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Sketch photo art is a free application to create colorful sketch ofyour photos very easily. Sketching is an art that makes your photoconvert into pencil sketch in black and white sketch. Sketch ArtPhoto Editor makes your photos into colorful sketch by usingdifferent color pattern or color effects and wallpaper. By usingSketch Art Photo Editor application user can make the photos intoblack and white sketch first then added effects into photo. We haveadded to many sketch styles in this app you can select any oneeasily. User can make sketch by using sketch art app only selectpicture from gallery or camera first then this app converts thephoto into threshold effect. So user can edit sketch manually byusing threshold button. Increase threshold. Decrease thresholddepends on user photo .simply define just select your photo ingallery and convert to threshold automatic and apply differenteffect, sunset effect landscape effect color pattern, wallpaper andmany more. Sketch Photo maker is an Application that can make yourphoto like a real sketch. You can make sketch of your photos easilyby using This Sketch Photo maker application. You just pick a photofrom mobile gallery or camera and make sketch of it easily by usingthis sketch Photo maker application. We have include many sketchstyles in this application you can pick any one from them easily.You can make easily Pencil Sketch by using this Sketch Photo maker.You can easily save your sketch photos and share them on socialmedia. We support both black-white and color sketch with 13 kindsof wonderful effects including: Gouache, PencilSketch, ColorPencil,WaterColor, HalfTone, SimpleSketch, ComicB&W, BlackBoard,BlackBoardColor, Print, B&W, PencilSketch2 and No sketch .Pencil sketch Maker lets you to convert your photos in to a coollooking color pencil drawing, very realistic looking picture withperfectly balanced colors with this Photo to Sketch Maker. SketchPhoto Editor is an amazing app to turn a photo into a pencilsketch. Sketch Photo Editor the best sketching app with many sketcheffects. Convert photo into cool pencil sketch image that lookslike it was drawn by pencils with your hand. How to use SketchPhoto Maker: 1- Picks a picture from your gallery or capture onefrom your camera to generate the sketch. 2- Start Sketching.Black-white sketch photos and color sketch photos can be created byapplying from bottom 3- Apply any effect and set on your picture 4-Share photo with your friends Features:-  Select a photo fromgallery or capture photo using camera.  Different color Shades,pattern, nature photos templates  Apply threshold and pencilsketch increase or decrease  Save photos in high resolution.  Youcan share your photos via Twitter, Facebook, E-mail and socialnetworking sites.  Preserves the original pictures withoutdestroying or distorting.  Photo To Sketch Effects can be appliedto any image  Pencil Sketch book  Photo Sketch Maker  Sketch –Draw & Paint  Pencil Photo Sketching  Sketch Photo Maker Sketch Pad  Pixel Sketch Photo Editor  Pencil Sketch Photo Editor My Sketch  Pencil Sketch Photo Editor  Sketch Photo Pencil Photo Sketch Effects Regarding any query related to any image oricon or screenshot, please mail us. We are happy to help you. Weare implementing it. Give your rate and comment. Share this appwith your friends and family member.

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Urdu Poetry On Photo is best desi app . Poetry collection haveinclude different typles of poetry sad,romantic lovely friendshionpoetry , dosti poetry and different many more. selected Urdu Poetryfor adjustment. You can adit, drag, rotate, zoom-in and zoom-outyour poetry on your photo or on selected background. Urdu Poetry onPhoto app is best and unique app . :Uses of this app Select shairyfrom poetry collection then select your picture by using camera orgallery and share with friend on social media. No internetconnection is required. Save to SD card. Rotate your shairy imageand zoom in or zoom out by finger touch very easy. Poetry On Photois user freindly and share the decorated pictures/ images ,lovelyand attractive photo frames to your friends, girls and boy friend,colleges and college mates via Facebook, twitter, Google Urdu onPicture - Urdu Poetry is the first application that allows user towrite Urdu poetry or hindi poetry on their own pictures. With thehelp of this unique shairy app user only need to select an existingapplication fresh within the app and ad your desire Urdu Shayr orUrdu Ghazal on your photo. Urdu Poetry On Photo collection of Love,sad, romantic, friendship, rain poetries (Shayeri).. Urdu Poetry onPhoto app gives you best opportunity to share your best Urdu poetryphoto to famous social networks like facebook, whatsapp, Instagramand many other. Features: - Best Urdu Poetrycollection - 100+ Urdupoetry of Sad, love, romantic, rain, friendship and Cold Decembercategories - Awesome GUI and very Easy to use app - Write urdupoetry in any photo - Drag, rotate, zoom-in and zoom-out yourpoetry on your photos - Share your photo with poetry to famoussocial networks - Unique and Stylish Poetry photo maker app
