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Fidget Hand Spinner FREE
Play in office or at school, easy to play, swipe and swipe togetcoins and achieve goals! Lots are fidgets are waiting for youtounlock them. Just swipe to set the best spin you can. Wait foritto stop and sweep and the sweet best rewards! Upgrade thefidgetspinner, compete with your friends and beat the records!Eachspinbrings you closer to unlocking a new fidget spinner. Can youunlockthem all?
KeemStar's Fidget Spinner 1.2
Collect all 20 Fidget Spinners and customise your bearings.Hitmaximum speed!
com.cookapps106.mg021 3.0.1
CookApps 106
Multiplayer Fidget Spinner Game Released! Best io game concept!===About === - Easy manipulation - Various kinds of Fidget Spinner-Online combat with many people - Upgrade to your own style
Fidget Spinner FREE
Unlimited Spin with colorful patterns to sooth your mind andreliefyour stress. Do your maximum spins and share with youfriend.MOREUPDATES COMING SOON! STAY TUNED!
Fidget Spinner 1.0.1
Angel King
Are you working, studying, distraught for life? Play thespindriftat your fingertips shimmer to liberate your defilementsandpressures !Regardless of whether you are on the bus on thesubway,in the study room in the study, in the toilet in thekitchen, atany time of your spare time you can play! Not only canthe pressurebe relieved but also the excitement of visualstimulation that thegyroscope can bring to you.★FEATURES FIDGETSPINNERS● 6 awesomefidget spinner.● Saving best score and competitewith yourfriends.● Cool finger spinner animations.★★ PICTUREFIDGETSPINNERS● Cool picture full of fun.● These beautifuleffectsstimulate the player.● Suitable for all ages is wonderful.●Becreative with exciting 3D imagery.The game completely makesthephysics of rotation. There is a sound that imitates howblowingdoes not rot. Spin in school, on the street, at home,everywhereand have fun.Follow us on facebook: ❤Thank you allfordownloading Fidget Spinner. Please do not forget to let usknowwhat you think about the game !
Fidget Spinner Designer 1.4.6
Mix and match for over 300,000 possible combinations!Compete toseehow many spins you can get in 30 seconds in Challenge mode orjustspin forever in Endless mode.You can put your thumb in thecenterof the spinner just like the real thing without affectingthespinning.A unique Flip button lets you flip the spinner, and a3Drotate slider lets you see it from every angle.Night mode turnsthelights off automatically when you are using your spinner hasLEDlights or glow in the dark colors. fidget 1.0
Gamzstation is a fidget battle is anonlinebattle between fidget spinners. Choose your toy andmovestraight around the arena and collect scattered dots toincreaseRPM.Be patient when collecting dots to steadily build yourRPM.Collide your spinner with others to make both of the spinnersdotsscattered, then quickly to grab all of them.Boost your speedtochase other players easily, but use it wisely as thissacrificesyour current RPM. You must pay attention to otherspinners that are4 times faster because they can instantly kill youwith onecollision. also features Whirlpools! Enter awhirlpool andget shot out at an insane speed. These are useful bothfor escapingand attacking!Fidget strategy:Pick yourfightsstrategically, and potentially set up combos by knockingotherplayers into each features:- No lag. Works onmanydevices without performance issues.- Easy and smoothjoystickcontrol on mobile devices.- Many fidget spinner models tochoosefrom.- mode for spinner game.In spin.iogamekeep increasing your speed and dominate the arena withyourspinner.Your feedback is important to us, to continue improvingourspinner io.
Fidget Spindle Keyboard 3D Theme 10.1.0
Let you feel the fun of Fidget Spindle Keyboard 3D withyourkeyboard. Fidget Spindle Keyboard 3D, small one can rotate forafew minutes at your fingertips, release your mood anytimeandanywhere.Simple little piece, make you crazy, as long as thehandholding the spindle can be flipped high-speed rotatingcontinuousrotation, once fit completely stop. Now, the FidgetSpindleKeyboard 3D Keyboard comes out and lets you find FidgetSpindleKeyboard 3D on the other hand, Fidget Spindle Keyboard 3DKeyboardon the other hand, and feel the pleasure of Fidget SpindleKeyboard3D with both hands, and see which one stops you fromstopping. Youcan create and add your own photos to design your ownkeyboardtheme. Simple and interesting creation of your FidgetSpindleKeyboard 3D personality theme. Maybe you have been lookingfor anamazing keyboard application, the topic which will meet yourneeds,you will find it is different, you have been looking for itwillgive them the appearance of the new equipment, compelling"keyboardtheme". Hurry up and become a member of spinners society!★ Notice★ The theme supports Kika Keyboard only.  Click heretodownload Kika Keyboard for FREE!  ★ AboutKikaKeyboard ★ Kika Keyboard is a smart keyboard app for Androidthatmakes typing fast, easy, and fun. ★Kika Keyboard Features★•800+Emoji & Emoticons •Colorful Themes •Search & SendAnimatedGIFs •Swipe-to-Type •Word Predictions & Suggestions•SmartAuto-correct •Support 60+ Languages/Dictionaries •CustomizedFonts  •Voice Input •Keyboard Click Sounds•Customized layoutsincluding one-hand mode & split screen ★ Contact Us ★Click here to download Kika Keyboard for FREE!Download and enjoyit immediately! The fun of experiencing theultimate Fidget SpindleKeyboard 3D! Don't forget to share it withyour friends!
Fidget Spinner - Hero 1.2
🌀 Fidget Spinner - Hero will be great solution for you to findcalmand relaxation. Why spend when you absolutely can install afidgetspinner on your smartphone and play as you want. 🌀 FidgetSpinner -Hero will improve mood, positive emotions and reducefatigue. Thegameplay is very simple, but the fun for it isunlimited. 🎯🎯Features : 🎯🎯 💫 Many templates spinner for you: superheroes: bat,spider, gold, spiral...💫 Improve the physical rotation💫Fast andeasy to rotate💫 The sound is soothing, merrily, beautifulgraphics💫You can play offline everywhere. 🎯🎯 How to play: 🎯🎯 💫 Useyour handfingers to swipe spinner left or right, wait for it tostop and getthe surprise reward! Upgrade your fidget spinner torotate fasterand easier. 💫 Each spin brings you get to a newspinner . Can youunlock all of them?🌀 Fidget Spinner helps yourelax and reducestress with just a few simple turns. You can playFidget Spinneranywhere: on the bus, in the house, outside the parkand otherplaces.🌀 Fidget Spinner - Hero will be the best choice foryou!📞Contact with us: DownloadfreeFidgetSpinner - Hero right now and play with your friend!
Fidget spinner typewiter keyboard 10001002
Fidget spinner keyboard will makeyourdevicelook amazing! Download the sound of Fidget spinnerkeyboardandFidget spinner keyboard skin, Fidget spinnerkeyboardbackground,Fidget spinner keyboard font and Fidget spinnerkeyboardwithcolorful effect. Fidget spinner keyboard only workswithotherkeyboard installed on your phone!Fidget spinner keyboard is a fantastic keyboard(typewriter)themewith Fidget spinner keyboard wallpapers and Fidgetspinnerkeyboardkey background. This beautiful keyboard ortypewriter isdesignedfor people who like Fidget spinner keyboard.Free downloadandapply this keyboard theme called Fidget spinnerkeyboard,andAndroid stylized. colorful Fidget spinner keyboard isdesignedtogive you a faster and smoother mobile keyboardexperience. Alsoyoucan now express your emotions via messaging appsusing themiddlefinger emoji, taco emoji, hot dog emoji, 100 signemoji andcaneven send a unicorn face by this keyboard!!! DownloadthiskeyboardFidget spinner keyboard and type faster thanever.Your keyboard looks totally luxury with Fidgetspinnerkeyboard.Download Fidget spinner keyboard theme and Try itout!colorfulFidget spinner keyboard will let a plain keyboard intoabeautifuland unique one. colorful Fidget spinner keyboard canbeused fordifferent IM applications such as Instagram,Messenger,BeeTalk,Facebook Lite, ES File Explorer File Manager,Facebook Liteand soon, which mean Fidget spinner keyboard can helpyou getmorequickly in these apps.The Fidget spinner keyboard gives you thesmoothestinteractiveeffects on mobile screens. The biggest featureis theuniqueparticle effect and finger gestures on each keyboard,andeachkeyboard packed with HD wallpapers.We are committed to provide best interactive experience,theFidgetspinner keyboard consists of not only HDwallpapersbackground, butalso specially selected designed keys.Arecollection of livewallpapers consist of different categoriesofcolorful designs thatare widely loved by our users.An awesome way to turn a plain keyboard into a beautifulkeyboardandunique keyboard.It is totally free and only for our Keyboard(with10000+colorfulthemes and 800+ emoji, emoticons and smileyfaces)!How do I apply for Fidget spinner keyboard input method?Note: You need to download our keyboard first.1) Download Fidget spinner keyboard and clicktheINSTALLbutton.2) Download "Our Keyboard" (typewriter) from the GooglePlayStore.If you have already installed "our keyboard"(typewriter),pleaseclick the "APPLY" button.3) "keyboard" (typewriter) installed and applied,Fidgetspinnerkeyboard will automatically install on thephone.colorful Fidget spinner keyboard's mainfeaturesandfunctions::Gesture typing: Slide the slides (slideshow) bypressingthekey.Voice input (input): Press your unique voice input.AutoCorrect: The keyboard provides word completion adviceandnextword prediction based on the words you enter.Powerful predictions: The keyboard usesArtificialIntelligence(A.I.) to predict the words to beentered.Theme center of our keyboard: If you are looking for avarietyofthemed or keyboard categories, that is the perfectkeyboard.Youcan get anime, black, 3d, skull, dragon, gold,cartoon,panda,green, cat, lion, clown, sport, pink, red, purple,love,girl,soccer, wolf, graffiti Life, car, neon, white, blue,music .Youcan find all your favorite topics in thekeyboardthemecenter.Touch the keyboard theme: Use a different theme topersonalizethekeyboard (typewriter) touch tone. When typing apianokeyboardtheme, please use the pianist's piano, or usethemechanicalkeyboard (typewriter) theme typewriter soundretro.Customizable Fonts: Each keyboard theme has a matching fontstyle,soyou can enjoy a more complete experience of the topicsyouchoose.There will be more font styles in the future, restassuredthat youwill find your favorite font style.
Fidget Spinner Blade 1.2
The Ninja of Jewel Blade is in your finger! Collect differentjewelsavoiding different Fidget Spinner Blades in each fun level.FidgetSpinner Blade is an addictive and exciting adventure filledwithmysterious jewels and well-designed levels for you to play inalltime! With gem style items to pick and avoid in each level,FidgetSpinner Blade is a new generation of the game of jewels andfidgetspinner blades together. Let's get started to pick up!*Collect asfast as a ninja!, * Complete the missions! * Nobleeding!How toPlay:- Pick the jewels as fast as you can bytapping the on screen-Avoid collecting negative items that canharm you- Try to collectpositive items that can help you- Avoidthe blade (Or else, yourfinger will be bleeding and your healthwill decrease)- Hurry up;you may run out of time; you are racingwith time- Try to get 3stars for the levels because you will needthem for the boss levels-Reach your target stars to make the finalfights with yourenemiesGame Features:- 150 challenging levels andmore to come- Bossfight levels- Stunning graphics with a highlypolished interface-Power ups and power down items- Easy and fun tostart, develop yourspeed skill by picking up
Mod Fidget Spinner Guide for MCPE 1.0
Mod Fidget Spinner for Minecraft PE is the simulation mod oftheFidget Spinner toy, the most popular of children in schoolsandstreets. Used for stress, this toy comes in mod formMCPE.Thisapplication is a guide on how to install the texturepackautomatically.MOD CHARACTERISTICS- Different colors of theFidgetSpinner, this mod is the color blue- Turn it in bothdirections bychanging direction whenever you want.Fidget HandSpinner Mod forMCPE already available for download. Thisapplication is anautomatic installer moving the necessary files.You will need tohave Minecraft PE installed on your device to playthis map. Roleplaying in this game is very important.
Anime Fidget Spinner Battle 1.0.4
★ Welcome to Anime Fidget Spinner Battle ★The ultimatefidgetspinner app! Collect 100 different anime characters, eachwiththeir own unique fidget spinner! This realistic fidgetspinnersimulator game allows you to use your hands and spin thefidgetspinners just like real life! Train your characters toincreasetheir level, attack, and HP! Assemble a team of yourfavoritefidget spinners and battle others in the Arena! Defeatyouropponents to gain gems and use them to collect morefidgetspinners! Gacha a wide variety of fidget spinners suchasshurikens, scythes, DJ records, and other weapons! Will youbelucky and get a legendary 6-Star Spinner? Join the AnimeFidgetSpinner Battle today and spin to win!«Game Features»★ CollectandGacha 100 different anime characters and fidget spinners!★RPGBattle system with elemental strengths & weaknesses!★Realisticfidget spinner simulator with spin rotation physics!★Fivedifferent Battle modes to choose from!★ Featuring yourfavoriteunits from Gacha World and Anime Gacha!★ Free 2 Play, youcan farmfor Gems easily!★ Google Play Leaderboards &Achievements!★Play offline! No Wi-Fi is needed to play!«Notes»- Thegame may lagon old devices & devices with 4k screens- Pleaserestart thegame if you experience lag over time- In-App-Purchasesmight notwork for Android 6.0+ devices / rooted devicesThank youfor playingAnime Fidget Spinner Battle!!!!! アニメフィジェットスピナーバトルLike usonFacebook: ourWebsite:
Fidget Spinner 1.3.1
Most relaxing fidget spinner simulator in your pocket! You have5swipes to set the best spin you can. Use your hand finger toswipethe spinner left or right, wait for it to stop and sweep thesweetrewards! Upgrade your finger spinner, compete with yourfriends andbeat the records! Each spin brings you closer tounlocking a newhand spinner toy. Can you unlock them all?
3D Spinner Fidget - Hunter GO! 1.5
Feel yourself the best hunter on spinnersintheuniverse! Use magic tricks to catch unique spinnersinyourcollection! Pass hundreds of levels, pump skills,smashMegaBosses! Download our fury spinner for Android for free andyouwillhave no longer need to wear a manual spinner constantlywithyou,worrying about losing it the whole time.What are waiting you?• Steep stunts with spinners!• Stunning 3D graphics and the coolest special effects.• Hundreds of levels of varying complexity.• Spectacular battles with the Bosses and Mega Bosses!• The most realistic simulator is a spinner fidget withrealrotationphysics• Exciting campaign and free spinning of spinnersfromyourcollection!• Best offline game for adult 2017Played sometime in the game about tap? Where it is necessarytoclicka lot on monsters and win them? There is the samesystem,onlyinstead of monsters - spinners. Each destroyed spinnerwill beaddedto your personal collection of spins. Use magic trickstocrushspinners - bosses! You will be available lightning,atornado, afireball and dark matter!How does it work?Run with your finger to unscrew the spinner to the rightorleft,while you can increase the speed of rotation usingvarioustricks.Wait for him to stop and get points. Enjoy goodgraphics,playalone or offer a friend to spin a turntabletogether.Do you want to reach the level of Pro and get into the TOP?Pumpyourskills, create unique strategies and tricks, train atanyfreemoment, get the most shocking secrets from advancedgamers.Youwill come at both simple levels and the ability to opennewonesafter getting a certain number of points and passingtheinitialones.Say no to the stress!See for yourselfthat this is really the best free game intheworld,that will give a great mood and a positive attitudewheneverandwherever you are. A simple gameget you spinspinnersanywhere,anytime - in the metro, in a traffic jam, in along queueor duringa break, outdoors or indoors.No Internet? No problem, you can play the game withoutwifi.Thisgame is connected with the most top-notch elementsofvariousapplications - agario, arcade, strategy, shooter,balls.Which onesdo you prefer to play?This is the best puzzle and exercise for your brain in aboredomorvice versa stressful situation, the effectiveness ofwhichisscientifically proven! Closing your actions whilescrollingthebearing, and concentrating on this, you "close" thecircleofthoughts. And this means that there is no place forthenegative!And for this you do not need wi- fi connectionorbluetooth - justslide your finger across the screen.The most popular fidget Spiner of 2017 in the whole world!Tired of banal mmo, thoughtless horror or well-known arcadegamefromInternet? Do you want a colorful shooter andfreshimpressions? Weoffer youto download the best noveltyfor boysandgirls, in which themain principles of TAPgames, three in a rowandRPG are combined.What do you need to do it? Order freepuzzlesfrom the fidget spinnerseries, which will win hearts,eitherbrutalguys, and sentimentalgirls.And do not think that games of this category willbeinterestingonlyfor children! All serious business people andthebest gamersof the whole universe are spinners, competing witheachother inskill. Today, these are really very popular jokes,withwhich youcan easily distract from daily worries, lowerpressurewithoutmedication and avoid strong stress. Colorfulgraphicimpresses withits super-realism, giving a complete sense oftherotation of areal device such as a bearing.Even if you are shy to twist the real spiner - swingoursimulatorand enjoy it, people from all over the world arealreadydoingit!
Fidget Spinner Slap (not about spinning a Spinner) 1.8
Aren't you tired of this trend?Now you have the chance to slapeveryFidget Spinner you see in this game!Target ONLY the FidgetSpinners,and DON'T let them pass the barrier!!!Collect coins forupcomingshop items!WARNING: It gets very challenging, so put onyourtry-hard pants!
Fidget Spinner - Glow 1.4
⚡ The fidget spinner is born as an antistress, many people saythatthanks to the fidget spinner they are more relaxed and quiet.Ifyou don't have money to buy fidget spinner. Don't worry, wecreatea fidget spinner for you. Fidget Spinner - Neon is avirtualspinner game that looks like real. Game is the most searchedin2017 ⚡⚡ Features: ⚡⚡🎡 You can play Fidget Spinner - Glowwithoutinternet🎡 Fast and easy to rotate🎡 Different apperance andcolordesigns for different likes🎡 Many styles of fidget spinner:Neonstyle, color style, hero style…🎡 Mute stainless steel ballbearing,no big noise, easy to carry, small, simple, discrete andfun, alsoeffective for focus and deep thought ⚡ How to play: ⚡🎡 Itisn'thard to use the app, just swipe on the screen. Swipe down,swipeup, swipe left, swipe right, slide or scroll the hand snippertospin it. ⚡The game has been advertised as helping people whohavetrouble with focusing or fidgeting (such as those withADHD,autism, or anxiety) by acting as a release mechanism fornervousenergy or psychological stress. You can fidget and spin thespinneranywhere - in the bus, at home, at work and in otherplaces!Although the interface itself is simple, the pleasure fromthe gameis boundless! Contact with us:⚡Spin yourfavorite Fidget Spinner and twist as quickly as possible!
TapTo battle arenaBrand new .io gameBattle fidgetspinnersDefeatother spinnersSpin into the arenaNew GameplayTips tobe number 1 -1.Collect spin pellet, to increase your spinnerpower.2. When youreach a safe amount of spin power, dash into thenearest spinner todestroy them.3. Rinse and repeat until you'renumber 1 in KOrankings.4. Share your accomplishment with yourfriends and family.
Neon Colored Ploxter 3.0
Ethernal Blue
Do You like retro looking games? - You are in a right place!Swipeinthe right direction to score points. Color switching barrierswillbe a bigger trouble.This game at the begining may look reallyeasy,but in reality is a lot harder. You will have to try hard tobe thebest at it!New and exciting game that once you start youwon't beable to stop playing. Try as hard as you can to beat yourpreviousscore. Test who can get more points - you or your friends?This gameis really tricky so it won't be easy!Collect money to buynew skinsfor your character, it will never get boring! Will you beable toget them all?!Do you want to test how many points you canscore inthis tricky game? Download it and try it rightnow!Switching Colorsof Bright Neon Light - the best summary!Wereally hope you will likeit :)
Fidget Spinner
Words Mobile
You’ve seen them on the streets, on your commute and in youroffice;fidget spinners. Now these stress relieving toys come toyour handon Android. With this simulator game, you no longer needa realfidget spinner!A fidget spinner is a toy that sits like apropelleron a person’s finger, with blades that spin around abearing.Basically a fidget spinner consists of a two or threepronged designwith a bearing in its center circular pad. Flickthem for fun or fordumping your excess energy now!Game Features:-Realistic simulatorwith authentic spinning physics- Dozens offidget spinners to choosefrom- Glow, laser and neon graphics showneven more details of thespinners
Fidget Spinner 3D 1.6
Get your hands on the most beautiful and customizable 3Dfidgetspinner game ever made.- Amazing graphics: each fidgetspinner hasbeen meticulously crafted by 3D professional artists.-Try our 11unique fidget spinners, including 3 legendary models.-More than 50skins to unlock- Customize your fidget spinner with anew skin andlevel-up its stats (speed, friction).- Two modes areavailable,Classic and Time Attack !Start playing now and try toreach themaximum level with your favorite fidget spinner!
My Pet Fidget Spinner 1.1.7
SPINFIDGETGROWGot a fidget ready finger?Ever wanted a petfingerspinner?Spin, train, and grow my virtual pet fidgetspinner!MY PETFIDGET SPINNER!The best sim idle game with your veryown UPGRADABLEfinger spinner if you are looking for fidget spinnergames!Swipe toget the best spin possible, earn coins, and trainyour fidgetspinner!Unlock bigger and better fidget spinners!Upgrade to raisethe hand spinner power of your virtual pet fidgetspinner!Carefullytime your finger spin to have your pet fidgetspinner earn you morecoins, and use the coins to train your fidgetspinner to become theTOP RANKING fidget spinner!Train your fidgetspinner to give itIDLE POWER, earning you even more coins evenwhile you areaway!Harness the mighty power of your finger to raisethe bestfidget spinner virtual pet in this fidget spinner simulatorgame.My fidget spinner is better than yours! MY PET FIDGET SPINNER!
Fidget Spinner - Spinning Game [New] 1.3
Fidget Spinner is a arcade game -asimulator of the popular figet spinner toy in your phone.Do you know this fidget spinner game? It's a cool toythat'sjust twisted in your hand. Figet hand spinning is a toy thatsitslike a propeller on a person’s finger.If you can not buy yourself a real spiner, then you can replaceitwith a virtual spinner in your smartphone.Now with this simulator game, you don't need a real fidgetspinningtoy.Use your fingers to swipe the fidget spinner left or right, waitforit to stop and sweep the nice rewards. You have 20 seconds totestour new awesome spinner.Finger spinner game will raise the mood, increase concentrationandcharge positive emotions. Fidget Hand Spinner helps you relaxandrelieve stress with just a few simple spins.Swipe your spinning spinner as hard as you can to get high score.Itis a fun toy for both adults and children to play.Choose your favorite hand spinner model and twist as quicklyaspossible. Relieve stress and spin to your heart’s content!Fidgetspinner features:16 cool types of fidget spinner modelPlay with your friends, compete with them and compare yourbestscores.Swipe left, swipe right, slide or scroll the fidget snipper ashardas you can to hit the best score.Awesome views appear when you spin the fidget handspinnerhard.You can stop chewing your pen or biting your nails and turnyourboredom into fun! Start spinning with Fidget SpinnerSpinnyFingerLet's play and have fun with the great spinning spiner onthebearing.Rate and Share our fidget spinner diy new finger spinner withyourfriends.
Fidget Spinner 1.5.3029
The amazing fidget simulator game is here to cure yourexcessenergy!It helps you to relieve your stress with simplyswiping yourfingers. Try your best to swipe as quick as you can towin therewards! Compete with your friends and be the master offidgetspinner!Features:- Easy to play with intuitive touch -Differentfidget spinners with nice textures- Swipe for freerewards-Realistic simulator with authentic physics- Free game todownload -Play at anywhere & anytimePlay and have fun with thebeautifulspinner on the bearing
Fidget Spinner Run 1.2
FIDGET SPINNER RUNBETA VERSIONSimple procedural game.Moveyourfidget spinner as far as you can to make more points.Avoiddangerous walls and try to hit different colors to earnvariousbonus.More Improvements coming soon.The best is yet to come(hopeso)ROADMAP :-More Fidget Spinners-Largerareas-OnlineLeaderboards-Enemies (yes)
3D Fidget Spinner Keyboard
Download 3D Fidget Spinner Keyboard Skin, 3D Fidget SpinnerKeyboardSkincare background and 3D Fidget Spinner Keyboard Stylishfonts anddigital sound3D Fidget Spinner Keyboard Skin (typewriter)Morecomprehensive technology product with 3D Fidget SpinnerKeyboard foryour mobile phone filled with 3D Fidget SpinnerKeyboard3D FidgetSpinner Keyboard Skin (typewriter) The skin isdesigned for peoplewho love cool technology. Download and apply 3DFidget SpinnerKeyboard Skin decoration Your Android (typewriter)Whether yourphone is Samsung or Huawei, 3D Fidget Spinner Keyboardskin isdesigned to provide you with a faster, smoother mobileexperience.3DFidget Spinner Keyboard Skin theme supports a varietyof Huawei andSamsung phones3D Fidget Spinner Keyboard How to ApplyKeyboardSkin?Note: Panda keyboard must be installed1) Download the3D FidgetSpinner Keyboard skin theme and click the Installbutton.2) Downloadthe "Panda Keyboard" (typewriter) Play Storefrom Google. If youhave already installed the Panda keyboard(typewriter), click theApply button.3) After installing andapplying the "Panda Keyboard"(typewriter), the 3D Fidget SpinnerKeyboard keyboard skin themewill be automatically installed on thephone.
Fidget Spinner Simulator 1.0.5
ChuChu Mobile
Fidget spinner is a type ofstress-relievingtoy. It consists of a bearing in the center of adesign made frommany of a variety materials, based on which priceyou pay for it.It helps people who have trouble with focusing orfidgeting byacting as a release mechanism for nervous energy orpsychologystress. Now, this stress relieving toy is available onAndroid. Itsimulates the real toy and is claimed that it actuallyhelps peopleto relieve stress and anxiety. No need to pay for tensof bucks toget a real one but you still can get the same results inthisFidget spinner simulation.Fidget Spinner Simulation Features• Simulates the real fidget spinner• Tons of spinner types to choose from• Neon, glow and laser graphics• Help relieve stress and anxiety• Timed spin: swipe the spinner with everything you have inalimited of time• Free spin: spin as much as you want• Toss mode: don’t let it go below the screen or you lose.Stayfocused!• Each of the Fidget Spinner have their own inertia, dampingandcoins you can get, upgrade it to get more!• Compare your results with the rest of the world to see whereyouat• Share your results with friends easilyLove playing the Fidget spinner but worrying about takingiteverywhere you go, or simply you just don’t want to wasteyourmoney to get those real ones? Let’s download our FidgetSpinnerSimulation and enjoy our app.We love creating apps, and want to keep them free forever.In order to keep our development running, FAPFAP is ad-supportedtogenerate some revenue.When you click on advertisements delivered by FAPFAP, youwilltypically be directed to a third-party’s web page.We appreciate if you rate us 5 stars. Thank you.
Fidget Spinner 1.2
360° Game
Blow off steam by playing this cool fidget spinner simulatorgame.It's free game to play and easy to play. Just spin thefidgetspinner. Fidget spinner is also known as hand spinner andfidgetcube game. This game simulates an extremely famous devicecallediSpinThis fidget spinner simulation game is the bestrelaxinggame.A fidget spinner is a toy that sits like a propelleron aperson’s finger, with blades that spin around a bearing.Basicallya fidget spinner consists of a two or three pronged designwith abearing in its center circular pad. Flick them for fun orfordumping your excess energy now!You’ve seen them on the streets,onyour commute and in your office; fidget spinners. Now thesestressrelieving toys come to your hand on Android. With thissimulatorgame, you no longer need a real fidget spinner!GameFeatures:-Glow, laser and neon graphics shown even more details ofthespinners- 20 cool types of fidget spinner model.-Realisticsimulator with authentic spinning physics- Swipe down,swipe up,swipe left, swipe right, slide or scroll the fidgetsnipper to spinit.- Awesome views appear when you spin the fidgethand spinnerhard.- Dozens of fidget spinners to choose from- Playwith yourfriends and compete with them and compare your bestscores.- Scrollthe fidget spinner as hard as you can to hit thebest score.Mostrelaxing fidget spinner simulator in your pocket!Youhave 5 swipesto set the best spin you can. Use your hand finger toswipe thespinner left or right, wait for it to stop and sweep thesweetrewards! Upgrade your finger spinner, compete with yourfriends andbeat the records!
Color Blendy 1.2.1
Poter Labs
Color Blendy comes with a lot of fun casual and challengingblendcolors game play. Switch the color, flip that and match itwith thespinner. Switch and swap the color, match it with blendercolor andthe spinner Feature: ☘ 20 spinner to collect ☘ Addictiveand uniqueswitching line color gameplay ☘ Fast paced, fun, andchallenging ☘Compete with other spinner in Leaderboard This is thegame thatwill stay in your pocket in for the camp. This game comeswith alot of interesting snake, color, and fun color matching modestoplay, each with its own twist and challenges. ☘ CLASSIC - matchthecolor of the ball, don't be confused when things get harder☘COLORFUL - match the color of the ball, all color is unlockedsincethe start ☘ SHOOT - break the bricks by matching the color ofyourbullet balls ☘ DUO - play matching color ping-pong with yourself,who's the best? ☘ FLIP - flippy balls that will bounce by thesamecolor pad and flip direction ☘ SWITCH - change and switchyourposition matching the color fast ☘ Line and Color (Coming soon)☘MORE SAW COLOR (Coming soon) ☘ More to come!
Spinny Fidget 1.1
Come play the #1 new viral sensation Spinny Fidget!How toPlay>Tap your screen to spin the fidget spinner> Each tapwill switchthe rotation of the fidget spinner> Match the fallingball colorwith the color on the spinning fidget spinner> Collectstars tounlock new fidget spinners colorsStay ConnectedFacebook:
Fidget Spinner Golden Luxury Launcher Theme 1.1.7
Download Fidget Spinner Golden Luxury Theme to own beautifulicons,HD wallpapers and tons of themes. Fidget Spinner GoldenLuxuryTheme is a user theme with wallpapers of the most highdefinitionFidget Spinner Golden Luxury Theme and Fidget SpinnerGolden LuxuryTheme icons. It lets your Android phone run smootherand smarter,while at the same time, offers you a perfectexperience. FidgetSpinner Golden Luxury Theme is the latest amongtons of themes. Youcan find any theme you like. Whether you areinto comics, sci-fi,photography or automobile, we have all of themost beautiful themesyou want. Apply your favorite theme at anytime and show it off onyour phone. Download the Fidget SpinnerGolden Luxury Theme now toown more beautiful themes. DownloadFidget Spinner Golden LuxuryTheme and more surprises are waitingfor you! HD wallpapers andexquisite app icons bring you extremevisual pleasure. You can ownthe latest Fidget Spinner Golden LuxuryTheme, 3D themes and RoseGalaxy live wallpapers.Fidget SpinnerGolden Luxury Theme is anAndroid theme for Galaxy S8 with 3Dspecial effects, 3D weatherwidget, beautifully themed app icons andFidget Spinner GoldenLuxury Theme wallpapers. Fidget Spinner GoldenLuxury Theme issuitable for most Android phones, including SamsungS8, HuaweiMate8 and so on. Install the Fidget Spinner Golden LuxuryTheme and3D launcher to enable your wild experience and make yourphone lookcool. What more can you get by downloading the New OS 11?BeautifulFidget Spinner Golden Luxury Theme lock screen with HorrorBlackcolor: The Horror wolf wallpaper will be there once you swipeupthe lock screen. This offers full protection over yourprivacy.Stunning interface: 3D Motion weather forecast plus FidgetSpinnerGolden Luxury Theme wallpaper and WWW app icons can bringyourphone to life. Theme Center: You can find all kinds of freethemes,such as the popular golden theme that gives your phone aluxuriouslook. Additionally, you can also choose from a list ofcool 3D,Halloween and Christmas audio themes. Dozens of 3D effectsto gowith the Fidget Spinner Golden Luxury Theme and make yourphonelook cool. New OS 11 live wallpaper plus different specialeffectstriggered by gesture input merge Horror wolf and wild intooneexperience. It lets you feel the beauty of Fidget SpinnerGoldenLuxury Theme and experience the most advanced mobiletechnology atthe tip of your fingers. Before installing FidgetSpinner GoldenLuxury Theme, you have to first install our launcher.Our launcheroffers you multiple functions: Locker: We offer a smartlocker toprotect your privacy and offer you personalized lockscreen bycombining Fidget Spinner Golden Luxury Theme and FidgetSpinnerGolden Luxury Theme, making your phone look new on everyscreen youflip on. Customized themes: Share your Stylist Theme forFidgetSpinner Golden Luxury Theme, Fidget Spinner Golden LuxuryThemewallpaper and New OS 11 icons with friends. Give him/herasurprise!
Fidget Stick Spinny Hand Spinner 3d Simulator ball 1.5
Forget Fidget Spinners !!FIDGET STICK IS HERE !!!Theworldwideaddiction is now an on your mobile, so please forget aboutyourstress and try out the Fidget stick!The Fidget stick is theGOALIEand you are incharge of defending !! All the best !Dont Liketo beGoalie , Then you can be the survivor and don't let the ballhityou !All the best!
Fidget Spinner Twist 1.1.2
Fidget Hand Spinner helps you relax and relieve stress with justafew spins. Stop nail-biting, pen-twirling or spending hundredsofdollars on expensive spinner toys. Have 2 game play withsinglegame, first is fidget spinner, You have 5 swipes to set thebestspin and other is spinner twist, tap to bounce the FidgetSpinnerup the screen. Avoid all obstacles and collect the stars forhelpto unlock levels, have 4 different modes. Classic Mode : Inclassicmode you have to move spinner up by passing through hurdlesandcollecting stars. Reverse Mode : In reverse mode you have tostopfidget spinner by falling down to hurdles and collect stars.StickyMode : This mode is bit tricky and on tapping the screen itwillconvert into two. Zigzag Mode : This is the most interestingmodein which you have to tap on screen and it will changedirectionsfidget spinner. Game Features: - Realistic simulator withauthenticspinning physics. - Dozens of fidget spinners. - 4differentmode(classic mode, reverse mode, sticky mode, zigzag mode)-Soothing music - Leader board for high score. For more updateslikeour page. FidgetSpinnerTwist a complete fun and addictive game for your kids inthecategory of arcade/ family game by Game Magic Studio 2017.
Fidget Spinner : Superhero 1.5
Most relaxing Super Hero Spinner is here!You’ve seen them onthestreets, on your commute and in your office; fidget spinners.Nowthese stress relieving toys come to your hand on mobile. Withthissimulator game, you no longer need a real fidget spinner!Youhavetotal 5 swipes to set the best spin record. Wait for it to stopandsweep the sweet bonus! Upgrade the spinner, compete withyourfriends and beat the records!Each spin brings you closertounlocking a new spinner. Can you unlock them all?Enjoy withamazingparticles effects come from the spinner after rotating.*****Featured Spinners *****Electro SpinnerFire SpinnerLaserSpinnerLightning SpinnerLava SpinnerHoli Spinner (Colorfulsprayeffect)Sparkle SpinnerIce SpinnerCannon SpinnerHealSpinnerGiantSpinnerTornado SpinnerPoison SpinnerToxin SpinnerMetalSpinner
This simulator of fidget spinner enables you to test thisnewconcept of game with the real speed of a truth spinner andofferingthe number of exact turn to you.This pack rich and variedspinnerswhich contien almost all the required categories of handspinnerand places them according to an order studied to allow youpleasantmoments of game and a concept antistress veryamusing.Herewith aMultilevel concept: while passing from a spinnerwith another onefeels and one touches a change on the level ofindicates fidgetspinner and his speed thus the number of turn thata spinnercarries out before stopping.The objective of this game offidgetspinner is as follows:The developer of this game conceivingitcustom-tailored to satisfy you without you to be bored verybykeeping this immense pleasure of making turn these spinnersandgather an office plurality of points which will enable youtounbolt the locked spinners and to discover theiradvantagesrelating to the speed of the spinner and its capacitiesto make youscore points. once this office plurality of pointsbecome importantyou will be able to open the cadena of the desiredspinner and toprofit from these advantages in the announcethat eachtime you progress in the level you would notice that thespinnerbrings back more points to you and as that you will havetheability to choose the desired spinner. You will have the choiceinour range of more than 50 spinners between:spinnersimplespinnerdoublespinner with three phasesspinner chromiumgoldspinnercuriousspinnerspinner symbolspinner mechanicalspinnerannoyedspinnerweaponspinner marinespinner on fireTo have our lastspinnersbetween your hands, follow our updates benefit from thelast fidgetspinners.
Super Fidget Hand Spinner 21
Are you bored at work or maybe just got some spare time?SuperFidget Spinner is designed with the intent to relieve stress,butit is also great for having fun and not to forget killingtime.Fidget spinners are claimed having a positive impact onindividualswith ADHD, autism, or anxiety. Super Fidget Hand Spinneris theonly fidget spinner app in the universe that offers both aMoon anda Double Spinner. It is also the only spinner app with a 2playermode, Spinner VS Spinner. So enjoy! Features: • Unlock thebestfidget spinners • 2 player mode, Spinner VS Spinner. •Unlockbackgrounds • Screen motion 3d effect • Relaxing soundeffects •Precise spinning system • Challenge your friends on theleaderboardVisit: But most of all remember to have fun!
2018 Theme Launcher
The 2018 Theme Launcher is one of the new mobile launcher themeswehave released in 2017! This amazing launcher theme newdesignfeatures a very popular stress release toy: the fidgetspinner. Asyou have seen, they are loved by people of all ages andthey comein all shapes and sizes. Since everyone fell in love withfingerspinners we tried to integrate them into one of the bestappslauncher themes out there! Try the amazing fidget spinnerthemetoday and start using it to see the difference. The 2018ThemeLauncher is a wonderful theme for Android thatcompletelytransforms the phone menu and app screen with newbackgrounds, appicons and more! ✱What do you get when you download2018 ThemeLauncher ✱ If you want to download this Launcher forAndroid, youcan: • Change the phone theme this this amazing designandfantastic colors as you can see in the HD screenshots; •Customizeapp icons and change them all on your phone to match youpreferredstyle; • Have great visual effects that you can choosefrom andapply to this HD Launcher; • Change the font and color tomatch thelook of this free theme launcher. ★How to install thisamazingLauncher theme free★ • Download 2018 Theme Launcher; • OpentheLauncher theme app and swipe to begin the activation; • Youwillget a notification is you have a compatible app to use theappLauncher theme, like New Launcher 2018. If you don’t have theit,you will be redirected to install it also. • After you installthecompatible app, you can set up the amazing Launcher theme! ◆Notice◆ Since 2018 Theme Launcher is an amazing Launcher forAndroid, wehave worked on creating compatibility apps for them toworkperfectly. This is a great theme for Launcher that it workswith GOLauncher-Theme, Wallpaper, Redraw Launcher or New Launcher2018. Ifyou do not have a compatible app installed on your device,don'tworry! You will get instructions on how to download it! Nowyou canset up one of the new Launcher theme! ★ More awesomeLaunchers forAndroid! ★ ✱ If you want to install other amazingLaunchers, youcan visit our developer page! We have hundreds ofamazing Launcherthemes for Android! Another place where you can seeall launcherthemes is in New Launcher 2018. ✱ Don’t forget, if youlike thisapp Launcher for Android, please rate and review us! ✱We'vecreated 2018 Theme Launcher to give you a uniquepersonalizationoption for your phone! With new customizationfeatures, 2018 ThemeLauncher will become your favorite Androidphone or tablet newamazing Launcher. End User Licence AgreementRead to find out theconditions for downloading, installing, usingand accessingfeatures of this app - PrivacyPolicy We donot store personal information. See what data weanalyze and how itis used -
Spinner Evolution - Merge Fidget Spinners! 8.80
Collect, fuse and evolve Fidget Spinners! Start off with abasicorange Fidget Spinner and work your way up to the top! Ifyou'relooking for the best Fidget Spinner game, you've found it!FEATURES+ Fuse Fidget Spinners together and discover new ones +Completeyour 'My Spinners' collection with 100+ unique Spinners +Use thepower of boosts to supercharge your earnings + Participateinevents to help with your collection Enjoy the game? Please leaveareview and tell us what you'd like to see in the next update.Weread *every single* review!
Spinny fidget 1.0.7
Spinny fidget is now available on mobile. You've seen them onthestreets, on your commute and in your office. Now thesestressrelieving toys come know as Spinny fidget to your hand onAndroid.With this simulator spinner game, you no longer need a realspinnyfidget! The figet game now helping you show the spinnyfidgettricks easier.In your story, this game is not like figetspinner,figet spinner, fidget spinner games, fidget spinner game,fidgetcube.. You should spin the figet and dig gold in order toorder thenew fidget cube. We have many spin class and fidget toys.You willbe excited when you can reach the special fidget toyspinner .Fromthe beginning, you will have the classic fidget butafter a longtime play you will collect your spinner hand finger.Someone saidthis game is “fidget spinner simulator” but it is notthe fact. Youcan try the simulator but you are feeling happy whenyou use yourcross finger to spin the fidget spiner.It will beupgrade to becomefidget spinner 3D as soon as posssibleThefollowing of the game isyou must be spin and collect the gold untilyou reach the price ofbetter spinner. You can buy more spinnyfidget to complete yourcollection of spinners.A figet spinner is atoy that sits like apropeller on a person's finger, with bladesthat spin around abearing. Basically a figet spinner consists of atwo orthree-pronged design with a bearing in its center circularpad.Flick them for fun or for dumping your excess energy now!GameFeatures:- Refresh your mind and release your soul- HiddenGiftwhen you play spinner game- Realistic simulator withauthenticspinning physics- Dozens of figet spinners to choose fromshopfiget for more enjoy (You can buy it with coins)-You can takearest with our effect and music when you swipe yourspinnerEnjoywith this figet game and let us know your feeling!
