Top 49 Games Similar to The Climber Game

Cliffhanger - Chat Stories 3.6.5
Hype Bits
READ the chat stories that everyone is becoming “addicted to”andpeople “can’t stop reading”. Snoop on thrilling conversationsasthey unfold before your eyes. Make CHOICES that determine whoLIVESor DIES. Keep your heart racing with new stories addedtoCLIFFHANGER weekly. Whether you have five minutes or fivehours,love suspense or horror stories, you’ll be on the edge ofyour seatwith twists you’ll never see coming. If you’re a fan ofshortstories or up for a long read, Cliffhanger will keep youcaptivatedtill the very end. Don’t miss out on the new app everyoneistalking about. To contact support, pleasevisit: Cliffhanger, you agree to our Terms of Use andPrivacyPolicy: Please note thatCliffhanger isfree to play, but you are able to purchase game itemswith realmoney that enhance the stories. If you want to limit theability tomake in-app purchases, you may create a PIN in theSettings menufrom within the Google Play Store.
Snow Cliff Climbing 2017 1.1
A snow storm is on its peaks very fast wind is blowing and youhaveto climb the cliff and mountains. It could be dangerous for youandyour life but who can stop the dreams and the passions oftheriders. So be ready for being a mountain climber and set theworldrecord to compete with the friends and show them that you candoeverything in your life. Play this game at your own riskbecauseit's a dangerous game. In this game, the environment of thisgameis based on the northern areas with is located in the mountainsandall the mountains are covered with the snow. When you try toclimbup on the mountain may be your foot sleep. It is the risk ofyourlife and the avalanches you have to face while try to go upthere.In this game dozens of levels include. We recommend you tocompleteall the levels and enjoy this game in this game you will bethehero after complete the game and the character is designedveryinteresting the first character is unlocked and rest ofthecharters you can unlock from XPS points or you can simply buyfromIn-App purchases in just 2.99$. KEY FEATURES: - Thrilling hillstoclimb up - Hit your axe on ice cliff to climb up - Surviveyourselfin the cold and snowy weather - Complete your task intimeGAMEPLAY: - Pause button - Time bar - Left and right buttonformove - right and left up button Snow Cliff Climbing 2017 willbeupdated constantly. Please rate and give your feedback forfurtherimprovement of the game.
Kids Climbing Rooftop Stunts 1.2
Be legendary Stuntman kids and start climbing on walls ofbuildingsto reach rooftop !These kids are trained to do crazystunts onrooftop buildings.Most adventurous game for fun kids tomake stuntsthey dreamed of.In this ultimate tournament ofchampions, squashyour fear factor and come out victorious! Buckleup to clearhurdles in this challenging wall climbing and rooftopstuntsgame.Run as stuntman as a contestant in the ultimateobstaclecourse competition.Take a leap of faith and masterchallenges likethe dangerous Barrel Bounce.Survive in thesechallenging situationswall climbing tournaments are not easy atall.Reach the finish lineas fast as you can to win the the keys tothe castle.Jump high onbuildings and slither on the ground like aninja stuntman.Performawesome stunts in this extreme eliminationchallenge.Let's see howtough of a survivor you really are! Selectyour favorite kid heroand compete with others for glory. Performthe gnarliest stuntsever.These kids are doing commando trainingwith real actions andrealistic animations.Climb on differentbuildings in eachlevel.Don't be afraid to climb on highest rooftopbuilding.Thisgame will make kids happy with colorful graphics andthrillingeffects.Climbing will be totally fun sports for kids .BeCrazyClimber parkour kid to climb at schools,parking alot ,hospital andmarket place.In this adventure run game,obstacles arerandomlygenerated when you climb some floors.Kids Climbing RooftopStuntsFeatures:•Amazing 3D hero kids racing game•DifferentKidscharacters to play •Smooth controls for stuntmissions•Differentrooftop building to climb•Perform stunts andavoidhurdles•Realistic 3D visual and cool soundeffects•Responsive,intuitive and realistic GameplayTest yourphysical fitness andclimbing skills in this wall climbing fun gamefor kids.Accept thechallenge to perform stunts and be the stunthero kid of the city.**Install & Play the Most LegendaryAdventure Game of 2017!**
Brain It On! - Physics Puzzles 1.6.27
Deceptively challenging physics puzzles for your brain! Drawshapesto solve challenging physics puzzles. They're not as easy astheylook. Care to give one a try? ◆ Dozens of brain bustingphysicspuzzles, with more being added all the time ◆ Compete withyourfriends for the Brain It On! crown ◆ Multiple ways to solveeachpuzzle, can you find the best solution? ◆ Share youruniquesolutions and compare with your friends All the levels canbeunlocked for free by earning stars in previous levels. Youcanalways find dozens of new player created free levels each dayonthe community screen. You can also purchase the game to removeallads, unlock all hints, unlock levels early, and unlock theleveleditor. Please note: purchasing the "No Popup Ads" optionjustremoves the ads between levels, purchasing the "Full Game"willalso remove the ads to get hints. If you like this game,pleaserate it and leave a comment. As an indie developer yoursupport isgreatly appreciated. Thank you for your help! If youdon't likesomething in the game, please email me atsupport@brainitongame.comand tell me why. I want to hear yourfeedback and comments so I cancontinue to make this game better.You can find me on Twitter at@orbitalnine, see the latest news onthe Facebook page at, or getall the details onthe website: I hope youenjoy Brain It On!
Cubedise 1.09
Rexet Studio
Cubedise - game puzzle from the first person in which theplayerneeds to interact with multi-colored cubes for passing onthefollowing level. The puzzle throws down aresourcefulnesschallenge, logic and patience of eachplayer.Features:- Remarkable3D graphics- USB Joystick support-Fascinating gameplay
Genies & Gems - Jewel & Gem Matching Adventure
Thieves have stolen the jewels from the Palace and there is onlyoneperson who has the power to get them back! Journey throughmysticalworlds with Jenni the Genie and her companion, Trix theFox, tocrush the thieves that have stolen the Palace’s riches.Swap, match,and crush gems, recover ancient relics, and collectgold bars andenchanted keys on this one-of-a-kind enchantedexploration! Withthousands of levels and challenging game modes,and daily events,Genies & Gems provides endless hours of funand exciting match 3puzzle gameplay: -Swap, match, and crush gemsin thousands of funand challenging match-3 puzzle levels -Collectkeys to unlock newworlds and crush challenges! -Use excitingpower-ups the GildedRainbow or Gilded Butterfly to swiftly advancethrough challenginglevels! -Uncover idols and collect gold alongthe way! -Playexciting new events and challenging match 3 puzzlelevels daily!-Soaring Streaks: Get prizes for beating levelswithout losing alife -Bandit Rush: Catch bandits at differentpoints in your journeyto win boosters Download Genies & Gemsand begin your magicaljourney today! Already loving Genies &Gems? Like us on Facebookto get the latest news on new levels,content and features. us on Instagram:@geniesandgems
The Room
Fireproof Games
Welcome to The Room, a physicalpuzzler,wrapped in a mystery game, inside a beautifully tactile3Dworld.*****************Praise for The Room:• Eurogamer “...resist hurrying and savour every sliding panelandtwist of a dial. The Room is the cave of mysteries fromeveryone'schildhood; a perfect encapsulation of the fear andpleasure ofdiscovery."• Gametrailers “The touchscreen controls really shine. A mustplay”Penny Arcade “This isn’t a title that is hindered by touchcontrolsas much as its set free by them"• Arcade Sushi "I couldn’t stop playing this fascinatingbrainteaser...beautifully crafted"• Indie Game Magazine "Fireproof Games has hit a home run"• Pocket Gamer “More suspense than a thousandbullet-riddledshooters"• Game Informer “Excellently produced, clever puzzlesandspine-tingling music"• Jaysisgames "The immersion overrides any sense ofyoursurroundings beyond the box" "The Room is eye candy forthemind."• IGN “The most realistically rendered objects in a mobile titletodate.”******How are you, old friend? If you’re reading this, then it worked.Ionly hope you can still forgive me.We’ve never seen eye to eye on my research, but you must putsuchthings behind you. You are the only one to whom I can turn.Youmust come at once, for we are all in great peril. I trustyouremember the house? My study is the highest room.Press forward with heart. There is no way back now.AS.******Fireproof Games are very proud to bring you our greatest creation,amind-bending journey filled with beauty, peril and mystery inequalmeasure. Be transported into a unique space that blendsspellbindingvisuals with intriguing problems to solve.• Unsettlingly realistic graphics: The most natural lookingvisualsever seen on a mobile device.• Spine-tingling single finger controls: touch controls sonaturalyou can play with one digit, to fully navigate thismysteriouslybeautiful 3D world.• Fantastical pick-up-and-play design: Easy to start, hard toputdown, the secrets of The Room will immerse you before you evenknowyou're playing.• Compelling layers of mystery: think you know what you'relookingat? Think again.
Bubble Shooter ™
Download and play the Classic and most addictive Bubble Shooter™game on Google Play - for FREE! Enjoy the top bubble breakeronlinegame and solve all the awesome puzzles. We have designed thisfunshooter game for all you puzzle fans who want to train yourbrain,matching colors and popping bubbles. Get the app NOW, beatlevelsand enjoy this addicting and relaxing bubble pop game! Play 3GameModes: * Enjoy Puzzle Mode with over 1800 awesome puzzlelevelsClear the board and advance along the map, win amazingrewards andenjoy fun new elements and features. New boosts,power-ups, dailyrewards, cool bubble elements, and more! * Play theLevels Modewith over 1750 levels! Match 3 bubbles or more to blastand winwith less shots to get more stars. * Enjoy the Classic mode-Simple and Super Fun. Classic mode has 3 Difficulty levels-easy,medium and hard. It will keep you challenged for many hours!GameFeatures: • 3 Fun Game Modes • Addicting gameplay, once youstart –you simply can’t stop playing. • Colorblind mode •Leaderboard,Challenging achievements. • Awesome rewards and coolpuzzles •Exciting features and elements • Choose your aiming methodbetweenLaser, Crosshair or simply Tapping on the screen • Removeadsoption (In-app purchases) • Free to play bubble game How toPlay: *Drag your finger to move the laser sight in the direction ofthebubbles. * Lift your finger to take a shot. * Match 3 bubblesormore of the same color to pop the combo and win points. * Hitandpop all the colored balls to clear levels. Bubble Shooter ™ isthebest online puzzle game you can play anytime and anywhere,nointernet connection is required. Download today, match 3colors,hit balls and win. Beat all the challenges and overcomeobstacles.Join the bubble popping fun now! Warning: This classicgame isseriously fun and super addictive! Personal Note: We are allaboutmaking games that are fun for our users and your ratings willallowus to keep doing that. If you like Bubble Shooter ™ and youenjoyplaying it please find your time to rate it! Thanks :) Makesure tokeep an eye out for cool updates and new levels! Follow usfornews, updates and fun surprises: Visit our Facebookpage: All rights ofBubbleShooter™ are owned by Ilyon Dynamics Ltd.
The Room Two 1.10
Fireproof Games
NOTE: If playing on a Tab3, you'll need the Android 4.4updateinstalled to run the game. Welcome to The Room Two, aphysicalpuzzler, wrapped in a mystery game, inside a beautifullytactile 3Dworld. The much anticipated sequel to ‘The Room’,recipient of aBAFTA award, is here at last. Follow a trail ofcryptic lettersfrom an enigmatic scientist known only as "AS" intoa compellingworld of mystery andexploration.*******************************************************************************************************************“Anincredibly compelling experience with clever puzzles,gorgeousvisuals, and a spooky atmosphere; absolutely brimming withnewideas.” – The Verge “An intricately woven work of fictionperfectlysuited to its format, this is the sort of game that it'sworthsitting in the dark for.” - Pocketgamer “A gorgeous-lookinggameoffering larger locations with multiple interactive areasandpuzzles. A perfect game for a cold winter's night.” –Eurogamer“Leaves you thinking about how to solve its puzzles evenwhen notplaying; a sign of a classy game, which this mostdefinitely is.” –148Apps “A superb sequel with stunning visuals,the level ofcomplexity on display here is quite astounding. TheRoom Two shouldbe on top of your gaming list.” - GSMArena*******************************************************************************************************************PICK-UP-AND-PLAYDESIGN Easy to start, hard to put down, anentrancing mix ofintriguing puzzles with a simple user interfaceINNOVATIVE TOUCHCONTROLS A tactile experience so natural you canalmost feel thesurface of each object REALISTIC 3D LOCATIONSImmerse yourself in avariety of stunning environments which willchallenge your puzzlesolving prowess. DETAILED 3D OBJECTS Poreover the intricate detailsof dozens of artifacts in search oftheir hidden secrets. UNNERVINGAUDIO A haunting soundtrack anddynamic sound effects create asoundscape that reacts to your play.CLOUD SAVING NOW SUPPORTEDShare your progress between multipledevices, and unlock the all-newachievements. MULTI LANGUAGESUPPORT Available in English, French,Italian, German, Spanish& BrazilianPortuguese.*******************************************************************************************************************FireproofGames is a small independent studio based in Guildford inthe UnitedKingdom. Find out more at Followus@Fireproof_Games
Bridge Construction Simulator 1.2.7
BoomBit Games
Put your engineering skills, intuition and smarts to test inthisbrand new Bridge Construction Simulator puzzle game. Youwillbecome a constructor who is required to improvise and – most ofall– adapt to the task at hand. Use your resources toconstructstructures able to hold the weight of a car. Try tobecome agood builder as fast as you can - things will get hard. Youwon'tbe racing against the time, so be a careful andthoughtfulconstructor. You will design and construct increasinglyelaboratebridges across four varied locations. Each one is adifferent logicpuzzle for a thoughtful builder. Things may seemeasy when youstart out in a city, but once you move to the canyon,valley andfinally mountains it will get hard. The task is neverimpossible,but the size and resilience of your structures will havetoincrease substantially if you don't want to be responsible foracar crash. Use your logic and skill to become a masterbridgebuilder and break some records along the way! In addition tothenormal mode Bridge Construction Simulator offers an easy (foranincreased budget and more flexibility) or hard one (foranultimate, seemingly impossible puzzle challenge that will beableto break even the best builder). There is something foraconstructor of every skill level. If you find yourself in atightspot, a hint system will help guide you to the solution andhelpyou build your skill as a builder. Use the help providedtoconstruct bridges that will not break. The game is a simulatorthatmakes extensive use of realistic physics. As the car drivesthroughthe construction you've built you will see it stretch andbend.That way even if you fail you can see the weak points ofyourconstruction and use your logic to improve it. Build withyourbrain and you will be good. Realistic and detailed graphicsmakeevery level of Bridge Construction Simulator come to life andevenoffer a slight consolation when you fail as a constructor.Becausewhen your bridge collapses and the car falls down, you canat leastexpect a spectacular crash! Just enjoy it and don't let itbreakyou - muster your skill and try again! Nothing is everimpossiblefor an ambitious constructor. Play and become a legendarybridgebuilder! Game features: - Superb physics - a true simulator-Multiple addictive levels across four different worlds - Stateofthe art realistic graphics - Fantastic, varied anddetailedenvironments - you won't get bored as you build -Spectacularspecial effects - Mind bending, challenging puzzlesrequiring theuse of thought and logic - Varying skill levels forincreasedchallenge or more relaxed gameplay - something foreveryconstructor - Built-in hint system helps you build your skill
Lara Croft GO 2.1.109660
Best Mobile/Handheld Game - The Game Awards 2015Lara Croft GO isaturn based puzzle-adventure set in a long-forgotten world.Explorethe ruins of an ancient civilization, discover well-keptsecretsand face deadly challenges as you uncover the myth of theQueen ofVenom.• Experience lush visuals and a captivatingsoundtrack•Navigate using simple swipe-to-move controls• Fightmenacingenemies, overcome dangerous obstacles and escape deadlytraps•Solve more than 115 puzzles split into 7 chapters• Collectancientrelics and unlock new outfits for LaraSquare Enix Montréalbringsyet another beloved franchise to mobile with this unique takeonthe iconic heroine’s adventures.End userlicenseagreement:
Puzzledom - classic puzzles all in one 7.9.82
A Collection of the best and most addictive logic puzzleswithminimalism graphics and unique level design! "Puzzledom"mergedbest puzzles like Connect, Tangram, Shikaku, Fill, Plumber,Blocks,Number Link, Sudoku, Maze, Rolling Ball, One Stroke, Box,Rope,Lazors , Escape and even more which are easy to learn and funtomaster into ONE game collection. As a puzzle lover, you don'tneedspending much time on searching new brain teasers any more. Wewillgive you a ONE-STOP game experience from now on!"Puzzledom"collection currently has: ★★ Connect ★★ Connect is asimple gameinvolving connecting dots with same color. When you drawthe lines,please make sure the lines don't cross over each other.All thespace should be filled. ★★ Blocks ★★ Blocks is a classicpuzzlethat you need to fill the entire board with different shapesofblocks. You just drag the right block, move it onto the boardandmatch the right place. It's a perfect logic game forbraintraining. ★★ Rolling Ball ★★ Rolling ball is a path guidinggamethat you need to slide the blocks to create a channel and thenrollthe white ball moving from the start point to the end point.★★Escape ★★ Escape is a well known game called ChineseSliding-Block.The goal is moving the red block to the exit. Thisgame will testyour observation skills. ★★ MORE puzzles comingsoon★★ We are nowworking hard on developing new challenging puzzlegames. Puzzledomwill be the king of brain teasers! FEATURES • Tonsof manuallydesigned levels Over 8000 free levels inside and morefunny levelsare under development. • Easy but Funny game play Weonly put bestpuzzles inside which will make you can not stop oncestart playing.• Minimalism graphics The art design is simple butbeautiful. •Playing the game with your FRIENDS We will supportonline rank listsoon! You can challenge your friends by achievementand leaderboard. • No time limit Unlike match 3 games, puzzledomhas no timelimit. You can play it anytime even with no WIFI. Youcan use hintsto unblock obstacles when you feel struggled in somelevels. If youhave some good ideas about Puzzledom, please send usan email inthe game!
Where's My Water? Free 1.11.1
Get the GAME OF THE YEAR award-winning puzzler! Help Swampybyguiding water to his broken shower. Each level is achallengingphysics-based puzzle with amazing life-like mechanics.Cut throughdirt and guide fresh water, dirty water, toxic water,steam, andooze through increasingly challenging scenarios! Everydrop counts!In this FREE version, play 15+ challenging puzzlesfeaturingSwampy! Want more levels? Get the full version and play upto 500amazing puzzles featuring Allie, Cranky, Mystery Duck andMORE!Full Version Features: • Original Stories & Characters –Playthrough 4 unique stories featuring Swampy, Allie, CrankyandMystery Duck. That’s over 500 amazing puzzles! •InnovativeMechanic – See water in various forms and use yourcreativity tosolve the puzzles – totally stimulating! •Collectibles,Challenges, and Bonus Levels – Collect special itemsuniquelydesigned for each character and complete cool challenges tounlockbonus levels! “Tri-Duck” each level for ultimate braggingrights! •Brand New Levels Every Week – Hurry and play before theyexpire,and be sure to use ‘Photo Finish’ to share how you beat thenewlevels! SWAMPY’S STORY Swampy the Alligator lives in thesewersunder the city. He’s a little different from the otheralligators –he’s curious, friendly, and loves taking a nice longshower after ahard day at work. But there’s trouble with the pipesand Swampyneeds your help getting water to his shower! for cool game tips, news andmore!Before you download this app, please consider that thisappincludes advertising, some of which may be targeted toyourinterests. You may choose to control targeted advertisingwithinour applications by using your mobile device settings (forexample,by re-setting your device’s advertising identifier and/oroptingout of interest based ads). • In-app purchases that cost realmoney• The option to accept push notifications to let you know whenwehave exciting updates like new content • Location-based services•Advertising for some third parties, including the option towatchads for rewards • As well as advertising for The Walt DisneyFamilyof Companies Privacy Policy -https://disneyprivacycenter.comChildren’s Privacy Policy- Use - For additionalinformationabout our practices in the United States and LatinAmericaregarding children’s personal information, please readourChildren’s Privacy Policyat
com.stateofplaygames.kami2 1.7.9
State of Play
Sequel to #1 puzzle game, KAMI The calming, addictive puzzle gameisback! With over 100 hand-crafted puzzles, and with over onemillionplayer created puzzles created worldwide, Kami 2 takes youon amind-twisting journey that combines logic and problem-solving.Canyou achieve perfection? Flood each puzzle with a single colorin asfew moves as possible to claim a 'Perfect' sticker. But watchoutfor subtle new tricks and fiendish surprises. Want even more?Beatthe global Daily Challenge, earn a winning streak and compareyourscores to other players. Test yourself on thousandsofuser-generated puzzles, uploaded daily. Get creative and takeonthe world. Craft your own KAMI designs using the PuzzleBuilder.Design and share your creations, send them to your friendsandchallenge the world to beat your score.
GAMEE - Play Free Games, WIN REAL CASH! Lucky Fun 4.0.2
WIN hundreds of DOLLARS in CASH every week playing 100% FREEMONEYGAMES with GAMEE. Top arcade games, puzzles, quick and fun.With80+ different games, we bring new ones every month with morewaysto win prizes! GAMEE rewards: How do I win real moneywithcontests? ✔ Collect free tickets and you willautomaticallyparticipate in the contests to make money with +$3.000given awayevery month! ✔ Win 3 BIG cash prizes + 300 other winnerseveryweek! ✔ Contests every Tuesday, Friday and Sunday at 2pm EST.Howdo I get tickets? ✔ Play our free games for money andcompletemissions ✔ Invite friends to get tons of tickets and freereal cashas a reward ✔ Level up and earn a ticket multiplier andwin up to4x more tickets every time! More tickets = higher chanceof winningfree cash. GAMEE is the simplest way to win free cash,play to winin our real money games, without spending any money.Expectrewards, prizes and opportunities to earn cash while havingfunwith the best money making games! How is this possible? GAMEEjustshares the money earned from ads, and turns it into free realcashprizes as rewards to the players. The more we earn money,thebigger the rewards and the more cash winners! Come to GAMEEeveryday, bring your friends into your money making squad and winfreereal money together with every invite! There’s no better waytoplay games for money! 💰 WIN REAL MONEY: every Tuesday, FridayandSunday at 2pm EST you have a chance to win cash instantly.🎟️COLLECT TICKETS: just by playing free games andcompletingmissions, you get rewards in tickets to win cash prizes!Invitefriends to earn a lot more tickets everyday for free. 🎮 FREEMONEYMAKING GAMES: all our games are free, and we bring new realmoneygames every month. 🎁 DAILY REWARDS: new missions and bigrewardsavailable daily to give you more chances to win lots oftickets.Download GAMEE and start playing free money games to wincash! Goodluck! GAMEE does not endorse or promote gambling.Absolutely nopurchase or payment is required to participate in thecontests andwin cash prizes. *Google Inc. does not sponsor, nor isany wayaffiliated with Gamee and/or the sweepstakes prizes.
Mazes & More 2.3.1.RC-GP-Free(122)
Mazes & More is a classic maze/labyrinth puzzle game withfuntweaks and surprises. Just swipe your finger and guide thedotthrough the walls to find a way out and escape thelabyrinth.Minimal 2D graphics make it feel like a classic and retromazegame, while new game modes keep the adventure fresh (andsometimesscary!). No marker needed. We don´t experiment with mousesorcheese. MAZES & MORE KEY FEATURES - Easy play, forgetaboutawkward tilt controls or unresponsive accelerometer. Betterthanusing a marker! - All mazes are made by hand, no randomizedlevels- 6 categories: Classic, Enemies, Ice Floor, Darkness, Traps,andTime Trial. More will come! - Puzzles range from easy mazes tomuchharder and advanced labyrinths - Minimal and retro 2Dgraphics,forget about complicated 3D mazes. - We don´t use poormouses inthe labyrinths nor tasty cheese is wasted. Guide the dotthroughdifferent routes in this free maze adventure. Run, exploreand finda way out through the intricate walls. Is there aMinotaur?Complete all 450 labyrinths and become the king of themaze. Havefun :-) No mouses were hurt during the creating of thisgame. Mazes& More is available in over 53 languages, includingEnglish,Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Russian, Korean,Japanese& many others.
Kapow: Free new games-arcade, chess, puzzle, more 1.24.3
Kapow lets you pick and play from a huge library of excitinggames,without needing to download any separate apps. For free. Andno adseither!◆ Predict and Win - Following the World Cup? Takepartin our World Cup Predictor challenge, and win uptoRs.5000◆ Banish your boredom - Clueless in class? Bored atyourdesk? Stuck in public transport? Play games across genres-puzzles, sports, arcade and zombie games.◆ Daily tournaments-Beat everyone in our daily tournaments to mark your spot at thetopof the leaderboards and earn real cash!◆ New gamesaddedfrequently - Kapow brings you new games every other week, soyoucan play the latest and top casual games◆ Immersive,ad-freeexperience - Play full-screen games without any pesky adsbotheringyour gameplay◆ No data or internet? No problem! -Pick andplay our single-player games even when you run out of dataor can’tconnect to the internet◆ Multiplayer gaming - Duelwith yourfriends on the latest games and enjoy bragging rights ingames likePool, Chess, Word Duel and Wordingo◆ Take anostalgia trip -Play classic games like Tic Tac Toe, Solitaire,Battleships, andgames that will remind you of Scrabble andRuzzle◆ Earn realcash while having fun - Kapow is more funwith friends. Invite yourfriends and earn real cash when they playtheir first game— — —Wantto drop us a line? Have any questions?Mailus
Skillz - Logic Brain Games 5.2.2
App Holdings
Want to test your memory skills or give your brain an exercise?Trythis fun memory game to improve your memory, speed, getbetteraccuracy, distinguish between colors and much more. This is afunlogical game that gives a good test to your brain. With thisbraingame, you can help players to learn to distinguishbetweendifferent colors and improve their skills. The playerssharpentheir minds while having fun playing this game. This logicalgameis a skill test game. Also, you can test your reflexes. Therearesome fun game puzzles in the game of different kinds. Youscorepoints and advance levels. Very fun and addictive game thatyouwill completely enjoy. *********************** APPHIGHLIGHTS*********************** To add to playing a logical gameandtraining your brain, you also have a lot of fun with the game.Itis packed with different kind of tests that improve your skillsandabilities. Here is how – ✓Improve your memory ✓Train yourreflexes✓Increase your accuracy ✓Prove your touch ability ✓Increaseyourspeed ✓Learn color coordination Each level tests your skillsandabilities to their peak. After each level, your results arerankedbetween 1 and 5 Stars and you will be rewarded with a numberofBrains. For every Star earned you will be rewarded with oneBrain.Using a brain, you can retry from the current round, pass aroundor pass a level with 5 stars. Every level is designed to helpyouimprove your skills, memory to sharpen your mind withthisaddictive game. So, are you ready to take up a brain challengenow?Download this free app – “Skillz Logical Brain Game” now togetstarted. The logical game is introducing a Multiplayerfeature.Here is how it goes – - Play with your friends or withrandomplayers - Start a game with minimum 2 players. Max limit is4. - Ifyou finish the game in Multiplayer mode on the 1st place,you earna "Win" and 5 Brains. If you finish the game but on the 2ndplace,you earn just 3 Brains and no "Win" - Your MultiplayerRankingdepends on the "Wins" - Play in Multiplayer mode andunlockAchievements You will love the feature, so start sharing withyourfriends.
Flow Free 4.7
Flow Free® is a simple yet addictive puzzle game. Connectmatchingcolors with pipe to create a Flow®. Pair all colors, andcover theentire board to solve each puzzle in Flow Free. But watchout,pipes will break if they cross or overlap! Free playthroughhundreds of levels, or race against the clock in Time Trialmode.Flow Free gameplay ranges from simple and relaxed, tochallengingand frenetic, and everywhere in between. How you play isup to you.So, give Flow Free a try, and experience "mind likewater"! FlowFree features: ★ Over 2,500 free puzzles ★ Free Playand Time Trialmodes ★ Clean, colorful graphics ★ Fun sound effectsSpecial thanksto Noodlecake Studios, creators of Super StickmanGolf, for theirwork on Flow Free! Enjoy.
The Room Three 1.06
Fireproof Games
“Probably the Best Mobile Game of 2015” - “With itsrichatmosphere and clever puzzles, The Room Three is engrossingandhard to put down.” - Game Informer “A triumph. We fullyrecommendimmersing yourself in this atmospheric mystery” -“Muchbigger and longer than the previous titles, more of afull-blownadventure game” - Touch Arcade “A brilliant, uniquelytactileexperience packed with incredible puzzles. Just go and buyit.” -PocketGamer___________________________________________________________________________________Theeagerly awaited sequel to the BAFTA award winning 'The Room'and'The Room Two' is finally here. Welcome to The Room Three,aphysical puzzle game within a beautifully tactile world. Lured toaremote island, you must draw upon all your puzzle-solvingabilityto navigate a series of trials devised by a mysteriousfigure knownonly as “The Craftsman”. PICK-UP-AND-PLAY DESIGN Easyto begin yethard to put down, enjoy a unique mix of intriguingpuzzles with asimple user interface. INTUITIVE TOUCH CONTROLS Atactileexperience so natural you can almost feel the surface ofeachobject. EXPANDED LOCATIONS Lose yourself in a variety ofstunningnew environments, each spanning multiple areas. INTRICATEOBJECTSRotate, zoom and examine dozens of artifacts to discovertheirhidden secrets. ATMOSPHERIC AUDIO A haunting soundtrackcoupledwith dynamic sound effects create an unforgettablesoundscape.MAGNIFIED WORLDS Use the new eyepiece ability to explorethe worldin miniature ALTERNATE ENDINGS Return to a persistentenvironmentand change your fate ENHANCED HINT SYSTEM Re-read hintsto get thefull picture CLOUD SAVING SUPPORTED Share your progressbetweenmultiple devices, and unlock the all-new achievements.MULTILANGUAGE SUPPORT Available in English, French, Italian,German,Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Turkish and Russian.Fireproof Gamesis an independent studio from Guildford, UnitedKingdom. Find outmore at Follow us@Fireproof_Games Find us onFacebook
Orbit - Playing with Gravity
★ Winner of Google Play Indie Games Festival 2016 ★ ORBIT isagravity simulator at the heart of a puzzle game. Launchplanetswith a flick of your finger, and try to get them into stableorbitsaround black holes. Can you make enough orbits to progress tothenext level? New: ORBIT now features a Sandbox (premium) whereyoucan create your own levels! Control time, disable collisions,andpaint with gravity. Publish your creations to the worldforeveryone to play. • 45 free levels, with new mechanicsareintroduced over time — like repulsive black holes and planetswiththeir own gravity that attract each other • Playcommunity-createdlevels — virtually limitless content made by otherplayers, allcompletely free • Launch as many planets as you like,and watch themesmerizing orbital mechanics unfold • Planets leavecoloredtraces, so that at the end of a level you will have createdabeautiful piece of art • See the future trajectory of aplanetbefore you launch it • Play in an environment of smooth,minimalistgraphics while listening to relaxing classical pianoFollow onTwitter: Follow onFacebook: Note: Upon launch,the gamerequests permission to access files on the device. This isanoptional permission to enable the feature of sharing videosofgameplay (via Everyplay).
Build a Bridge! 4.0.3
BoomBit Games
**Google Play Most Innovative Game 2017 - Winner** Testyourengineering and improvisation skills in a puzzle game wherethestakes are as high as they get. It is you who willconstructbridges for cars, trucks, busses... And sometimes evenmonstertrucks. Gather your wits and get on with the construction!Duringthe planning phase the game presents itself with a simple,2Dinterface. It is there that you select the best materials foryourbridge and connect the dots to make the most resilientstructureyou can. You can approach each level as a complex puzzle,trying tobe as efficient as possible and get the best solution. Butdon't beafraid to experiment too. You can just go crazy andconstructsomething that looks outrageous but still somehow works.There'sfun in both of these approaches. When you're done, switch tothe 3Dmode and watch a car drive through your bridge. Will it hold?Orwill you watch a spectacular crash? In addition to the normalmodethe game features the easy mode for more relaxedgameplayed,focused on creativity and improvisation. You can alsouse in-gamehint system if things get too hard. With 86 levels plushidden andbonus bridges to construct you will not run out of thingsto doquickly. Game features: - Different materials to build from -Wood,Metal, Cables - 86 levels of increasingly difficult puzzles-Varied, detailed environments full of interactive elements-Multiple cars to test out your constructions - Realisticphysicsengine - Beautiful, stylised art style - Available in 13languages
Twenty 1.4.3
Watch out for imitations! This is the original Twenty createdbyStephen French. Twenty is a colorful arcade/puzzle game thatstartsat 5, looks easy until 10, gets fiendish at 15 and challengesyouto get to 20. Anyone can learn it, but you'll have toconcentrateto make it all the way. Think you've got it mastered?Try one ofthe variations like Bubbles, Drop, Flip-Flop. Try Zenmode torelax, or Panic mode for a real challenge. Take on a friendwithTwentyTwo, a crazy two-player race to see who can get toTwentyfirst. Steal tiles from your opponent but be careful to guardyourown. Can you get to Twenty?
