Top 48 Games Similar to Toddlers Funny Fireworks Elite

Fireworks Arcade
Fireworks Arcade is a fun-filled app for all ages, and ashowcaseapp for multi-touch and graphics. Tap or drag to createbrilliantdisplays of light and sound. Compete or relax in one ofseveralgame modes. Paint art with firework shapes. Or just watchagenerated show. How you play is up to you, so getcreative.Getready for the 4th of July, Guy Fawkes Day, and NewYears, or justcelebrate year round!*** Features **** Show Mode- Tapor drag tocreate dazzling firework displays- Dozens of colorfulfireworkshapes and effects- A whole new way to draw or doodle- Waittowatch an automatically generated display- Shake for afireworksfinale* Arcade Games- 3 completely different games withseveraladditional variants- Familiar and new gameplay with greatfireworkeffects- Local high scores* Physics Simulation- Everyfirework isunique- Fireworks are created randomly with physicsapplied to eachparticle- Tilt to control gravity- Dynamic, stereosoundeffectsEnjoy.
Firework Show
Create your own firework show by dragging fireworks into thegame.Once the fireworks are placed you can detonate them by tappingthemor by hitting the detonate button.Features:Tilt can be enabledordisabled allowing fireworks to tipoverRocketfireworkSpinnerPopperBig rocketfireworkFirecrackersFountainWildcard: Tap the wildcard button towatch a 30second ad and gain access to 30 roman candle fireworks or30 finalefireworks.
Firework Party
Firework party takes place in an empty parking lot. Differenttypesof fireworks appear at random locations. The player canignitethese fireworks by touching them. Each firework has adifferentspecial effect.Fireworks available:FountainsRocketfireworksFinalefireworksFire crackersExploding partypoppersSpinnerThis game isdesigned for young children. Thefireworks obey the laws of physicsand can be knocked over orhilariously kicked into the air beforebeing ignited.
Frankie's Baby Fireworks!
🎆 Colorful fireworks for your baby! (without ads, yay!)I madethisfun fireworks game for my one year-old daughter, Frankie, sothatshe can enjoy fireworks where ever we go. And I wanted a safegamefor her to enjoy when grabbing daddy's phone. A simple and safewayfor your baby to enjoy fireworks for the 4th of July(ourfavorite), New Year's Eve, Guy Fawkes Day, or when everyoulike!Features🎆 NO ADS. I hate it when ads pop up, trying totrickmy daughter to click them! I made this game so she couldplaywithout interruption.🎆 Fireworks appear in many differentcolorsand sizes.🎆 Fun firework sounds.🎆 Fireworks vibrate whentheyexplode! This can also be disabled in the settings.🎆Fireworksshow! Fireworks will go off on their own if the screen hasnot betouched for 3 seconds. This can be disabled in thesettings.🎆Gravity affects where the fireworks fall (based on whatdirectionyour child is currently holding your device).🎆 Multitouch!Supportsas many fingers as your device allows.🎆 Home and Backbuttons arehidden, if your device supports it (just swipe from theedge of thescreen to show them again).🎆 No extra buttons for yourchild toaccidentally tap.Enjoy!Privacy Policy for Children'sGamesNopersonal data is ever collected from my children's games.I'm aparent too, and I understand the importance of protectingyourchild's safety and privacy. This app does not have internetaccessand will never collect any data of your child. To learn more,clickthe privacy policy link in the app or on the storepage.Frankie'sBaby Games: Frankie loves daddy's phone, and daddywants her togrow up comfortable with today's modern technology. Sodaddy wentand searched for some games that would be appropriate forhis oneyear-old daughter, and what he found was disappointing. Sodaddydecided to make games for his daughter instead. With the helpofmommy's passion for children's education (certified k-8teacher),daddy's passion for designing engaging video games, andFrankie'skeen tastes in entertainment, Frankie's Baby Games wereborn!Wehope that these games help you show your little one what anamazingworld we live in!
Light Da Fuse
Are you a fan of fireworks shows no matter what theoccasion?Maybeyou just like explosions and bright, shinythings?Either way, LightDa Fuse is cause for celebration!Tap yourscreen to launchfireworks and be dazzled with stunning displayslike the classicpeony, the brilliant thunderflash, and themesmerizing Saturn.LightDa Fuse lets you put on a portablefireworks show wherever you are,so let the festivities begin!FunFacts:Fireworks were invented morethan 2,000 years ago inChina.Some fireworks rockets can reachspeeds of up to 150 miles perhour.The different colors areachieved by mixing different mineralsand salts.
Fireworks live camera
Do you like fireworks? Of course you do. Want to run it rightnow?This application is for you!Fireworks live camera isaugmentedreality application which is a perfect way to enjoy anyholiday!Use your camera to run different fireworks andcelebrateanything.Run different fireworks! Create the whole show inthe realworld! No matter what a holiday is, it is nice to know thatin yourpocket there are always fireworks to set the mood UP!Stopwastingmoney on fireworks, step into the next century! You onlyneed thisapp! Feel the Christmas spirit or rock any Birthday party!You canplay jokes on friends like you can launch fireworksforfree.Attention!! This application is only a firework simulator.Youcan not launch any fireworks from your phone. This is justagame.Celebrate a Halloween, Christmas new year with greatfireworkin your phone!
3D Fireworks Wallpaper Free
3D Fireworks Live Wallpaper - from the creators of 'ChristmasLiveWallpaper'.Enjoy the wonder and magic of your own fireworksshow!Celebrate the holidays with the most amazingly realisticfireworkslive wallpaper available anywhere!Perfect for New Year,4th of JulyIndependence Day, Guy Fawkes / Bonfire Night or any timeyou feellike a fireworks celebration!Real time smoke/cloud lightingcreatesthe most beautifully intense glows as colors mix andblendtogether. Feel the power and intensity as the brightestfireworksexplode with color and light up the night sky.Engineeredfor thesmoothest most fluidly animating fireworks possible,withoutdraining your battery.Distant city lights and skylinesilhouettescomplete the scene for an amazing spectacle. Perfect foranycelebration or just the sheer wow factor!If you enjoy thefreeversion, please check out the full version here on GooglePlaywhich contains lots of extra colorful firework types andfeaturesincluding:* Over 20 stunningly realistic 3D fireworks(Sphericalshells, blooms, ground launcher trails, glitteringsparkles hangingin the air, intense strobing shimmer bursts, spiderblooms, launchfountains, rings, hearts, stars, and many more!)*Real time smoke& cloud lighting for intense color and power.*Multiple cameraanimation modes for the best cinematic show.* 5famous city skylinesilhouettes to add tasteful foreground contrastto the display. ThePalace of Westminster (Big Ben), Eiffel Tower,Statue of Liberty,The Moscow Kremlin and the Sydney Opera House.*Fireworkscompletely live and unique each time, no canned animationsor movieclips.* Adjustable detail levels to suit everyphone/tablet, old ornew.* Sound effects on/off.* Runs as either abackground livewallpaper, or as a full app.* 32-Bit color mode forbest possiblequality.
Enjoy all year Fireworks on your device as live wallpaper!Setthislive wallpaper on your favorite Holidays like Independence dayon4th of july, New Year's Eve - Holiday or Christmas!Setsound,choose color and amount and enjoy a great colorful showonnight!Tap on the screen to change the background color forthefireworks scene, also you can get more fireworks typesbypurchasing an extension fireworks pack.Optionally you can set a4thof July, 2017 of sparks to celebrate new year coming orcurrent.Beready for New Year 2018 with this live wallpaper full offireworks.Happy New Year! :::
Sounds for Toddlers FREE
With „Sounds for Toddlers“ your child can easily learn the soundsofvarious things like animals, vehicles (car, ship, plane),musicinstruments and tools. Intuitive gesture controls make for asimplehandling - so there's more time for the fun and a little bitoflearning. „Sounds for Toddlers“ is a educational game for kidsfrom2 years and it is✓ FREE✓ NO ADS✓ FOR THEWHOLEFAMILYFEATURES=========★ 65 items65 carefully designed andcolorfulpictures in 5 categories raise your childs curiosity andthe joy ofdiscovery.▶ Farm: Frog, Cat, Rooster, Cow, Dog, Fox,Horse, Mouse,Pig, Sheep, Duck, Bee, Donkey, Fish and Rabbit.▶ WildCreatures:Lion, Tiger, Seal, Owl, Bear, Penguin, Monkey, Hippo,Elephant,Reindeer, Zebra, Panda, Koala, Rhino and Snake.▶ Tools:Hammer,Anvil, Electric drill, Scissors, Pencil, Boxcutter,Axe,Screwdriver, Shovel, Saw▶ Vehicles: Tractor, Airplane,Bicycle,Off-road vehicle, Hot air balloon, Bus, Cruise ship, Dumptruck,Helicopter, Moped, Rocket, Submarine, Train, Truck,Motorbike▶Instruments: Trumpet, Guitar, Drum kit, Violin, Electricguitar,Drum, Maracas, Bongo drum, Electronic keyboard, Xylophone★250+SoundsThe sounds play by a simple tap. Some items even havemorethan one sound. That gives your child explorationcapabilitiesright at his fingertips.★ Easy controlsSwipe and tap -it's thatsimple! So no hassle stops the fun.CONTACT&FEEDBACK===================„Sounds for Toddlers“ willbecontinually enhanced with exciting features. Stay tuned!Do youhaveany wishes, suggestions or critique? ► Send us an or
Baby Animal Sounds
Original application for children / babies to learn and havefunwith the sounds of their favorite animals. Toddlers will learntoassociate the sound with the animal and the behavior of animalsandwhere they are. The application includes pets, farm, jungle,desertand also will learn to interact with mobile device by tappingtheelements on the screen, such as clouds or sun, and watchingwhathappens.
Real Fireworks
Kids, are you ready for the firework show?Now the colorfulfireworksthat explode and fly like crazy have come.Are you readyto throwfireworks and have good time?Colors get in themselves andtheyalmost make a harmony.Kids throw fireworks as much as youwantbecause its unlimited!Parents; if your kids get bored orcrying,open the fireworks game and entertain them!This applicationrunssmoothly and optimized for your phones andtablets.CautionPlayingthe application too much amount of time orleaving the childrenalone with the tablet pc is not encouraged
Fireworks Live Wallpaper
Fireworks Live Wallpaper HD!Get ready for the 4th of July,GuyFawkes Day, Bonfire Night, New Year's Eve, or why not celebrateanysingle day like a New Happy Day? Let us entertain you with the2018New Year Firework Live Wallpaper spectacular show! Welcome toaMagic World! It's magic as you can enjoy a colourful sky bynightand you can feel the power of the exploding fireworks. HDFireworksLive Wallpaper has many brilliant backgrounds withfireworks andsounds. You will even find two spotlights emerging androtatingfrom both sides of the screen which will light up theentire cityand surely they are combined with the fireworks colours.FireworksLive Wallpaper is intended for all the people, kids andadults.Parents: If your kids get bored or are crying, launchthisapplication and entertain them. We have chosen backgroundsthathave that cartoon like feeling. Our Fireworks Live Wallpaperisreal and creative at the same time. Any of us need to feeltheharmony and You are just a step away. Download thisfantastic,fabulous Fireworks Live Wallpaper and decorate yourscreen withthese fireworks animations. In Fireworks Live Wallpaperyou canfind:⭐ 8 wonderful pictures of cities from around the worldduringfirework spectacle⭐ 3D Backgrounds with cartoon style⭐ HDanimatedgraphics for your phone/tablet⭐ Real Sound effect duringfly andexplosion of the fireworks on the sky⭐ Optimised BatteryUsage⭐ TheFireworks Live Wallpaper sleeps automatically when yourphone ortablet are in standby mode or inactive⭐ Engineered forthesmoothest and the most fluid animated fireworks displaypossible,without draining your battery⭐ Free AppSupporteddevices:SamsungNote 8, S8, S7, S6 and many more!With our FireworksLive Wallpaperyou can have the most tremendous Live Wallpaper onyour phone. It'sdesigned like a burning sky with coloured flamesand sparksincluding red lights, orange lights, yellow lights, greenlights,blue lights, purple lights, and silver lights. Wherever youmay be,in London, France, Brasil, UK, Italy, Japan, China you willenjoythe same identical magic fireworks we will offer to you.Allfireworks are unique. If you are lying on your bed and you wanttorelax just listen the sound of the exploding fireworks. Itwillbring to you the best moments and memories of the New Year,theharmony and the festivity of the colourful nights full ofjoy.Fireworks were invented in ancient China in the 7th centurytoscare away evil spirits, a natural application of gunpowder, oneofthe Four Great Inventions of ancient China. Such importanteventsand festivities as Chinese New Year and the Mid-AutumnMoonFestival were and still are times when fireworks areguaranteedsights. In France fireworks are traditionally displayedon the Eveof Bastille day July 14 to commemorate the Frenchrevolution andthe storming of the Bastille on that same day in1789. Every cityin France lights up the sky for the occasion with aspecial mentionto Paris that offers a spectacle around the EiffelTower. One ofthe biggest occasions for fireworks in the UK is GuyFawkes Nightheld each year on 5 November to celebrate the foilingof theCatholic Gunpowder Plot on 5 November 1605.Fireworkstype:PEONY -The most common, a spherical break of colouredstarsWILLOW - Leavestrails of silver or gold starsHORSETAIL - Itbursts and falls downlike a horsetail Waterfall ShellFISH - Theshell burst, you seelittle squiggles of light squirming away, theeffect looks likefish swimmingSPIDER - Fast-burning, which makesthe stars shoot outin straight directions and flatPALM - Effectthat looks like a palmtreeRINGS - Can be arranged to look likeatoms We drop fireworks inthe sky for many holidays in calendar:New Year, 4 July, Halloween,St.Patrick's Day, birthday. Make a wishfor all your joys in thisatmosphere and don't forget to share withyour friendsEnjoy thefree Firework Live Wallpaper Magic Spectacle!Happy New Year 2018
Rainbow - Journal & Activities
Rainbow is a really useful app for parents. Keep pictures,trackweight and growth, keep first-time events of your baby onyourphone. This is an easy way to have all those moments right atyourfingertips.The app consists of two parts:BABY JOURNAL1.GrowthTracker- Child Growth Standards- Growth Charts2. MilestoneLogger-Milestone Chart - Development tracker3. Health Logger-VaccinationTracker- Temperature checks- Symptoms- Baby Tooth Chart-DoctorVisit- MedicinesBABY INFORMATION & ARTICLES1. Play&Learning articles- Play ideas- Learning ideas- Activities forkids-Physical activity2. Health & daily care articles- Babycare-Baby sleep- Diapers3. Development articles- Baby developmentmonthby month- Child development: the first five years4.Nutritionarticles- Breastfeeding- Formula feeding- Complementaryfeeding-Baby food, RecipesTrack your child's growth anddevelopment, andget tips to keep your baby happy and healthy! GrowWith Us!
Simple fireworks
A screen, Tap, when, fireworks strike it and are here.Offireworks,automatic, there is a mode.It'll be the cure when beingtired.
Christmas Fireworks Explosion
Treat yourself and your loved ones with colorful explosionsoffireworks and firecrackers at Christmas and New Year!Bright,beautiful, and most importantly - the endless and free!Arrangecolorful presentation, how to celebrate the holiday!
Fireworks in Paris Video LWP
Fireworks in Paris Video Live WallpaperEiffel Tower in Parisduringthe New Year in 4K Video Live WallpaperThe most romanticplace inthe world!!!! Set your own video as a livewallpaper!!!High-quality video wallpaper optimized for smartphonesandtablets.You can enjoy our video or set your own video as alivewallpaper and it's available for free !!!In Settings youcancustomize live wallpaper: - change video - take video fromcamera -add sound - enable or disable scrolling - and more...Wewill beappreciated if you leave comments and suggestions!Pleasecontact usand we will help you.
Kids Funny Fireworks
Kids Funny FireworksEnjoy fireworks exploding.You can play withyourchildren and you can enjoy the game.When ever you play, youwill seedifferent fireworks.10 different fireworks modelsareavailable.There are 5 different background image.Listenwithoutdisturbing background music and sounds. Have fun withthefireworks.You can watch whole fireworks cycle in thisgame.HaveFun!CAUTION!Playing the application too much amount oftime forkids or leaving the children alone with the mobil device isotencouraged.AGAMED
Fireworks Live Wallpaper
★Fireworks Live Wallpaper★ - Let us entertain you with thespectaclethat only a firework show can give. Here you'll find anamazinganimated set of backgrounds of beautiful fireworks on thenight skycombined with the sound emitted by each firework duringthe fly andthe explosion. You will be able to feel and seecolorful fireworksat any moment. With these fantastic images offireworks that bump onthe sky of different cities you will amazeall your friends.“Fireworks Live Wallpaper” will decorate yourscreen in the bestpossible way so just try these fireworksanimations.What you willfind in this app is:- 12 wonderfulpictures of cities from aroundthe world during fireworkspectacle;- Sound effect for the fireworks(during fly andexplosion on the sky)- Amazing HD graphics for yourphone!- Totalsupport on both landscape and portrait mode- You'll beable toshare this app with social share button.- We have alsooptimizedBattery Usage- The wallpaper app will sleep automaticallywhen yourphone is inactive, so this live wallpaper will not drainyourbattery.The best tremendous backgrounds for your phone comesonlywith this live wallpaper app. With these “fireworks pictures”youwill have the best wallpapers for your phone. Choose yourfavorite“fireworks wallpaper” and these lovely and colorful livewallpaperswill make your day whenever you look at your phonescreen. Bydownloading ★Fireworks Live Wallpaper★ you will getfamiliar withthe festivity feeling effect. Join all the peoplearound the worldwho truly love and are amazed by fireworks. Thebiggest occasionfor fireworks in the UK is Guy Fawkes Night, 5thNovember. Thebiggest annual fireworks display event in Europe istheInternational Festival concert held in Edinburgh, Scotland,inwhich a million fireworks are set off in less than an hour.Franceuses fireworks to celebrate Bastille Day and celebratestorming theprison of Bastille. Enjoy Sydney fireworks, Londonfireworks andNew York fireworks with these spectacular fireworkpictures on yourscreen. Fireworks scene is the best way to get asmuch fun as youcan from these days so start watching the fireworkson all yourspecial occasions. With the New Year 2018 and Christmasthe“fireworks images” and the festivity becomes the only choose.Makeyour screen the best place to look with New Year fireworks, 4thofJuly fireworks or wedding fireworks. This wonderful“livewallpaper” decor will decorate your screen by animatingyourfavorite fireworks picture in a spectacular way. Do you wanttobeautify your mobile phone with fireworks HD tremendousbackgroundsfor free ? Than do not miss this fabulous opportunity!These HDwallpapers are completely free of charge and they areinspired bythe awesome fireworks show. You'll be amazed by the best3Dwallpaper pictures of fireworks. Just download ★FireworksLiveWallpaper★ and enjoy standard fireworks pictures on yourmobile.All the best free screen savers and free wallpapers are justa stepaway from you. All you need to do is to beautify your phonewithbright green lights, blue lights ,red lights, purple lights andallof the lights in the night sky! Your display will be the placeofthe amazing fireworks. Let all this bright sparks and explosionofcolors fly across your tablet or phone screen , you need to seethebright star fireworks free spectacle! Enjoy theFireworksbackgrounds spectacle !
Funny Fireworks
Your toddlers and babies will love this fireworks game.Whenfirstplayed, your todddlers and babies may not be able tocorrectlytouch the fireworks with his/her little hands. Play theFunnyFireworks game with your baby continuously for a few hours ordays,and you will be surprised at the mobile development of yourbaby'shand coordination.Fireworks Baby game must be played inthepresence of a mother or father, and you are strongly encouragedtoguide your baby through the game for a few days at first.Whentoplay!When your baby is hungry or will not stop crying, playingthisgame can get your baby's attention (Various sounds andanimatedshapes will stimulate your baby's curiosity).This gameisexceptionally handy for parrents who spend time with theirbabiesbut cannot figure out how to spend that time usefully.Thisgame maybe too advanced for infants under 6 monthsold.CautionPlaying theapplication too much amount of time orleaving the children alonewith the mobile phone or tablet pc is notencouraged.
Baby Real Phone. Kids Game
Does your baby want to play with your mobile phone all thetime?Then Baby Real Phone is your solution, since being anincrediblephone simulator for babies, allows them to play whiletheylearn.Your baby can play with the phone simulator he/she willnotnotice any difference.Call all the friends Tuki-tuki, leonardanddoggy a cute dog also you can have a emoji conversation in thechatapp, don’t forget to play music in the music app.

Blow upballoonswith different things inside in the balloon app.

The toyphonealso has incredible applications such as the candybustinggame.Play in the planet application where you can spin theworldand pop many stars with cute animations. Travel through spaceanddiscover charming surprises.Let your child make music on yourphoneor tablet. It is very fun for all children to sit and learn toplaymusical instruments with real sounds of drum, xylophoneandpiano.And also he/she can make some paintings in the paintingapp.This game was created so that the children learn and play atthesame time.Try this fantastic game with many animations andcolorsto keep your child entertained.
Fireworks Creator
Fireworks Creator is the ultimate fireworks designing apponAndroid. You can create fireworks and effects of stunningbeautythrough a silky smooth interface. And building magicaldisplays forthem has never been easier, or more precise.WithFireworks Creator,your imagination is the limit. Because with overninety parametersfor customizing every firework, your creationdoesn't end atpicking a colour. In fact, it’s barely begun. At yourfingertips isby far the most advanced and customizable fireworksmaking app onthe marketplace.Whether you’re a fireworks fanatic orsimply enjoya beautiful new art style, fireworks creator hassomething for you.Your fireworks can be hyper-realistic, withcolour-changing flares,blinking trails and lifelike physics. Or youcan let yourimagination stray beyond the realm of fantasy, witheruptions ofshining birds, umbrellas raining down from the sky, orspiralingrockets leaving trails of spinning music notes.Thepossibilitiesdon’t end with the virtually infinite number offireworks you canmake. Once you begin designing shows you’lldiscover the true depthof personalization available. Begin slowlyand rise to a crescendo.Create a stream of flares to flowgracefully across your screen.Warp gravity and have your rocketsfly in from the side beforedisappearing into a supernova in thecenter.All this is achievedwith almost no effort. Every change youmake is shown instantly.You can design a firework, scene or displayfrom scratch in under aminute.Fireworks Creator is free to downloadand has no adverts.Within the app you have the option to purchase afull unlock, whichremoves all limits on the number of fireworks,scenes and shows youcan save.
Hindu Baby Names With Meanings
App has collection of beautiful and pleasant Indian Hindu babyboyand baby girl names along with their meanings.Baby Names canbeshared with friends or family members or shortlisted todecidelater. - Can look through baby names alphabetically withseparatescreen for each alphabet .Swipe right or left to go tonextalphabet. - Filter results with only 1 click for baby boy orbabygirl names anywhere anytime in app.- Shortlist hindu baby namesofyour choice to decide later.- All shortlisted baby names areaddedto the shortlisted screen . Can decide to un - shortlist anytimefrom here.- Share names with family or friends with whatsapp,gmail , bluetooth ect.- New names added regularly.- Elegantandattractive user friendly interface .- Its 100% free App .
Firework Weapons Simulator
Firework Weapons SimulatorFireworks Weapon SimulatorMeet theNewYear fully armed!Get a Christmas arsenal, consisting ofweaponsthat shoot festive fireworks!Arrange this shootout withbrightlights of the festive fireworks!Move around the city atnight,setting up a grand Christmas show!Shoot from differentweapons,whether they are submachine guns, shotguns orgrenadelaunchers.Earn experience points and gain access to anadditionalarsenal.Unlock the entire collection of holiday weapons,shootingvarious ammunition with unique effects.Ozari night skybrightflashes of the holiday!Enjoy an unforgettable sight!Share thegamewith your friends, have fun together! The bright design of thegamewill give a lot of positive emotions!Colorful explosionswithdifferent pyrotechnic effects will giveunforgettableimpressions.Superb 3D graphics will take you to theepicenter ofevents.Loud explosions of incredible power for a longtime willremain in your memory with colorful memories.Flickeringlightsflying over huge distances will lift the mood for a longtime.Be inthe spotlight!Bring a holiday in the gray metropolis!Leavecomments and rate the game.Celebrate with us!
Fireworks Live Wallpaper
Fireworks Live Wallpaper captures one of the greatestvisualspectacles in the world. Become a globe-trotter in a matterofseconds - dazzling fireworks will make London, Paris, Sidney,NewYork and many other truly magical cities even more romanticandmajestic. Rest assured, all the magnificent colors burstingacrossyour tablet or phone screen will take your breath away.Spectacularnight sky lit by millions of colorful shooting stars canbeautifyyour screen and ignite the light in your life if youdownload thisfree and extraordinary “live wallpaper”. If you likeliving large,install fireworks app that is great for Diwali, aholiday and Hindifestival of lights. Diwali live wallpaper will bea perfect Diwalidecoration for your phone! Whether you are in inParis or you needChristmas Petards or crackers on screen, fireworkwallpapers willcome in handy! The best personalization app forcelebration andfestivities!- Amazing 3D live wallpaper for yourphone!- There isfull support for landscape mode and home – screenswitching!- Thisbeautiful, free and enjoyable background is waitingforyou!Installation instructions:Home -> Menu -> Wallpapers→Live WallpapersAre you ready to beautify your screen withgreen,blue, orange and yellow explosions in the sky? Capture theNewYear's Eve spectacle and have the most fantastic“backgroundwallpaper” on your screen – choose the “FireworksBackground” youfind exceptionally breathtaking. Are you ready tohave some fun? Ifyou were entertained by Shake! Fireworks LiveWallpaper, this willbe your new favorite app - once you downloadthe amusing “FireworkWallpaper”, you will not be able to leave yourphone! If you likedthe colorful New Year Live Wallpaper and itscelebratory spirit,decorate your screen with a festive new app andlet all the amazingcolors burst across the screen – it will be justlike celebrationof the Fourth of July in America. Did you know thatKuwait holdsthe Guinness World Record for the largest and mostspectacularfireworks display? However, if you download this amazing“free livewallpaper”, the world record for the cutest screen willbe yours.If you loved Finger Fireworks Free, this spectacular appis theextraordinary firework wallpaper you have been looking for.Do youlike energetic and invigorating backgrounds that can makeyoubelieve in magic again? If so, see the fairy tale “in the sky”anddo not miss the opportunity to make you smartphonelookextraordinary and sparkly at the same time with this freemagicallive application for Android™. Also, in case you enjoyedChristmasLive Wallpaper and you want to feel like it's Christmasall thetime, you ought to see all these wonderful colorful rocketsandstars shoot across the sky, while they create a masterpiece ontheblue canvas. Just imagine how glamorous such high definitionwallpaper would look on your screen. You will be charmed byall“Fireworks Backgrounds” - all these bright hues of silver andgoldwill have you under their spell in no time. Embark on aworld-widejourney and see all the capitals illuminated by thesparks offirework. This incredible “free download” allows you tosee thefireworks at the London Eye, or any other romantic or exoticcityin the whole “wide world” – your tablet or phone screen can beyourpersonal guide. Love is in the air - much like romance -inspiringLove fireworks Live Wallpaper, this live app willdefinitely takeyour breath away. Marvelous stardust can light upyour screen asbright sparks shoot across it in all directions – donot waste anymore time and enter the world of incredible visualmagic with“Fireworks LWP”.*Android is a trademark of Google Inc.
