamera of your device, select a frame and generate yourphoto .Best App for Flower Photo Frames - Photo Editor - PhotoCollage,Photo Effects. Select any photo from Gallery and embed thephotoof your choice into Garden Photo like,. You can use twofingergestures to enter the photo in right place in the famousframes.Garden Photo Frames Editor 2018 is most blur and cute imagesadd tothis app. Garden Photo Frame save your special momentswithfantastic Garden photo editor and enjoy beautiful colors ofyourfavorite season. Garden Photo Frame add some of the mostbeautifulcamera photo effects to show your creativity and beautifyall thefantastic moments in your life to make you never forgetthem.Decorate your Garden photos with Musical frames in style andcoloreffects. Garnish your photos in Garden frames custom createdforyou with lovely color combination for rock stars. The Gardenphotoediting application is for people of all ages, for teenagersaswell as for the adults. You can set as photo widget andusepictures as wallpapers. This music photo editor is easy to use,youshould just select a photograph from your image gallery, or takeaone with your phone’s camera. No.1 App for Flower Photo Frames-Photo Editor - Photo Collage ,Photo Effects. Garden PhotoEditorFeatures: ✔ Select a photo from gallery or capture it withyourcamera phone in real time. ✔ Give different effects to yourphoto.✔ Rotate, scale, zoom in, zoom out or drag the photo to fittheframe as you like. ✔ More than 27 photo Nature frame designsareprovided. ✔ Garden photo editor supports all screen resolutionsofmobile and tablets. ✔ Share your images via WhatsApp,Telegram,Line, Facebook, Twitter, email and other social networks.✔ Saveyour image to SD card. ✔ Save your new edited Nature PhotoFrameimages and share it instantly on social networks. ✔ Gardenphotoeditor app does not require internet connection. ✔ CapturePhotofrom Camera . ✔ Garden photo editor app Makes you a celebrity.✔Garden photo editor app is completely free download. Highlights:-Garden Photo Editor - Garden Photo Frame - Garden Photo Frames-Garden Photo Editor 2018 - Garden Photo Editor – Frames -GardenPhoto Frame – Editor - Garden Photo - Garden Background -GardenPhotos - Garden Photo Frame - Garden Photo Editor - 2018GardenPhoto Editor - Garden Photo Editor - Garden images -Gardenpictures - Garden day Photo Editor - Garden wallpaper -Gardenwishes Photo Editor
Garden Mania 3 3.2.6
From the creators of Ezjoy's legendary Garden Mania 2 comes abrandnew match-3 game: Garden Mania 3! Garden Mania 3 is muchdifferentfrom the other 2 garden mania games! You can harvest andsell whatyou plant, you can raise your pet to guard your yard, tohelp youin urgent situation! You can also take on your friends andcompetefor the best score! Match your way, run your garden, raiseyourpets! It's your private garden! Are you ready for therelaxjourney? Download Garden Mania 3 now, you'll be addicted fromthevery first hit! ☆☆☆☆☆ Highlighted New Features ☆☆☆☆☆ ★Story-drivenlevels filled with Eye-catching graphics and enchantinganimations.★ Innovative game modes that you have never experiencedbefore! ★Friendly and fascinating characters accompany you all theway! ★Unique power-ups designed for those tough levels! ★ Hundredsofwell-designed free levels! Free levels and game modes will beaddedregularly! ★ Server based data storage, any reinstall willloadgame data from server side. ★ Easy and fun to pick up,yetchallenging to fully master! ★ New year, new garden, happy newyear2017! ☆☆☆☆☆ How to Play ☆☆☆☆☆ ★ Switch and match 3 or moresamecrops to reach the target. ★ Run your garden for boostersandcoins, raise pets to help with tough levels. ★ Less moves youpassa level, higher score you'll get. Can you score high enough toearn3 stars on every level? ★ Garden Mania 3 is completely free toplaybut some in-game items may require payment. Like Garden Mania 3onfacebook fan page for all the latestnews:
Garden Photo Frames 1.0.6
One key
Garden Photo Frames are best to beautify some romantic moments.Thisphoto frames is for special moments, event, anniversary ormaybewedding ceremony, Have this photo frames app and give to yourphotosawesome look with Garden HD Photo Frames.Your pictures willbeperfect with these fantastic romantic Garden HD PhotoFrames.Features of Garden HD Photo Frames :1) Select Camera orGallery tofinalize the photos to decorate2) Many Frames are addedin thisapp3) Decorate your photos with effects4) Save final imageandshare with your friends on Social MediaPlease share your thoughtonthis app via giving rating to us.Thank you!!
Garden Wallpaper 1.8
Beautiful "Garden Wallpaper" HD For all fans of Cutest NaturePhotos- Amazing Japanese And Botanical Garden Pictures Gallery -FunnyColorful "Flower Garden" Photography Free Download! A gardenis aplanned space, usually outdoors, set aside for thedisplay,cultivation, and enjoyment of plants and other forms ofnature. Thegarden can incorporate both natural and man-madematerials. Themost common form today is known as a residentialgarden, but theterm garden has traditionally been a more generalone. Sometraditional types of Eastern gardens, use plants sparselyor not atall. Zen Gardens use local native plants that do notrequireirrigation or extensive use of other resources whilestillproviding the benefits of a "Small Garden" environment.Gardens mayexhibit structural enhancements, sometimes calledfollies,including water features such as fountains, ponds (with orwithoutfish), waterfalls or creeks, dry creek beds, statuary,arbors,trellises and more. Gardening is the activity of growingandmaintaining the "Big Garden". This work is done by an amateurorprofessional gardener. A gardener might also work in anon-gardensetting, such as a park, a roadside embankment, or otherpublicspace. Landscape architecture is a related professionalactivitywith landscape architects tending to specialise in designforpublic and corporate clients. Choose among hundreds ofBeautifulImages for Girls, Boys, ladies of all ages and experiencethe bestphone customization ever. Awesome Wallpapers for SamsungGalaxyNote Tablet • Happy Lovely Vegetable And Home Garden ImagesHighResolution Full HD Widescreen For Motorola Nexus. •RomanticTropical Nature Garden Ideas And Designs Art Background.Check outthis Cool New App today! - Special Bonus Jokes PicturesDesktopBackgrounds And Fantasy Graphics Abstract Pink, YellowGeometricPics For LG & HTC Phone Free! Nice Features OF"GardenWallpaper" Application: - Full support for landscape mode.-Compatible with 99% of mobile phones and devices. -Optimizedbattery usage! - Fully supports horizontal orientation -Add tofavorites - New Wallpapers are added daily – collect themall! -You can save or Share "Garden Pictures" to Facebook,Twitter,Google+, Pinterest, Tumblr, Flickr, Stumble, Instagram OrLine withyour Good Friends or whole family. Best Mobile Apps 2016and APKFree Download!- Hi Quality Unique Wallpapers For AndroidSmartphoneMoto X. Cool Wallpaper can easily fill you with adorablefeelingsof love and happiness. Simple Beautiful Photos that wehaveprovided in this free app and pretty up your home screen likeneverbefore!
tech.devlopment.photoframe.makarsankrantiphotoeditor 1.5
Garden Photo Editor Garden Photos from ProfessionalPhotographerslicensed to create Wild Life Photo Frames to decorateyour photoswith awesome messages. Garden Photos that are licensedby us forthis Garden Frames includes: 1. Garden Photos Frame. 2.GardensPhotos Frame. 3. Garden Photos. 4. Garden Photo Frame 5.GardenPhoto editor 6. Garden Photo Frames 7. Photo Editor 8. PhotoFrame9. Garden Day Photo Editor 10. Garden Day Photo Frame11.Garden DayPhoto Editor 12.Garden Photo Frame 13. Garden PhotoEditor 14.Garden Photo 15. Garden Background 21 Different GardenPhotos fromIndian are included to created frames in Heart ShapedPhoto Frames,Round Frames and more are included. Garden Photoframes from nowscomes with Cut Paste Photo Editor to Paste yourphotos on GardenPhoto Backgrounds. 1. Cut your Photos that you wantto Appear onGarden Backgrounds. 2. Trim the Edges to make sure yourphotosappear natural on Garden Photo Backgrounds. 3. Paste yourcutphotos against Garden backgrounds. Also Included Draw overPhotosso that You can create Message Photos and Text Over PhotoFrames isalso included to Include text messages on Photo Framescreated.Garden now include Garden live wallpapers. The Republicdays livewallpaper give you Rotating Garden Wallpapers with abilityto setchanging wallpaper timer. Key Features  Select photo fromgalleryor camera.  Select a frame from huge collection of givenNightframes.  A full-featured photo editor included. Beautifuldesign, both phones and tablets.  Rotate, Resize, Moveyour imageby finger touch.  Selected beautiful night frames. Multiplestylish photo frames for any picture.  Nice and colorfulstickers. Add text with different fonts and resize text.  20+amazingmagical effects to apply on photo.  Nice, clean and easy touse Add text with different fonts and resize text.  Nointernetconnection is required.  Save image and share withfriends. Simple and powerful user interface helps you to get jobdone muchquicker. Garden Photo frames now includes Garden PhotoCollages.Garden Collages lets you add Photos in transparent areasthat arein shapes like Circular, Heart Shape Collages, SquareCollages andmore. Now you can search for Republic days of yourchoice to makeyou Garden frames and Garden collages or your Photobackgrounds.
com.skyinfoway.gardenphotoframe 2.1
For all the Nature lovers around the world, there is a GardenPhotoFrames app that will show your love and affection towardsnature.If you love Nature, then definitely you will love GardenPhotoFrames as well. Show your affection to your loved one byaddinggarden background to their favorite images. Feel yourself inthesurroundings of natures beauty with this Garden Photo create your own beautiful and lovely Garden photo framesandshare it to your loved ones. Garden Frames for Photosincludesfamous garden from all over the world. We worked withFamousPhotographers to create these wonderful Nature Photo Framesforyou. Garden Photo Frames with Advanced Photo Editor Tools: ✤Selectphotos from gallery or capture new photo from camera. ✤SelectGarden frame from the collection. ✤ Adjust photo on Gardenphotoframe. ✤ Apply Photo Filter. ✤ Add text or Name on Gardenphotoframe, You can also Re-size the Name on frame Move withFingertips.✤ Brightness feature are also available. ✤ Free and Easyto use& User Friendly interface with material design. ✤ TwoFingerGestures to ZOOM your photo and adjust in the Garden photoframes.✤ Move photos with in garden photo frames to set photos inframesproperly. ✤ Don’t forget to click on Save Button. ✤ ShareSpecialGarden photo frame with your friends or family members viasocialmedia. Would you like your photos to be appearing on thegardenframes. Then add your your memories on these garden framesand makethem unforgettable. The Garden Photo Frame app is making ofyourphoto with many natural garden frames. Create your ownbeautifuland lovely Garden photo frames and share it to your lovedones orset it as your device wallpaper. Use this best Garden photoframeapp and look more beautiful and stunning in garden photoframe, youcan apply filter and add text in garden photo frame, itspowerfulphoto editing app. Nature Photo, colorful decoration andlivelycolor frames will enhance every picture, even boring oneswill lookvery cheerful. You will have the best nature pictures forsure!Download and use this beautiful app for nature photo frame.Savethose beautifully decorated pictures in your device or sharethemthrough social networks. Download favorite photo frames and useitall the time. Transform old pictures in new with the bestgardenphoto frames app.
wildfire.jewelstar.GardenBlossomFlower 1.6
garden flowers blossom the paradise of the dream garden You lovetoplant blossom or take care your flowers in your garden, flowerstargame is absolutely for you. this is an addicting and funpuzzlegame. Spend a relaxing day at the lovely flower garden,explorehundreds of beautiful levels, blast colorful flowers andwinlevels. This completely addictive garden blossom Match 3 gamewillkeep you occupied for hours! Play this fun game that will takeyouon the most wonderful journey!
Garden Photo Frames 2.2.14
Garden Photo Frame is a powerful photo editor for you tocreateawesome nature looks photos, nature backgrounds, text withframesin Garden Photo Frame.How to use Garden Photo Frames- JustSelectPhoto From Gallery or Directly Capture photo in Camera-SelectFrames for your photo- Add more effects on your photo to makeitmore smooth and attractive like brightness, sepia,saturation,threshold etc- Add Text on your photo- Fidget SpinnerFilter-Rotate and adjust everything as you need- Save yourphotoFeaturesof Garden Photo Frame- Add Special Effects to yourphoto- AwesomePhoto Frames Collections- Photo Brightness- SepiaEffects Added-Saturation Effects Added- Threshold Effects Added-Fidget Spinner-Add Text as you want- Multitouch zoom in zoom outphoto- Multitouchrotate photo- Single touch to rotate text resizetext delete textfrom photo- Add text on photo with multiple textstyle and colors-Easy to share your photo on social mediaWe are notcharging anymoney from you to use our Garden Photo Frame app, formake gardenphoto frame better we are just displaying advertise tomaintaindevelopment cost.If you want to help us for making appperfect andmore user friendly please provide your valuablefeedback, andrequest feature that you might feel to be added inapp. We arehappy to help you always in case of any trouble withapp.
