Top 4 Games Similar to VXG IPTV Player

Ultimate IPTV Playlist Loader PRO 2.88
Antonio Dimitri
Attention: - App DOES NOT CONTAIN ANY LIST OR CHANNELS. You havetoprovide your own list or account. - PRO is the ads-Free EditionofUltimate IPTV Playlist Loader. Try the free edition before buyPro.- App is not responsible for bad playlist you find aroundinternet,which may lag or disconnect every few seconds (most ofthem arejust testing list so they will disconnect every fewseconds), appwill do its best for better view. "What can UltimateIPTV PlaylistLoader PRO do:" - ONLY PRO: App can start from lastplayed playlist(enable from settings). - ONLY PRO: You can changeplaylist when alist is already loaded (from settings) - Easy manageyour playlist(add and delete), support internet and local storagelists. - Parseyour m3u playlists (from web or your storage) andshow them ingrid/list/tile with logos when available, groups alsosupported. -EPG also Supported for all m3us.(xmltv format required- alsocompressed in .gz ot .xz format) - Support Xtream CodesAccounts.(Live Tv - Movies - Series - Catchup) - Support MAGPortal. (LiveTv - Movies - Series - Radio - Catchup) - Can useClassic orTVStyle for android TV Boxes. - Support search function(searchactive group). - Easy and fast choose groups with “SelectGroup”button or by pressing next or previous buttons. - When youclick achannel/video a video player dialog appears so you canchoose theplayer you want. - Has 3 internal players (can play a lotofFormats without any external player), internal youtube playerbutalso support external players (youtube official app, MXPlayer,Vlc,Wuffy, Xplayer, Soptohttp and Acestream for P2P so far). -SupportLocalCast and WebViewCast for chromecast,DLNS and more -SupportWebsite video (using internal web browser open websiteswithvideos) - Support Recording while Watching. - Exclusive: Thisapphas also internal web Browser, so you can add official sitelinksas a channel and this app will load site inside app ,thenwhenvideo load you can fullscreen as you done on your browser. Youcanfind more info inside app (through setting -> supportedm3ufeatures) Advance supported Features: - Support websiteloadthrough internal Web Browser and play the website video -Supportwebsite load through internal Web Browser and play thewebsitevideo with internal players - Support “channel get” methodfor somesites , which give you the chance to play a video from asite toyour favorite player FOR MORE HELP ABOUT ADVANCE FUTURESemail me.
GOTIT IPTV Player 2.1.1
100% Native Players ( Good Video Quality ) Live TV andVODStreamingAccount info & Support Screens areavailable.Attractive Designand allows user to add channel and VODin theirfavorite sectionChannel Name, Channel logo, and Current andNEXTrunning ProgramName are displayed VOD: It shows the Coverphotowith rating and VODname text etc .
Sunny Light - M3U & XML Player 1.0.69
The program is designed for Android phones, tablets and TVset-topboxes for playing audio and video from M3U, XML and JSONIPTVplaylists from open sources with the ability to display adetailedTV program. In addition to the M3U format, the programalsosupports reading XML and JSON format playlists used for SmartTVs,satellite receivers based on Enigma2 and similar devices. Tostartthe program you will need an active account from Google. Atthemoment, the full package of functions of the program includesthefollowing features: - Display detailed Yandex.Teleprogram orXMLTVEPG, - Updating the database of television channels, - Bindingaplaylist element to a TV channel, - TV show navigation by days,-Search for a channel in a playlist, - Reading playlists inJSONformat, - Grouping by categories in M3U playlists, - Selectoraplayer: built-in, external (such as VLC, MXPlayer or Kodi),selectfrom the list of players or open a media link in anexternalapplication, - Adding playlists and their individual itemstofavorites, - Export/import starter playlist, favorites andcustombindings to TV channels - Vertical window layout in playlistsviewmode, - Playing archives of TV programs in Flussonic andDefaultformat, - Using various parsers, including youtube andrutubelinks, - Support remote/keyboard, - Page animation, - Voicesearch,- Dark theme, - Selecting the font size for displayingplaylists, -Setting reminders for upcoming telecasts, - Editingplaylist items,- Saving the delimiter position in playlists viewmode. Thedatabase of Yandex TV channels is updated in accordancewith thelocation, country and time zone. XMLTV file should becompressed bygzip archiver. To bind a playlist element totheYandex.Teleprogramma or XMLTV channel, call the context menu(longtap of an element in the list), select the "Associate" item.Infree mode, the program allows you to open and play media linksfromM3U and XML playlists using the built-in video player. In ordertotake advantage of the full package of program features, youmustacquire it. You can do this by clicking on the "Acquire"button,selecting "About" in the main menu. When choosing asubscriptionfor a year, there is a 30-day free period during whichyou can usethe full package of application functions. Takeadvantage of thefree period to evaluate the features of theprogram. Add a playlistusing the "Add" button in the "Playlists"start window. To open aplaylist or start an audio/video stream, usethe item's double tapor tap icon in the list of playlist items.Please visit the programwebsite for more details.
This app is intended to be used for creating IPTV appscustomizedfor providers. NOTE: This app doesn't have a launcher andcannot belaunched directly. It should be launched by other apps.Pleaseinstall it only if some other app asks for this. Thisapplicationis quite similar to IPTV app, but easier to use becauseit doesn'trequire any complicated settings. Similar to IPTV: ✔ M3Uand XSPFplaylists support ✔ Grid, list or tile view of TV channels✔ EPGsupport in XMLTV and JTV formats Differences with IPTV: ✔Channelslist is obtained from the caller app, users can't addcustomplaylists ✔ No UDP proxy settings Example of customized IPTVclientis available onGitHub: Pleasecontact mevia email If you want to add localization for yourlanguage.