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Antivirus & cleaner 1.4.1
Cleaner is a boost mobile security app to clean RAM 、just gospeedup your phone .To clean android phone and boost mobile to abetterstatus Antivirus is FREE !antivirus android, Privacy guardfor yourphone security, clean to make it faster!Antivirus Free,protectsyour Android devices with functions of real-time antivirusandanti-theft, ensure security! With Free Antivirus, your deviceswillbe protected against invaders of harmful virus, malware,spywareand message, which helps to prevent unauthorized access andensurepersonal data safety.Antivirus gratis!Fast cleaner is aphonecleaner plus cache cleaner plus speed booster andAppLock,mobilesecurity appFast cleaner has some powerful functions.Like go speedbooster、applock、ram booster, game booster, turbocleaner ,memorybooster, cache cleaner for your Android phones ortablet.Speedbooster can go speed up your phone and help you to savebattery.Speed booster Give your phone all-side speed boost mobile!One-tapto cool CPU,Meanwhile, it is also have smart APPlock. A musthavesecurity app, the best boost mobile masterAPPlock security. Amusthave security app, Tighten Security on Your clean your private data with the smart AppLock! WithAppLock,nobody can check your sensitive apps, messages exceptyourself.applock, a must-have privacy guard !※ Lite, Easy and Fast!what cancleaner do for you?★ full free Clean junk files.★ full freeCleancache.★ full free Clean junk APK.★ cleaner master full Cleanofyour device★ AppLock lock up your privacy★ More easy to cleancacheand junk photos.★ guard your phone 360°★ enhance your phonegosecurity-----------FEATURE-----------☆ Clean RAMDetect thehealthof your phone, clean RAM 、junk files and caches in seconds.Easy toenlarge phone storage.turbo cleaner uses accessibilityfeatureshelp you to stop unnecessary apps and clean hidden junkfiles.Clearing application cached files and freeing up storagespace onyour device .Make your phone become smoother, turbo cleanercanclean memory、clean junk、clean cache with full power, so it isaturbo cleaner ☆speed boosterSpeed booster Give your phoneall-sidespeed boost, never worry about lag of phone☆cleanermasterCleanermaster of all cleaner app How to use Cleaner?Just onetap! So easy!It helps you to solve many phone problems!1. Tap"Clean “to boostup your phone. More than 80% users often use thefeature.2. Cleanjunk files and unnecessary APK, release phonestorage in seconds.3.Add frequent used apps to white list, easierto manage apps.4.Applock, lock up your apps, protect your privacy.Your privacyguard &security toolCleaner, the best smart freecleanermaster, the most smart privacy guard. Give your phoneall-sidespeed boost.Cleaner. The most useful Android speed boosterandfastest phone cleaner and ram booster,with powerful functionslikejunk cleaner 、Ram cleaner、battery saver and app manager. Withthesuper phone cleaner and memory cleaner, you can fastestcleanandroid phone with deep power cleaning, delete junk filesandresidual files with only one tap. Choose the super junkcleanermaster and ram cleaner master for your Android phonesortablet.Cleaner is a free Optimizer and Android Privacyguard.Cleaner can help you to clean RAM 、clean caches and cleanjunkfiles, prevent unnecessary apps consuming too much powerandenlarge storage. Download this FREE Cleaner, It can boost thespeedof your phone by up to 80%! With the advanced technology,cleanersmartly clears RAM and releases background apps, includingsomeapps that haven't been rooted.Cleaner A free app! Cleaner is agoodboost mobile Optimizer for you to smooth your phone. releasememoryand speed up in seconds.
Super Cleaner - Antivirus, Booster, Phone Cleaner
Hawk App
Super Cleaner is a world-class cleaning & boostingprogramfor Android, which has functions of Junk file Cleaner,PhoneBooster, CPU Cooler, App Lock and even Antivirus, trustedbyover 95 millions of users worldwide! Super Cleanerboastsa 4.7 (⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐)rating, is one of the highest ratedcleanerapplications on Google Play! 

How does Super Cleanerimprove yourdevice performance?
 Junk Cleaner - Clean junkfiles
 CacheCleaner - Clean up useless application cachefiles
 PhoneBooster - Optimize memory and speed up your phone
GameBooster - Boost speed performance and expertly free upmemoryspace
 Antivirus - A powerful virus cleaner thatefficientlyremoves all threats
 CPU Cooler - Minimize CPUtemperature andenhance performance 
 App Lock - Protectprivateinformation in apps with extra passwords 
AppManager -Analyze and manage the status of appsintelligently 
 BatterySaver - Shut down power-consuming appsto extend the life-span ofyour battery 
Super Cleaner key featuredetails: 

 Junk FilesCleaner 
 Analyze and safely removethe junk files that takeup your memory and storage space. Cleanwith only 1-tap, free upspace and boost phone speed. 

 CacheFiles Cleaner 
Clean residual system cache files left byuninstalled apps to freeup disk space for Android phone or tablet.

Storage Optimizer& Cleaner 
 Clean up duplicate photos,music, documentsand unnecessary apps, free up space and accelerateyourdevice. 

 CPU Cooler 
 Intelligently analyze CPUusageand end the process of overheating apps to decreaseCPUtemperature, with only 1-tap.

 Security & Antivirus -VirusCleaner 
 Powered by a world-class virus detectionengine,Super Cleaner protects your device from all virus attacksand anyother threats.

 Phone Booster
 A quick booster can free upRAM andclean background tasks. 

