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Whether you are a buyer or a sellerofproperty, a local resident or a newcomer to our magic cityofMumbai, we are here to listen.

Our agency service is rich in integrity and common sense, highinresults and customer satisfaction and low in stress and hassleforour clients.

We are professionals of the highest standard.

We do talk straight and don’t beat around the bush but wearenice people. We don’t shout about being the best, but quietlywesuspect we probably might be!

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Sk Real Estate 0.1 APK
Whether you are a buyer or a sellerofproperty, a local resident or a newcomer to our magic cityofMumbai, we are here to listen.Our agency service is rich in integrity and common sense, highinresults and customer satisfaction and low in stress and hassleforour clients.We are professionals of the highest standard.We do talk straight and don’t beat around the bush but wearenice people. We don’t shout about being the best, but quietlywesuspect we probably might be!
Distress Property 0.1 APK
DistressProperty is home to all our experts insix business lines covering the whole property cycle: PropertyDevelopment, Transaction, Consulting, Valuation, PropertyManagement and Investment Management.Our comprehensive range covers all property products such asoffices, warehouses, logistics platforms, business parks, retailoutlets, hotels, land, new and existing housing, fully-servicedcondominium-style accommodation, etc.Our expertise is applied to your needs as they develop: fromplan to construction, from construction to occupation, fromoccupation to maintenance, from maintenance to valueenhancement.Choosing to work with DistressProperty means gaining the benefit ofacross-the-board property expertise under one roof.
Mayank Creation 0.2 APK
Mayank Creations is an online platformcommitted to be the most trusted virtual mall, offering animpressive shopping experience, optimized delivery and focusedcustomer service.Our websites offer superlative products in variouscategories, enabling our customers to make informed buyingdecisions. Just like our products our websites are also designed tobe user friendly and easily understood by all its users.Togetherwith our trusted brand partners, we promise to deliver onlybrand-new, original products with the bill, and at prices that willmake you squeal with joy! You should also know that we use securepayment gateways and Detailed and complete information: We alwaysbelieve in our customer’s satisfaction and that is why we providethe detailed information about the products and where it fits thebest. The information provided is sufficient enough to make youunderstand them completely. Deals with most popular E-commercestores: We understand the value of buying from favourite store andthat is why we deal with most popular e-commerce stores .Our Vision:To be the most preferred virtual market place providing a plethoraof quality consumer products, with honest pricing and stellarcustomer service.
Ghar Ho To Apna 0.1 APK
Ghar Ho To Apna is home to all our expertsinsix business lines covering the whole property cycle:PropertyDevelopment, Transaction, Consulting, Valuation,PropertyManagement and Investment Management.Our comprehensive range covers all property products suchasoffices, warehouses, logistics platforms, business parks,retailoutlets, hotels, land, new and existing housing,fully-servicedcondominium-style accommodation, etc.Our expertise is applied to your needs as they develop: fromplanto construction, from construction to occupation, fromoccupation tomaintenance, from maintenance to valueenhancement.Choosing to work with Ghar Ho To Apna means gaining the benefitofacross-the-board property expertise under one roof.A value-creating, multi-faced service range:The aim of this multi-faced range of services is to secureagenuine competitive advantage for you in terms ofefficiency,quality of service and value creation.All or some of ourbusinesslines are set to work, depending on yourrequirements.We work for you:Ghar Ho To Apna covers every stage of the propertycycle.Institutional investors, building users, property developers,thepublic sector, private buyers and private investors allhavedifferent challenges to be met. We provide targeted expertiseinresponse.A forward-looking and responsible outlook:Expertise:Making it possible to create value for clients at every stageina property’s life.Responsibility:Sustainability supporting and guiding clients throughouttheproperty lifecycle.Proximity:Because property is first and foremost a business entailinglocalknowledge and precise analysis of every market.Innovation:To offer appropriate and original solutions with a view to thelongterm.
