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Sudoku 1.3.1
Sudoku for beginners and advanced players. Whether you'd liketorelax or keep mind active – pass your free time in a pleasantway!Get a small stimulating break or clear your head with sudoku.Takeyour favorite app with you wherever you go. Playing Sudokuonmobile is as good as with a real pencil and paper.Choose anylevelyou like. Play easier levels to exercise your brain,logicalthinking and memory, or try hard levels to give your mind arealworkout. Our classic puzzle game has some features that makesudokueasier for you: hints, auto-check, and duplicates highlight.Youcan use them or complete the challenge without help – it's uptoyou! What's more, in our app each puzzle has one solution. Youwillfind all you need whether you are playing your first sudoku,oryou've progressed to expert difficulty.Features✓ CompleteDailyChallenges and get unique trophies✓ Challenge yourselffiguring outyour mistakes, or enable Auto-Check to see yourmistakes as you go✓Turn on Pencil mode to make notes as on paper.Each time you fillin a cell, notes are automatically updated!✓Highlight duplicatesto avoid repeating numbers in a row, column andblock✓ Hints canguide you through the points when you are stuckMorefeatures-Statistics. Track your progress for each difficulty level:analyzeyour best time and other achievements- Unlimited Undos. Madeamistake? Just put it back quickly!- Auto-save. If you leaveasudoku unfinished it will be saved. Continue playinganytime-Highlighting of a row, column and box related to theselected cell-Eraser. Get rid of all mistakesHighlights• More than5,000well-formed puzzles• 9x9 grid• 4 perfectly balanced levelsofdifficulty: easy, medium, hard, and expert• Support both phonesandtablets• Portrait and landscape mode for tablets• Simpleandintuitive designTrain your brain anywhere, anytime!
Master Sudoku Offline Free 2018 2.0
Master Sudoku Offline Free 2018 is a addictive puzzle gameforeveryone.Sudoku Master 2018 have 6 levels of difficulty fromEasyto Expert!Main Feature of Sudoku 2018:- The objective ofthissmooth Sudoku free game is to place 1 to 9 digit numbers intoeachgrid cell so that each number can only appear once in eachrow,each column and each mini-grid.- Comfortable and easy inuse-Suitable for any device- Just select difficulty level andplaysudoku- Enjoy a clear, easy to read, and customizable Sudokuboardwith visual guides.You can be beginner or advanced - Undo andRedo-Autosave- Notes- HintBeautiful user-friendly Sudoku andcompletemobile Sudoku learning system. We hope you will enjoysudoku master2018 really a brain teaser game which helps to workout your brain!All for FREE!Totally free & fun sudoku gameoffline 2018
Sudoku offline 1.0.25
Welcome to Free Sudoku Game. The best ever Brain game forandroidoffline!!!With this free Sudoku or Number Place, you willneverneed any other Sudoku puzzle Game!!! Quest into theSudokuworld.Because this Sudoku game have provided you so manySudokuthat allow you to play endlessly and it is completely freeandoffline playable. With more than 10000 games!!!• 2 grid types•5different regions• 5 difficulty levels each of them more than100games. Want to challenge yourself? Play the Fiendish.Wantsomethingfun and casual, Select from the Easy, Medium, challengingand hardor FiendishWant a classic Sudoku puzzle game? Play this.Thestandard Sudoku board offer you the classic Sudoku game.Wantmorethan classic Sudoku game? Try the Squiggly board. A brandnewexperience of the Sudoku game!Want more? Try theX-Sudoku,Hyper-Sudoku, Percent-Sudoku, Color-Sudoku, there are somanyvariance for you to select.Want to keep track the time you usetosolve a Sudoku game? This app shows and record the time youspendon a Sudoku game.Like to play by eliminating value in aSudokugame? Yes, you got it from this app.Features:• Fivedifficultylevels : Easy, Medium, challenging, hard and Fiendish.•Twobeautiful grid styles : Standard and Squiggly • Choose lightanddark Sudoku board - suitable for night/day mode selection.•Endlesscollection crafted puzzles with all difficulty levels. Playit andenjoy. -Easy for the beginners -Medium to Hard forintermediates -Fiendish for experts• Auto save your game - Avoidmissing yourprogress.• Unlimited Undo/Redo• Intuitive interface andinputsystem• Cell first and digit first input system• support playbyeliminating value• Error checking• Playable any time andanywhereoffline• Pencil mark
Sudoku Master PRO (No Ads) 9.0
With 4 difficulty levels, intuitive interface, and all thefunctionsright at your fingertips, this paid version of classicSudoku Masterapp is sure to be your favorite. If you wish to exitSudoku, thepuzzle will be saved exactly as you see it!Sudoku is alogic-based,combinatorial number-placement puzzle game. Theobjective is to filla 9×9 grid with digits so that each column,each row, and each ofthe nine 3×3 sub-grids that compose the gridcontains all of thedigits from 1 to 9. The game is completely freewith minimum ads.The pro version of Sudoku master is one of thebest Ad free versionof Sudoku game and you can download it forfree(sudoku game freedownload).
Sudoku 1.19.0
Speed-up your grey cells together with Sudoku. This super game isagreat warm-up for the mind. It helps you to practice patienceaswell as perceptiveness and it is completely free gameDuringthegame, you do not need to have access to the internet, all youneedis downloading the application via wifi. Are you ready? So openitand play absolutely for free this Sudoku offline!Sudoku isanentertainment for the whole family no matter what age istheperson:✓ ideal for kids, because they practice their skillsoflogical and algorithmic thinking;✓ excellent for olderpeople,because it supports memory and concentration;✓ a fantasticgame foreveryone, because it develops the intellect, the left sideof thebrain and relaxes after a hard day.Is Sudoku your passion?Are youstriving to achieve the expert level? Or maybe you are justlookingfor a good game for beginners and want to try it byyourself?Regardless of your level, this app is exactly for you.Here youwill find boards with three levels of difficulty:✓difficult Sudoku- better than morning coffee, guarantees a quickawakening and agreat start of the day. If you would like to takepart in theSudoku World Championship soon, then this level fitsyouperfectly!✓ medium Sudoku - extra intellectual entertainmentfornew enthusiasts;✓ easy Sudoku - it works well for those whoarejust starting their adventure.Sudoku is my second classiclogicgame and I put a lot of effort to make you happy. I amcuriousabout your impressions, so I will be grateful if you writeto mewhat during the game you liked, but also what you would liketofind there in the future. All comments and ideas are welcome!Thankyou,Łukasz Oktaba - author
Classic Sudoku PRO(No Ads) 3.0
Sudoku is a logic-based, combinatorial number-placement puzzlegame.The objective is to fill a 9×9 grid with digits so that eachcolumn,each row, and each of the nine 3×3 sub-grids that composethe gridcontains all of the digits from 1 to 9.The sudoku logicpuzzle iscompletely free and no advertisement is used.Thisinnovative sudokufree game has several best features like gametime and history.Thegame has two game play style- Classic andUnlimited. Classic modecontains 1000 unique puzzle of fourdifficulty levels. Unlimitedgame style support three differentgame modes:1. a 6x6 game fieldwith 2x3 subsections2. a 9x9 gamefield with 3x3 subsections3. a12x12 game field with 3x4subsectionsFor each game mode there arefour different difficultylevels, that are not measured by thenumber of set values butrather by the solving strategies needed tosolve the game. The gamedesigned under GNU GeneralPublicLicense.Website:
Sudoku by Brainium is the #1 Sudoku game you know and love foryourAndroid phone and tablet, and the best way to learn andimproveyour skills in this classic puzzle game.With our Sudoku app,notonly will you play a beautiful user-friendly Sudoku, butyou’llalso have access to the world’s most friendly and completemobileSudoku learning system.With every puzzle, our “Hint” buttoncanteach you the techniques you need to make progress.Theinstructions are easy to understand and unique for everypuzzle-with helpful animations and colorful visuals. The hintsdon’t justgive you the answer, they help you learn the “why” behindtheanswer. This feature will help you learn all the techniquesyouneed to solve Sudoku puzzles whether you’re a completenoviceplaying your first game, or you’ve progressed all the way toexpertdifficulty.Enjoy a clear, easy to read, and customizableSudokuboard with visual guides that make glancing at thepossibilities abreeze. Our input system is designed to makeenteringsolutions and notes magically simple and our friendlyscoringsystem allows you to compete with yourself or yourfriendsregardless of skill level.Sudoku by Brainium will be themostbeautiful, learnable, and user-friendly Sudoku game you’veeverplayed, and it’s completely free!Features:• The world’smostadvanced Sudoku learning tool• The hints not only give youtheanswer but explain why the answer is what it is• Fiveperfectlybalanced difficulty levels• Two beautiful grid styles•Choose lightor dark grid fonts with adjustable size• Endlesscollection ofmasterfully crafted puzzles• Useful statistics to keeptrack ofyour progress• Unlimited Undo/Redo• Auto-Fill NotesOption•Auto-Clear Notes Option• Auto Error-Checking Option•Portrait andLandscape Views• Advanced game options and notes• Fivegorgeousthemes• Universal App looks great on both phones andtablets•Global and friend leader boards• Portrait and landscapeplayoptions• Right or left handed option in landscapeWe hope youenjoySudoku Free by Brainium, and please contact our five starsupportif you have any questions :-)For the latest exciting newsandupdates on Brainium games:LIKE usonFacebook [email protected] visitusat:http://www.BrainiumStudios.comThanks for playing!