Face Beauty Makeup 2.0 APK
Face Beauty Makeup is awesome application and photo editor thatwill help you achieve perfection and beautify your face with just afew "photo stickers". Being beautiful has never been easier ! Applymakeup stickers to your beautiful photos with the help of this bestbeauty app to create a stunning look like a true professionalmakeup artist. The face beauty makeup kit provides all possibleoptions for a trendy makeup. Do explore these options for acomplete facial makeover. Face Beauty makeup is the best makeover,Makeup with mascara and eye Color and shadow for your eyes andlipstick for your lips and blusher for your beautiful face. Createyour best makeup looks, hairstyles and change hair color makeoverin real-time or on your photos. Click a photo, and enhance it, byapplying all kinds of makeup like face foundation, lipstick andblushes, eliminating blemishes using a blemishes remover, whiteningdifferent portions on the pic, changing eye colour and giving it ablurry look. Face Makeup Beauty has most advanced cosmetics to makeup your face in photos and turn them into beautiful faces. Now isSo easy to be beautiful, Before trying a makeup on your face, whydon't you try it virtually using this application We have produceFace Makeup Beauty application for you.Now you don't more needPhotoshop to make faces pop in photos.Take a Photo with selfiecamera and Create best looking photos with advanced Beautify faceMakeup tools to makeover your photos so beautiful Tools : Facebeauty makeup have a large collection of makeover.. Apply facefoundation of different colours, in order to improve the skin toneand enhance its beauty. Change the Eye lashes from large range ofEye Lashes for Eye Makeup Different eye colors to pop up yourphotos with mascara and you can add a Flag eyes ! Change Hair Colorin your photos with Hair colorizer. Many Hair colors from BlondeHair to Burgundy Hair colors can be applied. Change your hats andqueen crown and flower crown Change Lips color with Lipstick colorselection for Lips makeup Different LipStick colors are madeavailable to apply to your lips in photos in case you forgot toapply lipstick before taking photos. Change Color of Cheeks forCheek Face Makeup : brush You can add Girls quotes on your photos .There are so many effects Stickers and features to apply to yourphotos ! You can add diamond and earrings . FEATURES : Select yourphoto from Camera Gallery Many realistic and natural eye colorslens to choose from You can take the pictures from gallery andcamera for editing Eye color by changing different color and designlens. You can Apply different hair color shades etc... Latest Newshades of eye shadow, lipstick and blush Different types ofeyelashes and eyeliner and different uniqe color Apply differentawesome lipstick shade and different type of lips Apply differentpimple remover shade. Apply Flower crown with different types ofcrown Latest eye brow style and eye lushes shades Latest glassesand queen crown Latest 2017 New hairstyles and hats Applay coolfilters You can undo or cancel the multiple stickers as you choose.Interface is very user friendly to use so that you can understandeasily. Save or Share Image to social network via social media andSurprise your friends !
Smoke Effect Photo Editor 1.8 APK
The Smoke Effect Photo Editor is an amazing application for fun.Smoking is injurious to health.We got a great prank smoke effect inyour real photo and also we are sure smoking lovers will probablybe delighted by a smoke effect photo editor. Many people want tohave artistic photos with smoke effects other wise add smoke in thephoto, but as we know smoking cigar is harmful to health. PhotoEffect, smoking effect photo booth and fake smoke effects quickphoto Editor is one of the best smoke effects, fake smoke effectand smoke in photo maker app on the store that let the users ableto add fake smoke effects on their photo without using the internetand easily.Smoke effects photo Editor application you are able totake photos with smoke effects and make professional photos usingyour phone camera, Smoke Effect Photo Editor app provides you witha variety of smoke effects and different types of Free Smokeeffects amazing . Smoke effects without interne .you can edit smokein photo very easly adjustable . Smoke Features: Select photo fromStart with Gallery and Start with Camera to choose photo 50+ SmokeEffects available and a cool effect in Photo Crop Image option usedto crop your pic. Select smoke effect a different variety of smokeEffects. Easy to use and simple ui . Change the size according toyour face shape. Share your creations with friends and family viasocial networks Facebook, Twitter or Instagram! Give us Bestfeedback.
Superpower Fx effects 1.9 APK
SuperPower Fx Effect :Get ready to bring super hero fx effects inyour photos with “Super Power FxEffect”. This very cool app givesyou a virtual superpower movies experience in real life with yourphoto gallery. You can make any photo more special with someamazing and unbelievable fx effects. SuperPower fx Effects aresuper cool and brings action movie graphics in your real lifeimages. This super hero photo booth allows you to bring some verycool and amazing super power effects in your old and boring photos.Be a Street Fighter with many super powers and beat your friendsany time. Challenge them and ask for fight with you. This will feelyou good with powers. You could be a winner in a fight with anyoneif you of this in past, doesn’t matter if he is more strong. Nowyou have this app and you are the only powerful and strong personin your gang. Super Power Fx” allow you to add super power fxstickers (Aura, Comics, Powers, Wigs, Fire,Wings and Super Weapons)to your photos. Just select a photo from device gallery or captureusing camera. Crop image for more accurate effects. Select anyeffect you like and apply to photo. You can add many effects orstickers at single time and save photo. SuperPower Fx effects :Many super hero features, fighter mode and street fighting Selectany power effect according to photo background Just choose apicture you need to edit Super beam, electric waves, explosion,power waves, super hero powers Fight with your friends with manysuper powers in you Set objects to photos properly and feels likeyou are a pro street fighter Share photos with everyone via socialmedia
com.opeslink.stickers.photoeditior 2.1 APK
Sticker Photo Editor is a fantastic application, composed ofvarious collection of amazing components which are enough to give adashing and funny look Sticker Photo Editor the ultimate Stickersapp which have a hug collection of stickers .Edit you picture witheasy by adding the cutest and most fashionable stickers from oursticker collection. Awesome photo stickers for phones and amazingeveryone with your cool photograph editing skills Stickers PhotoEditor is powerful photo editor with many amazing effects andfilters ! There are so many effects, stickers and features to applyto your photos! Photo Editor is a fun and powerful photo editorthat lets you quickly professional, even if you’ve never edited aphoto before. Easy to use this application very easy to adjuststicker in your photo you can flip your sticker easy to adjust justpinch your finger .a hug collection of stickers ,boys hair ,girlhair ,mustaches breads filters stickers Desi paghri Snappic maskscrowns glasses Features :  Trendly latest mustaches and breadsstickers different styles of mustaches and breads.  Latest hairstyle of boys hair different style long hair ,shot hair,curley andmany more.  Follow latest girl hair style fashionable hair stylesand flower crown of different roses.  Latest hats styles old hats,cow boy style, and many more .  A desi collection of pagri styleof Punjab and sikh community.  Latest trend follow gogals ofdifferent styles awesome styles.  A different styles of masks forparty .  A collection of latest snappic stickers.  A cool effectof filters.  A beautiful interface .  Simple and easly uidesigns.  Just save and share your socialnetworks,whatsapp,instagram,twitter,and many others Use: . Select apicture from your gallery or take a picture with your camera. .Getinside the stickers app . Available stickers in the gallery .Select a sticker and position it in the screen. You can magnify,zoom it and rotate until it gets placed in the right spot . Selectmore stickers and repeat until you are thug enough .Simply select asticker and easly adjust in 1 finger and save. .Stickers PhotoEditor is powerful photo editor with differnt effects and filters !There are so many effects, stickers and features to apply to yourphotos! Photo Editor is a fun and powerful photo editor that letsyou quickly professional, even if you’ve never edited a photobefore.
Jewellery Photo Editor 1.7 APK
Jewellery Photo Editor offers you various HD Jewellerys styles foran instant Jewellery growth easily and free to use and make yourphoto differently. Women Jewellery Photo Editor app will help youto pickup various Jewellry items like Necklaces sets, Ear Rings,Ear Hangings, Diamond Jewellry Sets, Diamond and Gold Jewelery setsfrom the collection of the jewellery catageroy Jewellery StickersEditor Jewellery Style Photo Editor Jewellery Photo MontageJewellery Photo Maker Jewellery photo Changer photo editorJewellery Booth Photo Montage…………….. Jewellery Photo Editor is verysimple to use application. Just open the app and open your picturefrom the Gallery or Take a new Picture using Camera. Now justselect which ever jewelry you would like to try on you, just dragand adjust the jewelry item and save and share your image with yourfriends and family members. Jewellery photo editor for girls:Select photo from Start with Gallery and Start with Camera tochoose photo. Selecting photo having crop image option with skipand cropping filter in your choose photo. Jewellery Photo Editorhaving more than 100+ HD stickers of Jewellery photo editor. Choosebest Jewellery stickers from available option to fit in your photo.You can Rotate zoom in zoom out flip Save and share you photo tosocial media Give us Best feedback in Jewellery Photo Editor.
Stylish Name Maker 1.7 APK
Stylish Name Maker is a awesome application Name on pictures is afree names editor and generating names app. You can write your nameor nickname in different unique styles with beautiful photo framesbracelets. If want to write your name or your name in fancy andfantasy styles, Stylish Name Maker free name and nickname generatorapp is perfect for you. Add text to your pictures easily with PhotoText - Font on Picture. Just select your photo, write your messagetext in the editor and press button for instant cool looking text.Or choose manually from a large selection of fonts and effects justselect you pic and write a beautiful name. Stylish name makerhaving all the type of picture with best HD collection for writeyour stylish name as well as your name and couple name also writeon that picture. It is having all the collection of picture forname on picture features such as name on love picture, name onHearts picture, Name on teddy Bear Pics, Name on Birthday picture,Name on Bracelet picture, etc Features: Choose a picture fromegallery or camera. Select a picture To adjust as you wish. Select abeautiful bracelets Easy Add Text to photos, with a custom styleYou can write your name on beautiful images in stylish styles byusing this Stylish Name Maker app Stylish Name Maker app allows youto write your name and resize it easily. Simple touch buttons forphoto edition.. One touch and rotate, crop, expand, resize, flipand zoom Very Stylish and Amazing texts written on bracelet You canalso write and edit your nickname with the help of this freefantasy name generator app Save Your picture and share to socialmedia via facebook instagram twitter etc
Urdu Post -Text on Photo 1.7 APK
Urdu Post –Text On Picture (2018) Write Urdu Text by using UrduKeyboard by Using our special app urdu Post. Urdu Post is anapplication that helps you to add urdu text to photo. Urdu Keyboardwith beautiful fonts are added in this app. Customizable keyboardis integrated in this app whenever user can change keyboard intourdu and English by just pressing one click. There is a photoeditor and pic collage maker on mobile. Urdu Post / Photo Editor isto add text on photos with attractive designs and multiplefeatures. Urdu post will help you for creating & making postsand make an advertisement for business, media groups, poetry/shairywriters, Islamic post designers and Urdu Post. Make Urdu Post bydoing some effects .Easy writing on photos and images of yourfavorite stylish fonts is very simple. Urdu text on photo will havenot only fonts and stickers but also a collection of hdbackgrounds. Urdu Post major fields as; ♡ Post for social media ♡Advertisement ♡ Photo editing ♡ Designing Urdu Keyboard withbeautiful fonts and latest themes. Add your Picture as theme.Beautiful backgrounds themes and fonts are available. You cancustomize your image as keyboard background. Photex Urdu Text onPhoto Features: ★ اردو and English fonts ★ Multi-text and linesboth for اردو and English ★ Variety of backgrounds ★ A number ofstickers and vectors ★ Big Collection of Templates ★ Add multipleimages from gallery ★ urdu Post have its own Urdu keyboard andEnglish keyboard ★ Infinite color selection for Text andbackgrounds ★ Change text color ★ Shade selection of your desiredcolor ★ User friendly Text size modification ★ Rotate text over 360degree ★Share Your Photo with Friend and social media. ★★★★How toUse: ★★★ ★. Crop & Rotate the picture, the selection on photovisible user can easily rotate photo, resize photo, flip photo. ★.Add Multiple Photos: Easily add multiple photos by clicking gallerybutton to make photo collage ★. Change background: 1) ColorBackground : 60+ color backgrounds 2) Romantic & Sad Backgroundtemplates : 20+ Romantic & Sad backgrounds 3) IslamicBackgrounds : 9 Islamic Background 4) Random Backgrounds 25+ randomwallpapers ★. Photo Frames: add frames to their creative photo art.There are 22 frames ★. Add Quotes: there are different quotes textand photo quotes. There 75 quotes collection are added ★. AddStickers : 5+ Corner Sticker , 20+ Flowers stickers, 30+ GeneralStickers collection, 15+ Love stickers collection, 25 IslamicStickers Collection, 25+ Heading Stickers Collection Design yourown photo on Urdu Post 1. Poetry post 2. Quotes of the day 3. Eidgreeting cards 4. Invitation cards 5. Funny post 6. Valentine DayCard 7. Signature maker 8. Love letters 9. Wallpapers 10. UrduPoetry Urdu Post, write text in urdu, urdu keyboard, Urdu keyboardapp.