Top 8 Games Similar to Trump Gravity

Election Run With Donald Trump 1.07
It's the time we all been waiting for! The stage is setandcandidates are ready to run for the president office! Runacrossthe beautiful landscape, collect votes, buy votes - the skyis thelimit in this endless campaign adventure! Choose fromallcandidates - Donald Trump, Hillary, Ted and Berns! Everycandidate,has its own unique voice and the result is -Hilarious!!!NEW! -War-zone mini game!NEW! - Mexicano minigame!!Run, jump, trumpdump, turn and slide across bridges, throughthe streets and carstill you reach the white house!Features:- Storymode withchallenges to reach the white house!- Unique phrases foreachcandidate- Minigames featuring Donald Trump minigun!-Comfortableand tight swipe controls- Pick up coins and gemsscattered acrossthe city- Use crazy power-ups- Multiple charactersfeaturing DonaldTrump, Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton and TedCruz- Characterskins - Bat Bad Donald and others!- Endlessplay!HillariousElection run 2016 is here and we hope you will enjoythis electioncampaign!
Trump Wall Defense 1.1
Donald Trump said he would build a wall, now we must defendit!Protect the sovereign soil we so dearly hold sacred to ourhearts!At your battle station soldier!Defend wave after wave ofinvaderstrying to cross the wall by using machine gun fire,artillery,missiles, lasers and futuristic weapons or fire a nuke tostopentire groups of invaders in their tracks!Each wave and gameisdifferent, dynamic and full of heart pounding, thumb firingaction.An addicting, non-stop game to get the highest score withengagingsound effects, music and professionally designedgamegraphics.Includes a simple and quick in-app upgrade topremiumwhich will give you 3 additional battle grounds, night-timecombataction and no ads.Fully integrated with Game Center, shareyourscore and earn achievements. Become the ultimate trump walldefensechampion!
Trump Runner 1.0.1
RUN for President witheveryone'sfavoritecandidate, Donald Trump!-Have amazing hair!-Crush the other candidates!-Put up concrete walls!-Don't cross the Mexican border!-Achieve high scores!-Become the real GOP front runner!Swipe up and down to dodge, and swipe right toattackothercandidates.A conservative family values experience.chinaFeaturing Johnathan Mann's "Ultimate Trump Remix"
trump rush 1.15
reach to the debate without making any mistakes. Use your powerupsto excel on your the game and share yourexperiencewith the gametrump rush is one of the funniest games youwill playon android.
Trump Border Run 1.3
Play as different 2016 candidates to bounce different typesofethnic goods over Donald Trump's classy and luxurious wallintoMexico. Play as The Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, CrazyBernieSanders, Lying Ted or ¡Jeb! Bush.Your first character is ofcourseDonald Trump, but you can earn more characters such asHillaryClinton just by playing. If you see Bin laden and deport himtoMexico for double the points!Unlock different characters,shareyour scores, and make it to the top of the leaderboards!Ipromisethis Trump game is the classiest, most luxurious best DonaldTrumpgame ever folks! There is no other Donald Trump game betterthanthis Trump game. All the other Trump games are BAD! No otherTrumpgame matches the luxurious appeal of this one.Email us if youwouldlike a code to get all the characters so you don't have toplaywith just Trump.
Battle Trump - Free 1.2.2
Polygon Stew
Play as Trump or The Disruptor and take out all thosepoliticalfrustrations.Full Arcade Style fighting game starringpoliticianDonald Trump and one of his protesters. Updates comeweekly soplease check back.HOW TO PLAY:Use the left side of thescreen tomove and the right side buttons to attack. *This game issatire. Wecondone violence in video games not in the real world.Free versioncontains Ads, if you do not want Ads please purchase.Enjoy!v1.0.1a*Hot Fixes-Touch Controls on certain 7" tablets-WallClipping-BlackScreen Crash-Sassy Moves Removed@polygon_stew
Bump Trump 1.0
DISCLAIMER: Any allusion or reference to any well knownperson,celebrity, person, product, name, trademark, service mark,orcompany name is for comedic and entertainment purposes onlyanddoes not constitute or imply sponsorship, endorsement,orrecommendation unless it specifically says so. Mr. Trump hasbeenunbeatable so far, can you beat him? By using power upsacquired bypoints earned by viewing ads/installing apps or inrepeated battleswith Mr. Trump, maybe you can!
Dropping Jelly 1.3
"New challenging gameplay. You must download it!"Try to go as farasyou can! Drop that Jelly down the screen farther than anyoneelse.Beat your best distance and make sure you don’t getsquished.Yourchoice of control: Do you love to tap or do you loveto tilt? Dropthat Jelly down using two intuitive control schemes:• Tap Controls:Tap left to go left and tap right to go right.Simple and Sweet. •Tilt Controls: Tilt the screen to Drop thatJelly with the force ofgravity!Highly addictive and competitive!Beat your own scores ortrump your friends with the best you cando. So, How far can yougo?WARNING: This game is highly addictive!Download it at your ownrisk.Credits to forthe background music.