Top 48 Games Similar to Turtles Ninja Graffiti Fight

The Ninja Shadow Turtle - Battle and Fight 1.2
Umida Games
Do you want join to battle of ninja shadow in sewer and fightwithshadow ninja character ?This is game made for you : TheNinjaShadow Turtle - Battle and FightIf you are a fan of ninja ruagamesso this game is for you , very simple game to playThe NinjaShadowTurtle - Battle and Fight is an adventure game that takesplace ina sewer under city .The Ninja Shadow Turtle - Battle andFight is agame for fight from a black tiger to save yourlife.Break, jumpover, slide of Shadow turtles under and dodgeobstacles for fight.Enjoy the run through the mysterious city .TheNinja Shadow Turtle- Battle and Fight is best ninja shadow fightand ninja combat game2018.Join to world of alien and mutant ninja.Get ready to be aninja shadow turtle, the most powerful ninja youhave ever seen.Help the Mutant Ninja Rua travel through portals andfight evil inthis action-packed street fighting game.You are theperfect littleninja shadow turtle in the universal !Travel with himthrough thecountry collecting all the treasures along the way. Useyour skillsto guide the Turtle Ninja and help him complete eachstage and winhim all achievements.This game fan of ninja must have!!!GameFeatures - Explore the mysterious masks! - Face the unknowndangersand fear!- Classic graphics with turtles- Special skill -Run, jumpand fight against enemy.- Amazing power-up use turtleporwerJustdownload amazing game and play it !
Shadow Turtles Ninja vs Alien 1.1
Icy games
Wellcome to World of shadow ninja andAlien!Are you crazy fans of Ninja and Turltes ?Are you crazy fans of classic fighting game ?Do you want join to battle of Shadow ninja and fight withshadowcharacter ?This is game made for you : Shadow Turtle Ninja vs AlienShadow Turtle Ninja vs Alien is best ninja fighting and ninjacombatgame 2017.Join to world of alien and mutant ninja .Get ready to be aninjaturtle, the most powerful ninja you have ever seen.Help theMutantNinja travel through portals and fight evil in thisaction-packedstreet fighting game.Travel with him through thecountry collectingall the treasures along the way.Use your skills to guide the Turtle Ninja and help him completeeachstage and win him all achievements.Great warrior turtles you have been called upon to defendyourvillage, so you must race back to save it fromcertaindestruction.**Shadow Ninja fight Alien Features **:+ Nice graphics with 4 type ninja and turtles+ Special skill and power of turtles ninja+ Ninja run, jump & fight against enemy.+ Amazing power-up boosts, use turtle power !Game for FREE!This game fan of NINJA must have ! Feedback about game pleasesendemail for me.Rate 5 Star if you like game !
Ninja Rua - Shadow Sewer Fight 1.0
kotaku mobi
Are you crazy fans of shadow characterandseriefighting game ?Do you want join to battle of shadow ninja and fightwithalienshadow character ?This is game made for you : Shadow Turtle Ninja Sewer FightShadow Turtle Ninja Sewer Fight is best ninja shadow fightandninjacombat game 2018.Join to world of alien and mutant ninja. Get ready to beaninjaturtle, the most powerful ninja you have ever seen.Help the Mutant Ninja travel through portals and fight evilinthisaction-packed street fighting game.Travel with him through the country collecting allthetreasuresalong the way.Use your skills to guide the Turtle Ninja and help himcompleteeachstage and win him all achievements.Great warrior turtles you have been called upon todefendyourvillage, so you must race back to save itfromcertaindestruction.What are you waiting for now just try?They are powerful ancient hunter. The game has tenserhythm,amazinggraphics, and smooth control feelings.Turtles shadows fight ninja looks like adventure game butmucheasierthan that , it can easily be played by your kids and youcanreallyplay it when you are bored .This game fan of NINJA must have !*** Game Features ***- Explore the mysterious masks! ! !- Face the unknown dangers and fear! ! !- Classic graphics with turtles- Special skill and power of turtles ninja- Ninja run, jump & fight against enemy.- Amazing power-up boosts use turtle porwerJust download this copy of this amazing gameThis last has unlimited levels, the game will last untilcrashingonany surface!If you're looking for a fun game full of adventure! This willbethebest choice to you choose it
Turtles Shadow Ninja Sewer Run 1.1
Icy games
Wellcome to World of shadow ninja andturtlesin Sewer run ! This game fan of NINJA must have !Are you crazy fans of Ninja and Turltes ,and crazy fans ofclassicgame from 1990 ?Do you want join to battle of Shadow ninja and fight withshadowcharacter ?This is game made for you : Turtles shadow ninja Sewer Run"Turtles shadow ninja Sewer run" is best ninja combat andadventuregame 2017.Get ready to be a ninja turtle, the most powerful ninja youhaveever seen.Join to world of alien and mutant ninjaHelp the Mutant Ninja travel through portals and fight evil inthisaction-packed street fighting gameTravel with him through the country collecting all thetreasuresalong the way.Use your skills to guide the Turtle Ninja and help him completeeachstage and win him all achievements.Great warrior turtles you have been called upon to defendyourvillage, so you must race back to save it fromcertaindestruction.You're in for some action and adventure during yourninjacombat.Features:- Classic graphics with 4 turtles- Special 4 turtles skill and power of turtles ninja- Ninja run, jump & fight against enemy.- Amazing power-up boosts, use turtle porwerFree download and Rate 5 star if you like game !Feedback about game pls send email for me.
Mutant Ninja & Turtles 1.0
Mutant Ninja & Turtles is one of the best new Ninja&turtles games full of action and adventure, this teenagemutantninja & Turtles game is one of the best on the store ,you playas a ninja turtle who is a turtle that can you use ninjaskills andattacks , he is using 2 katana plus 2 daggers , use thekatana inclose ninja combats and the daggers in ranged ninjafights, don'tforget that you have to avoid the obstacles on yourway especiallythe spikes, keep an eye on your health bar and try tokeep it ashigh as possible , use the bonuses that can be found allover theplace to recover your health and to refill your daggers.HowTo PlayMutant Ninja & Turtles games :- use the arrows to moveforwardand backward- use the jump button to jump you can also tapit twiceto make the ninja or turtles jump twice in the air, or tomakemultiple jumps on the walls- press the katana button to usetheninja or turtles katana in order to get rid of closemonsters-press the dagger / kunai button to use the ninja orturtles rangedattack and kill enemies from distanceMain Features ofMutant Ninja& Turtles games :- 100% Free Ninja Game- 4Different Worlds-Multiple Levels with boss fights- Ninja or TurtlesAdventure Game-Addictive and fun to playMutant Ninja & Turtlesgame is notjust for kids, this game is for everyone who loves Ninjaor Turtlesgames. This is a fantasy game of a Teenage mutant Ninjaand Turtlewho is very strong and making his way through the shadowsof thisworld by killing his enemies and those evil monsters tryingto stophim from becoming the strongest Teenage mutant ninja.
Ninja and Turtle Shadow Pirate 1.1
Suchu Media
Wow wow ! Best game about Ninja must have !Wellcome to Worldofshadow ninja fight Pirate !Are you crazy fans of Ninja andTurltes,and crazy fans of classic game from 1990 ?Do you want jointobattle of ninja Shadow - fight with shadow character ?This isgamemade for you : Turtles ninja shadow fight Pirate"Ninja andTurtleShadow Pirate" is best Ninja Combat and action game 2016.Getreadyto be a turtle ninja (Ninja Rua) , the most powerful ninja youhaveever seen.Join to world of alien and mutant ninjaHelp theMutantNinja travel through portals and fight evil in thisaction-packedstreet fighting gameTravel with him through thecountry collectingall the treasures along the way.=> Use yourskills to guide theNinja Turtle and help him complete each stageand win him allachievements.Great warrior turtles you have beencalled upon todefend your village, so you must race back to save itfrom certaindestruction.You're in for some action and adventureduring yourninja combat.Ninja Turtle Shadow Pirate Features:- NiceShadowcharacter graphics with 4 turtles- Special 4 skill turtlesandpower of turtles ninja- Ninja run, jump & fight againstenemy.-Amazing power-up boosts, use turtle powerFree download andRate 5star if you like game !Feedback about game please send emailforme.
Ninja Turtles: Legends 1.11.39
Ludia Inc.
Bros vs Foes!At every turn, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtleshavethwarted Kraang Prime’s plans to terraform the Earth intoDimensionX. What’s an evil overlord to do? Hatch a nefarious newscheme, tocreate an army of Ultra Mutants! Everywhere, the Kraanghavekidnapped mutants - including the Ninja Turtles - fortheirDNA!With his brothers pulled through a Kraang Dimension Xportal,Leonardo must recruit the Ninja Turtles’ allies and foesalikebefore it’s too late. Hang on to your shells!ORIGINALNINJAS:Explore the Turtles universe with an All-New Original story.Battleyour way through 7 chapters and over 70 stages to take onthebaddest of bosses – Shredder, Kraang and more!RESPECT THESHELL:For a limited-time, play and experience an all-new chapterbased onthis summer’s blockbuster, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles:Out of theShadows! When their recon mission goes awry, the Turtlesmust takeon the Foot Clan and favourite bad boys Bebop andRocksteady! Fightto win and collect these exclusivecharacters!TURTLE POWER: HelpLeonardo as he takes on the Kraangarmy to save his brothers andfellow mutants. Play alongsideLeonardo in a 5-on- 5 battle withyour favorite TMNTcharacters.MUTANT MAYHEM: Collect and level upover 30 TMNTcharacters! Train them to learn their super sweetmoves and buildyour Turtle-rrific team! Don’t forget to pack yourfreezer for IceCream Kitty!SHRED ALERT: For the very first time,fight the Kraangas a Ninja Turtle friend… or FOE! Collect and playas Tiger Claw,Rocksteady, Bebop, and more. Create strategic teamsand take on theKraang!FOOD FIGHT: Collect daily prizes and cardpacks to enhanceyour team!WE RUN THIS TOWN: Fight against theKraang in the NinjaTurtles’ favorite locations from the TV show,including Dimension X,the sewers and the classic New York Cityrooftops!Gentlemen, let’ssave the world!--Teenage Mutant NinjaTurtles: Legends collectsnon-personal user data (includingaggregated data) and connects with3rd party social mediaapplications.Please note, Teenage MutantNinja Turtles: Legends iscompletely free to play but offers somegame items for purchasewith real money. If you choose not to usethis feature, you candisable in-app purchases in your device'ssettings.For usersresiding in the EU, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles:Legends mayinclude the use of persistent identifiers for gamemanagementpurposes and installation of this app constitutes yourpermissionto such usage of persistent identifiers for all users onyourdevice.
Ninja Shadow: Turtle Warrior 1.8
Sunstar Games
Play as action flying ninja warrior turtle & fightsupervillains of USA crime city with your mutant ninja shadowboxingturtle and sword fighting skills. As shadow fighter flyingucanninja champ show your mutant ninja tactics in teenage mutantninjagame to fight bad people and deadly criminals. Swing yourteenfight ninja sword to protect the people of simulation townandeliminate the terrorists & incredible monsters with the edgeofyour sword blade. Apart from that, steal motor bikes and carsfromthe streets of your futuristic city, and be a flying ninjamotorider as you race across the vegas city. So if you see a carflyingmutant & you like, just steal it by defeating thedeadlycriminals.Embark on a flying epic ninja warrior adventure andgetyourself ready for this grand auto open world action ninjashadowwarrior game where you play as turtle warrior who has beentrainedas teen fight ninja by revenge blade & alligator mma toprotectthe people and fight against mafia heroes to end theircriminalreign. Some ninja swing fight for vengeance and some fightfortheir survival, the corda ninja shadow warrior turtlefightsagainst the gangsta slots to keep his city clean. Superherowarrioradventure slots is here to end the vendetta crime, thisteenagemutant hardcore ninja shadow turtle is not going to wait forthepolice, he got supernatural powers so he is gonna givejusticehimself. This fly hero city escape town simulator actionpackedgame is full of adventures and fast racing car chases sodrive thruninja and smash the cars of terrorists of grand autovegas city.This turtle episode is full of action Ninja ShadowWarriorgoodness. Be ready for this free ninja combat in the darknight ofterror in which superhero alien’s squad fight with shadowturtlewarriors. You are a fearless hero and a city fighter so showthepower of your sword and climb the barrier like a ninja heroandescape ninja like shadow. Show some ninja tactics in thisninjagame and become a ninja champ. Hardcore ninja fight fortheirmission. In this critical mission of grand auto Vegas citycrushthe monster brutally with your sword blade as a fearlessfighter.Be a turtle warrior corda in this best ninja game, do notlet theshadow warrior escape stand like a warrior assassin princein thiscombat.Feel yourself like a super run ninja assassin warriorturtleand be cautious about stealth killing of the shadow villains.Saveyour life from the shadow warrior and run like a ninja, this isthegame in which you can actually feel like a ninja. NinjaShadowWarrior turtle gives you a chance to show your skills ofjumpingfrom one to another like a super ninja kill the enemies assoon aspossible by your sword. But be careful, as you advance thiswillbecome harder and tougher. So waiting for what? Let’s exploretheturtle world with this lethal environment.
City Prison Critical Escape 1.1
Break out of a high security prison to be the hero of yourcityagain
Super Warrior Ninja Go - FINAL BATTLE 1.0
Do you known lengend about Ninja warriorintheworld ?This game don't like ninja rua , ninja shadowandturltesninja.This is game about favourite le go child ninja assasin in theworld-Ninja GoFight against lego aliens, steal your powers to be abletotransforminto aliens.Your job is to break this curse and bring back good to theleninjago world.Stop an evil curse from overtaking the world!Charge your omni to be able to become a powerful alien!Blast Le go enemies during a holiday journey onadistantplanet!Super Warrior Ninja Go - FINAL BATTLE lets you play asrealtoycharacters.Toss grenades to blow up brick bridges, and shootlasersthroughsnowy obstacles!Use the Ninja's techno blades to fight into enemy vehiclesandusethem as your own.Choose between Kai or zane or cole and Jay to battletheOverlord'sminions.Use your ninja skills to survive in an Asian arena!You will fight against other deadly warriors.Jump to dodge attacks, and move back and forth to escapefromfallingobjects.Swing your sword to chop opponents into tiny pieces !!!!Feature :- Crazy game- Nice Graphics- Free GameplayJoin to world Ninja-Go to fight now !
Turtle Hero: Superheroes Open World Ninja Battle 1.5
Be a live and sprightly chum in this outlandish battle ofrescuegames and authenticate the buff of your driving aptitudes andsuperpowers by substantiating yourself a set up performer ofsuperherogames. There is extremely risky fight in thisincomprehensiblebattle of hero games in which you need to precedeyour fictionalcharacter against the evils. You have to finish yourexpeditionagainst a long list of superheroes who are now on a jointventurewith their strange powers. You must need to monitor thedifferenttraits of each and every fictional hero and spare yourselffrom therealistic physics and martial arts, they are expertin.Get-up-and-make special efforts of survival games by makingandensuring the security of your city performing the role ofthelegend of the city as was the case before this foreign invasionofopen world games.Apparently it seems an epigrammatic battlewherethe comic hero seems not in somewhat authoritative manner butit isonly a false fallacy on the part of the spectator. Beforethebombastic efficiency of the turtle hero, the superheroes aremerepuppets whose very fates are in the hands and controls ofyourpowerful hero. He had a cosmic capability of the same concernwhenhe had the same and severe battle against the gangsters,criminals,terrorists of flying games. He is well proficient in theuse ofninja, karate, punch, kick and kung Fu. In order to make theenemyfeel the brunt of his real powers, he acts like a gangsterandsnatches the cars, bikes and buses to reach hisdestinations.Inthis game, turtle hero scuffles with all the fabledsuperheroes ofhero games like hammer hero, rope hero, and claws xhero, ironhero, bat hero, captain hero and spider hero. He conteststhisconflict heroically and brings ragdoll effects to the pack okdarkforces of superhero games. It is a time for you todisguiseyourself as turtle hero and clash with superheroes ofrescue gamesin an open world battle. You must act like a realavenger againstthe bulky pack of ravishing hounds of survivalgames. Accomplishthe role of the defender of the city anddemonstrate that you areabove all these gargantuan mortals even ifthey contend against youin an assemblage. Mark the responsibilitiesof the savior of thecity of open world games fresh with the skillsyou retain atphysical and mental level and cause devastation in thelines ofyour adversaries.
Coloring:Turtles Ninja Legends 1.88
For all you the ninja turtle lovers out there! Download thisgamefor preschool kids. This is a way for children and adults aliketoexpress themselves. You can tell a lot about the way a personisfeeling by the images that they draw, the colors that theyuse,etc. A child who draws skulls and other disturbing objectsmight becrying out for help, in the only way that he/she knows how.A childwho cheerful objects may be expressing satisfaction,content, andlove, in the only way that he/she knows how. It isimportant togive children a chance to express themselves, and notall childrenexpress themselves through words and through writing,many useart.What is the coloring games about?★ FEATURES👍 More than40+Turtles Ninja Legends Coloring pages👍 More than 80+ PencilsColors👍4 Categories as Main Characters : Donatello, Michelangelo,Raphael,Leonardo👍 Create your own color combinations in the drawinggamefor children.👍 Kids painting and doodling for girls isdesignedalso for toddlers and babies.👍 Coloring book for kids hassimplecontrols! Tap to paint and pinch to zoom on the coloringpages👍Doodle their own drawings by using one of the awesome tools.👍Save& Share options, Share your creations with family andfriendsof Facebook, Instagram and on other social apps.👍 Easy touse👍 100% Free app👍 Available for offline use!★ HOW TO PLAY👍 Selectone ofthe 10 categories👍 Choose one cartoon image👍 Select yourcolors👍Start painting👍 Save or share your workIn the present, theMutantTeenage Turtles Ninja have grown apart. After defeatingtheShredder, Master Splinter has sent Leonardo to Central Americafortraining. Donatello works as an IT specialist, Michelangeloworksas a birthday party entertainer called cowabunga carl, andRaphaelworks at night as the vigilante nightwatcher. April O'Neiloperatesa company that locates and acquires relics for collectors,assistedby her boyfriend, Casey Jones.Coloring book turtles ninjatmnt isan educational coloring game for both Boys & Girls wholike tocolor their favorite coloring teenage mutant ninjaturtlescharacters as cartoon. Kids will learn to paint picturescorrectlyusing the right colors. and will have so much fun timecoloring inour tmnt-game.
View-Master® TMNT VR Game 1.2.1
There’s something afoot in New York City and it’s up to you andtheTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to find out what’s going on and putastop to it! Go on missions throughout New York City to learnmoreabout the secret plot and stop Shredder from taking over thecity!And visit special locations to unlock special objects fromtheshow! Key Features:The View-Master® TMNT Virtual Reality appallowskids to explore the sewer lair, chill with the Teenage MutantNinjaTurtles, and train with Master Splinter in the dojo to learntheirunique moves! Explore the lair in 7 different missionlocations,including:• Sewer Lair• Chinatown• Antonio's Pizzeria•NYCDowntown• TCRI Building• Coney Island• Shredder's LairThreelevelsof difficulty make each mission fun to play again and again.Minigames within the app feature panoramic photospheres creatingaunique and immersive experience.*The View-Master VR platformiscompatible with Google Cardboard and View-MasterViewers.PrivacyPolicy:
Flying Ninja Warrior Turtle City Rescue Mission 3D 1.2
Get ready for some action as a ninja turtle on a city rescuemissionin Flying Ninja warrior turtle city rescue mission3Dgame 2017Gangsters are active, crime rate is high, citypeopleare in danger and criminal activities are at its peak. Becomeaninja turtle warrior and fight bravely like a real heroninjaturtle flying warrior to control bad guys , thugs and crimescenein the city. Army is busy in war with terrorist and you havetoplay the role of super hero ninja turtle to rescue the city.Flyingninja warrior turtle city rescue mission 3D game is not onlybattleagainst criminals but also rescue mission to help injuredpeoplehomecoming from tours with your superhero flying skills. Flyhighin the sky as real ninja turtle hero and fight bravely withthecity gangsters and criminals to become a real ninja fighteragainstcriminal mafia in grand city. Flying ninja warrior turtlecityrescue survival has many rescue and survival missions and asabrave ninja hero turtle warrior you must be able to save peopleandinjured citizens with super power rescue skills. There may beasecurity alert, criminal attack and a combat betweenpoliceofficers and gangsters where your help would be needed. BetheSuper ninja turtle in action simulator and help the policeofficersin fight against the terrorists squad & city criminals.Useyour advanced ninja master mind and advance shuriken accuratelyandkill the gangster squad in city survival mission 2017. Nowgetready for ninja survival rescue missions for city people thatarein need of extreme help. Show your extreme flying action stuntsforbig city rescue survival in this amazing Flying NinjaWarriorTurtle City Rescue game 2018.It’s time to become a defenderof thegrand city. Be the brave homecoming ninja turtle in abattleagainst extreme terror.Fly around real grand city to examinethebad crime scene with your sharp ninja eye. Start yoursurvivalmission 2017 and rescue the citizens from Fps terroristattack towin the rescue ninja battle. The lives of people of grandcity areprecious. Ambulance or police firefighters won’t be able toreachin time so you need to take the responsibility of grandcityrescue. Reach the crime scene with your jumping power andholdinjured citizens in ninja smart arms. Fly high and take themtohospital safely for treatment. The emergency situation is onthego, people are injured and need real ninja rescue help.Holdhopeless people in your arms and transport them to hospitalfortreatment. Jump from one building to another, rescue civiliansandfight against criminals with your ninja super powers to winthegrand city ninja rescue battle. As a ninja turtle futuristicheroyou have power to crush the whole universe of all ninjaturtlegames. This rescue ninja 2018 simulator will keep the userengagedfor hours of fun. Realistic controls of fight with thecriminals inepic battle will be an amazing factor for you. If youare lookingfor game full of adventure and action then this game isbest chancefor you. Just download this superhero ninja game whichis best inninja world and enjoy fun and fighting for severalhours.Ninjaturtle rescue game is new concept in action world withlot ofentertainment, advance and easy controls, amazing designed 3Dworldand great graphics for all ages. No internet no problemjustdownload for one time and enjoy for whole life with super funinFlying Ninja warrior turtle city rescue mission 3D.
