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Become a top freestyleskatermaking the best clean tricks in this actiongame!
Skaters use the city's landscape to master their skate skills.Withthe evolution of skateparks and ramp skating, the skateboardbeganto change from the traditional street skateboarding to newforms ofskating.

In this game we get back to our roots: Freestyleskateboardingfocused on tricks and transitions in public places!Practice andimprove your skateboarding skills without anyconstraints! Forgetabout getting hurt, falling down from yourskateboard or paying forexpensive gear... Play this freestyle skategame!
Complete achievements by skating faster and more accurate andgainexperience until you prove yourself to be a professionalskater!Master this game until you feel ready to get back to thestreets ofyour city and amaze the crowds!

It is time for you to show off your tricks! Go on anepicskateboarding journey and experience the amazing freedom ofthisextreme freestyle sport!

- Get your heart thumping and race against the bestworldwideskaters: Compare yourself with other skaters in ourworldwideleaderboard!
- Game controls are really simple and will help to immerse youinthese freestyle skateboarding games: The race get faster andmorechallenging as you progress!
- High definition graphics make this game more realistic!
- This skateboard game is easy to pick up but hard to master:Trainyourself and move wisely!
- The races are filled with bonus items: Skate with strategy oranyslip will get you down of your skateboard!
- Skate over power ups to increase your speed in order toaccelerateand reach the checkpoints on time

Make skate part of your lifestyle! Impress your people withawesometricks and convert skateboarding into your way oflife!

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App Information Skate Freestyle Tricks

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Urban Skater - Skateboard Free 1.3.0 APK
Terrorists have many ways to threatpeople:Last month they were experimenting with animals and mutatingthemusing nuclear power. The police told they were arrested ontime.But in the last days strange cats took possession of yourcity:They are enormous, crazy and dangerous and they areeverywhere. Isit a coincidence?Now everyone is frightened to go out of their homes because ofthiscat invasion. Even the police is not able to stop them!Become an urban legend and start skating through the citydodgingevery cat on your way to prove you are the best skater!Rideaccurate and fast, take bends at maximum speed and enjoy afreestylerace with your skateboard!Feel the thrill of authentic skateboarding in action!- Different kind of skaters to choose from, each of themwithunique features- Realistic graphics that will immerse you in this funnygames- Skate as fast as you can through the city without restrictionsorrisksThis crazy urban skateboarding game is filled with actionandfast paced gameplay: It is easy to pick up but hard to masterwhichwill keep you in the game for hours. Fly with yourskateboardacross the city!- Prepare yourself for skateboard and high speed races- Test your skater skills in this races against thesemutatedcats- Reach the checkpoints before you run out of time intheseaddictive games!- Train to drive faster and further in this exciting game onaninfinite race full of enemies - Feel the real speed with intuitive mobile control for allskilllevels: You just need to tap on the screen to accelerate orslowdown your skater- You have the complicate mission to survive in the streets ofacity full of dangerous creatures- Run over power ups to increase your speed in order toacceleratein an amazing raceUrban skateboarding is probably the best extreme sportevercreated: Become a legend in your city!Are you ready?Twitter: @OscarminigamesFacebook: www.facebook.com/OscarMiniGames
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