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Counter 20
Counter is an open source tally counter for Android. Itmakescounting easier. You can have multiple counters with theirownnames and values. Values can be changed using volume buttons.Noads. No unnecessary permissions required. Enjoy! ;) This is anopensource application. So if you want to fix a bug or propose anewfeature, you can write some code yourself and submit apatch.Source code is hosted on GitHubat This was my firstAndroidapplication. The goal was to make something useful and easytobuild. If you want to help with translation, goto Thank you!
nRF Connect for Mobile 4.24.1
nRF Connect for Mobile is a powerful generic tool that allows youtoscan, advertise and explore your Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)devicesand communicate with them. nRF Connect supports number ofBluetoothSIG adopted profiles together with Device Firmware Updateprofile(DFU) from Nordic Semiconductors and Mcu Manager on ZephyrandMynewt. Features: - Scans for Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)devices -Parses advertisement data - Shows RSSI graph, allowsexport to CSVand Excel formats - Connects to a connectible theBluetooth LEdevice - Discoveries and parses services andcharacteristics -Allows to read and write characteristics - Allowsto enable anddisable notifications and indications - SupportsReliable Write -Parses number of characteristics adopted byBluetooth SIG -Bluetooth LE advertising (Android 5+ required) -Read and update PHY(Android 8+ required) - GATT Serverconfiguration - Supports DeviceFirmware Update (DFU) profile whichlet the user to upload a newapplication, SoftDevice or abootloader over-the-air (OTA) -Supports McuMgr, profile that letsthe user control and updateZephyr-based devices - Supports theNordic UART Service - Allow torecord and replay common operationsusing Macros - Allows to performautomated tests defined in XMLfile on Bluetooth LE devices. Visitthe GitHubpage: formoreinformation about automated tests. Note: - Supported onAndroidversion 4.3 or later. - nRF5x Development kits can beordered from - The nRF51and nRF52SDKs and SoftDevices are available on-lineat Works well with nRFLoggerapplication, that will store your logs in case somethingbadhappens with nRF Connect. Download nRF Loggerfrom:
Show Java - A Java Decompiler 3.0.6
A decompiler to extract the source code of an APK (android app),jar& dex file. Features • Select either CFR 0.138, JaDX 0.8.0orFernFlower (analytical decompiler) to use as the decompiler. •Runsdirectly on your android device • Select apk/jar/dex fromsdcard(or) from a list of installed applications. • Decompilesandroidresources (layouts, Drawables, Menus, AndroidManifest,image assets,values, etc). • Easy to use source navigator withbuilt-in media& code viewer. • Displays code in aclean-syntax-highlightedform with zoom & line-wrap. • Thedecompiled source can easilybe copied from the sdcard (source isstored in show-java folder inthe sdcard) • Share the decompiledsource easily with the built inarchive + share mechanism. • Runsin the background • Ad-Free Proversion available through an In-Apppurchase Source Code This willbe an Open Sourced project. Thesource code is hosted atGitHub Please readtheLicense info before using any part of the code in anyproject.Reason's for Permissions • Internet - Automated bugreporting &advertisements • External Storage - To store thedecompiled sourcecode and to have a working directory for theapplication Credits •A Big-Huge Thanks to Lee Benfield( for his awesomeCFR - Class File Reader :D :D •Panxiaobo ( fordex2jar :) • Liu Dong( for apk-parser • BenGruver for dexlib2. •skylot for JaDX. • JetBrains for FernFloweranalytical decompiler.License Show Java - A java/apk decompilerfor android Copyright (C)2018 Niranjan Rajendran This program isfree software: you canredistribute it and/or modify it under theterms of the GNU GeneralPublic License as published by the FreeSoftware Foundation, eitherversion 3 of the License, or (at youroption) any later version.This program is distributed in the hopethat it will be useful, butWITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even theimplied warranty ofMERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULARPURPOSE. See the GNUGeneral Public License for more details. Youshould have received acopy of the GNU General Public License alongwith this program. Ifnot, see DONOT USE THIS APPLICATIONTO DO STUFF THAT YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO DO.THE DEVELOPER (NiranjanRajendran) IS IN NO WAY RESPONSIBLE FOR ANYMISUSE OF THISAPPLICATION.
iNotify & Control Center iOS13 (Music Control) 15.0
Night Wolf
You can change background control panel OS 12 and changebackgroundinoty, change font, change font size and change textonnotification, change color on notification. Changestylenotification and change style icontrol easy. Easy changeappcontrol in icontrol in setting, turn on camera very fast.changedata 3G/4G easy, change volume on control pane iOS 12 canopen any app if you create in setting. With iNotify do notmiss anynotifications. Notification Message : Get message notionlockscreen and on notifcaiton on app. Notify Call: call nowoninotify if you have miss call. Notification everywhere, andeasyfeedback Control ĩmusic player on iControl panel easy.Controlalarm, flash, camera, calculator, and many app on yourphone.Control Flashlight: turn on flash light easy with one clickControlMusic player with next, pause, preview and select list musicfromControl panel iOS13. iControl easy use with slide bottom to upandclick. Thanks for use app and feedback you have request for us.
Protractor for measuring Angles. Free & No Ads. • Cameraviewwith Pause button. • Measure angle between two markers.•Horizontal and vertical plumb lines (Tap to snap nearest markertoline, double tap to track, tap again to release). • CAL buttontocalibrate Accelerometer if plumb lines are out. • Copy angleindegrees and radians to clipboard.
Exodus Privacy 2.0.0
Exodus Privacy helps you to know which trackers and permissionsareembedded in apps installed on your device. The appdownloadsreports from Exodus Privacy( andshows them to you app by appSource Code:
Easy Signature - Digital Signature - eSignature 1.2.0
Shankar D
Easy signature provides you Ad free service to create yourowndigital signatures. Draw with your finger to generate yourpersonalsignatures and it allows you to sign in multiple steps toprovidemore accuracy. Also, it can be used for various purposeslikesketch-board, slate etc.Key Features:1). This small app allowsyouto create digital signatures without Ads.2). You are able toErasepart of the signature while drawing and you are also able toCLEARwhole signature with single tap. 3). It allows you to saveyoursignatures with name for later use4). You can trimtransparentpixels while saving the signature5). It allows you tosee allprevious saved signatures as list with date and name andable toslide all signatures from the list6). You can share yoursignaturevia Email, WhatsApp, Facebook etc.7). It allows you todelete yoursaved signatures8). Setting screen will provide you tochangebackground color or transparent, change signature color,size,format (png/jpeg) as your requirement.Your Feedback isveryvaluable to us, Please let us know so we can try to workmoreperfectly.
WiFi Analyzer (open-source)
Optimize your WiFi network using WiFi Analyzer (open-source)byexamining surrounding WiFi networks, measuring theirsignalstrength as well as identifying crowded channels. Users'privacyand security is a huge concern these days and WiFiAnalyzer(open-source) is designed to use as few permissions aspossible. Itasks for just enough to perform the analysis. Plus, itis all opensource so nothing is hidden! Most notably, thisapplication doesnot require access to internet, so you can be sureit does not sendany personal/device information to any other sourceand it does notreceive any information from other sources. WiFiAnalyzer is underactive development by volunteers. WiFi Analyzer isfree, has no-adsand does not collect any personal information. WiFiAnalyzer is nota WiFi password cracking or phishing tool. Features:- Identifynearby Access Points - Graph channels signal strength -GraphAccess Point signal strength over time - Analyze WiFi networkstorate channels - HT/VHT Detection - 40/80/160MHz (RequiresAndroidOS 6+) - Access Point view complete or compact - EstimatedDistanceto the Access Points - Export access points details - Darkor Lighttheme available - Pause/Resume scanning - Availablefilters: WiFiband, Signal strength, Security and SSID - Vendor/OUIDatabaseLookup Please visit our website for more helpfulinformation: the place to go for bug reports and codecontributions:
Clean Android
Clean Android keep your device Clean and Fast. It's a lightappbooster, battery optimizer and apps manager for your device.CleanAndroid is right here do deal with all issues which slow downyourandroid device performance! Helps you to clear all junkfiles,force stop apps running in background. Backup, delete andinstallall apps you want with Apps Manager. Main Features: ✔ JunkCleanYou don't have enough space to install games or take photos?Withthis feature, you can quickly analyzes storage space onyourAndroid device and identifies all unnecessary data,delete cacheandresidual files to reclaim storage, boost speed and improvetheperformance of your device. ✔ Phone Boost Your device hasbecomelaggy? You can easily kill unnecessary processes and speedyourdevice with this feature,. ✔ APP Lock App Lock can lockFacebook,Instagram, WhatsApp, SMS, Contacts, Gallery, or any otherapps youchoose. With App Lock, only you can see the photos youprotect.Protect your privacy is easier than ever. ✔ CPU Cooler Yourdeviceoverheats and needs to cool down? You can easily Find andStop theapps that are causing it to overheat and make your batterylastlonger with Clean Android, ! ✔ Apps Manager Uninstall unwantedappsand back up important ones. With this feature, you can easilyfinduseful apps that match your interests. ✔ Monitor your SystemCheckthe usage of your CPU, keep track of your RAM and internalstoragespace and check out your battery levels and temperature Ifyou haveany advice,please feel free to contact Clean Android is 100% FREE GREEN.This3MB tiny apps will make your happy use your device!
Media Converter Pro
NOTE: THIS APP IS STILL IN DEVELOPMENT PROCESS AndroidMediaConverter Pro Key features: • Easy to use • Light & superfast• Can convert from many formats • Regularly updates • Andmore...!Many formats will be included in the future Currentlysupportedoutput format: AAC, FLAC, MP3, OPUS, OGG, MP4 MediaConverter Prois free & open-source, you can folk ithere: Feel freetoopen a new pull request, issue, or feature request.
Routerkeygen Yolosec 4.1.5
Routerkeygen derivate with UPC router support.Contains alsonewerUPC UBEE generator.UPDATE: Location privilege is requiredbyAndroid 6+ in order to allow app scan for WiFis.The reason istheWiFi scan leaks user location (by WiFi MAC maps) so Androidwon'tallow Routerkeygen Yolosec to scan WiFis without yougrantinglocation privilege for the app.Please note we don't useyour GPS(feel free to verify that in our source codes) nor send anydataanywhere. The application is also Add free!Application scansallWiFi networks in the range for known vulnerabilities indefaultWiFi password. For selected vulnerable network it computesseveralpossible passwords and enables to test them all.Applicationenables to save computed passwords to a file or loadconfigurationfiles for some vulnerabilities (not related to UPC).For this appneeds access to storage. If you are interested in alightweightapplication with 0 required permissions, try our app"UPCkeygen". based on the awesome Routerkeygen Androidapplication. Fororiginal project please referto: for moreinformation.Applicationsource codes are released under GPLv3licensehere: theapplication at your own risk and responsibility. The authortakes noresponsibility for actions taken with this app or damagecaused. Itis only for educational and research purposes and toassess yourhome router security. Do not use the application toconnect tonetworks you are not authorized to, it is illegal.TheApplication isnot intended as a tool for attackers.
Automatic Flash On Call & SMS 1.2.4
'RECEIVE_SMS' permission is used for Alert flash blink weatheranysms or notification are receive or not.if receive any smsthenflash blink alert are done. this app doesn't read or store anyusepersonal messages and never store user data. Fantastic FreeFlashon call and SMS alert application. Pretty useful when you arein adark place or in a meeting where you don't want to hearringtonesor vibration. Imagine you are in a heavy music party or atnightwhere you cannot hear ring tones and cannot feel vibration. SothisFlash on call and Flash on SMS will notify you clearly.Flashlightalert is a smart app to alert you when you receive aphone call,text message & any other social notifications withthe blink ofyour flashlight. Flash light call alert will helppeoples in thenight time when your android phone in the silent modeor mute. Thisflash light alert is very useful application for anyandroid user.Best Free Flashlight blink alert application in theGoogle playstore. Useful when you are in any music party whereringtone orvibration cannot notify you or at night or in a meetingwhere youdon’t want to hear ring tones. This Flash on Call will letyou knowsilently without disturbing anyone. Flashlight will blinkwhensomeone calls you or send a text message. Flash On Call issimpleAndroid application which will use your camera flash to makeflashalerts while device is ringing or new SMS or MMS messageisreceived. This most brightest Flash blink app is a veryusefulapplication for those users who are mostly busy in meetingsor workin places where they have to keep their mobile phones silentsuchas hospitals etc. You can now get color flash alertnotifiedeverytime you get a call or SMS with a powerful andmulticolorflash alert on call and sms and notification like iphone. You cancustimize for every application its own color andblinking flashtime. LED Flash notifier is simple and easy to useand customize.It uses camera flash notification for Callnotifications alerts andSMS notification alerts. Flash Light onCall / Notifications oralerts is a latest trend in market. Withmore than 2 Million happyusers using this Blink Light on Call andNotification we haveupgraded our application. When you Use FlashAlerts : Call &SMS… - At dark place - At noisy place - Atsilent Mode key FeaturesOf Flash Alert On CALL & SMS - You canregulate blinkingfrequency. - Disable / Enable Flash Alert in anytime you want witha simple click. - Control the phone mode frominside the app (normal mode / silent mode / vibrate ) - Turn offflash alerts whenbattery low, help you save battery. - Turn off theFlash Alert appif the battery is lower than a value that youspecify. - Disable /Enable Flash Alert for incoming calls. - Easilycontrol your deviceflash with custom options. - Choose yourincoming call Flash Alertmode from several ones. - Choose yourincoming SMS Flash Alert modefrom several ones.
Linux Deploy 2.6.0
This application is open source software for quick andeasyinstallation of the operating system (OS) GNU/Linux on yourAndroiddevice. The application creates a disk image on a flashcard,mounts it and installs an OS distribution. Applications of thenewsystem are run in a chroot environment and working togetherwiththe Android platform. All changes made on the devicearereversible, i.e. the application and components can beremovedcompletely. Installation of a distribution is done bydownloadingfiles from official mirrors online over the internet.Theapplication requires superuser rights (ROOT). The programsupportsmulti language interface. You can manage the process ofinstallingthe OS, and after installation, you can start and stopservices ofthe new system (there is support for running yourscripts) throughthe UI. The installation process is reported astext in the mainapplication window. During the installation, theprogram willadjust the environment, which includes the base system,SSH server,VNC server and desktop environment. The programinterface can alsomanage SSH and VNC settings. Installing a newoperating systemtakes about 15 minutes. The recommended minimumsize of a diskimage is 1024 MB (with LXDE), and without a GUI - 512MB. When youinstall Linux on the flash card with the FAT32 filesystem, theimage size should not exceed 4095 MB! After the initialsetup thepassword for SSH and VNC generated automatically. Thepassword canbe changed through "Properties -> User password" orstandard OStools (passwd, vncpasswd). FEATURES: Supporteddistributions:Alpine, Debian, Ubuntu, Kali, Arch, Fedora, CentOS,Slackware,Docker, RootFS (tgz, tbz2, txz) Installation type: file,partition,RAM, directory Supported file systems: ext2, ext3, ext4Supportedarchitectures: ARM, ARM64, x86, x86_64, emulation mode(ARM ~ x86)I/O interfaces: CLI, SSH, VNC, X server, framebufferManagementinterfaces (CLI): Android terminal (or adb), telnet, webbrowser(web terminal) Desktop environment: XTerm, LXDE, Xfce, MATE,other(manual configuration) Supported languages: multilanguageinterface NOTICE: Instructions andguides: Ask questions ontheforum: accessto arepository: ATTENTION! This program comeswithABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY. This is free software, and you arewelcometo redistribute it under license GPLv3.
Reacts 8.2
I'mCj Inc.
Play with reactions for free. This app is Lite weight app andeasyto use.
EVA Facial Mouse
EVA FACIAL MOUSE is an application developed and promoted byCREAwith the support of Fundación Vodafone España. EVA FACIAL MOUSEisa free and open source application that allows the accesstofunctions of a mobile device by means of tracking the userfacecaptured through the frontal camera. Based on the movement oftheface, the app allows the user to control a pointer on thescreen(i.e., like a mouse),which provides direct access to mostelementsof the user interface. People with amputations, cerebralpalsy,spinal cord injury, muscular dystrophy, multiplesclerosis,amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) or other disabilitiesmay bebeneficiaries of this app. Due to restrictions of theAndroidplatform, there are currently some LIMITATIONS: • Moststandardkeyboards do not work with EVA, so a basic keyboard isprovided.Such a keyboard needs to be manually activated aftertheinstallation. • Does not work with most games. • Browsers donothandle properly some actions (we recommend using Google Chrome).•Applications such as Maps, Earth and Gallery workwithrestrictions. • It cannot be used simultaneously withotherapplications that make use of the camera. • For obviousreasons, ithas not been tested with all devices available on themarket. Ifyou find any issues with your device, please, let usknow. In thislink, you can find a list of devices (tablet andmobile) that havebeen evaluated according to their compatibilitywith the EVA FacialMouseapplication: been developed in collaboration with experts and usersfromorganizations of ASPACE Confederation (Spain). Inparticular,ASPACE Asturias, ASPACE Barcelona, ASPACE Gipuzkoa,ASPACE Granada,APPC Tarragona and AVAPACE. Furthermore, it has beentested byCEAPAT, CRE (León) and ASPAYM Castilla y León. This appusesAccessibility services. CREA is a company devoted to theresearchand the development of innovative The Fundación Vodafone España is aprivate,nonprofit institution that aims to improve the quality odlife ofvulnerable groups through the Information TechnologyandCommunications. FVE collaborates with various entities, bothpublicand private, in technological innovation projects andapplicationsfor autonomy, independence and social and labourintegration of allpeople.
Shows T-money card balance 1.10
This is a very simple application to show the T-Money cardbalanceand last 10 transactions if available (no ads and offline)Works intwo modes: 1) shows the card balance in full screenoverlay, justtap your card to NFC sensor and you will see it (makesure NFC isenabled), you don't need to run the application. 2)shows somebasic info beside the balance like card ID andtransaction history,to show it just run the application. If you'renot Korean you haveto know that T-money card is not just atransportation card is amuch more than that. First of all you willget some discount whenyou use it, like subway or buses. And secondof all is not just forpublic transportation you also can use it inTaxi or you can pay insome stores like GS25, 7-Eleven, ParisBaguette, Caffe Pascucci,Lotteria and so on where you see a T-Moneylogo. It's highlyrecommended to have it while you travelingpeninsula. Supportedcards: Pretty much everything with T-Money chipinside, but no allof them of course, including One Card All Passand Cash Bee, alsosome foreign cards like Japanese Suica & Momoetc. Statement& Copyrights: 1) This is an unofficial T-Moneyapplication 2) Ihave no relation to T-Money owners (Korea SmartCard Co.,Ltd) 3)This is a totally offline application no data iscollected orstored If you have any questions don't hesitate tocontact me...P.S. Please note that some devices have limited NFCfunctionality(like for payment only) and there is no way to knowwhich ones, soit is not necessarily this application will work foryou even ifyou have NFC on board.
Dimmer 3.3.1
Protect your eyes in dark environment.Lower screenlight.Simple,Intuitive, Useful.Features:Quickly controlinnotification.Automatically dim and brighten asenvironment.Oneclick icon to switch dim and bright.Auto launch atthe specifictime.Support color filter.Keywords : Dimmer,brightness, screenlight, night mode.Permissions:WRITE_SETTINGS:change systembrightnessSYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW: makescreendarkerRECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED: auto launch after reboot (onlyworksin time mode)GET_TASKS: exclude specify app from auto launch(onlyworks in auto mode)Support Tasker: receive broadcast withtheseactions tocontrolDimmergiraffine.dimmer.TOGGLE_ON_OFFgiraffine.dimmer.TOGGLE_PAUSE_RESUMEgiraffine.dimmer.STOPgiraffine.dimmer.STEP_UPgiraffine.dimmer.STEP_DOWNe.g.AddTasker command: Action Category → Misc → Send Intent →ActionDimmerDevelop Group refine andtranslate intoyour language.Welcome to contribute Dimmer opensource project.Knownissues:Apk installation failed: Androiddisable the installationwhenever any app with permissionSYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW is active.Somedevices are not support disablephysical button backlight.
Simple Draw - App for your quick & easy sketches 5.1.0
Want to draw something creative but you have no paper? This appwillsuit you perfectly. Just pick a color and draw, it is as easyasthat. You can either save the drawing in a file or share itdirectlythrough email or social networks so that your friends canhave somefun with it too. This hugely popular app for quicksketches providesmany useful functions like Undo/Redo, changingthe background color,or using an image as the background. You canoptionally make the appprevent the device from falling asleep too.You can also change thebrush size, or use an eraser, if you messedsomething up. Itsupports inserting colors either by selecting iton a huge palette,or by entering the colors hex code. It has amodern look based onmaterial design. The app supports manydifferent formats like PNG,JPG or SVG vectors. You can either drawsomething new from scratch,or open some file and just play aroundwith it. It is perfectlyusable either by you, or by a family withchildren to play somegames. Afterall, everyone has a piece ofartist in himself. You willnot find any fancy or advanced tools,brushes, fonts, filters here,it is supposed to be used to havesome fun with. Contains no ads orunnecessary permissions. It isfully opensource, providescustomizable colors. Check out the fullsuite of Simple Tools here:https://www.simplemobiletools.comFacebook: DEPRECATED: Thisversionof the app is no longer maintained, get the Pro versionat't forget that if you uninstall any paid app within 2 hours,youwill automatically be refunded. If you want a refund anytimelater,just contact us at and you willget it.That makes it easy to try it out :)
Haven: Keep Watch (BETA) 0.2.0-beta-5-signed
Haven is for people who need a way to protect their personalspacesand possessions without compromising their own privacy. It isanAndroid application that leverages on-device sensors toprovidemonitoring and protection of physical spaces. Haven turnsanyAndroid phone into a motion, sound, vibration and lightdetector,watching for unexpected guests and unwanted intruders. WedesignedHaven for investigative journalists, human rightsdefenders, andpeople at risk of forced disappearance to create anew kind of herdimmunity. By combining the array of sensors foundin anysmartphone, with the world’s most securecommunicationstechnologies, like Signal and Tor, Haven prevents theworst kind ofpeople from silencing citizens without getting caughtin the act.We are announcing Haven today, as an open-sourceproject, along apublic beta release of the app. We are looking forcontributors whounderstand that physical security is as importantas digital, andwho have an understanding and compassion for thekind of threatsfaced by the users and communities we want tosupport. We alsothink it is really cool, cutting edge, and makinguse of encryptedmessaging and onion routing in whole new ways. Webelieve Havenpoints the way to a more sophisticated approach tosecuringcommunication within networks of things and home automationsystem.Project Team Haven was developed through a collaborationbetweenFreedom of the Press Foundation and Guardian Project.Safetythrough Sensors Haven only saves images and sound whentriggered bymotion or volume, and stores everything locally on thedevice. Youcan position the device’s camera to capture visiblemotion, or setyour phone somewhere discreet to just listen fornoises. Get securenotifications of intrusion events instantly andaccess the logsremotely or anytime later. The follow sensors aremonitored for ameasurable change, and then recorded to an event logon the device:* Accelerometer: phone’s motion and vibration *Camera: motion inthe phone’s visible surroundings from front orback camera *Microphone: noises in the enviroment * Light: changein light fromambient light sensor * Power: detect device beingunplugged orpower loss ATTRIBUTIONS This project contains sourcecode orlibrary dependencies from the follow projects: SecureItprojectavailable at: Copyright(c)2014 Marco Ziccardi (Modified BSD) libsignal-service-java fromOpenWhisperSystems: from AsamK: ORM from chennaione: Square’s Picasso: (Apache2) JayDeep’s AudioWife: AppIntro: (Apache 2)Guardian Project’sNetCipher: (Apache 2)NanoHttpd: (BSD) Milosmns’ActualNumber Picker: FrescoImage Viewer: 2)Facebook Fresco Image Library: Audio WaveformViewer: (Apache 2)FireZenk’sAudioWaves: (MIT)MaxYou’sSimpleWaveform:
Shizuku 3.6.0.r339.c846c0e
Shizuku is an open-source project, you can find the source codeandmore details at The birthofShizuku has two main purposes: Provide a convenient way tousesystem APIs. Convenient for the development of some apps thatonlyrequires adb permissions. As a user, how to use Shizuku?Rooteddevices: Start directly in Shizuku app. Non-root devices:Followthe instructions in Shizuku app to start the service throughadb.Using adb is not difficult, there are many tutorials on thewebthat can help you learn to use it. Here's a video showing howtoset up Shizuku:
Log Viewer 1.7
Log Viewer is a lightweight app for viewing text files. Features:-Open files from local storage or directlyfromattachments/downloads - Support for reading gzip/zip log files-Search text - Optional word wrap - Show line numbers - Go toaspecific line - Customise font size - Dark mode
Device Info : Hardware & Software [Free, No Ads] 3.4
Device Info gives you details of Hardware &Softwareconfigurations of your Android device. This detailspecificationsincludes information of CPU, RAM, Storage, OS,Sensors, Core,Partition, Battery, Data Network, WiFi, SIM, Camera,Bluetooth,Display, Supported features, Manufacturer, InstalledApps, SystemApps. Release 3.0 includes all new revamped dashboardwhich let youmonitor live activity of your Network operation,Processor &RAM usage, current state of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth andLocation settings.Device Info provides following information ofyour Android devicewhich grouped as below. Android DeviceInformation Manufacturername Soc Board Hardware Serial No AndroidID Screen Resolution BootLoader User Host Model Operating SystemInfo Version Version NameAPI Level Build ID Build Time FingerPrintSensor Information(Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Pedometer,Magnetometer, Step detector,Gravity, Motion, Rotation, Tilt,Gesture, Wakeup) Availableinformation regarding each sensor: SensorID Sensor Name SensorType Vendor Version Resolution Power MaximumRange If it's DynamicSensor or not If it's WakeUpSensor or notReporting Mode CPU &Processor Details Number of Cores RAM(Total, Used and Idle)Processor BogoMIPS Features CPU Implementer,Part, Revision CPUarchitecture CPU Variant Hardware Serial BatteryAvailable batterynow Battery Type (Li-poly, Li-ion, Nickel-Cadmium)Power SourceBattery Temperature, Voltage, Scale, Health NetworkConnectionStatus Connection Type (Wifi, Mobile data) Network TypeIP AddressMAC Address SSID Link Speed SIM Mobile Country NameIntegratedcircuit card identifier (ICCID) Service Provider/Operator(SPN)Mobile Country Code (MCC) Mobile Network Code (MNC) State(Ready,Not available) IMEI Camera Supported ResolutionAvailableAberration Modes (Fast, HighQuality) Available AntibandingModesFlash (Double, Available, Auto) FPS Compensation Range SceneModes( HDR, Portrait, Night, Party, Snow, Sports etc) Format (JPEG,PNG)Orientation Storage (Used and Free) Internal StorageExternalStorage Number of Picture, Audio & Video files TotalAPK'savailable in storage Number of Available Documents Filemanager toexplore local contents OTG Connected Storage deviceinformationBluetooth State Name Address Scan Mode Discover RangeTurn on/offbluetooth Display Screen Screen size, Physical size,DefaultOrientation, width, height, refresh rate, name Densitydisplaybucket, display dpi, PPI, information, logical density,scaleddensity Resolution Usable width, Usable height, Densityindependentwidth, Density independent height Features Wifi WiFiDirectBluetooth Bluetooth LE GPS Camera Flash Camera FrontMicrophone NFCUSB Host USB accessory MultiTouch Audio Low - LatencyAudio OutputProfessional Audio Consumer IR Gamepad Support HIFISensor printingcdma GSM Fingerprint App Widgets SIP SIP- based VOIPTouch TestMulti Touch Test (Test how many multi touch is supportedin yourdevice) Paint Test Color Test (Screen color test) GPU &RAMGraphics Device Name Graphics Device Vendor Graphics DeviceVersionGraphics Device Extensions Max Testure Size This app coversmost ofthe information like Processor, CPU, RAM, Storage, Camera,Battery,Network, WiFi, SIM, Bluetooth, Display, Screen resolution,GPS,NFC, USB, Sensor, Microphone, Root, Bootloader, CDMA,GSM,Fingerprint, VOIP, Audio & Video Support info, CameraSceneModes, Camera frame & Resolution, orientation,Bloatware,Default apps, System app, User installed apps, Macaddress, SSID,Link speed, IP address, OTG device info, Batteryvoltage, Batteryhealth, Battery type, OS version, Board,Manufacturer, Model numberDevice Info has been built using Kotlinand Open source ☞
org.catrobat.paintroid 2.4.1
Pocket Paint is a paint editor that, among others, allowssettingparts of pictures to transparent and zooming up to pixellevel. Itis integrated into Pocket Code--- can also be used on its own. Images are saved under PhotosandGallery as well as in the \"Pocket Paint\" folder. Pocket Paintisdeveloped by the free and open source non-profit Catrobatproject--- Enjoy! Features: - Image format:png withtransparency. - Tools: brush, pipette, stamp,circle/ellipse,cropping, flipping, zooming, line tool, cursor,fill tool,rectangle, image importing, eraser, moving, androtating. - Fullscreen drawing. - Line width and shape. - Colorpalette or RGBavalues. Want to help us translate Pocket Paint intoyour language?Please contact us via tellingus for whichlanguage you would be able to help. Even languages notdirectlysupported by Android are welcome, as we are working on away toswitch manually to these languages.News: Social media andnewsletter: We are all pro-bonounpaidvolunteers working in our free time on this not-for-profitfreeopen source project aiming at increasing computationalthinkingskills among teens and kids all around the world. Our appswillalways remain free of ads and free of costs, so please give ussomeslack if we cannot solve bugs or add features immediately. Ontheother hand this allows the project to remain independent ofanyfinancing and ensures that it can keep running basicallyforever,so there is no danger that we will stop working on it.Already morethan 300 volunteers have contributed to our project sofar. Itwould help us a lot when you rate and review us favorably onGooglePlay, as these ratings and reviews motivate new users toinstallour apps. Unfortunately, old less favorable ratings due toalreadysolved bugs or previously missing features almost never goaway, soit is really difficult to overcome older bad ratings eventhoughthese bugs may have long been corrected. So please, help uswithgood rating and reviews :-)
Sound Wave 3.0.1
A very basic application that shows the sound wave of whateverithears. You can see what sound looks like from what is picked upbyyour microphone. Behaves like a sound oscilloscope. Entertainandteach young kids as they watch the screen change according tothenoises they make. --- Check out Sound WavePro(,ithas more features than Sound Wave and includes LiveWallpapersupport! This app does not record any audio. Keywords:audio, wave,oscilloscope, microphone, visualize, sound
Brian Pellin
KeePassDroid is an implementation of the KeePass Password SafeforAndroid. Read/write support for .kdb and KeePass 1.x.Read/writesupport for .kdbx and KeePass 2.x. This application doesnot haveaccess to the Android internet permission for your safety.Pleasereport issues at soI can follow up.
OONI Probe 2.3.2
Are websites and social media apps blocked? Is yournetworkunusually slow? Run OONI Probe to find out! With this app,you willexamine the blocking of websites and instant messagingapps,measure your network's speed and performance, and checkwhethersystems that could be responsible for censorship andsurveillanceare in your network. OONI Probe is developed by theOpenObservatory of Network Interference (OONI), a free softwareproject(under The Tor Project) that aims to uncover internetcensorshiparound the world. Since 2012, OONI’s global community hascollectedmillions of network measurements from more than 200countries,shedding light on multiple cases of network interference.Collectevidence of internet censorship You can check whether andhowwebsites and instant messaging apps are blocked. Thenetworkmeasurement data you will collect may serve as evidence ofinternetcensorship. Detect systems responsible for censorshipandsurveillance OONI Probe tests are also designed to uncoverthepresence of systems (middleboxes) that could be responsibleforcensorship and surveillance. Measure the speed and performanceofyour network You can measure the speed and performance ofyournetwork by running OONI's implementation of the NetworkDiagnosticTest (NDT). You can also measure video streamingperformance withthe Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP (DASH)test. Open dataOONI publishes network measurement data because opendata allowsthird parties to verify OONI findings, conductindependent studies,and answer other research questions. Openlypublishing OONI dataalso helps increase transparency of internetcensorship around theworld. You can explore and download OONI datahere: Free software All OONI Probe tests(includingour NDT and DASH implementations), are based on free andopensource software. You can find OONI software projects onGitHub: Curious to learn how OONI Probetestswork? Learn more: To receive updatesfromthe OONI-verse, follow us onTwitter:
Dev Tools(Android Developer Tools) - Device Info 5.11.0-gp
Android Dev Tools is a powerful, productive, automation,essentialAndroid Development Assistant, It can improve yourdevelopmentproductivity. It can be used to decompile other app,view layoutdetail info of other app, view color of screen(colorsampler oreyedropper), view the latest open source projects, viewactivityhistory, view manifest of any apps, view recently used orinstalledapps, extract apk or so, debug applications, view phonehardwareand software-related information and so on, the morefeatures willbe added later. including: ► Decompile other app(Paid)View app'sjava file, resource and other file easily, support sharefiles ►App Layout Inspector Tool(Paid) View or export layout orview infoof other app, can show view id, width height, parent andchildview, coordinate of view. ► View screen color(Paid) Similartocolor sampler tool or eyedropper, you can view or copy thecolorand coordinate of any other App easily, and more ARGB and CMYK►View the latest open source projects daily(Free) Awell-selecteddaily Android open source project. ► View activityhistory(Paid)View the appName, packageName, title, icon, start timeof theactivity opened, also include current activity, open in small window mode. ► View manifest ofanyapps(Paid) View manifest of any apps, search any contentofmanifest, save manifest to sdcard in text or html. ►AppManagement—View info of apps(Free) You can manage your appeasily.View apps installed, recently used apps, recently installedapps ingrid mode. View app package name, version, uid, apk dir, sodir,data dir, first install and last upgrade time, component infoandso on. ► Extract apk or so of apps(Paid) Extract any app'ssourceapk or so file. ► Open or close the options in thedeveloperoptions quickly(Free) What used to take seconds is reducedto oneclick! it includes show screen layout, debug gpu overdraw,showlayout updates, forced GPU rendering, show GPU view updates,showGPU Rendering, show pointer position, strict mode, don'tkeepactivities, stay awake, Running Service. Note: This part ofthefunction is to solve the cumbersome operation of thedeveloperoption through the automated way, if you are tired ofthecumbersome operation of the developer option also, then thistoolis for you. If you need a tool different from the systemdeveloperoption, this is not what you want, don't install it,thanks. ► Viewthe system info quickly(Free) includes system versioninformation,hardware information, screen information, CPUinformation, virtualmachine information, network-relatedinformation, Device IDinformation. ► Open other common featuresquickly(Free) includessettings, System UI Tuner, languageswitching, developer options,my applications. Shortcuts: (1) Youcan add tool shortcuts to thedesktop by long pressing the toolicon; (2) You can add toolwidgets to the desktop; (3) You can startthe tool through theshortcut quickly on Android 7.1, long pressingthe application iconin the desktop; (4) You can add the tool to thenotification bar byQuick Settings Tile on Android 7.0. By theseshortcuts. You evendon't need to open the app. It is available forAndroid 4.0 andabove, include Android Q, Android Pie, Android Oreo,AndroidNougat, Android Marshmallow, Android Lollipop MR1,AndroidLollipop, Android KitKat, Android Jelly Bean MR2, AndroidJellyBean MR1, Android Jelly Bean, Android Ice Cream SandwichMR1,Android Ice Cream Sandwich. Any suggestions or bugs are welcometogive us feedback:GitHub: Facebookpage:
Flutter Gallery 2.3.0
A gallery of widgets and behaviors, plus demos and vignettes,allbuilt with Flutter. Flutter is Google’s UI toolkit forbuildingbeautiful, natively compiled applications for mobile, web,anddesktop from a single codebase. This app is open source. Checkoutthe code to see how this app isbuilt: to learn more.
Simple Stopwatch 1.14
Simple and beautiful stopwatch! Thanks!
Compass Galaxy 1.0
Szymon Dyja
This is a functional and simple compass applicationwithoutunnecessary permissions. I tried to make the applicationeasy touse and without errors. I hope you like the compass.I try toworkhard to make my applications reliable. If you have any ideasaboutCompass Galaxy app, write in the comments. I will be happytoaddress them.Szymon
WarDroid - Warframe Tracker 3.5.2
** This application is in no way affiliated with DigitalExtremes.All information used is property of Digital Extremes.**This app isno longer actively maintained, and may breakoccasionally.Warning:Due to changes made by the game developer, newitems introduced inU16 and later will not have their correct namesuntil manuallycorrected.Current features:• Alert tracker(PC/PS4/Xbox)• Newstracker (PC only)• Invasion tracker(PC/PS4/Xbox)•Item/credit/planet filters and push notifications foralerts andinvasions (PC/PS4/Xbox)• Dark Sectorstracker(PC/PS4/Xbox)Permissions:• Accounts/Receive data - RequiredbyGoogle Cloud Messaging for push notifications.• Network access-Access data required for the app.• Vibration - Providevibrationsfor notifications.• Prevent phone from sleeping - Allowthe app toprocess notifications.Web basedtracker:
Age Calculator 1.11
Need a actual age calculator or anniversary calculator?Now itispossible to calculate your current age and anniversary inyears,age in months, age in hours, age in minutes, age in secondswithage calculator.Age Calculator is very easy to use andbeautifulDesign. using this handy age calculator you cancalculateChronological age of your baby, family and everyone. Youcan alsomeasure your actual age in years, months, days, weeks,hours,minutes and seconds by this age calculator app. Overall Ifyoulooking for a Chronological age or anniversary calculator thenthisis your best option.Age Calculator provides you best andeasycalculation of you age and remaining days of your nextcomingbirthday or anniversary.How old are you in years, or months,orweeks, or days, or minutes, or seconds?In age calculator appeasilycalculate age from date of birth or calculate anniversaryfrom yourmarriage day. You can calculate two dates difference fromthis agecalculator .Calculate the age based on the Date of Birthandanother date (default is the current date).Now, It's hassle freetofind your age, how many days you are living and remainingdaysuntil your next birthday.-- Key FEATURES --✔ Calculate yourperfectage/anniversary in years, months and days.✔ Calculatedatedifference in years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutesandseconds by date calculator✔ Calculate your FLAMES percentagewithAge Calculator app.✔ You can find out how many Month and daysto gofor your next birthday/anniversary.✔ Share your age withyourfriends, family etc.✔ Save birthday or anniversary, changedateformat, generate notification etc.✔ Upcoming 4 birthdaysoranniversary with days name✔ you can calculates flames betweentwopersons.✔ Calculate your love percentage with Age Calculatorapp.✔you can calculate love percentage between to people inagecalculator.✔ Age Calculator is completely freedownload.DOWNLOADAge Calculator NOW.
Lantern: Open Internet for All 5.8.5 (20200316.221709)
Are your favorite apps blocked? Download Lantern to easilyaccessYoutube, Facebook, WhatsApp and MORE! Lantern is an app thatallowsyou to bypass firewalls to use your favorite apps and accessyourfavorite websites while you're at school or work. EASY - No setup,no registration, no signup, no settings, just click and go! Allyoudo is install it and push the ON button! FAST - Don’t waitforeverfor your apps to load or for the website to pop up in thebrowser.Connect with Lantern and get there fast! FREE - 500 MB offree highspeed data each month. Continue to browse at a lower speedevenafter you surpass your monthly cap! Everyone deserves access totheInternet, download Lantern and get it now! USE ANYWHERE -Lanternis great for browsing and streaming at school, work, orhome! SMALLDOWNLOAD - Lantern doesn’t take up space on your phone,and at only8 MB it takes no time to download. Download it, and getto whereyou need to go! SECURE - Lantern encrypts all your trafficso thatno one can peek in and see where you are going. Surf theInternetin peace! FRIENDLY - We love hearing from our users,wheneverthere’s an issue or a suggestion. Get LANTERN PRO - Avoid all types ofblocking,get Lantern PRO and get the best blocking resistanceavailable withthe highest speed and unlimited data! Buy the one ortwo year planand get unlimited access anytime! For moreinformation, check outthe FAQs:
Fazilet Calendar 2020 5.1.34
Fazilet Publishing and Trade Inc. has been in the sectorofpublication since 1969 and aims to provide service in Turkeyandall across the world. One of the most significant publicationsofFazilet Publishing is the calendar. It is presented every yearanewwith the most reliable works and books being scanned and themostimportant pieces of information selected. In order to makethispriceless information widely available to the public, westartedpublishing it on mobile applications as well. The softwareanddesign in Fazilet Calendar application have been completelyupdatedand new features have been added. The features of thecalendar canbe used in one page. Two different theme features havebeen added.“Automatic Location Finder Through GPS” and “DownloadingSalâhTimes” have been added. You are required to allow this featurefromlocation settings to activate it. Once you run the application,youcan download times depending on your location. After selectingyourcountry and city, it will remain fixed until you changethesetting. Furthermore, you can select more than one city inyourlist and shift among the selected cities. After havingbeendownloaded, all data in the application function locally.Thefollowing features are provided: Display of Âyât Al-KarîmahandHadîth Al-Sharîfs in Arabic text, searching in all texts,savingany text and having access to it any time later. Thefollowingfeatures have been added: • This day in history, •Multiplelanguage choice, • Compass and Salâh times notificationbar. Youcan access any back pages, Hadîth Al-Sharîf and Salâh timesbygoing to any specific dates among the calendar data. Backpagetexts are updated every year. Daily quotes (Âyât al KarîmahandHadîth Al-Sharîf) are updated every year. All Salâh times for205countries, 4050 cities and towns have been provided. “AlarmforSalâh times” has been activated. “Quick access to widgets”isadded. Price of the calendar is valid for one year startingfromthe date of installation. The application will continue todevelopin light of your suggestions and critics. Please do nothesitate toshare your views. Contact us through following
This application requires root DriveDroid allows you to boot yourPCfrom ISO/IMG files stored on your phone. This is ideal fortryingLinux distributions or always having a rescue-system on thego...without the need to burn different CDs or USB pendrives.DriveDroidalso includes a convenient download menu where you candownloadUSB-images of a number of operating systems from yourphone (likeMint, Ubuntu, Fedora, OpenSUSE and Arch Linux). Around35 differentsystems are available at this moment. You can alsocreate blankUSB-images which allows you to have a blank USB-drive.From your PCyou can store files onto the USB-drive, but also usetools on yourPC to write images to the drive. Notes • Thisapplication usesfeatures of the kernel that may or may not beavailable/stable onyour phone. Tests have shown most phones workwithout problems, butplease keep in mind yours might not (yet)work out-of-the-box. •Most kernels support emulating USB drives,some support emulatingCD-rom drives and kernels with the rightpatches support both. •Most Linux-related ISOs can be booted fromUSB drives, but some ISOscan only be booted from CD-rom drives orrequire some kind ofconversion. Paid version • No ads. • Resizingof images. • Add yourown download repositories. Nice for companiesor groups that want toshare custom or licensed images. Moreinfo:
Bixbi Button Remapper - bxActions 6.21
With bxActions you can easily remap the Bixby button on your S10/S9 or Galaxy phone to any action or app you like! Use theBixbybutton to mute your phone, take a screenshot, turn onflashlight oraccept calls with just one click! You can also disablethe Bixbybutton if you like. Optionally you can remap the volumebuttons toSkip tracks when listening to music, or whatever youlike! NEW: Perapp remapping! Use the Bixby button to take picturesin cameraapps, take screenshots in browser and start flashlightwhen thescreen is off! FEATURES: • Double and long press supported!• Remapthe Bixby button on S10 / S9 or Galaxy phone! • Remap theVolumebuttons! • Per app remapping • Answer calls with the Bixbybutton •Turn on the flashlight with the Bixby button • Disable theBixbybutton • Skip tracks with the volume buttons • Highperformance! Nolags! • No annoying ads ACTIONS: • Turn onflashlight • Take ascreenshot • Mute phone • Answer phone calls •Launch GoogleAssistant • Launch camera or any other app • Switch tolast app •Disable the Bixby button • 35+ actions NOTES: • You canremap theBixby button on your S10 / S9 / S8 / Note 9 and all others•Currently the app works on Android Oreo, Pie and Bixby Voice 1.0-2.0 • Samsung may block this app with future updates! •Pleasecheck if bxActions is compatible before updating Bixby orphonesoftware! "Bixby" is a protected trademark of "SAMSUNGELECTRONICS"
Breath Companion 3.3.0
Unofficial offline map for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of theWild.The map features the locations of: - Sheikah Towers - Shrines-Korok Seeds - Memories - Main and Side Quests (including DLC 1and2 Quests) - Shrine Quests - Towns - Fairies - Treasures(includingDLC 1 and 2 Treasures) - Mini Bosses - Stables - Shops -Dragons -Guardians - Minigames - Dog rewards - Cooking Pots - Rafts-Blupees - Books and Diaries - Enemies - Enemy Camps - Wizzrobes-Cracked Walls - Locations - Region Borders If there isadditionalinformation available, just tap the icon in the map toget adetailed description in a popup. A short description ofeachShrine, Side Quest, Shrine Quest and Korok Seed isincluded.Shrines, Side Quests, Shrine Quests, Minibosses, TreasuresandKorok Seeds can also be tracked with a check list. You can checkoruncheck your checklist entries even from the icon shown on themap.The shown icons on the map can be filtered e.g. for theirtype,location and status. To get even more information regardingTheLegend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild have a look at theavailableIAPs: - Recipes: List of all recipes with status effects,healingand necessary ingredients - Compendium: All entries of theBreathof the Wild Compendium - Armor: List of all available armorsandthe needed materials to upgrade them - Dragons: Detailed guideonhow to get and use dragon materials in Breath of the Wild -WeaponDetails: List of all weapons, bows and shields (includingamiibounlocks) with the specific attack power, durability andtheirpossible bonus attributes - Materials: List of all materialsinBreath of the Wild with their effects and their sellvalue.Additionally you get a list of all important items in thegame. -Monsters: List of all monsters in Breath of the Wild withtheir HP,rank, location and drops as well as guides on how todefeat them. Aguide for the Trial of the Sword is included forfree. If youpurchase the Unlock All IAP, you will get all availableIAPs(except Remove Ads). About the game: The Legend of Zelda:Breath ofthe Wild is an action-adventure video game developed andpublishedby Nintendo for the Nintendo Switch and Wii U video gameconsoles.The game is a part of The Legend of Zelda series, andfollowsamnesiac protagonist Link, who awakens from a hundred-yearslumberto a mysterious voice that guides him to defeat CalamityGanonbefore he can destroy the kingdom of Hyrule. The title'sgameplayand mechanics constitute a departure from the series'usualconventions, featuring an open-world environment, adetailedphysics engine, high-definition visuals, and voiceacting.Announced in 2013, the game was initially planned forrelease as aWii U exclusive in 2015, but was delayed twice prior toits releaseon March 3, 2017. Breath of the Wild was a launch titlefor theSwitch, as well as the final Nintendo-produced game for theWii U.Breath of the Wild received universal acclaim from critics,whodeemed it to be one of the greatest video games of alltime.Critics praised the game's open-ended, physics-driven gameplaythatencourages player experimentation and exploration, withmanycalling it a landmark title in open-world game design,althoughminor criticism was directed at the game's technicalperformance atlaunch. Disclaimer: Breath Companion is a third partyApp. Thedeveloper of this software is not affiliated with NintendoCo. any way. However, the creation and maintenance ispermitteduntil withdrawal from Nintendo.
MIFARE Classic Tool - MCT 2.3.1
This is an Android NFC-App for reading, writing, analyzing,etc.MIFARE® Classic RFID-Tags. GENERAL INFORMATION This toolprovidesseveral features to interact with (and only with) MIFAREClassicRFID-Tags. It is designed for users who have at leastbasicfamiliarity with the MIFARE Classic technology. ┏━┫ PLEASEREAD ┣━┃Please read the whole page and make sure you got everythingrightbefore rating. Thank you! ┃If you rate with less then 4stars,please leave a comment why. This way I can improve this app.┃Ifyou like MCT please consider to buy the donate version. ┗━FEATURES• Read MIFARE Classic tags • Save and edit the tag data youread •Write to MIFARE Classic tags (block-wise) • Clone MIFAREClassictags (Write dump of a tag to another tag; write 'dump-wise')• Keymanagement based on dictionary-attack (Write the keys you knowin afile (dictionary). MCT will try to authenticate with thesekeysagainst all sectors and read as much as possible.) • Format atagback to the factory/delivery state • Write the manufacturerblockof special MIFARE Classic tags • Create, edit and save keyfiles(dictionaries) • Decode & Encode MIFARE Classic ValueBlocks •Decode & Encode MIFARE Classic Access Conditions •Comparedumps (Diff Tool) • Display generic tag information •Display thetag data as highlighted hex • Display the tag data as7-BitUS-ASCII • Display the MIFARE Classic Access Conditions as atable• Display MIFARE Classic Value Blocks as integer • In-App(offline)help and information • It's open source (GPLv3) ;)IMPORTANT NOTESSome important things are: • The features this toolprovides arevery basic. There are no such fancy things like savinga URL to anRFID-Tag with a nice looking graphical user interface.If you wantso save things on a tag, you have to input the rawhexadecimaldata. • This App can NOT crack/hack any MIFARE Classickeys. If youwant to read/write an RFID-Tag, you need keys for thisspecific tagfirst. For additional information please read/seeGetting Startedfrom the links section. • There will be no"brute-force" attackcapability in this application. It is way tooslow due to theprotocol. • The first block of the first sector ofan originalMIFARE Classic tag is read-only i.e. not writable. Butthere arespecial MIFARE Classic tags that support writing tothemanufacturer block with a simple write command. This App is abletowrite to such tags and can therefore create fully correctclones.However, some special tags require a special commandsequence toput them into the state where writing to themanufacturer block ispossible. These tags will not work. Rememberthis when you areshopping for special tags! • This app will NOTwork on some devicesbecause their hardware (NFC-controller) doesnot support MIFAREClassic ( ).You canfind a list of unsupported deviceshere:• Project Page ongithub: • MIFAREClassic ToolonF-Droid:•Getting started & otherhelp:• Bugtracker: IF YOU ENCOUNTER A PROBLEM PLEASE REPORT ITHERE •Additionalstuff: • Thread at theProxmark3Forum:®is a registered trademark of NXP Semiconductors.