landspeaks 0.1 APK
landspeaks is an unorthodox andingeniousConsultant to 500+ conglomerates and governments. Thisglobalpresence and faith instilled by clients speaks volumes aboutthework and potential of this science. Despite this scientificstatus,Land Speaks takes a personal approach to providing solutionsandunderstands and respects clients. The motto of the organizationisa satisfied customer who is interested in engaging in abeneficialrelationship with landspeaksOur clients are satisfied to the core because of thepersonaltouch that we bring to each project along with a timelinebasedprojection and strategies. Our collaborations with clientshavemade our experiences unparalleled in almost every fieldonearth.
Parelcha Raja 0.1 APK
श्री गणेशाच्या कृपेने परळ सारख्यागिरणगावात,सामान्य गिरण कामगारांनी चालविलेला ‘परळ विभाग सार्वजनिकगणेशोत्सवमंडळ, नरेपार्क,परळचा राजा‘ ही संस्था यावर्षी ६९ वे वर्षसाजरे करीतआहे. गेली ६८ वर्ष ताठ मानेने संस्था चालविणे व तिचा दर्जाटिकवणे हीमहत्त्वाची बाब आहे. परंतु आजच्या स्पर्धेच्या युगात आमचेगणेशोत्सवमंडळ सहकारी पध्दतीने चालविणे फार मोलाचे आहे. तर हे असेचकार्य ठेवूनआमचे मंडळ शतकाकडे झेप घेण्यासाठी आम्ही सर्व कार्यकर्तेकटिबध्दआहोत.सन १९४७ साली गणेशोत्सव मंडळाने गणपती उत्सवाची सुरूवात केली.नरेपार्कमैदानात सर्व गणेश कार्यकर्ते एकत्र येवून या गणेशोत्सवमंडळाचावटवृक्ष झाला. या सर्व कार्यात आजी व माजी सर्व कार्यकत्यांनीमोलाचीकामे केली. दुर्देवाने काही कार्यकर्ते आज हयात नाही, याचीआम्हाला खंतआहे. मंडळ अनेक अडचणींना व आर्थिक संकटांना तोंड देतसुवर्ण महोत्सवीवर्षाकडे वाटचाल सुरू असताना अनेक निष्ठावंत सभासद वकार्यकारीसभासदांचे बहुमोल सहकार्य लाभले. हे मोलाचे कार्य येणाऱ्यापुढीलकार्यकत्यांना कधीही विसरून चालणार नाही.एकवीसाव्या शतकाकडे वाटचाल करताना हे स्पर्धा युग असल्यानेनिरनिराळेमैदानी व शैक्षणिक स्पर्धा मोठ्या प्रमाणात घेण्यात आल्या.त्याचबरोबर शैक्षणिक माध्यमात व क्रीडा क्षेत्रात ज्यांनी ज्यांनीउज्वल यशप्राप्त केले त्यांचे कौतुक व गुणगौरव सोहळा साजरा करण्यातआला. हेकरताना कोणतीही व्यवहारीक काटकसर सभासदांसमोर आणली नाही.आज आम्ही अभिमानाने सांगतो आमचे गणेशोत्सव मंडळ सुशिक्षित वजाणकारकार्यकर्त्यांच्या संगनमताने सरकार दरबारी नोंदणीकृत करण्यातआले आहे.त्यासाठी सर्व सभासदांनी जास्त प्रेमाने कार्यास सुरवातकरायलापाहिजे. आता गणेशोत्सव मंडळ हे फक्त गणपती उत्सवापुरती मर्यादितनसुनत्यासाठी अनेक प्रकारची कार्ये अर्थात सामाजिक, शैक्षणिक,क्रीडाक्षेत्रात सामावून घेतले पाहिजे.मंडळ शतकपूर्ती करण्यासाठी सर्व सभासदांनी जोमाने कामास लागलेपाहिजे.कारण आपला वाढदिवस साजरा करित असतो तेव्हा आपण आपल्याआयुष्याचा एकदिवस कमी करीत असतो. आपले आयुष्य कमी होत असते. पण संस्थाकोणासाठीथांबत नसते. संस्था कार्यकर्त्यांच्या प्रवेशाने वाढत असते.नवीनकार्यकर्त्यामुळे संस्थेचे आयुष्य वाढते. सर्व सभासदानी लक्षातठेवलेपाहिजे की, आपण ज्या वेळी मानव जातीत जन्म घेतो तेव्हा त्याजातीचेदेणे म्हणून समाजाची सेवा करणे व ती सेवा संस्थेच्या माध्यमातूनकरणेयोग्य ठरेल. आपण सर्व सुज्ञ सभासद असून आपले आज ५००० देणगीदारवजाहिरातदार आहेत. पण आजपावेतो कोणतीही तक्रार मंडळाच्याकार्यकारिणीवरआलेली नाही. आणि यापुढेही गालबोट लागणार नाही, याचीहीजबाबदारी सर्वसभासदांची आहे. कोणत्याही अडीअडचणीला तोंड देण्याचीविश्वस्तांचीतयारी आहे. कार्यकर्त्यांची साथ हवी आणि साथ लाभेल याचीआम्ही पूर्णखात्री बाळगतो.तरीही या ६८ वर्षात सर्व हितचिंतक, कार्यकर्ते, सभासद यांनीगणेशोत्सवमंडळास ६९ वर्षापर्यंत पोहोचविले त्या सर्वांचे जाहिर आभारवशतकमहोत्सवी वर्षाकडे झेप घेताना श्री गणराया चरणी एकच मागणेमागतोकी, हे गणराया मंडळाच्या सर्व कार्यकर्त्यांना सद्बुध्दी देवो,यामंडळास अखंड एकता लाभू दे, अशी प्रार्थना करून आम्ही आमचे मनोगतपूर्णकरतो.Design By: Milind Gawde
Chheda Property 0.1 APK
Chheda Property is a leading Real EstateFirmand a Property Management Company with a well-deserved reputeandexpansive network in the Real Estate Market for our commitmentandpremier standards of service and after sale servicethroughconstant hard work and with a dedicated and qualified team.We makeit certain to provide a transparent and clear transactionthatincludes monetary as well as legal transactions. We strivetoprovide ongoing real estate services and createenjoyableexperiences for our clients before and after thetransaction andwork together to create a great environment where wecan learn,grow and succeed together.Advising clients ranging from individual privateinvestors,clients and homeowners to major developers and investors,we putteamwork, innovation and our passion for property at theheart ofeverything we do, striving to go the extra mile to exceedourclients’ expectations. Corporate Leasing and Expat Relocationhasbeen one of our core domains. One of the recent developmentsandAchievements of Chheda Property is its new arm ChhedaPropertyLuxe. Chheda Property Luxe deals in luxury property segmentandhandles HNI’s Clients and investors across the globe whointendedto invest and increase their real estate Portfolio inIndia. We aretied up as channel partners with leading developersacrossIndia.Our Agents & StaffAll of this — the office, the technology, our history — wouldbenothing without our people. At the core of every successfulrealestate transaction is an agent or a broker who brings italltogether. Our team of trained, licensed agents comes frommanywalks of life and they bring with them a wealth of experienceandknowledge — not just about real estate, but about lifeingeneral.Our belief is that it’s important to choose wisely both yourrealestate company AND your agent. So take into consideration notonlyan agent’s individual experience and credentials, but alsothe“personality factor.” Chances are, you’ll be spending a lot oftimewith your agent, and you will come to depend on him or hertounderstand, react and adapt to your needs.At The Chheda Property Company, we go the extra mile to makeyourreal estate experience a great one. Just ask around. We’rebuildingour reputation one satisfied client at a time!