Top 15 Apps Similar to D&G Autocare

FDNY Calendar Fire & Ems 55
FREE FULL FUNCTIONING CALENDARS FOR ALL FDNY FIREFIGHTERS,OFFICERS,MARSHALS, EMT, PARAMEDICS and MEMBERS WORKING THE ABCDCHART. LiveBorough Scanner Feeds. Listen to Brooklyn, Bronx,Manhattan, Queens,Staten Island & City Wide. Live FiregroundRadio Traffic. Listento Radio Transmissions from the fireground asthey are given* TheONLY calendar app you ever need your entirecarrier. As you getpromoted or change ranks you will NOT needanother calendar. FireCalendar (25 Group Charts) EMS Calendar (ABCCharts) EMS Calendar(EFGH Chart) Marshal Work Chart ABCD CalendarTrack: MutualsOvertime Sick Leave Vacation Comp Time Other ReadNews Stories thatabout the FDNY. We search the internet hourly andif there is a newsstory that is about the FDNY we list it. BackupCalendar so you willnever lose your data**. Sync to multipledevices ie. tablets**(**requires you to create a free account)Receive Alerts when a anAll Hands are greater alarm intransmitted. Ability to filter Alertsby Alarm level or Borough.Box Number search from home page andNavigation for quick response.Fire Houses, Companies includingEngines, Ladders, SOC, Divisions,Battalions, EMS Ambulances and EMSstations listed and mapped. FireHouses listed and mapped EMSStations listed and mapped. Fire10-Codes for with explanations EMS10-Codes for with explanationsNYPD 10-Codes FDNY Box numbers listedand mapped. NYC HospitalsListed NYPD Station Listed and Mapped Thisis the most complete andaccurate app for FDNY information. The FDNYCalendar app is latestand ONLY app that is FREE and includes FIREand EMS calendars. Thisapp is updated regular to reflect the latestchanges in the FDNY.The calendar allows you to keep track of allyour mutuals,overtime, sick leave and vacation time.
Naturlandet 1.2.4
På Lolland er vi stolte af vores flottenaturmellem himmel og hav. Spændende kyststrækninger, strande,småøer,naturparker, skove og et frugtbart landbrugslandskab medmangehistoriske herregårde.Derfor tilbyder vi nu Det Naturlige Lolland; en app derguiderdig rundt på en masse spændende ture. Ruterne er GPS'ede, såduhele tid ved, hvor du skal hen - uanset om du er til fods, påcykeleller i bil.Det Naturlige Lolland laves af Lolland Kommune og finansieresafprojekt Vækstmuligheder i yderområderne.On the Road is proudofits beautiful scenery between sky and sea. Excitingcoastlines,beaches, islands, parks, forests and fertileagricultural area withmany historic mansions.We are now offering The Natural Road; an app that guidesyouaround a lot of exciting trips. The trails are GPS'ede soyou'retime know where you're going - whether you are on foot, bybike orby car.The Natural Road made of Lolland Municipality and financed bytheproject Growth Opportunities in the periphery.
7punches: Simple Time Clocking 2021.18.0
7shifts, Inc.
7punches is a companion app to 7shifts ( — afreeemployee scheduling app built for restaurants. 7punches isdesignedto help restaurateurs manage scheduling, payroll, andattendancelike a pro, and to help staff quickly and easily punch inand outfor their shifts. How 7punches works: - 7punches app servesas aneasy-to-use, secure, time-clocking punch pad for youremployees. -Syncs with 7shifts to generate powerful insights aboutyour sales,budgets, staff attendance, and productivity. - Reduceyour laborcosts when you set limits on early clock ins, programauto punchouts, enforce breaks, and prevent unauthorized punches. -Promptstaff to declare tips at the end of each shift. - Record andsyncevery employee punch, even when 7punches is not online. -Easilyedit and/or approve all employee punches Note: This companionapprequires a subscription to 7shifts. Luckily, you can get setupinminutes. Visit to start your FREE trialtoday.About 7shifts: - 7shifts is employee scheduling softwareforrestaurant managers and employees. - It provides apowerfulplatform for restaurant owners and managers to schedulestaff andmanage requests on the go. - Employees can accessschedules andsubmit time-off requests, availability updates, andswap shiftsfrom anywhere. - 7shifts and 7punches work together tomakeemployee punches simple, and to provide managers withvaluablelabor cost data.
ICMA-RC 1.3.2
Access your retirement account withconvenienceand flexibility.Your financial fitness options have expanded. Boostyourinvesting knowledge and monitor your account right from thepalm ofyour hand with ICMA-RC’s mobile app for Android phones andtablets.Our app gives you convenient access to your retirementsavingsaccount and retirement planning and education tools, whileyou’reon the go.Use our app to help you stay on top of your ICMA-RCretirementaccount whenever and wherever it’s convenient foryou.• Access your account and view information such as youraccountbalance, year-to-date account activity, and fundperformance.• Use the built-in calculators to visualize how you can growyoursavings.• Watch educational videos about retirement saving andinvesting,and about ICMA-RC resources that help you buildretirementsecurity.• Find additional educational resources, tools, and links tohelpyou save and invest for your retirement.Keep track of your retirement account and shape yourfinancialfuture with ICMA-RC’s mobile app.
ClubCentral- by ForeTees
The ForeTees app (a.k.a. ClubCentral) is intended for membersandstaff of private clubs only. This app will requirelogincredentials that you will only have access to if you are amemberof a private club that uses the ForeTees Reservations Systemandhas enabled this app. Please check with your club if you arenotsure this is the correct app.   The ClubCentral app isapowerful communication tool that also provides fast and easyaccessto the club’s reservations center and other member-onlyareas.Members will stay up to date on what is happening at the clubandhave the ability to easily register for events, tee times andmuchmore.
PestPac Mobile (version 3) 3.18
PestPac Mobile Version 3 is a NEW native application thatincreasestechnician productivity in the field, improves customerexperience,and reduces administrative time in the office. This appfeaturesenhanced offline functionality, including device scanningandprinting. Features include: View appointment list and calendarofjobs Time in/time out of jobs and access timesheets Accessandupdate service and account information Add new service locationsorservice orders Track and add material information on serviceordersAttach files to orders and accounts Draw and attach diagramstoaccounts Securely process credit cards Print and emailinspectionreports, invoices and services orders. Inspect areas anddevices(with IPM module) Add materials, conditions and pestfindings toareas and devices (with IPM module) View a summary ofappliedmaterials and open conditions (with IPM module) Scan devicesusingphone camera or approved external scanner. (with IPMmodule)Inspect and scan Sentricon® bait stations (with Termitemodule)Track termite activity (with Termite module) Termiteinspectionforms (WDO/WDI) - fill in, accept signature, print oremail (withTermite module)
SightCall 4.4.0
Designed with field technicians and mobile experts in mind,theSightCall App enables the deskless workforce to engageininteractive, mobile-to-mobile visual support sessions. Withtheclick of a button, technicians in the field can sharetheirenvironment through a live video stream and receiveimmediateAR-powered assistance from a remote expert. The expert cansee andguide the technician with local and remote controlsincluding: -Pause Video and Draw on Screen - Capture and Save HDPhotos -Document Share and Co-Browse - Remote Flashlight ActivationforBetter Visibility - Remote Zoom for Clarity and Understanding-Collect Product Numbers and Codes with OpticalCharacterRecognition and More The SightCall App is compatiblewithSalesforce, ServiceNow, ZenDesk and other leading workflowsandCRMs. Users can automatically save images, videos andassociateddata back to their case files for continuity andtraining. Deployedglobally, the SightCall App is used by fieldservice organizationsto: - request visual assistance from the homeoffice or expert ofyour choosing - provide visual assistance toother colleagues inthe field - improve service performance andimprove customerexperience
Americas – Sealand, A Maersk Company 4.4.4
Always know exactly where your shipments are and when theywillarrive with real-time shipping information and ‘follow’ ashipmentto receive updates. Login to place your bookings, requestquotesand view all your shipments. • Place your booking •Instantschedules for point-to-point, port calls and vessels •Request aquote • Live tracking of cargo • Follow your shipments toreceivenotifications • Find terminal opening hours and addresseswith maps• Helpful guide to shipping and shipping terminology
Out Crowd Ltd
Findmyshift's online staff scheduler nowcomescomplete with a companion app for Android. To use the app youwillneed to have been added to a schedule by your manager, orhavealready registered an account on the website.Designed to help employees and their managers check and updatetheirshifts on the go, Findmyshift's Android app enables employeestoreceive push notifications on their devices, to stay informedaboutchanges and upcoming shifts.Employees can:- Check their shifts (past and future)- Swap or cancel shifts- Cancel time-off- Add a profile picture- Check their noticeboard- Clock-in and out of shifts- View employee contact detailsManagers can:- Approve or reject shift requests- Track employee locations as they clock-in/clock-out- Approve or reject time-off requests- Moderate messages posted on the noticeboard
NEW & REDESIGNED! To better help you study for and passtheNREMT exam, we have redesigned EMT PASS to include smallertopicalreview questions and two summative final exams. Allquestions havebeen revised and updated to provide for the bestlearningexperience. Topical review tests include sections onAirway,Cardiology, Medical, Trauma, Operations, OB &Pediatrics. Allreview tests include a detailed written rationale tohelp youbetter understand the answer and how to interpret an NREMTstylequestion. Once you are ready to test your readiness andchallengeyour stamina, move on to the two simulated 120-questionNREMT examsin the test section. Still the tough, high-qualityquestions youhave come to expect from Bill Brown, former executivedirector ofthe NREMT, the redesigned EMT PASS will prepare you likeno otherfor passing your certification exam.
Mobile app from Lafayette General Health that providesconvenientaccess to medical care information when you need it most.Featuresinclude: - Find a locations: Map Hospitals, emergency rooms(ER),urgent cares, doctors offices, imaging locations, and labs -WaitTimes – View current ER and urgent care wait times - Find aDoctor– Search by name, specialty, or primary care physicians -SocialMedia – Connect with LGH on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter,andYouTube - MyHealth – Remotely access your patientrecordinformation - Online Bill Pay – Convenient viewing andpayment forall of your accounts at LGH - Facility - Viewaddresses,directions, and click-to-call phone numbers - DrivingDirections –View map and route information - Save your favoritedoctor forquick access to doctor contact and location information -IllnessMaps - View Illness occurrences in the area. Please Note:Somefeatures require the app to use your location
Pediatric Emergency Guide 3.1.1
Protean LLC
This app allows users to dose pediatric emergencymedicinesandequipment to patient weight or age, organized byclinicalsituationor alphabetical list. It is ideal forparamedics,emergencyphysicians, urgent care physicians, pediatricresidents,transportteam members, and other health careprofessionals who careforcritically-ill children. This app wasdesigned byamulti-disciplinary team of physicians, nurses,transportteammembers, and pharmacists affiliated with Children'sNationalHealthSystem. The updated version contains med-dosingwithinPALSalgorithms, improved style, error corrections, a newimprovedmenuscreen, and clinical protocol section. The originalrelease wontheBlue Aster award and was an adaptation of the popular"bluecard"that was disseminated in the DC metropolitan area foryearsbeforemobile health.
TD Ameritrade Advisor Client 1.1.0
TD Ameritrade’s AdvisorClient Mobileallowsyouto stay connected and keep up to date on yourinvestments,whenyou’re on the move. Use it to gain access toaccountinformation,watch lists, and research wherever you are fromyourAndroiddevice. Created with a focus on convenience,AdvisorClientMobileoffers quick and easy access to your accountbalances,positions,transaction history, and more.Features:- Real-time account balances- Real-time account positions- Transaction history- Create your own quote watch list- Third-party research- Mobile check deposit
First Student Connect 2.8.3
Designed specifically for First Student employees, FirstStudentConnect provides you with access to local information andupdates,best practices, policies and company news. Stayconnected withupdates and notifications directly from your manager.Also, viewfacility-posted news and information. First Studentemployees canlink directly to tools and relevant content importantto yourpersonal success, as well as employee/company informationviaself-service functionality, including links to access policiesandprocedures, payroll, tax information, job opportunities, andmore.