 Security App Lock 
WithAppLock, you can add extra password protection to sensitiveapps,such as Facebook, Message, Gmail, WhatsApp and Snapchat.Keepprivacy snoopers away from your private information by settinganadditional pattern or PIN password. 

 Game Booster
Cleanyour device’s memory to give it a significant speed boost.Endbackground processes to boost gaming performance.Automaticallyboost gaming experience by 30%+ when launching!

NotificationsCleaner & Manager 
 Annoying notifications onyour devicedriving you insane? Super Cleaner helps to compile alluselessnotifications and silence them, keeping your device clean,quietand more efficient than ever before! Private browsing 
SuperCleaner’s fully encrypted browser allows you to visit anywebsitewithout leaving any history on your phone. Worrying aboutprivacyexposure? Not anymore! Smart charge Shows charging state andofferoptimization suggestions when charging, also provides ascreensaverwhich displays the running condition of your device.
Phone Cleaner Speed Up Booster 2.3.3
This is the best app for cleaning phonejunkand memory booster free on the phone. The best cleaner app forlgphone can accelerate your phone up to more than 50%, cleanjunkfiles on sd card in phone storage, or even phone optimizerandcleaner.1 - The highlight of apps to clean and boost phone► Clean junk: Scan and clean phone memory and storage spaceandcache file.► Powerful acceleration and cell phone service booster : Withjustone touch, I can boost my phone speed more than 50%► Phone cleaner and optimizer: Best speed booster and cleaner intheworld will ensure your phone safe.2 - The main feature of the application★ CLEAN AND BOOST AND COOL DOWN PHONE :- Scans all running applications- Clean the applications which cause battery- consuming andcauseoverheating for phone- Free boost to make my phone faster, lg phone cleanerandboost- All in one phone cleaner and optimizer and speed upphoneapp★ CLEAN UP JUNK FILE:- Scan all files in the system, the memory card, APK files,improveperformance and cleaner memory booster clear cache★ CLEAN CALLS AND MESSAGES:- View all calls, outgoing calls, incoming calls, missed callsanddelete the history of calls- View sent messages, received messages or error messages★ CLEAR THE HISTORY OF ACCESS:- List all applications use network services, access ordownloadinformation on phone- Not worry about security issues or malware★ INCREASE SPEED OF GAME :- This is extremely great feature for those who love game,thisfeature enables the phone to focus on the game that you areplayingand remove applications running undergroundapplications★ MANAGE APPLICATIONS:- Control the number of applications, as well as games,areinstalled in your phone- Control the number of downloaded APK fileOur best app to clean and boost my cell phone is 100% free withonly5MB size.
AntiVirus for Android Security 2018 2.6.4
AntiVirus Android phones PRO and Tablet Security + Anti-Theft,Fullversion with advanced features and facilities for theperfectoperation of your mobile and Web security in any situations.NoAds. Protects your mobile against viruses,spywareandmalware.During installation and start of work, it quicklydiscoverstroubled places to repair them and, in case of deviationsof systemoperation, it immediately reacts by counter-measures foroptimaloperation of device. Continuous automatic scanning of alltypessettings in real time mode. MAIN FUNCTIONS: ✔ Minimumrequirementsfor installation and operation ✔ Protection fromharmfulapplications, viruses and espionage programs ✔ Scanninguponrequest and at every installation of the applications +doublescan✔ Remote blocking of the device ✔ Remote deletion of themobiledevice contents ✔ Remote location of your phone ✔ Freeregularupdates, bonuses and presents, and also reinstallation whenit isaccidentally deleted ✔ Remote siren switching on when lostorstolen ✔ Sound notification when any harmful programs orvirusesare detected ✔ Anti-spam: Blocker of entering andoutgoingcalls/sms ✔ Black list of phone numbers ✔ Variousfiltrationoptions ✔ Privacy protection- view of potentiallydangerousapplications and their rights ✔ Phone location via theInternet orGPS with a link to Google Maps ✔ Remote phonelockout/unlock ✔Quarantine ✔ Performance info ✔ Backups ofinstalled apps ✔ Trafficmonitoring ✔ Statistics PRO FEATURES ★Applications locker ★ Websecurity,Virus protection ★ Cache Cleaner★ Applications Manager ★Recommendations on security Sms – commands:• locate – locate yourphone by Internet/GPS • wipe – delete alldata • callme – call toyour phone • siren –remote siren • lock –lock your phone withpassword • unlock – unlock your phone This appuses the DeviceAdministrator permission.
Virus Cleaner 2019 - Antivirus, Cleaner & Booster
Hi Security
Virus Cleaner 2019 (Virus Cleaner, Junk Clean, App Lock&Booster) is one of the 🏆TOP rated (4.7★★★★★) free antivirusandsecurity applications for Android phone, enjoyedby 93.5million users worldwide. 

 Virus Cleaner 2019'sKeyFeatures 

 Twin Engine Antivirus -Virus CleanerSuperCleaner - Remove all junk and cache fileseffectively 
Phone Booster - Significantly boost yourdevice to get itrunning faster and smoother 
 CPUCooler - Optimize CPUusage and shut down overheating apps tocool down CPU temperature
File Scan - Scan both the internaland SD card  
AppLock - Protect sensitive apps withwell-designed themes
Notification Cleaner - Manage andorganize notifications
 WiFiSecurity - Test your WiFi speedand protect online safety
Safe Browsing - 24/7 online securityprotection  

VirusCleaner 2019's function details

 PowerfulAntivirus Protection -Virus scanner and remover for android
 VirusCleaner 2019 ispowered by Avast - the highly productive anti virusengine -protecting your phone from ransomware, extortion viruses,malware,adware and Trojans. Through our official partnership withAvast,Virus Cleaner 2019 is able to offer a world-classantivirusprotection service globally. 