Garden Photo Editor New 1.9
Garden Photo Editor New Garden Photo frame is nice app that letsyoucustomize your photos. Choose a photo from your gallery or takeitwith the camera of your device, select a frame and generateyourphoto . Select any photo from Gallery and embed the photo ofyourchoice into Garden Photo like,. You can use two finger gesturestoenter the photo in right place in the famous frames. This framesismost blur and cute images add to this app. Garden Photo Framesaveyour special moments with fantastic Garden photo editor andenjoybeautiful colors of your favorite season. Garden Photo Frameaddsome of the most beautiful camera photo effects to showyourcreativity and beautify all the fantastic moments in your lifetomake you never forget them. Decorate your Garden photoswithMusical frames in style and color effects. Garnish your photosinGarden frames custom created for you with lovely colorcombinationfor rock stars. The latest photo editing application isfor peopleof all ages, for teenagers as well as for the adults. Youcan setas photo widget and use pictures as wallpapers. This musicphotoeditor is easy to use, you should just select a photographfromyour image gallery, or take a one with your phone’s camera.GardenPhoto Editor New Feature: 1. Select a photo from gallery orcaptureit with your camera phone in real time. 2. Give differenteffectsto your photo. 3. Rotate, scale, zoom in, zoom out or dragthephoto to fit the frame as you like. 4. More than 27 photoNatureframe designs are provided. 5. This photo editorapplicationsupports all screen resolutions of mobile and tabletdevices. 6.Share your images via WhatsApp, Telegram, Line,Facebook, Twitter,email and other social networks. 7. Save yourimage to SD card. 8.Save your new edited Nature Photo Frame imagesand share itinstantly on social networks. 9. this photo editor appdoes notrequire internet connection. 10. Capture Photo from Camera. 11.this photo editor app Makes you a celebrity. 12. this photoeditorapp is completely free download. Awesome Filters:- • We giveyou50+ best filter effect for your photo. • There are lots upfilterthat you try like: Lomo, Hefe, Toaster ,Earlybird, Hudsun,etc. •Make your image stylish by many filter effect. Stylish Text:-• Addcool and stylish font to your Download this photo editor apptofind more features and lots • of ready made Nature Photo Frame..•Give your text to Color, Shadow, metal background etc.Sticker& Emoji:- • Doggy Face for switch your face for free andcreatesmiley Doggy Face. • Flower Crown Stickers. • Emoji smileswillmake your photos more fun. • Anime Cartoon - cute rabbit - ears-nose stickers to make your funny frame. Key Word 1. GardenPhotoEditor 2. Garden Photo 3. Garden Photo Frames 4. Garden Frames5.Photo Frame Garden 6. Garden Background 7. Photo Garden 8.GardenPhoto Frame 9. My Garden Photo Frame 10. Garden Photo EditorNew11. Garden Photo Editing 12. Nature Photo Frame
Garden Wallpaper 1.0
All high quality Garden hd wallpapers are available forfreedownload.You want your phone to be more personalized andbeautiful?Then download it! Find best wallpaper, and best all isyou not needa internet connection, its offline.
Garden Dual Photo Frames 2.0
Would you like your pictures to be appearing in the beautifulGardenframes? Then this fantasy frames are ideal for you to frameyourmemories and make them unforgettable. There is a hugecollection ofGarden dual photo frames, that will make you feellike you are inthe beautiful garden. The Garden Photo Frame app ismaking of yourphoto with many natural garden frames. For all theNature loversaround the world, there is a Garden Dual Photo Framesapp that willshow your love and affection towards nature. If youlove Nature,then definitely you will love Garden Photo Frames aswell. Show youraffection to your loved one by adding gardenbackground to theirfavorite images. Using this Garden dual photoframe app you can makephotos more beautiful by decorating themwith fantastic free Gardenphoto frame, effects, text and stickers.How to Use Garden DualPhoto Frames 2019 app: ► Select your couplephotos from gallery orcapture new photo from camera. ► SelectGarden Dual Frames from thecollection. ► Apply Photo Filter. ► Addbeautiful Stickers. ► Freeand Easy to use & User Friendlyinterface with material design.► Brightness and Image Flip featureare also available. ► Two FingerGestures to ZOOM your photo andadjust in the Garden Dual PhotoFrames. ► Move photos with inGarden Dual Frames to set photosproperly in Garden Dual PhotoFrame. ► Don’t forget to click on SaveButton. ► You can set LovelyGarden Photo Frames as Wallpaper also.► Share your Lovely GardenDual Photo Frames with your friends orfamily members via socialmedia. Feel yourself in the surroundingsof natures beauty withthis Garden Dual Photo Frames app. Createawesome looking GardenDual Photo Frames with your photos fromanywhere or share the Photocreated with friends and family. Gardendual photo frameapplication will provide you colorful garden frameswith advancedpowerful photo editing tool, so Beautify your photosand selfies,wrap them up with the best Garden Dual Photo Frames HDand make themoments of happiness unforgettable. You can add text,applyfilters, add beautiful stickers and other more features onGardenDual Photo Frames. Use this best Garden Photo Frames app andlookmore beautiful and stunning in garden frames with this gardendualphoto frame, its powerful photo editing app. Hope you enjoyandlike this Beautiful Garden Dual Photo Frames app. Don't forgatetogive good rating if you like it..
