1.0 / May 29, 2018
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Avoid obstacles and go as far as you can in this high speedtunnel.Sky infinite Rusher is a great falcon plane new sky infiniteracinggame . The one and only one addictive game that will neverlet youboard. In this addictive endless speed game the aim is totravel ondifferent type falcon with safety as much as it canpossible inshort time. This is an amazing 3d sky infinite wingrusher game.Fly and move as far as u can go in the high speed andmake highscore to defeat your friends. The dangerous obstacles willgive youjoy and make you addictive to this game. You will be end upin somespace sky. The turbo will provide you extra boost to thefalcon.Press the turbo and enjoy high speed of the sky infinitefalconrusher. Feature: No internet needed Turbo added New ScenesInfiniteSmooth Controls

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    Sky Infinite Rusher
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    May 29, 2018
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    Android 4.1 and up
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Shadow samurai superhero has alot levels of difficulty andstartplaying the best adventure game ever. Take your favoriteSamuraicharacter to the next level by rewarding and upgrading hisweapons,skills and attack combos. Superhero Ninja warrior 2019 isthelatest modern combat fighting game of 2019 which is full ofactionand samurai fighting skills. Finish all levels, defeat allyourenemies and become a legend. You are superhero with dualswords, soshow your enemies your kung fu fighting skills againstninjawarrior. You are armed with lethal sword blade ( katana ) andbow.You are fully trained from the school of martial arts and youknowshow to fight against modern combat. The quiet samurai warriorcomesfrom a village in the night city. His close family was killedbyhis enemies while he was crafting his fighting skills inanothervillage. Now the samurai will fight for his family andwarriorsrevenge the people he loved. Help him become the ultimatewarriorin this battle. As a superhero samurai modern combat fighteryouhave to survive in the grand battle of shadow ninja assassin.TheSamurai Warriors have a special reason of why they are goinginthis samurai battle. The samurai has their anime-style offighting.Prove yourself as real hero and superhero ninja arashifighter byshowing them all your special moves and super power offight dualswords infinite blades. You can play in the Swordsmanmode. Mortalwarriors will try you to crush you with their strongtiger armorand hammer. play this amazing game to have fun. Thisgame willnever let you bore. The game is a time killing machine.Features:Realistic 3D Environment Very quick and glory kingdombattle areasBreathtaking assassination war missions A veryaddictive game thatyou won’t be bored up Unstoppable fighting comboSimple controls.
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IGI Commando Shooter : IGI Jungle counter terrorist shootingarena2019 or real shooting strike is a first person shooter -thirdperson shooter provide most exciting facilitation. IGICommandoShooter : IGI Jungle Mission IGI is new 3d action game inwhich fpscontrol is used fps means first person controller and youhave toclear whole the enemy area to get your control on that placesodown all enemies and got control over there and completecurrentmission to unlock next missions. To the Point shoot, beinsanesniper rifleman marksman fury in this US Great CommandoPrisoner inthe IGI Mission 3D Game and don't waver to press thetrigger. InIGI Mission - Jungle Military Commando Shooter game youare in awar zone to give your best of commando silent killeraction. In theresult of that you will wipe out in each way andevery threat toyour country by acting as a front line shooter withthat braveheart. Now ready your assault sniper lone wolf toencounter thetrigger and wipe out your entire enemy in this warzone triggerwith those fire master skills you got. This fps/tpsgame that showsthe gameplay around jungle mission. This igicommando junglecounter terrorist game is an amazing and interestingnewest onegame in the world. They will elimination him from thesurface ofworld. Now you are the only anti-shooters to conductoperation in ajungle swarming with hostile forces. but only primarygun isavailable and you have to buy other stuff. Features: * HDgraphics* Natural environment * unique idea * different missions *moremissions coming soon.
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Assassin Warrior Fighter - Ninja Fighting game will bringyouthrough series levels with amazing experiences. The worldofshadows stands at the edge of a great war. Shadow fighterheroesare ready to fight against the many various other samuraiwarriorsin this shadow fighting games of Kung Fu battle. Enter intoShadowFighting Combat game Assassin and match with unlimitedadventurouscharacters like shadow legend. Assassin Warrior Fighter- NinjaFighting game is great combination of RPG, Stickman andshadowfighting game in which you have to use martial arts andkung-fufighting skills. There are series of zombie hard battle andmonsterbattle in levels. The Shadow energy is everywhere nowadays.You arethe only real samurai boss and fighter with martial skills.Kung FuAssassin Warrior Fighter - Ninja Fighting game Games 2018,is theaction game of fighting. Shadow fighters with battle warrioris aninspiring and challenging concept in the new fightinggameswhereyou can utilize your Kung Fu skills with power andintelligence toconquer the Kung Fu fight of shadow strike super warwhich hasvarious modes. There are many remarkable missions enclosedin thisAssassin Warrior Fighter - Ninja Fighting game where youhave tounderstand and accomplish them one by one with continuouspracticeand involvement. Step into the world of shadow AssassinWarriorfighting and reveal all dark secrets and become the bestultimateninja warrior of your city. The evil ninja fighter warriorhastargeted you and kidnapped your wife. So you will have to fightandrevenge from that evils and kill them all. In this fightinggamesof 2019, you can use a variety of weapons, equipment toattackenemies. Be a combat fighter of shadow assassin battle gamefighterand take revenge from the lord of samurai warriors game2019.Features: Unstoppable fighting combo Amazing environmentManycharacter Different powers Breathtaking assassination warmissionsThree different modes Special moves and super powersRealistic 3DEnvironment Amazing graphics
