Top 49 Apps Similar to Doodad

Crock A Doodle 1.6.2
Crock A Doodle is Canada’s own paint your own pottery franchise.Webring people together to create, laugh, share and grow. Ourdrop-inpottery painting studios welcome people of every age andability topaint and play. Enjoy some creative together-timetransformingready-to-paint pottery pieces into amazing works ofart, glazed andkiln-fired to a brilliant, durable food-safe finish.For birthdayparties, family fun, ladies nights, team builders,classroom andgroup events. Its "fun art" not fine art, anyone cando it andeveryone should. Come on in to paint and play...add somecolour toyour day!
Brand new theme for GO SMS Pro!❤This is a premium theme but freetodownload. you may pay with IAP ( In app purchase ) ❤Notice:GOSMStheme is only available for phones with GO SMS Pro installed.Clickhere to install GO SMS Pro!❤How to use this theme:1.Afterdownloading and installing this theme, go to Side Bar ->Theme-> Mine -> choose your theme -> Apply2. Pay withGoogleCheckout3. After purchase, select Installed -> choose thetheme-> Apply4. Enjoy your theme and pay attention toourproducts❤❤❤Follow us:GOSMSFacebook:
Alphabet stickers for Doodle Text! 1.4
Get beautiful Christmas Alphabet stickers for you to usewhencreating your own Doodle Text! After you download theAlphabetstickers, go to your Doodle Text! app on your device inorder toaccess them. Click on the stickers button and thenselect"Alphabet" and there you go! Use the letters to accentuatenames ormessages :) You can also download this sticker packet andmany morefrom within the app. Hit the sticker button within theDoodleText!app and when you scroll through the sticker options youwill see"download" where you can select different stickerpackets.***Please note that this is NOT an app itself, it is analphabetcontent pack for Doodle Text app. It will guide you toinstallDoodle Text if you don't have it already. This content packwillalso work with the Doodle Wish! app also :)
Just Breathe Aerials 4.2.2
Download the Just Breathe Aerials App today to plan andscheduleyour classes! From this mobile App you can view classschedules,sign-up for classes, view ongoing promotions, as well asview thestudio’s location and contact information. You can alsoclickthrough to our social pages! Optimize your time and maximizetheconvenience of signing up for classes from your device!Downloadthis App today!
Sea Life Doodle Reef 1.0
See it! Draw It! Watch it swim! Bring togetherinspirationandimagination when you design your very own seacreature and thenseeit swim in a vast virtual sea! Take care ofyour DoodleReefcreation in your own personal reef. Feed your fishand watchthemin their habitat.
Army Thanks! Doodle Text Cards 1.2
Support the Troops! Send a Doodle Text card today! You willbeprompted to install the Doodle Text app after installingthiscontent pack with the 4th of July cards, 15 cards included. Andwegive our general thanks to all our Military men and women,whetherArmy, Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, and other reservesandveterans! Support the Troops! Send a Doodle Text card :)Thesegreetings cards are used with the Doodle Text greeting cardmakerapp to create and send customized greeting cards for anyoccasion!The Doodle Text app lets you color, paint, draw over thepicturesand make your own unique greeting cards, thank you cards,birthdaycards, love cards, patriot cards and more! Create anythingyourimagination inspires you to draw by adding provided stickersorbackrounds and using the drawing and color effects. These July4thIndependence day cards are unique and created by the DoodleTeam,creators of such apps as Doodle Toy! and Doodle Gram! and more:)These cards work with the Doodle Wish! app also :)
Kids Doodle - Color & Draw
Kids Doodle, the BEST drawing game for kids! It has 24 kindsofmagical and beautiful brushes for kids to draw, such as glow,neon,fireworks, crayon and etc. It presents the simplest doodleworldfor each kid to free their imagination. Radom color variationmakeeach painting stroke full of pleasant surprise. One bonusfancyfeature is that kids can playback the painting process as acartoonvideo clip. In addition, kid can doodle on the photos theylove.The built-in gallery can show all the kid’s drawing as anartist.
