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United States Constitution 2
A very simple version of the United States Constitution inyourpocket, which includes the preamble, amendments, and articles.Theamendments and articles are searchable as well. The UnitedStatesConstitution is the highest law of the United States ofAmerica.The Constitution outlines our government as well as ourrights asAmericans. The Constitution was originally comprised ofsevenarticles and outlined the national frame of government. Since1789,the Constitution has been amended twenty-seven times. Thefirst tenamendments (Bill of Rights), offer specific protectionsofindividual liberty and justice. These amendments placerestrictionson the powers of government.
U.S Constitution + Amendments 2.0
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2016 U.S Constitution Amendments The Constitution of theUnitedStates of America Legislation of the U.S CongressPreamble "Wethepeople" I The Legislative Branch Legislative Power Vested HouseofRepresentatives Senate Elections of Senators andRepresentativesRules of House and Senate Compensation andPrivileges of MembersPassage of Bills Scope of Legislative PowerLimits on Legisla PowLimits on USII The Presidency Election,Installation, RemovalPresidential Pow State of the Union, ReceiveAmbassadors, LawsFaithfully Executed, Commission OfficersImpeachment TheConstitution of the United States of America,III TheJudiciaryJudicial Powe Vested Scope of Judicial Power Treason IVThe S FullFaith and Credit Privileges and Immunities, Extradiction,FugitiveSlaves Admission of S Guarantees to S V The AmendmentProcess VILegal Status of the Constitution VII Ratification U.S.Code
United States Bill of Rights 5.0
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