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Desert Army Sniper Shooting 1.0
The Sniper games are very popular on the App markets becauseoftheir interests. Here is on Sniper action game full ofaddiction,attracting beauty and real 3D High definition graphicsbuild inUnity 3D. The war torn area in Eastern Ukraine, there iswarbetween Russia and Ukraine going on. The Russians havedestroyedthe city and occupied the city because of their monster,fiercelyattack and operation delta in the war area. The command andcontrolsystem of Ukrainian army headquarter have assigned a job toaCommando sniper to shoot and clear one by one the Russiansoldiersfrom the area and make sure the ground forces of Ukrainecome anddecontrol the city. As Russian is using the contractkillers andtheir own army to the war area. So, it's said thatRussia is strongand has got very good secret services forintelligence purpose inthe field. So, the only option is to useinvisible complain withsniper to counter attack the forces. Theforces are spread inmodern city, in jungles in the suburb and thesea side of theIsland of Crimea in the south of Ukraine near blacksea. The airforce, helicopters, war ships and military vehicles arethe part ofthe operation when Russian forces approached andoccupied the cityone by one. So, the enemy is big, you have to beattentive andbrave to compete and kill soldiers on frontier. GamePlay: Thereare some Army personals in the different area of wartorn city, Asniper is chasing the soldiers to shoot them one byone. Some arewalking, some on military vehicles moving to anotherarea, some onwatch towers for security and some are watching thearea around theHelicopter standing on the helipad. Features ofGame:  Real 3D HDgraphics of all models Very natural soundseffects of ShootingMultiple weapons show in the game Natural wartorn city models forreal look  Very nice bullet effects of cameraSimple and easy toplay for all ages A positive and creative storybase game
Black Ops Sniper Strike 2.1
Pascal Games
Black Ops Sniper Strike seeks hits attackers carrying AK47 inarural environment. Attackers have invaded a rural area inthesuburbs and want to take control of it. In Black Ops SniperStrikethe shooter kills enemies by shooting them using scopeequippedrifle. The attackers carry AK47 rifles.Black Ops SniperStrikeFeatures:Excellent Rural Environment for shooting.AttackerscarryAK47 Rifle.Player has Scope equipped Rifle to killenemy.MultipleDifficulty Levels.Radar System and Zoomingoptions.CommandoShooting Gaming Experience.How to play Black OpsSniper Strike :Useswipe controls to aimUse shoot buttons to fireand zoom
com.memozago.sniperarabicbaghdad 1.2
Bamo Games
قناص الجيش - القناص العسكري, هي العلامة التجارية الجديدة،والعملالواقعي لعبة اطلاق النار. كنت تأخذ دور مثل قناص مقرها في عشقناص،إخراج الأعداء التي تأتي إلى الهجوم عليك. لإكمال المستوى، يجبعليكاستخدام بندقية قناصة لاطلاق النار على جميع جنود العدو للمضيقدماإلى المستوى التالي. إذا كنت لا تحصل على جميع جنود العدو قبلالمنضبصحتك، غيبوبة قناص بندقية فيل لعبة سوف تفقد. مع كل مستوى يأتيالمزيدمن قناصة العدو الذي سينتقل إلى موقف ليأخذك إلى أسفل. تسخيرمهاراتلكم القناصة ويصبح أعظم قناص لهزيمة جنود العدو.إضافة إلى هذهاللعبةهو وضع لعبة جديدة "غيبوبة مطلق النار. كنت تأخذ دور مثل قناصفي نقطةممر مطلق النار على غرار كانت كل طلقة لغيبوبة وبناء درجاتكعالية.تبادل لاطلاق النار كما العديد من الكسالى قبل المحاضر الموجزةديقناص. صور القناصين ينتهي وقت للحصول على درجة عالية، ومعرفةقناصالنحبة ما إذا كان يمكن للفوز قناص السوفياتي افضل ما لديكم معكلمحاولة.تحميل هذا عظيم لعبة محاكاة قناص والبدء في إضافة يقتلللتعدادموتاكم.القناصة الأمريكية ميزات هذه اللعبة قناص يسير بخطىسريعة معالبعثات التكتيكية والقضاء عليها. فاسيلي زايتسيف القناصةالروسية أنتقناص في طريقه إلى المجد. سوف تدريب وتحسين. سوف تحصل علىمعداتأفضل.قناص بغداد قناص الصحراء - بغداد معركة، سوف تتعلم لاطلاقالناروضرب في مهب الريحإذا كنت تحب اطلاق النار والألعاب قناص،والحربالعسكرية لديك لمحاولة الخروج قناص واجب اليومعدة رصاصات قناصالنحبةفي حاجة لاطلاق النار عليهم قبل أن تصبح دموية قناصة فيالتاريخالعسكري. قناص اطلاق النار جعل كل واحد تهمة واحدةSniper army- themilitary sniper, are brand new, and realistic action shootinggame.You take the role like a sniper based in Sniper's Nest,directed byenemies that come to attack you. To complete a level,you must usea sniper rifle to shoot all the enemy soldiers shouldbe to moveforward to the next level. If you do not get all theenemy soldiersbefore depleted your health, coma sniper rifle Philwill lose thegame. With each level comes more from enemy sniperswho will moveinto position to take you down. Harnessing your sniperskills andbecome the greatest sniper to defeat the enemysoldiers.In additionto this game is a new game "zombie shooter. Youtake the role likea sniper in absolute passage point shot along thelines were allshot to coma and build a high score. Shoot as manyzombies beforesummary de sniper records. Photos snipers time endsto get a highscore, and the sniper Alnhabh know whether you canbeat the Sovietsniper your best with every attempt.Download thisgreat simulationgame sniper and start adding kills to enumerateyour dead.USsnipers This game features fast paced sniper withtactical missionsand eliminate them. Russian sniper Vassili Zaitsevyou are a sniperon his way to glory. Will train and improve. Youwill get equipmentOvdil.guenas Baghdad Sniper desert - Baghdadbattle, you will learnto shoot and hit in the windIf you likeshooting games sniper, themilitary and the war you have to try outa sniper duty todaySeveralbullets Sniper Alnhabh need to shoot thembefore they become deadlysnipers in military history. Sniper fireto make each one a singlecharge
sniper iraq 6.6
sniper iraq 2015
Russian Police Sniper Revenge 1.0.3
Your mission is to eliminate all the rouge mercenaries andcriminalsin their hideout in Russian Police Sniper revenge in SanAndreascity.Become elite sniper for police department you aretrained toprotect the crime city. Prisoner escaped from prison arehiding andtrying to execute their evil plans. Enter war zonessituation acrossurban city, desert and dark forest. As modernsniper always you needa complete strategy to destroy enemy base.Observe your enemy andmake a plan to take your kill shot. Shotright in to head for aheadshot kill.How to play:•Tap your phoneand tablet screen toselect your favorite rifles• Sniper scope zoomin & out for longrange targets• Target high profile gangstersand syndicatemembersFeatures:• Amazing free Sniper Game• You’remission is tosave civilians and target mercenaries with deadlystrike• Stunningsniper environments• Master sniping skills usingsurroundingenvironment • Unlock more breathtaking levels withhardcore action•Eliminate terrorists with long range elite sniperrifle • Becomesniper assassin for police • Take aim and shoot forperfect killershot
Modern Birds: Russian Hunter 1.2
UK Arts Games
Sniper shooters brings huntingadventure.Modern birds and wolfs in combat. Its Hunting season.RussianHunter Girl in arcade action. Russian assassin seeks huntingbirdsand wolf in modern America. Modern Russian girl shoots wildanimalsin America. Bird hunting season has started and we bringsimulationfor hunting. Mighty Birds and wolfs are hard to target.Russiansniper is on hunters adventure taking sniper shots. Themostamazing free 3D game. Using tactical sniping strategiescompletegame levels.Wild combat Modern Birds: American Hunter is actionenjoyablecombat. Aim in jungles. Dense trees and forests. Becomethe beststriker. Hunt wild animals in realistic 3D environments. 3Dsnipershooting experience for fun. Take shots in counter fireindefence.Weather its bringing down birds or attacking wolves, thisamazingdeveloped games bring you the joys in booming environmentwith waterfall and rivers. Go ahead starting the full onactions.FPS Simulation Game featuresWild animal hunting seasonRussian hunter girl sniper shooterProtect yourself from predatorsBest sniper shooting experienceRealistic and immersive graphicsMission NotesLevel1: Take out 6 crows in first level - BeginnerLeve12: Do not let the birds damage the fields - IntermediateLevel3: Defend running sheep from attacking wolves - AdvancedLevel4: Defend school of sheep from attacking wolves - ExpertLevel5: Defend yourself from attacking wolves - TheMostChallengingVisit our website
Russian Sniper Crime Simulator
Russian Sniper Crime SimulatorRussian mafia is the roads tofightand kill all.Shoot down every individual who is involved andpartof organized crimes. Your Duty is to eliminate Russian mafiaandprovide peace in your city. You are armed with sniper gun. Youmustaccurately shoot to kill mafia's terrorists.The mafia is notgivingup and are on the roads of the city to fight with you. Nomorevictims and gun shots! Your mission as the police sniper is tokeepyour city safe and peaceful. Improve your target practiceskillsand upgrade the sniper gun, each terrorist is a chance toearnbonuses and police medals!Russian Sniper SimulatorFeatures:*Unique Action Camera scenes and sequences throughoutthegame*Unlimited challenging missions*Realisticanimations*HugeCities*Latest Sniper rifles*Single shotGameplay*AddictingGameplay*3D GraphicsSo officer, this is your gun.Kill all theterrorists and save your city full of unprotectedvictims! Join thepolice and destroy criminals, track down newtargets each level andfeel like a real sniper with thisgame.RegardsTop Action Games 2015Team!
American Sniper Assassin 7.7.1
American sniper assassin is a FPSactionpackedshooting war game.Arm yourself with deadly assassin sniper weapons, longdistanceshotrifles with fatal damage, machine guns andlatestmilitaryequipment.American Sniper Assassin is one of the most thrillingfirstpersonshooter sniper shooting game. With other elite swatsniperforce,infiltrate a mob of evil syndicates andhigh-profiletargets.As a well-trained elite sniper from special weapon andtacticsteam,take secret dangerous missions, eliminate terrorists.IntheAmerican Sniper Assassin World, experience the lasershooting,zoomin and identify terrorists and realistic weatherconditionsduringdifferent missions. Hold your breath, pull thetrigger andlet thebullets blow them all up!BREATHTAKING FPS WAR AGAINST TERRORIST-real fire and sniper scene-Stunning optimized HD graphics brings you an insanefeelingofshooting experience-search, aim and shoot escaped prisoners, save hostagesHigh Quality Weapons-Various sniper rifles, real guns, assault rifles andsecretweaponsto select-Collect components to expand your sniper teamTrain yourself well. Go search, aim and shootescapedprisoners.Save hostages! To be a real sniper hero
Army Sniper Shooter Assassin 1.1
A real FPS combat calls for black ops ondutyrevenant sniper guard to save civilians from terrorist attack.Playas brave soldier in this Army sniper shooter assassin. Theinnocentcivilians are at the mercenary of elite swat force. Waraction hastriggered between the army force and dangerous criminals.With yourmodern sniper vision; Hunt down the terrorists at warzonewith akiller shot. Fight to defend SWAT army base camp locatedatmountaintop. Deploy and Infiltrate the enemy convoy forces;Unleashyour unstoppable rage attack to ambush in war. Leadtheanti-terrorist counter attack and aspire to become the bravocadetin the best sniper strike game.Join the ultimate FPS game with Army sniper shooterassassin.Start hunting hideout terrorists in the arctic mountainthat hasturned into rage battle field. As secret agent; Breach theenemyterritory and take revenge with multiple killing tactics.Usemountain sniper training tricks and stick shooting your enemiesinsnow mountains terrain. Don’t let terrorist escape; Hijacktheenemy satellite and track their hiding location.Use the modern weapons like rifle, war machine gun, ak47&mp4 guns. Be disparate as steady furious killer and carriedoutelite army shooter 3D. Destroy and demolish your enemy camp.Beprepared for the terrorist counter attack; grab your ak47 &mp4from your wide ammo collection at military arsenal. Stickshootingenemy terrorists at snow mountain and defeat your opponentsin theblack ops assassin. The biggest challenge for gunner inthisshooting game is to aim precise the target in the heavysnowfall.Avoid shooting civilians at the mountain village and dosomeprecise target killing in the winter snow.Features:• Realistic 3D snow mountain environment• 10 Anti-terrorist counter strike duty missions• Thrilling First Person Shooter Game• Multiple modern weapons like ak47 & mp4 gunEnjoy shooting terrorists guard and dangerous Russian gangsters asatrained sniper school cadet. With the best first personshootinggame; enjoy realistic war action. With the thrill ofanti-terroristattack mission, play as lone sniper commando till thelast stand.Take headshot of enemy and eliminate terrorism throughthis furycombat. Use SWAT target shooting skills to become the bestshooterof the modern elite force with the last snipersimulator.