DeX MAX - Tweak for Samsung DeX 1.11.4
DeX MAX run your apps with resizable feature in SAMSUNG DeX.DeXMAXmodify manifest of app in runtime and run with aresizablewindow.And this app provides some interesting featuresforDeX.Features:- Resizing Window   SupportTwoMethods: Instant Modifying, Expert Tools- Run apps inMulti-WindowMode- Add shortcut on Home screen- Change settingsautomaticallyaccording to the state of DeX   (HDMIAudio Out,Bluetooth, WIFI)- Beautiful Wallpapers- Widgets- NightMode -Brightness control and blue light filter- Immersive Mode -Help youwatch movies in full screen.- DeX Developer ModeGuideExpertTools:Expert tools inject resizable window function intothe appsby modifying the Manifest.Enjoy DeX mode more freely withDeXMAX.You can enjoy various apps such as Kodi, ES File Manager,MXPlayer, TED, ... in fullscreen.Requirements:- NO ROOTRequired-Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8+- Samsung DeXStationPermissions:-permission.BLUETOOTH-permission.BLUETOOTH_ADMIN   forchanging Bluetoothconnection-permission.CHANGE_WIFI_STATE   forchanging WIFIconnection-permission.SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW   fordrawing widgetson your desktop-permission.SET_WALLPAPER   forsetting wallpapers-permission.INTERNET   fordownloadingwallpapers-permission.INSTALL_SHORTCUT   for addingshortcutBugreport:- In case of bug, please send a report byemail.Registeredtrademarks:- SAMSUNG DeX is a registered trademarkof Samsung.
Sun Position, Sunrise, and Sunset Demo 3.6.0
Sun Position shows you sunrise and sunset times, as well asthesolar and lunar path on an augmented reality camera view foranyday of the year at your current location. Its handy datascreenalso gives you other useful information including moonrise/settimes, golden hour and twilight times, and moon phaseinformation.The app has a map view which plots the daily sun andmoon pathrelative to your current location. It also contains awidget foryour home screen showing sunrise/set times for thecurrent day andyour current location. This app is a demo of thefull version ofSun Position, which is restricted to showing you sunposition dataonly for the current day. To view data for any day ofthe year seeour full Sun Positionapp( a photography shoot - know in advance exactly when andwheresunrise and sunset will be - Viewing a potential new home? Usethisapp to find out when you'll get sun in your kitchen. - Planninganew garden? Find out which areas will be the most sunny, andwhichareas are likely to be in shade throughout the day - Gettingsolarpanels? Check whether nearby obstructions will be a problem.Formore information on the data included in Sun Position see ourblogpost:
Naptime - the real battery saver 8.0.1
This is the real battery saver. No placebo and dumbmarketingshenanigans! Naptime lowers your device's powerconsumption whilethe display is off by empowering Android'sbuilt-in doze powersaving functionality. Faster idle means lesspower being consumedunecessarily. By default doze can take a whileto kick in soNaptime just speeds-up that process automagically foryou. It canalso automatically disable W-iFi, mobile data, location&bluetooth as soon as doze kicks in. Experimental features suchasautomatic Android Battery Saver, Aggressive Dozetimings,Aggressive Doze scheduling times and location detection.Now youhave profiles so you can load them up on demand based onyour usageand accessible from Quick Tiles. Most features work ifyou're notrooted, but to have the full experience you'll have toroot yourdevice. F.A.Q. Q: Rootless mode? To use Naptime's featureswithoutRoot you need to grant it DUMP permission via ADB on yourcomputerby executing this command: adb -d shell pm grantcom.franco.dozeandroid.permission.DUMP You also need tograntWRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS permission: adb -d shell pmgrantcom.franco.doze android.permission.WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGSAfterthese two permissions are granted you'll be able to useNaptimefreely. Q: I don't receive notifications or my musicstreaming appsstop working after screen off. Please halp! With'Aggressive Doze'doze is being forced after you screen off. Dozeis, currently, themost powerful battery saving mechanism onAndroid. The followingrestrictions apply to your apps while inDoze: · Only high-prioritypush notifications are delivered; ·Network access is suspended; ·The system ignores wake locks; ·Standard AlarmManager alarms aredeferred to the next maintenancewindow: · The system does notperform Wi-Fi scans; · The system doesnot allow sync adapters torun; · The system does not allowJobScheduler to run; Apps likeGmail, which use normal-prioritynotifications, have them deliveredduring the maintenance window orwhen you wake up your device. Thisis standard behavior and can't bechanged Although, you can chooseapps to bypass doze. Go to Settings-> Battery -> overflow->Battery optimization -> Allapps -> Your app -> Don'toptimize That'll allow apps likeSpotify to bypass the forced dozeand actually work on screen off.Q: What's the 'Sensors appwhitelist' feature? It works togetherwith the 'Disable motiondetection' feature and allows you to chooseup-to one app (sorry,Android limits us to only one app) to requestsensor informationeven if you disable motion detection. For exampleit allows apps,such as Google Fit, to query the accelerometer orgyroscope tocount your steps. Q: Why does my display, sometimes,blink onceafter screening on? This might happen if you're disablingthemotion sensors. The reason for this is simple, forsystembrightness & auto-rotate settings to work after screeningonthey must be toggled on/off (otherwise they won't work)andtherefore it may blink (even if it's only for acouplemilliseconds). Q: My fingerprint scanner doesn't work whenIdisable the sensor motion detection! Unfortunately not alldeviceswill work fine when disabling motion sensor detection and intheprocess some other sensors & functionality might stopworking.There's nothing I can do about it and your only option isto notuse that setting enabled. There's also some weirdcompatibilitywith LG phones where the display doesn't even turn onagain if thissetting is enabled.
Game Tuner 3.4.05
[Android P OS support]. There is no official support of GameTunerfrom the Android P OS due to service integration of GameLauncherand Game Tuner. Please use the setting of the operatingenvironmentfor each game with GameLauncher.---------------------------------------- Game Tuner isadvancedsetting app. It enables you to change the resolution andframes persecond settings in mobile games that require tuning fordifferentAndroid devices, and thereby control heat generation andbatterydrain. ▶ Main features 1. Freely change the graphics qualityofgames. - Resolution, frames per second 2. Customize settingsforeach game. 3. A variety of convenient game features - Featureforsaving power by flipping the phone face down to turn off justthescreen; ▶ Regarding app access permissions You can enjoythefeatures of our services without granting any accesspermissions.
Accurate Barometer
AR Labs
Do you want to know the atmospheric pressure? Here you haveanaccurate barometer with an elegant analogical dial. It shows:-Your local pressure - The pressure reduced to the mean sealevel(the value that every weather forecast service use) - Thepressuregot from the nearest airport - Latest 24 hours pressurechartExcellent for fishing or if you are simply interested inweathertrend. You can: - Calibrate the sensor - Enable automaticperiodicpressure recording - Choose different barometric units(hPa, mbar,mmHg, inHg, psi) WARNING: If your device has not anintegratedpressure sensor, you will only get the pressure from thenearestairport.