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Download and You will fell the real warrior inside you. IGICommandoEncounter Attack - Mission Istanbul is new 3D action gamein whichfps control is used fps means first person controller andyou haveto clear whole the enemy area to get your control as IGICommando onthat place so down all enemies and got control overthere andcomplete current mission to unlock next missions. IGImission attack: The Commando Action Great game play in thisaddictive game ofForces of Freedom Border Army of IGI Commando inDesert environmentStrike War, well enhanced by the task forcecommandos and spies war.The IGI Commando encounter mission you arein solitude in battlearea so utilize the best stealth murderingabilities to shootadversary sharpshooter power and you will mustbe careful withcounter terrorist 3d extreme shooting gamesimulator in outrageouswar survival. The Chase down the lethalcriminal power in igiencounter trigger secret mission 2019watching war foes wanderinguninhibitedly has bubbled up thecommando as IGI! Grasp your Russianthe agent base encountertrigger survival mission 2k19 weapon. Tothe Point shoot, be insanesniper rifleman in this US Great CommandoPrisoner in the Mission3D Gameand don't waver to press the IGItrigger. In IGI encounterMilitary mission Commando Shooter you arein a war zone to giveyour best of commando silent killer action andshooter game. In theresult of that you will wipe out in each wayand every threat toyour country by acting as a front line shooterwith that braveheart. Ready your assault sniper lone wolf toencounter the triggerand wipe out your entire enemy in this warzone trigger with thosefire master skills you got. In this game,IGI Commando the JungleBattle War , your mission is to destroy yourenemy, and that hasinvaded your land. So as soon as you kill allthe enemies, finishone level and go into the other. You arerequired to carefullyobserve your enemy and the environment, thenmake a perfectdecision to attack. The scenario of the great game isa mountainjungle forest environment with enemies hideouts andeverything thatgive an effect of a war that unfolds. You are themain igiencounter commando trigger character of the game, thecommando andsniper shooter who is equipped with a number ofimproved weapons.So it is also equipped with a radar is to helpdetect the enemy'slocation. So Don’t let the thunder storm stopsyour commandosurvival missions. Now Destroy the marksman fury campsevery whereand arrest the army elite killers or kill them. Thebravo shooteris a one man army so you alone has to destroy all thecamps asbravo combat. Now Use every kind of weapon available in thegamelike including snipers, rifles, shotguns, pistols,grenadelaunchers etc and some deadly vehicles like tanks, truckswithmachine guns mounted on them etc. Now the enemies hassomedifferent weapons which you can get by killing them andthenpicking the guns up. Now there are ammo crates at differentplaceso that if you run out of ammunition then you can fill it upfrom.So Load up on weapons like sniper rifles, assault rifles,heavyguns and Gauss rifles then upgrade them. You have to don’tforgetto grab the latest gear as well like rocket launchers,throwingknives, med kits, armor, and more! Ultimate conflict at thefrontline can be resolved with the helicopter gunship attacks,tanksinvading the enemy areas. Help the innocent from the tyrannyofenemies who would take no interest in having mercy upon themandkill every human in the way without recognition. Features: -3Dgraphics - HD graphics - Good player control - differentanimations- natural environment - natural idea - unique idea -differentmissions - more missions comming soon - and much more -nicebackground music - enjoy the game
Don't Touch My Cell Phone - Theft Alarm Security 1.1 APK
This application will protect your mobile phone from unknownpeopleand thefts who will try to open your mobile phone securitywithoutyour permission. Don't touch my mobile phone is an antitheftappliction that detects the motion when someone tries to touchordisconnect the charger of your mobile phone withoutyourpermission. This application will protect your mobile phonefrompeople who will try to open and use your mobile secretly.Don'ttouch my cell phone application will secure your mobilefromthieves and every theft will secure them selves from thealarmsound and will force them not to use your mobile. Don't touchphoneprivacy will secure your data from unknown people. This appwillprotect your phone from your unknown and thefts. ThisAlarmapplication will keeps your phone save from curious peopleandburglars. The app will detect trigger and will play alarm soundifanyone touches your phone. Don't Touch My Cell Phone - TheftAlarmSecurity is a new great anti-theft utility app. This is theonlyreliable Mobile Safety Alarm to protect your device. Now aday'sadvanced mobile phone security is critical need foreverybody,don't stress we have a marvelous application which canmake yourlife simple and secure your devices. Your friends, kids,and familymembers can use your phone when you are not there at thetime. Sothe better way to protect your device is to download andinstallthis amazing security app and have a stress less life. TheDon'tTouch My Cell Phone - Theft Alarm Security app will protectyourmobile from anyone who will try to touch your cell phone. HowtoUse ★ Click the Start to activate the Anti theft Alarm ★ Placethatdevice anywhere you want ★ If someone touch the mobile phone,Itwill activate the alarm. ★ You will be notified with alarmsoundDon't Touch My Cell Phone Features ★ Different types ofalarmsounds ★ High security alarm sound ★ Notification to start orstopthe app ★ Password system to activate and deactivate thetheftalarm ★ Detect the motion super protection ★ DisconnectChargeralarm ★ Anti-Theft Runs in background
Sky Maze Rusher Falcon 1.1 APK
Avoid the dangerous deadly obstacles and go with high speed asfaras you can go in the high speed tracks.Like real high speedskymaze rushing you can take part in this amazing sky maze rushgame.At last you will be ended in the sky.Sky falcon is a veryaddictivehigh speed game for all age of boys and girls. The mostextremeracer game that has no limit. Try your skills with highspeed andenjoy the addictive race while having many hours ofamazing fun.The Sky rush game has amazing different falcon withdifferentextreme powers. Features :- Free to play- No Internetneeded-Endless- Sky maze Rushing running game- High speed falcon-Highspeed Sky maze rush- Impossible tracks- Dangerous deadlyracingtracks- Futuristic flying space simulator