Headshot Sniper 3D 1.2
Bamo Games
Headshot Sniper 3D is brand new, realistic action shooting game.Youtake the role as the sniper based in a sniper's nest, takingout theenemies that are coming to attack you. To complete thelevel, youmust use your sniper rifle to shoot all the enemysoldiers toadvance on to the next level. If you don't get all theenemysoldiers before your health is depleted, zombie Sniper Gun 3dyouwill lose. With each level comes more enemy snipers who willmoveinto position to take you down. Harness you sniper skills andbecomethe greatest sniper to defeat the enemy soldiers.An additionto thegame is the new game mode 'Zombie Shooter'. You take therole as thesniper in an arcade points style shooter were each shotto a zombiewill build up your high score. Shoot as many zombiesbefore theFusil de sniper 3D précis. time ends to get a highscore, see if youcan beat your soviet sniper best with each try.Stop the zombie warwith your amazing sniper skills.that make itbetter why? Downloadthis great sniper simulator Game and startadding kills to Your deadcount.American Snipers Features a fastPaced sniper gameplay withtactical and elimination missions.Vasily Zaytsev russian sniper Youare the sniper on his way toglory. You will train and improve.sniper 3dYou will get betterequipment. Headshot Sniper 3D, You willlearn to shoot and hit inthe wind.every single one count.Now holdyour breath and pull thetrigger.-> Fast paced gameplay->Variety of missions - spotand eliminate your designatedtargets-> Arsenal of sniperrifles-> Sniper training - improveyour sniper skills with everysuccessful mission-> Controlledshots-> Thermal visionGunSelection:
You are now weaponized withbest Russian and Americanshooting assault guns & armor. Youwill be given an opportunityto choose from 2 high-tech professionalguns having differentspecifications. Call the death of your warriorin a smarter wayDragunov. that he couldn’t even hear the gun sound,not even thedeath sound,Kruger
 In Terrorist Sniper Shooter, youhave got thebest commando anti-terrorist war Test out your snipingskills inthis exciting Sniper and Shooting game set in the middleeast,Sniper Duty! You are part of an elite sniper squadstationed,Sniper Rifle and get ready to defend yourself ZombieSniper 3DShooter placed in the desert. the best Sniper in Last Hopethroughhow to use a Sniper Rifle m24 by first practicing goodheadshotsniper zombie killing game that's good Really funsnipergameSupport this Awesome Game "Headshot Sniper 3D" By Ratingif YouLike it just Rat it to make more games in future.THANK YOU&ENJOY ... :-)
Zombie Sniper Game 1.11
Zombie Sniper Gun 3D City Game is the new free shooting game oftheyear! You and your sniper rifle are the only survivors of azombieinfection. In this free shooter game a virus infected thewholeworld except you. All your city is infected and bloodiseverywhere. Shoot zombies in the head to be the best killer ofthecity and survive, or just become another zombie like them.InZombie Sniper Gun 3D City Game you will need to manage yourgunshipand bullets and kill every undead before they drive you todeath!Pull the trigger and watch extreme kills with its slowmotioncamera! In this game you can make zombies bleed a tsunamibyshooting them on the face! Increase the counter of dead undeadandcompare yourself to your friends on Zombie Sniper Gun 3DCityGame's leaderboards! Thanks to TeknoAXE for their freemusic.Zombie Sniper Gun 3D City Game'sfeatures:----------------------------------------------------------------------------Action game. - Realistic physics. - Accurate 3D sniper rifle.-Kills counter. - Leaderboards with your friends. - Amazingspecialeffects and slow-mo camera!
Death Commando Sniper Shot 3D 1.9
The enemy squad has taken over the city and the hero - TheCityDeath Sniper , as a one of the best snipers is assigned a tasktoclear the city by exercising his matchless expertise insnipershooting with bullets to hunt-down the responsive enemiesfrom atop edge of a building in a damaged city, who have taken overthecity to meet their ill-intentions. Mr. Sniper is the last hopeofthe city inhabitants, his strategy will be to segregate andsnipethem one by one.To make situation more challenging andinteresting,The Commando Sniper faces 10 multiple waves withincreasing numberof enemies with decreasing time .As an eliteCommando Officer, youhave been given a mission to fight directly& clear the citywith limited weapons and little time. You areexpected to do anawesome job and succeed at all costs.Be the SniperCommando inAmerican Military that has elite snipers trained forcombat formountain and Urban sniper shooting scenarios. The enemyhasdisguised in military soldiers uniform. You are one of theBestsniper shooter to spot the equipped enemy. Be in the battle andwarto shoot down the enemies with gunshots as a part of Americanarmybattle. You are at a mission of American army to kill downtheenemies and terrorists in the war by wisely using yourlimitedsniper rifle ammo to achieve VICTORY!!!Aim the enemy squadby headshots at a distance in the battle and war and have anexperience ofbest sniper shooter . Take your best bullet shot tospot, counterattack and kill them. Take a Brave Stand up for yourCountry toWIN! The Best Thrilling Destruction War Game!!!There isno way toback out, you have to face and kill them, strike with thebestshootouts and head shots while staying at the mountainshootingrange. The battle field is full of armed enemies and theyarecoming in Big Tanks and Helicopters in the war field. Fight andaimthem to shoot them out with long binocular vision.GameFeatures:-Mesmerizing 3D army base environment- Realistic militarybase withjets, helicopters, oil refinery and tanks- Multipleenemycharacters ranging from marines to snipers.- Well builtstoryline-Multiple missions with increasing difficulty- Enemycharacters withunique attack, defence characteristics and AI--Efficient weaponcontrols & movement- Radar visionHow to Play:-Touch & draganywhere on the screen aim your shooting weapon-Tap the firebutton on the right side of the to shoot and start yourassault-Use the scope button to aim closer- The shooting weaponhasunlimited ammunition but time to respond is crucial
Sniper Deer Hunt 3D 1.0
It's open season join the deer hunt today!Sniper Deer Hunt 3D is most attractive and amazing action gamewithfull of adventure in the most realistic environment withrealisticjungle trees, mountain, water lakes and grass etc.Deer hunting is a hobby and a hobby wealthy people, so, let's trytohave fun to hunt deer but more, you need to be attentive andexpertin using your sniper gun. You have the only gun with scopeto shootdeer.Keep your eyes open to find deer. Do not waste your time; JustDoIt. And get your best shot.FEATURES:Unlimited ammo3D first person shooting game.Best 3D graphics or jungle.The natural sounds of deer and fire.Best sniper gun for accurate shooting.Real 3D deers with best animations.Visit us on Following pages for your suggestions
Sniper War:Alien Shooter 1.2
This is 2015's wonderful game about analieninvasion of TPS, That is a milestone! Here are someshockingthings: the alien scenes, weapons systems, the herocombinationsand Defense bunkers. If you like aliens -TPS, then thisgame isbest for you, my legend bounty hunter.AD 2137, the Titans Extraterrestrial Invade Earth, this is AMostViolent Year ever faced by mankind. Earthlings to the brinkofextinction, and you, as the last guardian, who will play maninblack, employ Defense bunkers, blocking aliens floodattack.Protect the survivors behind of you, waiting to fight backthesealien hybrids.You can play a sniper, a strike headshot! You can play amachinegunner, kombat Crossfire!!You can play therockettroops,Indiscriminate shelling!!!You can also play a bountyhunter,heroic warfare, do the best Brave shooter!!!! You will bethe focusof a unique, all the aliens invaders will launch afrenzied attackto you. In this warfare, the Titans ExtraterrestrialInvade Earth,the Earthlings is no winner! all you can do iscontinue to warfareto protect the people you love, and to live, asa survivor andguardian.In A Most Violent Year, you have to be like man in black todothe best shooter, and heroic combat the aliens. Like thebestsnipers to shoot the alien invaders.Civilization is on the brink of apocalypse, and you are abeaconof hope. Save the remnants of humanity in the alien-invadedcity,while slaughtering every alien in your sight! It's yourmission tohelp the survivors and fight back, send evil aliens towhere theybelong. Do what you have to in order to stay alive, keepcombat asfast as you can, and protect yourself by any meansnecessary. Endthis war NOW, and become a LEGEND tomorrow!Game features:1, make good use of a variety of Defense bunkers to Crossfire,willsave your life in battle.2. You are the focus of all the aliens, you must first kombatkillthem, do not let them close to you, or die that is you.3、19 devastating weapons, the arsenal of Shotguns, MachineGuns,Rocket Launchers, and Sniper Rifles.4、 14 ruthless alien types and 12 evil bosses to wipe out.5、 12 challenging levels, each with different guns andkillzones.6、 4 unique characters own 12 powerful skills with stunningvisualsand sound, such as "HEAD ONLY" "T-FREEZE" .7、 2 vicious game modes - Classic and Hell.For fans of defense game,FPS games, shooter games, freegames,alien games and war games! It's ongoing updates to delivernewmodes, features, and content. So go ahead install AlienwarfareSurvivors, starting up funny, free, and oneintenseadventure!If you like, please give us a five-star praise, thank you!
Anti-terrorist Sniper Team 1.0
Anti-terrorist Sniper Team EliteTop Elite Anti-terrorist Sniper army sets out huntingforterrorists, criminals, and gangsters!Take your rifle, join Top Elite Anti-terrorist Team, rocksfurysniper 2016!Anti-terrorist Sniper Team is the most exciting andchallengingfirst person shooter (FPS) experience, where you play astop classsniper together with your team to strike terrorists,combat covertterrorist activities and destroy terrorist bases. Oncedisparatesnipers are united together to take Eagle Action. Are youaccurateenough to scope terrorists from across the map? SWATforces, it’sno time to hesitate. Time to take real action anddestroy theterrorist organizations!Terrorist groups spread disorders and chaos in every cornerofthe world, from Paris to Rome, from Russia to Ukraine. Civiliansinthis area are in danger. The Peace Committee send you and yourteamto travel around the world to eliminate a mob of terroristthreatsand infiltrate high-profile target that get the way peace.You areunited elite snipers. There are no room for mercy, onlyforshooting!Anti-terrorist Sniper Team features:-realistic and challenging FPS experience-play as sniper together with elite sniper team toinfiltrateterrorist threats-travel around the world to combat terrorist bases-numerous missions-heart-pounding sound effects-ultra optimized graphics-huge array of equipment and weapons to choose from-LEVELS, CHALLENGES & SURVIVAL tournament to choose-destructive weapons and ammunition-complicated situation, hijacked building and crossing fireAnti-terrorist Sniper Team Gameplay:-slide to the left of the screen to control charactermovement-slide to the right of the screen adjust the target-use sniper rifles zoom to scope terroristsYou and your team are the only hope to destroy terroristthreats!SWAT sniper, it’s time to take action!
Hitman Sniper 1.7.120898
5/5 - "Now that it’s here, I can’t stop playing it, whichisremarkable for a title that is much more concerned withshowcasinghow much you can do within certain constraints instead ofrevelingin any kind of excess." - Gamezebo BECOME THE ULTIMATESILENTASSASSIN Step into the shoes of Agent 47 in Hitman Sniperanddiscover the most compelling sniper experience on mobile.TACTICALMISSIONS IN MONTENEGRO Hone your strategic skills andorchestratethe perfect assassination kill shot. SURVIVOR CHALLENGEIN DEATHVALLEY Non-stop action as the zombie hunter in a true testof yourskills and speed of execution. MORE THAN 150 MISSIONS AND10DIFFERENT CONTRACTS Improve your skills for theperfectassassination as you uncover secrets and subterfuges. 16UNIQUEGUNS Eliminate targets, collect weapon parts andcompleteblueprints to unlock the most powerful guns. COMPETEAGAINST YOURFRIENDS FOR THE FIRST PLACE IN THE LEADERBOARDS Boostyour scoreand climb up the contract killer ranks to become theworld's finestsilent assassin.