Fireworks Creator
In this app you can create your own fireworks and runit!Differentcolors!A huge number of different combinations!Abilityto save yourfireworks.This application does not contain detailedinstructionsfor the manufacture of pyrotechnics.
Simulator Of Pyrotechnics 3
New realistic graphics!Realistic sounds!A wide range ofdifferentfirecrackers, rockets, fireworks!Each fireworks has itsown uniquesound!Use this app on holidays!The app is completely safeand willnot harm you in any way.
Fireworks New Year Simulator
Will you prepare for the New Year? Are you dream to make aamazingshow? Colorful and spectacular fireworks is in your pocketwith theFireworks New Year Simulator app. Download the app, choosetheimages of night cities or just on the camera. Point the cameraatthe night sky and get an incredible feeling of fireworks inavirtual reality.Create a show in the real world,launchingfireworks incredible shapes and colors with realisticsounds andexplosions. Celebrate the New Year with noisy safesalutes andfireworks. Give a holiday yourself and yourfriends!Attention! Appis created for fun and entertainment, usingsounds and animation,and is completely safe.
Toddlers Guitar
Toddlers Guitar is very funny that allow your baby to be aguitarvirtuoso. Your little one will love this Guitar game.Whenfirstplayed, your todddlers and babies may not be able tocorrectlytouch the notes with his/her little hand. Play theToddlers Guitargame with your baby continuously for a few hours ordays, and youwill be surprised at the mobile development of yourbaby'shands.Toddlers Guitar game must be played in the presence ofamother or father, and it is encouraged for you to guide yourbabythrough the game for a few days at first.When to play!Whenyourbaby is hungry or will not stop crying, playing this game canholdyour baby's attention. (The various sounds, animatedshapesstimulate your baby's curiosity.)This game is exceptionallyhandyfor mothers and fathers who spend time with their babies butcannotfigure out how to spend that time usefully.This game may betooadvanced for infants under 6 months old.CautionPlayingtheapplication too much amount of time or leaving the childrenalonewith the mobile phone or tablet pc is not encouraged.
Alphabet, numbers and colors F
"Alphabet and numbers for Toddlers" is an educationalandentertaining game.Your toddler will learn the pronunciation ofthealphabet and of the numbers, having fun!The alphabet isavailablein English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch.Easyto learnand to control.Available for all screen resolutions anddevices,including tablet device!Simple and intuitive, your babywill havelots of fun for hours!"Alphabet and numbers for Toddlers"is a nicegame for toddlers and kids from ages 0-9. Featuresinclude:- Acoloring book easy to learn and control- Coloring thedrawing withthe finger- Choose the crayon color from the palette-The Eraser toremove the colors- Choose the brush size- Listen tothepronunciation tapping on the speaker- More than 160 drawings intheFULL version- Alphabet available in English, Spanish,French,German, Italian, Dutch- Save drawings to SD and sharethem!This isthe FREE version (Ads supported), If your kid likesthis app, thenyou can buy the FULL version with more drawings andNOads
Pyrotechnist Simulator
In this game you can create your own fireworksshow!Beautifulgraphics!Christmas mood!Several types offireworks!Detailedsettings for each charge.The ability to addmusic.
Fireworks 2018
You didn't manage to buy fireworks for New Year's Eve? Installforfree "Fireworks 2018" on your mobile phone and admirebeautifulsimulation of exploding fireworks. This applicationdisplays veryrealistic animation of fireworks from fire toexplosion. Fireworkswill be generated on the wallpaper of a moderncity by night. Highquality sound effects will make the simulatormore realistic.How touse? Touch the screen with your finger andfireworks will be firedin this place. You can also use auto runfireworks, which willdirect fireworks in random place on the screenwith givenfrequency. Choose the shape of a firework flash and thecolor ofthe burst in "Settings".Do you want to keep fireworks forever inyour phone? No problem. This application can be set asanimatedwallpaper of your home screen. You only have to choose itfrom thelist of animated wallpapers (live wallpapers).Have fun andstaysafe during New Year's Eve 2018 with our application.Fireworks2018are:- realistic animation and sound of fireworks - choice ofcolorand shape of fireworks - setting the fireworks as wallpaper.
Firecrackers, Bombs and Explosions Simulator
Enjoy the best free simulation game of firecrackers,bombs,explosions, thunders and fireworks.Feel the power offirecrackerexplosions or bombs with extraordinary sound effects andvisualeffects.In this free firecracker simulator you can detonatefromsmall firecrackers, to powerful explosives, dynamite, bombsandgrenades.Have fun with the firecracker strips andthefireworks.Ideal to spend jokes or to enjoy the soundoffirecrackers safely at fairs, Christmas parties, birthdays orinthe courtyard with friends.Share it with yourfriends.Theapplication is completely secure and does not damage inany way.
Fireworks in Paris Wallpaper
Fireworks in Paris Live Wallpaper. Set real video as alivewallpaper!Beautiful view of Paris and Eiffel Towerwithfireworks.This free video live wallpaper was optimized toconsumelow resources and also to not drain your battery.Do youhaverequests, issues or suggestions? Please contactus.Features:-Unique 3d engine based on open-source video codec-Efficient usageof memory and battery- Live wallpaper with realvideo- Compatiblewith custom launchers that support LiveWallpapers- Advancedsettings- FreeEnjoy my free Fireworks in Parislive wallpaper
Fireworks Bang Halloween Joke
Fireworks Bang Halloween JokeFireworks Blast Halloween joke - ajokesimulation game where you can play as a phone with fireworksonHalloween.The game uses animation and sound for a morerealisticeffect! Use on Halloween or other holidays of ourfireworks andsafety day will be great!Meet the holiday withfirecrackers fun!Thegame has various firecrackers and fireworks,you'll find somethingyou'll like!Make fun and play your friends andlovedones!ATTENTION! This simulation game designed forentertainment andjokes, as well as fun, it is completely safe andwill not harm oranyone!Thank you for playing our applications!Leave us feedbackand we try to make our games better!
New Year Fireworks Wallpaper
🎇 Only for the true fans of holiday themes and “fireworkslivewallpaper” HD, we have prepared a whole set of animatedbackgroundsfor your phone showing “New Year countdown” clock,crystalsnowflakes, lovely Christmas decorations, colorfulconfetti,clinking glasses, Santa Claus crunching through the snow,cuteanimals dozing under the Xmas tree as well as beautifulwinternight scenery! Getting your smartphone screen ready forChristmasholidays is exciting, isn't it? Download 💝 New YearFireworksWallpaper💝 this very instant and you'll find yourself inthe winterwonderland before you realize it!🎄 💝 🌟 🎄 💝 🌟 🎄 💝 🌟 🎄 💝 🌟🎄 💝 🌟 🎄 💝🌟 🎄 💝 🌟 🎄 💝 🌟 🎅 Pimp your mobile screen with 💝 New YearFireworksWallpaper 💝 🎄 Choose one of the predefined “Happy NewYearwallpaper” images or customize your Xmas love themes;🌟Eightbattery-friendly animated wallpapers to choose from;🎅 Snowlivethemes, cute images of New Year decorations, Xmas puppy HDphotos,Christmas tree live wallpaper, snowman backgrounds, skaterinkpictures – just take your pick ; 🎄 Choose the type ofparticles,adjust their speed and density;🎅 Easy to use: tap once topreviewthe live background and hold to set the home screenwallpaper;🌟Share on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram;💖 Install thiscoolbackgrounds app and enjoy your fantastic New Year partywallpaperfor free! 🎄 💝 🌟 🎄 💝 🌟 🎄 💝 🌟 🎄 💝 🌟 🎄 💝 🌟 🎄 💝 🌟 🎄 💝 🌟 🎄 💝 🌟🎇 Tiredof looking at one and the same snowfall live wallpaperthroughoutthe entire holiday season? Our “New Year 2017 livewallpaper”changer would be your perfect choice when it comes torefreshingyour display since it offers dozens of magic Christmasbackgroundsfor girls free! Get our 💝 New Year Fireworks Wallpaper 💝and spreadthe cheer! Set the best Christmas live wallpaper HD andcapture thespectacle of New Year's Eve fireworks right on your homescreen! 🎊🎇Install 💝 New Year Fireworks Wallpaper 💝 - treat yourhome screenwith one of the cute wallpapers with Happy New Yearwishes andwatch the most beautiful fireworks show every time youunlockdevice! Our “free live wallpapers and backgrounds” will helpyoucome up with some fantastic New Year celebration ideas to putintopractice while organizing your own Christmas party! 🎇 You nolongerhave to make collages out of your winter selfie pictures tobe ableto have unique New Year backgrounds for your phone! You willfindlots of predefined “Happy New Year 2017” wallpaper themes touseright away, if you download our snowy winter backgroundchanger!Get New Year keyboards with emoji, set Christmas carols asphoneringtones, pick a cat with a hat as your screen backgroundandcustomize your phone just in time for the winter season! 🎇Thecountdown to New Year 2017 has begun and we're expecting bangsandbursts of brightly colored light in the sky! If the idea of HDNewYear pictures decorating the entire mobile screen ticklesyourfancy, pick one of our cool moving wallpapers for girls andenjoythe result. A live Christmas wallpaper with music and coloreffectswill definitely add a spark to your device! Super fun multicolorbackgrounds are inviting you to enjoy the winter idyll. 🎇 Letitsnow with the cutest New Year themes and enjoy theChristmasholidays like never before! Turn on the Xmas lights, andget readyfor the wildest New Year party! Make it your mostimportant NewYear's resolution to always keep up to date with our3D live winterwallpapers free ! Giving you 💝 New Year FireworksWallpaper 💝setter as a gift we wish you a Merry Christmas and aHappy New Year2017!
2018 Best Fireworks Touch Free
Future soft
Fireworks Touch is the best Fireworks app with spectacularandamazing shapes and colors, real life-like sound effectsandsecondary mini explosion.Every firework is unique and allthefireworks, effects & particles are rendered inreal-timerandomly with physics applied to each particle and stereosoundeffects.use manual in a fireworks arcade-like mode or automode tolaunch the fireworks and change different backgrounds fromourgallery or from your SD card and take a quick snapshot whenyouhave a really good looking fireworks display you want toshowoff.With this fun, awesome & entertaining Fireworks Touchappyou will get hours of fun and amusement tapping and watchingcoolfireworks for any occasion like parties or 4th of July -usindependence day, Christmas or just celebrate year round.Use itforspecial events like New years eve, your independence day, Diwaliorjust whenever you need some live sound effects boomsoranimations.It is compatible with all android devices andoptimizeto support all screen resolutions and with 2018 just aroundthecorner this is a must have app!If you enjoyed the app andthoughtits good please help us by recommending it to your friendsorfamily with a post on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Pinterestandgive us a good rating as well.You can also take snapshot ofthefireworks screen and post it on Facebook or send to yourfriendwith a happy birthday wish.Features:♥ The best realisticfirework +sound effect♥ Tap or drag to create dazzling fireworkdisplays♥ Newyears eve mode♥ Live wallpaper mode♥ Automatic modefor viewing♥Full Multi touch support♥ Dozens of colorful fireworkshapes andeffects♥ Full Physics Simulation for particles♥ 10Additional funnyfireworks shapes ♥ Can be installed on SD CardIfyou have anysuggestions or problems instead of posting a low reviewpleasecontact us at and we'll gladlyhelpyou.Want to know more about our newest games & apps ?FOLLOWUS:
3D Fireworks Live Wallpaper
3D Fireworks Live Wallpaper - from the creators of 'ChristmasLiveWallpaper'.Enjoy the wonder and magic of your own fireworksshow!Celebrate the holidays with the most amazingly realisticfireworkslive wallpaper available anywhere!Perfect for New Year,4th of JulyIndependence Day, Guy Fawkes / Bonfire Night or any timeyou feellike a fireworks celebration!Real time smoke/cloud lightingcreatesthe most beautifully intense glows as colors mix andblendtogether. Feel the power and intensity as the brightestfireworksexplode with color and light up the night sky.Engineeredfor thesmoothest most fluidly animating fireworks possible,withoutdraining your battery.Distant city lights and skylinesilhouettescomplete the scene for an amazing spectacle. Perfect foranycelebration or just the sheer wow factor!If you enjoy thefreeversion, please check out the full version here on GooglePlaywhich contains lots of extra colorful firework types andfeaturesincluding:* Over 20 stunningly realistic 3D fireworks(Sphericalshells, blooms, ground launcher trails, glitteringsparkles hangingin the air, intense strobing shimmer bursts, spiderblooms, launchfountains, rings, hearts, stars, and many more!)*Real time smoke& cloud lighting for intense color and power.*Multiple cameraanimation modes for the best cinematic show.* 5famous city skylinesilhouettes to add tasteful foreground contrastto the display. ThePalace of Westminster (Big Ben), Eiffel Tower,Statue of Liberty,The Moscow Kremlin and the Sydney Opera House.*Fireworkscompletely live and unique each time, no canned animationsor movieclips.* Adjustable detail levels to suit everyphone/tablet, old ornew.* Sound effects on/off.* Runs as either abackground livewallpaper, or as a full app.* 32-Bit color mode forbest possiblequality.
Musical Bells
There are two game modes:- Just Play: play the bells and makeyourown music!- Song mode: little fingers are guided to tap thecorrectbell to play a song. Press play to watch the song be playedon thebells.Available songs:- Twinkle Twinkle Little Star-HickoryDickory Dock- Mary Had a Little Lamb- Pop Goes The Weasel-LavenderBlue- Billy BoyNo data is collected. Please review the gameand letus know if you like it!Musical bells was inspired by atoddler wholoves bells, color and music. Choose the "Just Play"mode to makeyour own music playing the bells, or teach your toddlercolors byasking them to play the right colored bell. Does yourchildrecognize songs yet? Choose "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" toteachthem the song. The correct bell to play will rise and haveastronger color than the others. Fun for kids under 5. Forolderkids, teach them to make their own songs in the "Just Play"mode orplay piano songs with less than 6 notes. Play songs to yourkids atnight to help them sleep or relax. The bell notes range frommiddleC to A, on the C major scale.Ads can be removed via anin-apppurchase. If you previously purchased the Nursery Rhyme songpack,you automatically have ads removed.
Spark - Fireworks Videos
Video provides a perspective beyond product packaging; shiftingthefocus to what matters: how a product performs.The content islocaland responsive, allowing videos to be viewed anywhere. WhenanInternet connection is available, you can build yourlibrarythrough our extensive online collection; adding new productvideosas they become available. Designed to be both simple andfamiliar;products are browsed intuitively through touch. They playwith atap. Products are presented in HD and 4K resolutions thatprovideauthentic color and sharp detail; quality well beyondwhat'savailable online through sites like youtube. Presentationmodeallows others to experience without our branding; the footageisfree of distracting intros, and without ads that may conflictwithyour interest. Allowing you experience product demonstrationsforyourself, and a powerful tool for retail sales.
Simulator Of Pyrotechnics 2
Fireworks, firecrackers, rockets!This is a completelynewapplication , compared with the previous part!Newbeautifulgraphics!Improved effects!It is a new experience offireworks!Usethis app at the holidays!Activate your friends!Theapplication iscompletely safe and will not harm you in any way.
Baby Toy with Lock
A simple game for toddlers with a button's lock feature.Entertainsand teaches with the sounds of animals, musicalinstruments,colorful robots and more. For boys and girls, ages sixmonths totwo years old. This app is Ads Free!Optionally, the gamecan lockthe device, preventing the toddler from starting other appsormaking calls.Beautiful and fun! The baby touches or taps aniconand the respective sound is heard. Keeps the child happy andbusy,educating at the same time.Themes:Inside, you will findthefollowing sounds & icons themes:1. farm animals2.musicalinstruments3. colorful robots4. household items5.transportationvehicles6. happy unicornsThe last three are bundledas one In Apppurchase.The lock feature:With the button lock optionsconfigured,the app prevents exiting with the Home, the Back or theRecent Appskey. Also, it locks the volume control keys, 30 secondsafter thegame starts, so that the baby can't make changes on itsown. Youcan adjust the volume level while in the Intro Screen.Howto enablelock:1. In Settings, enable the "Lock" option2. Start theGame3.Pick Baby Toy as your default Home App and press Always4.With thegame started, Lock and Unlock the device. Note: If thepower buttononly blanks the screen, you will need to switch it to"InstantLock" from Settings->Security.Permissions:We makeminimal use ofpermissions.1. Control vibration: provide vibrationwhen an icon istouched2. Google Play billing service: provideoption to buy extragame boardsSend in bug reports. They will beaddressed.
Fireworks Tap
This app was created for my infant son. Tap the screen and watchthefireworks explode!NO ADS! This app is TOTALLY FREE!To make thisappbaby proof all menus and options have been removed. No extrabuttonsand no ads to tap on makes this perfect for toddlers!Tapand drag toset off a string of fireworks! Handles multi-touch soyou can setoff fireworks by tapping all your fingers at once!Thesefireworksare easy enough for babies to use and fun for adults too.Enjoythese amazing and totally free fireworks!If you like thisfireworksapp (and are feeling generous) please rate the app.
Kids Sea Animals Jigsaw Puzzle
Sea Animals Puzzles is a great puzzle game for kids and toddlers*Explore through 36 puzzles! Select the level of difficulty fitforyour kids! Aimed for kids in the ages 1-8 Sea AnimalPuzzlefeatures: * 6 different locations to explore, each contains6different pictures. * Play through of 36 Unique puzzles. Moreareon the way.. * Wide range of difficulty levels - from 2 piecesforstarters to 30 pieces for preschool kids and first graders! *Easyto learn and control, even for small children * Funny andLovableanimals, beautifully drawn in vivid HD Graphics *Interactiveanimals sound effects, Positive and pleasant feedback. *Multipleside activities - pop balloons or bubbles * Control thegame musicand sound effects from the settings menu * Additionalsettingsallow several options to modify puzzles difficulty level *Childsafe menu buttons to prevent accidental entry to parentrelatedpages Sea Animals puzzles is a wonderful way to introduceyour kidto lovable Ocean Animals. Your kid will improve his/herskillswhile having fun! Our educational games are specificallytailoredto fit preschool-aged kids, and encourage them to learnfrom eachactivity. We specialize in fun educational games. The gamecontainsjust a single In App Purchase to unlock all activities.Just 1.99and play for free forever. Alternatively you can now playalllevels for free if you elect to view Ads.Thanks foryoursupport!*** How to start to play? ***Press the play button onthemain page. First, you will be asked to choose a difficulty level-from 2 pieces up to 30, or choose to play one of therandomsettings. You can always change that later from the settingspage.Then, you'll reach the puzzle pack selection. The game isdividedto 6 sets of 6 pictures each. pick the first pack tocontinue.Onthe puzzle selection page you can choose from 6different pictures.Pick the first to begin.*** What will my kidlearn? ***Sea Animalpuzzle is a great learning tool aimed to helpbuild kids shape andpattern recognition, fine motor skills,cognitive skills and visualspatial skills.*** What makes our gameswork? **** Educational appsfor young children is our focus. Ourchildren ideas are behind manyof our games and they are our firsthappy players for every app wemake. * In Tiltan, we know thateducating children can be fun! Weaim to give children just theright balance between education andfun* Our app is easy to graspand control on one hand butchallenging enough to provide asignificant learningexperience.Have Fun!Tiltan Games(2013)LTD
Nursery Rhymes Songs & Kids Puzzle Games Free
Best Nursery Rhymes Songs & Kids Puzzle Games Free is afun& educational learning game for preschool children,toddlers& babies including those with autism. Children can tapon theanimals, characters & activities on screen to make themcomealive with funny animations & sounds within the game. Thistoprhymes app is enriched with Animations, Sounds, Songs,Puzzles& interactivity for repeat playing & learning. ThisFreejigsaw like puzzle game helps your kids develop matching,tactile& fine motor skills while playing differentAnimalsPuzzles.Nursery rhymes for kids interact with thecharactersonscreen as they learn, play & sing along. Kids &littlebaby will have fun interacting & touching the animals tohearthe sounds. Favourite Nursery rhymes for kids & nurserysongsthat are included in this free apps for kids - TwinkleTwinklelittle Star, Old McDonald Had a farm, Mary had a littlelamb, RowRow Row your boat, Tisket Tasket, Skip to my Lou, wheelson theBus, Alphabet SongThis top rhymes app can be used byParents,Nursery Teachers and Kids for learning & teaching newrhymes tokids making learning process fun and entertaining. Unlikeotherapps, in our best nursery rhymes videos, the rhymes arehighlyinteractive with educational games help cognitive skills.Singalong & play with songs for kids, baby rhymes &playpreschool games, activities. Best kid apps for 2 years oldPuzzlesfor children & Sounds for babies.Best Rhymes game forkids onAndroid offers free nursery rhymes for toddlers and babies,earlylearning kids songs, toddler games and Kids Puzzles, AnimalPuzzlesand kids games. Fun, educational toddler games that help thelittlekids learn. These include jigsaw puzzle games, animal games,babysounds and more. No wifi is needed, all nursery rhymes,songs,videos and puzzles are offline. Nursery Rhymes and songs forkidsis the toddler apps with preschool songs & music for kids.CuteNursery Rhymes has everything for kids under 5 years old. BestAppsfor preschoolers & kindergarten kids. Interactive rhymes isanearly learning children app with animal puzzles and gamesandsongs. Young kids, pre-schoolers, toddlers, and babies willlovewatching these baby videos and learn while they have fun playwithpuzzles. Suitable for right brain exercise, the graphicsactivatethe right brain. Improve the brain´s observation skills,cognitiveability, concentration, memory, creativity andimagination. Ourpuzzles are suitable for children aged 2 years oldand 3 years old.Kids Top Nursery Rhymes is a free apps for kids& little babygames for 1 year olds or games for autism kids-Babies and toddlersenjoy playing our baby game with interactivesound effects- Nurseryrhymes for kids is a free puzzle game forkids- Games for autistickids- Baby Movies, Kids music & songs,free kids apps- PreSchool videos & Kids cartoon videos- Freeapps for kids &children music game- Kids family friendlyPuzzlegame for kids haseducational value for children of two years andthree years. Thegame is ideal for little baby & childrenyounger than 4 yearolds and 5 year oldsAll NurseryRhymes,songs,offline videos areCOMPLETELY FREE Rhymes videos andnursery songs for everyoneincluding parents, teachers, and Nurseryrhymes for kids areavailable in OFFLINE kids mode with sing alongfor kids to enjoykids rhymes & baby songs or bedtime songsCOPPACompliant
Christmas Fireworks Sparkler
Christmas and New Year - the holidays are very bright, and youneedto mark them properly! Looking for fireworks,firecrackers,fireworks in large quantities, as well as sparklers!All this is,in this application, the most important thing - inunlimitedquantities! Enjoy!
Fireworks ZERO Launcher
Fireworks ZERO Launcher is an awesome way to turn a boringplainmobile interface into a beautiful one!Specially designed forZEROlauncher, our theme provides beautiful and uniqueappicons,wallpapers,folder and app drawer interface.Get it rightnowand make your phone totally brand new!The amazing HD screenshotsweadded will show you just how great this theme will look onyourphone !DescriptionHow To Install:-- Follow this 3 steps:FireworksZERO Launcher, click on the "Set as Active Theme" buttonand selectthe theme from the following page!-- Our theme uses ZEROlauncher.If you do not have it installed, you will be redirected toadownload page!-- If you are having problems installingFireworksZERO Launcher, send us an email at
Simulator Of Pyrotechnics
With this application you can enjoy fireworks is absolutelysecure.Activate your friends! Use this app for the holidays! Theapp iscompletely safe and will not harm you in any way!
ABC Animal Adventures - Educational Toddler Games
ABC Educational Animal Adventures has been designed byPreschoolTeachers for Kids & is Loved By Parents around theworld.Thisapp helps build a child's cognitive skills, memoryconcentrationand much more through 9 cute educational animaladventures.Toddlers will learn preschool skills such as ABC,Tracing,Spelling, Numbers and more.It Includes the followingeducationalactivities for Kids:1. Tracing Letters2. Spelling, A- ZofAnimals3. Counting Numbers4. Jigsaw Puzzles5. AlphabetFlashCards6. Pet Doctor7. Spot the Difference8. Pet Salon9.FeedingAnimalsKids will really enjoy playing this game &learning fromit as every little action has been thoughtfullydesigned for aneffortless gameplay. The app has received superbreviews from manyMommy Bloggers & Kids Learning AppsWebsites."Vibrant, smartand something toddlers are bound to like" -LesleyTaylor "This app is a good primer forfuture scienceclasses as it promotes visual association &strengthens theircognitive skills" - “I like thatthere a varietyof animals in this app and I personally learned acouple new thingson what some animals eat! - ImaFullTimeMummy.comAneasy, fun &simple game, which is adored by kids worldwide. ABCEducationalAnimal Adventures endeavors to be enjoyable andeducational at thesame time. It has been tested by several kids toensure aneffortless and smooth game play without the childgettingfrustrated by confusing pop ups and menus. While having funandlearning, children are awarded with stickers for correctlyplayingthe puzzles & games. The sticker rewards are bound toencouragethe kids and to keep them engaged. This app attempts tostrengthenyour child’s cognitive skills, concentration and memory.Itsinteractive and animated graphics will keep the kids engagedandbring them back for more learning!Other features:> NoSocialMedia links> We don't collect any Personal Data from ourlittleusersWe have used the below permissions in the app to be abletosave the photos of what kids create in the app.•READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE• WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGEWe are alwayslookingfor suggestions for improvements. If you have anything tosay youcan always drop us aline.Email:info@paperboatapps.comWebsite: Paper Boat Apps is amember ofMoms with Apps, a collaborative group of family-friendlydevelopersseeking to promote quality apps for kids and families.As a ‘Momswith Apps’ member, we follow the "Know what's inside"best practicesfor kids’ apps.