Fidget Spinner Pro 1.0.1
ChuChu Mobile
Finger Spinner is not simply agamethatyou play when you don’t know what to do. It also can helpyoureducestress and anxiety by providing a sense of comfortandpeace.Furthermore, it helps you to focus on what you’redoingwhile stillkeep you relaxed.📌 How to play?⭐︎ Download and install Finger Spinner app⭐ You have 5 swipes to make your Fidget Spinner twist⭐ Swipe it as fast as you can to earn more money and scores⭐ Use money to buy more tools to help the FidgetSpinnerspinfaster⭐ Score more to earn more money multiplier andunlockhigherlevel⭐ Each level you unlock, you will have a new spinner⭐ Even when you are offline, you can still earn money foreachminuteyou’re offline!⭐ Share with friends your new highscore and have funcompetingwiththemThere are hundreds of levels for you to unlock new FidgetSpinnertohave fun with. Relieve stress, increase focus to help yourworkmoreproductive while just sitting where you are, such a greatdealthatyou never want to miss it!If you have any question or feedback you want to share withus,don’thesitate to send an email to our support team!Please leave a review and rate us 5❤ if you like ourFingerSpinnerapp!We appreciate your support and hope you enjoy the bestFingerSpinnerapp that has been launched in Google Play here! : Fidget Spinner Wars
Are you ready for the fidget spinnerwarsonline game ? Diep War producer the new : Fidget Wars out now. Wars inspired by io type games (popularisedbyagar,slither). Increase your speed by eating,collect cellsorhitting other fidget spinz. You become the most powerful. Trytosurvive for a long time . How fast can you spin the fidgetspinner? Are you ready battle ?PLAY WITHOUT : Fidget Wars , optimized for mobileanddon't lag never .MOBILE TOUCHSCREEN CONTROLSThe Game controls fully compatible mobile and very simple .Anenjoyable game with virtual joystick is waiting for you .INCREASE SPEEDIncrease your speed by eating,collect cells or hitting otherfidgetspinz. Be faster.TELEPORT THROUGH PORTALGet out of other spinz by entering the portals.MULTIPLAYER BATTLEBattle other players. Online multiplayer game play now.BE FIRST IN THE RANKINGYou make highest score and you be first in the rankings.11 LANGUAGE OPTIONSEnglish,Turkish,Chinese,Spanish,German,Korean,French,Russian,Japanese,Italian,Portuguese50+ SKIN OPTIONS35+ FONT OPTIONSLike Jointsoft on Facebook: the game, Problems and Suggestions Mail to you ;
Fidget Spinner 1.0.8
SU Games Team
You've seen them in everyone's handandspinningon everyone's finger- in the classroom, the office,andnow in yourAndroid as well! The most popularstress-relieverfidget spinner toyis now appearing in a portableapp withrealistic spinner control.Try it today to focus, relievestressand kill some time!Game Features:- Realistic spinning physics and authentic spinner movements- Dozens of backdrops and spinner skins to choose from- Play in three modes: timed, infinite and toss!Each spin brings you closer to unlocking new spinnersandbackdrops!Play hard and upgrade with your hard-earnedcoins!
Fidget Spinner Vs Block 1.0.4
“Fidget Spinner Vs Block” - Attractive game - You should try itnow.With "Fidget Spinner Vs. Block" destroys meteors and exploretheuniverse!Everyone in the world is playing fidget spinner.Updategame "Fidget Spinner Vs Block" now. Try the newest, mostunique,most modern Fidget Spinner!Collectibles Fidget Spinner"cool", "themost beautiful", "the fastest"!Own the best collectionof fidgetspinner!Spinner-shaped wheel, Pokeball, LED, Triforce,Satan, 4wings, spinner sakura…Upgrade to create and experience theinfinitespinner completely free!Fidget Spinner is a popular gamebecause itworks to calm down, reduce stress and restlessness, andcan limitbad habits. Out of a real toy, we've developed it into amobile gameso you can play it wherever you go, whenever you want.Whether youare on the bus, in the office, in the toilet you canplay “FidgetSpinner Vs Block”. Even in gathering friends, a topFidget Spinnerrace will make the atmosphere a lot better. Even ingatheringfriends, a top Fidget Spinner race will make theatmosphere a lotbetter.Cleverly overcome the meteorite, puncture,break theobstacles. Collect rotations, increase number ofrotations, ready topuncture any meteorite. Control the speed, youcan’t take your eyesoff Fidget spinner to become the strongestspinner in the universe,destroy the meteors in space. Becoming thebest player in the world,topping the global rankings.How toplaySwipe to launch thespinner.Move the spindles to destroy themeteorites, and collectmore spins.The more points, the more coinsto upgradeSpinner.FunctionUp to 21 spinner models for you tochoosefrom!Upbeat music!Great gameplay!Nice graphics!
Fidget Spinner: The Game 1.0
For some people, fidget spinner toyscanprovidea sense of comfort and peace in stressful situations.Theycan alsoprovide a way to concentrate during a dullmeeting.The game perfectly worked out the physics of rotation. Thereisasound that mimics how the spinner does not rot.Features:- Realistic with authentic spinning physics- Collect coins in each spin- Upgrades- Play levels- Improve your skill- Get all the spinnersLot of different spinners: Ninja, Shuriken, colored,EDC,stainless,brass small, rainbow, plastic, metal, etcUpgrade your spinner:- Restless Earner: Earn coins while offline- Grease the wheels: Less friction and loner spins- Spinner speeder: Increase maximum speed
TRI Fidget Spinner 1.8.7
Just use your finger to spin the fidget spinner! Have fun andgetrelax! Our TRI Fidget Spinner Toy simulator game will help youtofree yourself from the stress. It will make you relax. Justswipeto play and spin the finger spinner. Swipe your finger as hardasyou can and get the high score. It is an EDC toys for alladultsand children to relieve boredom and works as an anti-stresstoy.You only need to spin this ultra-speed simulator fidgethandspinner. Do want to buy a Real TRI Fidget Spinner? but there'snomoney. Don’t worry. Why spend, when you can completely setyourselfas many hand fingerspinner as on your phone and twist itwith yourfinger as much as you can. Compete with your friends andspintogether with hand finger spinny fidget. Need some help? Visitoursupport pages, or send us a message!>>> Questions? Contact our TechSupport Terms ofUse: PrivacyPolicy:
Fidget Spinner 3.3
The best cure for your excess energy!Fidget Hand Spinner helpsyourelax and relieve stress with just a few simple spins.Stopnail-biting, pen-twirling or spending hundreds of dollarsonexpensive spinner toys.Here, you can try different spinnersforfree and spin them for as long as you want!More spinners willbeadded so stay tuned for upcoming updates!
Draw and Spin (Fidget Spinner) 1.11
Avar Apps
Fidget Spinner - one of the best means of stress, start to turnitin different directions and watch this funny.Now you canfantasizeand draw your unique fidget, and then twist it and admiretheglowing spinner.How to use:Open the app, draw a spinnerClick onthespinner button and try to twist, what did you getThen click onthedrawing button, you can re-paint or draw a new spinner