Sniper Arena: PvP Army Shooter 0.6.7
💥The best 3D PvPmultiplayerarmyshootinggame!Free!💥💥 Sniper squad will allowexperiencingrealadrenalineof warin battlefields from real lifebattle net.😎JOIN ELITE SNIPER SQUADThe “Sniper Arena” simulator will take youfromyourmobiledevice’sscreen right to a realistic and tough worldofwarandterror!💥BECOME THE BEST SNIPER 😎Take a rifle and join in fierce battles inthemainsnipermobileonline PvP game. Prove to everyone that youarethebestkillershooter by fighting with the strongest snipersoftheworld,thereis more than 500 000 of hunters already. 💪Destroy snipers on the way to elite, wintitles,discoverandresearchthe best rifles over the world,usemodernmilitaryammunition in eachbattle.Enjoy excellent 3D graphics and dynamicshootingwithonlineplayers,that creates a full sense of actualcombat!Topthestandings withyour platoon, arrange shootingandhuntenemies,capture and defendterritories!GAME FEATURES✓ Three modes of online battle – oneagainstall,teambattle,conquer territories. Challenge other players,joinasquad,or createyour own! Arrange sniper duel shooterswithothersquads,and fightfor territory! 🔫✓ Multiplayer: up to 8 real opponents on themap.RealWorldWar– Special Forces and terrorists,soldiersagainstassassinsandhitman.✓ Enjoy breathtaking 3D GRAPHICS:theworld’sbestSNIPERRIFLES, superbly realistic and authenticineverylittleaspect,and 4 spectacular combat locations,madewithsupremeattention todetail, thought through in terms ofgamelogicandthebalance.✓ Try intuitively easy controls – SWIPE,ZOOM,KILL!Competeinbest-known 3 game modes: Deathmatch,TeamDeathmatch,andDominationwith up to 8 real opponents on themap,whoevershootsmore snipers -wins the round.✓ Ally with your friends to buildanUNSTOPPABLESQUAD,leadthem to the top, duel with other teamsandwinterritories intheDomination mode.✓ The most convenient controlling: shootandkillhitman.Firstperson shooter: it can be handled even byachildsitting onapotty-chair, or a granny on a bench attheporch.✓ Realistic 3D Weapon: improve your shootingskillsandhitthetarget by the best sniper rifles of theworld,realsoundsofweapons.✓ Scenic battle locations: 🚁BlockhouseMountain,OldCustomsHouse, Village in the mountains,andUSmilitarybase.✓ Unique players rating and detailedstatistics,morethan60sniper titles: from Recruit to Hunter!✓ A great number of upgrades and improvements.✓ Common game server for all platforms.✓ Real-life network communication: teamandgeneralchat.ATTENTIONIn the game Sniper Arena there are materialsforadults,scenesofviolence and blood. All the battles take placeinrealtime, soyouneed an Internet connection.Get answers to all questions about thegame,searchforsquadandfightershere:
Sniper killer on Highway 1.2
Sniper killer on Highway is a full action game with guidedmissile.In this game, vehicles are running on a highway and asniper killerkill these vehicles with his sniper gun and destroythem. Sniperkiller on Highway is very interesting and full of fungame. In thistraffic hunter game when vehicles are passing front ofyou, you aretrying to target them. When you hit three vehicles thenarmycommandos come on a helicopter with the help of parachute andtheyattack on you to save the traffic. You need to kill theseentirecommando to complete the mission otherwise you mission isfail.Thishighway hunter game has two environment forest (jungle)and snow.Sniper killer on Highway is a very realistic HD graphicandbeautiful sound effect. Sniper killer on Highway provides youagolden chance to hit the cars, buses, trucks and other trafficonhighway. There is guided missile is fixes on the sides of theroadfirst of all you hit the guided missile. These missiles areautofir and they know you position very well so first of all youkillthese missiles. I hope you will enjoy this highway huntergame.Features:Included guided missile featureMultipleenvironmentsLatest sniper gun with zooming scope optionRealisticsoundeffectsHit different kind of vehicles, army commandos andguidedmissileGame is 100% free and no need to purchase extraweapons
Special Forces Group 4.9
We strongly recommend that you installthesecond part.So the first part is no longer being updated. First Person Shooter in real-time.-Singleplayer(with bots)-Multiplayer Online and Wifi router.-4 game mode (Classic,Resurrection,Capture theFlag,ZombieMode)-Confrontation Special Forces teams and teams of terrorists-5 Characters per team-18 Maps-7 Pistols-3 Shotgun-4 Submachine guns-12 Rifles-5 Sniper-rifles-3 MachineGun-1 Grenade-3 Bulletproof vest-7 Languages(English,Русский,Espanol,Deutsch,Francais,日本人,中国)
Sniper Duty Rampage Shooter - FPS Commando Warfare 1.2
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Sniper Duty Rampage Shooter - FPS Commando Warfare is the taleoftime when critical sniper war warrior rampage game has taken aturninto your direction to brace yourself into a trained Snipershootercommitted to the critical attack war shooting game only!Kris Kyle,modern sniper army commando shooter is your talent whichmakes youto stand among top call of army kill 3d shooting sniperassassinsof US military. Officials, tormented with terrorists armysnipershooter one many army combat mission rampage, are gettingheat ofyour proficiency. So this is the right time to join the navysealsas a modern commando sniper strike 3d in best 2018 world war2rifleman first person fps game and turn into one of thebestcommando battle sniper shooting frontline attack in the wholeofthe USA force.The intense trilogy of modern sniperassassinshooting missions takes you to the points where counterterroristcritical shooting attack game fight is duty as a SniperDutyRampage Shooter - FPS Commando Warfare who seeks its weaponandcommando training claiming on commando frontline shootercombatfury 3d terrorists lands. Going to be the part of analtercationIraq War, duty bound to the greatness, you are the onlysnipershooter force have! Go in this army sniper combatbattlegroundssurvival desert war, to fight the call of enemieswarfare striketerrorist who have captured your base camp. It's timeyou go in asarmy fps sniper ww2 first person shooter game and fightthefrontier sniper shooter frontline army commando bad guys togivethem what they deserved for destroying your base and killingyourtroops. GAME PLAY Strategy is the backbone of each elitecommandosniper shooter modern combat game mission. Stationed atextremedaunting lands of altercation civil Iraq war, fight againsttheenmity prevailing around. Provide assistance to US forcethroughland attack and RPG gun shoot stroke fire storm. it’sanaltercation battle to combat against flapdoodle terrorists inaquest to reach at the root of flapdoodle enemy. Comes withatargeted interval and limited ammo supply you are supposedtoeliminate enemies fully and finally!Be alert at every point ofthisgame to survive and hit the sniper gun shooter of thiscombatgunner strike stroke to enemy first. The altercation battleofextensive glory is started so get ready to face each battle andwinit, it’s all in your hands. Get the enemies in this rampage andbeevery sharp with each stroke you hit the enemy, make sure youreachstroke makes vast damage to enemies. So take on everyone whocomesin your way it’s a war battle against frontline commando ofthisterrorist combat strike foe. Be on your front foot and finisheachof these terrorists. Sniper Duty Rampage Shooter - FPSCommandoWarfare GAME FEATURES - 10 levels of extensive shooter ww2armyfrontline shooter 3d mission series - Total screen viewrotatingover 360 degrees - Aim based shooting - Spot and killdesignatedtargets- Continuing story line with the game play- ScenicIraq warbattlefield arena - Top quality battle ambience sounds andeffects
Army Sniper Wanted Terrorist
Army Sniper Wanted Terrorist is a next generation game of frontlinesoldier shooter. Are you a master of FPS games? Enter into thefieldbattle and test your Sniper Shooter skills to the limit. Playas asniper enemy assassin hired to shot kill enemies at the armybasecamp. Get armed with your ak47 &gatling gun and leadbattlewarship as combat commando. Enjoy thrilling first personshootingwith terrorists counter attack in this modern fpsgame.Terroristshave attacked the swat base camp at hill top. Swatforce need a realfps shooter to shoot enemy in this death assault.You are an elitearmy commando and a hero in this war againstterrorists group.Arsenal of Mountain swat force has wide range ofwar machines, fromminigun to ak47 machine guns. Take out yourultimate weapon gun andheadshot deadly war enemies. Face mostchallenging battle attack inthis fps target combat with shootinggame mission. Terrorist arehiding behind the army jeep. Destroyall of them and be the bestmilitary commando of this thrilling fpsgameplay.Enjoy Army SniperWanted Terrorist with unique targetkilling missions against enemycounter attack. Play as swatcommando at front line to destroyenemies. Choose your favorite warmachine and start shooting badguys. Aim, shot and kill thesedangerous terrorists at battle bloodfield. Experience real swatteam with hill camp environment andenjoy smooth ak47 gun aiming& shooting.Are you ready forfurious Target Shooter Gameplay!?Features:10 challenging snipershooting missionsMultipleweapons selectionStunning 3DgraphicsThrilling war sound effects
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Sniper Assassin 3D 1.8
Do you like sniper shooting games? Are you a fan of snipershooters?Try out Sniper Assassin - the latest 3D modern snipershooting game.Take on the role of Sniper X as you rescue hostagesand become theperfect sniper contract killer.Sniper Assassin thelatest snipershooting game available now on Google Play Store.
Sniper IC 0.1
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