Paperama 1.5.7
Enter a beautiful Origami world and bring it to life!**Introducinganew and unique puzzle adventure**- Fold the paper sheets tocreateorigami figures- work as accurate as possible to fit theform- Don'tuse too many folds!-> Enjoy how a wonderful origamiworld comesto lifeFeatures:- Amazing 3D folding effect- LovelySoundtrack -More than 70 puzzles - Smart Hint System- GameServices Support
Tractor Simulator 3D: Hay 2 2.5
Jansen Games
Welcome to the second edition of Tractor Simulator 3D: Hay! Wanttofeel the stress of a farmer during hay time?! Don't hesitateandtest if you have enough patience for manuever the hay trailerinthis Tractor Simulator 3D: Hay version! The hay trailer is averyimportant tool/trailer for the farmer, because when the hayisbaled, he have to get it to the farm with the hay trailer. Heoftenhave to load off the hay on very tight places. That's whatyou'lllearn in this version of Tractor Simulator 3D: Hay, tomanuever thehay trailer in tight places. You have to reverse, anddrive forwardyou'll see that's not easy to reverse a hay trailerwith a dolly!Tractor Simulator 3D: Hay 2 features: - Realisticenvironment -Realistic vehicles (Trailer, dolly, tractor) - Timesystem - GooglePlay Games - Real engine based on the reality(Trottle) - Andofcourse, 15 challenging levels! If you likedTractor Simulator 3D:Hay 2, then follow us on Twitter:
Hitman GO 1.13.108869
5/5 Slide to Play: "…this is one to check out." 4/5 Joystiq:"HitmanGO is an impressive debut for Square Enix Montreal.” 4/5PocketGamer - SILVER AWARD: "Hitman GO is a clever andrefreshinglyoriginal puzzle game" 4/5 Polygon: "Hitman GO is agreat minimalisttake on the series' big ideas" 5/5 Pocket-lint:"Hitman GO is aclever and intelligent way of bringing a much-lovedfranchise to amobile platform" Hitman GO is a turn-based puzzlegame withbeautifully rendered diorama-style set pieces. Youwillstrategically navigate fixed spaces on a grid to avoid enemiesandtake out your target or infiltrate well-guarded locations.Youreally have to think about each move and all the Hitman toolsofthe trade you would expect are included; disguises,distractions,sniper rifles and even 47’s iconic Silverballers. WithHitman GO,you’ll experience: • Challenging puzzles that putyourassassination skills to the test • Beautiful scalemodel-stylevisuals • Environments with secret passageways andoff-limit areas• Agent 47’s tools of the trade: Distractions,disguises, hidingspots, sniper rifles and even the iconicSilverballers • Differentenemy types with unique and deadlybehaviours • Different ways ofcompleting each level, silently orforcefully
One Clue Crossword 4.02
Exercise your brain every day with picture crosswords! * Nowwithover 1,000 puzzles * ONE CLUE CROSSWORD is a new kind ofcrosswordpuzzle. Instead of a list of written clues, each puzzleincludes asingle picture. Every word in each puzzle can be deducedfrom thepicture. In some of the puzzles you'll just need to saywhat yousee - but in others you'll need to think a little morelaterally.It's easy to play, but with 100s of unique puzzles, youmight findit hard to put down! FEATURES A whole new way to playcrosswords730+ puzzles over 46 chapters (with more to come) 230+all-newbonus puzzles to discover as you play NEW - 'Mix-Up'mode!End-of-chapter Guardian Puzzles will test your word skillsHundredsof beautiful photos - people, places, animals and more Useinstanthints to remove unused letters or reveal the next letter ina clueSUPPORT Please select the HELP option from the Options menu(thegear icon in the bottom left of the game screen) if yourequireassistance. If you still have questions about the game orrequireassistance, please email: One ClueCrosswordis free to play, but contains optional paid items tounlock puzzlesmore quickly. You can disable in-app purchasefunctionality in yourdevice's settings if you do not want to usethis feature.
Best Fiends - Free Puzzle Game 8.2.0
Be the HERO of the story! Join over 100,000,000 people whoarealready playing this 5-star rated FREE puzzle adventure!Solvethousands of fun puzzles, collect tons of cute characters, andbeatthe bad guys as you discover the magical world of Minutia intheaward-winning, original BEST FIENDS game! * SOLVE THOUSANDS OFFUNPUZZLES Enjoy casual levels that are easy to play but hardtomaster! * COLLECT CUTE CHARACTERS Build a team, level them up,anddiscover their special powers! * PLAY DAILY EVENTS Winsomethingnew every time you open the game! * COMPETE AGAINST YOURFACEBOOKFRIENDS Earn massive rewards! * EXPLORE A WORLD ON YOURMOBILEImmerse yourself in dazzling graphics and finger-tappingmusic! *DISCOVER FEATURE-FILM QUALITY ANIMATIONS Watch awesome BestFiendscontent! * STAY TUNED Lookout for regular updates bringingnewlevels, characters, and surprises! STORY: The little creaturesofMinutia lived in peace and harmony until the meteor smashedintoMount Boom, bringing with it a strange force that transformedtheSlugs who lived there into an army of greedy,greenery-gobblingpests. Now, the Slugs are taking over the world,munching a paththrough Minutia and sliming up everything theytouch! But a braveband of heroes is fighting back! Left alone whenthe Slugsconquered most of Minutia, these unlikely champions are onan epicquest to solve the mystery of Mount Boom and beat back theSlugadvance. To get to Mount Boom, they’ll need to become… theBESTFIENDS! PLEASE NOTE! Best Fiends is completely free to downloadandplay but some game items may be purchased for real money.Todisable this, turn off the in-app purchases in yourdevice’ssettings. Privacy policy: of Service: LikeBest Fiends onFacebook FollowBest Fiends onTwitter Watch BestFiends on Follow Best Fiends onInstagram Follow Best Fiends onPinterest Follow Best Fiends onSnapchat YOU!
Legendary: Game of Heroes - RPG Puzzle Quest 3.7.2
Legendary is a gripping RPG puzzle game in which you needskill,strategy and teamwork to succeed. Epic heroes, terrifyingmonstersand exhilarating adventures await you in this hair-raisingdarkfantasy RPG. Combining magical match-3 puzzles with herocardcollection and deep fantasy lore, Legendary is a unique take ontheRPG experience. Start your RPG adventure today and join millionsofplayers worldwide who have already embarked upon theultimatepuzzle quest! Dive into the world of Korelis andexperience:⚔️MAGICAL MATCH-3 BATTLES ⚔️ Strategy is key tomasteringLegendary’s RPG puzzle games! You need to forge theperfectcombination of powerful hero cards and magic relicsbeforeemploying cunning strategy to battle bosses and defeatvillains.Each magic hero card has unique abilities for specialattacks. Beatthe clock to match 3 puzzle gems with magic affinitiesand power-upthe right hero to destroy the enemy! 🧜LEGENDARY HEROES🧜 CollectTHOUSANDS of magic hero cards for your Legendary team andevolvethem into their Ultimate Form. Feel the thrill as yourheroes,monsters, dragons and other fantasy characters become morepowerfulwith each new level. 🤝JOIN A GUILD OF HEROES & BECOMEACOMMUNITY 🤝 Battle against more than 10 MILLION other players.Joina guild of heroes to enhance the fantasy RPG experience andaccessguild-specific events and rewards. Chat, connect andstrategizewith guild members, make new friends and then go intobattletogether against other guilds! 🔥WEEKLY EVENTS & SPECIALQUESTS🔥 Legendary releases new themed events EVERY WEEK, includingbrandnew decks of magic hero cards to collect and new bosses tobattle!You can also earn Legendary rewards through event-specificpuzzlequests. There’s always an exciting twist around thecorner.😍STUNNING GRAPHICS 😍 Revel in AAA artwork as Korelis’fantasy RPGcharacters come to life with groundbreaking animationsandincredible UI quality. Enjoy a huge variety of heroes andmagicpuzzle themes, from dark fantasy dragons to K-pop Stars.PuzzleRPGs simply don’t get better than this. What are you waitingfor?Download now, start your puzzle quest, and becomeLEGENDARY!Connect with the communityat:
Where's My Water? 2 1.8.2
Get ready to join Swampy, Allie, and Cranky on their NEXTexcitingadventure! The sequel to the most addicting physics-basedpuzzlerfrom Disney has finally arrived. Where’s My Water? 2launches withthree brand new locations including the Sewer, theSoap Factory,the Beach. Best of all, the puzzles are all free! Cutthrough dirt,and guide fresh water, purple water, and steam to helpSwampy andhis friends! Key Features: • Play 100+ levels andchallenges with abrand new look in the Gator universe featuringSwampy, Allie,Cranky, and Mystery Duck! • Introducing ‘ChallengeModes’ to replaythe levels in explosive new ways! • Dig as fast asyou can and getas many duckies as possible in ‘Duck Rush’ levels! •‘Tri-ducking’is now faster, better and more fun with boosts, suchas Vacuum,Dropper, and Absorber! Small fees may be required fortheseadditional boosts. • Experience fun mechanics that areuniquelydesigned for each character! • Complete achievements andearnspecial themed duckies such as gladiator-duckie,astronaut-duckie,hula-duckie, and many more! • Stuck on a level?Use hints to helpyou solve the puzzles! Where’s My Water? is amultiple Game of theYear award-winning puzzle game. The Where'sMy... franchise hasreceived hundreds of millions of downloads todate. Before youdownload this app, please consider that this appincludesadvertising, some of which may be targeted to yourinterests. Youmay choose to control targeted advertising within ourapplicationsby using your mobile device settings (for example, byre-settingyour device’s advertising identifier and/or opting out ofinterestbased ads). • In-app purchases that cost real money • Theoption toaccept push notifications to let you know when we haveexcitingupdates like new content • Location-based services •Advertisingfor some third parties, including the option to watchads forrewards • As well as advertising for The Walt Disney FamilyofCompanies This app accesses your contact information to enableyouto easily communicate with your contacts. You can upload andsavecontent from this app to your device. Visit the officialWhere's MyWater? 2 website– Privacy Policy- Terms of Use- Your California Privacy Rights- Sell My Info-’sOnline Privacy Policy-
Minimal Sudoku 2.6.1
You won’t be looking for a paper puzzle ever again! MinimalSudokufollows the same principle of all other Zero Logic Gamesi.e.minimalism in puzzle games that are made with ♥. It will bethemost beautiful, learn-able, and user-friendly Sudoku gameyou’veever played, and it’s free! With 4 difficulty levels,intuitiveinterface, and all the functions right at your fingertips,thisSudoku app is sure to be your favorite. Interrupted? ExitSudokuand the puzzle is saved exactly as you see it! Want to knowhow youstack up against other Sudoku players? Check your scores on4leader-boards and challenge you, friends or completeplayers,worldwide. Features: - Four perfectly balanced difficultylevelswith masterfully crafted puzzles. - Beautiful minimal designwithrelaxing music. - Save your progress & continue playing.-Pencil marks (a.k.a. Notes) with automatic insertion anddeletion.- (Optional) Duplicate digit and error highlightingoptions. -(Optional) Timer, to see how fast you are solvingvariousdifficulty puzzles. - (Optional) Keep your screen awakewhileplaying the game. - Switch between Cell-First &Digit-Firstinput mode effortlessly. - Undo & Redo ability. - Anight modeso good you'll never switch it back. - Google PlayGamesachievements and leader-boards. - Top scores and History. -Runssmoothly over a wide variety of devices. - Universal Applooksgreat on both phones and tablets. #NOTE: Minimal Sudoku isfree butsupported by ads. You can upgrade to Minimal Sudoku Premiumto haveaccess to the higher difficulty this game has to offer andalsoremove ads :D If you have a few minutes to spare, you mayenjoyplaying Minimal Sudoku :) -------- MORE INFO -------- My nameisAbhinav and I am the creator of Minimal Sudoku. I want to knowwhatyou think! Love it? Please let me know. Like it not so much?Pleaselet me know as well. I want to make Minimal Sudoku evenbetter andyour suggestions are part of that. Email forsupport/suggestions Follow onTwitter! Like onFacebook: PrivacyPolicy: ♥ and lots of code
Match Land - Match 3 Pixel Puzzle RPG 3.0.11
Race Cat
Welcome to Match Land! Run a medieval market of 8-bit fantasyfoodshops in this pixel puzzle adventure match 3 RPG! Form a teamof8-bit pixel heroes then battle and catch cute creatures to serveasingredients for your fantasy food shops! Yum! •NEWaction/turn-based match 3 puzzle RPG gameplay! • Makemultiplematches per turn to build up epic combos! • Unlock andupgrade over30 fantasy food shops! • Form the ultimate creaturecatching teamfrom 60 pixel 8-bit heroes! • Battle through over 700levels and 70legendary bosses! • Enter the arena of skulls for aneven greatermatch 3 RPG challenge! • Beautiful 8-bit retro pixelart aesthetic!---------- Follow and contact Race Cat at thefollowing links:Twitter: @racecatgames
Bubbles IQ 4.3.4
OVER A MILLION PLAYERS ALREADY ON FACEBOOK! Bubbles IQ isanaddictive, playful, mind-sharpening puzzle game where youcompeteonline with friends and other players. Are you the smartestBubblesIQer in your city, country, or the whole world? Find outforyourself! Features - Play on Android devices and Facebook(synced)- Compete in weekly challenges (Monday to Sunday) to see ifyou arethe sharpest in your city! - Earn medals to show off yourBubblepopping skills - Team up with friends and family to earnFREEBoosters - Compete online against people around the worldFacebooksynchronized: Play on your Android device and your scores,medalsand friends will stay in sync with Facebook. For quick accesstoBubbles IQ on Facebook go to Join in on the funnow!
River Crossing IQ Logic Puzzles & Fun Brain Games
In this fun and challenging game, you will find acompletecollection of all known river crossing logic problems, plussomecompletely new riddles that you will not find anywhere else. Ifyouwant brain teasers to improve your IQ while you have fun,you’vecome to the right place. Chances are that you’ve heard abouttheancient river crossing riddles, but do you know them all? Youmayhave heard about the farmer who must take a wolf, a goat, andsomecabbage across a river, or a version featuring a fox, a goose,anda bag of beans. Maybe you know the problem of thethreemissionaries and three cannibals, or the “jealoushusbands”variation. Those are the classic river crossing puzzles.They arepopular and well known, and they are all included in thisgame,along with many more new levels involving chess pieces, afarmerwith cows and special levels designed only for geniuses.Rivercrossing problems date back to at least the ninth century, maybebefore the chess was invented, with the earliest knownexamplesoccurring in the Latin manuscript Propositiones ad AcuendosJuvenes(“Problems to Sharpen the Young”). River crossing puzzlesand theirmany variants represent ways of dressing uprelativelystraightforward mathematical problems. They inviteattempts at asolution that range from trial and error to extensivemathematicalanalysis. These puzzles are frequently used in jobinterviews. Theyare also taught to children in schools along withchess to boosttheir IQs and improve their critical thinking,mathematicalproblem-solving, and strategy development. Your goal inevery levelis to move all of the characters across the river whileobservingcertain rules and restrictions. Once you have completed alevel,you will receive one star for level completion. You canobtain anadditional star if you finish the level in the minimumnumber ofmoves, and another if you finish the level in a set timethatvaries from level to level. Try your best, work as quickly asyoucan, and keep your number of moves low to earn more stars.Yourtotal number of stars will help you access more advancedlevels. Ifyou like playing chess and solving logic puzzles, thenyou are allset for new challenges. But unlike chess, you can playthis gamealone and have a lot of fun. Download the game now andunlock yourbrain’s abilities!
RandomTalk (Random Chat) 2.5.2
Jun-Young Lee
# RandomTalk ( random chatting ) # Do you have any experienceusingrandom chatting with stranger? You can chat with stranger wholiveall around the world. Let's make a new friend by usingRandomTalk!# History # When you are using random chatting app, Doyou have anyexperience that disconnected with stranger? If so, youcan usehistory feature and chat with before stranger again! #Friend # Youcan make a friend with stranger in chatting room orhistory. If youand stranger are a friend, you can send some picturewhat you want.Let's make many friends in RandomTalk! # Awesome userinterface # #Free # All features that has RandomTalk are for free.# Update #RandomTalk will be update continuously. # If you have anyquestionsor suggestions, you can e-mail me. #
WordBrain is a free word puzzle for all ages. Our game combinesthebest parts of word scramble and crossword games. Connect thetilesand transform random letters into words. If you do it inthecorrect order, you can move on to the next level! - WordBrainkeepsyour mind sharp with thousands of challenging levels - Trainyourbrain as you play! - WordBrain is available in 15 languages.Forall you multilingual Brainiacs out there, you can play wordpuzzlesin every language you know! - Play daily word search puzzlestokeep the streak going! WordBrain starts easy, butbecomeschallenging fast! As you progress through the game, chancesare youwill meet your match. Don’t panic — when the time comes,rememberthis… 1. There are no unsolvable levels (trust us, we builtthisbaby, we know it inside and out). 2. You can use hints! Tap onthelightbulb for a little help. WordBrain has been lovingly createdbyMAG Interactive, where we take fun seriously. Good Times!
Fruits Bomb 8.2.5009
Make juicy lines of 3 or more adorable fruits. Bomb aroundhundredsof uniquely perplexing levels in this amazing puzzleadventure.Immerse yourself into this yummy Fruits Bomb wheregardenstrawberry, green apple, fresh blueberry, juicy orangeanddelicious grapes are everywhere. Bomb your way out and enjoythefun of addictive match 3! Fruits Bomb Features - Popularandaddictive match-3 gameplay - Cute and juicy fruit graphics -Whipyour way through Fruits House, Fruits Castle, Fruits Factory-Break up all breads, chocolate and ice to pass levels - Stock uponchestnuts, mushrooms to bomb through fruity maps - Getsocial!Challenge and compete with your friends inside the gameandget rewarded! All fruits lovers! Download Fruits Bomb andcollectjuicy fruits NOW!!
Word Snack - Your Picnic with Words 1.5.2
Do you like fun and exciting word games? DOWNLOAD Word Snack nowandenjoy countless word puzzles for FREE! In this very fun wordgameyour goal is to discover all hidden words. Just swipe theletters toform words and complete the puzzles! Enjoy hours of fungameplay andenhance your brain and spelling skills! Are you readyfor a goodword snack? FEATURES • Simple and Addictive! • Hundredsof uniquelevels with tons of different words! • Improve yourvocabulary whilehaving fun! • Take your time! Enjoy the game atyour own pacewithout any time limit! • Train your brain andspelling skills! •Play every day and collect your free dailybonus! • No Internetconnection? No problem, you can play WordSnack everywhere, onlineor offline! • Free to PLAY! This game isfor true word puzzlelovers! What are you waiting for? Try WordSnack NOW, you will loveit!
Rope Climbing Simulator 1.0.9
Are you fearless enough to take 2D drive game with extrememonstervehicles race? It is an exciting action packed chain drivingraceto perform offroad car rope climbing. Monster simulator is agreatdriving adventure game for the lovers of acceptingdifficultchallenges. Rope Climbing Simulator is the best realisticcarracing simulator game of 2018 so avoid falling from chaintracks4wd jeep drift challenge because you may fail level. Peoplehave astrong interest to perform crazy, thrilling and furiousfantasystunts by playing car stunts in chained impossible games. Itisunique concept of chain games, drive your car in the racingtracks.Race your fast sports 4x4 monster truck in a unique crazyrace ofchained racing challenges, drive big fast monster truckwhich ishuge on a rough track which is full of hurdles in carracing game.If you are sick to play all kinds of parking, actionand scientificgames so no need to worry just download 'RopeClimbing Simulator'with offroad driving monster with endlessadventure game. Stuntscar driving will be more enjoyable thansimple 4x4 car racing,offroad truck and racing games. In thrillfilled environment ofthis game is very attractive and it makes gameplay moreinteresting to have fun around. Offroad climbing 2018 gameis arealistic simulation of extreme hill racing game in which youneedto overcome the obstacles by driving luxury jeep. Get ready tofacethe challenge of this new racing game with unique levelsandcomplete all levels successfully in the dangerous cliff drive.Itis an ultimate racing thriller of chained car, risky path todriveand finish while chasing bumpy ride. Hence, bring outdrivingskills in extreme tracks to control the speed, breaks of carisalso, more important. Drive simulator stunt monster becausethereare going to be extraordinary dangerous jumping chaintracks.Gameplay of this Rope Climbing Simulator racing game is abittricky because it is not like usual race games so firstunderstandthe physics which has been implemented on car. You haveto focus onyour target to which you have to achieve. You have toreach thefinish point by making stunts. Keep tight grip on thecontrolpedals, a slight mistake can cause the failure ofmissions..Exciting Features: • 20 luxurious levels • Reality basegraphics •Smooth and realistic • Awesome racing tracks • Realisticchainedcar physics • Chain racing tracks of game • Thrillingandchallenging stunts • Classic gameplay for racing car game lovers•100% Free and easy gameplay Best Racing car plus Monster Truckofchain tracks 2018 is here... If you have any query then contactoremail us. We are always here to help out you.
Divide 2.1.5
Divide is a quite unique puzzle game with using division. Whenyouplace a block, if the block is able to be divided by nextblocks,the block will be divided. Consider the placement, there areverylimited space. You can also make a chain and get high score! Itisgood for learning division and improve calculation ability. Ifyourchild play this game, he or she will become a genius ofmathematicssoon! Features -Simple rule! Anyone who understandsdivision canplay this game! -Strategic! If you want high score, youneed highstrategy. -Nice effect when you make a chain!
Word Cookies!® 4.4.4
🍪 Here come some tasty Word Cookies hot out of the oven! Takeabite! 🍪 Word Cookies is an addictive cross between all thewordgames you love! With so many exciting challenges, you'll soonbeobsessed with testing your spelling and vocabulary limits tomakeas many words as you can! HOW TO PLAY • Swipe the alphabetcookieson the baking pan to spell words. • Fill up Jack's cookiejar withextra words you find to earn coins! SPECIAL FEATURES • LOTSOFLEVELS: We are always adding more levels to the 2000+ wealreadyhave! • KEEPS YOUR BRAIN ACTIVE: Highly entertaining&educational for everyone! • DAILY REWARDS: Play everyday toearnbonus rewards! • HINTS AVAILABLE: Shuffle the letters to sparkyourmemory, or use hints to get clues! • NO TIME LIMITS: Take yourtimeand go at your own pace! • FREE TO PLAY: The word puzzles areallfree, but you can pay for extra hints or to remove ads. •SUPPORTEDON VARIOUS DEVICES: Enjoy on smartphone or tablet!
Smart Taskbar 1 Pro key 1.3
Buy this key to upgrade Smart Taskbar 1 to Pro. Please note thisisthe Pro key for V1 not V2. If you are looking for Pro forV2,please search for Smart Taskbar 2 Pro Key. This key is notanexecutable nor is it an App. It is just a key to unlockfollowingfeatures in your Free Version Unlock: (1) Task killer (2)Adsremoval (3) Backup/Restore (4) Build Custom Action (AKAshortcut)(5) Able to use 10 quick launch spots (NEW) and addingmorefeatures.... REMEMBER stop and start Taskbar to take effectafterpruchase!!! REMEMBER, uninstalling this package will revertyourapp to free version.
Word Trek - Word Brain streak - hand made puzzles
Word Trek - Word Brain streak: Hand-made puzzles, designed totickleyour brain cells! Are you a fan of word games and puzzlechallenges?Try the most addictive free brain game on the PlayStore and gethooked! Find and swipe your way through hundreds ofword puzzles,spread across different difficulty levels and findout if you are aWord Genius and Master Puzzle Solver! Meant forcasual brainexercise, join millions of puzzle solvers and trekyour way to wordglory! Start this intriguing word search journeyas a tiny Amoebaand evolve into an Alien wordsmith! And then,solve your way acrossthe universe, clearing puzzles on differentplanets! Stuck with aPuzzle? Don’t worry, all grids aredouble-checked to make sure theyare solvable! Just keep trying, oruse a few hints to reveal someletters! Connect to Facebook! Invitefriends, earn coins for eachreferral, send more coin requests, anduse them to get more hints!Also, get to see who has a better waywith words! --Why should youchoose Word Trek?-- + A lot ofChallenging Puzzles! + Exquisite GameInterface! + Cool AlienMystery Adventure! + Download for Free! +Applicable to Any Ages! +Applies to All Android Devices or GooglePlay Users! + Any time atAny Place, Play Offline! + Daily NewLevels! + Themed Puzzlesduring Holidays! As a bonus, train yourbrain with the Daily Questfeature! Brand new puzzles every day withcool rewards! Downloadthe most popular word search and puzzle gamenow, and play forfree! Follow us on Facebook, Use of this applicationrequires you to grant it permissionto access the external storagefor downloading daily puzzlecontent.
Puzzle Fighter 2.3.3
Puzzle Fighter will be removed from the store on July 1st. Thegamewill continue to be playable until July 31st, at which pointourservers will be taken offline and the game will no longerbeplayable.To celebrate the game, and reward our players foralltheir support, players will receive a bonus 10,000 Gems andfreeaccess to new characters (Regina, Dr. Wily, and Ada Wong)andstages (Darminor and Uroboros Laboratory) which can be enjoyedupuntil July 31st. We appreciate the fans who have supportedPuzzleFighter until this point. We thank you for playing the gameandhope to ensure your remaining time with Puzzle Fighterisenjoyable. For more details pleasevisit action like never before. Assemble a team oflegendarycharacters from favorite Capcom franchises. Challengeplayers tothrilling real-time battles. Discover dozens ofstrategic abilities.Build up and destroy gems to unleash epiccombos. Puzzle Fight yourway to the top of the WorldLeaderboard!Build your team with a mainand two support characters,each with their own strengths andbenefits. Enlist Street Fighter’sRyu, Ken, or Chun-Li to take onMega Man’s X, Darkstalkers’Morrigan, or Dead Rising’s Frank West. Agrowing roster of Capcom’smost famous characters compete onlegendary stages from StreetFighter, Darkstalkers, Okami, and more.Get ready for a knockoutworld of explosive gem-crushing action inthe ultimate PuzzleFighting game!FEATURES• Challenge players fromaround the globe inexciting real-time puzzle battles• Collect yourfavoritecharacters, each with unique and iconic abilities• Buildand levelup a team of legendary fighters and compete on classicstages fromacross the Capcom universe• Customize your team withdozens ofcostumes and colors• Take on daily missions for exclusiverewards•Challenge friends to casual battles and discover newstrategies andplaystyles• Collect Ranking Points and climb theWorld Leaderboardin PVP seasons• Discover new characters, stages,and tournamentswith live events• Experience the evolution of thebeloved arcadeclassic Puzzle FighterFollow us on Puzzle Fighter’sofficialchannels!• Facebook: •• Twitter: @Puzzle_Fighter•Instagram:PuzzleFighter• Twitch: CapcomUnity••■Please note that Android 8 isnotcurrently supported. Please check back forupdates.■SupportCustomerService:
Bubble Shooter 52.0
🔥Classic Candy Bubble Shooter is a free game.🔥 It's a ancientpuzzleand Match-Three game. As a classic game, Candy Bubbleshooter ispopular at all over the world. No matter women, elderly,housewives,handsome man, pretty girls love Candy Bubble Shooter.Candy BubbleShooter is a very funny and happy game. Play it withyour family. Weadd 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 Let show it for you. 1. a superpet feed system.You can feed your own bird and dress up it. 2.500+ funny andchallenging game levels, Do you want to challengeyour brain? 3.More than 50 kinds of bubbles. 4. Fluent shootingexperience. 5.Captivating arcade inspired music. 6. Match 3 meetsbubble burst. 7.More strategy and more happy. What we bring toyou? 1. Bring relaxand happy to you. 2. Help you kill your boringtime. 3. Help youtrain your brain and finger. 4. Are you alone? Wewill be with you.Unlike word search game, Candy Bubble shooter issuitable for allcountries and all language. Candy Bubble Shooteris one of the bestmatching and puzzle game! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 If yourfamily haveelderly, you want them to keep away from mahjong, cardand othercasino game or they want find something to kill time. Ifyour wife,childs or girl friend always bother you. If your husbandor boyfriends always live you alone. You can try to downloadbubbleshooter. All you problem will go away.
Outfolded 1.1.0
3 Sprockets
Outfolded is a minimalist, endless puzzle game where youunfoldshapes to reach your goal.Relax, zone out and experiment inanever-ending series of levels, or take on the challengingdailypuzzles to earn hints and pit yourself against thebest.Competewith your friends to get as far as possible, or sharesolutions onsocial media to lend a helping hand.If you love puzzlegames,Outfolded is for you. If you dislike puzzle games, Outfoldedisdefinitely for you!By the creators of PAC-MAN 256 and theawardwinning Cubemen series, Outfolded is a puzzle experience likenoother.
Brick Game 19.9.0
Brick Game is the compilation of the best games from themostpopular console of the 1990s. Do you feel tired of withcomplicatedand difficult games? Did you miss the favorite classicgames? Let'splay this game to feel nostalgic! Game features: • 19games in 1 •Many level and speed • 11 different classic themes • 8bits sound •Share high score with your friends, family via socialapps • Submitscore to leaderboard Game list: A - Brick PuzzleClassic: Move androtate the falling blocks. Lines are cleared whenthey are filledwith blocks and have no empty spaces B - TankClassic: Move tankand shoot bullet to kill enemy. The speed andintelligence of theenemy will increase after each level C - RacingClassic: Move racerleft right to avoid enemy, the speed will beincrease after eachlevel D - Snake Classic: Move the snake to avoidobstacles and eatmore foods to grow in size E - Supplement ShootingClassic: Movethe gun platform, shoot block to the sky to fill thefallingblocks. When the blocks are filled, they will collapseupwards F -Shooting Players Classic: Move the gun platform, shootto destroythe falling blocks before they touch the ground G - BrickBreakerClassic: Smash a wall of bricks by deflecting a bouncingball witha paddle H - Frog Across River Classic: Control playermove andjump to avoid all obstacles I - Match Three Classic: Changeblocksof different shapes to match given blocks falling down J -BrickPuzzle Classic II : After brick fall down, all bricks willmoveright 1 unit K - Brick Puzzle Classic III : After brick falldown,all bricks will invisible L - Brick Puzzle Classic IV : Aftersomebricks fall down, all bricks will move up 1 unit M - BrickPuzzleClassic V : Instead rotate brick, in this mode the brick canbeexchange to other shapes N - Brick Puzzle Classic VI : Thereverseof original version through vertical axis O - Racing ClassicII:Control the racer avoid all obstacles on the road. The speedwillbe increase after each level P - Ping Pong Classic: Controlthepaddle to hit a ball back and forth and compete against withacomputer-controlled opponent. The aim is reach ten points,pointsare earned when opponent fails to return the ball to theplayer. Q- Racing Classic III: Control racer avoid enemy in 3 lanesroad,the speed will be increase after each level R - Snake ClassicII:Move the snake to avoid obstacles, through 4 holes and eatmorefoods to grow in size S - Brick Puzzle Classic VII: With bombandsingle brick, the game will be exciting
MATCHSTICK - matchstick puzzle game 1.6.1
A Puzzle Game to Stimulate Your Brain!MATCHSTICK is a classicbraintraining puzzle game that most anyone has played at leastonce.Thisversion can be enjoyed for free by all ages.Move thematchsticksand try to find the correct answer while training yourbrainthrough a fun game!How to PlayThe rules are simple.Move, add,orremove matchsticks to create the correct answer. That'sit!Thispuzzle game has no time limit, so you can stimulate yourbrain atyour own pace.About the PuzzlesThe app includes 500 puzzleson 10levels of difficulty, including puzzles for creating squaresandequilateral triangles, as well as puzzles for completingnumericalequations.The app starts the user off with simplepuzzles.You willbe able to feel your brain loosen up and becomepliable and readyfor more as you complete these simple puzzles.Fromthere, yourbrain will slowly but surely become a puzzle master'sbrain.Don'tworry! The puzzles will become more and more difficultas youcontinue to solve them.There are also hints available foreachpuzzle that you may use if you get stuck.Players who arealreadypuzzle masters may skip over the easier puzzles to tacklethe morecomplicated ones right away.About the MatchstickPuzzlesMatchstickpuzzles use rod-shaped items of uniform length,such asmatchsticks, toothpicks, or pencils, and require lateralthinkingto complete.It is a simple, classic game, so many peoplemay haveseen it once or twice when they were children.However,don'tunderestimate it just because it's a children's game.You willhaveto set aside your fixed concepts and existing logic and thinkupnew ideas to solve these puzzles.This is your chance toinvigorateyour brain with a fun, free game!You won't want to put itdown!
Empires & Puzzles: Epic Match 3 30.0.2
Empires & Puzzles is a completely new take on match-3puzzlegames, combining RPG elements, raids and building a mightycastle -topped with epic PVP duels. Start your fantasy adventuretoday! •Solve Match 3 Puzzles Send your army to the victory bymatchingcolorful shields and creating epic combos! • Explore ThreeSeasonsof Content Set yourself for an epic adventure throughdifferentworlds! • Amazing Graphics Experience detailed monsters,fantasycreatures, epic loot, powerful heroes and visual effects inamajestic fantasy world! • Base-Building Rebuild an immensewarfortress, where you can farm resources and train your army! •HeroCards Collection Summon hundreds of legendary heroes andmightytroops! • Train and dress-up Level up your army of uniqueheroes! •Online Raids Clash blades in intense match-3 RPG battleswith otherEmpires! • Great Loot Get rewarded for raiding enemies’castles inPvP duels! • Crafting Craft legendary weapons to helpyour heroesin battle! • Upgrade Everything Level up your army,castle andspecial powers! • Farming Gather valuable resources tobuild yourEmpire! • Play together Fight epic Titans together withyourAlliance! Empires and Puzzles is a free fantasy game withnoveltake on role playing games (RPG), fantasy battlers, combiningepicmatch 3 duels and base-building of a mighty castle Stronghold –allthat topped with legendary PVP duels full of magic andaction.Become a Hero and build your Empire now! Followus: