Top 47 Apps Similar to Simplytrak

A simple, secure cybersecurity solution in the palm of yourhand.This LoginTC app works with LoginTC-enabled digital assets(VPNs,websites or applications) to protect your logins viatwo-factorauthentication in three easy steps: receive, decide,unlock. Usersreceive an administrator-issued Activation Code toestablish acredential in the LoginTC app. The app, which acts as acredentialmanager, allows users to store multiple tokens for accesstomultiple LoginTC-enabled assets and accounts. Access requestswillpop up on your phone via wireless push notification. Approveordeny with the tap of a finger!
Atera 1.0.391
Introducing the Atera mobile app! Provide awesome IT support toyourcustomers, at the office, on-site, and on-the-go, withalertmonitoring, access to customers, contacts and devices,remoteaccess, and more. Atera is a unique platform designed forManagedService Providers (MSPs) and internal IT departments;CombiningRemote Monitoring and Management (RMM), Help Desk, RemoteSupport,Billing and Reporting —it’s a complete, one-stop-shop thatenablesMSPs to manage their entire business. The mobile app is aliteversion designed to be used alongside Atera software.
Meshtastic 1.2.31
This is a beta release of the project. We'd loveyouto try it and tell us what you think. You'll need to buyaninexpensive ($30ish) radio from a variety of vendors to usethisapplication, see our website for details. We don't makethesedevices. ***Please*** if you have questions: post on our forumandwe'll work together to fix them (we are volunteer hobbyists).Thispost is a good place to get started. We would reallyappreciategood Google reviews if you think this is a good project.
ServiceNow Onboarding
ServiceNow Mobile Onboarding empowers new hires tocompletetasks,view content, and get help acrossdepartments—including IT,HR,Facilities, Finance, and Legal—all froma single nativemobileapp.​ Streamline the onboarding experience byallowing newhiresto:​ • Order a laptop and phone from IT​ • Setup aworkspacewithFacilities​ • Sign an NDA from Legal​ • Submit a photoandupdatetheir profile with HR​ • Review an expense policyfromFinance andget help if they have questions​ Powered by theNowPlatform®,Mobile Onboarding manages workflows acrossmultipledepartments andsystems, hiding the complexity of backendprocesses.New hiresdon't even have to know which departments areinvolved inany givenprocess. They receive a simple and easyonboardingexperience andcan complete tasks before they even start,ensuringthey areday-one ready. Detailed release notes can befoundat:​NOTE:This app requires the ServiceNow New York instanceorlater.EULA:©2020ServiceNow, Inc. All Rights Reserved. ServiceNow,theServiceNowlogo, Now, Now Platform, and other ServiceNow marksaretrademarksand/or registered trademarks of ServiceNow, Inc. intheUnited Statesand/or other countries. Other company names,productnames, and logosmay be trademarks of the respectivecompanies withwhich they areassociated.
OnTime Mobile 3.14.3
OnTime Mobile gives couriers the tools they need in thefield.Process your assigned orders and keep in constantcommunicationwith dispatch. This app requires an appropriate OnTime360subscription. If you are not sure about your company’ssubscriptionor the services you have access to, please contact yourITdepartment. SIGNAL AVAILABILITY: Keep dispatch informed whereyouare at, when you are available, and when you expect that tochange.Great for independent contractors! ATTACH PHOTOS: Savephotos withan order at collection, delivery, or any stage inbetween. COLLECTSIGNATURES: Capture signatures using thetouchscreen on yourdevice. EDIT ORDERS: Make adjustments to anorder while on the go,without contacting dispatch. SELF DISPATCH:Access the unassignedorder list to assign an order to yourself, ortransfer to anotherdriver. GPS: Let dispatch know where you arewith accurate andconsistent location tracking. BARCODE SCANNING:Use the camera onyour device to quickly read a barcode from anylabel. The app willfind the corresponding order on your list andoffer appropriateactions. MAP ROUTING: Use Google Maps to plot aroute from yourcurrent position to the address of your next stop.OFFLINESYNCHRONIZATION: Continue to work quickly with or withoutaninternet connection. Features continue to work even whenofflineand will automatically synchronize the results once aninternetconnection becomes available. SECURE: Data is transmittedto andfrom the app securely with encryption. To learn more,
Softworks Self Service App 6.0.12
Softworks time and attendance, scheduling and absencemanagementmobile app allows employees to clock in and out on theirsmartphones wherever they are and includes their GPS location. Toenablethis application your business must already useSoftworksSolutions. Using Softworks Mobile Employee Self Serviceemployeescan; • Clock In or Out (with GPS location). • View rosters/workschedules. • Book absences and holidays/vacations. • Viewbalancedetails in relation to leave entitlements, clocking historyandcurrent flexitime balances. • View Team Calendar. • Receiveemailalerts when requests are made, approved or rejected. Linemanagersand supervisors can easily view their team’s time sheetsandapprove or deny absence requests with the click of a button.
Xelion7 1.1.3
Xelion B.V.
Xelion 7 comes with a complete redesign and some new functions,likea Calendar and starting a phonecall with a contact from yournativeAndroid Address Book. Although Xelion 7 makes phone callsvia thetraditional mobile network, internet is required for aproperworking app. A business center running on Xelion 7.0 orhigher isalso required. You can now use Xelion as your DefaultPhone app.Having all your calls in one place, SIP GSM or Callthrough
WebSupervisor 2.5.1
With WebSupervisor, monitor and manage your devices fromanywhere.WebSupervisor is cloud based monitoring and controlapplication notonly for ComAp controllers. With using acommunication gateway, itis possible to also monitor 3rd partydevices communicating viaModbus. Key features of mobileapplication: - Units overview withunit status sorting and filteringoption - Unit and sites locationon the map - Dashboard - Singleunit control - Geotracking (WSV Proaccount needed) - Geofencing -Alarmlist with possibility to resetalarms - Branding (WSV Proaccount needed) - Push notifications -Easy access to webapplication with additional features Simplydownload the app and useyour credentials from WebSupervisor webapplication to remote enjoyaccess to your equipment. Visit formore details about WebSupervisor
Motomoshi - Vehicle Fuel & Expense Tracking 2.10.5
Motomoshi lets you track your fuel consumption andvehicleexpenses.It automatically syncs with our web servers so youwillnever loseyour data. All of these, completely free. ✓ Easy touseapp to trackall your vehicle expenses, including your fuelingsatvariousfilling stations ✓ Automatic backup so you don/t havetoworry aboutlosing your data ✓ Multiple vehicles of any type(cars,motorcyclesand commercial vehicles) ✓ Any fuel, or bi-fuel.Wesupportgasoline, diesel, LPG, CNG, electricity and basicallyanyfuelvehicles even ones with multiple tanks ✓ Detailedstatisticsof yourexpenses and fuel consumption ✓ Reminders to makesure youwon’tmiss an important service of your vehicle or anyotherexpense likeinsurance and tax costs ✓ Find fuel with ourfillingstationbrowser, prices coming soon FEATURES: - Sync with theweband neverloose any of your data - Clean, modern interface-Beautiful vehicletimeline - Easy and painless data entry -Fullfuel management(costs, efficiency, etc.) - Advanced reminders-Detailed statistics- Metric and imperial units fordistance,quantity and consumption -Multiple vehicles (cars,motorcycles,trucks) - Multiple fuel types(gasoline, diesel, LPG,CNG,electricity) - Multi-fuel support -Many expense types(initialpurchase cost, maintenance, insurance,etc.) - Add as manyphotosas you like - Browse venues, fillingstations
myPortal to go V2R2.22.24
myPortal to go is a feature-richunifiedcommunications app for smartphones based on Android 4.x.Itcurrently supports the following UC solutions:• Unify "OpenScape Business" V1R3 and higher• Deutsche Telekom "Octopus F X" V1R3 and higherBesides convenient dialing incl. one number service, myPortal togooffers access to many other UC related features likefavorites,directories, journal, presence status, voicemail accessandothers.
Work&Track Mobile - Field Service Management 3.8.1
Work&Track Mobile is the Field Service Software (FSM) thathelpscompanies and field workers to optimize their work and findout newsaving opportunities. Thousands of employees of any kindofcompanies use Work&Track Mobile to paperless receivetheirtasks and report them in real time. Does your company FLOW? 1-Schedule tasks for your technicians, collaboratorsandsubcontractors. 2 - Allow your customers to concertservicewindows. 3 - Optimize your technicians/drivers routes. 4 -Dispatchnew services and emergencies with all the information youneed. 5 -Gather all activity information using custom form andprocesses. 6- Record field incidences and track their resolutioncycle. 7 -Manage safety and health processes. 8 - Receive warningswheneveryou need them. 9 - Work offline when losing connection andgetsynchronized immediately when recovering it. Work&TrackMobileapp boosts your business allowing perfect real-time fieldteam workcoordination. Install Work&Track Mobile, try it FREEand startnow saving time and money in your business. Welcome toDigitalTransformation! | - - - - - - -Thisapplication uses the Device Administrator permission in ordertokeep location services running.
TeamDesk 1.4.1
This official TeamDesk app allows you to receiveformfillingrequests related to your user account, filltherequestedinformation while you’re online/offline and sendresultsback tothe system when internet will be available.
Freework - Timesheet, Time Card, Time Tracking 2.18.8
Freework GmbH
A mobile platform to handle your daily work, to savetime,increasebillable hours, decrease administrative overhead anddowhat youreally love: follow your work passion Ready togetstarted?Download our free app today. You can try FreeworkPremiumfor free(no credit card required) before choosing the planthatbest suitsyour business. *** Product Hunt: "Freework helpsanyonetrack theirdaily work. Beautifully designed." *** ***"Awesome timetracking tool for freelancers" *** HOWFREEWORK WORKS• Track timeand working hours - Our time logging issimple andeverything is insync • Send invoices - Create invoiceswith yourtracked hours •Manage clients - Log and store informationwhich canbe used toincrease client satisfaction • Statistics - Anoverviewprovideseverything to run your freelancer business withease •Sharedreports - Share your timesheet with all your clients •GeoTracking- Never forget to clock in again with ourgeofencingfeature • Tags- Use tags to categorize your tasks. Forexample, tagblocked tasksas "pending", or tag invoiced tasks as"billed" •Notes - Enhanceyour tasks with important details, linksorchecklists • Connectyour calendar - Add your Google Calendareventsto your timesheetwith one click • Export functionality - Justonepress to downloadall your tasks (CSV, PDF, XLSX) • … andmore!FREEWORK FOR ALL YOURDEVICES Get Freework for your Mac and asaSlackbot to simplifyyour freelancing across all your devices.Theapps all stay insync. QUESTIONS? If you have anyquestions,complaints or praisefeel free to contact us
MyMoochies 1.0.6
The MyMoochies app is the companion app for the Moochieswatchphone,a wearable phone and GPS locator for kids 4-16 yearsold.Parents cancall and locate their child right from theirphoneusing the Moochiesapp. The Moochies Kids Watch can makeandreceive calls, messages andallows for video calling. TheMoochiesphone watch uses a combinationof GPS, Wifi and GSM toprovide themost accurate locationinformation, giving kids thefreedom to bekids and parents a littleextra peace of mind. Withthe MyMoochiesapp you can: 1. COMMUNICATE:- Make and receive callsand videos topre-set contacts from yourSmartphone via MyMoochies.2. LOCATE: -Check the location of thechild wearing a Moochiesphone watch. -Set the frequency ofautomatic location updates ormanually updatelocation of the device.3. SAFEZONES: - A SafeZoneis a virtualboundary parents can setaround a particular location.Once aSafeZone is set via the app, youwill receive a notificationwhenyour child leaves the boundary ofthe SafeZone. - You can settimeparameters for each safe zone (forexample around a schoolonlyduring school hours). 4. VOICE CHAT: -Parents and childrencancommunicate with each other via voice chat,emoticons andone-waytext messages. 5. FAMILY MEMBERS: - Invitefamily or friendsto bethe approved contact of the Moochies phonewatch, thefamilymembers can check the location of the child wearingthedevice. 6.SOS: - By pressing the SOS button on the watch,ittriggers anautomatic location alert, which is sent to alllinkedfamilymembers.
My VeriSTAR 3.12.0
Comprehensive mobile application that allows marine professionalstoeasily perform daily Class & Statutory actions throughauser-friendly experience. This application allows the users to:oAccess a statutory snapshot and visual timeline of their fleetoClosely monitor selected vessels through customizable andpushnotifications o Access vessel information and documents,surveyreports, a visual survey planner and a timeline view ofactivitieso Locate their vessels o Search for and easily contactBureauVeritas personnel or offices o Request surveys, audits andclassattestations o Preview and access the latest class &statutorynews o Access Bureau Veritas fleet statistics Thisapplication alsoprovides services to support new regulations. ForEU MRVregulation, ship owners and managers are able to: o Follow-uptheirMRV Monitoring Plan assessment o Interact in real time withBVexperts o Download MRV monitoring plan assessment letter
Eworks Manager 3.8.7
E Works Manager is your complete office tool when it comestomanaging your field based workers. Whether you aregeneratingquotes, assigning work or creating invoices its neverbeen so easyto manage your workload. With a built in text servicethat letsyour customers know when your “On Route”, and Tailor madeReportsto analyse your work force or chase your payments, E WorksManagerallows you to do what you do best. Features Include - Createquoteson the go - Email the quote direct to the customer - Createandassign job sheets to projects from the admin system or the app-The tracker allows you to see how your staff are progressingonlocation - Photos and signatures can be attached to jobs -Createprojects for multiple staff working on a job - Invoice forthewhole project or individually - Create invoices on the move orfromthe admin system - Send invoice reminders easily - Integratethesystem with Sage if required - Enforce better credit control
Streamline3 Admin 4.5.0
This app is for you; the Streamline3 console administrator. Nowwiththe Streamline3 Admin app you can: • Connect to theStreamline3Admin Console from anywhere • Approve requests fromusers withinyour account for access to: o YouTube and Media oWebsites o Mobileapps New functionality will be releasedperiodically to make youradministrator role even easier. TheStreamline3 Admin app supportspasscode authentication to provideyou with a level of security overyour account without the need toconstantly input your username andpassword. The app dashboardgives you a very easy view on allpending actions in your accountand provides a fast and intuitivemeans to action each request.We're listening. Tell us what youlike, what we can do better, andwhat features you would like to seenext. Send your feedback or use the‘Feedback’ option in the app.IMPORTANT: You must be a Streamline3Administrator in order to signin and use this app.
Transporeon app 3.12.3
The Transporeon app is the innovation in transport and logistics.Itis an easy-to-use app that links the driver's smartphone inthetruck with the shipper’s Transporeon account. Thisenablesend-to-end real-time processes, paperless dispatch andtransportvisibility right up to the delivery. The app allows toplacevisibility status messages for visibility-relevanttransports,assigned and allocated via the Transporeon platform. Ifyou do nothave a Transporeon account yet, please visit ourweb-site tofind outmore about the registration process. In addition, aregistration isrecommended but not necessary for sub-carriers whoreceive assignedtransports. For further questions please contactour Support Team:
UISP CRM 1.3.5
Ubiquiti Inc.
All the tools you’ll need for your ISP business. Organizeyourclients and leads From assigned plans and credit balance, toquotessent to potential new customers, you’ll always know what’s upwithyour database. Billing and recurring invoices Customize taxratesper client (or service), invoice frequency, discounts… wecould goon. Also, we handle invoice generation for you.Automaticsuspensions Take full control over what happens whenpayments areoverdue. Set up late fees, and service suspensions tobe executedautomatically. Seamless traffic shaping We take care ofdownloadand upload speeds based on your clients’ service plans. Youdon’thave to do it manually. NOTE: This app requires UISP 1.1 orlater.See
Loc8 - The job management app for field service 1.7.9
Loc8 job scheduling ⏰ and team management app 😃 is the solutiontohelp you get your tradesmen, quotes and invoices sorted! ✅Thisin-field technician app and work schedule app for licensedusers ofLoc8, is a tightly integrated asset, field service andmaintenancemanagement system for small, medium, and enterprisebusinesses.Loc8 replaces your current paper or spreadsheet-basedjob sheetswith a highly usable, smart application that connectsyour Loc8managers, back office staff and field technicians,bringing themonto one comprehensive service app. In a sea of freeschedulingsoftware, Loc8 Mobile is an effective all-in-one solutionthatperforms the tasks of multiple small business apps, including ajobmanagement app, a team app and a scheduling app. Streamlineyourbusiness operations with a powerful, scalable work order andassetmaintenance management system that is enterprise proven, andveryeasy to use for small teams, making it one of the best appsforsmall business setups. Loc8 Mobile’s intuitive job schedulingappmakes it easier to manage your technicians’ timetables,allowingyou to make quick scheduling changes and accuratelymonitorworkflows. Manage everything from simple reactive workorders tocomplex scheduled maintenance on assets directly throughLoc8Mobile. No need to have a separate invoice app as Loc8integrateswith major financial systems allowing you to easily alignyouroperations and your cashflow. Loc8 Mobile is the field serviceappfor all service business owners and contractors eager toimproveprocesses. If you’re looking for a general tradesman apps,Loc8Mobile effectively works across all fields and can double upas: Acarpentry app A construction app A handyman app An electricalapp Afire app An HVAC app App Features: • Direct integration to theLoc8suite • Real time dispatch and notifications of new work ordersandupdates • Easy in-field management of dispatched work orders•Accurate daily summary on the work to be completed • Overviewofthe volume of work orders on a particular date thanks to theheatmaps on the calendar view • GPS location to see the closestjobs toyou • Allow technicians to view site safety notes for anyworkorder • Enable technicians to assign more assignees onto aworkorder • Offline functionality: technicians can use theapplicationwithout an internet connection. • Job status management:getreal-time updates from your technicians (en route, onsite,workdone). • Record inventory and labour to account for the partsandmaterials used and time spent on the work order •Appointmentsummaries and signature capture: show your clients yourdigital jobbook and get them to digitally sign off on work done •Add and viewattachments to tasks and assets to capture moreinformation aboutthe asset. • Powerful task and sub-task managementfor accuratein-field processes • Create quotes in-field via failedtasks •Simple asset management: create assets and perform tasksandsub-tasks directly on them • Quick filters and sorting ofworkorders Download today and discover why no other team managementappor tradies app can compare with Loc8 Mobile. IMPORTANT: Thisapprequires a Loc8 account.
iSmartgate Access 1.9.1
Download the iSmartgate app to open or close your garage doororgatewith your Android. The iSmartgate App works withtheiSmartgatedevice that can be purchased TheiSmartgate app will connect your Androidtothe iSmartgate device viayour Wi-Fi home network orinternet.Product details: •This APP (whenused in conjunction withtheiSmartgate device) will open up to 3garage doors •GoogleAssistantcertified product. •Apple Homekitcertified product.•Garage doorstatus alert: Shows if your garagedoors are Open orClosed •Clean,Intuitive and User FriendlyInterface •Real TimeVideo (no cameraincluded in the iSmartgatestandard pack)•Unlimited number ofusers can download the app andoperate a singlegarage. •AccessManagement. •Compatible with allGarage dooropeners* *Notcompatible with Chamberlain® or Liftmaster(Security+2.0)
Unily 6.2.0
Unily Mobile is the full-featured App version of theaward-winningUnily Intranet Solution which provides employees withaccess totheir Digital Workplace anywhere, anytime. Access topersonalizedand localized internal communications, corporatedocuments anddata, key applications and the ability to connect andchat withcolleagues in seconds brings mobile employees back intothe fold ofthe organization, helping them to work smarter. Greatcollaborationfeatures you can expect to find in Unily Mobile: -Personalized andTargeted Internal Communications with SocialIntegration - YammerEnterprise Social Networking Feeds and Groups -SharePointCollaboration Workspaces - Document Library w/ PowerfulSearch -People Directory w/ Powerful Search - People Profiles -QuickAccess to Company Apps and Tools *Please note that in order touseUnily Mobile your organization must have an active UnilyIntranetsubscription and login credentials. We love hearingfromorganizations who are looking to better their communicationandcollaboration. If you need any help or have a question abouttheproduct, please email us at
Who's Responding 2.3.0
Who’s Responding:With Who’s Responding your department will know immediately whoisresponding to a call, whether they are going to the hall orthescene and know there ETA at a glance. Eliminate the guessingofwhat personnel will arrive and be in the know. A simple click ofabutton from virtually any phone and the screen at yourdepartmentwill allow others to know you are on your way. This fastand easyinformation by Who’s Responding saves precious timeinresponding.How it works:Once your pager has initiated the call you press the“Who’sResponding” App on your phone. This automatically populatesascreen within your department showing those who get tothedepartment before you immediately who is on their way.Optionallyit can also populate the screen showing your GPScoordinates soyour colleagues know how far out you are. It also hasa featurethat allows a text to be sent and populate the screenwithin thedepartment sending valuable information to those gettingready torespond.In the bottom of the screen you will be able to see who is awaysoyou can be better prepared; helping a department know ahead oftimeif they may be short personnel and a secondary call canbeinitiated earlier.
simPRO eForms 4.4.1
simPRO eForms digitises your forms workflow, ending yourdependencyon paper forms. Field employees complete and submit PDFforms tothe eForms Portal, where they can be viewed, downloaded,orautomatically actioned. Using simPRO eForms you can: -collectsignatures and drawings - process form submissions in realtime -capture photos and add attachments to each form To beginusingeForms you’ll need an active user licence. Contact simPROtopurchase licences.
Traccar Manager 2.2
Traccar Manager is a mobile applicationtomanage GPS tracking devices. It requires a Traccar serverinstanceto work.By default application is configured to use free demoTraccarservice. To manage devices you need to register useron (Server) is a free open source server that supportsmorethan 100 different protocols and GPS tracking devices. You canusethis application with your own hosted instance of Traccar. Formoreinformation visit
Onyx Distribution V8.7 8.7.9
Implementing Mobile Distribution to manage the execution ofdailydistribution plan tasks with their specific tracks fortargetcustomers in a professional environment and practicalfeatures thatsupport the best and rapid distribution of goods inthe market andbuild a special relationship with customers. Toimplement immediatedelivery indicators for the distributiondelegate, the data in theapplication is updated with the companyserver. Main Functions: 1-prepare daily plan with specific goalsfor every target customerand submit it form the responsible forexecuting it 2- issue adocument plan: ex. Sales bill, voucher cash,quotation, order etc.3- inventory of the goods at the customer'sstore, or delegate'scar to update the items data in warehouses 4-Delegate can editstore transfer order from company's store to hiscar store forgoods that are needed in market 5- Add preliminarysurvey data tocustomer needs during daily plan implementation. MainFeatures: 1-working on app without plan, or with an approved dailyplan withits all tasks and discharge of its goods to delegate'sstore(distribution van) 2- delegate show reports with his salemovementand store details 3- delegate follow-up his percentageofcompletion for each customer. 4-the usage of open visitprocedureto confirm the arrival of delegate to customer 5- thepossibilityof update customers contact info. 6- daily update ofdata when thedelegate's phone has an internet connection at anytime he canupdate the data with the server "before delegate moveleave tostart plan execution the following actions occurred 1-update allcustomers data 2- update plan data 3- update items datawith itsdiscount 4- update all details related to delegate" whendelegatereturn from the market the updates of all new data occurredfromthe mobile app to the Onyx system of the company
Hexnode MDM – Mobile Device Management Simplified 12.5.2
Mitsogo Inc
This is the companion app for Hexnode MDM. This app enablestheoverall management of your Android devices with Hexnode'sUnifiedEndpoint Management solution. With Hexnode MDM, your IT teamcanremotely configure settings on the devices in yourenterprise,enforce security policies, manage mobile applicationsand remotelylock, wipe and locate devices. You can also access anyapp catalogsyour IT team has set up for you. Send location notesfrom withinthe app with Hexnode. Messages sent via the MDM consoleand devicecompliance details can be viewed right within the app.Kioskmanagement feature sets up the device to run only thespecificapp(s) and apply the services configured by theadministrator,preventing all other apps and functionalities. Accessto thefeatures like flashlight, Wi-Fi network, and Bluetooth canbeblocked/unblocked, report location manually to theadministrator,prevent the screen from sleeping, and remotely adjustvolume andbrightness while in the kiosk mode. NOTES: 1. This is notastandalone app, it requires Hexnode's Unified EndpointManagementsolution for managing devices. Please contact yourorganization'sMDM administrator for further help. 2. This app usesthe DeviceAdministrator permission. 3. This app might need toaccess devicelocation in the background. Features of Hexnode MDM: •CentralizedManagement Hub • Fast, over-the-air enrollment • QRcode-basedenrollment • Bulk enrollment of devices via Samsung KnoxMobileEnrollment and Android zero-touch enrollment • Seamlessintegrationwith Active Directory and Azure Active Directory •Integration withG Suite for device enrollment • Device groups toapply policies tobulk devices • Smart Mobile Application Management• EffectiveContent Management • Advanced Data Management •Enterprise appdeployment & app catalogs • Policy andconfiguration management• Compliance check and enforcement • Emailand networkconfiguration • Remote lock, wipe and locationtrackingcapabilities • Send notes describing location manually totheadministrator • Excellent Mobile kiosk management torestrictaccess to the allowed apps only • Options topermit/restrictswitching Wi-Fi networks, flashlight, Bluetooth,adjust volume andbrightness and keep the screen on while in kioskmode • Kioskbrowser to enable multi-tabbed browsing and enhancesecurity •Advanced website kiosk settings to build a perfectwebsite kiosk •Build geofences to restrict users from accessingdata outside thepermitted region • Support for Samsung Knox, LGGATE and Kyocerabusiness devices. Setup instructions: 1. Enter theserver name intothe text area provided. The server name will If asked, enter the email addressandpassword provided by the administrator. OR If you have a QR codetoenroll devices, tap the QR code icon and scan the code. 2.Activatedevice administration and continue with enrollment.DISCLAIMER:Continuous use of GPS in the background and high screenbrightnesscan dramatically decrease battery life. Contact yourMDMadministrator for any queries.
Splunk Mobile 2021.6.11
Splunk Inc.
Splunk, the industry leader in turning data into businessinsights,is introducing Connected Experiences to deliverflexibility in howusers leverage core Splunk technology. WithSplunk Mobile, one ofour Connected Experiences applications, youcan take these insightswith you anywhere you go, enabling you tostay current on keyperformance indicators of your business and takeaction from yourmobile device. Splunk Mobile lets you receive pushnotificationswith visualizations and actionable alerts, and viewmobile-friendlydashboards from your Splunk Enterprise deployment.Using SplunkMobile with your Splunk Enterprise deployment, you can:- Getalerts and dashboards sent from the Search and Reporting app.- Getrich push notifications that provide visualization previewandsharing options. - Annotate visualizations and share alerts.-Respond to alerts with an actionable response option, set bythealert sender. - View mobile-friendly dashboards from any Splunkappfrom your Splunk Enterprise deployment. - Favorite dashboardstoget to your most important data faster. For any questionsandfeedback about Splunk Mobile, email
cnArcher cnArcher 1.6.16
* Supports PMP450 family (all bands) * * Supports ePMP *Designedwith input from field technicians and years of experienceon ourmillions of wireless broadband modules deployed, cnArchervalidatesconfiguration and alignment in seconds. Increase thenumber ofinstalls done right the first time, and increasecustomersatisfaction. Eliminate problems, and focus your manpoweronconnecting new subscribers as your network grows.