Garden Photo Frames - Garden Photo Editor 24.0
All nature buffs will absolutely love the vivid garden photoframes.With all the translucent garden photo frame application,photoframing will be achieved in only a few of moments. You canbeautifyany of your pictures by inserting it against a backdropofinexperienced vegetation and colourful blossoms. Thiscustomapplication allows you to select any image from yourphone'sgallery and make it more appealing. You can use the manyfiltersand have the feel of being present amidst a nice atmosphere.Youcan publish the edited picture on your public mass mediaaccountsor make use of it as a wallpaper on your devices. Downloadthisfree photo editor app and allow fun begin! StunningGardenPhotography Frame If you love nature and everything renewableandcolourful, you are destined to land in love with the gardenpictureframe application. This online app permits selfie-loversandbudding photo editors create attractive and eye-catchingframingeasily and quickly. If you hate the initial background oftheimage, change it out using this Image Frame GardenInterestingCasings to Prettify Your Pictures Do you want to makeyour picturebetter or want a photo Structure collage? Download freephotoeditor app and make your images stick out from the others.Bydesigning your pictures with translucent garden frames, youwillbelieve that you are bounded by nature's beauty. Edit YourPicturewith Nature-inspired Frames The translucent garden photoframe is afree of charge photo editor which allows you to downloadreallystunning pictures that are influenced by nature. The gardenphotoeditor online is incredibly easy to use and you could quicklyflipyour normal pictures to a genuine work of fine art. Adjusttheimages of yourself or your liked ones in awe-inspiringtranslucentgarden picture frame app. This application allows you tototallyexpress your ingenuity. Take a sole picture or take multipleimagesand make sure they are into a collage. Best Body Type of yourApp -Garden Background - Garden Photography Editor - Garden Photo-Garden Photography Frames - Garden Frames - Photo Shape Garden-Garden Picture Frame - Succulent Garden Wall structure GardenPhotoStructure & Photo Framework Garden Features: * Decide onapicture from your gallery or click one using your cameraandbeautify it using this photo editor online. * Simply touch tocropthe photo to the required size. * Dozens of special photofiltersystems can be found to draw out the perfect instant, varyingfromthe remarkable to the intimate. * This online Garden photoappallows users to improve the design and color of the picture,alongwith resizing the boundary. * Images can be changed within thefreephoto frames. * Simple and user-friendly software providingamazingediting and enhancing experience. * 100+ photo effects tochoosefrom. * Users can add text in any size, font, level or shadeon theframe and they likewise have the choice of revolving thetext. *Your most-liked images from Instagram, Tweets and Facebookcan beexported straight. * Scale, pull, rotate and focus in-outoptionscan be found to enable you to perfect fit your picture inyourchosen photo frame collage. * All display resolutionsarerecognized by this app. * The edited picture can be place as anHDwallpaper. * This app offers superior quality framescollection.Download photo editor and start liven up the bestoccasions of yourlife! All nature buffs will absolutely love thevivid garden photoframes. With all the translucent garden photoframe application,photo framing will be achieved in only a few ofmoments. You canbeautify any of your pictures by inserting itagainst a backdrop ofinexperienced vegetation and colourfulblossoms. This customapplication allows you to select any imagefrom your phone Men'sGallery and Make IT More Apiling. You can usethe many filters andhave the feel of being present amidst a niceatmosphere. You canpublish the edited picture on your public massmedia accounts ormake use of it as a wallpaper on your devices.Download this freephoto editor app and allow fun begin! StunningGarden PhotographyFrame If you love nature and everything renewableand colourful,you are destined to land in love with the gardenpicture frameapplication. This online app permits selfie-lovers andbuddingphoto editors create attractive and eye-catching framingeasily andquickly. If you hate the initial background of the image,change itout using this Image Frame Garden Interesting Casings toPrettifyYour Pictures Do you want to make your picture better orwant aphoto Structure collage? Download free photo editor app andmakeyour images stick out from the others. By designing yourpictureswith translucent garden frames, you will believe that youarebounded by nature Men's Beauty. Edit Your Picturewithnature-inspired frames The translucent garden photo frame is afreeof charge photo editor which allows you to download reallystunningpictures that are influenced by nature. The garden photoeditoronline is incredibly easy to use and you could quickly flipyournormal pictures to a genuine work of fine art. Were adjustedIMAGESOF Yourself and Your Liked Ones in Awe-inspiring translucentgardenpicture frame app. This application allows you to totallyexpressyour ingenuity. Take a sole picture or take multiple imagesandmake sure they are into a collage. Best Body Type of your App-Garden background - Garden Photography Editor - Garden Photo-Garden photography Frames - Garden Frames - Photo Shape Garden-Garden Picture frames - Succulent Garden Wall structureGardenPhoto Structure & Photo Framework Garden Features: *Decide ona picture from your gallery or click one using your cameraandbeautify it using this photo editor online. * Simply touchwerethen crop the image Required size. * Dozens of special photofiltersystems can be found to draw out the perfect instant, varyingfromthe remarkable to the intimate. * This online Garden photoappallows users to improve the design and color of the picture,alongwith resizing the boundary. * Images can be changed within thefreephoto frames. * Simple and user-friendly software providingamazingediting and enhancing experience. * 100+ photo effects tochoosefrom. * Users can add text in any size, font, level or shadeon theframe and they likewise have the choice of revolving thetext. *Your most-liked images from Instagram, Tweets and Facebookcan beexported straight. * Scale, Pull, rotate and focus in-outoptionscan be found to enable you to perfect fit your picture inyourchosen photo frame collage. * All display resolutionsarerecognized by this app. * The edited picture can be place as anHDwallpaper. * This app offers superior quality framescollection.Download photo editor and start liven up the bestoccasions of yourlife!