It is useful
antivirus cleanerfor android phone. Super Clean – Junk Cleaner& Cache FileCleaner 
Clean app cache, residual files, adjunk, unusedpackage and memory cache. 
Efficiently remove thejunk filesthat occupy your memory and storage space. Clean up alljunk fileswith one-tap, free up more space and boost phone speed.

PhoneSpeed Booster - Accelerate & Boost Phone  
Boostyourmobile to get it running faster and smoother. Efficientlyutilizeyour phone's memory and speed up your devices. Just with onetap onthe “booster” button, your phone performance will getfullyimproved. 
App Lock - Smart App Lock with StylishlockThemes 
 With Virus Cleaner 2019's App Lock, you can addextrapassword to protect sensitive apps. Lock your private apps byusingfingerprint, pattern or PIN and keep your secret safefromsnoopers. 

 Notification Cleaner - Notification &MessageControl Centre  
Manage and organizenotificationseffectively, significantly reduce disturbance tousers, creating asmooth, clean and fast mobile experience. 

CPU Cooler - CoolDown Temperature 
 Detect and close apps thatcauseoverheating. Continuous monitoring temperature changes, detecthighresource-consuming apps and start cooling progress,effectivelyreduce the temperature of your device.

 WiFi Speed TestandSecurity 
 Virus Cleaner can also protect youronlinesecurity. Test WiFi speed, detect WiFi security and protectyourdata from being hacked. 

 Scheduled Virus Scan 
-Cleaner and Booster For Android Phone Automatically scan yourphonedaily, weekly or monthly by your settings.

 Deep Scan -Scanningand Examining Files 
 Scanning both the internaldevicestorage and SD cards. Thoroughly exterminate viruses andthreatsfrom your mobile phone. 

 Safe Browsing - ForReal-TimeOnline Protection 
 Block malicious URLs and protectyourselfagainst phishing websites with instant warningnotifications.