* 24 magical and beautiful brushes, such as glow, neon,fireworks,crayon, rainbow, spray, ribbon. * doodle on canvas orphoto
 *random color variation makes painting full of pleasuresurprise 
*playback drawing as a cartoon video clip. * built-in artgallery toshow kids’ painting as anartist Share your Art onKidsDoodle FacebookPage 4.15.3
Use Doodle to find the best time for any event. Suggest a numberoftimes and invite participants to select their preferences.It’sfree and a breeze to set up — people don’t even need the app oranaccount to participate! Doodle is ideal for planning yournextparty with friends, outdoor adventures, a businessmeeting,reunions, BBQs, book clubs, play dates, rehearsals, youname it.Stop the email ping-pong or WhatsApp waterfalls andexperience thepower of social scheduling for free. It’s so simpleto use, you’llwonder how you ever lived without it. WHY USE DOODLE• SAVE TIME:Instead of writing numerous messages you just set upone poll.Easy. • FREE: There are no subscription fees to use Doodleand nopayment is required. • IT’S WHERE YOU ARE: Invite usingWhatsApp,Facebook Messenger, Hangouts, eMail, SMS … • DOODLE WEB:Yourinvitees can even participate without the App on oureasy-to-usemobile and desktop websites. • EVENT CHATS: Need toclarifydetails? Have a chat, right then and there and discussupcomingevents with invitees. • AND MUCH MORE: Calendar integrationtoeasily detect conflicts, push notifications for allimportantupdates, easy signup WHAT THEY SAY ABOUT DOODLE “Best Appsof 2015”- Google Play Store “If you’re trying to find a convenienttime tomeet several people try a simple scheduling app likeDoodle.” — TheWall Street Journal “Nobody has to sign up foranything–they justclick yes, no, or maybe, and sign up fornotifications, if theywant.” — Fast Company COMMENTS OR QUESTIONS?WE WANT TO HEAR FROMYOU. We're always excited to hear from you! Ifyou have feedback,questions, or concerns, please contact usat:
Hyper-doodle 2.6
Panyc Media
Hyper-doodle is a drawing app that replicates and reflectseveryfinger movement you make. In seconds you can createbeautifulcomplex patterns. Great for creatingmandalas,tessellations,symmetry and other funky art. It has a anumber ofinnovative pens that can produce stunning effects. Onceyou havecreated your masterpiece you can save it to file. So nexttime youhave a few spare moments enjoy watching Hyper-doodle createmagicfrom your fingertips.* Now you can load photos and images fromyourgallery and add Hyper-doodle effects. * Reload saved doodles soyoucan improve them.* Layer doodles on top of one another tobuildamazing patterns.
SLMobile 3.95
Mobile scheduling tool for Salon Lofts Owners
Doodle Alchemy Animals 1.1.4
Doodle Alchemy Animals is the continuation of the populargameDoodle Alchemy. The game provides you with a fascinating waytounderstand the world of animals. Put yourself in the role ofagreat geneticist! Create both known and new species bycombiningelements together! Doodle Alchemy Animals is a game withbeautifulgraphics and effects. The original music and sound effectscreatean unforgettable atmosphere! May you have manysuccessfuldiscoveries in the game! GAMEPLAY FEATURES: - Intuitiveone-clickgameplay. - Beautiful design and effects. - Original musicandsound effects. - Choice of language. Play the game and learnnewwords. - Large number of elements.
Fissara 1.49.2
Fissara Apps
This App is the mobile component of the "Fissara"workforcemanagement solution. Fissara allows the scheduling andmanagementof individuals tasks and processes across a distributedworkforce.The App provides a mobile logged in user with a view oftheirdiarised activities and the ability to captured data, mediaandinformation at remote locations away from their office.IMPORTANTNOTE: Please contact your IT administrator beforeinstallingFissara. The Fissara application will not operate withoutthenecessary back-end software.
White board 1.57
Do not miss the idea. Remember it with sketching, drawingorhandwriting. This white board will help you instead of paper.It'sdesigned to be as easy to use as possible and it's alsopossible tooverlay already saved pictures.
Kids Doodle 1.8
★ Kids Doodle is the best drawing app for people who lovedrawing!Kids Doodle is new coloring game to draw on photo or canvasforeverybody. Color and draw with Kids Doodle and create magicdoodleartwork with neon paint! Kids Doodle is very easy to use. Ifyoulove doodle draw you will love Kids Doodle app! ★Kids Doodle isthebest app for people who want to relax and have fun! You cancreatefunny picture with doodles or draw on photo everything youwant!★Kids Doodle is perfect for kids 2-8 years old to draw space,neondoodle or magic doodle pages! ★ Kids Doodle is super for babypaintart or toddler drawing! Kids Doodle is the best drawing appforadults also! Kids Doodle is free and Kids Doodle is thebestcoloring app to relax paint or joy drawing! ★ Kids Doodleprovideset of awesome coloring tools and brushes: neon painting,starsdrawing, hearts paint, glow paint, sketch drawing,rainbowpainting, crayons painting, paint on a black background!...★ KidsDoodle is very easy to use: 1. Select paint on canvas or editphoto2. Select one of 17 magic brushes (neon, glow, rainbow,crayon,spray...) 3. Undo, Redo, Eraser features! 4. Random colorsaresuper bright! 5. Save and Share your magic doodling picturewithyour friends and family in Facebook, Instagram, Twitter,WhatsAppand other social networks. ★ Draw on picture or draw onphoto withnew Kids Doodle magic game! ★ Kids Doodle is absolutelyFREE ✔ Nopay content ✔ No registration ✔ No coins ✔ Everything isfree ★Enjoy and have fun with best Kids Doodle drawing application!TryKids Doodle right now absolutely FREE!
Flowers Butterfly Doodle Text! 1.3
Flowers and pretty butterfly stickers for your Doodle Text! app.Italso works for Doodle Wish! app when you want to sendapersonalized greeting! You can access the Butterfly andFlowerStickers from the sticker button within your DoodleText!orDoodleWish! app and even get more sticker packets when you clickon"download" from your sticker options. ***Please note that thisisNOT an app itself, it is a content packet for our DoodleText!andDoodleWish! app. If you do not already have our apps you willbeguided to install the DoodleText! app first.
DoodleMoji - Doodle Emoji 1.0.2
DoodleMoji is the #1 emoji app for Doodle Lovers! Share yourlovefor your Doodle by sharing these wonderful Doodle images withyourfriends and family!DoodleMoji features hand-drawn LabradoodleandGoldendoodle images from licensed Contemporary Pup ArtistKimNiles!DoodleMoji provides two ways to share your emoji:1. FromtheShare page in the DoodleMoji app2. From the DoodleMoji photoalbumin your camera rollCheck back often as we will beregularlyupdating the app with new emoji!Copyright notice:© KimNiles,KiniArt™Your purchase(s) of our app grants you the limiteduserights to enjoy the images as emojis only, not for anyotherpurposes such as selling on products, not for making memes,profileimages, cover art images, etc.
Doodle Art Ideas 2.0
Utomo Media
Hello friend, anyone ever heard of doodle? If we heartheworddoodle, then spontaneously our minds lead to the image. Isnotittrue? Probably not many people know what doodle art is.However,doyou know that everyone can make doodle art? Because thedoodleartis a very simple image that is made in abstract form.Ingeneral, aperson can unknowingly create a doodle art whensomeoneis bored inclass or even while daydreaming. However, doodleart canimproveartistic skills and can channel a person's idea inthe formof anabstract image. Well, it turns out doodle art can alsobestudiedloh! in this application there are many inspirationideasfor youwho want to make doodle art for free and just offline
Ultra Depth Cleaner 1.0.7
Junk File CleanerDelete all types of junk files (system cache,imagecache, video cache and advertisement cache) to free up thestoragespace.Phone BoosterBoost speed to improve the performanceand RAM ofyour phone, boost your games to make them runsmoothly.CPUCoolerIntelligently saves your device’s power byknowing when toautomatically trigger IN Cleaner’s Battery Saverfeature and makeyour phone stay with durable power and neveroverheated.BatterySaverOne-Touch Battery Saver - Just One Tap tosave power, Instantlyfind and fix battery power consumptionproblems, effectively cleanup the power consumption application tohelp you optimize thebattery.
Storage Genie 1.3.1
Storage Genie is magic, it can grant you access to yourSelf-Storagefacility without having to touch your phone. Simplydrive up to thegate and it will open. No need to remove your phonefrom your pocketand search for an app. • Ability to enter and exitthe property,open doors, gates or elevators completely hands free.• Ability toretrieve and view activity for your Self-Storageproperty. • Abilityto easily pay your Self-Storage rent from yourmobile phone. •Ability to call or email the Self-Storage facility.Search fornearby Self-Storage facilities.
EM Manager 4.0.0
Attenti Group
With over 20 years of electronic monitoring experienceandcontinuous innovation, Attenti Electronic Monitoring is excitedtooffer our latest mobile electronic monitoring application.TheAttenti Mobile Electronic Monitoring Manager applicationallowsusers to perform essential monitoring functions without theneed ofa computer. The application can be accessed using eitherWi-Fi orthe mobile device’s cellular network.
AppLock Theme Shooting Star 1.0
AppLock Theme Shooting Star, AppLock v2.30+ required.PleaseinstallAppLock first: free to send yourfeedbackto us!Email:support@domobile.comWebsite:https://www.domobile.comGoogle+:
Broadstone Job Search 1.10.5
Broadstone connects the best security companies with permanent&temporary staff via our marketplace app. Job seekers can setjobpreferences inc. location, pay rates and type of security roles–only receiving job notifications based on the criteria set byyou.Download the free app to search for the best-paid security&events jobs. Security & event roles we cover:--SecurityOfficers -Event Stewards -Door Supervisors -Dog Handlers-CloseProtection Officers -Security Supervisors
Zia Yoga 4.2.9
Download the Zia Yoga App today to plan and schedule yourclasses!From this mobile App you can view class schedules, sign-upforclasses, view ongoing promotions, as well as view thestudio’slocation and contact information. You can also clickthrough to oursocial pages! Optimize your time and maximize theconvenience ofsigning up for classes from your device! Downloadthis App today!Also be sure to check out our website at ziayoga.comand facebookpage at
121shoppy 0.0.2
One Stop Solution of your online transaction with121shoppyforservices like Mobile recharge, Online shopping, DTHrecharge,Busbooking, Flight booking, Hotel booking, Taxi booking,Billpaymentsthrough cashless transaction. So, skip long ques andpayfrom theconvince of your home with the 121shoppy.
Téléchargez l'application ARENE aujourd'hui pour choisir etréservervos séances d'entrainement! À partir de cette applicationmobile,vous pouvez consulter les horaires des cours, vous inscrireauxcours, consulter les promotions en cours, vous rendre à ARENE,avoirles coordonnées et inviter vos proches. Vous pouvez égalementsuivrenos réseaux sociaux ! Optimisez votre temps etfacilitezl'inscription aux cours à partir de votre smartphone ettablette!Téléchargez cette application dès aujourd'hui!
Uptown Dance 4.2.1
Download the Uptown Dance App today to plan and scheduleyourclasses! From this mobile App you can view class schedules,sign-upfor classes, view ongoing promotions, as well as view thestudio’slocation and contact information. You can also clickthrough to oursocial pages! Optimize your time and maximize theconvenience ofsigning up for classes from your device! Downloadthis App today!
Scary Wallpapers 2
Offer high quality mobile wallpapers that you can use toeasilypersonalize your mobile phone. - All Scary wallpapers isavailablefor free. - The app works offline. No need to downloadwallpaper. -You can preview the image on your device first - AllScarywallpapers in full HD quality 1080x1920 - Customize theScarywallpaper to fit your screen - Full support for both phonesinportrait and landscape modes -Lockscreen/homescreen/avatarwallpapers, satisfy all your needs -You don't need internetconnection to use the app - If you havecomments or suggestions tohelp us make it better, please let usknow by leaving a review!
FirstMile Drive 3.4.5
Use the FirstMile app with your account to manage yourroutes,pickups, and deliveries.
selamtacall 3.8.9
Filmon Goitom
Selamtacall is a voip calling application that enables to makecheapinternational calls with good quality and reliability, itmainlyfocuses to the to the Horn of Africa countries such asEritrea,Ethiopia and Sudan. Selamtacall uses best and releablevoip routeswhich are available at the market.
Waec Mobile 1.7.2019
This is Application provides interface for most usefulWaecresources to candidates. It allows the following CheckResultsTimetables Syllabus Online study resources Verify Result •From themenu item, click on Verify Result. • Enter Candidate number•Select ExamType (School candidate) • Select Exam Year • ClicktheVerify Result button. Scan Certificate • Click the scancertificateto access the QR code via your phone camera.
ZPlus Online 5.5
This android application is used to send recharge request toanyrecharge gateway through SMS or HTTP API via GPRS. User canalsomanage different server mobile numbers or long codes. User cansendrecharge to many SIM providers like Vodafone, Airtel, Aircelandmany more. This SMS application is useful and can be customizedforvarious Recharge System where dealer - retailer used to send SMSonparticular mobile number for Recharge purpose.
Summer Vacation Doodle Theme 1.1.7
Hot Launcher
New Summer Vacation Doodle Theme is coming! Apply theSummerVacation Doodle Theme theme to enjoy more FREE WallpapersandThemes! Make your phone stylish! Summer Vacation Doodle Themeisour latest free theme with beautiful Summer Vacation DoodleThemeHD wallpaper and Summer Vacation Doodle Theme icon pack. TheSummerVacation Doodle Theme theme is packed with HD SummerVacationDoodle Theme wallpapers and exquisite Summer VacationDoodle Themeapp icons, designed for mobile theme fanatics. Pleasedownload theSummer Vacation Doodle Theme theme now, more surprisesare waitingfor you to discover! Come and download the SummerVacation DoodleTheme theme for free and make your Samsung, Huaweiand any otherbrands of Android mobile stylish. You can enjoy withSummerVacation Doodle Theme: Cool themes and HD wallpapers - HighqualityImages specially designed for your phone - Brand newbeautifulthemes updated every day 3D themes - Add Summer VacationDoodleTheme theme to your 3D theme - Summer Vacation Doodle Themedynamicwallpapers with a variety of touch gestures, so you can feelthebeauty of Summer Vacation Doodle Theme at your fingertips. -More3D themes and dynamic wallpapers with fluid 3D effects,experiencetoday's cutting-edge technology. Live Wallpapers -Different livewallpapers, including the gold rose, waterfall andmany more. - Youcan also add gestures and particles to thewallpapers to make yourphone look cool Other benefits: s -Different variety of themes,wallpaper, app icons and daily updates.- We provide specialdesigns during festive periods, whether it'sChristmas, Halloweenand other holidays, we will have a theme foryou and everyone, soyou can feel the festive atmosphere that youlove. - Like football,basketball and other sports? Find yourfavorite sports theme here,along with your favorite celebrities,cartoons, and anything else.- Experience smooth 3D and HD themesand wallpapers regardless ofwhat phone model you use How to applythe Summer Vacation DoodleTheme theme? To apply the theme, pleaseinstall our launcher first.Apply the Summer Vacation Doodle Themetheme, to make your phonefaster, orderly and cool. The original appicons, clock and weathertheme of your phone will be replaced by theSummer Vacation DoodleTheme theme. We have designed many customizedthemes for popularapps, these include camera apps, social apps,entertainment apps,useful tools and messenger apps. Our app alsoprovides youthousands of themes from other categories, namelycartoon and animethemes, graffiti themes, gold themes, pink themes,black themes,love themes and many more. All of our beautiful themesare free andavailable at Google Play Store. Download and applySummer VacationDoodle Theme now! There are more sports (football,basketball),games and other beautiful themes waiting for you! Applythe SummerVacation Doodle Theme theme now, to make your phonefaster andorganized. The original app icons, clock and weathertheme of yourphone will be replaced by the Summer Vacation DoodleTheme theme.Come and enjoy this Summer Vacation Doodle Theme themeof yourmobile phone. If you have already tired of the boring screenofyour phone, please enjoy this Summer Vacation Doodle Theme theme!