Turtles: Ninja Legends
Start new action game full of super missions!Become a championinopen-world adventure!Defeat all your rivals!Be arealsuperhero!Face off against your villains Fight as arealninjaRemember that save the city is the greatest feat!It’s timetoemerge from the shadows and enter the war! Favorite heroes ofallteenagers of the world now in the mobile game. And they aregoingto save their city and all citizens from mutant’s invasion.Wouldbe they able to complete this mission? Make an investigationwiththeir correspondent friend and fight with an old enemy!Dotheninja-kick! Remember about all tricks that you got fromyourninja-teacher. And, of course, use them properly. Enjoyanunforgettable adventure with favorite mutant heroes.
Turtle Puzzle Ninja Kids New 4.0
try to play the game Turtle Puzzle NinjaKidsNew and fill your day with a wide range of all little lizardandtiny turtle toy collection of puzzle games.this is an educational game Development of the main memory,andobserving the different comics. The characters are different inthegame. This principle can be developed and used to studythematerials. In everyday life You will love this game, if youlikethe characters in these games.Turtle Puzzle Ninja games for fans of the comic is a free gamewiththe following special features.This best free ninja turtle games for kids in the world app tofillyour spare time and lots of fun.find puzzle Power the ninja turtle game. and sharewithfriends.slide image and apply as before to win a level*** PART OF FEATURE DETAILS ***20 classic & special puzzle games, challenge yourbrain!Supported Puzzle Games:Classic Jigsaw PuzzleFill Jigsaw PuzzleFree Swap PuzzleAdjacent Swap PuzzleShuffle Puzzle- For puzzle lover.The difficulty of the game is to remember."I'm a kid" - For children.Game difficulty is memory customize for children."Custom Mode" - For hardcore puzzle lover.In "Custom Mode", you can easily custom your game difficulty,suchas puzzle shape, pieces size, rotation and style. difficultyit'sup to you.
Turtle Warrior Dark Ninja: Tank Attack 2.0
Sunstar Games
Play as Turtle Warrior Ninja in this free open city game.
Galaxy Ninja White Shooter - New Fight Wars 1.5
Ohfunny mobi
Are you fans of Ninja character ?Do you known legend aboutNinjawarrior ? This game don't like ninja rua, ninja shadow andturtlesninja. This game about favourite assasin ninja toy in theworldFight against galaxy star enemies , steal your powers to beable totransform into aliens.Your job is to break this curse andbringback good to the le ninja go world. Stop an evil cursefromovertaking the world. Charge your omni to be able to becomeapowerful alien!Blast all enemies during a holiday journey onadistant planet! With Galaxy Ninja Go Shooter - New Fight Warsyouwill play as real toy characters. Toss grenades to blow upbrickbridges, and shoot lasers through snowy obstacles!Use theNinja'stechno blades to fight into enemy vehicles and use them asyourown. Select between Kai, zane, cole and Jay to battle theoverlordevil. Jump, Run and Gun enemies to dodge attacks, and moveback andforth to escape from falling objects. Forward running isthe onlyway to keep your life. It is an application created forthispurpose. The spirit that embedded inside the ninja could notstophim running over and over again.Download now and have funwithGalaxy Ninja Shooter - New Fight Wars !Join to world Ninja Gotoshoot all enemies now !
Super Turtle Hero Adventures 1.1
It’s time for these turtles to leave the pond, and take on auniqueway to fight crime! Clash of the heroes and villains havejustbegin! Are you up for the challenge?!Use your SuperTurtleabilities to spin this town around! Clear the city fromthugmafias, gangster gangs, and criminals. Reclaim your turf withyourninja and karate skills! This game is a combined fusion ofaction,fighting, and RPG adventures. Embark on fighting missionsafterpicking your favorite super turtle with a colorful texture.Useamazing fighting tricks and advance attacking powers todealmaximum damage. There are story-based missions to explore withtwodifferent environments especially designed for thrillingaction.Every single mission has a unique challenge to overcome,skill tolearn, and special attack, like Mega punch and kick!Protectcivilians, children cars, and buildings from harm.Who needsthepolice?! Grab your weapon, and fight for survival!Super TurtleHeroAdventure Features:• Awesome 3D blocky city environmentforultimate thrill.• Smooth, easy, Addictive, intuitive &storybased game play.• Variety of cool Turtles to choose from.•Amazingattacking animation with advance attacking features• SuperAwesomevisual & sounds effects• Numbers of action packedfightingmissions to fight • Amazing flying kick, jumping kick &armswrestling attack animations
Turtle Hero: Urban Ninja 6.0.0
Cartoon legend returns! Your favorite mutant ninja is coming backtoprotect a city and fight with crime! A new ninja adventure gamefullof special tasks and super missions is waiting.You will haveanopportunity to test yourself as a martial art fighter andguardianof order. Just follow instructions and complete allmissions step bystep to defeat your enemy on the final battle.Welcome to the sequelof teenage mutant story with powerful heroesand super contests!Joina team of super champions and protect thisUniverse!Differentlocations full of thrilled quests andmissions.Look for a clue tostart a new mission. Choose a characterand decide how your battleis going to last. Become an ultimatechampion of this specialcontest.If you want to start a newsuperhero story, just chooseanother character. Fight againstcrime, deal with terrorists andrescue hostages.
Turtle Superhero Monster Warrior 1.1.2
Pocket App Studio is extremely delighted to present thisComicfiction Turtle Superhero Monster Warrior Action game. Areyoulooking for an amazing teenage superheroes game with ninjaswing?We are introducing an awesome piece of entertainment in thisTurtleSuperhero Monster Warrior game. Yes, you are going toexperiencemost wanted comic hero "Superhero Ninja Warrior Turtleshadow" withsword action. This ninja warrior shadow is teenageanthropomorphicturtle, who has turned into mutant Turtle WarriorNinja to fightagainst evil Immortal Gods of superheroes, villainsshadows. ▶ GAMEPLAY ◀Turtle Superhero Monster Warrior game is basedon sciencefiction mutant immortal Gods of superhero games and veryeasy toplay. An ordinary human was walking in the streets of NewYork,when he saw people going through life threateningsituationscreated by evil superheroes. That's the time when he feltchangesin his body as superhero Mutant discovers his abilitieslikeultimate ninja. You (Turtle Superhero Monster Warrior ) willfightagainst World best comic superheroes like Immortal GodsofSuperhero, Rope man, Incredible superhero, super spidermania,super girl & captain superhero and you have to defeatthem toget access next level. They all have incredible super powerstoconquer the world. you but you should use all your Ninjashadow,Taekwondo, Mauy Thai, Boxing and other fighter skills. Youhave theability to ride on any furious car, police cars &futuristicbikes.Turtle Superhero Monster Warrior Features:•Detailedenvironments with different Views.• Car Theft , Bike Theft, Busstheft, Drive thru ninja• Highly futuristic super powerMutant.•Realistic Sound Effects.• Stunning gameplay with varietyofsuperhero levels.• Futuristic HD 3D Graphics.• FuturisticgameEnvironment.You will be delighted to experience yourfavoritesuperhero as a Turtle Superhero Monster Warrior in thisgame. Youcan explore new missions, vehicles, characters. Don't giveup, tillthe end! Brace yourself to start a new version of thesuperheroninja turtle adventure. There isn't a need specialtraining to bepart of superhero champions league. Do you have thecourage tocomplete all the missions on turtle skateboard? Killing,rubbing,stealing, destroying things. Drive theft cars in a wildmanner,make sure you put your enemies to death using yourincrediblesuperhero powers , kills policemen, steals differentkinds ofvehicles. Prove yourself as a superhero and give a freerein to thevillains. This war of justice is nevertheless than waragainstassassins, champions, hitman. Now it's your turn to savepeople,keep the city safe. Survival of innocent people is nexttoimpossible. Dare to be the brave Mutant superpower of big cityandfight against terrorism with zeal and power. It's a time ofCall!Are you ready to explore your superhero powers?If you lovesupermachines, mech games, hardcore ninja, superhero games, fungames,saviour games, spider games, futuristic mortal combogames,simulation games, challenging games, flying hero games,actiongames, vigilantly games, science fiction games, homecominggames,teleporting games then you will love this!In this TurtleSuperheroMonster Warrior game you play as flying ninja and expertexpandingMMA grand champion. So strap in -- there’s no auto-pilot.!Masterthe art of using your incredible superhero abilities andbecome theunstoppable ninja star. Demolish enemy comic superheroes.Get readyfor the mortal combat and stay on the battlefield tillyour lastbreath. Were you always dreaming of superhero spirit? Orto fightagainst a super villain. Well, you deserve to be a teenageninjaleader. By playing Immortal Turtle Superhero Monster Warrioronyour smart phone, you can become super star. TurtleSuperheroMonster Warrior is waiting for your suggestions andreviews.
Devil Ninja 2 2.9.4
Droid Studio
New battle on the devil's land,It's time for the ninja toaction,Inthis fast paced ninja game,Your task is to fight againstthemonsters,kill the king of monsters, Collecting more energy ballanditems to get powerful weapons. Have fun!FEATURES:√ Hundredsofweapons and Power Up!√ Achievement system to stimulate yougame.√Great sounds and stunning graphics, particle systemsandanimations.√  Leader boards√ Two game play mode tochoose√Weapons shop√ Fast paced and simple control.WHAT'S NEW:-PowerfulBOSS: The king of Devildom - More weapons- New devil'sworld-Support Tablets,HD ResolutionTIPS:- Try to jump over thecliff.-Double jump to jump higher.- Long press fire button tochargeenergy.- Long Long press will get an exciting weapon :)-Rewardmore energy balls with a nice combo kill.- Collect energyballs toexchange weapons from store, and the weapons store is FREEfor ever:) - Get items to have more weapons.- Fast mode to getmoreexciting (game options) * Please email us if you have anyfeedbackor meet any problem, thank you very much!
Street Kungfu Fight 1.3
👊 Street Fury Fightis a simple addictive fighting game keepsyouplaying it! Can you act like a kungfu man to slash and punchyourenemy. There are different characters is this street battle.👊👊👊Features of Street Kungfu Fight:👊👊👊 🔥 Experience 2D streetkungfugraphics that give an urban feel. 🔥 More enemies fightercharacters🔥 Smooth game play and easy controler 🔥 Smooth andintense motion.🔥 10 Strong Boss and 20 tricksy enemies 🔥 You canplay withoutnetworking,Incredible realistic movements! 🔥 Completelyfree! 👊 Howto play game Street Kungfu Fight: Use left tap formovement. Useright buttons for kicks and punches. Multiple combosto defeat yourenemy, martial arts, karate, kick boxing, kungfufight,combinations of kicks, punch, air strikes, multiple kicks,infinitypunch knockouts air strikes and many more to discover.Become thegreat little king of street kungfu on this awesome kungfustreetnow ! 👊 Street battle would have been so much fun. This gameisjust fiction. Play kungfu fight on your mobile when you trytofight your enemy. kungfu street is the best free games in thegenreof street kungfu. You have to beat all of them to becomemaster ofthis battle. Fight for your glory, fight for your dignity,fightfor clan. 👊 If you like street kungfu, you can not missthefantastic game of free fight. All in street battle. You canrecallyour childhood memories of arcade game. We hope you onceagain tohave a great time with kungfu fighting ! !