Wish Virus Cleaner can help you a lot.
Antivirus Clean Booster 2016 3
Why do you need an antivirus formobilesecurity application installed on your smartphone? Themostimportant reason is that you need to protect all your datafromhackers.BT Antivirus, Clean & Speed Booster is a free antivirus 2016forevery mobile use it.Every person who owns a smartphone like Android storesvariousdetails like ATM details,banking details or someothercrucialinformation on their smartphone so when the device getsattacked,these data might get hacked.So that's the reason why you need to take a look at bestAntivirusapps for smartphone and install to protect your data fromvariousthreats.Most of system built with 1 GB or 512 MB of RAM size withmorethan 30% of RAM usage gone to system reserved apps and theresultwill be mobile device hangs or slowing down process.RAM Cleaner detects the background RAM usage apps and gamesandcleans all processing tools to boost the system performance.HOW TO USE Antivirus Virus APPLICATIONJust one click to scan for viruses and your speed up phoneClick "Scans" to detect viruses and antivirus in installfiles,pictures, videos and files system..Click "Speed" to speed up your phone. More than 80% of usersoftenuse this feature to make them phones better.Feature "Cleaner" :scans and cleans up unnecessary junk andAPKfiles of your phone easily.Click "App Manager" to easily manages theapplicationsinstalled.Click "App Lock" to security lock your apps to protectyourprivacy.Feature of Cleaner-Booster free:-- Increase performance of your Mobile and tablet device RAMinsingle auto Click-Fast and Secure RAM optimizer function-Auto Clean up RAM function-New RAM usage Meter- Find Total RAM memory of device- Best Cache cleaner app- Shows last cleaned information- Increases RAM memory space by reducing RAM usage- Optimize phone memory / RAM and phone CPU usage- Auto refreshes the active apps list in CPU running apps withCPUusage percentage- Select or swap to Kill running apps- Storage Analysis
Speed Booster Virus Cleaner 1.1.3
Hi Speed Booster Virus Cleaner isefficienttoboost (clean) phone memory, and keep phone running fast.It issosmart making the boost effect more durable than others.Itisreally a Super Cleaner and Booster for your phone.Speed Booster Virus Cleaner FeatureSpeed Booster Virus Cleaner free up memory (RAM), speedupyourdevice and save more battery. More important, it forcestostopapps without root permission, and make theboosteffectlasting.1 Tap Boost1 tap boost icon of Speed Booster Virus Cleaner you canboostyourphone with 1 tap.Memory Usage High NotificationWhen your phone memory usage is high, Speed BoosterVirusCleanerwill notify you to boost your phone with one tap.
Security Antivirus 2016 1.0.0
Security Antivirus 2016 is thetopfreeantivirus application for Android that protects youfromTrojansand viruses while also helping to remove junkfiles.Download thisfree anti-virus solution for your mobile deviceandkeep it cleanfrom infected applications and malware!Features:- Quick Scan checks your applications and files for virusesortrojanhidden.- Removes malicious files and protects yourdevicefrominfections.- Clean unused junk files and boost your phone speed.Security Antivirus 2016 is an all in one solutionforantivirusAndroid with built in capacity cleaner junkfiles.DownloadSecurity & Antivirus 2016 and keep your deviceand datasafefrom infection!
Antivirus Security & Cleaner 1.1.0
Antivirus Security & Cleaner is thetopfreeantivirus app for android that protects you from Trojansandviruseswhile also helping you to clear out junk files.Downloadthis freeantivirus solution for your mobile device andkeep itclean frominfected apps and malware!Features:- Quick scan checks your apps and files for hiddenvirusesorTrojans.- Removes harmful files and secures yourdevicefrominfections.- Clean out unused junk files and boost your phone speed.Antivirus Security & Cleaner is an all inoneantivirussolution for android with built in junk filecleanercapabilities.Download Antivirus Security & Cleaner andkeepyour device anddata safe from malware or viruses!
Phone Cleaning Virus Free 1.2
Phone Cleaning Virus Free We allow ittobecomestraightforward to get back more storage from your veryownphoneand Sdcard, boost games and device memory, enhancespeed&extend the battery, stop overheating and protect yourdeviceagainstmalicious apps and vulnerabilities.It is time to boost your Phone, Taking too much time onrebootorlags when you launch applications or play games? Dontworry,Speedbooster cleaning master will speed up your mobile phonewithonesimple click. Without any complicated settings to beadjusted,thisspeed booster app blasts away junk files, cleans RAMmemory&optimizes CPU processor tasks to give the android phonemuchneededperformance boost.When Do You Really Require Us?Phone Cleaning Virus Free is the platform for you if yourmainphonehas grown to become laggy or has no battery easily,whetheror notit's stopped smoothly, whether or not this becomestomaintain,Therefore we provide you with the best you may see,RAMBooster -Best Cleaner will certainly clean memory within yourownpersonalphone and operations as a general Memory booster tomakecertainthat it will eventually quickly accelerate yourmemoryphone ortablet, We are able to guarantee you that itcouldpossibly growyour life-cycle of battery approximately 15% ormaybemore by simplynuking power hungry processes.There are many features on this app:★★★ click to clean cache and also memory cleaner★★★ Phone memory cleaner and exterior cache to cleanupmyphone★★★ Inform for low storage usage★★★ Advanced application manager★★★ Disable system applications★★★ Scan auto-start applications★★★ Mobile speed booster★★★ Faster ram booster★★★ Ram booster for tablet★★★ Clean master for phoneJust run RAM Cleaning eminating from the app, andactiveinstantlycleanning and wach your applications will runwithgreater andfluidity. This Memory Booster displaysreal-timeanalysis ends up indifferent tabs. it displays towardstheparticular memory usage andprovides the specifics of processor.oryou would like to release100% free some space to help keepmorephotos or songs.The app is really a battery saver! It is good in theeventyousupport our creative team developing a five stars if ourappmeansthat you can considerably in the day work, furthermoremoremorefeatures you would possibly just leave a remark in bellowandwe'llensure you add it with our next updateInstall Phone Cleaning Virus Free mobile security appstoday100%FREE.