Lotus Public School English Medium Narkatiaganj 0.0.10
Lotus Public School English Medium Narkatiaganj
OTiGBo 1.0.3
Order Ticket Get Bonus
Kritika Homes 1.2.4
Kritika Homes, puts all complex parameters of property search inasimple and intuitive interface. Whether you are looking tobuyproperty or rent it out, Kritika Homes can help you save bothtimeand money. How to book a room or a flat? 1. Browse throughhundredsof flats up for rent or Flats for Sale. 2. Schedule a visitto seeyour shortlisted apartments. 3. Inspect the rooms andfurnishingson your visit. Key Features ● Contact the owner/agent byone tap. ●Our property finder helps you find home from over half amillionproperties. ● Find apartment by number of bedrooms,locality,budget etc. Design and simplicity We distinguish variousfieldsdifferently so that you only spend time on doing what youwant. Oursystem and its effectiveness is unparalleled and thathelps you Buyand rent property with ease! The interface is sleekand gets yougoing with property search on the go. Our apartmentsare equippedwith furnishings like TV, sofa, bed, cupboards, washingmachine,refrigerator, wi-fi and a lot more. What’s more? Wemaintain allthe furnishings for you. All of the above services arefree ofcost. No annoying pop ups, no pesky ads. Rent house inDelhiwithout any unnecessary interruptions. Kritika Homes manageshomesfor all lifestyles. Whether you’re a working professionallookingfor a house near your workplace, or you’re a bachelorlooking for ashared house with a like-minded roommate, we’ve gotyou covered.Kritika Homes provides the homes or flats in UttamNagar ,JanakPuri , Dwaraka Mor , Nawada and many more Call us: 9289345470 DesignedandDeveloped By SUM Corporation Mail us @
QwikSpec Standard 1.4.6
QwikSpec is a cross-platform application that enables realestatedevelopers and construction companies to streamlinetheconstruction process to make it RERA compliant, save time andmoneyby optimising the use of resources, accelerating approvalsanddecisions. It includes a mobile app for Engineers on-sitetoautomate workflow across Structural, Finishing, SnaggingandHandover. Using the application provides customerswithauto-generated RERA ready project progress reports. This isfreetrial version. For Enterprise Product, pleasecontact""
SMAX Student 1.5.1
SMAX student App for MACHS
Mind Body Heart Pathway 4.2.2
Download THE SCOTS COLLEGE MIND BODY HEART App today to planandschedule your MBH classes! From this mobile App you can viewclassschedules, sign-up for classes, view ongoing promotions, aswell asview the class locations. You will also view upcomingPerformanceseries seminars and workshops and sign up for theseeducationalopportunities!Optimize your time and maximize theconvenience ofsigning up for classes from your device! Downloadthis App today!
The Pub Wilton Manors 3.0
The Pub | Wilton Manors Rewards
Bluemoon Vidyalaya 2.0.20
Bluemoon Vidyalaya app is useful for parents/students/employees.
4G Tech
Crystal Clear Voice and Good Quality
KobraAuto 0.0.6
Choose from variety of horns for your vehicleKobra Auto
School Rhymes Std 1st 2.1
In this application Maharashtra state board standardfirstrhymeswith lyrics * Rain Rain * I here thunder *Butterflies,butterflies* Baa Baa black sheep * Wheels on the bus *MyGrandfather Had afarm * Engine Engine No 9 * Twinkle Twinklelittlestar