Ninja Punch Boxing Warrior: Kung Fu Karate Fighter 2.9
Ninja Punch Boxing Warrior & Kung Fu Karate Fighter willgiveyou experience of ninja punch boxing & kung fu karatefights inHD quality in combo fighting game play. The Ninja PunchBoxingWarrior & Kung Fu Karate Fighter 3d game is designedespeciallyfor kung fu karate fighting lovers and punch boxinglovers from allaround the world. A punch boxing superstar careerchallenges willdrive you to take risky hits. Easy gameplay and fullcontrol. Usethe touch gestures on the screen, and for each gesturehave adifferent blow, your quickness and technique will make you agreatchampion. Test new striking techniques, like karate kicksandboxing punches or even gymnastic dodging and jumping artoffighting. Beat all tag rivals in this world wrestlingcompetitiongame and become universal hero of boxing fight. Someenemies mightbe stronger than they look, so train yourself a lot toprove yourstrength as a real ninja fighter. Join the battle ofrivals as aninja warrior assassin fights. Let’s try ultimate actionfightinggame Ninja Punch Boxing Warrior & Kung Fu KarateFighter. Playthe toughest of real kick fighting games against worldpro fightingchamp ever. Are you expert enough to control a giantchampions inthis ninja punch boxing & karate kick fightinggame? Control,punch, kick, super punch, super kick, flip kick andfight with allfighters cleverly and beat them badly in this realNinja PunchBoxing Warrior & Kung Fu Karate Fighter gamesbattle. Karateking offers fighting game fans an adrenaline pumpingworld ofkarate action. Advanced animation and stunning 3d graphicsbringthe real ninja punch boxing experience in your hand,whileintuitive touchscreen controls make jab, hook, and uppercutfeelnatural and fun. Use quick reflexes and special moves,unleashfierce punches and combos, beat all opponents and become thekingof karate now. Go toe-to-toe against 30+ bone crushingfightersfrom Bangkok, Thailand, china, Japanese and Singapore.Become thestrongest fighter on the earth playing Ninja Punch BoxingWarrior& Kung Fu Karate Fighter 3d action game. Exploredifferentlocations fighting for your life survival. Prove yourworth as thepowerful master ninja with ninja kung fu fighting &punchboxing 3d game. Enter the world of Japanese ninja and overcomeallyour rivals, dead or alive. Fight with different ninjaplayers& use different fighting styles including taekwondo,muay Thai,kung fu, boxing and other and enjoy real Japanese ninjaassassinfights. Beat all the opponents and prove your strength as amasterninja kung fu fighter. World dangerous ninja kung fu karate&punch boxing game is ready for ninja fighting lovers.Ninjafighting game opponents are ready for hard punch boxing andkung fukarate fighting show. Taekwondo & karate lovers willenjoy likepunch boxing game experience. Keep an eye on every moveof yourrival that is fighting with you. Quickness is basic to winthe faceto face ninja warrior punch boxing & kung fu karatefights.Play ninja punch boxing 2017: kung fu karate fighting gameandlearn how to fight face to face, block the enemy hard kicksandboxing punches is also essential part of ninja martial artlife.Ninja Punch Boxing 2017: Kung Fu Karate Fighting GameFeatures: •Authentic Actions And Realistic Punch Boxing Moves •UltimateAction Packed World Punch Boxers Fighting Game • WorldPunch BoxersIn Karate Kung Fu Fighting Game • Face Different RivalsWithDifferent Fighting Techniques • Chose And Customize Your OwnNinjaWarrior In Punch Boxing Styles • Fight Against StrongestFightersTo Become Ninja Punch Boxing Champion • Ninja Punch BoxingWarrior& Kung Fu Karate Fighter With Big Rewards • Survive InNinjaPunch Boxing & Karate Fights To Unlock Next Levels •GetPromoted By Beating Pro Boxing Fighting Legends • 3D AnimationsAndRealistic Sound Quality • Background Music & Sound EffectsWillBoost Your Energy In Ninja Karate Ring
Ninja Warrior Karate Fighting: Kung Fu Tiger 2017 1.4
Let’s try ultimate action fighting game Ninja WarriorKarateFighting: Kung Fu Tiger 2017, Join the battle of rivals as aninjawarrior assassin fights. Enter the world of Japanese ninjawarriorkarate fighting and defeat all your rivals dead or alive.Beat theSamurai fighters & all the opponents and prove yourvalue as aNinja warrior Kung Fu Fighter. Fight with different ninjaplayers& use different fighting styles including Taekwondo,Muay Thai,Kung Fu, Boxing and other and enjoy real Japanese ninjaassassinfights. Prove your fighting skills as the powerful MasterNinjawarrior with Ninja Kung Fu karate fighting actions.PlayNinjaWarrior Karate Fighting: Kung Fu Tiger 2017 3D game &Start thetoughest ninja assassin fight. Try different fightingstylesincluding Taekwondo, Mauy Thai, Kung Fu, Boxing and other andenjoybeing a real Japanese assassin. Check contest and survivalmode –fight against enemies and kill them to earn points or surviveonthe ring as long as you can. Survive in the ring ofdangerousfights against powerful karate opponents, achieve the topand killthe Ninja Samurai fighters. Fight against ninja warriorsandsurvive in the ring as long as you can. Upgrade your punchboxingpower, speed and kick fighting accuracy to unlock newfightingstyles after getting more points for each kills. Becomethestrongest fighter in the world to playing Ninja warrior KungFuFighting karate action game. Earn maximum points for eachkilledenemy ninja, fight against powerful rivals and level up yourpunchboxing skills to the top.Play the toughest of real kickfightinggames against world pro fighting champ ever. Are you expertenoughto control a giant champions in this kick fighting match2017.Control, punch, kick, super punch, super kick, flip kick andfightwith all opponent fighters cleverly and defeat them badly inthisreal kung Fu fighting games battle. Karate king offersfightinggame fans an adrenaline pumping world of Karate action.Polishedanimation and stunning 3d graphics bring the real Karateexperienceto your hand, while intuitive touchscreen controls makejab, hook,and uppercut feel natural and fun. Go toe-to-toe against30+ bonecrushing fighters from Bangkok, Thailand, china, japan,andSingapore. Use quick reflexes and special moves, unleashfiercepunches and combos, beat all opponents and become the kingofKarate now.World dangerous ninja karate & Korean martialartgame is ready for taekwondo Ninja warrior karateprofessionals& lovers. Fighting opponents are ready for hardpunch boxingand flying kick show. Taekwondo & karate loverswill enjoy likekick boxing game experience. Trophies are forwinners of ninjawarrior karate kung Fu champions. Maintain theworld ranking forninja kung Fu karate champion in this real samuraitaekwondofighter game. Quickness is basic to win the face to faceninjawarrior fights. Play ninja karate action game and learn howtofight face to face, Block the enemy hard kicks and boxingpunchesis also essential part of ninja martial arts. Keep an eye oneverymove of your rival that is fighting with you. Ninja WarriorKarateFighting: Kung Fu Tiger 2017 Game Features: • Chose andcustomizeyour own Ninja warrior in superhero styles• Get promotedbydefeating fighter tournament legends hero• Play Mode &KnockoutMode Challenges• Fight against strongest fighters andbecome worldninja karate champion• Ninja Kung Fu & Karatetournaments withbig rewards• Win Ninja karate matches & getrewarded points tounlock next tournament • Background music &sound effects willboost your energy in ninja karate ring
Superheroes Vs Villains 3 - Free Fighting Game 2.2
Be a superhero and fight to conquer the world, on thebattlefieldyou will demonstrate with powerful combos andacrobatics, use yourpowers to defeat your enemies remember that thesurvival of yourhero is in your fists, you always wanted to be thebest fighteryou´ll be a legend of fight. Don't wait, use the finalhits and winthe combats with KO, execute the best flying kicks andpunches anduse super strength, elasticity, be a beast of chaos andfight toget new super heroes in this amazing free game where you'llfindmore than 80 different heroes. Enjoy the most epic battles andshowyour friends who is the only winner in the best wrestlinggame.Getto beat everyone with the styles of wrestling, mma, kungfu, ninja,boxing and more types of martial arts like streetfighting, theimportant thing is to fight to win and be the number 1of heroes.Characteristics: 3D Graphics be a real hero. Collect andupdate 80cards of heroes and win the battle. Don't let anyone blockyou, usethe best keys! Quick mode, 1vs1 in Arcade fight, survivalmode,multiple game modes for you! Combat in 10 dynamic anddifferentscenarios Win everything everywhere! World Chart Tocompete againstfriends! Vibrate with their original soundtrack andexciting HDsoundtrack You'll hear their punches and kicks Newlocalmultiplayer. This wrestling game features many superheroesandvillains waiting for you to pick them in battles o againstotherheroes, play in team mode and compete to be the best groupofsuperhero friends. Create your own league and do justiceagainstenemies. Show that you can defeat and survive the biggestenemieswith incredible mortal combinations, you have to be thebestfighter, this are not comic books. If you like free games,downloadnow "Superheroes Vs Villains 3 - fighting games" and chooseyourhero and conquer the world, the survival of the species dependsonyou, use different powers and combos. Be a legend ofsuperherostreet fighter! If you like de combats, make a differentcombo ofkicks and punches Significant The content of this gameiscreativity of Superheroes Vs Villanos 3 - fighting games ofthecompany Altivasoft and recognizes not to have registered rightsoftrademarks like marvel, universe dc or others The game is notpayplay is a free wrestling game They are not real orknownsuperheroes, they are designed only for the game ofSuperheroes VsVillains 3 - fighting games reiterates that they arefictionalcharacters You know it, let everyone KO with yourincrediblesuperpowers and enjoy this superhero game you've alwaysdreamed ofbeing, the best free fighting game. What will be yourpower?.Contact us: [email protected]
Fury Street: Fighting Champion
HsGame Inc.
