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Touch and drag to draw puzzle pieces and clearbricks from the board. You can only draw the pieces you’re given,so strategic thinking is a must! Play puzzles with your family foreducational value, or compare puzzle Achievements with other mindpuzzle fans around the world! This addictive game makes for greatbrain training and offers hours of retro games fun for fans of hardpuzzle games and mind games alike.

Your brain workout starts with Simple Block Puzzle! Each brainexercise tests your memory, puzzle solving skills and more. Openyour mind and learn to think in four dimensions to snag the highscore!

Simple Block Puzzle – it’s the ultimate puzzle game!

Puzzle Rules:
- Draw puzzle pieces to unblock new bricks.
- You can only draw the puzzle pieces shown onscreen – thinkcarefully about where you want to place them!
- See which puzzle pieces are coming up next and strategize.
- Make the field unblocked!
- Make Combo for more points!

Simple Block Puzzle Features:

Puzzle Games for Free!

- Block puzzles like you’ve never seen them before! Old schoolblocks get a totally new ruleset
- This free puzzle game offers endless value as you keep comingback to perfect your strategy

Brain Training Challenges

- The brain challenge begins! Expand your mind to come up withstrategic ways to clear the board
- Brain teasers will push you to think outside the box to find thesolution
- Memory, spatial reasoning and puzzle solving skills will all betested and improved with Simple Block Puzzle

Puzzle Leaderboards & Multi-Language Support

- Brain games, worldwide! Simple Block Puzzle is availableworldwide in 16 languages
- Puzzle Leaderboards – See who has the highest scores
- Support for tablet devices
- Convenient user interface and easy operation

Simple. Addictive. Strategic. Simple Block Puzzle is the braintraining puzzle game you’ve been waiting for!

Download Simple Block Puzzle and start solving brain puzzlestoday!
The smallest sized puzzle game!

App Information Simple Block Puzzle

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