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使い方は非常に簡単。キーボードで英語を入力し、VOICEボタンを押すだけ。CLEARで文字を消し、何度でも別の単語を入力することができます。ご注意!発音はGoogleが提供しているTextToSpeechエンジンを用いているため、まれに実際と異なる発音が出る場合があります。また、同じ文字で発音が異なる単語なども区別できません。あくまでも発音の参考としてお使いくださいませ。Usage is very easy. Enter the English keyboard, simply press theVOICE button. Erase the character in CLEAR, you can enter as manytimes as another word. please note! Pronunciation is due to the useof TextToSpeech engine that Google has to offer, you may get rarelydiffer from the actual pronunciation. In addition, also it can notdistinguish between such as the pronunciation of different wordswith the same letter. Last not please use it as a reference ofpronunciation.

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難関英単語伝説RPG 3.1 APK
『難関英単語伝説』 は、難しめの英単語学習を目的とした、ダンジョン探索型ロールプレイングゲームです。時に苦労を伴いがちな反復的単語学習とは一味違った新しい学習法を体験してみてください。 ゲームの目的はシンプルです。敵を倒して経験を積み、町で装備を整えながら、全10階の塔を攻略してください。 『スタート画面』ゲームを始める前に、各種の選択ができます。最初から始める場合は「はじめから」、セーブデータがある場合は「コンティニュー」を選んでください。ここでBGMと発音ボイスのオンオフを選べます。これはゲーム中でも変更可能です。静かな環境でプレイする場合は、両方ともオフにするか、本体のボリュームをミュートにしてください 。また、ゲームでの使用言語を「日本語」「英語」「スペイン語」の3種類から選べますが、このゲームでは実際のところあまり意味はないと思います。気が向いたら変えてみてください。(ご注意)英単語の発音は、android端末にあるtexttospeechエンジンで行っています。必ずしも正確な発音ではない場合もあるので参考程度に聞いてください。また、英語の発音ボイスは大抵の機種で最初からインストール済だと思われますが、一部入っていない機種も存在するようです。もしタイトル画面でボイス関係のエラー表示が出る場合は、可能であれば端末の設定画面から「音声データをインストール」で英語を選択し、ダウンロードしてみてください。残念ながら、「音声データをインストール」の項目が出てこない端末では、音声の再生はできません。『町』 塔で得たお金(GOLD)を使って買い物ができます。宿屋では体力の回復とセーブが可能。主人公が塔で倒れると最後のセーブデータまで戻されるので、こまめに宿屋に泊まってセーブしましょう。武器屋と道具屋で装備を整えてください。武器屋には段階に応じた武器と防具が、道具屋には探索の助けとなる便利な道具が売られています。辞書をクリックすると、単語帳が閲覧できます。問題の答えはすべてここに書かれていますので、単語を間違えた場合や忘れた場合などにチェックしてください。辞書は塔の中でも確認可能です。旅の準備ができたら一番下の『塔へ』をクリックして、塔の探索に出発しましょう! 『塔』画面下の十字キーをクリックして主人公を移動させ、登り階段を探してください。(キーは押しっぱなしで連続移動できます)宝箱にはお金や体力回復剤、爆薬、各階の扉の鍵、時にはレアアイテムも入っています。宝箱で見つけた鍵を持って扉を開ければ、各階のボスとの対戦が待っています。行く手を阻む壁は、爆薬で破壊できます。十字キー左下の爆薬ボタンで四方の壁を壊して先に進みましょう。またキーの周囲にはBGMや音声のオン・オフボタン、辞書ボタンもあります。 塔の最上階は10階です。上に行けば行くほど敵が強くなりますので、こまめにセーブをしつつ経験を積んでから上を目指しましょう。 『戦闘』敵は、英語の和訳か日本語の英訳問題のどちらかで襲いかかってきます。正しい答えをクリックして敵を攻撃してください。回答のスピードが早いほうが大きなダメージを与えられます。間違えるか時間をオーバーするとダメージを受けます。戦闘から逃げる選択肢はありませんので、あらん限りの英単語力を駆使して勝利してください! (単語について)英単語の選択と和訳は作者個人の判断でしています。中にはまぎらわしい類義語があったり、多義語についても難関英単語にふさわしい訳のみを選んでいる場合がありますので、ご注意ください。『ここまで読んでくれた方にヒント』 もしゲームが難しすぎると感じた場合は、しばらく低層階でじっくりと修行することをおすすめします。レベルを上げると戦闘のタイムスピードが緩やかになり、装備を整えると攻撃力と防御力が上昇します。そのうち大体の単語が頭に入ってきて上に進む自信がついてくるでしょう。塔の端からわざと落下することで、どの階からでも一気に町に戻ることができます!武具は1段階ずつステップアップさせるしかありませんが、運が良ければ塔で素敵な出会いがあるかも?また、塔のどこかには、高価な財宝と、最強の武具が隠されているという噂です。 最後まで読んでいただきありがとうございます。それでは、難関英単語伝説 をお楽しみください。
This is a RPG style app for the people learning Japanese. You canmaster basic Japanese words and verbs at once as you enjoy playingthe game. The goal is simple. Climb up the tower of 10th story anddestroy all enemies! INSTRUCTION Title View You can change settingsin title view. Click 'START' for your first play. If you have asave data, then click 'CONTINUE'. You can change BGM setting in ONor OFF. You also can change it in game view. Language settingallows you to select 3 languages. English, Spanish and Japanese.Change language would be fun when you're improved well. CAUTION Ifyou see an alert of ' JAPANESE voice data is not installed ', thenyou have to install Japanese voice data from Google to your phone /tablet. How to install Japanese voice data into your phone /tablet. 1. Choose SETTING in your phone / tablet. 2. ' Language& Input ' , ' Text-to-speech output', and ' Googletext-to-speech Engine ' 3. Install voice data ' JAPANESE ' If youcannot find ' Text-to-speech ' mode in setting view, thenunfortunately your device cannot install the voice data. It dependson the device's brand, maker, and version. Town View You can shopmany things in the town. Inn offers you full HP recover and SAVINGDATA. If you die in the tower, then you must go back to the pointof last saving data. Therefore frequent data saving is highlyrecommended. You can buy weapons, armors and tools in the town.Tool shop has several useful items which let your explorationcomfortable. Don't miss it. Dictionary has all of answers ofquestions. You can check it even in the tower. Are you ready? thenclick ' To the Tower '! In The Tower You can move the hero byclicking Cross-Shaped key. Also keeping pressing the key is usefulto continuous movement. Treasure chests may have golds(money),medicines, bombs, keys, and even rare-items. You need the key toopen a door in a floor. You can break walls by exploding bombs. Abombs button is at the lower left of Cross-Shaped key. Also otherbuttons are for BGM and Dictionary. The top floor is 10th. The moreyou climb up, the greater enemies you have. Be careful and getexperiences good enough. Battle View Enemies ask you 2 kinds ofquestions, Japanese-English or English-Japanese. You should answercorrectly and quickly because quick answers give enemies hugedamages. When you answer to English-Japanese questions, you wouldsee Roma-ji in answer boxes in early floors. In middle floors youget Hiragana words. In later floors... you have to meet Kanji! YouCANNOT ran away from enemies. Have a good fight! HINTS If you feelthis game is too difficult, then you should train well on lowerfloors. Because the enemies are weak and their questions are alsoeasy. If you want to go back to the town quickly, then dropyourself from edge of floor! You have to improve your weapons juststep by step but if you're lucky, maybe you find something good inthe tower. Rumor says, somewhere in the tower, there are a specialtreasure and strongest weapons... Thank you for reading and enjoySPANISH QUEST!
Eye Boot Camp 2 APK
Chase a number and touch anywhere in your device's screen when thenumber is ZERO. If you go well, your time will be added. Pleasedon't play this app more than one hour per day because it wouldmakes your eyes be tired too much.
First of all, you should choose your character from 3 kinds of coolcreatures. Then go to the top and beyond white line. It's verysimple game but your score is going to be ranked in internet. Justfight with unknown people in the world.
SPANISH QUEST is a RPG game for the people learning Spanish. Youcan master basic Spanish verb's conjugation and vocabulary at onceas you enjoy this game.This game's goal is simple. Climb up thetower to 10th story and destroy all enemies!INSTRUCTIONTitleViewYou can change settings in title view.Click 'START' for yourfirst play. If you have any save data, then click 'CONTINUE'.Youcan change BGM setting in ON or OFF. You also can change it in yourgame.Question setting asks you which question type you prefer. Youcan choose one from 'Only Word", "Only Conjugation" or 'Both'.Default is 'Both'.Language setting allows you to select 3languages. English, Spanish and Japanese. Change language would befun when you're improved well.TownYou can shop many things in thetown.Inn offers you full HP recover and SAVING DATA. If you die inthe tower, then you must go back to last saving data. Thereforefrequent data saving is recommended. You can buy weapons, armorsand tools in the town. Tool shop has some useful items which youcan explore in the tower comfortably. Don't miss it.Dictionary hasall of answers which you should memorize for. You can check it evenin the tower. Are you ready? then click 'To the Tower'!TowerYou canmove the hero by clicking Cross-Shaped key. Also keeping pressingthe key is useful to continuous movement.Treasure chests may havegolds(money), medicines, bombs, keys, and even rare-items. You needthe key to open a door in a floor.You can break walls by explodingbombs. A bombs button is at the lower left of Cross-Shaped key.Also other buttons are BGM button and Dictionary button.The topfloor is 10th. The more you climb up, the greater enemies you have.Be careful and get experiences good enough.BattleYou have 2 kindsof enemy. One asks you about Spanish verb's conjugation and otherdoes about vocabulary. You should answer correctly and quicklybecause quick answers give enemies huge damages.You CANNOT ran awayfrom enemies. Have a good fight!HINTSIf you feel this game is toodifficult, then you should train well on first floor. Becauseenemies of first floor are weak and their questions are alsoeasy.If you want to go back to the town quickly, then drop yourselffrom edge of floor!You have to improve your weapons just step bystep but if you're lucky, maybe you find something good in thetower.Rumor says, somewhere in the tower, there are a specialtreasure and strongest weapons...Thank you for reading and enjoySPANISH QUEST!
Angle Sensor 2 APK
Instructions Set your device on your vehicle firmly. It requires toset along the direction of travel. Touch screen to startmeasurement. When you touch again, the result will be displayed.Angle is displayed -90 degree to 90 degree. Light blue line showsacceleration and gray area shows change of angle. The record shouldbe used just for reference because there is a little measurementerror. Thank you!
Drive Cup 2 APK
Operation is very easy. At first, you put your smart phone ortablet on a stable place in your car. Drink holder or phone holderare better but you can put it on dash board, arm rest or othersolid place. Water drop icon is used to change water level. You canchange it anytime you want. Push START to start measurement. Whenyou push the button, the angle of phone is set and water in the cupstart to move. If the water spill from cup, then screen turns redand sound beep. Don't worry, water never reduce. You can choose thebeep sound ON / OFF by pushing the mark of note. Each of HORIZONTALor VERTICAL shows your phone's angle. When you start measurement,the angle is locked. Water level moves like actual situation nomatter what angle your phone is. STOP button is used to stopmeasurement and if you don't touch anywhere on the screen more than3 minute, then all marks except for the cup is disappeared. Whenyou touch anywhere, the marks appeared again. This app never haveGAME OVER or RACING MODE on purpose. Please focus on driving. Foryour safety, operating this app should be done before driving andyou had better feel the water spilling by beep sound not watchingscreen. Drive your car fun and safely!
Unit Changer 2.0 APK
You can convert by using this app... (LENGTH) inch foot(feet)centimeter meter kilometer mile yard (WEIGHT) ounce pound gramkilogram stone short ton long ton metric ton (TEMPERATURE) CelsiusFahrenheit (FLUID) fl oz(US) fl oz(UK) gallon(US) gallon(UK)milliliter liter (HOW TO USE) Enter the number in upper box byusing software keyboard and choose your seeking unit, then pushCHANGE button. That's all. You can also change the setting bytouching 3-points icon at upper right. You can change text sizes,background color (white or black) , and the number of decimalplaces 1 by 4.