com.BenzylStudios.Garden.Photoeditor 1.0.18
Garden Photo editor has HD quality background pictures, gardenphotoframes & stickers. Your ordinary photos will becomebeautifulphotos when you add these HD quality background pictureswith yourphotos. Download this garden photo frames app, createbeautifulphotos and be proud to own this and let others feel envyby seeingyour creativity. How to use this app? Crop Option Takephoto orselfie or select gallery photo in garden photo editor.Crop it firstwith the help of crop features to remove unwantedportion from it.Erase Background Garden photo editor hasbackground erase optionwhich helps you to remove your photobackground. Eraser size can beadjusted. Make its size big orsmall. Use Zoom in & zoom outoption to erase carefully withouterasing the main picture. Gardenphoto frame app has Undo and redooption will help you to correctthe mistakes while erasing anderase the background perfectly.Repair option will help you toretain mistakenly erased parts. AutoEraser Garden photo editor hasauto background eraser. It will helpyou to remove particular colorobject in the background with singletouch. None background orsingle color background You can set nonebackground or any singlecolor background in this garden photobackground app. Your photowill get white background with nonebackground option. If you don’tlike white background, select anysingle color to set as backgroundcolor. Cut Paste Garden photoeditor has cut paste option. Directlycut out the desired image fromthe unwanted background with thehelp of cut paste tool and paste iton any background. ChangeBackground Set any beautiful background ingarden backgroundchanger app to your photo from the collections orselect anypicture from your gallery. Drag it to right position,zoom in orzoom out and set it. Also convert it to blur background.Addstickers Garden photo editor has 100+ stickers. Add facestickers& photo stickers from the sticker collections. Selectanysticker drag it to right position, zoom in or zoom out, rotateit,flip it and set it at the suitable position on the photo. Youcanreduce the opacity of stickers and photos also. Add Text onPhotoGarden photo editor has text on photo option. Add quote ortext asper your choice on the photo. This option helps you toconvey yourmessage with picture to others. Apply color effectsApply coloreffects to beautify the photo using this Garden photoeditor. Ifyou feel the natural color of the original image doesn’tmatch withset background, apply color effects to get more naturallook. Flipoption Garden photo editor has flip option. Apply flipoption toyour main photo and stickers. Sometimes the real picturepositionor pose may not be attractive. By changing the pose tooppositedirection the picture may be more attractive. Flip optionwill helpyou to do it. Apply Photo frames Garden Photo editor hasan amazingcollection of garden frames. Select any one from the listand applyto your photo. Enhance your photos with these framecollections.Set wallpaper Final image you got in this garden photoframes canbe set as a wallpaper of your device. Share optionModified photosin garden photo editor can be shared with yourfriends &girlfriends. Save and share the pictures on any socialmedianetworks. List of Stickers Garden photo editor has wildanimals,horse, sunglass, love, mustache, beard, men hairstyle,turban, dog& cat, miss you, good morning, good night, happybirthday,plants, flowers, birds and smiley stickers. List ofphotobackgrounds Garden, Wild animal, Nature, Waterfall and SunsetBlurPhoto and Blur Background You can blur photo or parts of aphoto orbackground in this garden photo frames. Photo CollageCreate photocollage with your photo collections as per your choicein thisgarden app. Echo Magic Mirror and Color Splash EffectsGarden photoeditor has echo mirror effect, color splash and PencilSketcheffects also.
Let's Create! Pottery Lite 1.63
With Let's Create: Pottery making ceramics has never beenmoresimple and fun! Become a true artist and create "one of akind"pottery items and share them with your friends! Throw the clayonthe wheel, release all your artistic talents and take benefitofdozens of materials available in order to create your owndesign!Even when you glaze and fire your very first pot you willfeelaccomplished and relaxed as pottery is the best way to relieveyoureveryday stress and find your inner peace. An amazing,therapeuticand uplifting experience you can enjoy with your familyandfriends!Gameplaytutorialvideo:★★★★★ "Let'screate! Pottery" is totally worth a look. The entiregame is a veryunique experience that works extremely well on theiPad. - TouchArcade★★★★★ The best part about "Let's create!Pottery" is thatonce you've unlocked everything you can let yourimagination roamfree and as time-wasters go, this is a truly uniqueexperience. -App Spy 1.0.13
Garden Photo Editor 2019 is a photo editor app withphotobackgrounds & stickers. It has a wonderful collection ofsixmore different types other backgrounds also. It has100+backgroundsand 100+ stickers totally. It means fun is unlimitedin this app.After downloaded this app, you will be fully busy withthis app bysetting up multiple category backgrounds and stickers inyourphotos. Category wise you get 100+ backgrounds and stickers.Inaddition to that new backgrounds are added every week in ordertomake you engage with this app regularly. Now the choice isyours.Will you download this Garden Photo Editor 2019 to getsevendifferent types of apps’ features or seven different apps togetthe same features? If your choice is first one then youwilldefinitely download this app to get all the features. A gardenis abeautiful place with artificially arranged plants, treesandflowers for people. People visit there with their children. Itis awonderful place to visit with our family. Children willenjoythere. It is a nice place for Lovers and couple to visit andchatwith each other peacefully. Set beautiful backgrounds orBlurbackground to your photos in this Garden Photo Editor 2019. Youmayget confusion which background is to be set. It is because allareselective backgrounds and all are beautiful. Either you erasethebackground of your photos &selfies and directly setthesebackgrounds or else crop your image and set on any backgroundinthe list to make it as a photo frame. Background of an image canbechanged in this Garden Photo Editor 2019 by erase thebackgroundwith the help of eraser and change the background or Cutout theimage and paste it on any background with the help of cutpastetool. Garden Photo Editor 2019 is completely a user-friendlyapp.Just Crop your image, erase background, set any background fromthelist, add stickers and adjust their opacity, flip to suit toyourimage, add text and apply color effects. That’s it. Downloadthisapp and definitely you will recommend it to others. It isbecauseeach and every feature has been designed by keeping usersand theirtaste in our mind. Garden photo frames has six types ofotherBackgrounds: City – world famous cities images Waterfall –worldfamous amazing waterfall image collections are in gardenframeNature- wonderful collection of nature photos Love –fantasticcollection of beautiful Love images Green hill – greenhills imagesGarden – Colorful collection of garden images List ofStickers inGarden Photo Editor 2019 • Snowfall sticker • Love •Beard •Mustache • Sunglass • Man hair style • Men hat • Woman Hair• WomenHat • Tattoo • Smiley sticker • Good morning • Good night •Have anice day • Miss you • Emoji • Birthday cakes • Photo frames •Happybirthday • Balloons • Wild Animals Features:- • Take Selfie orTakepics with your camera or select gallery photos • Gardenphotoframes has Crop image option to remove unwanted part from it•Unwanted background can be removed by erase option. • Selectandset photo background with your photo.Alternatively either leaveitwith white background or add any single color background fromthelist. • Select a Mustache or Beard or Hair etc. from the listinGarden Photo Editor 2019 and drag it to the right position,rotateit, multi touch to resize it and fit on your face. • It hasflipeffect to apply on images & stickers • Color effects willmakeyour pic colorful & Beautiful • This app has text option toaddtext on your photos / selfies / background images • Final imagecanbe set as device wallpaper. • You can save the final imageeditedin this Garden Photo Editor 2019 and share with your friendsorgirlfriends on any social media network.
Weed Farming Game 2018 1.4
Farming season is here! And you know what that means...time toseedyour weed!Come chill at the marijuana farm and catch somehaze.Mary J, kush, cannabis--whatever you want to call it--is inseason!Be a weed farmer in this unique once-in-a-lifetimeexperience. Takeyour passion to the crops. Grow and take care ofyour very ownmarijuana farm! Use cool farm tools like tractors,sprinklers,plows, rakes and more! The more WEED you grow, the moreprofit youmake! Purchase different strains of weed like sativa andindica andplant it all to diversify your crop! Spend yourhard-earned moneyon more tools from the garage. Maintain and manageyour farmeveryday by spraying pesticides and insecticides, trimmingandwatering your crops. Control the irrigation that waters yourfarm.Tend to your very own greenhouse! Use modern machinery,includingan awesome truck to drive! Drive around your fields andwatch yourseeds of wonder grow into miracles. Around your weedfarm, embracethe rustic, rural environment. Enjoy 3D farminggraphics of roaminganimals, barns, and other plants to admire.Perfect weather and alittle hard work goes a long way for a farmer!Detailed animationsand a smooth user interface will take yourgameplay to the nextlevel.HURRY UP! It’s HIGH time you plant yourcrops!Weed FarmingGame 2018 Features:•Realistic 3D farmsimulation•Your own marijuanafarm•Addictive & engaging gameplay•Excitement & fun packedlevels•Smooth controls &soothing background music•Realisticanimation & physics AboutTap2PlayTap2Play, LLC is a whollyowned subsidiary of Tapinator,Inc.Tapinator (Ticker: TAPM)develops and publishes games on mobileplatforms. The Company’sportfolio includes over 300 mobile gamingtitles that,collectively, have achieved over 400 million playerdownloads.Tapinator is headquartered in New York. For more info,
