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A Fonte Da Vida 2.0.3
Uma abordagem sobre as parashiyot hashavua da Torá (aBíbliajudaica) e comemorações judaicas de autoria do RabinoDichi,publicado pela Congregação Mekor Haim.Faz abordagens sobreasseguintes comemorações judaicas: Chanucá, Purim, Pêssach,Shavuot,Rosh Hashaná, Yom Kipur, Sucot e Shemini Atsêret.De umaforma maisprofunda do que nos livros anteriores do Rav Dichi,disserta-sesobre princípios básicos do judaísmo e seus mandamentos(mitsvot).Traz também o enfoque judaico para as virtudes do homem,como abenevolência, serenidade, imparcialidade, felicidade,harmonia,agilidade e o temor a Deus. Além disso, procura demonstrarquais ascondutas que o ser humano deve seguir, como a humildadeeagilidade, e quais os defeitos dos quais deve se afastar, comooorgulho e o nervosismo.One approach to the HaShavuaparashiyotTorah (Jewish Bible) and Jewish celebrations authored byRabbiDichi, published by the Congregation Mekor Haim.It makesthefollowing approaches to Jewish celebrations: Hanukkah,Purim,Passover, Shavuot, Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Sukkot andSheminiAtzeret.In a more profound way than in previous books of RavDichiif lectures on basic principles of Judaism and itscommandments(mitzvot). It also brings the Jewish approach to thevirtues of manas grace, serenity, impartiality, happiness, harmony,agility andthe fear of God. In addition, it seeks to show that thebehaviorsthat human beings should follow, such as humility andagility, andwhat defects of which should stay away, as pride andnervousness.
Vaani Tefilá 1.0.1
Indispensável para os que desejam se aperfeiçoar emsuaspreces.Diversos fatores primordiais para que a oração atinjaníveiselevados são comentados pelo Rabino Dichi (Rav Dichi)daCongregação Mekor Haim: a compreensão do texto das preces,apronúncia correta, os pensamentos específicos durante cadatrechodas rezas, o horário adequado para cada oração, rezar comminyán esaber quando se levantar.A obra traz também leis sobretefilin,Keriat Shemá, Amidá, Chazará, Tashlumin, Halel, Baruch HuUvaruchShemô e amen, os atrasados na tefilá, regras gramaticais doLashonHacôdesh e tabelas de horários judaicos.A must for those whowantto progress in their prayers.Several key factors to thatprayerreaches high levels are commented by Dichi Rabbi (Rav Dichi)of theCongregation Mekor Haim: understanding the text of theprayers, thecorrect pronunciation, specific thoughts for eachsection ofprayers, the appropriate time for each prayer , pray withminyanand know when to get up.The work also includes laws ontefillin,Keriat Shema, the Amidah, Chazará, Tashlumin, Hallel,Baruch HuUvaruch shemo and amen, late in tefillah, grammaticalrules ofLashon hakodesh and Jewish timetables.
Sidur 1.0.8
Tradução, transliteração, leis, explicações e comentáriosdasorações judaicas dos dias de semana conforme ocostumesefaradi.Coordenado e comentado pelo Rabino Isaac Dichi(RavDichi), da Congregação Mekor Haim, o Sidur Sucath Davidtraduzidopara português foi um trabalho de mais de 10 anos,desenvolvidopela equipe da Congregação Mekor Haim.A obra traz oprocedimentodas orações judaicas dos dias de semana, baseado noslivros de leisjudaicas dos grandes rabinos de nossa geração e dasgeraçõespassadas.Além das explicações dos trechos das orações, oRabinoDichi explica muitas das cavanot, os pensamentos e intenções,aserem realizados durante a tefilá.Translation,transliteration,laws, explanations and comments of the Jewishprayers of theweekdays as usual Sephardic.Coordinated and commentedby RabbiIsaac Dichi (Rav Dichi), the Congregation Mekor Haim, theSiddurSucath David translated into Portuguese was a work of morethan 10years, developed by the team of the Congregation MekorHaim.Itbears the procedure of Jewish prayers of weekdays, based onthebooks of Jewish laws of the great rabbis of our generation andpastgenerations.In addition to the explanations of the sections oftheprayers, Rabbi Dichi cavanot explains many of the thoughtsandintentions, to be held during tefillah.
Tanya 1.1.4
Kodesh Apps
The Tanya written by Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi, founder oftheChabad-Lubavitch Chassidic Movement, labored for twenty yearstocomplete the Tanya. The work was immediately embraced bytheleadership core of the emerging Chassidic movement. Uponreceivingthe book the legendary Rabbi Levi Yitzchok of Berdichevexclaimed,"Reb Schneur Zalman did the impossible--he put so great aG-d in sotiny a book!"The reawakening of the Jewish soul and thereturn tomitzvah observance was according to the Tanya inevitable.The AlterRebbe’s belief in the readiness of every Jew, man andwoman, toserve G-d through the observance of all mitzvos informstheoutreach phenomenon of our times. And his love for every Jewandthe feeling of interdependence of all Jews fuels our commitmenttospreading Yiddishkeit to the far corners of the world!Thisbelief,love and commitment is the content and substance of the holyTanya– a small but awesome sefer.The Baal Shem Tov taught thatevery Jewcan serve G-d with love and joy:the Alter Rebbe taught ushow.InTanya the Rebbe presents both a long and short path to theserviceof the heart. The first path is through study andcontemplation.For although the heart and its emotions are notalways responsiveto our wishes, the mind is always available to us– to think thethoughts we choose. Thus “Chabad” is the intellectualstyle ofChassidus: using the mind to stimulate the heart;contemplate G-d’sgreatness; understand His true existence; becomethoroughlyfamiliar with G-dliness that fills the universe and theG-dlinessthat transcends creation.Recognize the total nothingnessof allexistence; “ there is nothing besides Him” and your heartwill fillwith awe and love for G-d and you will fulfill His mitzvotwith allyour heart, soul and might. This is the long way.Thefirstseventeen chapters of Tanya are devoted to this theme. Chapter18introduces a path of service more easily available to everyJew.Unlike the recalcitrant heart, the obedient mind is amenabletoDivine contemplation – but to contemplate, one mustfirstunderstand. Since most Jews in our era will notattainunderstanding, contemplating G-d’s greatness is not an optiontous.We must look to the Jewishness of the Jewish soul in usall.Oursoul embodies a love and fear of G-d expressed in the AlterRebbe’swords: “ a Jew cannot be, nor does he want to be, separatedfromG-d.” In the realization of the true nature of our soul, wefulfillevery mitzva with love and joy greater and truer than thelove bornof contemplation.For our souls are truly “ a part of G-dfromAbove.”The struggle between good and evil begins with creation.Asdoes the need for “Tikkun Olam”, bringing the world toG-dliness.Because creation appears independent of a creator, weexperiencetwo realities instead of one: creation and Creator.Thisdualityrepresents a loss of oneness, it introduces the G-dly andtheung-dly,which then deteriorates to good and evil.Part Two ofTanya(Shaar HaYichud) teaches us to see the truth of creation.Heiseverything and everything is Him.Part Three of Tanya(IgeretHaTshuva) illuminates the subject of Tshuva,forgivenessandreconciliation…
Karaguilla 2.0.3
Natan Rolnik
Com um projeto que iniciou há mais de 10 anos, o RabinoKaraguillacomeçou difundindo suas aulas com a distribuição de CDs,eposteriormente através de seu site. Suas aulas se tornaram comotempo a fonte de judaísmo e inspiração para muitos judeuspeloBrasil e até pelo mundo, de uma maneira agradável e bemhumorada,sem abrir mão do judaísmo puro e autêntico. Em 2013 oprojetochegou ao iPhone, e agora você também pode ouvir os shiurimdoRabino Karaguilla direto no seu Android, com as seguintesfeatures:· Arquivo: todos os shiurim, com a opção defiltrar/navegar por umaou mais categorias. Saiba quais shiurim vocêjá começou, quais játerminou, e quais não ouviu ainda. ·Transferências: baixe osshiurim ou faça o streaming para ouvir.Apaque com um toque osshiurim transferidos já terminados. ·Notificações: receba pushnotifications quando houver uma nova auladisponível. · Compartilheos shiurim com os amigos através depouquíssimos toques. Aquelesque acompanharam suas aulas nos últimosanos sabem que não é nenhumexagero chamá-lo da mesma forma que RabiIochanan ben Zakai chamavaRabi Elazar ben Arach, seu aluno: MaayanHaMitgaber - uma fonte queemana Torá de maneira cada vez maisintensa. Aproveite você tambéme baixe já. App desenvolvido graçasao apoio dos patrocinadores.With a project that began more than 10years, Rabbi Karaguillabegan spreading their classes with thedistribution of CDs andlater through your site. Her classes becamein time the source ofJudaism and inspiration to many Jews in Braziland even the world,in a delightful and humorous way, without givingup the pure andauthentic Judaism. In 2013 the project came to theiPhone, and nowyou can also hear shiurim from Rabbi Karaguilladirect to yourAndroid with the following features: · File: allshiurim, with theoption to filter / browse one or more categories.Learn whichshiurim you started, which is now over, and what notheard yet. ·Transfers: download the shiurim or do the streaming forlistening.Apaque with a touch of transferred shiurim alreadycompleted. ·Notifications: receive push notifications when a newclassavailable. · Share the shiurim with friends through veryfewtouches. Those who attended his classes in recent years knowsthatit is no exaggeration to call it the same way that Rabbi benZakaiIochanan Rabbi Elazar ben Arach called, his studentMaayanHaMitgaber - a source emanating Torah increasingly intenseway. Doyou also download and now. App developed thanks to thesupport ofsponsors.
Rav Igal Cohen 1.0
This app concentrates all the lessons that are given in aBeitMidrash that Rabbi Yigal Cohen established.Lessons from theRabbis:Rabbi Yigal Cohen Rabbi Lior Glazer, Rabbi Yehuda Yosefi,RabbiBoaz Besaleli and other rabbis ..As well as amazing articlesandmore ..מקוה Mikvah Calendar App 1.0's App calculates all important Mikvah datesandtimes automatically. It allows users to update theircalendars,view their upcoming important dates & histories, andcontact aRabbi. Users can login from's websiteor app asthey please. Mikvah Calendar .com Requires internetaccess. After60 days, membership as low as $16/year isrequired.Mikvah Calendarfeatures:•Times & Dates AutomaticallyCalculated &Explained•Ashkenazic, Sefardic, & ChabadCustoms•Email &SMS Reminders•Ask the Rabbi• Most AdvancedKavuah PatternCalculations in the World•Estimated OvulationReminder•Printfriendly format for personal records•Traveling toCities inDifferent Time Zones•International Travel•DaylightSavingsTime•Leap years•Mikvah night falls on an AnticipatedFlow•Mikvahnight falls on Yom Kippur or Tish'a B'av•A woman who hadasuccessful Hefsek Tahara but then an unsuccessfulInternalExamination•Birth/Miscarriages•English, Hebrew,French,Spanish,RussianMikvah Calendar .com is Rabbinicallyapproved. Toolfor Taharat Hamishpachah, Niddah, Family Purity,Mikvah, vestosveset, Onah Beinonit, beinonis, Onah Benonis, OnahBenonit, vest,family purity, mikvah, Mikveh, Mikva, Your Home by Rabbi Klatzko 1.19.2
The app is a free world-wide Jewishcommunity,effectively a Jewish social network connecting membersfor Shabbathosting, events, jobs, dating, and much more. Throughits brilliantinterface, members can host or be hosted for Shabbatand help eachother and build a kinder world. offers thefollowingfeatures: - Members available for Shabbat in 120 countriesand 4000cities - Uploading pictures and status updates to a globalfeedusing your camera's photo app or your gallery - Easy messagingwithpush notification - Full audio of the weekly Shabbat Parsha(TorahPortion) featuring the famous Rabbi Juravel - Candle lightingtimesworldwide as well as other halachik times - Swipe-abledatingprofiles with email availability - An active job boardforemployment opportunities - Video sharing and friending -Feedbackfrom other members Creating a Shabbat.comprofile onthe app also gives you instant access to the onlinewebsite. Thisincludes our video library, weekly Shabbat recipes,and much more.So welcome to the world's largest Jewish onlinecommunity. We willbe upgrading and updating the app, as well as thewebsite,regularly in the weeks and months ahead. Please spread thelove andrate us 5 stars for unity! We will do our best to keepearning it!
Daily Classes — Rabbi Gordon 0.6.6
Study the daily Chumash with Rashi, Tanya and Rambam withmasterteacher Rabbi Yehoshua B. Gordon.Offered as daily videoclasses,Rabbi Gordon's precise explanations, as well as personalanecdotesand wisecracks make the classes easy on the ear. RabbiGordon drawsupon a great reservoir of personal experiences,Chassidic storiesand anecdotes to make his classes come alive.RabbiGordon's dailyclasses cover:• The daily study of Chumash (The FiveBooks ofMoses) with Rashi's commentary based on the weekly Torahportion.•Daily Tanya, the seminal work of Chabad Chassidus, basedon theannual study cycle.• Mishneh Torah—Maimonides’ codificationofJewish law—following the three-year track established bytheLubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson, ofrighteousmemory.
Orot Hateshuva (Harav Kook) 1.0
Hebrew Apps
Sefer Orot HaTeshuvah (also: Oros HaTeshuvah, Lights of Penitence-אורות התשובה) by Harav Abraham Isaac Hacoen Kook (הרב אברהםיצחקהכהן קוק).The Lights of Penitence By Harav Kook.include:●Automaticrestore your last location ● Night mode● Many text options(size& font)and more...
בן-איש-חי - Ben Ish Chai 1.5.7
Eran Cohen
Ben Ish Chai is a Sefer of sermons, with commentary on theweeklyTorah portion and the Halachos written by Rabbi Yosef ChaimofBaghdad which is why he is known as the "Ben Ish Chai". TheSeferwas received as a fixative sefer by part of the communities intheMiddle East and especially the Babylonian Jewry. The Seferisdivided into "First year" and "Second year" and the yearsaredivided into weekly Torah portions. At the beginning of everyTorahportion are aggadah (historical and anecdotal material),followedby Halachos. The Sefer is written in a clear, short andpleasantway. Two important figures guided his work: Rabbi ShimonbarYochai, author of the Zohar, and Rabbi Isaac Luria, the Arizal.Theapplication does not require an Internet connection. Pleaseshareand rate. Tizku L'mitzvos.
Yeshiva Website 1.3.2
The yeshiva Website is one of the biggest torah websites intheworld, includes an advanced jewish calendar, ask the rabbisection(Q&A), Beit midrash that contains thousands of lessons(videoand text) and Parashat Shavua content.The Torah World Gateway- Nowin full app version.* Sefirat HaOmer reminder, helps to followthelast day which have been countered.* Times day widget,enablecomfortable follows the day times, click on the locationbuttonwill show the zmanim of your current location.
Pniney Halacha 2.8
Elad Cohen
Pniney Halacha by Rav Eliezer MelamedOne of the best HebrewTorahbooks.All the Halachos inyourhand:TefilaShabasBrahotPurimPesahHanukaSucotEtc...Enjoy!
Inside Chassidus Radio Beta 1.0
Bless the One Above!Enjoy a weekly streaming/radio of RabbiYossiPaltiel's classes, a world renowned Jewish speakerandeducator.Rabbi Paltiel has been giving classes for many years onawide range of subjects to audiences of all backgrounds.HisChabadLubavitch energy is felt in every talk. We are sure you willfindRabbi Yossi Paltiel's clear, knowledgeable and practicalclasses atreat.Click on the 'PLAY' icon and classes will begin.Every classcan be downloaded at no cost at our websiteInsideChassidus.orgThisapp is only 1.55 MBAs this is 'Beta 1.4' itmay take a short timeto start streaming, please wait approximately15 seconds afterpressing 'PLAY' - Enjoy!Our app will stop playinghalf an hourbefore Shabbat [;Friday it will be playing till half anhour beforesunset].Please give 5 stars and some good words, thiswill helppeople know what's in the app.Most of the Inside ChassidusIT Groupare total volunteers. So if you have any questions aboutthe appplease email us at [email protected] you forreadingand downloading our App, Blessing of success toyou.Sincerely, - IT Group
Rav kook daily quotes 2
BSD apps
Homescreen Widget.Rav Kook daily quotes.Every day new qoutefromAbraham Isaac Kook (1865–1935) the first Ashkenazi chief rabbiofIsrael.
Rav David Touitou - L'appli' 1.7
b"h, L'application gratuite permettant d'écouter les coursdonnéspar le rav David Touitou en format audio et vidéo.Kol touv!b"h Thefree app for listening to the lectures given by Rabbi DavidTouitouin audio and video format.Kol Touv!
com.rafinakar.haravdanielzer 2.5
בס"דהאפליקצייה הרישמית לישיבת 'אור דוד' - מרכז רוחני לבעליתשובהולהפצת תורה ויהדות בראשות הרב דניאל זר שליט"א. רחוב המכבים108, בניברק. ת.ד 875.BSThis application is the official residenceor David'- a spiritual center for an answer and dissemination ofTorah andJudaism by Rabbi Daniel Alien Shlita.The Maccabees 108thStreet,Bnei Brak. The. D. 875.
Mishnayot Kehati 1.7.3
The complete Mishnayot Kehati in Hebrew & English withBartenuraand Mishna Sdura Professional Audio reading of the EntireMishnaSdura and of the KehatiThe application was produced LeshemShamaimand is free to download and has no ads After initialdownload, nofurther internet connection is needed Except to listento the audio.No permission requests.Texts included:• The SixOrders of the Mishnaof the Revered Tanna Rabbi Yehuda Hanassi •The popular modernanthology of commentaries by Rabbi PinchasKehati includingintroductions • The traditional commentary ofRabbenu Ovadya ofBartenura • The readable text and format ofMishna Sdura by RabbiElijah Dordek • The English translation ofthe Mishna and of the“Kehati” The App has many user friendlyfeatures:• Mishna Sdura /Block text view – press Mishna Sdura icon• Show Mishna / Full Perek– press icon, swipe to continue • ToggleEnglish / Hebrew – pressicon• Select English or Hebrew menus• 6fonts, customizable fontsizes • Cream yellow background easeseye-strain • Night Mode -white text on black background •Customizable Split screen - Mishna/ Perush • Search text of theMishna • Mishna Yomit and Perek Yomischedules • Last learnedMishnah is saved for next time • Bookmarks:* In order to save thecurrent Mishna, click the star icon with aplus sign * To go to thesaved Mishna, click the bookmark text •Select Mishnayot by lettersof the beloved one's name for Yahrzeit /Memorial Anniversarylearning * Full Perek or a single Mishna *Listen to an audiolesson on a Mishna for each of the 22 letters •Listen to readingof the Mishna and Kehati• Listen to reading of thefull Perek ofMishna SduraCopyright statement:• This App wasdeveloped on behalfand with written permission of "Mishnayot KehatiCompany", whichretains all rights to the Kehati commentary • TheEnglish versionof the Mishna and “Kehati” was published by theWorld ZionistOrganization and the Jewish Agency’s Eliner Library •Mishna Sdurafeatures were developed with written permission of"Mishna Sdura"Rabbi Elijah Dordek, who retains all rights to MishnaSdura textand it’s layout• Audio of Mishna Sdura and Kehati wasrecorded bythe Central Library for the Blind, who retains allrights to therecordings.• It's a Mitzva to Share this app!:-)Opportunity todonate towards the costs of the serverOpportunityto donate to theCentral Library for the Blind, and help recordadditionalTorahTextsForiOS:
com.eran.orhachaim 1.1
Eran Cohen
"Or HaChaim" is the famous compliation of Rabbi Chaim ben Atar,whowas one of the greatest commentators of the Bible from thepastgenerations, a Talmudic commentator, a mekubal, and ahalachicauthority.Even though he was born in Morocco, hiscompilation waseagerly accepted by the leaders of the Hassdicmovement in Europe,who saw it as fundamental to their ideology.They encouragedintense study of this work, distributing it inprint, and believedit to be a charm for many things, amongst themfertility andchildbirth.The name of the work is explained in itsintroduction,"for the Torah is called light (o'hr)...and becausethere are manythings which give off light - such as candles, andthe sun, moon,and stars - we call it [the Torah] O'r HaChaim. Thisname relatesto the Creator, who is called Life (Chaim), as it iswritten 'andthe King of Life', and the Torah is called Life(Chaim), as it iswritten, 'The Torah of the wise is the source ofLife', and theRighteous as well are called Life (Chaim), as it iswritten, 'andall of you who cling to G-d...are all Alive(Chaim)."Theapplication does not require an Internetconnection.Please shareand rate.Tizku L'mitzvos.
Divine Information 3.0.01
The new Divine Information app. Features a better streamingserviceand a smoother user experience. Rabbi Mizrachi has spoke inmorethan 4000 lectures, participated in many weekend seminars,radioshows, and others in English and Hebrew. Torah and Science,Lifeafter Life, and many more. Video andAudios.PermissionsExplained:Network - To listen or watch lecturesposted onlinePhoneState - For pausing audio when a phone call comesthroughRecordAudio - For downloading lectures to your phone so youcan listenofflineGeoLocation - To determine which DivineInformation eventsto show youModify SD card - To save downloadedlectures on yourdeviceAudio Settings - Plays audio using HTML5player
Birkat Hamazon 1.2.4
Amami Apps
"Birkat Hamazon is the only blessing written in the Torah".*NusachSefard *Nusach Edot ha-Mizrach
Leava 226440.8
Enfin l'application Android du site, dirigé par le ravRonCHAYA depuis sa yéchiva à Jérusalem.Découvrez à traverscetteapplication des centaines de cours vidéo de Torah classésparcatégories, les dernières questions-réponses, etc...N'hésitezpas àrédiger un avis sur l'application !Finally the led by Rabbi Ron CHAYA since his yeshivainJerusalem.Discover through this application over hundreds ofTorahVideo categorized, the latest Q & A, etc ...Do nothesitate towrite a review on the application!
Yalkut Yosef- Halachot La'Isha 1.0.3
Eran Cohen
Sefer "Yalkut Yosef - Otzar Dinim Laisha Ve'Labat" by RabbiYitzchakYoseph, the son of the Torah leader Rabbi Ovadia YosephZATZAL. Acollection of Laws and Customes for the Jewish Womenbased on theShulchan Aruch, like, Netilat Yadayim, praying, Candlelighting,Cooking, separating on shabat, Rosh Chodesh, Purim,Holidays, Meatand dairy, honoring parents, Wigs, mixed dancing,etc.This SeferHalachot is a must for every jewish lady! Sorted byan easy to findorder! The app includes search in every'seffer'.The applicationdoes not require an Internetconnection.Please share and rate.
Ahavat Ammi 3.8.0
Subsplash Inc
Ahavat Ammi is a Messianic Jewish organization that is focusedonthe restoration of Jew and Gentile alike to the trueauthenticJewish B'esorah. Join Rabbi Itzhak Shapira and variety ofguests asthey bring you the word of G-D on a weekly basis in aunique andexciting way.The Ahavat Ammi App was created with theSubsplash AppPlatform.
InstaRabbi - Torah Q&A 3.9
Go Sephardic
How often have you found yourself in the followingsituations?...You did not know the correct Bracha to make in aparticularsituation... Your husband mixed up the meat and dairydishes(again!)... You had a question that you didn't feelcomfortableasking someone who knows you... You consistently feelguilty"bothering" the Rabbi with your "simple questions" all thetime...Too often, many of us will convince ourselves that we thinkwe knowthe correct thing to do and that we are probably right.InstaRabbiis taking your orthodox Jewish observance to the nextlevel bymaking sure that you never again have to act as your ownRabbi whenyou don't know what to do, and that none of the questionsthat youhave related to Judaism go unanswered. Insta Rabbi allowsJews fromacross the world to ask Torah or halachic questions andget themanswered quickly according to orthodox Jewish observance.Submit aquestion on the app and await the quick response from ourqualifiedand dedicated staff of Rabbis who are committed toenhancinghalachic observance throughout the world.
Torah TV 1.8.3
JSL Solutions
Welcome to Simchat Torah Beit Midrash! Simchat Torah means “JoyofGod’s Teaching and Instruction.” Beit Midrash means “HouseofLearning.” The classes provided by STBM help to educate peopleinmaximizing their potential in life—with joy. This app features:-STBM Live Stream - Calendar Events - News Announcements -ICTSRegistration Form ...and much more!
Estudo bíblico em profundidade 1.0
Estudos bíblicos em profundidade na doutrina cristã básica quecadacrente deve saber. Estes princípios devem ser incorporados emnóspara aprender cada dia mais a esse Deus maravilhoso quetemos.Aferramenta incorpora um Bíblia de Estudo off-line paracompletar osestudos e ter uma melhor compreensão da BíbliaSaibatudo Bíblia nosensina saturada e expandir seus conhecimentos comestes estudosbíblicos profundos. Pense no amor infinito de nossoSenhor, vamostodas as instruções, para que possamos aplicá-los emnossas vidassomos pessoas bem sucedidasEstudos bíblicos emprofundidade écomposto, entre outros, os seguintes tópicos:- Amar aDeus com todonosso coração: O que significa?- As origens dadoutrina da“imortalidade da alma”- Deus de Abraão, Isaac e Jacó- Oque Jesusrealmente disse ao criminoso na cruz?-Sobre necromancia ea mulherde Endor- Ataque em Ziclague: Lições da reação da Davi- AArmadurade Deus- A igreja: sua definição, sua cabeça e seusmembros- Ester:Estudo Bíblico- Algumas das coisas que Jesus Cristoé- A correçãodo Senhor- O caminho de Balaão- O espírito santo antese depois doPentecostes- Jesus e a Oração- “De outra forma crestesem vão” ( 1Coríntios 15:2)- Mary ficou virgem para sempre?- Jesus:o Filho deDavi- e mais ...Faça o download agoraestudo bíblicoemprofundidadeDeus os abençoe.✔ Se você gostou destaferramenta,valorizá-lo, por favor, ajude-nos a melhorar e oferecerum produtomelhor. Estudo bíblico em profundidade contém publicidadeparacobrir os custos de programação. Obrigado. Bible studies indepthin the basic Christian doctrine that every believer shouldknow.These principles should be incorporated in us to learn moreeveryday to this wonderful God we have.The tool incorporates aStudyBible off-line to complete the studies and get abetterunderstanding of the BibleLearn all Bible teaches saturatedandexpand your knowledge with these deep Bible studies. Think oftheinfinite love of our Lord, let all the instructions, so that wecanapply them in our lives we are successful people Bible studiesindepth is composed, among others, the following topics:- To loveGodwith all our hearts: What does it mean?- The origins ofthedoctrine of the "immortality of the soul"- God of Abraham,Isaacand Jacob- What Jesus actually said the criminal onthecross?-About Necromancy and the woman of Endor- Attack onZiklag:David reaction Lessons- The Armor of God- The church:itsdefinition, its head and its members- Esther Bible Study- Someofthe things that Jesus Christ is- The chastening of the Lord-Theway of Balaam- The holy spirit before and after Pentecost-Jesusand Prayer- "In another way believed in vain" (1 Corinthians15:2)- Mary was a virgin forever?- Jesus, the Son of David- andmore...Download now Bible study in depth God bless.✔ If you likethistool, value it, please help us improve and offer a betterproduct.Bible study in depth contains advertising to coverprogrammingcosts. Thank you.
Siddur Tehillat Hashem – Linear Edition 1.3.2
A smart Siddur with halachic timesFeatures the acclaimedKehotLinear SiddurIncludes a tefillin mirror, compass, halachictimesand more.
Family Purity Laws-טהרת המשפחה‎Eran Cohen 1
Eran Cohen
Laws of Family Purity retain the freshness of married life,protectthe couple and give that happiness and stability.Jewishlawsanctify family life, elevate the relationship between husbandandwife physical-material level to a higher level of holiness,purityand transcendence.For many generations, many nations of theworldstood and marveled at the sight of a Jewish family. Not oncetheytried to understand the magic which, for its tranquilityandhappiness she gives.The Jewish religious laws (Halakhot) intheapplication are for Sephardim and Ashkenazim, and only whenthereare disagreements between the Shulchan Aruch and the Remawemention these disagreements.Rabbinical approvals to the bookwerereceived from Maran Harav Ovadia Yosef Zt"l, Rabbi ShlomoMosheAmar Shlita, and Rabbi Asher Zelig Weiss Shlita.
GetNinjas - Serviços para você
O GetNinjas é o melhor aplicativo para profissionais quequeremdivulgar seus serviços e também para clientes que procurampelosmelhores profissionais! Somos a maior plataforma paracontrataçãode serviços do Brasil e nossa missão é conectar clientesaprofissionais da mesma região para ajudar a fechar negócio. Sevocêestá procurando ou oferecendo um serviço, no GetNinjasvocêencontra: - Reformas e Reparos - Serviços Domésticos -AssistênciaTécnica - Design e Tecnologia - Eventos - Moda e Beleza- Saúde -Aulas - Consultoria - Automóveis Como funciona? 1 - Ocliente fazum pedido informando os detalhes sobre o serviço queestá buscando.2 - Localizamos os profissionais mais próximos querealizam esteserviço. 3 - O profissional entra em contato com ocliente paranegociar o fechamento do serviço. Quais as vantagens dedivulgarmeus serviços no GetNinjas? Com o GetNinjas você encontranovosclientes direto pelo seu celular. Você se cadastra, escolheomelhor pacote de moedas do GetNinjas e tem acesso aos pedidosdevários clientes interessados em fechar serviço comprofissionaisqualificados! O resto é com você: entre em contato como cliente,passe seu orçamento e negocie o fechamento do serviço.Cadastre-seagora e invista na sua carreira como profissionalliberal! Dúvidas?Contate a equipe [email protected] Telefone: (11)3791-7315 The GetNinjas isthe best application for professionalswho want to publicize theirservices and also for customers lookingfor the best people! We arethe largest platform for hiringservices of Brazil and our missionis to connect customers toprofessionals from the same region tohelp close business. If youare looking for or offering a service,in GetNinjas you will find:- Renovation and Repairs - Domesticservices - Technical assistance- Design and Technology - Events -Fashion and beauty - Cheers -Classes - Consulting - Automobiles Howit works? 1 - The customerplaces an order stating the details aboutthe service you areseeking. 2 - We have located the closestprofessionals who performthis service. 3 - Professional comes incontact with the client tonegotiate the closure of the service.What are the advantages ofdisclosing my services in GetNinjas? WithGetNinjas you find newcustomers direct from your mobile. Youregister, you choose thebest coins package GetNinjas and haveaccess to applications forseveral clients interested in closingservice with qualifiedprofessionals! The rest is up to you: contactthe customer, spendyour budget and negotiate the closure of theservice. Join now andinvest in your career as a professionalperson! Doubts? ContactGetNinjas team [email protected]: (11) 3791-7315
Católico Orante 6.4
Totus Mundi
Também disponível no Chrome Web Store!App in Portugueseonly.Estesimples aplicativo foi desenvolvido para todos osCatólicos quequerem rezar em qualquer lugar e a qualquer momento.Compartilhesuas intenções e também reze por intenções das pessoasquecompartilharam através do Católico Orante.Contém: Orações,Ofíciode Nossa Senhora, Novenas, Lectio Divina, CompartilhamentodeIntenções, Liturgia das Horas, Liturgia diária, Prefácio,OraçõesEucarísticas e Rito da Comunhão, Santo do dia, Notícias,Doutrina eensinamentos e muito mais.Also available in the ChromeWebStore!App in English only.This simple application was developedforall Catholics who want to pray anywhere and anytime.Shareyourintentions and also pray for the intentions of the peoplewhoshared by Catholic Orante.Contains: Prayers, Office of OurLady,Novenas, Lectio Divina, Sharing Intention, Liturgy of theHours,daily liturgy, Preface, Eucharistic Prayer and CommunionRite, HolyDay, News, doctrine and teachings and more.
MyEdenred Portugal 3.0.3
MyEdenred - Todas as vantagens, sempre à mão A App MyEdenred éaaplicação oficial da Edenred Portugal para gerir de formafácil,rápida e segura, os cartões da família Euroticket -EuroticketRefeição, Mais Refeição e Euroticket Estudante Acesso eSegurança -Registo e login através de Email, Facebook ou Google -Código deSegurança que protege a sua entrada na App (opcional) OsMeusCartões - Apresentação do Saldo e Movimentos em tempo real-Bloqueio de cartão em caso de perda ou roubo e possibilidadedeDesbloqueio - Possibilidade de adicionar vários cartões e degeriros utilizadores associados Onde Almoçar - Apresentação dos+5milestabelecimentos e os +150 descontos existentes na RedeCredenciadaEuroticket Refeição - Pesquisa por Localização atual,Distrito,local de trabalho ou local de residência - Visualizaçãodosresultados em lista ou no mapa Vantagens - Descontos e vantagensemgrandes marcas que poderá usufruir por ser um utilizadorEuroticketMais Opções - Edição dos dados pessoais na área O MeuPerfil -Perguntas Frequentes e Contactos úteis para o utilizadorMaisinformações em Continuaremos atrabalharpara oferecer novas funcionalidades e melhorias. Envie assuassugestões para [email protected] Bom APPetite! MyEdenred -Allthe advantages, always at hand The MyEdenred App is theofficialapplication of Edenred Portugal to manage easily, quicklyandsafely the cards of the Euroticket family - Euroticket Meal,MoreMeal and Euroticket Student Access and Security - Registrationandlogin via Email, Facebook or Google - Security Code thatprotectsyour entry in the App (optional) My Cards - Presentation ofBalanceand Movements in real time - Card lock in case of loss ortheft andpossibility of Unlock - Ability to add multiple cards andmanageassociated users Where to have lunch - Presentation of the +5thousand establishments and the +150 discounts in theAccreditedEuroticket Meal Network - Search by Current Location,District,Place of Work or Place of Residence - View results in listor onthe map   Benefits - Discounts and advantages in bigbrandsthat you can enjoy for being a Euroticket user   Moreoptions- Edit personal data in the My Profile area - Frequentlyaskedquestions and useful contacts for the user More We will continue to work to providenewfeatures and improvements. Send your [email protected] Good APPetite!
Minutos de Sabedoria Brasil 8.1
IMPORTANTE: HABILITE A NOTIFICAÇÃO PARA O APP PARARECEBERDIARIAMENTE FRASES DE REFLEXAO. Naquele momento queprocuramosalguma resposta, ou tentamos entender algo que parece nãoterexplicação, ou quando buscamos força para as batalhas davida,esses são os momentos de sortear uma frase de sabedoriaerefletirmos. Encontre sua paz e boa leitura. #autoajuda#minutos#sabedoria #espiritismo #salmos #BIBLIAIMPORTANT: ENABLETHENOTIFICATION FOR APP TO RECEIVE DAILY REFLECTION PHRASES.Atthattime we seek an answer, or try to understand something thatseemsto have no explanation, or when we seek strength for thebattles oflife, these are the times of drawing a line of wisdom andreflect.Find your peace and good reading.#autoajuda #minutos#sabedoria#espiritismo #salmos #BIBLIA
Minutos de Sabedoria Mulheres Mulheres 8.0
IMPORTANTE: HABILITE A NOTIFICAÇÃO PARA O APP PARARECEBERDIARIAMENTE FRASES DE REFLEXAO. Naquele momento queprocuramosalguma resposta, ou tentamos entender algo que parece nãoterexplicação, ou quando buscamos força para as batalhas davida,esses são os momentos de sortear uma frase de sabedoriaerefletirmos. Encontre sua paz e boa leitura.#autoajuda#minutos#sabedoria #espiritismo #mulheres #salmo #BIBLIAIMPORTANT:ENABLETHE NOTIFICATION FOR APP TO RECEIVE DAILY REFLECTIONPHRASES.Atthat time we seek an answer, or try to understandsomething thatseems to have no explanation, or when we seekstrength for thebattles of life, these are the times of drawing aline of wisdomand reflect. Find your peace and goodreading.#autoajuda #minutos#sabedoria #espiritismo #mulheres #salmo#BIBLIA
Terços Para Celular Grátis 1.0
Júlio Lemos
Reze o Terços direto do seu celular, são vários Terços paravocêescolher o terço ideal para o seu momento.O Terço ParaCelularGrátis é um aplicativo que contém vários Terços para rezar.Comeste aplicativo você não precisa de livretos ou mesmo dopróprioterço, pois ele contém todas as orações e as contas para teajudara rezar.Terços disponíveis:- Terço Mariano- Terço daMisericórdia-Mistérios Gozosos (Segunda e Sábado)- MistériosDolorosos (Terça eSexta)- Mistérios Gloriosos (Quarta e Domingo)-Mistérios Luminosos(Quinta)Além dos terços, ele contém asprincipais orações para oscatólicos consultarem e rezarem no seudia-a-dia, todas separadaspor categorias.Para sugestões de maisTerços ou Orações, envie-nosum e-mail [email protected] Thirds direct from yourmobile phone,several Thirds to choose the ideal third for yourtime.The ThirdMobile Free is an application that contains severalThirds to pray.With this app you do not need brochures or even thethird itself, asit contains all the prayers and accounts to helpyou pray.Rosariesavailable:- Third Mariano- Chaplet of Mercy- TheJoyful Mysteries(Monday and Saturday)- Sorrowful Mysteries(Tuesday and Friday)-Glorious Mysteries (Wednesday and Sunday)-Luminous Mysteries(Thursday)In addition to the thirds, it containsthe main prayersfor Catholics pray and consult in theirday-to-day, all separated bycategories.For suggestions or moreRosaries Prayers, send us anemail to [email protected]
Hayom 18R0829
The most relevant Jewish info - at your fingertips!
Lema'aseh: A Jewish App 0.117
Lema'aseh: A Jewish App designed by the Institute for Torah andtheLand of IsraelA unique application that includes everything aJewneeds throughout the day-to-day and throughout the Jewish year:*Asmart siddur for various traditions.* Daily learning onvarioustopics: daf yomi, Jewish philosophy, halacha, and the weeklyTorahportion.* An efficient system for managing monetary tithes.*Aprayer compass.* A Jewish-Gregorian calendar.* A detailed listofthe halachik hours of the day, for every city in Israel.* AsktheRabbi: a function that facilitates sending halachik quandariestoexpert rabbis from all fields.* Halacha calculator: aneasyconversion and calculation tool for halakhic portion sizes--length, volume, weight, and more.* Synagogue search: a databaseofthousands of synagogues throughout Israel of all types andanavigation option via Waze.*Mivkeh search: thousands of mikvasallover Israel and quick navigation via Waze.* Halacha guides:guidesfor mitzvot and for special days in theJewishcalendar.terms_of_use:
Lomdos Chasidus 2.4.19
Rabbi Shimon Spitzer, a dynamic maggid shiur renowned for takingthemost difficult concept and explaining it so clearly anyonewillunderstand, is a rising star in the world of teachingTorah.Thousands of people tune into his exciting shiurim every day,whichtouch on subjects varying from “DNA in halachah” to how besttoremember one’s learning or the mystical meaning behind LechaDodi.Adaf yomi maggid shiur, Rabbi Spitzer was previously ayeshivahgedolah maggid shiur in Yeshivah Beis Aharon V’YisroelofYerushalayim. He uses his analytical mind to plumb the depthsofchassidus and convey to listeners every day how to blend it intotheir daily lives. Regular listeners to Rabbi Spitzer’s“LomdosV’Chassidus” say that their lives have changed since theystarted.His clarity and charm has made Rabbi Spitzer anelectrifyingaddition to the global lecture circuit.To get theshiurim by emailplease email [email protected] Hotline -718-686-8300E”YHotline - (Kol Halashon direct line) +97273-295-1337 Sign upfor updates by sending anemailto [email protected] with the word “updates”inthe subject line. For speaking engagements, feedback andotherinquiries please [email protected] app containsthefollowing additional features: * Streaming access to playepisodesfrom anywhere* Always updated with the latest shiurim- andanarchived back catalog* Playback resume (when interrupted by acallor other distraction)
Seu Horóscopo Diário 1.2.8
Seu Horóscopo Diario é uma aplicativo gratuito com a qualvocêpoderá saber o que os astros tem a dizer sobre a suavidadiariamente. [Recursos do Aplicativo] - Horóscopo diario para oseusigno. - Horóscopo do amor para o seu signo. - Horóscopo dosaúdepara o seu signo. - Horóscopo do dinheiro para o seu signo.-Horóscopo do trabalho para o seu signo. - Seu número e cor dasortetodos os dias. ¡Além de mostrar a sorte você terá todos osdiasrepresentado sob a forma de estrelas! Tudo isto para cada um deossignos zodiacais: - ♈ Áries - ♉ Touro - ♊ Gêmeos - ♋ Câncer -♌Leão - ♍ Virgem - ♎ Libra - ♏ Escorpião - ♐ Sagitário -♑Capricórnio - ♒ Aquário - ♓ Peixes A aplicação étotalmenteintuitiva, também ter um projeto sério e formal. SeuHoróscopoDiário É a melhor aplicação livre do horóscopos de tudoGooglePlay. Seu é uma Daily Horoscope free application to qual vocêcomwill Podera you know or stars tem to dizer on a sua dailylife.[Resources do Aplicativo] - Daily Horoscope o seu sign. -Horoscopefor love or do seu sign. - Horoscope for or seu do saúdesign. -Horoscope for or seu dinheiro do sign. - Horoscope for orseutrabalho do sign. - Seu number and cor da sorte you all day.SorteAlém to show you all days você terá represented SOB toformestrelas! Tudo isto for each of you signs um zodiacais: - ♈Áries -♉ Touro - ♊ Gêmeos - ♋ Câncer - ♌ Leão - ♍ Virgem - ♎ Libra- ♏Escorpião - ♐ SAGITTARIUS - ♑ Capricórnio - ♒ Aquário - ♓ PeixesAaplicação é completely intuitive, também ter um projeto seriousandformal one. Daily Horoscope Seu aplicação É melhor to dohoroscopestudo livre Google Play.
BrachotNew 1.1
BERACHOT - Life in the modern world proceeds at a very rapidpace.Everyone has to get to many places on time, to do many things,tomeet many people – all in one day. Because of this, thesmartphonehas become the active person’s most needed instrument, towhich heis connected day and night. This instrument serves as acombinationof many functions: telephone; computer; tablet; camera;diary;music player; radio, and more. In the past, a Jew had tocarry manybooks with him wherever he went: a Siddur; Chumash;Tehillim;Gemara; books on Halacha, etc. The Siddur was especiallyessential– prayers are recited daily and everywhere – at work,traveling, atthe restaurant, on vacation, etc. Today there is noneed for thatanymore – the smartphone has even replaced the Siddur.Thisapplication is meant for assisting the Jew innavigatingconfidently through the world of blessings. How is itunique anddifferent from similar applications? Here are some of itsfeatures:- The prayers and blessings are displayed in threeversions:Askenaz, Edot HaMizrach and Sefarad. - There are threelanguageoptions: Hebrew in Hebrew letters, Hebrew in Latinletters(transliteration), and English translation, in addition toshortexplanations of each blessing. - Easy and user-friendlyinterface.- The presence of four languages: Hebrew, Russian,English,Georgian; - Everything that one would need on a daily basis–nothing superfluous. May these blessings bring good health,luckand peace to all those reciting them and to all the peopleofIsrael and to the whole world! Amen! This Application ispublishedwith the authorization of the Chief Rabbis of Israel andRussia,and with their blessings. Our deepest appreciation to allwhoparticipated in this sacred project. If you have any questionsorsuggestions, please feel free to contact us [email protected] - Daily Torah Study 0.6.4
Study Torah daily with our Daily Study portal. Makes studyingthedaily Chitas lessons easier than ever wherever you may be.Lessonsinclude: - Chumash - Psalms/Tehillim - Tanya - Rambam -Hayom Yom.
Trinca Ferro Verdadeiro 1.2.8
Fibra Mobile
Conheça os principais cantos desse pássaro maravilho.Otrinca-ferro-verdadeiro é um dos pássaros silvestresmaisapreciados pelo brasileiro, especialmente pelo seu canto. NoBrasilexistem cerca de oito formas do gênero Saltator,todasrelativamente parecidas. Também é chamado detrinca-ferro,bico-de-ferro, tempera-viola, pixarro, pipirão,estevo, papa-banana(Santa Catarina), titicão, tia-chica,chama-chico (interior de SãoPaulo) e joão-velho (Minas Gerais).Baixe nosso App e tenha seuTrinca sempre a mão !! O único App com afunção TREINOTEMPORIZADO!! Meet the main corners of this wondrousbird. Thecrack-iron-real is one of the wild birds most appreciatedby theBrazilian, especially his corner. In Brazil there are abouteightSaltator genre forms, all relatively similar. It is alsocalled thecrack-iron, iron-bill, tempera-viola, pixarro, pipirão,estevo,papa-banana (Santa Catarina), titicão, great-chica, calledchico(São Paulo) and Joao- old (Minas Gerais). Download our app andgetits always Trinca hand !! The only App with the TIMEDWORKOUTfunction !! 1.5
הרב שלום סבג שיעורי תורה, מוזיקה, ספרים והכל בחינם!הרב שלוםסבג,מחשובי ברסלב וממעריצי רבי נחמן מברסלבנ נח נחמן נחמן מאומן כיאיןשום יאוש בעולם כלל.באפליקצייה זו תוכלו להאזין שיעורי תורהוהרצאותמרתקים בליווי טראנסמאת הרב הצדיק הרב סבגתוכלו לקרוא ממבחרהספרים שלהרב, דברי חיזוק ועידוד העיקרלהיות בשמחה תמיד ולהתקרבלרבינוהקדושרבי נחמן מברסלב זכותו תגן עלינו אמןואמן.PrivacyPolicy Torah classes, music, booksAll for free!Rabbi ShalomSabag, aprominent Breslov and Rabbi Nachman fansNach NachmanNachman ofUman that there is no despair in the world at all.Thisapp you canlisten to Torah and fascinating lectures accompanied bytranceRabbirighteous Rabbi SebagYou can read a selection of greatbooks, wordsof encouragement pointAlways be happy and to approachthe HolyLerabeinuRabbi Nachman right to protect us Amen andAmen.PrivacyPolicy
shal.hidabroot.ygal 2.1
אפליקציה מיוחדת מבית הידברות. גישה מהירה וישירה אל שיעורי הרביגאלכהן. להורדת האפליקציה המלאה והעשירה של הידברות, המתעדכנת 24שעותביממה, חפשו בחנות "הידברות".Special application from thedialogue.Quick and direct access to Rabbi Yigal Cohen rates. Todownload thecomplete application and rich dialogue, updated 24hours a day,look at the store "dialogue".
Jogo de Búzios 1.0
Jogo de Búzios para Android. Para quem tem fé e acredita,seconcentre numa pergunta e deixe que os Odus do oráculo de ifá-Okaran, Ejiokô, Etaogundá, Irosun, Ôxê, Obará, Ôdi, Êjioníle,Ossá,Ôfun, Ôwarin, Êjilaxeborá, Êjilobon, Iká, Obéogundá (ouKalelogun)e Êjibé (ou Alafia) - respondam as suasperguntas.Informaçõescompletas e sobre diversos campos:- Elementos-Afetivo-Profissional- Saúde- EspiritualFunciona. Experimente!Gameof Buziosfor Android.For those who have faith and believe, focus onaquestion and let the Odus the oracle of Ifá - Okaran,Ejiokô,Etaogundá, irosun, the x, Obara, ODI, Êjioníle, Ossa, Òfún,Ôwarin,Êjilaxeborá, Êjilobon, Ika, Obéogundá (or Kalelogun) andÊjibé (orAlafia) - answer your questions.Comprehensive informationand onvarious fields:- Elements- Affective- Professional-Health-SpiritualIt works. Try!
Histórias Bíblicas 4.0
RDB Mobile
Nesse aplicativo você vai encontrar nove histórias bíblicas,tiradasdo livro da Bíblia Sagrada. É importante ensinar ascrianças desdepequenas, sobre as histórias da Bíblia e o melhor éque seja de umjeito prazeroso. E uma leitura bem ilustrada, acriança iráinterpretar e entender de um jeito mais fácil. Cadahistória érepleta de imagens e bem coloridas. As histórias vãoensinar liçõesbíblicas muito importantes para a formação eeducação moral dascrianças. Histórias: - O Nascimento de Moisés -A Criação; - Adão eEva; - A Arca de Noé; - Abraão e a promessa deDeus; - Deus prova afé de Abraão; - Uma esposa para Isaque; - Jacóo enganador; - José osonhador; - José no poder; Neste aplicativo,as histórias sãocontadas em uma linguagem simples, de fácilentendimento para ascrianças. E no fim de cada história a fontebíblica é mencionada.Características e objetivos do aplicativo: -As histórias sãoricamente ilustradas; - Despertar e desenvolver ogosto pelaleitura; - Despertar na criança o interesse pelaEscritura Sagrada eestimula a sua fé; - Ensinar os valorescristãos; - Fortalecer olaço afetivo das crianças com sua famíliadurante a leitura; - Semrestrição de idade, para a família lerjunto com as crianças; - Vocêpode fazer a leitura do aplicativoonline e também offline; - Parauma melhor visualização de leituranos dispositivos Smartphone,recomendamos a rotação de tela. Baixeagora o app e confira ashistórias com todas as crianças!"Mostra-me, Senhor, os teuscaminhos, ensina-me as tuas veredas;guia-me com a tua verdade eensina-me, pois tu és Deus, meuSalvador" Salmos 25:4,5 "Deixai vira mim os pequeninos, porque dostais é o reino de Deus" Marcos 10:14In this application you willfind nine Bible stories, taken from thebook of the Holy Bible. Itis important to teach children from ayoung age about Bible storiesand it is best to be pleasurable. Anda well-read reading, thechild will interpret and understand in aneasier way. Each story isfull of images and colorful. The storieswill teach very importantbiblical lessons for the moral formationand education of children.Stories: - The Birth of Moses - Thecreation; - Adam and Eve; -Noah's Ark; - Abraham and the promise ofGod; God tests the faithof Abraham; "A wife to Isaac; - Jacob thedeceiver; - Joseph thedreamer; - Joseph in power; In thisapplication, stories are toldin simple, easy-to-understand languagefor children. And at the endof each story the biblical source ismentioned. Features andobjectives of the application: - The storiesare richlyillustrated; - To awaken and develop a taste for reading;- Toawaken in the child an interest in the Sacred Scriptureandstimulate his faith; - Teach Christian values; - To strengthentheaffective bond of the children with their family duringthereading; - No age restriction, for the family to read alongwiththe children; - You can read the application online andalsooffline; - For a better reading view on Smartphone devices,werecommend the screen rotation. Download the app now and checkoutthe stories with all the kids! "Show me your ways, Lord, teachmeyour paths, guide me with your truth and teach me, for you areGodmy Savior" Psalm 25: 4,5 "Let the little ones come to me, forofsuch is the kingdom of God" Mark 10:14
Rambam Plus - Mishneh Torah 2.3.2
Rambam Plus - All the hands in the palm of your hand for free!Theentire book of Mishneh Torah (HaYad HaChazaka), in preciseandpunctuated form, is explained briefly and thoroughly inMaimonides'method according to the Rambam. If you have a technicalproblem orhave comments of any kind, please contact us through thefeedbackoption in the application, or write directlyto:[email protected] We can not email you with users whowritecomments through Google Play, so if you're having trouble,pleasecontact us directly. Application properties: * Search in theRambamtext and in the Beur! * Comfortable design and navigationforsmartphones. * Control the size of the script and display thescore(look in the "Settings" menu). * Ability to change the font intheapplication. * Click on the Rambam's text and theexplanationappears! * Suitable for study everywhere - on thejourney, as awriter, during recess - as Maimonides instructs hisstudent: "Andhe will be your book and teach him everywhere in orderto obtainhis benefit." * Direct access to the daily section of thedailyMaimonides. Content attributes: * Exact text, accordingtomanuscripts, dotted and divided. * Topics of chaptersandsub-topics embedded in the chapter. * Concise commentary insimplelanguage, according to Maimonides' method in all hiswritings. *The commentary is full of introductions, summaries,tables andhundreds of original illustrations. * Table of thestructure of thechapters for each Halachot division (correspondingto the titles ofthe chapters and the subheadings). * For all thelaws of the groupof laws pertaining to the division. * Thecommentary was preparedin cooperation with volunteers and manyinstitutions, including:Yeshivat Or VeShi'ah; Yeshiva Torat Hayyim;The "Institute of Torahand Land" (Zeraim), the Temple Institute(Labor, Victims andPriests), the Land Law Institute (damages,property, trials andjudges). * More about the text and theexplanation: (C) All Rights Reserved. MishnehTorahencourages the use of text to increase Torah. For use of texts-please contact [email protected]
Bíblia Sagrada Grátis 37
Bíblia Sagrada - João Ferreira de Almeida Atualizada eCorrigida(ARA)Aplicativo pequeno, rápido e prático.Não precisa denenhumapermissão especial para instalar e não precisa de acessoainternet.Principais características e funções dessaversão:-Deslize o dedo para a esquerda ou para a direita para mudardecapítulo.- Clique no livro ou capítulo na barra superiorparaescolher os mesmos.- Alteração do tamanho da fonte.- Modonoturno(fundo escuro com letras claras)- Continua a leitura deondeparou.- Pesquisa.- Opção para manter a tela sempre ligada.-Copiare compartilhar versículos.Última versão incluiu:- Novainterfacemais amigável- Possibilidade de receber notificaçõesdosversículos/trechos do dia- Compartilhamento via Whatsapp ee-mailmais acessívelAlterações previstas para a próxima versão:-Marcadorde versículos.- Anotações nos versículos.-Versículosfavoritos.Holy Bible - King James Version and Fixed(ARA)smallapplication, fast and convenient.You do not need anyspecialpermission to install and does not require internetaccess.Keyfeatures and functions of this version:- Slide yourfinger left orright to change chapter.- Click the book or chapteron the top barto select the same.- Change the font size.- Nightmode (darkbackground with light letters)- Continue reading whereyou leftoff.- Search.- Option to keep the screen always on.- Copyand shareverses.Latest version includes:- New interface morefriendly-Ability to receive notifications of verses / passages ofthe day-Share via Whatsapp and email more accessibleChanges plannedfor thenext version:- Bookmark verses.- Notes in verses.- FavoriteVerses.