Courier Manager 3.8.3
The CourierManager app works in conjunction with thewebapplication, facilitating the rapid transfer of fielddata.Couriers can update parcel statuses, load receiptconfirmations,notifications, etc. The app also includes: - Fieldcourier trackingsystem that allows you to view the position of eachcourier on themap and details of its activity (how many parcels ithas delivered,how much it has to deliver, etc.) - Integration withPortablePrinter. Through the app, it receives information andallows fieldcouriers to print the necessary documents: awb,invoices, vouchers,receipts, etc. - Expenses module. The couriercan add everythingthat has to be settled directly from his phone intheCouriermanager software. - Navigation using Google Maps andGoogleNavigator to any of the addresses in his list. For moredetails,please check
OwnTracks 2.3.0
OwnTracks allows you to keep track of your own location. Youcanbuild your private location diary or share it with your familyandfriends. OwnTracks is open-source and uses open protocolsforcommunication so you can be sure your data stays secureandprivate. For more information see ourdocumentation(
evway - eMX Navigator 220.7.14
evway by Route220® is the most reliable App for electric driversinEurope, offering a positive travel experience and involving allthestakeholders in the area. You don’t need cards: with the evwayAppyou can activate and pay the charge on over 190.000 publicchargingpoints throughout Europe, with a click. The App providesyoucomplete, accurate and updated information in real time toallowyou the best charging experience. The evway App geolocatesallcharging plugs for electric vehicles in Europe, provides detailsofthe hospitality facilities and businesses that offer thechargingservice and offers the best user experience, suggesting howtoenhance your charging stop and driving you to destination thankstothe assisted navigation function. With evway eMX, thefirstnavigator for electric vehicles, integrated within the App, itisno longer necessary to schedule the charging stops in advance ortorely on external navigators. With eMX the electric journeybecomesan experience: you can drive or choose a destination andgetnavigation directions with the indication of all thechargingstations available around you while you move along the way.Therange anxiety disappears, you are in control of your trip.Theevway team is constantly involved to offer a positivetravelexperience, accepting user suggestions to further improvetheservice offered. With evway, Route220® continues to innovateandgenerate added value in the field of electric mobilityforeveryone: users, public and/or private businesses andserviceproviders. An environmental, social and economicsustainability forall.
Peerby 2.0.2
Peerby B.V.
*** DISCOVER WHAT PEOPLE ARE SHARING IN YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD ***Peerbyenables you to borrow the things you need from people inyourneighborhood. Sharing made easy: save money, live green andmeetawesome people! Download the app and discover what yourneighborsare sharing. With Peerby you can borrow holiday supplies,cookingutensils, tools for gardening or party essentials. Why buyif youcan borrow in 30 minutes or less?
Mapon 4.2.4
Mapon SIA
Free GPS fleet monitoring app for Mapon clients that providesthemwith a complete fleet management solution. The applicationgivesyou quick and easy access to the system and enables you toremotelytrack vehicles and assets in a simple and effective way.All thesame, solutions that are in the system – from fuel trackingtodriver behaviour – are available in the app. Use it to alwayskeeptrack of all the important updates of Your business!
NextCrew Mobile 2.6.0
NextCrew Corp
Download the NextCrew app to stay connected with yourstaffingagency on the go. With our intuitive and easy to work withthemobile app, you can easily apply for jobs, manage your profileandeven communicate with the staffing coordinators. MarketYourProfile Maintain your profile, keep your information accurateandstand-out in the crowd. 

 Find Jobs That Suit You Bestmatchingjob are automatically available to you based on yourlocation,schedule, skills and other preferences. You can review jobdetailsand apply with a click or even save them as your favorites.Once ajob is confirmed will notify you with all the requireddetails. Wewill even send you a reminder before the job starts. Youcan alsoget direction to your work location or download to yourcalendar.

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 Manage your availability in real-time andview jobsin a user-friendly calendar format. If your preferred viewis acalendar, you will enjoy the experience working with our simplebutpowerful calendar view.