Garden Frame Photo Editor 2019 1.27
All the nature lovers in the world will love garden photoframes.Garden Photo Editor is a photo editor app with photobackgrounds& stickers and text styles. The Garden Photo Frameapp ismaking of your photo more beautiful and attractive withmanynatural nature garden frames. With the garden photoframeapplication, photo framing will be done in only a coupleofseconds. Every garden has its own specialty. Do you want totakeselfie in such wonderful places? Download this garden photoeditorto get huge collection of amazing background pictures, framesandstickers. Place your photos on garden photo background frameslikeposter frames. Gardens are more beautiful with colourfulflowersand green plants. This is one of the custom garden photoframeeffects application. Every one want to go gardens every dayforPleasant atmosphere. Now we develop Garden photo frame effectsappto decorate your photos with natural garden photo frame editorandto get feel we are in Pleasant atmosphere. We develop thesegardenphoto frame effects for pictures with most beautiful flowersandnatural scenery places. Garden photo frames features: *Simpleuser-friendly interface. * Supports All android OS MobilesandTablets devices. * Capture Photo from Camera . * Browseyourexisting pictures from gallery. * Simple crop image inyourapplication. * Wonderful Garden photo frames. * 20+Gardenbackground images. * Move, rotate, drag options to set photosongarden frames. * Add Stickers to make more beautiful. *stickersare the other features of this garden photo editor. *Savedecorated garden photo image in sd card. * show all savedimages in"my album" option. • Single touch to rotate text resizetext deletetext from photo • Add text on photo with multiple textstyle andcolors * Easy to share these designed garden photo framepics usingsocial media network sites like whatsapp, facebook,twitter, gmailetc... • Niceplaces of Garden Wallpaper • NaturalGarden pictureBackground • Garden Photo • peacefully Garden PhotoFrames Do youwant to make your picture better or want a photo Framecollage?Download free photo editor app and make your images standout fromthe rest. By decorating your pictures with transparentgardenframes, you will feel that you are surrounded by nature’sbeauty.Show your affection with nature by decorating your photoswithgarden photo frames new. Feel yourself you are in thesurroundingsof scenery and natures beauty with this Garden PhotoFramesapplication. Would you like your photos to be appearing onthegarden frames. Then add your your memories on these gardenframesand make them unforgettable. Create your own beautiful andlovelyGarden picture frames and share it to your loved ones or setit asyour device wallpaper. If you are interesting photography tomakephoto better without you are going to garden you can createamazinggarden photo albums with these frames. Create awesome gardenPhotoby embedding your photos in Garden Frames. If you likethisapplication send your feedback to andgive 5stars. This garden photo frame free to all users.
Garden Photo Frames 1.3
Garden Photo Frames Choose a picture from the gallery or takeapicture using Camera of your loved ones and use photo frameeffectson them. Save those beautifully decorated pictures in yourdeviceor share them trough social networks like email, Facebook,Flickr,Whatsapp, Twitter, Line, Picasa, Skype, Instagram etc..GardenPhoto Frames Features: * Set as wallpaper * Share troughsocialmedia * High quality HD photo frames * Download and savefavouriteframed pictures Garden / Garden Images / Garden Frames /GardenPhoto Frames / Garden Wallpapers / Garden Photos / GardenPhotoEditor / Garden Pictures / Garden Picture Frames / GardenPhotoEffects / Garden Frame / Frame / Garden Photo Cards /GardenPicture Frames / Garden Wallpaper / Garden Wallpaper /GardenPicture / Garden Pics / Beautiful Garden Pictures / GardenFotoFrames / Photo Editor / Garden Frame Editor / Gardens Frames/Gardens Photo Frames / Flowers Wallpapers / Gardens Photo Editor/Photo Gardens / Photo Garden Collage / Cool Gardens / LoveGardens/ Garden Wallpapers / Flowers Wallpapers / Garden FlowerPhotoFrames Garden Photo Frames is completely free download.
Garden Photo Frames 1.3
It’s free and very easy to use.Run the app, select a frame, useaphoto from your gallery or capture it from camera.Use yourfingerto search the inserted photo and to set it at right place.Youcansee the inserted photo behind the frame.Use 2 fingers to rotateitand to enlarge it.Please use appropriate face angle forbestresult.You can save your edited photo and can share it onsocialmedia like facebook, email it etc.Deleting the saved item:Youcandelete the saved work through filemanager.-----------------------Disclaimer-----------------------Thisapplication complies with UScopyright law guidelines of fair use.If you feel there is a directcopyright or trademark violation thatdoesn't follow within thefair use guidelines, please contact usdirectly.