Solitaire Dungeon Escape Free 1.4
Jose Varela
Play the Saga of Tripeaks Solitaire, Free Solitaire games thatyoushould not miss!Your princess is locked up in the last room ofanintricate dungeon, guarded by a dragon.The keys to open thedoors,are split in 16 parts.The only way to get these parts issolving acard game with magic cards.Let the adventure begin!Thecard gameconsists in clearing the board by taking a card that isone aboveor below than the card on the deck.Among the 160 levelsavailableto play, you would find several missions such as:- Have asequenceof X number of cards.- Obtain X points.- Find the card-keyto openthe lock.- Solve the game in X amount of time.- Get a goldencardby having a sequence of 5 cards.- Solve 2 rounds of thegame.Fromlevel 6 you would have available a wild card, that youwould beable to use any time replacing the card that you need. It'sveryuseful for building long sequences.Each card taken off fromtheboard has a value of 100 points, and if it follows a sequencethenits value would have 50 bonus points. This means that thelongerthe sequence is then more points you get.If you loveSolitaireclassic, Spider Solitaire, FreeCell solitaire, Tripeakssolitaire,Mahjong, Pyramid solitaire or any other free solitairepatiencecard games, don't miss out on the best solitaire for yourphone andtablet! Just give the game a try, and we promise SolitaireDungeonEscape by Jose Varela will be the most beautiful and userfriendlysolitaire game you've ever played,an amazing free solitairecardgame.It’s a game that don’t need wifi!No in-app purchases!
Pyramid Solitaire
Pyramid Solitaire is a timeless card game experience, fromthemakers of the ORIGINAL Solitaire game! Pyramid is a puzzlegamethat requires logic and strategy to clear the table. You’llloveadding Pyramid to your collection of MobilityWareSolitairegames!How to Play: Pair cards that equal to 13. Jacks =11, Queens= 12, and Kings = 13.Here’s a quick view of what our appoffers:-Classic Solitaire experience- Thousands of randomizeddeals- Funand exciting animations- Smooth and polished gameplayWeguaranteethe BEST QUALITY Pyramid card game in the Google Playstore. We’reALWAYS improving and adding new features to thegame!LEARN MOREABOUT PYRAMID SOLITAIRE:Brain training and casinofun meet in thisfree game! Celebrate your Pyramid victory with ourexclusivewinning animations at the end of every deal. Our PyramidSolitairegame gives you unlimited and unrestricted amount of cardgamedeals…there’s no waiting for the next Pyramid leveltounlock!Solitaire fans and other cards games fans will fall inlovewith this new Pyramid Solitaire game.PYRAMIDSOLITAIREFEATURES:FREE CARD GAMES• Free games of Pyramid Solitaire;offlineplay included• Card games fans will love Pyramid Solitaire!Do youplay Patience (Classic Solitaire), TriPeaks, or SpiderSolitaire?Then try Pyramid Solitaire!UNLIMITED DEALS• Get unlimiteddeals forSolitaire fun anytime, anywhere.• Random deals mean eachhand isunique.MIND GAMES• Pyramid Solitaire is a fun andchallenging wayto train your brain. Can you solve every Pyramidpuzzle?GAMECUSTOMIZATION• Pyramid Solitaire is simple and fun, withUndo &Hints so everyone can play• Easy switch between landscapeandportrait viewsDownload Pyramid Solitaire,completelyFREE.________________________________________LIKE USonFacebook answerstofrequently asked questions, headoverto and supportedbyMobilityWare
Sudoku - Logic Puzzles 2.2.3
Get rid of your paper sudoku, you won't need it anymore! Hundredsofthousands of puzzles, difficulty levels for beginners andproplayers, rankings, achievements and everything completelyforfree!Test your logic and perception skills and train yourbrainwith Sudoku - Logic Puzzles. Best exercise for your mind youcanimagine.Sudoku, also known as "Number Place", is afamouslogic-based puzzle where you need to fill a 9x9 board so thateachcolumn, row or a 3x3 sub-box of the board contains all numbersfrom1 to 9.Now we present it to you in an amazing, approachableandhandy format.✓ Challenge yourself on 4 difficulty levels, fromeasylayouts for beginners to extremely hard for masters.✓Solvecountless unique sudoku puzzles, endless amount of fun.✓Takeadvantage of helpful tools for more comfortable play, like:•entering and automatic tracking of candidate numbers •showingsolution numbers count • undoing and redoing moves •bookmarkingcurrent state for easy return to your best solution •immediatevalidation of digit conflicts on the board✓ Leave the gameat anytime and come back later to finish where you left it.✓ Trackyoubest results and compete against your friends in onlinerankings.Be the quickest and beat the best time.✓ Use solvingassists if youneed help.✓ Night mode for playing in the dark.✓Left-handedplaying mode✓ Play the game completely free!✓ Share yourgames toFacebook, Twitter or Google+✓ Utilize clear and convenientlayoutand controls, with two different number input methods.✓Carefullyprepared for comfortable play in portrait and landscapemode.✓Optimized for both mobiles and tablets.✓ Incrediblysmallapplication size! This sudoku game will always fit onyourdevice.Internet access permission is required for Google PlayGamesintegration. SD card access is necessary for applicationdatastorage and backups.
Sudoku Free 2.8.0
Sudoku by Volcano is the best puzzle game you can find foryourphone and tablet, and it'll help you to learn and improveyourskills in the sudoku game.With our hint system, it'll teach youallthe skills you need to solve the puzzle with every step, andtheinstructions are very easy to understand, also withhelpfulanimations and colorful visual effects. The hint system willnotonly tell you the answer but also help you to understand whytheanswer is. In the training mode, it'll be with you whetheryou'recompletely new to this game, or the way to the expert.Wecreatedthis innovative free game with several various keyfeatures:★Sudoku variations such as squiggly, X and Color★ 8difficultylevels from very beginners to the expert★ Hint systemwill help tolearn how to solve the puzzle, not only the answer butalso why theanswer is★ Career statistics to keep track of your gameprogress★Global leaderboard and achievement, which you can share orcompetewith your friends or others★ You can update your puzzle fromtheserver at any time, without re-installing the game★ Competewithglobal players in the Champions Challenge and win thebounty★Custom puzzle can let you create your own puzzle as composedbyyourself, or from the papers★ More than 15000 puzzles arewaitingfor youduring the game, you will be able to★ Autohighlightednumbers for intelligent hint★ Use pencil marks★Double-click thecell to erase numbers★ Use various kind of items,like check theerrors★ Unlimited redo & undoyou can also foundmore usefulfunctions like★ You can share to your friends viaGoogle+, Twitter,and Facebook★ Auto-save, you can pause at anytimeyou like withoutlosing any progress★ Use Dark mode in the night toprotect youreyes★ Timer, you can also disable it in settings★Selected cellhighlighting★ Incorrect digits mark★ Enchanting visualeffects★Various numerals like Chinese or Roman★ Universal App looksgreaton phone and tablet★ Give us feedback in the game, with yourhelpwe'll make it betterWe hope you will enjoy the stunning designsofour sudoku, it's really a brain teaser game which helps to workoutyour brain! All for FREE!
Fairway Solitaire Blast 2.8.33
Play one of the top-rated free card games with twists andchallengesin each solitaire hand! Collect prizes and power ups, goon quests,play Daily Challenges, compete in tournaments, and more!The rulesare easy! You play one card higher or lower to clear theboard, butthe puzzling combinations will have you using your brainto beatevery challenge! You’ll always have something fun to do inBlastSolitaire with hundreds of different card hands playedonbeautifully illustrated and wacky scenery! Enjoy solo play orwatchyour friend’s progress when connected through Facebook! BeatDailyChallenges, find collectibles to win fun prizes thatenhancestrategy and game play, and compete against other players oryourFacebook friends when you join a tournament Go beyondKlondikesolitaire and challenge your brain by applying strategy andlogicwith the Blast Solitaire card game! Use special power up cardstostrategize how to beat each level challenge. Special power upcardswill let you undo moves, shoot a card off the board, flip thecardsbetween black and red, shuffle the cards, shoot several cardsoffthe board, and more! If you enjoy solitaire plus the challengesofgames like Mahjong, word search, and puzzles, then you are goingtolove Blast Solitaire! Blast is solitaire, but so much more!It’smore challenging than Spider solitaire, more fun thanPyramidsolitaire, and more exciting than free cell solitaire!McDang, Son!Don’t just play solitaire, have a BLAST!By downloadingthis gameyou are agreeing to our privacypolicy:; and ourterms ofuse: free gameplay you’ll pick up quick!Rewards for yoursuccess inthe gameDaily ChallengesSpecial Tournaments ofvaryingdifficultyCollectables to win prizes!Rewards for yourprogress andachievementsNo squinting! Finally a game you can see ona smallscreen700+ levels with more on the way all the time!Special"bonus"cards to help your strategy for your next moveLeaderboardsto seeyour friends and their scores when you connectthroughFacebookSimilar but more exciting, challenging, and funthanclassic Klondike, Spider, Pyramid, or Free CellsolitaireSavedprogress you can continue on any device when youlogin with youraccount. Don’t forget to use Facebook so you canfind your friend’sprogress too! Follow us onFacebook! issues?Pleasevisit
Sudoku Numbers Puzzle 4.4.1
About Sudoku:Sudoku is a logic-based, combinatoric digitinputpuzzle game of numbers. Become more intelligent by playingthisgame regularly. Concentrate and Analyze each brainteaserdigitpuzzle to finish the game. The objective of this smooth Sudokufreegame is to place 1 to 9 digit numbers into each grid cell sothateach number can only appear once in each row, each column andeachmini-grid.Sudoku from Playzio comes with an attractiveinterface.It offers daily hints, thousands of brainteaser numberspuzzles andother various features. This Sudoku gameplay containsall types ofdifficulty Levels from flash, easy, medium, hard andexpert modes,so this game is suitable for kids and adultstoo.Sudoku by Playziois best numbers puzzle games on android.Managing the jigsaw box onthe grid will give you intelligent skillzto find out the solution.The game tells you the why of the solutionand not just what. Thegame can be pause anytime. Feature List ✔Real-time multiplayer ✔Offline Game, No wifi required.✔ DailySudoku Hints✔ Freebrainteaser Sudoku Puzzles✔ Daily dose ofnumbers✔ Best dark mode✔Customizable Sudoku board with 5 multiplechoices of gorgeousthemes✔ Statistics to keep track of your gameperformance✔ Globalleaderboard and achievements, which you canshare or compete withyour friends or others✔ Five perfectlybalanced difficulty levelsfrom sudoku beginner to sudoku expert.✔Auto Save to save yoursudoku puzzles✔ Autofill Notes Option✔Auto-Clear Notes Option✔Auto Error-Checking Option✔ Sudoku Applooks great on both phonesand tablets✔ Most intuitive friendlyscoring system✔ A collectionof masterfully crafted puzzles fromnovice to expert difficulty.✔Pencil marks (Notes)✔ IntegratedSudoku learning tool✔ Selectedcell highlight✔ Number highlight✔Errors highlight✔ Directionhighlight / Highlighting✔ Timer✔ Cleaninterface and smoothcontrols✔ Number Digit in Fabric, Wood,Chalkboard, Night mode,Coffee, Tiles themes✔ Five Difficulty modesfrom Flash mode toexpert modes✔ best gameplay Coming Soon★Unlimited Undo/redo★Portrait and Landscape Mode and gameplay★ Rightor left handedoption while playing in landscape★ Sudokucompetitions★ Morepuzzles packs★ With our complete mobile Sudokulearning system orSuper Sudoku Solver, you will learn to solve anysudoku puzzle withdetailed steps like swordfish★ Option to createcustom puzzle tocreate your own sudoku★ Eight different Sudokuvariants: Classic& Jigsaw puzzles (aka Squiggly), Asterisk-,Center dot-,Color-, Hyper-, Percent- & X-Sudokus, SudokuPicture Puzzles,Full House Puzzle, andoku.★ Own cloudsynchronization★ How to playsudoku system★ 6x6, 8x8, 10x10 puzzlesThis smooth Sudoku is anessential download for any numbers puzzleloving fan! You neverneed a paper & pencil again! Come enjoythe most beautifullycrafted Sudoku app with the most beautifuldigit! Must have puzzlegame for anybody trying to be or stayintelligent! This userfriendly Sudoku free game is the best Puzzlegame to analyze andconcentrate which helps to work out for yourbrain! All for FREE!The classic puzzler super sudoku is nowavailable for free on yourandroid phone and tablets. This freeversion is supported by 3rdparty ads. Ads may use internetconnectivity, and thereforesubsequent data charges may apply. Thephotos/media/filespermission is required to allow the game to savegame data toexternal storage and is sometimes used to cache ads.Sudoku playingis a simple habit to have and healthy for your brain.Get hands onnow on the would be top game and improve yourbrain.Support andFeedbackIf you have any technical problems (or)payment relatedquestions please email us at [email protected]
Solitaire Klondike classic. 2.0.3
Forsbit LLC
Play a classic Solitaire patience card game for free on yourandroiddevice.Classic Klondike Solitaire is one of the world’smost popularcard games, and it's now yours, free on your mobiledevice! Enjoy 3Dplaying cards, stunning animations, and gameplaydesigned forendless entertainment in the palm of your hand. It'sperfect as abreak from work, waiting in line, or just twiddlingyour thumbs!PLAYACROSS DEVICES, AND AROUND THE WORLD- Sync gamestatistics on allyour devices so you always pick up where you leftoff- Global GooglePlay Games leaderboard lets you see how yourscore stacks up- Shareyour score on Twitter, Facebook or viae-mailBREATHTAKING GAMEPLAY-Drag and drop cards with your finger-Or tap a card to make a move-Gorgeous animations- 3D cards feeltotally real- Unlock newachievements as you playCLASSIC FEATURES-Option to draw one orthree cards- Play random shuffle or winningdeal- Casino-qualityrandom shuffle- Standard and Vegas scoring-Unlimited undo- Showhints to highlight next available move-Autocomplete to finish agame- Play in portrait or landscape viewDoyou like puzzles andpuzzle games? Want to lower your brain agewith a brain game? Or doyou simply want to kill time with arelaxing game of solitaire? Ifyou answered yes, then this braingame is for you. Relax, have funand lower your brain age withKlondike Solitaire!With 7,000 trillionpossible hands, you'll neverget bored! We hope you enjoy the game.Please send us your feedbackat: [email protected] is ad supported.
Solitaire Collection 2.9.479
Solitaire Fun
Solitaire Collection is a BRAND-NEW collection of varioussolitairecard games, which contains Classic Solitaire(also known asKlondikeor Patience), Spider, FreeCell, Pyramid &TriPeaks(TriTowers,Three Peaks, and Triple Peaks). ⚡ HIGHLIGHTS ⚡ -Classic SolitaireGameplay:We kept all the games true to the spiritof the classicsolitaires, and specifically optimized the games foran unmatchedsolitaire experience on mobile devices.- Fun &AddictiveChallenges:Solitaire card games are fun and challengingpuzzlegames that anyone can enjoy! Gameplay is very simple to startbuthard to master. Millions of users have fun for hours every dayallover the world!- Beautiful Designs & CustomizableThemes:Byremoving all the unnecessary features, our game is themosteasy-to-play with clean and intuitive designs. Meanwhile, wehaveadded 100+ beautiful themes on top of the classic cardgamedesign. ✅ INCLUDES ✅- CLASSIC SOLITAIREIn ClassicSolitaire(also known as Klondike or Patience), try to collect allthe cardsin 1 card or 3 card mode. Don’t forget to try the Vegasscoringmode as well!- SPIDER SOLITAIREPlay with two decks of 52cardseach. Depending on difficulty, the deck consists of one, twoorfour different suits. Try to collect them with fewestmovespossible!- FREECELL SOLITAIREWin a game by creating fourstacks ofcards, one per suit. The secret of winning is the extrafourcells!- PYRAMID SOLITAIRECombine two cards that add up to 13toremove them from the board. Challenge yourself to reach the topofthe Pyramid and clear as many boards as you can!-TRIPEAKSSOLITAIRESelect cards in a sequence, earn combo points, andclearas many boards as you can before you run out of deals!-DAILYCHALLENGESLooking forward for more challenges? Try to solvealldaily challenges! The challenges are guaranteed solvable andwillbe updated every day!- TOURNAMENTJoin the tournament andplayagainst real players from all over the world, practice yourskillsand get the first place in the weekly rank leaderboard!✨FEATURES✨♠ Daily challenges with different levels♠ Customizablebeautifulthemes♠ 2 Players Tournaments♠ 4 Players Tournaments♠ Upto 10 toprecords♠ Klondike Solitaire Draw 1 card or 3 cards ♠Standard orVegas Casino scoring♠ Timer mode♠ Left-handed mode♠Landscape mode♠Multiple languages supported♠ Single tap ordrag&drop to movecards♠ Auto-collect cards on completion♠Auto-save game in play♠Feature to Undo moves♠ Feature to use Hints♠Play offline! No Wi-Firequired Like playing Patience orKlondike Solitaire on PC?Itis surely the BEST solitaire collectionin your hands!Train yourbrain as well as kill time with friendstogether!COME and TRY ourSolitaire Collection for FREE! ★★★ 100%Addictive & Fun,Download It NOW! ★★★Any problems or question?Email us [email protected]
Crown Solitaire: A New Puzzle Solitaire Card Game
Solitaire like you’ve never played before! Crown Solitaire is anallnew strategy based version of the classic Solitaire game. Putyourbrain to the test with this Solitaire puzzle game!From themakers ofthe #1 Solitaire game for Android devices, MobilityWarehasdelivered a new Solitaire concept, sure to give even themostexperienced Klondike player a new challenge!The objectiveissimple: clear the cards off the table by tapping on a card thatisone value higher or lower than the current card in play. It’sjustlike TriPeaks Solitaire, except in Crown Solitaire, all thecardsare face-up! Think of Crown Solitaire as the perfectcombinationbetween TriPeaks and FreeCell.Crown Solitaire byMobilityWare isone of the best fun free games for kids and adults!If you’ve everplayed Klondike Solitaire, Patience Solitaire, SpiderSolitaire, orTriPeaks Solitaire, you’ll love the new twist thatCrown Solitairebrings to the original Klondike Solitaire game!
Solitaire Story - Tri Peaks 1.272.0
A free solitare game with classic tri-peaks puzzles. Wander intheEnchanted Woods, take a rest at the Dragon Falls, solve thesecretpuzzles at the Mystery Castle and the fairway along with manyothersurprising and exotic locations!Choose your own choices, playwithnew fun cards in every episode.If you're familiar withgolf,castle, freecell, spider, klondike or pyramid versions,you'lldefinitely love this tripeaks game! The evil witch ischallengingyou to play the most addictive card puzzle. She has acursed deckwith many trick cards, illusions and mystery! Join Dexthe Dragonto explore fantastic landscapes, discover magic cards,get thehighest score and compete with friends through amazinglevels ofmystery! Solitaire Story is FREE and has NO TIME LIMITS!✓Experience addictive gameplay all along 860 levels - with moreonthe way!✓ Explore fantastic landscapes and magic cards!✓Usepowerful BOOSTERS to get through challenging levels!✓ GetunlimitedCHARMS like Bonus Score, Max Life, Double Coins and moreto speedup your game!✓ Crack free SURPRISE eggs to win rewardsevery day! ✓Compete with your FRIENDS on leaderboards at everylevel!★ TESTYOUR TRIPEAKS SKILLS!Test your tripeaks solitaireskills by playingwith classic playing cards as well as many othertrick cards, allwith a different and exciting challenge. It’sextraordinarilyaddictive!Clear the cards in numerical order to getall the witchcards and defeat the evil witch to continue yourjourney through avariety of levels and maps!Make 5 move streaks tocrack thedragon’s egg and win awesome bonuses like an extra Jokeror extraCards! ★ UNLOCK AMAZING BOOSTERS AND CHARMS!Superchargeyour cardgame with a variety of Boosters and unlimited Charms tosend yourscores soaring. Enhance your tri peaks game experience inseconds!From “Double Coins” to “Maximum Life”, you’ll have a blastusingCharms to speed up your game!★ PLAY WITH YOUR FRIENDS!ConnectwithFacebook to see your Solitaire Story friends so you cancompetewith them in the Leaderboard! Help your friends by sendingextralives and moves and get bonus gifts in return! More friendsmeansmore progress!★ FOLLOW US!Don’t forget to like our Facebookpage tofollow the latest news and win freegifts: us onTwitter toget the latest news:©2015Gamegos, all rights reserved.
Solitaire Dream Forest - Free Solitaire Card Game 11.1000.63
Go Vuzzle
Play in the Solitaire Dream Forest paradise, the number 1 cardsgameon Android! This solitaire free game has almost 1000 levelsand newchallenges coming frequently! Join more than a millionplayers andnavigate through the woods for exciting challenges.What are youwaiting for? Download now and have a blast inSolitaire DreamForest!SOLITAIRE DREAM FOREST♠ Relax and play thissolitaire freecard game♠ Unlock boosters and blast away yourobstacles♠ Uncoverblue and pink cards to collect gold♠ Go on ajourney throughdifferent areas of the woods♠ Compete with friendsin leaderboards♠Solitaire game with a twist like Klondike, Spider,Freecell andpyramid card gamesEnjoy a popular solitaire free cardgame for hoursper day. Match cards, unlock special rewards andtrigger bonuslevels with outstanding challenges. King, queen, aceor numbers, thedeck has it all!Solitaire Dream Forest tries togive you theultimate app for solitaire free games. It’s a classicand freesolitaire card game that is so much fun! Solitaire is alsoknown asklondike, spider, freecell, patience or pyramid card game.A realpopular classic card game that is free to play!For questionsortechnical issues, please email our support team and we’ll trytocome back to you as soon as possible.
Spider Solitaire
Spider Solitaire by MobilityWare is the #1 fun &challengingcard game on Google Play! We are the ORIGINAL maker ofthe bestSpider Solitaire app with DAILY CHALLENGES, and areconstantlyupdating our Spider Solitaire to include fun newfeatures!NEWTHEMES: Spider Solitaire has three NEW beautiful newthemes for youto play with! Choose from New Year’s, Spring, andRainy Day themesas your new background and card back.Play SpiderSolitaire’s DAILYCHALLENGES, where you’ll receive unique &exciting new puzzlesto solve every day. Daily Challenge wins willreward you with acrown. The more Challenges you overcome, the morecrowns andtrophies you’ll earn!Spider Solitaire is a fun,challenging andaddictive game similar to the classic card game,Solitaire (a.k.aPatience). A brain game for kids and adults alike,Spider Solitairechallenges you to stack all cards of each suit indescending orderto solve the puzzle.Download Spider Solitaire todayand enjoy ourfun card game features – FREE!=== Spider Solitaire FunCard GameFeatures ===Fun, Free Card Games of Classic SpiderSolitaire-Classic, fun games of Solitaire, totally free on yourphone- SpiderSolitaire games come in 1, 2, 3 & 4 suitvarieties- Cards comealive with stunning animations, flawlessgraphics and classicinterfacePlay Games of Solitaire Any Time &Place You Want-Winning Deals that guarantee at least one winningsolution-Unrestricted Deal allows player to deal cards even withemptyslots- Unlimited undo option and automatic hintsDailyChallengeGives You a Challenging New Puzzle Every Day- Freechallenginggames of Solitaire, brand new daily- Challenges rewardyou withcrowns. Beat consecutive daily puzzles and earn yourselfaSolitaire trophy!Exercise your Brain with Fun SolitaireChallenges-Spider Solitaire is a fun and challenging puzzle gamethat anyonecan enjoy!- Brain games range from one-suit games allthe way up tofour-suit Spider Solitaire- Challenge yourself as thepuzzle getsincreasingly difficult in this strategy game- If youlike braingames, Spider Solitaire is sure to be a hit!Addictive OldSchoolGames for Kids & Adults- Classic Spider Solitaire is afun,addictive smash hit for everyone!- Spider Solitaire is such afunand addictive game that our millions of users play for hoursonend- Addictive, fun game levels will push you to comebackdailyCustomize Your Solitaire Game- Track your SpiderSolitairestatistics- Custom pictures for card backs andbackgrounds- Tap tomove for quick gameplay- Right hand or left handplay- Landscape orportrait view- Customized settings to suit yourtasteIs SpiderSolitaire for Me?Do you like classic and fun games?Do you enjoyother types of solitaire like Klondike, Pyramidsolitaire, FreeCellsolitaire, Spiderette, or Spiderwort? Did youplay games likeMahjong, Minesweeper, or solitaire on your WindowsPC? Then you’rebound to love Spider Solitaire!Download the bestSpider Solitaireavailable for your mobile device today!LIKE US onFacebook answerstofrequently asked questions, headoverto: and supportedbyMobilityWare
Classic Solitaire 2.9.478
Classic Gameplay:We kept the game true to the spirit of theclassicSolitaire (also known as Klondike or Patience), andspecificallyoptimized the game for an unmatched solitary experienceon mobilephones. Addictive and Challenging:Solitaire card games arefun andchallenging puzzle games that anyone can enjoy! Gameplay isverysimple to start but hard to master. Millions of users arehavingfun for hours everyday!Beautiful Designs:By removing alltheunnecessary features, our game is the most easy-to-play withcleanand intuitive designs. Meanwhile, we have added manybeautifulthemes on top of the classic card game design. OurGameFeatures♠Daily challenges with different levels♠Cleananduser-friendly menus ♠Big and easy to see cards♠Single tapordrag&drop to move cards♠Customizable beautiful themes♠Draw1card ♠Draw 3 cards ♠Auto-collect cards on completion♠Auto-savegamein play♠Feature to UNDO moves♠Feature to use hints♠StandardorVegas scoring♠Timer mode supported♠Left-handedsupported♠Landscapemode supported♠Up to 10 top records♠Offline playand no datacost♠More features to come!It's completely Free!Download it now,relax and have fun with the best Solitaireexperience!