 Paperless Timesheets Ourpowerfullocation-based functionality allows you to easily clock-inand outand updates your on-site status in real-time for yourstaffingcoordinator, eliminating any need for manual paper-work,phone callor texting. You can also submit expense receipts or otherimagesrequired by your staffing agency with your timesheet.SimpleReal-Time Messaging 

Stay connected with your staffingcoordinatorwith ease. You can also attach a document or otherimages as a partof your communication. About Us NextCrew is asoftware-as-a-servicetechnology to modernize and digitallytransform on-demand staffingprocesses. For companies who manage theon-demand workforce,NextCrew stands at the forefront of innovativeprocess managementtools built to simplify every aspect ofscheduling andcommunication. Support & Feedback We are activelyworking onnew features and improvements to bring you a betterexperience.Click on Send App Feedback in Settings to send us yourfeedback oremail us at
Alora - Attendance Tracker App 3.8.1
Alora Dev
Alora is an attendance tracker app that helps you to save time,gopaperless, and simplify the attendance process. Whether you areateacher, instructor, or coach, you will find all you need intheAlora app. Effortless and straightforward setup. Variousattendancemarks and notes help to stay on top of the attendancetrackingprocess. Exportable reports save time and make it easy totrackattendance in multiple classes or events. Collaboration allowsyouto work together with your team. FREE FEATURES: -UNLIMITEDCLASSES: Setup up your classes according to yourschedule(weekdays, time, student groups). - UNLIMITED STUDENTS: Addorimport your students. - TRACK ATTENDANCE: Track dates ofclassesattended for each student across multiple classes. - ADDNOTES: Youcan add notes to record additional info (example: late 15min,excused, etc.) - MULTI-DEVICE SYNC: Instant synchronizationbetweenall your devices. PREMIUM FEATURES: * Access a free trialafter youdownload the app - POWERFUL REPORTS: There are three typesofreports that help you spot attendance trends for each student oranentire class. - PDF & CSV EXPORT: Export attendance reportsinmultiple formats. - COLLABORATION: Invite and work togetherwithyour team. LOVE THE APP? Please rate us on the App Store.You’rethe best! SUPPORT Have questions, want to learn more aboutourfeatures, or want to share your feedback? We love hearing fromyou,so go ahead and shoot us an email at –andwe’ll get back to you pronto. PAYMENT INFORMATION In additiontoour free app, we offer three types of Premium membership:Monthlyand Annual. All subscriptions and payments are offered viain-apppurchase and will be charged to your Google Play account assoon aswe confirm the purchase. All subscriptions auto-renew unlessturnedoff at least 24 hours before the end of your selectedsubscriptionduration. Your account will be charged for renewalwithin 24 hoursprior to the end of the current period, depending onthe option youhave selected. Note: If you upgrade to Premium beforethe end ofyour free trial, any unused portion of the trial will beforfeited.TERMS OF SERVICE Terms OfUse: PrivacyPolicy:
Epicor CRM 2.0.2053
Empower your salesforce with Epicor Mobile CRM, to manage thesalescycle from opportunity to order shipment—anytime, anywhere.Throughour next-generation mobile application, you can: • Createandupdate Leads, Customers, Contacts, Quotes, Orders and Shipmentsonthe go • Build activity-based workflows like call/emaillogging,notes, “To Do” lists, and appointments • Access datarelated tosales activities including competitors, cases, projects,and orderhistory even without internet connectivity • Convert aSales Orderfrom Opportunity/Quote • Search Inventory to verifystock beforecreating a sales order • Visualize customers andprospects on a mapwhile in the designated area, and get traveldirections to theselected location Notes • Epicor Mobile CRM iscompatible withEpicor ERP 10.1.500 or later releases and issupported on AndroidOS version 5.0 and above.
Eurocard Pro 2.14.0+3
Forget about the hassle of travel expense reporting. WithEurocardPro you can manage and report your expenses wherever youwant, assmooth as ever. Perfect for small companies without anExpenseManagement system, who need a simple and easy expensereportingsolution. When you return from a business trip you canalready havemade your travel expense reporting on the-go withminimum effort.No more taking care of receipt piles and forms. Nomore mistakesand misunderstandings. Besides, it saves the companyconsiderableamounts in reduced administration. This is whatEurocard Pro can dofor you: – Paper receipts are easily scanned tothe app with thecamera on your smartphone, where they automaticallyare matched tothe right transactions. – Pdf receipts are uploadedand matchedwith the transactions. – Calculate your mileage usingyour phonesmap function. – Sort your expenses quick and efficient,for exampleby project or client. – Your complete expense reportscan bee-mailed to the right person within your company. – EurocardProconverts currencies when you have made purchases abroad. –Completeoverview of transactions, invoices and card balance. Youcan log inwith either Mobile Bank ID, sms or Fingerprint. If youwant toactivate the option to log in by Fingerprint, you need tofirst login via sms.