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Noom: Health & Weight 8.11.0
Noom Inc.
Any program can tell you to eat less and move more. Noomisdifferent. Noom’s proven psychology-based approach identifiesyourdeep-rooted thoughts and triggers, and builds a custom gameplan tohelp you form healthy habits, faster. Featured in the NewYorkTimes, Women’s Health, Shape, Forbes, ABC and more, we'vealreadyhelped over 45 million people worldwide build health habitsandachieve their health goals. People who use Noom lose an averageof18 pounds in just 16 weeks! 78% keep the weight off for overayear. Learn how to navigate your environment, challengeyourthoughts, master your triggers, and overcome any barrier thatmightcome your way. Whether it's emotional eating, cravings atmid-day,difficulty with social eating, or a sweet tooth,Noom'sscientifically backed-solution will help you create a plantoovercome any obstacle and practice healthier habits untilyou'vemastered them! What you get: - Scientifically-provenpsychologyapproach to “trick” your body into building healthyhabits, faster- Flexible coaching designed to help you set andachieve yourshort- and long-term goals, and provide you with asmuch dailysupport and accountability you need -- you decide! -Personalizedfeedback from your coach based on your in-app activityand progress- Tools to track your weight, food, exercise, bloodpressure, andblood sugar all in one place - Interactive contentwith over 250+new articles, including choose-your-own adventurestyle guides toapply our #PsychTricks into your daily life,seamlessly - Smartertechnology to identify your challenges in realtime and keep you ontrack - Custom meal + workout Plans availableto take your progressto the next level - Our most comprehensivefood database, with overhalf a million new and updated food loggingoptions and barcodes tomake your experience even better - Anaward-winning,battery-friendly pedometer to count your steps Ourteam of doctors,psychologists, nutritionists, and personal trainershave created anew course that takes the most effective behaviorchange researchand techniques and delivers them to you in dailybite-size articlesand interactive challenges to teach you theskills you need toimprove your health. Sign up today to turn yourhealthy thoughtsinto healthy actions with Noom!
NOAA Weather Radar Live & Alerts
Apalon Apps
Get a powerful yet easy-to-use weather station right on yourdevicewith NOAA Weather Radar Live & Alerts. Real-timeanimatedweather radar images on a highly interactive map enhancedwithsevere weather warnings provide accurate weather forecaststhatwill prevent bad weather from taking you by surprise. Theappreflects accurate real-time weather conditions and providesyouwith the detailed meteo information you need to know: currentand"Feels Like" temperature, the chance of precipitation andhumidityinfo, wind speed and wind direction, pressure changes andmore.Customize your weather report according to your taste – choosetheinformation you would like to receive! Take a look atcurrentweather conditions or take the most of the top-notchfunctionalityof the weather radar. Get a push notification wheneveran alert isissued (tornadoes, flood warnings, snow storms, andmore) withoutopening the app! Real-time animated meteo radar on ahighlyinteractive terrain or satellite map enhanced with severeweatherwarnings and alerts will meet the needs of even the mostdemandingusers. Rainy, snowy, stormy or cloudy weather, you’ll bepreparedfor it all! Short-term (24-hour) and long-term (7-day)accurateweather forecast for any location. Units of measurement: 🌟Pressurein inches, mm, kPa or mbar, 🌟 Fahrenheit/CelsiusandMiles/Kilometers, 🌟 Wind speed in mph, km/h, m/s, knots,Beaufort.World Weather Map: 🚩 Explore the weather on an interactivemap.Weather icons will let you know what the local temperatureisthroughout the world. Tap on them to get more details.Easylocation search: 🚩 Toggle between cities and spy on weatherinother parts of the world. Bookmarked locations will helpyouquickly switch to your favorite spots, check today’s weatherorfind out the forecast for tomorrow. Radar, SatelliteandPrecipitation Forecast: 🚩 Get real-time snow and raintracking,mixed precipitation data, and cloud cover in highresolution andvivid colors by switching between radar, satelliteand rain maps.Customizable overlays: 🚩 Choose background maps andthe number offrames; adjust opacity and loop speed for theoverlays. Resizablewidget: 🚩 Add a nice customizable widget to yourscreen and get thelive-updated weather information you want to knowwithout openingthe app. More handy options for the best userexperience! NationalWeather Service watches and warnings are shownon the map asinteractive warning boxes highlighting the territoriesthey'reactive for. Tap any to get the card with the full alerttext.Coverage Info: Radar images: the US (Continental US,Alaska,Hawaii, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands and Puerto Rico),Mexico(northern), Canada (southern), Australia, the UK, Ireland,Germany,France, the Netherlands, Italy (northern andnorth-western),Denmark, Austria, Sweden, Finland, Spain, Portugal,Switzerland,Norway, Poland, Andorra, Japan, Taiwan. PrecipitationForecast,satellite images, and detailed weather info areavailableworldwide. By downloading this application, you agree tothe ApalonApps End User License Agreement and Privacy Policy. Youcan choosefrom different subscription options. * A subscriptionwith a freetrial will automatically renew to a paid subscriptionunless youcancel the subscription before the end of the free trialperiod. *Cancel a free trial or subscription anytime through youraccountsettings on the Google Play Store and continue to enjoy thepremiumcontent until the end of the free-trial period orpaidsubscription! Go Premium and get some nice extra features: ♛Alertsfor unlimited number of saved locations; ♛ HigherAccuracyprecipitation forecast option; ♛ Hurricane tracker for thewholeduration of your plan; ♛ Lightning tracker with timelylightningalerts; ♛ Ad-free! PrivacyPolicy:
APE Weather ( Live Forecast)
Get weather in real time as well as air pressure and wind speedDonot be surprised by the weather anymore and plan your dayquietly.Main features : Weather information of the day up to 5 daysRealtime updated weather information About 220 000 cities aroundtheworld Notification for daily weather information and alertforweather change Beautiful interface with background animationandsound according to the weather New feature : you canapplydifferent theme to customize your experience
The MeteoSwiss App from the national weather provider. Withweatherforecasts, current measurements, a blog about weather andclimateand natural hazard warnings. Including individualizable livetilesand zoomable maps. Save your favourit places in Switzerlandand getthe corresponding weather details and subscribe to thewarningthreshold and types of natural hazard warnings sent aspushnotifications. Weather forecasts • Clickable and zoomable mapwithoverview of locations for the next 6 days • Weather on-site •Wind/ temperature at different altitudes • Text forecast forthreeclimate regions of Switzerland including driving conditionsandpossible development of the weather situation for thefollowingweek (in German, French and Italian) • General weather mapofEuropa Weather animations • Precipitation, precipitationtype,temperature and cloud coverage, with realtime andforecastslide-function • Satellite images • Hail reports Naturalhazards •All warnings on natural hazards from the FederalAuthorities(severe weather, floods, forest fire, earthquakes andavalanches) •Clickable and zoomable map with overview of warningareas • Naturalhazard bulletin • Location, type of warning andalarm thresholdsubscription, output as a push message Currentweather • Clickableand zoomable map with overview of stations •Various measured data,updated up to every 10 minutes Currentweather • Clickable andzoomable map with overview of stations •Various measured data,updated up to every 10 minutes Favorites •Available for all Swisslocations • Detailed overview ofmeasurements, forecasts andwarnings • Subscription to naturalhazard warnings Health • Airquality • Pollen forecast • UV indexBlog • Daily updatedinformation on weather and climate AviationWeather • METAR/TAFSwitzerland • Aviation weather warningsSwitzerland •Windanimations Switzerland on different FL • GAFORSwitzerland •Text forecasts for powered flight, gliding andballooning • LowLevel SWC Alps and Europe • Pressure difference •QNH – Chart • W /T – Chart • Wind – Barbs • Regtherm • Trajectories• EmagrammsHomescreen • Tiles are personalisable in selection, sizeandplacement
Weather Underground - Hyperlocal Weather Maps 6.6.3
Weather, at a microclimate level. Get your hyperlocalweatherforecast, with precise current conditions and hyper-localupdates.With weather data from over 250,000 personal weatherstations and aproprietary forecast model, Weather Underground givesyou the mostprecise weather forecast at a truly hyper-local level.Discoverabout current conditions, get weather data from our Nexradnetwork,customizable weather alerts from NOAA and much more, thanksto ourNexrad hurricane and storm tracker and Doppler radartechnology.You’ll always be prepared. 5 REASONS TO DOWNLOADWEATHERUNDERGROUND - Weather alerts and storm radar: get severeweatheralerts for your position and trust our hurricane tracker andstormradar for severe weather news - you'll always be prepared foryourmicroclimate, whether it's extreme rain or a surprise drought.-Hyperlocal weather conditions: track current conditions fromyourlocal PWS, as well as hourly/daily forecasts up to 10 days inthefuture, which include chance of rain and precise weather news.-Most detailed local weather data: get updates with the bestweatherdata including weather maps, local Doppler radarimagery,temperature updates, “Feels Like,” wind speed, winddirections,today’s rain accumulation, humidity, and pressure. -Othergeographical data: discover more information and get newsaboutyour microclimate with our air quality index, UV index,sunrise& sunset times at your closest personal weather station.-Customized experience: set your app with light & dark modesandvarious map types and units. DISCOVER THE UNIQUE FEATURESOFWEATHER UNDERGROUND Interactive weather maps with Nexradradartechnology & severe weather alerts: - The mostinteractiveweather maps on mobile allow you to select fromdifferent preciseweather overlays, personal weather stations,Nexrad radar, NOAA andsatellite imagery, heat and temperature maps,and rainaccumulation. - Sophisticated weather visualizations withhi-ressatellite & cloud cover imagery from GOES-16, powered bydatafrom NOAA. - Keep an eye out for extreme weather with ourhurricanetracker and storm radar and always be prepared with severeweatheralerts. Hyper-local forecasts driven by accurate weatherdata: -Over 250,000 PWSs report the most accurate localweatherconditions. Visualize precise weather radar imagery for yourveryown microclimate. - Made to fill in the gaps between theairportweather stations that other weather services rely upon togenerateforecasts - meaning our data is generated from actual datapointsin your neighborhood. So you get real time rain accumulation,aprecise pollen forecast and temperature info reflecting yourlocalcurrent conditions. Subscribe to Premium! - Upgrade and removeallads from your weather app by purchasing an annual subscription.-Access Smart Forecasts: set your ideal weather conditions foryouroutdoor activities and we’ll tell you when to go. - ViewExtendedHourly Forecasts up to 15 days in the future. You cancancel yourWeather Underground subscription anytime through yourGoogle Playaccount settings, or it will automatically renew. Thismust be done24 hours before the end of any subscription period toavoid beingcharged another fee. Subscription payments will becharged to yourGoogle Play account at confirmation of your purchaseand uponcommencement of each renewal term. For more information,please seeour Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. ----- Privacy &Feedback -Our Privacy Policy can be viewedhere: - OurTerms ofUse can be viewed here:
- If you have anyquestions or suggestions about our weatherservice, please do nothesitate to get in touch
Met Office Weather Forecast 1.47.0
Met Office
The Met Office weather app gives you the most accurateworld-leadingglobal weather forecasts, with coverage from 1 hourto 7 days ahead.KEY FEATURES: * Interactive rainfall map and textforecast for thenext 24 hours, or previous 6 hours (manual scrollor using playfeature) * Real time UK National Severe WeatherWarnings with theinteractive warnings map for your UK savedlocations * Instantnotification of the official UK National SevereWeather Warnings foryour saved locations– including snow, strongwinds, ice, fog &rain * Daily and hourly forecasts for yourfavourite locations.Saving multiple locations will let you see howthe weather couldaffect your day * Watch the latest TV weatherforecasts, updated 3times a day * Hourly & Daily forecastweather widgets PERSONAL,ACCURATE FORECASTS INCLUDING: *Interactive UK rainfall map; both24-hour forecast and 6 hourobservations * Interactive UK NationalSevere Weather Warnings map* UK surface pressure map * Probabilityof precipitation (rain,sleet, snow, hail, & drizzle) * Actualand 'feels like'temperature * UK National Severe Weather Warningsalerts * UKnational weather forecast video * Wind speed, directionand gusts *Sunrise & sunset times * Air pollution forecasts *Pollen pushnotifications (March to September) * Local weatherforecastsunlimited locations * Ability to change your unit settingsfortemperature & wind speed * UV Index, visibility, humidity&pressure AD-FREE VERSION * Don't like ads? Our app includes a£2.99in-app purchase to remove all advertising FEEDBACK The MetOfficeis committed to delivering new features based on yourfeedback& the reviews we receive. If you love our app rate andreviewit in the app store. If you have any suggestions The app is designed to work onAndroid6.0 & above. This app is ad-supported. DATA COMPLIANCEThe MetOffice app uses your location information to give you themostaccurate & localised weather forecast possible. To turnofflocation settings at any time, select 'Settings' on yourdevice,then the Met Office App, then disable location. To get alocalforecast you will need to search & save locations withintheapp. For more information on how we use any personalinformationcollected about you, please see our Privacypolicy( &Cookiepolicy ( Met Office The Met Office is the UK's national weatherservice.Recognised as a world leader in providing weather &climateservices & as one of the world's most accurateforecasters. Weare also responsible for the UK National SevereWeather WarningService, mandated by UK Government, which aims togive advancewarning of extreme weather to the public. more information. CONSENT TO INSTALLATIONOF THE APP Under dataprotection laws we are required to provide youwith certaininformation about who we are, how we process yourpersonalinformation and for what purposes and your rights inrelation toyour personal information. This information is providedin the MetOffice Privacy Policy & it is important that you readthatinformation. Before installation of this App, please indicateyourconsent to our processing of your personal information(includingyour name, contact details & device information) asdescribedin the Met Office Privacy Policy. YES I consent to theinstallationof the App for the purposes of world-leading weatherforecastsdirect from the Met Office. NO I do not consent to theinstallationof the App. How you can withdraw consent. Once youprovide consentby selecting YES, you may change your mind &withdraw consentat any time by uninstalling the App but that willnot affect thelawfulness of any processing carried out before youwithdraw yourconsent. 48
The weather forecast is a beautiful and free app. Update yourlocalweather with icons come alive for all weather conditions.Theweather channel is a very useful application foreverybody,designed to be as simple, easy to use. Update localweather whereyou live so quickly and easily. With just a few clicksyou cancheck the weather for today: temperature, precipitation,humidity,UV index...; the weather forecast tomorrow; forecast forthe next 3days; and forecast for the next week. This free appaccuratelyforecasts local weather: sunshine, rain, temperature,humidity, UVindex, etc. for each minute and each specific location.Weatherapplications show real climate states in hourly, daily. Youcancheck out is seeing what's the weather today! THE WEATHERCHANNELFEATURES - Updated weather forecast information freeaccuratedaily, weekly. - Accurate precipitation forecasts for eachlocalityand region around the world, including rainfall, intensity,windpressure, etc. - Weather forecast for today, tomorrow, the next3days, even extended the weather forecast of the next 10 days intheprovinces /cities of countries around the world such asCanada,United States, United Kingdom, Sweden , Denmark, Italy,Germany,France, Portugal, Spain, Finland, Norway, Japan, Korea,China,Vietnam, ... - Weather forecast channel displays theinformation:Temperature, humidity, fog, sunshine, rain, UV index,wind symbol,pressure, sunrise /sunset. - Warning of extreme weatherconditionsin the current locations such as ice, snow, thunder,lightning,hail, etc. - Weather forecast has beautiful widgets,animationssuitable for all phones and great experiences on alltablets andsmartphones from Android - Live weather forecast forfree, itprovides interstate travel weather forecasts, cities,countries inthe world. - Automatically detects your location andretrieves thelatest weather conditions for your current location. -Weathernotifications in status bar can help you better plan yourday andyour travels with weather warnings and alerts updates. - Addandtrack weather forecast for all your favorite citiesanddestinations: Washington, New York, Ottawa, London, Rome,Madrid,Oslo, Paris, Berlin, Tokyo, Singapore, ... - Stay update thelatestweather forecast channel for your phone. You can shareweather appsand invite your friends on Facebook using the weatherchannel. -The app and the weather data is available in over 30languages
Weather forecast 1.63.245
The weather forecast, one of the best weather application onstore,one of the best choose fore you. Weather forecast, whichhasaccurate weather information for anytime and everywhere.Localweather forecast & real time rain, storm, ice &snowreports... By weather information, you can prepare yourplancarefully, you will be successful at work and have better life.Theapplication is very helpful with everybody. Weatherforecastdetects weather in your current location automatically.There aremany information in weather forecast which includesweathercondition, atmospheric pressure, relative humidity,visibilitydistance, precipitation in different unites, dew point,wind speedand direction, in addition to ten days future forecast,also hourlyweather forecast. Real-time temperature, rain, snow,humidity,pressure, wind force and wind direction are all in thisweatherapplication based. Features: - All is free, weekly, daily,hourlyupdate with real time. - Weather forecast for global, forallcountry: United States (US), Canada, Brazil, United Kingdom(UK),Sweden, Denmark, Italy, Germany, France, Portugal, Spain,Mexico,Finland, Norway , Russia, India, Japan, Korea, China,Australia,Vietnam, ... - Weather forecast for all city: Washington,New York,California, San Francisco, Texas, Georgia, Florida,Ottawa, Hawaii,Toronto, Dallas, Nashville, Kansas city, London,Rome, Madrid,Oslo, Paris, Nancy, Dijon, Brest, Marseille, Rennes,Reims,Chamonix, Lyon, Metz, Grenoble,Strasbourg, Berlin,Tokyo,Singapore, Hong Kong, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh... - Full report.Displaysall information of weather: location time, temperature,atmosphericpressure, weather condition, visibility distance,relativehumidity, precipitation in different unites, dew point,wind speedand direction... - Detect location by GPS and network -Search andmanage multiple locations - Supported notification - Realtimeupdate widget - Today, tomorrow, 3 days later, 7 dayslater.Weather for today, tomorrow’s weather… hourly weather in eachhour.- Weather description: Sunrise Time, Sunset Time,Humidity,Precipitation Probability, Visibility, Wind Speed... -Real timeweather maps & weather radar animations with yourpersonalblizzard & hurricane tracker: Rain, snow, clouds,wind,temperature, Humidity, wave, pressure, current. - View detailofdaily weather and hourly weather. - Chart to manage and viewhourlyand daily weather - Change unit setting: Temperature (C/F),Timeformat (12h/24h), Precipitation (mm, inch), wind speed (km/h,mi/h,m/s), pressure (mmhg, hPa, mbar) Using weather application andgetweather information daily and daily. Download weather forecastforfree and experience. The high-quality weather forecastapplicationacross your Android devices.
健康第一 - 一人ひとりの健康づくりを応援 4.3.0
第一生命があなたの健康サポーターとなります!一人ひとり生活も体質は違うから「健康第一」アプリはあなたにあった健康づくりを応援します。健康意識を高めるために、まずは今の健康状態を確認してみましょう。健診結果をスマホのカメラにかざすだけで簡単に体の年齢とタイプが診断できます。第一生命の契約者とご家族には、健康増進機能が充実した「健康第一」プレミアムがご利用いただけます。あなたのタイプにあった健康づくりの取り組みが毎日配信されます。生活習慣を見直して、いつまでも元気に! ---------------<健康第一アプリの特徴> ---------------スタンダードメニュー■ 健康診断書をかざして健康年齢を確認健康診断書にスマホのカメラをかざすだけで、自動的にデータを取得。健康年齢と健康タイプがわかります。■ 生保業界初!現在の生活習慣、健康状態を続けた場合の疾病リスクをチェックがん、脳卒中、脳梗塞、心筋梗塞、糖尿病に対する同年齢性別と比較したリスクがわかります。■ 健康のために「歩くを楽しむ、続ける」お持ちのスマートフォンとウェアラブル端末から歩数データを取得し、自動設定される目標歩数に対して、ご自身の達成状況を分かりやすく表示します。そして、目標歩数を達成するごとに、スタンプがもらえ、貯めたスタンプをコンビニで使える無料クーポンの抽選に毎週参加できます。さらに楽しく続けていただけるよう、第一生命ならではの着せ替え機能もついています。当アプリのゲームおよびキャンペーンは第一生命保険株式会社が制作し、提供しています。■ GoogleFitおよび活動量計と連動し、歩数を自動的に取得 「健康第一」はGoogleFit(フィットネストラッキングアプリ)のアクティビティデータをもとに、歩数データを連携できるほか、活動量計の「Fitbit」や「Silmee™W10」、「Misfit」、「PULSENSE」、「MOVEBAND」、「OMRON」、「TANITA」、「LANCEBAND」とも歩数データの連携が可能です。※GoogleFitを使用する場合は、Android4.4以上で歩数計測センサーに対応している機種が対象となります。■ 第一生命の契約者とそのご家族専用のプレミアムメニュー第一生命の契約者であれば家族みなさんの健康をまるごとサポートする機能が大幅に追加されました。自分の健康状態に合わせたコースを選択することで、毎日4つの簡単な取り組みが提案され、それをこなすだけで健康習慣がみにつきます。有料コンテンツのレシピや、有名ヘルスケア雑誌社提供の人気コラムが無料で配信されます。既往歴のある方向けには、既往歴を考慮した季節のレシピが無料で配信されます。---------------よくある質問---------------◆ よくある質問を第一生命保険株式会社のホームページに掲載しております。(ご注意事項---------------◆ 健康第一アプリの利用にあたっては、健康第一アプリ利用規約、個人情報保護方針をご確認ください。
Тонгги ва кечки дуолар 1.2
Ушбу дастурга Расулуллоҳ соллаллоҳу алайҳи васалламдан воридбўлгантонгда ва кечки пайтларда ўқиладиган дуолар киритилган. АнварАҳмадтайёрлаган. Hayati books islomiy kitoblar.
Storm Radar: Hurricane Tracker, Live Maps & Alerts
Storm Radar is your NOAA forecast, weather radar andhurricanetracker with severe weather alerts. Stay safe and informedthroughrain and severe weather using 8 hour past to future radar,livewind speed, NOAA radar and tornado updates. Get ready forstormseason with live wind speed and tornado updates from TheWeatherChannel. Rain and floods tracker, wind speed and localtemperature,our cutting-edge doppler radar technology lets youcustomize yourHD weather map in real-time with GPS localization.Plus, get livesevere weather alerts, including floods, lightningand hourlytornado updates from your NOAA storm radar and hurricanetracker.Plus, Storm will give you tornado alerts and hourly NOAAforecastin real-time (or up to 8 hours in advance) with our radarHDweather map. Storm offers you weather like you've neverseenbefore. Storm Radar Maps, Tornado Alerts & HurricaneTracker:TOP 3 FEATURES 1. GPS weather map and NOAA forecast in realtime:view doppler radar imagery of severe weather patterns,includingwind speed, lightning and rain. 2. Future radar maps: yourweathermap, storm radar and hurricane tracker predicts localtemperature,risks of floods and hourly tornado trajectories up to 8hoursbefore the storm hits. 3. Live severe weather alerts withStorm:stay safe and track real time tornado updates and hurricanealertsfrom The Weather Channel. Your storm tracker keeps you inwith ourstorm radar and hurricane alerts. • The Storm future radartoolgives you data on all impending storms. Find out windspeed,lightning, flood warnings and much more. • Weather radar mapsarecustomizable with detailed data overlays, includinglocaltemperature and seismic activity. Get live weather alerts fromTheWeather Channel. • Track rain with real time precipitationupdatesfor your area. • When lightning strikes, be aware: yourhurricanetracker sends live lightning alerts for your GPS location.Chasethe perfect storm with your tornado tracker, or get homebefore therain starts. Storm uses cutting-edge doppler radar tohelp you tostay safe and informed in any weather. Find all theweathers mapsyou need to stay safe, and unlock and track even moremaps andhourly visualisations with our ad-free version. *Continueduse ofGPS running in the background can dramatically decreasebatterylife ---------- THE WEATHER CHANNEL: WEB & SOCIAL MEDIAForgotyour phone? Access Future Radar and many of the top appfeatures onthe web, wherever you go. Find us on the Like uson Facebook: us on Twitter:@weatherchannel PERMISSIONS In order toprovide personalized localweather data, alerts, and forecasts, TheWeather Channel app needspermission to access your location.
Hourly Weather Pro 1.9
This is pro version:- No ads- Full features- 100% moneybackguarantee, full refund if not satisfied.Hourly weather is oneofbest free weather apps with full features: Local weather,weathermap and weather widgets.Weather map: Local weather radar appfreewith a lot of radar scope: Rain/snow, temperature, pressure,windy,clouds, humidity, waves, … and storm radar.Forecastle:Forecastnow, hourly forecast and daily forecast appWidgets forAndroid: Theweather radar widget free and clock widget weather withbeautifulstyle.Its so easy to receive the weather conditions inyour currentlocation.Weather forecast app provides detailed localforecast& weather forecast world wide, the app provides thecurrenttemperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit, sunrise and sunsettimesaccording to city time zone.Weather report alsoprovidesatmospheric pressure, weather conditions, visibilitydistance,relative humidity, precipitation in different unites, dewpoint,wind speed and direction, in addition to ten days in futureandhourly weather forecast.Realtime temperature, humidity,pressureand wind direction are all in the weather app based.App isusingforecastle tiempo data from darksky api, and has backupwithaccuweather service, ensure second weather live infofromaccuweather, we plan to add backup with service forweatherbug,service for weatherunderground. Current weather channelprovideprediction in minute cast (precise weather inminutes)Features:-The weather channel: temperature, wind, humidity,dew point,precipitation, visibility, pressure, water, sunrisesunset, storm,stormshield, rain alert in one wetter app- Hourly ordailyprediction: we offer 7 days - 10 days info: today’sweather,tomorrow’s weather, … and weather now, hourly weather freein eachhour.- Track the whether in multiple locations- Animatedweatherconditions - see how the weather channel comes alive!-Hourly andweekly forecastle, especially hourly weather item fornext 7 days.-Sunrise time, sunset time, water time- Temperaturefree switchingbetween Celsius and Fahrenheit, auto-detect yourcountry should useCelsius or Fahrenheit for default settings.- Windspeed and winddirection in different units- Wind guru tool: windforecast by windspeed meter, wind finder- 1 day, 10 days futureprediction withaccurate el tiempo, plus tempo data for future hour-Weather widgetand ongoing notification with forecast bar, multipleplace onwidgets- 360 weather alerts: provide local weather alerts 3times aday.- Dont need GPS on big cities, its so easy to getbetterweather New York, better weather usa for you.- Storm warning&notification: Storm radar, storm tracker, tornado warning andrainalarm - Reporting: wind report, the weather news- Auto reloaddatafor notification even app is in underground- Weathernotificationbar: Keeps weather running underground for realtime-Weather bugreport by using our feedback- World weather report, likenewsweather canada, weather UK, weather usa, …- Lot of weatherstationby the national weather service (nws) using our nws weatherappofficial- Noaa weather app free: It’s noaa weather appofficialfrom windyty- Lock screen with info: temp, rain, clouds& clockwidget weatherComing soon:- Multiple services &channels in theweather channel app like: prediction & backupservice forweatherbug and for weather underground, for bbc weather,for yr noand yoweather.- My radar app with runtime forecastle,better noaaradar weather apps, noaa forecast & doppler radarnow.- Noaaweather radio- Sunrise sunset time in each daily weatheritem ofnext 7 days- Sunrise calendar & sunset calendar- Removelogo inthe weather radar map- Weather today with push notification:getthe weather watch even app is stoppedDownload accurateweatherhourly right now to plan your trips! Any suggestion &weatherbug reports are also appreciated !
Transparent clock & weather - forecast & radar
Get accurate local or worldwide weather forecast easily withliveweather updates, hourly and daily weather forecasts andtimelyweather alerts. Check the weather for today, the weatherfortomorrow or the weather for the weekend with our easy to use app⛅️The weather app features the following: ⚡ Localweather:Automatically keep track or your location as you move andgetaccurate real time weather reports ⚡ Support for differentweatherproviders and thousands of weather stations worldwide toprovidethe most accurate weather forecast information for anylocation inthe world ☀️Complete weather report - Live weatherconditions,current temperature, feels like temperature, high andlowtemperatures, humidity, probability of rain and snow, windspeedand direction, heat index and more - Daily weather forecastsummaryfor the next 7 days - 12 hour weather preview(temperature,precipitation), comfort index (dew point, humidity,wind chill,feels like), UV index and wind forecast - Sunrise,sunset,moonrise, moonset, moon phases and daylight duration 🌥️Extendedweather forecasts. 10 day weather forecast, hourly weatherfor 72hours and wind forecast for 72 hours, each with detailedweatherconditions 🌩️ Weather radar. Radar images for the followinglayers:temperature, precipitation (rain and snow), pressure, wind🌡️Temperature notification. Keep track of the current temperatureatall times. 🌧️ Weather graphs. Get instant access to themostimportant weather details ⚠️ Live weather alerts. Get notifiedforselected weather conditions and receive alerts about good orbadweather well in advance 🖼️ Live wallpaper. Automatically changethehome screen wallpaper according to the current weatherconditions 🌎Worldwide weather forecasts. Get accurate worldwideweather reportsfor any location. Add up to 10 locations worldwideand easily keeptrack of the weather and time Using specializedweather providers,our app can give accurate weather forecast forany city, area orneighborhood in the USA like Brooklyn, Bronx,Manhattan, NYC, SanFrancisco, Houston, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio,e.t.c.🗽 The appcan also display accurate weather forecast for anyother city orarea in the world, from Australia to Canada, UK,France, Germany,Spain, Italy, Portugal, Greece, Sweden, Russia,Ukraine, Poland,China, Japan, South Korea, Mexico, Brazil,Argentina etc 🏖 ⏱️Various weather and clock widgets with manycustomization options 📐More personalization options - Weatherbackgrounds and layouts -Weather icons and widget skins - Fonts andfont sizes ⭐️ Premiumfeatures (available with subscription) - Noads - Extendedtemperature notifications - Animated live Dopplerweather radar. 🛰️Our animated radar option supports different maplayers(precipitation, satellite, temperature cloud) and map styles🏆Regular updates - We listen to our users and we work to makeourapp better 👍 Download Transparent clock & weather now andgetaccurate weather forecast delivered to your smartphone foranylocation worldwide. Plan your weekends or holidays with easeandstay prepared for good or bad weather with our free, simple touseweather app!
HumorCast - Authentic Weather 4.4.4
Lyker Labs
You check the weather, why not laugh as well?Start your day offonthe right foot with HumorCast: the original funny weatherapp.Baked-in are 1000s of phrases ready to complement theawfulweather. We also use a state-of-the-art weather engineincludingNOAA and wrapped it up in an easy-to-use interface. Oh,did wemention 100s of beautiful backgrounds taken byworld-classphotographers and paired precisely to each weathercondition? Andbest of all, we make it easy-as-pie to share so youand yourfriends can LOL together.Highlighted features:[+]Hyperlocal andaccurate weather forecasting[+] No ADS![+]Profanity-o-meter (Off,13+, 17+)[+] Weather sayings in differentaccents, pitches, rate[+]Multiple weather locations[+] Weatheralerts[+] Current/hour/7-dayweather conditions[+] Hyperlocal raingraph (down to the minutepredictions!)[+] Sharing features[+]US/metric units[+] Camerabackground[+] and so much more... - Weather and Radar
A weather station for your Android phone by! Thisappprovides you with - 7-day forecast - Current weather -HomescreenWidget (not possible if installed on SD card!!) -Powerful search +GPS positioning - Animated rain radar (Germany& Spain) andforecast - Weather warnings (Germany) - Editorialforecast(Germany, Austria, Switzerland) - Weather Videos - LiveWeatherCameras General information: We have weather information forallover the world. But our home market is Germany. So the app ismeantfor german speaking countries and some of the information likethetextual weather forecast or the weather warnings are onlyavailablein german! How can I get help? Please send an with your problem details. WidgetNotice:Widgets only work if the app is installed on internalstorage. Ifthe app is on external storage like a SD card, thewidgetdisappears. After reboot at the latest. It is a technicalissuewhich we can'tchange. move the app to SD card automatically. Translations:Version2 of the app is only available in English and German.
Weather 4.0
Weather is a great free weather app with rich features:Localweather, weather radar map and weather widgets. Its nevereasierthan before to receive the weather conditions in yourcurrentlocation. The weather app provides detailed local forecast&weather forecast world wide, current temperature in CelsiusandFahrenheit, sunrise and sunset times according to city timezone.Weather also provide atmospheric pressure, visibilitydistance,relative humidity, precipitation in different unites, dewpoint,wind speed and direction, in addition to 7 days in futureweatherforecast. Features: - Track the whether in multiplelocations -Hourly and daily forecastle, especially weather forecastfor next 7days. - Sunrise time, sunset time - Temperature freeswitchingbetween Celsius and Fahrenheit, auto-detect your countryshould useCelsius or Fahrenheit for default settings. - Wind speedand winddirection in different units - Weather widget andongoingnotification with forecast bar, multiple place on widgets -weatheralerts: provide local weather alerts 3 times a day (ifthisnotification is enabled) - Storm warning & notification:Stormradar, storm tracker, tornado warning and rain alarm -Reporting:the weather news every day (if this feature is enabled) -Autoreload data for notification even app is in underground (forwidget& notification bar) - Weather notification bar: Keepsweatherrunning underground for realtime - Lock screen with info:temp,rain, clouds & clock widget weather Download thisaccurateweather app right now to plan for all your work and moving!Anysuggestion is appreciated !
bergfex/Weather App - Forcast Radar Rain & Webcams
bergfex GmbH
Bergfex Weather App: All Bergfex - Weather forecasts in one appInthis Weather App you get all weather forecasts from theBergfexwebsite for the Alps region (Austria, Germany, Switzerland,Italyand Slovenia), including Mountain weather forecasts. ExclusiveforAustria: 3729 geo located and detailed weather forecasts foralltowns and a large number of mountain weather forecasts.WIDGETINSTALLATION: to be able to add the widget to the homescreen, theapp must be installed on the intern memory and NOT onthe SD-Card.You can move the app to the internal memory byfollowing thesesteps: Settings -> Apps -> Bergfex Weather-> Move tointernal memory What you get in the bergfex WeatherApp: - Favoriteoverview - 9 day forecasts (incl. detailed dailyforecasts) -Temperatures (min./max.) - Rain-/Rainfallradar -Lightning Map -Wind - Precipitation (incl. rain quantity andpossibility) - Sunhours - Precipitation forecast maps - Webcams Theexact forecastsare produced in cooperation with the ZAMG(Zentralanstalt fürMeteorologie und Geodynamik). You get access tothe followingextended contents by upgrading the app with an in-apppurchase(2,99 €): - No ads - Weather radar images for rain/cloudsandtemperature in 15 minute updates (INCA forecast from ZAMG) - 14daywebcam archive with timelapse function - Detailedprecipitationmaps - Short hand forecasts (for all Locations inAustria) -Weather stations for Austria - Regional weather forAustria
Weather XL PRO
Exovoid Sàrl
An exceptionally easy-to-use app to stay informed ofweatherconditions in your area and around the world. Gorgeousanimationsof weather conditions See at a glance the next weatherconditionchange - Weather forecast for the next 10 days - Hourlyforecast -Fast, beautiful and simple to use - Detailed forecastsfor rain,snow, wind and storms - Daily: dew, UV index, humidity andairpressure - Highest and lowest historical values - Satelliteandweather radar map animations - Optimized for both phonesandtablets - Live Wallpaper - Weather in notification areaandtemperature in status bar - Great widget for your home screenAndit’s all free. Try it now ! -- Privacy Policy & Terms of use:We do not collect any personal information. In order to useourapps, please accept our privacy policy and review conditionsforthird-parties such as advertisingpartners.
Awesome Weather YoWindow + Live Wallpaper
You just found a 🌈 magical weather app! 🌧️ When it'srainingoutside, it is raining in the app, and people open theirumbrellas.⛅ Scroll the time through the day and watch the weatherchange.Simply slide your finger from left to right. 🌅 The sun setsat thesame time as in the real world. 🌙 The phase of the moon isreal. 🏡State of the art Living Landscapes. Birds are singing andanimalsare strolling about in the Village. People and cars aboundin theCity. Planes are landing at the Airport. Sheep are grazing intheValley. 🍂 The landscape changes 5 times a year, to reflectnaturechanges in your area. 📷 The weather on your photo. YoWindowcanshow any weather, sunrises, sunsets and the phase of the Moon onaphotograph. For example, the view from your window. 🇺🇸Accurateweather forecast for the USA. High-precision weathersources -National Weather Service (NWS), Weather Underground,Foreca(nowcasting), (, METAR, Open Weather Map. Theforecastis based on data from national and foreign weatherstations, radarand satellite images. Watch the weather changetoday, tomorrow,over the week, and even 14 days ahead! ⛅ Moreweather? - Watertemperature (Foreca). - “Feels like” temperature. -Chance of rain(Foreca). - UV Index. 🗽The app automatically showsthe weather atyour location. It doesn’t matter where you are rightnow - inManhattan, Washington DC, Chicago, LA or San Francisco. Youwillalways have the accurate forecast at your fingertips. 🍭 MakeyourAndroid happy. - Temperature on the status bar. - Weatherforecastin the notification area. - Live wallpaper - animatedweather ofYoWindow on your desktop. - Wallpaper on the lock screen.- Weatherwidgets (clock and weather widget, weekly weatherforecast, 14 dayweather forecast, widget for today's weather). -Radar and WeatherMap. - Alarm clock with the weather — two in one —wake up to thesounds of nature. - Screensaver (Daydream) "weatheron the phonescreen." 🌇 Scenic photo-landscapes from cities in theUSA and allaround the world. Boston, Frisco, Seattle, New York, LasVegas,London, Paris, Tokyo and hundreds of others. The photo of thecityis reflecting actual weather conditions or the weatherforecast.Enjoy the weather! YoWindow team.
Weather Forecast, Radar & Widget - Morecast 4.0.26
Morecast - Weather Forecast with Radar & Widget is yourpersonalweather companion, that helps you prepare for upcomingSnow Storms,Rain, Heat and other severe weather conditions. TOPFEATURES ►Pinpoint Weather Precise weather is available at astreet-levelaccuracy for your current location or favoritelocations anywhere inthe U.S., Canada and Mexico. Morecast isbacked by global weatherforecast data from more than 28,000weather stations. ► WeatherRadar Visualize by the minuteprecipitation on our weather radarmap. Radar shows snow, rain,temperature or lightning layers in realtime. ► Storm TrackerMorecast will inform you of upcoming stormsincluding heavysnowfall up to 60 minutes ahead of time. ►Customizable WeatherWidget Get automatic updates of the weathersituation on your homescreen with our beautiful widgets. ► WeatherGraphs Visualize anyweather situation in our easy to use interfacewith detailedhyper-local weather forecasts in 24 hour, 3 day and 14day graphs.► Live Webcams Preview live weather situations aroundthe world bychoosing from thousands of global webcams. ► NavigationwithOn-Route Weather Morecast offers a brilliant navigation featuretohelp you decide on the best route around weather conditions.►Weather Community Be a part of our great weather communityandshare your weather moments with fellow Morecasters. ►CompareCompare weather for two locations side-by-side, so you canalwaysmake the best decision. WEATHER FORECAST DATA 1. Temperature:in °For °C for the current temperature, daily maximum and minimumandhourly forecasts 2. Wind: Wind direction and wind speed inmph,km/h or knots 3. Precipitation: By the minute precipitation,stormtracker with rain and snow probability and amount in inches,mm orl/m² 4. Humidity: By the hour in % 5. Cloud coverage: Actualandforecasted cloud coverage in % on graphs 6. Sunshine Duration:Theamount of sunshine for today and the next 7 days 7. UVindex:Hourly UV index info 8. Sunrise and sunset: Times for thenext 3days 9. Air pressure: In hPa by the hour and for the next 7daysWHAT MAKES MORECAST UNIQUE? Morecast is an advanced Androidweatherapp with weather radar providing comprehensive weather databycombining data from the local national weather services andfromthe Morecast Data Centers. We ensure you have the highestqualityof meteorological data available, in order to alert you ofupcomingstorms, rain, or extreme heat. Morecast also features acommunityof avid users posting thousands interestingweather-relatedpostings every day. This free Android app includesthe normallypaid for features such as hourly weather forecast,weather radar,snow storm tracker, navigation weather, AndroidWidgets, andwebcams. App is fully localized to more than 25 widelyspokenlanguages. AD-FREE VERSION Enjoy the ad-free version of ourpremiumweather app. Purchase now! PRIVACY Please find importantlinksbelow: - PrivacyPolicy: - Terms ofUse: FEEDBACKANDSUPPORT Please share your feedback and ideas directly with FOLLOW US ‣Facebook ‣Twitter ‣Instagram MORE INFO For moreinformationabout Morecast - Weather Forecast with Radar &Widget
Weather Forecast 10.7
Weather forecast is excellent, easy app, it updating withtheweather conditions. Weather provides detailed currentweatherforecast and weather observation for all world locations,Weatherforecast searches for your address automatically, andprovides thecurrent temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit, sunriseand sunsettimes according to city time zone. Weather forecast alsoprovidescurrent atmospheric pressure, weather condition,visibilitydistance, relative humidity, precipitation in differentunites, dewpoint, wind speed and direction, in addition to 7 daysfutureforecast The app give you a very simple user interface, easyto seeall weather info by a touch. FEATURES - View weatherinformation atmultiple locations - Hourly or daily & 7 daysforecast -Weather supports geo-positioning, retrieving the latestweatherconditions for your current location, automatic locationdetectionby network and GPS. - An option to search & manuallyadd yourlocation. - You can allow and disable the notifications-Atmospheric pressure, wind speed and direction in manydifferentunits - Sunset and Sunrise times. - Shares weather,locationinformation with friends. - Moon phase, moon cycle -Localized tomost of the world languages. - Weather widget andstatus barnotification, multiple location on widget - Option to setlockscreen with live weather information - Easy to update yourlocationwhen you moving, both network and GPS supported - WeatherradarEnjoying your live with our weather forecast app, thank you!
3B Meteo - Weather Forecasts
3BMeteo, the official Android app from The bestandmost accurate weather forecasts! Download the brand new appforFREE, and find out lots of new stuff! Renewed and moderninterface,charts that will help you read clearly the forecasts inyour city.The brand new photo-reports feature: you can now reportthe weatherin your city through a photo! And then the unchangedstrength of3bmeteo: reliable and accurate weather forecasts,updatedconstantly during the first 24 hours: thanks to theNowcastingtechnique, using real weather data, satellite images,radar andlightning strikes. This allows a very reliable forecastseven onvery small areas. No automatic forecasts, but maintained bya staffof more than 15 meteorologists who work 365 days a year togive thebest possible service. But it's not over! Live weather newsareavailable in Italian language, scientific andenvironmentalcuriosity, videos made by meteorologists and a largecommunity ofusers! Unmissable automatic GPS tracking feature; youwill receiveforecasts automatically in your favourite cities. Noneed to selectthem every time, your Smartphone will know where youare, butespecially the exact weather in that place! What you get,indetail? The representation of the average day weather,syntheticforecasts for night, morning, afternoon and evening.Forecasts withdetailed timetable, monitoring of seas and winds,atmosphericagents analysis, and every other possibile parameter.All with newgraphic interface, clear symbolism, full in-climateweatherdetails. We also present the opportunity to watch real-timeimagesfrom webcams. You can also join the big community, and sharewithyour photos and videos or just report the weather conditionsinyour area. If this is not enough, here is the 3BMeteo widgetthatwill make the relationship with the weather informationeveneasier, fast and functional. Choose the desired width andheight,the widget will resize automatically and fill the space witha lotof information. Reliable predictions require confirmationsandexplanations: with this app you can not only constantly checkforany major changes in real time, but you can also choose toreceiveclimate alerts and insights through push notifications. Theweatherjournal is full of necessary information to understand theweather,written in simple language, clear and appealing as thegraphicalinterface, very intuitive as well as easy to use. And ifItaly istoo small for you, don't fear: 3bmeteo will also providetheforecasts for the entire world! In fact you can getweatherforecasts all over the world, with an automatic control andup to 7days. 3BMeteo is perfectly optimized with the latestAndroidoperating system, and features are available both in Italianas inEnglish! WHAT'S NEW -New and improved interface -Photo-report:nowyou can report the weather in your city by taking and sharingaphoto directly from your smartphone, become Weatherreporter!-Charts for an easy and fast reading of weather forecasts-Doubleset of weather icons, realistic and the stylized. -Don't youlikeadvertising? Now you can remove it from both the website with a single pass! -New forecastreliabilityinfo: you can plan your trips in peace Terms andconditionsavailable on:
Weather XL Austria PRO
Exovoid Sàrl
An easy-to-use app to stay informed of weather conditions inAustriaand around the world. Gorgeous animations of weatherconditions Seeat a glance the next weather condition change -Hourly forecast -Weather forecast for the next 10 days - Fast,beautiful and simpleto use - Detailed forecasts for rain, snow,wind and storms - Daily:dew, UV index, humidity and air pressure -Highest and lowesthistorical values - Satellite and weather radarmap animations -Optimized for both phones and tablets - LiveWallpaper - Weather innotification area and temperature in statusbar - Great widget foryour home screen And it’s all free. Try itnow ! -- Privacy Policy& Terms of use : We do not collect anypersonal information. Inorder to use our apps, please accept ourprivacy policy and reviewconditions for third-parties such asadvertising partners.
Wetter by
Get the new Wetter app on your Android device and receivethecurrent weather conditions and forecasts as well as thesevereweather warnings for over 1.5 million locations worldwide. Upto 15favorite places can be set up to find out news abouttemperatures,wind direction, wind speed, weather forecasts andprecipitationprobability. Our 14,000 weather stations and weathermaps aroundthe world show you the current weather conditionsincluding weatherforecast for over 180 countries. Never besurprised by severeweather or rain: our radar for Germany shows youwhere it rained inthe past 90 minutes, when it will rain in yourlocation and whetherthere is a shower, a storm or a large showerarea. You will beimmediately notified in case of a storm warningfor any of yourfavored locations. Whether you are planning yourholiday, yourweekend or just your next outdoor escape: the weatherreport will always inform you about the weatherconditions andweather news. The highlights of the Wetter app at aglance: • Thecurrent weather of over 84,000 locations in Germanyand 1.5 millionlocations worldwide • 10 day forecast for alllocations • Accurateweather forecasts by access to approximately14,000 weatherstations worldwide • Weather maps of over 180countries around theworld for today's weather and the weatherforecast for tomorrow andthe day after • Severe weather warningsand storm warnings forGermany • Rain radar including snow, sleetand hail Moreinformation about the Wetter app can be found in ourarticle. Visitus on or sendus yourfeedback to precise local wind & weather forecast 7.8.3 - wind, waves and weather forecast app forsurfers,kitesurfers, windsurfers, sailors, fishermen and other windsports.FEATURES: ✔ Wind report, forecast and statistics: windmap,accurate wind compass, wind meter, wind gusts and winddirections.It’s very useful for extreme wind sports. ✔ Wind alert:Set upwindalert and be aware of wind, storm and tornado warningviapush-notifications ✔ Weather history (archive) for 2012-2019:viewwind data, temperature (day and night) and atmosphericpressure.Weather archive will help you to choose the best month fortravelto the spot. ✔ Local forecast from NOAA: temperature inCelsius,Fahrenheit and Kelvin, humidity, wind speed, precipitation(rainand snow). Forecast for 10 days with 3 hours step in metricorimperial units: m/s (mps), mph, km/h, knt (knout), bft(beaufort),m, ft, mm, cm, in, hPa, inHg. NOAA is a National OceanicandAtmospheric Administration / National Weather Service (nws). ✔Waveforecast: ocean or sea conditions, ocean waves and seaswell,fishing forecast ✔ Animated wind tracker: weather radarforsailing, yachting and kiting in light wind ✔ Beautifulweatherwidget on home screen ✔ Storm and hurricane tracker: a mapoftropical cyclones (tropical storms, hurricanes, typhoons)aroundthe globe ✔ Free nautical charts map: view water depth, oceantidesand currents, buoy data ✔ Cloud base/Dewpoint (dew point)data:necessary weather information for pleasant paragliding ✔Spots:over 30.000 spots sorted and located by the type and area.Add yourspots to favourites. ✔ Spot chats. Got anemometer? Shareinfo aboutweather conditions and wind direction in the chat from akite spot.✔ Community: exchange weather reports on the spot. Wantto be alocal/spot leader? Email us the name of your and we will create a chat for it. ✔WeatherStations: online data from nearby online weather stations.✔Offline Mode: activateoffline mode and check the forecast foryouractivities without internet connection. PERFECT FOR: •Kitesurfing(kitesurf) • Windsurfing (wind surf) • Surfing • Sailing(Boating)• Yachting • Paragliding • Fishing • Snowkiting •Snowboarding •Skiing • Skydiving • Kayaking (kayak) • Wakeboarding• Cycling •Hunting (hunt) • Golf is a perfect weatherradar thatkeeps you informed about all major changes. Checkhurricaneforecast, snow report or marine traffic and plan youractivitiessmartly with our wind meter. This is a very convenientandeasy-to-use digital anemometer available right in yoursmartphone.Get access to real-time weather and make sure your planswon’t beaffected by sudden weather change. We take care of yoursafety inthe sea and update live weather forecast as frequent aspossible.Fans of yachting, kayaking, wakeboarding and other watersports cantrack the probability of tropical storm and hurricane aswell ascheck the situation in marine, tornado tracker and radar.Severeweather, storm & cyclone updates. Already a windy.appfan?FOLLOW US ON: Facebook: Any questions, feedback orbusinessinquiries? CONTACT US: via email: orvisit ourwebsite: Like app? Rate itandrecommend to your friends! Let the wind force be with you!
Weather app 5.5
This weather app is one of best free weather apps withfullfeatures: Local weather, weather map (weather map service)andweather widgets. Forecastle: Forecast now, hourly forecastanddaily forecast app Widgets for Android: The weather radarwidgetfree and clock widget weather with beautiful style. Weathermap,weather radar map: Local weather radar app free with a lot ofradarscope: Rain/snow, temperature, pressure, windy, clouds,humidity,waves, … and storm radar. Its so easy to receive theweatherconditions in your current location. Weather forecast appprovidesdetailed local forecast & weather forecast world wide,the appprovides the current temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit,sunriseand sunset time according to city time zone. The weather appalsoprovides atmospheric pressure, weather conditions,visibilitydistance, relative humidity, precipitation in differentunites, dewpoint, wind speed and direction, in addition to ten daysin futureand hourly weather forecast. Realtime temperature,humidity,pressure and wind direction are all in the weather appbased. Greatfeatures: - The weather channel: temperature, wind, airsunshine,humidity, dew point, precipitation, visibility,atmospherepressure, water, sunrise sunset, storm, stormshield, rainalert inone wetter app - Hourly or daily prediction: we offer 7days info,the weather now, hourly weather free in each hour,today’s weather,tomorrow’s weather - Animated weather conditionswith livebackground images - Hourly and weekly forecastle,especially hourlyweather item for next 7 days. - World weatherreport: we provideworldwide weather forecast - Weather alerts:provide local weatheralerts 3 times a day. - No GPS: not a problem,app can detectnetwork location, not so accurate but its ok for somecases - Stormwarning & notification: Storm radar, stormtracker, tornadowarning and rain alarm - rain radar - Reporting:the weather newscan show up everyday if you enable it. - Sunrisetime, sunset time& water time - Temperature converter:Temperature freeswitching between Celsius and Fahrenheit,auto-detect your countryshould use Celsius or Fahrenheit fordefault settings. - Wind speedand wind direction in different units- Wind guru tool: windforecast by wind speed meter, wind finder - 1day, 7 days futureprediction with accurate el tiempo, plus tempodata for futurehourly weather - Weather widget (weather onhomescreen) and ongoingnotification with forecast bar, multipleplace on widgets. - Autoreload data for notification even app is inunderground - Weathernotification bar: Keeps weather runningunderground for realtime,you can see the temperature on androidsystem bar without openingapp - Lock screen with info: temps, rain,clouds & clock widgetweather - Track the whether in multiplelocations - Chance of rain,moon phrase, moon cycle - Great wetherradar with animated mapsDownload accurate weather app right now toplan your trips, work& your life! - Secure cloud storage and file sharing 3.2.4 Inc.
Sync’s encrypted cloud storage keeps your files safe, secureandprivate. Access your files from all of your computers anddeviceseasily, and share your files securely with anyone. Features:* Get5 GB of secure cloud storage free * Access files stored onanycomputer or device, from your phone or tablet * Upload yourphotosand videos to Sync * Send large files easily with links*Collaborate and share with teams through shared folders *Protectyour files with built-in encryption and access controls HowSyncprotects your privacy: Sync's end-to-end encrypted cloudstorageensures that only you can access your data. We can't readyourfiles - nor would we want to - ensuring that your documents,photosand videos are safeguarded from unauthorized access. We'dlove yourfeedback! Contact us using the support link below.Support: PrivacyPolicy: Terms ofservice:
weather forecast 9.00
Weather forecast app let you know weather informationexactly.Weather forecast is very important for life. With areliableweather channel, You will have weather information toprepare yourplan. What is the weather today? Weather forecast appgive youright answer. Weather today will be updated hourly.Weatherforecast app also has a weather report on weather tomorrow,weatherfor today, also 10 day weather forecast With weatherforecast youcan see weather of your location and also you can knowweather ofmany places on the world. If you are in New York, You canseeLondon weather, Paris weather, San Francisco weather,Houstonweather... Weather app is very easy to use. Please open app,enablelocation then you receive the weather forecasts in yourcurrentlocation. Then weather report provides current weatherforecast,weather observation for all world locations, Weatherforecastsearches for your address automatically, you can choosetemperatureunit is Celsius or Fahrenheit. There are manyinformation inweather forcasts which includes atmospheric pressure,weathercondition, visibility distance, relative humidity,precipitation indifferent unites, dew point, wind speed anddirection, in additionto ten days future forecast, also hourlyweather forecast. Realtimetemperature, humidity, pressure, windforce and wind direction areall in this weather app based. Weatherapp has a lot of features: -Free. It is a free Weather channel,weather network. - Global. Youcan see weather in any places youlike, ex: London weather, Parisweather, San Francisco weather,Houston weather - Full report.Displays all information of weather:location time, temperature,atmospheric pressure, weather condition,visibility distance,relative humidity, precipitation in differentunites, dew point,wind speed and direction - Live weather forecastfor free: thisweather and climate app offers daily weather, hourlyweatherforecasts and monthly weather forecasts. Meanwhile, italsoprovides interstate travel weather forecasts and forecastweatherand wind. - Today, tomorrow, 3 days later, 7 days later.Weatherfor today, tomorrow’s weather, … hourly weather in eachhour. -Automatic location detection by network or GPS. - Add andtrack theweather reports in multiple locations - Weathernotifications. Showyou warnings and alerts updates, if you don'tlike you can make itinvisible - If you are living in big city likeNew York, London,Paris you don’t need to enable GPS, the app candetect rightlocation over network then give exactly info suchcities. pleasedownload weather forecast app, if you have anysuggestion pleaselet me know.
Weather News & Radar Maps - The Weather Channel
Weather your way: face all weather conditions this spring withTheWeather Channel, an IBM Business. Get live radar updates andcheckthe local weather conditions on the go. Get ready for what'saheadwith local weather news, including your weather map, stormradarand local weather forecast. Live weather radar, pollenforecast, aswell as your local temperature - available wherever youare! Getyour daily local weather map and temperature info thisspring, soyou can prepare for your day with confidence. Living inan areaprone to severe weather? Our storm radar and GPS trackerhave gotyou covered. The Weather Channel provides an accurateweatherforecast that helps you plan up to 15 days in advance, withNOAAalerts and severe weather recommendations. Want to enjoythespring, and get out to enjoy the warmer weather conditions?Don'tget caught in a sudden rain downpour - plan your week withourdetailed weather tracker. Track your local weather map andliveweather radar and prepare for what's ahead, whether that's abit ofrain, a crisp and sunny day, or severe weather. Our practicalGPSmaps and storm radar will help you face whatever the cloudswillbring. Track weather alerts thanks to our live weatherradar!Discover The Weather Channel’s top 5 features: 1. Weatheryour way!Get a personalized live weather map and check weatherconditions ina new way. Discover a live radar, a rain tracker, andour new FeelsLike feature to get an accurate idea of how it feelsoutside. 2.NOAA weather alerts that you can subscribe to - Presspushnotifications and get real time notifications for allsevereweather updates with our storm tracker. 3. Track weatheralerts& conditions - Stay on top of spring weather with ourrain GPS,and track weather alerts with our storm radar. 4. Smartvideos!Discover visuals of NOAA alerts and track on a GPS mapthedevelopment of a storm. 5. Track the flu spread with FluInsightswith Watson - We can now predict the flu risk up to 15 daysinadvance, and we’ll alert you when there’s an increased risk inyourarea. Stay alert: track travel weather and plan springoutdooractivities with confidence. • Weather maps & weatherforecastupdates give you all the information you need, wherever youare!Know what to expect before you even set foot outside,fromtemperature to wind chills. • Don’t get caught in the rain!WithNOAA alerts, a weather forecast up to 48 hours and our liveweatherradar, you will be prepared for anything. • Dailytemperature, windspeed and weather maps let you know if you need tobring a lightjacket, sunglasses or your umbrella! • Run smart withRunningIndex! Find the best running conditions by examiningthetemperature and detailed wind speed updates to plan yourperfectroute! Keep informed on the latest weather news. • Staypreparedduring extreme weather events and earthquakes. We’ll sendyou livealerts, so you’ll always be aware. • Our live radar willhelp youtrack extreme weather where you live. Enjoy our Premiumversion!Get all the information you need regarding local weatherandtemperature. • See the forecast for the next 96 hours • See24hours into the future with 24-Hr Future Radar • From humidity toUVindex, get more daily details with your Premium experience. •Planyour day without the inconvenience of ads for just $9.99/year.Bealert and get all the information you need with live news andmaps.----- Privacy & Feedback • Our Privacy Policy can beviewedhere: 
 • OurTerms ofUse can beviewedhere:
 • If youhaveany questions or suggestions, please get in According to App Annie, TheWeatherChannel was the #1 weather app by combined worldwidedownloads from2016 through 2019 and is used by over 50 millionmonthly activeusers worldwide.
Weather 5.1.7
Weather is exceptionally easy to use app for staying alwaysupdatedwith the weather conditions. The Weather app isspecificallydesigned to be as simple and intuitive as possible.With just oneclick you receive the weather condition in your statusbar at yourcurrent location. The climate state is gorgeouslyanimated so thatyou can almost experience it, seeing how theweather comes alive.The app is using Weather Underground as a datachannel and the liveupdates are really tiny so that you would notuse up your data cap.FEATURES - Weather supports geo-positioning,retrieving the latestweather conditions for your current location -An option tomanually add your location - Measure ambienttemperature and UVindex on supported devices - Full support forAndroid TV -Available on your favorite smartwatch. Full support forWear OS. -Add and track the weather conditions in multiplelocations -Weather is one of the most lightweight weather apps onGoogle Play!- Animated weather conditions - see how the weathercomes alive! -Widgets for different locations - Hourly and weeklyforecasts -Intuitive, seamless user interface - Support for thelock screenwidget in Android 4.2 - Weather benefits all knownscreenresolutions - Offers quality support for Android devices -fromAndroid 1.5 to Android 5.0 - Tap on the temperature toswitchbetween Celsius and Fahrenheit - You can allow and disablethenotifications - Choose by yourself what will be the next featureofWeather! Leave a comment or send us an e-mail and help usmakeWeather the best app of its kind. Get in touch with us andfollowthe latest news regarding ourapps:
Weather 2.6
Quark Ltd
Weather forecast: pay attention to your city's weatherconditions,always make your life in advance to make decisions, toyour travelescort. * Precise positioning: Wherever you go, alwaysprovideaccurate weather forecasts for your location * Long timeweatherforecast: up to 12 days of weather forecast for your nexttwo weeksgood plan * Attention to every moment: time to payattention to thehourly weather changes, to prevent sudden weather *More WeatherDescription: Sunrise Time, Sunset Time, Humidity,PrecipitationProbability, Visibility, Wind Speed, Provide MoreViews for YourTravel Preparation * Tens of thousands of cities andtowns:accurate coverage of the world's thousands of cities, towns,followyour pace, to provide you with weather conditions * Simple,flat UIdesign, refreshing   Weather forecast your personalweathersteward!
Weather 🌞 1.8.2
Weather is a beautiful and clean weather app, designed to beassimple to use as possible. With just one click you can checktheweather for today, the weather for tomorrow and the forecastforthe next 10 days. The current weather for today and theweatherforecast for tomorrow are gorgeously animated. See realisticrain,snow or thunderstorm weather animations, sun rays for cleardays,the moon’s glow and the stars at night, moving clouds andmoreweather animations. They all reflect the weather making itcomealive. The background color of Weather changes to reflecttheweather conditions making you almost feel the weather. Fromlightblue for clear days to darker grays for cloudy days you’llknowhow’s the weather like with just one glance. The Weather appisusing WetterOnline as a weather data provider, some of themostadvanced weather forecasting provider available, whichgiveshyper-accurate data wherever you find yourself. WEATHERFEATURES ●Current weather conditions and temperatures for today.Beautifulhourly graph for the next hours today and tonight. ● How’stheweather tomorrow? Easily check the weather forecast fortomorrow,including hourly. ● Extended 10 day weather forecastoutlook. ●Swipe down to view detailed weather conditions: humidity,dewpoint, UV index, visibility, chance of rain, animatedwind,pressure and sunrise/sunset. ● Animated weather conditionsfortoday and tomorrow. ● Live background color reflectsweatherconditions. ● Automatically detects your location andretrieves thelatest weather conditions for your current location. ●Add andtrack weather conditions for all your favorite citiesanddestinations ● Celsius and Fahrenheit weather units ● The appandthe weather data is available in over 40 languages. ● Sharetheweather app and invite your friends on Facebook to use theweatherapp. We are committed to building the best weather app andwouldlove to hear your feedback. Let us know your
Australia's favourite weather app, Weatherzone gives you accesstodetailed observations, 10 day forecasts, rain radar, BOMwarningsand much more. We use Bureau of Meteorologyforecasts,Weatherzone's high-resolution Opticast model and ourmeteorologiststo produce accurate forecasts for Australia and theworld. – KeyFeatures Include – • Real-time observations fromhundreds ofautomated weather stations across the country:Temperature, wind,dew point, humidity, pressure and rain since 9am. • 10 dayforecasts of minimum/maximum temperature, rainprobability andlikely amount, 9am/3pm wind, sunrise/sunset times. •Hourlytemperature, chance of rain and wind forecasts in ourinteractivegraph viewer. • Real-time weather warnings from theBureau ofMeteorology. • Daily weather news and videos. • Lightningalertsfor your suburb. • Local and national rain radar,Himawari-8satellite and lightning maps. • Push notifications forsignificantweather alerts. • Exclusive Australian synoptic map. –What areother features of Weatherzone? – • UV rating and watchtimes. •Pollen Forecast (for capital cities except Darwin). • FireDangerRating (where available). • Past 24-hour and historicobservations.• Animated radar from 58 locations around Australia,includingnational composite radars. • Animated satellite ofAustralia. –Subscriptions – Choose from two subscription options: •Ad Free -AUD$1.99 / Year auto-renewing subscription. • Pro -AUD$5.99 /Month auto-renewing subscription. Subscriptions areauto-renewablewhich means that once purchased it will beauto-renewed everyperiod until you cancel it 24 hours prior to theend of the currentperiod. Subscriptions may be managed by the userand auto-renewalmay be turned off by going to the user's AccountSettings afterpurchase. – Brisbane City Council Early Warning Alert– BrisbaneCity Council has partnered with Weatherzone to provideBrisbaneresidents with free severe weather alerts. The alertsarelocation-based, so you only receive warnings if you maybeimpacted. Note that location-based features use the GPS runninginthe background and this can impact your device's battery usage.–How is the lightning data sourced? – Lightning is detected bytheWeatherzone Total LightningNetwork( the most advanced lightning detection network inAustralia.Lightning data displayed for consumers is delayed by upto10minutes. – Where does our data come from? – Our data issourcedfrom a variety of sources including our own lightningdetectionnetwork, in house forecast models and the Bureau ofMeteorology.More details can be foundhere: about the app: FAQ andsupporttickets: Terms and conditionsofuse: If you have anyfeaturesuggestions, have an issue with your subscription, or find abug,please email us at
3D EARTH - accurate weather forecast & rain radar 1.1.14
Meet the wonderful 3D Earth. The most beautiful app, ever!Thisunique application combining: weather forecast, clocks, widgetsanda beautiful view from the space to our Earth. Accurateweatherconditions and forecast is the main feature of this app. Theuniqueweather forecast algorithm has access to thousands ofweatherstations. It allows making a mostly accurate forecast foreachlocation around the world! Current weather condition has adetaileddescription, air temperature, wind direction and force,humidity,dew point, pressure, visibility, as well as comfort indexwithreference to current weather conditions. Weatherforecastinformation has a detailed description, day and nightairtemperature, wind direction and force, humidity, UV index,airquality, ozone, geomagnetic storms, the probabilityofprecipitation, and comfort index with reference to currentweatherconditions. FEATURES: - Real-time 3D rendered Earth - RainRadarprovided by Rain Viewer - The world clock for each location-Weather condition for more than 150 000 locations around theworldwith 15 days and hourly forecasts - Beautiful charts for 15daysand 48 hours forecast - Sunrise and Sunset time - Accurate 15dayweather forecast - Weather widgets with weather forecast -Weathernotifications and weather alerts - Weather forecast formultiplelocations all around the world - Fabulous animatedwallpaper with3D Earth - Local time in 12 or 24-hour format -"Feels Like"temperature and weather bug forecast too - Humidityandprecipitation forecast information, pressure in inches, mm ormbar- Fahrenheit or Celsius and Miles or Kilometers - Easynavigationbetween cities - Barometer and pressure forecast for you- UV indexand forecast - Precipitation probability forecast -Visibility onthe roads - Space weather forecast - Dew point inforecast weatherchannel - Share forecast, alerts, by e-mail,Twitter, Facebook,WhatsApp, Telegram, SMS and other ways - LiveWeather notificationindicators in the status bar Paris, London, NewYork, Berlin, Rome,Madrid, Barcelona, Prague, Moscow, Sydney, LosAngeles, Tokyo orany other location worldwide – get accurateweather forecastswherever you go. For assistance, please
Weather & Widget - Weawow 4.3.6
Weawow is a beautiful and highly accurate weatherforecastapplication. You can also sell your photos at theWeawowmarketplace. Accurate and detailed weather forecast for free- Freewithout advertisement: No annoying advertisements aredisplayed atall. - Beautiful photos and weather forecast: Thebeautiful photosposted by users are matched with the weatherforecast anddisplayed, so you can see the weather conditions fromthephotographs. - Corresponding weather forecast: live weather,todayweather, tomorrow weather, 48 hour weather, weekly weather.-Accurate and detailed weather: highest temperature,lowesttemperature, live temperature, apparent (feels-like)temperature,probability of rain, precipitation, humidity, dewpoint, cloudscover, atmospheric pressure, wind speed, winddirection, UV index,visibility, air Quality, pollen. - Coversworldwide: Countries,cities, spots, places, and local that can besearched using Googlesearch. - Supported languages: English,French, German, Spanish,Chinese, and 50 more languages. - Animatedradar map: rainysituation, temperature, cloud movement, windmovement, atmosphericpressure. All of these information can be seenup to 14 days ahead.- Sun and Moon: Sunrise time, sunset time,twilight, moon phases,full moon day, new moon day, age of the moon.- Bookmark: Manageyour favorite places with bookmarks. - Simpleinterface: You canget the necessary information by simply scrollingdown the screen.- Choose your favorite theme: Dark theme and whitetheme areavailable. Beautiful widgets - Weather forecast widgetwithpictures: Enjoy a richer home screen with beautiful picturesandweather forecast. - Around 10 types of widget: Sizes range from1x1to 4x4. Changeable font size, background transparency,color,place, local time. - Real time update: Automatically get thelatestweather forecast. - GPS support: Even if you move to anotherlocal,you will automatically get the weather information for thatlocal.- Clock, date: Supports local time. Launches calendarapplicationand clock application. Daily notification and On-goingnotification- Push notification: Notifies the weather forecast forthat day atthe specified time. - On-going notification: weatherinformation upto 8 hours ahead, weekly weather, current weather. -Weather on thestatus bar: Current temperature, today's highesttemperature,today's lowest temperature, weather type. Coversworldwide, in allcities - Examples of supported countries: UnitedState (US),Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom (UK), Spain, France,Germany,Russia, Turkey, India, China, Japan, Argentina, Brazil, andallother countries. - Examples of supported cities: WashingtonDC,Chicago, New York, Hawaii, Boston, Houston, Denver,Atlanta,Pittsburgh, St Louis, Cleveland, London, Madrid, Paris,Stockholm,Rome, Berlin, Athens, Prague, Warsaw, Kyiv, Moscow,Ankara, NewDelhi, Tokyo, Buenos Aires, and all other cities andlocal. Postingand selling your photos - You can post and sell yourphotos fromWeawow's browser service. - The posted photos areautomaticallydisplayed after being matched with the weather in theapplicationas well. WeatherProviders: NOAA,MET Norway, Goverment of Canada, Dark Sky,Weatherbit, WorldWeather Online, Weatherbit, AccuWeather, WAQI,RainViewer.
Weather 1.30.414
"The Weather is a beautiful, free application that includesmanycool widgets. Update the current weather in the place whereyoulive and all the city, national of the world with live iconsforall weather conditions. Weather forecast is a usefulapplicationfor everyone, designed simple, easy to use. Itautomaticallysearches for your address and updates your localweather situationquickly. With just one click you can check theweather conditionsfor today: temperature, humidity, UV index,precipitation,atmospheric pressure, wind speed and direction, etc.; Weatherforecast tomorrow; Weather forecasts for the next 10days, weeks,hours. This free app shows real-time, daily, hourly,providessunrise and sunset times according to city/national timezoneWeather forecast supports all smartphones, tablets using IOS/Android operating system. FEATURES - Updated weatherforecastinformation free accurate daily, weekly. - Accurateprecipitationforecasts for each locality and region around theworld, includingrainfall, intensity, wind pressure, etc. - Weatherforecast fortoday, tomorrow, the next 3 days, even extended theweatherforecast of the next 10 days in the provinces /cities ofcountriesaround the world such as Canada, United States (US),Brazil, UnitedKingdom (UK), Sweden, Denmark, Italy, Russia,Germany, France,Portugal, Spain, Finland, Greece, Turkey, Sweden,Spain, Norway,Venezuela, Australia, India, Japan, South Korea,China, Vietnam,Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, ... - Weather channeldisplays theinformation: Temperature, humidity, fog, sunshine,rain, UV index,wind symbol, pressure, sunrise /sunset. - Warning ofextremeweather conditions in the current locations such as ice,snow,thunder, lightning, hail, etc. - The Weather has beautifulwidgets,animations suitable for all phones and great experiences onalltablets and smartphones from Android - Live weather forecastforfree, it provides interstate travel weather forecasts,cities,countries in the world. - Automatically detects yourlocation andretrieves the latest weather conditions for yourcurrent location.- Easy to update your location when you moving,both network andGPS supported - Live weather report in status barcan help youbetter plan your day and your travels with weatherwarnings andalerts updates. - Add and track weather forecast forall yourfavorite cities and destinations: Washington (US), NewYork,Ottawa, London (UK), Rome, Madrid, Oslo, Moscow, Paris,Berlin,Athens, Ankara, Stockholm, Caracas, Madrid, Tokyo,Seoul,Singapore, Hanoi, Bangkok, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur ...Inaddition,you can also monitor underground weather, marine weatherforecast.- Update and report on the situation of undergroundweather, marineweather: humidity, intensity, wind pressure, fog,precipitation,... - Stay update the latest weather channel for yourphone. Youcan share apps and invite your friends on Facebook usingtheweather channel. - Updated weather condition more from theweatherradar with added future radar in the latest version. Comingsoon: -Weather radar, live weather radar and radar NOAA - Weatherislocalized all languages in the world Enjoying your beautifullifewith our weather channel!"
1Weather : Forecasts, Widgets, Snow Alerts & Radar
1Weather is the #1 FREE Weather App with All PRO Features 📡LiveLocal Radar with 25+ layers Track thunderstorms, hurricanes,snowand Stay Safe 🤗 📅 12 Weeks Extended Forecast Don’t miss out ontheSun! Plan your Day, Week or even the next vacation withourextended forecasts. 📲 10+ Beautiful Customizable WidgetsTrackweather right from your Homescreen with our beautiful widgets.⚠️Hyperlocal Severe Weather Warnings We care for your safety.Anysevere weather alerts are delivered in Realtime. ☁️ 48HoursDetailed Forecast Get an hour by hour forecast so that youknow ifyou need that light jacket or not 🧥 ☔ Hourly Chances of RainNeverlet Rain catch you by surprise-know when to take thatumbrella. 🌞UV Index, Dew Point, Visibility Info, Humidity andPressure Info 💨Wind and Gust Speed with Alerts 📺 1Weather TV –LocalForecastVideos Health Center [COMING SOON] 1Weather is the MOSTAWARDEDWEATHER APP 🏆 2020 Google Play Editor’s Choice Award #1Weather Appfor Android” – Android Authority “Top 25 apps you shoulddownloadright now” – CNN "The Most Attractive, Feature-PackedAndroidWeather App We’ve Ever Seen" – Lifehacker We are 50MillionDownloads and Counting! Download 1Weather Now 📥 Need Help?Pleasefeel free to reach us at . We wouldloveto hear from you. Note: We may collect information from youruse ofthe app that we may share with our partners to deliverpersonalizedads and improve our services. You may modify yourchoices at anytime as explained in our PrivacyPolicy:
Hourly Weather Forecast 1.7
Hourly weather is one of best free weather apps with fullfeatures:Local weather, weather map and weather widgets.Weathermap: Localweather radar app free with a lot of radar scope:Rain/snow,temperature, pressure, windy, clouds, humidity, waves, …and stormradar.Forecastle: Forecast now, hourly forecast and dailyforecastappWidgets for Android: The weather radar widget free andclockwidget weather with beautiful style.Its so easy to receivetheweather conditions in your current location.Weather forecastappprovides detailed local forecast & weather forecast worldwide,the app provides the current temperature in Celsius andFahrenheit,sunrise and sunset times according to city timezone.Weather reportalso provides atmospheric pressure, weatherconditions, visibilitydistance, relative humidity, precipitation indifferent unites, dewpoint, wind speed and direction, in additionto ten days in futureand hourly weather forecast.Realtimetemperature, humidity,pressure and wind direction are all in theweather app based.App isusing forecastle tiempo data from darkskyapi, and has backup withaccuweather service, ensure second weatherlive info fromaccuweather, we plan to add backup with service forweatherbug,service for weatherunderground. Current weather channelprovideprediction in minute cast (precise weather inminutes)Features:-The weather channel: temperature, wind, humidity,dew point,precipitation, visibility, pressure, water, sunrisesunset, storm,stormshield, rain alert in one wetter app- Hourly ordailyprediction: we offer 7 days - 10 days info: today’sweather,tomorrow’s weather, … and weather now, hourly weather freein eachhour.- Track the whether in multiple locations- Animatedweatherconditions - see how the weather channel comes alive!-Hourly andweekly forecastle, especially hourly weather item fornext 7 days.-Sunrise time, sunset time, water time- Temperaturefree switchingbetween Celsius and Fahrenheit, auto-detect yourcountry should useCelsius or Fahrenheit for default settings.- Windspeed and winddirection in different units- Wind guru tool: windforecast by windspeed meter, wind finder- 1 day, 10 days futureprediction withaccurate el tiempo, plus tempo data for future hour-Weather widgetand ongoing notification with forecast bar, multipleplace onwidgets- 360 weather alerts: provide local weather alerts 3times aday.- Dont need GPS on big cities, its so easy to getbetterweather New York, better weather usa for you.- Storm warning&notification: Storm radar, storm tracker, tornado warning andrainalarm - Reporting: wind report, the weather news- Auto reloaddatafor notification even app is in underground- Weathernotificationbar: Keeps weather running underground for realtime-Weather bugreport by using our feedback- World weather report, likenewsweather canada, weather UK, weather usa, …- Lot of weatherstationby the national weather service (nws) using our nws weatherappofficial- Noaa weather app free: It’s noaa weather appofficialfrom windyty- Lock screen with info: temp, rain, clouds& clockwidget weatherComing soon:- Multiple services &channels in theweather channel app like: prediction & backupservice forweatherbug and for weather underground, for bbc weather,for yr noand yoweather.- My radar app with runtime forecastle,better noaaradar weather apps, noaa forecast & doppler radarnow.- Noaaweather radio- Sunrise sunset time in each daily weatheritem ofnext 7 days- Sunrise calendar & sunset calendar- Removelogo inthe weather radar map- Weather today with push notification:getthe weather watch even app is stoppedDownload accurateweatherhourly right now to plan your trips! Any suggestion &weatherbug reports are also appreciated !
Local weather Forecast 2.57
BestGo Inc.
A simple and easy-to-use weather app for you! With it, you cangetweather. A simple and easy-to-use weather widget for you! Withit,you can get weather information Conveniently. Provideaccuratelocal meteorological information tomorrow as the highest /lowesttemperature and current climatic conditions, definitely yourbestchoice in daily life. Real-time temperature, feelsliketemperature, current clock / time, tomorrow time,The time in 6daysis all in this weather widget based on time server. It isverypractical. Highlights of Local weather Forecast ►Statusnotification: instantaneously displays current temperatureandconditions ► Home screen: Changes based on your currentlocation,weather, and the time of day, so you get your currentconditionsplus the weather information you need most. ► 7-dayforecast forthe future ► Easy to set up and slide between differentlocations ►Easy to use widget - Multiple weather locations -Celsius &Fahrenheit ► Accuracy of sunrise and sunset ► Displayof humidityand wind speed, give you better travel tips ► Displaythevisibility ► Display yesterday's temperature, can be used asareference for today's temperature
Weather Puppy: Real Time Weather Forecast & Radar
Download Weather Puppy, the best weather app that makes yousmileevery time you check the weather.   Get the best weatherappfor free! This live weather app includes puppies that changebasedon the weather forecast and time of day. It also providesreal-timeweather conditions, accurate hourly and 7-day forecasts,radarweather maps & more. Radar weather apps have never beenthiseasy or convenient. See weather conditions and happy puppies–download now!  THE WEATHER PUPPY EXPERIENCE • Over900Puppies: 18 themes organized into 18 themes • Dark SkyWeatherNetwork: Award winning forecast delivers hyper-localweatherconditions in real-time • Animated Weather Map: Seewhere theweather is • International WeatherForecasts: See weatherforecasts locations worldwide WEATHERNEWS FOR YOU • Local WeatherRadar: See local weatherconditions, weather map & weatherradar • Current WeatherConditions: Real-time weatherconditions  • Hourly WeatherForecasts: See what’s going onhour-by-hour for each of the next 24hours • WeatherForecasts: Reliable & detailed hourly &7-dayforecasts • Precise Weather Details: Get wind speed, UVIndex,weather observations & more WEATHER ALERTS • SevereWeatherAlerts: Get severe weather alerts in the app from NWS&NOAA WEATHER CUSTOMIZATION • Multi-languageSupport:  English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French,Korean & Japanese• Temperature Units:  Fahrenheit(°F), Celsius (°C) •Pressure Units:  Inches &millibars GET IN TOUCH •Like us on Facebook - •Follow us on Twitter -@WeatherPuppy • Check us out on Instagram -@weatherpuppy Get realtime weather reports and be happy. DownloadWeather Puppy, the bestfree weather app!
weather 46
Weather, weather forecast, weather channel forecasts weatherbydaily & hourlyWeather app is a weather channel which giveyoubest information about today, tomorrow, 7 days in future.Weatherforecast app let you know weather informationexactly.Weatherforecast is very important for life. With a reliableweatherchannel, You will have weather information to prepareyourplan.What is the weather today? You will know the right answerbytouching weather app on your phone. Weather today will beupdatedhourly. Weather forecast app also has a weather report onweathertomorrow, weather for today, also 7 days in futureWithweatherforecast you can see weather of your location and also youcan knowweather of many places on the world. If you are in NewYork, Youcan see London weather, Paris weather, San Franciscoweather,Houston weather...Weather app is very easy to use. Pleaseopen app,enable location then you receive the weather forecasts inyourcurrent location.Weather app detects weather forecasts inyourcurrent location automatically. There are many informationinweather forcasts which includes atmospheric pressure,weathercondition, visibility distance, relative humidity,precipitation indifferent unites, dew point, wind speed anddirection, in additionto ten days future forecast, also hourlyweather forecast.Realtimetemperature, humidity, pressure, windforce and wind direction areall in this weather appbased.Features:- Free. It is a free Weatherchannel, weathernetwork.- Global. You can see weather in anyplaces you like, ex:London weather, Paris weather, San Franciscoweather, Houstonweather- Full report. Displays all information ofweather: locationtime, temperature, atmospheric pressure, weathercondition,visibility distance, relative humidity, precipitation indifferentunites, dew point, wind speed and direction- Live weatherforecastfor free: this weather and climate app offers dailyweather, hourlyweather forecasts and monthly weather forecasts.Meanwhile, it alsoprovides interstate travel weather forecasts andforecast weatherand wind.- Today, tomorrow, 3 days later, 7 dayslater. Weather fortoday, tomorrow’s weather, … hourly weather ineach hour.- detectyour location by network or GPS.- Manage theweather reports inmultiple locations- Multi languages supported-Has weathernotifications. If you don't like you can turn off thisfeature-Weather forecast is very accurate and reliable- Sunset andSunrisetimes.- Shares weather, location information with friends.-Displayweather forecast or moon phase- Localized to most of theworldlanguages.- Chart graphs for hourly weather forecast anddailyweather forecastI hope you have good experience with myweather andweather forecast app. I will update weather forecastappperiodically to make weather app better and better.pleasedownloadweather app and use as a weather channel to get weatherinformationhourly and daily.
weather forecast 41
Weather forecast app forecasts weather daily &hourlyWeatherforecast app is a weather channel which has fullweather forecastnews.Weather forecast app has a beatiful layout andyou will lovethe hourly reports with all the updated info.Weatherforecast isvery helpful with everybody. When you wake up, seeweatherinformation on your phone, you know the weather today, youwillhave good preparation, you will be sucessful at work andhavebetter life.Let use our Weather forecast app. Everythingaboutweather information will be stored on your android phone.Today,tomorrow, 7 days later: You will see that Weather today isupdatedhourly. Weather forecast app also has a weather report onweathertomorrow, weather for today, also 7 day weatherforecastWeatherforecast app is a weather channel and a weathernetwork whichstores weather anywhere. Users see weather of theirlocations withdefault settings. Then users can add other locationswhich theywant to see weather forecast. On location screen, userscan type aname of the place then choose one on a suggestion list.It is veryeasy to use.Weather app find your current locationintelligently,then weather forecasts information will displayinstantly. Weatherforcasts have atmospheric pressure, weathercondition, visibilitydistance, relative humidity, precipitation indifferent unites, dewpoint, wind speed and direction, in additionto ten days futureforecast, also hourly weather forecast.Realtimetemperature,humidity, pressure, wind force and wind direction areall in thisweather app based.Main features:- Weather channel,weather network,weather information for everywhere.- Full report.Weather forecastwith information such as: location time,temperature, atmosphericpressure, weather condition, visibilitydistance, relativehumidity, precipitation in different unites, dewpoint, wind speedand direction- Today, tomorrow, 3 days later, 7days later. Weatherfor today, tomorrow’s weather, … hourly weatherin each hour.-Hourly and Daily - Detect your location by network orGPS.- Can adda lot of places to see weather- Has weathernotifications. If youdon't like you can turn off this feature-Accurate and ReliableThisis first version of weather and weatherforecast app. We willimprove this daily weather forecast app betterand better.pleaseget weather forecast app and use as a weatherchannel and a weathernetwork to receive weather information hourlyand daily.
Weather Forecast 1.8.8
100% FREE!!! Over 1 million users believe that we're the BEST!Whatthe weather forecast today? What the weather tomorrow? What theNewYork weather? or local weather? Even or the national weatherandthe world weather? What 10 day forecast? What theundergroundweather... The accurate weather app can provide you adetailedweather forecast which is weather monthly, weather weekly,weatherdaily, weather hourly, wherever you are! Use Vegooweatherforecast, you will see weather information update hourlyandaccurately. ------Main Features------ ☀️ Weather live: Usehourlyweather app to track the weather condition now. Live weatherreportcan provide you hourly weather forecast, daily weatherforecast,weekly weather report(7 day weather forecast), monthlyweatherreport, 10 day weather report... ☀️ Accurate WeatherForecast:Weather today is updated minute-by-minute. The weatherforecast hasa weather report on weather today, tomorrow, even 10days weatherforecast. It offers daily weather, hourly weather andmonthlyweather forecast. ☀️ Excellent Weather Widget & Clock:Variousweather widgets with current temperature, real-timeweather,weather forecast, city, clock & calendar of currentlocation.☀️ Animated Weather Radar Maps: Track local weatherconditions withthe latest weather radar maps. View real timeweather maps &weather radar animations with your personalblizzard &hurricane tracker. You can use local weather radar,live weatherradar, US weather radar with the radar weather map anddopplerradar feature. ☀️ Deep Weather Details: Current weatherconditionsinclude temperature, atmospheric pressure, feels like,wind speed& direction, relative humidity, dew point,visibilitydistance,UV index readings, air quality. ☀️ SevereWeather Alert:Stay out of the storm with pushed severe weatheralerts with theunderground weather. ☀️ Current Location: Theweather and climateapp detects weather forecast in your currentlocationautomatically. Detect your current location by network andGPS. ☀️Multiple Weather Locations: The free weather channelprovidesnational weather service.You can track the weather reportof anycity of the world, and slide screen to see the detailedweatherinformation of your city. You can add nyc weather, Floridaweather,London weather, Paris weather, San Francisco weather,Houstonweather... Track all your favorite cities and destinations.☀️Current Weather Notification You can turn on theweathernotification feature to get real time weather today orweathertomorrow. ☀️ Sunrise & Sunset Time ☀️ Customize Yourweatherchannel - Local Conditions: Access to local weatherconditions,weather map & weather radar - Multi-languageSupport: Get yourweather in English, Spanish & Portuguese … -Temperature Units:Fahrenheit (°F), Celsius (°C) - Wind Units: MPH,KPH, Knots and MPS- Pressure Units: Inches and millibars ☀️Multiple Language SupportWeather Forecast, 天气预报, 天氣氣象預報, Vejr,Wetter, Tiempo, Panahon,Météo, मौसम, Meteo, Tempo Metereologico,天気予報, 날씨, Clima, thờitiết, Погода, прогноз погоды, Hava DurumuTahmini, Vær, Pogoda,etc. What makes the weather app different fromweather report? ✨Excellent Design ✨ Various types of Weather WidgetIf there's anysuggestion or weather bug with the weather app,please contactVegoo Weather Forecast: Email:
The Weather Network provides the same quality forecasts asourCanadian tv weather channel! Enjoy quick access to radarmaps,local forecast, and severe weather alerts. DISCOVER accuratelocalweather forecasts! Learn about today, tomorrow, and beyondwith ourweather forecast screens. PLAN for storms using currentweatherreports! Monitor severe snow and rain storms with helpfulgraphsfor local weather. PREPARE for severe weather with stormalerts!Receive current and upcoming severe weather alerts.UNDERSTAND thestorm’s impact with weather radar maps! Analyzecurrent weathertrends with our animated storm radar map. EXPERIENCElocal weathernews and videos! Enjoy extensive weather coveragestraight from ourCanadian tv weather channel! EXPLORE today’sweather and become aforecaster! Weather GPS targeted photos allowyou to help others bysharing today’s current weather in your localcommunity. Details:Follow Me The Weather Network’s Follow Mefeature allows you toalways know what the forecast is by providinglocal weather. FollowMe gives you the most accurate weather info,it is within 1 km (0.6mi) of your current location. WeatherForecasts Need local,accurate weather forecasts in places likeDallas, Orlando, orPhiladelphia? Then trust Canada’s best weatherapp to know what theforecast will be! Whether it’s planning fortomorrow’s weather ortoday’s weather, The Weather Network has youcovered. Our Canadiantv weather channel can predict 14 days ofreliable temperatures.The Weather Network also has hourlyforecasts, and is updated every15 minutes. These local weatherforecasts include wind speeds,feels like temperature, and more!Weather Radar Maps Trying toarrive on time but you heard about asevere weather alert? Ouraccurate weather radar map ensures thatyou can see the size of thestorm, and what the forecast will belike around you! News &Video Continue the story from ourCanadian tv weather channel withweather videos! Unsure about whatthe forecast will be in yourarea? Concerned about whether darkskies above Detroit orWashington will impact you? Our videocommentary ensures that ourentire weather station and meteorologyteam is keeping you free ofdoubt! Alerts Canada’s best weather appprovides weather alertswhen warnings are issued. These weatheralerts ensure that you’realways one step ahead of the storm whenyou see a dark sky! Rainand Snow Graphs Get more information onactive weather with ourprecipitation graphs! Our weather appprovides start/stop times inthe next 3 hours with a precision of 10minutes. Reports Check outour pollen, UV, and air quality reportsand be worry free!. Eachreport is updated routinely to give you thebest picture of yourday! Weather Widget Canada’s best weather appalso provides currentweather data on our weather widgets! Theweather widgets containhourly weather periods, feels liketemperatures, and forecastconditions all at a glance! The widgetcomes in many sizes and canbe set to any location, includingCleveland, Phoenix, and Fresno.We’d love to hear from you! Feelfree to send The content ofour Canadian tvweather channel is also availableat: Twitter By installing thisapp, youagree to our Terms & Conditions and our Privacy Policy.Tolearn more,visit:
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An easy-to-use app to stay informed of weather conditionsinSwitzerland and around the world. - Gorgeous animations ofweatherconditions - See at a glance the next weather conditionchange -Fast, beautiful and simple to use - Weather forecast forthe next10 days - Hourly forecast - Detailed forecasts for rain,snow, windand storms - Daily: dew, UV index, humidity and airpressure -Highest and lowest historical values - Satellite andweather radarmap animations - Optimized for both phones and tablets- LiveWallpaper - Weather in notification area and temperature instatusbar - Great widget for your home screen And it’s all free.Try itNOW ! -- Privacy Policy & Terms of use : We do notcollect anypersonal information. In order to use our apps, pleaseaccept ourprivacy policy and review conditions for third-partiessuch asadvertising partners.
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Weather, weather forecast, a weather channel.Weather app isaweather channel which has accurate weather information. Itgivesyou many information which includes: temperature, windspeed,humidity, pressure, sunrise time, sunset time... Weatherforecastapp is very useful because Weather forecast app let youknowweather information very quickly. Weather app is an instantweatherchannel on your hand.Weather forecast app is one of bestweatherapps for android. Weather information is updated every 10minutes.It has a weather report on weather tomorrow, weather fortoday,also 7 day weather forecastWeather app is a weather channellet seeweather of many cities and anywhere. Users can see Londonweather,Paris weather, San Francisco weather, Houston weather...bytypingthe name of cities on location screen.Your current locationwill bedetected automatically. It is amazing that when you openweatherapp, you will see weather forecasts on your concretelocation, onyour street you are living. Weather forcasts includesatmosphericpressure, weather condition, visibility distance,relativehumidity, precipitation in different unites, dew point,wind speedand direction, in addition to 7 days future forecast,also hourlyweather forecast.Realtime temperature, humidity,pressure, windforce and wind direction are all in this weatherappbased.Features:- Useful. Very reliable weather informationindetail by hourly.- Many places. Users can see weather ofmanyplaces. On location screen, please type the address, you willseethe weather. - Current Weather Info: Detailed real-timeweatherreport, including real-time weather status and temperature,"feelslike" temperature, precipitation, UV index, humidity,visibility,pressure, pollen counts, sunrises & sunset timeetc.- Today,tomorrow, 3 days later, 7 days later. Weather fortoday, tomorrow’sweather, … hourly weather in each hour.-Automatically detect yourlocation by network or GPS.- WeatherAlerts: Inform you thereal-time weather alerts and warnings. -Hourly/Daily Forecast:Detailed weather forecast, including weatherstatus prediction,highest/lowest temperature, precipitation, wind,etc. You can checkall these data detailed in every single day oreven every singlehour.This is one of our best weather apps. Thisweather forecastapp support over 60 languages. We are listeninguser's feedback tomake weather forecast app better.please downloadweather forecastapp and use as a weather channel to get weatherinformation hourlyand daily. If you have any idea about weather appplease send mailto us. Thanks.
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GO Weather, the best free weather app, provides accuratecurrent& future weather info, beautiful widgets and livewallpapers.GO Weather provides real-time weather report, hourlyforecasts,10-day weather forecast, severe weather alert,precipitation,lifestyle forecasts, radar & satellite image andbeautifulweather widgets .You can easily check the weathercondition for allworld locations. Features of GO Weather ☀CurrentWeather Info:Detailed real-time weather report, including real-timeweatherstatus & temperature, "feels like" temperature,precipitation,UV index, humidity, visibility, pressure, pollencounts, sunrises& sunset time etc. ☁Hourly/Daily Forecast:Detailed weatherforecast, including weather status prediction,highest/lowesttemperature, precipitation, wind, etc. You can checkall these datadetailed in every single day or even every singlehour. ⚡ WeatherAlerts: Inform you the real-time weather alerts andwarnings.☔Precipitation Forecast: Tell you to bring an umbrellawith youbefore it rains. ❄Weather & Clock Widgets: Easily checkthecurrent & future weather info via widgets in 2*1, 4*1,4*2,5*1, 5*2 sizes. In the meantime, all weather widgets canswitchbetween different themes. If you would like to help us withthetranslation & localization, please joinus: Thank you very much! StayInTouchFacebook: Terms ofService: Homepage:
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Weather live : accurate real-time weather report,minute-by-minuteforecasts, 10 day’s weather forecast, weatherdetails, severeweather alerts, weather widgets and weather lockscreen, is yourbest choice to get comprehensive weatherinformation. MainFeatures:⧫⧫⧫ Hourly/Daily Forecast: Hourly ordaily. we offer 7days - 10 days info: today’s weather, tomorrow’sweather, … andhourly weather in each hour.⧫⧫⧫ Live Wallpapers: IShow real-timeweather status with dynamic wallpapers which can letyou be clearat a glance to the current weather.⧫⧫⧫ WeatherSharing:One clickscreenshots to share the weather.⧫⧫⧫ WeatherAlerts: Inform you thereal-time weather alerts and warnings.⧫⧫⧫Daily News : you will notmiss the daily headlines hot news.⧫⧫⧫Details: Various weatherinformation: temperature, wind, humidity,dew point, precipitation,visibility, pressure, sunrise, sunset⧫⧫⧫Sun & Moon: Seeanimated sunrise, sunset, wind, and pressuremodules.⧫⧫⧫ Weatherlock screen wallpaper: A variety of built-inskins► Helpful tips-Scroll down for detailed weather information.-Tap the plus sign toadd up to 20 cities.
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🏆 More than 50 million users’ choice! A Popular weather widgetappfor you!🏆 This weather widget is a full featured,completelycustomizable digital clock and weather forecast app. Withthisweather forecast app, you can get daily and hourlyforecasts,severe weather alerts, daily&7 day weather updates,fancy clockweather widgets, weather news and global weather.————Features————Realtime local temperature checker & live localweather Thisclock weather app displays weather temperature based onyourcurrent location. You can also add more cities to your citylist,so that you can check global weather anytime. HourlyforecastsBefore you go out, you can check this free weather app togetprepared for unexpected weather changes. In addition, you canalsocheck hourly temperature and rain probability to plan youroutdooractivities. Daily weather Besides, you can alsochecktoday&tomorrow forecasts (7 day weather forecasts) withthistemperature app. With this accurate weather report app, youwon’tget caught in the rain again! Severe weather alerts Thisclimateapp can also turn into a global weather tracker and it cansend yousevere weather alerts to help you get prepared for upcomingweatherchanges. So in another word, you can see it as a rain appofminute-level precision, as it can inform you these severeweatherand sudden temperature change ahead of time. Distinctiveclockweather widgets & weather themes This weather pro app ispackedwith different weather themes and temperature clock widgetstodecorate your home screen. In addition, these weather widgetsforandroid also display radar information like accurateoutsidetemperature, forecasts, sunrise time and sunset time,humidity, airpressure, wave, UV, and cloud info. Free weather radarIn ourstore, you can also find many customized widgets with freeradar todecorate your phone. With the help of weather satellitemap, youcan check weather more intuitively. Detailed weatherupdates Inthis daily and hourly weather app, you can get more thanjusttemperatures and clock. You can check humidity, visibility,UVindex, air pressure, wind speed, sunrise time, sunset timeindifferent units. Global weather coverage This accurate weatherappenables you to add global cities on your check list andgetreal-time local weather forecast information. Feel free totakethis weather app with you everywhere you go worldwide! WeathernewsThis world weather app is not just about weather. Inthistemperature checker, you can get the latest news coveringsociety,entertainment and sports. Daily weather updates brief Userscanchoose to receive daily weather updates brief report in themorningand evening to check weather today and weather tomorrow.Stay intouch If you would like to help with the translationandlocalization, please write to: