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Sky Lake Resort & Golf Club is set to become one ofAsia’spremier lifestyle destinations. With 36 holes of championshipgolfand resort style facilities being planned, the club offers twoverycontrasting 18-hole PGA-standard courses: Sky Course andLakeCourse.


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Green Golf 1.2 APK
At Green Golf, we’re passionate about golf. We strive to make surethe game is made accessible and affordable to anyone who wants toplay.  In fact, we believe that everyone should play thiswonderful game of golf. With our easy-to-use app: • You caninstantly book a round at any of our partner courses from just RM30 • There are no restrictions to the number of times you can playduring weekdays • You can use any Visa credit or debit card to booka game We hope you take some time off for yourself to golf everyweekday. Get fit. Get healthy. Golf is a game that can be playedfor decades and will help you live longer. If you’re looking toshare your love of the game with your kids, then Green Golf isperfect for you. Now you can share your golfing experiences withyour family affordably.
Luxior 1.1 APK
Luxieur is market place for the ultra anduberluxory brand listing. Memebers from ecommune platform candiscoverand shop for the best brands of the world under one roof.Visitwww.luxior.com for more details. Get exclusive information onthebrands here
BPGC - Members 3.3.0 APK
It all began in 1927, with the founding of a club with the ratherunimaginative name of “The New Club Ltd.”, at Sewree on reclaimedland belonging to the port trust. The ground was over grown withweeds, and it was difficult to cut the long grass, so it was notvery difficult for Mr. Carron, the chief engineer, to persuade thetrust to sell 100 acres of it for the purpose of golf at a monthlyrental of Rs. 150/- In 1937, 25 acres were purchased from St.Anthony’s Home Co-op Society for Rs. 37,000/- In 1943, a largetract of land to the left of the Club House was requisitioned bythe Military authorities to house the Officers and the men of‘Combined Operations’.The land would de-requisitioned and come backto the club, but Mr. Morarji Desai, by then probably the ChiefMinister, passing by on a drive, happened to hear of this, andpassed orders for it to be de-requisitioned immediately, andacquired it on behalf of the Government. This became a home for therefugees from Sind, whose descendants are still our neighborsacross the wall which was built later. Mr. T.W.Brough, President ofthe Club from 1948 to 1950 sold the club some more land at muchless than the market price, a truly generous act. Had we not beenforced to give up the acreage we did, the course would have beenable to spread itself out, the length would have been consideredtruly challenging. Download this App to learn all about the Cluband its activities. If you are a member, please log-in to receiveall member specific communication, look up the club directory,share your thoughts and ideas with other members of the club. Youcan also check your member accounts with this App. The BPGC is themost prestigious golf club in Mumbai & in 2009 underwentextensive redesign & modifications to the course. It’s a verydemanding course & has a large member community that is largelyfocused on golf.
Bowring Institute 4.2.0 APK
The ‘Literary & Scientific Institute’ founded in 1868 byBenjamin Lewis Rice Esq., (Hon. Secretary 1868-1887) ChiefInstructor of Education on Museum Road, Bangalore was laterconverted by himself and renamed ‘Bowring Institute’ in 1888, thefoundation stone having been laid by Lady Prendergast, the wife ofthe Resident, at its present location on St. Mark’s Road, Bengaluruto perpetuate the name Lewin Bentham Bowring Esq. the then ChiefCommissioner of this Province and the first President of thisformer Literary & Scientific Institute.* Bowring Institute,serenely yet most centrally located on St. Marks Road, Bengaluruwith an expanse of 11 acres and 16.20 guntas, it is not only one ofthe largest and most prestigious Private Members Social Clubs inthe city but is probably the only Institute with roads on all foursides. Bowring Institute portrays itself as a Secular Institutionworking to protect and promote various Cultural Sports and LiteraryEvents. We have a cosmopolitan group of over 5,000 Members,comprising of all sections of the Society with the largest dailyattendance of any Social Club in the State. Our Main Building hasbeen declared as a ‘ State Protected Monument ’ featuring ahistorical Main Hall and Reading Room with its heritage dating backto 1888. Our Library offers many early edition books available inboth English and Kannada. Bowring Institute is a Social Club in thetruest sense of the word providing elaborate Multi-Sportsfacilities such Tennis, Badminton, Squash, Billiards, Snooker andSwimming Pool, Health Club and Guest Quarters with ATM facility.Bowring Institute has the only fully Air Conditioned HOPCOMS in theState of Karnataka offering the best quality fruits, vegetables,milk products, etc. There is also a Departmental Store exclusivelyfor our Members. Additional facilities include separate Gents &Ladies Hairdressing and Beauty Salons. Bowring Institute employs atotal of 149 Staff / Employees, many of whom have Long ServiceAwards. The Managing Committee is determined to upgrade allfacilities which would include an in-house Chemist, HealthConsultation Unit, Authentic Chinese Restaurant, Fine DiningVegetarian Restaurant, Party Halls for Private Parties ranging from25 persons to 500 persons, Air Conditioned Lounge Bars and willcontinue to work to introduce innovative ideas to enhance theServices available to Members and their Guests.
MobiHigh 1.1 APK
Mobihigh is the exclusive socitey of themostelite and prominent members of eCommune.MobiCom provides customized white labeled app and web portal asalicensed product for dedicated commune’s that will enable themandtheir members to connect, communicate and conduct commerce,leadingto "an interactive life in a commune”.eCommune will enable these communes to promote themselves onalarger worldwide platform to other commune membersalongsideoffering personalised solutions that will optimizetheirtransaction value. The commune’s will be able to generaterevenuesfrom sponsorship, fund raising and membership sales byincrementalusage of their facilities through promotions, events,activitiesand engagements, to a global audience.
eCommune 1.1 APK
eCommune is a platform facilitatingcommunitiesto connect, colloborate and engage themselves on alarger worldwideplatform to other commune members.It promotes and provides offering and personalised solutionsthatwill optimize their transaction value. The commune’s will beableto generate revenues from sponsorship, fund raising andmembershipsales by incremental usage of their facilities throughpromotions,events, activities and engagements, to a globalaudience.
Mobiune 4.2.0 APK
Mobiune is a demo application that has all the features offered tothe MobiCom customers. Customers can play and experience theofferings with this application on their mobile phones.
MeetMember 1.0 APK
MeetMember is a demo application that hasallthe features offered to the MobiCom customers. Customers canplayand experience the offerings with this application on theirmobilephones.