1.0 / October 23, 2015
(3.6/5) ()


This is a casual game with simpledesign.
Just tap the screen and make the ball jump up and get highscores.
It is very easy to play but very hard and addictive.

Recommend for
people who like simple game
people who is looking for safe game for kids
people who want to consume short time

App Information Simple Ball Game

  • App Name
    Simple Ball Game
  • Package Name
  • Updated
    October 23, 2015
  • File Size
  • Requires Android
    Android 2.3 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
    PUK Apps
  • Installs
    10 - 50
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母が失業したので、別居中の父の家を目指す壮大な物語!iOSで人気を博した無料で最後まで遊べるRPG!お知らせ:Now Loadingの画面でアプリが止まる場合はインターネット接続ができる環境かご確認お願い致します。■ポケットファンタジークエストのストーリーある日、母さんが失業した・・・・・・ソルジャーになるために、10年前に村を出た父。少年は生きるために別離している父の場所を目指す。フィールドマップを探索、モンスターを倒し、アイテムを獲得しながら数々のイベントをクリアしていく。少年は貧困から脱出することができるのであろうか。「ポケットファンタジークエスト」は、RPGの中でもクソゲーに分類されます。しかしながらクリア時間は最短でも5時間とクソゲーとしては長編となっており、遊び心満載の社会派ストーリーで構成されます。主人公はロールプレイングでよくある勇者や勇敢な戦士ではなく、どこにでもいる普通の少年です。母が会社の契約を打ち切られたので嫌々旅立ちます。ドラゴンといったゲームをハラハラさせるモンスターとも戦いません。しかしドット絵ライクの3Dキャラクターでマップを移動するワクワク感満載で、ゲーム中のドラマ・イベントや隠しアイテムなどその都度発見する楽しさは、往年の伝統的RPGを彷彿とさせます。また誰にでも分かるパロディから、誰も分からないようなパロディが散りばめられており、それを当てるのもこのゲームの楽しみの一つです。■ゲームの特長レトロなロールプレイングゲームの世界観にシュールなイベント盛り沢山暇つぶしにオススメギャグあり涙ありの感動のファンタジーSince the mother wasunemployed, epic story that aims to house father's estranged!The RPG play until the last free that gained popularity in the iOS!Notice: Now Loading screen if the application stops in will beenvironment basket verification please that can have an Internetconnection.■ pocket fantasy quest storyOne day, ...... that my mother has been unemployedTo become a Soldier, the father left the village 10 yearsago.The boy aimed the location of the father that separation in orderto live.Explore field map, defeat the monster,We will continue to clear a number of events while winning theitem.Boy it would be able to escape from poverty."Pocket Fantasy Quest" will be classified as kusoge amongRPG.However clear time has become a feature even 5 hours and kusoge inthe shortest, it is made up of social faction story of playful.The hero is not a common hero and brave warrior in therole-playing, is an ordinary boy who is everywhere. My mother hasbeen aborted the contract of the company I will journeyreluctantly. We do not fight with the monster to white-knuckle thegame, such as Dragon.However, excitement packed to move the map in 3D character of dotpainting-like, fun to discover in each case, such as drama eventsand hidden items in the game, you reminiscent of yesteryeartraditional RPG. Also from parody to find anyone, everyone parodyhas studded, such as do not know, to shed it also is one of the funof this game.■ Game FeaturesSurreal and events miss the world of retro role-playing gameRecommended to kill timeGag Yes tears of excitement of fantasy
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The game world is composed of simple and cute3d models.Your job is help a girl to dodge balls and collect many coins.Recommended forpeople who like anime,animation or cartoon.people who like pixel art or voxel gamepeople who just want to kill time.people who like action game, simple game or casual game.
Fastest Finger Speed Star 1.1.1 APK
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This is a simple fastest finger game.After an stop alert, touch screen as soon as possible.Aim at the high score with how many times you can succeedcontinuously.
Simple Ball Game 1.0 APK
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This is a casual game with simpledesign.Just tap the screen and make the ball jump up and get highscores.It is very easy to play but very hard and addictive.Recommend forpeople who like simple gamepeople who is looking for safe game for kidspeople who want to consume short time