Solitaire by Brainium is the top classic solitaire card gameonAndroid and Google Play, available for free.If you likeclassicsolitaire, you're going to love Solitaire by Brainium!Wekeptsolitaire true to the spirit of the classic card game (alsoknownas Klondike or Patience), and crafted a carefully designed appwithsharp and clean visuals. We optimized the game for Androidphonesand tablets of all screen sizes, for an unmatchedsolitaryexperience. For a personal touch, you can also become thestar ofyour Solitare game and select your own photos to createcustombackgrounds and decks of cards.If you love SolitaireClassic,Spider Solitaire, FreeCell Solitaire, Mahjong, PyramidSolitaire orany other free solitaire patience card games, don'tmiss out on thebest solitaire for your phone and tablet! Just givethe game a try,and we promise Solitaire by Brainium will be themost user friendlysolitaire game you've ever played.SolitaireClassic Highlights: ♥︎Klondike solitaire draw 1 & draw 3modes♥︎ Solitaire classicand Vegas solitaire scoring♥︎ Portrait andlandscape play♥︎ Gamestatistics♥︎ Customize the look of solitairewith your own photos♥︎Auto complete♥︎ Fun and surprisingachievements♥︎ Phone and tabletsupport♥︎ Solitaire supportsleft-handed playIf you enjoy ourSolitaire app, check out our othercard games and free solitairegames: Spider Solitaire, FreeCellSolitaire, and Sudoku on GooglePlay.Contact our Five Star supportwith your questions regardingSolitare free:[email protected] usonFacebook
Sudoku 1.7.5
Train your brain with over 1200 Sudoku puzzles !Very smooth andeasyto use :) Have a good time :)
You won’t be looking for a paper puzzle ever again!With 4difficultylevels, intuitive interface, and all the functions rightat yourfingertips, this Sudoku app is sure to be yourfavorite.Interrupted? Exit Sudoku, and the puzzle is saved exactlyas yousee it!Want to know how you stack up against other Sudokuplayers?Upload your results to our servers and see for yourself, ortakepart in a weekly Sudoku competition.Features: * 4 difficultylevels* 3 input modes: "Digit first", "Cell first", popup * Pencilmarks(a.k.a. Notes) with auto fill / erase option * Selected digitandvarious other highlighting options * Show digit counts option*Auto-save * Unlimited Undo and Redo * Intelligent hints thatuseonly logic * Two levels of automatic error checking option *Submitresults and track progress online * Top scores and History *Realtime competitionsSudoku supports trackball, touchscreen,keyboard.NOTE: This application is ad-supported. You have achoiceof ad formats: in-game banners or in-between gamesinterstitials(shown once every three games or so). The screenshotsdepictplaying with the full screen ad style selection.NOTE: TheINTERNETpermission is required for competitions and game resultsupload.The READ and WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE are needed formove-to-SDfunctionality.Please contact our support team [email protected] you have any questions, comments, orsuggestions about improvingthis Sudoku app.Like usonFacebook: Twitter:@GeninaDotComOr visitusonline:!
Spider Solitaire
Spider Solitaire by Brainium is the #1 Spider Solitaire gameonAndroid and Google Play, now available for free!If you lovefreeSolitaire card games, you're going to love Spider SolitairebyBrainium even more! A truly enjoyable, satisfying, and funsolitarycard game experience.Spider Solitaire by Brainium is one ofthemost popular spider card games for phones and tablets and bestofall, it's a completely free card game to play.We keptSpiderSolitaire true to the spirit of the classic game: the goal istobuild stacks of cards of the same suit from King to Ace.We'vecrafted a carefully designed app with sharp and clean visuals.Wespecifically optimized the game for Android phones and tabletsofall screen sizes, for an unmatched solitary experience. Forsomeextra fun and a personal touch, you can also become the starofyour Spider game and select your own photos to createcustombackgrounds and decks of cards. If you love Spidersolitaire,Spiderette, Klondike solitaire, FreeCell solitaire,Mahjong,Pyramid solitaire, Tripeaks or any other Patience cardgames, don'tmiss out on the best Spider Solitaire for your phoneand tablet!Just give the game a try, and we promise SpiderSolitaire free byBrainium is the most beautiful and user friendlySpider solitareyou've ever played. Highlights: ♦ 1 suit, 2 suit,and 4 suit games♦Gorgeous high resolution graphics♦ Spiderette forquick and fungames♦ Smart hints♦ Unlimited undo ♦ Auto complete♦SpiderSolitaire Statistics♦ Portrait and Landscape view♦Interruptionfriendly with auto-save and resume ♦ Custom themes fromyour ownphotos♦ Fun and surprising spider Achievements♦ Phone andtabletsupport for a perfect game experienceIf you enjoy ourSpiderSolitaire App, check out our other free solitaire games:Klondikesolitaire, FreeCell solitaire, and Sudoku.Contact our FiveStarsupport with your questions regarding Spider SolitaireFree:[email protected] usonFacebook
Sudoku 2.7.6
Free Sudoku game for android. Very addictive puzzle game.-Sudokusolver function - quick solves any sudoku puzzle- Totallyfree& fun sudoku game- Comfortable and easy in use Justselectdifficulty level and play sudoku- Two input modes * Cellfirst -more natural, choose cell and enter a number into sudokudiagram *Number first - much faster, select number and then fillcells- 6difficulty levels You can be beginner or advanced - there'salwayssomething for you. The hardest level requires advancedsolvingtechniques- Undo and Redo- Autosave You can resume your gamelater,if you need a break- Hints Need little help with puzzle?Noproblem- Statistics You can check your times and improvethem-Themes If you don't like default look, you can change it-Worksgreat on tabletBecome a Sudoku master!
Solitaire Pirate 1.0.9
Solitaire Pirate is base on classic solitaire. We create somenewfeatures to make Pirate solitaire more fun. You can enjoy thisfreegame for a long time because there are 500+ levels and withnewlevels to join in.Puzzle challenge levels and celebrateyourvictory. Our Pirate Solitaire gives you totally new and coolgameexperience. Cards that placed on the board is pyramid-shaped,theuppers cards are tappable. The goal of the game is to collectgoldcard by tapping cards from the cards tower that is lower oronehigher than the one in the base. Our game is free to downloadbutsome in-app items need your pay, When some items are bought,thisgame will be ad free.We are glad to see this game to beinstalledand we value your comments very much.Classic solitaire andcardsgame fans will fall in love this game.Game Features:1. Classiccardgame in a nice Fantasy Theme2. Keys and locks3. Easy to play,yethard to be master4. Lucky cards to Enjoy.5. Feed fishes toearncoins6. You can play offline - no Wifi needed7. HDGraphicsDownloadPirate Solitaire for free and Enjoy it now!
Sudoku: Train your brain 1.2.31
Andrey Rebrik
Despite the abundance of different exciting games of all kinds,thegood old sudoku will never lose its fans and will always beinspecial demand. If you like puzzles or complex educationalgames,then this application will excellently fit in your smartphoneandwill not allow your brain to go sour from laziness andboredom.TheJapanese game Sudoku is not only about the colorful nameandcomfortable interface, faithful to the panel of the famousgame.This application has a great number of advantages,whichdistinguish it from the ordinary game of Sudoku:- Theavailabilityof the menu of game statistics, with which you can keeptrack ofall your achievements at various levels of difficulty;- Thegamehas 4 levels of difficulty (Easy, Normal, Hard, Very hard) tohelpyou get started in the first rules of the game, if you are newinthis business, and after make your brain a real workout anddevelopyour logical thinking;- User-friendly interface allows twoseparatekeyboards at the same time to enter values ​​in the celland putyour notes, which will help solve the challenging puzzles ofthegame;- The system prompts and error checking to help you get outofthe highly complicated situation, which prepares you tothisJapanese game, and give you the correct value in the selectedcell,but be careful, the number of the game is limited;- Supportforoffline mode allows you to play Sudoku online, if you haveanactive connection to the Internet, and without it;- The levelofcomplexity "Very hard" contains a total of 17 cells in thepuzzle;-For those who like complex «sudoku puzzle» then sold morethan 50thousand different tasks.This game is implementedfairlyuser-friendly interface, colors are pleasing to the eyeperception.However, the simplicity of this app is only in itsinterface, thenstart the real and most difficult task of the game,so that is agood brain training is provided to you.In addition totheuser-friendly interface and well-implemented ideas, applicationofSudoku: Train your brain is tangible improvements, such astheavailability of the statistics function and the presence oftwoseparate keyboards, which greatly simplify the gameplay issocomplicated puzzle.Game Sudoku: Train your brain - this is asimpleinterface, intuitive gameplay and nothing more.brain trainingisalways needed, but not all games are developing logic andmemorymay be of interest to the user for a long time. All the faultofnot properly organized interface, or really boring idea of​​thegame. But in the case of games Sudoku: Train your braindifferent,in addition to properly implement the gameplay, thebroughtimprovements and other improvements, this application reallywilllike. In Sudoku you can play at any convenient timeforyou.Download logic games of different genres, you can anywhere,butSudoku is really exciting, proven and entertaining game foryoursmartphone.Love the difficult games, or else you are a real fanofJapanese sudoku, then this app is just what you need.
Super Sudoku 1.7
Kiwi Mobile
Super Sudoku has been polished to perfection and boastsanintuitive, touchscreen game board that’s easy to navigate andfunto play!Take advantage of Automatic Annotation foreffortlesscalculations of your achievements. Track your patternswith helpfulstats and improve your game as you progress. GameFeatures:1. 5levels of difficulty2. Undo/Redo and Autosave3.Standard Sudoku,Sudoku-x, Hyper Sudoku, Percent Sudoku, ColorSudoku and SquigglySudoku.Please kindly note that the permissionsneeded for this gameis only used for the online leader board.Thanks.
Free Sudoku 1.0.20
A good time passer. And in the same time,you can train yourbrain.This is a very lite version. Less than 2M. Fast to installandstart a new game.Features:● 3 difficulty levels● Auto-fill,andalsoyou can shut this feature● Check errors● Clear notes●Auto-saveWehope you enjoy Sudoku and please contact our five starsupport ifyou have any questions:-)Email:[email protected]
Sudoku Fun 1.17.35
Smoote Mobile
Sudoku is the most popular logic-based numbers game. The aim ofthegame is to place 1 to 9 into each grid cell so that each numbercanonly appear once in each row, each column and eachmini-grid.Thisis a simply easy-to-use sudoku game, with fresh andcool interface,very acceptable difficult levels, suitable forsudoku beginner tosudoku expert. Features:5 levels: beginner, easy,medium, difficultand expertPencil marksHints to help you completehardonesAuto-saveMore puzzles will be comming soom!
Spider Solitaire 2.40.0
The WORLD #1 Spider Solitaire card game is now AVAILABLE onAndroid!Come and TRY our BEST Spider Solitaire game (also known asa versionof Patience solitaire), full of new and fresh challenges!DOWNLOADthis beautiful classic Spider Solitaire game now for theguaranteedBEST EXPERIENCE playing spider solitaire! GET it andENJOY thesolitaire FUN!Spider Solitaire is one of the most popularsolitairegames in the world! If you are a big fan of SpiderSolitaire,Spiderette, classic Klondike solitaire, FreeCellSolitaire games,Pyramid Solitaire, Casino card games or any othercasual card games,you will love this spectacular game! Unlike somesolitaire gamesthat lack polish, we have revamped our spidersolitaire game withthe perfect blend of popular classic spidersolitaire gameplay andawesome graphical design. We believe thatour game will give youjust the right amount of options for allyour solitaireneeds!Features that make our spider solitaire cardgame special:♦Classic spider solitaire card gameplay♦ Choose yourfavorite gamefrom 1 suit, 2 suits and 4 suits varieties ♦ We allmake mistakes!Don’t worry, unlimited undo is a lifesaver!♦Unrestricted dealing!Deal cards even when there are empty slots!♦Automatically collectand record your statistics♦ Customize yourown style! Choose fromvarious backgrounds, card faces, and cardbacks!♦ Move cards byeither tapping or dragging them with yourfinger! Play SpiderSolitaire your way!♦ Left and right handedmodes♦ Compatible withmost devices♦ Portrait and Landscape viewfor your convenience!♦Great chance to exercise your mind!Simpleand addicting for all agegroups. Play with your family andfriends! There’s no better gamefor killing time with somebrain-stimulating family fun! ★★★DOWNLOADtoday for limitlessClassic Spider Solitaire fun!★★★
Sudoku Master 1.1.2
Sudoku Master is #1 Sudoku game available in Google Playwithbeautiful graphics and killer features.Sudoku Master hasbeenpolished to perfection and boasts an intuitive, touch screengameplay which makes you never need a paper puzzle again. Nowchallengeyourself to more than 2000 puzzles and 4 levels ofdifficulty fromEasy to Expert!Game Features:- Two modes - Classic& Casual(auto remove the wrong numbers)- 4 Levels - Easy,Normal, Hard,Expert- Smooth interface and Impressive graphics-Auto-save &Resume- Undo & Redo function- Smart Notes(pencil marks)- Errorchecking (incorrect entry highlighting)-Selected digithighlighting- Statistics trackingGame Rules:Sudoku isa logic-basednumber-placement puzzle. The objective is to fill a9×9 grid withdigits so that each column, each row, and each of thenine 3×3sub-grids contains all of the digits from 1 to 9.
Spider Solitaire Pro 1.2.1
Crazy Game
Spider Solitaire Pro is the #1 classic free spider solitaire ofcardgame in the GooglePlay. If you like windows spider solitaire,you'lllove to play spider solitaire classic free card game!! Thisnewfully featured spider solitario is the best classic spidersolitairecard game you'll ever play! From the amazing beautifulBackgroundsand Daily Challenges to the classic intuitive gameplay, we promisethe most robust and satisfying experience you willfind on yourphone.You’ll receive a unique Daily Challengeeveryday. Solve theDaily Challenge and receive a crown for days.Earn trophies eachmonth by winning more crowns! Your DailyChallenges, crowns, andcurrent trophy status are available to viewany time. Play thecurrent day’s deal and replay it as many timesas you’d like on thatday. If you are a big fan of spiderSolitaire, spiderette, Bridge,classic Klondike solitaire, FreeCellSolitaire games, PyramidSolitaire, Casino card games or any othercasual card puzzle gameslike Cribbage, you will love thisspectacular game!Spider Solitaireis a very funny classic card gamefor the whole family and allpeople.You can move cards with asingle tap or drag them to theirdestination. You can either playthe easy 1-suit games, or if youfeel up-to the challenge, try yourluck with 2-suit, 4-suit, or evenSpiderette game modes.Play SpiderSolitaire Free!! Play Free SpiderSolitaire!!Spider Solitaire ProGame Features:- Daily Challenges-Winning Deals- 1-Suit games(Easy)- 2-Suits games (Medium)- 4-Suitsgames (Hard)- Standardspider solotaire rules and scoring- Singletap or click to move acard or drag cards and drop cards- UnlimitedUndos- Smart Hintsshow potentially useful moves- Portrait andLandscape- Left handedand Right handed- Interruption friendly withauto save data andresume- Fun and stunning winning animations-Beautifully craftedand curated themes- Custom Card Backs and Faces-CustomBackgroundsIf you've ever played solitare (also known asPatienceor Klondike) or any of its variants such as Tri Peaks,FreeCell,Spiderette, Blackjack, Video Poker and other poker cardgames, thenyou are going to love spider solitaire classic on themobility!Play spider solitaire classic card game for free today!!
Solitaire: Decked Out Ad Free 1.3.3
No Ads! The Classic Solitaire you know and love but WITHOUTAds.Unlock themed decks and discover unique winning ceremonies!Beatthe game to earn coins and unlock decks and decorative items.DECKOUT your play experience with different themes andeffects.Themesinclude penguins, flowers, hot dogs, UFOs, andmore!Let’s getDECKED OUT!Features: - unlimited FREE games withoutads- Klondikestyle card game- Play anywhere! offline modeavailable- HOW TO PLAYinstructions for beginners- standard 1-cardor 3-card draw- 90+challenging achievements- 90+ decorative items-pause the game atany time- game status saved automatically- bothportrait andlandscape mode supported- unlimited hints andundosForParents:Solitaire: Decked Out is free to download and play.Butcontent can also be unlocked through in-app purchases. You canturnoff the payment feature by disabling in-app purchases inyourdevice’s settings. For the latest info and what we are upto:Likeus on Facebook at Service: AreAd-Free: We want Solitaire: Decked Out to be just like theclassicSolitaire you already love, but without a single annoying adtoslow you down. Instead of forcing you to watch advertisements,wedecided to create new things for you to enjoy and hopefullyloveenough to purchase. We added unique features and effects suchascool graphics, colorful backgrounds, and cute cards. We madeadiverse assortment of decks and items for you to unlockandcollect. Our belief is that if you appreciate all the careanddetails that went this classic game, you’ll support us andmaybeeven share your love for Solitaire: Decked Out with friends.Thankyou so much!
We stays true to the classic Solitaire card game (also knownasKlondike Solitaire or Patience Solitaire).Solitaire isfunny,addictive and challenging brain games. Gameplay is verysimple tostart but hard to master. Our game is the mosteasy-to-play withclean and intuitive designs. Meanwhile, we haveadded manybeautiful themes and Daily challenges for you.It'spopular withkids & adults alike.==============How ToPlaySolitaire==============Just single tap or drag and drop to movethecard, and use the shortest time and moves get the highestscores.Simple andaddicting!==============Features==============♠Customizablebeautiful themes♠ Daily Challenge♠ Unlimited freeundo♠ Unlimitedfree hints♠ Draw 1 card♠ Draw 3 cards♠ Auto-collectcards oncompletion♠ Auto-save game in play♠ Track your records♠Left handedmode♠ Tablet support♠ Switch Portrait or Landscape viewmodeHave funplaying Solitaire!
Best Sudoku (Free) 2.1.3
Kieter Labs
Do you want to play the best Sudoku for free? Then you shouldtryour Sudoku !!Advance through valleys, deserts, glaciers and moreasyou play hundreds of levels we prepare for you! The difficultywillincrease as you progress until you become a Sudokumaster!Eachscenary has a colorful, easy-to-read interface, forgetabout thoseboring sudokus!You can play it in Classic mode (Sudokurules only)or Standard (validating with the solution). Youchoose!!Multiplehints!! You will never get stuck on one level!Proveyou're the bestin the worldwide scoreboards!Can you get all theachievements?
Sudoku 1.0.8
Sudoku is unique puzzle game experience on mobile like realsudokuon paper with pencil :)Exercise your brain where ever you gowithSudoku puzzle game with 3 levels of difficulties easy, mediumandhard.Each difficulty contains several puzzle packs and eachpackcontains 30 puzzles now. Total 2700+ Sudoku puzzles.Solvepuzzlesin Sudoku, Achieve the achievements, check your worldwiderank inleaderboard and compete your friends if they can solve morepuzzlesthen you.HOW TO PLAY:Tap on empty cell, select it and thentap on anumber from keyboard to enter solution.Place numbers 1through 9 inempty cells. Each row, column and square(3x3) needs tobe filledwith numbers 1 through 9, without repeating any numberswithin therow, column or square(3x3) When whole sudoku puzzle cellsfilledwith solution without any errors, Puzzle solved!!Features ofgame:✓Daily challenge. Solve sudoku once per day ✓ Night modeTheme✓ 3levels of difficulties Easy, medium and hard. ✓ Auto-saveif youleave a sudoku unfinished✓ Unlimited Undo option ✓ Use Hintwhereyou are stuck in game✓ Highlighting of a row and columnrelated tothe selected cell✓ Highlighting of Similar numbers in acell✓Highlighting wrong values entered✓ Eraser to get rid frommistakesmade✓ Turn on/off time during game play✓ Use Pencil to makenotes ✓Reset puzzle at any point✓ Simple tutorial to learn how toplaysudoku✓ Check how much puzzle you solved and your rankinleaderboard✓ Check how much total time you spent in sudokuinleaderboard✓ Achieve different achievements To accessLeaderboardand Achievements, you have to sign in using googleplusaccount.Available Languages:English, Portuguese(Brazil),Spanish,French, German, Italian, Japanese, Danish, Dutch, Russian,Chinese,Greek, Romanian, Turkish, Norwegian, Polish and Korean
Spider Solitaire 3.7.2
Spider Solitaire is a popular classic card game .You need tomovecards with a single tap or drag them to their destination. Useyourstrategy and stack all cards of each suit in descending ordertosolve the puzzle and win the game. Do you like classic andfungames? Do you enjoy other types of solitaire like Klondike,Pyramidsolitaire, FreeCell solitaire.Download the best SpiderSolitaireavailable for your mobile device today!Features:Fun andFree CardGames of Classic Spider Solitaire.Spider Solitaire gamescome in 1,2, 3 & 4 suit varietiesAddictive Old School Game forKids &Adults
Solitaire - Klondike Card Game 1.1.9
Solitaire Game is a free game that allows you to playchallengingKlondike Solitaire Games. Solitaire card game also knownas"Klondike" or "Patience", We specifically optimized the gameforAndroid phones and tablets of all screen sizes. Wish you willlikeit.Solitaire features:- 100% Free- No registration required-Smoothfluid and advanced animations- Many beautiful card sets, cardbacksand backgrounds to choose from- Free cards- Automaticcardflipping- Deal animation and winning animation- Click to automovecards- Drag & drop game play controls- Unlimited undooptions-Statistics tracking- Hint function will suggest a move ifyou needhelp - Optimized for tablets and phones- HD game view- andmuchmore...Don't miss out this Classic solitaire card game, if youlovesolitaire(spider solitaire, freecell) or any other patiencecardgames.
Solitaire Pyramid 1.4.101
Solitaire Pyramid is very fun card game and has a great design.Yousimply make combinations that add up to 13 to remove cards.Onceyou remove all cards from the pyramid you win.How to Play:Paircards that equal to 13. Jacks = 11, Queens = 12, and Kings=13.Solitaire Features♠ Classic Pyramid Solitaire gameplay♠ Dragortap cards smoothly.♠ Choose different card style♠ Unlimitedfreeundo♠ Unlimited free hints♠ Solve the daily challenge andwincrown, platinum crown and trophy♠ Leaderboard show your thebestperformance♠ Track your records on Statistics♠ Left handedmode♠Tablet supportIf you love Pyramid Solitaire, don't missingthisSolitaire game. There is no doubt that solitaire will be themostfriendly free card game you've never played.
FreeCell Solitaire 2.9.480
FreeCell Solitaire is one of most popular Solitaire card gamesinthe world. The game rules of FreeCell Solitaire are very similartoclassic Solitaire game; the cards and backgrounds arecarefullydesigned for people of all age. If you are a fan ofSolitaire gameson PC, you’ll surely love this free Solitaire game!On top of theoriginal gameplay of FreeCell Solitaire, we added tonsof newfeatures into the game including customizable themes. Webelievewith these features, you will enjoy FreeCell Solitaire inacompletely new way.Game highlights: ♠ Classic FreeCellSolitairegameplay♠ Addictive and challenging ♠ Optimized for mobilephoneplay♠ Beautiful and customizable themesMain Game Features: ♠Cleanand user-friendly designs ♠ Big and easy to see cards♠ Singletapor drag&drop to move cards♠ Customizable beautifulthemes♠Auto-save game in play♠ Feature to Undo moves♠ Feature touseHints♠ Timer mode supported♠ Left-handed supported♠ Landscapemodesupported♠ Up to 10 top records♠ Offline play and no datacost♠Multiple languages supportedIf you like playing FreeCellSolitaireon PC or other Solitaire card games, you should try thisone! Thisis one of our top rated Solitaire games! Download Now forFree!
Solitaire (also known as Patience or Klondike) is the mostpopularsolitaire type game. Solitaire requires thinking and goodmemory,but it also requires a game, which is convenient to play.Downloadour Solitaire game and you will feel the difference!ThisSolitairecard game features:- Draw 1 and Draw 3 solitaire games-Standardand Vegas scoring- Smart auto-complete and auto-turn-Customisablecards and backgrounds- Game speed controls- Detailedstatistics-Landscape and portrait supportPlay Solitaire withcomfort! It isthe best solitary game for a reason!
Sudoku 1.7
Sudoku FreeSudoku is one of the most addictive puzzle games ofalltime.The goal of Sudoku is to fill a 9×9 grid with numbers sothateach row, column and 3×3 section contain all of the digitsbetween1 and 9. Start a new game now. Sudoku will be your favoritefreepuzzle game.
Solitaire 1.6.3030
Here comes the most popular and famous SOLITAIRE card gameonAndroid! Classic Solitaire, it also known as Klondike SolitaireorPatience solitaire. The best game for all Vegas Casino fans,keepyour brain sharp and win the daily deals. Solitaire retaintheclassical gameplay, just single tap, drag or drag to move thecard,bring you back to the times of Solitaire.【SolitaireFeatures】-Unlimited free undo and Hints- Draw 1 card, or draw 3cards-Auto-complete feature- Unique daily puzzle AND winning Deals-Trackyour records- Right and left hand deal layouts- Customizecardstyle- Tablet supported- Switch Portrait or Landscape viewmode-Multiple languages supported, English, Chinese, French,German,Korean, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, andIndonesianItavailable FREE to download! Come here to test yourlogic and trainyour brain!
Sudoku Free: Sudoku Solver Crossword Puzzle Games 1.40201
If you like classic math logic puzzles or brain training games,youwill love this crossword solver mobile app. In here, anabundanceof sudoku conundrum, various level design and cool brainteasersquiz can train your brainpower, bring youunexpectedbrainstorm!Whether you are bookworm or number gurugenious, ourrich free crossword puzzles will make you happy andcrazy! The freesudoku puzzles can test whether you are an idiot orprodigy in amoment. So, want have a real try? A new sudoku world isready.Brainstorming is coming! Join us, search your numberdictionary, bea game killer quickly!We create this free chuzzlegame with variouskey FEATURES: ** 3 types of difficulty levels fromsudoku beginnersto sudoku killer (easy sudoku, sudoku medium andhard sudoku).**More than 1000 unlimited number crossword puzzlesare waiting foryou.** 5 kinds of sudoku free puzzles, challengeyour iq, exerciseyour deductive mind.** No wifi cool math games,you can challengenumbers puzzle anytime, anywhere.** Auto highlightselectednumbers, give you sudoku hints, make you be math solver.**Clearsudoku tutorial, logic puzzles for adults, unique sudokumastertraining ways.** Cool visual effect, fun telltale gamessettings,unlock your brain!** Our crossword puzzle games supportfor offlinemode, allows you to play sudoku online.** Killer Suduko:For expertpuzzle crossword solvers!** More kakuro puzzles andlumosity levelswill sharpen your mind!How to play sudoku? Thesudoku rules andmodes as followed:**Sudoku 4x4Each row, column andpalace should befilled in number 1,2,3,4 without repeat, Primarysimple sudoku forbeginners. sudoku borad pic of crossword withnumbers makes youfeel crazy! **Sudoku 6x6Digital 1 to 6 can bechosen. This modegreatly tests your mind tricks plus sudoku tips,make youexperience endless logical reasoning puzzles.**Sudoku9x9(standardsudoku)Each row, column and palace contains number 1~9once. Thismode will bring you into puzzle mania. Fun mastermindpuzzle gamewill lead you into sudoku puzzle world.**Sudoku xEachrow, columnand palace and two diagonals of the sudoku grid shouldbe filled inmath numbers from 1~9. Play crossword puzzles free modelet yourealize the magic of finger arts, be walkingsudokusolver!**Percent sudokuEach column, row, and each of the nine3x3sub-grids that compose the grid block contains digits from 1 to9.Afun iq test game!Sudoku is a FREE logic-basednumber-placementcrossword games, it is not only a bookworm gamefree, but also atelltale game which can reflex math formula andgive your brainattack. Sudoku just like your brain trainer, if youhave a dream tobe a math magician or math master, this logicalreasoning thinkinggame will very match your taste.Sudoku is notonly a word searchgame, but a prodigy game, when playing theawesome crosswordpuzzles free game, you can have a freeintelligence test and getfree brain training. In standard sudokumode, tap the four squaresudoku grid block, place number in eachgrid cell of the magicsquare. Change number to avoid repeat,complete the latin square,learn more math tricks. Unlimited endlesssudoku brainteasers iswaiting for you to solve. Super sudoku solvermaster will be you.Agreat daily brain training game for kids!Wantexperience mathpractices and logic puzzles with grids? Want be awalking crosswordnumber puzzle sudoku solver? Sudoku will be yourgreater mathwayfree helper, and can lead you into math world, letyou become mathpuzzle samurai and bring you unexpected brainstorm,your girls andboys will love it! Choose your level of difficulty,use your strongbrain power, this thinking game will make you besudoku solver.More spiele sudoku techniques is waiting fordiscovery! A quick andfast lifestyle begins from the wordsquare!With free math magiciangames, whether online or offline, youwill addict in sudoku sagaand get rid of game bookworm, becomesudoku king!
Classic Solitaire: Klondike 1.0.16
Best Klondike Classic Solitaire (puzzle card game) is freeonAndroid phone.FREE Classic Solitaire Original Card Gamewithsolitaire klondike gameplay and solitaire daily challengeisfinally here!In Free Solitaire card games, Draw 1 and Draw 3arefor you to challenge, and you can move cards easily with asingletap or drag them to their destination. Fully customizedtabledesign in Solitaire card game brings you old memories and thebestclassic solitaire game experience!Download NOW and enjoy themostpopular classic Solitaire 2018 Free!Reason to DOWNLOADSolitaire asyour favorite:- Simple and Addicting Games of ClassicOriginalKlondike Solitaire♣️ Klondike Solitaire Draw 1 card♣️KlondikeSolitaire Draw 3 cards♣️ Addicting, unique and fast ways toplay!-Unlock New Solitaire Daily Challenges & Win Trophies♠️Dailychallenges keeps Solitaire always new♠️ View your scores ontheleaderboards♠️ Free smart unlimited hints & undos -ClassicSolitaire, Modern Design♥️ Left-hand and right-hand aresupported♥️Beautiful graphics and classic gameplay♥️ Cards &Tables can befully customized- Play Classic solitaire OFFLINEanywhere, anytimefor FREE♦️ Solitaire online FREE♦️ Solitaireoffline for RandomDeals♦️ All languages supportedFREE SolitaireClassic makes theperfect balance in vintage solitaire gameplay andpractical moderndesign! This is solitaire for true solitairelovers!Smart casualfans, casino lovers, and loyal players ofsolitaire, what are youwaiting for? This awesome classic FREEpatience solitaire cardgames is Just for You!Download FREESolitaire 2018 now!
Classic Spider Solitaire 17.01.17
Spider Solitaire has a fantastic user interface, beautifulgraphicsand subtle sound effects.Spider Solitaire is card gameswhich hastwo modes Puzzle and Classic that require patience , skillandstrategy to pass levels or win a classic game! The goal is tousestrategy and stack all cards of each suit in descending ordertosolve the puzzle.Spider Solitaire (Patience ) is a famous&classic solitaire game.Drag, tap, or for the most fun, givecards ashove to send them on their way!If you love Spidersolitaire,Spiderette, Klondike solitaire, Freecell solitaire,Mahjong,Pyramid solitaire, Tripeaks or any other Patience cardgames, don'tmiss out on the best Spider Solitaire for your phoneand tablet!Just give the game a try, and we promise SpiderSolitaire free bytatawind is the most beautiful and user friendlySpider solitareyou've ever played.★How to play★◆ Tap to auto movecards◆ Drag andDrop cards to move to foundation !
FreeCell Solitaire Classic 1.0.5
Forsbit LLC
Classic FreeCell Solitaire is one of the world’s most popularcardgames, and it's now yours, free on your mobile device!Enjoygameplay designed for endless entertainment in the palm ofyourhand. It's perfect as a break from work, waiting in line, orjusttwiddling your thumbs! FreeCell is a form of Solitaire(orPatience) played with a standard 52-card deck. It is differentthanmost other solitaire games in that nearly all deals arewinnablemaking it more of a game of skill than luck.BREATHTAKINGGAMEPLAY-Drag and drop cards with your finger- Or tap a card tomake a move-Gorgeous animations- Unlock new achievements as youplayCLASSICFEATURES- Highlight Moveable Cards- Casino-qualityrandom shuffle-Unlimited undo option and automatic hints- Trackyour FreeCellSolitaire statistics- Auto complete to finish game-Play inportrait or landscape view- Global Google Play Gamesleaderboardlets you see how your score stacks up- Share your scoreon Twitter,Facebook or via e-mailDo you like puzzles and puzzlegames? Want tolower your brain age with a brain game? Or do yousimply want tokill time with a relaxing game of solitaire? If youanswered yes,then this brain game is for you. Relax, have fun andlower yourbrain age with FreeCell Solitaire!With 7,000 trillionpossiblehands, you'll never get bored! We hope you enjoy the game.Pleasesend us your feedback at: [email protected]
Solitaire Classic 1.1
The World's #1 Classic Card Game Solitaire FREE onAndroid!SolitaireClassic is also known as Klondike Solitaire andPatience or windowssolitaire, and it is the most popular freesolitaire card game inthe world. The goal of classic solitairegame is to place all cardsto a four foundations (one for eachsuit) in ascendingorder.Solitaire card games are fun andchallenging puzzle games thatanyone can enjoy! Gameplay is verysimple to start but hard tomaster. Millions of users are havingfun for hours everyday! You canplay Solitaire Classic in anywhereyou want. No need to the internetconnection and solitaire no ads(if you not connect to internet).NOTONLY classic card game, we gofurther and brought klondike solitaireto the new level with uniquefeatures which other games not! Firstof all it is beautifulHD-graphics, just look at these cards,backgrounds and menu game.The Second, you can customize your cardbacks, choose the cardbacks you like with over 9 card backs insolitaire klondike freegame. But that's not all. Our SolitaireClassic has two game modes:Classic & Arcade. And Special Arcademode has 300 solitairepuzzle. Try your best to complete everylevel, become the star ofyour Solitaire game!Are you ready to be areal card games champion?Download Solitaire Classic NOW forFREE!!!Be fast like a SpiderSolitaire, build your card PyramidSolitaire and climb theTri-Peaks! Like for Spiderette and freecell,this game is aKlondike Solitaire Draw.FEATURES• Classic KlondikeSolitaire Draw 1Card• Klondike Solitaire Classic Draw 3 Cards•Simple tap-to-playor drag-and-drop card movement• Awesome HDgraphics• Unlimited freeundo• Unlimited free hints• All Winningdeals• Auto complete tosolve game• Choose your card style• Winningclassic animations•Offline play and solitaire no ad when offlineplay• Two game modes:Arcade and Classic• Phone and Tablet supportIfyou love originalSolitaire, don't missing this Solitaire Classicgame for yourdevice. It's completely free, no need to the internetconnectionand this is solitaire without ads (offline play). Relaxand havefun with the best Solitaire2017!HOMEPAGE••