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Cauayan City Connect!
Cauayan City Connect! is the fastest,easiest,and most convenient tool to experience and get to know moreaboutCauayan Citywith just a click away wherever you are andwheneveryou want.• Navigate your way by knowing Cauayan City’s GeneralInformation,History, and Government.• Get an instant and effective tourist guide with theLocation,Inquiry, and Contact features.• Update and involve yourself with the activities, events,programs,and projects of the city through our Audio, Photos,andVideos.• Stay connected with us in Facebook, Twitter, Cauayan CityWebsite,and Instagram.• Discover the wonders ofCauayan City throughits Tourist SpotsandHotels and Restaurants.• Be alert and keep safethrough our Cauayan Patrol tolocateemergency areas and contact hotlines.• Get an easy access to everything that you need throughourDownloads.With Cauayan City Connect!, the City Government of Cauayan,Isabela,through the leadership of the City Mayor, Hon. BernardFaustino M.Dy aims not just to provide the basic services to thepeople thefastest way possible but to promote the potential ofCauayan City asthe ideal place where to live, invest, and enjoy,making it trulythe Ideal City of the North!