SoT Companion (Unofficial) 0.2.41
Rare Thief
Whether ye be just getting yer sea legs or ye be an old salt,thisinteractive world map will help ye navigate the Sea of Thieves.—XMarks the Spot!— …if by “x” you mean bright round map markers…Thiscompanion gives you a comprehensive—and frequently updated—mapwithmarkers for that which you seek. With so much to explore in theSeaof Thieves, it’s no wonder the map is awash in markers!So—justlike pirate flags—each marker category boasts its own colorsandsymbol. That way you can quickly and easily find what yourvoyageneeds. Marker Categories • Legends of the Sea • The SeaboundSoulTall Tale • Shores of Gold Tall Tales • Festival of the Damned•Skeleton Thrones • Trading Companies ◊ Gold Hoarders ◊MerchantAlliance ◊ Order of Souls ◊ Hunter's Call • Outposts ◊Outposts ◊Shipwrights ◊ Taverns • Points of Interest ◊ CookingSpots ◊ SeaPosts ◊ Volcanoes ◊ Docks ◊ Easter Eggs ◊ Islandlandmarks ◊ Rockpaintings ◊ Skeleton forts ◊ Ammo chests ◊ Cannons◊ UnchartedIslands ◊ Shipwrecks ◊ Gunpowder Barrels • Animals ◊Chickens ◊Pigs ◊ Snakes • Campaigns ◊ The Hungering Deep ◊ TheCursed Sails ◊Forsaken Shores —Filter by Categories— Need to findthe nearestGold Hoarders to sell your treasure chest? Then youmight not needto see where all the animals are right now. Filter byGold Hoardersto shoo the little scallywags off the map. Want tosell somechickens, pigs or snakes to the Merchant Alliance? Bringback thoseanimals! Filter by animals and the merchant alliance.—Search forSpecifics— Stuck in a riddle? Try searching for keyterms. It mightjust unlock your path forward. —Tap to Pop— Tap amarker to pop-upa window with an image of your destination. Howdoes this help?Well, just off-hand, we can think of a couplescenarios. •Scenario1• Before you wander too far, you might want tobe sure you areheaded in the right direction. Tap the marker toconfirm it’s whatyou seek. •Scenario 2• You’ve arrived at themarker, but you’restill not seeing it? Tap the marker to get acloser look.…occasionally, these pop-ups will also include funfacts or helpfultips… —Plan Your Voyage— Use the "Plan Voyage"feature found underSettings to set route markers, in order ofvisit, on the map.—Island Finder— Use our Island Finder feature byclicking theQuestion Mark button to quickly find islands from yourX Marks TheSpot map. —Peruse the Shops— Use the "Shop Preview" toscroll andsearch through the cosmetics offered by the Weapon shop,Equipmentshop, Clothing shop and Shipwright for each outpost.Disclaimer:Sea of Thieves Companion is a third-party application.Thisapplication is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administeredby, orassociated with Rare Ltd. or Microsoft Game Studios. …we’rejustreally big fans…
AnTuTu Benchmark 8.2.4
AnTuTu benchmark is the most popular Android smartphone andtabletbenchmarking app in the world! ☆ Over 100,000,000 users ☆Benchmarkapp used during Google I/O 2014 ☆ No.1 benchmark app, usedas anindustry standard by leading technology companies andhardwarereview sites. With the Click and Go test suite, Antutuwillcomprehensively test all aspects of a device, including UX,GPU,RAM, CPU, I/O and more. Each item is individually assessedandgiven a score. These scores can be uploaded to the Antutudatabase,and then used to rank your device among all other Androiddevices.AnTuTu Benchmark V8 is developed based on Android Q. Itintroducesa number of significant improvements and enhancementsover theexisting CPU, GPU, MEM and UX tests. New features in AntutuV8.0:1. CPU: Upgraded test algorithms, optimized support for ARM'snewTri-Cluster architecture, and adjusted the stress distribution.2.GPU: Introduces new Vulkan scene "Terracotta Warriors" to testtheGPU performance of the mobile phone when running high-stressgamesnatively developed using Vulkan technology. 3. GPU:Upgrades"Coastline" scene from OpenGL ES 3.1 to Vulkan to test theVulkangaming performance of GPU under medium-to-high stress. 4.MEM:Fully upgraded Memory test items, to test both hardware DirectI/Oand system filesystem performance. 5. UX: Increases the load ofallthe test scenes. Screen refresh rate is included into the scopeofmeasurement. Get your Antutu benchmark score and ranking!Compareand share with your friends! NOTE: The Antutu benchmarkscore ofyour device is mainly defined by your hardwareconfiguration, butcan also be influenced by other elements,including system mode,current device temperature, running apps andmore. The score mayvary slightly each time you test. Follow us onTwitter: Find us onFacebook: For any suggestionsorfeedback, we hope to get your great ideas via
BusyBox 1.31.1
This application is an BusyBox installer for Android.IncludesBusyBox v1.31.1, supported 374 applets, the most completeset offunctions. Supports installation BusyBox from the applicationandvia recovery from zip archive (see "Menu - Zip archive").Toinstall BusyBox requires superuser (root) privileges, but youalsocan use a busybox tools without root permissions. For it isenoughin any Android terminal to type the following command:exportPATH=/data/data/ru.meefik.busybox/files/bin:$PATH BusyBoxcombinestiny versions of many common UNIX utilities into a singlesmallexecutable. It provides replacements for most of the utilitiesyouusually find in GNU fileutils, shellutils, etc. The utilitiesinBusyBox generally have fewer options than their full-featuredGNUcousins; however, the options that are included providetheexpected functionality and behave very much like theirGNUcounterparts. BusyBox provides a fairly complete environmentforany small or embedded system. REQUIREMENTS: * Devicewitharchitecture arm, arm64, x86, x86_64 * Android 4.0 (API 14)orlater * Superuser permissions (root) NOTICE:Forum: Developersite: Donations:!This program comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY. This isfreesoftware, and you are welcome to redistribute it underlicenseGPLv3.
Soft Keys - Home Back Button 4.0
New Version Released ! Soft Keys 2 - HomeBackButton keys, enjoy it! Don't need root.This appusesAccessibility services.source codes: to use?-open app, enable permissions if asked- set location, size...-click "Settings-Accessibility" button- find "Soft Keys - HomeBackButton" and enable it
Huawei HiLink (Mobile WiFi)
Huawei HiLink merges the functions of the Huawei Mobile WiFiandRuMate apps to provide you with a more consistent andsimplifiedmanagement experience. As a uniform management app,Huawei HiLinkworks with many Huawei products, such as Huawei MobileWiFi (E5series), Huawei routers, Honor Cube, and Huawei homegateways. Itcan be used to search for and manage all Huawei HiLinkterminaldevices. Huawei HiLink is an app that lets you manage yourHiLinkdevices from your phone or tablet. Functions: •View networkstatus,including your carrier name, roaming status, and signalstrength.•Manage connected devices, disconnect any device at thetouch of abutton, and set Internet access priorities. •Remind youwhen youhave low battery, steep data usage, and new messages. •Saveandback up the files in your phone or tablet to the microSD cardinyour HiLink device. •Share photos without generating mobiledatatraffic. •Diagnose and optimize your HiLink device to itsoptimumstate. •Toggle between sleep and standard modes. •Enableparentalcontrol and set limits on the duration of Internet usageforchildren. •Set up a guest Wi-Fi network to improve the securityofyour home network. •Provide diverse functionality, includingtheInternet connection wizard, SSID and password modification,APNmodification, carrier selection, and device shutdown orrestart.Tip: The functions that Huawei HiLink provides vary withthe actualHuawei terminal device used. Huawei HiLink APP can beused on thefollowing devices: Mobile WiFi (E5 series): E5331,E5332, E5372,E5375, E5756 E5151, E5220, E5221, E5251, E589 E5730,E5776, E5377,E5786, E5573 EC5321, EC5377U, E5771s HWD34,HWD35Wingles E8231,E8278, EC315, E355 CPEs E5186, E5170, B310,B315s,HWS31 Homerouters: WS318, WSR20, WS331a, WS331b, WS330,WS880, WS326, WS328,Honor Cube(WS860), WS831
KALNIRNAY 2019 1.41
The KALNIRNAY Group is known all over the world as India’spremieralmanac publisher. Since its inception in 1973, the grouphasemerged as the No. 1 and most authentic almanacpublisher,providing up-to-date information about India’sfestivals,auspicious days and culture of all religions. Accordingto theAudit Bureau of Circulation (India), it is the World’sLargestSelling Publication with a circulation of 1,81,87,168copies.Kalnirnay is a calmanac for solar as well as vedic lunarevents. Itshows lunar dates and year along with regular dates andyear.Events are shown in a local language. Currently Kalnirnay Appisavailable in Marathi, Hindi, English and Gujarati languages.Forany feedback or suggestions, please write Important Features of Kalnirnay are:1) Detail information about lunar events. 2) View ofMonthlyBhavishya, Panchang and Auspicious days for marriage. 3)Facilityto set reminders for events of interest. 4) Ability to takenotesand set reminders for the notes. 5) View of monthly eventsgroupedby categories. Application supports following features :1)Panchang 2) Horoscope 3) Important Dates- This section includesthefollowing sections: a) All Events - This section includeseventsfor all the religions. b) Indian Holidays - This sectionincludeslist for Government declared holidays in India. c) IndianFestivals- Includes all the Festivals observed mainly in India. d)Next YearEvents - This section includes list of events of upcomingyear. e)Sankashti - This section shows the details of Sankashti ineverymonth.In important dates section we can also set reminder foreachevent. 4) Reminder. This is a list of user reminders set fornotesas well as events. There are 3 sections : ‘Past’ sectionshowsreminders for past events. ‘Today’ shows reminders due to beshownon current day including any advance warnings. ‘Upcoming’showsreminders set for even dates in future but does not includeadvancewarnings. 5) Personal List. This section shows list ofpersonalnotes by month. Single Note can be added for a day using“SetReminder” button on this screen. A reminder can be set for anoteby clicking ‘Set Reminder’. 6) Settings a) Reminder Settings -Usercan set reminders for different events as well as notes. b)Eventsto Remind - Events to remind screen shows types of eventslikePurnima, Sankashti, Gurupushya etc. These types represent groupofsimilar events which repeat throughout the year. c)LanguageSettings – User can select Language of his/her choice fromtheavailable 4 Languages – Marathi, Hindi, English, Gujaratid)Location – User can select user specific location in ordertocustomize Sunrise and Sunset timings only. The timing denoted onaparticular date will always be shown in IST. Thirdpartyapplications like Clean Master, Anti Virus Apps and may affecttheperformance of Kalnirnay app on certain phone models. Usershouldcheck/change settings of those particular apps in order toensureKalnirnay app functions properly.