Antivirus Cleaner & Booster 1.1.0
New Tech Apps
Antivirus Cleaner & Booster isthebestvirus cleaner app that helps to get rid of viruses,providesbestvirus protection, and also best junk file cleaner.Tired of worrying about adware, spyware, trojans, datavirus,andmalware? Antivirus Cleaner & Booster offers topfreeantivirussecurity for android that can do a fast clean toremoveanymalicious virus on your phone! Antivirus Cleaner &Boosteris avirus remover and does junk file cleaning so your phoneis avirusclean device that runs faster and smoother. You don't needtosearchfor anti virus for android any longer as you'llfindAntivirusCleaner & Booster to be the best antivirusmobilephonesolution! Your phone will will feel more safe andsecurefromandroid virus with our ultimate virus protectionandcleaningantivirus app!Antivirus Security Protection - Top Virus Scanner!When was the last time you ran a virus scan on new filesyoujustdownloaded? Is your phonecall, SMS, and data securefromvirusthreats? Keep your phone safe from adware, viruses,malware,andtrojans! Take advantage of our all-in-one spywaredetector,virusremover, malware cleaner, trojan remover, and junkremovaltool!Antivirus Cleaner is a great antivirus app because itwillperforma phone virus scan for android virus on any new files,alertyou ofany viruses detected (like trojan horse virus), andremoveadware,viruses, and trojans before they can spread!Easy Antivirus Cleaner - Clean Faster with OneTapFastScanner!Keep your mobile phone safe and secured with the easiestbestandroidantivirus app! Why is Antivirus Cleaner the easiest apptouse? Youcan perform a phone virus scan, remove junk files,removemalware,remove trojan virus, and remove spyware with justonesingle tap! Itis easily one of the best virus removal secretsonandroid thatprovides free spyware removal, adware removal,virusremoval, malwareprotection, and trojan remover all underonesingle free viruscleaner & file scanner.Clear Cached Files & Junk File Cleaner - Clean It!Does your phone feel slower than it used to be when you firstgotit?Then you might have an issue with cached files or junkfilesslowingdown your phone! This is not only a virus cleaner app,butit willalso clean junk files that take up phone storagespace!Afterremoving viruses, you will have an opportunity to cleanyourphone ofjunk files and start over with more storagespace.Antivirus Cleaneris a dual threat when it comes to providingfreejunk file cleaningand free virus protection for android!Anti-virus Cleaner & Booster is the top freeantivirusforandroid with junk file cleaning features. Anti virusCleaner&Booster will help to clean trojan, malware, adware,viruses,andjunk files to improve your phone performance. Clearjunkfiles,remove viruses (clean faster), and make your phone feelviruscleanbrand new! Download Antivirus Cleaner & Boosterandexperiencewhat the top antivirus free app can do foryourphone!
Virus Cleaner Antivirus prank 1.2
Locker Room
You may be asking yourself, what if I have a cell phone virusandwhat is it anyway?You know you keep a lot of precious, valuable data onyourphone,and when you hear in the news that mobile threats are ontherise,it’s easy to lose sight of the context behind the numbers andworrythat you've gotten a dreaded mobile phone virus that’s goingtosteal your personal info and eat your assets.**Android VirusA “virus” is a program that replicates itself by attachingtoanother program.Hackers often used this method to spread their disreputablework,and virus became a popular term to refer to all types ofmalicioussoftware (malware) on computers and smartphone.In the case of smartphones, to date we have not seen malwarethatreplicate itself like a PC virus can, and specifically onAndroidthis does not exist, so technically there are noAndroidviruses.However, there are many other types of Android malware.**Android MalwareMalware, short for malicious software, is software designedtosecretly control a device, steal private information or moneyfromthe device’s owner.Malware has been used to steal passwords and account numbersfrommobile phones, put false charges on user accounts and eventrack auser’s location and activity without their knowledge.**How can I protect myself and my mobile device?You can protect their android smartphones by installingviruscleaner app on your cellphone.That can clear your phone Cache and delete Junk files and boostCPUof your smartphone.**What can this application do for Protection?This is a prank or demo virus cleaner app which tells you howanantivirus for smartphone works and react against Malware.It tells you the way to secure your system.We are working on the app which provide a completeprotectionagainst malware and virus or junks and speed upyourphone........Download it and enjoy free security demo.......
Fast Cleaner - Memory Booster 1.0.19
If you’re tired of watching how your tablet or smartphonegetsslower every day, and you don’t know anything about clearingcache,clear search history, erase history, delete cookies, orregistrycleaner terms, this is the perfect app that brings a fastsolutionto your slow phone. You’ll not have to worry anymore abouthow toclear cache or how to speed up Android phone making the longandtedious process of free memory RAM deleting everything goingstepby step; our app will take care of everything, making allmemoryclean steps required to bring back the speed of your deviceas whenit was brand new or even better than when you turn it on forthefirst time! Other booster apps just clean the cache oftemporaryfiles; this improves your phone but not at the maximumspeed asmaking a deep cleaning! Be aware of other speedboosterfreeapplications that only have virus and make the problem worst;tryour especially made for Android booster and begin to enjoythebenefits! 📵🔋📵 No More Waste of Time and Battery Because YourPhoneis Running Slow! The Best Way to Make a Phone Faster hasArrived toAndroid! Download Fast: Memory Booster Cleaner AvailableNow forFREE Limited Time Offer!! 📵🔋📵Provide real protection to yourphoneavoiding a frequent overheating that could harm or causeinternaldamage to your device. Extend your battery life making appsnotbeing used to hibernate reducing the resources used on yourdevice.Lots of temporary files, history log, are the main cause ofa phonerunning slow. Delete cleaner all the junk-creating appstemporalfiles to speed up your device and make it save morebattery. Didyou know that having a phone running slow also causeswifi signalreception to be bad? This app will help as a wifibooster and evengame boost! Stop the annoying auto starting appsthat are runningwithout you even notice but wasting memory andenergy. Interestingright? Try now the #1 all in one phone boosterand cleaner app!📱🐢📱If your Battery is Draining Quicker, your DeviceBecome Laggy,Freezes All the Time & it Overheats when RunningApps; it’sTime to Take Care of It Before it Turns into a TurtlePhone!Restore your Device’s Health with Fast: Memory BoosterCleaner forFree NOW!!!📱🐢📱Easy to use, without complicated terms anddifferentscreens to activate a wide variety of functions. Thanks totheintegration of a user friendly and intuitive interface, thinkinginpeople that are not aware of all those tricky terms, we madeitreally simple. Just tap the clean button and that’s it! Ourmastercleaning app will get the job done without needing to waitforcenturies or clicking on different dialog screens. The junkfilterwill remember the behavior of certain processes and it willblockthem automatically with a perfect accuracy. Keep safe yourfilesstored on your SD Card, block them from intruders anddamagingvirus. Backup & Restore Features are also included ifyou needthem. ⚡🔧⚡ An Innovative Memory Cleaner and Speed BoosterforTablets and All Android Devices is Here! Download NOW forFREEFast: Memory Booster Cleaner Limited Time Only!!! ⚡🔧⚡ Featuresofthe Game:🚀 Extremely Powerful Tool 🚀 Colorful & FriendlyUserInterface🚀 Easy to Use 🚀 Low Space Needed to Install 🚀AdvancedMonitoring System 🌟 Enjoy the New Master #1 Phone CleanerforFREE!! Download Fast: Memory Booster Cleaner NOW!! 🌟
Hi Security 2019 - Junk Clean, Antivirus, Booster
Hi Security
Hi Security is a world-class FREE Antivirus protectionprogram,protecting your Android devices from all virus attacks,privacysnoopers and potential WiFi threats. Hi Security is featuredwithtop performance Antivirus, Phone Booster, App Lock,PrivacyCleaner, WiFi Security) . ★ A World Class Antivirus Engine -VirusCleaner Hi Security provides a continuously growing,cloud-basedanti virus database which provides you with secureAndroidexperience without any threats (malware, Trojans or anyextortionviruses).This powerful antivirus engine effectively scansand killsall Android viruses on your internal device storage and SDcards. ★Phone Speed Booster - Accelerate & Boost Mobile Boostmobilephone to get it running faster and smoother. Efficientlyutilizeyour phone's memory and speed up your devices. Improvephoneperformance with one tap acceleration booster. With HiSecurity,your device will become faster, smoother and better. ★ AppLock -Privacy Protection You can secure your sensitive apps.Thispassword is different from your phone unlock password, whichgivesyour device an extra level of security. Unlock your privateapps byfingerprint, pattern or PIN. More importantly, the lockscreentheme can be customised. Secure your privacy with a style. ★WiFiSecurity and WiFi Speed Test Hi Security protects yourdeviceonline from insecure public WiFi & phishing hotspotbydetecting DNS/SSL hijacking and ARP spoofing. Test WiFispeed,detect WiFi intruders and encure your network safetywhenever,wherever. ★ User Friendly, Super-Fast, Energy-Efficientand Tiny HiSecurity only takes a few seconds to examine your entirephone.High performance but require less memory and powerconsumption.Thanks for our global talented developers, we canachieve theseimpressive results. ★ Multi-Lingual Support -English,Português(Brasil), Português(Portugal),Español(España),Español(Latinoamérica), Pусский, Français,Italiano, हिन्दी, Dansk,Ελληνικά, فارسی, عربى, ไทย, BahasaIndonesia, Türkçe, Tiếng Việt,Deutsch, Malay, 한국의, 日本語, 中文简体 and中文繁體.
Antivirus - Total Security 1.3
Virus is most effective part of the smart phone or desktop pc,butmobile has huge problem todetect malicious virus which canmakeeffect to your hardware or software apps.Now we comeswithAntivirus for android which can give you 100% result if anyvirusdetect.Scan your smart phone and remove, clear dangerous virusfromyour mobile phone.harmful viruses, malware, spyware andtextmessages and helps keep your personal data lock andlocaldevice wipe to help shield you from threats to your privacyandonline identityavoid hack your secret data and identity bykillvirus.Best way to remove any type of virus by Antivirus forandroidin the world.Free android Antivirus for you.Your speed islow, scanyour whole device and remove temporary files, junk files,removeviruses.and get high speed booster.Antivirus can detect virusfromsd card as well as mobile phone storage.Its like all in oneplace,Antivirus for android, memmory cleaner for android,modernfilemanager forandroid._________________________________________AntiVirusFeatures: _________________________________________=>Scan WholeDevice.=> Scan SD Card as well.=> Can Clean CacheMemory.=>Scan Virus and remove it if detect.=> Can watchPrivacy ofinstalled apps.=> Can Delete Junk Files, and get Highspeedbooster.=> Can Access your full file Manager fromAntivirus.=>Save your smart phone battery.=> Search Anysongs, files, audio,videos from file manager.=> Rename yourfile or item name=>Delete if any requires.=> Create NewFolder and arrange thelist.=> Create zip file of bulkfiles.=> UnZip the files.
Hi Speed Booster, Junk & Cache Cleaner 1.1.15
Hi Speed Booster (Cleaner) is efficient to boost (clean)phonememory, junk files, and app cache, and keep phone runningfast. Itis so smart making the boost effect more durable thanothers; andits installation package size is only 1 MB. It is reallya SuperCleaner and Booster for your phone. Super Booster Feature HiSpeedBooster (clean and boost) free up memory (RAM), speed upyourdevice and save more battery. More important, it forces tostopapps without root permission, and make the boost effectlasting.Junk & Cache Cleaner Find and clean junk files and appcache,make your phone more storage space. 1 Tap Boost 1 tap boosticon ofHi Speed Booster (Cleaner) can be listed on phone desktop,you canboost your phone with 1 tap. Memory Usage High NotificationWhenyour phone memory usage is high, Hi Speed Booster (clean andboost)will notify you to boost your phone with one tap. White ListDon'tworry that Hi Speed Booster will shut down the apps you wanttokeep alive. You can add them to the white list, so theywillignored when boosting. Power Saver By boosting and shuttingdownpower-hungry apps, Phone Battery Life will also be prolonged.Thisapp uses Accessibility services.
Speed Cleaner (Boost & Clean) 1.0.8
🚀🚀🚀"Speed Cleaner (Boost&Clean)”🚀🚀🚀The smallest phone cleaner, ram booster, game booster, junkfilecleaner, trash cleaner, memory booster, battery optimizer andappmanager for your Android phones or tablet. Best New keep yourphoneFaster App!☝️ Your device has become laggy and freezes all the time?☝️ Your battery has started draining quicker than ever?☝️ Your device overheats and needs to cool down?☝️ Your game freezes and drives you crazy?👍 Speed Cleaner (Boost & Clean) is the perfect solution toallthose problems. It is the only phone booster you need!⚡NO.1 optimization app in the world⚡Speed Cleaner (Boost & Clean) is the world's smallestandfastest Booster, able to boost your phone with just ONE tap.Withthe advanced process monitoring technique it canintelligentlyclean background processes, stop stealthy runningapps. It canboost the speed of your phone by up to 60percent!⚡Boost your games and apps⚡If you’re tired of watching how your tablet or smartphonegetsslower every day, and you don’t know anything about clearingcache,clear search history, erase history, delete cookies, orregistrycleaner terms, this is the perfect app that brings a fastsolutionto your slow phone. You’ll not have to worry anymore abouthow toclear cache or how to speed up Android phone making the longandtedious process of free memory RAM deleting everything goingstepby step!⚡Our app will take care of everything⚡Making all memory clean steps required to bring back the speedofyour device as when it was brand new or even better than whenyouturn it on for the first time! Other booster apps just cleanthecaché of temporary files; this improves your phone but not atthemaximum speed as making a deep cleaning! Be aware ofotherspeedbooster free applications that only have virus and maketheproblem worst; try our Speed Cleaner and begin to enjoythebenefits!⚡Stop apps in 1 tap.⚡If your Battery is Draining Quicker, your Device BecomeLaggy,Freezes All the Time and it Overheats when Running Apps; it’sTimeto Take Care of It Before it Turns into a Turtle Phone!Restoreyour Device’s Health with Speed Cleaner for FreeNOW!!!⚡Easy to Use⚡Easy to use, without complicated terms and different screenstoactivate a wide variety of functions. Thanks to the integrationofa user friendly and intuitive interface, thinking in peoplethatare not aware of all those tricky terms, we made it reallysimple.Just tap the clean button and that’s it! Our master cleaningappwill get the job done without needing to wait for centuriesorclicking on different dialog screens.Highlights:🚀 1 Tap Boost to optimize directly from your homescreen.🚀 A single touch to speed up your devices.🚀 Extremely Powerful Tool.🚀 Colourful and Friendly User Interface.🚀 Fast, compact and efficient with low memory.🚀 Low Space Needed to Install.🚀 Advanced Monitoring System.🚀 You can add frequently-used apps to your whitelist.🚀 Totally free from Ads and clutter.An Innovative Memory Cleaner and Speed Booster for Tablets andAllAndroid Devices is Here! Download NOW for FREE
Mobile Boost ( Cleaning Phone) 1.1
Mobile Boost ( Cleaning Phone )if you always restart your phone?ifyour phone become slow and very slow ! evry one ask me what isholddo to speed my phone back upTry Fast clean/Phone " BoostMobile -Phone Cleaning " and your phone will be more faster,smoother andquicker! " Boost Mobile - Phone Cleaning " is one offthe best appin this years 2016 is an easy and effective app forAndroid devicesto boost your phone speed.The World's Most Trustedoptimizer, "Boost Mobile - Phone Cleaning " for cleaning virus forFree, Helpsclean Up Over Phones!Now you can Boost Your Phone, andClean Junkfile and Erase Duplicate Photos with this awsome app. Itcould alsoboost your phone speed to 50%, clean junk files and cacheandoptimize phone storage for your system,increase storage spaceonyour SD card. It is a speed and ram booster, storage (junk&cache) analyzer, security antivirus guard and protectionboostermaster for your phone." Mobile Boost - Cleaning Phone " isperfectfor you if your phone has become laggy and if you want tofree upsome space to store more photos or songs or application.Whatthisapplication Can Do For You if you install it now-APPMANAGERAdvanced application manager.Scanauto-startapplications.Disable system applications.Free up RAM.-JUNK FILECLEANINGScan for junk folder, large files, orphanedfiles.Deletecache and residual files to reclaim towash cache andsimple memory cleaner.Quick Sd card cleaner and phonememoryclean.Free up some space.- MEMORY BOOSTInform for lowstorageusageboost speed and improve the performance of your deviceand SDcard.Best ram cleaner for androidCPU BOOST Optimize yourandroidapps and games faster than before! Uninstall unwanted appsto freeup memory.One-touch function speed diagnosis andacceleration:Click the “Rocket” button or use the fast cleanwidget." BoostMobile - Phone Cleaning " team will try our best tooptimizes yourAndroid CPU, RAM, and battery with a singleone-tapyou can nowInstall " Boost Mobile - Phone Cleaning " Freemobile security appstoday 100% FOR FREE.Fast Fast clean-Phone donot have any malwareand Trojans, please do not believe another app,they just want toframed us.Enjoy!
Antivirus Clean
Antivirus Clean, securityAntivirus Clean security Application is a powerful and fastscantool the arm your smartphone on the all version Android devicewitheffective virus delection.Antivirus Clcean is a application simply install on your Androidandeasy using to scan virus each weekly and any time, anddesignmaterial simple style.Antivirus Clean identifies the adware and spyware and allows youtothen remove it.This app detects over 30 different aspects of apps,including:- Concerns such as privacy related concerns such as the abilitytoaccess your location, contacts, messages accounts,browsinghistory, sms, phonecall.- Android Ad Networks; this app tells you which ad networksareembedded in apps, such as Admob, Millennial Media,ChartBoost,TapJoy,Startapp and many smaller ones. Indicates whichones mayhave push ads.APP LOCKAppLock can lock Facebook, Whatsapp, Gallery, Messenger,SMS,Contacts, Gmail, Settings, incoming calls and any app youchoose.Prevent unauthorized access and guard privacy.Ensuresecurity.No one can find out your secrets!FILES VAULTAntivirus Clean can hide pictures and videos. Hidden picturesandvideos are vanished from Gallery and only visible in the photoandvideo vault. Protect private memories easily. No pin code,noway.JUNK CLEAN - MEMORY BOOSTMEMORY BOOST:Free up memory (RAM) and save more battery.JUNK FILE CLEANINGDelete junk files, residual files and cache to free upstorage,boost speed and improve the performance of your Androiddevice andSD card. Keep your phone clean and fast.*Features application:*Simple to usage with one by click to scan*Suitable for any device*Minimum system resources required*Ultra fast scanning engine*Detect virus, malware or spyware*Detect advertising, bad apps, permissionThank you very much for your interests. If you have anyquestionsand comment to send email for ourAntivirus Security Application is all free!
Memory & Virus Cleanup 1.6.4
We are a professional anti-virus software, to provide youwithall-round protection, allowing you to enjoy mobilelifeTheantivirus engine we used is based on the cloud serviceantivirus,if there is no network, antivirus will not work.What weoffer:✔Antivirus Engine✔ Junk Cleaner✔ App Locker✔ Call Blocker✔ChargingBooster✔ Private Browser✔ Battery ManagerThere are moreexcitingfeatures waiting for you to experienceWe are constantlyimprovethemselves, if you have questions,contact us ,we will solveit assoon as possible.
Antivirus 2017 2.0
Free AntiVirus is a real-timeantivirusprotection. It keeps you safe from the latest mobilethreats suchas viruses malicious and spyware apps by monitoringnewly installedapps on your mobile device.✔ Real-time protection✔ Easy-to-use✔ Suitable for any device✔ Ultra fast scanning engine✔ Minimum system resources required✔ Free!
Antivirus Booster - Cleaner 1.1.3
Tools Zoom
Antivirus Booster - Cleaner isapowerfulRAM & Cache boosting app designed for Androiddeviceswhich willmake your phone or tablet work faster. Theapplicationuses asophisticated technology to optimize theperformance of yourdevice.The most beautiful part of this app is asmall,configurable widgetthat places on top of any app andone-click toRAM boost. Theapplication uses a sophisticatedtechnology tooptimize theperformance of your device. It can clearbackgroundrunning apps veryfast. For maximum results you should doa manualboost once a day.Most of Android devices bundle withlimitedmemory. Android taskmanager will selectively kill lowprioritytasks in order to reservememory to higher priority task.Tool toclear Your RAM Memory andBoost your device and free moreRAM spaceto perform otherapplication well.Antivirus Booster - Cleaner Features :
* SmartRAMBoostereasy one click ram cleaning
* Fast cache cleaner oneclickto cleancache
* Speed up your phone
* Make more RAM spaceforother app toexecute.
* Clean unnecessary memory
* Simple UI,easyto use
*Progressive RAM implementation
* It's FreeIf you like our application, please reward us with a 5starratingand click the +1 button, thus supporting thefuturedevelopment ofthis app.DISCLAIMER: This application in no way can damage yourphone!Thisapp may not work on some devices!
Antivirus Booster and Cleaner 2.3.3
Nova Land
Antivirus Booster and Cleaner arecompletelyfree and offer the best in mobile security that willremove spywarewhile boosting your device. Antivirus scans new appsautomatically,and files to ensure that your device is safe and yourprivacy isup, in real-time.Features of Antivirus Booster and Cleaner◆ Automatic scan of downloaded applications and files◆ Deep virus scan and fast scanning engine◆ Clear cache files and all junk files slowing your phonedown◆ Antivirus scans websites for harmful threats◆ Monitor storage and data package usage◆ Lightweight capacity, less RAM on the phone◆ Free up memory (RAM) and boost your mobile phone.◆ Lock apps and switch quickly your privacy. Prevent data onthedevice such as apps, SMS, photo albums, and otherimportantdocuments.◆ Locate Android devicesFast and Professional, Antivirus Booster and Cleaner give youthemost effective dual-engine protection! Keep free from viruses,withthis antivirus app that will protect your device and enhanceyourAndroid performance.
Virus Removal & Anti Malware 2.2.1
Slow phone, overheat phone or otherfactorsdisturb your phone. Antivirus is completely anti virus appnewversion free download, which helps to protect your mobilefromviruses, spyware, malware. When using application for bestfreeantivirus anti malware internet security, you can comfortablysurfthe web, access social networks without worrying aboutantivirusand mobile security.Antivirus is compact and extremely free antivirus protection andoneof the optimized applications on your Android phone and iswidelytrusted. It will detect all kinds of trojans,systemvulnerabilities, malware, spyware, adware on your Androiddeviceand delete viruses off my phone or free virus scan and fixthephone.Antivirus protects millions of smartphone from harmful agents,let'sinstall Antivirus to the have experience of 4 levelprotection:1 - Antivirus cleaner and booster all in one2 - Deep virus scan on the entire phone and memory card3 - Mobile security and phone cleaner4 - Lock the applications and manage notifications* THE FEATURES OF APPLICATION for clean booster withantivirus:✔ Lock applications containing sensitive data to protect theprivacyand safety or lock your device settings toprotectconfiguration✔ Real anti virus clean for Android phone and virus scannerandremover✔ The best free antivirus and booster and junk file cleaner* HIGHLIGHTS of application for cleaner and antivirusfree✔ Boost and antivirus clean up apps for tablets✔ Antivirus malware protection, file systems and websites toensurethe safety of equipment and privacy✔ Anti virus detection and phone booster and cleaner✔ Protect your smartphone from potential threats, detectviruseseven before arrival.* System Requirements:Antivirus is designed to use on most Android smartphones,tabletsand phablets* UPGRADED AND UPDATED:We always strive to find and update regularly to ensure thatyourphone always be protected from the attack of new malware.