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Wallpapers HD, 4K Backgrounds 2.7.5
— Tailored Wallpapers for your device. Attached, you willdisplayonly matching your screen size Wallpapers. All images arehighquality (HQ) and different resolutions. Support anydevice,including devices with large screens: 1080x1920 px (Full HD1080p)and 2160x3840 px (Ultra HD 4K). — Just honest sizesWallpapers, noincrease. In the app WallpapersCraft you will not seeimages ofpoor quality, because we are not adding. You will not seeanyWallpaper is not the right size to fit your screen. —Manualcutting of Wallpaper for your screen. All the Wallpapers inthe apphave been trimmed by hand to ensure you enjoy perfectpictures foryour mobile phones. — A new Wallpaper HD every hour.Over 80,000beautiful Wallpapers for screens up to 540x960 pixelsand no morethan 10 000 Full HD Wallpaper 1080x1920 pixels and nomore than5000 Wallpapers for smartphones with 2K QHD screen with1440x2560px, more than 1000 4K Wallpapers for phones with 4Kdisplay with a2160x3840 pixels. — Save battery and resources. Theapplicationdisplays only adapted to the size of your screenbackgrounds andWallpapers. This allows you to conserve batterypower and Internettraffic, and use the app at maximum speed withoutlosing imagequality. — Current Wallpaper at the moment. We followall thetrends in the world. The new free Wallpaper background youwillfind here. The most beautiful places of the world, cityandcountry, technology, memes and just beautiful Wallpaper freeforevery day. — Ease of use and nothing more. We tried to make itasconvenient and simple app for you, removing all the excessandfocusing on the Essentials — the Wallpapers and their quality.—Popular categories and tags to them. Here you will findthebeautiful Wallpapers for your phone and tablet of thefollowingcategories: 3D graphics (CG Wallpaper, rendering),abstraction,animals (photo cats, dogs, kittens and puppies,hamsters, raccoons,wolves, foxes, raccoons, owls), anime (manga),machines (cars andtransport), city, fantasy (angels, demons,dragons, zombies,skeletons, soldiers, battle, battle), flowers(roses, daisies,sunflowers), food (beverages, fruit, vegetables,meat), photosWallpapers people: women and men, boys and girls,technology,holidays (new year, Christmas, Santa Claus, SantaClaus), macro,music, musical instruments, nature (photos Wallpapersof scenery,mountains, sun, sea, lake, ocean, underwater, sunsetsand sunrises,sand, forest, trees), space (planets, the sun, theearth, the moon,galaxies, black holes), sport (fitness,bodybuilding, extremesports), texture (solid background, solidsaver), backgrounds,vector graphics in a minimalist style. — Letthe background imagesin your phone! You can set the wallpaper onthe phone screen on anandroid or tablet. Also you can installbeautiful wallpaper on thelock screen or on both screens at once.Beautiful wallpaper on yourphone is always nice to the eye andsoul! Beautiful pictures forandroid will help you to overcome thecomplexities of life easier!Photo wallpaper on the phone and thetablet will make it much morebeautiful and attractive! Screensaveron the phone screen - nowit's easy, we automatically select thesizes of images that you caninstall on the phone in one click!Images optimized for all themost popular permissions: 2160x3840,1440x2560, 1080x1920,720x1280, 540x960, 480x800 and other Androidpermission. The appaccurately determines and selects the Wallpapersfor the screens ofthe devices of the following manufacturers:Samsung, Sony, LG,Lenovo, HTC, ASUS, Alcatel, Huawei, Meizu, Xiaomiand others.
AMOLED Wallpapers 2
Do you know AMOLED wallpapers act like battery saver onAMOLEDdisplay smartphone? These AMOLED wallpapers are especiallydesignedfor battery saving purpose. You don’t need to look aroundforAMOLED wallpapers anymore. To Make your smatphone cool,“AmoledWallpapers” is here, It is a new cool way to maximize yourscreenon time by setting up the pitch black background of yourAMOLEDhome screen. Amoled wallpaper offer high quality mobilewallpapersthat you can use to easily personalize your mobile phone.- Allwallpapers is available for free. - The app works offline. Noneedto download wallpaper. - You can preview the image on yourdevicefirst - All wallpapers in full HD quality 1080x1920 -Customize thewallpaper to fit your screen - Full support for bothphones inportrait and landscape modes -Lockscreen/homescreen/avatarwallpapers, satisfy all your needs -You don't need internetconnection to use the app - If you havecomments or suggestions tohelp us make it better, please let usknow by leaving a review!
HD Wallpapers 1.7
HD Wallpaper is an application that provides beautifulwallpapers,free 3D wallpapers & the best HD wallpapers forAndroid phones.It is built to meet the ever-changing needs of thehome screen andscreen lock screen. The cool Images in the wallpaperapp's datawarehouse have been heavily touted for quality andimagecomposition. Beautiful images, high-quality wallpapers (fullHDwallpapers) are used in the application All cool wallpapers HDaredesigned to fit all Android mobile devices, Android tablets,...This unique wallpaper app offers over 10000 wallpapers free,fullHD wallpapers, wallpaper 3D, 4K wallpapers and splitimagesaccording to different free themes, to meet the fast searchneedsand different hobbies. of the user. Features & themewallpapersfor Android: - High-quality background image withresolution1920x1080 or higher (4K, QHD and UHD wallpaper) - Naturewallpaper:flowers, grass, waterfalls, landscapes, landscapes,boats, rivers,beach wallpaper, snow, Christmas snow, gardenbackground ... -Animal wallpaper: butterflies, birds, fish, horses,panda, ... -Spaces: the planets, the sun, the earth, the moon, theblack hole,galaxy wallpaper, etc - Car wallpaper: bmw wallpaper,lamborghiniwallpaper & more - Christmas wallpapers, Christmassnow -Organize awesome backgrounds according to categories,topics,personal interests, different colors - Preview wallpaperbeforeinstalling for the device - Set as home screen wallpapers orlockscreen - Change wallpaper for your mobile phone easily, updatethedesktop quickly - Share background images, via SMS, MSS, ...-Change lot of cool backgrounds, using any launcher - Human:girlswallpaper, famous people Function: - Amazing wallpaperscollection,background wallpaper HD, 4K wallpapers, 1080p - Animatedwallpaper:Provide beautiful background images, 3D backgrounds -New: Updatednew wallpaper HD every hour. - Modern wallpaper invarious types ofphotography, technology, TV shows, vehicles, ... -Trend ofwallpaper HD styles, abstract wallpaper: Best, Newest, mostviewedrate. - Application downloads background images directly fromtheserver without any proxy to download very fast - Wallpaper appforAndroid phones and absolutely free - Our store is upto1000000wallpapers - Beautiful wallpaper design - The applicationprovidesan online wallpaper so you need an internet connection todownloadwallpapers and wallpapers for free - You can downloadfreewallpapers to your phone by clicking the Save button - Bestlist ofwallpaper is updated daily - Auto-change list of wallpaperwhenever reload, avoid bored Available soon: - AnimatedAndroidwallpapers (live wallpaper free) with animations and photogifts -Live wallpapers changing, automatically change wallpaper foraperiod of time, screen saver when phone is off. The wallpaperappis optimized for all Android mobile devices of thefollowingmanufacturers: Samsung, Sony, LG, Lenovo, HTC, ASUS,Alcatel,Huawei, Meizu, Xiaomi and others. Wallpaper has anintelligentsearch system that will help you find the fastest HDwallpaper,animated wallpaper, 3D wallpapers you want to set. Also,you cansearch the image by color palette to better search for abackgroundimage by the color you want. Thus it saves users time tosearch forwallpaper, download best wallpapers for your phone.Download HDwallpaper app on the Google Play and experience itsgreat features,update beautiful wallpapers, complete daily HDwallpapers tonavigate your device's home screen, and make yourphone'swallpaper, you stand out. Download our great Wallpaper appandenjoy the perfect wallpaper collection, HD wallpaper, 3Dwallpapersonline, waiting for you to discover.
Black Wallpaper 1.3
Offer high quality mobile wallpapers that you can use toeasilypersonalize your mobile phone. - All wallpapers is availableforfree. - The app works offline. No need to download wallpaper. -Youcan preview the image on your device first - All wallpapers infullHD quality - Customize the wallpaper to fit your screen -Fullsupport for both phones in portrait and landscape modes-Lockscreen/homescreen/avatar wallpapers, satisfy all your needs-You don't need internet connection to use the app - If youhavecomments or suggestions to help us make it better, please letusknow by leaving a review!
Pure Solid Color Wallpaper 2
Offer high quality mobile wallpapers that you can use toeasilypersonalize your mobile phone. - All Pure Solid Colorwallpapers isavailable for free. - The app works offline. No needto downloadwallpaper. - You can preview the image on your devicefirst - AllPure Solid Color wallpapers in full HD quality 1080x1920-Customize the Pure Solid Color wallpaper to fit your screen -Fullsupport for both phones in portrait and landscape modes-Lockscreen/homescreen/avatar wallpapers, satisfy all your needs-You don't need internet connection to use the app - If youhavecomments or suggestions to help us make it better, please letusknow by leaving a review!