“Fury Street: Fighting Champion” is a simple and classicaddictivefighting game which keeps you playing whenever andwherever youare! It combines the features of Action Fighting andRole Playingand gives you the best experience of battle! UltimateCity StreetFighting delivers sweet arcade nostalgia to you. And youwill meetso many villains and gangsters in this street. Challengeyourselfin this fast-paced, easy to play and old-school arcade FTGgame.Defeat your opponents, beat them down and slay all thesevillainsand gangsters!In “Fury Street: Fighting Champion” there aresuperbscenes, cool combos and gorgeous special skills. The mostthrillingand exciting combat game is waiting for you! All that youhave todo is beating down your opponents. The victory is at yourfinger.You can try to act faster than your rivals or you can useyourattacking abilities to exhaust your enemies and deal withtheirfatal melee attacks in your battles.“Fury Street:FightingChampion” is a really classic fast-paced fighting game. Inorder tobecome the boxing supremacy, you should defeat and slayyourenemies and use dazzling skills with unlimited bursts.Thesevillains and gangsters want to control this world and haveabusedtheir power and bullied the people here. Never be mercy totheseopponents! Remember there is only one person who will surviveintheir fatal melee attacks. Features of “Fury Street:FightingChampion”:★★★★★Cool Special Skills!Exquisite and StunningStreetGraphicsWonderful and Interesting ScenariosRealisticCombatSound!More than 60 Levels in the Whole Game★★★★★UniqueFighting andUpgrading SystemDestructive Weapons and DefensiveGearRich Awardsafter Defeating and Beating down Your Enemies inEvery Battle★★★★★Enjoy Fast-paced Cool Striking and Slaying!VariousBosses andRivalsSmooth Game Play and Easy ControlStarting CombatWhenever andWherever You Are!Completely free! Use multiple combosto defeat andslay your enemy. You can feel martial arts, karate,kick boxing,kungfu battle, combinations of kicks, punch, airstrikes, multiplekicks when you are playing this game and trying todeal withenemies’ fatal melee attacks. Be the last one standingamong thesevillains and gangsters! You have to beat all of them tobecome amaster of every battle. Fight for your glory, fight foryourdignity in this fast-paced street fighting game. As a kungfumaster, you have to challenge all your mortal villains facedwiththeir fatal melee attacks and slay all of them. If you likestreetfighting, you can not miss the fantastic game of free combat.Comeon! Download “Fury Street: Fighting Champion” thisexcitingfast-paced street combat game. Punch and kill all enemies!Defeatand beat thousands of villains and gangsters! Deal withtheseopponents’ fatal melee attacks in amazing, non-stop, 2-Daction.Use your unlimited combos to teach your opponents alesson![Contact Us]Email:[email protected]:
Ninja Kung Fu Street Fighting 1.0
Trigger Team
Welcome to the spin-off of famous game series!This time, the warofninja clans wages on the streets of Megapolis-City – largemodernconcrete jungle, filled with bipedal predators (it lookslikeTokyo, but it’s not)! Check our Ninja Kung Fu Street Fightinggame– and win the war once again!Enter the cruel world ofJapaneseninja and yakuza clans and overcome all your rivals - deadoralive! Beat all the enemies and prove your worth as a MasterNinjaplaying amazing Ninja Kung Fu Street Fighting Ninja KungFuFighting 3D – 2!Explore different locations and usedifferentfighting styles including Taekwondo, Muay Thai, Kung Fu,Boxing andother and enjoy being a real Japanese assassin! Lead yourclan tothe victory and bring death to all your enemies!Fightagainstenemies and survive on the ring as long as you can! Earnpoints andupgrade your power, speed, and accuracy or unlock newstrikes andfighting styles getting points for each defeat!NinjaKung Fu StreetFighting features:Ultimate action fighting game inJapanesestyleEven more various strikes and fighting styles to trythen inthe first game - Taekwondo, Muay Thai, Kung Fu, BoxingandotherPowerful enemies to fight against which use differentfightingtechniques and Martial Arts stylesUpgrade your Japaneseassassin’sskills - power, speed and accuracy and try new strikes toovercomerivalsStory mode and survival mode – beat and defeat yourenemiesto win the War of Clans or just survive on the ring as longas youcanBecome the strongest fighter on the night streets of bigcityplaying Ninja Kung Fu Street Fighting action game! Earn pointsforeach defeated enemy, fight against powerful rivals and uplevelyour boxing skills to the top level! Prove your worth asthepowerful Master Ninja with Ninja Kung Fu Street Fighting!
Anger of stick 7 - Stickman warriors - Epic fight 3.9
💥 Stick Fight - Angerofstickman - a stickman games. is a fighting gamebetweenstickman heroes and dangerous mafia gangs. Alone andAnger...Surrounded by hundreds of stickman enemies! Anger of stick- Howlong can you resist?💥 GAME FEATURES🔫 Humor and funny animations will raise your spirits🔫 Fun graphics and audio provide an unforgettable atmosphere🔫 Easy to manage, quiet graphics to your taste.🔫 Enjoy beautiful physics and sound.🔫 Use powerful skills to fight off enemies🔫 A real physics based stickman fight game.💥 Stick Fight - Stickman warriors - Anger is arealshooting action game. The Controls are simple and easy. Shootdownenemies and carefully utilize weapons in order to ensureyourcontinued survival. Stickman warriors get involved inchallengingcampaigns, Stickman fight use guns to kill, killhundreds ofthousands of special soldiers, destroy all four rodsaround theeight directions. Numerous weapons are also available toyou. Enterthe arena and play as an Stickman legend - stickmanlegacy.Stickman revenge must fight against your opponents. Stickmanfightmust have no mercy against them.When playing the game alsoneed tohave tactics, because the later the enemy out as fast.💥 How to play Stickman warriors:- Use martial arts and guns to kill enemies. So easy!!!💥 Download and Blast away endless hordes of enemies inthestickman games. Don’t forget rate for us. Have fun!
Chaos Fighter Kungfu Fighting
HsGame Fans
This is the best game for legendary street fighting fans. Areyouready for the world of “Chaos Fighter:Kungfu Fighting”? Youcanchoose the hero that suits you for fighting. Now do you wanttofeel the thrilling sensation of acting as super fighters andusingdestructive weapons and their skills to combat with yourrivals?Challenge yourself in this fast-paced, easy to play andold-schoolarcade FTG game.“Chaos Fighter:Kungfu Fighting” is areally classicfast-paced fighting game. There are superb scenes,cool combos andgorgeous special skills. The most thrilling andexciting combatgame is waiting for you! All that you have to do isbeating downyour opponents. The victory is at your finger. You cantry to actfaster than your rivals or you can use your attackingabilities toexhaust your enemies and deal with their fatal meleeattacks inyour battles.“Chaos Fighter:Kungfu Fighting”Features:★★★★★√VariousCool Special Skills;√Various Super Warriorsand Rivals Can beSelected;√Many Exquisite and Stunning StreetGraphics;√ManyWonderful and Interesting Scenarios;√Stunning graphicdesign andrealistic combat sound.★★★★★WEAPONS AND EQUIPMENTSYSTEM√UniqueFighting and Upgrading System;√Destructive weaponssuch asSword,Spear and Battle-ax, etc; √More than 60 excitingadventurouslevels;√Free Combinations of Various Cool SpecialSkills;√UniqueUpgrading System for Optimal FightingExperience;√Excitement ofSmashing up and Slaying Opponents with theSkills of Martial ArtsLessons;√Enjoy Fast-paced Cool Striking andSlaying! ★★★★★√Smoothand Flexible Controlling of Kungfu Game;√Easyto Play on MobileDevices;√Offline mode. No Wi-Fi, No Problem.In“ChaosFighter:Kungfu Fighting”, you can use strong and variousmartialarts such as punching, kicking, boxing, Chinese kung fu andso onto defeat and kill your opponents. At the crucial moment, youcanalso use an ultimate skill that can add much heavier damage totheopponents. Facing your mortal enemies’ melee attacks, you mustbecareful and try your best to battle with those rivals and killthemlethally! You can upgrade your attacking power and defensivepoweror unlock new destructive weapons by the coins you have gotfromevery battle. If you like street fighting, you can not missthefantastic game of free combat. Then you have to Download“ChaosFighter:Kungfu Fighting” this exciting fast-paced streetcombatgame![Contact Us]Email:[email protected]:
Ninja Kung Fu Fighting 3D – 2 1.6.3
Try Ninja Kung Fu Fighting 3D 2 – second part of ultimateactionfighting game! Join the war of clans as a ninja killingeveryassassin he meets!War of clans continues! Enter the worldofJapanese ninja and overcome all your rivals - dead or alive!Stopthe armies of Demon Samurai! Beat all the opponents and proveyourworth as a Master Ninja playing amazing Ninja Kung Fu Fighting3D –2!Explore different locations and use different fightingstylesincluding Taekwondo, Muay Thai, Kung Fu, Boxing and other andenjoybeing a real Japanese assassin! Lead your clan to the victoryandbring death to all your enemies!Check story mode – survive attheseries of dangerous fights against dangerous opponents, achievethetop and kill the Demon Samurai! Or try survival mode –fightagainst enemies and survive on the ring as long as you can!Upgradeyour power, speed, and accuracy or unlock new strikes andfightingstyles getting points for each kill!Ninja Kung Fu Fighting3D – 2features:Sequel of an ultimate action fighting game inJapanesestyleEven more various strikes and fighting styles to trythen inthe first game - Taekwondo, Muay Thai, Kung Fu, BoxingandotherPowerful enemies to fight against which use differentfightingtechniques and Martial Arts stylesUpgrade your Japaneseassassin’sskills - power, speed and accuracy and try new strikes toovercomerivalsStory mode and survival mode – beat and kill yourenemies towin the War of Clans or just survive on the ring as longas youcanBecome the strongest fighter on the earth playing NinjaKung FuFighting 3D action game! Explore different locationsfighting foryour life and survive on the ring leaving your opponentno chanceto stay alive! Earn points for each killed enemy, fightagainstpowerful rivals and up level your boxing skills to the toplevel!Prove your worth as the powerful Master Ninja with Ninja KungFuFighting 3D – 2!Your use of Ninja Kung Fu Fighting 3D – 2 isfreeof charge in exchange for safely using some of yourdevice'sresources (WiFi and very limited cellular data), and onlywhen youare not using your device. You may turn this off from thesettingsmenu. Please see our TOS for furtherinformation:
#1 App in 80 countries! You can play asLeo,Donnie, Raph, Mikey, or unlockable characters April and CaseyJonesin this action packed combat runner with vehicle mode! Run,jump,fight and drive through New York’s endless cityscape as yourid itfrom the Foot Clan, Kraang, Dimension X and Baxter Stockman.Collect energy orbs to unlock exclusive weapons, gear, andbooststhat will keep you one step ahead of the Kraang ship.One-touchcontrols combine with ninja moves and shell shockingbattles for anepic gaming experience. BOOYAKASHA!

FEATURES*NEW! Stomp the Foot with the all new hockey maskwearing,butt-kicking vigilante, Casey Jones*NEW! Shake off enemies while driving Casey’s motorcycle,theChopper*Drive the Shellraiser through the streets of New Yorkduringvehicle mode*Jump ramps, crush obstacles and tap to shoot the garbage cannonatoncoming enemies*Battle hordes of baddies including the Foot Clan, Kraang,DimensionX and Baxter Stockman*Activate Turtle Time to fight up close in a slow-motioncombatsequence*Outfit the Turtles in exclusive Cyber and Stealth gear*Upgrade with weapons, gadgets, and boosts like the LaserbotandTurtle Saver*Unlock and play as the Turtles’ formidable caninefoeDogpound*Earn rewards from the pizza time mini-game* Test your skills with new in-game challenges___________________________TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES: Rooftop Run collects personaluserdata as well as non-personal user data (including aggregateddata).User data collection is in accordance with applicable law,such asCOPPA. User data may be used, for example, to respond touserrequests; enable users to take advantage of certain featuresandservices; personalize content and advertising; and manageandimprove Nickelodeon's services. For more informationregardingNickelodeon’s use of personal user data, please visittheNickelodeon Group Privacy Policy below. Our Privacy Policy isinaddition to any terms, conditions or policies agreed to betweenyouand Google, Inc., and Nickelodeon and its affiliated entitiesarenot responsible for Google, Inc.'s collection or use ofyourpersonal user data and information. Use of this app is subjecttothe Nickelodeon End User License Agreement. For users residinginthe EU, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Rooftop Run may includetheuse of persistent identifiers for game management purposesandinstallation of this app constitutes your permission to suchusageof persistent identifiers for all users on your device.Privacy Policy: User License Agreement: Notes:TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES: Rooftop Run offers in- apppurchasesand charges real money for additional in-app content. Youmay lockout the ability to purchase in-app content by adjustingyourdevice’s settings.
Fury Street 2: Fatal Combat
HsGame Inc.
The most anticipated street fighting game “Fury Street 2:FatalCombat” is coming! With the combination of Role Playing GameandAction game, this fast-paced, easy-to-play and addictivecombatgame will give you the best battle game experience!In “FuryStreet2: Fatal Combat”, you are Ken, a kung fu master who isskilled inkarate, kick boxing, punching and multiple kinds ofmartial arts.Now an evil wants to destroy your hometown and haskilled so manypeople there. You must pick up your devastatingweapons to beatdown and defeat your enemies. There will be a mortalshowdownbetween you and your rivals. Faced with their lethal meleeattacks,you should be careful enough to beat them down and defeatthem inyour combat. Smash up all the rivals in this fast-pacedandexciting game!Facing your opponents’ countless lethal meleeattacksand onslaught, you have to battle with them with variousweaponsand skills. Use your tactic strategies to strike a deadlyblow.Besides the exciting and realistic game experience, you canalsoenjoy the process of figuring out strategic combos to smash upyourenemies.Features of “Fury Street 2: FatalCombat”FANTASTICEXPERIENCE★Experience thrilling sensation ofultimate combos andlethal melee attacks in this fast-paced combatgame.★Stunninggraphics and intuitive controls and simpleoperation.★Adventurousmaps and interesting stories, realisticfighting sound andeffect!EXCITING FIGHTING AND RICH AWARDS★Usedevastating weaponssuch as swords, spears and sticks to smash upand slay youropponents.★Burst in melee with furious dash attacks orbattle withyour enemies lethally with devastating weapons.★Gainingrich awardsafter beating down and defeating youropponents.UNIQUESYSTEM★Unique upgrading system will help your heroachieve higherlevels easily.★Random combo skills and uniqueragesystem!★Unlimited fighting and varieties ofcombinationattacks!★Totally Free!In “Fury Street 2: Fatal Combat”,there is noranking, no rule, only death or life! In this fast-pacedgame, youwill meet strong enemies of Taekwondo, Mauy Thai andBoxing andeven some rivals with mysterious assassination skill.Each one forsurvival and honor must start the toughest battle.Thetrue heroesare born in the street fighting. Now feel the power andstrength inyour hands, wield your weapons to smash up your rivals.It’s yourtime to be the street fighting master! You can mix yourbattleskills for devastating combos as you like. Enjoy combat andsmashup your opponents on the street! Facing their brutal meleeattacks,beat them down and defeat them, and then take up all theserivals’territories! Unleash fierce punches and combos, beat anddefeat andslay all opponents and become the king of boxing!“FuryStreet 2:Fatal Combat” can be downloaded for free now! Come on!Enjoyfast-paced street combat with continuous enemies and dealwiththeir lethal melee attacks![Contact Us]Customer ServiceE-mail:[email protected] more:
Stickman Fight - Warrior Street Fighting 1.0.7
Stickman Fighter - Street Fighting is the best fighting gamesandStreet Fighting. The most complete action defense game ofstickman!Stickman hero continues to fight with unknown gangsteremerge inthe city. Our stick hero use a wide array of deadlyweapons as wellas helicopters and robots, who can devastate allenemies at once!You can enjoy the game easier and more comfortablywith the strongautomatic function. Street Stickman fighter featureseven morespectacular fighting action and the craziest combos you'veeverseen! Make use of the many fighting combos mastered by ourStickhero, and buy weapons in the shop to increase yourdestructionradius and chances of survival! Stickman Warrior StreetFightingGames Features - Street Fighting games single and zombiemode. -Stickman fighting with help of friend and bro. - Upgradelevel toincreasing combativeness. - Melee weapon: bat, steel pipe,sword,hatchet. - Guns: AGR-170, Glock-18, Tavor, GrenadeLauncher,Shotgun, M-16, Flame-shot, Lasergun, Microgun, CSR-776. -Thunderskill destroy all gangster. - Use helicopter to fly andfight everytime. - Stickman fighting games with big boss eachareas. Where todownload and install? - Google play: -Fanpage: FREE to play now!
Ninja Kung Fu Dino Fighting 3D 1.0
Trigger Team
Unleash your prehistoric dino fury dueling with the otherdinos!Improve your battling skills being the mighty dinosaur inthefantastic Jurassic atmosphere, fight and have fun playingNinjaKung Fu Dino Fighting 3D!Choose your favorite dinosaur to jointhisfantastic fighting tournament! Would it beTyrannosaurus,Allosaurus, Spinosaurus or famous Velociraptor? Thischoice is upto you! Become the best dino fighter ever! Performdifferentdinosaurs’ martial arts to finish your rivals one by oneand stepover their bodies to the next battle!Do your best and don’tforgetabout your personal fighting indicators! Let your rivals hearyourpowerful roar right before their end! Attack first and repelallthe strikes in time, otherwise you’d be over in a second! Createanimage of really brutal and cruel prehistorical monster and havefunplaying Ninja Kung Fu Dino Fighting 3D!Become reallypowerfulmonster! Earn points for successfully completed duels andpower-upsuch fighting skills as endurance, health and regenerationor buynew mighty dino to play for! Use your sharp claws anddangerousjaws to defeat all your enemies and become the mosthorrifyingcreature of these prehistorical times!Ninja Kung Fu DinoFighting3D features:• Ultimate dino fighting simulator• Wide rangeofbattling tricks and super blows• Different dinosaurs to playfor•Realistic 3D graphicsBe the champion in dino duels! Findyoursecond wind and fight with Ninja Kung Fu Dino Fighting 3D!
Ninja Warrior Survival Fight 1.0.6
It’s time to take revenge from strange dark castle enemies whohavekept you in prison for so long and made survival of shadowninjawarrior fighter extreme difficult. Evil castle enemies areafraidof ninja warrior assassin who has great martial art survivalandfighting skills and can be a threat to the royal throne.Luckilyyou managed to break down prison cell to take grand royalerevengebut you need to fight and escape this big castle templewalls andkill down powerful enemies on your way out of the Castle.NinjaWarrior Survival Fight demands you to show off all yoursupermartial arts, and legend survival fighting skills in shadowninjawarrior combat style and become the real super ninja warriorofroyale throne battle. Make best use of your unique shadowwarriorweapons in Ninja Warrior Survival Fight to win the shadowninjawarrior throne battle with Castle Enemies including armedsoldiers,shadow captain guards & sword fighters. Don’t harm theinnocentresidents of temple while taking royale revenge in thisdeadlythrone battle as they are of no danger to you. Exhibit yoursupershadow ninja fighter skills in this super ninja warriorfightadventure story and plan best super hero escapestrategy.Heroesfight alone in extreme situation. Be that warriorsuper hero escapeninja and take an epic revenge from evil castleenemies with yourshuriken, classic samurai sword, bow and arrowsand with your supermartial art warrior fighting and survivalskills. Be the warriorninja assassin and show no mercy to armedsoldiers, captain guardsand deadly fighters. Be shadow ninjafighter warrior and defeat allstrange shadow enemy fighters and winninja warrior throne battlewith your amazing fighting and survivalskills to take royalerevenge from ninja enemies. Start fightingstrange evil enemies assoon as you see them. Kill shadow ninjaenemies with your superamazing shuriken, bow and arrows, classicsword blade and with yourmarital art skills. Collect differentitems like treasure chest,shuriken, bow and arrows, prison cellkeys and spell book on yourway of fighting and escaping the shadowwarrior temple.As a realsuperhero ninja warrior fighter help escapethe fellow prisonerslocked up in deep dark shadow dungeon but forthat you need to findand collect prison cell keys. Lots ofchallenges are waiting foryour survival shadow escape in this epicninja warrior legendescape adventure. Fight every strange evil onyour way and try toavoid every deadly attack and do not stoprunning! Jump,Climb, Punch, Fight with sword blade, throwshuriken towards rivalswith your perfect target skills, take aimwith bow and arrow andkill your enemies once and for all. Be theultimate ninja warriorshadow fighter hero and rescue shadow darkdungeon. The ultimateninja warrior throne battle should be won bythe one who is thereal super hero. Fight like brave, experiencedninja warrior andbring death to all your enemies..!Features: •Ninja warrior superhero escape challenging missions• Epic fight forthrone battle withcastle enemies• Take royale revenge usingshuriken, bow &arrows & sword• Beautiful castle environmentto explore• Superb3d graphics and sound effects
Super Hero-The Ninja Warrior. 1.2.1
Ample Games
The Ninja Warrior. is a 3d Game with angry emotions, angryninjabattles, in which The Ninja Warrior. will fight angrilywithcolossal titans and alliances to take revenge of their friendswholooted, captured and killed by them. Its extreme ninja fightingandalso ninja escape from colossal titans. Capture enemy lands;growyour army, and come to fight, because The Ninja Warrior. youeitherGOES BIG or you will GO HOME! Prepare for epicangryassassin-fighting action with your favourite The NinjaWarrior.& Super Villains in the ultimate cosmic showdown!Ninjagladiator is dress up in angry hero’s dress that is going tobeawesome in fight with colossal titans and angry animalslikeenemies. While enemies try to attack on angry man then angryhero(The Ninja Warrior.) have abilities available to run,revenge,climb, and defeat them. Angry Ninja Warrior have minormissions toclimbing, fighting, ninja assassin war, ninja rush etc.its goingto be awesome game you ever played. Play for free! In themostmassive action-strategy game on mobile! Super Hero-TheNinjaWarrior game : The Super Hero-The Ninja Warrior havingBESTgraphics on mobile – Non-stop action as the ninja battle is atruetest of your skills and speed of execution. You’ve never seenagame like this before! Control colossal titans and thousandsofwarriors in stunning 3D wars and Hone your strategic skillsandorchestrate the perfect assassination kill shot. Customizeyourgame with epic fighting sword. Super Hero-The Ninja WarriorGamehas: ➢ Epic battle/fighting sound track. ➢ Angry hero withangryminor missions. ➢ Entirely new and challenging way to play. ➢Widerange of characters to make the game more fun, fair andamazing. ➢Extreme visuals across all UI including characters, titanfusionsand swords. ➢ Maps to reach in ninja’s destination. ➢ Agreatadventure and action game with HD graphics, challenging levelsandextreme fun.
Real Superhero Kung Fu Fight Champion 2.0
Play the extreme kung fu champions fighting combat game! jointheworld of war as a real kung fu fighter who killing everyassassinhe meets! the kung fu fighter killers come to death arenato fightsingle head2head battle called death war.fight of kung fuchampionshero continues! join the new iteration of combat of RealSuperheroKung Fu Fight Champion! next generation of warriorhasarrived-check their glory! kung fu hero champions fight istheaction game of fighting, enter the world of king of fightingandovercome your rivals dead or alive. challenge the ultimate kungfufighters, try different fighting styles, punch in all enemies,kickout all other champion hero largest Kung FuHeroescombat contest is started! no ranking, no rules, onlyovercome youropponents dead or alive! rush into the duel field,stop the armiesof demon samurai and become the king of kung fufighting game. now,new powerful character appears, use their allfighting combos andstyles including taekwondo, muay thai, kung fuand boxing and beatall the opponent fighters to prove your worth asa masterfighter.this isn't just a simple beat ‘ em up game, becomethestrongest fighter on the earth, use different strike moves andmakeyour own combos. the biggest fighting contest begin, chooseyourfavorite hero, upgrade and customize your hero powers, speedandaccuracy to beat the enemies. punch your opponent as much asyoucan all the fighting styles is in your hand, so enjoy this1vs1fighting game with full of fantasy fighting’s hightimeto assassinate, enter the world of fighting, exploredifferentlocations, focus on the opponent weak point, and use yourart ofkick, punches, kung fu power and mma fighting styles todestroy.try to move faster than your rival and use all fantastickung fuskills to exhaust your enemy. the amazing karate fightinggame willbring the long-lost arcade fighting experience, so be theimmortalsfighter king of this arcade kung fu tournament.RealSuperhero KungFu Fight Champion Features:most amazing fightingarcade gamestyleeye-catching visualsfully optimize for all androiddevicesveryeasy and smooth sliding and touching screencontrolupgradeable andcustomizable characterslearn you to perfectmartial arts and kungfu karatevery easy and addictive freegamerealistic fighting soundeffectssmooth fighter animations andfighting styles
Hero Ninja Fight 1.11
Hero Assassin samurai is on secret mission to kill againstJapaneserising shadow hunter in war of clans of ex general ofempire forthe final revenge. Finish all levels, defeat your enemiesandbecome a legend. Leo the warrior hero is chosen to fightandmaintain peace in town and kill all the evil powers whosesolemotive is to create anarchy and chaos in the world byterrorizingthe innocent citizens of the world. Leo’s native town isbeingcaptured by the evil ninjas and his family is being heldcaptive inthe Japanese temple guarded by highly paid killerassassins andnotorious ninjas. He has to fight and save his familyalong withthe rest kept hostages by the evil force and dangerouskillerassassins. You are a lone hero ninja savior in the city,thecruelty of the world left you no choice but to become theninjawarrior assassin, fight, kill and take revenge with the one’swhodid you wrong in the beginning. Realistic ninja action fight inthegangster town for survival. Practice the jujitsu, kill anddefendin this violent 3D action game. Ninja legend requiresexcellentdiscipline and combat fighting sneaking hero skills todefeat hisenemies & mortal of warriors, kill and survive in thesecretassassin mission of ninja and other paid assassins ofkingdom.Gangster ninja assassin warrior is on the kill mission inninjacity to seek revenge of his past and secure his future way outfromthis difficult hide and seek life. You have theexcellentopportunity to experience the simulation of fistfightcombos,shuriken throws and killing sword combat. Rescue innocenthumans inthe city from corrupt and evil ninja’s and other criminalvillainswho made them and your family hostage in their cage. Yourmissionis to fight, evacuate them safely and kill all thebarbaricgangsters in the town and hunt their boss. Your family andotherhostages need you to save them. Be the real hero assassin. Youas aninja assassin warrior are the last and only hope for them togetback to their life as it were. Accomplish the task, fight andbethe lone assassin ninja warrior in the battlefield, free thehumanrace and punish the gangsters for messing with the wrongwarriorfamily.Leo the hero Ninja has the right killer set of skillstosneak attack while the town and its guards are sleeping atnight,killing every assassin he meet, make your way into the townatnight when they least expect to get a confrontation likethat.Attack with the shuriken from distance, kill the othersecurity andpeople guarding the temple with your special hero ninjasword andescape with the hostages before they know what hit them inthedark.Master team field skills, discover new jiujutsu and becomethenext hero assassin Legend in the first-ever Ultimate Ninjafightmobile game!Download now to be an invisible ninjawarrior.GameFeatures Ninja Assassin:- Realistic 3D Ninja City.- NewShurikenthrow fight.- Ninja Sword fights.- Fistfight combos andbatons.-Realistic stealth and combat movements.- Bloody action.-Wonderfulbackground music.- Smooth gameplay.- Fun and Excitinglevels.-Stunning & High Quality 3D Graphics.- Sneak attack atnight andamazing sword fight.Check out more interesting games onourwebsite:http://www.piranhastudios.coOr like our Facebook pageforlatest updatesongames:
Ninja Fighting Game - Kung Fu Fight Master Battle 1.7.0
Trigger Team
Try Ninja Fighting Game - Kung Fu Fight Master Battle –ultimateaction fighting game. Play as a ninja defeating everyassassin hemeets! Join the new iteration of War of Clans! Newgeneration ofwarriors has arrived - check their might! Overcomeyour rivals!Explore different locations and use your Kung Fu powerto destroy.Enter the world of Japanese ninja and let the biggestfightingcontest begin! Beat all the opponents and prove your worthas aMaster Ninja playing amazing Ninja Fighting Game - Kung FuFightMaster Battle! Try different fighting styles includingTaekwondo,Mauy Thai, Kung Fu, Boxing and other and enjoy being arealJapanese assassin! Check contest and survival mode – fightagainstenemies and defeat them to earn points or survive on thering aslong as you can! Become the strongest fighter on the earthplayingNinja Fighting Game - Kung Fu Fight Master Battle! Upgradeyourpower, speed and accuracy or unlock new strikes and fightingstylesgetting points for each defeat. It’s high time toassassinate!Ninja Fighting Game - Kung Fu Fight Master Battlefeatures: -Ultimate action fighting game in Japanese style -Various strikesand fighting styles to try - Taekwondo, Mauy Thai,Kung Fu, Boxingand other - Powerful enemies to battle against anddefeat - Upgradeyour Japanese assassin’s skills - power, speed andaccuracy and trynew strikes to overcome rivals - Contest andsurvival mode – beatand defeat your enemies to earn points orsurvive on the ring aslong as you can Check Ninja Fighting Game -Kung Fu Fight MasterBattle! Start the toughest fight ever being anassassin! Trydifferent fighting styles like Taekwondo or Mauy Thai,beat enemiesand prove your worth as the powerful Master Ninja!Exploredifferent locations fighting for your life and survive onthe ringliving your opponent no chance to stay alive! Earn pointsfor eachdefeated enemy, battle against powerful rivals and up levelyourboxing skills to the top level! Try Ninja Fighting Game - KungFuFight Master Battle – ultimate action game for everyone!Privacypolicy:
Fighting King 2: Kungfu Legend
“Fighting King 2: Kungfu Legend” is the sequel of ourpreviousfighting kungfu game “Fighting King: Kungfu Clash”. Itperfectlycombines arcade games and RPG, making players enjoy usingmartialarts like Kickboxing and Taekwondo. Everyone who love Karatehemust learn kickboxing. Kungfu also a great art for selfdefense.People who love to torn others face just with one powerfulpunchthey should learn boxing to become a perfect boxer. You canlearnall these techniques and style of fighting from this gamegainedgreater skill in the ancient art of kungfu. Play game andobservecarefully how kicks and weapons and punches are being use injudohand to hand fight and then practice physically.Gamesfightingstyle biased tough, strong sense of combat, you show a truespiritof martial arts, so you have a different martial artsjourney. Youcan act as jet Li enjoy awesome martial art fightingstyles such as“Kickboxing”, “Karate”, “Tae Kwon Do”, “Sumo”,“Drunken Fist”,“Muay Thai”, and so on with a simple tap of a buttonin this kungfugame. Victory is at your fingertips! So play thisgame and practiceKungfu techniques in real life to become a perfectwarrior likeknights and assassin. Quickness is key to win the handto handfight. Play game and learn how to fight hand to hand,unarmed, withyour punches and kicks how to use youself amazingskill .Block theenemy kicks and punches is also essential part ofmartial arts. InKungFu there are lot of blockage techniques todefend yourself fromenemy attack. Keep an eye on every move of yourenemy that isfighting with you. Use punches and kicks with accuracyand quickly.Take timely decision, attack on enemy with punches andkicks onproper time and block enemy attack using accuracy and speedin youractions. Use enemy power against himself.In the sense ofrealcombat game. Fighting coherent action is strong, you arepresenteda visual and sensory double enjoyment.Continued passionand bloodat the same time."Fighting King:Kungfu Clash "so that youhave aprofound sense of belonging to the nation, and you will feela morepassionate fighting experience!Features of “Fighting King 2:KungfuLegend”:- It helps you to learn kinds of martial arts suchaskickboxing. - Adrenaline-fueled combat RPG with animmersive,intriguing storyline.- Feel epic combat sequences andrender inastonishingly lifelike effect by an all-new animationsystem.-Become a perfect kickboxer in this bloody fighting game.-Veryaddictive free game of acting as Jet Li.- Classic featuresfamousof bloody fighting arcade games.- Game modes are availableforthousands of hours of enjoyment even when playingalone.Now,Download “Fighting King 2: Kungfu Legend” for free andenter thiskungfu game and Punch to kill all enemy! Defeat thousandsofenemies with powerful attacks in amazing, non-stop, 2-Daction.Unlimited combos, and consistent force effect bring you asense ofenjoyment in this epic action adventure! Enjoy being arealkickboxer and start your journey of jet Li fighting lifeinFighting King 2: Kungfu Legend!【contact us】Any problemsencounteredin the game, please feel free to contact us.CustomerServiceE-mail: [email protected]:
King Fighter IV : Warrior 2.0
Play King Fighter IV: Warrior, the ultimate ninja streetfightergame! You play as a lone kung fu fighter against mobs andgangstersthat terrorize the city. Use your speed and strength inhand tohand combats to take down your enemies. Pick up lethalweapons andguns and shoot the bad guys. This is an action packed 2Dfightinggame for every gamer who enjoys playing street fighter andking offighter game. Get ready to punch all the bad guys andWIN!KingFighter IV: Warrior is 2D fighting game that is especiallycreatedfor people who enjoy street fighter games. This king offightergame contains all elements you love: hand to hand combatagainstmobs and gangsters and lethal weapons to shoot the enemies.On eachlevel, you are given a task to eliminate all the villainsbeforethey kill you. It takes a lot of speed and strength to winand youmust have the ability of the American ninja warrior todefeat themall. Collect the coins and use them to revive yourultimate ninjahero when he’s killed. Use your Special Kills tolaunch heavykarate style attack on your enemies. Watch out when youlaunch yourspecial attacks because your Manna points are limited!Don’t forgetto go on Killing Spree when your killer instinct istriggered.Everyday we will post a list of top kung fu fighters whohavescored the highest score. Are you one of the ultimateninjafighters in thelist?======================================TOPFEATURES OF KINGFIGHTER IV: WARRIOR:======================================#ULTIMATE 2D FIGHTINGGAMEKing Fighter IV uses classic 2D fightinggame graphic and gamecontrol. You can build your kung fu fighterhero in classic streetfighter arcade style. Tap on the rightbuttons with your right andleft hands to make your hero fight.Master his skills and becareful to use his unique Karate Skillsonly on the right time topreserve your MPs. # ADDICTIVE STREETFIGHTSKing of Fighters IV isvery addictive. It’s fast paced, actionpacked game that you won’tget enough of. There are many gangstersand mobs who are trying totake down your hero with punches. Theonly way to win is todemonstrate that your hero has ultimate ninjaskills. # USE COINSOR WATCH ADS TO PURCHASE LIVESIf you die beforeyour mission ends,you can revive your hero by purchasing Lives.Each live costs 200$.You don’t want to spend your hard earned cash.You can get FREElive for your American ninja warrior if you watchan ads. # USELETHAL WEAPONS TO KILL YOUR ENEMIESThe gangsters willsometimesdrop guns. Use these guns to kill the mobs instead ofpunch themwith your karate skill. Remember that when you’re holdinga gun,you cannot engage in hand to hand combat. Instead you mustback offa little from your opponents to shoot at them.# ENGAGE INKILLINGSPREEYour American ninja warrior has deep seated killerinstincts.Satisfy his bloodlust by engaging in Killing Spree! # BETHE TOPPLAYER We always display the names of our Top Players onscreen. Doyou want your name to appear on the Top Player’s listtoo? Show howgood you are, use your speed and strength to winchallenges, andput your name on the list. Download King FighterNOW!Satisfy yourkiller instinct, kill as many enemies as you can instreet fights,and challenge your friends! If you have any ideasabout this gameplease contact us: [email protected]
Shinobi Wars 0.0.1
NRaven Games
Play with your favorite heroes in Shinobi Wars. Shinobi Wars isnew2D anime ninja battle game.*HOW TO PLAY:- Use horizontalcrossbuttons for movement .- Use UP button for JUMP.- Use DOWNbuttonfor BLOCK.- Use B button for chakra charging.- Use A buttonforattack.*HOW TO USE SPECIAL MOVES:- Go to the "Pause Menu"thenselect "Move List".
Street Combat 2: Fatal Fighting
It’s not easy to be a winner in a brutal showdown. But now, areyouready to defeat and smash up all the enemies in front ofyou?Facing your opponents’ continuous lethal attacks, you shouldpickup your weapons to give these gangsters and villains a gorylesson.The most anticipated fighting action game “Street Combat 2:FatalFighting” can be downloaded for free now! Start your gorybattleswith devastating weapons and flashy skills!“Street Combat 2:FatalFighting” is the sequel of "Street Combat: Kung Fu Fighting".Wehave added more adventurous game levels with new scenes andnewgame play which will make you enjoy this fantastic action gameverymuch. You will find partners and various traps and even can useacar to attack your enemies. Just explore this world and youwillfind many more exciting game play.You are Ryu, a man whosewholelife is full of pathos and stories. You have been put intoprisonbecause of your father’s debt. And the usurers bullied yoursisterafter the sentence, which caused her death. Now you must takeupyour weapon and use your fists to kill those gangsters! Startyourrevenge now!Fantastic characters, stunning graphics, coolweapons,awesome gameplay, “Street Combat 2: Fatal Fighting” bringsanunprecedented combat experience to you! Do your best—kick, smashupand strike your enemies with devastating power! Only thebestfighter could beat down and smash up his enemies to becomethefinal survivor! Endless combos, continuous lethal attacksandexciting battle will make you hard to stop playing this game.Youmust battle with a large number of enemies with lethalmeleeattacks. There will be only one survivor between you andyouropponents!Features:● Stunning 2D graphics, realistic combatsound,adventurous levels and interesting storyline● More than 60excitinggame levels● Killing opponents with cool and flashy skills●Uniqueupgrading system for your attacking power● Devastatingweapons anddefensive gear can be used in your combat● Simpleside-scrollinginterface, easy-to-learn and intuitive controls.●Offline mode. NoWi-Fi, no problem.● Completely free! Facingdifferent enemies withdifferent fighting styles includingTaekwondo, Muay Thai, Kung Fu,Boxing, you should defeat and smashup all these gangsters andvillains! Upgrade your attacking powerand defensive power orunlock new devastating weapons by the coinsyou have got from everybattle. In“Street Combat 2: FatalFighting”you can also trainyourself in exercise room. You candefeat and kill endlessgangsters and villains to earn coins andother awards! Now, becomethe strongest fighter and slay all thesegangsters and villains!With simple controls you can perform amazingstunts and blows todefeat your opponents lethally.If you likeArcade or Action game,you can not miss the fantasy free-to-playfighting action game offree combat. “Street Combat 2: FatalFighting” can recall yourchildhood memories of arcade game. Arcadefans will have an bloodpumping combat experience when facingendless gangsters andvillains! Enjoy using your devastating powerand skills to defeatand smash up all your opponentslethally!【contact us】Any problemsencountered in the game, pleasefeel free to contact us.CustomerService E-mail:[email protected] more:
Real Ninja Amazing Fight 2017 1.0.2
Came along from a real faraway land and belongs from a familyofroyal warriors who had a royal survival from a war. Theyworshipedthe lord and his realistic noble deeds. This was theextreme timewhen the war has just ended all the warriors werechanged intoinnocent people who loved, lived and played around thecastle. Inthe crowd of these Ninja warriors there was on survivalof the warwho was not fully recovered from the extreme wounds thatheexperienced during his fight with the evil forces in the war.Hehad skills of a bravo ninja warrior and his fighting spiritswerehigh than the sky. He alone killed twenties of enemies, attackthembravely and killed them fearlessly and like a legend ended thiswarand named the victory to the castle and his lord. He wasmosttrusted warrior of the Ninja warrior army, most skillfulandfighting courage was unmatchable. Somehow in this amazing fighttheNinja who was considered to be the best one was caught by anevilsoul and it cursed the real ninja. The real ninja is now underthespell. He has a crazy but real curse on him, since he was knowntobe the real warrior, real ninja, amazing fighter a survivalamission winner, he will now be known as the real liar, theextremethief and a fighter who is a murderer. He is now on the willofevil soul who has captured the real ninja amazing fighter ofallthe times. The soul tells him everything to do and thewarriorninja has to follow those extreme fight orders. You are therealninja amazing fighter, who has speed of a light, heart of goldandmind of a real ninja warrior. What your real mission now isyouhave to invade in the castle of your real lord and your havetoexhibit your warrior skills. Fight is the mission, survival isamust, war is an option and winning is a strategy all made bytheultimate real ninja warrior who has been chosen to fightagainsthimself and even against his real will. This extremesituation hasagain created a war and a real ninja fight. So pick upyour sword,perform your duty as a real warrior and make yourself aproud ninjawho survives even the wrath of evil souls. You have toenter thegiant castle of Lord, kill the guards. Make your way intothecastle. Kill all the ninja warriors that come your way, findthemfrom the corners of castle, find the lord’s ninja warriorguards,locate the, fight and kill them. Steal the three mostpreciousvaluables hidden inside the castle that belong to only theLord.Make them yours, show everyone your real evil side. Yoursurvivalwill prove that you have won this ninja warrior mission inthisgiant castle. Show your warrior ninja skills and enjoy thethunderof this amazing fight. Key Features : 1- Amazing giant lordcastle2- Fight, war and survival based gameplay 3- Amazing real3DEnvironment 4- Cracking sounds 5- Weapons, ninja stunts andrealamazing fight 6- Challenging missions 7- Epic action levelswithdifferent ninja warrior guards
Superheroes Fighting Games Shadow Battle 6.3
If you like comic book superheroes and free fighting games,don'tmiss the opportunity and fight with all the superheroes justfightwith them, feel all the power in your hands. Will you be thebestsuperhero? Be the best superhero and fight totally FREE,collectall the superheros cards and conquer de universe.Trainyoursuperheroes in different street fighting techniques intrainingmode, so you'll learn to punch or kick, remember thatsurvival isnot guaranteed. Fell all the adrenaline in your hands,fight with asuperhero and be a legend, enjoy all the fightingdisciplines andmake combos with your punches, kicks of karate, andall the knowedof a legendaries kun fu masters. Make all mmafighting tecniques,and become a KO, you listen to the bell and youwill know that thesuperhero fight has started, feel the fear ofyour rival andperform deadly street fighting techniques, mma keys,feel how youhave the power in this fight simulator, performincredible tricksto defeat your rival. Characteristics ofSuperheroes Free FightingGames. - Incredible 3D graphics You'llthink they're real fights! -Multiplayer in local mode, makes a realfight. - More than 50superheroes are waiting for fight! -Differents scenarios to fight.- Incredible combos. You'll be thebest in this fighting game! -Quick Fight Mode For skilled fighters!- History Mode Discover thesecrets of superheroes and villains! -Dive into combat Graphicsfrom another universe! - HD Sound You'llsee what effects! -Leadeboard world championship - To competeagainst friends! Fightin the best mortal combats on the world, thissurvival game toconquer the universe, will allow you to be a realcomic superheroand 100% full of powers, KO all your enemies withthe best combos.Play the best free fighting game every day of yourlife, rememberthat it is a fighting game for children and adults ofall ages,feel like fighting in the first person, fighting in themultiplayermode on local server. Enjoy all the comic booksuperheroes and testtheir skills by fighting a mortal combat toconquer the world, savethem from evil villains who will want totake over the planet. Useyour strength, your quickness and combinepunches and kicks to winand be the superhero of your choice. Savethe world! He needs you,play this free fighting game, InSuperheroes Fighting Games ShadowBattle you will use streetfighting techniques where you cancompete with masters kung fu, mma,karate, wrestling, boxing andmore fighting modalities, all battleswill be a mortal combat. Willyou be the best superhero? Guide yoursuperhero in the bestscenarios and improve your powers, feel the 3dfights with greatgraphics. You know, leave everyone KO with yourincredible powersand be the superhero of legend, in the SuperheroesFighting GamesShadow Battle. What will be your power? Whatever itis.... Fight tosave the earth and the survival of the species,become the greatestsuperhero all the time. Contact us:[email protected]://
Bat Superhero vs Turtle Hero: Crime City Battle 1.0
Come and get pleasure with classic bat superhero and turtleherofighting venture from the fictions of this modern centurywithsuper Bat heroes. The shadow of dark forces is drifting inyourcity. Be a Bat superhero fighter to demolish the vile plans ofyourcontenders. It’s time to show off your martial arts skills forthesurvival of your chaotic home town that is under attack byevilrobots. Fight with your powerful Bat Superhero with superbpunchingcombos to defeat agile fighter enemies, an addictiveaddition inarcade fighting games. The rival clans are fighting fortaking yoursuper powers and trying to invasion in your city. You asultimatefighter need to conquest all bad warriors and bring thevictory andpeace on your homeland as a bat superhero. Take risk andfight tillyour last breath to finish warriors as combat hero. Batsuperherois always called the defender of humanity. So, go crazywith newepisode of super bat hero quest with captain shield andother evilrobot enemies. A modern futuristic robot battle 2017 ofthis era,specially designed for the fans of robot fighting games,captainshield games, crime city battle games, turtle hero battlegames andmonster hero robot games. Are you ready for surpriseattacks, andperform sly deceits with your rivals? Download BatSuperhero vsturtle hero: Crime City Battle, an invulnerable comboof incrediblesuperheroes flying games, crime city battle andfuturistic mortalbattle games.Features:• Super ninja jump, run andflying for fightagainst enemies• Stunning gameplay with variety ofadversaries inevery mission• Futuristic game environment with 3D& HDgraphics• Real feel of mutant super hero fight with armorrobotsYouas incredible super hero, need to fight with dark shadowwarriorsto stop them to overtaking of your city & become thebatsuperhero, never seen in bat superhero, turtle hero battle 3Dgamesand captain shield games. You need to be safe from theirsurprisebout and defend yourself smartly. Your foes may assault youin formof flying cars, armor robots or mutant captains. But alwayskeep inmind that you have more super powers as compared to theseimmoralrobotic forces. Show off your incredible super powers todefeatthem badly in superhero arena battle simulator in crimecitybattle. Play and become the part of this counter attackarenasimulator in monster superhero games. As a true batsuperheroassassin attack and kill all mutant warriors that come inyour way.Because this is the final mortal battle in crime city andyou needto take revenge from all those creepy street fighters whoaretrying to knock out from a long time ago. Don’t SurrenderYourself!Fight like a fabled fighter and don’t let overtake rivalson yourcity. Prove them that you’re born to rule the world withyour supermutant powers as a bat superhero. State the world thatturtle herolegend came back to annihilate the crime lord. Amazeyourself withthe blend of city hero games and turtle hero fightgames. DownloadBat Superhero vs Turtle Hero: Crime City Battle,boss of all batsuperhero fun games.