4K Wallpapers & Amoled HD Backgrounds 12.0
Fresh Amoled wallpapers application is now in the store. Bestsuitedfor OLED screens. On average, nowadays, we check our phoneover ahundred times a day. Our phone wallpaper is the first thingwe see,it can really influence our mood and it is also a great waytoexpress our unique personality. Amoled 4K Wallpapers app bringsacompletely fresh collection of QHD/4K resolution wallpapersthatlooks great on smartphone and tablet. This wallpaper consumeslessbattery as they are dark pixel background. Thisapplicationcontains the large collection of AMOLED wallpapers. Makeyourscreen look beautiful with this amazing collection. This isamust-have app for AMOLED devices. These are batterysavingwallpapers with 4k quality and full HD resolutions. You caneasilyfind inspiring and beautiful wallpapers that will make youhappyand feel great every time you pick up your phone. Thesewallpaperslook great on any AMOLED smartphone including latesteditionSamsung and Oneplus. Feature: ☄️ 15+ categories to choosefrom ☄️Supports landscape mode ☄️ Add wallpaper to favorite list ☄️Oneclick wallpaper setup ☄️ Download wallpaper to phone ☄️1080p,2k,4kwallpapers collection Disclaimer - Alllogos/images/names arecopyrights of their perspective owners. Theseimages are notendorsed by any of the prospective owners, and theimages are usedsimply for aesthetic purposes. No copyrightinfringement isintended, and any request to remove one of theimages/logos/nameswill be honored.
Christian Wallpaper 2
Offer high quality mobile wallpapers that you can use toeasilypersonalize your mobile phone. - All wallpapers is availableforfree. - The app works offline. No need to downloadChristianWallpaper. - You can preview the image on your devicefirst - Allwallpapers in full HD quality 1080x1920 - Customize theChristianWallpaper to fit your screen - Full support for bothphones inportrait and landscape modes -Lockscreen/homescreen/avatarwallpapers, satisfy all your needs -You don't need internetconnection to use the app - If you havecomments or suggestions tohelp us make it better, please let usknow by leaving a review!
Super AMOLED Wallpapers (HD/4K) 38
As usual, all the Super AMOLED Wallpapers provided here are allhighquality and large enough to look great on any smartphone ortablet,no matter its resolution with #00000 Black Wallpapers OurdarkAMOLED wallpapers is efficient battery saver on AMOLEDdisplayflagships These Super AMOLED wallpapers helps not illuminatepartsof the AMOLED Screen and save battery FEATURES 👇 😱 SuperAMOLEDWallpapers(700 New) 😱includes WQHD , Quad HD Wallpapers 😜500DPIAMOLED Black Wallpapers 😏 Easy UI, Easy to use 😏 Save to SD card😏Many Categories 😱 More AMOLED Wallpapers added weekly 😱HDRWallpapers (Coming Soon) 😍All images are high quality (HQ)anddifferent resolutions. Support any device, including deviceswithlarge screens: 1080x1920 px (Full HD 1080p) and 2160x3840 px(UltraHD 4K). 👉 Please remember to rate / review 👍 🙏🙏🙏 AMOLEDQualitytest of our wallpapers - PRO AMOLEDVERSIONAVAILABLE (NO ADVERTISEMENTS + 4KPremium) want to customize your android smartphone or tabletwallpaperwith some awesome and amazing AMOLED HD wallpapers? Doyou want toget the latest dark wallpapers for Free? If your answeris yes, thenSuper AMOLED Wallpapers is just the perfect app foryou right now.This new AMOLED app contains a collection of thebest freewallpapers and backgrounds for your smartphone or tablet.All ourwallpapers have been personally selected so you canpersonalize yourdevice and let it looks great. It works withamoled displaysmartphone and non amoled display smartphones Wehave a modern butsimple user interface so you can easily navigatebetween thoseawesome hd wallpapers and select the one that youlike. Why you needto download and install Super AMOLED Wallpapersfor Free on yourAndroid smartphone or tablet instead of other darkwallpapers apps?•Easy: 🙌 ✓ Very Easy Interface to use, you caneasily find a verylarge collection of awesome black wallpapers.It's super easy andyou can do it with just one tap. •Nice: 😎 ✓Beautiful AMOLEDWallpapers that you will love. ✓ Optimized for allphone sizes andyou don’t have to crop them. •Free: 😁 ✓ Our appAMOLED is Free andit will stay free for life with deep blackwallpapers •Updatedregularly: 😁 ✓ We will update our app regularlyand add some awesomefree dark AMOLED wallpapers inside our appevery day! •Savebackgrounds: 😉 ✓ It’s super easy and you can savethem directly onyour SD card to save storage. •Save storage byusing our app: 😝 ✓All our dark AMOLED wallpapers are saved incloud and they will notbe saved on your device if you don’tdownload them, so you don’tneed to worry about your devicestorage. •Battery Saving: 😛 ✓ Mostof black wallpapers apps onGoogle Play Store will use your batteryenergy excessively, but wedeveloped a smart battery saving featurethat will let ourwallpapers save your battery energy because theydon’t contain manycolors. •Many wallpapers: 😛 ✓ 2400 dark AMOLEDdisplay wallpapers,What you are waiting for ? Download Super ANOLEDWallpapers andcustomize your smartphone home screen easily andfast! We arealways striving to provide the best user experience forour users.We are also looking for your feedback, suggestionorrecommendation. Please, feel free to email us about our darkAMOLEDwallpapers at " " so we cancontinue tobring you the best experiences and updates. Imagesoptimized forall the most popular resolutions : 2160x3840,1440x2560, 1080x1920,720x1280, 540x960, 480x800 . The AMOLED appaccurately determinesand selects the black wallpapers for thescreens of the devices ofthe following phone amoled brands:Samsung, Sony, LG, Lenovo, HTC,ASUS, Alcatel, Huawei, Meizu, Xiaomiand others. Our Community 🐳
Fans.MotoGP Wallpapers 1.1
Offer high quality mobile wallpapers that you can use toeasilypersonalize your mobile phone.- All wallpapers is availableforfree.- The app works offline. No need to download wallpaper.-Youcan preview the image on your device first- All wallpapers infullHD quality- Customize the wallpaper to fit your screen-Fullsupport for both phones in portrait and landscapemodes-Lockscreen/homescreen/avatar wallpapers, satisfy all yourneeds-You don't need internet connection to use the app- If youhavecomments or suggestions to help us make it better, please letusknow by leaving a review!Offer high quality mobile wallpapersthatyou can use to Easily personalize your mobile phone.-Allwallpapers is available for free.- The app works offline. Noneedto download wallpapers.- You can preview the image on yourdevicefirst- All wallpapers in full HD quality- Customize thewallpaperto fit your screen- Full support for both phones inportrait andlandscape modes- lockscreen / homescreen / avatarswallpapers,satisfy all your needs- You do not need internetconnection to usethe app- If you have comments or suggestions tohelp us make itbetter, please let us know by leaving a review!
HD Amoled Wallpapers 1.0.1
Looking for the best app to download AMOLED Wallpapers?? Thenyouare at right place :) We are excited to bring you anamazingcollection of AMOLED wallpapers with breathtaking HDquality. TheseHD AMOLED wallpapers are specially designed forbattery savingpurpose. By using this application you not only get apremiumcollection of high-resolution dark wallpapers. but it alsohelps inbattery saving because of less power consumption. So.. Whatyou arethinking about. Go for this app. and Enjoy the greatcollection ofHD AMOLED WALLPAPERSThis application has 1000+wonderful HD Amoledwallpapers and backgrounds. And New wallpapersadded to the listevery day. so you'll get New wallpapers every dayfor your mobile.And each Wallpaper is designed to fit with anyscreen and widgets.Some Features : ✦ Awesome selection of Dark,Amoled Wallpapers✦Everyday New High-Quality amoled Wallpapersarrival.✦ Well arrangedcategories and adding new categories over atime.✦ Uniqueeye-pleasing layout✦ And Much more options like Share,Save, Crop,Setting as a wallpaper, random, Setting as a lockscreen, download✦Beautiful layout with a material dark theme.✦ ManyExclusive Amoledwallpapers that can't found anywhere else.✦ Widerange of HighQuality with separate categories✦ Save HD Wallpaper toyour mobileor SD Card✦ FREE and always will be. • All Wallpaperscredit goesto their respected owners :)
Water Wallpaper 1.3
Offer high quality mobile wallpapers that you can use toeasilypersonalize your mobile phone. - All wallpapers is availableforfree. - The app works offline. No need to download wallpaper. -Youcan preview the image on your device first - All wallpapers infullHD quality - Customize the wallpaper to fit your screen -Fullsupport for both phones in portrait and landscape modes-Lockscreen/homescreen/avatar wallpapers, satisfy all your needs-You don't need internet connection to use the app - If youhavecomments or suggestions to help us make it better, please letusknow by leaving a review!
AMOLED Wallpapers 4.8.0
AMOLED Wallpapers brings you an amazing premium collection ofdarkwallpapers up to 4k resolution for your smartphone. Do youknowdark wallpapers act like battery saver on AMOLEDdisplaysmartphone? These AMOLED wallpapers are specially designedforbattery saving purpose. By installing “AMOLED Wallpapers” youwillget a premium collection of high-resolution dark wallpapers.Thesedark wallpapers look amazing on home screen plus they’llreduce thepower consumption which results in less power consumptionfor yourAndroid device & increase screen on time up to 15%. Weareexclusive all wallpaper having 50%+ (#00000) Black Color Hexcode.This will save battery juice since AMOLED displays don'tilluminatepixels on black color. Darkops is best for all kinddisplaytechnology especially suitable for AMOLED, Super AMOLED,OLEDpanels. These wallpapers looks sick on any AMOLEDsmartphoneincluding latest edition Samsung s7,s7 edge,s8,s8+,Oneplus3t,Oneplus 5. You don’t need to look around for darkwallpapersanymore. To maximize your battery life, “Darkops” ishere, It is anew cool way to maximize your screen on time bysetting up thepitch black background of your AMOLED home screen.We’ve designedsome of the most stunning collection of premium blackwallpaper foryour home screen to give a phone immersive appearanceaccording toyour taste when using your phone. Why "AMOLEDWallpapers" isAmazing: • Universal app, install on any Androiddevice with AMOLEDdisplay including tablets • Amazing premiumcollection of blackwallpapers with High resolution • 10+ categoriesto choose from •Supports landscape mode • Minimal & BeautifulUser Interface •One-click Wallpaper setup • One-click Wallpapersave • One-clickShare wallpapers • Make your own Favorite wallpaperlist •1080p,2k,4k wallpapers collection • App is 100% Free to useHow touse Muzei: - Make your Favorite list in Darkops - Click onMuzeibutton - InstallMuzei( Muzei app - Select "Darkops" as your source - Done“AMOLEDWallpapers” is a must have app for your AMOLED Androiddevice.POINTS TO BE NOTED Disclaimer - All logos/images/namesarecopyrights of their perspective owners. These images arenotendorsed by any of the perspective owners, and the images areusedsimply for aesthetic purposes. No copyright infringementisintended, and any request to remove one of theimages/logos/nameswill be honored. - We use several permissions inapp to keep trackof our wallpapers used by your device - This appis 100% free touse - Thanks for love and support IMPORTANTDISCLOSURES AND CONSENTBy clicking to install this app you consentto the installation ofthis app and any updates or upgrades that arereleased. Youunderstand and agree that this app (inc. any updatesor upgrades)may (i) cause your device to automatically communicatewith ourservers to deliver the functionality described above and tomakeour products more efficient and effective, (ii) affectapp-relatedpreferences or data stored your device, and (iii)collect personalinformation to provide the features described aboveand as set outin our privacy policy. You can uninstall the app atany time. Forassistance, please contact us atmiceproductionsonline@gmail.comPlease leave us ratings, reviews andlet us know what you thinkabout it. Your feedback will play bigrole in app improvement andfuture updates. Enjoy!
American Flag Wallpaper 2
Offer high quality mobile wallpapers that you can use toeasilypersonalize your mobile phone. - All American Flag wallpapersisavailable for free. - The app works offline. No need todownloadwallpaper. - You can preview the image on your device first- AllAmerican Flag wallpapers in full HD quality - CustomizetheAmerican Flag wallpaper to fit your screen - Full support forbothphones in portrait and landscape modes-Lockscreen/homescreen/avatar wallpapers, satisfy all your needs-You don't need internet connection to use the app - If youhavecomments or suggestions to help us make it better, please letusknow by leaving a review!
Black Wallpapers 2
Offer high quality mobile wallpapers that you can use toeasilypersonalize your mobile phone. - All Black wallpapers isavailablefor free. - The app works offline. No need to downloadBlackwallpaper. - You can preview the image on your device first -AllBlack wallpapers in full HD quality 1080x1920 - Customize theBlackwallpaper to fit your screen - Full support for both phonesinportrait and landscape modes -Lockscreen/homescreen/avatarwallpapers, satisfy all your needs -You don't need internetconnection to use the app - If you havecomments or suggestions tohelp us make it better, please let usknow by leaving a review!
Weapons Wallpaper 2
Offer high quality mobile wallpapers that you can use toeasilypersonalize your mobile phone. - All Weapons wallpapersisavailable for free. - The app works offline. No need todownloadwallpaper. - You can preview the image on your device first- AllWeapons wallpapers in full HD quality 1080x1920 - CustomizetheWeapons wallpaper to fit your screen - Full support for bothphonesin portrait and landscape modes -Lockscreen/homescreen/avatarwallpapers, satisfy all your needs -You don't need internetconnection to use the app - If you havecomments or suggestions tohelp us make it better, please let usknow by leaving a review!
Wallpapers for Galaxy Note8 1.0.2
Wallpapers for Galaxy Note8 contains beautiful HD wallpapersforGalaxy Note8 phones created specifically to fit their 18.5:9aspectratio screen with resolution of 1440x2960 pixels.WallpapersforGalaxy Note8 contains huge collection of more than amillionbeautiful crystal clear high-quality free wallpapers foryourphone.New amazing Galaxy Note8 infinity wallpapers are addedeveryday so you could have best Galaxy Note 8 wallpapersHD.InWallpapers for Galaxy Note8 you can see most popular andrecent HDbackground images and wallpapers, you can like wallpapersand seethem later and you can download HD wallpapers or set them asabackground easy straight from the app.This Galaxy Note8wallpapersapp have various categories for Galaxy Note8 HDbackgrounds andwallpapers like abstract, aircrafts, animals, anime,architecture,cars, cartoons, celebrities, games, logos, love,motivational,motorcycles, movies, tv shows, music, nature, space,sports,technology and more!Whether you want to celebrateValentine's Daywith rose or heart HD backgrounds or you just wantpremium catswallpapers, dogs wallpapers or maybe 3D wallpapers,summerwallpapers, ocean premium wallpapers or teen HD wallpaperstostylize your Galaxy Note8 background screen we have it allinwallpapers for Galaxy Note8!Wallpapers for Galaxy Note8iscompletely free to use.Samsung Galaxy Note8 is the latestSamsungGalaxy Note phone and it is replacing Galaxy Note7. What ismostdifferent about Super AMOLED screen is that Samsung addedInfinityscreen in Galaxy Note8 with special resolution of 1440 x2960pixels.Wallpapers will also look great on phones and tabletswithsimilar resolution like Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung GalaxyS8+,LG G6, Motorola Moto Z, Samsung Galaxy S7 and Samsung GalaxyS7edge, HTC 10, Google Pixel XL, HTC U11, Samsung Galaxy S6,SamsungGalaxy Note5, LG G5, upcoming Galaxy S9, Lenovo P2, HuaweiP10Plus, Huawei Honor 8 Pro, Sony Xperia XZ Premium, OnePlus3T,OnePlus 5, Xiaomi Mi 6 and more.Infinity wallpapers forGalaxyNote8 can be set on Home Screen or Lock Screen.Enjoy inamazingSamsung Galaxy Note8 Wallpapers HD!
Black Horse Wallpapers 4.0
Amazing collection of 🐎 Black Horses Wallpapers, Home ScreenandBackgrounds 🐎 to set the picture as wallpaper on your phone ingoodquality. *Quick interface with high resolution images(HD).*Application works offline. No internet connectivity isrequired.*Ability to share the image and the app with your friends.*Set aswallpaper option. *Easy to use... and always FREE! NOTE: Ifyoulike the app, do not forget to press +1 button, leave a commentandqualify ★★★★★ us positively, thanks.
Cats HD Wallpapers 1.0.3
Cat Wallpapers & backgrounds HD Did you check your devicelotsof times a day? Make each time a real contentment withexclusivewallpapers. Let your device become a source of joy,andintuition!Brand new version of Retina Wallpapers. Tonsofwallpapers are prepared for you, awesome wallpapers willbeuploaded daily.Backgrounds available for lock screen, homescreen,and wallpapers.Prominent Featured: -> In app imagecaching forless internet usage.-> User friendly interface.->Quick &responsive navigation.-> Powerful zoom in and zoomoutfunctionality with each image.-> Download image in yourdevicesd card.-> Set your favorite image as wallpaper directlyfromapp.-> Customize/Edit image according to your needsimageeditor. -> Custom animated view for HD image.-> Bring asmileto your friends by sharing your favoriteImagePermissionsInternetaccess to download Images. download to SDcard to save wallpapers.Access to other external devices to sharewith your friends. If youwant removal of an image for copyrightreasons, or suggestions feelfree to contact us and we'll behappy to compel.
Wallpapers iOS 10 Full HD 1.1.6
Wallpapers iOS 10 applications contains beautiful HDWallpapers,most impressive wallpapers. These are Wallpapers iOS 10and theywill make your device look like iOS devices in your phoneFEATURES- Set as wallpaper homescreen - Set as wallpaper lockscreen - HighDefinition Wallpapers - Full collection of HDWallpapers are ofhigh quality with resolution 1920x1080 and above -Easy UI - Easeto use - Support all screen resolutions for anymobile phone -Sharp view, zoom multi touch - Use when no networkconnection
Amoled Wallpaper 2
Offer high quality mobile wallpapers that you can use toeasilypersonalize your mobile phone. - All wallpapers is availableforfree. - The app works offline. No need to download wallpaper. -Youcan preview the image on your device first - All wallpapers infullHD quality - Customize the wallpaper to fit your screen -Fullsupport for both phones in portrait and landscape modes-Lockscreen/homescreen/avatar wallpapers, satisfy all your needs-You don't need internet connection to use the app - If youhavecomments or suggestions to help us make it better, please letusknow by leaving a review!
Samurai Wallpapers 1.3
Offer high quality mobile wallpapers that you can use toeasilypersonalize your mobile phone. - All wallpapers is availableforfree. - The app works offline. No need to download wallpaper. -Youcan preview the image on your device first - All wallpapers infullHD quality 1080x1920 - Customize the wallpaper to fit yourscreen -Full support for both phones in portrait and landscapemodes -Lockscreen/homescreen/avatar wallpapers, satisfy all yourneeds -You don't need internet connection to use the app - If youhavecomments or suggestions to help us make it better, please letusknow by leaving a review!
com.luzapplications.alessio.wallooppro 3.6
Walloop Prime - The best Live Wallpapers App without ads,alwaysupdated! Finally cool live Wallpapers that will not drainyourbattery power!!! Live Wallpapers HD, AMOLED Live Wallpapers,LiveWallpapers 3D 4k, Static Wallpapers and much more... Improveyourphone now! 🔹Walloop is a collection of wallpapers for phone,with4K Animated GIFs/Videos and much more... 🔹InnovativeCategories:▫️LIVE WALLPAPERS ▫️AMOLED LIVE WALLPAPERS (the firstlivewallpapers with low battery consumption, many amoledlivewallpapers 3D in Full HD) ▫️ ABSTRACT & 3D ▫️ AERIALVIEW(Earth View, Satellite, Drone) ▫️ AMOLED (Super AMOLED, Oled)▫️ANIMALS ▫️ ARTWORKS ▫️ BLUR & BOKEH ▫️ DARK(BlackWallpaper,Dark Background) ▫️ KVANTUM PHANTAZY ▫️ LOW POLY (3dFractals) ▫️LEGENDS (Anime, Super Heroes, Tv Series) ▫️ MATERIAL ▫️MINIMAL ▫️MISC ▫️ MOUNTAINS ▫️ POLYSCAPES ▫️ QUOTES ▫️ SCENIC(Nature andCities) ▫️ SPACE & UNIVERSE ▫️ TEXTURE ▫️ TILT SHIFT▫️VAPORWAVE & GLITCH ▫️ YOSEMITE You will get an amazingvisualdesign and UI style, ultra quick loading and an optimizedpreview.All the Wallpapers in the App have been been selected oneby one.We tried to make it as convenient and simple app for you,removingall the excess and focusing on the Essentials — theWallpapers andtheir quality. You can set the wallpaper on the phonescreen on anandroid or tablet. Also you can install beautifulwallpaper on thelock screen or on both screens at once. You canshare your favoritewallpapers too on Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter,youtube and theother social media. Images optimized for all themost popularpermissions: 2160x3840, 1440x2560, 1080x1920, 720x1280,540x960,480x800 and other Android permission. The app supportscreens ofthe devices of the following manufacturers: Samsung,Sony, LG,Lenovo, HTC, ASUS, Alcatel, Huawei, Meizu, Xiaomi andothers.Please rate it! Thanks!
HD Wallpaper Galaxy S8 & S8 Plus | Full-Screen 1.3
Wallpaper Galaxy S8 & S8 Plus applications Inspired by GalaxyS8smart phone contains HD beautiful and most impressivewallpapers.Samsung Galaxy S8, S8 + smart phone is South Korea'sSamsung, inFebruary 2017 MWC exhibition launched a new generationof smartphone products. Samsung Galaxy S8 / S8 + for the firsttime using afull-screen surface and no border design, equippedwith top 2Kdisplay, the screen size of 5.8 inches and 6.2 inches,respectively,screen up to 84%. Equipped with 10nm process XiaoLong 835 andExynos 8895 processor, with 5.8 inches and 6.2 inchesin twoversions. With fingerprint recognition, face recognition,irisrecognition, dual frequency WIFI, GPS navigation, Bixbyai(artificial intelligence) assistant and other functions.Featuresof Wallpaper Galaxy S8 & S8 + - Material Design UI -Set aswallpaper homescreen - Set as wallpaper lock screen -HighDefinition Wallpapers - Ease to use - Use when nonetworkconnection -All Free *The app is not affiliated to Samsunginc. Theapp accurately determines and test the devices of thefollowingmanufacturers: Samsung S8&S8+,Note 8, Sony, LG,Lenovo, HTC,ASUS, Alcatel, Huawei, Meizu, Xiaomi and others.
Cosmos wallpapers 4k 2.0.4
Cosmos Wallpapers 4k (Ultra HD) offers: - Free wallpapersassociatedwith cosmos and galaxies. - A huge database ofwallpapers at aresolution of 4K. - Every day new wallpapers -Wallpapers can set asthe primary display or as a lock screen,contact.. - Search engineof best images. - Preview wallpaper withthe possibility of zoom. -Changing the beautiful wallpaper in justa few clicks. - Ability tocreate your own database of favoritewallpapers. - Fast andintuitive interface. - Sending wallpaper byEmail, SMS, MMS. -Sharing wallpapers with friends through socialnetworking. -Animated loading screen, about theme of cosmos. -Ability to modifywallpaper size for your needs. What it is 4Kresolution? - 4k orUltraHD has a resolution of 4096x2160 or3840x2160 - QHD or QuadHigh Definition (1440p =2560x1440)wallpapers are 2.4 times smallerthan 4k - Full HD, 2K - (1080p =1920x1080) wallpapers are 4 timessmaller than 4k - HD (720p =1280x720) wallpapers are 10 timessmaller than 4k. What gives meresolution of 4k: - High Quality - HQ- You can do huge zoomwithout loss of quality. - You can doclippings of objects, forexample asteroids, planets without losingquality. Rate wallpapers:- Add a thumb up if you liked wallpaperabout cosmos or thumb down.- Ratings are up to date collected andupdated on the website. -Results of votes on live. Supporteddevices: - Screen rotationsupport. - It supports all screenresolutions and devices, tabletsand even televisions in theresolution of 4k. This and much morecan be found in CosmosWallpapers UHD, and it's completely free. Wedo not charge any fees.
4K HD Wallpapers and Backgrounds Fondpaper 1.3.8
Gonga Dev
Cool and stunning wallpapers make your phone or tabletbackgroundlooks cool and also reflects the nature of wallpaper.Wallpapersare available for most popular categories.You can easilydownloadby choosing your desired resolution. We've sorted throughthousandsof images and created breathtaking images to deliver thevery bestwallpapers for the Android devices. Beauty is somethingwe're verypassionate about. Features of Fondpaper app are: 1.Awesome UI thatinteracts with you: We tried to make it as aconvenient and simpleapp for you, removing all the waste andfocusing on theNecessaries, the Wallpapers, and their quality. 2.You can makehuge zoom without loss of quality: All images arehigh-quality (HQ)and different resolutions. Support any device,including deviceswith large screens: 1080x1920 px (Full HD 1080p)and 2160x3840 px(Ultra HD 4K). 3. Every day new beautiful pictures:We follow allthe trends in the world. The new free Wallpaper &backgroundyou will find here. The most wonderful places of theworld,technology, city and country, memes and only beautifulWallpaperfree for every day. 4. Ability to create your own databaseof yourfavorite wallpapers. 5. -Preview wallpaper with apossibility ofzoom. 6. Share wallpaper via Facebook, Twitter,Instagram, Viber,WhatsApp and more 7. Quick and simple change ofwallpaper. 8.Multiple wallpaper browsing options: Like: Categories,Recent,Weekly Popular, Random. 9. Set as a home screen, lockscreen,contact, WhatsApp icon, Fb icon and more. 10. Wallpaper canbesaved in different dimensions. 11. Free wallpapers inpopularcategories and tags to them: You will find the wonderfulWallpapersfor your phone and tablet of the following categories: -animalswallpaper (cats, dogs, kittens and puppies, foxes,hamsters,wolves, owls), - fantasy wallpapers (zombies, skeletons,soldiers,battle, angels, demons, dragons, battle), - flowerswallpaper(roses, daisies, sunflowers). - people wallpapers (womenand men,boys and girls), - holidays wallpaper (Christmas, new year)- musicwallpapers, musical instruments. - nature wallpapers(mountains,sun, sea, lake, ocean, underwater, sunsets and sunrises,PhotosWallpapers of scenery, sand, forest, trees) - spacewallpapers(planets, the sun, the earth, the moon, galaxies, blackholes). -sports wallpaper (fitness, bodybuilding, extreme sports).- texturewallpapers (solid saver, solid background) - carswallpapers. -building wallpaper. - abstract wallpaper. - foodwallpaper. ... Why4k is better? - 4k or Ultra HD has a resolutionof 3840x2160 - QHDor Quad High Definition (1440p = 2560x1440)wallpapers are 2.4times smaller than 4k - Full HD, 2K - (1080p =1920x1080)wallpapers are 4 times smaller than 4k - HD (720p =1280x720)wallpapers are 10 times smaller than 4k. Supporteddevices: -Support for screen rotation. - Supports all screenresolutions ofphones, tablets and even televisions in theresolution of 4k.Download Fondpaper & don’t miss out thiselegant wallpapercollection.
HD Inspire Wallpapers 2.2
☀️ get a new look of your device! Get new coolmotivationalwallpapers for your device ☀️ This application has5000+ wallpapersand backgrounds. And New wallpapers added to thelist every day. soyou'll get New wallpapers every day for yourmobile. And eachWallpaper is designed to fit with any screen andwidgets. SomeFeatures : ✦ Awesome Collection ✦ Everyday NewHigh-QualityWallpapers arrival. ✦ Well arranged categories andadding newcategories over a time. ✦ Unique eye-pleasing layout ✦And Muchmore options like Share, Save, Crop, Setting as awallpaper,random, Setting as a lock screen, download ✦ Beautifullayout witha material dark theme. ✦ Exclusive inspire wallpaperthat can'tfound anywhere else. ✦ Wide range of High Quality withseparatecategories ✦ Save HD Wallpaper to your mobile or SD Card ✦FREE andalways will be. Install this app and start your everydaywith newinspirational wallpaper.
Wallpapers HD High Quality 4.1
Best Wallpapers For You Wallpapers HD High Quality (HDwallpapers)is a free app that has a large collection of HDwallpapers and ahome screen backgrounds. Main Features ofWallpapers HD ⭐Fullcollection of HD wallpapers are of high qualitywith resolution1920x1080 and above ⭐Support all screen resolutionsfor any mobilephone and tablet ⭐Easy setting wallpapers ⭐Can usingoffline andonline Main topic wallpaper ⭐Nature ⭐Abstract ⭐Flower⭐Animal ⭐andmore If you are a wallpaper lover: ® Install right now!WallpapersHD High Quality, an app you don't want to miss!
HD Wallpapers (Backgrounds) 2.1.3
The legendary author's collection of wallpapers for yoursmartphoneor tablet by GoodFon. More than 300 000+ quality (from HDandabove) backgrounds, checked and sorted manually by 72thematicsections. New wallpapers every 15 minutes! More than 440thousandauthors from all over the world! Our application features:- 300+thousand HD backgrounds; - high quality, resolutions from1920x1080and above (Full HD, 4K, 8K); - 72 categories with sortingbydownloads, rating, random; - favorite/downloadwallpapersfunctions; - save any image to your device or set it onmain or/andlock screen; - image framing before installation; -share images toyour friends (via messengers or social networks); -automaticbackground change with the specified interval. You can useyourfavorite or random wallpapers; - preview (with zoom) of qualityfortraffic saving; - live function. Look what others aredownloadingright now; - sync of your favorites on the GoodFonwebsite withyour favorites in the Android app; - G-Shake - shakethe device anda random wallpaper will cheer you up; - theapplication is light,takes minimum memory and doesn't eat thebattery. Wallpaperscategory: Landscapes, Nature, Flowers, City,Cars, Abstraction,Fantasy, Hi-Tech, Space, Game, Rendering, Dogs,Cats, Sports,Miscellanea etc. Install our HD backgrounds appGoodFon right now!Contacts: Email: Telegram:
Black Wallpapers HD 3.1.1
We provide you one of the best Black Wallpapers app! If youlikebeautiful Black HD Wallpapers - you absolutely need to downloadourapp! Features: Easy to use Small app size Absolutely Free!AlwaysFree for everyone! Compatible with all mobile devices Simpleandminimalistic design Easy cropping and setting We hope thatthesebeautiful Black pictures will inspire for big dailyachievements!Tons of perfect High Quality Black photos for yourAndroidsmartphone and tablet, just choose what's yoursInspirationalbreathtaking pictures! Install our wallpaper app foryourhomescreen background with images of darkness for any taste.And,please, don't hesitate to leave your comments below, we needyouropinion! Our app light and fast – just try it! Disclaimer -Allwallpapers inside our app are belong to their perspectiveowners.No copyright infringement is intended. Any requests toremovepictures of their legal owners will be satisfied.
Wallify - 4k, HD Wallpapers & backgrounds 1.4.9
Wallify is a collection of thousands of beautiful HDwallpapers,every image has been handpicked by our team so you willsee onlybest and HD wallpapers in this app. All images are highquality(HQ) and different resolutions. Support any Android devicewithscreens: 1080x1920px (1080p Full HD) and 2160x3840px (4k UltraHD).Make your screen look beautiful with exclusive wallpapersandbackgrounds for your device. Every image is a real masterpiecethatyou cannot find anywhere else. You will get new HD wallpapereveryday. Wallify is a creative wallpapers app, to make sure youalwayshave a beautiful wallpaper on your device. Life comes easierwhenyou find every high quality and cool wallpaper on one app.Withwallify it’s very easy to find and set a high-quality wallpaperandbackground. Wallify main features: - Auto Wallpaper Changer. -Easyto find any wallpaper. - Latest: discover the latestwallpapers. -Popular: check which wallpapers are most downloaded byusers. -Categories: (Nature, Animals, Space, Games, Design, etc...)- Saveany image by clicking on heart icon and later find themquickly onthe favorite page. - Set a new wallpaper with closing theapp:choose the wallpaper you like and set it directly on the app.Justopen the image and tap on “Set” icon. - Multiple sizes: Thisapp isoptimized for any device, whether you are using mobile phoneortablet. - Our every wallpaper is linked to an artist’sprofilepage. You can check all the images published by that artist.- Inwallify you can upload your own wallpapers, your wallpaperwilldisplay in our app after approved by our team. Please Note:Wallifyis wallpaper app, not themes app. Wallify is not pictureeditingapp.
Speed HD wallpaper 1.1.1
Do you feel that your phone screen is not fantastic? Do youfeelless on your phone screen? Come download Speed HD wallpaper toyourcell phone a new style now! Speed HD wallpaper is a canprovidegreat 3D effects, carefully designed gestureseffects,high-definition background images and rich dream wallpaper.The hdwallpapers support most of the current mobile devices onthemarket, including Samsung Galaxy note 8, Samsung S8, HuaweiMate9,Huawei Honor, OPPO, VIVO and so on. Will the Speed HDwallpaperthis HD wallpaper set to the main screen, your phone willbe morecool!Speed HD wallpaper features:Beautiful Speed HDwallpaper willprovide a wealth of fantasy wallpaper and animationcrazy dynamiceffects. We hope you can enjoy this rich dream mobilewallpaper onthe phone.Gesture effect can provide you with adazzling animatedscreen, I believe you will like.Come and use 3Dtechnology tocustomize a rich dream phone screen.This fantasydynamic wallpapercan beautify your cell phone for free. Use thefree exquisitedecorative dynamic wallpaper to make Andrews screento get coolanimated effect. If you like a sports car, come anddownload thisrich dream dynamic wallpaper.In the fantastic finewallpaperdecoration, your Samsung or Huawei mobile phone will beshining andbrilliant.3D dynamic and fantastic real-time effects,make yourphone stand out in the crowd.You can as much as you canfind morehigh-definition dynamic wallpaper.What you can enjoy inthe dynamicsports wallpaper:Various types of dynamic wallpaper canbe found tomeet your needs for landscaping.More gestures are readyforyou.Support a variety of mobile phones and brands to meetyourneeds in a variety of fantastic exquisite dynamicwallpaper.Dailyupdates, new dynamic wallpaper anytime, anywhere tomeetyou.Beautify the Android phone, give you a new freeexquisitedecorative effect.More free decorative effect of theholidaydynamic wallpaper.
Galaxy S10 Wallpapers, 4k Amoled - Darknex Pro💎 4.8
🔹Try the new free version on the Play Store! 🔹Darknex Pro is anewandroid App for Smartphones with 18:9 screen (Iphone X /SamsungS10 / S10+ / S8 / S8 plus / Lg G6 / S9 / S9 plus) whichcontain aTOP QUALITY SELECTION of pictures and dark or blackwallpapers justin 4k so ultra high resolution. 🔹You never saw sucha cool and vastcollection, if you have a long screen 18:9 like s8,s9, lg g6 youmust have this App. 🔹Darknex Pro include DarknexStandardWallpapers without ads 🔹Darknex Pro is Ads Free. No Ads!!!🔹DarknexPro allows you to set any pic as a wallpaper or save/sharethe picswith your friends through WhatsApp, facebook, telegram,twitter.🔹Darknex Pro features: •Ads Free : less energy, morestability,more fun! •100+ super amoled exclusive wallpapers •Easy:verysimple and fast user interface! •Quality: the best selectionoftrue HD backgrounds! •Power Battery Saver: darker screen-->less energy consumption! •Save backgrounds: It’s super easyand youcan save them directly on your SD card to save storage! Whatareyou waiting for ? Download Super AMOLED 4K Wallpapers andcustomizeyour smartphone home screen easily and fast! We are alwaysstrivingto provide the best user experience for our users. We arealsolooking for your feedback, suggestions or recommendation.Please,feel free to email us about our dark AMOLED wallpapers at" " so we can continue to bring youthebest experiences and updates. Images optimized for IphoneX(2960x1440) / Samsung S8 / S8 plus (1440x2960) / Lg G6(1440x2880)The AMOLED app accurately determines and selects theblackwallpapers for the screens of the devices of the followingphoneamoled: Galaxy S9 / Galaxy S9 plus / Iphone X / Samsung S8 /S8plus / Lg G6
Grim Reaper Wallpapers 1.3
Offer high quality mobile wallpapers that you can use toeasilypersonalize your mobile phone. - All wallpapers is availableforfree. - The app works offline. No need to download wallpaper. -Youcan preview the image on your device first - All wallpapers infullHD quality - Customize the wallpaper to fit your screen -Fullsupport for both phones in portrait and landscape modes-Lockscreen/homescreen/avatar wallpapers, satisfy all your needs-You don't need internet connection to use the app - If youhavecomments or suggestions to help us make it better, please letusknow by leaving a review!
Free Color Theme Wallpaper 1.3.0
Try setting the red, orange, yellow, green , blue, purple,black,high-resolution (HD / FHD / QHD / UHD) image selected avariety ofcolors including black theme with your own backgroundscreen(desktop ). Favorite images can also be saved and sharedwithfriends at any time. All free.
Full HD Camera 45.44
Full HD Camera: Do not worry if you do not have a professionalphotocamera. You can use your mobile phone as a professionalmachine.Thanks to this application, which produces professionalqualitypictures for you, you can not even believe how you takepictures inFull HD resolution. Easy to use as well .. Features: *Burst mode. *High resolution. * Video recording. * Scene mode. *Flash setting. *Night mode setting. * Timer. * Zoom and zoom mode.* Face detector.* White balance: cloudy, fluorescent, night,automatic. * Morecolorful with color options. * Add dates tophotos and save them. *Option to enable location coordinates. *ISO setting system. *Quality of reception of wall photos. *Multi-adjustment system. - HDCamera: Totally Free
All Gods Wallpapers HD New 1.0
This app is a super collection of photos in HDquality.ThenPersonalize your homescreen with the Beautifulpictures.-Here Eachpicture is a real Gods in that can't be foundanywhere else -simply swipe your screen to see more hindu all godwallpaper fullhd.-Quick loading easy to download hindu god hdwallpapers areavailable in this App.-Full collection of all hindugod and goddesshd wallpapers are of high quality with highresolution.-Nice andamazing visual design with gorgeous UI stylefor imageselection.Lord Ganesha hd Wallpapers*Lord Shiva hdWallpapers*LordKrishna hd Wallpapers*Lord Saibaba Wallpapers*LordBalaji hdWallpapers*Lord Hanuman Wallpapers*laxmi devi hdwallpaperHinduGods: Hanuman, Rama, Krishna, Shiva, Saraswati,Ganesha, Lakshmi,Kali, Vishnu, Durga, Kubera, Brahma, Ayyappa,Ganga, Indra.HinduGod Wallpapers app Contains High Quality 50+Hindu God HDWallpapers optimized to save battery.All God WallpapersHD New AppFeatures:----------------------------------*Amazing andFree HDHindu God Wallpaper for your smart phone.*Hindu God HDWallpapersin 4k quality.*Hindu God Wallpaper Free App For AllMobileUsers.*Lots of perfect Wallpapers in HD Quality.*Applicationworksoffline. No need to download wallpapers.*Collection ofBeautiful HDPhoto is easy to view and set as wallpapers.*Supportsall screenresolutions and devices (including tablets).*You canshare HinduGod wallpapers to your friends via whatsapp, shareit,facebook,aol, yahoo, bing, msn, pintrest, gmail, google, tublr,twitter,linkedin and other social media and other ways. SharebestWallpapers in HD Quality to your friends!Permissions:"INTERNET"and"NETWORK ACCESS" are needed only to display advertisements.
Black Wallpaper, AMOLED, Dark Background: Darkify 10.0
Helper Dev
Are you looking for a Black wallpaper app or dark backgrounds,blackimages, or black and white wallpaper ? so you are in theright place:) Black wallpaper is an android app for phones andtablets whichcontain black and white pictures and dark images ,black backgroundallows you to set any pic as a wallpaper orsave/share the pics withyour friends through WhatsApp, facebook,telegram, twitter ....easily Black wallpaper features - Cleandesign - Black wallpaperdoesn't need internet connexion to workwell, (note the internetpermission is needed only for sharing theblack photos) - Save darkpics easily - Set as home wallpaper/lockscreen background - Fullscreen: Black wallpaper shows the funnypictures in full-screen mode- HD black background, AMOLEDWallpapers - and more..... Ads Blackwallpaper has some ads, And wewant you to know dear user thatdeveloping android apps takes a lotof time and efforts and weprovided our apps for free, so the onlyway we used to get somemoney is putting ads in our apps.Permissions in the black wallpaperapp ✭ SET_WALLPAPER : allowsDarkify to set images as wallpaper ✭WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE :allows Darkify to save pics to your SD Card✭ INTERNET,ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE : for sharing images Final Words Welike toprovide a good user experience to our apps users bydeveloping freeand quality apps, Enjoy it :)
HD Doll Wallpapers 1.8
Download this highest quality wallpaper application totally freeforeveryone. Decorate your latest device with these awesome,cute,loveable, beautiful doll wallpapers. " HD doll wallpapers"isanother first class and supereminent live wallpapersapplicationfor your latest mobile phones and tablets. Thousands ofcute,sweet,most adorable, Baby doll wallpapers, toy wallpapers,Babygirl wallpapers, you can easily find here!All these cutedollwallpapers are marvellous with super HD quality. Enjoy bestqualityand high definition wallpapers. A doll is a model of a humanbeingoften used as a toy for children.These toy wallpapers areawesomeyou will definitely fall in love with them and willdefinitely wantto hug these cute dolls. These are very pretty.These cute ,sweetpuppet wallpapers are perfectly compatible withalmost all kinds ofsmartphones and tablets. Give glorious andimpressive look to yourdevice with these HD ,full HD and ultra HD,cute puppies wallpaper.All these high grade ,popular wallpapersare specially designed forall fans of toys. Fill your smartphoneand tablets with loads ofcuteness with these beautiful angel pieswallpapers. These lovelydoll wallpaper is incredibly beautiful andstylish and these imageswill definitely make your day awesome. Setanyone from these andenjoy these powerful, lovely ,superior imagesto the fullest. Thisdoll wallpapers is specially designed for girlsand kids. Soinstall it right now. People love our application andthey rated itas top class. So don't miss this lovely wallpapers!Check it rightnow.Dolls images will definitely make your dayawesome with a lotof cuteness.These lovely doll images justoutstanding. You willlove it !Nice features.......1. Thousands ofwallpapers totallyfree of cost! 2. It works offline . doesn'trequire internetconnection.( only for share and update). 3. Highquality and highdefinition wallpapers.4.Facility to save the imagesto SDcard.5.Set image as wallpaper, contact icon Facebook andWhatsAppdp also.6.Beautiful animated slideshow feature7. It's anregularlyupdated application.8. Super AMOLED resolutionwallpapers.9. It'savailable throughout the world.10. It's very easyto use andsimple.11. This application consumes very littlespace.12. Shareoption. You can share it with your Frnd ,familymembers,relativesand with your loved one also.Hurry up !! Downloadit! Please rateand review us. Thank you.
NEVER SETTLE Wallpapers 11
NEVER SETTLE Wallpaper App Brings You An Extensive CollectionofNEVER SETTLE Wallpapers.Over Hundreds Of Cloud BasedWallpapersWith Faster Loading and Smooth Experience.🔥Features ofthis App:🔥➡️ Tons Of Cloud Based NEVER SETTLE Wallpapers WithFasterLoading➡️ Wallpapers Without "NEVER SETTLE" slogan for LockScreen(select 'WITHOUT NEVER SETTLE' in Filters)➡️ EasyUI➡️Data-Friendly➡️ Preview Wallpaper➡️ Apply Wallpaper➡️ SwitchToDark Theme➡️ Easy To Explore➡️ Favorite Wallpapers➡️ManyCategories➡️ Download And Save➡️ Muzei Support➡️ SupportsManyLanguages➡️ Constantly Updated➡️ Supports Tablet➡️ NoAds➡️Absolutely Free➡️ All Wallpapers Are In FullHDResolution(1080*1920)How This Wallpaper App is DifferentfromOthers?App that Motivates You Every Single Moment Whenever YouLookAt Wallpapers with NEVER SETTLE Written.Don't Trust Me?TRYYOURSELF.ALWAYS PUSH, ALWAYS GO FOR MORE, STRIVE FOR THE BEST.-NEVER SETTLEInApp Updates (Server Side Changes)(7 MAY,2017)➡️Pack26 Added. (7 May,2018)➡️ Pack 24-25 Added.(Jan,2018)➡️ Pack23Added. (16 Nov,2017)➡️ Pack 22 Added. (6 Oct,2017)➡️MultipleFolders Bug Fixed.(Please clear App Cache and Data) (11Aug,2017)📲Follow NEVER SETTLE on Instagram forExclusiveUpdates.📲Also JoinTelegram Channel For Instant Download and for SomeExclusiveWallpapers Only forSubscribers. also downloadWallpapers without NEVER SETTLEfromwebsite.⚠️DISCLAIMER:Wallpapers are for Personal Use only!You're Not AllowedTo Use AnyWallpaper From This App for Your Project WithoutAuthor'sPermission.📝🙏 Thank you for all your support! Lookingforward foryour feedback and suggestions and if you like this app,please rateit!
DailyPic — Bing Wallpaper 3.7.0
T. Partl
You like the Bing Picture of the Day? With this app, youcandownload it in Full-HD resolution and even more! •multipleresolutions (landscape & portrait orientation) • choosefromdifferent regions • Widget showing the image of the day•interesting additional information and links • set a wallpaperasstart screen background • automatic daily downloads and updates•daily push notification with the Bing image
WallP-True 4K Wallpapers For Android And PC 3.0.0
4k wallpapers and backgrounds - True 4K wallpapers 4kWallpapers:-We provide 4k wallpapers and super-resolution imagesthat adaptedto your smartphone screen. All images are high quality(HQ) anddifferent resolutions. 4k wallpapers for any device,includingdevices with large screens: 1080x1920 px (Full HD 1080p)and2160x3840 px (Ultra HD 4K). In the app WallP, you will not seepoorquality 4k wallpapers, because we are not adding. You will notseeany Wallpaper is not the right size to fit yourscreen.High-Quality wallpapers for your screen:- All the wallpapersin thewallp have been trimmed by hand to ensure you enjoyperfectpictures for your mobile phones. So you'll get only perfect4kwallpapers. wallp only provides quality 4k wallpaper inUHD/QHDResolution. 4k wallpapers every day:- Tons of beautiful4kwallpapers for beautiful smartphone screens. We upload4kwallpapers on a daily basis, So you'll get awesome 4kwallpapersevery day without fail. If we upload beautiful 4kwallpapers dailythen you can make your smartphone looks awesomeevery day withamazing 4k wallpapers and backgrounds. BatteryOptimization Of 4kwallpapers and backgrounds:- Wallp app displays4k wallpapers andbackgrounds only adapted to the size of yourscreen. This allowsyou to conserve battery power and Internettraffic, and use the appat maximum speed without losing imagequality. Wallpaper At Time:-We follow all the trends in the world.With the wallp app, you willfind wallpapers suitable current trendin the world. Also, weupload 4k wallpapers and backgrounds at timenah! So You just needto enjoy the wallp app. Popular categories andtags to them:- Hereyou will find the beautiful 4k Wallpapers foryour phone and tabletof the following categories: 3D graphics (CGWallpaper, rendering),abstraction, animals (photo cats, dogs,kittens and puppies,hamsters, raccoons, wolves, foxes, raccoons,owls), anime (manga),machines (cars and transport), city, fantasy(angels, demons,dragons, zombies, skeletons, soldiers, battle,battle), flowers(roses, daisies, sunflowers), food (beverages,fruit, vegetables,meat), photos Wallpapers people: women and men,boys and girls,technology, holidays (new year, Christmas, SantaClaus, SantaClaus), macro, music, musical instruments, nature(photosWallpapers of scenery, mountains, sun, sea, lake,ocean,underwater, sunsets and sunrises, sand, forest, trees),space(planets, the sun, the earth, the moon, galaxies, blackholes),sport (fitness, bodybuilding, extreme sports), texture(solidbackground, solid saver), backgrounds, vector graphics inaminimalist style. You can set the wallpaper on the phone screenonan android or tablet. Also, you can install beautiful wallpaperonthe lock screen or on both screens at once.4k wallpapersandbackgrounds on your phone looks always nice to the eyes andsoul!Beautiful pictures for Android will help you to overcomethecomplexities of life easier! 4k wallpaper on the phone andthetablet will make it much more beautiful and attractive!Screensaveron the phone screen - now it's easy, we automaticallyselect thesizes of images that you can install on the phone in oneclick! all4k wallpapers and backgrounds are optimized for all themostpopular resolutions: 2160x3840, 1440x2560, 1080x1920,720x1280,540x960, 480x800 and other Android resolution. Wallp appaccuratelydetermines and selects the right 4k wallpapers for thescreens ofthe devices of the following manufacturers: Samsung,Sony, LG,Lenovo, HTC, ASUS, Alcatel, Huawei, Meizu, Xiaomi, andothers.
Download Instant DP (Full HD) 4.4.1
View and download ig profile photos in full resolution andsize.Works on profile pictures of private accounts too. Copy andpastethe profile URL Don't know the exact username of the user?Noworries we got that covered too. We show a similar usernames.Viewand download recent photos in full resolution and size ofpublicaccounts. With DP Download you can zoom in on any Instagramprofilepicture to see it in high quality and even download it.Simplyenter a username and view profile picture or even viewpictures ofthe user. That's it. Now, you can also view other'sstoriesanonymously and download them in full resolution Top imagesfordownload at full resolution Get notified of profile picturechangesof your favorite users Features: * Search users * Pasteprofile URL* Displays profile pictures/dp in full size and fullresolution *No Instagram account required for public media * Quickand easy touse * View & Download pictures of your friends *Downloadstories of your friends * Anonymously view stories anddownloadthem * Get notified when someone changes their DP / profilepictureDisclaimer: 1. This app is not affiliated with Instagram. 2.Pleasereport by mail any issues before giving a bad rating. 3.Anyunauthorized action or repost of photo/video and/or violationsofIntellectual property rights is the sole responsibility oftheuser. 4. Please do not use this app to save photos withoutthepermission of the owners. Respect the rights of theInstagramusers.
Football Wallpaper 2
Offer high quality mobile wallpapers that you can use toeasilypersonalize your mobile phone. - All Football wallpapersisavailable for free. - The app works offline. No need todownloadwallpaper. - You can preview the image on your device first- AllFootball wallpapers in full HD quality - Customize theFootballwallpaper to fit your screen - Full support for both phonesinportrait and landscape modes -Lockscreen/homescreen/avatarwallpapers, satisfy all your needs -You don't need internetconnection to use the app - If you havecomments or suggestions tohelp us make it better, please let usknow by leaving a review!
AMOLED LiveWallpaper FREE 1.1.2
AMOLED Live Wallpaper is best for save battery and phonedisplay!Please rate it! Thanks!
Cool Guys Live Wallpaper 3.0
Very exciting live Wallpaper for You! A beautiful body is a dreamofevery men and women! Install the Cool kids Live Wallpaper onYoursmartphone and make it original! With these forms You will beenviedby everyone) We offer to your attention a brand new liveWallpaperwith water effect! It uncompromising image quality 4K!!!Now thefinest image details will be left out of your attention!Lots ofsettings allow you to configure all the parameters exactlyto yourneeds! Scrolling has never been so informative! Swipe two,three,four fingers or an entire hand across the screen of Yoursmartphoneand you beautifully move the background image with abeautiful watereffect! Icons of Your apps will stay where theyare! If you swipeone finger then the icons will take after him!Just try it! Powerconsumption has never been so low! Now you don'thave to choosebetween the beautiful picture or long battery life!With these liveWallpaper You will get it all together! Leave Yourcomments andsuggestions! And we will consider this in nextversions! And alsowrite us a mail! And put 5 stars)
Sports Car Wallpaper (4k) 1.01
4k Wallpapers
Did you know that an average people checks their device morethan500 times a day? Make each time a real pleasure with awesomeSportsCar wallpaper images and backgrounds from ourprofessionaldesigners. Let your device become a cool, stylist, joy,andinspiration from this app! All people are thinking thattheirSmartphone or Tablet looks Awesome from other. So We make thisappfor your Phone. This our Sports Car apart from the quality ofthismagnificent wallpaper have been designed to bring a new anduniquecolor to your phone and tablet. So This is the place whereyou canfind the biggest and the best Sports Car wallpaperbackgrounds inhigh quality. This fabulous high resolution wallpaperwill leaveyou breathless every time you look at it! Complement yourscreenwith awesome backgrounds! Each picture is a real masterpiececanonly be found here! Give your screen a new look withexclusivebackground and cool theme from 5000+ Sports CarWallpapers. This isthe ONLY wallpapers app you’ll ever need! Thisapp usually consistsso many Sports Car like Fire Car, black SportsCar, Fire &white Sports Car, Abstracts Sports Car, 3D SportsCar, Red Bike& Sports Car, Sports Car with Lights, BrandedSports Car,Sports car of FF8 and so many antique things. So Itssuits to yourmobile. So just find wallpaper which suit to yourmobile and set itto wallpaper. Best Feature of App: ★ 5000+Attractive and Full HDQuality Sports Car background. ★ A hugedatabase of Sports Carwallpapers at a resolution of 4K. ★ Every daynew Sports Carwallpapers ★ Set As Wallpaper. ★ Wonderful, Unique,Awesome Art andBeautiful Sports Car wallpaper ★ 4k or UltraHD has aresolution of4096x2160 or 3840x2160 ★ Full HD, 2K - (1080p =1920x1080) SportsCar wallpapers ★ QHD or Quad High Definition(1440p =2560x1440)Sports Car wallpapers ★ Power Zooming andRotation, Zoom in-out anddouble tapping ★ You can save wallpaper& see saved list ofyour favorite ★ You can also manage yoursaved list by deleting it★ You can also share your Sports Carwallpaper with Friends onFacebook, Twitter, Whats app, Google+,Hangout, Pinterest,Instagram, Email, SMS, MMS and many more socialplatforms. ★Support all Mobiles and Tablets like all Samsungdevices, HTCDevices, Sony Xperia Series, Xiaomi Mi mobiles, GoogleNexus &Pixel, OnePlus, LG, LeEco devices, Huawei series, Gioneemobiles,Intex devices, Lava, Micromax, Lenovo, Motorola, Oppo,Panasonic,Philips, Xolo, Yu, Coolpad, Meizu, Vivo, Nokia, iball,LYF,Fujitsu, Acer, Asus, BenQ, Amazon mobiles, Binatone,Vodafonedevices, InFocus, HP, etc.. Make your Mobile best. :-)
Cute Baby Girl Wallpapers 1.05
Get the most impressive Full HD Worlds cutest baby girlwallpapersfor your smartphone that will decorate your device withanexclusive looks. "HD Cute Baby Girl Wallpapers" isanotherravishing stock wallpaper app for the mobile lovers. Itcontains HD(720p) , Full HD (1080p) and Ultra HD 4K. It supportsSuper AMOLEDquality wallpapers for your smartphone. Here wecollected a largecollection of gorgeous baby girl backgroundwallpapers for yoursmartphone. Babies are angel of God. They aresent on the earthwith their innocence and cuteness. They are theblessings of theGod. Their cuteness and natural beauty charms ourheart. It willmake your device more lovely. You can refer this appto yourfriends, colleagues, companions, relative and beloved ones.Itperfectly fits for your smartphone whatever the screenresolutionis. It will give you a biggest collection worlds cutestbaby girlwallpapers. All the wallpapers are amazing and highlypopulatedamong mobile lovers. MAIN FEATURES : 1) Easily compatiblewithalmost all kinds of smartphones 2) High definition andhighresolution quality wallpapers 3) It's a auto updated app 4) Itwillfulfill your requirements with satisfaction 5) Thousandsofcolourful lovely wallpapers of hd cute baby girls 6) It's aautoupdated app 7) All the wallpapers are amazing and highlypopulated8) These are perfectly fit for your smartphone 9)Superbperformance of the app 10) It will fulfill your requirementswithsatisfaction 11) No need of Internet connection 12) It takesverylittle space. Hurry up. Download the latest trending app.Pleaserate our app for providing the best service to ourcustomers.Thanks
Lock screen for Galaxy S8 edge 18.0.0610
The best screen lock application that will protect your privacy,andwill not allow to invade your phone illegally In our lockscreen,you can select any wallpaper, backgrounds or your personalphotosand use it as background for the lock screen. Features: -LockScreen HD wallpapers of Galaxy S8 Edge and Plus - Turn on/offlockscreen very easy and fast - Nice interface, silky smootheffect, noresource wastage - 100% FREE - Galaxy S8 Lock Screen amulti-HDgalaxy s8 wallpapers - Allows you selected images fromgallery andcamera - Set PIN to enhance screen lock security - Manywallpapersfor Samsung S9 - Block HOME/MENU/BACK key, no one canaccess yourphone without correct password. - Support customizationfor Patternlock screen • Enable/Disable Pattern lock screen •Enable/DisablePassword (If you disable or not enable password thenyou just needSwipe up to unlock) • Change pattern password •Change color andsize of date/time on lock screen • Change formatfor date time (12hor 24h) • Support customized unlocksentence(default is "> Swipeup to unlock") • Enable/Disablesound • Enable/Disable vibration •Set time to show for lock screen• Display real time clock and date• Set custom background, theme,wallpaper for your lockscreen •Custom background from gallery.-More features that you willabsolutely love - S8 Lock screen iscompatible with the latestdevices such as: Galaxy S7 Edge, GalaxyS8 Plus, Xperia XZ, LG V30,LG V10, Galaxy Note 8, Note 7, Nexus5X, 6P, Huawei, Xiaomi... Howto use "S8 Lock screen" app? 1.Download and install "Lock screenfor Galaxy S8 edge" app on GooglePlay. 2. Open app and go tosettings 3. Enable lock screen 4.Enable pattern password for s8lock screen 5. Go to "Changewallpapers" to change galaxy s8wallpapers on lock screen "LockScreen for S8" - a great theme forthose who want his phone lookedexpensive and fashionable Download"Lock screen for s8" now and youwon’t regret it! If you encounterany problems while using myapplication or would like to contributeto my application, you justfeedback to my I will hard working foryour problems orsolution. Your feedback is important with me.Submit your review!!If you love this photo love lockerapplication, please give 5 starsto encourage developers. Thank youso much!
Blacker : Dark & AMOLED Wallpapers (HD,4K) 3.0
Blacker wallpapers app is loaded with a unique andcreativecollection of Black, Amoled and dark Backgrounds andwallpapers.Make your mobile stand out with excellent Blackwallpapers andBackground. Each and every wallpaper is unique in itsown way. Givea special look to your device using this wallpaper appnow. WHYBLACK WALLPAPERS? • If you use a black background on anAMOLEDdisplay, your display will produce less light. This will helpsavebattery power, squeezing more battery life out of your device.•The more black you display when utilizing an AMOLED panel, themorepower savings you get. (Source: Androidauthority) • Darkwallpaperssave your battery and onscreen time up to 12-18%. dependson a typeof display and device. This application has 1000+ BLACKwallpapersand backgrounds. And New wallpapers added to the listevery day. soyou'll get New wallpapers every day for your device.And eachWallpaper is designed to fit with any screen and widgets.SomeFeatures: ✦ Wide range of BLACK WALLPAPERS collection ✦ DailyNewHigh-Quality black and dark Wallpapers arrival. ✦ Wellarrangedcategories and adding new categories over a time. ✦ Add tofavoriteOption to make a collection of your selected Blackwallpapers. ✦And Much more options like Share, Save, Crop, Settingas awallpaper, and pinch to zoom too. ✦ Beautiful layout withamaterial dark theme. ✦ Each wallpaper is in breathtaking ultraHDQuality. ✦ Some Exclusive Black wallpaper that can't foundanywhereelse. ✦ Swipe to change: You can easily swipe to changewallpapers.✦ Slideshow: You can start the slideshow of wallpapersin the app.✦ Wide range of dark and black wallpapers with separatecategories✦ FREE and always will be. ✦ Single click to RandomOption ✦ Optionto request and Submit wallpapers ✦ Link to suitableIcon pack(Minimalist Icon pack) Choose among hundreds of BlackImages andfeel the best phone customization ever. So what you arewaiting fordownload the app and experience the change. we canassure you thatyou'll love this app. Our Team is always working togive you aMasterpiece new wallpapers every day. So you can feelhappinessevery time you look at your screen wallpaper. Note: EveryPicturelisted in this app is either found on the public websiteorlicensed under creative common. If you find that we forgottocredit you and want to claim credit for a picture or want ustoremove it, please don't hesitate to contact us to solve theissue.